Int'l Commerce, Snorkeling Camels, and The Indian Ocean Trade: Crash Course World History #18

In which John Green teaches you the history of the Indian Ocean Trade. John weaves a tale of swashbuckling adventure, replete with trade in books, ivory, and timber. Along the way, John manages to cover advances in seafaring technology, just how the monsoons work, and there's even a disembowelment for you Fangoria fans. Crash Course World History is now available on DVD! Follow us! @thecrashcourse @realjohngreen @raoulmeyer @crashcoursestan @saysdanica @thoughtbubbler Like us! ‪ Follow us again! ‪ Support CrashCourse on Patreon:

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In which John Green teaches you the history of the Indian Ocean Trade. John weaves a tale of swashbuckling adventure, replete with trade in books, ivory, and timber. Along the way, John manages to cover advances in seafaring technology, just how the monsoons work, and there's even a disembowelment for you Fangoria fans. Crash Course World History is now available on DVD! Follow us! @thecrashcourse @realjohngreen @raoulmeyer @crashcoursestan @saysdanica @thoughtbubbler Like us! ‪ Follow us again! ‪ Support CrashCourse on Patreon:

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for Int'l Commerce, Snorkeling Camels, and The Indian Ocean Trade: Crash Course World History #18

Nerva - 5 years ago
Any lip-readers out there who can tell me what his "phrase of the week" was before he dubbed over it "unless you are the Mongols"?
Vedant Tiwari
Vedant Tiwari - 5 years ago
actually i am an Indian but i also think that........people wore funny hats
Ramon Veunes
Ramon Veunes - 5 years ago
Why is the phrase of the week overdubbed? What's up with that?
Dua Kim
Dua Kim - 5 years ago
John: Muzlim merchants.

Mannu Sharma
Mannu Sharma - 5 years ago
Please make crash course geography
M.M. Hussain
M.M. Hussain - 5 years ago
very nice and great channel : the word for Islam in Arabic is written like that
best wishes
colea911 - 5 years ago
The video mentions that the monsoon market place was mostly peaceful, except it neglects that slaves themselves were being traded and collected from the Swahili civilization. Famous slave traders such as Tippu Tip decimated entire populations inland as he capitalized on this trade. Isn't this worth mentioning?
pinastro Karthikeyan
pinastro Karthikeyan - 5 years ago
do one course on ethiopia
corrda1993 - 5 years ago
I think you should have gone with the Sexy Sea Lanes of South Asia.

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Rae DeFrane
Rae DeFrane - 5 years ago
Dark EeveeXx
Dark EeveeXx - 5 years ago
The fact that John made the Tetris theme gives me life
Wight24 - 5 years ago
Had to pause the video to go get a hat. Thanks.
David Idiart
David Idiart - 5 years ago
I want a full version of that birthday horn Tetris song...
Mateo Ramos
Mateo Ramos - 5 years ago
dude cmon mane u should play mario odyssey
Noah Sparks
Noah Sparks - 5 years ago
I destroy you, John Green and Hank Green
Gordon Fiala
Gordon Fiala - 5 years ago
Charles the 6th XD
Jerry Ifeacho
Jerry Ifeacho - 6 years ago
It was a peaceful trade because Europe was not involved in it.
Herman Spaerman
Herman Spaerman - 6 years ago
Yes, no one interfered with the arab slave trade, where male slaves got castrated , members and balls cut off with a death rate of 80-90 percent and female slaves brought to harems to be raped and abused by muslim men. Thank god that no one interfered with that.
InsaneGhost 45
InsaneGhost 45 - 6 years ago
I thought Black pepper historically mainly came from the Kerala, India not Sri Lanka. The lost tradepost - Muziri was the main exporter. Maybe I'm wrong.
resqwec - 6 years ago
I find it amazing how, under this system, an artisan in China or India could count on receiving goods in one month which they could then make into stuff to be sold, knowing that in another month they could sell those goods back to the merchants. And those goods could go back to the people who made the goods in the first place, all without any kind of unified communication or internet

20. comment for Int'l Commerce, Snorkeling Camels, and The Indian Ocean Trade: Crash Course World History #18

Tabitha Qualls
Tabitha Qualls - 6 years ago
Luckily, my ancestors never owned slaves (at least as I know). My dad's side is African-American, and my ma's came from Poland long after that happened. Interesting stuff.
Myrddin Oklovap
Myrddin Oklovap - 6 years ago
huh... you know i never noticed he had a lisp till he brought it up... now i can't help but hear it.
you should start to slow down on talking I can't get what you're saying sometimes
SunChannel 25
SunChannel 25 - 6 years ago
Actually indonesia has 5 islands.
Danny Korah
Danny Korah - 6 years ago
I have a WHAP Test today :(
back then
back then - 6 years ago
Eric Harris
Eric Harris - 6 years ago
What is the name of the instrumental he creates at 5:22
Eric Harris
Eric Harris - 6 years ago
I thought it was a song from the Jewish culture.
Tocaraca - 6 years ago
It's the Tetris theme
DarwentDesign - 6 years ago
so what did you guys get on your test/quiz?
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson - 6 years ago
Damn, I got a LEQ tomorrow...
Autumn - 6 years ago
Like Bill Wurst but more

30. comment for Int'l Commerce, Snorkeling Camels, and The Indian Ocean Trade: Crash Course World History #18

DJ Matty G
DJ Matty G - 6 years ago
Who else watching this for AP World History?
Tocaraca - 6 years ago
Whowantsone - 6 years ago
Good work guys :)
Just a note that I find it weird how you kept on using سلام as if it were a symbol of Islam. Because it isn't...
Ashish Tripathi
Ashish Tripathi - 6 years ago
90% globes are filled with serpent... hahaha
silambarasan Balu
silambarasan Balu - 6 years ago
Hi Green, can you make a vedio on Tamil.
Max Zhu
Max Zhu - 6 years ago
Neil Patel
Neil Patel - 6 years ago
Stop the illegalness
Ronly Raymend
Ronly Raymend - 6 years ago
i'm sorry hank but john is better than u at everything...sigh...
Floorball Master
Floorball Master - 6 years ago
Why does the predictable wind look so much like a fart?
Rorys Glory
Rorys Glory - 6 years ago
This route had a name when I was in school (25 years back). And the name was Spice Route. We had to study the difference and similarities between Silk Road and Spice Route. Spice route was especially interesting for me because my hometown Cochin was a busy port in the route and had trade relationships with Arabs, Jews and Chinese. All things were peaceful and easy until European conquistadors figured out this route.
Tanya Murphy
Tanya Murphy - 6 years ago
Sorry, have to ask something that has been bothering me since Epsisode 1: Why does the Open Letter chair have a chunk missing from the top left? Was it melted in a fire? Or was it designed to be asymmetrical like that??? It's driving me nuts.
AthixGamingHD - 6 years ago
Yes!!! He mentioned Singapore, my country!
jubjubgurl - 6 years ago
R.I.P. the great Sumatra empires... Java gets all the credit these days.
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell - 6 years ago
most of Rome trade was with India

when the nyzintine empire fell and middle East became Islamic

Europe had to find a new route to india

hence Columbus called the Americas Indians
Josh Bray
Josh Bray - 6 years ago
Lol, I wonder if anyone has taken the Exam & was trying to think about an answer relating to this topic but all they could think of is the potential of snakes being in your globe!
Harry Rosson
Harry Rosson - 6 years ago
Mr. Green, where did you get that "This Machine Kills Facists," sticker? I want one for my guitar!
Nicolas Gleason-Boure
Nicolas Gleason-Boure - 6 years ago
I definitely think Indian Ocean trade should be taught as the name, "monsoon market place" by historians!
Eurasian Mapper?
Eurasian Mapper? - 6 years ago
5:24 I like Tetris ( PLS IGNORE ME )
J-train - 6 years ago
I recognized it on the third note
Anu Choytun
Anu Choytun - 6 years ago
Why was there no madagascar and other islands in the map where he wrote indian ocean on
JourneyML1 - 6 years ago
Doing a marathon for entertainment, this dude's videos are great.
Cameron Hudson
Cameron Hudson - 6 years ago
This channel is so much funnier at 0.75x speed, lmao.

50. comment for Int'l Commerce, Snorkeling Camels, and The Indian Ocean Trade: Crash Course World History #18

Adrian Duran
Adrian Duran - 6 years ago
Europe was trading in the Monsoon Marketplace during the end of the 1600s
In fact, the term was known as the Pirate Round, and referred to the route from the Atlantic to the Pacific
Moon Knight Productions
Moon Knight Productions - 6 years ago
It's always the Mongols!
Fadhilah Rafif Pahlevi
Fadhilah Rafif Pahlevi - 6 years ago
I think it would be a great idea if you make a video about majapahit
Riddhi Rane
Riddhi Rane - 6 years ago
I like video very much it helps me in understanding the concept more clearly
pings007 - 6 years ago
John, you should be a little more secular and give up on your repeated emphasis on "Muslims, Muslim sailors and Muslim merchants"! Thanks!
Kelvin Lau
Kelvin Lau - 6 years ago
now this is a great episode. i love this that are not taught in the standard textbooks.
Taeyun Park
Taeyun Park - 6 years ago
Hi Bye
Hi Bye - 6 years ago
aggressively does happy dance
Shadow - 6 years ago
why is John getting cranky ?
Thezebraherd - 6 years ago
yay old fasioned free market capitalism
LazerMax2000 - 6 years ago
There were Jewish traders, awesome!
Heather Lakemacher
Heather Lakemacher - 6 years ago
Actually, there are elephants in China. Check out the BBC Earth documentary "Wild China", episode 2 "Shangri-La".
Akshay J Iyer
Akshay J Iyer - 6 years ago
I want that Big Globe of World's Physical features
Akshay Tiwari
Akshay Tiwari - 6 years ago
lol "rani" in "kota rani" is not a last name or anything, it means Queen, so it would be Queen Kota. That's how titles work in India, for example "Shivaji Maharaj", or King Shivaji. For some reason though, Emperor breaks that rule and works more like English (ex.: Shahenshah Akbar; Chhatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj)
Akshay Tiwari
Akshay Tiwari - 6 years ago
0:22 lol Tipu Sultan's turban is amazing (he's the guy on the bottom right. Was famous for fighting the British when they tried taking over South India, but also infamous for using genocide. His kingdom invented missiles, which freaked out the British, who then copied the design and pretended that they invented it because at that time, European vocab. for most foreign people was "savages", and there was no way they would let people think they were outdone by so-called savages.)
mplsridah - 6 years ago
All these people produce and create this show and still managed to get many things wrong.
Also, is this a kid show? Like the E/I kind of show?
Joseph Jacques Césaire Joffre
Joseph Jacques Césaire Joffre - 6 years ago
It has a name It is Spice Road
Isabela Jackson
Isabela Jackson - 6 years ago
portuguese subtitles, please
matt morgan
matt morgan - 6 years ago
I'm sorry but party blower solo was so good
Denys A
Denys A - 6 years ago
I love you guys, and I ALWAYS find your stuff fascinating and entertaining. But it's just too quickly delivered for my taste. Hammer after hammer blow, the facts or opinions come down, and I have a hard time keeping up. I don't know. Maybe I'm just getting old . . . but maybe you two are, also. Maybe you can't do without the heavy editing. Still, I think it's wonderful stuff. Thanks for listening. Or not.
RYTPirate Карибский
RYTPirate Карибский - 6 years ago
Вот чего я точно не ожидал услышать - так это нашу мелодию в исполнении Джона Грина...
Social Talk Forum
Social Talk Forum - 6 years ago
so can we say that " islam spread due to amazing and honest attitudes of muslim merchants ?". thats what i have heared !
Social Talk Forum
Social Talk Forum - 6 years ago
islam did't spread in loas , combodia and vietnam because of far distances from moonsoon market, awesome.
conduit99 - 6 years ago
Peaceful Indian Ocean Trade: White Christians need not apply
Herman Spaerman
Herman Spaerman - 6 years ago
Yes, between 400 A.D and well in to the twentieth century arabs could transport 20 million+ slaves from Africa to the muslim world. All in peace.
raven c. weasley
raven c. weasley - 6 years ago
i only knew the indian ocean trade just now and it's pretty awesome!!! merchants rule then until now, funny hats down.
Kat Hiersche
Kat Hiersche - 6 years ago
you should include My Little Pony!!!!!
Liam Huxhold
Liam Huxhold - 6 years ago
Last-minute studying for the AP World History exam! Thanks John Green!
Summer Rose
Summer Rose - 6 years ago
AP world exam tomorrow...... oh dear John you are my last hope....
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith - 6 years ago
Preparing for the AP Test, who's with me?
Collin Yates
Collin Yates - 6 years ago
Ayy, it's tomorrow for me! I know I probably won't get a response  back soon enough, but how have you been studying for the long essay? I looked over the Han Dynasty and Roman Empire Compare and Contrast stuff. Know any other major places that would be compared?
Felipe Laporte
Felipe Laporte - 6 years ago
90% of globes are filled with serpents?????
Alex Hage
Alex Hage - 6 years ago
loool using BCE and CE just show even the basis of secular beliefs in the west (which I love and is good) is still based off of CHRISTian views. looool atheists cling to christian beliefs....
dar ali
dar ali - 6 years ago
finally someone talked about Kashmirs history !
SliceofGrace - 6 years ago
This would be helpful, if it weren't for the exhausting puns, random off topic comments, and spontaneous shouting.
Jake Flaherty
Jake Flaherty - 6 years ago
Sarah Nehls
Sarah Nehls - 6 years ago
john, thank you, you have saved my GPA
Sarah Nehls
Sarah Nehls - 6 years ago
john, thank you, you have saved my GPA
UnbEaTabiL pErson
UnbEaTabiL pErson - 6 years ago
Now 21st century ret*rd says Islam was spread by swords.
TheCoffeeCrafter - 6 years ago
Drop out of AP you wont regret it trust me
Kasun Withana
Kasun Withana - 6 years ago
9:02- Are you implying Singapore would fall in the near future?
N3rdiest Gam3rs
N3rdiest Gam3rs - 6 years ago
i love that i dont understand him cuz hes talking so fast i cant understand him but i watch it anyways cuz im like that
Vito C
Vito C - 6 years ago
Only now do I realize that the blowout solo was the Tetris theme
BZZBBZ Gaming - 6 years ago
At the end of the vid, you could say you were on a CrashCource! Lol :) :P
Diana Flores
Diana Flores - 6 years ago
This is literally going to save me, thank you
janice kim
janice kim - 6 years ago
If John Green was my world history teacher, i would be in class everyday.
Self-replicating whatnot
Self-replicating whatnot - 6 years ago
Also, slave trade.
Darlene Lesmana
Darlene Lesmana - 6 years ago
srivijaya is sriwijaya, right?
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz - 6 years ago
I heard Tetris on the blowouts!
I like sandwiches
I like sandwiches - 6 years ago
I would qualify your conclusion -- OVER reliance on one type of trade. by the same token, refusal to trade makes you vulnerable to peaks and troughs of your internal economy/industry.
Jerry Ifeacho
Jerry Ifeacho - 6 years ago
He said: "The trade peaceful" yes because there was Europeans involved LOL and we all know what Europeans often do...
Vijay C.
Vijay C. - 6 years ago
wow... my name is vijaya. Interesting that you recently find out that you share your name with an empire. Also it's not pronounced that way it's pronounced like V-J (the last a is silent) and no I'm not just saying that because the pronunciation in the video sounds like a certain other profane word that I have heard all too many jokes about.

