Amazing New Flying Surfboards Can Fly Over Water.

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁ EYETECH ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁ Best electric surfboards you can buy in 2017, one eFoil costs a $12,000. Jetfoiler' A hydrofoil (or foil) board is a water board with a set of wings underneath it. Like an airplane, those wings lift the board off the water when a little speed is added. However, instead of flying on air the hydrofoil flies on water. The power of the eFoil electric hydrofoil surfboard is controlled by a wireless hand controller and has a top speed of 22 knots (25 mph), though it's a pretty exciting ride at that speed. Will anyone buy it?^^ ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁ Thank for watching! Please Like, Share and Subscribe to update latest Gadget Inventions, Innovations, New Tech, And much more. Subscribe: ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁ Follow us on Facebook: ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁ Source : Music: Yron Sparks -Chaos - Instrumental

Amazing New Flying Surfboards Can Fly Over Water. sentiment_very_dissatisfied 1591

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▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁ EYETECH ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁ Best electric surfboards you can buy in 2017, one eFoil costs a $12,000. Jetfoiler' A hydrofoil (or foil) board is a water board with a set of wings underneath it. Like an airplane, those wings lift the board off the water when a little speed is added. However, instead of flying on air the hydrofoil flies on water. The power of the eFoil electric hydrofoil surfboard is controlled by a wireless hand controller and has a top speed of 22 knots (25 mph), though it's a pretty exciting ride at that speed. Will anyone buy it?^^ ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁ Thank for watching! Please Like, Share and Subscribe to update latest Gadget Inventions, Innovations, New Tech, And much more. Subscribe: ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁ Follow us on Facebook: ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁ Source : Music: Yron Sparks -Chaos - Instrumental

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Most popular comments
for Amazing New Flying Surfboards Can Fly Over Water.

Екатерина Своя
Екатерина Своя - 5 years ago
насколько сильно мы отстали технологически...
Екатерина Своя
Екатерина Своя - 5 years ago
о да!!!!
Андрей Кульбаков
Андрей Кульбаков - 5 years ago
Greg Anikin
Greg Anikin - 5 years ago
Another made up shit.
Валерьян Богатырев
Валерьян Богатырев - 5 years ago
Было бы кресло на подводных крыльях, а то стоять как-то не комфортно будет.
Gerald Perez
Gerald Perez - 5 years ago
I couldn't hear what that guy was saying because the dumb music was louder than the guy speaking.
JODY STONE - 5 years ago
Fake as fuk.....
Gregg hatfield
Gregg hatfield - 5 years ago
I’d love to have this feature on my kayak for sure........
Mark Turnbull
Mark Turnbull - 5 years ago
What a great looking functional bit of kit this is how good would that feel flying up a river 2 feet above water taken the sights in .

10. comment for Amazing New Flying Surfboards Can Fly Over Water.

William Locklear
William Locklear - 5 years ago
I can only guess at what happens when you hit a submerged object at those speeds. :)
jimmy tiler
jimmy tiler - 5 years ago
great idea low drag or no drag and electric not gas
darian presidente
darian presidente - 5 years ago
That ass at 0:31
brooks wade
brooks wade - 5 years ago
I wanna touch the hiney!
Clearanceman2 - 5 years ago
What an ass!! Wow!
Danijel Vukovic
Danijel Vukovic - 5 years ago
Too expencive if shark hit you jejej
Squeaky Wheels
Squeaky Wheels - 5 years ago
Can you make one with wheelchair tiedowns?
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz - 5 years ago
fake news nigga
Bogdan Pawłowski
Bogdan Pawłowski - 5 years ago
As you see . There's no fun !
Frank Machado
Frank Machado - 5 years ago
I noticed they did'nt show anyone getting on or off this device, and yes good point andydurbs, one stump coming up! this is all good til the 1st person gets killed because they used it wrong and tried crossing the ocean with it, so many bad ideas come to mind and I don't even smoke weed...

20. comment for Amazing New Flying Surfboards Can Fly Over Water.

Jeanjacques Eloy
Jeanjacques Eloy - 5 years ago
Hello , can you tell me the price please .Thinks a lot man , and have a good day
Jasen Lee
Jasen Lee - 5 years ago
Kinda makes a paddle board look like a booger.
Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson - 5 years ago
So u have ro get a boat to tow u first ..RIGHT !!
Lord Byron
Lord Byron - 5 years ago
That is cool!
Amer Ahmed
Amer Ahmed - 5 years ago
11k wanted to see that ass
SeanWick - 5 years ago
$12,000?????? Greedy motherfuckers
KRAKEN91O - 5 years ago
When u got a ass like the north star, wise men will follow it! 0:32-0:33
SWSimpson - 5 years ago
Its so cool. They appear to be on hoverboards. Love it.
armpitliz - 5 years ago
This is a hydrofoil its not a surfboard where is the surf? I don't seen any surf? i see a wake be cast behind something like a Jetski.
Ricardo Villar
Ricardo Villar - 5 years ago
Sick music! Does anyone knows the name?

30. comment for Amazing New Flying Surfboards Can Fly Over Water.

sundew2007 - 5 years ago
These are not new, A guy in New Jersey was building these 10 years ago from his surfboard shop using trolling motors and small batteries. They only cost about 300.00 to build.
Craig Kaschan
Craig Kaschan - 5 years ago
So fake his hair wasn’t even moving. Music was too loud couldn’t hear him speak. How many more things can you point out. BS.
R0tten - 5 years ago
Dude. I didn't even notice. Does that make me gay??????!

oolala though XD
Baked Creations
Baked Creations - 5 years ago
...aaand it lasts about 15 minutes then you are out there by yourself with your dead board
Jackson Magriplis
Jackson Magriplis - 5 years ago
Get rid of the music
andrew boulton
andrew boulton - 5 years ago
Rich Davis
Rich Davis - 5 years ago
Looks almost impossible to ride even the guys that have it down look like they are afraid to move. But if you have 12,000 to burn and a shit tone of time on your hands why not!
txhypnotist - 5 years ago
Killer toy for 1k.
T. A
T. A - 5 years ago
Neimaar ouloulou
Neimaar ouloulou - 5 years ago
Ca vaut 3/4000 $ pas +
Neimaar ouloulou
Neimaar ouloulou - 5 years ago
attendons 10 ans pour que ca bai$$e
Raymond J
Raymond J - 5 years ago
the never ending wave !
cata - 5 years ago
Rich kyds
Mark Piekacz  Piekacz
Mark Piekacz Piekacz - 5 years ago
Its and air chair with a motor on it sweet. Oh yea 8 feet or deeper so you dont hit stuff.
Mr11ESSE111 - 5 years ago
hehe 12000$ ?? for that money you can buy something much better /bigger
Sos the Rope
Sos the Rope - 5 years ago
Why is the music So bloody loud you can't hear what the bloke is saying? Why even have him speak if you don't want to hear him? FOOL
steve green
steve green - 5 years ago
William Joseph
William Joseph - 5 years ago
back round music sucks
sean carr
sean carr - 5 years ago
Get a fukn clue on wot beats to use clown
TDF Custom Building
TDF Custom Building - 5 years ago
Think I'd rather pay for a pair of jet ski's. It would be cheaper.
Dave wallace
Dave wallace - 5 years ago
How long before the battery goes kaput ;)

50. comment for Amazing New Flying Surfboards Can Fly Over Water.

