Jay Alvarrez in South Pacific (Alexis Ren)

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Jay Alvarrez in South Pacific (Alexis Ren) sentiment_very_dissatisfied 2771

Snorkeling 6 years ago 14,090,337 views

Follow my Instgram @JayAlvarrez for more! + follow my everyday adventures on snapchat - "Jayalvarrez" if you want to see what I'm doing.... right now. Video 3/6 of my teenage years view my profile for more :) Website at www.JayAlvarrez.tumblr.com Direct Contact for any questions or business: Letsliveallday@gmail.com So much more to come! Please Like, Share, & Subscribe for more videos!

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for Jay Alvarrez in South Pacific (Alexis Ren)

Lefteris Papadopoulos
Lefteris Papadopoulos - 2 years ago
Hey guys, what’s the bikini brand with the cross?
Ricardo Junior
Ricardo Junior - 2 years ago
I'm definitely going to die alone.
ryan phelan
ryan phelan - 2 years ago
Just came for the ass
남jgstebxhu - 2 years ago
존나 뒤치기 하고싶다
Manu-Camus - 2 years ago
There is a Peruvian, his name is Mateo Pueyo, he looks like you! He has a channel!
Javier! - 2 years ago
justbought it
justbought it - 2 years ago
after watching this i dont even care about my exams
Levi Welch
Levi Welch - 2 years ago
she was already awake!
Hλpp iness
Hλpp iness - 2 years ago
RÚFÚS - Sundream
For the song

10. comment for Jay Alvarrez in South Pacific (Alexis Ren)

Romy Kemland
Romy Kemland - 2 years ago
This video just called me ugly
Romantic Travels
Romantic Travels - 2 years ago
wow, some great filmmaking and beautiful shots.
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones - 2 years ago
I want this life
vvss - 2 years ago
와나 개부럽다
Miriam Garcia
Miriam Garcia - 2 years ago
Literally 99 percent ass shots
Scott Stanley
Scott Stanley - 2 years ago
She has 1 fine ass !
KParadiseN - 2 years ago
After this video I realize now, that I'm incredibly poor and that I need to start working out
Demio Aviv
Demio Aviv - 2 years ago
Herick Flores
Herick Flores - 2 years ago
Adriana V. A.Y.
Adriana V. A.Y. - 2 years ago
Muy bella ella

20. comment for Jay Alvarrez in South Pacific (Alexis Ren)

Mike Tung
Mike Tung - 2 years ago
Ghean Cordova
Ghean Cordova - 2 years ago
3:48 best jump ever
Ijwtbc Ffanpage
Ijwtbc Ffanpage - 2 years ago
* sees sharks *
* keeps on swimming *
Justin Cupples
Justin Cupples - 2 years ago
On a real note lets bring attention to the issue of dyslexia, look at all those poor souls that disliked when they where obviously trying to hit like.
Silvaneide Ferreira
Silvaneide Ferreira - 2 years ago
Marćelo Thug
Marćelo Thug - 2 years ago
It's a beautiful live Style
Bobby Ryan Studios
Bobby Ryan Studios - 2 years ago
Great edit. Awesome grading. Wicked song. So good. I need to learn from you.
Manoela Pizarro
Manoela Pizarro - 2 years ago
Moritz Löffler
Moritz Löffler - 2 years ago
we are starting a world tour in our van - check out and follow: instagram - jolieheart
Daro Keo Cambodia
Daro Keo Cambodia - 2 years ago
Dammm cool

30. comment for Jay Alvarrez in South Pacific (Alexis Ren)

Cute Dogs
Cute Dogs - 2 years ago
bLuE aSs wAtEr
simG4 - 2 years ago
it's just like " Hey look at me, i'm a attention whore !!"
Robert Kautz
Robert Kautz - 2 years ago
hello I am the newest comment like it!
GoProMoe - 2 years ago
4:30 Bj incomming
Al Qabayliyya
Al Qabayliyya - 2 years ago
nova alvarez
nova alvarez - 2 years ago
I hope one day I can go on a trip with my friends
Claire Johnson
Claire Johnson - 2 years ago
i literally wish ahdhhahd
Martina Elias
Martina Elias - 2 years ago
Anyrooms - 2 years ago
Sundream - Rufus
Kavita Gill
Kavita Gill - 2 years ago
Something about rewatching this after the past 2-3 years makes me feel sad but happy for the both of you
Andreas Wagner
Andreas Wagner - 2 years ago
Soo.. i farted after watching this Video - is this how i life my live the fullest? :D
But i like the Song!
John Lemon
John Lemon - 2 years ago
T. J.
T. J. - 2 years ago
Damn Blue Ass Water!!!
T. J.
T. J. - 2 years ago
4:26 on was so sexxxxxxy!!!!
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez - 2 years ago
Los dos hacían una bonita pareja :/
Justin Peddle
Justin Peddle - 2 years ago
Brent Waits
Brent Waits - 2 years ago
I have never been on vacation before =(
David Steck
David Steck - 2 years ago
i liked that one part
MAX NavyS - 2 years ago
realtas - 2 years ago
omg does anyone know where the jewelry in 0:32 is from, its sooo pretty
Tania Vega
Tania Vega - 2 years ago
Song ?
andrew097 - 2 years ago
Freefall and girlfriends, both an amazing rush.

50. comment for Jay Alvarrez in South Pacific (Alexis Ren)

