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MYSTERY GIRL FACE REVEAL!! **FINALLY** sentiment_very_dissatisfied 412

Snorkeling 4 years ago 735,965 views

GOING BACK ON TOUR!! Starts March 27th, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!! JOIN THE FAMILY NOW: -- CLICK HERE Welcome Back To The DDG Family!! Subscribe and Comment "I Joined The Family" To Officially Be Apart Of The Family!! Social Media: Instagram: @PontiacMadeDDG Twitter: @PontiacMadeDDG Snapchat: @PontiacMadeDDG Facebook: @PontiacMadeDDG Business Inquires:

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Most popular comments

King List
King List - 3 years ago
Latrice Cobb
Latrice Cobb - 3 years ago
Heart this if you love yo fans
MeLia Johnson
MeLia Johnson - 3 years ago
I got mad when he was finna feed us then said "sike"
Milton Geathers
Milton Geathers - 3 years ago
Mystery girl bad af but Kennedy and DDG relationship was funnier bro on God I miss laughing with them cuz I felt like I was actually there. Idk maybe mystery girl may get better later on down the line but as for rn I’m still with DDG and Kennedy
Simon Mbua
Simon Mbua - 3 years ago
6:55 let me drive da boat
Omexav Lifeztyle
Omexav Lifeztyle - 3 years ago
She’s sound like the old i8

That shit came to life
Ur Mom
Ur Mom - 3 years ago
Lol sike nah she is beutiful
Ur Mom
Ur Mom - 3 years ago
Her name is literally thotiana
Allen Scott
Allen Scott - 3 years ago
Her hair is not crazy and this is my papa phone


Rollande Wb
Rollande Wb - 3 years ago
Jerry Production
Jerry Production - 3 years ago
she fire
Jaz - 3 years ago
Next song Upgraded by DDG
CRYSTAL BRYANT - 3 years ago
who is kenndy? lolllll
Sd Dripp
Sd Dripp - 3 years ago
didn't he say he can't swim???
Undead Samurai420
Undead Samurai420 - 4 years ago
I remember ddg saying the next girl that come into my life getting pregnant
TheTruth_ - 4 years ago
I live in Miami. It’s different compared to actually taking a trip there.
M Ž - 4 years ago
Anyone Who saying this nigga's girl bad u playin bro fr
HughJass - 4 years ago
omfg i will eat dat booty like groceries!!!!!
Zyzy Love
Zyzy Love - 4 years ago
She got work done too


Michal Smith
Michal Smith - 4 years ago
She's good looking then Kennedy u done good DDG
Phil TF
Phil TF - 4 years ago
wtf is her instagram
nbanyia12 girl
nbanyia12 girl - 4 years ago
that's your girlfreind
Brandon Fuenmayor
Brandon Fuenmayor - 4 years ago
She thick
canObeans - 4 years ago
He tryna impress with his little swim when 3 year olds been learn that she thick thicc
Emyla ‘
Emyla ‘ - 4 years ago
Is that Tiana Mussara ? she’s pretty
lthegr3t Artistist
lthegr3t Artistist - 4 years ago
8:21 i literally said it right before he did got a good snag frfr
xJoshieSauced - 4 years ago
Go back to Kennedy
Free X
Free X - 4 years ago
6:54 your welcome
Louis Britton
Louis Britton - 4 years ago
Them braids ugly as fuck but I still fuck with the videos tho lol


Marceline Cintron
Marceline Cintron - 4 years ago
My friend said that you got Chinese eyes
Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia - 4 years ago
Kennedy is a thot she was only with ddg for the clout, lmao Tiana seems genuinely nice and humble. I don't see her making a YouTube channel within one week unlike Kennedy's bitch ass
Skadi 神
Skadi 神 - 4 years ago
Leah’s World
Leah’s World - 4 years ago
Damn Mystery girl got some ass okay DDG
nikola chery-gabriel
nikola chery-gabriel - 4 years ago
12:44 ddg you better cuff on gawd
Londan Beckman
Londan Beckman - 4 years ago
She bad boy!!
KhanTalope - 3 years ago
Not at all
LJH JMS - 4 years ago
Kennedy punching air rn
Kareem Whittick
Kareem Whittick - 4 years ago
That’s a bad bih❤️❤️
Jamari Reed
Jamari Reed - 4 years ago
Dam she cute
Mhakai King
Mhakai King - 4 years ago
Get ready bruh cause she bad af. Niggas gone be choosing
Brody N
Brody N - 4 years ago
Yo wtf that's my cruise ship bro I coulda met ddg I left the day ddg was in Miami Florida fuck man
IClapzz -_-
IClapzz -_- - 4 years ago
Subscribe to me if you said thotiana
Shanavier M
Shanavier M - 4 years ago
Dammmmnn smh ddg catching W'$
ashanti royal
ashanti royal - 4 years ago
What took u so long
ZAM BADU - 4 years ago
I saw here in the first part but her face was hid by her hand
Nataija Denise
Nataija Denise - 4 years ago
Kennedy and HER are both beautiful women . Let people move onnnnnn please ...y’all have to stop comparing women . Looks aren’t everything either Btw
Yeahhh - 3 years ago
Nataija Denise u right tiana got better looks and personality
Rogue Star
Rogue Star - 4 years ago
Yeah and Kennedy was a straight bitch and she’s super duper nice
Dream Doll Bihh
Dream Doll Bihh - 4 years ago
Nataija Denise thank yu smh
Sinester 2
Sinester 2 - 4 years ago
Song at the end ?? Plzz
T’ Anne
T’ Anne - 4 years ago
Damn she fine
Kedjy Elvariste
Kedjy Elvariste - 4 years ago
My bad i meannt 6:13


Kedjy Elvariste
Kedjy Elvariste - 4 years ago
3:13 i feel u bro
Anthony Uribe
Anthony Uribe - 4 years ago
I'll f her hard
SirDom95 - 4 years ago
She cold my nigga
Trash - 4 years ago
Who better her or Kennedy???
Typical Player
Typical Player - 4 years ago
atonia harris
atonia harris - 4 years ago
DDG your girl fine / your chick
Alex Jules
Alex Jules - 4 years ago
Swaggy Jay
Swaggy Jay - 4 years ago
DDG will forever be a WALKING L if he loses her.
