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Kevin Mann
Kevin Mann - 1 year ago
I’m here thanks to Roman, stoked he showed me the light of all the glory
Chad Oxford
Chad Oxford - 1 year ago
both ( talking and bloopers ) love the vids
Honda Rider 26
Honda Rider 26 - 1 year ago
Keep the behind the scenes stuff cause it gives everyone a fun look into your day to day life along with the sick wavy ripping, if you just do all surf content and nothing else the channel will lose that fun and inviting vibe. Its much better that you want to put the time into talking to your youtube viewers and give them the in depth look at things keep up the good work putting out killer content.
BBQ Chicken
BBQ Chicken - 1 year ago
Go to Siargao Philippines
Oli Cross
Oli Cross - 1 year ago
how do you pick a board out of all of them in your garage
27walt - 1 year ago
More behind the scenes and comments
m/unit - 1 year ago
Hahahahaha!! That trip at 3:25..made my day
babyjo9111 - 1 year ago
More with the family and life vlogging
Andrew Cora
Andrew Cora - 1 year ago

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Rob T
Rob T - 1 year ago
more pipeline action surfing all the way dude
KP - 1 year ago
Best bit = the Foodland Fräulein
Joe Aquino
Joe Aquino - 1 year ago
Whooo those hurt
Artur Okrutniak
Artur Okrutniak - 1 year ago
So much F*cking Stoke!!!
AyeitsJairus - 1 year ago
Dang I wanna surf more. I just started and I wanna learn to surf barrels. I need to move to the beach
Logan Tewey
Logan Tewey - 1 year ago
Roman sent me to yo Chanel
CAPTAIN - 1 year ago
I cliff jumped here. Beautiful beach
JenniferTomczak2012 - 1 year ago
More vlogging
m.w. Adams
m.w. Adams - 1 year ago
man that toe will take forever to heal right...
Eduardo Fragozo
Eduardo Fragozo - 1 year ago
I'm here from the atwoods

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Gtr R35
Gtr R35 - 1 year ago
Yo Jamie my name is Marcel I live in Canada and unfortunately I don't have waves like you do to surf so I was wondering what would be a good quality budget surf board to surf with on a lake with a boat?somthing like what you use maybe?
Andrico De Wet
Andrico De Wet - 1 year ago
If you do COME to South Africa I hope I can get myself down to the cost! I'd Love to have you sign my board (If you're down I mean!) Anyways man. Keep making the Beautiful content! Lovin each and every second of it!
Ryker Havland
Ryker Havland - 1 year ago
Why do you not have more subs
adrian_crespo 1
adrian_crespo 1 - 1 year ago
Ur amazing bro
Nunca Diga Nunca!, Diga Jamais!
Nunca Diga Nunca!, Diga Jamais! - 1 year ago
Where is this place?
Mana Films
Mana Films - 1 year ago
Big island????
fritz - 1 year ago
more talking and shenanigans
Ashwill Katch’em
Ashwill Katch’em - 1 year ago
I like the even vlog and surf content. Awesome content!
Doug Burle
Doug Burle - 1 year ago
As to the more surfing vs more behind the scenes (talking), keep up with the behind the scenes it’s more fun to watch. You can find surfing videos all day anywhere. Behind the scenes is where its at. By the way, love the vlog! Cheers!
WestSide 2.0
WestSide 2.0 - 1 year ago
More everything

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Clive Mcnally
Clive Mcnally - 1 year ago
Just got invited to the party by Roman Attwood your doing just fine thanks for the content
Jahmann G
Jahmann G - 1 year ago
Fuckin killin it brahda
james uy
james uy - 1 year ago
Wow oh wow.
mk1tuner - 1 year ago
More antics. We love your since of humor and playing with your bros
Jamie O'Brien
Jamie O'Brien - 1 year ago
Hahahahaha sounds good
Bruna Guedes
Bruna Guedes - 1 year ago
Parece coisa de CGI, doido dmais
Gavin Lakey
Gavin Lakey - 1 year ago
more behind the scenes
Leopold Sabharwal
Leopold Sabharwal - 1 year ago
What your doing now is the best!!
Gtr R35
Gtr R35 - 1 year ago
Loved the vid keep it up
Jamie O'Brien
Jamie O'Brien - 1 year ago
Thank you
Davis Walker
Davis Walker - 1 year ago
Behind the scenes dope. I like seeing your life you CTsv I think it is. Surfing cool too but party’s and life is a good vlog
Jamie O'Brien
Jamie O'Brien - 1 year ago
Thanks for the heads up
Jeremy K541
Jeremy K541 - 1 year ago
Keep the Vlogs rocking bud
Tom & ML
Tom & ML - 1 year ago
you just have the perfect balance between talking and surfing
Leitchyman - 1 year ago
I wish Perth Aus was like Hawaii. Because the surf her lately had been shitttttttt
Woody Pettigrew
Woody Pettigrew - 1 year ago
Yeewww awesome bro this video always makes me happy
Noble Wulf
Noble Wulf - 1 year ago
I love your videos! The older videos had more nonsense, more lifestyle/ behind the scenes and filler stuff with the surfing. We need more more more more brooooo. Thanks again for making these
Bento TV
Bento TV - 1 year ago
Please puf subscrição
Patrick Andre
Patrick Andre - 1 year ago
Yup , nice try with the cgi
Monty Robertson
Monty Robertson - 1 year ago
Best vid on the internet!!!!
Supabetz - 1 year ago
Really enjoying your vlog. Keep up the good work. Love from South Africa!
Supabetz - 1 year ago
Yes!! Come to South Africa!
Declan booth
Declan booth - 1 year ago
If you go to south africa are you going to durban balito