Pamela Ruiz
Pamela Ruiz - 2 years ago
cual es el original ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqhDkP-Je3E ??¿¿
Stay zen My good friend
Stay zen My good friend - 3 years ago
Anyone almost get emotional watching these? It’s art. It makes you feel like it could be you, that it is you for a short second
Niamh Ryan
Niamh Ryan - 3 years ago
What is the background song called?
Zan Salamun
Zan Salamun - 3 years ago
What a life
Travel Buddy
Travel Buddy - 3 years ago
Liliana Dorantes
Liliana Dorantes - 3 years ago
Imogen Brown
Imogen Brown - 3 years ago
and I love bot of you
Imogen Brown
Imogen Brown - 3 years ago
omg I actually love this
fabherron on IG
fabherron on IG - 3 years ago
Wtf jack avery liked this
Constanza Pavez
Constanza Pavez - 3 years ago
Cabros me comí al yeti
Mack Svry
Mack Svry - 3 years ago
jack avery liked this video.....XD
DJobisx Sosa
DJobisx Sosa - 3 years ago
best cool
Jana Märtens
Jana Märtens - 3 years ago
La Gaviota
La Gaviota - 3 years ago
A mi ampeter no me engaña vino por la miniatura :v
Sally meyer
Sally meyer - 3 years ago
tone wheel
tone wheel - 3 years ago
Was it just me, but at 1.15... did anyone else notice the SHARKS!!!...?!?
lyn. - 2 years ago
how could it be only you noticing? there's a shot dedicated exclusively for them lol
Iti malia
Iti malia - 3 years ago
Razo * . *
Sarah Evans
Sarah Evans - 3 years ago
Francisco Javier
Francisco Javier - 3 years ago
whats the name of those bracelets he wers i want one
Ms ballerina xo
Ms ballerina xo - 3 years ago
lotte Backelandt
lotte Backelandt - 3 years ago
Uhg goals asf
Wingnut Mcspazatron
Wingnut Mcspazatron - 3 years ago
That part at the beginning where she throws the pillow back at him and everything goes silent and black as it hits the camera.. that gives me a strong "Paranormal Activity" vibe, like the beginning of the movie.
Amir Eghbal
Amir Eghbal - 3 years ago
nice ass
A S H I S H - 3 years ago
Daamn! You guys do some lit editing..
Mathieu B. Soucy
Mathieu B. Soucy - 3 years ago
Bitch is hot
Brandon Yan
Brandon Yan - 3 years ago
Anyone know what camera he used?
NOYZYBOY 21 - 3 years ago
that fucking ass , damage
Charlie Camacho
Charlie Camacho - 3 years ago
Eddy Aeromaster
Eddy Aeromaster - 3 years ago
Jay alvarrez your content is so so insiprational...most especially when somebody gets to know about your childhood dreams and how you dropped out of school to pursue your passion
Anas Baloch
Anas Baloch - 3 years ago
I hope one day I find my love.
Denga Madzivhandila
Denga Madzivhandila - 3 years ago
Black lavendar
Black lavendar - 3 years ago
soo soooooooooooooo much beauty in this vid. i love it
nera art
nera art - 3 years ago
You inspire me to do YouTube
Jaida Woolford
Jaida Woolford - 3 years ago
Tana is shook
Propane - 3 years ago
That's some BLUE ASS WATER
erin cullens
erin cullens - 3 years ago
does anyone have an idea of the app used to make this ?
Osama Khaled
Osama Khaled - 3 years ago
Hello, really cool video,
I'm working on a film, and I need few shots of POV for some scenes, it would be great if I can use your cool shots in the film and I'll credit you for sure, looking forward to hear from you.
kopi tertinggi
kopi tertinggi - 3 years ago
can i edit your video? because im try to some editor sorry
Oddity - 3 years ago
I would love to use one of your videos for my song do you think that could be possible
Ilma - 3 years ago
name of songggggggg
enzo Niaji
enzo Niaji - 3 years ago
AmaZing bro
tony03t - 3 years ago
What is the song name
Stefan Tintaru
Stefan Tintaru - 3 years ago
WittenCityChilla - 3 years ago
Everytime I hear this song (and do you come with me) it directly reminds me of Jay's videos and how me and my friends watched them over and over in our gym until last summer where we rented out a house down in south france with a big a*s pool and sh*t and went down there with cars filled with Gin and Meat, cause as we all know frenchies dont know good meat (coming from a german). After all it was the best time ever endless fun inspired by Jay and his videos. Thanks for that bro
JD Coffeekoss
JD Coffeekoss - 3 years ago
Rüfüs du sol- Sundream
Tagitai Kavegrand
Tagitai Kavegrand - 3 years ago
Wow, Tahiti and Moorea ! French polynesia, it"s a paradise.
endlessjourney - 3 years ago
It really is!
Sofia Castro
Sofia Castro - 3 years ago
The song sundream rufus
Just Nadia
Just Nadia - 3 years ago
The skydiving footage looks amazing, I was always afraid to go haha :) NEW VLOG on my channel!!
Alaska - 3 years ago
ı love how we all are sad in the comment section
G C - 3 years ago

100. comment for Jay Alvarrez in South Pacific (Alexis Ren)

Jazz Vardi
Jazz Vardi - 3 years ago
What is this song called??
GEM ‘N’ I - 3 years ago
Great example of slow mo clip. Whole vid is slow mo. ‘Lose yourself’
Jenn Fernandez
Jenn Fernandez - 3 years ago
where did he get that beaded bracelet from
Leila Beatriz
Leila Beatriz - 3 years ago
Your Boy
Your Boy - 3 years ago
they lit
Isabella Carvalho
Isabella Carvalho - 3 years ago
Nunca me canso de ver esses vídeos
Ellie Joanna
Ellie Joanna - 3 years ago
1st vid i saw of jay alvarez and i already think he has douchey mean vibes lol
Pedro Sousa
Pedro Sousa - 3 years ago
which are locations
Izza - 3 years ago
Is it weird that I’m here from teawaps video
Robert Emray
Robert Emray - 3 years ago
Where should i go with 5000 € ?
Tiffany Spargo
Tiffany Spargo - 3 years ago
I want that gray beach tie up skirt she’s wearing at 0:53
Mr Tekir
Mr Tekir - 3 years ago
yaşıyosun bu hayatı
Kumud Das
Kumud Das - 3 years ago
I wanna fuckin' die!!! Hold on "Is this world so beautiful"? Amazing video It was like a good memory passed by...
Avon Nabors
Avon Nabors - 3 years ago
modern day robert plant w/out the golden voice
Sara Ramazanloo
Sara Ramazanloo - 3 years ago
Love this
Cassie Klein
Cassie Klein - 3 years ago
What song is this?!
diego bazan
diego bazan - 3 years ago
J Woolridge
J Woolridge - 3 years ago
blue ass water
Emile _C
Emile _C - 3 years ago
Absolute fucking life goals!
Baeistlovi HD
Baeistlovi HD - 3 years ago
i play this video every mornign bcs its life <3
ROBERT LØGΔN - 3 years ago
song's name?
Aps - 3 years ago
Nicholas Sotiros
Nicholas Sotiros - 3 years ago
meegan - 3 years ago
yes, give me the artsy videos.
Natalia Przychodzień
Natalia Przychodzień - 3 years ago
How this sharks didn’t eat you???
Hustla - 3 years ago
not all sharks eat humans
Hustla - 3 years ago
looooooooooooool haha
scotty - 3 years ago

video is good too
Denise Campillay silva
Denise Campillay silva - 3 years ago
Need to know What camera he is using !!!
Svenja S.
Svenja S. - 3 years ago
Does anyone know what camera he used to film underwater?
endlessjourney - 3 years ago
Most likely a GoPro! :)
Coroa De Margaridas
Coroa De Margaridas - 3 years ago
Só queriaaa
Joseph Sanchez
Joseph Sanchez - 3 years ago
What song is this ?
Rosa Torres
Rosa Torres - 3 years ago
Song ?
Sebastian Gonzalez
Sebastian Gonzalez - 3 years ago
Call me (203) 859-1558
Monica A
Monica A - 3 years ago
Does anyone know the name of the hotel with the ocean view window? (if it’s a hotel) thank you so much!
María Gutiérrez
María Gutiérrez - 3 years ago
Vanessa Avila
Vanessa Avila - 3 years ago
Lmao u changed the title
Mr. Potato
Mr. Potato - 3 years ago
Joaquim Fernandes Færøvig
Joaquim Fernandes Færøvig - 3 years ago
Role model
LoveMe,com - 3 years ago
This is a perfect place to relax and have a good time with your love ones.
It doesn't matter if it's in a cheap resort or expensive but it's about the quality time together.
Great job guys!
SoloJuan - 3 years ago
Ann te amo
Richard Shueman
Richard Shueman - 3 years ago
Looks like you are having fun andf so happy
zack massey
zack massey - 3 years ago
Making videos like these!

