Hawaii Diver Swims With Record Breaking Largest Great White Shark | TODAY

» See more footage of the massive great white shark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duSPHGiPhwk Marine biologist Ocean Ramsey joins TODAY to talk about her and her team of divers’ encounter off the coast of Hawaii with what could be the largest great white shark on the planet. “It fills my heart with joy and takes my breath away,” she says. » Subscribe to TODAY: http://on.today.com/SubscribeToTODAY » Watch the latest from TODAY: http://bit.ly/LatestTODAY About: TODAY brings you the latest headlines and expert tips on money, health and parenting. We wake up every morning to give you and your family all you need to start your day. If it matters to you, it matters to us. We are in the people business. Subscribe to our channel for exclusive TODAY archival footage & our original web series. Connect with TODAY Online! Visit TODAY's Website: http://on.today.com/ReadTODAY Find TODAY on Facebook: http://on.today.com/LikeTODAY Follow TODAY on Twitter: http://on.today.com/FollowTODAY Follow TODAY on Google+: http://on.today.com/PlusTODAY Follow TODAY on Instagram: http://on.today.com/InstaTODAY Follow TODAY on Pinterest: http://on.today.com/PinTODAY #GreatWhiteShark #OceanRamsey #TodayShow Hawaii Diver Swims With Record Breaking Largest Great White Shark | TODAY

Hawaii Diver Swims With Record Breaking Largest Great White Shark | TODAY sentiment_very_dissatisfied 399

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» See more footage of the massive great white shark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duSPHGiPhwk Marine biologist Ocean Ramsey joins TODAY to talk about her and her team of divers’ encounter off the coast of Hawaii with what could be the largest great white shark on the planet. “It fills my heart with joy and takes my breath away,” she says. » Subscribe to TODAY: http://on.today.com/SubscribeToTODAY » Watch the latest from TODAY: http://bit.ly/LatestTODAY About: TODAY brings you the latest headlines and expert tips on money, health and parenting. We wake up every morning to give you and your family all you need to start your day. If it matters to you, it matters to us. We are in the people business. Subscribe to our channel for exclusive TODAY archival footage & our original web series. Connect with TODAY Online! Visit TODAY's Website: http://on.today.com/ReadTODAY Find TODAY on Facebook: http://on.today.com/LikeTODAY Follow TODAY on Twitter: http://on.today.com/FollowTODAY Follow TODAY on Google+: http://on.today.com/PlusTODAY Follow TODAY on Instagram: http://on.today.com/InstaTODAY Follow TODAY on Pinterest: http://on.today.com/PinTODAY #GreatWhiteShark #OceanRamsey #TodayShow Hawaii Diver Swims With Record Breaking Largest Great White Shark | TODAY

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for Hawaii Diver Swims With Record Breaking Largest Great White Shark | TODAY

Whyte Tiger
Whyte Tiger - 2 years ago
so can somebody explain to me how she is getting that close to it without the shark eating her ?
Mickey Bauer
Mickey Bauer - 2 years ago
Maybe she's pregnant because she just ate a sperm whale
David Gurrie
David Gurrie - 2 years ago
she won't be saying that when it bites her in half.
Phyëji - 2 years ago
It ate a her fart
GothicRaven blood
GothicRaven blood - 2 years ago
There not miss understood your literally swimming in there habitat so it’s natural for them to think u might be a jelly fish or sea turtle or seal that’s what they eat
PrettyBoyErin - 2 years ago
They was a shark 25 feel long
Rishi Sabharwal
Rishi Sabharwal - 2 years ago
She's the most hottest girl I've ever seen and what s better my two most favourite things beautiful woman and great white sharks # NoMoreSharkFin you savages
Tony Salazar Donjuan
Tony Salazar Donjuan - 2 years ago
White people are at it again
J Krah
J Krah - 2 years ago
Grandma shark do do..... ok nevermind.

10. comment for Hawaii Diver Swims With Record Breaking Largest Great White Shark | TODAY

Julio Ruiz
Julio Ruiz - 2 years ago
She talks like Kim K
Scott Simmich
Scott Simmich - 2 years ago
She’s so cool! Both the researcher and the shark
IC Dub
IC Dub - 2 years ago
I'm not interested in hearing from someone named Ocean
Kistilan - 2 years ago
Better Captain Marvel potential here.
Garry Nelson
Garry Nelson - 2 years ago
Her voice reminds me of kim kardashian
Jakey504 - 2 years ago
It towers shaquil oneil 3 times over!
LD Jacob
LD Jacob - 2 years ago
Who else came from DALLMYD
Will Newman
Will Newman - 2 years ago
Those scientist are Fing CRAZY! That shark coulda eatin em up in two seconds
Pretty Lyles
Pretty Lyles - 2 years ago
22ft shark already discovered
Tyrone Taylor
Tyrone Taylor - 2 years ago
The real monsters walk upright and can't breathe underwater.

20. comment for Hawaii Diver Swims With Record Breaking Largest Great White Shark | TODAY

SJ Farrell
SJ Farrell - 2 years ago
Yep, sharks are friendly, just like the T. Rex was :)
Queenie De Leon
Queenie De Leon - 2 years ago
That doesn't look like 3 times the size of shaq .. if it is .. then the girl must be about 10 ft tall stupid gurl .. i think she has a mental issue
acr500rider - 2 years ago
As cool as a experience this was. This researcher didn't consider if this Shark bit her or someone else that there would be a massive shark killing spree. Dumbasses go out into nature and when nature does what it does. Than everybody freaks out and blames nature. Let the Beautiful creatures live at peace.
Ann Simmons
Ann Simmons - 2 years ago
That is exactly what I was thinking too. As much as I love sharks and would love to have that experience I don't want the shark to end up paying a price for my stupidity if something bad would end up happening. And we all know that if she were attacked that shark would be killed. Just let them live in peace.
john doe
john doe - 2 years ago
They ladies response is so off... she kept pushing her agenda when its not the questions asked. lol.

Interviewer: How did it feel like diving with the shark?
Ramsey: I realized that these moments are rare because people keep killing these sharks for shark fin.

Interviewer: How big is the shark?
Ramsey: The shark is a grandma, but it is sad because they are being killed...

umm, Ok, we get the point but, you didnt answer the question.
Sentz Kal
Sentz Kal - 2 years ago
Sharks are cute... Until they bite your leg off.
Robert DeVito
Robert DeVito - 2 years ago
A shark like that could take you leg off without biting, imagine getting hit by a mid sized SUV that had serrated saws attached to the front of and was moving at 20mph. That could rend limbs, when someone gets hit by a shark it doesn't do them any favors. Not arguing for or against sharks here, just saying that compared to this thing we're a Pomeranian, the shark could hurt a person with no intent of feeding or killing, same way a runaway car could.
Drippy huh
Drippy huh - 2 years ago
Shoot on sight❗️
S.ns. - 2 years ago
That's the Gregor Clegane of the oceans man, wtf.
Scott Fox
Scott Fox - 2 years ago
"Deep Blue". Shes beautiful and pregnant. Shes 22 feet long.
Mavrick Serious
Mavrick Serious - 2 years ago
I want to meet ocean n fuccin Swim with a shark with her
shane marz
shane marz - 2 years ago
And that shark ain't 8 foot wide..

30. comment for Hawaii Diver Swims With Record Breaking Largest Great White Shark | TODAY

Where's the b1ow
Where's the b1ow - 2 years ago
Did she just assume that sharks gender?
I am Everywhere
I am Everywhere - 2 years ago
Wait until the shark meets some orcas
TheClutchhicks - 2 years ago
Shopspark Industries
Shopspark Industries - 2 years ago
Her name is ocean. Shes beautiful and liberal and has balls.
Shaq is a unit of measure
She's gonna get eaten one day
She's going to be the next Steve Irwin
She's fortunate and wonderful for defending sharks
Now you don't need to read anymore comments.........you're welcome.
Papercutpostman - 2 years ago
Shark hugger?
Ata Özokur
Ata Özokur - 2 years ago
Okay. This record happened without any injury. But what about next? I hope we won't see your news like that "Hawaii Diver Became Food whie Swimming with a Cute White Shark".
I mean come on! They are wild animals. Ofc they are beautiful but not friendly. It is very very risky situation. Is your life that cheap?
Greeneyed Gemini
Greeneyed Gemini - 2 years ago
George Horner
George Horner - 2 years ago
Ocean, I love you, keep up Gods work. YOU TUBE, TREY SMITH, NOAH, IT BEGINS, and hang on to your hat. Jesus Christ is Lord.
Rob Mangeri
Rob Mangeri - 2 years ago
I have to admit the rehearsed text book liberalism is still annoying but aside from that this is really cool and interesting. I would enjoy talking with Ocean since she has real life knowledge which is so much more valuable than the college text book talking point stuff. She is still that mix of crazy and smart that does amazing things and I pray for her safety as well as her success.
Keith Sargent
Keith Sargent - 2 years ago
Remember the grizzly bear guy, he is eventually wound up as bear food, remember Steve Irwin? Do this enough and you will die.
Gato Villano
Gato Villano - 2 years ago
We know exactly how it always ends. One of these days she will be shark food and we will all wonder ''OMG how could this be, how could this ever happen''.
Gato Villano
Gato Villano - 2 years ago
+Will Newman you are right. if you are a race car driver, your chances of dying in a car accident rises exponentially.

