GoPro Awards: Ocean Ramsey and a Whale Shark

Captured and submitted by GoPro Awards recipients Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant. Join shark biologist and freediver Ocean Ramsey as she films with whale sharks in the Philippines to document migrating populations. Whale shark populations are at an all-time low due to finning, fishing by catch, entanglement, speedboat prop collisions, and death by ingestion of floating debris. To learn more about how you can help, visit: Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪ Get stoked and subscribe: To license clips from this video go to Music Waterstrider "Black Blood" For more from GoPro, follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Pinterest: Vine:

GoPro Awards: Ocean Ramsey and a Whale Shark sentiment_very_dissatisfied 202

Snorkeling 7 years ago 1,384,374 views

Captured and submitted by GoPro Awards recipients Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant. Join shark biologist and freediver Ocean Ramsey as she films with whale sharks in the Philippines to document migrating populations. Whale shark populations are at an all-time low due to finning, fishing by catch, entanglement, speedboat prop collisions, and death by ingestion of floating debris. To learn more about how you can help, visit: Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪ Get stoked and subscribe: To license clips from this video go to Music Waterstrider "Black Blood" For more from GoPro, follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Pinterest: Vine:

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Most popular comments
for GoPro Awards: Ocean Ramsey and a Whale Shark

Esther Tubbs
Esther Tubbs - 6 years ago
Does anybody know what a whale sharks skin feels like? I'm curious to know.
CoriGowins - 6 years ago
I’m just impressed that homegirl wasn’t scared to lose all that jewelry she had on
Yeng Constantine
Yeng Constantine - 6 years ago
Yey.. ramsey went to the philippines..
Jackson Pickup
Jackson Pickup - 6 years ago
Whale sharks are beautiful animals
Prajyot Khandeparkar
Prajyot Khandeparkar - 6 years ago
James Cozad
James Cozad - 6 years ago
At least one of the whale shark's fins should of smacked that ass.
Jim Stogey
Jim Stogey - 6 years ago
I want this kind of life. Theres a certian bond with animals tgats just.... Amazingly beautiful. Something that is impossible to create with fellow man.
Kdkert - 6 years ago
What are those fins?
Joshua Veillette
Joshua Veillette - 6 years ago

10. comment for GoPro Awards: Ocean Ramsey and a Whale Shark

Diving with Doodle
Diving with Doodle - 6 years ago
I've watched this video 12+ times. 3 minutes of swimming with whale sharks is not long enough <3 <3 <3
Paul Mitford
Paul Mitford - 6 years ago
Why show the diver? We want to see the whale shark not some silly scag.
alan wisdom
alan wisdom - 6 years ago
Amazing so poetic...
candi o
candi o - 6 years ago
Feel sorry for the whale shark being exploited by tits n ass to sell shit.....smh
WalshedUp - 6 years ago
Get $100 OFF GoPro HERE -
Matheus Gouveia
Matheus Gouveia - 6 years ago
There are lots of beautiful videos like this on youtube. But how do they dive 10m underwater without oxygen cilinder?
Sylvia Olinda Andrade
Sylvia Olinda Andrade - 6 years ago
criatura belíssima e uma linda mulher!
Daniel Hoil
Daniel Hoil - 6 years ago
Beautiful woman and shark
freedom freedom
freedom freedom - 6 years ago
Beautiful but so scary
Anna Cas
Anna Cas - 6 years ago
Que hermoso y grande que es! muy buenas tomas.

20. comment for GoPro Awards: Ocean Ramsey and a Whale Shark

azv503 - 6 years ago
take the shark of the picture and still get the views...
MarlonMax - 6 years ago
waiting Go pro to Megalodon . :)
Vercassivellaunos - 6 years ago
jesus christ, I came here to look at the shark, not to take a challange "try not to look at the sexy girl"
Jj Jj
Jj Jj - 6 years ago
Can a whale shark suck humans in
Andrew B.
Andrew B. - 6 years ago
I wish that damn fish would get out OF the way of why we really ALL came! ;)
WU - 6 years ago
WOW! Amazing! Thank You for this footage!
Wolf Gurl
Wolf Gurl - 6 years ago
Wow she really can hold her breath long
La-a Ladasha
La-a Ladasha - 6 years ago
matthew owens
matthew owens - 6 years ago
Dat ass
adi zaidi
adi zaidi - 6 years ago


30. comment for GoPro Awards: Ocean Ramsey and a Whale Shark

j. k
j. k - 6 years ago

Check out my snorkeling videos aswell. They are recent! Also saw a whaleshark!
Zander Dudley
Zander Dudley - 6 years ago
i would not dow that
Gabriel Walker
Gabriel Walker - 6 years ago
Just think we only discovered a small part of our ocean and we ain’t even close to seeing wht else is under our sea
Wht a beautiful and cracful creature that is
baby alex
baby alex - 6 years ago
ok how long can she hold her breath
Picasso Pablo
Picasso Pablo - 6 years ago
What it means to be recorded while recording? looks very stupid really
Reese Williams
Reese Williams - 6 years ago
This shark topically endanger
The Mighty Mushroom
The Mighty Mushroom - 6 years ago
There a amazing and beautyful creatures underwater, I can't believe how cruel people can be to kill these creatures.
Henrietta Matthews
Henrietta Matthews - 6 years ago
Just came back from Oslob, Cebu.
Went twice in 3 weeks. I followed
all rules. Nobody should touch these gentle giants. Butandings
(whale sharks) are truly amazing.
The little place is a fairyland of
exquisite beauty. The nearby
Sumilon Island is another enchanted place. WOW!
Doctor Zilla
Doctor Zilla - 6 years ago
Absolutely stunning.

Hey, there's a whale over there - anyone notice that? Ah, who cares about that.
AMarko Jovanovic MaVkO
AMarko Jovanovic MaVkO - 6 years ago
Big Mega Like
Download Transfer
Download Transfer - 6 years ago
Did they won the award? If shark came out they would
Maurizio Candido
Maurizio Candido - 6 years ago
minchia che femmina da pecorina
Lewis Adelaide
Lewis Adelaide - 6 years ago
this was made by amateurs??????!!!!! O_____O
Roman Jansen
Roman Jansen - 6 years ago
Everything about this is amazing
_Dubaz_ - 6 years ago
Очень круто!!!
Yuca 00
Yuca 00 - 6 years ago
the people in the comments section.
the whale %10
the human %90
did you come to check out the lady cuz there is playboy magazine or pornhub where you can do so.
Smashy - 6 years ago
Kelly Devries
Kelly Devries - 6 years ago
Hahaha my thoughts exactly ! Um go google hot girl
god killer 98
god killer 98 - 6 years ago
actually that is not a whale it is a shark
Tiandrainy Mandresy Billy Andriamahazomandimby
Tiandrainy Mandresy Billy Andriamahazomandimby - 6 years ago
I am just a simple man!
LaPieuvre Optimale
LaPieuvre Optimale - 6 years ago
I've watched this too many times
PLANET - 6 years ago
so calm music and footage
Joe Nimens
Joe Nimens - 6 years ago
spectacular video.. thank you.. very soothing....

