girl gets leg bitten off by great white shark

fuck water

girl gets leg bitten off by great white shark sentiment_very_dissatisfied 46

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fuck water

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Most popular comments
for girl gets leg bitten off by great white shark

A Tem
A Tem - 6 years ago
fuck water
Lee Ab
Lee Ab - 6 years ago
There the king of the sea you should not be in the sea swimming were there is great white sharks she's very lucky to be alive I am happy she's ok but humans should not do that I hope that shark is ok
jackyboy777666 - 6 years ago
What idiot goes swimming in the fooking ocean like that - got no sympathy for her at all!
Xenon - 6 years ago
A day prior to getting chomped, she was on the phone to her mother an told her she was planning on swimming in the ocean, but her mother was scared in case she got chomped by a shark. She thought her mother was being stupid, and told her to calm down, and nothing like that would happen.
Tmark Enoryt
Tmark Enoryt - 6 years ago
That's whY you'll never catch me in the ocean beyond waist deep at the beach, and even THEN, I'm STILL paranoid
Wassa76 - 6 years ago
I don't go further than knee deep...
Calvin smith
Calvin smith - 6 years ago
I wonder how that happened ? Oh a stupid human got in the ocean with a shark, that silly shark should know better than to eat humans. What’s this world coming to when a shark doesn’t know any better ? It wasn’t the humans fault that’s for sure . Stupid asses !!
CookieEatEmma - 6 years ago
These fucking dumbasses. Oh hey! Let’s watch her die!!! Pfft my frigin god
Ivan Radovcic
Ivan Radovcic - 6 years ago
Yes but not sharks fault they live in the ocean
Tony Johnsen
Tony Johnsen - 6 years ago
I think he was trying to film a UFO
Tj Mckenzie
Tj Mckenzie - 6 years ago
The cameraman sucks!!!! Dude, you had one job!! Now we all have vertigo from the camera moving all over the place. Idiot!!
Dick pole
Dick pole - 6 years ago
Maybe he was preoccupied

10. comment for girl gets leg bitten off by great white shark

Darren Green
Darren Green - 6 years ago
jumping off the boat into the sea = jumping off the refridgerator into the tandoor
Darren Green
Darren Green - 6 years ago
its as daft as you can get ................ its like volunteering for ''THE PIG BASKET ATROCITIES'' (without the basket)
Darren Green
Darren Green - 6 years ago
guess she wont be getting the leg over anymore ?? now if they knew what the illuminati was that wouldnt have happened . 1 she wudda known there was sharks in the sea . 2 she wudda seen thru the bullshit , not wanted to go to the seaside just because everybody else goes to the seaside. 3 she wouldnt work. 4 if she did work she wouldnt want to go near the sea on her time off. i bet she drinks beer , watches tv , eats macdonalds n all sorts ? celebrates christmas ????
Yee - 6 years ago
Hi I poo
Yee - 6 years ago
Deserved it
Yee - 6 years ago
She fucking deserved it
Miki Mouse
Miki Mouse - 6 years ago
this girl dont hte sharks,she think ther pore sharky was just hungry
JRNY Dawg - 6 years ago
This the same cameraman who was always capturing Big foot in the 70's? Can't see anything! Vote this person "WORST CAMERAMAN EVER!!"
Char Shark
Char Shark - 7 years ago
why didn't anyone jump in to help her??
Ronan K
Ronan K - 7 years ago
Is her leg still gone ?
Persuasive Barrier
Persuasive Barrier - 7 years ago
No, it grew back, she made a full recovery.