So yeah, her chances of being eaten by a shark are very high.
Cici`s Spielewelt
Cici`s Spielewelt - 2 years ago
Will Newman
Will Newman - 2 years ago
+J.K. Francis Its all about chance and nothing to done with "studying shark behaviors." Sharks and wild animals in general deviate from normal behaviors all the time. She is extremely lucky this shark was not looking for food at that time or else she would of had ZERO chance of escape
Gato Villano
Gato Villano - 2 years ago
+J.K. Francis Yeah, tell that to Steve Irwin
J.K. Francis
J.K. Francis - 2 years ago
Gato Villano I highly doubt that, she is a marine biologist so she has studied the behaviour of sharks, she knows when to not approach a shark or when to get out of the water based on their body language
Rob Vazquez
Rob Vazquez - 2 years ago
10 people is a lot dummy.
The_Dolphin - 2 years ago
Please stop using School Buses as units of measurement. Use average human height, or something you use everyday. No one wants to think about a yellow car that isn’t even that interesting. The more of the unit, the cooler the animal.
Shane Cordova
Shane Cordova - 2 years ago
She is my hero I Can’t believe you got to have that experience so happy for you!
FlowingDepths - 2 years ago
Thicc shark.
Games We Play
Games We Play - 2 years ago
I think its pregnant
Richard van Tricht
Richard van Tricht - 2 years ago
nope nope nope nope
mlaccosm - 2 years ago
Kuro Wanna
Kuro Wanna - 2 years ago
Marine biologist look beautiful like in a movie. Amazing
gatorkt1 - 2 years ago
Huge shark, but not 20'.

50. comment for Hawaii Diver Swims With Record Breaking Largest Great White Shark | TODAY

Emercyn Rose
Emercyn Rose - 2 years ago
why is nobody talking about how ironic it is that her name is “ocean”
dhdoctors - 2 years ago
So, I guess fat slowing moving Whites are safe to touch.
gunit179 - 2 years ago
she's beautiful.... the shark that is.
roger dodger
roger dodger - 2 years ago
the perfect woman.. till she opened her mouth!!
Moxi16 - 2 years ago
She didn't even challenge her to a game of chess and you call that bravery?...
David - 2 years ago
If that professor responds to her " request", in my opinion he would be nurturing IDIOCY .The only resemblance to the original shark, is the size, and would only encourage her to take other people as BAIT.
Keiio ve
Keiio ve - 2 years ago
Megalodon : hold my beer
Trevor Grindz
Trevor Grindz - 2 years ago
She's going to end up just like the Grizzly man. A tasty meal.
Kim Jong Skill
Kim Jong Skill - 2 years ago
Of course she's smoking hot.
Biff Steele
Biff Steele - 2 years ago
It won't be long before she joins Steve Erwin, wondering "What happened?"
Werner Sunkel
Werner Sunkel - 2 years ago
And its the chinese that slaughter them!
Eric - 2 years ago
This is NOT 'Deep Blue,' because that shark has a large black patch just below her lower jaw.
Bobon Meiknob
Bobon Meiknob - 2 years ago
The ocean isn't the only thing Ramming her Sey...
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith - 2 years ago
She will get killed for sure. Lives in a Disney Land fantasy world lol
Trey Stephens
Trey Stephens - 2 years ago
That shark is how do you say... thicc.
Cathy Hazel Adams
Cathy Hazel Adams - 2 years ago
This is beautiful footage and/but I think it can be misleading. Ocean Ramsey is a professional who knows when and where it's safe (as safe as possible) to be around sharks; she knows their body language and behaviors. She also keeps a calm, zen-like presence which keeps her more safe around these animals than the rest of us would be. I think this footage needs a "Professional. Don't try this at home" disclaimer, because it gives the impression that sharks are benign, cuddly creatures who only accidentally nip a human now and then by mistake - and while that may be largely true, you only have to watch a couple episodes of Shark Week to see that sharks are dangerous predators, not of evil intent - just of the intent to gobble up protein when they're hungry. And if you or I happen to be there when one of the big ones is hungry, there's a good chance it won't end well for us.
Darrell Stills jr
Darrell Stills jr - 2 years ago
All fun and games until she gets eat
she had a ball
MIKEK3NT - 2 years ago
She's pretty and smart! That's rare
Mitchell Kim
Mitchell Kim - 2 years ago
Not to be a cynic, but I have a bad feeling for Ramsey in the future.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith - 2 years ago
She will get killed for sure. Lives in a Disney Land fantasy world lol
Nogger Fogger logger 69
Nogger Fogger logger 69 - 2 years ago
Lemme smash
Charango123quena - 2 years ago
I have done cage diving in Port Lincoln Australia, saw a few great whites up close... if you ever want to feel the raw power and majesty of an animal, watch a great white in its natural habitat.
Eddy Butternoodles
Eddy Butternoodles - 2 years ago
Size seems exaggerated
lily. kevie
lily. kevie - 2 years ago
Oh wait! Her name is actually Ocean!?!
Supernova12034 - 2 years ago
0:21 Shark vagina.
flightmizzarc - 2 years ago
❤️❤️❤️ beautiful animal
Bartow Jones
Bartow Jones - 2 years ago
Bru if it gets mad ur screwed
Guy Brooks
Guy Brooks - 2 years ago
that was kool , BUT , I pray she never gets too 'comfortable ' and let's her gaurd down ,( T.Treadwell in the water)
Digamas - 2 years ago
She is so fortunate to have such an amazing experience with that beautiful shark, wow, keep up the great work.
snapascrew - 2 years ago
That ain’t 20 feet. Not that it’s not impressive but it’s more like 15.
Carlos Macedo
Carlos Macedo - 2 years ago
I came for the shark, and ended up with the biologist . Love it
Jim Cortez
Jim Cortez - 2 years ago
Has this lady ever heard of Steve Irwin?
Jim Cortez
Jim Cortez - 2 years ago
+Kim Jong Skill In a manner of speaking, sort of.
Kim Jong Skill
Kim Jong Skill - 2 years ago
Is he a unit of measurement?
The Farmers Daughter
The Farmers Daughter - 2 years ago
Maybe she should invite Venezuela Cortez to swim with her...
The Farmers Daughter
The Farmers Daughter - 2 years ago
No thanks, one yawn from that fish and she's lunch. Lol
Richard Smeekers
Richard Smeekers - 2 years ago
why cant they leave these animals alloon
Dangermouse - 2 years ago
i wonder if they get lost down there?? everything looks the same....
Xxdevestatorxx - 2 years ago
Hopefully she will never be eaten by the sharks
rejeanthomas0324 - 2 years ago
Cyph _
Cyph _ - 2 years ago
Deep Blue is pregnant again? She was pregnant when she was filmed 20yrs ago. (Supposedly)
PatMC Mcgill
PatMC Mcgill - 2 years ago
The next grizzly man.
Brooksy Youngblood
Brooksy Youngblood - 2 years ago
a shark is going to eat her one day, just like bear man
Alivia Marie
Alivia Marie - 2 years ago
why did this make me cry
Tomasz Wójcik
Tomasz Wójcik - 2 years ago
Ocean Ramsey! With full respect. You are pretty, but Deep Blue is more pretty...
Laylla's Locker
Laylla's Locker - 2 years ago
How I dislike American news reporters.... they have to add fake drama to every story. DRAMATIC VIDEOS.... stop being dumb!
Vitor V.
Vitor V. - 2 years ago
ta doido entrar na agua com esse bicho ai...
Cheeky Aussie Fella
Cheeky Aussie Fella - 2 years ago
Such an awesome creature, but you won't get me in the water next too it. I once saw one that was seventeen foot. Unfortunately on the boat ramp.
Richard Cheddar
Richard Cheddar - 2 years ago
Her name is ocean and shaq is now an official unit of measurement....this video is a lot to take in
Jerry Whitlow
Jerry Whitlow - 2 years ago
Possibly pregnant? That shark is obviously pregnant lol you don't have to be a marine biologist to know that.
Lurk Cookie
Lurk Cookie - 2 years ago
Long gril
Fadi EL Hamad
Fadi EL Hamad - 2 years ago
Alohaaaa. You will end up in his stomach one day and that is a promise. Enjoy your life while you are still alive. Dumb people underestimate predators

100. comment for Hawaii Diver Swims With Record Breaking Largest Great White Shark | TODAY