50. comment for GoPro Awards: Ocean Ramsey and a Whale Shark

jesterfun123 - 6 years ago
1:11 - San Diego....Like if you get the joke :)
Fülöp Lengyel
Fülöp Lengyel - 6 years ago
I want a pet whale shark!!!
Mary Jameson González
Mary Jameson González - 6 years ago
Amazing creation of the Lord...
Mike Williams
Mike Williams - 6 years ago
Gorgeous lady try to save wild life, win win!
Lazy Wizard
Lazy Wizard - 6 years ago
0:46 My mate literally thought the Whale shark swallowed
am sav
am sav - 6 years ago
You have a very pure spirit and  heart to swim so freely with this graceful creation.    Gods grace
TheMyrkiriad - 6 years ago
This video is the definite proof that women are the most beautiful creatures on this planet.
Lisa - 6 years ago
Thats actually nice
Lily Cash
Lily Cash - 6 years ago
i wanna be there so bad.
FreeStayler - 6 years ago
I didnt see real whale and shark but I know whales are most complete power than sharks
Multi Gopro
Multi Gopro - 6 years ago
Magic video
Jack is not in the box
Jack is not in the box - 6 years ago
Let's be real, she won cause of those epic boob shots.
Jack is not in the box
Jack is not in the box - 6 years ago
Quality over quantity.
Haven't you learned anything from using a GoPro?
god killer 98
god killer 98 - 6 years ago
but they are tiny.
Bruvvy - 6 years ago
I didn't know what look at the whale shark or that ass.
Mátyás Kassay
Mátyás Kassay - 6 years ago
My two favourite kind of videos in one!
Wild Me
Wild Me - 6 years ago
Great video! When did you see this whale shark?
Squidward of Catarina
Squidward of Catarina - 6 years ago
Holy shit, that looks amazing, I wish i could swim with that awesome fish
Saif Shah
Saif Shah - 6 years ago
BEAUTIFUL...... ☺☺☺
蘇一弘 - 6 years ago
what a beautiful
Nicole Luchau
Nicole Luchau - 6 years ago
does anyone know at what setting this vid was shot at?? or the best setting for clear videos (for example 720p etc...)
ajh101710 channel
ajh101710 channel - 6 years ago
Where did you find this whale shark
LpsAster - 7 years ago
what is up with these thirsty comments? go watch porn or something, i'm literally just here for the shark.
god killer 98
god killer 98 - 6 years ago
yeah this is dumb I came here in the comments expecting to see some idiotic claim about these sharks but all I can find is just a bunch of horn dogs.
The Confused Girl ¿
The Confused Girl ¿ - 7 years ago
Wow video. Difficult to decide which creature is more beautiful though !
Wendy Gutierrez
Wendy Gutierrez - 7 years ago
I love the music in the background,, it peaceful mind relaxing love it ❣️❣️❣️
alonso clavel
alonso clavel - 7 years ago
Gran pez
qi loh
qi loh - 7 years ago
this video is mainly focus on the free diver not the shark lol
Agatha V
Agatha V - 7 years ago
Wow this 1:49-1:55 just looks surreal, amazing
Bart Gelissen
Bart Gelissen - 7 years ago
This is awesome!
Вячеслав Лавров
Вячеслав Лавров - 7 years ago
The shark saw only after the second viewing ...
first name last name
first name last name - 7 years ago
any one read it as gordan Ramsey
jay pansawad
jay pansawad - 7 years ago
how can they breath under water.
god killer 98
god killer 98 - 6 years ago
whale sharks have gills just like every other shark that's how the breath under water
SAnbrei - 7 years ago
У девушки зачетная попка )))
Gustav Matsson
Gustav Matsson - 7 years ago
Would totally bang that. Maybe her too if I'm drunk enough
marat galimullin
marat galimullin - 7 years ago
девушка, вы часом не русалка??? очень очаровательная. это ваша стихия.!!!
Galaxy A3
Galaxy A3 - 7 years ago
Shark have better sense of hearing than human
Galaxy Tab
Galaxy Tab - 7 years ago
Israel Gonzalez Abrego
Israel Gonzalez Abrego - 7 years ago
porque promueven el tocar a el tiburón ballena acaso no saben que esto es prohibido
bollocknaked1975 - 7 years ago
Here's to swimming with bow legged women.
angela sheppard
angela sheppard - 7 years ago
Random Tranzit
Random Tranzit - 7 years ago
Some beautiful creatures.
Paweł Tomczak
Paweł Tomczak - 7 years ago
Ops, didn't see any sharks ;((( I have to watch it again...
EyesOfTheLion 11
EyesOfTheLion 11 - 7 years ago
She's hot!
open - 7 years ago
its amazing!!!!!
Tim Wilkins
Tim Wilkins - 7 years ago
she single??
Gman1172 - 7 years ago
01:49 the money shot
Kaust Shroff
Kaust Shroff - 7 years ago
Dammit GoPro the chick is too distracting... Well played!
ejeanmay - 7 years ago
Astonishing! She is so funny to have those big cool earrings though. I'd be afraid they'd fall out.
Tommy Cox
Tommy Cox - 7 years ago
how can you hold your breath that long
tau - 7 years ago
what a graceful shark
Matthew Simms
Matthew Simms - 7 years ago
whale sharks are the best sharks in real life but I wonder if the Mega shark or Megalodon is in are deep sea waters
Mrs. Garcia
Mrs. Garcia - 7 years ago
Why wear a bikini at all?
Zbieram na srebrny przycisk YouTube bet filmow
Zbieram na srebrny przycisk YouTube bet filmow - 7 years ago