Jamead L. Smith
Jamead L. Smith - 4 years ago
Oh winning my nigga!!!
joshua robinson
joshua robinson - 4 years ago
I Joined The Family
levarr butler
levarr butler - 4 years ago
Bro she fine
Jaylyn Wright
Jaylyn Wright - 4 years ago
y’all pissing me off comparing her to Kennedy. they’re two DIFFERENT people. they’re both BEAUTIFUL. and Kennedy not worried ab this boy. y’all some weird ass dick riders because I bet 95% of you that are commenting under this video is being wishy under Kennedy’s .
Haro - 4 years ago
8:20 who else thought it was their own phone
AYO MILES - 4 years ago
Kapone Kash
Kapone Kash - 4 years ago
Is she black
jht jair
jht jair - 4 years ago
Got damn folk shawty thick thick ddg don't leave her mennn
AyoEvil - 4 years ago
Just do 2 braids that’s what I do
AyoEvil - 4 years ago
My hair long I could do four
Celena Carter
Celena Carter - 4 years ago
She fine
Kiki Sum Serious
Kiki Sum Serious - 4 years ago
She seem like a keeper DDG
Elyas Salim
Elyas Salim - 4 years ago
She more beautiful than Kennedy bruh
29jeanss - 4 years ago
Nigga said tiana I immediately thought of tiana trump
Domonique Clark
Domonique Clark - 4 years ago
Fucking camera is lit
Sirfreshalot 81
Sirfreshalot 81 - 4 years ago
She badder then Kennedy
Norman Morris
Norman Morris - 4 years ago
I joined the family
rocky97 - 4 years ago
Whats her ig? she find af
breya boo
breya boo - 4 years ago
Okay why is it when black people gets money they forget their own n go for the white or the mixed or whatever. No hating jus nvr forget where u came from !!!!
it's lit
it's lit - 4 years ago
Kennedy, who?
Das - 4 years ago
7:54 “That’s what she said” - Michael Scott voice
Full Movies
Full Movies - 4 years ago
She can get this lil 5 inch meat
Angelo - 4 years ago
You know what we calling her when yall break up
Elijah Sholes
Elijah Sholes - 4 years ago
Kennedy Cymone has left the chat
Shariana Spears
Shariana Spears - 4 years ago
She’s a hella upgrade!!
xCOOL3Yx - 4 years ago
Curtis Moore
Curtis Moore - 4 years ago
I could’ve swore it was another mystery girl while time thought she was black
Gucci Slippers
Gucci Slippers - 4 years ago
So this is what money can get you
Orema Reacts
Orema Reacts - 4 years ago
How’d he pull that you might ask ?

His personality and looks and hard work
Orema Reacts
Orema Reacts - 4 years ago
Idk what to feel about my comment either
INFINIX BTY - 4 years ago
what the fucking shit r u wasting tym damed bull shit fucking ass lick ur ass
Lola Lola
Lola Lola - 4 years ago
I love ddg content but right now I just be like fuck it baby u so fine put the camera down and sit on my lap or sum shit
Kevin Gates Lil Sister
Kevin Gates Lil Sister - 4 years ago
What song is that at the end ?
Christopher Hendricks
Christopher Hendricks - 4 years ago
Ddg bruh miami is the city to be fun stuff do there festivals partys beaches for spring break and concerts u can perform
Tamara Eagle
Tamara Eagle - 4 years ago
Name a youtuber that look better than her??? Ill wait
Chris Caldwell
Chris Caldwell - 4 years ago
U was spose to hit the kodak let me drive the boat
Chris Caldwell
Chris Caldwell - 4 years ago
She aight but that ass tho
DeNo B
DeNo B - 4 years ago
well damn
JenJen Non.Basicc
JenJen Non.Basicc - 4 years ago
Ddg: I was Valedictorian in High School
Abdullah Kudonoo
Abdullah Kudonoo - 4 years ago
Pls keep your girlfriend bro
Tiller - 4 years ago
She’s a dime ddg no cap, saying that with all respect Maine!
Got Juice?
Got Juice? - 4 years ago
dat ass
Got Juice?
Got Juice? - 4 years ago
Got Juice?
Got Juice? - 4 years ago
Got Juice?
Got Juice? - 4 years ago
Chello - 4 years ago
Ouuu he cought a baaaady
Realest Boii
Realest Boii - 4 years ago
Kennedy has left the chat


JTP Beats
JTP Beats - 4 years ago
damn ddg you walking fast as fuck my nigga lmfaooo @3:21 she had to jog a lil bit to catch up lol
YOUWILLFEEL PAIN - 4 years ago
With all due to respect sir but she a upgraded version she aint no regular women she a whole beauty
Angel Gee
Angel Gee - 4 years ago
Who does your intro art yo????
Sirbrams - 4 years ago
Florida is the new wave
AizenSamaKing X
AizenSamaKing X - 4 years ago
6:54 oh my GOSH! I know I am usually more into bigger booty and titties, but I have nothing to say this time.
Jonathan Ramirez
Jonathan Ramirez - 4 years ago
6:55 BIG W
Kdyn Sosa
Kdyn Sosa - 4 years ago
Bruh fu*k yo ex yo new girl bad asf, congrats w the upgrade
Kolton Butts
Kolton Butts - 4 years ago
I FUGGGGZZZ wit da new intro. Also I had a FEEELING shed be a Hispanic girl!