One already got 100,000 views. Check me out and i will support you back.
Natalie Cheng
Natalie Cheng - 3 years ago
So she was just sleeping in a bikini and golden body chain? ok.
JanaMela Etivac
JanaMela Etivac - 3 years ago
and wheres a bathing suit to sleep????
Asus Asus
Asus Asus - 3 years ago
beautybeastparis - 3 years ago
if you want to see a roadtrip in Tanzania & Zanzibar... here it is !
Rianna olabode
Rianna olabode - 3 years ago
O² PLuser
O² PLuser - 3 years ago
Yengede kütür gibi erik erik
Kimberly - 3 years ago
Canon 5d mkiii
Sadman Safin
Sadman Safin - 3 years ago
Noaaa - 3 years ago
Omg she’s swimming with sharks that so scary
Ovanel Hernandez Gomez
Ovanel Hernandez Gomez - 3 years ago
Alguien conoce el nombre de la canción?
understated floss
understated floss - 3 years ago
This is way too sexual
Cer Ise
Cer Ise - 3 years ago
Tahiti <3
Thor - 3 years ago
Raissa Aptarizki
Raissa Aptarizki - 3 years ago
what song is this?
Hypatia Thiriat
Hypatia Thiriat - 4 years ago
This guy stole The Twitter account of a latina youtuber: Pautips.
LT. No touchy
LT. No touchy - 4 years ago
What camera is he using
NICO KUBAT - 3 years ago
gopro and 5mark4
Lemuel Bordios
Lemuel Bordios - 4 years ago
Dmitri Petrov
Dmitri Petrov - 4 years ago
I honestly expected Wouldn't It Be Nice to start playing
Jade Barry
Jade Barry - 4 years ago
Would so make videos like these if I was in a tropical place but here I am in Ireland smh
Adi Yuwana
Adi Yuwana - 4 years ago
Duh, pengen ngecroot
Настя Сударикова
Настя Сударикова - 4 years ago
Я одна тут русская
vladimir lopez
vladimir lopez - 4 years ago
nobody know the name of the song
Asth - 3 years ago
vixxy 05
vixxy 05 - 4 years ago
They give me peace when i watch there vids
Beluu Flores
Beluu Flores - 4 years ago
I decide to start gym tomorrow
Gabri Triguero
Gabri Triguero - 4 years ago
this is so sad
Grizzly_shots - 4 years ago
Wow he makes a living of videos of a montage of him living.
Khongor Shataryn
Khongor Shataryn - 4 years ago
Dear Jay, please do a video jumping from a plane without a parachute next time
Eng Abdulhakin Mohamud Ismail
Eng Abdulhakin Mohamud Ismail - 3 years ago
awesome let he try the danger
Rebecca 426
Rebecca 426 - 4 years ago
She hit the genetics jackpot
Eddie Jibson
Eddie Jibson - 4 years ago
Doesn't make me depressed with my life at all lol
ssarahb - 4 years ago
Can anyone tell me what he uses to edit his videos?
Edgardo M
Edgardo M - 4 years ago
Lisa Van snek
Lisa Van snek - 4 years ago
Young Ed sundream
Ajda Opara
Ajda Opara - 4 years ago
i cant stop watching this
NICO KUBAT - 3 years ago
Jizi TV
Jizi TV - 4 years ago
This song ???
Jizi TV
Jizi TV - 4 years ago
Tks u
danny rosales
danny rosales - 4 years ago
Hoàng Tran sundream
Arte Αρτε ART
Arte Αρτε ART - 4 years ago
Its Me
Its Me - 4 years ago
i wouldnt let that bitch touch me!
Tim - 4 years ago
Whats the song called?
Lisa Van snek
Lisa Van snek - 4 years ago
Tim von zum Hoff sundream
Angela Massafra
Angela Massafra - 4 years ago
What is the name of This song?
NICO KUBAT - 3 years ago
morpheus goddess
morpheus goddess - 4 years ago
song? replyyyyy peopleee
NICO KUBAT - 3 years ago
She hej Sheheh
She hej Sheheh - 4 years ago
Depressed people and everyone in general complaining in the comment section , ruin my excitement for summer and for the people in the vid ;-;
SpaceMood - 4 years ago
K-MART Cafe - 4 years ago
Where does this guy live?! Wherever it is, I'm moving there
Luchi Cuenca
Luchi Cuenca - 4 years ago
you guys are couple goalsss you hace to date again
Reed Sea grave
Reed Sea grave - 4 years ago
MoonteX_CZ - 4 years ago
What is name this song ? Please
MoonteX_CZ - 4 years ago
Lisa Van snek thank you
Lisa Van snek
Lisa Van snek - 4 years ago
MoonteX_CZ sundream
John Reed
John Reed - 4 years ago
2:20 pubg
Camilo Santos
Camilo Santos - 4 years ago
Alguém sabe o nome dessa música
Gabby S!mqlu
Gabby S!mqlu - 4 years ago
Jay Alvarrez is the best on the internet for this chapter of videos
Priscila R
Priscila R - 4 years ago
What are the names of this places? with the hotel and everything else, 'South pacific' is not enought...
Philip ThePro
Philip ThePro - 4 years ago
Which camera is He using?
nomsashoniwa - 4 years ago
Sunny tropita more like bore hore
Alejandro Relancio
Alejandro Relancio - 4 years ago
Please anyone can give me the song please
Lisa Van snek
Lisa Van snek - 4 years ago
Alejandro Relancio sundream
Carlos Andres Dominguez Rivera
Carlos Andres Dominguez Rivera - 4 years ago
La verdad que esta relike la modelo del video
Hello? Can I use your clips to make an edit on traveling for a project?
Cristian Marian
Cristian Marian - 4 years ago
Lucas Carmo
Lucas Carmo - 4 years ago
What country is this from the video?
Tiara Storm
Tiara Storm - 4 years ago
natural beauty
Tiara Storm
Tiara Storm - 4 years ago
when he dove into the water after his board, that shark scared me so bad omg.
ImDom - 4 years ago
lmaooo :D
Ashley Aspiras
Ashley Aspiras - 4 years ago
I am depressed because I will never have this with someone
ruhphodastica - 4 years ago
I just realized my life is horrible.
Isabella Rose
Isabella Rose - 4 years ago
ImDom - 4 years ago
Sundream - RÜFÜS
Jjb Vkv
Jjb Vkv - 4 years ago
ImDom - 4 years ago
Sundream - RÜFÜS
MD Supreme
MD Supreme - 4 years ago
Is this Maldives?
Til Gffrt
Til Gffrt - 4 years ago
Still watch it.
Oriana Niño Mendez
Oriana Niño Mendez - 4 years ago
Lisa Van snek
Lisa Van snek - 4 years ago
Q W E R T Y - 4 years ago
I think I Will Be a very smart person instead of having a Life like this,I have so much in my head right now
Dynamita s
Dynamita s - 4 years ago
this make me sad and jealous, oh btw i wanna a fucking pizza
Dynamita s
Dynamita s - 4 years ago
le cambio el nombre xDDDDD
before: Girls of my dreams
nau: just carcajadas
StrangeButUnTrue - 4 years ago
I'm Pretty sure if you Google it these two are no longer a couple!!!
DEWXDEM AITXAIT - 4 years ago
I literally want to have my life the way like this but i don't have much money like them.
Nicole Mathiew
Nicole Mathiew - 4 years ago
anyone knows the name of this song in the clip ?
gabriela francesca
gabriela francesca - 4 years ago
One of a kind
KAY JAY - 4 years ago
Does anyone know the name of this song
TheRodrig1989 - 4 years ago
Duda Maravigold
Duda Maravigold - 4 years ago
aaaaah que perfeitooo
Roberto Margutta
Roberto Margutta - 4 years ago
Soso Welli
Soso Welli - 4 years ago
Whats the name of the Song.?
Devin Justus
Devin Justus - 4 years ago
Jay your videos are so cool and inspirational .. honestly though I wish you posted more often :/
Darling Calzà Batista
Darling Calzà Batista - 4 years ago
this vid has before another song and they cut off it.. anyone knows what was the song ?
inher1tance - 4 years ago
This should be titled "Wet dreams".
Taekook - 4 years ago
