Apocalypse Later, Surf Now

A short film I did using footage shot from my GoPro surf camera. The music is "The Whales" by The MERMEN on the album Krill Slippin'. The effects were done in Maya, motion tracking in Mocha, and compositing in After Effects. And all on an iMac.

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A short film I did using footage shot from my GoPro surf camera. The music is "The Whales" by The MERMEN on the album Krill Slippin'. The effects were done in Maya, motion tracking in Mocha, and compositing in After Effects. And all on an iMac.

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Ozenildo Batista
Ozenildo Batista - 4 years ago
Até hoje, ainda me impressiono com este vídeo... muito massa!
Dan Hayes
Dan Hayes - 4 years ago
I love this video , not sure why but it is very cool , great job
David Burckhard
David Burckhard - 4 years ago
ET don't surf
Kerem Gogus
Kerem Gogus - 4 years ago
Brilliant... I love found footage scifi / horror and this is a great concept. I'd wish it was a scene from a feature film.
Robbi Luscombe Newman
Robbi Luscombe Newman - 5 years ago
so love this..well done Keith..conjures up visions of a USA west coast being Trump'd or Yellowstone going up..apocalypse be dammed as long as there is surf..
Robbie Speirs
Robbie Speirs - 5 years ago
How that resort got a 5 star rating is beyond me. Cool upload :)
AxumGear - 6 years ago
hi nice video
Sergio Buassali
Sergio Buassali - 6 years ago
Evergreen Business Association
Evergreen Business Association - 6 years ago
Never get tired of watching this. Nice job.

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eloi coelho
eloi coelho - 8 years ago
muito bom
Mihai Pruna
Mihai Pruna - 8 years ago
not even a slow motion war can deter surfers.
E Wilkie
E Wilkie - 8 years ago
creative...dig it
createsource - 8 years ago
Very well done. But you already know that. :-)
Carsten Köhler
Carsten Köhler - 8 years ago
Júlio César Silva
Júlio César Silva - 8 years ago
windsurfmarbella - 8 years ago
Magnifico video. Te lo has currado.
Jelena Backovic
Jelena Backovic - 8 years ago
everson silva
everson silva - 9 years ago
O mundo acabando e os cara surfando numa boa kk
Mohammed El Kadar
Mohammed El Kadar - 9 years ago

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283smurf - 9 years ago
Thomas O'Sullivan
Thomas O'Sullivan - 9 years ago
are you for real?
MegaEnterprice - 9 years ago
green screen??
Gabriel Millan
Gabriel Millan - 9 years ago
That's fake u can tell
caleb brown
caleb brown - 4 years ago
Gabriel Millan ok, let’s see you make model, create, and composite all of this then
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 9 years ago
Mostly at Sunset Point, but also at a couple of places in Ventura, C Street and Pitas Point.
Theo Kuczarski
Theo Kuczarski - 9 years ago
Very cool video! What beach was this filmed at? I couldn't find it in the comments or description but it looks like La Jolla.
TrainedZombie - 9 years ago
I concur, freaking awesome!
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 9 years ago
It took me about a year to complete after having shot all the footage. I'm an Art Director in the ad industry, so I'm not really an effects pro. I already knew a little Maya 3D, but I had to learn Maya Fluids, Mocha, and After Effects while doing the film. A hobbyist can do it, but if you're just starting out, it will take some time and there will be frustration. There was for me.
Chris Rush Dudley
Chris Rush Dudley - 9 years ago
wow, how much time do you have learning those programs? Is it something a hobbyist can learn or are you more a dedicated professional just messing around with some footage?
paurik08 - 9 years ago
Love it!