100. comment for Int'l Commerce, Snorkeling Camels, and The Indian Ocean Trade: Crash Course World History #18

cheekjulie - 6 years ago
yay for free trade
Neha Kapoor
Neha Kapoor - 6 years ago
This is really cool because much of Indian history is about trading, through both land and ocean. Some of the stuff that we have from ancient times actually came through trading from so many different countries. No wonder India is also known as a subcontinent, thanks to our geographic and cultural diversity that came through different nations, both indigenous and foreign.
Caleb Pitts
Caleb Pitts - 6 years ago
"Monsoon Marketplace"
1. Network of trade routes connecting various port cities all around the Indian Ocean Basin
2. Silly name given to the Indian Ocean Trade network by a funny guy with glasses and a lisp
rate eightx
rate eightx - 6 years ago
More That Sumatra And Java, Where Is Borneo?
alyssa paull
alyssa paull - 6 years ago
Dude with the party blowers he played the beginning of Tetris
Santiago Suárez
Santiago Suárez - 6 years ago
Can you make a video about the African history
mikkel larsen
mikkel larsen - 6 years ago
I guess he managed to stay on course at the end :) (sorry i had to finish his horrible, HORRIBLE joke)
Aoki Lee Simmons
Aoki Lee Simmons - 6 years ago
When John Green says "The tyranny of Dates" motivating me think "G, I haven't had dates in a while...but I really like them" and pause this video, run downstairs and get myself a bowl of dates. When I get to the kitchen I realize...we don't have any dates and I get hangry and sad. Damn you John Green! :)
nobody - 6 years ago
ummmmmm.... i has a hat
Deepanshu Sharma
Deepanshu Sharma - 6 years ago
can you do 2000yrs history of india
Rey02 - 6 years ago
History is awesome, and it feels good to know about the past. I prefer watching videos than reading books to learn, but sometimes I read books to learn an extra more or rethink what you learn in a history video or vice versa.
Noah Busbee
Noah Busbee - 6 years ago
D o m i n a t i n g M u s l i m s
Herman Spaerman
Herman Spaerman - 6 years ago
Perhaps the worst episode of crash course. An episode of the Indian ocean trade and not a word about the Arab slave trade. This is simply lying by omission of facts. The slave trade started around 500 A.D and kept going well into the twentieth century. The numbers are disputed, Arabs admit to 10 million , most scholars put the numbers between 13-18 million Africans enslaved by arabs and some scholars put the numbers at 20 million plus. Very little research is done about the arab slave trade and John Green contributes to this by keeping people in the dark.
Herman Spaerman
Herman Spaerman - 6 years ago
Yes, John Green speaks about the arab slave trade for about 15 seconds in the episode "The atlantic slave trade" and with one sentence in the episode "Mansa Musa" wich by the way ends with ...- not in great numbers, when describing the arab slave trade which by many scholars amounted to 20 million + being enslaved by arabs. That is the amount of information John Green wants you to know about this chapter in history. John Green has a political leftist agenda and that means he has to cover up parts of history in the hope that it stays hidden and forgotten and thanks to activists like John Green the arab slave trade is not known or discussed by a large number of people, especially muslims who most often flat out deny it.
roseslikemusic - 6 years ago
He does talk about the "arab" slave trade in the episode about slavery and slave trade. It's a series and you are supposed to watch all episodes to get a full picture of the world history, not just individual episodes. He can't talk about it all in one video, and this video was about introducing the viewers to a topic which the great majority of us never had heard about. Then it makes sense to focus on the most important bits and leave some things to other episodes.
Herman Spaerman
Herman Spaerman - 6 years ago
I am gonna keep this answer short. Would you accept an episode of the Atlantic trade that omitted the slave trade? Also, we should only delve into things taught in institutes and current academia in the western world? And if western academia don't teach us about the arab slave trade we should simply ignore it? With that attitude about the study of history god knows what things will be omitted in the future.
MissPronounced - 6 years ago
Herman Spaerman also its called Crash Course for a reason... it's a way of creating a concise guide of history based on what is taught in most schools, universities, institutions, ect. There's a lot I'd wish for him to delve into but it's not ALL relevant to what is taught in educational institutes in the western world.
vamos vamos
vamos vamos - 6 years ago
Herman Spaerman
they should all go back to the mudaland asap world wide
Star Lord
Star Lord - 6 years ago
finally, one day you are not wearing a polo-shirt or a dress shirt
tron cat
tron cat - 6 years ago
"this machine kills fascists" lol
Zoe No y
Zoe No y - 6 years ago
what is he saying when they dub in 'unless you are the mobgols'?
babygirl32843 - 6 years ago
Zoe No y "unfortunately they didn't have pizza" it's the next episode's phrase of the week. they used the same video footage for both and dubbed over one, I don't know why though.
TokyoMiku39 - 6 years ago
this is so boring i wanna killl myselfffff
Peachy Keen
Peachy Keen - 6 years ago
Was anyone else staring at the smiley face in the small globe the whole time?
Siebe - 6 years ago
Fact Guild
Fact Guild - 6 years ago
0:23 YES!TIPU SULTAN FINALLY!Just for Americans Tipu is the guy on the right below the red guy with a dive
sivan ferna
sivan ferna - 7 years ago
6:56 Recognized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yoooooooo
Sadik Ranuid
Sadik Ranuid - 7 years ago
2:20 there are elephants in china
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis - 6 years ago
Well the Asian Elephant actually did range into Southern China (a quite warm subtropical place) in prehistoric times, as did the Sumatran Rhinoceros! (Only called sumatran rhino because that's where it happens to exist in modern times. Used to range throughout Indochina).
Sadik Ranuid
Sadik Ranuid - 6 years ago
"elephants only live in india and africa" as ma boi donny T would say WRONG
Plot Twist
Plot Twist - 6 years ago
there were elephants in india, though.
Gabriel Fagundes
Gabriel Fagundes - 7 years ago
Alex Krasnoff
Alex Krasnoff - 7 years ago
At the end he was on COURSE for a CRASH
Trying Wiki
Trying Wiki - 7 years ago
Anyone have tips for AP world history?
Kun Shun
Kun Shun - 7 years ago
Malaysia is mentioned in a Crash Course episode!! Wohoo
My opinion is stupid And doesn't matter but
My opinion is stupid And doesn't matter but - 7 years ago
I love world history man
Alessandro Panagiotis Nerantzis
Alessandro Panagiotis Nerantzis - 7 years ago
This trade route is important for the global history for a fundamental reason. The tales of the indian goods, pushed explorers, like Columbus, to search the birthplace of the rare goods of the east. If it wouldn't be for this trade route, Columbus wouldn't depart in the first place, so consequently the Americas wouldn't be explored by the europeans, at least not at the 15th century.
Mayur Shirsath
Mayur Shirsath - 7 years ago
i liked your all videos sir
Mayur Shirsath
Mayur Shirsath - 7 years ago
how India be so rich and flourished in every aspect in markets , knowledge , divinity , Ayurveda , yoga , dance forms , music , and enlighten us on how India covered 28-32% of whole world trade in early 1200 to 1500....and in which language they are doing trade and in which currency that time they used for trade....plz enlighten us
Julio Monterroso
Julio Monterroso - 7 years ago
@CrashCourse i need help with my test on monday i would highly appreiciate if you could give me more information about Inb Battuta
The Visible Gardener
The Visible Gardener - 7 years ago
It took me quite some time to actually figure out you were saying Kota Rani and not Coat Irani or something. But then again, mispronunciation is your thing. Best Wishes, The Visible Gardener.
Vid Prasad
Vid Prasad - 6 years ago
i couldnt even understand what he was saying and so was going through the comments if some got it correctly! haha thank you!
Sean Lee
Sean Lee - 7 years ago
Malacca is not pronounced ma lac ca, it's pronounced mer lair car,
Anub Pwnz
Anub Pwnz - 7 years ago
Question: Was the trade in "these times" based on barter, or was there some sort of currency, eg gold coins/ingots?
So for example, i was a sword smith, and a trade ship arrived with ivory, what would I trade for said ivory to get it?
Gabriel Fagundes
Gabriel Fagundes - 7 years ago
gold, silver, salt... Or one thing to another (like, Ivory for peper)
Imperial Crusader
Imperial Crusader - 7 years ago
I still want a funny hat though.
Taylor Carr
Taylor Carr - 7 years ago
that song was tetris niggas
Vrael - 7 years ago
Taylor Carr Korobienki, not Tetris
Kado Ryan
Kado Ryan - 7 years ago
this was interesting :)
Christopher Deane
Christopher Deane - 7 years ago
that tetris jam was awesome!
James Greydanus
James Greydanus - 7 years ago
For me the subtitles look completely blend in with the white background.
Raghunandan Reddy C
Raghunandan Reddy C - 7 years ago
the europeans too entered india disguised as merchants. sick people......
Lesj Conj
Lesj Conj - 7 years ago
The merchants sound like international anarchists; peaceful and self-governing. When did this change?
MissPronounced - 6 years ago
lesjconj when Europe got involved.
YK - 7 years ago
awesome topic and video!
Carlos Carlos
Carlos Carlos - 7 years ago
He really likes the mongols lol
Ablover - 7 years ago
Solid episode. Learned a lot and didn't feel like I was.bgreat thanks for the writing in the episode
MarliesMega - 7 years ago
Why doesnt John want to talk about Europe. He just keeps referring to it as boring
Gabriel Fagundes
Gabriel Fagundes - 7 years ago
Even Crash Course don't have enought Africa in my opinion :(
MarliesMega - 7 years ago
+Gabriel Fagundes I seriously want African history at schools as well (schools all over the planet). Like, just the basics. I know nothing about Africa
Gabriel Fagundes
Gabriel Fagundes - 7 years ago
MarliesMega, I'm Brazilian (south america) and we just learn european history. Half of our populations is black and we don't have nothing about africa history, even we don't have south american history well. European history can be important, but I guess is over satured (but when have something rly interessant they speak about in this channel)
AdventureMidget - 7 years ago
Yes of course, but I just got tired of only learning about Europe. I want African, Asian, Native American history
MarliesMega - 7 years ago
+AdventureMidget I also wished I learned a bit more about other continents (besides the US obviously, which isnt a continent but you know) but Im European so for me to know what went on (especially in my own country) is pretty important.
AdventureMidget - 7 years ago
I personally find Europe boring because it was pretty much the only thing that I learned about in history. I wanted to learn about more than Europe but everyone was too "Euro-biased"
MarliesMega - 7 years ago
+Toadamor Europe wont fade into obscurity. But I want representation of European history. Ive already told the other guys what I mean, so you can read that. I dont think youve even noticed what Im talking about so its no use anyway
Toadamor - 7 years ago
MarliesMega What is it that you are so afraid of? Are you scared Europe is going to fade into obscurity or something? I don't think you understand how much Europe is talked about in the series. There have been entire episodes and just this one isn't going to hurt your or Europe.
MarliesMega - 7 years ago
+Harry Warne I understand the importance of talking about more then European history, and Im glad because Ive learned a bit more about world history. But as a European I couldnt help but sense hostility towards our history. I dont want it to be 90% about Europe. I dont want European history to be neglected just because its usually highlighted. I wanted a fair representation, and I feel like he only mentioned Europe when he could either mention the greatness of another nation, or something bad Europeans did (which is also important, but it feels very onesided).
And I dont really know how known European history is in other places. It just happens to be that the US is mostly the place off all attention, and since Americans came from Europe (sort of) I could understand that they get some European history. But I dont think that people in Indonesia or Chili get as much European history as the US or Europe. And ofcourse as an European getting European history is very important
H W - 7 years ago
He talked about Europe a bunch. He spoke a tonne about the Roman empire. He did a whole episode on the Middle Ages/Dark Ages. Though, the big point he made, was that many historians have called it the Dark Ages because there wasn't many big shifts going on in Europe in that period, hence why he focussed more on the rest of the world.

Though an important thing to bear in mind this far into the series is that, besides the Roman empire and some other empires that have reached into Europe, such as the El Andaluz and Islamic empires which he mentions a bit in Europe, there hasn't been a huge amount of large scale stuff happen in Europe by this point. As in stuff that's relevant to world history. While empires were rising and falling in the east and Africa, huge innovations were being made, people in places such as modern day Germany and UK were living in little agricultural communities, not really impacting on world history.

He's talking about things as they become relevant to world history. Europe hasn't always been relevant. That's a myth that Eurocentrism has tried to perpetuate. As soon as this series gets to the age of imperialism, the industrial revolution, and the world wars he won't stop going on about Europe though, I'm sure. Though, if these episodes have set the tone, he will also talk about other parts of the world, because they too were important. Our historical narratives have been so dominated by European views of history that it's great to see this series making an effort to point our gaze elsewhere. Not to say I think he's being biased in the other direction, but he's giving a much more nuanced overview. And that is what makes this series so bloody brilliant!

For example, I'd never heard about how important this trade route was, but I'd heard of the Silk Road. Because the Silk Road helped get goods to Europe. And Europe came to become dominant in the world in the last few centuries, so the histories I was brought up hearing were biased towards Europe. So I never heard about this trade route that was at least equally important in shaping world history.
MarliesMega - 7 years ago
+Harry Warne He talked about Europe very little, only when he could mention other nations. He didnt mention the Middle Ages. but he did mention the Crusades, because then he could mention the East. This is a series, he could make it as long as he wants, so he couldve mentioned general European history
Torcai - 7 years ago
Pretty much what Janek said. Too often when we try to learn new things in History we only find european things.

And also, John really try to put some perspective in how we learn History. Remember the Crusades video? Or the Persian and Greeks? History is not simply a colection of dates, but that's how we usually learn it. To change it we also need to stop viewing history through the same eyes. And these ayes are usually europeans, so learning the history of other places help us to remember that History is always controversial and different.
A fellow patriot
A fellow patriot - 7 years ago
Lucky, all I've been learning in Canada is native studies and a little bit about the fur trade and confederacy
MarliesMega - 7 years ago
+Janek Timmas Its still part of the world though. But I guess this series is mostly geared towards Americans and they know European history already I guess
Janek Timmas
Janek Timmas - 7 years ago
because most schools in Europe and the US only talk about European history and never touch on anything else, like Chinese, South-American, African or well, anything that isn't right next to Europe or the US
Felipe Cortes
Felipe Cortes - 7 years ago
stars at 5:21
Felipe Cortes
Felipe Cortes - 7 years ago
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Rishav Sarkar - 7 years ago
You are awesome John Green!
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William Schubert - 7 years ago
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Devayani M
Devayani M - 7 years ago
The map of India at that time included present day Pakistan. Otherwise great presentation. :)
Devayani M
Devayani M - 6 years ago
Yes ... India and Pakistan partitioned because of the British. There were a lot of political reasons apart from religion
And.. Bangladesh was also a part of india as east Bengal which also partitioned from India as a part of Pakistan.
Lesj Conj
Lesj Conj - 7 years ago
That's the only reason?
Tanmay Sahoo
Tanmay Sahoo - 7 years ago
Pakistan separated due to religious differences.
Lesj Conj
Lesj Conj - 7 years ago
Really? Oh, the British revived ancient borders?
Fahim416 - 7 years ago
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Liberal bias - 7 years ago
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Rajeev Bhatnagar - 7 years ago
Excellent presentation. Details usually not found in history books.
Habib Ainun Syifa Fadhurrohman
Habib Ainun Syifa Fadhurrohman - 7 years ago
here comes portuguese, spanish, dutchhes and of course... british
Joshua Torea
Joshua Torea - 7 years ago
who else always skips the open letter
Michelle C
Michelle C - 7 years ago
I'm a little confused as to how the Indian Ocean was more diverse because other than not trading with Europe both routes had trade connections with India, China, Africa, etc. Could anyone explain?
Fanta Sama
Fanta Sama - 5 years ago
Lesj Conj I think he met more diverse than the silk roads. There are multiple reasons as to why Indian Ocean Basin trade was more diverse than the silk roads trade, but a big one is that it occurred later in history so naturally it'd be more advanced, not to mention it united the majority of the eastern hemisphere
Lesj Conj
Lesj Conj - 7 years ago
I'm kinda confused what you're confused about. You're asking why is the Indian Ocean trade more diverse than..what?
Habib Ainun Syifa Fadhurrohman
Habib Ainun Syifa Fadhurrohman - 7 years ago
that's it... there are wide arranges of kingdoms in the indian ocean especially if you count all through the trade route. from the swahili and middle east to india, to malaka, to thailand, to vietnam, china, even japan and korea bought goods from this trade route. this interaction brought diversity in trade because there are so many people there.
Sammy Dreemurr
Sammy Dreemurr - 7 years ago
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SyncOut 226 - 6 years ago
Don't worry. It had it's own section in the last episode of World History 2
Laura Connolly
Laura Connolly - 7 years ago
Gabriel Fagundes yes and how does that pertain to my comment?
Gabriel Fagundes
Gabriel Fagundes - 7 years ago
singapore is just a city-state.
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Novigradian blah this was the case for me till AP World came about...
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same, but also understanding the past may help us in shaping our future.
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Shiv Tatineni
Shiv Tatineni - 7 years ago
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MarliesMega - 7 years ago
+Scopps94 I understand it, but its too bad.
Scopps94 - 7 years ago
+MarliesMega Im assuming the crash course program created this platform to venture more on the less revised or more ignored areas of history (mostly non-Eurocentric historical accounts). Whilst the mostly known middle age of Europe is well taught & pressed in secular academia.
MarliesMega - 7 years ago
Yeah I know.. I dont really like how he skipped Europes Middle Ages. I know European history has been focused on most in history, but that doesnt mean that when you discuss world history that you glance over it. Anyways, this whole serie glances over many things (and instead makes lame jokes).
erikbarrett85 - 7 years ago
+Marlon Moncrieffe yes but he does announce that nothing can be without bias, so, he's aware of things...
Marlon  Moncrieffe
Marlon Moncrieffe - 7 years ago
So do I. But Green's anti-Eurocentrism can border on obnoxious zealotry sometimes.
Ron Velitsky
Ron Velitsky - 7 years ago
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Novigradian - 7 years ago
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An astrolabe looks like the Antikythera mechanism.
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This was secretly an episode on economics.
Chris Edmands
Chris Edmands - 7 years ago
quick question. Did they trade by item or coin? so like wood for cotton or was it wood for coin?
eagleyeB101 - 7 years ago
Malacca in eu4 SO rich imho if you play that game, shame that trade is so euro-centric though and that the trade node system isn't the most accurate.
Anaz Azlan
Anaz Azlan - 7 years ago
im malaysian n so I learnt bout melaka.... Damn it was a boss . they trade with money as in spainih coins
Nizaris1 - 7 years ago
Trade with gold and silver coins, gold and silver dust, bartering the goods...for example, traders and merchants bartering the things that both side don't produce...Melaka Empire was so wealthy by the tax on these trades until fall in 1511AD to the Portuguese invaders, and so the sea trade decline when more western come to monopolize it such as Dutch, English and Spanish...the VOC...
Joe Average
Joe Average - 7 years ago
This is a bit late, but it could be either. It really just depended what each side had to trade and wanted in return. Sometimes, a merchant would trade ivory for a bit of gold and a bit of crops or goods.
Daniel Xsim
Daniel Xsim - 7 years ago
sriwijaya is with a w not a v
Robert Andersson
Robert Andersson - 7 years ago
7:48 Unfortunately, I still can neither speak nor read Arabic and I thus do not know what that means. I suspect that is the name of God (Allah) since it was mentioned on the Wikipeida page ‘Symboles of Islam’ but I do not know for sure. That does that symbol mean?
ProRunescapian - 7 years ago
+Harry Warne haha not the best name to give a good first impression? :'D

To be honest I've gotten a bit annoyed at how some Arabic words are so misunderstood outside of Arabic-speaking countries. I don't expect anyone to know Arabic, of course, but I've been told several times now by people who don't even speak Arabic what the correct meaning of the word "Allah" is and that I, and the vast majority of Arabs, simply have it wrong. It's kinda funny, really.. but mostly frustrating :P
H W - 7 years ago
What a fantastic time we live in, where someone with the username "ProRunescapian" can teach me about Arabic etymology. <3.
Nizaris1 - 7 years ago
+Robert Andersson

You're welcome :)
Robert Andersson
Robert Andersson - 7 years ago
+Nizaris1 Thank you very much for responding!
Nizaris1 - 7 years ago
the core word is salam, it just add alif to make it sound Islam, it still the same, submit to God in peace
Robert Andersson
Robert Andersson - 7 years ago
+ProRunescapian Thank you very much for responding! ☺
ProRunescapian - 7 years ago
it's not a symbol, those are arabic letters. سلام means peace. but actually what they meant to write was اسلام (note the extra letter on the right) which is the word islam, meaning submission (to god).