Shurllie sky MT
Shurllie sky MT - 4 years ago
People should stop comparing honestly ,there are personalities,attitude involved it’s not just the face
Max - 4 years ago
I would be so nervous to even talk to her lmao
zorro - 4 years ago
XxZeroTalant467x - 4 years ago
Of so she FINE FINE
12345332133345554332111234566666 34
12345332133345554332111234566666 34 - 4 years ago
12:27 niggas don’t do that no more we don’t edit
Yng Oos
Yng Oos - 4 years ago
DDG when he first met saw her walks past looked back and was liek damnnnnnnnnnnnn
12345332133345554332111234566666 34
12345332133345554332111234566666 34 - 4 years ago
Damn she thicc tho but Kennedy better
12345332133345554332111234566666 34
12345332133345554332111234566666 34 - 4 years ago
Kennedy and tiana both fine but Kennedy better and Kennedy got a better personality it might be because she black
12345332133345554332111234566666 34
12345332133345554332111234566666 34 - 4 years ago
Kennedy hotter and got a better personality
Sneakerhead J
Sneakerhead J - 4 years ago
Ddg swimming had me dead asf lol
Frank Surrell
Frank Surrell - 4 years ago
SFL Jay - 4 years ago
Finally bruh get them ugly ass braids the fuck outta here well at least get the 2 long braids out thing u had in yuh other video
Mur Mula
Mur Mula - 4 years ago
I’m proud of you folk
Mur Mula
Mur Mula - 4 years ago
Lool she said oh shit
LaurelGaming00 - 4 years ago
kennedy has left the chat
Hxkage Jai
Hxkage Jai - 4 years ago
Definitely gonna take some getting use to the new considering you and kennedy gave all of us like a lil love story but she us cute asl she kinda shy a lil but welcome to the fam mystery girl
Celest On Fire
Celest On Fire - 4 years ago
She is like Catherine from the ace family and she's beautiful like her, top level beauty man! You could be the equivalent of the ACE Family, you & her!
Bryce2chill - 4 years ago
I wouldn’t say ddg upgraded but he also didn’t downgrade because her and Kennedy both bad asf the only thing I’ll say about this new girl is dat she looks like she has natural beauty
Tashel Prince
Tashel Prince - 4 years ago
Omg she is beautiful
J.R. Elgran
J.R. Elgran - 4 years ago
Everybody on her and Kenndy I'm just thinking ade those goggles cleaned properly....
Marwan Kouyate
Marwan Kouyate - 4 years ago
Kennedy gonna be jealous from Tiana
Manuel Nino
Manuel Nino - 4 years ago
She waaaaaaayyyyyyy better lookin then Kennedy
DaBoyJosh - 4 years ago
Damn she’s a Miami girl... trust me they’re fine asf, sweet, but they crazy ass MF.
Justin Santizo
Justin Santizo - 4 years ago
Kennedy chopped ass liver compared to that steak and lobster tahahA no cap brother!
Bijounov - 4 years ago
"Lemme drive the boat"
Coco - 4 years ago
shes cool i like her
Mallika White
Mallika White - 4 years ago
She fine fine and got a great personality
RobertTooSaucy - 4 years ago
put it in slo mo
Apin Sosa Reacts
Apin Sosa Reacts - 4 years ago
can i nut on her face
MYSTIC - 4 years ago
She is FINE gg to u ddg
psKeeks - 4 years ago
Kennedy has left the chat
Kayla Clarke
Kayla Clarke - 4 years ago
Okay well she cute !! Good pick DDG . You big headed ass copped a body young G !! Congrats to you both !! Glad she’s now known tho
OkaySkies - 4 years ago
Kennedy Has Left The Chat
Shamarr Nelson
Shamarr Nelson - 4 years ago
ddg got taste now besides kennedy
Lissa Mendy
Lissa Mendy - 4 years ago
Love you Kennedy
J Figueroa
J Figueroa - 4 years ago
Baddie on a bathing suit goddam
GMOAT - 4 years ago
Man I like any girl u with all of them winners
Norma Rivas
Norma Rivas - 4 years ago
DDG ur the best and I love ur laugh and I love ur voice and I love you DDG
Pee Muney
Pee Muney - 4 years ago
Dude She Fine Ash Yhu Slick Upgrade
Jon FX MasterMinds
Jon FX MasterMinds - 4 years ago
That look like a Big
theycallmeheaven 3
theycallmeheaven 3 - 4 years ago
She's so pretty
CY213 - 4 years ago
1:50 same damn reaction as the mf audio
a c
a c - 4 years ago
My nigga upgraded she a whole W
Iunisty Davis
Iunisty Davis - 4 years ago
she cute I guess
Tyshawn Felton
Tyshawn Felton - 4 years ago
With all due respect I’m smashing
Latoyah Patterson
Latoyah Patterson - 4 years ago
Did DDG get veneers ?
thriller008 - 4 years ago
+Latoyah Patterson idk when exactly but it's been a while
Latoyah Patterson
Latoyah Patterson - 4 years ago
thriller008 when ?
thriller008 - 4 years ago
Brisa Ruby
Brisa Ruby - 4 years ago
Woah she fine fine !
itz just phaze
itz just phaze - 4 years ago
My son girl fine like comment if u think so Ayyyy!!!
Ibrahim Qtishat
Ibrahim Qtishat - 4 years ago
This is what I call a straight W
Pablo King
Pablo King - 4 years ago
Goddddammm folk
Pablo King
Pablo King - 4 years ago
Dammm she tryna be yo wife
Javon - 4 years ago
6:53 don’t gotta Thank Me
Kenmira Smith
Kenmira Smith - 4 years ago
K Beast
K Beast - 4 years ago
Way better than keneddy
Noah C.
Noah C. - 4 years ago
What’s her ig???
Oneaka Ell'
Oneaka Ell' - 4 years ago
I think is time to comment but damnn this girl look so good. Y'all connection is so natural nothing seems forced.
Johneil Mattis
Johneil Mattis - 4 years ago
where is Kennedy hmmnnnnnn
SwishhMade Vlogs
SwishhMade Vlogs - 4 years ago
You know that’s love when y’all cheesing and your cheeks burn from laughing and all that bro that’s beautiful
Tyron Rackets
Tyron Rackets - 4 years ago
ddg nigga you gotta give me a virtual dap up niga ong im so proud comparing from the lil skits when u first started to now is a come up i respect dat shi
Dashaun Gadson
Dashaun Gadson - 4 years ago
Bihhh baddd asaf
Akileez DaGreat
Akileez DaGreat - 4 years ago
She a dime plus 99
derek walls
derek walls - 4 years ago
Dam she superbad!
Ferg.16 - 4 years ago
Ddg don’t walk so quick ahead of her or take her hand if your going quickly ahead 3:30, you got some things to learn, please and thank yous 12:25
Road to six-pack/ vierto
Road to six-pack/ vierto - 4 years ago
1 hand army?