20. comment for girl gets leg bitten off by great white shark

Justin Time
Justin Time - 7 years ago
lol its funny cause that shark fucked her up
Justin Time
Justin Time - 7 years ago
your mother loves my sweaty balls in and around her mouth
spiffyyy - 7 years ago
justin Mccub you're autistic
Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn - 7 years ago
It's kills me when people say you have a better chance at winning the lotto or getting struck by lightning then a shark attack. All you have to do is going swimming in the San Francisco Bay I bet you will attract a hungry shark. Does anyone else wish to take their chance on those odds
Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn - 7 years ago
Damien Landstorm if you say so
Damien Landstorm
Damien Landstorm - 7 years ago
Lol. Doesn't matter if you disagree. It's true. And you've obviously never been swimming in the Bay. I have. No sharks that I saw.
Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn - 7 years ago
not at all. 100% disagreed
Mighty Wolf 09
Mighty Wolf 09 - 7 years ago
Brian Quinn but it is true
Lance Parker
Lance Parker - 7 years ago
Along the California, Oregon, and Washington State coastlines, there are NO bull sharks. Just White sharks....and about 35 other sharks, most of which aren't dangerous man-eaters.
You have to travel down to Baja, CA in Mexico to find bull sharks on the Pacific coastline.
Bull shark attacks are much deadlier than White shark attacks, and even a small 3' bull shark can easily take BIG chunks of leg, arm, or torso off and come back again and again aggressively without pausing to savor the flavor or be picky about what kind of warm, bloody flesh they are eating.
Conversely, our local CA surfers and kayak paddlers commonly report seeing 8' - 15' White sharks swim by them without molesting them from Point Reyes north down to Monterey Bay south. Seeing one is common enough now these days that normally no one who spends a lot of time in the water even reports it to the media anymore, mostly to avoid being bitten by the horrific, fatal, Paparazzi Shark.

We think the Whites are always here along our CA coastline, just gliding along outside the Kelp Zone looking for marine mammals, but they usually can only be seen by swimmers, ab divers, and surfers when our normally-murky coastal waters clear up to 20 or 30 foot visibility in the late summer, or from above when you are sitting on your surfboard.
I'm not sure seeing them makes you feel any better since we know they are always around...somewhere, 365 days a year.

EASY rule of thumb: Don't molest White sharks anywhere, or be IN the water, in ANY place where marine mammals are common and White sharks normally feed.......and the White sharks won't molest you.