T RopE
T RopE - 2 years ago
if the measurments are correct its pretty much the exact size of a full size truck. how hard was that to pick out? slightly wider than a truck n pretty much the same length
T RopE
T RopE - 2 years ago
so a shark isn't a mammal, but it bares its own young, so is it not a fish,? is a shark its own species or whatever,. im not very educated on this aspect of marine life.
Del - 2 years ago
Don't worry about Shaq being used as a unit of measurement. He won't be around forever. Think about the poor school bus that will be used forever.
That is a megalodon
Grant H
Grant H - 2 years ago
Dang, that shark be lookin a little thick.
Daniel Stewart
Daniel Stewart - 2 years ago
I like how "Admire from a safe distance" flies out the window when dealing with some of Mother Nature's top predators..
Ian Flynn
Ian Flynn - 2 years ago
Clearly not 20 feet long next to the diver?
snapascrew - 2 years ago
Ian Flynn agreed.
JA Purnell
JA Purnell - 2 years ago
its preggers
Xin Gao
Xin Gao - 2 years ago
she so cute!!!!!!!!
Mickey Stix
Mickey Stix - 2 years ago
Definitely pregnant and about due.
Warigami - 2 years ago
That shark looks fat af
Egi Purnomo
Egi Purnomo - 2 years ago
The next news it's about hawaii diver got eaten by a great white shark..
The Pariah
The Pariah - 2 years ago
I love it when people are overconfident! Steve Irwin ring a bell.
R Bonilla
R Bonilla - 2 years ago
She can instantly turn and bite the woman in half.
Emilio Tortora
Emilio Tortora - 2 years ago
Marry me...
Club Head
Club Head - 2 years ago
She’s stupid and very lucky .
Timothy Two Gun Thompson
Timothy Two Gun Thompson - 2 years ago
People starving in her town and shes over here crying about some stupid azz sharks. Lmao
Timothy Two Gun Thompson
Timothy Two Gun Thompson - 2 years ago
A marine biologist named Ocean? This b%tch is crazy as f%#k.
M C - 2 years ago
save the fish sink those fish boats
I live by those waters (oahu) and now i'm scared
A. Carr
A. Carr - 2 years ago
I too can verify that this story is fake. I work in the industry where i tranquilize animals for what ever reason. This shark has been drugged. The drug only affects the jaw mussels. The shark can still move and swim. But can not use its jaws and neck for around 35 minutes
A J - 2 years ago
She got balls
Kiexa -
Kiexa - - 2 years ago
That’s amazing I’ve always wanted to dive with sharks and in the ocean
Hello Internet
Hello Internet - 2 years ago
The shark just sitting there like gtfo I’m just tryna swim
john cuervo
john cuervo - 2 years ago
Would of been a better story if it ripped them all in half and she survived without her lower half
Onex - 2 years ago
Gorgeous, inside and out.
Sav Gre
Sav Gre - 2 years ago
Dallmyd sent me great channel
Trend Sahsahobi
Trend Sahsahobi - 2 years ago
Fake . wher is the oxygen bottles???
bum bam
bum bam - 2 years ago
I may have some issues, but it would make me feel immense peace to see her get bitten in half by a shark and survive it to tell the story
MegaScumbucket - 2 years ago
I'm in love ❤️
刘宇龙 - 2 years ago
Herb Cranston
Herb Cranston - 2 years ago
I am .8 Shaqs
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz - 2 years ago
I'd really like to cut her fins off and make some soup out of it. The shark was cool too.
Hector616 - 2 years ago
Were going to need a bigger boat
spliter227 - 2 years ago
Aww chubby shark
Jay Dee
Jay Dee - 2 years ago
Any pictutes of her boobs?
Mel 3008
Mel 3008 - 2 years ago
I agree with some of the comments. This is fake and misleading. The shark has been sedated.
I work for sea world and we do sedate marine animals to handle them.
There is no way of getting close to a great white
A. Carr
A. Carr - 2 years ago
+DavidB2001 I can not believe your mentality. It is not possible to go near a great white in the ocean. This video is a scam. The shark has been sedated. I have saved hundreds of sharks, Dolphins and sea Turtles from fishing nets and shark nets by sedating them. The drugs we use only parenthesizes the Jaw and neck mussels temporally so that we can handle the animal without being bitten.
You people that fall for these scams are really stupid
DavidB2001 - 2 years ago
Mel 3008 Are you stupid? First of all you CANNOT sedate a great white shark because they drown if they stop swimming. Plus SeaWorld is an absolutely awful place. It's absolutely possible to get close to a great white shark. She did.
OscarPisstorikiller - 2 years ago
A great white is not misunderstood, like claimed in this fake video. The great white is a mindless killing machine. It bites every single thing it comes across. It make people bleed to death.
This shark has been tranquilized. I work with sharks.
This video is fake and fraudulent
hooligan2005 - 2 years ago
Her name is Ocean?
Hugo Zupan
Hugo Zupan - 2 years ago
Is this the perfect woman? I mean her look is just stunning .)
Team Alpha
Team Alpha - 2 years ago
Hugo Zupan yes but she sounds like some creep that reads horoscopes and predicts people’s future through black orbs and reads crystals
hanten10 - 2 years ago
I am jealous with you, you swim with the shark and touch it. it is so beautiful ♥️
Molly Helzie
Molly Helzie - 2 years ago
The Heck I thought she was paris
Yautja Warrior
Yautja Warrior - 2 years ago
Not wishing her any harm, but there's always that on shark
Nicholas Plesko
Nicholas Plesko - 2 years ago
This woman’s clearly chosen to die in the ocean.
Shoe Shooey
Shoe Shooey - 2 years ago
I can’t believe and am very disappointed people order shark fin soup.
Redentor Carpio
Redentor Carpio - 2 years ago
Wow first time I saw Big greatwhite..
The Jason Station
The Jason Station - 2 years ago
Honestly, she kinda creeps me out...
William debruine
William debruine - 2 years ago
Big chonker
Odin Son
Odin Son - 2 years ago
If a Megaladon is that docile it would be a target for Raptor whales.
drag Lesnar
drag Lesnar - 2 years ago
Im 0.2 shaqs
Pemocity - 2 years ago
Wait, 70mil + per year are killed? Can someone please fact check this number. I just didn't know there were even that many sharks on Earth or that that amount die per year, meaning their numbers are in the billions, which doesn't seem right
Pemocity - 2 years ago
+I've Lost Faith In Humanity I know. I'm think about all types. It's not that I don't believe those numbers, it's that I am very surprised at those numbers.
I've Lost Faith In Humanity
I've Lost Faith In Humanity - 2 years ago
There arent just white sharks on our planet
J J - 2 years ago
Ok, use your brain. 70-100 million sharks killed every year. There's no way that's true. There wouldn't be sharks left today! That's as false as global warming.
Steve Donttrip
Steve Donttrip - 2 years ago
Yea megalodon is most likely gone that may be the biggest white shark but looks like a water piggy for the MEG
What So Foster
What So Foster - 2 years ago
She extra THICC
David Mitchell
David Mitchell - 2 years ago
I thought she was tagged already? I don't see a tag on her. Last time I saw her she was huge from being pregnant. What an amazing animal.
Victor Ortega
Victor Ortega - 2 years ago
She's also one thirteenth navajo and leads with that in every conversation
jason royale
jason royale - 2 years ago
only reason that diver is alive, cuz he promised shark a dozen leopard seals, payable on demand.
Allan Roser
Allan Roser - 2 years ago
awesome .... check this out :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTdlMC6NZU4
gotohellfast - 2 years ago
Wondering how she'd look without her legs. We may know next year.
Derrick Choyce
Derrick Choyce - 2 years ago
She needs a man and to have some babies instead of playing with fish
Alex Delgado
Alex Delgado - 2 years ago
I suggested making Chinese arm and leg soup....
Puff-n-Stuff - 2 years ago
Grannnndmaaaaa Skark do do do do do do
Daniel Tigges
Daniel Tigges - 2 years ago
She's lucky the shark wasn't a lesbian cuz she looks tasty!
mark mark
mark mark - 2 years ago
Species come and go-mother nature always worjs toward balance, so kets stop pitying man-eating sharks, dog-eating constrictors, man-eating crocs,etc.,etc.
mark mark
mark mark - 2 years ago
She's beautiful-wonder what she'd bring at the fish market!!!
mark mark
mark mark - 2 years ago
U r lucky she's too old and fat to hunt u!!!
Bruce Wayne85
Bruce Wayne85 - 2 years ago
sharks will remains sharks.. you will never know
Spyker - 2 years ago
100% Love
Frank From Upstate NY
Frank From Upstate NY - 2 years ago
I came back to this UTube just to "revisit this magnificent woman"....don't tell me.....ANYONE, that God doesn't exist! I've seen the prelude to an Angel....not only for obvious beauty externally, but certainly more importantly - internally.

If you read this "Ocean"....do you use intermittent fasting to be able to "heal and retain such health?" Holding one's breath for over 3 minutes is done by only .001% of the population. Perhaps you have some "gills" somewhere that you've not shown us?!