Guys you don't have to be a millionaire for having a great time like them! :) With the right people/right Partner it'll be exactly like in the videos. It's important to have good vibes around you and to enjoy your life. Then any place you'll go is going to be perfect! Besides that, it isn't that expensive to travel like they do. Of course you can't afford the best hotels but you don't need that. If you travel alone or with your partner it's actually really cheap. My family and I, we are 7 people, always traveling around the world and we don't have much money. We just try the best and save our money and tbh traveling is the best thing you can do! :) no one can take away those experiences from you.
Travelbird - 4 years ago
How much does she cost for a night?
ant en ap
ant en ap - 4 years ago
For the Dutch people, This look like Gio and Juultje but then whitout sharks.
Endangered Species
Endangered Species - 4 years ago
I expected a 'buy this bracelet for $1 only?' At the end
Jasmin Diaz
Jasmin Diaz - 4 years ago
he changed the title sniffle
Khiarra - 4 years ago
What is the name of this video shot?
aymen boudiaf
aymen boudiaf - 4 years ago
catch a break every one and go live your life instead of sitting infront of your pc and bitching about your life and how miserable it is cause geuss what!! life can be hard but if you get up and start working on your dreams you will find your self in a better place then you were yesterday and you will be less sad about your life
Nasira Cansev
Nasira Cansev - 4 years ago
I'm a Turkish Youtuber. And you're invited to my channel ! ✨❤️
Pia Pei
Pia Pei - 4 years ago
Where's her white bikini from? I want it really bad...
Kimberly - 4 years ago
Its from coulbourne.net but that one sold out a few years ago
Joshua Viljoen
Joshua Viljoen - 4 years ago
where was this shot?
Samantha Seixas
Samantha Seixas - 4 years ago
eles ainda tão juntos? 2017
Invigorate - 4 years ago
This looks incredibly boring in my opinion. I can't believe so many people in the comments section would love this as opposed to other things, scares me.
Kimberly - 4 years ago
how is the beach, waterfalls, skydiving, & island life boring?
iloée cavalier
iloée cavalier - 4 years ago
Omg where can i find her white swimsuit ? I love it !!!
ayla aksenov
ayla aksenov - 4 years ago
If some one tried to wake me up, I'd throw a knife instead of a pillow lmao
Nick Sevdalis
Nick Sevdalis - 4 years ago
Hey Guys I'm making videos inspired by Jay! Checking Out!!
Alena Lauren
Alena Lauren - 4 years ago
Naomi Whiffen
Naomi Whiffen - 3 years ago
Alena Lauren what was the title before?
beth - 4 years ago
what country is this?
Chloem - 4 years ago
What's the song?
Ev Alien
Ev Alien - 4 years ago
music name????
Reinissulbergs - 4 years ago
Jay changed the title looool
Elisa Potter
Elisa Potter - 4 years ago
Their videos are so good. They have some serious Adam & Eve vibes.
Josephine Yao
Josephine Yao - 4 years ago
Changed tittle
Social and Football
Social and Football - 4 years ago
this guy has everything from life
Meme Genarator
Meme Genarator - 4 years ago
Guys you should be happy that God gave you a life
Kristin McArthur
Kristin McArthur - 4 years ago
He changed the name of the video cause she said he has a small pecker lmaooooooo
jjjt jon
jjjt jon - 4 years ago
DarkMatter Dharma
DarkMatter Dharma - 4 years ago
Damn bro you changed the title !
Rose Liou
Rose Liou - 4 years ago
how do people have money for this
Luke n Caro Wittig
Luke n Caro Wittig - 4 years ago
Jay, what do you use to film? and what program do you use to edit?
Cauacosta Costa
Cauacosta Costa - 4 years ago
MaryBella - 4 years ago
stallkerbg - 4 years ago
Perfect start of your day. Motivation is what should be reflected in your soul after watching it. Litt.
Jack Zhu
Jack Zhu - 4 years ago
My life is so good
94Zero - 4 years ago
She is amazing...
Fay Kay
Fay Kay - 4 years ago
i see the title changed
jenny kloss
jenny kloss - 4 years ago
Am I the only one who's nit feeling depressed after Jay's videos? I feel motivated to go to the gym and I am full of hope after those videos..
Meow QAQ
Meow QAQ - 2 years ago
me too!!!!!!!!!!!1
samuel hirschi
samuel hirschi - 2 years ago
buy bitcoin, ethereum and ripple. and come thank me in 2020
B Scott
B Scott - 4 years ago
Sooooooo basic.
Justyna Kamila Łęgowska
Justyna Kamila Łęgowska - 4 years ago
why did you change the title?!
Alexa Gutierrez
Alexa Gutierrez - 4 years ago
Wait was the title before?
Valérie Louis Charles
Valérie Louis Charles - 4 years ago
Justyna Kamila Łęgowska because they aren't together anymore
Daniels HG
Daniels HG - 4 years ago
This video is of my favorites. The editing is awesome.
Asth - 4 years ago
He changed the title ):
Conner Mcgregor
Conner Mcgregor - 4 years ago
Is that a fucking sting ray? Lmaoo
UNiCoRn PeGaSuS - 4 years ago
I d ride that ass hard
Raah - 4 years ago
what song is this
Andrea Moreno
Andrea Moreno - 4 years ago
Lexy - 4 years ago
What's the song
Ashley Nikole
Ashley Nikole - 4 years ago
Jay changed the title..
Aleks Kozirevs
Aleks Kozirevs - 4 years ago
Viens no labākiem.
Davrov Rajapov
Davrov Rajapov - 4 years ago
Фото обой
Tom Church
Tom Church - 4 years ago
Anyone notice the title change ?
Batchy Rides
Batchy Rides - 4 years ago
He changed the title! :(
Naomi Whiffen
Naomi Whiffen - 3 years ago
Batchy Rides what was it before?
Aisha Smit
Aisha Smit - 4 years ago
Tiphaine - 4 years ago
looool who else noticed that he changed the title?
Madison Streblow
Madison Streblow - 4 years ago
Watching old videos because I can't wait for the new content hopefully coming soon
Salma Sanchez
Salma Sanchez - 4 years ago
What's the song
rafer666 - 4 years ago
weź spierdalaj
Direnizer Dlm •
Direnizer Dlm • - 4 years ago
X O - 4 years ago
Josiah Gillaspy And how do you know that? May I ask
Joeballs - 4 years ago
Fafrutitas - 4 years ago
What's the song?
Gabby Koeva
Gabby Koeva - 4 years ago
T T - 4 years ago
Why is she sleeping in her bikini
lost somewhere in darkness
lost somewhere in darkness - 4 years ago
video was more concentrated on her ass
Sentinel VEVØ
Sentinel VEVØ - 4 years ago
Amk benimde boyle paramolsa bi kiz alcam yanma gezcem amk dunyasni
The Lord Raj
The Lord Raj - 4 years ago
so this is the guy behind all the travel pics and videos on twitter
Hater AF
Hater AF - 4 years ago
everyone talking about they are no longer together, about not having money or her ass and I just want to know the name of the song.
TheGichnni - 4 years ago
Rufus - sundream
Lucas Castro
Lucas Castro - 4 years ago
es boa que doi
Cierra Miller
Cierra Miller - 4 years ago
more food
Cierra Miller
Cierra Miller - 4 years ago
nice body but maybe eat some morw
Sarah Victoria
Sarah Victoria - 4 years ago
Where are thay at 3.10-3.39? GOOOOSH TAKE ME THERE
Holy fuckin christ monkey balls :O
Just watch
Just watch - 4 years ago
I'm isis member
I'm gonna out
To beheading anyone
After this video
Burn anyone
OK by
Carley Rodgers
Carley Rodgers - 4 years ago
does anybody know what camera?
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez - 4 years ago
Yooo follow me on Twitter and IG fam !!@donjuan_jl
Olivia - 4 years ago
Noemi Lang
Noemi Lang - 4 years ago
i love this video ❤
Ambo Walupime
Ambo Walupime - 4 years ago
marie elisabeth
marie elisabeth - 4 years ago