The odds of being bitten by a Great White shark are roughly the same whether you go into the ocean every day or stay completely out of the ocean every day....but this is one 30 million-to-one winning Lottery Ticket you DON'T want to hit on.
William Phillips Jr
William Phillips Jr - 7 years ago
Omg now I don't want to go to myrtle beach omg I'm scared of sharks
jeremy western
jeremy western - 7 years ago
I would be hopping mad if this happened to me....
matt 239
matt 239 - 8 years ago
matt 239
matt 239 - 8 years ago
worst camera man of all time...can't see shit...was he being attacked at same ?
nonplayerzealot4 - 6 years ago Here's a 1994 camcorder. Even the most beautiful, peaceful moment would've had a fair amount of shaking and violent swings by a novice filmer. Look how that monocular eyepiece limits your vision. If you want to search around for content beyond what you see in the eyepiece, the whole camera follows with it. Very hard for most peeps back then to find the important scene and stick to it as much as possible. Even today, peeps who are tech savvier than ever can't figure out how to angle their smartphones while recording. Like I posted above, I remember my first screen based viewfinder handheld camcorder in 99. I still have stuff that I taped from then. I distinctly remember how revolutionary it felt to see such a wide scope on a screen compared to an eyepiece. Made filming a lot easier and less shaky (not to mention sharper given added technology).
Robert Boughton
Robert Boughton - 6 years ago
mahalodst6 um so your going to stay calm when you friend is getting eaten alive bye a shark
Bijinius Cross
Bijinius Cross - 6 years ago
i know, right? What an ASSHOLE! Why couldn't he hold his 1994-era smartphone steady while he watched his helpless friend have her leg viciously eaten by a 20-foot shark? WHAT A LOSER!!
nonplayerzealot4 - 6 years ago
First, it was fortunate that a camcorder was even filming at all. In the early 90s, people didn't have the resources or even the inclination to film ordinary life scenes like we do now. Second, camcorders back then still had shit single-eye monocular eyepieces that severely limited your field of vision. Lest you were a competent amateur fimer, you are gonna swing that shit all over the place and lose your scope of the scene every single time. That's basically what happened here. He should've kept it tight on the scene. However,...that was his friend or classmate who just got her effin leg amputated in front of him. That was a hectic scene. I would feel too fuckin terrible for her to be at my best on the camcorder, ha. At any rate, the first semi-compact video cams with a screen viewfinder came out in late 90s. I had a nice one in 1999. That shit was light years ahead of the camcorders that still existed only 5 years prior. Glad she survived! YOU GO GURL!
Stay classy
Stay classy - 7 years ago
yeah he really miss the opportunity of a very detailed white shark attack
mahalodst6 - 7 years ago
he was probably throwing up lol
Chloe Diamond
Chloe Diamond - 8 years ago
i put my penis in thesharkl
TypeAAA - 7 years ago
+Chase Bradley Penis went with the shark in one bite and so that turned her into a girl.
Chase Bradley
Chase Bradley - 7 years ago
+Chloe diamond your a girl tho...
aiolosgr - 8 years ago
Of course the chances of a great white attack to a human are extremely small, even smaller than the chances of a plane crash. That doesn't change the fact that great whites are responsible for the most horrific and freakish attacks to humans in history. The cases are very few, but the terror is unbelievable. Related movies may show many exaggerations, especially in size, but the truth is that there are cases that great white sharks devoured humans from head to waist, nearly sunk small boats, even there was a case of dragging a woman from a depth of only 3 feet of water.
StandardRacing - 8 years ago
Mosquitoes, deer, bees, dogs, ants, cows, horses, spiders, and rattlesnakes kill more humans each year than sharks do. You should be more afraid to go outside than to go into the ocean. 1.3 million people are killed each year in auto accidents but I don't see anybody scared to ride in a vehicle.
laquiesha metcalf
laquiesha metcalf - 7 years ago
it is sad how that girl got her leg took of with that shark
Andy RoXx
Andy RoXx - 7 years ago
@ Cynical Atheist Good explained, you deserve a like.
Despite All My Rage
Despite All My Rage - 7 years ago
+Merrick Cassian
The fear of sharks stems from several things, but mainly because people in general are terrified of the unknown. Especially when you're in the ocean with no idea what's beneath you or even in front of you or behind you for that matter.
Of course more people die from car accidents and mosquito bites. The mosquito is the deadliest insect in the world. And vehicle accidents...well, obviously more people die from that because 90% of people in the world travel in a vehicle multiple times a day. Obviously it's going to be a common occurrence.
Swimming in the ocean is not a common thing for most people, which makes a shark attack even more rare and uncommon. But it does happen. And quite often if you look at it statistically.
Speaking of statistics...wanna hear a creepy one? One out of every 3 people who swim in the ocean have unknowingly come within feet of a shark at one point or another.
Merrick Cassian
Merrick Cassian - 7 years ago
The fear is because a mosquito kills you by nipping you and giving you a fatal disease, while a shark kills you by chomping the everliving fuck out of you until you bleed out or dragging you under the water and drowning you.

Not to say we should be cripplingly afraid of sharks, but I can totally understand why people are more afraid of sharks than mosquitos, cows, ants, etc.