100. comment for GoPro Awards: Ocean Ramsey and a Whale Shark

Olivier colacino
Olivier colacino - 7 years ago
go pro awards only because of the boobies
david germain
david germain - 7 years ago
gives me chills love free diving.
Dino Con
Dino Con - 7 years ago
And to think, Asians catch and slice up these creatures alive all for some bullshit medicine that doesn't really work.
god killer 98
god killer 98 - 6 years ago
and also they do more harm than good sharks have so much murcry or quick silver in their fins it is highly toxic
Gaine _ ToriSlayerKelly
Gaine _ ToriSlayerKelly - 7 years ago
and you know what's ironic?.. that video is captured in asia.. it is located in cebu philippines..
Lisa Hagstrom
Lisa Hagstrom - 7 years ago
Unnecessary footage of the girl--why do we have to look at that when those beautiful whale sharks are in the background!! I agree, unnatural footage with fed fish, prompting unnatural long term, hurtful behavior.
Lps Ocean Water
Lps Ocean Water - 7 years ago
Such a pretty,good,Animal
Cassandra Cruz
Cassandra Cruz - 7 years ago
this video kinda makes me cry because before, we dive without goggles,those diving things. and we are just hurting and hurting our nature and filming it . there used to be trees, alot of them and not houses made out of these cement we call it and im sad please government, find a new way to stop this chaos...
VIERA MAYO - 7 years ago
this is so cool
TumzDK - 7 years ago
If you look carefully, you can see a whaleshark at 1:50
truth btold
truth btold - 7 years ago
where does this take place?
Cetlical - 7 years ago
The shark looks so derpy at the beggining
Baby Girl
Baby Girl - 7 years ago
I clicked on this cause I saw Ramsey in the title and yet still no lamb sauce??
Elle Matt
Elle Matt - 7 years ago
uuhh.... was she touching the whale shark??!?!?!?
god killer 98
god killer 98 - 6 years ago
well your better off with bonet head shark pal because sharks do not attack with out reason and also why are you here whale sharks are the most gental sharks of all time you should look up some shark cage diving videos is you want to know how to get with the sharks
FrozenBlizzard - 7 years ago
So cool! I really hope we can spot one in our Maldives trip next week. Can't wait...
Savitar. - 7 years ago
1:49 that ass.
Darth Teabagger
Darth Teabagger - 7 years ago
alright !!!! shark porn yeeeeeehaaaawwwww !!!!!!!!!!!
Tsvetan Mashev
Tsvetan Mashev - 7 years ago
The girl is simply perfect !!!!
Jason Holmberg
Jason Holmberg - 7 years ago
Great video!
baretillo - 7 years ago
hmm tuna
J Rod
J Rod - 7 years ago
Sexy sells. And is awarded
Mark Watkins
Mark Watkins - 7 years ago
whale sharks are great
Eid Mohamed
Eid Mohamed - 7 years ago
Can I know the song words because I can't understand it all please?
Uros L
Uros L - 7 years ago

I have aids
I have aids - 7 years ago
TASI Channel
TASI Channel - 7 years ago
! Ahh! Beautiful!
nameless noob
nameless noob - 7 years ago
this show shark are not human killer mashienes
maxelixyr - 7 years ago
nameless noob Well thats a whale shark lol. Pretty different from a bull shark or a great white. Im not saying they are mindless killing machines tho. Fish are friends not food
Prometheus C All
Prometheus C All - 7 years ago
BORIS TOKIC - 7 years ago
Zack Rose
Zack Rose - 7 years ago
is she using a snorkel and coming up for air?
Matt Scalf
Matt Scalf - 7 years ago
I wanna swim with her and that shark, anyone know who she is???
Pedro Paulo
Pedro Paulo - 7 years ago
Beautiful vídeo, beautiful Whale Shark, beautiful girl!
Abigail Gonzalez
Abigail Gonzalez - 7 years ago
❤️Beautiful creatures ❤️
KittLoL -
KittLoL - - 7 years ago
another video that proves we must save the oceans
eggrollsoup - 7 years ago
KittLoL - what proof?
J LG - 7 years ago
calholli - 7 years ago
I swear they are the fruit 0f the earth...
white w0men
AsLan sp
AsLan sp - 7 years ago
nice !!
S.A.S Entertainment
S.A.S Entertainment - 7 years ago
1:50 That ass tho
Calzia Didier
Calzia Didier - 7 years ago
Thomas Kurilla
Thomas Kurilla - 7 years ago
just amazing footage
Batfleck Forever
Batfleck Forever - 7 years ago
I don't understand why everyone is making a big deal about the girl.
Nextfactor Ph
Nextfactor Ph - 6 years ago
Batfleck Forever
Batfleck Forever - 7 years ago
+Ivan Garcia I figured that out, but since women aren't my thing I can't relate to that.
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia - 7 years ago
Jason Gerard because she's hot
AngelLestat2 - 7 years ago
1:48 Best scene ever..
Alex C
Alex C - 7 years ago
AngelLestat2 yeah the camera angle change there was pretty sweet.
Chicken Strangler
Chicken Strangler - 7 years ago
I know what you mean by scene

btw I am only commenting to remind of this video and give you a boner. Your welcome!
AsLan sp
AsLan sp - 7 years ago
what music is this?
mike hunt
mike hunt - 7 years ago
check out them sweet walls 1:10
Andreas Werner Reiske
Andreas Werner Reiske - 7 years ago
Wunderbar ....

Als ob zwei außerirdische engelgleiche Wesen
sich zum Pas de deux verabredet hätten --- Klasse !!!
Stefano Serra by WILD
Stefano Serra by WILD - 7 years ago
luke - 7 years ago
what a beautiful and graceful creature.

the sharks kinda cool too
Ben Harrison
Ben Harrison - 6 years ago
What shark???
BroccoliQueefed - 6 years ago
@asdf , DAMN, LOL ! That one went right over your head. SAD.
asdf - 7 years ago
it is a shark to begin with
Callum Ross
Callum Ross - 7 years ago
I nose exhaled
NeXXt Turbo
NeXXt Turbo - 7 years ago
luke true
longdick69 - 7 years ago
luke LOL
Derdie Apple Pie
Derdie Apple Pie - 7 years ago
Fatima z
Fatima z - 7 years ago
why didnt he attack her?
IntrovertedSpecies - 7 years ago
beautiful video and music
nik k
nik k - 7 years ago
omg did you guys see that shark, i just saw it at very end
Russell Raccoon
Russell Raccoon - 7 years ago
1:50 thats a sight for sore eyes
Noe Campita
Noe Campita - 7 years ago
Hello, Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant,i really like this video,a woman swimming with the whale shark,can i use a short clip of this Video for a music video im doing for my sister? the part that the girl is swimming with the whale shark.....Thanks
Ben Bowes
Ben Bowes - 7 years ago
This video was filmed in Oslob, Cebu, where whale sharks are being fed by fishermen to keep them in the shallow waters nearby the coast so tourists can pay for an unnatural interaction with them. This activity is causing huge implications for shrimp populations in the regions around Cebu as they are heavily fished as a source of food to feed these whale sharks.

A team there called LAMAVE (Marine Conservation NGO) is doing great work to document these human interactions with these sharks to understand the full impacts of this sort of eco-tourism over a long period of time. However this 'shark biologist' has done no scientific work or documentation on the whale sharks at Oslob at all and has simply just come for a easy way to 'swim' with juvenile whale sharks.

If Ocean Ramsey were a marine biologist, she would understand not to promote this kind of activity on youtube as it has potentially harmful environmental impacts for both the sharks that are unnaturally having their behaviour altered there as well as the damage to the ecosystem caused by overfishing.
PoeticallyMe - 6 years ago
Ben Bowes Who do you think will impact sharks in better ways more. You, a random person online who probably has no knowledge of sharks, their behaviors, their impact on the world, and their real nature? Or Ocean Ramsey, a women who dedicates her life to help preserve sharks, who swims with Great Whites and other sharks, who has shown millions that Sharks are not monsters?

You say biologist wouldn't promote such behavior, then surely all the divers for BBC and Nat Geo Planet that swim with Sharks, Piranahs, Alligatets, and thousands of dangerous fish and mammals are also fakes.

You can't speak for a group of people as you only speak for yourself. To go a step further, you don't even belong to that group of people in the first place.