andrew harrison
andrew harrison - 5 years ago
Steady as she goes...
above the spank
Michael Leavitt
Michael Leavitt - 5 years ago
DREW MURDAUGH - 5 years ago
Really what is the power source are there batteries in that board I didn't see any fuel tank and it sure is going awfully fast for such a small propeller without an incredible power source could be fake
JAZERLIGHTS - 5 years ago
jimgall ufos
jimgall ufos - 5 years ago
terrible music
Lazy Jesus
Lazy Jesus - 5 years ago
It doesn’t fly when there’s a portion of it under water powering it, it’s still just sailing so to speak, motoring forward by it’s propeller. It looks like a surf board on one stilt. A one legged surf board.
Philip Paulik
Philip Paulik - 5 years ago
OK, nice video. How do you stop? Rocks underwater? Corals? Why don't you show mechanics of handling? And, please, 12K??????
Nomadcreations - 5 years ago
Yes Sharks will Like Them, = Moving Smorgas-"Boards"... & Battery Goes Dead In A Circling School Of them...
Aaron Long
Aaron Long - 5 years ago
That would be great for life gaurds
Herb out west
Herb out west - 5 years ago
Water looks cgi
Edward Delgado
Edward Delgado - 5 years ago
That run is in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.
Johan Mare
Johan Mare - 5 years ago
No WI fi
David Pattemore
David Pattemore - 5 years ago
Nice CGI but utter garbage,it defies physics,it would never hold a person up like that
AQUAVIDZ - 5 years ago
True surfboard
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 5 years ago
Its just a hydra foil man...nothing new here.
Anthony Jaswinski
Anthony Jaswinski - 5 years ago
Douche says what? @ :42
mavasquez8301 - 5 years ago
Is this real
phat Hi
phat Hi - 5 years ago
Looks like a huge face plant waiting to happen
Hal Heywood
Hal Heywood - 5 years ago
Reef, shark and croc bait . . For the untrained . . But totally cool . Imagine somebody hundreds of years ago seeing this .
Star Gazer
Star Gazer - 5 years ago
It's a calm water ass ... I mean board!
TheFabledWolf - 5 years ago
Kook shit
Thomas J
Thomas J - 5 years ago
Because everyone needs to go faster, smh. Thanks I'll kayak, paddleboard, and be mindful of the environment around me.
Jakethemase - 5 years ago
What is the distance range per charge? What is the charging time?
funitude - 5 years ago
stupid music
Simon Rodgers
Simon Rodgers - 5 years ago
Absolutely fake garbage ! Gtfoh
kickinbackinOC - 5 years ago
Clickbait thumbnail
Thumbs down, no subscribe
LarJgrip - 5 years ago
Run time?
Ivan Drago
Ivan Drago - 5 years ago
That's looks fun!!. I want to go Europe with it on WATER.
maddog - 5 years ago
looks like a ninja juicer motor genius and simple! cant believe this wasnt out ten years ago! all inventions are just re- inventions, shit made better! cant wait to see the future models of this with tesla technology! those satanic nasa demons could juice this up!
maddog - 5 years ago
i paused at 32 seconds in and never hit play again!
maddog - 5 years ago
surfing is the single most moronic thing on earth next to skateboarding! you must hate your lives to be shark food! and break your bones on concrete! sb! but thisis still badass! maybe youll havea chance against megaladon
Albert Rozenfild
Albert Rozenfild - 5 years ago
Еще одна спортивная гиподинамия?
Imperium Entertainment
Imperium Entertainment - 5 years ago
Hydrofoils work like this but the big question... is it real or fake???
TropoCal - 5 years ago
Somewhat novel.
I can see them used as an emergency, or patrol vehicle.
I'd probably keep them out of the Fukushima Radioactive Seawater.
Classic Music For All
Classic Music For All - 5 years ago
$12,000 for this:- a surf board plus a small motor? guess 12,000 can easily buy you a golden G string that hang 2 balls. LOL
Hack Prine
Hack Prine - 5 years ago
Unbelievably cool.......
David Hettel
David Hettel - 5 years ago
That is not a surfboard its a small hydrofoil boat
Ricky Newman
Ricky Newman - 5 years ago
whu the lame music. couldn't wacth
7s29 - 5 years ago
Imagine bumping a great White with the propeller? Over you go into the water but, at least, you had fun.
Kevin Grabkowski
Kevin Grabkowski - 5 years ago
Don't run out of fuel in middle of nowhere
Caleb Bryant
Caleb Bryant - 5 years ago
Maybe for $3000. But not 12k!
U-777 zevennaam
U-777 zevennaam - 5 years ago
janbang_x - 5 years ago
How the fck much?!
Richard Conner
Richard Conner - 5 years ago
Great idea! I would love to try it holding a camera.
Morty W
Morty W - 5 years ago
Beep beep boop bippity beep beep boop beep beep boop bippity beep beep boop beep beep boop bippity beep beep boop
Rob Harper
Rob Harper - 5 years ago
nice idea, just dont surf within 2 feet of a swimmer ...? or the wing under the water will just bounce off the swimmer? or do real harm?
zombie nomad
zombie nomad - 5 years ago
She has a pretty butt
JU - 5 years ago
Bobby Blatts
Bobby Blatts - 5 years ago

100. comment for Amazing New Flying Surfboards Can Fly Over Water.