Peace....I salute you young lady. Love.
TheItch - 2 years ago
Be glad this mammoth just had her fill, otherwise she would have just discovered her dinner. Awesome capture though, you got bigger BALLS than me lady, that’s for sure. Best of luck to you. Great work you’re doing.
danztastic - 2 years ago
I bet if it ate someone we wouldn’t be watching it now.
The Fifth Generation
The Fifth Generation - 2 years ago
Majestic creature.
Don Juan
Don Juan - 2 years ago
Ocean! Marry me please!
Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill - 2 years ago
Grand-ma Shark do-do, do-do-do. Grandma shark do-do, do-do-do....
Lily Goodenough
Lily Goodenough - 2 years ago
Oceans going to be in the news one day almost guarantyd
delreydavid - 2 years ago
Has the world not moved beyond this trivial morning/ day show? How many people have the time or will to sit through torture like this every day? I understand when TV was new, but now that the 3 network model is a relic of the past, how can anyone suffer through this tripe?
Romans1:17 - 2 years ago
She didn't answer the question. The one time she's wrong and it's over. You can never be too sure.
delreydavid - 2 years ago
Is this the same interviewer that fluff pieced the valor stealing fake Vietnam War Vet 'Native Elder' while attacking an innocent young man?
delreydavid - 2 years ago
Why does she keep gendering the shark as a female without knowing the pronouns that the shark goes by? Oh yeah, science. My bad.
sharpemang - 2 years ago
Who got this lady's number? I'm trying to bring her to the casino with me
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior - 2 years ago
Xray Chan
Xray Chan - 2 years ago
And she’s so relax and calm... i mean the shark! She’s feeling confortable with the divers presence it seems, i’m no expert but the poise of it, it is not interested in eating the divers
Xray Chan
Xray Chan - 2 years ago
This is by far the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen... that beast is so majestic n yet gentle
OdinIsYourFather - 2 years ago
Honey stop working with sharks, start working with me, it would be really sad if a shark attack you someday.
Shaun mcinnis
Shaun mcinnis - 2 years ago
8' wide.... did you buy your measuring tape at toys r-us?
Gman Plays Games
Gman Plays Games - 2 years ago
Pretty sure the shark is very pregnant judging by her swollen abdomen
Ronan Slevin
Ronan Slevin - 2 years ago
Such a beautiful and amazing natural specimen..... the shark ain't to bad either.
Trey Stephens
Trey Stephens - 2 years ago
The blonde?
Pig Faced Rosie
Pig Faced Rosie - 2 years ago
Will keep an eye out for a story about her being eaten by a shark.
S Moreno
S Moreno - 2 years ago
I've been pondering a while about this and I think I've got our long sought answer. Shaq is used as a unit of measurement because SHARK SHAQ. SHAQ SHARK. SHARK SHAQ. YOU GET IT?????
Bronson D.
Bronson D. - 2 years ago
Nice great white booty. And that shark was huge, too.
E k
E k - 2 years ago
That is one phat fish
ClockWork Animatics
ClockWork Animatics - 2 years ago
That is one c h u n k y girl
Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder - 2 years ago
It's pregnant
Sergio Dario
Sergio Dario - 2 years ago
I'd love to swim with her! The girl, not the shark!
Nothin But Game
Nothin But Game - 2 years ago
I’d like to swim in her ocean. And she can hold her breath for 6 mins omg
Ninjamaster77 - 2 years ago
And then 1 day when least expected she gets eaten by a shark.
Travis McCalgan
Travis McCalgan - 2 years ago
Shes Beautiful
OscarPisstorikiller - 2 years ago
I know this for a fact.. The shark has been tranquilized.. The other footages are also fake as the sharks are sedated.
This is misleading and a fraud. The drug used is Xylazeene. The shark is unable to use its jew mussels.
OscarPisstorikiller - 2 years ago
+Addison Salek I have worked in 3 indoor aquariums where i sedated sharks for injury treatments. The drugs we use affects the jew mussels. They can not bite or eat for up to 30 minutes. You can not go near a great white. I will pay you a large sum of money if you go out in the ocean and swim with a great white
Addison Salek
Addison Salek - 2 years ago
how do u know
irving lopez
irving lopez - 2 years ago
20 ft = 6.096 m
Silly Witch
Silly Witch - 2 years ago
Ocean is a modern day Mermaid. I love her ❤
Silly Witch
Silly Witch - 2 years ago
Looks well fed!
Silly Witch
Silly Witch - 2 years ago
Or pregnant
Jonny D
Jonny D - 2 years ago
the sharks smell the menstruation
JacksMagicBean - 2 years ago
That researcher is beautiful.....
Federico Reyes
Federico Reyes - 2 years ago
Girl, You can swim next to my Great White Anyday
Arnold Stollar
Arnold Stollar - 2 years ago
Thou. Shall not tempt, the Lord thy Gd .
Acid Stain
Acid Stain - 2 years ago
-over fed is why she still alive on the news
Acid Stain
Acid Stain - 2 years ago
Omgeezzz th!s b!tch is sooooo proud lol. Like to see tht face as it eats ur sh!t box whole lmao
someone - 2 years ago
wait .. the girl's name is Ocean ? wtf
Jam Isaq
Jam Isaq - 2 years ago
Some people do recklessly temp faith. Let's see how she responds when shxt hits the roof.
Buckeye Bullen
Buckeye Bullen - 2 years ago
Blondie is beautiful ..........sad that she will eventually get eaten by the most understood man eating machines in the ocean
Yugo RC
Yugo RC - 2 years ago
I think we need a bigger boat Captain
Nylonic55 Yorkshire
Nylonic55 Yorkshire - 2 years ago
Beauty and the Beast, The Shark being the 'Beauty'.
AllAhabNoMoby - 2 years ago
She's so fat and bloated she looks like a pregnant guppy. Edit: the shark, I mean.
Terry Smith
Terry Smith - 2 years ago
Id say she was definitely very full, otherwise all those divers would have ended up being the bulge in that sharks belly, and the dolphin too
William Lane
William Lane - 2 years ago
The shark looks exhausted. She probably just got done feeding. Plus pregnant and old. Perfect timing to come across her
Jackson Ross-Broadbent
Jackson Ross-Broadbent - 2 years ago
Yea look at footage at 2:23 it been feeding on a whale carcass
Bobby Lewis jr
Bobby Lewis jr - 2 years ago
lol, true.
Scott Sakajian
Scott Sakajian - 2 years ago
This person will eventually end up in a sharks mouth.
hiep mom
hiep mom - 2 years ago
That’s one in a thousand friendly great white
Majed ALGahtani
Majed ALGahtani - 2 years ago
Dam since wen sharks eat Whales that's gangster.!!
Fabian Asensio
Fabian Asensio - 2 years ago
yeah, if she doesn't get eaten first!
John V
John V - 2 years ago
10/10 would bang
Bass Webs Dean Ganalli
Bass Webs Dean Ganalli - 2 years ago
Look let me explain something to yall.  She is pregnant she is to fat to attack. YES SHE IS pregnant YES SHE IS pregnant. Try this when she has her baby, I am sure you will not live to tell about it!!!!  TRUST ME!!!  Keep it here!!!!
A J - 2 years ago
Yeah yeah..... then one day we read she's been eaten by a shark.
spacebug30 - 2 years ago
These kind of things really just give stupid people stupid ideas. Idiots will think it's perfectly fine and safe to swim with such ferocious, unrational predator. Then someone gets killed and they'll hunt down the shark...
sam wright
sam wright - 2 years ago
Great video. Awesome Biologist.. Easy on the eyes and ears...Great shark
Llama Confetti
Llama Confetti - 2 years ago
She's just lucky the shark wasn't hungry
Mr marcus
Mr marcus - 2 years ago
Some species are too uncomfortable before giving birth to think about feeding.
KC Tanto 8
KC Tanto 8 - 2 years ago
My dream job wld b to work w sharks. That takes my breath away to. I wld lovd to swim w sharks. Ur extremely lucky to swim w that shark. BEAUTIFUL
Shipwreck Diving
Shipwreck Diving - 2 years ago
It's not deep blue, she has her tail fin damaged/bent. This one is definitely a different giant white.
kala iona
kala iona - 2 years ago
Grandma shark Doo dooo dooo Doo Doo doo
Sam Parsa
Sam Parsa - 2 years ago
That Shark is pregnant
Indiansky324 - 2 years ago
The woman's name is Ocean, of course, she grows up to become a marine biologist.
D35TR0YM4N - 2 years ago
She is probably very knowledgeable, but her voice and speech pattern just makes her insufferable....
Major Zero
Major Zero - 2 years ago
How did i know this was gonna be political. ""we are killing all the sharks""
Peter Paz
Peter Paz - 2 years ago
Man, can you get any hotter ????
STAR OF DAVID67 - 2 years ago
All end in tears.
Asad Khan
Asad Khan - 2 years ago
Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison - 2 years ago
great whites are actually protected and cannot be killed...
vanilla has no calories
vanilla has no calories - 2 years ago
I know sociopaths
vanilla has no calories
vanilla has no calories - 2 years ago
That like a tiger not protecting babies in Africa anymore like tears foreign like sorry foreign in me
vanilla has no calories
vanilla has no calories - 2 years ago
This is illegal I was called complicated savage words at five by a white girl who wanted to carry the baby before alien blacks said they saw a clone with three alibis not two cause they freely talk to me ......... I found out let just say they white Crackers were babtizing me and animals by people who had connections at zoos and Wright patt strangling white supremacy leaders ........ THERE IS A MAN WHO DIDNT BABTIZE THEM based on BODY LANGUAGE
Mela Ssss
Mela Ssss - 2 years ago
So many comments about this poor girl dying one day due to her work with sharks... guys, we all will die in the end. There is no guarantee that it will happend at old age, or that we will fade away peacefully in our sleep. Even is she gets eaten despite being trained and a scientist, she had had a full life doing the thing she loved the most. So lucky. How many people can tell the same? How many of us? And btw, if you go diving with white sharks only bc youve seen a gal doing it on the internet... seriously bruh...
Glitter - 2 years ago
That's some ignorant people. The shark must have had a full stomach already.
Jim Johns
Jim Johns - 2 years ago
The Shark has had a lobotomy it’s completely docile
John Fullwood
John Fullwood - 2 years ago
My Hero , Ocean is just a Rare wonderful Soul
tekktunez - 2 years ago
This shark has diabetes, otherwise he would have snacked this sugarhoney.
warrcc c
warrcc c - 2 years ago
Probably the shark didnt attack humans because is ´very full.
P wie Pepe
P wie Pepe - 2 years ago
Yea more important is, whats up with the metric system? Feet lol
Tom P
Tom P - 2 years ago
she definitely likes it in the butt
joe chrow
joe chrow - 2 years ago
99% of sharks are killed NOT because they are dangerous so comparing how many shark attacks to sharks killed has nothing to do with eachother....Dont be ignorant lady
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith - 2 years ago
Could You Imagine A Black Diver Doing This??? #WhitePeople
русский хакер
русский хакер - 2 years ago
You be diving in the pacific and get a cut and you see this boi coming at you wyd
Emile Cupido
Emile Cupido - 2 years ago
Give it uo for ocean
Jamal Parvar
Jamal Parvar - 2 years ago
Outstanding work , Ocean Ramsey is a true Eco worrier and shark advocate . Bravooooooooo Ocean
Azzam HTS
Azzam HTS - 2 years ago
Aloha... Bionic woman.
Race4Life2402 - 2 years ago
If you dont see a shark speeding towards you, most likely beneath you, you're safe
Ptripple M
Ptripple M - 2 years ago
Sharks are no monsters, we are them!
Ed Berger
Ed Berger - 2 years ago
Only a matter of time before she ends up like Steve Irwin..
Luke San Roman
Luke San Roman - 2 years ago
Ed Berger He was killed by a stingray lmao
tatsuo71 - 2 years ago
So, no Baby Shark comments yet? Mommy Shark... anyone?
TheGreatGeekDetective - 2 years ago
Man that woman is beautiful.
Chanel Hunter
Chanel Hunter - 2 years ago
I'm in love!! I'll dive in your ocean.
Johnny Simmons
Johnny Simmons - 2 years ago
Dose everyone remember the "Grizzly Bear Man" lived for years in there environment. Studied them,revered them. Said he understood there behavior, body language. As I recall. He pushed his luck a little to far. A shark,any shark is a creature who survives primarily on instincts. They have the same reaction to circumstance as there predecessors did millions of years ago. They do not intentionally target humans as a primary food source. Nor do they care when they do. There not getting even for however many of there relatives we have dispatched for what ever reason. Because they can not reason. We have no possible way to tell when they are going to follow instincts or how intently they will persecute an encounter as test,taste,or swim away or swallow. Any biologists who claims otherwise is trying to sell a book,or boost subscribers.