While the impact of human interaction with nature is very real in your statement, you miss the entire point of her goal. I bet you'd also tell that man that was accepted by a lion pride, or the man and women accepted by a pack of wolves the same. You clearly don't understand the goal here and maybe you should do some research. Ramseys actions alone have helped millions fall in love with Sharks and want to protect sharks, which is something you can only dream and hope of ever doing.
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn - 6 years ago
Eyeseeyooh you've quite obviously missed the entire point of what he was saying.
joynthis - 7 years ago
Most people don't give a shit about science, or facts in general, especially when it might interfere with a cool video on their phone.
Fremen Warrior
Fremen Warrior - 7 years ago
What whale shark!!?
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 7 years ago
Ramsay bolton liked this video.
muffhans - 7 years ago
Anybody knows which mask she's wearing?
Moises Bellorin
Moises Bellorin - 7 years ago
amo este tipo de videos
Michel Duaso
Michel Duaso - 7 years ago
superbe images
Freediver HD
Freediver HD - 7 years ago
As somebody who has dived at this tourist trap I can say she has done an awesome job of editing out the tourists and boats. Very good selective editing.
Nvel09 - 6 years ago
In a place where there are a lot of tourists and boats, it is challenging to collect video clips without tourists or boats. This means that some of the footage probably had tourists or boats in it, and the editor of the video had to remove them without interrupting the flow of the video.
84Edusp - 6 years ago
Mr. Gentleman he was ironic. And he is right.
Mr. Gentleman
Mr. Gentleman - 6 years ago
Freediver HD Can explain why did she done a great editing by not showing the tourists and fishing boats?
solomon vlogs
solomon vlogs - 7 years ago
which model is waterproof
solomon vlogs
solomon vlogs - 7 years ago
which model is waterproof
Meg T
Meg T - 7 years ago
Absolutely breathtaking
Lian Bond
Lian Bond - 7 years ago
this woman is sexy af
lesafighter - 7 years ago
i dont know what is more beautiful in this video is it the ocean or the girl or the shark :)
LaPieuvre Optimale
LaPieuvre Optimale - 7 years ago
The ocean and the shark
Tariel Nikolaishvil
Tariel Nikolaishvil - 7 years ago
xochu takoi)))
will1434 - 7 years ago
This is lovely, but I cringe watching her in the water with that flashy necklace...quite dangerous to wear sparkling jewelry in the ocean.
throwingshit - 7 years ago
1:48 clearly a view of her ass! Hit thumbs up if you agree.
The Fiercest Lightning
The Fiercest Lightning - 7 years ago
Playback eeror
ricoudu641 - 7 years ago
The beauty and the beast....nice music!
LaPieuvre Optimale
LaPieuvre Optimale - 7 years ago
Do you know what song this is?
John Zulueta
John Zulueta - 7 years ago
last month I was there but I cannot submit my videos back here in the philippines. might be the sight is only exlusive in some countries,the links below are all my edited footage including the whale shark..
Shawn Walker
Shawn Walker - 7 years ago
How could anyone give this a thumbs down? Way cool video!
coopercatman - 7 years ago
why is she wearing Earrings?
Geo Rojas
Geo Rojas - 7 years ago
Amazing Video
Annarenef - 7 years ago
Beautiful creatures
ImageCentr - 7 years ago
Gen Racer88
Gen Racer88 - 7 years ago
awesome music
Gen Racer88
Gen Racer88 - 7 years ago
I love this video
Polarbear05 and Nicole
Polarbear05 and Nicole - 7 years ago
Whale shark is cute.
Justice Quantum
Justice Quantum - 7 years ago
Came for the sharks, then came again for ocean ramsey
Ajay Patel
Ajay Patel - 7 years ago
That girl has an amazing body!
Николай Ефремов
Николай Ефремов - 7 years ago
Девушка супер, акула - так себе:)
joynthis - 7 years ago
Ocean Ramsey? Fine, I'll be Nachos-Chair Finkelstien.
Alex Samaras
Alex Samaras - 7 years ago
Nice video, but... At time 2:06. :(

Please don't touch wildlife. "Look but don't touch" is a pretty simple rule, and it is an imperative. Sure, one single gentle touch to the pectoral fin will probably not harm or significantly stress the animal, but how many people will watch this video and think maybe it's okay to touch a whale shark should they get to encounter one? And that could lead to direct harm such as infection or injury or just stress, or indirect harm such as changes in behavior.

Not cool.