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Jordan R
Jordan R - 9 years ago
Nice job man, looked better when the objects weren't falling out of the sky I guess but still really good.
Chad Kukahiko
Chad Kukahiko - 9 years ago
did you see that GoPro posted this as their Video of the Day on December 21st? pretty funny.
Emma Adusson
Emma Adusson - 9 years ago
the truth about the end of the world youtube.com/watch?v=AgHg41TkNik
ScootersBasement - 9 years ago
Great work on this creation !!!!!!!
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 9 years ago
The airships and oil rigs were done in Maya; meteors, explosions, and burning smoke were done in Maya Fluids. Motion tracking was done in Mocha and it was all composited in After Effects. The fog was mostly a product of the marine layer on the overcast day I was shooting, but it was 'enhanced' in a few scenes.
Toxicana Spice
Toxicana Spice - 9 years ago
Just WOW!
Barry North
Barry North - 9 years ago
Give yourself a pat on the back, any moaners are probably a little jealous, one man, one machine and a little imagination produces footage that is simply SUPERIOR. Well Done
dead chris bounce
dead chris bounce - 9 years ago
Awesome video. how'd you add the effects? what software and file parts? What about the fog? natural or software? lol.
Jercy Justice
Jercy Justice - 9 years ago
why are videos like that always in retarded quality? -.-
forthedarkerlight - 9 years ago
excellent stuff
Joaquin Galvez
Joaquin Galvez - 9 years ago
Nice jajaja
Liam Shapley
Liam Shapley - 9 years ago
I think the majority watched the fireballs and ships instead of the surfing
pointnozzleaway - 9 years ago
AMAZING....pretty freakin cool !
shockmonkey2310 - 9 years ago
Epic! When the day comes Ill be paddling out too. Drones overhead, World on fire and endless swells. Great job. Awesome vision. Thanks for the vid.
Taciano Messias Moraes
Taciano Messias Moraes - 9 years ago
Truth be told that the asteroids and explosions wasn't that realistic... But MAN, you did a pretty good job on the planes and aquatic machines (and obviously on the reflection on the water)!
machine120 - 9 years ago
vetta63 - 9 years ago
Balls be trippin'
Palawanfan - 9 years ago
Mind f*ck.
philippe sandrat
philippe sandrat - 9 years ago
Impressive ! Well done ! :o)
Sylvain Verlaine
Sylvain Verlaine - 9 years ago
WOW ! GREAT !!! Finally, the "pseudo-doomsday" was a very good source of inspiration ! Love the "P-38 like" alien spaceships and the "James Bond - Octopussy like" sea bases ;-)

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LukeBrinkerhoff - 9 years ago
did you rotoscope any of the surfers?
Mad stacks yo
Mad stacks yo - 9 years ago
It's a reference from the movie apocalypse now, the video title also is
V1RU5420 - 9 years ago
Gut animiert
Brian King
Brian King - 9 years ago
Not a single fuck was given that day.
Rafael Quesada
Rafael Quesada - 9 years ago
Wow! Amazing! love surfing
antonio marcato
antonio marcato - 9 years ago
The world hasn't ended and neither have it's problems. look up worldhasntendeddotcom
Zippopotamus - 9 years ago
"It was a good board, and I liked it."
Matze W
Matze W - 9 years ago
missing wagners valkürenritt!
Nicholas Diaz
Nicholas Diaz - 9 years ago
I enjoyed this very much
R a n d a l l H e n s o n
R a n d a l l H e n s o n - 9 years ago
askjoseph - 9 years ago
NØA - 9 years ago
Go Pro 480p? No way
eandrix1 - 9 years ago
good music
bobolatrick - 9 years ago
That is some AMAZING editing!!
zourslovenia - 9 years ago
makes a real cool trailer (teaser?) for a blockbuster to come (after the end of the world as we know it, of course). Great job indeed.
Tony Brown
Tony Brown - 9 years ago
lol. I wish I could follow that. Probably makes perfect sense tho.
JonnysVideos - 9 years ago
Hi, would you by any chance be interested in a freelance project? I need someone to do some compositing and animation for a short film. I will compensate you for your work. Let me know.
Mariel Olivera