50. comment for ALL TIME WAIMEA RIVER SURFING | Jamie O'Brien

stilosurf88 - 1 year ago
Nice job
Nick Bartolotta
Nick Bartolotta - 1 year ago
@Jamie O'Brien - Do you enjoy man-made wave pools over naturemade waves? Why or why not?
Pele Bloß
Pele Bloß - 1 year ago
Why is he surfing with a beginner board?
João Lucas Quintela
João Lucas Quintela - 1 year ago
Talk and surf, epic see you surfing and fun see the backstage
Wayank - 1 year ago
share please visit and subscribe
surfing funny beginners
Bg Rosso
Bg Rosso - 1 year ago
just keep up the good work and the ratio of surfing and vloging is perfect too
Alessandro Valenti
Alessandro Valenti - 1 year ago
On the river u should try to do a 180 and go on to the next wave
Jack MTB
Jack MTB - 1 year ago
Go surf in nz
Егор Захаров
Егор Захаров - 1 year ago
breadfan262 - 1 year ago
Song at 5:45?
Егор Захаров
Егор Захаров - 1 year ago
I was also looking I found only the song but not the name of the group
desmoflex - 1 year ago
Season greetings from Germany :) a little more talking about behind the scenes would be awesome.... just my fifty-fifty cent... ìve been to Maui 20years ago... Stayed somewhere upcountry. Had a great time. Should do that again :). Cheers
Sean Peterson
Sean Peterson - 1 year ago
I feel like you should do some vlog type videos and then do some other surfing only videos
Nicks- Plays
Nicks- Plays - 1 year ago
Such a underrated Chanell
Chad Smith
Chad Smith - 1 year ago
Shout out dlnr dudes, river surf was epic!
Zion Ishimine
Zion Ishimine - 1 year ago
Hoping to be like you when I grow up
Fausto Leto
Fausto Leto - 1 year ago
I SURF NAMIBIA, or I'm learning to
Bla___ Cho___
Bla___ Cho___ - 1 year ago
I live in hawaii
Max Appleyard
Max Appleyard - 1 year ago
How are these things made?
Craig Davidson
Craig Davidson - 1 year ago
Mavik....damn auto correct!
Craig Davidson
Craig Davidson - 1 year ago
If I had known you do a Q/A at the end I would of made it a question. Did you get the insurance from DJI for the Malik that took a dunk while surfing Sharks Cove?
Craig Davidson
Craig Davidson - 1 year ago
I hope you paid the $100 to DJI for your water dunk on the Drone.
nja66907 - 1 year ago
Love the videos!!
Rayco Ferrera
Rayco Ferrera - 1 year ago
Very far, very latino place. When are you coming to te Canary Islands? Same trip as the South Africa trip....?
Hugo WhiteYT
Hugo WhiteYT - 1 year ago
Keep it how it is now brother content is wild
09s Yezzy
09s Yezzy - 1 year ago
Finnaly a vid of this there’s never any new ones of river surfing
Brian Hanratty
Brian Hanratty - 1 year ago
Very bright in Pismo Beach.
EsbenT - 1 year ago
Jamie, mate. I love the content but I'm seriously getting ads every three minutes. I can handle and understand the use of ads but it totally kills the flow of the video when it happens so frequently.
t-ting-blood - 1 year ago
you're great dude and you inspire me so much XD
dead inside
dead inside - 1 year ago
remember me from that time when you went to deus ex machina to do a stunt into a rice patty
Aidan DavisFilm
Aidan DavisFilm - 1 year ago
Surfing and talking is the best cause we wanna know whats up and see sic surfing and all the other crazy shit is the best
Nathan Moore
Nathan Moore - 1 year ago
keep it how it is
Travis Week
Travis Week - 1 year ago
Perfect how it is, the surfing is siick as and the vlog part is gnarly. your such a legend yeww
michael viljoen
michael viljoen - 1 year ago
I would like to invite you to come and have some of the best and longest barrels of youre life when the next swell comes by at donkey bay "skelltonbay"  il will personaly take you to make sure you have the best time  thats if you will getting siked
darby newland
darby newland - 1 year ago
Do more longboarding
Brennon Taylor
Brennon Taylor - 1 year ago
keep up with all the content. talking, surfing, whatever ive been watching you for 3 years at least
Cormac O'donoghue
Cormac O'donoghue - 1 year ago
Nah keep it 50/50, surf/talk. Keep it up bro sick vidz.
Mason Smith
Mason Smith - 1 year ago
Surf the beach at the turtle bay resort
Dayton Koch
Dayton Koch - 1 year ago
Bro seriously the dudes that don't want details and behind scenes are stupid bro! James some stop talking bro staight up bro don't change for people lol ESPECIALLY numb nuts that ask stupid shit lol do you bro haha and some more finless rides haha and go to the alaia lol
commentsandmore - 1 year ago
sometimes more vlogging but all in one its a perfect ratio ;)
DR.POLVIS - 1 year ago
Hi Jamie...Please i like your surfboard....May i have that one at your 1st board on your lift side,,,,as a Christmas Gift...I been Surfing in Baler,Aurora Philippines...........#Peace #SurfInMore #MorePowerInYourChannel
CocoPop2012 - 1 year ago
your f ing sick
Will Harrison
Will Harrison - 1 year ago
Don't listen to the bozos, if we wanted only surfing we could watch surf clips all day long. You have a great balance not too much talk man that is half the fun! Had an idea for you: How about giving away one of your used boards to some worthy grizzled and boardless surf bum of the month and film his hippy ass getting worked at pipe? It could be your good karma of the month... Saint Jaimie
Sebastian Pellizzon
Sebastian Pellizzon - 1 year ago
vlogs are sick perfect balance between surfing and talking. u should come to west oz. question: whats your favourite wave outside of hawaii
Louis and scarlet Minecraft
Louis and scarlet Minecraft - 1 year ago
Are you going to snaper rocks in australia
GivesAMinute - 1 year ago
Hey mate, stumbled on your channel recently. Binge watched a bunch and then I subscribed. I dig your vibe :) Great stuff.
zootjelove - 1 year ago
Super sick! You're an absolute legend!
Thorski tv
Thorski tv - 1 year ago
currently vlogs sick g. More surfing would be gnarly though bro!
handquake - 1 year ago
That was reeearly, really cool. One of the coolest vids of the year. <nod>
handquake - 1 year ago a hell of a resume.
Patrick Smyth
Patrick Smyth - 1 year ago
Plz go to Australia and big shori waves go to wa I know a sick heavy wave in wa tomb stones best wave ever after 5ft
desert walker
desert walker - 1 year ago
I know the spot...I live at Dawesville.
Will Key
Will Key - 1 year ago
How bout some tips about surfing that u learned over all your years of experience that would help people I understand u can't give out all your secrets but like tips ya know things that u think beginners or even intermediate guys or girls haven't even thought of yet knowledge ?preach