When she is described as a "shark biologist", I would have expected the freediver to know better. :-/
DMR DMR - 6 years ago
PoeticallyMe well, she can touch me anytime. Thanks for the update in animal behavior, I learned so much from your comment.
PoeticallyMe - 6 years ago
DMR DMR "Natural Selection" No it's called she knows what's she is doing. Thousands of biologist, scientist and divers touch wildlife. Your inability to understand the behavior of wildlife, which in turns make you fearful of them, is the fault of no one but yourself.
Charles Hartmann
Charles Hartmann - 6 years ago
Watch Jeff Corwin and he touches all sorts of wildlife. That is a rule for the uneducated masses to follow. Not wildlife experts.
DMR DMR - 6 years ago
Alex Samaras well it's called natural selection
LOOΠΔ - 6 years ago
IamSquid - 7 years ago
In my home country:)
netgrade - 7 years ago
Beautiful video! Breathtaking!
Bennystropical swimmig wolf
Bennystropical swimmig wolf - 7 years ago
This is fantastic, I love the mood and the tones, excellent capture
Szymon Kostur
Szymon Kostur - 7 years ago
What shark?
Retroshift - 7 years ago
Majestic. Nature is so beautiful.
Fredrick Kulatunga
Fredrick Kulatunga - 7 years ago
This is how humans should be, Becoming one with the environment and not causing unnecessary pollution. Love this
Robert F Elliot
Robert F Elliot - 7 years ago
Truly wonderful. The combination of Ocean and the shark plus the music is superb.
Rey Caparros Photography and Cinematography
Rey Caparros Photography and Cinematography - 7 years ago
Nice! Was this in Oslob, Cebu?
Omar S
Omar S - 7 years ago
Amazing and beautiful.
CsehCsaba - 7 years ago
we all know that nobody cares about the shark
Ecko Soldier
Ecko Soldier - 7 years ago
This actually inspires me... :)
Ty Cetto
Ty Cetto - 7 years ago
I admit it... I looked more at her than the Whale Shark... DANG, she's gorgeous!
DemigodTakahiro //Resurgence
DemigodTakahiro //Resurgence - 7 years ago
Ty Cetto stupid American pervs
ONE OCEAN DIVING - 7 years ago
Elise Creations
Elise Creations - 7 years ago
silenthunterpty - 7 years ago
Fantastic video,,wow congratulations to you and Juan.. See you guys in October.. Im getting stoked about the trips !!!!
Bill Coleman
Bill Coleman - 7 years ago
That would have won video of the day even without the whale shark!
John A
John A - 7 years ago
B Schlough
B Schlough - 7 years ago
0:44 it eats her and poops her out
fefti fefti
fefti fefti - 7 years ago
Piękne ciało :)
Neal Harris
Neal Harris - 7 years ago
Great (silent) video! HORRIBLE music.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith - 7 years ago
What is that mask/goggles thing she wears? Does it give her oxygen to breathe too?
Born Justice Rule
Born Justice Rule - 7 years ago
new bucket list item
Dwight Xavier Sanson
Dwight Xavier Sanson - 7 years ago
Daniel Danielsen
Daniel Danielsen - 7 years ago
Beautiful creature.....whale shark wasn't bad either
RC - 7 years ago
the gal held her breath for a long time.
Oel ngati kameie
Oel ngati kameie - 7 years ago
it's more about this woman than shark haha :D
Matthew Tan
Matthew Tan - 7 years ago
Oslob, Cebu ❤️
I P - 7 years ago
MysterKnajt - 7 years ago
1:48 Ouch... Is it real life ? :O
neon takov
neon takov - 7 years ago
я её самец
Hydra Oblivion
Hydra Oblivion - 7 years ago
Amazing video!! these types of videos are the only way I can see these magnificent creatures. They are just outstanding in beauty. I wanna see one in real life life it will be my first encounter with a whale shark they are just so rare to were I live.
Michal Jareš
Michal Jareš - 7 years ago
That is really big Pokémon.
Роман Миончинский
Роман Миончинский - 7 years ago
CandyMichelle Johnson
CandyMichelle Johnson - 7 years ago
That is so beautiful.
Paul Choe
Paul Choe - 7 years ago
what a beautiful creature. I didn't see whale shark until second time around.
Rokas S
Rokas S - 7 years ago
She really likes them big
EeedMedved - 7 years ago
Найди акулу на видео :)
Дмитрий Городничев
Дмитрий Городничев - 7 years ago
какую акулу???
Дмитрий Городничев
Дмитрий Городничев - 7 years ago
какую акулу???
Дмитрий Городничев
Дмитрий Городничев - 7 years ago
какую акулу???
Kaligar Prime
Kaligar Prime - 7 years ago
Beautiful video of the Whale Shark. Well done, love the videos.
James Hennessy
James Hennessy - 7 years ago
Nice to see a featured GoPro video without roaring dubstep
Julien Dev
Julien Dev - 7 years ago
really nice footage.
Just a question: do you always dive with earings and necklace on ?
Jupp Baron Kerckerinck
Jupp Baron Kerckerinck - 7 years ago
Two beautiful creatures swimming in harmony.
Russell S.
Russell S. - 7 years ago
Such beautiful creatures
O Balls
O Balls - 7 years ago
What's her name? I need more fapmaterial.
Y Y - 7 years ago
Roberto Haaij
Roberto Haaij - 7 years ago
A shame how some youtubers need to sexyze everything. The way she wears the bottom part of the bikini, the focus on the girl swiming not the animal etc etc. What a waste of a video.
iHateDentists - 7 years ago
More like you're just a damn pervert that is trying to convince them selves that theyre not a pervert.
J. P
J. P - 7 years ago
0:45 nom nom nom
Alex Hong
Alex Hong - 7 years ago
What does she use to breathe?
Christian Leber
Christian Leber - 7 years ago
You can see that those sharks get pretty old by the low-res textures that were used on them.
TheMusketITuckedIt - 7 years ago
That is one fine marine mammal.
Lenny Is A Carrot
Lenny Is A Carrot - 7 years ago
I was about to correct you but then I realized LOL
IKIJOSEFLP - 7 years ago
Se vcs me derem uma GoPro dessas prometo que faço melhor.
DFKnightmare - 7 years ago
That is one fine biologist, damn.
NHC2000 - 7 years ago
The girl is beautiful! But, this is a video about Whale Sharks, right? How come we only see less than 20 seconds of the girl go pro actually filming the sharks and more panoramic shots of the girl flirting with the shark?
TheMusketITuckedIt - 7 years ago
Cause the cameraman's prolly a dude, also, he might be tappin' that.
Кладомания: Поиск Кладов
Кладомания: Поиск Кладов - 7 years ago
Beautiful video!!! Like it!!!
Pink Egg
Pink Egg - 7 years ago
wow her booty...
TheMusketITuckedIt - 7 years ago
Or lack thereof, still nice tho.
Tulog Nami
Tulog Nami - 7 years ago
She didnt get swallow by that giant shark?
fishworshipper - 7 years ago
Whale sharks are filter feeders - they eat plankton, not people.
RiceFieldWorkers - 7 years ago
+TheMusketITuckedIt omg
TheMusketITuckedIt - 7 years ago
No but she can swallow me.
Darnesha Marc
Darnesha Marc - 7 years ago
Amazing shots
topgunm - 7 years ago
There was a Whale shark in this video?
Geflügel HNZ
Geflügel HNZ - 6 years ago
Couldn't take your eyes off that woman ;)
iEat Crayons
iEat Crayons - 7 years ago
Looool i was just about to comment this. Looks like i was beaten, 9 months ago.
MoneyMan Segovia
MoneyMan Segovia - 7 years ago
Wow just wow
Luke Charles
Luke Charles - 7 years ago
No just it was just a click bait thumbnail sadly no whale shark
Coralianblue20 - 7 years ago
My favorite animal :3
MotoDoug - 7 years ago
There was a whale shark in this vid???
AlexAlexisLex - 7 years ago
This is in Cebu. Local fisherman feed them and use as a tourist attraction. You can see canoe with a fisherman in front of the shark on 0:33. Usually there are hundreds of people up there.
Doug Robinson
Doug Robinson - 7 years ago
Great! Now can you give us one with just the girl? Maybe a couple of hours?
Jamison Reisbeck
Jamison Reisbeck - 7 years ago
that is a spectacular San Diego at 1:13
TheToekutter - 7 years ago
Had to mute ghey millennial background music.
TheMusketITuckedIt - 7 years ago
Lmao the happy-go-lucky music.
Cyrus Mortazavi
Cyrus Mortazavi - 7 years ago
actually my favorite GoPro video now
Aaron Rodway
Aaron Rodway - 7 years ago
There was a shark in that video?
Bornsideways - 7 years ago
What a beautiful blonde shark ^^
ApeHead - 7 years ago
RIP Matilda Rapaport :(
Zain Jafar
Zain Jafar - 7 years ago
MrXelium - 7 years ago
Damn...I hate this kind of video. It always makes me reflect on my own life. The outcome of this reflection is never good.
I...I would really love to swim with that whale shark but...I'm afraid I won't be able to contain my zoophilia. Especially after seeing how sweet a 69 would feel 01:10
MrXelium - 7 years ago
Hahah I completely forgot I made this fucked-up comment. 01:10...perfect timing! Quality comment here!
Jimmy Jammer
Jimmy Jammer - 7 years ago
I figured you were talking about the girl in the video...but nope.......
hi - 7 years ago
MrXelium you need help man
TheMusketITuckedIt - 7 years ago
Faceless Man
Faceless Man - 7 years ago
Love the song.
Nikpick100 - 7 years ago
I'd really like to see a whale shark... in this video...
ArnaudB - 7 years ago
damn the shark is so sexy omfg
Nunix - 7 years ago
now do this with white sharks
Claudia - 7 years ago
She's already done it with white sharks, YouTube GoPro girl and a great white shark
Shawn Something
Shawn Something - 7 years ago
Paulo - 7 years ago
yo, she's super hot.
Krzysiek Dobrzański
Krzysiek Dobrzański - 7 years ago
this girl Damnn ;)
Shaun speed
Shaun speed - 7 years ago
BeggerStager - 7 years ago
yay, they're still alive.. now what about blue whales
John Baldwin
John Baldwin - 7 years ago
What is so sad that the Whale Sharks are being hunted/ slaughtered in the hundreds annually...note also other species are being hunted for their fins, complete jaw bone and or teeth for collectors and tourists...
Conscious Conscience
Conscious Conscience - 7 years ago
Millions of animals are slaughtered daily.
mayo8511 - 7 years ago
Riaan Louw
Riaan Louw - 7 years ago
Girl: So this tiny bikini will keep me safe while I help you film the sharks?