30. comment for girl gets leg bitten off by great white shark

JALO LIONEL - 8 years ago
That description doe.
demo2382 - 8 years ago
good ole camcorders, always avoids the risk of vertical videos.
GlocKittyXe - 8 years ago
+demo2382 lol. true
Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn - 8 years ago
This is what I don't understand. Sharks are sharks if they are hungry they will eat regardless of prey. Scientist say mistaken identity but also claim that sharks are smart and senses are  sharper then our own. My opinion is that's nonsense, people, or seal or other fish.. If your in the water and a shark is hungry then your food..
Lord Thornton Eddington
Lord Thornton Eddington - 6 years ago
Tmark Enoryt omg lol
Tmark Enoryt
Tmark Enoryt - 6 years ago
Brian Quinn I agree with you Bri, and by the way, you're cute as fuck bro!!!
I would lick you right in your ass that's how cute you are!
Brian O'Neil
Brian O'Neil - 6 years ago
Damien Landstorm maybe another reason why sharks take only a bite off of a human is because the human they bite will be thrashing around and everything and maybe they feel it's not worth wasting the energy to kill it for a meal that has so little meat
Lord Thornton Eddington
Lord Thornton Eddington - 6 years ago
Bullshit. That’s a myth because people usually get help and get out of the water. People alone who don’t get help get consumed or partially consumed
Damien Landstorm
Damien Landstorm - 7 years ago
+Brian Quinn That's exactly what I'm saying. Sharks have keen SENSES but they don't have remarkable intelligence. They're fucking fish, dude. They see something in the water that might be tasty and their first instinct is to bite it and find out. Humans are NOT on the menu. We don't taste good and we're not particularly sustaining. Dude, you got to stop getting your shark info from horror movies.
Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn - 7 years ago
Damien Landstorm your telling me a shark will just take a bite and swim away realizing that us humans are generally not on the menu according to "science". This is the same science that speaks about how keen a sharks senses are , yet they bite us by accident. C'mon dude get real. A shark is an eating machine...
Damien Landstorm
Damien Landstorm - 7 years ago
+Brian Quinn Would I like to take my "chances" in shark infested water? Of course not. What kind of a question is that?

