10 Giant Waves Caught on Camera

► ListJumbo is a Disney Partnered Channel! Don't mess with mother nature! These are some of the largest waves ever seen! Today's post is on ten giant waves caught on camera. *Original content produced in studio by JJO Video Media* Certain segments are licensed under creative commons (CC): Japanese Coast Guard (CC), Jeremy Mires (CC) ListJumbo brings you fun and informative top ten lists in a variety of different topics. Join us and sub for regular posts.

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► ListJumbo is a Disney Partnered Channel! Don't mess with mother nature! These are some of the largest waves ever seen! Today's post is on ten giant waves caught on camera. *Original content produced in studio by JJO Video Media* Certain segments are licensed under creative commons (CC): Japanese Coast Guard (CC), Jeremy Mires (CC) ListJumbo brings you fun and informative top ten lists in a variety of different topics. Join us and sub for regular posts.

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for 10 Giant Waves Caught on Camera

GUFFmaster97 - 2 years ago
That's a lotta water
Live From The Motherland
Live From The Motherland - 2 years ago
DAMN Nature ! You Scary!
Octavio Lopez
Octavio Lopez - 2 years ago
Why? why did I watch this? I have dreams (very often) where I am caught at the beach (at night) and those gigantic waves form in the horizon and I can't run fast enough to get away, luckily I wake up every time before they crash down.
Vincent Ernst
Vincent Ernst - 2 years ago
Me: Oh god, oh god, oh god, OH GOD, OH GOOD, OH GOOODD .
Kai Sheldon
Kai Sheldon - 2 years ago
did anyone fall off?
Caleb Bodnar
Caleb Bodnar - 2 years ago
I like how u have no content or originality so u just let the clips play even when nothing happens just so u can get the 10 min mark
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman - 2 years ago
Great Strong Wind
Jake Booher
Jake Booher - 2 years ago
The Perfect Storm....
Aniket Pandey
Aniket Pandey - 2 years ago
sorry. but I misread it as ...10 giant wives caught on camera...

10. comment for 10 Giant Waves Caught on Camera

captain Tattertot
captain Tattertot - 2 years ago
At 1:18 is when you give your life to god wave lol
Kristina Meza
Kristina Meza - 2 years ago
How come they are laughing?
Tom Spartan
Tom Spartan - 2 years ago
Name of music as the end of the video?
gary corr
gary corr - 2 years ago
Hell naw!!!
Bean - 2 years ago
Want to know how to attract half a dozen bikini-clad beauties at the beach.......give them a big wave.
Jaden Abrahams
Jaden Abrahams - 2 years ago
So this is what be happening under my durag
Andro Nicev
Andro Nicev - 2 years ago
1:43 jimmy fallon is that you?
Olle Larsson
Olle Larsson - 2 years ago
I remember that time I Went Down to Puerto Rico for my first time I was on Flamingo Beach when I Broke My Arms my back and now I am sitting in a wheelchair and watching your videos
Can we hit 100 subs for no reason
Can we hit 100 subs for no reason - 2 years ago
Ohh...hope u'll get well soon :-)
Doopy and Gally
Doopy and Gally - 2 years ago
Olle Larsson sorry to hear that mate
Niko VF
Niko VF - 2 years ago
'Deep Impact'
Bloom Winx208
Bloom Winx208 - 2 years ago
Some of them were bout to die and they just laughing smh

20. comment for 10 Giant Waves Caught on Camera

hector orellana
hector orellana - 2 years ago
ththose are some big big waves right there
kevin sloan
kevin sloan - 2 years ago
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TraMaChi - 2 years ago
Now imagine having such weather during War...Those sailors in WW1 and WW2 needed balls of steel to keep composure and effectiveness. And then we have Submarine sailors...which have balls of Diamond or some shit
bill chill
bill chill - 2 years ago
Can i have the song that played with the first 3 clips?
Carter Drozd
Carter Drozd - 2 years ago
Aryan Mishra
Aryan Mishra - 2 years ago
Rageborne - 2 years ago
Bill Schirner
Bill Schirner - 2 years ago
Navy Ship’s encounter these conditions occasionally so to be safe anything not bolted down is labeled “missile hazard”. These items get secured if encountering heavy weather so they won’t come flying at you as the ship is rocking and rolling. Most sailors can handle it fine but some do get seasick. Safest course is into the waves to avoid a knockdown on the side. You actually get used to it. You have a job to do, so you focus on that. When hurricanes threaten all ships head out to sea. Safer for the ship than being pounded at the port. And, sailors can handle it!
胡斯鸿 - 2 years ago
Holy Crusader
Holy Crusader - 2 years ago