Mike L
Mike L - 5 years ago
Too many underwater obstacles, like seaweed, fish life, coral, rocks, sand, and should I name more? Just stick to the good ol' fashion way thanks...
Clint Rodgers
Clint Rodgers - 5 years ago
Really cool! Can I get 1 for demonstration here in S. Florida?
Santhu Dmello
Santhu Dmello - 5 years ago
Hy guys please come Mangalore beach city India's beautiful development smart and clean city highest tourist places here and highest tourist peoples coming here highest top hotels pubs malls massage center beach islands resorts here and Mangalore Udupi many dishes world famous highest party lovers coming here
Warrior GURUNG
Warrior GURUNG - 5 years ago
Its amazing
Theory Manifest
Theory Manifest - 5 years ago
Raymond Hoyland
Raymond Hoyland - 5 years ago
Get rid of the idiotic music
dreamfall2 - 5 years ago
it is bye bye to $12,000 when you hit a rock
Rob Bowen
Rob Bowen - 5 years ago
next time when editing reduce the audio lol you cant hear anything what is being said, premiere works fine for that :)
ThermaL1102 - 5 years ago
great , another way to injure/kill animals , as long as we're having fun though right ?
EchoOfGames - 5 years ago
'' new flying surfboard '' wat?? thats called hydrosurfing you twat XD
The Lord of Peanut Free Meatloaf
The Lord of Peanut Free Meatloaf - 5 years ago
Thats awesome but thats insanely overpriced
The Lord of Peanut Free Meatloaf
The Lord of Peanut Free Meatloaf - 5 years ago
0:34 I hope he wasnt saying anything important
A Shark
A Shark - 5 years ago
Basically a hydrafoil design
Tomy Boyle
Tomy Boyle - 5 years ago
It is very cool,I think 12,000 is not cool and some what insulting.
zell2867 - 5 years ago
what kinda f type song is this
777 Gotkog
777 Gotkog - 5 years ago
Hurry up China and copy this so I can buy one
socommk233 - 5 years ago
$12,000? Yeah.....gonna fly off the shelf!
XE521 - 5 years ago
Mirror water surfaces, like to see what happens when there's a swell.
Michael Bing
Michael Bing - 5 years ago
Totally fake lol
Michael Curtis
Michael Curtis - 5 years ago
What if you hit a stick ?
Mark Stouffer
Mark Stouffer - 5 years ago
Music volume overpowers the person talking. Did the editor even listen to this? I hope this is not the actual promo for the product.
Bruce B
Bruce B - 5 years ago
Cost too much. $2500 is as much as I'd spend. For $12,000 you can get a center console outboard boat.
Bob Silver
Bob Silver - 5 years ago
$12,000....LOL...I'll wait for a year, buy the China knockoff for $49.99
77GSlinger - 5 years ago
What is the run time?
Swipender Swiper
Swipender Swiper - 5 years ago
What a crapy edit
Doctor Who
Doctor Who - 5 years ago
Wenn das nicht von Star Trek Online abgekupfert ist?
Ist aber ne super Idee!
Donald Scott
Donald Scott - 5 years ago
Chef Vegán
Chef Vegán - 5 years ago
God the music sucks something fierce :D
American Hostage
American Hostage - 5 years ago
Yes and yessss I'll take 2
Mark Pedrick
Mark Pedrick - 5 years ago
Must be real if it's got 1980's disco shit louder than the narrator.
Ian Hawkes
Ian Hawkes - 5 years ago
brings new meaning to 'Surf's Up'
GordWing - 5 years ago
Music completely drowned out the voice...
country boy
country boy - 5 years ago
get a wife or get a foil board - decisions decisions
networkbike543 - 5 years ago
The girl with the bum should be on some super yacht with a billionaire.
johnny llooddte
johnny llooddte - 5 years ago
put a handlebar and chair option on it and youll sell millions
M F - 5 years ago
WOW right when I thought humanity couldn't get any worse. Well at least you look really cool guy on your FLYING surfboard carelessly cutting the Marine life to ribbons as you cruise down that manatee estuary as a smooth 50 mph, Is it too fast to see little pieces of fish tails float to the surface? If I buy one for 12 tho it better have machetttes on the sides to because I need to kill all those slow paddle boarders as I cruise by.
Luis Sousa
Luis Sousa - 5 years ago
It's not New.!
Stephen Iles
Stephen Iles - 5 years ago
fake- look at the wake and spray. Not real
Черное море побережье
Черное море побережье - 5 years ago
beautiful and rational
JCUDOS - 5 years ago
Either louder speaking or lower music, choose one.
Other than that very cool little machine.
Jeff Barry
Jeff Barry - 5 years ago
Where was this filmed?
River Surfer
River Surfer - 5 years ago
I need one!!!
Mike - 5 years ago
Alessandro Barros
Alessandro Barros - 5 years ago
Onde eu compro um desse??
Ron Lee
Ron Lee - 5 years ago
You could buy 2 used jet skies of the price of one of these screwed up over priced bullshit boards. HEY ASSHOLES GET OFF THE MARKET .THIS BULLSHIT SHOULDNT BE SOLD AT MORE THEN 200$ BUT THANKS FOR THE IDEA NOW I WILL MAKE A FORTUNE.
Omnipotent Dwarf
Omnipotent Dwarf - 5 years ago
Stk Media
Stk Media - 5 years ago
ahahahhah, that's so funny, the streaks, the colors, the north korea style overlays
Jim Cole
Jim Cole - 5 years ago
Not cheap but sweet!!!
茂野修平 - 5 years ago
I really want this!!
How can I get it??
Where should I buy??
I live in JAPAN.
Please somebody give me information!!
Mr. King Kitty
Mr. King Kitty - 5 years ago
Cool dad!
Kopronko - 5 years ago
For how many minutes is it enduring without recharging ??
22 A Day No Way
22 A Day No Way - 5 years ago
Watch. 22adaynoway
pal98111 - 5 years ago
Should be $1200 instead of $12,000. Get real.
lucifer thebringeroflight
lucifer thebringeroflight - 5 years ago
Adding a motor to it takes away the skill to use a hydrofoil surfboard.
MrWojtek1982 - 5 years ago
Stupid AF.
TIMS PRB102 - 5 years ago
Cant get past that intro!
John A
John A - 6 years ago
the music took away from the video.
OgGarcioVega - 6 years ago
A hover surf board?
Carlos Eduardo Rossi
Carlos Eduardo Rossi - 6 years ago
Qto custa?
ChipTuning - 6 years ago
Silver Surfer
The lettuce wouldn’t let us
The lettuce wouldn’t let us - 6 years ago
Fuck yeah
protizemo s
protizemo s - 6 years ago
Dude... stunts?
D. E.
D. E. - 6 years ago
fuck that music right off
ALEX SVON - 6 years ago
за эту хуету бля нах !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Limon Khan
Limon Khan - 6 years ago
how price
이사장 - 6 years ago
fucking price
Maurice Harting
Maurice Harting - 6 years ago
Here is a problem ... what if you run out of battery power in the open ocean surrounded by great whites?
Johnny Harlem
Johnny Harlem - 6 years ago
That music is so annoying
tang 86
tang 86 - 6 years ago
Mac Kirby
Mac Kirby - 6 years ago
Photoshop phat
Daniel Richardson
Daniel Richardson - 6 years ago
OR you could get a jet ski and actually sit down.
ROMAN XY9777 - 6 years ago
Emerson vídeos
Emerson vídeos - 6 years ago
xfull Doe
xfull Doe - 6 years ago
Fake News
Robert Young
Robert Young - 6 years ago
There has got to be a way to make a wave runner hydrofoil with a gas motor like this I can only Imagine the high-speeds you could reach
K-Man S
K-Man S - 6 years ago
What kind of idiot would pay $12k for that? $1200 is a stretch. This company goes NOWHERE!
Some Guy
Some Guy - 6 years ago
Dude, you'd be amazed at what people will pay stupid amounts of money for.  Ever heard of "Louis Vitton"?
Shaun Moller
Shaun Moller - 6 years ago
battery life? how long can you rule the water on this thing?
Lowell A
Lowell A - 6 years ago
Music is horrible can't take it
candlestorm - 6 years ago
Really cool as a concept but where is the sport and the effort in there?
The frog
The frog - 6 years ago
Jacky Lee
Jacky Lee - 6 years ago
not that it isn't cool, but honestly more noise pollution for sea animals
DebrisHauler - 6 years ago
The audio production is so bad in this video, and then the staccato airhorn comes in at 1:49. I just lost it!
david2020 - 6 years ago
I dont find this "toy" useful and safe. You can hit anything underwater. I prefer to float
I.P. FREELY - 6 years ago
....what? There was talking? Nooo shit.
Howzer The man
Howzer The man - 6 years ago
These things look fucking awesome anyone know how much they cost and can they be shipped any where?
Anthony P
Anthony P - 6 years ago
$12,000? For that kind of cash it better come with the chick with the smoking hot ASS.
Anthony P
Anthony P - 6 years ago
Click bait.. The chick with the smoking hot ass has a 2 second spot in the video.
Guy Best
Guy Best - 6 years ago
In one year, around the holiday season. China will have copies for sale on sites like aliexpress and dhgate. In two years, they will have better ones for sale.
Ion Ymous
Ion Ymous - 6 years ago
had me until the air horn
xxxx85 - 6 years ago
$12000, that's insane lol. If this was like $500 I could perhaps be interested.
Would also like to know how long the battery lasts for and how much noise it makes.
lex luthor
lex luthor - 6 years ago
that ass not fake
Scott Duffy
Scott Duffy - 6 years ago
Tap dat ass
Levi Suazo
Levi Suazo - 6 years ago
No one wiped out?
snipper - 6 years ago
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller - 6 years ago
do you see the digital noise around them? that means this is all green-screen. fake.
SheepEatingDuck - 6 years ago
Would be better if the propeller was right under the board and it didn't lift out of the water.
Rudy Lira
Rudy Lira - 6 years ago
I only clicked for 0:33
Ozomak Buckshankle
Ozomak Buckshankle - 6 years ago
What's the name of this song?
joannawie - 6 years ago
Blu Blum
Blu Blum - 6 years ago
Hydrofoil surfboard for 12k. No thanks. Nothing new.
Kaya Gee
Kaya Gee - 6 years ago
dwhollrah - 6 years ago
Cool product! Annoying music.
Input City
Input City - 6 years ago
Laird Hamilton.
kawika dav
kawika dav - 6 years ago
Lame..... If I wanted a motor on a board I would just buy seadoo.
Mark Tibbetts
Mark Tibbetts - 6 years ago
It IS photoshopped. Watch closely at the water after it passes in overhead views
Ricky Tran
Ricky Tran - 6 years ago
Tight. Wait for China to sell them for < $1000
O próximo sai melhor
O próximo sai melhor - 6 years ago
Zelda Alfa
Zelda Alfa - 6 years ago
FCgamerMG Theoneofgod
FCgamerMG Theoneofgod - 6 years ago
RexLamby 858
RexLamby 858 - 6 years ago
This ruins the art of surfing
Diver Dan
Diver Dan - 6 years ago
Blatantly video edited to make it look a lot better..
Luke Denton
Luke Denton - 6 years ago
Thumbnail got me
Sunday Samuel
Sunday Samuel - 6 years ago
What about the sea or the river conditions
Sunday Samuel
Sunday Samuel - 6 years ago
Auto cad for movies
YAHNWAESUHNMUN - 6 years ago
Niven Sha
Niven Sha - 6 years ago
Isn't it an animation
Jesse Cervantes
Jesse Cervantes - 6 years ago
Is it wave safe??
eph 425
eph 425 - 6 years ago
I don't think the average Joe would be able to afford $12,000 toy. :)
Andy Man
Andy Man - 6 years ago
Kevin wild did this over 10 years ago.
Bigo Asia girl
Bigo Asia girl - 6 years ago
Hakim Zanouda
Hakim Zanouda - 6 years ago
Not really sure
Carlos Barragan
Carlos Barragan - 6 years ago
Dammmm! This is nice ! Where can I get one? Or a couple fuck it ?
Mai Dude
Mai Dude - 6 years ago
Sure let me spend fucking 12,000 dollars on a surfboard with a motor... good luck on getting forward with that lol
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar - 6 years ago
Power of VFX
Latinos Unidos
Latinos Unidos - 6 years ago
This is kool
trollerer b
trollerer b - 6 years ago
How long can it operate at full speed
chinollcon vid
chinollcon vid - 6 years ago
más falso que trum tirando el muro,ece motor no moberiani a una tortuga
Michael boyd
Michael boyd - 6 years ago
Scott O
Scott O - 6 years ago
Thats not a surfboard you friggin kooks
kiko man
kiko man - 6 years ago