Actually mythbusters did an episode for Shark Week about the blood in the water thing and determined the blood they're attracted to is species dependent, and they don't give a shit about human blood. Even so, there's obviously safety precautions you would take when swimming in the ocean, just like hiking in bear country. Not sure what point you're trying to make.
Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn - 7 years ago
Damien Landstorm if a shark is hungry and there's blood in the water your done... no if/ands/or buts about it. Would you like to take your chances in the open water that is shark infested and your lost at sea?
Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn - 7 years ago
Damien Landstorm believe what you want buddy. Science says one thing, but if a shark is hungry your food. A shark swims, eats and makes little sharks.
Damien Landstorm
Damien Landstorm - 7 years ago
Well, yeah, no shit. The point is sharks don't like humans as food. They bite things to see what they are and if they're edible. If they don't like it, they leave. It's pretty much universally accepted by biologists that sharks don't like the taste of humans. We have so little meat on us anyway, it's not like we could satisfy a 20 foot great white.
Damien Landstorm
Damien Landstorm - 7 years ago
Did you seriously just tell me to watch a horror movie to understand the science behind shark attacks?
Andre Deliz
Andre Deliz - 7 years ago
Damien Landstorm a bite is a bite. if a shark bites you, youre gonna lose a limb or half of your torso. its not a dog bite.
Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn - 7 years ago
Damien Landstorm keep telling yourself that. Watch the movie "the reef"
Damien Landstorm
Damien Landstorm - 7 years ago
Most sharks don't eat you. They take a bite, decide that you taste bad and leave. You ought to watch a documentary or something, cause you sound dumb as shit.
Andre Deliz
Andre Deliz - 7 years ago
Brian Quinn I agree, they don't care what you are. Sharks just wanna eat to survive another day.
Lenny Romero
Lenny Romero - 7 years ago
+NaniSore is on point. Not many (if there are any) stories of sharks eating people whole.
iHateDentists - 8 years ago
+Brian Quinn They often dont legit try to kill you. They just...bite you. They don't meet humans that often so its a new alien type of prey for most of them. Of course a bite from a shark may result in a loss of a limb though. Trust me, if the shark was hungry and looking for a kill. She would be dead 100%. Yet almost all accidents result in a bite and swimming away.
bloodlucky - 8 years ago
girl swims
shark: LEG!
girl dies
Amanda Apicella
Amanda Apicella - 8 years ago
+bloodlucky She survived
Josh Power
Josh Power - 8 years ago
More people die taking selfies than by shark attacks per year... So don't fear sharks... Fear your phone
Mr B!
Mr B! - 6 years ago
Jacki - 8 years ago
+Josh Power because they dont see the shark, if the shark appear
it ofcause what to see whats the movingf thing is in the water and they test it by bitting
Robert Smith
Robert Smith - 8 years ago
+Josh Power dumb comment
DerpDaysMC - 8 years ago
0:33 FAN GIRL!
Primal 420
Primal 420 - 8 years ago
They always say the shark "came out of nowhere" lol i can tell you where there are sharks...IN THE OCEAN!
Andrea Dt
Andrea Dt - 9 years ago
Well..if you swim in the middle of the ocean....
Lee Ab
Lee Ab - 6 years ago
Yes they own the sea the ocean animals like that humans don't belong there it was not the shark did nothing wrong it's people like that what put there life in danger
Jhoffa22 - 8 years ago
lol Right!!
H2OLongLegs - 9 years ago
I love the description
Scuurge - 9 years ago
+wiyy85 It's you're you illiterate douche bag.
wiyy85 - 9 years ago
Yeah and your huge tool bag
CampSolo Jr
CampSolo Jr - 9 years ago
dumbasses..... HEY!!!!!!! i have an idea!!!!!!! after we swim here lets go try our luck in the Nile river???
Andy RoXx
Andy RoXx - 7 years ago
Nahh to many muslims, we would lose our head i prefer the shark a new robot leg can be cool too.
cdmharley - 9 years ago
they cut the video you can see her leg missing on full vid this one is shit
TJ Jonez
TJ Jonez - 9 years ago
I saw nothing..
andynonymous .mous
andynonymous .mous - 9 years ago
Scuurge - 9 years ago
+wiyy85 It's you're you illiterate douche.
wiyy85 - 9 years ago
Your also a big time tool bag in life!
Mirna C Ramos
Mirna C Ramos - 9 years ago
Zak-A-42 - 9 years ago
+B1acksnow88 So, jump in but don't jump in? k m8
loner1878 - 9 years ago
Are you an idiot or just trolling?
idan shahar
idan shahar - 10 years ago
idiots. no way in the world ill swim there if there is a fucking 1% for sharks
loner1878 - 9 years ago
You're more likely to be killed by a cow.
andynonymous .mous
andynonymous .mous - 9 years ago
Actually, seeing as how there's probably more like a 0.000005% chance of actual shark attack in reality, would you swim there?? 
KennyRobbers123 - 10 years ago
everyone this isn't fake in fact this was aired on tv during a shark week special and yes the girl does live, she obviously was handicap after the attack but yes this is real. it's a shark week special, I can't recall the name of it though. the reason you can barley see shit is because the camera man wasn't just gonna film this girl being attacked, he was most likely freaking out
Bijinius Cross
Bijinius Cross - 6 years ago
oh, well, if it was on TV it's GOT to be real. Everyone knows that once something is on TV it's automatically 100% legit.
danielle alexander
danielle alexander - 10 years ago
who in their right mind goes swimming there lol
andynonymous .mous
andynonymous .mous - 9 years ago
ocean = there
Troll-Agent-On-Duty - 10 years ago
An other cunt who entered an other territory where she doesn't belong in.
dbag0584 - 7 years ago
Troll-Agent-On-Duty Bet one of your parents are dead.
wiyy85 - 9 years ago
Hey tool bag anonymous your life sucks hahahahha
andynonymous .mous
andynonymous .mous - 9 years ago
Another cunt. . . 
Jack Sprat
Jack Sprat - 10 years ago
Your trolling skills suck.