100. comment for ALL TIME WAIMEA RIVER SURFING | Jamie O'Brien

Laurent D'Hondt
Laurent D'Hondt - 1 year ago
maaadroneh! ... .. i know the feeling..
Ben Murgatroyd
Ben Murgatroyd - 1 year ago
Awesome vid mate
VictorMumali - 1 year ago
When you make such a tunnel isn't this bad for the environment having that much water leak out like that ?, looked a little concerning
Raycefan - 1 year ago
Awesome. Straight up awesome.
M M - 1 year ago
Nice. Just toss the trash on the beach.
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson - 1 year ago
the Q&A rocks, we all watch VLOGS and Who is JOB for different reasons, I love to watch it having a good old drink up at home, you should of seen me when I first got into Who is JOB, 2 or 3 evenings of good drinking watching that. I, for one, like the balance of surf v talking more JOB life please, the crew boozing yeeaaaa
David Woodman
David Woodman - 1 year ago
When are you coming to Raglan? keen to see you shred!
True Thought
True Thought - 1 year ago
True Thought
True Thought - 1 year ago
Yo bro.... so gnarly brooo... gotta talk see brooo....
Haewon Chong
Haewon Chong - 1 year ago
New intro is fucking sick
Arnold Stollar
Arnold Stollar - 1 year ago
Oscar murphy
Oscar murphy - 1 year ago
More Behind the scenes!
me_likes _gamez
me_likes _gamez - 1 year ago
Behind the Sean's
Newy rat
Newy rat - 1 year ago
can u go back to saying click the butonn below to subscribe? hahahha
It's Life
It's Life - 1 year ago
Derek Davis
Derek Davis - 1 year ago
You can always tell someone is a surfer by looking at the feet, they are usually ruff, coral and rocks are brutal.
Derek Davis
Derek Davis - 1 year ago
My dad and uncle grew up in Hawaii, grandpa was on the USS Okinawa, im wondering there thought process of moving out of Hawaii, they said it was expensive, they mainly shopped on the base though more affordable, I can picture myself kayak fishing for some snapper, or flounder.
Dylan 1996
Dylan 1996 - 1 year ago
Please dont tell people to go to the point or what it is where it is or what it does thank you #preserveyourelocalspots
Patrick E. Bührmann
Patrick E. Bührmann - 1 year ago
Amazing vids Jamie, love your stuff!! I'll be on my way to Hawaii for the first time in a couple months, most likely the big island. What beach do you recommend to pick up surfing and have some real fun? I'm 27 yrs old btw.
Nate Craft
Nate Craft - 1 year ago
does anyone know what hat he’s wearing in the beginning??
Jd Zwy
Jd Zwy - 1 year ago
More boobies!
Tony A
Tony A - 1 year ago
That was sick. Keep it up.
Cleve Carpenter
Cleve Carpenter - 1 year ago
honestly i really think the channel is way better than anything red bull can produce, because its more personal to your life... you keep doing what you want to do, your channel is where its at because of people that love your content. :)
Pedro Vigário
Pedro Vigário - 1 year ago
Hope one day you can come to Portugal and try the north area waves!!
TJ Willmoth
TJ Willmoth - 1 year ago
Care full in South Africa
yoga-boat - 1 year ago
Nah keep it kookie ;) its cool to hear what you have to say. And it seems super positive. Nice
The acoustic child
The acoustic child - 1 year ago
So I’m a beginner in surfing and I live in Washington weird question what places do u recommend I surf
Cole Cleveland
Cole Cleveland - 1 year ago
yo I love behind the scenes
Leon Coahran
Leon Coahran - 1 year ago
8:00 what you came for
José de Oliveira Aires Júnior
José de Oliveira Aires Júnior - 1 year ago
just live in front of a camera and go on!!!
cumminsscout - 1 year ago
I was always harassed for wearing booties in Hawaii but I don't heal well in tropical places so I take the shit and surf with feet without wounds.....
Bill May
Bill May - 1 year ago
Legendary vlog Jamie. That river wave was amazing! Love seeing how you spend your days on the North Shore and you absolutely charge bro! Keep the mix of talk and surfing just the way it is!
joshua rempt
joshua rempt - 1 year ago
I like the culture on this channel
Kalani Benedito
Kalani Benedito - 1 year ago
Brah you should some way or some how surf da Ala Wai in which ever means possible (tow by moped?lol)
poenaification - 1 year ago
Whaaaat coming to South Africa?
Curtis Anderson
Curtis Anderson - 1 year ago
Perfect balance of vlogging and surfing, don't change your insane content
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff - 1 year ago
Point mugu naval base....ive seen it go off with three cars there and one was mine
Tatoo_win - 1 year ago
What’s the name of the music in the intro? And are you going to come in Tahiti ?
Nic Day
Nic Day - 1 year ago
Just walked into the garage and found your signature 54 special and I’m siked
Michael Argila
Michael Argila - 1 year ago
A nice equal amount of both
Zack Schuster Productions
Zack Schuster Productions - 1 year ago
I really want to see a Danny Duncan and JOB collaboration
gabcibertech - 1 year ago
Great Waimea River Surfing Point ! Awesome even to begin to surf I guess ;)
Ron Granado
Ron Granado - 1 year ago
keep filming, very inspirational, original, great energy, with a fun surfer's perspective who doesn't take himself too seriously.
Reef Master
Reef Master - 1 year ago
Good luck J.o.B. see yer first heat vs Bruce irons should be great show Pipe Master
Ron Ellison
Ron Ellison - 1 year ago
Got enough boards?!? Great show! All the vid's are worth watching, the commentary idea's good, maybe turn that into more interviews with the old school free-surfers. The mix between blah and surfing is right.
You've saved many a boring day!
Joe Wahrer
Joe Wahrer - 1 year ago
More talking it gives us insight and motivation to go out there and live life to the fullest!
Curro Romero
Curro Romero - 1 year ago
Yeeww! Sick to see Brock in the vid!
Linda Taylor
Linda Taylor - 1 year ago
Dude, there are second skin plaster to fix feet like yours and you are back on track in no time... its identical like skin, feels like nothing happened
James Shaw
James Shaw - 1 year ago
perfect amount of surf and talk! Only being able to surf when i can from living in Louisiana, it is fun and exciting to see how real surfers live day to day. Love the Vlog
mectrainer - 1 year ago
50% behind the scenes, 20% talking, 30% surfing - please
Dylan Langheim
Dylan Langheim - 1 year ago
loves himself
Hugo Flores
Hugo Flores - 1 year ago
Fine the way it is. Keep vlogging, plenty of surfing only vids out there. I enjoy the commentary and humor of your vids
Andy Gibb
Andy Gibb - 1 year ago
"Shredded on the reef"? You poor baby. Did your mum kiss it better?
Doolsy710 Mann
Doolsy710 Mann - 1 year ago
I watched you shred at sunset in the comp and that old school 360 was funny and sick as
Reef Master
Reef Master - 1 year ago
WHO WHAT WHO DERE sMOKE'M TO MUCH kALI bUD TO BE Super Fanbut yer right up there wit #udgeJudy ya call'm like ya c'em surf Dogg no disrecept i do same chit luv me or hate me IDGAF
dji zzah
dji zzah - 1 year ago
jamies starting to look old ha, happens to all of us
Tony G
Tony G - 1 year ago
more commercials please!!
sp0rtydudette - 1 year ago
I like both equally as long as its entertaining and true to ones self! ♡♡♡ Keep it up!
Shallyine Lal
Shallyine Lal - 1 year ago
Hook I up with the tractor dude. Epic super sweet, also love the pinky ring:
Paul D
Paul D - 1 year ago
videos are out of control. how much awesome content can one produce?! Perfect blend of everything by the way. do you
Isaac Guenther
Isaac Guenther - 1 year ago
Your content rocks. One of the few must watch subs I have. You have struck a great balance of surfing and shenanigans, keep it up man!
Jonathan Shilling
Jonathan Shilling - 1 year ago
Right on , keep the good spirit and stoking people out with your videos
Erf 123
Erf 123 - 1 year ago
More surfing
MrRyanwalsh11 - 1 year ago
Longest you havent surfed? How many days have you surfed consecutively?
thomaskagawagawaga - 1 year ago
are you good after tripping at 3:27 ? i squirmed at the thought of falling onto lava rock
someKILLJOY - 1 year ago
I like the mix of both. I think it's great the way it is so far!
Betta Tanks N More
Betta Tanks N More - 1 year ago
sooo awesome, thanks bro
yann dabadie
yann dabadie - 1 year ago
what do you do when you get caught on the inside at pipe or other big shallow waves
thanks. awesome videos
yann dabadie
yann dabadie - 1 year ago
first of all, love your videos keep up the good work, keep the vlog format as it is, it is perfect.
second, could you film what is like to fall at pipe and other big comparable waves, and talk about it, what to do to protect yourself and what is it like to hit the reef.
Jbird Logos
Jbird Logos - 1 year ago
Yo Jamie this was a dope one. I think you're style of filmmaking is really rad. I strongly believe that uncoordinated "candids" or "b-roll" between surf clips is the gold that keeps everyone coming back. Its not so much the surfing as it is your personality and your teams spark so I think more snippets is just added value!! Slow-Mo intros and transitions really do great too! See ya out there!