can i use this song for my youtube video intro
nury chavez
nury chavez - 4 years ago
whats her instagram or youtube?
espenR - 4 years ago
And here I am, sipping on a cup of coffee in the office, fuck I need to get out and live a little....!
Matt vsp
Matt vsp - 4 years ago
Gloria Alicia
Gloria Alicia - 4 years ago
why did they break up
ThisIsDave96 - 4 years ago
whats the equipment he uses?
Gracjan Wardziak
Gracjan Wardziak - 4 years ago
fajną ma dupe
Vinícius Campos
Vinícius Campos - 4 years ago
Song name ?
Dubwavy - 4 years ago
I literally probably watched this more than 30 times
Clara Sophie
Clara Sophie - 4 years ago
does anybody know where her white bikini with the cross on the back is from? Its so cute
Clara Sophie
Clara Sophie - 4 years ago
Abbigale Toro oh thank you so much :)
Abbigale Toro
Abbigale Toro - 4 years ago
survivhal I think it's from coulbourne
Jamie Cifelli
Jamie Cifelli - 4 years ago
her ass is brighter than the sun yooo
Bo Roy
Bo Roy - 4 years ago
can somebody tell me where i can buy this white bikini?
Sofia Marstin
Sofia Marstin - 4 years ago
Someone plz tell me what camera he uses..
Stella Wang
Stella Wang - 4 years ago
Who sleeps in a bathing suit
tim ten wolde
tim ten wolde - 4 years ago
nice ass groetjes van Tim
Zayn Shayk
Zayn Shayk - 4 years ago
what place is this?
Marta Devejieva
Marta Devejieva - 4 years ago
Zayn Shayk bora bora
AnnMarie Cotter
AnnMarie Cotter - 4 years ago
Does anyone know the song?
Marcelino Santiago
Marcelino Santiago - 4 years ago
lirycs of this song please
leYasminele - 4 years ago
what's the song's name?
Sandro Seidl
Sandro Seidl - 4 years ago
David M
David M - 4 years ago
Nice to see this video.
One of my favorites. Thanks Jay..........
Hùng Sơn
Hùng Sơn - 4 years ago
hannah - 4 years ago
I miss them.
Maggie Jiang
Maggie Jiang - 4 years ago
Wtf is she real
summer bakopanos
summer bakopanos - 4 years ago
Goalsss aggavagaha
Pedro Peixoto
Pedro Peixoto - 4 years ago
whats the name of the island?
Hari DJ
Hari DJ - 4 years ago
which song?
Salma Sanchez
Salma Sanchez - 4 years ago
What song is this
Lee Gra
Lee Gra - 4 years ago
gold digger
anna yani
anna yani - 4 years ago
too bad you cheated on her lmao
Luxbearxoxo Love
Luxbearxoxo Love - 4 years ago
jana the neighbor
jana the neighbor - 4 years ago
what cameras does he use???
The Chair
The Chair - 4 years ago
if this guy ever comes up with a financial difficulty this bitch will leave him.
J M - 4 years ago
Whats is the song ?
Norris - 4 years ago
I'm going to kill herself ....
Caitlin Sinclair
Caitlin Sinclair - 4 years ago
What did you film the video with? This makes me so inspired
美国华远国际旅行社 - 4 years ago
great video,basic elements of life!!
baraa krem
baraa krem - 4 years ago
اشتعلت العشيرة
Alexandra Mariuta
Alexandra Mariuta - 4 years ago
Has anyone seen that shark at 3:57 ?? omg
Belen Lugo
Belen Lugo - 4 years ago
She is goals
GaeFilms - 4 years ago
shinji112 - 4 years ago
Rufus - Sundream
TimeForEdit - 4 years ago
Frederik Herzog
Frederik Herzog - 4 years ago
3:56 shark!??
Francois Smit
Francois Smit - 4 years ago
you have the best life ever
smapelx - 4 years ago
Which editing program does he use?
Sophie TM
Sophie TM - 4 years ago
Probably Final Cut Pro
Sabine Feddersen
Sabine Feddersen - 4 years ago
at least she doesn't have big boobs.
Cynn Dragonslayer
Cynn Dragonslayer - 4 years ago
Too bad nothing - last forever...
iitu mattila
iitu mattila - 4 years ago
This is so sad
Elliott and Rio
Elliott and Rio - 4 years ago
missT 4
missT 4 - 3 years ago
Sundream rufus
leonore olssøn
leonore olssøn - 4 years ago
GreatLion - 4 years ago
anyone knows what camera and what lenses he is using at 4:12
Paulina Habsburg
Paulina Habsburg - 4 years ago
What's that song ?
Valérie Louis Charles
Valérie Louis Charles - 4 years ago
Paulina Habsburg sundream by rüfus
Diana Sandoval
Diana Sandoval - 4 years ago
these videos shouldn't put you down or make you feel depressed it should simply inspire you to live your life to the fullest. do WHAT makes you happy.
jolligry - 4 years ago
Juli Gab
Juli Gab - 4 years ago
Does anyone knows where all her bikinis are from?
Sarah Ouellette
Sarah Ouellette - 4 years ago
Juli Gab coulbourne is where she gets a lot of them
NECK PILLOW - 4 years ago
MORSHNEV FILM - 4 years ago
Amazing! Best video!
James Tofan
James Tofan - 4 years ago
Dam he's good
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat - 4 years ago
That man is gorgeous.
Alexis Kurt Lagura
Alexis Kurt Lagura - 4 years ago
Kitty Kat but a major douchebag!!
Luna Loon
Luna Loon - 4 years ago
they have the perfect life... in paradise
Zizi Zouzou
Zizi Zouzou - 4 years ago
JAT TRAVELLERS - 4 years ago
watch my videos of best Indian towns
Den Will
Den Will - 4 years ago
На чужую любовь хорошо смотреть!
Domonique Osorio
Domonique Osorio - 4 years ago
What camera does Jay use ??? Just curious
Benny Gym Hidalgo Bartra
Benny Gym Hidalgo Bartra - 4 years ago
Esta super chevere mi bro.
Lorenzo Sánchez
Lorenzo Sánchez - 4 years ago
Does somebody know what lens he uses and camera?
Lorenzo Sánchez
Lorenzo Sánchez - 4 years ago
but in his video ''home'' i think he uses panasonic gh4 but i dont know what lens is going to be the best for shootings like this
Luke Chaplin
Luke Chaplin - 4 years ago
Canon 5D Mark 3
Mar Abreu
Mar Abreu - 4 years ago
what its a song?
yeremy - 4 years ago
Albert Lima
Albert Lima - 5 years ago
Muito top brother!!
da um pulo no brasil!! quando vier conheça Chapada dos Guimaraes-MT
aqui pertinho!
Gabriel Alves
Gabriel Alves - 5 years ago
Name of music ??
missT 4
missT 4 - 3 years ago
Sundream rufus
Vamit tjk
Vamit tjk - 5 years ago
Bora Bora?
meg zlr
meg zlr - 4 years ago
DoctorWho Whovian yess
אביעזר חיון
אביעזר חיון - 5 years ago
He hella loooves touching her stomach lol XD
Vamit tjk
Vamit tjk - 5 years ago
אביעזר חיון because she is skinny freaking loser!!
Sofia Londos
Sofia Londos - 5 years ago
ma adotta una pigotta va
Daniela Uribe
Daniela Uribe - 5 years ago
Nik Chrz
Nik Chrz - 5 years ago
Does anyone know what camera Jay uses?
Jaclyn Bennett
Jaclyn Bennett - 5 years ago
What song is this
krokodylek jakich mało
krokodylek jakich mało - 5 years ago
Polska przejmuje jutuby LOL XD
Titania Evil
Titania Evil - 5 years ago
LologTV - 5 years ago
Dino Dedic
Dino Dedic - 5 years ago
she cheated probably on him with the cameradude
Anthony Salvatore Monforte
Anthony Salvatore Monforte - 5 years ago
The video is artistically gorgeous!
Victoria Brand
Victoria Brand - 5 years ago
And they are no longer together So sad ! I don't believe in love anymore
Chloe Calamaro
Chloe Calamaro - 4 years ago
Victoria Brand this video does not display "love"
Jena Tarulli
Jena Tarulli - 4 years ago
Victoria Brand people really in love don't brag on youtube and show off, you're lover should also be your bestbfriend. just my experience. you'll find that someone
Andreas Bölian
Andreas Bölian - 5 years ago
Hey Jay, can you tell me where you brought this fucking awesome bracelet? :)
Dino Dedic
Dino Dedic - 5 years ago
I´m not Jay but bracelet is from the company livekokai