50. comment for girl gets leg bitten off by great white shark

Vanessa Boyer
Vanessa Boyer - 10 years ago
I just saw an article on the Upworthy Facebook page about shark attacks and whatnot. Really people? Only 12 people a year die from shark attacks, a  YEAR. 11,417 sharks are kill by people AN HOUR. This sucks that this girl had to go through this, but to hate this animal because someone else decided to go into IT'S territory, is just ignorant. 
VinDaBeast03 - 6 years ago
Vanessa Boyer if you're right then at least 2 billion sharks have been dying for a decade..
Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn - 8 years ago
your sexy
FizzyMan - 8 years ago
+Vanessa Labreche HAHAHAHAHA
Vanessa Boyer
Vanessa Boyer - 8 years ago
+Brian Quinn Perhaps a lightning shark...
Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn - 8 years ago
+Vanessa Labreche , more likely to get struck by lightning right? So if you swam in the middle of the ocean on a day when rain is predicted , what is more likely a shark in warm water or lightning?
ColinZeal - 10 years ago
I stopped drinking water after this.
Whitley_calloway - 6 years ago
ColinZeal i also stopped drinking water i just drank juice lol
Domo - 9 years ago
I stopped using a toilet so now I'm a dog
illmill42012 - 10 years ago
I stopped pooping in toilets. 
Cosmicbuggy - 10 years ago
+Tuuc le Tuuc
I stopped looking at water >-<
Tuuc le Tuuc
Tuuc le Tuuc - 10 years ago
I stopped watering my plants because there might be a shark in the watering can.
Mardi Versteegh
Mardi Versteegh - 10 years ago
+RiseAgainst DontCover  ah fuck of you give sharks a bad name. And the great white shark noramally doesn't eat humans we just look like seals and they love to eat seals!
Balls Chinean
Balls Chinean - 10 years ago
Both still retarded
Mardi Versteegh
Mardi Versteegh - 10 years ago
+Balls Chinean why that's just animated on net geographic wild you see real ones.
Balls Chinean
Balls Chinean - 10 years ago
go watch sharb boy and lava girl
Kills DumpsterZebra
Kills DumpsterZebra - 10 years ago
+Balls Chinean So, were your parents already related BEFORE they were married?
Balls Chinean
Balls Chinean - 10 years ago
stfu retard no one cares about the damn sharks
HexZ - 10 years ago
It looks like shes wearing a floater
jenny smith
jenny smith - 10 years ago
Errrr the sharks eating dinner
David Crandall
David Crandall - 10 years ago
Relax, it's just a shark eating lunch.
Dericelas - 10 years ago
well she wasnt the greatest swimmer as you can see in the video
gallaros9 - 11 years ago
Wow, what kind of sadist "likes" this kind of video?
scumdog93 - 11 years ago
you can see it thrashing back and forth grinding through flesh and bone
Lukasajny - 11 years ago
kdo je tu z facebooku ? :D
TvojejMamy Chlpatanoha
TvojejMamy Chlpatanoha - 11 years ago
Kto je tu cez Facebook Like :D
Orhan Duman
Orhan Duman - 11 years ago
It isnt, i saw a documentary about that. The girl lives, but her leg is gone.
zoe pullins
zoe pullins - 11 years ago
i could not see shit when she was screeming
BradJC70 - 11 years ago
A GW thath size can absoluely take a leg from a person. Effortlessly in fact. There are many records of people being bitten in half in a GW attack. They have tremendous 'bite power'. Up to 4000 psi. It would take considerably less force than that to tear a fragile human body apart, given the teeth behind it.
jrepnin - 11 years ago
I think this is the same vid I saw years ago on tv but from a different camera angle. I think the shark was able to rip her leg off because she was handed a pole to grab onto which gave the shark leverage to tear it off. GW's are not known to have that bite power. A tiger shark just slices through everything.
lee storer
lee storer - 11 years ago
did she live ?
DDYYLLAANNMAN - 12 years ago
You Think this is fake?
The Duck The Goes Quack
The Duck The Goes Quack - 13 years ago
The shark was doing what it does best........trying to eat people.
112Bluestar - 14 years ago
If a shark attacked me Id try to defend myself even if there may not be much time
themadrapper101 - 6 years ago
This comment is 7 years old... Reply if you still use this account
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez - 14 years ago
yes it is. I seen it on a few different tv shows about shark attacks, i even seen it on discovery channels shark week back in the day

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