Jason Hall
Jason Hall - 6 years ago
Your music is terrible. If I ever saw someone on that surfboard, I'd think of that song and then run them over with my boat.
Jimmy Walker
Jimmy Walker - 6 years ago
this thing is absolutely cool as fuck!!! and at 0:31 that ASS definitely did not hurt the appeal!!!!
Kelo gii
Kelo gii - 6 years ago
I love how the music is so loud it drowns out that tard explaining the board
chiu dinhchiu
chiu dinhchiu - 6 years ago
Can i buy it?
wilson A. B
wilson A. B - 6 years ago
pega um toco na á já eraaaaaaa.
Joona Heinonen
Joona Heinonen - 6 years ago
Species per late garage painting sort undertake reach follow.
Kane O'opu
Kane O'opu - 6 years ago
Island Aerial
Island Aerial - 6 years ago
Bad choice in price point
Bill Klein
Bill Klein - 6 years ago
So you can't turn at all. That could be a problem
Mike Collins
Mike Collins - 6 years ago
II topped watching at the point where I couldn't hear the commentary because the musak was too loud.
aditya ramteke
aditya ramteke - 6 years ago
Preety cool and can provide better learning experience to new serfers.
Allen Crix
Allen Crix - 6 years ago
i know you click this video because of the thumbnail.......
Tommy Hammernots
Tommy Hammernots - 6 years ago
noe de la barca
noe de la barca - 6 years ago
its amazing. but not all paths on the water is cleaned or free of obstacles. I wanna see a video where the fying board is obstacle proove. what if it hits a piece of wood, or a fish, or a huge whale. I think, that flying board needs a special camera or something to show a clear path under the water. thats the detail I'm talking about.
Will Brooks
Will Brooks - 6 years ago
Nice CGI
Kyle Moore
Kyle Moore - 6 years ago
Where’s the gas tank. Lol
tmour mari muntz
tmour mari muntz - 6 years ago
Dislike, intro WAY too fucking loud, music over the dude talking = bullshit. At least you put the source, but on the bottom of everything, put it where its easy to see, really needed to ask for the follow and like bullshit twice? once in the video and once in the comments ?
jamie cookson
jamie cookson - 6 years ago
This is called a foil board it nothing new they have been around for about 6 years
michel trevizan
michel trevizan - 6 years ago
Muito show qts HP e esse motor
Mikhail ARYUPIN - 6 years ago
It will be spectacular crash if foil touch the ground.
greg chapman
greg chapman - 6 years ago
this is nothing special its just a hydro-foiling surf board with a motor at the bottom of the foils. I mean they did this with the Americas Cup boats years ago.
Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson - 6 years ago
Robbie Madison, does that on a Motorbike, and go on land also..
John Lynch
John Lynch - 6 years ago
That was the coolest thing I've seen in 20 years , that just went on my bucket list .
T serd
T serd - 6 years ago
easy to build yourself
I am am I
I am am I - 6 years ago
The upright spar needs to be clear trivex so it looks more like its suspended in the air..
Ian Foo
Ian Foo - 6 years ago
lazy man's way to surf !!
Brion Franks
Brion Franks - 6 years ago
music is WAY TOO LOUD cant hear a thing you re saying
Alex Vargas
Alex Vargas - 6 years ago
Aguadilla quebradillas eso es puerto rico!
alec andrulat
alec andrulat - 6 years ago
Just a heads up to the producer of this video, you forgot to lower the levels on the music track when mixing the speech track.
Tony Rosales
Tony Rosales - 6 years ago
Can you say "Faceplant" after you hit reef!!
Maryline Lhortolary
Maryline Lhortolary - 6 years ago
trop. bien
Maryline Lhortolary
Maryline Lhortolary - 6 years ago
Bill & Bill`s Gentlemans Club
Bill & Bill`s Gentlemans Club - 6 years ago
Should have edited yourselves flying through space...It would have been just as believable as some of the shots in this
Mike Sloan
Mike Sloan - 6 years ago
for those that think it's fake...explain this...
pforce9 - 6 years ago
I wouldn't want to hit a submerged branch running up a river like that. I bet that you would do a double cartwheel and a face plant. Being a sailor, iI think that t is what is below the waterline that we should be most concerned with. I notice that they never showed them; stopping, dismounting, getting back on shore and taking that thing out of the water. Cool toy though. I wonderment mind riding one in deep water with a chase boat,
Trixter808 - 6 years ago
want mine glossy black on deck 3 color's under
Trixter808 - 6 years ago
price ?
Marcos Moraes
Marcos Moraes - 6 years ago
it not work
Zachary Sprunt
Zachary Sprunt - 6 years ago
To bad you need to register it and carry proper proper safety gear for a vessel of its size- flares
Max R
Max R - 6 years ago
came here for thumbnail.
RUS38 - 6 years ago
Looks too weird. Not for me
b km
b km - 6 years ago
12000 wow sooo expensive, wait for china design
PI Flyboard
PI Flyboard - 6 years ago
Amazing footage! Would love to introduce that to our Flyboard School in Phillip Island
Alfa Wildan
Alfa Wildan - 6 years ago
Outcast Outdoors
Outcast Outdoors - 6 years ago
Boy, rich folks have so much you'd think they'd be content but no....they don't want anyone else to have anything.
patrick shwasted
patrick shwasted - 6 years ago
Everyone riding them looks pretty bored
Tejash - 6 years ago
it's Photoshop
how about Abstract of underwater plants ?
there more chance of floating algae on water can trip you down
maybe Ok for ocean not for river
João Silva
João Silva - 6 years ago
That take the surf off!!! -.-
Diogo Santana
Diogo Santana - 6 years ago
Já tem no Brasil
pelukero loko
pelukero loko - 6 years ago
EYE TECH - 6 years ago
@Pelukero price in the description below
sixosix606 - 6 years ago
How can i buy it?
EYE TECH - 6 years ago
@Sixosix606 you can check their website in the description below
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker - 6 years ago
Shahrokh Zhand
Shahrokh Zhand - 6 years ago
It"s cool Men ! But too EXPENSIVE ! And Thanks a lot for such nice Inspiration + Work !
john mac
john mac - 6 years ago
to get that much tourque out of that size of a motor your battery half life will be minimal maybe 5 ten minutes honestly and you better not be over 150-160lbs
Yaboy - 6 years ago
Scrolled down to see if anyone else saw what i saw and to my disapointment not one fucking one you of you made a comment on how fake this shit is!! Jesus yall are gullible af!!
Biggles - 6 years ago
Some big barriers here. Scenario your up and flying up a river as depicted drawing 250mm? on the fly and you enter water 500mm deep and say displacent draft is a metre. Mean you cant stop without a long walk back to deep water.
This looks only good for open ocean.
Matthew Kaai
Matthew Kaai - 6 years ago
Deletes the purpose...
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips - 6 years ago
Then what's the point for it being in the water? Just get a regular surf board
Howard Mora
Howard Mora - 6 years ago
And the surfboard is hot too!
Viggle Splash
Viggle Splash - 6 years ago
pray that you don't run over a shallow or hit a shark
steve pope
steve pope - 6 years ago
It's real Google air chair to understand.
xcx23 Cwea
xcx23 Cwea - 6 years ago
LOL, WTF... $12,000???????
guy bartlett
guy bartlett - 6 years ago
Yes amazing ass!
TreeTrunkFunk - 6 years ago
Notice you never saw anyone start or stop that thing. Strictly riding at speed
Shore Fire
Shore Fire - 6 years ago
HMMM, how is it that nobody's hair or clothes are blowing in the wind as they are riding these?  Also, you'd think that there would be more of a wake left.  HMMMMM
clarkewi - 6 years ago
Where can I get one?
Kd Grayson
Kd Grayson - 6 years ago
I can imagine cruising home when the low battery alarm sounds , just as you see a 40 ft Great White shark gaining on you from behind with its jaws snapping!
Sphinx Rising
Sphinx Rising - 6 years ago
Obviously fake, as notice the vertical fin protruding from the water did not even crate a small wake, lol
Larry Fulmer
Larry Fulmer - 6 years ago
These look so cool. Would have been awesome to have when I was younger.
Eddie Hoppe
Eddie Hoppe - 6 years ago
12,000 are you kidding me!! Stick with water ski
Steven - 6 years ago
I love how in every other shot they pass someone paddling! haha
thebarrochannel - 6 years ago
You'd look cool for 2 mins in front of the beach.
But after a while its boring as fuck, standing there like a lame ass version of Silver Surfer.
Noo Hall
Noo Hall - 6 years ago
Another invention " for wildlife to fear....
Stephen Nielsen
Stephen Nielsen - 6 years ago
Finally something I can use to defeat Spiderman
Fullonme - 6 years ago
It looks real to me but a few things are lacking at this point. No footage of the "take Off" and none of a "landing" and every rider is basically maintaining straight lines. It'd be interesting to see when the riders center of gravity is too far forward and the front of the board contacts the water.
jmgmarcus - 6 years ago
You hit a manatee going full speed with this and he will not be happy.
MaNameMaJEFF - 6 years ago
you can fly on water
mach533x - 6 years ago
nothing new... they have made water skis with these since like the 80s
QUONTUM LEEEP - 6 years ago
Fake , but pretty well done, till you watch it a second time and spot the CGI Shonk !!!
Everett Gardner
Everett Gardner - 6 years ago
Way to promote water safety!
Chris Helms
Chris Helms - 6 years ago
Bill Page
Bill Page - 6 years ago
at angles it lokes like hover boards
ubilluzconkyo - 6 years ago
how do you avoid hitting coral ? Wouldn't you cause damage to the expensive propeller, coral, mangrove roots, sealife.. ? looks cool though
Jaro Matt
Jaro Matt - 6 years ago
rip turtles
Johan sigurdson
Johan sigurdson - 6 years ago
Until you hit a shark and crash into it having it eat you.
Auttie B
Auttie B - 6 years ago
Looks like fun. China made versions for sale soon as half the price
Tealshot Tv
Tealshot Tv - 6 years ago
What does it run in water?
Play with Junk
Play with Junk - 6 years ago
The real Hoverboard....finally!
OhioJimbo Hern
OhioJimbo Hern - 6 years ago
Is there any footage of take-off or a "controlled" stop?
Tribe Benjamin
Tribe Benjamin - 6 years ago
Chinese making a cheaper one...and also it can take overweight or obese people for an awesome ride of their lives.
Jordan wang
Jordan wang - 6 years ago
don't buy this board, this is not even surfing
Jordan wang
Jordan wang - 6 years ago
new your ass, laird hamilton was riding this board during the fu**ing stone ages
modvs1 - 6 years ago
The nose dive would be fun when you slam into a large fish or hook up on some reeds.
Rob van Gils
Rob van Gils - 6 years ago
I think it sould be $1200?!
Leol Mondhol
Leol Mondhol - 6 years ago
Probably can only play for 5 up to 10 minutes ... Before the battery or oil or whatever....runs out.
Studio Rinaldi
Studio Rinaldi - 6 years ago
vincent7520 - 6 years ago
How long is one ride before recharging ,…
Wong Candi
Wong Candi - 6 years ago
Wah enak tenan beo iso soja soja
Ryu Gods
Ryu Gods - 6 years ago
The world is becoming lazier. You're supposed to get a good exercise now you do nothing but just stand
Damien Speers
Damien Speers - 6 years ago
So it's another rich man's toy
JamezDean 3.14
JamezDean 3.14 - 6 years ago
fake as fuck
Michigan Missy
Michigan Missy - 6 years ago
Can't hear the guy talk over that obnoxious techno noise.
9avedon - 6 years ago
Fake as hell, talk about fraud .
Harold Loring jr.
Harold Loring jr. - 6 years ago
Travel Aftermovie
Travel Aftermovie - 6 years ago
Subscribe for location and actility previews ;)