And that’s why the glaciers are melting lol

30. comment for 10 Giant Waves Caught on Camera

Justin Thompson
Justin Thompson - 2 years ago
And I’m going on a cruise soon
Frank G.
Frank G. - 2 years ago
4:00 so cool , I wish I had been there
Freshest Hobo on the Street !
Freshest Hobo on the Street ! - 2 years ago
Why don't you go "Hang 10"?
Bren Hender
Bren Hender - 2 years ago
Scary even an ocean cam swallow a mountain
Andrew Dickson
Andrew Dickson - 2 years ago
Been in 40' waves on a 80 ' boat that was sketchy enough a 100' wave would have ripped us apart.
Stinger 91
Stinger 91 - 2 years ago
Imagine surfing one of these waves!?
Better Alex
Better Alex - 2 years ago
I thought I saw that in a video...
They said it was the biggest wave..
Trap Legend
Trap Legend - 2 years ago
I would be that guy to run into them :D i love waves, and i will until i die. which will be soon if i want to go to those waves.
TraZix - 2 years ago
Imagine you’re in one of those situations and “Mountains” from Interstellar started playing in the background
Rodrigo Reis
Rodrigo Reis - 2 years ago
1:45 Saul's Goodman talking.
大悪魔サタンさま - 2 years ago
Hidden burden
Hidden burden - 2 years ago
amazingly the ship cuts thru the wave .
err like it was designed to do.
no damage
steel v water
amazing sorry couldn't get any further
Farkhan Greenday
Farkhan Greenday - 2 years ago
pirate of the caribbean
Noah Morrison
Noah Morrison - 2 years ago
My fellow kiwis be going thru rouge waves bow wow.
steven sherrier
steven sherrier - 2 years ago
How the hell are they laughing as those waves come
EliteTHX - 2 years ago
I will better stay on land, because this waves are gonna crush me to death
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones - 2 years ago
In Australia we don’t call it a tsunami, we call it a rogue waves
q x
q x - 2 years ago
There is a difference between rouge waves and a tsunami
Tsunamis are long in diameter and extremely powerful. They are caused by severe movement in tectonic plates or some ocean volcanic eruption. There are usually two waves, the second being bigger then the first one. If you experience an earthquake and are near the ocean, you run.
For the rouge waves, they’re unexpected and big waves that break on shore.
And by the way
I live in Australia and I have NEVER heard ANYONE call a tsunami a rouge wave
They are both completely different.
Savitar Faster
Savitar Faster - 2 years ago
There should be a ride in a water park called " Riding The TSUNAMI" and it would be like number 7 I think I think it was 7
Raveen Jaya
Raveen Jaya - 2 years ago
1.25 you can see a sea ghost.hit like if noticed
Kevin B.
Kevin B. - 2 years ago
3:39 best part of video