Director: Uh...yeah totally. It's for your safety.
iHateDentists - 7 years ago
Its a whale shark.
aykut dundar
aykut dundar - 7 years ago
where's here?
NeonsStyle - 7 years ago
Никита Кузнецов
Никита Кузнецов - 7 years ago
Nice girl
Peng Jiang
Peng Jiang - 7 years ago
Christian Adventure Films
Christian Adventure Films - 7 years ago
Amazing that that gentle giant eats such tiny food! Cool shot seeing it filter water.
jdmasfuck - 7 years ago
sexy whale
Ayden Marrullier
Ayden Marrullier - 7 years ago
dream girl....
bill98465 - 7 years ago
wow. I was able to swim with one in utila .
Yagoub Abdulah
Yagoub Abdulah - 7 years ago
ياااوك يالفخامه
Faris Aprilio
Faris Aprilio - 7 years ago
PYROBRABANT1990 - 7 years ago
ClassicSCENE✌ - 7 years ago
good shots
ronald black
ronald black - 7 years ago
stanislas ytes
stanislas ytes - 7 years ago
sueli emy Teramoto
sueli emy Teramoto - 7 years ago
Seninki kaç vites?
Seninki kaç vites? - 7 years ago
This is Ocean Dream.Awesome
4K Games
4K Games - 7 years ago
вот бы этот кит на неё насрал
jmazzitelli - 7 years ago
Ryan Palso
Ryan Palso - 7 years ago
Absolutely beautiful! That big fish was kinda cool too
Z0mbieXTwins - 7 years ago
how do you hold your breath that long..?
D C - 7 years ago
damn, she thicc
poopmgee100 - 7 years ago
I was more interested in the girl rather than the Sharks, kinda sad
Hanny Su
Hanny Su - 7 years ago
The Ocean is so beautiful,i mean ocean.
Activ8 - 7 years ago
I don't see a whale shark, where is it?
astrid t
astrid t - 7 years ago
this is so relaxing lol, my dream is to swim with sharks
Blind Fox
Blind Fox - 7 years ago
How is her ass crack not showing
Frederic Victor
Frederic Victor - 7 years ago
That's definetely something that everyone has to experience !
White Boy
White Boy - 7 years ago
the girl in the video is hella pretty :) don't y'all think ?
White Boy
White Boy - 7 years ago
+Mambo King Cake yeah for real she, still had that mask on ahah
White Boy
White Boy - 7 years ago
+U WOT it's that in Texas we say y'all a lot :/
JØППØ ՅARᔕ - 7 years ago
hahaha thanks for writing my thoughts dude :D
I Cover
I Cover - 7 years ago
Definitely, but I can help but be reminded of Batman with that mask.
quake4tt - 7 years ago
crazyponygirl - 7 years ago
That was beautiful and amazing to watch! Whale sharks are pretty awesome creatures and one of my favorite sharks. ☺
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez - 7 years ago
All the boob/butt shots for da vieeewwzzz
Rachel Ermagawddd
Rachel Ermagawddd - 7 years ago
I have a real sweet spot for this gentle giants... Snorkelled with one of them when I was 12 in Maldives.
It was really the best experience I've had and the best encounter I'll probably ever get..
D 111
D 111 - 7 years ago
I would love to experience that but I'm to afraid ...
bdseidler - 7 years ago
Beautiful video
al arafat
al arafat - 7 years ago
great work, BTW she looks beautiful
Earth Angel
Earth Angel - 7 years ago
She also swims with Great White Sharks :)))
BedrockZoo - 7 years ago
Stunningly stunning.
Donna Kailee
Donna Kailee - 7 years ago
Half of the video was fake ☹
John K.S
John K.S - 7 years ago
She can whale my shark any day
Jack is not in the box
Jack is not in the box - 6 years ago
wallpaperkilla - 7 years ago
She can shark my day any whale!
iCroissant - 7 years ago
She can shark my whale any day!!
alin tm
alin tm - 7 years ago
gabriel elias treze
gabriel elias treze - 7 years ago
like br
1Moryak1 - 7 years ago
хороша чертовка
Colman Duncan
Colman Duncan - 7 years ago
where is this
Appix - 7 years ago
Magical vidéo ♥
Michael - 7 years ago
12GaugePadawan - 7 years ago
Whale sharks and mermaids...sigh.
Shawn J
Shawn J - 7 years ago
Did you see a whale in that video?
lynn blevig
lynn blevig - 7 years ago
I wish I had the money to go and travel. ;-;
Артур Мудрик
Артур Мудрик - 7 years ago
Yeah, exactly! Follow your dreams... if you have a house to sell.
lynn blevig
lynn blevig - 7 years ago
+Harry Ward That's so cool. :3
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 7 years ago
+Harry Ward thats pretty inspiring.
Harry Ward
Harry Ward - 7 years ago
+Harry Ward *other than
Not you there xp
Harry Ward
Harry Ward - 7 years ago
+lynn blevig I had a friend who had a lovely house and belongings but his life long dream was to travel the world. He sold everything you there than essentials and he has now spent roughly a month in every country in Asia and Europe. He said it's the best thing he has ever done. Follow your dreams.
lynn blevig
lynn blevig - 7 years ago
But I'm neither hot or want to sell my stuff. xD
White Boy
White Boy - 7 years ago
Me ^
poopmgee100 - 7 years ago
Sell all of your belongings
Aljoscha Laschgari
Aljoscha Laschgari - 7 years ago
Martin's World
Martin's World - 7 years ago
Epic! I also do gopro videos :)
915Mang - 7 years ago
Amazing video, enjoyed these type of videos. These and where they are flying in a wing suite!
ShadowGuidR - 7 years ago
Bet that was hard. a suite just off a wing? Hotel? Mansion? Hospital?
Josh cross
Josh cross - 7 years ago
hottest shark biologists on the planet... =o
Andrew Silva
Andrew Silva - 7 years ago
Liked the part where the shark gulped in all that massive amount of water
Mars Crow
Mars Crow - 7 years ago
WHale sharks have like ant sized teeth
Sarah Gray
Sarah Gray - 7 years ago
zak and david vids whale sharks have like 3,000 teeth. dummy
ian salamana
ian salamana - 7 years ago
zak and david vids cover gh
zak and david vids
zak and david vids - 7 years ago
+Mr Moses he has no teeth he eats plankton just sayin
futurewrestler123 - 7 years ago
+leo ll Oh wow, I never knew that. Thanks for the fact!
futurewrestler123 - 7 years ago
To filter the krill and other food out for himself, if I remember correctly
ajtronic - 7 years ago
jaythizzle1969 - 7 years ago
great video
samvicisa - 7 years ago
Eso es lo máximo que he disfrutado, la fotografía es inmejorable, excelente calidad. Les felicito a los que han intervenido en el vídeo. Mil gracias por esa exposición....!
Kleina Guillen
Kleina Guillen - 7 years ago
Hendo W
Hendo W - 7 years ago
Angeline - 7 years ago
This is so cool.
Johan Maud
Johan Maud - 7 years ago
Pretty cool:)
7,626,213 Vues
7,626,213 Vues - 7 years ago
This woman need to eat some fish,she look like so skinny.
KidPersepolis - 7 years ago
Stop saying diss then.
TheAgentTexas - 7 years ago
His english actually is pretty good.
Zach - 7 years ago
She's not that skinny... Lol but learn English before you diss someone that is English
passi2311 - 7 years ago
Such a nice girl :)
wldqq - 7 years ago
Does a Whale Shark have a camel toe? Well.... 1:11
Joey Finch
Joey Finch - 7 years ago
if only the whale shark took a big dump right on her
Jake Gallant
Jake Gallant - 7 years ago
How immature are you to think that while watching a beautiful video.
Zach - 7 years ago
+Coming Soon she would be rich whale shit is expensive
Coming Soon
Coming Soon - 7 years ago
+CleggSter Gaming it's a whale shark dickhead
Ollie - 7 years ago
It's not a whale
cchiquet - 7 years ago
I found my mermaid
XDaddy511X - 7 years ago
gopro award goes to hottest underwater female
Rayvandi Winata
Rayvandi Winata - 7 years ago
really really good. awesome.
Joel Weidenmark
Joel Weidenmark - 7 years ago
Amazing creature, attractive woman, cool filming and sweet music in one video? This is going places
TuphSteel - 7 years ago
0:45 Noooooooooooooooooo! IT'S EATING HER!