B Bally
B Bally - 4 years ago
DYUUUM she sexyyy as hell ddg upgraded to lvl 100 Max,you better wife dat beautiful ass.
Ricki Patel
Ricki Patel - 4 years ago
Did you tell her you were valedictorian
2 LEE TV - 4 years ago
6:05 so we gone act like that man don't look dead ? LMFAOOO .
Erblin Bytyqi
Erblin Bytyqi - 4 years ago
You do not have a stopid girlfriend
Nemo B
Nemo B - 4 years ago
Major upgrade
Sayan Andrews
Sayan Andrews - 4 years ago
you better have clapped
Daylen M
Daylen M - 4 years ago
What’s her @
Daylen M
Daylen M - 4 years ago
What’s her @
ForeverNiqueMoenae - 4 years ago
Damn she fine asff
Adongo Ephraim
Adongo Ephraim - 4 years ago
I like Mystery girl already
nia durant
nia durant - 4 years ago
MARCO Haider
MARCO Haider - 4 years ago
Her ig?
Jonathan Foster
Jonathan Foster - 4 years ago
She mf cold af
Seany Go Crazy
Seany Go Crazy - 4 years ago
Did he just say dirt green?
GAGirl B
GAGirl B - 4 years ago
She's gorgeous! But why were you leaving her so far behind at the beginning? Lol... she had to run and catch up with you lol. Y'all are cute, tho:-)
Mikayla Wintheiser
Mikayla Wintheiser - 4 years ago
She’s beautiful as shit!!!!!
Sprees - 4 years ago
6:57 is what you came here for btw
Sprees - 4 years ago
Got damn her ass is fucking nice
DeeMzLGI - 4 years ago
11:31 God damnnnnnn. Thats a W
Cash Adams
Cash Adams - 4 years ago
BOY!!!!!!! SHE BAD ASS FUCK 100!!!!!
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams - 4 years ago
that ass go crazyyyy
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams - 4 years ago
THE MAN 2.0 - 4 years ago
Romes Palace
Romes Palace - 4 years ago
Bruh she FINE FINE
Rose Danna Joseph
Rose Danna Joseph - 4 years ago
Don't move to miami just yet ddg wait until u kbow this gurl is the one for u
Lamar R.
Lamar R. - 4 years ago
She got a nice lil beach booty the bitch bad asf
Stephen Munyao
Stephen Munyao - 4 years ago
she cute .
Savion Miller
Savion Miller - 4 years ago
I got mad at first but im not
Twitch_Gameboy - 4 years ago
The question is is did you smash
NoMickey MouseTings
NoMickey MouseTings - 4 years ago
What flip is she doing with her neck
Nyasiah forever
Nyasiah forever - 4 years ago
She is cute but I don’t think that’s your type
Mrvalentine609 _
Mrvalentine609 _ - 4 years ago
But that new girl do look good asf bro no lie
Mrvalentine609 _
Mrvalentine609 _ - 4 years ago
That’s why he moved on so fast
Mrvalentine609 _
Mrvalentine609 _ - 4 years ago
He should have stayed with Kennedy he know he thinking about her
Shanice Nicole Madison
Shanice Nicole Madison - 4 years ago
She look like a gold digger...
Andre Bolt
Andre Bolt - 4 years ago
she got no body
Fmajor Allen
Fmajor Allen - 4 years ago
She looks like a mermaid in the water lol
AustinsLife - 4 years ago
She low key sounded like his ex
spikecarson - 4 years ago
Ddg got a new car?
DT Lester
DT Lester - 4 years ago
She is bad and thats a dub for DDG
Iconic8228 - 4 years ago
kennedy punching the air rn
Rey Vega
Rey Vega - 4 years ago
She hot
Witness_ - 4 years ago
That girl is not in your leagae
Edward Heard
Edward Heard - 4 years ago
That fuck nigga @erik hebert wanna box ddg deshae and gio go beat that nigga ass he said yall cant fight
Animal Beast
Animal Beast - 4 years ago
Holy shit She is hot
Mega - 4 years ago
8:06 - 8:10 casually skim pass the mermaid
jay stay boomin and fit
jay stay boomin and fit - 4 years ago
She just trying to get a bag
Iyanla Charlton
Iyanla Charlton - 4 years ago
She pretty naturally pretty but y’all know these rappers / famous niggas will never cuff a African American women they love they lil mixed or Latino or Mexican women the list goes on of the races they a choose rather than a African American women and tbh that’s who they really are supposed to be with that’s pure
savegely2000 RBLX
savegely2000 RBLX - 4 years ago
we knew dumbass boiiiiiiiii
Legendary 1999
Legendary 1999 - 4 years ago
DDG get twists
HoopsUnited - 4 years ago
dhats ass is OMG
Ken B
Ken B - 4 years ago
Wait she firea
Ken B
Ken B - 4 years ago
When u get these teeth
ayesuh xxiv
ayesuh xxiv - 4 years ago
That ass was promptly shown at 6:54
ayesuh xxiv
ayesuh xxiv - 4 years ago
I ain't bashin Kennedy at all I promise but this a upgrade on God
Lucifer Hendrix
Lucifer Hendrix - 4 years ago
DDG mad props my mans! She a keepa
SchoolBoy Aces Vidal
SchoolBoy Aces Vidal - 4 years ago
Kennedy just left the chat
TooShaqur - 4 years ago
Is the outro song out yet or nah?