P.S. Working on some digital art based around your mission! If you have time, I'd love to share some ideas with you over DM.
Death Angle Whitewater
Death Angle Whitewater - 1 year ago
Don't change a thing man you're killin it!!!!!
Etienne Cattin
Etienne Cattin - 1 year ago
The talking and surfing is perfect now!!
Julian Smart
Julian Smart - 1 year ago
More talking and more behind the scenes
screechyhamster - 1 year ago
Namibia, south africa...fuck yes!!! Hopefully poopies also comes with!!
Jasper - 1 year ago
The talk surf ratios good
Ryan Hoge
Ryan Hoge - 1 year ago
god damn dick draggers
Seth Kim
Seth Kim - 1 year ago
Ukfreestyler - 1 year ago
Q and A time Jamie- for your next blog. 1) Who chooses the music to your videos? 2) can you choose any song you want or do you have to work around copyrights? 3) you said in a previous blog you were visiting Family in Germany- are you part German or they just moved there? I know I am being greedy with the questions ;)
jimmy3889 - 1 year ago
anyone know the tune at 8:15 on? :)
Alex Davani
Alex Davani - 1 year ago
Thanks for answering my question, Jamie!
ESPloveESPflow - 1 year ago
More surfing AND More talking!!! Your videos are one of the best parts of my week! Thanks Bro!!!!
Marc de Biolley
Marc de Biolley - 1 year ago
More talking
tribalistaforca - 1 year ago
Murray Brechin
Murray Brechin - 1 year ago
A good balance of surf and behind the scenes!!
MegaDjack2345 - 1 year ago
Man i wish you could pick me up and we can go beach yessah
Steve Douglas
Steve Douglas - 1 year ago
I like your vlogs just the way they are. They have a nice mix of different things that you and the boys do and they're very entertaining. You show plenty of surfing, so to those who think you should do more surfing, well, they should probably go out and surf. Again, it's entertainment and you do a great job of mixing things up with variety. It "works," so don't fix it.
Ben Miller
Ben Miller - 1 year ago
Hey im moving to banzai next month from blacks beach la jolla. Are you down to link up and surf a bit???
Tickle Fritz
Tickle Fritz - 1 year ago
Hey Jamie, keep doing your bit. You have the perfect balance of being a goofball and rad footage of ocean and seaside good times. Its the lifestyle us Colorado boys tune in for. Love how your authentic passion for life shines through, don't change a thing. Badass board collection!
Caleb Mazzola
Caleb Mazzola - 1 year ago
Bro keep it just like it is. Best channel on youtube.
Aiden Largay
Aiden Largay - 1 year ago
keep up the epic surfing! Love it bro
Jhboy2011 - 1 year ago
Nice Vlog bro! Be nicer to spongers bro!!!
PlaylistDude - 1 year ago
You my main surfchannel!!! Always stoked for your videos
Ruppells Booden
Ruppells Booden - 1 year ago
wow pipeline was immense that day. so sick!
MR. Mofin
MR. Mofin - 1 year ago
If you were not surfing what would you be doing?
Dad Zor
Dad Zor - 1 year ago
definitely one of the WORST videos on YouTube... I want the 4 minutes of my life back before I hit stop...
Carlos Manuel Ruiz Moro
Carlos Manuel Ruiz Moro - 1 year ago
Keep the balance you have now between talking and surfing. Keep it up man!!!
Valérie Marquis-Dion
Valérie Marquis-Dion - 1 year ago
When are you going to start snowboarding?
Dan - 1 year ago
Yeah when you jumped off the rocks i was like ohh that gonna skin ya!!!
Maurício Barbosa
Maurício Barbosa - 1 year ago
Muito lindo o mar
Capt. Fantastic
Capt. Fantastic - 1 year ago
My students at Waialua H&I love your series (I do too). We took a vote, the vast majority want the format to stay a mix of surfing and behind the scenes. These kids love you, JOB. Several did mention they would like more bikinis.
Dustin Martel
Dustin Martel - 1 year ago
You produce the best vlog/surf edits. The Q&A at the end is good. No need to fix what ain't broken. You the man.
Victoria Clare
Victoria Clare - 1 year ago
Love these vlogs bro brighten up our dark UK evening bless up all JOB Crew keep em coming, love the river wave epic footage, look forward to your next road trip.
Harbortouch Honolulu
Harbortouch Honolulu - 1 year ago
When r u and Poopies gonna come visit my GEESE ! Haha talk to Scotty to set that up! Aunty Snaps
Reece Moroney
Reece Moroney - 1 year ago
Can you make a video on your boards and can you hold a give away. Also what is your favorite thing about poopies
Josh Randal
Josh Randal - 1 year ago
I compared some of your early videos to this one. I fear you are losing brain cells ahead of the curve or you burn one down before these less demanding cartoon surfing safaris.
You must be smart to have a giant like Red Bull working out of your house, and major surfing ability,
but I hope you are stoned in this one. Know whut I mean Vern?
Julius Krings
Julius Krings - 1 year ago
more behind the scene!!!!!!! plsssssss
Grass Hopper
Grass Hopper - 1 year ago
alohaz braddah jamie... i just saw your vid and im so stoked out to see that bro! its been a while since i even saw them open up the river but then again i live in town now so that might be another reason hahaha. that was for sure though, the best i ever seen it in my life and i was born and raised in haleiwa. My name is Gabriel A. Kealoha, and its a pleasure to meet you my friend. Unlike you, i was infamous on oahu lol, rather then FAMOUS like you. I had a trip with an off duty police officer in 1997 and its curved my life in crazy ways man... but anyway lmao, just wanted to say mahaloz for the vid. Much love and alohaz as always man.
Salt squad
Salt squad - 1 year ago
I think the way you do your vlogs are already super raw so i'd be down for either one, but also have you ever surfed florida?
Bhefy - 1 year ago
Yew big Wednesday
WoLfGaNg Amadeus
WoLfGaNg Amadeus - 1 year ago
God he loves cringy..woooah dood im so cool..i do cool things..lame !!!!!!!
Stick to surfing pipe..youre good at it...not good at trying to be a cool 'vlogger'.
Powerful Life
Powerful Life - 1 year ago
jamie big fan here !!! when are you going to la herradura LIMA PERU !!!
Cole Carlos
Cole Carlos - 1 year ago
More of both. More surfing and more talking it’s entertainment in both ways
Mestengo Hidalgo
Mestengo Hidalgo - 1 year ago
I think your whole deal is fun, the balance is on.
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson - 1 year ago
Perfect balance of surfing and behind the scenes! Keep it up!
James sk8
James sk8 - 1 year ago
Love the vids jamie i dont mind the talking maby a behind the seens youtube account ?? (Might bet a lot more work tough) keep killing it !
MOEN AZO - 1 year ago
Just do what ever the fuck you want its youe vlog, thats why we watch it. Because you do exactly that, what ever you want.
leangreenhighmachine - 1 year ago
dude how many ads do you need
bengtssson - 1 year ago
Love ur videos and the concept ure running now but chill down with the fuckin ads man...
bengtssson - 1 year ago
The ads is starting to be 2 much bruh.... Its enough with max 3 per video...
Hugh Hoskin
Hugh Hoskin - 1 year ago
Please do a vlog about paddling out with 2 boards or about paddling out a pipe on a log
Hugh Hoskin
Hugh Hoskin - 1 year ago
I dare you to do a vlog with mason ho. Please answer next vlog
Claudio Scherer
Claudio Scherer - 1 year ago
Both, surf and talk.
Wannadosth - 1 year ago
Why does this dude looks like he's full on drugs since i've known him?! Which is 10 years now btw...
Charles Mavin
Charles Mavin - 1 year ago
J.o.b sik cunt fuck em all do what ever you wana do yeah bro from aus
Toby Mac
Toby Mac - 1 year ago
JOB - Ever surfed Australia?? I live there and its my local (manly) , Do you rate the surf?
Carlie Chipman
Carlie Chipman - 1 year ago
Do more vidios and surf mavriks
Phil Sugden
Phil Sugden - 1 year ago
More surfing bro!
Quentin Hanich
Quentin Hanich - 1 year ago
More talking/behind the scenes then surfing
Julien Andre
Julien Andre - 1 year ago
I think that you found the right balance regarding to the behind the scene/surfing part.
co3 Disoriented
co3 Disoriented - 1 year ago
fuckin love thissss
beze1 - 1 year ago
Why dont you vlog with Brett Barley? He just spent some days in the north shore... Would be epic
LucasPlayzaToaster - 1 year ago
man your good at surfing. I started surfing late summer and it is so fun! Ive only surfed a 5 foot face in san diego
isham productions
isham productions - 1 year ago
When can I get outta kooky San Diego and go get pitted at pipe with you
isham productions
isham productions - 1 year ago
I like the behind the scenes crazy life stuff and the surfing I think make vlogs longer !
wjb96707 - 1 year ago
The best bit of un-solicited advice youre gonna get all year: Let Tim R. pick the music. Its way way bad. Ruins the whole thing for me. Say what u will about Bu La'ia and his show he always had sick music!
Sam McCoy
Sam McCoy - 1 year ago
Come surf New Hampshire this winter. It's cold but it does go off when it gets good!:)
SEANSDABOMBS - 1 year ago
R u ever going to do a endless sumer
Kellyn Texiera
Kellyn Texiera - 1 year ago
When are u going to come to the west side to surf
Tyler Hanrahan
Tyler Hanrahan - 1 year ago
I like the classic vlog style with a surfer’s take
NOS - 1 year ago
I think your videos our good and should stay the same
Matt Kerridge
Matt Kerridge - 1 year ago
what's the best way to start surfing photography?
jscf92 - 1 year ago
I think the key thing is to keep it balanced. I think it's super fun to watch just the way it is now. I would not change the format.
mark - 1 year ago
Really great. The music is excellent. None of that electronic crap. Nice work of timing the music changes to the surfing. Great stuff.
Ken Will
Ken Will - 1 year ago
keep it up my man
Reece Baumhoff
Reece Baumhoff - 1 year ago
more behind the scenes. And will you ever make a video at nazare?
Howard Acquistapace
Howard Acquistapace - 1 year ago
yes 10 thumbs to JO
and this stuff
my first time seeing your vlogs but it's me seeing someone living the dream that I started in 1961
P.S. yes
Brian Favero
Brian Favero - 1 year ago
Have you tried kitesurfing?
Vincent Mascari
Vincent Mascari - 1 year ago
More lifestyle and vlog! Keep up work brotha
Ethan Brand
Ethan Brand - 1 year ago
Anyone else live on the same island as jamie
Francis Ramp
Francis Ramp - 1 year ago
I've surf Sharks's cove too. 1987 in the U.S. Army.... Back then nobody on the North Shore had longboards. But they had 4 rentals at Schofield Barracks. I would rent them for the days when the trades were 20+ and ride crumbly Marijuana's at 4'-5'.... Once I did the same as Jamie and surfed Sharks's Cove... It was 15+ at Sunset. I also used to surf just west of it at Rubber Duckies when the swell was 4'-6' but the trades were 20+... You'd be surprised how much fun 1'-2' Rubber Duckies can be.... Especially when everywhere else is blown out. It's down low and wind protected. I joked afterwards with my friends that I got "PITCHED" at Rubber Duckies.... Really it was more of a take off that was too late than an unmakable drop. Best 4 years of my life '87-'91.
Hint..... If you want the best surf trip of your life.... Talk to your local Army recruiter. But... MAKE SURE you get them to guarantee your station of choice in your contract. They will do it. Decent pay, a room, free medical, and located in the middle of the Island. A cut through the mountains to the west shore. Don't be afraid of the west shore locals. If you surf well and behave you will make more friends over there than the North Shore... for sure. Some of the nicest people on Oahu are on that side. Show up ALONE and be respectful and you will be received well. After a few years your face will have been seen so many times that you'll be greeted with smiles. There are many many many days that the North Shore is 12'+ and a usable 6'-8' over there. It's a better call when you don't BELONG at Sunset.... Just saying, know your limits. Sunset WILL SPANK you.
p s. Thanks again Jamie. I never saw the river going off. Glad you caught it EPIC and on film. How old is that "film"??? Showing all of my 54 years.
Will S
Will S - 1 year ago
Paddle a kayak straight down the river
Chuck Castle
Chuck Castle - 1 year ago
Did you get greased by a sponger? "Hahahaaaaa that was so sick!"
Piero Turco
Piero Turco - 1 year ago
"No bodyboard allowed while JOB is riding Waimea River", hahaha
Theis Bodard
Theis Bodard - 1 year ago
Diego Santiago
Diego Santiago - 1 year ago
the same as now
Jordan H
Jordan H - 1 year ago
vlogs are stoking, keep it the same. One exception would be to film behind the scenes of Pipemasters.
Zach Davis
Zach Davis - 1 year ago
What his his intro song in the beginning of the vlog
SurfinBirdWilly 69
SurfinBirdWilly 69 - 1 year ago
Will there ever be anymore Who is JOB videos. Just curious, love the content big dog!
johnwadmaniii - 1 year ago
I've just got two questions. First, who the hell is Per? And the second, who the hell cares? I don't have a lot of IT experience but I can help Per out. Tell him that if he wants to see more surfing and less talk, there's a volumn control on his device, whether it be a cell phone, iPad or PC. If he turns that down all the way he can eliminate the talking. And. Tell him if he looks at his screen, the is this line across the screen, sometimes at the top and sometimes at the bottom with this little dot that moves across the line from left to right. If he places his finger or his mouse on that dot and slides it from left to right he can skip right to the surfing parts of your Vlog and bypass the talking parts. Jamie, so glad I could contribute to your Vlog and help audience members out! Now I have to get back to packing my travel bag for Costa Rica! Later.
Nevermind - 1 year ago
Cool. Foot flappers. Make sure to bleed alot out there so you can get sharked for being such an annoying hat-on-backwards kinda wigger.
Danielle Santora
Danielle Santora - 1 year ago
I like both but talking and funny bts is awesome but surfing is dope
Ryde Ovashit
Ryde Ovashit - 1 year ago
That was good bro!...I vote more stunts!
John W
John W - 1 year ago
You have all those boards but do you have a twin fin fish??
Shallyine Lal
Shallyine Lal - 1 year ago
Rich and famous bro
John W
John W - 1 year ago
I wanna see you surf one
Jacques-Olivier Ramponi
Jacques-Olivier Ramponi - 1 year ago
Redbull ad. Soo subtle.
Keanin Welgemoed
Keanin Welgemoed - 1 year ago
Duuuudeeee come to South Africa man!!!!!
Johnno Perkins
Johnno Perkins - 1 year ago
We want more poopies. And get on a boog and honor Mr Morey, he aint doing so well lately
Cognitive Dissident
Cognitive Dissident - 1 year ago
keep it balanced, behind tha scenes and good surfing. basically....keep doin what your doin.
Kyan O'Rourke
Kyan O'Rourke - 1 year ago
More talking behind scenes and making people’s day- or even life
Kyan O'Rourke
Kyan O'Rourke - 1 year ago
Can u do an vid of just Q and A?
12H8Bates - 1 year ago
I wanna see more of both man! I hate vlogs, but this has turned into my favourite YT channel!!