so yeah they made a mistake there. bad mistake to make. some people like to argue that islam does in fact mean peace, but that isnt true. its just that islam comes from the same root as peace. the words desk & book also have the same root in arabic but clearly have different meanings.
SA-X - 7 years ago
I meant about the word on screen said but I'm not so sure anymore. But at least I learned how to say "god" in swedish!
Robert Andersson
Robert Andersson - 7 years ago
Sorry, I wrote ‘...the name of G u d... instead of ‘G o d’. I kind of returned into my native language, Swedish. ☺
SA-X - 7 years ago
Means "god"

edit: wait now im not sure
Adam - 7 years ago
i am from indonesia, and i don't have an exam :) but thank you for this. very informative :)
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Made Soma - 7 years ago
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Cruz Nunez - 7 years ago
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Aliya Mia Sharizman - 7 years ago
My mum is from a long line of merchants, my dad's ancestors were lots of pirates. All around Malacca
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Saathvik Boompelli
Saathvik Boompelli - 7 years ago
I would like to point out that during that time period "Hindustan/India" was much larger than depicted throughout the video since Pakistan and other surrounding territory was within India's borders.
apsarator - 7 years ago
There is a term - widespread among historians: "Maritime Silk Road"
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Quint Victrum
Quint Victrum - 7 years ago
I find your lack of talking about Portuguese to be alarming, they shaped and pretty much ruled the IOT for a really long time (particularly the Malacca Strait) just because they could, not to mention they were really REALLY good at it! other than that great video!
Nizaris1 - 7 years ago
Portuguese are the ones who actually destroy the trade...they attack Goa and then Melaka, sabotaging the trade and so the Arabs don't get goods from SEA, after that the VOC come in and ruin everything
khalid ahmed
khalid ahmed - 7 years ago
Somali are not Sawahilis we share islam, trade, color and great relationship with Sawahilis we are caucasiod race and they are a conongload race.
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Good luck guys~
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goose121 - 6 years ago
Because he was. It was a reference to a song his brother, Hank Green, created about Tetris and was set to the melody of Tetris Theme A. I don't remember the name, but a search of "hank green tetris" should find it.
Alpus - 6 years ago
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Inebolu Balikcisi
Inebolu Balikcisi - 7 years ago
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matt young
matt young - 7 years ago
It’s called Korobeiniki
Helseth - 7 years ago
I believe it is in fact tetris theme A
Inebolu Balikcisi
Inebolu Balikcisi - 7 years ago
+Hector Woods What is it then ?
Hector Woods
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+nfopuhfxir those are made by people, you can contribute and add your subtitles or you can use auto-translate
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Me: "Yep, just like periods."
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Sree Shankar Lal - 7 years ago
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Sree Shankar Lal
Sree Shankar Lal - 7 years ago
Thanks Jordan, just noticed at 2:52 there is a snorkeling camel, but no explanation
Jordan O'Hare Gibson
Jordan O'Hare Gibson - 7 years ago
+Sree Shankar Lal thereis a snorkeling camel when he talks about the monsoons
Prentice Small
Prentice Small - 7 years ago
Elephants also lived in Thailand and Yunnan , a province of China
Daniel - 7 years ago
+Prentice Small ok so both.
Prentice Small
Prentice Small - 7 years ago
I was referring to that time period , but yes currently live there now.
Daniel - 7 years ago
+Prentice Small Live or lived
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Jayna Gloria - 7 years ago
This is my only way to survive my CCOT on the Indian Ocean (from 600-1750) tomorrow. Wish me luck (I'm gonna need it).
Behanjul - 7 years ago
FYI Srivijaya we call it Sriwijaya Kingdom
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balagopal n - 7 years ago
stop shouting you idiot
LORDjwvr - 7 years ago
Is there any historical event that wasn't related to economy? 'Cause it sees that the great motor of History is money.
Bird_Dog - 7 years ago
+LORDjwvr There are quite a few. As long as you consider natural disasters historical events.
Trade is quite important. No nation can make everything it needs on it's own and prosper.
Ashley brigance
Ashley brigance - 7 years ago
Mongolia is the phrase of the week
Ashley brigance
Ashley brigance - 7 years ago
+Ashley brigance no i was wrong it was they didnt have pizza
ProRunescapian - 7 years ago
7:45 the arabic word for islam isn't سلام (which means peace) but اسلام (submission). am i the only one who speaks arabic on here? :P
Ahmed Abdin
Ahmed Abdin - 6 years ago
Islam means submitting your will to God and also derives from the word سلام which means peace so in short it means by submitting your will to God you earn peace and you could also drive from it the word سلم which means give or submit as in سلم الورقة which means submit the paper
ProRunescapian - 7 years ago
+Sarah Alotaibi yes, they come from the same root :) however, islam doesn't mean surrender/submission to god, it simply means submission/surrender. as garlicpudding said IN CONTEXT it does mean submission to god. key word is in context
Sarah Alota
Sarah Alota - 7 years ago
But Islam does come in the roots of Salam! Also I thought Islam means to me surrender to God!
ProRunescapian - 7 years ago
+GarlicPudding Pedantic*.. youre not alone haha
GarlicPudding - 7 years ago
Well, in context it means "submission TO GOD" (I'm pendantic), but yeah; good point.
Family B
Family B - 7 years ago
+ProRunescapian yes
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India Pruette - 7 years ago
I like to see if i can catch him blink
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Sofía Pandolfo - 7 years ago
God I'm so in love with this channel and this videos. It's such a shame that when they teach us "world history" we only hear about what happened in Europe, as if the rest of thw world didn't exist until europeans found it. Thanks so much for making this series! It's incredibly interesting and an amazing way to learn new things which is what i love the most
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Micheal McIntosh - 7 years ago
Best Youtube Channel ever!!!
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my playlist of garbage - 7 years ago
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Minecraft Reborn - 7 years ago
savannah hamilton
savannah hamilton - 7 years ago
glass? realy
ODDBALL SOK - 7 years ago
Good show.
Good to point out the fate of Srivijaya.
What I still don't understand is how Islam thru a "couple" of Islam traders could spread out SO FAST (50 years time span) along the Indonesian coasts (not immediately inland! that took some 200 years) with NOTHING more to offer than "better trading contact". I mean; it is the indonesian GOODS that were in demand by the muslim traders NOT the other way around (selling "books" yeah, = Koran..not the scientific or mathematic books), thus the Hindu Indonesians were the ones to call the price, to set import taxes or benefits. Right ?
And the Sundanese and Bukinese (edit yes Bugis) sailed and traded too through the any other India market goods (cotton, ivory, other spices, steel) could have been bought through them.
So what was the appeal ?
Nizaris1 - 7 years ago
Malays are so loyal to the kings, when the kings converted to Islam, their subjects follow without question, that what happen. It is only need the king change the official religion, no one will dare to oppose that, opposing it means opposing the king.
Adolf Sinaga
Adolf Sinaga - 7 years ago
+ODDBALL SOK excellent question. Thats why many historian till this very day are still researching about it. kampusmampus gave a safe decent answer but if i may add: You're absolutely right about the Hindus that making the call back in those days. But as you also mentioned, the Bugis (I never heard about Bukinese) were trading (and pirating). Now, for the Bugis, to a bigger extent also for the Acehnese, Hindu was never really a thing for them. The idea of Bugis itself only truly took form after Islam.
For the lot of them, Islam offer much internationalism than Hindu and their local animist belief. At that time, the Arab were getting rich by playing middleman for many exotic goods to Europe through their Italian Connection (Venetia, Pisa, etc). It only make sense that Aceh was the first area to be Islamized since there are many proof of Islamic community existence in the 10-11th century - some historian even suggest a much earlier period along with Nestorian.
This internationalism membership card was very powerful as it also went to the spice islands in the 15th century.
But, if by Indonesian coast you mean Java, well thats a diff story altogether
LV427 - 7 years ago
+ODDBALL SOK It weren't just "a couple" muslim traders since there were many muslim ulama (clerics, or generally someone who is knowledgeable in Islam and able to preach it. I have to mention that people who memorize all 114 verses of the Koran are more common in those days and they could also be merchants, scientists, etc.) who took part in the travels and many muslim merchants were also ulama, in a sense that they are knowledgeable enough about Islam to preach it to the locals.

Some of them established communities near local ports, married the locals (their spouse then converted to Islam), took part in the local politics, became advisors to local rulers, and some even become military leaders. Many of them were revered among the locals as wali (saints) and their graves today are popular pilgrimage sites. Their descendants then became part of local aristocracy.
Most likely the muslim merchants just taught Koran and Islamic teachings to the locals as they traded instead of selling the book to them as commodity because the book itself wasn't a trade commodity, and if they wanted to preach the content of Koran or when the locals asked them about Islamic teachings they just spill their knowledge to the locals.

The Islamic thought that was preached in Indonesia by those merchants was mainly Sufism, which is more mystical, esoteric and tolerant thought that is practiced by most Indonesian muslims today

Also, Majapahit, the last strong Hindu-Buddhist empire which centered in Java and covered much of the archipelago, Malay Peninsula and southern Philippines in 15th century, was weakened in 16th century due to series of incompetent rulers, succession crisis and civil wars. The last king, Kertabhumi, gave muslim merchants in north coast of Java trading rights with the province of Demak, which was ruled by one of Kertabhumi's son who had converted to Islam as the center of trades, in exchange of loyalty to Majapahit.
This policy, while profitable to the imperial treasury, weakened Hindu-Buddhism as main religion, says the wiki. Eventually the empire was destroyed when Ranawijaya, the Duke of Daha, who ruled a province in inland East Java rebelled, invaded the capital, and killed the king. The ruler of Demak, Raden (Prince) Patah, the aforementioned son of Kertabhumi, while a muslim, still regarded himself as a loyal subject and heir of the empire. And thus he came into conflict with Ranawijaya, which he won. Raden Patah also had the aforementioned wali as his military, political, and spiritual advisors. After the defeat of Ranawijaya, he then declared the Sultanate of Demak as the continuation of Majapahit. That sure helped the spread of Islam in Java. Subsequent muslim kingdoms in Java still regarded themselves as continuation of Majapahit, as their kings were also descendants of Majapahit monarchs.

Regarding Srivijaya, some historians say its decline was caused bay civil wars and them having lost a war against Kingdom of Chola in southern India. Its remnant kingdoms were then conquered by Javanese kingdom of Singhasari, which in turn was succeeded by Majapahit.

And the the areas that werent too affected by the trade routes aren't populated by many muslims, as Bali is still Hindu, and Lesser Sunda Islands, North Sulawesi, parts of Maluku, and parts of West Papua are predominantly Christian.
Marcus Vinicius
Marcus Vinicius - 7 years ago
CrashCourse, thanks for the video and could you indicate a book talking about the monsoon market place, or a book that talks about the things you've said in this video.
Robert Shepherd
Robert Shepherd - 7 years ago
This guy talks way too fast and makes my ADHD go crazy in class. But when I mute him and turn the subtitles on, boy does he help me with my homework.
Fathur Rahman
Fathur Rahman - 7 years ago
srivijaya pronounced "sriwijaya"
919copacabana - 7 years ago
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Carlos Rios - 7 years ago
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Kaleb Sagehorn - 7 years ago
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CynicalSheep - 7 years ago
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Elephants lived in China to by that time
CupcakeTrueOnYT - 7 years ago
Can someone please tell me where I can find the full story that John was telling? The one about the person committing suicide after being forced into marriage (again).
Helen Le
Helen Le - 6 years ago
Her name was Kota Rani and apparently there's a historical fiction novel on her called "The Last Queen of Kashmir" that you can check out
Colleen Wasner
Colleen Wasner - 7 years ago
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Lawrence Calablaster - 7 years ago
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Lawrence Calablaster
Lawrence Calablaster - 7 years ago
What were his lips saying in the phrase of the week?
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That Tetris reference
NFN MRM - 7 years ago
Extremely offended by him giving the fucking Swahilis credit over Somali people. Americans seriously can't tell Africans apart? we don't consider Swahilis like us, we were always better and more important than them and it's offensive to us Somalis to be grouped together with these people.
We respect them and they history and consider them our historic allies but they are literally under us. Both Geographically and achievement wise.
NFN MRM - 7 years ago
Nicholas Steele
Nicholas Steele - 7 years ago
it's gonna be a crash?
Wesley Cline
Wesley Cline - 7 years ago
Ms. Sensing :)
Zero Duhaime
Zero Duhaime - 7 years ago
Rule of Life, the better the hat, the more powerful a being you are. History and Games in modern times have taught us this well. So, kiddies, save up, and buy yourself a good hat.
ChainSmoking Dave
ChainSmoking Dave - 7 years ago
So why didn't the Africans trade finished goods instead of Raw Goods? They could charge so much more for finished goods and have a monopoly on it. They had all the raw goods needed for finished goods and whatever they didn't have they could easily trade for with other finished goods. A society doesn't trade away it's secrets, is the answer why. The Africans didn't have the technology to create trade goods because they weren't as advanced.
NFN MRM - 7 years ago
+ChainSmoking Dave Ok. ignoring your dumb last statement. Know that by "Africans" he meant the Swahili people ONLY who weren't technologically advanced enough compared to the Somali empires and city states up North. Somalis established the trading route directly to Beijing and even introduced these Swahili traders to the "Monsoon Market". Somalis also had colonies throughout the Indian Ocean that extracted gold and ivory to sell on the Market and have dominated the Indian Ocean's gold trade making Mogadishu the richest city in the Indian Ocean. This was happening in the 1500s sadly when the Portuguese bastards took advantage and completely destroyed our chances of monopolizing and turning into some crazy rich people, atleast the Portuguese never touched our cities and feared us. If their piracy came 100 years later then who knows what we could've become? We remained a trading powerhouse in the Indian Ocean but sadly empire after empire tried to conquer our rich cities until the Colonial period.

Don't expect much information from this dude though. He fucking called Mogadishu a Swahili city but I don't think he is that stupid these videos seem to be just for the teenies who are being shown that "history isn't boring" and if you want the history of Mogadishu. go search on it yourself
Divya Bawa
Divya Bawa - 7 years ago
"Last week's phrase was voice over unless you are the Mongols."
Filipe Quintino
Filipe Quintino - 7 years ago
What about one on the Portuguese Empire and its ties with the Indian trade Routes and the start of globalization?
Bia Tavi
Bia Tavi - 7 years ago
The Portuguese were a nuisance to the Indian ocean trade and weren't much of a contribution.
Filipe Quintino
Filipe Quintino - 7 years ago
Regarding the Indian Trade Route, the Portuguese had a massive impact in the trade market in Europe, since in 1498, through Vasco da Gama, they setted the first indian trade route by the sea directly to Europe. In that way, the portuguese revolucionized the way the europeans traded with all the parties in th Indian Trade Route described in the video.
AwGosh - 7 years ago
Then he would have to mention every empire with ties to the trade in the Indian Ocean and all of they're contributions to globalisation not just the Portuguese
super void
super void - 7 years ago
Aw, please don't rename things for a joke... Then I learn that name and nobody will understand me talking about it.
Oliver Martins
Oliver Martins - 7 years ago
I need help comparing the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Ocean during the period 1450 to 1700
Amanda Lins
Amanda Lins - 7 years ago
The Europeans did participate in Indian Ocean trade in the 16th century when the Portuguese took control of some Swahili trade cities
NFN MRM - 7 years ago
+Bia Tavi yes they took control of Arab and Swahili cities but not Somali cities. They were defeated by Ajuran
Bia Tavi
Bia Tavi - 7 years ago
The Portuguese did not partake they tried occupying Indian and Swahili cities. They were just a nuisance to business.
Morgoth - 7 years ago
+Grort They thought Hinduism was a form of Christianity? If that's the case, that was probably fueled by the legend of Prestor John.
Grort - 7 years ago
+Morgoth Well, yeah. When a small caravel with 20 men on board could capture a large trading dhow carrying a stock of elephants and protected by a hundred armed warriors, purely due to supremacy of cannon, it does cause the whole system to go crazy. Fortunately, monopoly of trade was only possible under a few very capable figures, notably Almeida and Albuquerque, with Gama having been militiristic but not an empire builder, and Albuquerques successors being a mixed bag.

Europeans were rather ignorant about a lot of things, evident by mistaking Hinduism as some sort of strange Christianity when they arrived in India.
Morgoth - 7 years ago
+Amanda Lins and RUINED it
26Pixels - 7 years ago
Party blower solo in the style of Hank
Niko Mal-Ren
Niko Mal-Ren - 7 years ago
It took guts to make that pun...
literal sarcasm
literal sarcasm - 7 years ago
I noticed your mispronunciation. I actually thought it was funny.
Nevo Krien
Nevo Krien - 7 years ago
you ofended jous any where becose our rileagan makes us where hats
אתא העךבת את כול היהודים בגלל שאמונתנו מחיבת אותנו ללבוש כיסוי ראש
Levi Thomas
Levi Thomas - 7 years ago
we have the same shoes
Samridh Nagar
Samridh Nagar - 7 years ago
don't forget to be awesome
The T.C.
The T.C. - 7 years ago
No hats?! You sir have disrespected my culture and I'm not sticking around for your racism.

Josh Mc
Josh Mc - 7 years ago
Fine, you're the one losing such a great tool. I haven't yet found a history resource anywhere near as funny or interesting as Crash Course, and why someone would choose to stop using it over such a pedantic reason beats me. If people forget the reason for doing this how can you accuse John Green of being a bigot? Surely it is us as a society's fault. Not wearing hats inside has been a part of western culture for hundreds of years, and we have all grown up and been taught that it is polite to take your hat off inside. No one would have ever told John Green that this tradition was racist, so how on Earth was he supposed to know? Before going out and accusing people of being racist, consider; do they really know they're being racist? If they don't know they're being racist, and no one else of similar culture knows that that is racist, then they are not a bigot, they are just a part of an uninformed mass, something which is hardly their fault. My advice to you is: let it go. Getting offended over some historical occurrence that is ingrained into our culture and will not leave is pointless, and you only sound like a prick. 
The T.C.
The T.C. - 7 years ago
+Josh Mc
You know I had faith that you would eventually realize how silly this is and that I was being facetious, or like... get tired of this.