John Steward
John Steward - 2 years ago
She's a very beautiful woman.. Hello there Ms. Ocean..
Sean Im
Sean Im - 2 years ago
I hate myself at times like this.
I came here for some scientific amazement.
I am heartbroken by the negative side of humans and how it impacts these animals. These are all serious talks.
But then I am just so thirsty that all I can think about half of the time is... "my god she is beautiful, I hope she loves me too".
I hate you hormones.
Harry Cruz
Harry Cruz - 2 years ago
that woman have more balls than a bull
Dang Man
Dang Man - 2 years ago
One day a shark will eat her... the news report will say “she died doing what sho loved”
Necros1s - 2 years ago
Sucks that it didnt bite her legs off. Look, dont touch.
armando 1
armando 1 - 2 years ago
That shark woulda ate them if she wasn’t pregnant
cliff finch
cliff finch - 2 years ago
Both very beautiful
Chris S.
Chris S. - 2 years ago
Inaccurate title. The largest Great White on record was a mature female caught off the coast of Montauk Point, Long Island in the 1980s measuring over 26 feet in length if I remember correctly. There's an exhibit (at least there use to be, I haven't been there in a very long time) all about it at the Riverhead Aquarium. It also inspired parts of the original Jaws film.
Chris S.
Chris S. - 2 years ago
By the way, that's almost 4 Shaqs long for reference.
Lee Ryan
Lee Ryan - 2 years ago
She cannot have travelled around the globe because we do not reside on a globe. Just saying! Ocean is gorgeous though, inside and out
Shad Seger
Shad Seger - 2 years ago
2 beauty's taking a swim.
matt campbell
matt campbell - 2 years ago
plus that tigershark didn't look much smaller.
matt campbell
matt campbell - 2 years ago
deep blue has been pregnant for years
S Camp
S Camp - 2 years ago
The "Grizzly Man" ( Timothy Treadwell) said the same thing and a hungry bear killed both him and his girlfriend. People never learn it's a shame she's pretty but not so smart.
Aaron Lucier
Aaron Lucier - 2 years ago
Some people get real close to kodiak grizzlies and nothing happens. Others get an inside view.
Aaron Lucier
Aaron Lucier - 2 years ago
She’s beautiful. Sad that one day she’ll be eaten alive thinking it was her fault, not the shark chomping her to bits.
pittsky - 2 years ago
My teeth hurt when I see this.  Yikes!
suspiciously_brown_smear - 2 years ago
that woman is ~10' then?
Fryad Rafeeq Saleem
Fryad Rafeeq Saleem - 2 years ago
Well done! She is very courageous. Thanks for broadcasting such interesting news.
sean efc
sean efc - 2 years ago
Id marry her tomorow haha
William Hanley
William Hanley - 2 years ago
I believe that shark is much older.
Lucio Caro
Lucio Caro - 2 years ago
i think i just felt in love deeeply!
Kerrie Lou
Kerrie Lou - 2 years ago
Dont do this without their suits, see ted talk about swim suits sharks cant see
Jeremy K541
Jeremy K541 - 2 years ago
It’s about the size of 8 rare spider squirrels 16 sparrows 1 medium sized raccoon and a tall but not too tall dwarf... That explains it...
David Lord
David Lord - 2 years ago
we went from property to units of measurement lol
Silly Witch
Silly Witch - 2 years ago
They said Steve Irwin would die from Crocodile.....
Paula Ramos
Paula Ramos - 2 years ago
god bless u1
KageNoTenshi - 2 years ago
6 and a half meter is record breaking?
Simone Corvince
Simone Corvince - 2 years ago
So why in net geo there is a shark attack a camera man in the cage. For most of the time shark is extremely dangerous to human
Martine Verstappen
Martine Verstappen - 2 years ago
WTF that is one lady with balls
lee forbister
lee forbister - 2 years ago
that is not DEEP BLUE, she has 2 big black spots under her belly
I ain't tellin U my name
I ain't tellin U my name - 2 years ago
Great encounter but she seems like a nut job.
Gavin Hou
Gavin Hou - 2 years ago
Maybe this one has tasted some human beings so she knew this slim lady should not be delicious...
Lee Neale
Lee Neale - 2 years ago
Smokey - 2 years ago
There was a shark in this video
dadadruma - 2 years ago
In future news Ocean Ramsey dies in fatal Shark attack
Schmidtness - 2 years ago
I think I just found my wife
Paul Steed
Paul Steed - 2 years ago
Beautiful shark
John Wilson
John Wilson - 2 years ago
What's funny is she sounds like a Miss America pageant contestant completely f**** airheaded
John Wilson
John Wilson - 2 years ago
Just another f**** b** who's in shape making money off of being in shape. LOL. She doesn't even need to f**** say anything in the interview that's unimportant her f**** words there
Leighton Lee
Leighton Lee - 2 years ago
shes nuts
JB Avalon
JB Avalon - 2 years ago
Pass the kale.
Doom Father TM
Doom Father TM - 2 years ago
Sharks will go extinct, in the next 100 years
King Trawal
King Trawal - 2 years ago
Wow she’s yummmy... so to speak.
christopher st.martin
christopher st.martin - 2 years ago
Tells the real side. Ya I dunno. That fuckn thing eat you whole when hungtry
mase ofspades
mase ofspades - 2 years ago
Semi Auto
Semi Auto - 2 years ago
We will read about this woman 1 day. And it won’t be good! Play with fire. Get burned..... she’s got bigger kahunas than me For sure. Props to her. Just not very smart
craigloomis20 - 2 years ago
okay keep pushing your luck ...
Edward Thayer
Edward Thayer - 2 years ago
She sure is good at repeating herself!
blob assimilate
blob assimilate - 2 years ago
the shark thinks she would make a wonderful naked snack?...or doesn't even bother.....its pow out of nowhere then theres the silence and a warm full tummy
Fathyn Vandal
Fathyn Vandal - 2 years ago
Sperm Whale would throw hands.
Jennifer Pauk
Jennifer Pauk - 2 years ago
She the type that thinks robots are living breathing humans.But love her love and respect for tje ocean and what lives in it
Joshua Scott
Joshua Scott - 2 years ago
How about no - "doctor evil voice"
Bamcis100 - 2 years ago
Pregnant female.
marky mark
marky mark - 2 years ago
She don’t look Hawaiian
Stephen Parker
Stephen Parker - 2 years ago
If I was that shark I would've eaten her out. Ha get it
John Moore
John Moore - 2 years ago
Live by the sword die by the sword. Do you all remember Steve Irwin? Yeah. He thought he was invincible too! Stupid is as stupid does.
The Wedge
The Wedge - 2 years ago
I tried shark fin soup. It's not that good people. don't try it.
HE DP - 2 years ago
Amazing! We hope to see Deep Blue again when she gets 25 ft!
Oscar Pineda
Oscar Pineda - 2 years ago
my respects!!!
Kmoney123 - 2 years ago
is shordy single? im tryna holla
still chill
still chill - 2 years ago
Long live the shark
Mel Makavali
Mel Makavali - 2 years ago
Alloha babes
Mel Makavali
Mel Makavali - 2 years ago
Classy breeder ..
OneMeanArtist - 2 years ago
I feel like she's playing Russian roulette swimming with mindless apex predators in the open like that. An intelligent, sentient mammal like an orca is one thing, but a huge fish with teeth... I just hope she's not in the news one day for being so foolish.
Geoff Ankrett
Geoff Ankrett - 2 years ago
I don't think anything could eat someone that beautiful
Madao - 2 years ago
What if shark turns around
Markus Pettersen
Markus Pettersen - 2 years ago
holy mama!
Dim Val's Games
Dim Val's Games - 2 years ago
Masochist much.!
Sparky Marie
Sparky Marie - 2 years ago
That shark is one thicc bih
Val T
Val T - 2 years ago
Is it me or the video of her swimming with the shark looks fake!? It's probably real but the quality looks like a video game.
lord_xyloz doom's day
lord_xyloz doom's day - 2 years ago
Sharks only bite people by mistake dolphins are the ones who are killing people for fun so no even if the shark was hungry the lady would still be fine
אליעז סגל
אליעז סגל - 2 years ago
Emir Latinović
Emir Latinović - 2 years ago
Now you realize that if Megalodons were alive, humans would be too small for them to eat.
We wouldn't be even on their Menu under snacks category.
Wendy Legeret
Wendy Legeret - 2 years ago
This brought tears to my eyes, just knowing a Great White this large is still alive. Judith Bisson, I totally agree with your comment, and she does emit peace and tranquility. No matter if it she is Deep Blue or not, she is a survivor and we as humans should support her life, not her death as most do.
Kawaii Bunny
Kawaii Bunny - 2 years ago
she's right... movies like JAWS sparked fear in people. after that movie came out, people went on shark killing sprees. people dont' realize that without sharks, the oceans won't be balanced. unbalanced nature = unbalanced everything. i love seeing people free-diving with sharks because it proves that "man eating shark" stereotype wrong
Steve Solo
Steve Solo - 2 years ago
Two beautiful women, graceful, strong, and confident. Are you married? Do you want to be? Lol! Living life to its fullest.
Chief_Something - 2 years ago
She may be a girl but she had titanium balls
Lukáš Semecký
Lukáš Semecký - 2 years ago
What a brave woman
Niccolò Ivarson
Niccolò Ivarson - 2 years ago
I find it so funny that the shark is just minding its own business swimming by like a normal day.
Keyser Sozie
Keyser Sozie - 2 years ago
Tell that to those guys on the Indianapolis when the ship sunk and 1100 of them got eaten by sharks.
R C - 2 years ago
Bull sharks, they are the most dangerous and do have the record attacks on humans
Soundwave 84
Soundwave 84 - 2 years ago
Still safer than wearing a trump hat in public.
Tiuz Kanggz
Tiuz Kanggz - 2 years ago
you do one thing and taht is keepiong racism alive . at the end us americans are full of hate .
Tiuz Kanggz
Tiuz Kanggz - 2 years ago
you say people should be attacked for having an opinion you dont like . you know who also did this ? hitler
Fakta fakta
Fakta fakta - 2 years ago
Soundwave 84 stop playing a victim you act like a radical feminist
Michael bronco
Michael bronco - 2 years ago
White Christine Trump supporters, always the victims. Yet everyone else is a snowflake. Every terrorist murder in the U.S. last year was done by right wing terror groups moron, get out of your bubble.
Ticotech Houston
Ticotech Houston - 2 years ago
johnboylong40 - 2 years ago
We live next to Portland OR.... we’d rather swim with sharks.... it’s safer.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith - 2 years ago
Trump 2020
Richard Ortegon
Richard Ortegon - 2 years ago
Cry baby maga 2020
Cougstrong Games
Cougstrong Games - 2 years ago
Aden Seay She’s a Liberal because she opposes Trump?
Jeremy Stillwell
Jeremy Stillwell - 2 years ago
+John Matthews snowflake lol very original
Ac Steam
Ac Steam - 2 years ago
Straight up chickens.
Aden Seay
Aden Seay - 2 years ago
Hannah Michels stfu libtard
Freedom Tower
Freedom Tower - 2 years ago
Soundwave 84 lol
Tom Scott
Tom Scott - 2 years ago
stOopid! lol!!!
Lisa Bagdon Jones
Lisa Bagdon Jones - 2 years ago
It's ok to not make everything about trump and his dumbness
Fallout Guy
Fallout Guy - 2 years ago
It's always nice to spot a miserable person with TDS
Gman1172 - 2 years ago
bet that shark isn't a liar like trump lol
Hannah Michels
Hannah Michels - 2 years ago
For a good reason
John Matthews
John Matthews - 2 years ago
Soundwave 84 If you’re a snowflake
max baxter
max baxter - 2 years ago
Come to Port Lincoln South Australia. and swim with the Great Whites and see how you go, this shark was full eating whale. See how you go with a hungry shark?
Sky is the Limit
Sky is the Limit - 2 years ago
I don't care what you say, grandma shark is tired to be hunting she needs to be handfed..Trust is if it was a young GW shark it would of eatn her.
DUDE vs WILD - 2 years ago
It's not deep blue..
Pur901 - 2 years ago
i want that sharks fin for my soup
Hawks Fan
Hawks Fan - 2 years ago
I would dive deep into that ocean.
Lyon King 619
Lyon King 619 - 2 years ago
How does she fit those huge balls into a wetsuit?
Nicklas Jensen
Nicklas Jensen - 2 years ago
Love sharks
skyrim sweetroll
skyrim sweetroll - 2 years ago
At 1st i thought it was a mermaid
deharleyva - 2 years ago
Thing looks like it ate a boat.
Blackconduit_FPV - 2 years ago
She is fit!!
Bub Dubz
Bub Dubz - 2 years ago
I love how newscasters only let conversations get so deep. Like the second its becoming meaningful they pull it back with some juvenile question.
Bub Dubz
Bub Dubz - 2 years ago
+Sneaky Coyote I can understand that side of it.
Sneaky Coyote
Sneaky Coyote - 2 years ago
Bub Dubz - What question ? Like, “how did you know you were safe?” ...pretty reasonable and level headed question, if anything she is the ‘juvenile’ one trying to glamourise sharks as this friendly/misunderstood predator, when in reality the only reason it wasn’t chewing her in half was because