Have you ever surfed in England?
Philip W. Rulon-Thompson
Philip W. Rulon-Thompson - 1 year ago
More everything! These videos are great! I don't even surf, or live near the ocean, but still enjoy the hell out of your content! Keep it up and thanks for the entertainment!
Johannes Bölts
Johannes Bölts - 1 year ago
Definitely more talking and behind the scenes !!
Jean Groenewald
Jean Groenewald - 1 year ago
More more more more JOB bru love it keep it coming
Gareth Hodgson
Gareth Hodgson - 1 year ago
Dig the behind the scenes stuff! Come to South Africa! Question: what was your most memorable surf comp win? Dig the vlog, keep em coming!
Domenique DeRosa
Domenique DeRosa - 1 year ago
Love all the content! It's a perfect mix of everything!
Marc Senecal
Marc Senecal - 1 year ago
You should come river surf in montreal! during the summer haha Would you Jamie ?
nysurfer727 - 1 year ago
idk why they let these guys have raptor sex when they fed the Vietnam surf party to lions and tigers...
kelly7873 - 1 year ago
You showed your surf on Tuesday but what about Monday? The outer reefs on Oahu were all time on Monday, where's the footage?
A&W Fishing
A&W Fishing - 1 year ago
I love you videos
rhubarbrhino - 1 year ago
Talking and surfing balance is good Jamie. For the premium JOB content more surfing / action is good with the better quality video.

I’d love to see some surfing tips and instructions on barrel riding, airs, carves.

You’re a high IQ surfer in the way you think through a ride so would be good to get your commentary on rides and moves. Really break it down for us!