Mikko Makin moves
Mikko Makin moves - 4 years ago
I joined the DDG family
Padajiye Williams
Padajiye Williams - 4 years ago
I done watched this video 20x just to see dem cheeks again
OfficialJay _
OfficialJay _ - 4 years ago
But how he get his teeth so white
Morris Kuria
Morris Kuria - 4 years ago
Jehova my god ddg is so lucky
Javante Alexander
Javante Alexander - 4 years ago
Im eating those exact same cookies while watching this haha
CKBLK Beast - 4 years ago
Thicc but i need more fit
Beastmodeked - 4 years ago
Beafy lil buns
Sara - 4 years ago
I know it’s refreshing for you to be with her and get away from all the snakes and negativity
DDG BRO if you don't do her right I swear
She fine after and humble Diamond piece for real
Jaden James
Jaden James - 4 years ago
Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas - 4 years ago
I Know I’m Not The Only One That Said “Damn” At 6:54
That850BoyAnt - 4 years ago
Why she sound like ddg car voice @1:50- @2:00
Soulzzz TV
Soulzzz TV - 4 years ago
Sebastian Salameh
Sebastian Salameh - 4 years ago
Freddy Mwamba
Freddy Mwamba - 4 years ago
That girl is troubleee
Ralph Robles
Ralph Robles - 4 years ago
Woah Alexis
Amadeus Palacios
Amadeus Palacios - 4 years ago
Upgrade, approve
JuggGod2x - 4 years ago
You better fuckin not move to Miami
jrags717 - 4 years ago
She seems really humble & caring for how beautiful she is. Seems like a keeper
SimplyKimoja - 4 years ago
I genuinely can feel and see she’s real I like her! She sounds so sweet ❤️❤️
FLIGHTJJFISH L - 4 years ago
I’ll never do that shit. Yo ass must not care if a shark bite yo ass
Hayel - 4 years ago
She is 1247831 million times cuter then your Ex
Robert Cobbs
Robert Cobbs - 4 years ago
Lemme drive Da Boat
Tray Lane
Tray Lane - 4 years ago
Can we get more videos with her
buildn -
buildn - - 4 years ago
what’s her ig?
Laura Martinez
Laura Martinez - 4 years ago
She’s beautiful, hope to see more videos of you guys.
Damien Auguste
Damien Auguste - 4 years ago
Good to see DDG even more happy again
Endys Jovel
Endys Jovel - 4 years ago
Ddg is a legend I didn’t know it was possible to find a girl equivalent if not not way better than Kennedy
Humble .Stuckey
Humble .Stuckey - 4 years ago
He been know who it wassss
Theotis white
Theotis white - 4 years ago
House Slave
House Slave - 4 years ago
She stupid bad
4ayeNatural - 4 years ago
Masi Elli
Masi Elli - 4 years ago
That baby bad
NTXツ - 4 years ago
she a keeper
Masi Elli
Masi Elli - 4 years ago
Goodness gracious
Joshua Bland
Joshua Bland - 4 years ago
She's a keeper
Noah Willis
Noah Willis - 4 years ago
Good shit ddg I see you
KhanTalope - 3 years ago
+Tarilyn Monroe i get what u trying to say but im a cancer and my mans a libra and we have greattt chemistry ...
Tarilyn Monroe
Tarilyn Monroe - 4 years ago
This is why astrology plays a big part in friendships/relationships. DDG’s a Libra ♎️ (Air Sign) which makes him compatible with other Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Tiana’s a Cancer ♋️ (Water Sign) which
makes her compatible with other Water
Signs: Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer. So
there’s genuinely no authentic chemistry between them.
Annette X Annabel
Annette X Annabel - 4 years ago
Michelet gene Mathurin
Michelet gene Mathurin - 4 years ago
Ig ?
Ja'Corian Hudson
Ja'Corian Hudson - 4 years ago
She looks like the girl from modern family
Desean Weatherspoon
Desean Weatherspoon - 4 years ago
She too bad.
Anthony Steele El
Anthony Steele El - 4 years ago
Damn DDG really ain’t feeding us no mo
CallMe Ploik
CallMe Ploik - 4 years ago
Shavel Amelia
Shavel Amelia - 4 years ago
She reminds me of Catherine Paiz
Daylen M
Daylen M - 4 years ago
Who remember the Movie. Get. Out
Catherine R
Catherine R - 4 years ago
shes beautiful
Jaysha Hendrix
Jaysha Hendrix - 4 years ago
She bad af no homo
Nickthe2kMamba - 4 years ago
What’s the outro song
GS vWxvy
GS vWxvy - 4 years ago
comment Tiana or Kennedy
mamadou toure
mamadou toure - 4 years ago
Big W
High Accuracy
High Accuracy - 4 years ago
6:54 the best view of the water 100%
Kelis King
Kelis King - 4 years ago
She cute
Kelis King
Kelis King - 4 years ago
I don’t like her she like mean
true grit
true grit - 4 years ago
this girl so bad my g...i approve
Jayce Townsley
Jayce Townsley - 4 years ago
Ik for a fact DDG hit already

Don't let her go bruh she a dime piece
Agent_Plug - 4 years ago
5:28 lmfaao mans skipped leg day
Cole Hawk
Cole Hawk - 4 years ago
If you mess this up i'm coming to L.A and i'm beatin yo ass boy
IRUNFORTNITE _ - 4 years ago
Can y’all do truth or dare ?
WAVE G0D T.V - 4 years ago
Nigga all ready knew
Multiple Snxggs
Multiple Snxggs - 4 years ago
IRUNFORTNITE _ - 4 years ago
Ddg you walk fast as hell
James The goat
James The goat - 4 years ago
DDG a fucking legend
Montez The God
Montez The God - 4 years ago
my nigga ddg get bithes ion care
Anng Robinson
Anng Robinson - 4 years ago
At first I couldn't see you without Kennedy but I got to admit I love this new one way better and she is beautiful
I will haunt You
I will haunt You - 4 years ago
To all the little kids 6:53
Zaayan - 4 years ago
DDG a real one for lettin us see them cheeks
King Kong
King Kong - 4 years ago
Dear Lazy, my comments are based on my experience. But, I could be totally wrong. The most important part that you and I can play, is to continue to pray for DDG. No shade, simply pray. God bless you.
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown - 4 years ago
Buss down tiana
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown - 4 years ago
You better be hittin that
Young Rich
Young Rich - 4 years ago
Im proud of you big bro
James Poole
James Poole - 4 years ago
Bro she is pretty
Keith Smith
Keith Smith - 4 years ago
6:54 I see why you claiming dat
Too2x - 4 years ago
No homo that nigga teeth nice as hell lookin ahhh
I been knew who she was this girl is FINNEEE
Discreet TV
Discreet TV - 4 years ago
Prank her
glorious Boy
glorious Boy - 4 years ago
He be fucking herrrrr good dubss
TrendingTre - 4 years ago
Season 4 DDG intro picture lit
Q fire
Q fire - 4 years ago
She bad way badder than the other girl lol
Crown Me
Crown Me - 4 years ago
The most frustrating thing you can do, to a person trying to heal, is bring up his/her past. Tiana is Beautiful, And Kennedy is also beautiful. If he’s happy let him be, and same for Kennedy. Let him see where this relationship goes, and let him enjoy it. Period.