Oh, phew, false alarm. False alarm everybody.
RUFO-_-DK - 7 years ago
┈┈┈┈┈┈▕▔╲┈┈┈┈┈┈         ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈▏▕┈┈LIKE┈┈        ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈▏▕▂▂▂┈┈┈         ▂▂▂▂▂▂╱┈▕▂▂▂▏┈┈         ▉▉▉▉▉┈┈┈▕▂▂▂▏┈┈         ▉▉▉▉▉┈┈┈▕▂▂▂▏┈┈         ▔▔▔▔▔▔╲▂▕▂▂▂▏┈┈
victor tout genre
victor tout genre - 7 years ago
Aime si toi aussi t francais
boord55 - 7 years ago
IPPredators - 7 years ago
Two beautiful creatures. I was looking more at the human :)
Waldbeere - 7 years ago
I prefer the shark tbh. But that's probably because I'm a lazy ass nerd :(
Don Iotte
Don Iotte - 7 years ago
No I do Not Work for GOPRO I Just Own 2 of their Camera's and a Few T-Shirts I bought on EBAY, I would Love to work for them but they don't have any GOPRO Company's in MASS.
White Boy
White Boy - 7 years ago
+Don Iotte you work for go pro ? Lmao
Don Iotte
Don Iotte - 7 years ago
White Boy
White Boy - 7 years ago
Hey I'm with you buddy XD
TheSam TaiLand
TheSam TaiLand - 7 years ago
Reale good vedeos for go pro!
Yin Ching/Dave Tan
Yin Ching/Dave Tan - 7 years ago
I love that gal! wow!!
HeyImAndre - 7 years ago
this was stunning!
Philippe Schultz
Philippe Schultz - 7 years ago
Just beautiful !
Suicide Mouse
Suicide Mouse - 7 years ago
Theo Ehrmann
Theo Ehrmann - 7 years ago
Wait, there was a shark in this video?
STAG162 - 7 years ago
The whale shark has good taste. =)
CRF 250
CRF 250 - 7 years ago
I cant see any shark
boord55 - 7 years ago
The big fish you see in this video is a "whale shark", it doesn't look like a shark but for scientist it is a kind of shark :)
Adib BehrooziTV
Adib BehrooziTV - 7 years ago
It's amazing to see these animals in their domain.Help save your oceans and don't waste
Roby fg
Roby fg - 7 years ago
Joey Lester
Joey Lester - 7 years ago
Awesome, if I was here I would freak out!
Isley Claymore
Isley Claymore - 7 years ago
I can watch this over and over again. It is so calming , great visuals great music
dyunn2 - 7 years ago
Oslob, cebu, philippines
Leonid - 7 years ago
am just curios who edit the Video for GoPro Awards, the sender or GoPro Team?
Asher Daryanani
Asher Daryanani - 7 years ago
Yo how long can this girl hold her breath
Thomas - 7 years ago
Reeyad Elgouchi
Reeyad Elgouchi - 7 years ago
6+ minutes.
Christoph - 7 years ago
Sad that many of these animals get killed just for money :/
Chox TheMuse
Chox TheMuse - 7 years ago
what a beautiful dance =)
PuraLakaLakaLaka D.V.
PuraLakaLakaLaka D.V. - 7 years ago
un animal Preciosooo Preciosoooo
luliloola - 7 years ago
watching this as I edit gopro footage of my fish tank lol. not quite as impressive
NeXXt Turbo
NeXXt Turbo - 7 years ago
JDM IS LIFE and awsome
Eat Sleep JDM
Eat Sleep JDM - 7 years ago
Well sea is kinda like fish tank too but just reaaally huge
urth ling
urth ling - 7 years ago
All pictures of fish are nudes.
Polarbear05 and Nicole
Polarbear05 and Nicole - 7 years ago
sAnDeR_553 -wot ew you nasty person
Julius Ceasar
Julius Ceasar - 7 years ago
Send nudes
Geo Rojas
Geo Rojas - 7 years ago
Iamdjtallboy - 7 years ago
That's because you haven't tried swimming in it yet
TheMusketITuckedIt - 7 years ago
area51r - 7 years ago
space - 7 years ago
A bit smaller scale perhaps.
yasser Chill
yasser Chill - 7 years ago
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez - 7 years ago
absolutely amazing
Lucho V
Lucho V - 7 years ago
Javv - 7 years ago
I hope one day I will do this kind of awesome things
Clemens Wenzel
Clemens Wenzel - 7 years ago
how can they hold their breath so long?
InvadersDie - 6 years ago
Whale sharks are in fact fish not mammals, they have gills, they literally breathe water.
matthew3103 - 6 years ago
Bill Kerman Hyperventilating before a dive is a great way to enduce a shallow water blackout. The urge to breath comes from the build up of co2, not from the depletion of o2. The rate at which haemoglobin releases o2 is influenced by co2 levels- the less co2, the faster o2 is released
(the Bohr effect). Hyperventilation leads to decreased co2 levels and an increased rate of o2 depletion. When you add these two effects together you end up with the urge to breath coming later in the dive coupled with a lower hypoxic threshold; a perfect recipe for shallow water black out.
Junior Collantes
Junior Collantes - 6 years ago
are u a diver? i would like to learn more about it...this looks insane
god killer 98
god killer 98 - 6 years ago
they are trained divers I guess
ChurroCat - 6 years ago
Clemens Wenzel In another video of her swimming with great whites, they mention that she can hold her breath for 5 minutes and 45 seconds.
Paco Jones
Paco Jones - 7 years ago
Deaths occur due excess of confidence. Just set you wristwatch alarm to two minutes before each immersion, and take a few minutes between these, and everything will be fine. Oh, and try not to go freediving alone.
Paco Jones
Paco Jones - 7 years ago
That's why you usually wear an immersion wristwatch so it warns you when you are getting close to spent too much time underwater. The girl in the video wears one on her left wrist.
Paco Jones
Paco Jones - 7 years ago
If you are interested, just keep on trying a few seconds more every day and you'll eventually reach the two minute mark before you realize it.
Adam15197 - 7 years ago
People can hold their breath for over 5 minutes, which in perspective is a long time when doing things like this.