Keep up the world class content Jamie
Paxus - 1 year ago
8:22 for the river stuff
Paxus - 1 year ago
so much nonsesnse footage
John Dunbar
John Dunbar - 1 year ago
Jaimie I'm big fan of yours. Any chance you want aids. Let me know, I'd be honored if you carried by lineage. Epic butt shot, got me churned up.
Scott rock
Scott rock - 1 year ago
Jamie! you need to know The Namb gets fokken huge mate. Just ask ask the boys you know here, 12ft chopes screamers.
Miku o
Miku o - 1 year ago
What mouth mount?
Logan E
Logan E - 1 year ago
What you favourite surf sport in Australia
Logan E
Logan E - 1 year ago
I like what your doing now
sebastian - 1 year ago
jamie your a skitz cunt and u make great content :) do more surfing
Hylton Lovemore
Hylton Lovemore - 1 year ago
Will you ever come to South Africa
Laurence Butler
Laurence Butler - 1 year ago
Obviously more of everything! more surfing, more behind the scenes and more talking.
Rylie K
Rylie K - 1 year ago
I think you should upload a full episode of surfing highlights and then continue the normal vlog setup to keep everyone happy
Isaac DeBates
Isaac DeBates - 1 year ago
Leave it as is. Behind the scenes is hilarious
Tariq Stack
Tariq Stack - 1 year ago
I got a question, where is Poopies? Keep killing the vids
Marco_De_Jesus _
Marco_De_Jesus _ - 1 year ago
The talking and surfing is good
Kontrary - 1 year ago
more behind the scenes
Ellieh LAURENT-MILLER - 1 year ago
Keep talking mate
str8frnt - 1 year ago
My boy still frothing to meet "Uncle Jamie"lol Waimea river was INSANE.....????
Who takes it, Gabe,Julian or Filipe?
Zach MATz
Zach MATz - 1 year ago
Chee keep uhm commin!
JP S - 1 year ago
is sharks cove scary or just fun? whats the scariest wave you've surfed? More surfing!
Dean Cash Daddy
Dean Cash Daddy - 1 year ago
Do you both more surfing and more behind the scenes make 2 channels twice the money
Sebastian Glenn
Sebastian Glenn - 1 year ago
living in Idaho but being in love with surfing is the hardest thing but these vids keep me feeling like I'm out in the line up! Have you ever river surfed in Boise, ID?
Brian Root
Brian Root - 1 year ago
Like seeing more talking but with you talking to other people who are your friends. Make some poke on the boat? That would be fun to watch. Thanks for the Show
Hamish Gibson
Hamish Gibson - 1 year ago
can u go to NZ, would love to see u surf there?
keegan goeas
keegan goeas - 1 year ago
Can u show your surf board collection
Ben Brown
Ben Brown - 1 year ago
If you come to South Africa come to Cape Town please
Christian Sanchez
Christian Sanchez - 1 year ago
You should visit santa cruz!
Jay Yeung
Jay Yeung - 1 year ago
This was sick
Lisa Ess
Lisa Ess - 1 year ago
more surfing!!!!
Micah cech
Micah cech - 1 year ago
Are there any non big waves that legitimately scare you?, sketch factor, gnarliness, etc. besides sharkiness, I think anyone could get sketched out at a place like reunion island or something
Alish Roarty
Alish Roarty - 1 year ago
can you see pipe from your house because of the volcom house
Kozy Lacrosse
Kozy Lacrosse - 1 year ago
more vlog
James Chappo
James Chappo - 1 year ago
More behind the scenes
Jacob Mason
Jacob Mason - 1 year ago
how many boards do you own dude?
Kayden Nold
Kayden Nold - 1 year ago
What do you think is THE BEST all around board to ride no matter the conditions
marshall hendricks
marshall hendricks - 1 year ago
The Sponger
The Sponger - 1 year ago
would you rather surf heavy Waimea shorebreak or Massive Jaws
petternutz - 1 year ago
get poops back and bring him too NZ!
Tracey Baker
Tracey Baker - 1 year ago
more showing the islands beauty and more silly jokes stuff that makes you crack up...thanks jamie o its all been great ....
Julian Goodall
Julian Goodall - 1 year ago
More or same vlogging
Charles Mekins
Charles Mekins - 1 year ago
Should have called Ben Gravy for this would of luv it
Andy Pandy
Andy Pandy - 1 year ago
Is all the river water bad for the environment? Just curious no hate meant at all love your channel and your stoke towards life.
Jude Z Washkowitz
Jude Z Washkowitz - 1 year ago
what happened to body glove?
tony beatbutcher
tony beatbutcher - 1 year ago
Invite some radom guy/girl from over the world to yr house and make a vlog about.
Tohir Zidane
Tohir Zidane - 1 year ago
You gotta come to indonesia
ProfabDesigns Inc.
ProfabDesigns Inc. - 1 year ago
JOB... I love the content as it is. I would like to see maybe a bit big wave stuff, not so much of the bubble hummer bottom turn snap airs, 360’s sliders....yeah yeah, it’s boring. I’m an older dude(58) and still riding big guns...this yrs arsenal is a 10’4” and 11’2” here in San Diego. I never get tired of watching the boys tearing down the face of a beefy one... or it could be me?
anthony skerrett
anthony skerrett - 1 year ago
will you goto Costa Rica
red flag
red flag - 1 year ago
Siiiick video!! love South AAfrica
Greyson Wolfram
Greyson Wolfram - 1 year ago
more talking and behind the scenes
Egmont - 1 year ago
Really enjoy vlogging and behind the scenes; with mix of surfing. This was an excellent video and combo. Keep up the awesome vlogging JOB! Snakebird from South Pasadena, FL.
mr.gibbler g
mr.gibbler g - 1 year ago
I want to see more behind the scenes so I still know what's going on with the boys
ConnorsCovers - 1 year ago
No more vlog kine grom hahahahha
vanlife 123s
vanlife 123s - 1 year ago
1.3 k deep...anywayz who else thinks Ben gravy need to jump on da plane next time riverwave is on?
joan jarquin
joan jarquin - 1 year ago
Regalame una tabla
Sam Strickland
Sam Strickland - 1 year ago
More surfing for sure
A. Garza
A. Garza - 1 year ago
Find the best wave on the east coast
Patrick O'Donovan
Patrick O'Donovan - 1 year ago
We are big fans of your channel, brother. Excellent surfing footage. We DO like it when you talk and tell stories; you are very funny and have interesting things to say.
Owen remaily#
Owen remaily# - 1 year ago
More vloging
Ethan Harmacar
Ethan Harmacar - 1 year ago
People should like
Luke George
Luke George - 1 year ago
your my favorite surfer love your styled and videos always keep me psyched to look when your next video is posted can I get a shout next vlog????
Kwami p
Kwami p - 1 year ago
Nobody knows?
cudavrage - 1 year ago
What was your first surfboard? Do you ever give advice in the lineup while surfing Pipeline? My birthday is the 10th what up with a shout out? Keep up the Vlog just like it is your killing it and I love seeing behind the scenes Hawaii!
Daniel Dow
Daniel Dow - 1 year ago
Epic vlog
gilbertrockstv - 1 year ago
I never want to hear the words, " clip the flap off" ever again. ouch.
joufiii - 1 year ago
personally I like the talking, im just a total noob when it comes to surfing, so I really appreciate learning more about the culture and the learning processes that comes with your videos. I also really like how it is now! So maybe just keep doing what makes you happy! thats all that counts anyways! Hope to surf half as good as you one day. keep up the good work.
Levy Dog
Levy Dog - 1 year ago
More vloging
Levy Dog
Levy Dog - 1 year ago
You should also visit blacks beach ore windensea in San Diego. That’s where I live, and it’s pumping. We’ve also got some sick novelty’s aswhell.
Levy Dog