Text Mixes
Text Mixes - 4 years ago
im happy for you ddg,, i hope u guys have a great relationship. She is also beautiful
Hesats - 4 years ago
What’s her insta or sum
BeatsByBee - 4 years ago
Ddg look like a big Lou wop
TewShady - 4 years ago
Tiffany Bishop
Tiffany Bishop - 4 years ago
Prank her
king theo
king theo - 4 years ago
She bad af!!!
Joshuaongames - 4 years ago
Kels Notkells
Kels Notkells - 4 years ago
i like yall vlogs together yall got some good content
Charles Quainoo
Charles Quainoo - 4 years ago
stop walking ahead of her real niggas don't do that
noel cristos
noel cristos - 4 years ago
Ask her what that red wrist band means
Sanders Silas
Sanders Silas - 4 years ago
6:55 cue Larry the lobster meme
Fish Eyes
Fish Eyes - 4 years ago
This nigga really don't edit
angella angel burton
angella angel burton - 4 years ago
i hope u guys havr the most beautiful realtion ship every Ddg it would make my day if u follow me king_ of flex
Don Smarr
Don Smarr - 4 years ago
Get her pregnant bruh
Jordan Boyd
Jordan Boyd - 4 years ago
Along as you happy but Kennedy is a one of a kind and her personality is amazing!
PrizmaX - 4 years ago
Kennedy plastic self
When cats piss
When cats piss - 4 years ago
+Justin she will age just fine... with yo fine ass....
When cats piss
When cats piss - 4 years ago
+Justin you must have had some bad eggs or something. But, if you actually explained why black girls suck then I could understand as to why... with yo fine ass....
When cats piss
When cats piss - 4 years ago
+Justin I'm glad I read more comments because I didn't think she was caucasian.... with yo fine ass.....
Sammy Von
Sammy Von - 4 years ago
Justin you are not too bright. Who is your mother? Obviously you’re not black
Justin - 4 years ago
+Sammy Von lol it not about the future its about the present and in the present kennedy aint on her level. andbtw kenedy got surgery so she not gonna age well lol. also ddg girlfriend isnt white she columbian. stop hating on her
Sammy Von
Sammy Von - 4 years ago
Ha that’s a laugh. Compare older white women to older black women the same age. Kennedy is winning in the long run! Hahaha!!!! Love that melanin!!!!
Justin - 4 years ago
+Sammy Von well right now she aging well hater
Sammy Von
Sammy Von - 4 years ago
NOT....ww don’t age well...
Hq Feng
Hq Feng - 4 years ago
My boy DDG happy and that’s all that matters
Camryn Christina
Camryn Christina - 4 years ago
What’s her instagram?
Jayla Jones
Jayla Jones - 4 years ago
Her body so niceeeeeee
Taylor Givanx
Taylor Givanx - 4 years ago
he smiles sm w her
OTB’s 145
OTB’s 145 - 4 years ago
Lmao yah she the one for you no rap cap
ajthe greatest
ajthe greatest - 4 years ago
Bro her shit is fat omg
Jonea Drummer
Jonea Drummer - 4 years ago
you are sexy. Boy. So Sexy
William Minnis
William Minnis - 4 years ago
Upgrade healthy natural good spirit man real queen I wish
baseballplayer 99
baseballplayer 99 - 4 years ago
She way better than Kennedy
Desmond Hall
Desmond Hall - 4 years ago
MyLoEnah Music
MyLoEnah Music - 4 years ago
Bro went n upgrade
Desmond Hall
Desmond Hall - 4 years ago
Damn she finna
Desmond Hall
Desmond Hall - 4 years ago
Show the damn girl
Praze Sweat
Praze Sweat - 4 years ago
bro what’s her insta
Hallelujah Entertainment
Hallelujah Entertainment - 4 years ago
And u said something about a white woman about a month or so ago i think u was talking about it to McQueen u said u dont know who its goin be that u marry if maybe a black woman or even a white woman u dont know
Xavier Rhodes
Xavier Rhodes - 4 years ago
DDG said bust down thotiana
CyrusJaxson - 4 years ago
What’s her @
Jolis'a Young
Jolis'a Young - 4 years ago
Unsubscribe address her racist father
Mario Valladares
Mario Valladares - 4 years ago
She fine bro I’m proud treat her right
Leathal Kills
Leathal Kills - 4 years ago
I join the family
ZiggyGottaCamera - 4 years ago
ima keep my black ass on the boat
Realwizy - 4 years ago
The one And only
The one And only - 4 years ago
big cuz stepin up his game finally
michael peña
michael peña - 4 years ago
yooo she’s fucking fireee
Jaylen Davis-Hart
Jaylen Davis-Hart - 4 years ago
Ur teeth white af noo homo
DATBOISMOOVEE - 4 years ago
She the one
CMC GANG - 4 years ago
Damn i wasn't expecting her to be that thick she is baddd nigga ddg kno hw to pick em
Mon Da Don
Mon Da Don - 4 years ago
Mon Da Don
Mon Da Don - 4 years ago
Toby Swish but why dis they break up is my question?
Toby Swish
Toby Swish - 4 years ago
Mon Da Don fuck her, she badder no cap my guy
Cutema81 - 4 years ago
atleast deshae like black girls
Playb0i _d0n
Playb0i _d0n - 4 years ago
6:56 that ass though I know you hitting that
Miaa Miaa
Miaa Miaa - 4 years ago
She baddd
Deanna B.
Deanna B. - 4 years ago
She's beautiful ❤
G underscore
G underscore - 4 years ago
Who likes DDG's new intro
l-Undeniable - 4 years ago
What’s her ig
Jeremiah Lovett
Jeremiah Lovett - 4 years ago
Ima tell the truth I busted 3 times in a row
Markeevius Byrd
Markeevius Byrd - 4 years ago
Jeremiah Lovett lmfaooo
Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor - 4 years ago
That's. My boy
Henry Banks
Henry Banks - 4 years ago
Mahnn!!! she is smoking hot yeah
JKING_ - 4 years ago
Selling replays of baddies
8:15 only cost 1 like

I appreciate all the meat beaters who helped me get these likes I love y’all pause.