Though somehow you're WAAAY more bored than I am, which I guess goes to show there's always someone worse off than you.

Tho seriously, the "take your hats off on the inside" did come from Paul's misogynistic views, and like a lot of things in history people forget the reason for doing things and it just becomes a "We do it just cuz, I mean it's always BEEN this way"

It's like how people say "What a gyp" and they don't realize that it's talking about Romani folk using a racial slur. They're not so racist as they are ignorant... That said it could upset a roma folk since it's comparable to saying "Jew them down" or "Indian giver" but at the same time I dunno if anyone ever takes those saying seriously.

In any case, that was mildly fun, but I'm tired of playing.
Josh Mc
Josh Mc - 7 years ago
Ah, I see you forgot to learn what context is. You continue to show that you extract small parts of something out and exploit that to get your message across, which wasn't actually the point that the person was making in the beginning. In case if you haven't noticed, hats are  not just used in religion, and in Western culture we consider it polite to take off hats inside, of course in the case that a hat has some sort of religious significance it is acceptable. However, John Green does not link his request to religion AT ALL, and you have taken this out of context and manipulated so you could feel offended, which doesn't make sense to me that you would go through all that trouble to victimize yourself when you could just get off your high horse and enjoy this wonderful educational resource. Although a Tom & Jerry black face gag is just a joke, it is straight up racist. But you can't compare that instance, where the intent was to be racist, to this video, where he was mocking the fashion decisions of historical leader figures. There is a difference. And if you need to read into it and take it out of the context to find racism it is not racist. 
The T.C.
The T.C. - 7 years ago
+Josh Mc
I guess I can understand that, I mean I doubt Hanna/Barbara thought they were being malicious whenever they had a blackface gag in their Tom & Jerry cartoons. It was just a cute joke.

Though those kinds of jokes were deemed taboo by society because they attacked a very large group of people. So yeah, I doubt anyone would take hats seriously, I mean we still use stereotypes of American tribes as football mascots.

Just thinking that your bigotry is innocent doesn't stop you from being a bigot.
Josh Mc
Josh Mc - 7 years ago
Because he is not a bigot.

I honestly don't know why you're missing my point entirely. Yes, we get it, hat wearers were persecuted, you've told us that over and over again. But he wasn't even referencing this occurrence! He was JOKING (keyword here, you might need to search this up and learn something new) and with common sense one can use the tool of CONTEXT (another keyword, please feel free to use dictionary to learn what this is) to plainly see that this joke is in no way attempting to be racist or bigotry. It is a harmless joke that you somehow managed to find offense in. I cannot believe someone would find that joke offensive, it is nowhere even close to the mark.
The T.C.
The T.C. - 7 years ago
+Josh Mc
I dunno why I thought that was a bucket hat, maybe because there was no outer wear, making him wearing a fedora a ridiculous stereotype.

Hat wearers have been persecuted as early as the bible days, with paul condemning men wearing hats saying that women should only cover their heads, so it's a little sexist too.

I honestly don't know why you're defending this bigot.
Josh Mc
Josh Mc - 7 years ago
No its not, you're just taking this out of context and trying incredibly hard to be the victim whereas a normal person would recognise that in this context telling someone to take off a hat (a fedora, which is a casual wear hat which in my knowledge has no links to religion) is not even close to racism and is not trying to hint racism, and in recognising this, they would move on. 
The T.C.
The T.C. - 7 years ago
+Josh Mc
He is being super racist, the anti-hat movement was started by Catholics to oppress women, and telling people to take their hats off inside is basically tea-bagging on minorities.
Josh Mc
Josh Mc - 7 years ago
He's not being racist at all. He was making a joke related to the theme of leaders with funny hats. He was in no way trying to offend you but you're feelings are as easily bruised as a piece of fruit. Stop playing the victim, stop being so sensitive and learn to take a joke
Curiov - 7 years ago
Skye Solorio
Skye Solorio - 8 years ago
These are the only videos where you can go into the comment section and not lose all faith in humanity.
Yours KFC
Yours KFC - 5 years ago
You have made me lose my humanity.
cooper lynch
cooper lynch - 6 years ago
XD +2 faith in humanity
Uzay Doğan
Uzay Doğan - 6 years ago
Try few videos earlier where everyone screaming "DEUS VULT" :D
Siegs - 7 years ago
ok clean franci
My opinion is stupid And doesn't matter but
My opinion is stupid And doesn't matter but - 7 years ago
Skye Solorio vanoss Gamings comment section is pretty tame
eagleyeB101 - 7 years ago
Check out the MrsuicideSheep community. He posts music on his channel from a wide variety that he finds along with cool artwork. The amount of negative comments that I have found that were not resolved peacefully and diplomatically with smiles and hugs I could count on one hand. Best community I have yet to find on youtube. Have a nice day! (and I'm sorry for replying to super old comments but I couldn't resist :D)
nirvgorilla - 7 years ago
Probably because it's censored. I bet negative comments are deleted. Want to bet?
Nicholas Cooper
Nicholas Cooper - 7 years ago
+DeltaNoodles Touché
DeltaNoodles - 7 years ago
Well, 90% of the comments are;
"Huhuh suddying for my finals, liek if ur only here for AP world history too lul."
chickenmonger123 - 7 years ago
That isnt an issue if you had none in the first place.
Nicholas Cooper
Nicholas Cooper - 7 years ago
+Satil Moni You must save humanity. Or at least the West, because they think muslims are all crazy.
Satil Moni
Satil Moni - 7 years ago
+Tai Fropez lol true. I'm muslim, and looking at all that makes me wanna shut their mouths and just watch the video.
Siegs - 7 years ago
+Skye Solorio Watch the Islam episode and the Crusades episode,
you will be proved wrong. It's a warzone.
Ian Southerland
Ian Southerland - 8 years ago
+Skye Solorio :D
acidash - 8 years ago
anyone else watching this the day before they have a test in AP World History ':D
Cavey 02
Cavey 02 - 5 years ago
literally tomorrow
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Nope. Exam in HS 201 in college.
Amanda - 6 years ago
YES! ugh
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Day before the AP test for AP World History lmaoooo
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Doge Charger - 6 years ago
ripperoni rex
Kingsito - 6 years ago
OHH WELL!!! it's tomorrow for me.
Ok(calmly), watch the videos on 1.5X speed and then take the Practice Test.
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Jasmine Marshall - 6 years ago
YES!!! my exam is in a week!!!
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this is me rn, ive got the AP Practice in the morning ;-;
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Viren Ghuman - 6 years ago
acidash well this on no but Rome yes
TheCoffeeCrafter - 6 years ago
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Melisa Ustunsoz - 6 years ago
too real and relatable
Arjun Tarafdar
Arjun Tarafdar - 6 years ago
how on earth did you know but i've seen this earlier too just for fun
Rubber Ducky Animations
Rubber Ducky Animations - 7 years ago
yeah mrs. shepeard sucks
SkyLegendary - 7 years ago
Alexa Hurnyak Ya know? I want to die.
Alexa Hurnyak
Alexa Hurnyak - 7 years ago
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Tron Bui - 7 years ago
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+NuclearGalactus ahahahhaa ap history tomorrow :D
NuclearGalactus - 7 years ago
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michelle jaffe - 7 years ago
+acidash How the hell did you know
21 Reasons
21 Reasons - 7 years ago
Samara Duffie
Samara Duffie - 7 years ago
+acidash im actually doing my homework.
Zajin13 - 7 years ago
+acidash No, i just enjoy history.
TheSkyWolfWarrior - 7 years ago
+acidash Yep!
John Kopasakis
John Kopasakis - 8 years ago
lol no malaka jokes?
Splinta_Xx - 8 years ago
The Tetris theme song was a nice touch xD
Arjun Jayaprakash
Arjun Jayaprakash - 8 years ago
This is the first series that I've seen that has an unbiased take on history. Thank you!
hello there
hello there - 8 years ago
You suck at pronunciations :-(
CoachEgg - 8 years ago
I teach AP World. These are good introductions, but leave a lot of needed detail out. Also surprising to see his advocacy of a free market system. He's substantially leftist in most areas.
James Wang
James Wang - 7 years ago
+CoachEgg It's an entire WH concept crammed into 10 minutes, and you complain about him leaving stuff out?
rishabh gupta
rishabh gupta - 8 years ago
Good knowledgeble videos...Great work to share knowledge...Thanks to the makers..
Kohl Corrigan
Kohl Corrigan - 8 years ago
best thing I have seen in my life when jon green played tetris music on blow outs
MrBananaCheeks - 8 years ago
That party horn solo caught me off guard, and I can't stop giggling.
Firefin3 - 8 years ago
Richard Clark
Richard Clark - 8 years ago
+Firefin3 tetris theme.
KCircuit8 - 8 years ago
Please have youth Mongol shirts
Cry - 8 years ago
Julie Hochstrasser
Julie Hochstrasser - 8 years ago
Are you sure they were getting black pepper from Sri Lanka? In the seventeenth century, Sri Lanka was more important as a source for cinnamon, while black pepper came primarily from India. But maybe that had changed in the intervening centuries?
The Shadow Crafter
The Shadow Crafter - 8 years ago
They're the exception!
dakrazypanda - 8 years ago
non-European people are inferior
Amay Kejriwal
Amay Kejriwal - 8 years ago
+dakrazypanda prove it
Rickterr - 8 years ago
john, have you ever looked at arab, venetian and dutch merchants from early modern periods? they wore some of the funiest hats of them all!!
William Stark
William Stark - 8 years ago
The Monsoon Marketplace blew up... Ah ah ah aaahhhhh... Que drum kit!
Kronstadt Sailor
Kronstadt Sailor - 8 years ago
Ruka Erika
Ruka Erika - 8 years ago
This is an insensitive comment, it's a point of view that just popped to mind. The Europeans around this period seem ,in comparison from hindsight , like idiots that disrespect other cultures , histories and people but only managed to conquer due to "superior technology " and ruthlessness.
Ryanne Girgenti
Ryanne Girgenti - 8 years ago
MINI GLOBE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vagabond Soul
Vagabond Soul - 8 years ago
Don't stress that 'j' in Srivijaya, John!
I Eat The Anal
I Eat The Anal - 8 years ago
Australia, in the Indian Ocean but never had any love