50. comment for 10 Giant Waves Caught on Camera

gerard henry
gerard henry - 2 years ago
Imagine this at night
The MasterYocheese
The MasterYocheese - 2 years ago
Reminds me of stormworks lol
Sheldon Sands
Sheldon Sands - 2 years ago
Black smoke and glacier collapsing..you get the point
madbomer72 - 2 years ago
I love how he played the same clip like 5 times so he could reach the 10 minute mark
NorthMan Martin
NorthMan Martin - 2 years ago
Plot twist : all the waves is caused by nuclear / bombing test under the sea
LynX1415 - 2 years ago
My stomach hurt just watching this
Dan Vaught
Dan Vaught - 2 years ago
3:36 Butt Cheeks!
Isaac Castro
Isaac Castro - 2 years ago
Feet? Use real units please
Riely !
Riely ! - 2 years ago
Idk why but its pissing me off that
They are laughing id ve shitting my. Pants
Random - 2 years ago
8:25 that guy is a man
Mass Debater
Mass Debater - 2 years ago
that man is a man*
Subarashii - 2 years ago
I swim in those waters
LPS girlcool Land
LPS girlcool Land - 2 years ago
I don’t like boats :)
Jo Ni
Jo Ni - 2 years ago
Does anyone know the song name in the outro? :)
Red Bluesome
Red Bluesome - 2 years ago
Who knew New Zealand had a navy?
Yigael Weiss
Yigael Weiss - 2 years ago
Lots of bullshit in this video.
Anker Avlund
Anker Avlund - 2 years ago
6:05 welcome to grenland
Lauren L
Lauren L - 2 years ago
Last one was a nuclear test.
2NustrAT2 - 2 years ago
5:07 Clearly one of the most beautiful thing I've seen on Youtube !
Donald Anderson
Donald Anderson - 2 years ago
this why you can't pay me to out at sea
ninja Poop
ninja Poop - 2 years ago
Its more like tsunami then waves
ADAN ROBERTO - 2 years ago
Assassin's creed black flag
Taye Escobar
Taye Escobar - 2 years ago
Andreas gail?
omarel nxrc
omarel nxrc - 2 years ago
watch mojo rip off
Leandro Ribeiro
Leandro Ribeiro - 2 years ago
Next time try not adding music and unnecessary narration.
57575757hudlup - 2 years ago
I hate "Pop-Up" advertising !!  I would never even consider buying anything from the companies in these "Pop-Ups" !!
Sylvia Waller
Sylvia Waller - 2 years ago
your voice annoys me
Daniel M
Daniel M - 2 years ago
that first wave that you said was rogue wave is incorect. As we could see it was coming to them in front of the boat and rogue wave will creap to the boat on the side
ᠰᠣᠳᠣ ᠪᠡᠳᠣ
ᠰᠣᠳᠣ ᠪᠡᠳᠣ - 2 years ago
music is so dramatic like it
Gael Orellana
Gael Orellana - 2 years ago
Is the music discount Last of the Mohicans?
erin rossi
erin rossi - 2 years ago
anyone else thinks that is the earth being pissed off!
QuickStrike0065 - 2 years ago
Title seems misleading. Reported.
QuickStrike0065 - 2 years ago
2:08, Tsunami waves? Tsunami = "harbour wave" (apparently it means that, but from what i read, it showed "one wave"). You just said "harbour wave waves". What you said is like saying katana sword (since katana means sword).
Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen - 2 years ago
No1 not a wave
amazing ANIMALSSS - 2 years ago
Well I am 11 years old and went to Mexico (I travel a lot). A couple of day into the trip my dad sees a poster in the hotel that said something about swimming with whale sharks, I was so ready to go swimming with whale sharks, after we got on the boat they gave us a life jacket, a snorkel, a scuba goggle, and a wet suit. (I saw a seal that was soooo cute) I was still excited until we hit a wave that gave us at least 3 seconds of airtime, It was very painful it sent a wave (no pun intended) of pain from your head to you feet. After we reached the location where the whale sharks were, the captain stopped the boat, that is where the sea-sickness kicked in. The whale shark part was totally worth it ($500 per person and 2 people in our family went totally not flexing) but get sick was not. the worst part was not the getting seasick part it was the sunburn with went from my back all the way to my neck and arms.
fuck your YouTube channel
fuck your YouTube channel - 2 years ago
Who else is watching this while taking a shit?
Damien Ropars
Damien Ropars - 2 years ago
what's the song in this video?>
Andrew Black
Andrew Black - 2 years ago
Cruise ships should of seen bad weather out or been checking reports...something doesnt add up
Cameron Conner
Cameron Conner - 2 years ago
Not a laughing matter even for people in comments all dumb idiots boat Break hello sharks then its cry babies facts
알푸레도 란데이 젠트라윌슨 콜롬빈
알푸레도 란데이 젠트라윌슨 콜롬빈 - 2 years ago
Are you Watchmojo's imitation?
Rane Pyter
Rane Pyter - 2 years ago
Pause and 3:36
thank me later
Hello61Jello - 2 years ago
I was supposed to be studying. How dafuq did I get here.
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda - 2 years ago
I think Number 9 was the scariest because of that drop.
RelapzeTV - 2 years ago
4:40 sounds like a macarena beat
ssb ssb
ssb ssb - 2 years ago
#1 was a nuclear bomb test
Uncle Ice
Uncle Ice - 2 years ago
Damn nature you scary
Aaron Sippel
Aaron Sippel - 2 years ago
I wonder how many on the jap boat lost someone to that tsunami wave
sylvie38344 - 2 years ago
I get seasick just watching this.
Jadon R
Jadon R - 2 years ago
I came here looking for a relaxing compilation video
BLU FURR - 2 years ago
triggered my Thalassophobia
masterwindu1234 - 2 years ago
can you imagine what these would have been like when boats were made of wood?
Andy Mma
Andy Mma - 2 years ago
Ask noah
Savitar Faster
Savitar Faster - 2 years ago
Two words suffication DEATH
Aurelian Spodarec
Aurelian Spodarec - 2 years ago
brian wilkins
brian wilkins - 2 years ago
masterwindu1234 death