1) she was pregnant
2) It was full and had already eaten
3) it’s an old great white and knows what it likes and doesn’t like for dinner..

She acts as if she has this social and spiritual bond with this animal when in fact she is just lucky so far ..
geofreyr - 2 years ago
Sadly, this woman babbling on about how wonderful these deadly predators are will probably end up in the same situation as Timothy Treadwell one day.
Pbperez 210
Pbperez 210 - 2 years ago
+Sierra Fox they are just making assumptions
Sierra Fox
Sierra Fox - 2 years ago
geofreyr saying how she’s “babbling” on, when she is making incredibly valuable points & attempting to educate naive people on why they are important and not to be hunted even though if we are in their ocean they pose a threat to us! I’m just pointing out she is a professional in her field of work & I’m sure she knows the risks my dear!
geofreyr - 2 years ago
​+Sierra Fox Sorry, I am not sure what point you're making in relation to my statement.
Sierra Fox
Sierra Fox - 2 years ago
Wtf... she a biologist... it’s her profession/job to study them! You realise without sharks there will be too many other creatures such as sea lions etc that will wipe out the tuna population which humans eat yeah! Wow... seriously it’s sad that people can’t just use the public swimming pool and keep out of the sharks home!
geofreyr - 2 years ago
+Sneaky Coyote "probably can't wait to tell everyone at the diversity bar in L.A." - hahahaha, absolutely right.
Sneaky Coyote
Sneaky Coyote - 2 years ago
geofreyr - Changed her name to ‘Ocean’, knows she’s hot and obviously is in denial and gets an ego boost of this no doubt ...