CPT ELI - 4 years ago
The only reason why Kennedy left him was because he was fuccN her right.....
Simba Pranks
Simba Pranks - 4 years ago
Whats her IG?
EXO Tv - 4 years ago
DDG new intro litt and i think she the one
Rick Sanders
Rick Sanders - 4 years ago
He got something
Mya Echols
Mya Echols - 4 years ago
Busy down Tatiana
Sparkling Isha
Sparkling Isha - 4 years ago
We already knew
Tj ThaGoat
Tj ThaGoat - 4 years ago
DDG wouldnt fit in in here, we’ll be saying shit and he’ll be like huh ? like when Kennedy said buggy and he called it a shopping cart .
CaydaGoat -
CaydaGoat - - 4 years ago
9800t - 4 years ago
What's her ig?
brennen johnson
brennen johnson - 4 years ago
she's beautiful
Wonda Miller
Wonda Miller - 4 years ago
What happened to the girl you took out to dinner?
Brianna Marie
Brianna Marie - 4 years ago
i think your favorite song is either run it up or arguments
Joey Dobson
Joey Dobson - 4 years ago
She looks great
zaria russell
zaria russell - 4 years ago
omg she is gorgeous
Elijah Yancey
Elijah Yancey - 4 years ago
We been knew nigga
1Flo Visuals
1Flo Visuals - 4 years ago
Shawty bad AF.. I salute young King..
It’s your gurl Nevaeh Wassup
It’s your gurl Nevaeh Wassup - 4 years ago
She so pretty and natural like y’all are so cute❤️
Corgan Hren
Corgan Hren - 4 years ago
What’s her @ Instagram
chrisaccable - 4 years ago
Jordane Whynes
Jordane Whynes - 4 years ago
I saw pic of u as a baby and a kid on some niggas insta u had waves from da ocean
Moses - 4 years ago
Niggas on the Mayflower in 1620: 8:10
Moe ,
Moe , - 4 years ago
12:29 we all know this nigga was bout to go food porn on our ass, only real ones know
Robert and Janetta Cowart
Robert and Janetta Cowart - 4 years ago
Please do not start going ex girlfriend pranks because this time you do it play it might be that last she might leave you seem like y'all happy together
Alante Williams
Alante Williams - 4 years ago
Why you block the comments
Lukas Thomas
Lukas Thomas - 4 years ago
You should go to the Bahamas
Briauna Wilbourn
Briauna Wilbourn - 4 years ago
Yeah we found her already
Amar Ayer
Amar Ayer - 4 years ago
im starting to think yall just want DDG to stay single for the rest of his life lmao
Brandon Ware
Brandon Ware - 4 years ago
Bruh this aint Baby Legend.. Dont nobody want to see yo b i t c h
Ser'Riah Fletcher
Ser'Riah Fletcher - 4 years ago
She bad no Cap
Moses - 4 years ago
0:30 this nigga think he Berleezy
jj jj
jj jj - 4 years ago
+Desmond franklin Fuck you
Desmond franklin
Desmond franklin - 4 years ago
Melanin Crybaby Fuck Kennedy
Felicia Latoya Daniel
Felicia Latoya Daniel - 4 years ago
9800t ok bish
9800t - 4 years ago
Bitch you ugly
Isaac Farrell
Isaac Farrell - 4 years ago
She cute but Shoulda keept Kennedy she badder
Eli Yonan
Eli Yonan - 4 years ago
I like Kennedy but naw she not imo
lil Glock
lil Glock - 4 years ago
I like them together
MASONRAGE - 4 years ago
What’s her insta
Brandon Thompson
Brandon Thompson - 4 years ago
Change back the intro
XXXGRXXX G - 4 years ago
Get married
Particularly Retarted
Particularly Retarted - 4 years ago
That intro tho
Keyarah Zahkai
Keyarah Zahkai - 4 years ago
Kennedy still look better then her white ugly ass
Masked Chaddo
Masked Chaddo - 4 years ago
You should of put your own song
Fernando Santana
Fernando Santana - 4 years ago
Damn sun
Diavion Desireé
Diavion Desireé - 4 years ago
alexa play mask off
Masked Chaddo
Masked Chaddo - 4 years ago
What's funny is we already knew who she was
scoodah believe
scoodah believe - 4 years ago
I swear i will subscribe to scoodah believe td right now
Brownskin.Queen - 3 years ago
Not for her though she broke up with her multi millionaire boyfriend. She care more about personality.
Kasheyla Crawley
Kasheyla Crawley - 4 years ago
Shiyear Woodbury actually if you watch the how we met video then you would know that she didn’t even know who he was
Shenelle Lemo
Shenelle Lemo - 4 years ago
+killa sk true
killa sk
killa sk - 4 years ago
Tbh if he wasn’t who he was, she wouldn’t even look twice at him and that’s tragic
Shiyear Woodbury
Shiyear Woodbury - 4 years ago
Frfr only reason lol
MALDONADO EVA - 4 years ago
Sheeeeeeeeee a Bad Bitch Okurrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Daniel way
Daniel way - 4 years ago
I knew who she was
Luis ortega
Luis ortega - 4 years ago
Dang Darrel she bad bad
Trix blades
Trix blades - 4 years ago
And at 6:07 are thoses cuts on her arm
Rome3aaro - 4 years ago
DDG tender as fuck
Trix blades
Trix blades - 4 years ago
Tell me why when ddg swims he look like Marino when he run
Quaya Pipkins
Quaya Pipkins - 4 years ago
he tryna play her and make her think she got it like kennedy. gonna have the AUDACITY to take her snorkeling .. boy if you don’t get yo
Vretani V
Vretani V - 4 years ago
Awwe she cute
Natalia Miller
Natalia Miller - 4 years ago
Do you go out with the mystery girl
Legend P
Legend P - 4 years ago
She thick
Money Ross
Money Ross - 4 years ago
That’s my sister
Christian Gustavo
Christian Gustavo - 4 years ago
lil Slimeball
lil Slimeball - 4 years ago
Ty Lofton
Ty Lofton - 4 years ago
Kennedy ain’t got shit on her my man ddg got himself an Amazon queen .