Traveling is the best form of education.
thekaduu - 6 years ago
Introducing Jerseyshore-like douchebaggery attacment v1.0
Tyg Rahof
Tyg Rahof - 6 years ago
CGI, I don't believe it is real.
reza sadeghi
reza sadeghi - 6 years ago
David Jessee
David Jessee - 6 years ago
Took a second look..
Photo shop....
David Jessee
David Jessee - 6 years ago
Great ass!!!
David Jessee
David Jessee - 6 years ago
Music sux
brainbah - 6 years ago
What happens when one falls off of it, does it stop or keep going?
bipola telly
bipola telly - 6 years ago
Useless for surfing.
Edson guerreiro
Edson guerreiro - 6 years ago
edsongueirreiro BAHIA
Panday Pira
Panday Pira - 6 years ago
this will be a hit for those who stand stationery most of the time
cee dee
cee dee - 6 years ago
@:32 nice
veedub447 - 6 years ago
what's the range or time until you lose power?
taradead - 6 years ago
you could ride a wave on this, but it's hardly a "surf" board ("lazy" board would be more appropriate). If someone rode one of these at my surf spot, the rider would get a real surfboard speared at him/her.
Zule - 6 years ago
So you got me with the click bait of the girls hot ass bit this video is actually cool. How fast do hey go and where can I buy some ? It will save me a fortune on gas pulling the kids on wake boards that cuts into my beer drinking time. Damn kids if you don't have any you're lucky.
Neal Stapel
Neal Stapel - 6 years ago
Battery life?
EYE TECH - 6 years ago
@Neal. It lasts up to an hour -depending on rider weight/speed. Recharge time is 2.5 hours
justaman6972 - 6 years ago
The price point is beyond the median affordable for most people. Pointless.
Adolfo Miguel Dorado Jodar
Adolfo Miguel Dorado Jodar - 6 years ago
Que aburrimiento solo el que ha hecho surf sabe que no te pueden engañar con esto tan artificial
DIY Electric Hydrofoil
DIY Electric Hydrofoil - 6 years ago
Great video love the setup!
There is also a new electric hydrofoil being developed on Kickstarter that will bolt onto almost any hydrofoil using different mount types and the project ends in 24 hours.
A AQ - 6 years ago
Acceleration remote control can be added feature/specs i mean World is bit more automatic nowadays.
Zebulon B
Zebulon B - 6 years ago
Get based in USA and we'll talk.
Andy E
Andy E - 6 years ago
now let's see what the engine looks like....looks like a sweet ass. Wait....i see what you did there.
toamaori - 6 years ago
if there was a way to make the central support out of something strong and transparent like transparent aluminium or sapphire glass... the visual effect would be amazing
Daniel Penn
Daniel Penn - 6 years ago
I want one
Надо бы Вовику медальку дать
Надо бы Вовику медальку дать - 6 years ago
Ivan the terrible
Ivan the terrible - 6 years ago
So it's the overboard of water
atta machines
atta machines - 6 years ago
excuse me, If interested, subscribe for me
JanJoost Aukema
JanJoost Aukema - 6 years ago
I live in Amsterdam, this is the ideal way to go to work thrue the channels in the morning
Chief60 - 6 years ago
You can't account for every submerged obstacle
I'm not saying the unit isn't a cool ass ride at fact it is a pretty rad idea.
But there are drawbacks to such a long drive unit that's that far down in the water.
How about designing the drive unit with several lengths of submerged drive units so depending where your major usage is, you can purchase a craft that can accommodate your particular waterway?
Chief60 - 6 years ago
Tide charts are not the point, if your in a river as the video shows and the drive unit hits a snag or submerged tree stump your gonna be fucked
The drive unit is to far down to be practical, unless your only using it in the ocean
Russ Tanner
Russ Tanner - 6 years ago
Just don't hit a patch of seaweed.
Bunnyshooter 223
Bunnyshooter 223 - 6 years ago
Not an alternative.
Suzanne Moogan
Suzanne Moogan - 6 years ago
typo: the electric hydrofoil section
Suzanne Moogan
Suzanne Moogan - 6 years ago
Looking at this design again wouldn't huge barrels rip it apart the foil I mean .
Yeah ,good for calm waters as you would really build up some speed.
Suzanne Moogan
Suzanne Moogan - 6 years ago
What a fantastic idea from a competitve viewpoint
Does it reduce shark attacks or is that still a risk with this design?.
Rob Hofer
Rob Hofer - 6 years ago
Suzanne Moogan ...only if you've never surfed!
Dan Lilley
Dan Lilley - 6 years ago
diGritz1 - 6 years ago
Impressive. I don't think you could find more annoying music if you tried.
Matt Honeycutt
Matt Honeycutt - 6 years ago
Can you imagine a bad guy looking up and seeing 20 Navy seals surfing up to his section of beach, no warning. Awesome.
Trypsykh - 6 years ago
This is pretty cool until you slice a scuba diver in half.
Wayne Carkeek
Wayne Carkeek - 6 years ago
if they dont have the little blue and yellow flag out
Daniel Westberg
Daniel Westberg - 6 years ago
Wtf that is so awesome. Pure awesomeness, could cross the sea to Denmark (2.6) km and donmy grossier shopping and go back. The faces on people mind would be so great
就 醬
就 醬 - 6 years ago
沒有花樣的產品,不好玩 ^^
locomojo0485 - 6 years ago
This is awesome... but I so wanted to see the hydrofoil catch a stump... LMAO
Axel Official
Axel Official - 6 years ago
So you will need atleast 4ft of water to get goin, and no more jumping waves :( they already have powered board which can be uswd in as little as 1ft of water and you jump waves. But good luck, when there is money there is a market
C W - 6 years ago
Definitely fake. ...Also, notice how all of the footage is on calm water. This thing would probably do horrible on actual wavy water.
Daniel Ramsey
Daniel Ramsey - 6 years ago
I would love to find the type of motor plus the powerbank and build my own! Might be cheaper to just buy an old Prius and strip a few parts out if it.
Carp Studio's
Carp Studio's - 6 years ago
Apparently you have to be a manikin to ride it.
Lance Henry
Lance Henry - 6 years ago
Awesome and amazing
peterhayabusa - 6 years ago
back to the future
....waterworld type
Islam Muslims are evil Satans Evil Satans
Islam Muslims are evil Satans Evil Satans - 6 years ago
I came here just for the beautiful round ass thumbnail
Scott Yandell
Scott Yandell - 6 years ago
Moore manatee scars
Kd Grayson
Kd Grayson - 6 years ago
id104335409 - 6 years ago
What black magic is this?
Zed Man
Zed Man - 6 years ago
Oh yeah. And what happens when they crash into a Dolphin, Shark in the sea or Manatee in the river or something.!!??
Fresh Love
Fresh Love - 6 years ago
It will sink lol i dont think is real. How does that thing fly??? It doesnt make sense at all, plus its going super fast , not real either
Rob Hofer
Rob Hofer - 6 years ago
Fresh & Clean Love must go fast to attain the lift needed to raise the surfer/rider!
Fresh Love
Fresh Love - 6 years ago
How do you put the breaks in lol ??? If you need to stop?
Wayne Carkeek
Wayne Carkeek - 6 years ago
how do you stop a plane, you dont, you make sure there is nothing ahead and you plan the journey , foil boards stop really fast if you nose dive however, not ideal but it works !
Fresh Love
Fresh Love - 6 years ago
I want one
Makc - 6 years ago
12k $?? Isn't it too expensive??!! Wait until the price drops
bigmac - 6 years ago
I want to see the out take of the creek scene when he hit that submerged log. Man I bet that was funny!
Darrell's Moto Diary
Darrell's Moto Diary - 6 years ago
James the grower
James the grower - 6 years ago
Best part of the vid, the chicks ass
Chief60 - 6 years ago
Ass plastic dude
Not real
Chief60 - 6 years ago
Hit something submerged with the drive unit and your ass over tea kettle my friend......not pretty....then you gotta get back to shore with a dead ass Me thinks not