1 liek = 1 Australia
Samuel Lawrence
Samuel Lawrence - 8 years ago
dat tetris theme song doh
Calista Abercrombie
Calista Abercrombie - 8 years ago
phrase of the week "Riddle me this"
TheDarkSlayer - 8 years ago
No silly hats but talking about trade? TF2 is disappointed, John Green...
Debashruto Bhattacharyya
Debashruto Bhattacharyya - 8 years ago
At the beginning of the video, "90% of globes are filled with serpents?" Seriously.............
Omar Khamis
Omar Khamis - 8 years ago
I. Love this guys son much he gives help
Omar Khamis
Omar Khamis - 8 years ago
Omar Khamis
Omar Khamis - 8 years ago
Are the answers a for the ap test
Advanced skepticism
Advanced skepticism - 8 years ago
Thank you so much for this. I watch this purely out of enjoyment because you offer a history lesson in an easily digestible and entertaining way.
PrabhSharan Singh
PrabhSharan Singh - 6 years ago
Advanced skepticism same
JustinWong888 - 7 years ago
same here . from south east asia. this guy is way betterthan average asian history teacher . Love the Mongols being the exception !
Ayesha Habib
Ayesha Habib - 7 years ago
Thalia Almeda
Thalia Almeda - 8 years ago
Anybody notice that his computer says "This machine kills fascists"? Paper Towns Reference!!!
Soupy - 8 years ago
I think cgp grey put it best when he said that it is not the actions of great men or those of the masses that shape history but the endless march of science and technology.
Алеша Попович
Алеша Попович - 8 years ago
Что за дебильная привычка рассказывать, жестикулируя как идиот? Спокойно и нормально рассказать нельзя?
TheDesta82 - 8 years ago
700 years peacefull trade and then come europeans to make War
Crystal Yeh
Crystal Yeh - 8 years ago
Can someone tell me how to spell the name of the person John was talking about in 5:27?
Debashruto Bhattacharyya
Debashruto Bhattacharyya - 8 years ago
Kota Rani-She was the last Hindu ruler of Kashmir
LTNuk3m - 8 years ago
Snerk.  "Peddlers" on the party noisemakers...
Supadubya - 8 years ago
2:25 "Because Elephants only live in India and Africa".  WRONG- Elephants also live in Southeast Asia, and were extensively used by the Khmer Empire (of Southeast Asia) for warfare and economic purposes.
Adolf Sinaga
Adolf Sinaga - 7 years ago
+Supadubya they also lived in Flores with the Hobbit..but then, so?
Chris Heckel
Chris Heckel - 8 years ago
+darangsc Well they don't live in China and thats the point.
dschaos - 8 years ago
+Supadubya As well as in the maritime Southeast Asia (just google Sumatran elephant, Javanese elephant [now extinct] and Borneo elephant)
Leah Markum
Leah Markum - 8 years ago
3rd episode now that covers a topic that wasn't addressed in my high school world history. I'm going to start counting so I can make a point when I'm telling people how behind some schools are (we usually got through 1/2 or 2/3 of the curriculum).
asih simanis
asih simanis - 8 years ago
Growing up in Indonesia, I think we called it the Spice Road. Since according to what we earned they primarily traded spice. I was wondering when you would mention Indonesia or south east asian history, glad that its finally being mentioned.
TheMerovingian - 8 years ago
Nice videos, thank you so much. Too bad those weren't around when I was in school :)
Just want to say that monsoon - in portuguese ''monção'' pl. ''monções'' - is also used in portuguese speaking countries, specially Mozambique, to describe the ''rainning season'' in general.
Reginald Finley
Reginald Finley - 8 years ago
Briliant. Thanks! The Merchants eh? My how little has changed.
Howard White
Howard White - 8 years ago
right now people are learning about history on the Internet. they can go as deep as they want, and they can use audio or text. history is being researched in a scientific manner. great efforts are being made to eliminate bias. yet on all these channels I hear constant disparagement of the West for their attitudes and things they have done. people denounce Western superiority attitudes. but they forget that China dismiss the entire world is being irrelevant or at least that part outside of China I should say. Japan lock her doors. and although merchants and the wealthy thirsted for knowledge, the average person around the world was astonished by the outside world. you can find just as many superstitious beliefs in Africa right now as you could in medieval Europe. the demand for all people to be seen as equal is a two way street.
to talk of the brutality of the Spanish in the New World, without relating it to the Spanish battle with Islam is absurd. talking of slavery in America and restricting that to North American us slavery, and then saying that America is both North and South America once we are past the topic of slavery is a bit hypocritical, don't you think? of course this comment is directed towards other people making posts not the people presenting the history.
Travis Sutton
Travis Sutton - 8 years ago
These videos are special because, even though I thought I already knew about all this stuff, I really didn't know exactly what was going on but now I do.
Umeko236 - 8 years ago
1. I love you, Crash Course team 2. I love love love to learn this way, I've learned more watching this course (which I'll finish for sure) than in all my school years. 3. I also love the mongols. 4. I also love the scripter, who changes the "awesome" final part (in the cc) for every small thing she likes. This chapter had the best quote ever! 5. THANKS!
Brad Hicks
Brad Hicks - 8 years ago
Dat Tetris A theme party blower solo doe.
Angryjolly - 8 years ago
It is a shame that growing up, I was taught that only Europeans traded and all of the other races mentioned here were primitive slaves and servants. I love all races and we share a deep history that is yet to be fully exposed. Thank you for this video and the pride that came with it.
Mateo Ramos
Mateo Ramos - 5 years ago
dude seriuesly u shoaud play soume mirio odissay and enjoyy the pac men hisrtuly
haldr912 - 6 years ago
O____0 i cant believe your imaginary friends lie to you
Ben Dove
Ben Dove - 6 years ago
Angryjolly well the trade must have sucked because they weren't rich or technologically advanced.
Midironica - 6 years ago
There's a saying "A mile wide and an inch deep," that applies here. The American education system has many deficiencies, like a lack of vocational training or coding classes...but in general, history curricula are more than adequate. Every country applies there own point of view to their history education. Since the US is a little over two centuries old it looks at history from a European point of view for history occurring before the 18th century. But even so, world history classes touch on history in every corner of the world.
The important thing to remember is that primary school history classes aren't supposed to make students scholars of the Mughal occupation of India. That's a job for college professors, college education being something America is a world leader in. No, the job of primary school history teachers is to get kids interested history, something I think they do very well. Always room for improvement though.
Itterashai - 6 years ago
Were you educated in North America or England? That would be why.
David Hibbs
David Hibbs - 6 years ago
The OP uses hyperbolic languages but he's not exactly wrong. Anyone who grew up in the US or the western world in general knows most non-European regions get little to no mention in history classes until Europeans "discovered" them. However, I don't think the reverse is true. The average Asian and African seems to know far more about American and European history than the other way around.
James Johansson
James Johansson - 6 years ago
Were you graduating class of 1850?
crap flap
crap flap - 6 years ago
im sure non-white countries werent teaching the history of white people either back in the day... you can say that about any race dont make it just about whites.
jalen gee
jalen gee - 6 years ago
ya we traveled to each others lands not to mention the slavery or labouring of some races the race by Europeans but...
Asians traveled to Africa
Arabs traveled to Africa
Africans traveled to Asia
Africans traveled to the middle east and etc
whites are not the only ones the willingly traveled .blacks , Asians , south Asians , Polynesians , Melanesians and Amerindians did ( include Latinos and mixed people if you want)
Meme it up
Meme it up - 6 years ago
Shang Eam You must not know a lot about history.
Abigail Rosenblat
Abigail Rosenblat - 6 years ago
I can sophistically comprehend all of this just as well as any other viewer looking for enjoyable education.
Gerald Lesten
Gerald Lesten - 6 years ago
Angryjolly You were simply taught something that someone of your age could comprehend. The common twelve year old in America can barely comprehend basic geography, let alone the Straits of Malacca.
ruanpingshan - 7 years ago
Growing up in India, I learned pretty much the same thing. We can all name more European kingdoms than Indian ones. The only difference was that trade was portrayed as something negative which inevitably leads to colonialism.
Charles McIntosh
Charles McIntosh - 7 years ago
+carson bode Its called having a school curriculum there is no way you can learn about all things in history so the school or state or nation decide which is most pertinent. Most countries tend to focus on their own history. In Europe it is mostly as you say without the American part. But the reason a lot is done in Europe is there is a lot of sources available and Europe due to it cultural dominance as formed the world we live in. International law and most international bodies are established to maintain the status quo of European/North American power dynamics. To understand your world you need to learn about Europe you can then focus on other areas if you like
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 8 years ago
+Angryjolly It'd be nice if high school history devoted one year to western civilization and one to "non-western civilization," instead of spending a year on boring and redundant American history. There are so many fascinating cultures that have existed over the course of human history, and we do ourselves a disservice by not learning about them.
kered13 - 8 years ago
+Nicole Washburn I went to school in North Carolina, and in middle and high school we learned, briefly, about the Indus Valley Civilization, the Chinese dynasties and manifest destiny, the Indian Ocean trade, the west African empires, and the east African city states, as well as all the usual things you would expect. Much more focus was given to European and American history (including Spanish colonization), of course, because this is more immediately relevant to the history of the US and thus our lives, but we did at least briefly touch on the other parts of the world.
Nicole Washburn
Nicole Washburn - 8 years ago
+The Anti-social-Socialist I went to a good Maryland public school in the 80s and we didn't look at Africa except the Egyptians 4000 years ago, Alexandria and the West African slave trade as it related to US. The same thing happens with Native American history. We never learned about anything beyond the Iroquois and Lakota, let alone the Aztecs or the Incas...THE INCAS were amazing! I love these videos and learn so much from them. I only wish that he had more...
PsychicChris - 8 years ago
+Sonia Joseph you just made my point you said you were in accelerated history class. those classes are very few in between. Im talking about average classes no ap of anything higher. obviously you would get far but in normal average classes it is a whole lot harder. also does your school do/use common core?also why are you indepth with islam when islam doesnt happen for thousands of years after 4000bce? also thers 4 rivery valley civs not 5....don't know where you got your facts from you have nile,yellow,indus,tigres-euphrates..thats it.  breakdown how your course works if you got all of that done. give me a week by week what you learned. 
Sonia Joseph
Sonia Joseph - 8 years ago
+PsychicChris You'd be surprised of what some teachers can cover in a short amount of time. 10 weeks... If they learned a chapter a week then they're learning a lot of material. I'm in an accelerated world history class at the moment and my teacher has been absent a lot for reasons... but we're almost done learning chapter 9. I have had 9 weeks of school so far. We have learned about all of the Chinese dynasties in depth and all FIVE of the river valley civilizations(you said there were 4) and much more. We went in depth about Islam and Africa and many other civilizations that I don't feel like listing. I just wanted to let you know that it is possible, I don't think a student would care so much as to lie about what they have learned in their class since there is no reason to lie about it. JUST APPRECIATE JOHN GREEN AND SHUT UP
No hard feelings man
PsychicChris - 8 years ago
and i am student teaching in nyc and they had to cut out otehr civilziations due to time constraints. and did you leanr all the civilizations between that time? their entire history, miltary, politics culture? 4 river valley civilizations the different chinese dynasties their culture, leaders, military? same for egypt? sumer? meopotamia? the akkadian empire? cycladic civilization? harappan civ? minoan? myceanean? you learned all about heir poltics, goverment, religion, philosophy,
cultural, scientific and military achivements as well as important figures in 2 months? with 1 45 minute class mondays-fridays? all of that? again you think its racism when its not. you litreally can't fit all of that into a 2 year course.
Chris Heckel
Chris Heckel - 8 years ago
+PsychicChris well I'm a Freshman in a public high school in southern NC and in 10 weeks I have covered almost all civilizations in a span from about 4000 BCE to about 1400 CE. The thing about what you're saying is though we in the US have a western bias, we can't just learn about the western world, it will be an incomplete world view and it will lead to things like racism, and anti-other culture(s) bias. Not a good thing.
PsychicChris - 8 years ago
+Shang Eam most countries educationsare thriving becuase they are hmogenus and not heterogenus. teh usa is the worlds biggest multicultural country. its fucking hard to teach shit t oso many different cultures without offending anyone. if the usa was hiomogenus theyd be waay ahead of everybody else in the world. second most other countries have shit world history where they dont go nearly in depth as the u.s. students go. there is no propoganda. when you have 1 people of 45 mins of social studies monday-friday its impossible to teach everything. colleges dont even have this. they literally split up european history into 2 courses and even then they have courses dedicated to specific points in history. high schools dont have that luxury for global. you learn the biggest and most important civilizations. so excuse me if chinese dynasties romans, mugals, and the americas are more important than some little plonesian country or other very small kingdoms that did not have a huge effect on the world compared to others. you can only do so much with time. again if you want to prove me wrong make a quick cirriculum on what to focus on for the 10 months children are in school for please. you are too idealistic and not looking realistically
Shang Eam
Shang Eam - 8 years ago
That's why I blame the system and not the teacher. The system decides what's taught and often it's fitted to present a sort of propaganda far more then it is a proper history class. The laid back attitude towards education is why other countries are ahead. If there were no sols then all of the things taught in college can be taught in two years. Again a semester, half a year vs. Two years
PsychicChris - 8 years ago
+Shang Eam okay difference is college and high school are not the same. in college you ca go how fast you want or slow or in depth. you dont have the luxury in high school. you have to be a specific point and make sure people get it. its impossible. how would you focs than. give me a cirriculum on what moths youd focus where and make sure you have everything covered? its very hard for two years. some topics are jsut more important than others. if they could they would but theycan't. sometimes teachers have to skip topics because they are behind. maybe AP classes they could but in regular it won't cut it.
Shang Eam
Shang Eam - 8 years ago
No it's not. Take a look at a college course. In half a year they cover pretty much all history to a degree. Classes are also about the same length as high school classes as well.
PsychicChris - 8 years ago
SO tell me how you would put everynationsworld histoty into two year courses for high school with 45 mins a lesson its impossible. you cant fit it all in so you have to choose the most important part. for example you would include the french revolution over what happened in say ghana or zimbabwe. you can not fit eveerything in for high schoolers its impossible. 
Asmodeus Thenatos
Asmodeus Thenatos - 8 years ago
+PsychicChris I'd argue to the contrary. history is interconnected. in order to truly understand it, one must understand all of it. what you suggest is not what I would call history, but rather propaganda.
PsychicChris - 8 years ago
well it goes whats importnat to the country and area. for example i dont expect china to talk much indepth about the colonization in the americas and the 13 colonies and manifest destiney in their schools. Same with us. We go briefly other places that we deem arent that important to fully know because htere isnt time. for example in europe and america talking about eruope and america is more important than say india or south east asia.
Shang Eam
Shang Eam - 8 years ago
+PsychicChris And what is important? How do you deem the historical significance of one event versus another? All history is important and public school do have more time then regular three credit college courses. I don't blame the teachers, I blame the system for the absurdity that is the S.O.L. tests
PsychicChris - 8 years ago
+carson bode well how would you do it? remember there are time constraints and we have to go over important things.
carson bode
carson bode - 8 years ago
+Emmiline Sorek Oklahoma is pretty similar. Our world history classes always went: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Charlemagne, Black Death, Renaissance, Colonialism, then a rushed overview of the early 20th century. Things like the Crusades and the Silk Road were discussed in passing, but there was no mention of Ashoka, Qin Shir Huang Di, or Suleiman until I got to college.
Wauc - 8 years ago
+Emmiline Sorek That is so sad, at least here in Venezuela, even with all the problems we have, my world history class was pretty good, for instance, we were taught of this indian ocean trade for example.
PsychicChris - 8 years ago
+Emmiline Sorek nyc here. had a friend who went to school in nyc and he said he learned white people are bad everybody else good O___0. you find bias everywhere depending on the school you go to.
Emily Yurk
Emily Yurk - 8 years ago
+The Anti-social-Socialist I mean, at least speaking for Texas public school, if it wasn't in relation to the awesomeness of America, Texas, or white people, it wasn't worth teaching. It's an unfortunately narrow world view to force on youth and Angryjolly's description is sadly not far off base.
AmoderateCentrist - 8 years ago
+Angryjolly Either you must of had some shitty education growing up, or you're just strawmaning.
Ayman Khan
Ayman Khan - 8 years ago
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Utkarsh Seth
Utkarsh Seth - 8 years ago
india's map is not correct, should modify the northern part Kashmir.
Faraq Yunus
Faraq Yunus - 8 years ago
+Utkarsh Seth
too bad ,no one besides indians give a shit.
Utkarsh Seth
Utkarsh Seth - 8 years ago
Check the political map, i just said what is right.
AmoderateCentrist - 8 years ago
+Utkarsh Seth Haha. I knew some Indian/Pakistani would mention that.
Rodrigo Denicol
Rodrigo Denicol - 8 years ago
shoot! sadly removes random spam hat
Jake Norman
Jake Norman - 8 years ago
The word you're looking for is 'hilt'.
starwarschic123 - 8 years ago
Am I the only one for the story of Kota rani without complete context and The neutral pronoun usage (more lack of context) thought John was talking about a dude? Biologically speaking... For me more at first...
noobyboymax - 8 years ago
Andrew Beach
Andrew Beach - 8 years ago
what was the tune he played on the party blowers
ale - 8 years ago
+Andrew Beach the tetris theme
Will Waghorne
Will Waghorne - 8 years ago
I watch these for fun, am I insane?
mtarkes - 8 years ago
Few corrections. There's a reason its called "Indian ocean". Because it was always dominated by India.
The region was a major trade hub at least since the third century BC and not 15 century. Muslims domination of trade only started with after Islam came to India, as it was Indian merchants, who became Muslims who dominated trade and not Arabs/ Persians.
The number of ancient ports in India perhaps exceeds the number from the whole world combined.
The major factors of this domination were -
India is cut from rest of Asia by land by the huge Himalayas , dense forests and deserts, so international trade on land seemed difficult .
Central position of India with good natural harbours along a huge coastline provided easy access,
abundant natural resources to trade as well as build high class ships ( India was the major producer of textiles, gems, luxury products , medicinal herbs, metal works, rice, wheat, oil etc),
India had a huge trading community and a monopoly in cultural sphere for the greater part in history.

Altair - 6 years ago
Rick The trade existed before there was islamic empire.Arabs came in to picture later before that india dominated the trades for thousands of years thats how most of Buddhism and Hinduism traveled from india to the rest of asia.The srivijaya empire mentioned in the video were all result of that, most south east asia was Hindus/Bhuddist before Arabs domination .There were trade between the Romans,greeks, Assyrian,persians etc the old southern port has long history but later the trades were dominated by Arabs when the India's declined.At last the Portuguese,dutch and british .From first 1BC to 1600's india was the largest economic power house later declined due to invasions and colonisation.
Rick - 7 years ago
You're one spicy masala patriot aren't you. Please don't get your emotion in history, history is fact and facts are not to be altered with for your own satisfaction. I have read over 5 books on the ocean trade, and since the 7th century up until the end of the ocean trade, the majority of traders were Arabs, they were the main carriers of the goods being traded from every continent involved. The indians mostly sold their goods to Arab merchants arriving at their Indian coast, the same goes for Africans who sold their goods to Arab merchants who reached their coasts. Notice how I said majority of traders are Arabs, not all as there were small numbers of Indians, Asians, and Africans involved. If you're interested I could cite you the names of the books I read, one of which was written by a Hindu by the way. I dare you to cite me one legible source that claims the same idea you just proposed.
mtarkes - 7 years ago
+Glory Lyfe
True, but that's not the point.
There is so much more to Indian ocean's history that this video does not do justice.
It was the first place where people crossed thousands of miles, from Malaysia/Indonesia to Africa, solely on ships, colonising places spreading civilisation solely through maritime activities, a good two millennia before the East India company was established.
Glory Lyfe
Glory Lyfe - 7 years ago
Yeah... Except that India didn't name it. The British did, not because it was powerful in the Indian Ocean trade, but because it was their big cash cow in the region.
YT1592 - 8 years ago
Yes but the area that was dominated by the Arabs is known as "Arabian Sea".
dianana - 8 years ago
Sergio Ventura
Sergio Ventura - 8 years ago
jred7 - 8 years ago
wow! one long video about how free markets are great for society!
Lance Martin
Lance Martin - 8 years ago
+jred7 "Trade can be a pretty weak foundation upon which to build a polity, even a small one... A reliance on trade makes you especially vulnerable to the peaks and troughs in the global economy."
lamekaylee - 8 years ago
hey john u probs won't read this but can you maybe start a European history crash course ???
lamekaylee - 8 years ago
David Aw
David Aw - 8 years ago
AP test in 3 hours guys. Good luck.
Maria Georgious
Maria Georgious - 8 years ago
These videos are the only reason why I'll pass my AP exam
Ben Laser
Ben Laser - 6 years ago
My teacher has lower than a 25% pass rate on this exam; i have a 75% chance of failing ;-;
Faith - 6 years ago
Maria Georgious How did your exam go 1 year ago? lol
Maria Georgious
Maria Georgious - 7 years ago
+CODfish Gaming you're lucky haha. My teacher wasn't the best
James Harris
James Harris - 7 years ago
Okay thanks! Yeah my class is lucky my teacher is really preparing us. My life is hell but at least I'll be prepared lol.
Maria Georgious
Maria Georgious - 7 years ago
+CODfish Gaming definitely use a study workbook. Don't use the 5 steps to a 5 because it doesn't have that much info. Also use these videos to focus on general things for example the Silk Road. Doing that can help you with the CCOT and Compare and Contrast essays. This can also give you more general knowledge. Using a textbook will waste your time because workbooks are more condensed. Also take as many practice tests as you can. You'll do fine :) I studied last minute, so if you study earlier on, you'll be fine
James Harris
James Harris - 7 years ago
+Maria Georgious Any suggestions for studying for it?
Maria Georgious
Maria Georgious - 7 years ago
I got a 4 on it
Albin Jose George
Albin Jose George - 7 years ago
+Maria Georgious So did you ?
Chris Heckel
Chris Heckel - 8 years ago
Im still not gonna pass it
JT Legionnaire
JT Legionnaire - 8 years ago
Good luck!
Jesus Rosales
Jesus Rosales - 8 years ago
Ei Ei
Ei Ei - 8 years ago
John, I think by 15th century it was no more Srivijaya, it was the Majapahit empire that controlled the area
John Doe
John Doe - 8 years ago
Not even 1 million views?
Xdan02 - 7 years ago
1.286.000 now
Constantinos Karellos
Constantinos Karellos - 7 years ago
+John Doe 1.15 lol
Adam Hammad
Adam Hammad - 8 years ago
+RedVice 1.1 :P
James Greydanus
James Greydanus - 8 years ago
+John Doe It has 1 million now :)
Maximus H
Maximus H - 8 years ago
I don't care how much you mispronounce things. It happens all the time. No one has perfect English, even the masters. +CrashCourse, I know you were being funny. I love your book "Fault in our Stars," but am surprised it literally translates to "F*** fate." I now you didn't intend that though.
A Cool Person
A Cool Person - 8 years ago
where r the camels 

Lawrence D.
Lawrence D. - 8 years ago
I never knew the Mongols converted so much of history o.O
Shang Eam
Shang Eam - 8 years ago
+Inform The People/#Bernie2016 well, the did have the largest land empire ever
Souvik Sinha
Souvik Sinha - 8 years ago
Annoyingly addictive
Yuri Ivanov
Yuri Ivanov - 8 years ago
There's so much nitpicking and pedantry in the comments haha  Well, this is Youtube, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that.
Nuha Anwar
Nuha Anwar - 8 years ago
Dear John Green, 

Where are the snorkeling camels?
Crazy knife
Crazy knife - 8 years ago
I thought that was the phrase of the series
horatio50000 - 8 years ago
I forgot how whiny John is in this 1st season. 
James Campbell
James Campbell - 8 years ago
I definitely did not notice John Green had a lisp and still can't hear it
ohsosmooth01 - 8 years ago
You know, looking at that map of the Indian Ocean @ 1.15, you'd think that at least someone would've visited (even if by accident) Australia. I think they did and were so completely unimpressed by what they saw they forgot about and/or just didn't bother to tell anyone about it. Kinda like Christopher Columbus and his "discovery" of the Americas, now we know the vikings got there about 500 maybe more years before him... and from a couple of videos ago, most of us are thinking about the possibility of Mansa Musa trading with south america. Most people who are interested in history are into the wars and empires and events. But Johns right, it's stuff like this, trade, that makes the world tick.
JZoidberg - 5 years ago
there have been contact with indonesians and Australian Aborigines. but i don't remember if that happened after the Dutch and the English came to Australia. Indonesians traded tobacco with Australian aborigines, so much so that smoking rituals are part of some aboriginal socities that were in contact.
Richie Lomas
Richie Lomas - 8 years ago
Actually, Australia was involved in the Indian ocean trade.  Numerous artifacts as well as Aboriginal oral history, reveals that coastal aboriginal Australians did indeed engage in the "Monsoon Marketplace".  The idea that Australia was isolated until the arrival of Captain Cook falls into that pillar of Eurocentrism:  A place isn't "discovered" until a European discovers it.  
Robby Patterson
Robby Patterson - 8 years ago
I think there needs to be some acknowledgement that rulers of states and governments were not the only ones to don funny hats (See stock photo of funny-hatted merchants at 4:34). Keep up the great work! 