Mariel Olivera - 9 years ago
Nice day for surf..
Artur Kaiküll
Artur Kaiküll - 9 years ago
well, thats nice. Can you also check out my newest video on my channel. I appreciate it if you look it. I know mine is not so good or smth like yours. But still can please check out :D ?
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 9 years ago
All the effects were done in Maya Fluids.
Artur Kaiküll
Artur Kaiküll - 9 years ago
how did you do that smoke ? I'd like to make a smoke but mine isnt so realistic and mine is quite choppy orsmth. thanks in advance
Karim Hann
Karim Hann - 9 years ago
Deth Eagle
Deth Eagle - 9 years ago
badass XD
Brian Wimmer
Brian Wimmer - 9 years ago
I sent you a message. Please contact me asap about the gopro contest entry. thnx Brian
cinemask8 - 9 years ago
so perfect!!!
Julius Tio
Julius Tio - 9 years ago
damn good
DennisK - 10 years ago
Damn good job, this is really cool.
h2omanz - 10 years ago
I have to say...very cool, nicely done
spiXell - 10 years ago
hell yeah!!!
David Korst
David Korst - 10 years ago
some damn fine editing sir...
ElSrabion - 10 years ago
should have been there yesterday . . .
saintseiyaliveaction - 10 years ago
that's great!!!!
jana - 10 years ago
Is this real?
22Blackadder - 10 years ago
Captain Shepard can surf? nice!
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@graphix72 ...Sometimes I'd make those fine-tuning adjustments frame by frame. Total pain in the ass but it worked out for the most part. Hope that answers your question.
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@graphix72 ...After tracking I would copy and paste the tracking information into a null created in After Effects (turning off everything but rotation and translation), then I'd make that null the parent of whatever effect I wanted to match to the footage. Sometimes the track would still be a little off so I would create a master control null to parent to the regular null that I would either do additional tracking with in AE or just make fine-tuning adjustments by hand...
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@graphix72 Someone asked me a similar question a while ago, this is what I told him- Sometimes I would track a cloud or a rock+palm tree. But most of the time there was a pretty solid horizon line created by the incoming waves that I could latch on to. Since most of the scenes are long shots I didn't have to do any 3d tracking, just a lot of trial and error 2d tracking of the wave's edge...
コショウ - 10 years ago
コショウ - 10 years ago
popo - 10 years ago
@thederickgarcia Is very interesting Japanese have criticized without looking at the description embarrassed · · Please do not expose the shame of Japan in a place like this There may be a mistake because English is not good.
thederickgarcia - 10 years ago
@sunakuzira9 what does this mean in english?
Konstantinos Panteli
Konstantinos Panteli - 10 years ago
matti1804 - 10 years ago
I had a dream about this.. Buildings getting destroyed on the background but the waves were so nice ^^
dumprun01 - 10 years ago
@SloveniaHardCore91 The author explained earlier in the comments that the flying ships are people escaping from what as you can see is an impending astroid strike. The structures out in the water are oil platforms. There is nothing alien about this video other than the technology used by the humans being possibly alien.
Francesco Galvani
Francesco Galvani - 10 years ago
I totally agree with the top comments!
Markoi Green
Markoi Green - 10 years ago
Good effects,but you could try to put in less generic alien stuff :D
Chip Baumberger
Chip Baumberger - 10 years ago
Just what I would be doing, same in hurricanes! Had a ron-jon shirt with the Space shuttle in the background that always felt post-apocalyptic. Cool video.
TurdFerguson98 - 10 years ago
About 2 minutes in I noticed people were surfing.
Ser John
Ser John - 10 years ago
does the backroung is from a movie?
dirty south
dirty south - 10 years ago
cool..... man