What's the drive time on a charge?
How heavy is the entire unit?
Does it take two to carry it to the water?
Wayne Carkeek
Wayne Carkeek - 6 years ago
1 hour of use on a charge , if you hit the drive unit you haven't checked the tide charts like you would if you had a power boat. There are skills involved to navigate waterways and there is lots of deep ocean available, also where there are no swimmers present so its a win/win. To ride this craft and foil where i live, you need to be 200m offshore, in some countries you will need registration and a licence proving you have navigation skills.
Rob Hofer
Rob Hofer - 6 years ago
Chief60 ...good questions.
James Lacey
James Lacey - 6 years ago
Price is unjustified same as a boat and motor that will hold 6 person that's dumping the r and d on the consumers if you want to sell them at least make it affordable
Good luck nice idea
HeartlandRanchTV - 5 years ago
New products of this kind are always hella expensive when they first come on the market. The price will drop as demand and production increases.
chase - 6 years ago
Lol.. $12,000 nice idea till I read that.
The plans were in Popular Mechanics decades ago for this exact same thing.
You can DIY one with new electronics and batteries based on those plans for $600-$1,200 depending on board, batteries and motor.
Mary Glin
Mary Glin - 6 years ago
S B - 6 years ago
All looks super imposed, but a neat gadget to have for the holidays, I want one
danahan01 - 6 years ago
Most irritating noise ever!!
joel stevens
joel stevens - 6 years ago
Where the hell is my jetpack?
Kitebrasiliacombr Brasilia
Kitebrasiliacombr Brasilia - 6 years ago
Hi i would like more information my email is rgs !
A.T Raharja
A.T Raharja - 6 years ago
Shut up and take my money!
george menegas
george menegas - 6 years ago
Sure in super calm water' thanks
Hungry Eyez
Hungry Eyez - 6 years ago
Turn the music down when you talk in your video. Couldn't hear a word you said bro.
relikvija - 6 years ago
fuck google
Peters Right but,
Peters Right but, - 6 years ago
Just so you know that banging ass is at :30.
False Michael
False Michael - 6 years ago
Please don't be 2k, please don't be 2k, please be 500$
Lakhena Lim
Lakhena Lim - 6 years ago
what batteries are you using with this board, sir??
Wolf THE GREAT Alpha
Wolf THE GREAT Alpha - 6 years ago
schnipsy you mean Maria irma wipe Texas and that's Puerto Rico beautiful resilient Island they will rise again stronger than ever it's not the first hurricane they have been through and they always come up
schnipsy - 6 years ago
not now....they got r8pd. irma wipe.
Surfmus - 6 years ago
In gorgeous Puerto Rico.
Kd Grayson
Kd Grayson - 6 years ago
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 6 years ago
thats not flying dumbasses
George Palau
George Palau - 5 years ago
Close enough. Hey, Jesus, show us a vid of you walking on water!!
dusternm - 6 years ago
Fuck Paddling
Quickters - 6 years ago
bumps into a shark
Wayne Carkeek
Wayne Carkeek - 6 years ago
Even a fish makes the foil drop, i snagged one last week and it felt like the foil had broken off
Wolf THE GREAT Alpha
Wolf THE GREAT Alpha - 6 years ago
Quickters or a megalodon that will suck
Quickters - 6 years ago
bumps into a shark
Zahorecz Tamás
Zahorecz Tamás - 6 years ago
Nice animations
Zaid Shah500000
Zaid Shah500000 - 6 years ago
Very nice
Michael Timmerman
Michael Timmerman - 6 years ago
They forgot to show the footage of what happens when your engine hits an object under the water like drift wood...
MrT-Rex - 5 years ago
12K down the drain.
Sticks N Stones
Sticks N Stones - 6 years ago
Wait....drift wood is now under water? How much does that cost?
Kd Grayson
Kd Grayson - 6 years ago
Ejection boots fire off sending you 2000 ft up and pops a chute
Neddskorg - 6 years ago
I would guess a face plant of epic proportions would instantly follow lol.
Coach Nick Hawley
Coach Nick Hawley - 6 years ago
What is the song?
Jimmy Rice
Jimmy Rice - 6 years ago
Keep dreaming it doesnt exist.
Willy Wombat
Willy Wombat - 6 years ago
Till you hit reef
Natália Soares
Natália Soares - 6 years ago
Hahaha surfista prateado
GoodISnipr - 6 years ago
I can just imagine the crash if the submerged fin hits a fish or log. Next thing you know, some suit is gonna tell you to put seatbelts on it and pay the city to register it.