I like them to :D
Vinícios Alves
Vinícios Alves - 5 years ago
what beach are they at 3:03?
Месяц Май
Месяц Май - 5 years ago
Спасибо подрачил!
Rafs - 5 years ago
anyone knows which camera did he use to film?
Ryan Ab
Ryan Ab - 4 years ago
Rafs Red 4k camera and GoPro hero 4
issa life
issa life - 4 years ago
Rafs GoPro Hero 4
Enrique V
Enrique V - 5 years ago
Does anybody knows what beaches are ?
CasualYoutuber - 4 years ago
cataleya Sanchez bara bara:)
Enrique V
Enrique V - 5 years ago
ashly Sanchez
ashly Sanchez - 5 years ago
bora bora
ashly Sanchez
ashly Sanchez - 5 years ago
bora bora
Ashwini Pokharel
Ashwini Pokharel - 5 years ago
Metehan Ertorun
Metehan Ertorun - 5 years ago
His girlfriend's ass better than my life
Luisa Groen
Luisa Groen - 5 years ago
Which edit programm give you the same filters and feeelings as this video?
Tessa De La Rosa
Tessa De La Rosa - 5 years ago
I dont get it, this track is by rufus du sol and no credit is given?
Milla Rahaman
Milla Rahaman - 5 years ago
What song is this?
Sophie Fonne
Sophie Fonne - 5 years ago
LukeB Films
LukeB Films - 5 years ago
does jay alvarez edit his own videos
bich fuk
bich fuk - 5 years ago
Erik Emrich
Erik Emrich - 5 years ago
I am going to explain there lives just read below
coveybaby - 5 years ago
awesome video. what an amazing couple. sad it didn't work out
Lauren Schmitt
Lauren Schmitt - 5 years ago
softly throws a pillow
AAB3958 - 5 years ago
4:27 you must smile! :)
Cigarra - 5 years ago
What camera did you use?
Lilly & Mia
Lilly & Mia - 5 years ago
they were my fav couple:(
Joel Choi
Joel Choi - 5 years ago
this video motivates me
Jizzell Reyna
Jizzell Reyna - 5 years ago
Im so sad they split. But hey.....
Pharaohinthetemple - 5 years ago
che culo!!!
Davidek - 5 years ago
Question: From where he gets his money? (German so dont worry)
Mia Maston
Mia Maston - 5 years ago
I think that people are either against their lifestyle and refuse it to be real, or they wish they were living that life. Either way this is an artists work, it was not created to represent real life. Being an aspiring videographer and well traveled person myself, I can vouch for this. Life isn't going to hand you this life, because nobody has it. So look up to the video as a beautiful piece of art instead of a life goal.
jeni an kreyòl
jeni an kreyòl - 5 years ago
i love Jay<3
Aman Srivastava
Aman Srivastava - 5 years ago
LoZi Tv
LoZi Tv - 5 years ago
absolutely one of the most beautifulest video on Youtube!
michell Aviles
michell Aviles - 5 years ago
Tho One
Tho One - 5 years ago
Woah that skydiving was nuts
Xtina Amanda
Xtina Amanda - 5 years ago
Very Magic video... i feel very strange think while i watch this.. super
ניצן סגל
ניצן סגל - 5 years ago
You togeder now ?
Angelica Romero
Angelica Romero - 5 years ago
Does anyone know where this is?
Poeiti Bordes
Poeiti Bordes - 5 years ago
Tahiti and Moorea!
Luke - 5 years ago
tahiti main island same one where teahupoo is
Maarten - 5 years ago
Zoe Reaganne
Zoe Reaganne - 5 years ago
Angelica Romero but what island
Maarten - 5 years ago
french polynisa
Sophia Fasano
Sophia Fasano - 5 years ago
Aigerim Apitova
Aigerim Apitova - 5 years ago
Stuart Carter
Stuart Carter - 5 years ago
I thought I would add my two cents worth, for what those two cents are worth anyway. I had never heard of Jay (Or Alexis) around two years ago... I was a shit dude, over weight,pale, not a great guy to girls, floating between shitty jobs I hated, No girl, Skint as anything (You see where I am going). Then I met a girl, she was obsessed with this couple, showed me them, I followed both on Insta, but most importantly I changed my life, Jays videos (This one here was the first I ever saw) actually did. I worked out a lot, I focused on my shitty jobs to save up some pennies, We created new instagrams, bought a shit hot camera, strategized it properly, and organically have built our followers across our social channels combined (Not including YouTube, this is a new channel) to around 100,000 in total! Having this number of followers has now brought in emails from hotels, resorts, brands like coca cola, J20, endless underwear and razorblade companies, who want to work with us. I am at the absolute beggining of our journey but when we travel the world from January (already booked 3 quarters of it) for a year... Can you imagine the triple in followers? Brands coming in? The establishment, the insane videos ill make on my new Karma drone? The GoPro 5? My Phanton 4? one of my three Cannons? Shot in NY, Miami, LA, Hawaii, Fiji onwards?.. My point is not to gloat... But to say, if I was to have been like 90% of these commentors I would still to this day be sat here keyboard trolling Jay's (Or Alexis's personal lifes) ((Which by the way, some of you are sooo incredibly missinformed or guessing)). But I didnt, I got inspired, as millions have from Jay, and I started a journey. Sure, A lot of Jay's impression he impacted on me can be seen in my work, Sure I need to make sure I try a little harder to create my own niche and get not too sucked into how much I have been inspired... But the bottom line is, The people who are able to be inspired are the most creative ones, I found my niche, my vertical, I didnt sit and dwell. This video and all his others are not to gloat about Money or having it all or what not, fuck all that, Jay makes videos to inspire and for that, I for one am forever grateful. Truly forever grateful. What happens in his personal life is entirely up to him, to live a life of passion everyday is ultimate freedom, Jay has shown us all that, dont troll around wasting time, if you want a better life, do it. Forever peace @iamstuartcarter xxxxxxxxxxx
Lina Jenawan
Lina Jenawan - 3 years ago
Stuart Carter i
RJ Uriarte
RJ Uriarte - 4 years ago
hey stuart can you tell me how to start off with that sort of life?
Rhyce Peterson
Rhyce Peterson - 4 years ago
Stuart Carter
Stuart Carter - 5 years ago
Hi Noah, drop me an email man at stuartcartersocialmedia@gmail.com thanks dude xo
noah clendenon
noah clendenon - 5 years ago
Stuart Carter how hard is it to start a career In which you can do what you're doing?
Bec M
Bec M - 5 years ago
because she totally woke up looking like that XD
Nguyen Vo
Nguyen Vo - 3 years ago
I take it that you may look like Ronald McDonald when you awoke?
cache - 3 years ago
Tyler's Red Socks well she does look like that without makeup so
Natasia Moore
Natasia Moore - 4 years ago
Chelsea Mcintyre great way to get a yeast infection
Chelsea Mcintyre
Chelsea Mcintyre - 5 years ago
Mmhm and she wear bikinis to sleep
Jane Erstić
Jane Erstić - 5 years ago
Tyler's Red Socks that actually is possible.
ALEC. - 5 years ago
My family does not have a lot of money and I'm going to a place like this in the Philippines you just have to save and support each other and dreams will come true
Connor Martin
Connor Martin - 5 years ago
Where are you at
Philink - 5 years ago
How is he allowed to use the song?
Ryan Welsh
Ryan Welsh - 5 years ago
Check out my jay and alexis styled video :)
indialove - 5 years ago
when this is goals but they broke up...
David Alejandro Zuniga Miranda
David Alejandro Zuniga Miranda - 5 years ago
hate her bunny teeth ugh
Adef456lkj+_+ - 5 years ago
Alex Bentley
Alex Bentley - 5 years ago
Rich kid, hot girl in revealing outfits wearing body jewlery, expensive car rentals, sweet air bnb rentals and fun one day rental activities.. Anyone can make this video with a (daddy financed) budget.
Mc Kinsi
Mc Kinsi - 5 years ago
perfect relationship, but just gone.. :'
Nemo Memo
Nemo Memo - 5 years ago
Rich people be like ....
Brandon Allen
Brandon Allen - 5 years ago
It helps to be about 19 years old and funded by modeling agencies to make these videos...or at least by rich parents. They are hot because they aren't even fully grown lol.
ThatBoy Marcus
ThatBoy Marcus - 5 years ago
I'm jc did they break up, I don't see any pictures of them together on any of their instagram pages, so I'm jc?
Louisa MacDonald
Louisa MacDonald - 5 years ago
ThatBoy Marcus i think they did break up yes
Juliette Ps
Juliette Ps - 5 years ago
Okay, first, I need to say i love these videos, they are so wonderful, but... ALEXIS DOESN'T GIVE A F*** ABOUT THE VIEW SHE JUST WANTS TO SHOW HER ASS
G A L E - 5 years ago
whats the music title?
Jill Smith
Jill Smith - 5 years ago
Lmao girl of your dreams then why'd you cheat on her. Either way still a great video
Louisa MacDonald
Louisa MacDonald - 5 years ago
+ii Spikey how do people know he cheated???
Louisa MacDonald
Louisa MacDonald - 5 years ago
Jillybean 4721 HE CHEATED?!??!?
shqiptar e kosoves
shqiptar e kosoves - 5 years ago
they have not deserve this live
LukeB Films
LukeB Films - 5 years ago
you do know they are world famous
Husnu Coban
Husnu Coban - 5 years ago
how can you judge?
gerda pleša
gerda pleša - 5 years ago
shqiptar e kosoves after this they both were poor
shqiptar e kosoves
shqiptar e kosoves - 5 years ago
inshallah this two guys died
Brian Torrillo
Brian Torrillo - 5 years ago
#goals w/ my bestfriend girlfriend <3
SpaZe - 5 years ago
They broke up !
Michiel Pham
Michiel Pham - 5 years ago
This video inspired me to start this. It is my first time video editing, so if you have any feedback I would appreciate that!