Mikal Tindal
Mikal Tindal - 4 years ago
It’s tiana they look alike pause at 0:15
nevaeh mendoza
nevaeh mendoza - 4 years ago
buritto - 4 years ago
i was thirteen when i lost my virginity....
TM1_K9 - 4 years ago
What's her instagram
Princehuncho94 M
Princehuncho94 M - 4 years ago
Happy for you man.
SheScream Jay
SheScream Jay - 4 years ago
She fye
Maurishea Saunders
Maurishea Saunders - 4 years ago
She is Gorgeoussss
Gearld Holiday
Gearld Holiday - 4 years ago
It should’ve been essence she was there before everything
Raykillah Tv
Raykillah Tv - 4 years ago
Ohhhhhj damn nephew winning you and flight be winning facts
HM_Laurent G
HM_Laurent G - 4 years ago
Gearld Holiday
Gearld Holiday - 4 years ago
Somebody say wat part
Niraj Rw
Niraj Rw - 4 years ago
The upgrade tho
kaden mack
kaden mack - 4 years ago
Is it just me or when you call a beautiful girl fine they be like "im ugly stop lyin" its always the girls who have the most beauty that call themselves ugly the so unappreciative of their beauty wtf
La Flame
La Flame - 4 years ago
2:21 this nigga in love dawg lol
The ONE - 4 years ago
That's what I'm talking bout DDG, might be a keeper
King Xeno
King Xeno - 4 years ago
Bad asf and she's nice perfect mix don't mess this up please.
Keff Ptersun
Keff Ptersun - 4 years ago
lmme drive the boat
Ssshhharonnn A
Ssshhharonnn A - 4 years ago
Do the drip hairrr
RassosWorldz - 4 years ago
Kennedy PUNCHING the Air rn
Hannibal of carthage
Hannibal of carthage - 4 years ago
She bad as heeeeeeeeeeeee
Micah Drigo
Micah Drigo - 4 years ago
She bad as sht dawg
chav 876
chav 876 - 4 years ago
DDG with a big W ❗❗❗
Emperor Isaac
Emperor Isaac - 4 years ago
Dammm she a W. Idc what none of y’all say she a UPGRADE
jj jj
jj jj - 4 years ago
If it lasts, she treats him good, he's able to grow in this relationship, and things are better mentally;emotionally; physically. Then that's an upgrade.
ALMIGHTY TPG - 4 years ago
I See You DDG
Kaliha Thomas
Kaliha Thomas - 4 years ago
Any small youtubers tryna help each other out.
Marvel UZI
Marvel UZI - 4 years ago
DDG is forcing it!!!!!!
SupRemeYaco - 4 years ago
Y is his bitch hella awkward
Jared Ferreira
Jared Ferreira - 4 years ago
Don't tittle mystery girl no more! She's your girl rn!
Albert Bartlett Jr.
Albert Bartlett Jr. - 4 years ago
Tiana Musarra ??? Approve!!!
Jared Ferreira
Jared Ferreira - 4 years ago
DDG knows that she got the curves!!! He said "damn she bad ass hell"!!!
Kidkyrie 902
Kidkyrie 902 - 4 years ago
W simple
Honchopat - 4 years ago
Who knows her Instagram
Reia G
Reia G - 4 years ago
Can i do more videos with Trey from Armon and Trey
Adam Qassim
Adam Qassim - 4 years ago
Adam Qassim
Adam Qassim - 4 years ago
Fight Adam Saleh
Shola Abe
Shola Abe - 4 years ago
Your legs lol
Jay Media
Jay Media - 4 years ago
She’s fireeeeeee❤️
Jay Media
Jay Media - 4 years ago
Malik Davis
Malik Davis - 4 years ago
If you guys have a baby that baby would be the best baby the baby’s hair would be nice
PAUL KERSEY - 4 years ago
PAUL KERSEY - 4 years ago
Trixie Twaddle
Trixie Twaddle - 4 years ago
Italian black and Colombian
Unruly Jay
Unruly Jay - 4 years ago
WOW! She's fking gorgeous!! 6:59
Carlos Thomsen
Carlos Thomsen - 4 years ago
Mans Got a whole Angel
KhiTooFunny - 4 years ago
She just soo beautiful
LyricVEVO Production
LyricVEVO Production - 4 years ago
Subscriber : boi we been knew
Rare Chris
Rare Chris - 4 years ago
Musssyyy - 4 years ago
Probably a gold digger
Cortnie Luv
Cortnie Luv - 4 years ago
I like Tiana!!!!! She’s a W LIL Bro!!
Wolf DJ
Wolf DJ - 4 years ago
Ddg swim like he ain’t got arms
Ruth Lovelace
Ruth Lovelace - 4 years ago
Your smiling alot more you look happier with her congrats
Xavier Cameron
Xavier Cameron - 4 years ago
Yo fight Pretty Boy Fredo
Boulime Rugratt
Boulime Rugratt - 4 years ago
Kahalia Graham
Kahalia Graham - 4 years ago
She pretty do a mukbang with her bro my brother love you
Kiki Jackson
Kiki Jackson - 4 years ago
That body
Justin TdotKilla_
Justin TdotKilla_ - 4 years ago
New intro is fire bro!!! Hide yo shordy fellas ddg on the loose!
Kiki Jackson
Kiki Jackson - 4 years ago
If he is a snorkeler I think a requirement is to know how to swim
Mitchell Toney
Mitchell Toney - 4 years ago
Ddg like bitches wt no tits
Kiki Jackson
Kiki Jackson - 4 years ago
William Page
William Page - 4 years ago
He getting into Camaros that's lit.
Sports God Dre
Sports God Dre - 4 years ago
Tiana is fuckin fine so as Kennedy
Gino Alberto
Gino Alberto - 4 years ago
Oh shit, what did you do?
Shania Dorilas
Shania Dorilas - 4 years ago
I think he was just excited lol
Mario WavyTv
Mario WavyTv - 4 years ago
Everything she does is sexy even running lol
Trill Gaming
Trill Gaming - 4 years ago
Were u from
Princess Star
Princess Star - 4 years ago
Yass he is walking to fast. Tianna can't keep up omg

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