Levy Dog - 1 year ago
Jamie, what’s your favorite catch surf board? I’m guessing 6 foot skipper.
Al Ken
Al Ken - 1 year ago
JOB > Sunny + Eddie Rothman
Levy Dog
Levy Dog - 1 year ago
Best video ever!
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill - 1 year ago
going toe to toe with the boogie guy at Waimea river....almost slashed him with the skag lol
Rob McCallum
Rob McCallum - 1 year ago
Mix of talk and surf.. Talk brings personal aspect to what I'm watching. All surf equivlates to every other surf vid on YouTube, doesn't stand out.
Neil Sulish
Neil Sulish - 1 year ago
Keep up the Great Work!!! When are you coming to the east coast??? I would love to see you in the lineup in LBI!!!!! Gets heavy this time of the year!
Glenn Ladehoff
Glenn Ladehoff - 1 year ago
Don't Change a Thing!!!
Dylan Stewart
Dylan Stewart - 1 year ago
More surfing less talking
kitties boi vids
kitties boi vids - 1 year ago
I have two things to say you are my favortite surfer and were is your favorite surf spot in the world Btw II live in maui and I am ten years old also a new surfer can you do a tortoral video
jgmopar - 1 year ago
I was thinking I wonder how sharp the lava rock is....and right then you answered it. I like the behind the scenes stuff. You have it balanced pretty good.
Mark Banducci
Mark Banducci - 1 year ago
when u coming to Melbourne Australia
Nfarr86 - 1 year ago
Behind the scenes!!!
Jerry Bartlett
Jerry Bartlett - 1 year ago
Totally sick ride on the river. Good balance of behind the scenes and surfing.
Luciano Espinoza
Luciano Espinoza - 1 year ago
Where is popies?
Luciano Espinoza
Luciano Espinoza - 1 year ago
Why you do this ínsted of who is job?
dan tsy
dan tsy - 1 year ago
Fucking hell the amount of ads you put here are rediculous. Don't do this to yourself jamie
Thomas Moysons
Thomas Moysons - 1 year ago
i love the behind the scenes! there's enough videos out there with just surf, so keep up the goofing around!
PureDragonn - 1 year ago
westphal_says - 1 year ago
love the vlog the way it is
Ryan Vick
Ryan Vick - 1 year ago
Jamie OBrien you're awesome. Great surfer. But being a great vlogger (video blog) is a whole other thing and your humble personality rocks. Keep surfing. Be safe. We're all kooks? "There will always be haters." Keep being you and I'll keep being me. Best surfer at el porto. (In my own mind, LOL. I guess I'm just another kook, according to the haters.)
a saks
a saks - 1 year ago
All the content is awesome! Surfing, behind the scenes, etc.
Grey Bulloch
Grey Bulloch - 1 year ago
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew you goo
Mike Snooky
Mike Snooky - 1 year ago
Have u ever thought of surfing Lake Superior??
jack gladd
jack gladd - 1 year ago
more behind the scenes buddy
Jon Jon Giang
Jon Jon Giang - 1 year ago
favorite break in north/central cal?
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith - 1 year ago
Jamie.. Did I miss something? What happened to your JOB show on RB TV? Well I loved watching your stuff there. Poops is good etc.
I would say, it’s your vlog. You are creative and a smart enough person to say some vlogs might be all surf and others might be when you are somewhere the surf is flat and you create and that might mean less surfing. I enjoy watching you and what you do, you’ve always kept it funny and you’ve always kept it about the moments, not what others tell you. That probably just goes along with your MORE, MORE, MORE comment.. Good stuff, keep it coming!
Ethan Weatherhog
Ethan Weatherhog - 1 year ago
More of behind the scenes ur life is so sick
TheGrubbShow by Gary
TheGrubbShow by Gary - 1 year ago
One wish I knew how to surf, Two wish I had some one to surf that did not require $1000 in dry suit to do and Three wish I was not scared of sharks lol.  The Waimea river looks dope.
Tanner Ohmes
Tanner Ohmes - 1 year ago
Mackey Entertainment System
Mackey Entertainment System - 1 year ago
We love the BTS and seeing your day to day in Hawaii bro. Vlogging is all about getting to see the real you and what you get up to :)
ty hansen
ty hansen - 1 year ago
More Hawaii life behind the senses. For sure
korey renart
korey renart - 1 year ago
Are u ever gonna come back to the east coast?
Phil Duclos
Phil Duclos - 1 year ago
Jaimie, we all know about the North Shore. What about surfing some of the other islands? of all the HI island's, which is your favorite to surf? And why?
Brian Bob
Brian Bob - 1 year ago
Ramon Fdz
Ramon Fdz - 1 year ago
how can explain you a new move to surfing ?? but private
Matthew G
Matthew G - 1 year ago
I want to see you at silverbacks at bocas del toro
Jonny Wootton
Jonny Wootton - 1 year ago
You ever going to come to nj, always wanted to have a session with u
Andrés Barreda
Andrés Barreda - 1 year ago
Keep on!! Aloha oe
Alkingo Str
Alkingo Str - 1 year ago
Question for the next episode:
Are you going to visit Jeffreys Bay when you are in South Africa?
Andrew Aleman Da Silva
Andrew Aleman Da Silva - 1 year ago
More Surfing
jack johns
jack johns - 1 year ago
Your videos are perfect as they are! More talking, more lifestyle stuff, and more surfing. More vlogging in general. Also I have a question for you to ask as well. Do you ever ride any alternative boards, such as a log, asym., or fish? If so, which? If you could answer in the video that would be sick as hell dude. Also come south into San Diego next time you're here. The waves are better down here I swear!!
Ravn Berg
Ravn Berg - 1 year ago
sick river
Mitchell Howlett
Mitchell Howlett - 1 year ago
Come to Australia dude
Mama Rug
Mama Rug - 1 year ago
About the q about what we want to see.... I want to see you create what you want because that’s why I follow you
Oliver Desforges
Oliver Desforges - 1 year ago
more behind the scenes
jmpicturefly - 1 year ago
you'll never please everyone. I reckon mix up the episodes, some more surf, some more vlog/bts. either way a mixture is what works.
NAAAAAASSE - 1 year ago
love your vlogs jamie! You could try to make the Q&A a little more fun, like showing some outtakes or funny questions. Besides that you're putting out great content!!! Ride on!
Joseph Scirone
Joseph Scirone - 1 year ago
That hat at the 1:14 in the video is awesome can I buy it from you
Livinwithcharlie !
Livinwithcharlie ! - 1 year ago
Is it just me or are Jamieobrian and Ben gravy so similiar
Stunt Granny
Stunt Granny - 1 year ago
You should surf with a 360 camera
Pal - 1 year ago
MOre vlogging
Joao Figueiredo
Joao Figueiredo - 1 year ago
6:41 surfer to unblock
Dean Robert
Dean Robert - 1 year ago
Tip for next time if you use sheets of ply wood at in flow direct water you can shape the wave . Cobblestone WA
2002Hamish - 1 year ago
will you come to Australia sydney and do like the talking
Micah Entwistle
Micah Entwistle - 1 year ago
Come to Mozambique where I live. Some sick surf/wind surfing and skimming.
Finn Boyhan Irvine
Finn Boyhan Irvine - 1 year ago
JOB Vlogs should have more behind the scenes.
Who is JOB should be surfing and just general fun stuff.
Duarte Sousa
Duarte Sousa - 1 year ago
Wood you like to live in Portugal
2002Hamish - 1 year ago
yewwww so good
Grimaldi Maxime
Grimaldi Maxime - 1 year ago
I love your Vlogs. So sick !!!! They are perfect how they are!