She’s an edge lord who probably can’t wait to tell everyone at the diversity bar in L.A. about how she swims with sharks ...
slmeucalesa1 - 2 years ago
Shaquille Oneal?......really, Today Show?
Yukithatchan - 2 years ago
Mankind just cant handle an animal or something that kills just one of them
John Roberts
John Roberts - 2 years ago
If I was swimming and saw that beast I would have immediately polluted the water out my hind quarters!
Moon cat Grenadier
Moon cat Grenadier - 2 years ago
She’s Gorgeous
Allen Uy
Allen Uy - 2 years ago
The shark : hello welcome to the oceon you can only touch me
Gordon - 2 years ago
Holding your breath for 6+ minutes is impressive
carp ecosse
carp ecosse - 2 years ago
Brown underwear would be perfect for these encounters
Ed Ippoliti
Ed Ippoliti - 2 years ago
She could definetly be pregnant , my sister told me they always go south to have their baby's.So that would explain why she's down there.
Curunir - 2 years ago
We`re gonna need a bigger boat...
Ed Ippoliti
Ed Ippoliti - 2 years ago
That is so awesome , and sad to see that there being hunted ! So just have to ask , do you ever, or would you consider diving with the Great Whites near San Francisco , and Half moon bay ? And if your a surfer there , do you have to worry about Great White sharks ? Thank you so much. Keep up the great work !
dupe you
dupe you - 2 years ago
This is what happens when F.E.M.A keeps dumping homeless people into the ocean & the shipping containers bust open ...
shaun bean
shaun bean - 2 years ago
Ocean I so proud of you and your work all marine life should be protected I am glad it's happening sharks are not the danger it's the people who are dangerous . Keep the good work up ocean .
Josh Fletcher
Josh Fletcher - 2 years ago
Wait there was a shark ??
2prize - 2 years ago
乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚
Reflex - 2 years ago
I hope Ocean manages to reproduce before she's bitten by a shark. Her genes would be a terrible thing to waste.
bystander2009 - 2 years ago
It's not Deep Blue that she saw, Deep Blue has a black mark underneath her mouth area. see 0:13 and 0:59 for comparison.
liandriunreal - 2 years ago
she is the expert but dont listen to her sharks are dangerous by nature they only know one thing and that's to eat and if she continues to swim with great whites sooner or later she will be attacked and a attack from a white shark isn't the same as one from say a reef or nurse shark how hasn't she been attacked yet? because she is always acknowledging the shark shark attacks are never seen coming because sharks dont attack you when you pare paying attention to them tell her to jump in the water and completely ignore the shark and see what happens
George S
George S - 2 years ago
Casi Bulkeley
Casi Bulkeley - 2 years ago
Sadly....There have been less Shaq attacks lately.
BORN FREE - 2 years ago
She's full, not hungry so you can feel safe swimming with her.
Tom Scott
Tom Scott - 2 years ago
great comment!
Daniel Novosad
Daniel Novosad - 2 years ago
Casi Bulkeley Luckily for Chas Barkley
KageNoTenshi - 2 years ago
Casi Bulkeley gotten too fat to jump now
Agent Right
Agent Right - 2 years ago
After watching this I’m done harvesting all the sharks for my soup. This really inspired me. I’ll make a turtle soup now instead.
marksuave25 - 2 years ago
I don't think these animals are "misunderstood". This is an animal, it does what animals do. Be careful, because it can eat you.
The_Dolphin - 2 years ago
But let’s just be in awe that she can hold her breath for six minutes
The_Dolphin - 2 years ago
Oh yeahhhh Ocean Ramsey
Penguin Fluffy
Penguin Fluffy - 2 years ago
She’s a thicc gurl
supernova girl
supernova girl - 2 years ago
The noises she makes with her mouth are fkn annoying
Neonmatrix - 2 years ago
Of course she’s called Ocean
Pan Dandahna
Pan Dandahna - 2 years ago
"sharks, snakes, tigers, spiders....they are all not dangerous, just misunderstood!" i guess love makes real dump...
Pan Dandahna
Pan Dandahna - 2 years ago
guns, bombs, ghettos, drugs are allnot dangerous too, just misunderstood. xD
Emanuel Voelker
Emanuel Voelker - 2 years ago
OKAY. WHAT techniques is she using to coordinate around a white shark without getting ripped apart right there? I actually want to know.
Kendra Anton
Kendra Anton - 2 years ago
How fake is that look?
Levi Aggis
Levi Aggis - 2 years ago
Nuke the ocean
Jeff Darden
Jeff Darden - 2 years ago
Seventy to one hundred million killed annually , humans don't deserve to make it
Fabiano William
Fabiano William - 2 years ago
What shark?
Claude LeBel
Claude LeBel - 2 years ago
Brought tears to my eyes. Can’t say why?
dancinglargies cw
dancinglargies cw - 2 years ago
10 people a year? That's pretty scary.
B V-Freites
B V-Freites - 2 years ago
That’s a female shark! And certainly look pregnant.
Silly Bugger
Silly Bugger - 2 years ago
Beautiful creature
Reflex - 2 years ago
The chic or the shark?
Frank From Upstate NY
Frank From Upstate NY - 2 years ago
She's beautiful.....and so is the Shark.
+Frank From Upstate NYindeed. I wasn't even broaching the subject of megalodons etc - I was merely stating, from my initial interaction with the notions of sharks, that they can easily weigh in well in excess of of 20ft.. easily... more than easily - if left to their own devices, for sure...
Frank From Upstate NY
Frank From Upstate NY - 2 years ago
+JONATHAN SUTCLIFFE yes,....they are not Megalodons, but they can grow beyond 20'....if left to their' own devices, nature, etc.
so in keeping with my initial thoughts about great whites, specifically, I surmise, if left to their own devices... these creatures grow way in excess of 20 ft...
toki Popup
toki Popup - 2 years ago
its just like the size of a fish -_-
KageNoTenshi - 2 years ago
Frank From Upstate NY I said the exact same thing in reversed, probably because I click on the video only expecting to see sharks
Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here - 2 years ago
Not deep blue; scar and pigmentation patterns are different based on footage of the two animals, although the migration distance is entirely plausible, even likely.
HOWWYY E - 2 years ago
Silly woman
NMOP3PISdn - 2 years ago
she shouldn't have touched the shark, breaks the boundary between our world and theirs, just observe it and enjoy it/ respect it.
Ian Cole
Ian Cole - 2 years ago
I would like to know why it didn't attack themr?
Captain Ron
Captain Ron - 2 years ago
Imagine.. that shark's brain is not much bigger than a paper-clip.
Wes - 2 years ago
News anchor ladys job isnt crap compared to Ocean Ramsey, she wishes that was her.
HumbleDew - 2 years ago
Sharks only bite, when you touch their private parts.
Entoy The Dragon
Entoy The Dragon - 2 years ago
Grandma's pregnant
TestMeatDollSteak - 2 years ago
I wouldn't be mad if I accidentally saw her naked.
jeff bauer
jeff bauer - 2 years ago
And I'm not a shark , but would love to uh, take a bite.
Amani Smith
Amani Smith - 2 years ago
how can you think that shark is 20 ft and 8 ft tall gtfoh ...
Amani Smith
Amani Smith - 2 years ago
cant be the same shark were looking at
LB - 2 years ago
Just don't turn your back on a shark.
Mubeen Rahaman
Mubeen Rahaman - 2 years ago
Animals only attack if they think they are indanger
Artdrtr - 2 years ago
Not the same shark they showed as Deep Blue -- 1:01 missing the dark spots under the head and middle of body underneath.
Bird Gurl
Bird Gurl - 2 years ago
I have a phobia of sharks. I have my whole life. They TERRIFY me. Yet...this one is beautiful. And they deserve respect. This shark finning must stop. These guys clean our oceans, and there is so much more that we can learn about them. Scary or not, all living things deserve to live and not have to worry about getting their limbs ripped off. Pretty basic :/
Ryan Dunn
Ryan Dunn - 2 years ago
Very much dislike how the news reporters can only focus on the questions relating to the size and I just love how Ramsey answers those questions while still managing to discuss the more important issues involving the shark population.
STEVEN S - 2 years ago
On behalf of the whole world let us all thank Asia for wiping out sharks!
joker Darker
joker Darker - 2 years ago
Onbekende Vreemdeling
Onbekende Vreemdeling - 2 years ago
It doesnt look 20ft
Zach Fernandes
Zach Fernandes - 2 years ago
Pregnant mother shark who needs food for her and her baby. Let’s swim next to it.
MrRodzilla - 2 years ago
jaws was bigger, 3 tonnes of him
B C - 2 years ago
The evil and barbaric practice of killing sharks for fin soup must end. These animals are sentient beings who command just as much respect as humans and have every right to exist as humans do.
Rodolfo Goles
Rodolfo Goles - 2 years ago
Nowaday's greatwhites are on the menu of ORCAS..
Puffy Peppy
Puffy Peppy - 2 years ago
There’s not many aged sharks because of the killing sprees that are constantly happening. If we go back and study geography/ history, the fishing industry was in great danger because there were no fish left to fish!!! We simply can’t have this issue resurface. Sharks make our world go ‘round.
Case D
Case D - 2 years ago
Biggest fish in the ocean.
robert ross
robert ross - 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing ,I've been a shark lover for over 50 years.(i'm 66 now) I studied sharks and rays here on the entire gulf coast of Florida and all along the east coast to Maine. I'm not a biologist but envious. Please more videos.ALOHA.
Syko Sound Squad
Syko Sound Squad - 2 years ago
id eat her butt
Doomsday Survivalist
Doomsday Survivalist - 2 years ago
Just ask Steve Irwin... things can go wrong down there! Be safe... and WOW!!!
Thebearcat66 - 2 years ago
One day she’ll pay the price. These are wild creatures
Mela Ssss
Mela Ssss - 2 years ago
Even is this happens, she had had a beautiful life doing the thing she loved. We will die too, you know
geofreyr - 2 years ago
Yep no doubt. Just ask Timothy Treadwell about how misunderstood grizzly's are.
Daniel TwoTrips86
Daniel TwoTrips86 - 2 years ago
Jessica Hubler
Jessica Hubler - 2 years ago
It’s all fun and games till you lose a limb
Svahn - 2 years ago
In Europe you have the metric system in Murica you measure in "Shaqs"
Jamma 1
Jamma 1 - 2 years ago
Its all fun and games until the shark bites your head off
Clive Bixby
Clive Bixby - 2 years ago
What this woman is doing is wrong on so many levels. She is not a marine biologist, she is a woman who has done some modelling, and is a diver, who also operates a business in Hawaii taking tourists out to dive with sharks.

Check out the following link and see what an actual marine biologist thinks of what "Ocean" is doing.