Please enjoy and feel free to subscribe, comment and like! More video’s are coming soon!
Daniel - 5 years ago
Daniel - 5 years ago
So big comment
Kayla Azella
Kayla Azella - 5 years ago
What song is this
Servicka - 5 years ago
+jay alvarrez . If u die can k have your Hair ?
KenyaYT - 5 years ago
Hijo de puta
Reks - 5 years ago
Not the girl of your dreams , the ass of your dreams
Eloise Burton
Eloise Burton - 5 years ago
Where is this
Billy Bang
Billy Bang - 5 years ago
This Is Threem Ho naver Be true Yah Fuck
Aisling Donohue
Aisling Donohue - 5 years ago
Why does she sleep in her bikini???
Lifestyle - 5 years ago
Anyone can have this lifestyle, but not everyone is willing to put in the work. In fact, what happens behind the scenes is something most people dont want to do. This video is just the end result.
Enel Voore
Enel Voore - 5 years ago
I really wanna die
kief Smook
kief Smook - 5 years ago
Yo that's sick, did you see how the pillow flew
Jordan Prosser
Jordan Prosser - 5 years ago
Nik Amelia
Nik Amelia - 5 years ago
oh god i want their life
Pawel Xxx
Pawel Xxx - 5 years ago
Niesamowita para..pokazuja zycie jakie wielu osobom moze sie tylko snic i muzyka przy tym jest mega..pozdrawiam..
Pawel Xxx
Pawel Xxx - 5 years ago
Niesamowita para..pokazuja zycie jakie wielu osobom moze sie tylko snic i muzyka przy tym jest mega..pozdrawiam..
Pawel Xxx
Pawel Xxx - 5 years ago
an incredible couple of people that fulfills the dreams and lives a full life ..
Viet Pham Tuan
Viet Pham Tuan - 5 years ago
Hey Jay Alvarrez,
I would love to use this music for my first travel video.
How do you do this with the GEMA?
Do you pay to use this song, or are there other ways too?
Miggy Migz
Miggy Migz - 5 years ago
One lucky son of a bleach
ForbiddenKitten - 5 years ago
Song name anyone? Oh yah this videos rad but I'd rather have nothing of this and have happiness then be unhappy and have all this. You want this work for it. Im working towards this as should all of you. Sky is the limit. Anyways. WHAT IS THIS SONG
Yeah - 5 years ago
sundream rufus du sol
Aashish B.
Aashish B. - 5 years ago
Show off
LittleV - 5 years ago
So.. shes no longer girl of your dreams, right? -_-
Charisa Santos
Charisa Santos - 4 years ago
LittleV even changed the title of this vid
Skylarssy - 4 years ago
LittleV lmao
Sansa Stark
Sansa Stark - 5 years ago
aw it's sad that they broke up
Igor Chmurzyński
Igor Chmurzyński - 5 years ago
Andrew Ford
Andrew Ford - 5 years ago
Denis Mikhailenko from Vancouver, WA. was here (Douche Wannabe)...."Trust me".
Akiyama Dog
Akiyama Dog - 5 years ago
vim pelo MR
Chris Pogorzelski
Chris Pogorzelski - 3 years ago
Then learn it
Titin Kustinah. Me neither
Tihomir Ivov Angelov
Tihomir Ivov Angelov - 5 years ago
My favorite videos JAY ALVARREZ
sara montervino
sara montervino - 5 years ago
Wtf? Those are sharks. SHARKS
tone wheel
tone wheel - 3 years ago
Just as well it wasn`t rag time. There would have been a feeding frenzy!
AmazingFeynman - 4 years ago
Nurse reef sharks. Really sluggish and lazy. Harmless.
Redhead piano
Redhead piano - 5 years ago
a c
a c - 5 years ago
so sad they broke up :(
a c
a c - 5 years ago
+Meg Ahearne its more of a speculation but just judging by the shade they have been throwing at each other on twitter, and they unfollowed each other on social media sites, and the rumors.
Meg Ahearne
Meg Ahearne - 5 years ago
How do you know they broke up? :(
Randy - 5 years ago
what tha fuck.
do you recording porns ?
Phương Anh Trần
Phương Anh Trần - 5 years ago
She's Perfect
Kevin Schwahn
Kevin Schwahn - 5 years ago
Sometimes I can't believe which perfection and beauty the world has
Not only this girl, rather especially the colours or general the different places of the world
Jacky Fratti
Jacky Fratti - 5 years ago
I just wanna know where she got her swimming costume from, god damn
EXMerser - 5 years ago
Почему все женщины закрывают нос рукой, когда прыгают в воду?
Hueverton swiatzachon
Hueverton swiatzachon - 5 years ago
caralho senti um tesao aqui agora
Emma Rose
Emma Rose - 5 years ago
i'm just wondering how she keeps her strapless swimsuit top up. like I'll jump in a pool and it comes down.
Jessica Frost
Jessica Frost - 5 years ago
Does anyone know where they are in this video?
Parker Zad
Parker Zad - 5 years ago
Don't breakup plz
steven hoffmann
steven hoffmann - 5 years ago
i think it would be awesome, if you would make a quick video, just to clear up all the hate in the comments, and just tell a bit about yourself. would be great
Kevin Certi
Kevin Certi - 5 years ago
Jay tu es venu a tahiti tu connais jb prunier ?
Sérgio Esteves
Sérgio Esteves - 5 years ago
imagens belas
Clip That Shit
Clip That Shit - 5 years ago
nice edit looks like a pro music video
Tatyana Gnedash
Tatyana Gnedash - 5 years ago
What brand is her white swimsuit? :)
Charesa - 5 years ago
Coulbourne! Its her friends label
Alex Clausi
Alex Clausi - 5 years ago