100. comment for 10 Giant Waves Caught on Camera

Shadow Zaron
Shadow Zaron - 2 years ago
Number 9 makes me laugh a little just listing to the bridge crew "oh boy.." "whoa.." "here we go" they are so amazed by it
Andrei Dolbin
Andrei Dolbin - 2 years ago
Nothing of "amazingly"
S. M.
S. M. - 2 years ago
Great video! I need to know the soundtrack
Robert Fox
Robert Fox - 2 years ago
please what is the song name at the end of the 9:40 video?
Nostalgia OST
Nostalgia OST - 2 years ago
I enjoyed the video and the music especially. Thanks!
Lloyd Patmore
Lloyd Patmore - 2 years ago
It sounds like a variation of ‘the gael’ last of the mohicans sound track
Damien Ropars
Damien Ropars - 2 years ago
me too, i wondder what's the name of it.
John Murphy
John Murphy - 2 years ago
I was in the US Navy and got caught in two typhoons , one of the storms had consistent fifty foot waves with occasionally getting hammered by seventy five to one hundred footers .....the Captain of the ship was in fear of going down in this massive storm with category four and five winds .....we feared water pouring into the stacks which were well above 100 feet of the main deck .....it was scary for sure.
Ishfaaq Shadoobuccus
Ishfaaq Shadoobuccus - 2 years ago
Number 8 .. omg
Cole Holmes
Cole Holmes - 2 years ago
song from number 5?
helookalikaman79 - 2 years ago
ah show the ship after the way
SAILANY Coloring Kids
SAILANY Coloring Kids - 2 years ago
I think it gonna be fine if you can stay in water
Sagar Kumar Patnaik
Sagar Kumar Patnaik - 2 years ago
Alex Lionhart
Alex Lionhart - 2 years ago
That is not mountains, those are waves... - cooper, interstellar
Riley Morgan
Riley Morgan - 2 years ago
How are they not screaming
Donald Fiebing
Donald Fiebing - 2 years ago
Ah, ein junger Journalist.
Hubert Jadczak
Hubert Jadczak - 2 years ago
These are not mountains
southrules - 2 years ago
Motha naytya she a thick biatcth
Ed Gross
Ed Gross - 2 years ago
I understand that you're using other people's videos, but the "beach" ones here are not that big compared to those at Nazaré, Portugal, or Cortes Banks (100 mi. off San Diego), or Dungeons, SA, or the West Coast of Ireland. The last one is Peahi,Hawaii, but Peahi gets bigger than this.
KiwiOverlord - 2 years ago
I usually don't comment on mistakes in videos, but the narrator couldn't stop making shit up.

#7 Tsunamis are the second largest waves in the world. Ocean tides are the largest as they encompass half of the earth.

#5 Portugal is not the most popular destination for pro surfers, Hawaii is by far. Portugal is famous for having the largest surfed wave at Nazaré. Big wave surfers travel the world looking for the biggest surf they can find and were probably surfing that day. No one was surfing at that spot In the video because the waves were slamming into cliffs.

#1. The US Navy was testing the effects of nuclear bombs on ships. Most of what you saw in the video was vaporized water, not a wave.