Phil Henshaw
Phil Henshaw - 2 years ago
I feel like she was trying to mention the conservation of the sharks a lot and it was being ignored. Every time she was asked a question she slipped in the fact that their numbers are plummeting and they need more protection, but sadly the news reporters didn't acknowledge what she was saying. Such a beautiful creature, we need more people trying to change the general perception of sharks.. they're not killing machines!
Wolf Pak
Wolf Pak - 2 years ago
She may well be an snack one day for this wonderful creature
Bit Of Wizdumb
Bit Of Wizdumb - 2 years ago
One day she’ll be eaten
AmpEdition - 2 years ago
Misunderstood creature? LoL, tell that to Steve Irwin...wild animals are not house pets!
AmpEdition - 2 years ago
Sierra Fox she’s a floating snack
AmpEdition - 2 years ago
Megan Carrington I bet you wouldn’t love them if you were stranded and ship wrecked...just a floating snack lol
Sierra Fox
Sierra Fox - 2 years ago
AmpEdition which is exactly why they are out in the Ocean in their home, their territory! Not house pets because whites can’t survive in captivity! It’s never been done successfully for more than several months!
Megan Axelía Carrington-Ráðvarðurdóttir
Megan Axelía Carrington-Ráðvarðurdóttir - 2 years ago
They are but you always have to respect them and their space. I love sharks but I wouldn’t do what she is doing really.
žaki09 - 2 years ago
ONLY transgenders can swim With White Shark s
Anime22 - 2 years ago
They are misunderstood because not all great whites attack people I mean look at blue she didn’t attack those people that has to mean something.
Johhn Morgan
Johhn Morgan - 2 years ago
Rose's a red violets blue ocean Ramsay going to get eaten by deep blue too
F G - 2 years ago
That shark wasn't misunderstood, it just wasn't hungry. That girl is going to be shark food one day.
Snake Charmer
Snake Charmer - 2 years ago
the shark doesnt attack her cuz shes pretty. LOL!!! :P
Maxg 1998
Maxg 1998 - 2 years ago
I wanna woman like that! I love sharks
The Melbournian
The Melbournian - 2 years ago
Lol one day ocean will get eaten by deep blue
Billy Bob
Billy Bob - 2 years ago
That's not a shark, it's a blimp.
Trevor Warner
Trevor Warner - 2 years ago
I dont to hurt her ...just not swim in the same pool..
Milo Kovet
Milo Kovet - 2 years ago
Ocean Ramsey you should go back and get your degree as a marine biologist! Never give up!
Wyatt-Earp Freedom
Wyatt-Earp Freedom - 2 years ago
Looks pregnant , dxam, hope ocean doesn’t let the chill vibes hide the danger, what a woman
Jeff Hurley
Jeff Hurley - 2 years ago
Sounds like we are winning the war against sharks, 70 humans to 100,000,000 sharks a year. Take it easy people, Just kidding.
John Parnham
John Parnham - 2 years ago
She's "like totally" awakened, she drifted off the known "woke" radar.
Air Plane
Air Plane - 2 years ago
Ocean = shark bait
Air Plane
Air Plane - 2 years ago
I thought shaq attack was only 4ft tall
MattM233 - 2 years ago
Hey so let's just swim right up to it and pet it. Sounds like a great idea.
Mike cortese
Mike cortese - 2 years ago
Does anyone notice that this old shark is missing upper teeth.
Mike cortese
Mike cortese - 2 years ago
This shark is too old to go after her. If you watch the video carefully, there are dolphins close by swimming ahead of her and the great white.
Sam Farnsworth
Sam Farnsworth - 2 years ago
I love the comment "This shark would eat her".
Edward Miles Acero
Edward Miles Acero - 2 years ago
Daddy Shaq doo.doo.doo.doo
Amrod Amras
Amrod Amras - 2 years ago
Beautiful and brave girl:)
tamsyn c
tamsyn c - 2 years ago
Can someone please tell me why they think the shark didn't attack?
Dereck Sacco
Dereck Sacco - 2 years ago
She thinks she’s a fish lmao
steve henrichs
steve henrichs - 2 years ago
Stephen 1982
Stephen 1982 - 2 years ago
She's hot, but I couldn't be with a woman that has bigger balls than me.

Seriously though, she's so chill and relaxed. It's probably why she can be around such huge sharks.
TEST Fifty
TEST Fifty - 2 years ago
I see in the near future , Jaws ate today , terrible news but she died for her passion. " Don't be too water bait "
Derrick Potter
Derrick Potter - 2 years ago
Jesus. She's gorgeous!
DK viking KD
DK viking KD - 2 years ago
Shark finning really is one of the most cruel activities by human kind - people who eat shark fin soup should be utterly ashamed of themselves!!
(and I'm a conservative/libertarian pro coal/oil flesh eating monster who hates tree huggers!)
Blair Quest
Blair Quest - 2 years ago
Sharks don't like the taste of people. They bite people because that how the shark can figure out what we are, if we are food or not. There mouth, is our hands. They typically don't mean any harm to people. They are just so big and strong, that their test bite can potentially be fatale.
0Turbox - 2 years ago
Funny, how the Dolphins around watching this scenario. "Dudess, why you try to touch this?"
Joe Clements
Joe Clements - 2 years ago
She can hold her breath 6 1/2 minutes under water, no wonder she's brain dead.
Break Free
Break Free - 2 years ago
Grizzly Man thought bears were misunderstood too.
Saki - 2 years ago
OK we will definitely see this chick eaten by a shark soon , just wait for the news
rideordieguy rideordieguy
rideordieguy rideordieguy - 2 years ago
01:36 HOMEY said ALOHA SIGH LMFAO. HIS FACIAL Expression says it all. {{{{ wow shes so hot and pleasant meanwhile Im sitting here with THIS !!! }}}} POINDEXTER 04:25 OHHH WAY THERES SOMETHING ELSE ON YOUR MIND LOL YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LOL
Ninja’s Personal Stream Sniper
Ninja’s Personal Stream Sniper - 2 years ago
It’s shaggy but in water form
MERK Legend
MERK Legend - 2 years ago
One day these guy are going to get murdered by a great white keep tounching there fins.
Andrew Deneweth
Andrew Deneweth - 2 years ago
Sean Fries
Sean Fries - 2 years ago
I wonder how long till one of them takes a huge bite out of her?
Bobiwine2 people power onelove
Bobiwine2 people power onelove - 2 years ago
May this shark was pregnant
Douglas Street
Douglas Street - 2 years ago
Woman, you are either the bravest human being on earth or you are completely crazy.
Zach Noegel
Zach Noegel - 2 years ago
100% she dies of shark attack
YungKeemThaDream - 2 years ago
“Im just trying to swim, these weird things keep grabbing my fins and following me.”
Alec - 2 years ago
She sounds like an employed kardashian
Daan Made in Holland
Daan Made in Holland - 2 years ago
And no european white sharks are a lot bigger, then australian/hawaien sharks.
Daan Made in Holland
Daan Made in Holland - 2 years ago
Divers, there where 6 divers swimming, so change tittel to divers!
Frank Lyons
Frank Lyons - 2 years ago
Her name is ocean give me a break
Shifat Mahmud
Shifat Mahmud - 2 years ago
I didn't know big nibba can swim
Daniel Brennan
Daniel Brennan - 2 years ago
These are he supidest people i have ever seen :O
Booty Gangsta
Booty Gangsta - 2 years ago
White people man
lindayy95 - 2 years ago
Is it just me or does the diver sound like Paris Hilton? Lol
Dustin Lasley
Dustin Lasley - 2 years ago
Grandma shark Doodoodoodoodoo
Amir mansourzadeh
Amir mansourzadeh - 2 years ago
you had me at 3 shaq,,
seeeLAH1 - 2 years ago
shes mint
CX-03 - 2 years ago
Rojo Ohos
Rojo Ohos - 2 years ago
Jump in that ocean with a bloody cut then let's see how misunderstood this shark is
mumbus 27
mumbus 27 - 2 years ago
Ocean is no joke gettin in the water with these creatures showing no fear...her testimony about the eradication of sharks world wide is truly tragic...
Fer Abra
Fer Abra - 2 years ago
Beautiful images...but totally reckless. One thing is to try and save the species, which is a good thing. They're no monsters. Another thing is spreading this images to inspire truly dangerous actions, specially nowadays, meaning the first shark attack filmed with go pro is round the corner...
Dragon Lightgalatic
Dragon Lightgalatic - 2 years ago
she has the spirit of the shark of within her soul.
Redge Therrien
Redge Therrien - 2 years ago
Nobody noticed , how every time she spoked about sharks around the world beeing killed for wrong reasons , how the two journalists just avoid the subject ???
Redge Therrien
Redge Therrien - 2 years ago
It must have been at least 4 times .
Jay Camacho
Jay Camacho - 2 years ago
Rash BT
Rash BT - 2 years ago
I love sharks great whites are my favorite animal in the entire world
Jim Pankey
Jim Pankey - 2 years ago
Sure is an exciting profession...but thanks anyway, I prefer the library. When I was a teen, II used to hold my breath underwater for over 3 minutes...but nothing like the 6 1/2 minutes Ocean does. Whew.
captbad - 2 years ago
Your the man, girl. whoa!
jaja - 2 years ago
Saying the shark is 3 time the size of Shaq make no sense, because how many people have seen Shaq in real life or people thats close to that big.
MontenegriN TigeR
MontenegriN TigeR - 2 years ago
Why don't Sharks eat black people? Because they think they're whale turd.
toobalkain - 2 years ago
What are these people breathing, they have no tanks yet they seem to spend very long time at great depths.
LSAML KASKUS - 2 years ago
honey, of all the jobs in the world.... this?
Kohn Bonn
Kohn Bonn - 2 years ago
She looks pregnant
Johnny B
Johnny B - 2 years ago
She cant wear skirts cuze you would be able to see how big her Balls are
Troy Haskins
Troy Haskins - 2 years ago
Great whites are not the most ferocious predator in the ocean...The Orca is
dushyant Singh
dushyant Singh - 2 years ago
What doesn't kills u, makes u stronger!
Jeff Sievert
Jeff Sievert - 2 years ago
She is one with nature .
Thank you mam for being a voice for them .
Broughton 90HD
Broughton 90HD - 2 years ago
What an animal the ultimate apex predator she’s beautiful.............the shark ain’t bad either

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