For the record, the first sentence is sarcastic and the second one is sincere.
gunjakarta - 8 years ago
7:35 Indonesia.., yes we has largest Muslim population today, but actually the conversion took place much later, circa 15th century, yet the Indian ocean trade (Moonson Marketplace) was much older, peaked since 7th century Srivijaya.
7:55 the temple is called Borobudur in Central Java, built by Sailendra dynasty in early 9th century.
8:27 Srivijaya.., yes since 7th century they trade with Muslim merchants from Arabia and India, as well as Chinese, but they remain as Mahayana Buddhist well untill their collapse in 13th century. Actually Islam established later in Samudra Pasai in Aceh and then Malacca, then it spread throughout the archipelago.
Thank you Mr Green for mentioning this side of the world..., Indonesia.
SidneyRose - 8 years ago
"It's almost as if the merchants decide where the people with funny hats go rather than the other way around"
Almost as if corporations control governments rather than the other way around hmm...
Ghost7856 - 8 years ago
+SidneyIam With said government's blessings, mind you. Don't expect them to even want to fight back.
SidneyRose - 8 years ago
+jred7 It really depends on which specific market you're talking about but in general I suppose it was.
jred7 - 8 years ago
+J Ravak I concur.
jred7 - 8 years ago
I'm a bit of a rare libertarian, because I actually read.
not entirely against government intervention on principal of
regulations, because with or without government you will naturally have
regulatory forces, be it the corporation selling you a product, the
consumers, the development of guilds or 3rd party inspectors etc.
problem I have with government intervention is that you can't so easily
get rid of a governing official as you can anyone in the private sector
if they are doing a bad job.
Anyway, we are really straying from the topic.
we agree that the international commerce  of the period described in
the video, while still being run by some collective entity, was still a
freer market than we have today?
J Ravak
J Ravak - 8 years ago
SidneyRose - 8 years ago
I lean towards government intervention, not that it works now since the government is so great. I don't think a freer market is always a good thing though.
J Ravak
J Ravak - 8 years ago
+SidneyIam Will you please block Third Octave?
jred7 - 8 years ago
+Third Octave Not everything is such a conspiracy. Sometimes people just want to make money and they are good at it.
jred7 - 8 years ago
+Third Octave I think you need to read the OP. This conversation has nothingto do with war.
jred7 - 8 years ago
they weren't as regulated by governments. They weren't relying on military powers to "ensure" their security. Just a couple examples of why it was a freer market.
SidneyRose - 8 years ago
I don't really understand what you're saying, I think that statement just proves that merchants have too much power.
jred7 - 8 years ago
How is that, when merchants are even indirectly determining how well societies do, based on who they want to pay taxes to?
SidneyRose - 8 years ago
Seemed like the opposite to me.
jred7 - 8 years ago
+SidneyIam or just a great argument for free[r] market economics.
GuoVroom - 8 years ago
the wet web.. ahahahahaha
Abhishek Parashar
Abhishek Parashar - 8 years ago
big fan mr. green and mr raul .. you made history interesting... just wanted to thank you all.... may you can do an episode on god and reasons for human making one ... will be fun and helpful.....
Daniel Parks
Daniel Parks - 8 years ago
Congradulation's John, on the movie release of  your book Paper Towns!
Daniel Parks
Daniel Parks - 8 years ago
It's not as if I have enough status for this comment to matter.
Kelvin Crone-Willis
Kelvin Crone-Willis - 8 years ago
funny hats is the word of the day
M Aquino
M Aquino - 8 years ago
Hartono Wijaya Akselerasi
Hartono Wijaya Akselerasi - 8 years ago
Hey, would you like to make video about the history of Indonesia? Its a... pretty interesting, except after 1999 where the only thing is interesting is about corruption tolerance...
william97able - 8 years ago
can you mention malaysia more please??? I seldom hear you speaking of my country...
Shakiba Rafiee
Shakiba Rafiee - 8 years ago
This picture reminded me of this course. Though I should share it with you
dusty fairview
dusty fairview - 8 years ago
I noticed the mispronunciation thing, you hit a few easy ones hard. nice gag 
Y. Onur Yucel
Y. Onur Yucel - 8 years ago
I want Turks, Turkic tribes, Hunnic hordes in the world history :(
TheGerogero - 8 years ago
All of the proposed names are so... American. lol.
TheGerogero - 8 years ago
+Nishanth Narayan What is a burrito? Well, it is not spaghetti, not guacamole, not pancake, not apple, not orange, not elephant, not tree, not blueness, not mathematics, not guitar, not intergalactic, not book... Hmm. Not poster, not dumbbell, not CPU, not shelf, not glass, not rock, not fighter, not dog, not cat... How enlightening.
Nishanth Narayan
Nishanth Narayan - 8 years ago
All I see is some half-assed-Demi-logic with some SAT words and what looks like computer programming language with a dash of ego and arrogance. I can see through this BS-I see that your argument is really dumb. You can know you are not American by knowing what an American ISN'T, but not knowing what it IS. If you want an example, google it.
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee - 8 years ago
+XZDrake Exactly.
XZDrake - 8 years ago
 Because what you're saying is nonsensical.
TheGerogero - 8 years ago
You nut huggers are literally using the fact that you're too stupid to understand what I'm saying as an argument. Mind-blowing.
TheGerogero - 8 years ago
+Nathan Lee "I would like to point out [some statement I feel is the case]." No. I do not know what you mean by "flardagarp" and so I do not know if I am one or not. Ffs this is simple logic.
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee - 8 years ago
+TheGerogero I would like to point out that one who does not know what something is can typically be fairly certain they are not one. One tends of have a knowledge of one's own groups. If I asked you if you were a flardagarp you could rightfully assume you were not one, even if you have no idea what that is. His response seems reasonable, your logic seems incoherent, your statements asinine, and your absurd nitpicking is indicative of some sort of pseudo-intellectualism likely causes by a desire to feel superior to others. So I suggest you go home think about what you're doing on the internet trying to act smart, but using a phrase like 'dumb dumb". Come back when you've realised how to act like a reasonable human being that can make coherent statements with any level of consistency.
TheGerogero - 8 years ago
+XZDrake Listen... In order to say whether or not you are an American, you have to know what an American is.

By analogy, if someone who doesn't eat meat doesn't know what a vegetarian is, he cannot meaningfully answer the question "Because you don't eat meat, are you a vegetarian?" you may as well ask "Because you don't eat meat, are you a flibbertigibbet?"

This is NOT HARD.
XZDrake - 8 years ago
 You started attempting to construct nonsensical logical statements which had NOTHING to do with anything, and everything to do with your trying to distract from the fact that the statement:

"Say, how were you able to say that you're not an American, despite not knowing what an American is?"

Makes the OPPOSITE of sense.
TheGerogero - 8 years ago
+XZDrake Sure thing, dumb dumb.
XZDrake - 8 years ago
+TheGerogero  Oh god, so grandiloquent.

This is basically just you admitting that what you said made no sense.
TheGerogero - 8 years ago
+XZDrake Being non-American and saying that you're non-American are not the same. You did the latter but are claiming only the former.
XZDrake - 8 years ago
 Once again, your inability to make a coherent statement is mindboggling.
TheGerogero - 8 years ago
+XZDrake Logic:

Premise 1: Something is American by virtue of having property x.
Premise 2: I do not have property x.
Conclusion: I am not an American.

Dumb dumb brain farting:

Premise 1: What makes an American an American? And conversely, a non-American a non-American? "I don't know what the fuck that means".
Premise 2: fart noises
Conclusion: I am not an American.

Well played.
XZDrake - 8 years ago
 Oh god, pulling pseudo-philosophy out of your ass. How very first year of University of you.

This is NOT HARD.

Your comment says "Say, how were you able to say that you're not an American, despite not knowing what an American is?"

You're implying that I would automatically know what it means to be an American if I wasn't an American.

Which makes ZERO sense.

This is YOUR failure to make coherent statements.
TheGerogero - 8 years ago
+XZDrake I'll admit, I had a go at trying to untangle your thought process and the various assumptions you've made, but I failed.

Is this some particularly avant-garde post-modern piece of performance art meant to illustrate the failure of language?
XZDrake - 8 years ago
 You're saying that someone who is non-American is more likely to understand what Americans do.

That makes no sense.
TheGerogero - 8 years ago
+XZDrake omg l2logic plz

Addendum (for those with whom I need to be immediately explicit):

1) That was a question, not a statement. Moreover, it's telling that you have opted not to attempt an answer.

2) Someone who does not know what an American is can certainly be non-American. However, he cannot say so because he does not know what an American is! Being does not require knowledge whereas saying, an epistemic claim, by definition, does. If you make an epistemic claim about x, you cannot not know what x is! Unless (the usual caveat) you're confused, or full of shit.
Watch as being, saying, knowing and doing are conflated.
XZDrake - 8 years ago
 That statement makes no sense. You're saying it doesn't make sense that I'm not an American, but I don't know what an American is.

That's a nonsensical statement, like your assertion the names are American.
TheGerogero - 8 years ago
+XZDrake Say, how were you able to say that you're not an American, despite not knowing what an American is?
TheGerogero - 8 years ago
+XZDrake An American is a person with American citizenship, dumb dumb.
XZDrake - 8 years ago
+TheGerogero  No
, and even I don't know what the fuck that means.
TheGerogero - 8 years ago
+XZDrake Are you American?
XZDrake - 8 years ago
+TheGerogero What a stupid thing to say
Hannah Emory
Hannah Emory - 8 years ago
(00:01:18) That tantrum though...
Visda58 - 8 years ago
The blowout tune was the beginning of a Tetris theme.
Shabaan Marijani
Shabaan Marijani - 8 years ago
Kwa mara nyingine tena shukrani Crash Course kwa kutuwakilisha waswahili ipasavyo... Just another Swahili from Tanzania the East African country once in the thick and mix of the Indian ocean trade expressing his elation at being accurately represented.
Dan Coats
Dan Coats - 8 years ago
The free actors in the market do make the world.  The people in funny hats just follow behind and latch on.
never mind
never mind - 8 years ago
lmao its sri viJAYa not sri vagina
M Allen
M Allen - 8 years ago
i have nodist ti  <3
M Allen
M Allen - 8 years ago
beach party
Shweta Bhushan
Shweta Bhushan - 8 years ago
I loved your endpoint! I'm actually fascinated by the idea that western civilzation was not as powerful without the east, despite its many early inventions and breakthroughs. And thanks again for making CrashCourse videos! They help me keep up with my history class and have made me more interested in world affairs.
impalabeeper - 8 years ago
+Amplified Expansion  No offense but seriously kids, stop being a robot with your numbers
IntelligenceAtItsFinest - 8 years ago
+impalabeeper 555500 555500 999998000 PM m..7
impalabeeper - 8 years ago
The West wouldn't even dominate to begin with had they not come in contact with technologies and ideas from the East (mainly from China).
Love - 8 years ago
If anyone wants to google the story at 5:11, it's spelled Kota rani, and Kashmir.
Simon Liao
Simon Liao - 8 years ago
Anyone else notice the Tetris reference?
Adarsh Ranjan
Adarsh Ranjan - 8 years ago
90% of globes are filled with serpents??????? 0:10
What does that even mean? 
nittyjee - 8 years ago
wait a minute... Muslims dominated the Indian Ocean Trade? Of course that was true, while there were Muslims! This video implies that the Indian Ocean Trade did not exist before Islam. Somehow I seriously doubt that. I'm guessing this is another Eurocentric thing - Europeans finally became part of the Indian Ocean Trade at a time when Muslims were the ones who were dominant. Before that, I'm guessing it was dominated by the traditional cultures centered around India, what Muslims later called "Hindu", which stretched across the whole area, particularly from the Subcontinent through Southeast Asia, and for hundreds or thousands of years before that.
Good video overall though, at least for the few hundred years they focused on :)
Chu Kim
Chu Kim - 8 years ago
To fart or not to fart...that is the question.
mrscruffser - 8 years ago
"because elephants only live in india and africa"

...what about sri lanka?
Catalistic - 8 years ago
LOL I'm Indonesian, and I know it as SriWijaya not Srivijaya
mtarkes - 8 years ago
Really? In Bengal , they pronounce "Very very good " as Bhery Bhery good" . haha.
Catalistic - 8 years ago
+mtarkes V into B is still happening in Japan.
mtarkes - 8 years ago
+Glenn McGrew II
Eastern Indian cultures of Odisha (Ancient Kalinga)and Bengal pronounce v as w ,sometimes also b.
xbob9502 - 8 years ago
+Catalistic Never, ever watch someone play EU4. 
You're gonna cry tear of blood for sure.
Catalistic - 8 years ago
+Glenn McGrew II We're all.
Glenn McGrew II
Glenn McGrew II - 8 years ago
+Catalistic I may know more on this particular subject, but what I don't know is far greater than what I do. :P

Yes, it is a very interesting area to study, from the tribal cultures of NTT and Papua, to the empiric-ish history of Western Indonesia. A historian could spend several lifetimes studying it all and still not get the full scope.
Catalistic - 8 years ago
+Glenn McGrew II You know more than I do :P
Anyway, I already know some of the historic language adaptation and culture. My (Indonesia) culture and history is really interesting actually, there are so many kingdom, myth, folklore, etc. I hope John will make a world history of Indonesia.
Glenn McGrew II
Glenn McGrew II - 8 years ago
+Naveed Raheem +Catalistic To be more precise, the pronunciation is SRI, not SHRI as John said (although Indonesians generally have a problem with the S and SH sounds, as well as Z and J - at least that has been my experience with most Indonesians I've taught over the years of living here since 2001). Further, the pronunciation of the Sriwijaya empire/dynasty/city-state and, eventually, how it was written, was influenced by - most likely - Indian languages, including Sanskrit, (not to forget Pali, which is more relevant for Buddhists). For example, devi/deva from India became dewi/dewa in Indonesia, while retaining the original meanings of goddess/god - again because of the influence of India's pronunciation (in some areas) of v as w, much like Germans pronounce Wolfgang as Volfgang. To this day, not all Indians pronounce deva/devi as dewa/dewi, but all Indonesians do. Ask them to pronounce the names of Rama and S(h)inta of the Ramayana story, and they're more likely to say Sinta, but may say Shinta, despite being from the same ethnicity and city (hence my statement that they have trouble with the two sounds, aside from my teaching experience).

BTW: Indonesian, indirectly, is influenced by Sanskrit via Javanese (and they call it the island of Jawa, not Java), and Indonesian is directly influenced by numerous other languages, including Melayu, Dutch, Chinese and - more and more these days and quite unfortunately - English. It is not uncommon to find very old people here who speak both Dutch and Japanese (although they're not generally good at it any more due to disuse) due to the end of the Dutch empire and the Japanese control and so on.

Despite all the cross-cultural and cross-religious contamination that they are generally aware of, Indonesians still look at things like the Ramayana and Mahabarata, as well as the Garuda as parts of Indonesian culture and history despite actually being from India. In fact, Indian movies, music and TV shows continue to play an important role here.

And, finally, how to spell and say it is a matter of both changes in language and culture, so whether it is Sriwijaya or Srivijaya, Mojopahit or Majapahit, you're not wrong.

Apologies to those Indonesians who are sensitive about what they think actually comes from Indonesia. Much of it is that which was actually assimilated or adapted by pre-Indonesian cultures (remember, your country isn't even 100 years old yet) due to trade, religious changes, invasions, etc. Much of what you have came from somewhere else, and much of what you had got sent somewhere else. It's the nature of humans - things keep moving around and changing, so in the end it doesn't matter where batik, rendang and angklung came from - it only matters that they're here now. :)
cazvan - 8 years ago
Best video so far in the series John. Thanks so much for doing this!
herobrinext9 - 8 years ago
Did you seriously did not talk about Portuguese influence in india
They found the indian sea route from europe to india and conquered many territorys and way points in the indian ocean
Bia Tavi
Bia Tavi - 7 years ago
The world was already connected without pesky Europeans trying to occupy and steal peoples lands and resources.
Moonlightbae 14568
Moonlightbae 14568 - 7 years ago
+al koy the portuguese may have ruined mallaca but they didn't fucked up, they connected asia to europe and started globalization
Tiza Nasution
Tiza Nasution - 8 years ago
I believe that the video only covers Indian Ocean Trade up to 15th Century. Portuguese and other Western European powers joined after that.
al koy
al koy - 8 years ago
Decendents of the Strait of Malacca speaking here, the Portuguese did nothing but fucked up the entire trade routes. Read the fall of Malacca.
Nick Loschen
Nick Loschen - 8 years ago
I love these videos.
Gaurang Rangpadiya
Gaurang Rangpadiya - 8 years ago
You could have added lot more details......
Indian ocean trade is more old than you think......
Richard Lin
Richard Lin - 8 years ago
hehehe. tetris
Carolina D.
Carolina D. - 8 years ago
One day the Open Letter's golden chair is going to collapse because John always abruptly sits on it and the chair loses balance lol. That would be a sight to see!
this is
this is - 8 years ago
y u no mention singapore
this is
this is - 8 years ago
+baby zai No but he talked about a city that controlled trade in the Strait of Malacca and Singapore is basically that city/country today.
al koy
al koy - 8 years ago
+Igpay atinlay
Cough* because it was under the strait of Malacca which is modern day Malaysia
this is
this is - 8 years ago
Yeah, but not as an entrepot. He only mentioned it as a side note later.
TheArtunism - 8 years ago
....He did
Antarctica - 8 years ago
Indoneisa was originally hindu and buddhist because the ancient indian traders bought their philosophy and culture through trade. After india declined, the middle eastern traders achieved prominence in the indian ocean trade route. That is why indonesia became islamic. It was through trade. The Hindu/Buddhist Srivijaya and Majapahit Empire gave way to the Demak Sultanate. The rulers of indonesia basically followed the philosophy and culture of those who bought them wealth throught trade.