P.S. Check the track volumes, PLEASE!
melted cheetah
melted cheetah - 6 years ago
Shit music
The Torrance
The Torrance - 6 years ago
First minute and more is obviously cgi
Edgar Karam
Edgar Karam - 6 years ago
I'll wait for the Chinese model, with the smaller ass. Lol
Besttech - 6 years ago
+Edgar, Chinese ass is not so hot like that Ass^^
Yaros Yari
Yaros Yari - 6 years ago
i saw 1 man drove that once. didn't know it has engine.. simple surf by waves is more cool imo
blech71 - 6 years ago
That ass was the hook... but the board was pretty cool. OP knew what he was doing
Paul Racine
Paul Racine - 6 years ago
About 95% of these " watertoys" are prototypes,they usually never make it to production because of so many problems.You see 2 1/2 minutes of " it working", you DON'T see the hours and hours of failed attempts.
Felipe Azua
Felipe Azua - 5 years ago
maybe yours is :( lol jk
George Palau
George Palau - 5 years ago
Isn't that usually how life is?
Надя Волкова
Надя Волкова - 6 years ago
It is very good.
Darren Morgan
Darren Morgan - 6 years ago
Watch you don't hit rocks under you in the water lol
MARTIN STRANGE - 6 years ago
Put solar cells on top of the board an underneath ,the latter being vertical and in strong sun you have extra power to charge the battery...
A Wolff
A Wolff - 6 years ago
That's sick how much
oh yagelnizzle
oh yagelnizzle - 6 years ago
Amazing! But not 12grand amazing
Joe Jones
Joe Jones - 6 years ago
Wow that noise is horrible
Kenny G Choonit
Kenny G Choonit - 6 years ago
Dang, that expensive. You have to be in pretty deep water for that to work.
Harry Ballzac
Harry Ballzac - 6 years ago
The only thing that's new about this is the motor. Laird Hamilton invented this shit like 10 years ago. Except you don't need a motor for his, just ocean current. Seems a bit pricey, actually it doesn't seem that way it is that way. $12,000.00 my ass!!
Cris LeRose
Cris LeRose - 6 years ago
Paused video at :30 .... 18 minutes later and an empty bottle of KY resumed video.
SuperMan - 6 years ago
there will be silence!!
Element of Kindness
Element of Kindness - 6 years ago
I see George Lucas is still creating awesome things.
momo benani
momo benani - 6 years ago
Whats this song ???
mrabrasive51 - 6 years ago
doesn't Marty McFly have one of these!!.FAKE!!
Jayraj Sabastian
Jayraj Sabastian - 6 years ago
What song ?
Roderick L
Roderick L - 6 years ago
Silver surfer stuff!..  Awesome!..
Darrin Schultz
Darrin Schultz - 6 years ago
@: Roderick L ,
That was exactly what I first thought as at the same time while watching this video I was also watching the movie: Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer .
Liquid bend
Liquid bend - 6 years ago
Like how many times are you going to want to ride one of these ? It's a fade
The Great Batu
The Great Batu - 6 years ago
Looks so sick, love the music!
anshul kumar
anshul kumar - 6 years ago
can it stop on water or has to keep moving like bicycle
Skip Lee
Skip Lee - 6 years ago
Turn down the very annoying music so we can hear what the dude is saying
fightrrrrr - 6 years ago
Wouldn't mind flyin into that girls ass :32
Rose Rey
Rose Rey - 6 years ago
only in america
Bob Sirunkle
Bob Sirunkle - 6 years ago
Great noise...I mean music.
Very enjoyable....I mean irritating.
Henry C
Henry C - 6 years ago
That's all people need, something that makes them look more like food in the ocean to sharks.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith - 6 years ago
What happens under the bridge at 1:14 Anybody ?
Dan S
Dan S - 6 years ago
For $12 grand, absolutely not.
Ernekun - 6 years ago
You G0t Th1s
You G0t Th1s - 6 years ago
Aladdin be like ... wtf??
Jonathan Bueno
Jonathan Bueno - 6 years ago
what a piece of crap
Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong-Un - 6 years ago
My special forces are equipped with these.
Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong-Un - 6 years ago
Thumbnail ass tho....ask women need is a tight juicy ass, nothing else...
ron humphrey
ron humphrey - 6 years ago
Nothing new here. Just took Brad Nichol & Laird Hamilton's foilboard design and threw a motor on it.
鹿毛涼太 - 6 years ago
高い… expensive....
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia - 6 years ago
Just curious what happens when you run into a fish, or any other creature or a rock or seaweed, or undergrowth and gets tangled, what would happen when a person loses balance and falls off. If you run over a fish or a person swimming does it harm them does the motor knock off what damage might is cause ?
Anthony Banks
Anthony Banks - 6 years ago
Fake fake and more fake
DaebakMonkey - 6 years ago
It is called a hydrofoil. Race boats have had them for ages. And $12,000?!?! I would buy a small race boat and a set of hydrofoils for it for that money!
Brendan Brown
Brendan Brown - 6 years ago
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees - 6 years ago
Eff you sharks!! And apparently gators.. might as well shape the above surface human holder as a loveseat
Tony Stephens
Tony Stephens - 6 years ago
Until you ride that thing into a great white shark and it flips you headfirst into the water
Eric jones
Eric jones - 6 years ago
Homemade version.