Karim Essafi
Karim Essafi - 7 years ago
No they are sharks and not whales.
joynthis - 7 years ago
I blame your parents, and you should too.
joynthis - 7 years ago
Because they're sharks. They don't breathe all that much.
дмитрий кулибин
дмитрий кулибин - 7 years ago
кто,акула или девушка?
abaldwin10 - 7 years ago
+fatsamcastle That's why you must remember to be efficient while swimming under water. It doesn't take much energy to get around with big free diving fins. She wouldn't have to hold her breath for more than one minute in order to get these shots.
abaldwin10 - 7 years ago
+Bill Kerman Wrong. Never Hyperventilate. That's how deaths occur.
abaldwin10 - 7 years ago
+Chamixize True, Hyperventilating will cause you to miss the signals from your body that it's time to go up or black out.
Chamixize - 7 years ago
+Bill Kerman I did a freediving lesson and was told never to hyperventilate because you can faint very quick and without a warning
Will McGlone
Will McGlone - 7 years ago
+freeplay SAME
abaldwin10 - 7 years ago
+tronjon23 that's hyperventilating before diving. Free diving technique is different.
tronjon23 - 7 years ago
aren't you NOT supposed to do that because your body won't realize when O2 is low and then you have a shallow water blackout?
abaldwin10 - 7 years ago
This is in slow motion and to hold your breath longer you breath into your stomach and relax. Look up free diving technique.
Thomas Rockett
Thomas Rockett - 7 years ago
Freedivers can hold their breath for 4-5 minutes if you're decent
Bill Kerman
Bill Kerman - 7 years ago
+fatsamcastle yeah you're right there you do use more oxygenated blood moving rather than sitting still, cant remember his name but he can hold his breath under water for 10 mins at depths of 40+ meters
fatsamcastle - 7 years ago
+Bill Kerman but there's still a difference sitting and holding breath your breath compared to when actually moving.
2 minutes is a long time
Bill Kerman
Bill Kerman - 7 years ago
you dont need big lungs to hold your breath for an extended period of time, free divers train by hyperventilating, the more you oxygenate your blood the longer you can hold your breath, science bitchs
ABFABC - 7 years ago
+freeplay ayeee
freeplay - 7 years ago
+Bill Kerman 4 minutes lol I can hold my breath for 28 minutes and I shoot heroin and don't skydive because I can fly so I don't really have to
Clemens Wenzel
Clemens Wenzel - 7 years ago
+Bill Kerman while moving... - btw this girl doesn't really look like she would have a big loung/nor that she is a freediver...
Bill Kerman
Bill Kerman - 7 years ago
2 minutes lol most free divers can hold their breath for 6+ minutes i can hold mine for 4 and i smoke and dont free dive
Oliver - 7 years ago
It's called free diving, I know people who do it who can hold their breath under water for around 2 minutes, most people who spear fish know how to free dive as they have to stay under for longer than normal periods of time.
Clemens Wenzel
Clemens Wenzel - 7 years ago
+Will McGlone yeah probably, thx :)
Will McGlone
Will McGlone - 7 years ago
They probably cut out them coming up for breaths a lot. Plus they are relatively close to the surface so it looks like it would be easy to quick get a breath and come back down and continue filming
BlackPaperMoon18 - 7 years ago
Ethan da laxer Hughes
Ethan da laxer Hughes - 7 years ago
Pretty cool
Mikkel Holm
Mikkel Holm - 7 years ago
Calvin Krause
Calvin Krause - 7 years ago
I'd love to see whale sharks on my next trip, they're magical creatures!
Mamue 33
Mamue 33 - 6 years ago
Malediven whale shark
Maurizio Candido
Maurizio Candido - 6 years ago
la vorresti a pecorina col grilletto aperto vero?
yearning for death
yearning for death - 7 years ago
+Dipper Pinesmabel Damn..
Got salt?
Urville Maliper
Urville Maliper - 7 years ago
check out Oslob or Donsol Philippines for whale sharks
Baby Timmy
Baby Timmy - 7 years ago
+Dipper Pinesmabel somebody is pissy
Dandy Cadaver
Dandy Cadaver - 7 years ago
+Dipper Pinesmabel
Did someone piss in your cereal this morning or are you always this douchey?
trashcan - 7 years ago
+Dipper Pinesmabel uh..What the heck? This person just wants to see a Whaleshark.
Dipper Pinesmabel
Dipper Pinesmabel - 7 years ago
I'd love for you to Shut Up and go watch Sharktale. I love Pixar and you don't
MasterChieff_________ - 7 years ago
Caleb Luu
Caleb Luu - 7 years ago
what was it doing when it was vertical?
malik hamad
malik hamad - 7 years ago
hes getting his breath. you know how seals an stuff like that that hold there breath under water bc they dont got gillss
Caleb Luu
Caleb Luu - 7 years ago
+Javv oh okay
Kommentator - 7 years ago
+Scayeldnb It's a fish, Sherlock
Javv - 7 years ago
They used to feed the shark from a boat, the shark was eating
Scayeldnb - 7 years ago
Camouflage Hunter
Camouflage Hunter - 7 years ago
drinking....or he tried to blow bubbles like i do when i am in the bathtub
10'000'000 views . 1 day ago
10'000'000 views . 1 day ago - 7 years ago
יקיר אסולין
יקיר אסולין - 7 years ago
NAMETM - 7 years ago
M1GTY_ARUTOA 13 - 7 years ago
brandt - 7 years ago
Ayy this was pretty cool
flynn doyle
flynn doyle - 7 years ago
Нерпочка в трендах
Нерпочка в трендах - 7 years ago
Adam Ck
Adam Ck - 7 years ago
CRL Gaming
CRL Gaming - 7 years ago

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