Don't be so lazy with your videos. Though not surprised it came from Disney, they ruin everything.
Kelp Engineer
Kelp Engineer - 2 years ago
Having been in rough seas out of sight of land, I kinda miss it... I think I need to go deep sea again... sigh
Humphrey Reader
Humphrey Reader - 2 years ago
"Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature!" Applies to my town as well (Weston-super--Mare, seaside resort in the UK). We have a promontory called Anchor Head which attracts big waves and a dangerous undertow.
Peter - 2 years ago
Old videos from years ago.
Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton - 2 years ago
nothing "amazing" @ 0:20 btw
ItsNicPick - 2 years ago
I think I want to travel by plane now.
JOYOUSONEX - 2 years ago
WOW ! Thanks.
WeLikeSportz - 2 years ago
Number 6 they underestimate the power of the waves? Sounds like someone has never been to a beach. They are deliberately getting smashed by the waves, it's called having fun.
punkyfairy777 - 2 years ago
Oh man this is terrifying for me, I have a fear of giant waves. I also have recurring nightmares of being taken by giant waves too.
Ollie Not Pauly, Wally or even Holly.
Ollie Not Pauly, Wally or even Holly. - 2 years ago
It took me a minute but that’s the last of the Mohicans sounds track. Which... is hilarious.
ssn0651 - 2 years ago
Wahines !!!
IKnowa GuyLLC
IKnowa GuyLLC - 2 years ago
I sailed through two hurricanes in the Navy. There are no words or videos that can accurately describe the feeling of a 50’ wave, let alone 40 of them, coming at you. Strap everything down, grab a puke bag and hold on bitches!
mrbelette13600 - 2 years ago
6:20 needed some polution where there isnt yet...
40oz - 2 years ago
And people ask why fish is expensive
McH Chanchal
McH Chanchal - 2 years ago
Mar Du
Mar Du - 2 years ago
what is that music at the #4 clip?
AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive
AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive - 2 years ago
If there only was a prize money for surfing the internet
AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive
AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive - 2 years ago
4:10 Me after No-Nut-November
AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive
AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive - 2 years ago
+MᴇɢᴀZᴇɴᴛGᴍᴅ Mᴀᴅʀɪꜱᴛᴀ of course, my friend. Thanks :)
MᴇɢᴀZᴇɴᴛGᴍᴅ Mᴀᴅʀɪꜱᴛᴀ
MᴇɢᴀZᴇɴᴛGᴍᴅ Mᴀᴅʀɪꜱᴛᴀ - 2 years ago
No nut*
EvolutionOfMe - 2 years ago
What waves all I see is booty
Sol Z
Sol Z - 2 years ago
What song is is for #2?
Kale P
Kale P - 2 years ago
I’ll save you the trouble: 3:33
AFMakers - 2 years ago
Number 6: wave just wanted some ladies
GD RedRaspy
GD RedRaspy - 2 years ago
Why is there inly a couple thousand comments and likes, but it has 8 million views?
Margarbie Adams
Margarbie Adams - 2 years ago
I remember my experience while on a ship. it was not pretty at all I ligit flew up and fell and hurt my jaw and popped my lips.
Jeremy Melendez
Jeremy Melendez - 2 years ago
Only the word MIGHTY comes to mind
YuGiOhDuelChannel - 2 years ago
Dude my heart was racing and I'm not even there! Incredible!!
Mariku Mitzuyuki
Mariku Mitzuyuki - 2 years ago
So is it just me or is this background music amazing? Does anyone know what it is? I needs it!
lukerips1 - 2 years ago
U missed the tsunami footage upon landfall. The world's first glimpse of the phenomenon.
Thatsyni Tyy
Thatsyni Tyy - 2 years ago
It’s like a roller coaster just way bigger
patrick theut
patrick theut - 2 years ago
this is what did in the Fitz on lake superiour
Cheetos Dog
Cheetos Dog - 2 years ago
U know wat I would do this everyday
Vinay More
Vinay More - 2 years ago
I would die of heart fail on that ship
Daniel de Waal
Daniel de Waal - 2 years ago
What's the name of the song playing in the background at the beginning of the video?
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams - 2 years ago
4:27 Zoom in! NO YOU DAMN FOOL!
farx eazt
farx eazt - 2 years ago
grand line
bosydomo - 2 years ago
This was truly a shitty list
Lucas Marandon
Lucas Marandon - 2 years ago
You wont expect number 3
Alec Dawson
Alec Dawson - 2 years ago
What the name of the first track that's used? Thanks
todd swenson
todd swenson - 2 years ago
Sebastian Klein
Sebastian Klein - 2 years ago
could have surfed that tsunami
SD. - 2 years ago
Riccardo Dell'Orto
Riccardo Dell'Orto - 2 years ago
Full hd or 4k? I cannot decide
MrTopdrummer - 2 years ago
way toooooooo many adverts ,,, thumbs down
Michael Klaus
Michael Klaus - 2 years ago
Thet feeling when the wave looks you in the eyes on a cruise ships bridge.
Bret Armstrong
Bret Armstrong - 2 years ago
Rogue waves are fun. I've had it where I'm doing gun maintenance on that 5" gun, get drenched by the ocean, and then my laughing coworker gets a touch of Poseidon. You're cold but it's nice, and you're not gonna change coveralls.
Jacksil Jackson
Jacksil Jackson - 2 years ago
1:17 at this moment he realized he fucked up
StrangeBoybhj Cghj
StrangeBoybhj Cghj - 2 years ago
i don’t know how they’re laughing i would be dying if i was at there i would be hiding in a corner
Yui yoshioka
Yui yoshioka - 2 years ago
0:22 Of course it won't take any damage whatsoever, it's a frickin warship, what did you expect? Break in half and sink with jack and rose? lmao
Sonya Zuniga
Sonya Zuniga - 2 years ago
Giant waves are my biggest fear but I still go on boats.
James Braun
James Braun - 2 years ago
To start with navy ships in heavy seas is nothing new , I have seen 60 footers as the tincan dives to it's bottom and the wave becomes a powerful mountain of water and they can do damage . Now , what else is here ?
Papa PrOX
Papa PrOX - 2 years ago
dude replays same clip for that rev
trebledc - 2 years ago
Those waves are beautiful and scary at the sametime, it make you say " yup this it i had good run its not perfect but now it ends".
william smith
william smith - 2 years ago
Now why people "thumbs down" this video? It's cause the up-loader 'short changes' the final clip and ask to subscribe and shows no result of the clip! GFY - LJ!
Scotty miller
Scotty miller - 2 years ago
Gnarly if you're a beach goer and stand in it's path you deserve what happens to you! No sympathy for the ignorant
RodneyLee - 2 years ago
Totally fake. That's clearly a guy in a wave suit..
Robert Elias
Robert Elias - 2 years ago
I love that skippers laugh on #8.
Austin's Tropical Pool Care, Travel, And DIY Projects
Austin's Tropical Pool Care, Travel, And DIY Projects - 2 years ago
There’s got to be just a certain point when you’re like… Oh my fucking God we’re screwed
guitarrowhead mv
guitarrowhead mv - 2 years ago
I love the super slow windshield wiper that goes by every few minutes or so. Really helping
Gonza García
Gonza García - 2 years ago
I don't have any idea about navigation. May those ships result broken or destroyed by the giant waves or is it impossible?
Fidgetelftree - 2 years ago