This isn't new.
Eric jones
Eric jones - 6 years ago
Weight limit of user.
B. Walker
B. Walker - 6 years ago
Hit a rock.....splash.
Elliot Williams
Elliot Williams - 6 years ago
Wtf it's just a hydrofoil board with a motor thought it was gonna be something special
Elliot Williams
Elliot Williams - 6 years ago
Maybe even actually new lmfao
Christophe Salvaing
Christophe Salvaing - 6 years ago
Cost a kidney.
You play with 10 minutes and then you get bored.
Store in the garage.
Resold 1 years after a -50%

A future behind, like a Segway.
boomzx - 6 years ago
I can build one for wayyyyy less
Kd Grayson
Kd Grayson - 6 years ago
Wolf THE GREAT Alpha
Wolf THE GREAT Alpha - 6 years ago
boomzx let me know I will be your first customer
Eric Muschlitz
Eric Muschlitz - 6 years ago
dude, the cgi has never spent time observing, let alone on water.
Jonny B
Jonny B - 6 years ago
It's fake. I can't be the only one that can see the poor photoshoping!
Avi Ben
Avi Ben - 6 years ago
Wow I love it!
Clayton Brown
Clayton Brown - 6 years ago
Way to take a little kid flying at a dock, dumbass
Jimmy Two Times
Jimmy Two Times - 6 years ago
Wht i can't hear ya over this fag ass music
Anh Hoang
Anh Hoang - 6 years ago
Sorry island boy like myself stick to our regular surfboard and rip curl the waves till dawn ..not this lazy technology surf board..
Z.C.S Minecraft
Z.C.S Minecraft - 6 years ago
This is fake. My dad invented the real one at
Mickael Cohen
Mickael Cohen - 6 years ago
Steven McGarva
Steven McGarva - 6 years ago
Nice toy.
Steven McGarva
Steven McGarva - 6 years ago
What's the power system, battery, how long does one charge last
0prahTV - 6 years ago
They're taking pre-orders. It's gonna be hilarious when they announce it was all a scam and they couldn't built it.
Jshift4Lo - 6 years ago
motorize vehicle has to be registered with DMV. Fail.
Ariba911 - 6 years ago
Baaad business plan which is cost me 2 jet skis???. Why bern your cool investment by putting a very dumb price!!!! . Try to learn for other companies mistakes I do own a company and I know that there is a lot that you invented in yours but it doesn't worth putting that crazy price.
ohigan - 6 years ago
Come on, people... All this footage is FAKE!!! Anyone who has been on a a pwc or boat can tell that. There is no way you could go that fast standing up like you are waiting in line at McDonald's.. Their hair and clothes barely move and the lighting and color of the people riding them don't even match any of the surrounding landscape... This product is a scam..
pen mightygun
pen mightygun - 5 years ago
this time it is you that is the fucking fool
George Palau
George Palau - 5 years ago
Check 1:19-22. Kid's sleeve is flapping in the breeze.
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy - 6 years ago
I’ve got one, it’s brilliant.
Mike Sloan
Mike Sloan - 6 years ago
yes I know...I posted that link to prove it isn't...
russian_ hitman
russian_ hitman - 6 years ago
Mike Sloan its not fake
Mike Sloan
Mike Sloan - 6 years ago
so your point is?
russian_ hitman
russian_ hitman - 6 years ago
It has a electric jet engine it not fake the engines are used in jetpacks
Mike Sloan
Chrispie - 6 years ago
ohigan google foil surfing
Tony DeTuna
Tony DeTuna - 6 years ago
Can hear the guy talk with music.
Avion this video
ARYA DHARMA - 6 years ago
They need to sell these to the military.
shay nissim
shay nissim - 6 years ago
Looks amazing, but too boring ... maybe catching waves with it can make a big difference
Chaos Miner
Chaos Miner - 6 years ago
Thats really calm waters tho. Weather is rarely like that
berniedmj m
berniedmj m - 6 years ago
Awesome! But fuck that!!! Total cost $12,000... Way to damn expensive!
Bludshed - 6 years ago
"I don't need one." "I don't need one." 0:32 comes along, "I need 10"
arthropoda - 6 years ago
comments made me understand that people have no idea about foil technology
World News
World News - 6 years ago
Like if you watch it because of this sweat ass on the preview)
jcastanza - 6 years ago
Ok I finally checked out their site and I'm going to say real. They answer all the questions, except it says $12k and $6k but if you add one to your cart it adds it at $6k. Seems like a lot compared to a high end electric skateboard which is 1/6th that price. Also from their specs the whole thing with battery weighs 62lbs! Does it come with a dolly? Lol. But worth mentioning is a similar product, the Wakehouse Slingshot, that's only $1,500 - link below.
bb bbb
bb bbb - 6 years ago
Wow! That looks super fun.☺
HolyOrderOfThe66 - 6 years ago
I guess this is how boat people are going to be illegally coming to my country now....
luke Rayman
luke Rayman - 6 years ago
pqpappapappa papapapapappapaa papapapappapapappa papapaapapapappaa papapapappapapa apapapapapapappa apapapapapapapa apapapapap apapapapapappa pqpapapappa papapapapappapapapa paaaaa pqpap apaqaq paqaqp aalpapapa apappapa apappa apapap apppa pppa ppappa apppa nappapapa apapa
Anthony Campa
Anthony Campa - 6 years ago
If nothing else, it's great exercise!
Varun S
Varun S - 6 years ago
Ok it's got to be an ass for everything.

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