The lesson is if India need to regain her prominent role, she needs to improve her economy and trading power because  Money matters.
Mitchell Pozar
Mitchell Pozar - 8 years ago
i liked this episode particularly 
Jennybean123 - 9 years ago
Diva John. Gotta love him!
Matayo Moshi
Matayo Moshi - 9 years ago
The various Swahili coastal city states prospered as a loosely unified civilization under the awesomeness of the Sultanate of Kilwa. The ruins of the former capital, located on the island of Kilwa Kisiwani (hence the name), are about a day's drive from my hometown, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Like all awesome African things, Kilwa was destroyed by European poop. Specifically, it the envious eyes of the Portuguese. I believe they bombed Kilwa from the sea, destroying it largely overnight. Things went down hill from there for Kilwa, and eventually Portugal too. Lisbon got dished some sweet geological justice hardcore stylez in 1755. Coincidence? Or Kilwa karma?

Incidentally, I believe not long after you guys made this (about a year I think) archaeologists identified a few or more Kilwan coins found in the Wessel islands of Australia's Northern Territory.
Being half-Tanzanian, half-Australian, the idea that merchants from what would be modern day Tanzania were potentially derping on what would be modern day Australia, almost 100 years before Europeans swooped on by Terra Australis, is badass.
Shahjahan Masood
Shahjahan Masood - 5 years ago
Thats so awesome!
Kieran Morris
Kieran Morris - 6 years ago
Not to mention that Chinese traders came to Australia (pre-European invasion) and traded for things like fish (i think don't quote me on that detail) along the northern and north-eastern coasts.
Blazing Wolf210
Blazing Wolf210 - 9 years ago
Sword Handle? Sword Handle!!!!!! really? Its called a HILT a  H I L T ok
Myka Dassano
Myka Dassano - 9 years ago
Why does John always sound like he's about to laugh during the outtro?
Andrew Fu
Andrew Fu - 8 years ago
He is probably happy that the episode is over with
ThePotatoCheeseHead - 8 years ago
+Myka Dassano i think it's also because he has to make sure he slides his chair to the right spot in front of the camera so it probably takes quite a few takes and stan of course. :)
zellarsDD777 - 8 years ago
He was thinking about the funny hats
gingergamergirl98 - 8 years ago
Oh, I haven't started that series yet. Not sure if I will either; American history bores me to tears.
PIXELDUST 009 - 8 years ago
yes, its Stan, he said "no Stan thats not gonna work in the first video of US history Native americans and Spaniards
gingergamergirl98 - 8 years ago
I've noticed that too! I think maybe a few people off-camera are screwing with him or something.
BassTechnologic - 9 years ago
Who else didn't realize John had Lisp?
Nudge Bgaming
Nudge Bgaming - 6 years ago
omg same! lol
Myrddin Oklovap
Myrddin Oklovap - 6 years ago
heh i sure as hell didn't till he said it. and now i can't help but notice it lol
goose121 - 6 years ago
J-train - 6 years ago
TETRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5:24
Hachi Furukawa
Hachi Furukawa - 6 years ago
it's cute :3
Kebab with extra garlic mayo
Kebab with extra garlic mayo - 8 years ago
+BassTechnologic lol i rewatched the video when he said that
Zineeta - 8 years ago
+BassTechnologic Never really head it, heard it complain about it all the time on vlogbrothers
WhiteDragonTile - 8 years ago
starwarschic123 - 8 years ago
Lily Lohmann
Lily Lohmann - 8 years ago
+William Fallon Same!
William Fallon
William Fallon - 8 years ago
Kai Pedersen
Kai Pedersen - 9 years ago
"Funny Hatted Fellows?"
Jenny Kapau
Jenny Kapau - 9 years ago
Sumatra has native elephants in the wild, at least for now, despite the rampant spread of oil palm plantations and the obliteration of lowland rainforests by greedy and corrupt corporate executives.  Thailand also has elephants, so not just India and Africa have them.
von Ozbourne
von Ozbourne - 9 years ago
Any lip readers figure out what he said the phrase of the week was before they overdubbed "unless you are the Mongols"?
Roni Williams
Roni Williams - 9 years ago
did monsoons effect how ships were made, (other than sails, and rudders...) such as what they were made out of and who made them?
Cymon Villones
Cymon Villones - 9 years ago
5:23 *Floods playlist with Tetris soundtrack and Tetris Remixes
Zygon Zygon
Zygon Zygon - 9 years ago
What is the name of the person who disemboweled themself? I can't make it out due to his lisp (joking!)
Leona Lisa De Jesus
Leona Lisa De Jesus - 9 years ago
Liz Chustz-Williams
Liz Chustz-Williams - 9 years ago
lol whats the song of the ad
Jurij Fedorov
Jurij Fedorov - 9 years ago
I thought coffee came from America? How could the Muslims trade coffee before it was discovered?
Sarah Alota
Sarah Alota - 7 years ago
+The Anti-social-Socialist the Arabs really did spread coffee even though it was originally in Ethiopia!
AmoderateCentrist - 8 years ago
+Jurij Fedorov Look up the story of how a single coffee plant was brought from africa by the arabs
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw - 8 years ago
+Jurij Fedorov you know Yemen in not in America right?
Claudia Talbott
Claudia Talbott - 9 years ago
History of coffee goes at least as far back as the 13th century with a number of reports surrounding its first use. The original native population of coffee is thought to have come from East Africa, specifically from Ethiopia, and it was first cultivated by Arabs from the 14th century.[1] The earliest credible evidence of either coffee drinking or knowledge of the coffee tree appears in the middle of the 15th century, in the Sufi monasteries of Yemen.[2] By the 16th century, it had reached the rest of the Middle East, Persia, Turkey and northern Africa. Coffee then spread to the Balkans, Italy and to the rest of Europe, to Indonesia and then to America.[3]-Wikipedia History of Coffee
Sander Vercammen
Sander Vercammen - 9 years ago
+Jurij Fedorov  Why do you think this video is not about the 15th century, Indian Ocean trade went on well into the 15th century and even later, altough European traders were taking over a lot of trade then.
Jurij Fedorov
Jurij Fedorov - 9 years ago
Yes, I just wrote that? You can literately search for "coffee wiki" and then click on the source that they have used in this article. It will take you 30 seconds.
Angelo Cudal
Angelo Cudal - 9 years ago
+Jurij Fedorov You're using wikipedia
Jurij Fedorov
Jurij Fedorov - 9 years ago
"The earliest credible evidence of either coffee drinking or knowledge of the coffee tree appears in the middle of the 15th century, in the Sufi Muslim monasteries around Mocha in Yemen." - wikipedia on coffee.

And this video is NOT about the 15th century. We can agree on that, right?
Yoav Degani
Yoav Degani - 9 years ago
+Jurij Fedorov The coffee's origin is Africa and not America.
Jurij Fedorov
Jurij Fedorov - 9 years ago
Yes... but since Columbus re-discovered America in 1492 I can't see how they could have had coffee before that.
Sander Vercammen
Sander Vercammen - 9 years ago
Because it came from africa (Ethiopia at first) and was quickly adopted by arab nations because muslims aren't allowed to drink alcohol.
Kale Perrien
Kale Perrien - 9 years ago
You broke my heart, man. I love this show, but... You can have my hat over my cold, dead milliner!
Owly Cloud
Owly Cloud - 9 years ago
he talks to damn fast
randompkp - 9 years ago
John this is the second time I am studying your history videos and I must say this might be the best episode MOSTLY bc dudes our age were not taught this VERY IMPORTANT aspect of Asian history. I mean, we should learn it bc the course is on WORLD history, but also bc it explains why every one in Europe circa 1450 was spending so much effort trying to get to Asia!!!
impalabeeper - 8 years ago
History has been very Western-centric.
Rob McGregor
Rob McGregor - 8 years ago
+baby zai Eat a shit stained cock U retarded  rag muncher  
al koy
al koy - 8 years ago
+TheBookGoddess +Alec Vaeges 
Well many Americans voted for a bunch of Americans in the senate that later voted climate change is a hoax n free health care is another evil of communism
Jonathan Conrad West
Jonathan Conrad West - 8 years ago
+Morgan Quinley Correct !........The creative aspect of the individual is always beset against the inertia of the mass, coupled with all the toxic ones that mentally exhaust said individual (This planet has proven to be disappointing).. I believe that a change is in order, genetic engineering shall be our salvation. We must break the perpetual cycle of ascent, stagnation and decline, ascension is our only recourse the godhead awaits.. are you brave enough to reach out and find it  ?   
Morgan Quinley
Morgan Quinley - 8 years ago
+Alec Vaeges I think the statement "[23% of] Americans believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth", while apparently true, is misleading. If you look at the results of the NSF study (found on table 7-8 of this page: you can see that Americans performed comparably to the EU and China on all questions. Americans actually performed better (73% compared to 66%) than the EU (in 2005) on the geocentrism question. So a more appropriate statement would be "30% of all people (aside from South Koreans) believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth", which indicates a global issue.
Doctor Grandma
Doctor Grandma - 8 years ago
+Ames Asondo
Adding another one to the block list. Man, youtube really dredges up the filth of the online community.
TheBookGoddess - 8 years ago
Your welcome! :) 
Jonathan Conrad West
Jonathan Conrad West - 8 years ago
+TheBookGoddess True, I have been somewhat misanthropic (retrospectively), thank you for appreciating my sentiment though.
TheBookGoddess - 8 years ago
Yes but just because there is ignorance in some parts doesn't mean there is in all parts. 
Jonathan Conrad West
Jonathan Conrad West - 8 years ago
+TheBookGoddess I'm from Seattle, and I've been down south....  And I've witnessed ignorance and bigotry first hand.. Fox News has viewers. All I'm saying
TheBookGoddess - 8 years ago
+Alec Vaeges As an American I can tell you that we most certain do not believe  that the sun revolves around the Earth. 
Rob McGregor
Rob McGregor - 8 years ago
+LemonWedge123 It takes a honest man to admit he's wrong, it takes a real man to accept correction without being insulting, You just have to have the last word( patronizing bastard), I sense a condescending tone behind your typing.. Fucking psychopath... Facts are everything grow a sack...
Doctor Grandma
Doctor Grandma - 8 years ago
I can't tell what's worse: your ignorance or how stubbornly you cling to it. Regardless, you're clearly a waste of time. Enjoy your "facts," you surprisingly have a lot in common with the people you claim to exist.
Jonathan Conrad West
Jonathan Conrad West - 8 years ago
+LemonWedge123 To the former Yes, the latter No. Human stupidity cannot and should not be underestimated, the decline in national IQ speaks for itself, The statistics are credible you on the other hand are not . Sorry to burst your deluded bubble. Facts are facts

In astronomy, the geocentric model (also known as geocentrism, or the Ptolemaic system) is a description of the cosmos where Earth is at the orbital center of all celestial bodies..

You admitted to it grow up
Doctor Grandma
Doctor Grandma - 8 years ago
Again, relying on ANY statistics for something as arbitrary and subjective as heliocentricism/geocentricism is ridiculous. You really think that roughly a quarter of the people in a first-world country believe that the Earth is the center of the universe? Are you on drugs?
Jonathan Conrad West
Jonathan Conrad West - 8 years ago
+LemonWedge123 Google it, ever been to New Orleans ? ( Speaking from experience)
Doctor Grandma
Doctor Grandma - 8 years ago
If that's supposed to be a statistic of how many Americans believe the universe is geocentric, you need to get a new census checker.
Jonathan Conrad West
Jonathan Conrad West - 8 years ago
+LemonWedge123 23%
Doctor Grandma
Doctor Grandma - 8 years ago
+Alec Vaeges Nope!
Jonathan Conrad West
Jonathan Conrad West - 8 years ago
+lordblazer Many Americans believe that the sun revolves around the earth.. 
lordblazer - 8 years ago
Asian, Middle East, and African history. 

I had to correct you mostly due to the fact that many Americans believe Africa never had any sort of civilization.
cheekoandtheman - 9 years ago
I really like how this guy is not Eurocentric.
I can't stand that Eurocentric historic outlook !
GarrusN7 - 6 years ago
cheekoandtheman About half of the videos in this series are mostly or entirely focused on Europe and the west.
cheekoandtheman - 9 years ago
I really like how this guy is not Eurocentric.
I can't stand that Eurocentric historic outlook !
Wafie Rocks
Wafie Rocks - 9 years ago
Yay! Singapore is being mentioned ^u^
Stacy - 9 years ago
So this is the guy same guy who wrote The Fault In Our Stars? Wow, he's really smart..
zizzybdub - 9 years ago
I'm really enjoying this course (I'm a little late finding it I know!) and was wondering if there is a recommended reading list, or page somewhere for getting further information on topics? 
Kayla Abernathy
Kayla Abernathy - 9 years ago
ethan hatcher
ethan hatcher - 9 years ago
# mispronuciation rage
blake rewire
blake rewire - 9 years ago
bitch ass
Tamaki742 - 9 years ago
Wait, Islam didn't really dominate Indonesia until after Majapahit Kingdom fell to the Sultanate of Demak. Sriwijaya was a Buddhist kingdom until the end, in which they declined and surrendered to the Siamese Kingdom. At least that's what school's been telling me for 12 years.
al koy
al koy - 8 years ago
Google Malacca sultanate, Indonesia didn't just became muslim majority for no reason
eugene doyle
eugene doyle - 9 years ago
amazing video !
Gottfried Wiggles
Gottfried Wiggles - 9 years ago
Wait, not a word about why the trade stopped?
anmol monga
anmol monga - 8 years ago
+TehChimpy7 piracy in indian ocean was started by portugese, british and dutch - and then piracy continued
akshay rathore
akshay rathore - 9 years ago
then everything changed when white nation attacked.
trade was replaced by Imperialism.
Richie Lomas
Richie Lomas - 9 years ago
it was just as bad, if not worse for the fact that it was easier to obtain ships capable of competing with warships and commercial ships in speed and strength.  Extensive records record instances of piracy in southeast asia, particularly after the retreat of the Yuan fleet, piracy plaguing the attempts of southern indian kingdoms to resupply on horses from Persia and Africa, Pirates controlled the straits of Malacca and the waters around singapore for centuries, and south Sulawesi (Indonesia) produced many pirate groups ranging from Singapore to the Philippines.  The Marathas, and Indian group of Pirates, required the British to pay tribute, while Portuguese pirates disrupted much of the shipping between Mughal India and Arabia.  Yes everyone loved the Indian Ocean Trade.  That included pirates, who had their own methods for exacting their cut.  The difference now is that instead of Junks against Junks, its fishing boats against gun boats or larger, and pirates aren't building fortresses, controlling entire water-ways, or entire cities or regions.  It's far less problematic now, but our more interconnected age means that individual instances get a lot more attention.  
TehChimpy7 - 9 years ago
Indian ocean trade was somewhat safe back then, as explained in the video, everyone loved it and therefore most didn't want to pirate the Indian ocean, that and everyone involved would protect it if piracy became a problem. Don't get me wrong it existed but it was minor and nowhere near as problematic as it is now in the Indian ocean.
Richie Lomas
Richie Lomas - 9 years ago
+TehChimpy7 There were pirates a plenty in the middle ages too.  Anywhere where you have busy shipping lanes with high value density goods and little in the way of a strong navy, you'll have pirates
TehChimpy7 - 9 years ago
+Richie Lomas  True, although it's nowhere near as safe, hence the famous Somalian pirates.
Richie Lomas
Richie Lomas - 9 years ago
It never did.  the Indian ocean is still a thriving market place with some of the busiest shipping lanes on earth
Sam Barker
Sam Barker - 9 years ago
"Elephants only live in India and Africa"

Wrong! Asian elephants live in Southeast Asia and Indonesia as well as India.
JZoidberg - 5 years ago
yea i thought that statement was a bit strange. there are Asian elephants in modern Southern China as well. Africa was still probably a more productive source of Ivory because only a minority of Asian Elephants have tusks. however, that could be a more recent result selection pressure against Tuskers in Asia due to people hunting them in the first place..
Sam Barker
Sam Barker - 9 years ago
+Tamaki742 That may be true, but Asian elephants have lived in Southeast Asia for millions of years, and John used the present tense anyway, so he's still wrong.
Tamaki742 - 9 years ago
Well, they haven't existed here in Indonesia until the trade happened.
Richard Kovacsics
Richard Kovacsics - 9 years ago
Dat tetris xD
anxthemagnificent - 9 years ago
Although Islam was indeed introduced to India by trade, it should be noted that the majority of Islamic influence on India was through conquest, particularly the Mughals.
Tadlette - 9 years ago
Did you know? Elephants aren't just from India and Africa, my summer in Chiang Mai, Thailand led me to believe that they (specifically the "Indian" which I've also heard, perhaps more aptly called Asian variety) have been in the Thai area for a long ass time, and I could find nothing on a quick google outing to disprove it.
Tamaki742 - 9 years ago
Yep, they have been around in Southeast Asia for a long time but not before the trade happened.
Binh Nguyen
Binh Nguyen - 9 years ago
Just a correction 2:30. Asian elephants do exist in Vietnam and Laos... basically south east Asia. 
dannyboymac - 9 years ago
@ Binh Nguyen. I dont think so, not if you look at the era crashcourse is talking about, If you go back, they started in Afrika, going to india. And during the era crashcourse is talking about, there where no elephants there. They do now, but back then they needed to be imported. So after 200 years of trade elephants ended up in East-Asia.
frist ali
frist ali - 9 years ago
We're they originally there or did Africa/India send them to china
sumballaboi - 9 years ago
On your map cut out on the black board I see that Pakistan is part of the Middle East and Bangladesh is part of the South East Asia countries (like Thailand, Vietnam etc).