Just a question though ? Why so many commercials ?

I watch you from France .
Bonsoir !
Stefan Bura
Stefan Bura - 1 year ago
make merch on the logo that's in the beginning!!!!!
Kathy Bonner
Kathy Bonner - 1 year ago
Jamie, I know it aint cool but wouldnt short reef booties be a smart thing? Especially at breaks like that. I hated seeing your foot get cut up. Great video!
Sam Randall
Sam Randall - 1 year ago
What fin setup do you use at pipe and why?
knoodelhed - 1 year ago
You need to be seen by a podiarist, pronto!
The Real Tyler James
The Real Tyler James - 1 year ago
would u rather get a long driving barreled or throw a huge air
Gonçalo Valente
Gonçalo Valente - 1 year ago
Will you come to Portugal, Nazaré?
Bob McDonald1622
Bob McDonald1622 - 1 year ago
When is the next time your going to compete
Bob McDonald1622
Bob McDonald1622 - 1 year ago
Hey Jamie I hope u can answer this
Cannon Cassiano
Cannon Cassiano - 1 year ago
Have you ever surfed lower Trestles?
By paps
By paps - 1 year ago
make a video going over every single board that you have at least on your garage and surf related items
By paps
By paps - 1 year ago
Henrique Ramos
Henrique Ramos - 1 year ago
Sooo cool!!!!
Ethan Ivall
Ethan Ivall - 1 year ago
Keep it exactly as it is grom. Keep shredding brah.
manx77 - 1 year ago
Loved seeing the fat buggah riding relaxed in the tube, riding belly-out. I remember Butch Van Artsdale..... Jackie Dunn, back in my day. He still kickin'? And da Kanaka Maoli (county worker) showing the true Hawaiian spirit. So cool.
manx77 - 1 year ago
Nice. I watched the comments. No need go anywhere outside Hawaii. Go outer islands. Plenty good spots. Go surf west-side Oahu, plenty good waves. Just cut out the fricken youtube commercials in midstream. Totally f'ded up the flow of the best "flow-rider" in the world vid.
comedy cart
comedy cart - 1 year ago
You are better than jack ass i love your vlogs and barrels
Dr_Scoper_ - 1 year ago
When are you doing a blog with john john?
Revolutionz FOR Tomorrow
Revolutionz FOR Tomorrow - 1 year ago
What about your foot? Isnt it a thousand times worse because you didn't take some tike off? That's what most people would do I think.
manx77 - 1 year ago
Diggin' this vid. Cut da flaps off wit da nail clippah. Oahu style surfing. I spent part of my mis-spent youth surfing Pipe, Maile Pnt., Makaha, Sunset, V-land, etc., in the '70's. Sandy's and Portlock in the summers when everywhere else was closed out. Miss those days. "Novelty" and "training" were words we never used. It was all "good fun."
BEARDEDYAKER - 1 year ago
Do you take our your fins when you do this?
An frendly spezmoid
An frendly spezmoid - 1 year ago
I think the vlogs are perfect right now, answering 5-6 short questions at the end is great
Ricardo s
Ricardo s - 1 year ago
when are you coming to Barbados?
lemax - 1 year ago
I would love to see more crazy stunts, maybe even some poopies in action
Mentawai Surf
Mentawai Surf - 1 year ago
cool lets be happy.
Adrian Calvez
Adrian Calvez - 1 year ago
To me right now you are doing the best surfing vlogs and thanks for let us watch it.
FRED TAYLOR - 1 year ago
Will u ever come to Ireland or Thurso east in Scotland or any where else in the uk trust it’s underaged
Harry Tongue
Harry Tongue - 1 year ago
I wish I could live my life lyk this
david johnsen
david johnsen - 1 year ago
We all know you can surf but we don’t all know what you do behind the scenes
Flinn Vipond
Flinn Vipond - 1 year ago
I think the balance is great at the moment please don't change it, I'm nearly wetting myself by the the time Monday comes waiting for another vlog
MTTM TMMT - 1 year ago
Crazy river waves!
G.J. Waters
G.J. Waters - 1 year ago
more of everything!
Danny Doyle
Danny Doyle - 1 year ago
Andrew Kosch
Andrew Kosch - 1 year ago
Show us your north shore non surf psych scene
Timothy Brusuelas
Timothy Brusuelas - 1 year ago
more surfing with shots from in the water. really enjoyed the pipeline portion of this video, looked nuts out there!
Carlos Eduardo de Paula Fernandes
Carlos Eduardo de Paula Fernandes - 1 year ago
JB you gotta come to brazil bro, waves and People here are littt
Martin Martin
Martin Martin - 1 year ago
Kaena Pt, with a helmet and some bubble wrap?
Thomas Daniel
Thomas Daniel - 1 year ago
Dan Olsheski
Dan Olsheski - 1 year ago
Definitely a fan of more vloggy
Ethan Kirby
Ethan Kirby - 1 year ago
please come to cape town
Alex Brozek
Alex Brozek - 1 year ago
More behind the scenes
Brody Barrett
Brody Barrett - 1 year ago
more shinnanigans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Corey Perkins
Corey Perkins - 1 year ago
You need to come to New Jersey and surf with Ben gravy
dylan lees
dylan lees - 1 year ago
Pull in to South Africa man, you'll have a great time. The flight will be worth it. Make sure to check out the Wild Coast.
Alec Mcleish
Alec Mcleish - 1 year ago
The balance that you have now with talking and surfing is perfect don't try and change that, as much was it a surfing vlog the behind the scenes makes the blog what it is!! Keep it up.
João Valente
João Valente - 1 year ago
The talking/surfing ratio is perfect right now! it's what makes your channel so fun to watch :)
Ardy Aryan
Ardy Aryan - 1 year ago
7:06 !!! badass!
David Hofmann
David Hofmann - 1 year ago
How was Oktoberfest this year? Greetings from Germany
brei brei
brei brei - 1 year ago
more talking and vlog style videos to enjoy the surf lifestyle more.. a little less surfing!!! keep it up bro
Tomas Cardoso
Tomas Cardoso - 1 year ago
More behind the scenes
STANLEY DT - 1 year ago
JR - 1 year ago
Just continue to be yourself Jamie.... The vlog is perfect. Your personality is contagious. Negative people are the "Kooks"....!!!!
jeff Ferritto
jeff Ferritto - 1 year ago
Will you be in the north shore jan 2nd to the 6th?
jeff Ferritto
jeff Ferritto - 1 year ago
South Africa is the best. Fly Emirates, best food and entertainment
jeff Ferritto
jeff Ferritto - 1 year ago
jeff Ferritto
jeff Ferritto - 1 year ago
More talking please! And more popes
Johnny Derrp
Johnny Derrp - 1 year ago
You pick excellent music for these vids - do you credit the artists? Who does the song set to the Waimea River segment?
Ben Lawton
Ben Lawton - 1 year ago
i don’t live near a break, do you know any ways to practice on dry land?
Patrick Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald - 1 year ago
wyatt stevens
wyatt stevens - 1 year ago
Lol crazy .you definitely know how to have fun .loljajjajaja nice slice ...ouchthatfrickenhurtsibet
joseph visconti
joseph visconti - 1 year ago
Ur blogs are sooo sick. keep up the great work.
marley freeman
marley freeman - 1 year ago
Were is poopies
Johnathon McCarn
Johnathon McCarn - 1 year ago
Your did an awesome job at filming what you do. I don't think it can get much better than this. Thanks Jamie
Alex Hemingway
Alex Hemingway - 1 year ago
A fair balance between talking and surfing is good. I enjoy laughing at / with you guys as much (and sometimes more) than the action. Keep up the BTS stuff, always stay true to your character. The AMA's are great. Here's mine: favorite breed of dog? (or are you a cat guy...) and what kind of bottle? (beer, wine or whiskey)
Mr. Cow
Mr. Cow - 1 year ago
Your videos make my Monday’s 10x better
Thomas McConnell
Thomas McConnell - 1 year ago
More poopies
Merdock Sokolich
Merdock Sokolich - 1 year ago
Epoxy or resin? Which do you prefer? OK. So you should come to South Africa. We have J-bay, Nahoon reef. & my local spot. Sandwich. Which is like a mini pipe. Make a plan.
Ethan Moker
Ethan Moker - 1 year ago
Yo Jamie I like surfing huge waves on a wavestorm and I’m coming to north shore in a few months do u think i would get yelled at for sending pipe on a wavestorm
Freddie White
Freddie White - 1 year ago
What wall mounts do you use to hang your boards?
Dimitri Chemla
Dimitri Chemla - 1 year ago
Where's poooooopsssss????
Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes - 1 year ago
I miss you making poopies do stupid shit
jeff greaves
jeff greaves - 1 year ago
Mana im Rucksack
Mana im Rucksack - 1 year ago
Thank you so much for your awesome vlogs dude :)
I love both, your behind the surfboard scenes and the surfing scenes as well.
Is it possible to buy somewhere this cool red bull caps?
Greetings from munich (:
Gunnar Elgersma
Gunnar Elgersma - 1 year ago
we want to see what you feel like producing, this vlog was nice balanced! just wandering, ever thinking about surfing in Lofoten, Norway?
Elijah Owen
Elijah Owen - 1 year ago
Ratio is money bill!! Keep up the good work. Behind the scenes is always sweet and there is so much stoke. Love the surfing too, you’re a legend! Groms got to charge haha
Gunnar Elgersma
Gunnar Elgersma - 1 year ago
dude that was sooooo dope!!!
WE'RE THE KAHLERS - 1 year ago
More vlogging. But an equal balance as well.
Kellin Patler
Kellin Patler - 1 year ago
Keep it balanced between surfing and behind the scenes! You and boys are hilarious and the surfing is EPIC
Kevin McMahon
Kevin McMahon - 1 year ago
Keep doing what your doing and that's having fun in the water. As a former US Marine living in Cocoa Beach you and your friends make me laugh. Whether your on a short board or a floating sofa have FUN...
Nicolaus Efferoth
Nicolaus Efferoth - 1 year ago
Behind the scenes I like watching the vlogs in Germany! It's cold right now!
Alex Murray
Alex Murray - 1 year ago
All the behind the scenes and talking/opinion is what makes your vlog awesome
Pablo Mayorga
Pablo Mayorga - 1 year ago
Keep it up!!! My Son and I crack up watching.
Michelle B
Michelle B - 1 year ago
Behind the scenes is the best! I like the vlogs exactly how you're doing them!
Shaylem Cottrell
Shaylem Cottrell - 1 year ago
hey jamie,
would u ever come to Barbados?
Thales Meireles
Thales Meireles - 1 year ago
Jamie, you’re awsome!! You should come to Brazil!! And also, I like the “behind the scenes” parts a lot!! Keep them on!!
Rod Palm
Rod Palm - 1 year ago
I'm like "what waves"? Because I don't see ANY!
Money Trigz
Money Trigz - 1 year ago
i like it all, u guys are funny, the talking, the behind the scenes, the lifestyle, its cool to see it, deff for people that never been to hawaii like myself.
Money Trigz
Money Trigz - 1 year ago
Mike de Kock
Mike de Kock - 1 year ago
Wooooooooop South Africa !!!!
Ezra Boulton
Ezra Boulton - 1 year ago
Have you or will you ever surf in the UK?
Al Keholic
Al Keholic - 1 year ago
maybe put more adds in your video
Nathan Barr
Nathan Barr - 1 year ago
Have you surfed the UK, if so where? If not, would you and when?
Thomas Brummel
Thomas Brummel - 1 year ago
I think your videos have a pretty good balance between surfing and the behind the scenes as it is, keep it up man.
Yehudah Wolstein
Yehudah Wolstein - 1 year ago
This is perfect you don't need to change anything
IdAn CAE - 1 year ago
The best vlog ever!!!
joao pedro Cobalea
joao pedro Cobalea - 1 year ago
watching all the way from Brasil, come to riooo
Keith Jones
Keith Jones - 1 year ago
As far as commentary vs surf footage, you have a great mix of both. I would change what you are doing.
Bruce516 - 1 year ago
Hey Jamie, I dig the current content. The balance you have now works for me. Bro, Johnson and Johnson waterproof medical tape, 1'" roll. shit stays on the best and you can rip it down into thinner strips. Question: Do you train to stay on top of your game or just stay in the water doing your thing. I'm a 51 year old east coaster so I'm working in the deep pool more to stay fit.
Don Leggett
Don Leggett - 1 year ago
I like the video's, the surfing, the goofing off is great. I am 57, from Satellite Bch, Fl. You and your crew keep me young. Lol
Jensen Bell
Jensen Bell - 1 year ago
Gotta cut those flaps off! Ouch for your foot and the drone! Sick video!!!
Rafa El
Rafa El - 1 year ago
watchign this from sitio puntiAn, baler, philippines YEWWW! kain ka tae
Emanuel Sanchez de la Cerda
Emanuel Sanchez de la Cerda - 1 year ago
First of all: I think the ratio of surfing and blabla is spot on. Youre a charismatic person so you shouldn't limit your videos to just surfing.
My question is: what was the deal with the body boarders trying to spray you? Also, please say hi to my friend Scott Wagner from the Bayside Scallywags

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