RMR: Rick Goes Snorkeling with the Salmon

Rick visits Campbell River, BC to snorkel downriver to meet millions of spawning salmon.

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Rick visits Campbell River, BC to snorkel downriver to meet millions of spawning salmon.

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Christopher Perry
Christopher Perry - 3 years ago
Sonnys' River Adventure Tours. luv it!!
Winston Sullivan
Winston Sullivan - 4 years ago
Rick Mercer for Governor General!
Anthony Glaess
Anthony Glaess - 4 years ago
I do this every year lol
Patop Pataro
Patop Pataro - 7 years ago
Justin Simokat
Justin Simokat - 7 years ago
Rick Mercer, coolest gay dude ever, also he's Canadian so he's easily one of the top 5 Canadians ever hahaha
Vanboy - 7 years ago
Live in Vancouver
skippythefossilfreak - 7 years ago
so so freaking cool.rick if your ever back on vancouver island would love to take you on a skippy freaky fossil adventure.
TheRenster500 - 8 years ago
i'm from Campbell river and i have no idea where that is!
Sab Rina
Sab Rina - 8 years ago

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balderdashery G
balderdashery G - 8 years ago
I live on Vancouver Island and am going to go snorkeling with the salmon.
Ty Park
Ty Park - 8 years ago
Pretty sure he has the coolest job on the continent. I wish we (U.S.) had something like this.
magicsuperman13 - 8 years ago
I wanna go salmon snorkling :(
Alembic - 9 years ago
dat trouser snake
Nyquirk - 9 years ago
@obscureluzername It's pretty great how well known the Westcoast Lucky fable is. @ 16 my first visit to BC on Big Trib by a huge bonfire I was handed my first Lucky. I've been drinking Pacific Pilsner ever since lol. Little white rabbits
mattiik - 9 years ago
Rick totally downed that brewski off camera
atjk2000 - 9 years ago
I would add them on fish book if it was real
AGentlemansJourney - 9 years ago
BC is God's country in Canada and this is coming from a Torontonian.
dancininmyundies - 9 years ago
@HeavyMetalHearted Me too.
HeavyMetalHearted - 9 years ago
I'm proud to live in Campbell River!

20. comment for RMR: Rick Goes Snorkeling with the Salmon

obscureluzername - 9 years ago
I wondered if they still made Lucky Lager...big shock they have it in Campbell River, lol.
Andrew Russell
Andrew Russell - 9 years ago
Rick is the best.
petie71 - 9 years ago
Snorkelling. Americans go snorkeling. ;o) xo
LoveForChinaForava - 9 years ago
after watching this i googled "destiny river adventures"
RainAngel111 - 9 years ago
lol, cityboy is easily entertained. i'm glad he liked BC tho :)
HardRockMiner - 9 years ago
My home!!! YAY!!
A Gill
A Gill - 9 years ago
Christ, Canada is beautiful.
TooLEGIT2quit19 - 9 years ago
@katnob and he's really good at it haha.. Someway, Somehow he makes politics somewhat interesting for the layman
QCprepper - 9 years ago
@katnob no he doesnt. for forest fire prevention, there are helicopter pilots in BC who get PAID to drop napalm on trees to start controlled burns. Rick gets 2nd place...
somegalfromcan - 9 years ago
Awesome to see Vancouver Island on the first episode of the season!

30. comment for RMR: Rick Goes Snorkeling with the Salmon

katnob - 9 years ago
I know it's been said a thousand times in most of his other videos on YouTube, but Rick has the coolest job in Canada.
CathyDirector - 9 years ago
Wow awesome Episode. Love it. Now i wish i could do the same.

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