Damn y'all gotta stop with these sad comments. Just because your life isn't just like this doesn't mean you can't have loads of fun. Look for big adventures in small places; it's just as rewarding. Even if it's just going camping in your backyard or walking out in the middle of the night to look at the stars or going to a river or local beach, fun doesn't have to be expensive or luxurious. Jay's and Alexis' success is the result of years of hard work at doing something they love, and if you do they same, equal amounts of fun will come your way, just maybe not in the same form.
FERRAZ - 5 years ago
Jay, o melhor !!!
sHroomyTv - 5 years ago
her ass though
onu - 5 years ago
all this slow motion is making life to look better in these videos.
Titin Kustinah
Titin Kustinah - 5 years ago
she is so sexy
Dani Cisneros
Dani Cisneros - 5 years ago
okay we get it!!!! your girlfriend has a nice ass!!! geez doesn't mean you can freakin film it all the time!!!
blah - 5 years ago
Traveling gets boring after a while too, everything does. So you may as well pick a life where you're constantly able to improve and have real goals than this. One day they're going to become irrelevant and they're going to regret not using their money more wisely.
Chaos Tade
Chaos Tade - 4 years ago
stupidest comment i've seen in a long time. i dont even bother to answer you why you're so stupidly wrong.
X SQUAD - 5 years ago
blah erm hope you know money will be gone ? Well memories won't ! Travelling is one of the amazing things you can do on your own planet so you live once ?! Make sure you make it a worth of your life enjoy your life till your limits
Lifestyle - 5 years ago
What are you talking about lol? This is as wisely as you can get, besides investments. Traveling, and making memories isnt wisely to you? Spending money on stupid shit like too much clothes, drinking, random stuff, drugs, other people is not spending money wisely.
XTheGermanX - 5 years ago
+Loulwah Redwan you are right
Loulwah Redwan
Loulwah Redwan - 5 years ago
not really, cause everyone is gonna die anyway, so they are just using their money to have fun, make memories and do what they love most! this includes spending time with their loved ones, this is a wise choice of spending money because what will they get if they save until they are 70 and they can't do anything with it. am i right? this is just my opinion
Brittany Tiara
Brittany Tiara - 5 years ago
What's the song in this vlog???
Theforr411 - 5 years ago
Sundream Rufus Du Sol
Umut Serkan Arslan
Umut Serkan Arslan - 5 years ago
Yalnız vatoz sokunca ölüyosun..
VorrrzTM - 5 years ago
Daddy's money sure buys nice things you tool haha
Albana Myftari
Albana Myftari - 5 years ago
Living in an exotic country must be so amazing. Love nature and beaches!
simone - 5 years ago
I live in the Bahamas and trust me, it's very boring.
stiziwheels - 5 years ago
Hey man, +JayAlvarrez , what cameras do u use for youre close shots ? And underwater ? Do you pretty much go with the gopro or what ? I want to start recapping my holidays somewhat inspired by you so I need the right gear :) Sweet videos tho, hope you guys find back together if the rumours im reading are true...
Nick Guadenzi
Nick Guadenzi - 5 years ago
just keep the camera trained on that perch and we begrudge you of nothing.
Gabrielle Marie
Gabrielle Marie - 5 years ago
"it's scary how many people think they want to die when all they really want is to start living."
Teagan Kaye
Teagan Kaye - 2 years ago
So very true
L E I L A - 2 years ago
Gabrielle Marie i never knew i needed to read this quote until now
AS DA - 3 years ago
C a r o l
C a r o l - 3 years ago
Feint/ /Wizard
Feint/ /Wizard - 4 years ago
Absoloutely, couldn agree more <3
Ᏸrɛиԁą Lxνҽ
Ᏸrɛиԁą Lxνҽ - 4 years ago
<3 this goes right through me.
Peighton Tubre
Peighton Tubre - 5 years ago
YES! So true Gabrielle!!
Davide Cascioli
Davide Cascioli - 5 years ago
Gli stai filmando il culo e basta... Good guy
Isaiah Duck
Isaiah Duck - 5 years ago
Hey Jay, we're your biggest fans...make more. Oh and we're a couple of dudes
Peighton Tubre
Peighton Tubre - 5 years ago
TheChickenRiceBowl - 3 years ago
+Bethany Manning Lmao no way. Is he really?
Bethany Manning
Bethany Manning - 3 years ago
lol he’s with tana now ...
Nika - 5 years ago
+slay woo oh god, I just looked up on her profile, thats weird... seems as if they (especially she) is for real... She might be really mad at him, but I can't imagine what happened...
Yas - 5 years ago
Well she deleted all of their pictures together on her instagram so they've obviously broken up
Erin Kyles
Erin Kyles - 5 years ago
+astro mancy plus in the vid he kissed her on the forehead and I don't think anyone would force him to that, idk
Erin Kyles
Erin Kyles - 5 years ago
+astro mancy yeah they might not be cool rn but it don't mean they have broken up, we just have to wait and see and hope they haven't because I love them together
Nika - 5 years ago
+Erin Kyles they posted the video because they have to, because it was a cooperation. She unfollowed him, they post pictures with different people... I don't think they are cool rn
Erin Kyles
Erin Kyles - 5 years ago
You don't know that, they may both just have to be away from each other for a while. Plus recently they posted a vid of them together on insta so.. Idk honestly, I'm just hoping
Ummy Hood
Ummy Hood - 5 years ago
they are so fucking cute I'm crying

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