MENTAL BOB - 2 years ago
watch for poo you know he or she shit them self
Pipe Tunes
Pipe Tunes - 2 years ago
Ashore writing your obit laughing
Malcom - 2 years ago
1 was a bomb
Vann Carter
Vann Carter - 2 years ago
So no one is talking about how someone was just watching a group of girls with a camera at #6
Super Vision
Super Vision - 2 years ago
Bruh Im watching this feeling like im riding these waves. Sea sick like a mofo now.
Walter Raleigh
Walter Raleigh - 2 years ago
I have farted bigger waves in the bath.
Uac marine
Uac marine - 2 years ago
did you say 1915, i think you meant 1950 ?
Fuzzy Butkus
Fuzzy Butkus - 2 years ago
Damn tsunamis are just massive displays of energy.Always see pics of one idiot on a beach knowing they will die.Probably watched Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan.
Gaz B 007
Gaz B 007 - 2 years ago
Not gonna lie... I'd need some fresh pants if I saw some of these waves coming at me.

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Top 10 des plus gros spot de surf du monde : 10- The wedge, Californie 9- Pipeline, Hawaï 8- Mullaghmore Head,...


GoPro HD HERO camera: The Surf Movie

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Learn about the new GoPro HD HERO® camera at http://gopro.com. HD Surf HERO camera -- We went down to Oaxaca,...


Surfing Huge Waves in Hawaii

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Surfer Mike Parson's tow-in surfing a 65 foot wave at Jaws (Peahi) on Maui, Hawaii in January 2002. Cinematography...


Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson surfing big...

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Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson, Andrew Cotton, Garrett McNamara, Joao De Macedo, Sylvio Mancusi and Eric Rebiere...

About 10 Giant Waves Caught on Camera

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