100. comment for Apocalypse Later, Surf Now

R2Remixae - 10 years ago
Amazing Dude!!!
HTOhoover - 10 years ago
Excellent. I can watch it for hours.
João Tocchetto
João Tocchetto - 10 years ago
Muito bom!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelly-Daisy Pert
Kelly-Daisy Pert - 10 years ago
okay this fucked me up?
Bryan Alarcon
Bryan Alarcon - 10 years ago
tr2thhrt - 10 years ago
Wow very very cool! LOVE IT!
Mad stacks yo
Mad stacks yo - 10 years ago
Louie Solano
Louie Solano - 10 years ago
Débora Martins
Débora Martins - 10 years ago
chocmilkshake24 - 10 years ago
i like the concept
screamingdingo - 10 years ago
keef70, ignore the douchebags--this is frickin' amazing. Would love to see more like this.
tiggleman2 - 10 years ago
you fucking ruined this video
tiggleman2 - 10 years ago
it was better about 2 days ago . now I can't even find the kickass version I fell in love with . Stop fucking with this video you are only making it SUCK
Logan Hand
Logan Hand - 10 years ago
FastBullet - 10 years ago
Speak english fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wombat Fire *AS
Wombat Fire *AS - 10 years ago
Very well done.
GunmetalSnail - 10 years ago
They need to get Neil Blommkamp on this immediately....
Mizuho Yano
Mizuho Yano - 10 years ago
Kiko - 10 years ago
It's not a bad video. it has good vfx but some of the explosions not so real.
rurutian - 10 years ago
あなたがすることのほとんどは無意味であるが、それでもしなくてはならない。そうしたことをするのは、世界を変えるためではなく、世界によって自分が変えられないようにするためである。 マハトマ・ガンジー
nettai2011 - 10 years ago
Roy Blumenthal
Roy Blumenthal - 10 years ago
There are 156 dislikes on this bid. What the duck??? Are people crazy? This is brilliant work!
atwoshy - 10 years ago
I wana surf too.
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson - 10 years ago
cool stuff. Looks like you're surfing in the NW.
Jacques Amano
Jacques Amano - 10 years ago
『装甲騎兵ボトムズ』というアニメの 「嚇奕たる異端」(間違ってたらゴメン)だったと思うけど、 その冒頭がこんな感じだったのを思い出した。 もちろん、サーフィンはしてなかったけど…。 懐かしい感じがしたわ。曲もあってたしね。
kilashachi - 10 years ago
pelseus - 10 years ago
>動画の内容はともかく、「批判」してることを「恥」だ「恥ずかし­い」って訳知り顔でコメントする奴、また、それに乗っかる奴らはさらに「恥ずかしい!」 その批判があまりに的外れで変に通ぶってるから非難されているって気が付かないほうが更に「恥ずかしい!」 普通に面白い良く出来た作品なのにな。
Clay Kerr
Clay Kerr - 10 years ago
great film short film ! love the editing
kojikijima - 10 years ago
こんなところにも自称専門家がw 批判しか出来んのか、無能が
LUKE YUUREI - 10 years ago
321kei - 10 years ago
こんな化学物質や重油が流れてきそうな環境でよくサーフィンやろうと思うなw 面白い作品ですw
Buda Petermann
Buda Petermann - 10 years ago
dwarfcrocodile - 10 years ago
愛森泉 - 10 years ago
popo - 10 years ago
かなり面白いです 説明も見ないで批判してる日本人もどきが恥ずかしい・・ こんな所で日本の恥を晒さないでくれよ。
syounanshinzyuku - 10 years ago
That's interesting!!
Masayuki Ota
Masayuki Ota - 10 years ago
pinepine toratora
pinepine toratora - 10 years ago
bjorkazkaz8 - 10 years ago
thejerrymobile - 10 years ago
Wait, there was surfing?
Dany Lagoa
Dany Lagoa - 10 years ago
So cool ...nice job ....
austen hult
austen hult - 10 years ago
Watched this while high. It was fucking awesome.
Ed Sinofsky
Ed Sinofsky - 10 years ago
very much enjoyed that this winter day. thanks
Tony Pullella
Tony Pullella - 10 years ago
reminds me of 9/11/01
phase lapse core
phase lapse core - 10 years ago
like i said... no bunting
fahry ahmad
fahry ahmad - 10 years ago
Pokoke Keren Neh Video.....
Heywork - 10 years ago
@ShirubiaTheOtaku I went to msn.com and tried it out, it didn't work.
Shiru The Human
Shiru The Human - 10 years ago
@worzies xDD if you write that on the MSN is a thumbs up
Heywork - 10 years ago
@ShirubiaTheOtaku I like your emoticon of a suit jacket without arms! What does it have to do with your comment though?
Shiru The Human
Shiru The Human - 10 years ago
@worzies hmmm yeah... now I understand your point of view, thanks for your explanation (Y)
Heywork - 10 years ago
@ShirubiaTheOtaku After initially reading the description I got my hopes up even more. My initial thoughts were "wow, how was he able to surf while using his desktop computer to film such incredible footage!?", but I then realized it wasn't real because the actual apocalypse was caused by Jesus shooting rainbow lasers out of his nipples while riding a flying, fire-breathing unicorn/silverback gorilla hybrid. It is a very good fake though, which is why I felt the need to expose the truth.
Shiru The Human
Shiru The Human - 10 years ago
@worzies "claiming to be something that it's not" excuse me, but can you tell me where exactly says this is real? in fact the description makes it clear that this have been done using an iMac. Anyway you could have said "oh, this is not what I expected :/" instead of "FAKE!" I think it's a pretty stupid comment because we can't understand it if it's out of context that's all
Heywork - 10 years ago
@ShirubiaTheOtaku When I clicked on the link to watch this video I was hoping to see some REAL footage of people surfing during the apocalypse that happened recently on earth. Clearly I was disappointed to find this obviously staged video claiming to be something that it's not.
Shiru The Human
Shiru The Human - 10 years ago
@worzies xDDD of course it is, are you stupid or what?
Heywork - 10 years ago
desetnik - 10 years ago
Reinoud Blom
Reinoud Blom - 10 years ago
wow this is sick
rg0057 - 10 years ago