Why? Both these countries are from the Subcontinent and historically "Indian" though they are not currently part of the modern nation of India.
TheNexusPain - 9 years ago
Lol I get the beach party joke at the beginning XD
s. simpson
s. simpson - 9 years ago
Why wasn't Australia involved in the Monsoon Marketplace? It appears to be close to Indonesia but perhaps the continent wasn't discovered yet? Just curious. Great videos John.
Richie Lomas
Richie Lomas - 9 years ago
Actually, Australia was involved in world trade.  Aboriginal Australians in Northern Australia traded with New Guinea and islands, and there are even remains of Macassan settlements in Australia and Aboriginal Australian settlements in Indonesia.  Like other contributors to the world market place, few of them ever traversed from one end of the exchange network to the other, but they were certainly involved.  Coins from the East African Kilwa Sultanate have even been found in Australia.  While it's true that aboriginal Australians never built cities or raised armies, they maintained complex social orders and relationships that spanned the oceans with neighboring cultures, and so, like most cultures, engaged in the phenomena of world trade 
s. simpson
s. simpson - 9 years ago
+Matthew Laurence
Thanks man! Very interesting to me, you answered my question perfectly.
Matthew Laurence
Matthew Laurence - 9 years ago
It is theorised to have been discovered by the Chinese, and the occasional merchant sailor is thought to have anchored off some north Australian shores. The indigenous inhabitants did not develop trade, or any form of civilisation or self identity. They were among the most primitive peoples in the world before European settlement in the late 18th century.   
Sandon Presley
Sandon Presley - 9 years ago
That really took guts!! hahaha by far the best pun ive ever heard 
Gardahadi .Gardiadi
Gardahadi .Gardiadi - 9 years ago
YES INDONESIA! I'm happy my homeland was actually mentioned and even talked about here!
Bia Tavi
Bia Tavi - 7 years ago
Cool, Salam from Djibouti.
amak3 - 8 years ago
+mankytoes Ahh Detriot the most Islamic country of those four. I'm joking if you cant tell.
mankytoes - 8 years ago
 Getting ignored is often more a good thing, we hear a lot about Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan and Detriot...
Tamaki742 - 9 years ago
+mankytoes Really? o.o Ah, maybe that was the second President. But we just had an election and Jokowi is the winner so, things might get better.
mankytoes - 9 years ago
I think the last thing I read about was the Government forcibly shaving the heads of some punks?
Kazegalewind - 9 years ago
+mankytoes I'm blaming the previous President for that.
Tamaki742 - 9 years ago
+mankytoes Yeah well... We haven't really done anything dramatic since 1998... Until just recently in which we just did another election.
mankytoes - 9 years ago
You guys really seem to get ignored in global politics, considering how many of you there are.
Jawid Hassani
Jawid Hassani - 9 years ago
I'm pretty sure that Islamic symbol says "Salam" which means peace. I think it's supposed to say أسلام  "Islam"
Surtr Sunnan
Surtr Sunnan - 9 years ago
No, europeans(if you think that russians are europeans) trade in The Monsoon Marketplace. Russian trader Afanasiy Niktin was in India in 1468-1474. He wrote "A Journey Beyond the Three Seas" and he described his journey to India like normal thing. He also visited Ethiopia, but text of description of this country was burned(thanks to poles) and we know only that he visited it but not was it the normal thing to russian traders or not.
Matthew Reeves
Matthew Reeves - 9 years ago
'That really took guts.' Hahaha that killed me. Thanks John!
ManiacMoomin - 9 years ago
Partyblower tetris?
Officialhelpkenet - 9 years ago
You make the boring parts of history fun
Will Thornton
Will Thornton - 9 years ago
why is Sri Lanka not on all maps?, I just noticed it
Loïc Pedras
Loïc Pedras - 9 years ago
I'm sorry but the latin sails and the astrolabe were invented by the portuguese. All the best, Loïc
Gogol Das
Gogol Das - 9 years ago
first off he says that the islamic traders popularised, rather than invented, latin sails, and a quick google search will confirm this: the astrolabe was invented by a persian by the name of Abd Al-Rahman Al Sufi
Manjunath J
Manjunath J - 9 years ago
So much about Indian history is inaccurate, and not even much of it is discussed. Indian history never gets any love. :(
Manjunath J
Manjunath J - 9 years ago
Indian ocean trade actually was very old, like 1000 BCE. There were Roman coins in India, and there were plays based on India in Greek etc etc
David Ong
David Ong - 9 years ago
i wont support this because they are so liberal and use bce and ce to date things. thats like saying pluto is no longer a planet.
Kai Pedersen
Kai Pedersen - 9 years ago
lol This David Ong kid...
Chayu Damsinghe
Chayu Damsinghe - 9 years ago
This is one fun thread
L1ttleT3d - 9 years ago
+David Ong You went a bit quiet there.
fl00fydragon - 9 years ago
sorry to inform you but  pluto is indeed not a planet but a dwarf planet proof being the existance of multiple dwarf planet
and  yes indeed cristianity is no longer a viable religion just like jesus is no longer an acceptable "god" though any god  is not a viable god
thechnically speaking all religions are bollocks yours included their base  their creation stories are all debunked by scientific facts
Cesar Flores
Cesar Flores - 9 years ago
Every once in a while one of the Greens will say something we find offensive. I support what they're doing b/c its meant to be educational. He's trying to accommodate for various beliefs, Crash Course is watched by many people after all.

Also, the entire world does not need to know whether or not you support crash-course, they don't need to know whether I support Crash Course or not. The comments section is suppose to be for any further questions people might have, not for people to post whether they like the show or not.
Glacier Storm
Glacier Storm - 9 years ago
Who the heck are you and why do we care if you support this?
Josh Carter
Josh Carter - 9 years ago
you might be challenged  
L1ttleT3d - 9 years ago
+David Ong point is Christianity is being targeted while others are being left alone.

No one is using the Roman gods to hold anyone down (gay people) or dictate behavior (abortion), or propagate ignorance (science and sex education), or cause disgusting harm (aids and contraceptives in Africa), or prevent real progress on social and environmental issues (global warming denial & racism).
The Roman gods are harmless, the Christian belief is not.
David Ong
David Ong - 9 years ago
+L1ttleT3d don't recall a response to the Roman gods argument. Feel free to throw insults at my observation skills and perception etc etc, youre so predictable.
L1ttleT3d - 9 years ago
+David Ong You're a professional point misser it seems.

You asked why Christianity was an issue and not the Roman Gods, I gave an answer - you ignored it.
You appealed to Isaac Newton's beliefs as demonstrative of the unassailable nature of those beliefs based on an appeal to authority, I explained the fallacy in that position - you ignored it.
I made the point that demonstrating claims is how you show them to be true - You rambled and simply reasserted your idiocy rather than provide said demonstration.

Can you respond coherently to a single point made or question asked?
David Ong
David Ong - 9 years ago
+L1ttleT3d Oh now youre attacking me on my spelling and grammar? The Russians put Sputnik in orbit before the West did and also put the first human in space, all the while they were not an English speaking country. I rather not know about useless pedantic facts than to not know about cutting edge science that help to shape the future like Newton did. Who gives a shit that he tried to make gold from lead, because of him we have a space program. Us Christians , we made our mark creating useful things and are still doing so, you Liberals, all u do is benefit from our hard work and complain complain complain. All you have to show for the fruits of your labor is artistic bullshit.
L1ttleT3d - 9 years ago
+David Ong I don't know.

Does that answer my question?
I assume you're trying to show you're smarter than me. (The grammatical and syntactical errors in your question make me very suspicious on that front). Even if that were the case what would that demonstrate? My entire point was that Isaac Newton's intelligence is irrelevant. You're attempting an argumentum ab auctoritate (a fallacy) and are now trying to make that same fallacious appeal to yourself?? Isaac Newton's theories in physics and mathematics are correct because they can be demonstrated to be correct. (those that weren't subsequently shown to be wrong). His belief in god, however, cannot be demonstrated... much like his belief in alchemy.
David Ong
David Ong - 9 years ago
+L1ttleT3d I'll answer your question by asking u another question: what are the processes undergoing by particles in an object under going lorenz contraction in special relativity while accelerating at superluminal speeds from a stationary frame of reference in relation to temporal and spatial changes of it's adjacent particles held together by electro static charges?
L1ttleT3d - 9 years ago
+David Ong Let's play a game. I'll list four things about Isaac Newton and you tell me which one directly contributed to his greatness.
1. He had shoulder length hair.
2. He was a towering genius.
3. He was Christian.
4. He was an alchemist.

Another one for fun! Socrates.
1. He had a beard.
2. He was a polytheist.
3. He was executed.
4. He was a towering genius.

Do you think because Isaac Newton was smarter than me I'd be scared to say he was wrong? He was wrong about lots of stuff. Lead can't be turned into gold for example... what a nincompoop idea.
Are you scared to say Socrates was wrong about polytheism? I guarantee he was smarter than you.
David Ong
David Ong - 9 years ago
+L1ttleT3d You mean a Christian like Isaac Newton the father of Physics?
L1ttleT3d - 9 years ago
+ If you're not intelligent enough (yes, I honestly consider you genuinely stupid) to string together even simple arguments then why are you bothering? Stay out of the conversation, let an intelligent Christian respond and you can sit back and +1 their comment.

Better plan? - 9 years ago
What is the world coming to!?
L1ttleT3d - 9 years ago
+ Did you honestly just use a variant of "I know you are you said you are"?
Seriously?? - 9 years ago
I didn't delete it. Also youre confusing me with u in regards to "retardation".
L1ttleT3d - 9 years ago
+ You deleted your post?
And now you're cowardly skipping past responding the posts that followed it?

What a fucking Christian. You wonder why people like me assume you're all dishonest... you keep acting like it.

I'll repost it for those that wondered what retardation you deemed delete-worthy.
Pew Research Center. World's Muslim population more widespread than you might think. There are about 1.6 billion Muslims, or 23% of the world's population, making Islam the second-largest religion." - google " how many muslims in the world", also are you suggesting that us Christians should just vote Democrat to be in your good books? Fuck u. - 9 years ago
So when are we going to see a recognition of the fact that there are lots of non pagans in regards to the constellations, planets, months and days?
Scott Markowitz
Scott Markowitz - 9 years ago
+David Ong  Using BCE/CE is merely a recognition of the fact that there are lots of non-Christian people in the world. Recognizing that does not make one anti-Christian.
L1ttleT3d - 9 years ago
+ The Islamic population makes up less that 1% of the population. Obviously I have issues with that religion too, but in terms of impact on my life Christianity is by far the greater threat.
You all promise to never ever vote and I'll turn my attention to the next issue down the list. - 9 years ago
+L1ttleT3d We don't force anyone to do anything, we just exercise our freedom of speech, you don't see us flying planes into buildings or blowing up people with suicide vests. Islam is also homophobic and they treat their women as slaves today forcing them to stay in the kitchen and cover their faces in public. You don't see Christians doing that, we just talk. They kill. Why not focus your efforts on them instead? Seems to me youre minimizing their deeds and exaggerating our talk! And lastly Isaac Newton was a Christian, he did more for science (physics) then secular scientists ever could dream of (ie Darwin). Because of Newton we have the modern world (sky scrapers, planes, cars), because of Darwin we have Evolutionary Theory (no not fact, just blah blah blah cant build anything with it) Looks like you got your world view and priorities in order!
L1ttleT3d - 9 years ago
+ How is Christianity harmful? I already outlined my issues with the religion in my last reply to +David Ong. - 9 years ago
+L1ttleT3d You will be by then... but it wont be. And there wont be any secular dating system by then. Btw in what way are Christians harmful? Are you gonna quote the crusades? Because that was hundreds of years ago., give it another 1000 years and that will be as old as the Roman Empire. At present I see Islam doing more harm than Christianity and Christians are merel;y fighting for their rights.
L1ttleT3d - 9 years ago
+ So long as the religion is harmless and dead in 2000 years, then yep. I'm good with it. - 9 years ago
+L1ttleT3d Maybe we should just wait 2000 years and then keep the Christian dating system intact.
L1ttleT3d - 9 years ago
+ Respect for past victims? From 2000 years ago? I'm not particularly worried.
The ones that worry me are the people causing harm NOW. You know, Christians.
Bryce Cage
Bryce Cage - 9 years ago
+ Cash in Advertising on Youtube - 9 years ago
+Bryce Cage So? So what? What's your point? If you watch "The Polar Express" does that mean you really believe there is a Santa base in the North Pole?
Bryce Cage
Bryce Cage - 9 years ago
+ Scientists: The Theory of Evolution is wrong (part1), Leaked Video of Cruise Missile Hitting Pentagon on 911 DOWNLOAD & RE UPLOAD, REAL UFOS Filmed Making CROP CIRCLES in Wiltshire, England 07/27/10 - 9 years ago
+Bryce Cage So what if it is? Maybe his doing research. - 9 years ago
+L1ttleT3d Their harmless now, but they were killing thousands of Christians back when the Roman Empire was still very much alive. Not to mention enslaving hundreds of thousands of war captives and ethnically cleansing Carthage and Judea. Maybe out of respect for those past victims those gods should be removed from our dating system!
Bryce Cage
Bryce Cage - 9 years ago
This video is on your playlist: Illuminati Created "Evolution Theory" To Kill MILLIONS!!!
L1ttleT3d - 9 years ago
+David Ong No one is using the Roman gods to hold anyone down (gay people) or dictate behavior (abortion), or propagate ignorance (science and sex education), or cause disgusting harm (aids and contraceptives in Africa), or prevent real progress on social and environmental issues (global warming denial & racism).
The Roman gods are harmless, the Christian belief is not.
David Ong
David Ong - 9 years ago
+TheDollarlynx In spirit that's not why Pluto lost it's place as a "planet" - it was because it could not clear it's own orbital path clear of asteroid debris.
David Ong
David Ong - 9 years ago
+Andrew Rose "Only" 2 are connected to gods, that's good enough then because only one dimension in year is connected to Christ. The word you're trying to pass off to us is "only" as if it's not so bad. But that's a matter of opinion. Also months could always be renamed to 1st, 2nd and 3rd month instead of January February March.
Andrew Rose
Andrew Rose - 9 years ago
+David Ong Although most are from Latin only two are connected to gods whilst most are connected to gods opposed to being simply "named after julius ceasar". Also there is no well known alternative to month names.
Also BCE and CE actually make sense as opposed to having Before Christ: Christ was born roughly 5 years Before Christ. Wut.
David Ong
David Ong - 9 years ago
+Ian Alrahwan And January to December? I admit I don't know too much about the origin of the days and months, but I know enough to know that they are based on other religions, Romans or Greeks is not really relevant, point is Christianity is being targeted while others are being left alone.
Ian Alrahwan
Ian Alrahwan - 9 years ago
+David Ong The days of the week (besides Saturday which is detestably referring to Saturn and Monday loosely referring to Mars) are almost exclusively northern Germanic/Scandinavian and are not Roman. Your claim just proves your close mindedness and Romano-centrism. 
David Ong
David Ong - 9 years ago
+hailmary7283 EXACTLY!! You got it! They got rid of the Jesus thing but kept the roman gods!! INCONSISTENCY!! It's all just a popularity contest. If the Jesus thing offends take it out, roman gods can stay because it does not offend. History and Science should not be a popularity contest!
Michael Talley
Michael Talley - 9 years ago
+Eleanor Cassidy I agree with your analysis of Pluto as it is clearly not a planet. However, I've never understood how using B.C.E. and C.E. is that much more secular. I mean sure you take out the reference of "our lord." (if my translation is correct.) but the calendar still revolves around the time that people believed Jesus to have lived. Sure you take out the mention of Jesus in religious context but our days of the week are named after Gods as well and I don't feel the need to change those names.
David Ong
David Ong - 9 years ago
+Zaeno k Ok you know what? You were making some "progress" on me, but then you started to insult me mid paragraph in there so fuck you. You have now only re-enforced my original view point and that is all you secular people are assholes pretending to me neutral. You bait people only to crush them, ill never make this mistake again. It's not about me taking "everything as an attack, because I am taking an attack, and youre a prime example. The attacks are real and tangible and they are not make belief. Ask you self why roman days and months are untouched. You wont because its "an inconvenient truth" to you. I can see this conversation is going no where, so I'll let you have the last say and this is good bye for me.
David Ong
David Ong - 9 years ago
+Zaeno k No I CANT! The reason being is that the secular dating system is achieving it's objective (at least to me) of being anti-Christian. Everytime he utters CE BCE it's a reminder that "Ha! We have taken your god out of the equation" - it's a politically motivated "metric system". Now it wouldnt be so bad if the months and days were renamed too, but they are not, so it continues to stand out to be the only thing that has been changed. You might want to know also that the Bible predicted that this would happen and it would be the doing of the spirit of the anti-christ. So I cannot ignore the fact that this guy is willingly going along with something the Bible predicted would happen. So I'm not going to feel too cool and dandy about this guy. I'm not too emotional a guy, but for me to invest time into this secular host would be something of a nogo for me because he would rub off on me and in a bad way.
David Ong
David Ong - 9 years ago
+Zaeno k That's not true, in my experience there is no such thing as a non Christinity hating secular person. There is no such thing as an unbiased or neutral secular person. But even if I  am wrong, it still does not change the fact that changing the dating system is completely unecessarry, and the only motivation behind it is anti-Christian sentiment (not anti-religion). Once again , the change is not even a change, it's a childish relabelling. It still references a religious event wether you like it or not. The days of the month and days are still not being touched by a secular person. There is no rule book that says that constellations must match up with months, and even then constellations can be renamed and the months could match up those new unreligious constellation names. But this isnt done because it doesn't "offend" secular people. It's not about religion, don't fool your self, it's only about Christianity.
David Ong
David Ong - 9 years ago
+DarthVeers2 blah blah blah blah blah, Jesus is a good teacher, im an aetheist, dating method used is ok, thats all u needed to say. Why not change the days of the week from monday to sunday to something non religious then? Why stop at Christianity? Why is Roman mythology off the hook? So the Bible is not scientific? Find... neither is the Roman Religion. My problem is the motivation behind this and the obvious bias. although not so obvious to you. The motivation is anti-Christ agenda, the obvious bias is leaving the months and days names alone while changing a the year system is based on and additionally not really changing it but just relabeling it. If it was changing it then the reference will not be the birth of Christ. Unlike the relableing of the defenition of planets, there is no real reason to change AD and BC to CE and BCE , it's just a pointless politically motivated and childish motivation in combination of being quick to take offense and being overly politically correct and sensitve. Don't fool your self, its politically driven and not just in the natural world but in the spiritual world. There are real demons who a