This is why I don't watch many CGI films any more.
jigsawzoubir - 10 years ago
Still better than Battlefield Los Angeles
ShawnML2 - 10 years ago
I think this is an excellent video that says something profound about human nature. I am certain that there are people who would do exactly the same thing as the world fell apart around them. Well done, I am very impressed and I thank you for posting it.
Jason Gibson
Jason Gibson - 10 years ago
I'm going to be surfing when the world ends in 2012
walshie616 - 10 years ago
I love the idea, If you had 1 hour left on earth would spend it surfing?
OrpheriuM - 10 years ago
Choroz - 10 years ago
Legend! Reminds me about the Tyson talk with Colbert where he says that in 2031 somewhere only people will die from the comet - one being a surfer trying to catch that next big wave!
Charlotte Mae
Charlotte Mae - 10 years ago
Wow. Don't watch this when youre wacked. Affecting me way too much
Glynn Channer
Glynn Channer - 10 years ago
awesome clip really enjoyed it !! I know who to come to for special effects.
alex _
alex _ - 10 years ago
Good good
solntsevorot - 10 years ago
Cooooool! I like it!
ProNovice Edu
ProNovice Edu - 10 years ago
so I'm thinking fumefx, krakatoa, 3ds, realflow, ae, tracking , roto. kindly give some insights
0000SETSUNA - 10 years ago
The first day with S.O.P.A. approved...
Mirklok - 10 years ago
1UpJumpman - 10 years ago
would be better with sound effects.
Reider Decker
Reider Decker - 10 years ago
thats awesome. way to take advantage of all that extra sky footage with the gopro's wide angle lens
Nikos Nikolaidis
Nikos Nikolaidis - 10 years ago
Amazing Job mate! keep Walking.....
MrPaulcm1 - 10 years ago
Wow! This is really well done! :)
David Sireika
David Sireika - 10 years ago
Back in my day, the only apocolypse was the Hindenberg!
obsterofthenight - 10 years ago
Is this what Da Cat was afraid of?
Marley Fernandez
Marley Fernandez - 10 years ago
I would like to take this time to say we are all fucked.
Viral Videos
Viral Videos - 10 years ago
Watch this guy get a movie contract :)
Immortal - 10 years ago
Excellent stuff with a good idea.
Mick 7Я.
Mick 7Я. - 10 years ago
vraiment très étrange comme approche graphique... la dualité entre la "violence" des armes et l'aspect cool du surf... me laisse perplexe. Cela dit le résultat est plutôt joli ... .. .
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@AbstractLucidity So I decided to figure out what software I needed and do it. That's why it took me a year to do, because I was learning the software as I was doing it. Professionally, I work as an Art Director in the Advertising industry, not film (but I seriously dig movies).
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@AbstractLucidity Before starting this I had none. I wanted to learn more about digital filming, formats, and editing and since I surfed, the GoPro seemed like a natural place to start. I figured after filming and editing a few vids I could move up to something like a Canon 7d, 5d, or the Nikon equivalent. I got the idea for this after looking through all my footage and I've always been curious how effects artists match CG with filmed footage... •••••••(Continued below)
Rawchy Saleh
Rawchy Saleh - 10 years ago
very professional videoclip
I am a Pocket
I am a Pocket - 10 years ago
tekona2011 - 10 years ago
kostasviper - 10 years ago
Seriously cool video, well done :^)
Scott Newman
Scott Newman - 10 years ago
The surfers look so CGI
LocoVeggie - 10 years ago
I can't stop watching this! Love it!
TheElisabethPage - 10 years ago
I double-checked the physics on the back of an envelope using a crayon and can confirm that I don't give a **** about whether the airships/spaceships/giant boogers would cause bigger waves or not. Great work - love the atmospheric feel of the piece! *thumbs up*
Kemmy Meiske
Kemmy Meiske - 10 years ago
Bruce Hopkins
Bruce Hopkins - 10 years ago
superb, was a fantastic juxtaposition of visuals
john zindler
john zindler - 10 years ago
Awesome video and I love the Mermen, where was it shot at, nice clean waves.
modsurgeon - 10 years ago
So, I'm a Sound Designer who owns a small media company, and it doesn't need one damn bit of SFX. It is, in the vernacular, a "Music driven piece". All the guys that work for me as film makers and Sound Designers loved it. It probably doesn't t hurt that almost all of us have paddled out. Great job.
rsahami - 10 years ago
Ł◎╲╱☰ Surf now"Apocalypse" Later!
zigXzagXzigga - 10 years ago
Candyliz2003 - 10 years ago
very cool!
regulatorzone - 10 years ago
That was awesome! Please do a snowboarding scenario.
newbernbears - 10 years ago
Great job man!
an pain
an pain - 10 years ago
KirkKiyosadaTome - 10 years ago
imperialphoenix - 10 years ago
Beautiful.. and scary.. very eerie and unsettling.
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@verstek09 They're actually other humans trying to escape the apocalypse in a massive evacuation. The backstory I imagined for this had more of a "we brought this on ourselves" theme to it rather than an alien invasion. The surfers decided to stay behind (instead of running away from their problems) and do what they love on their last days and if they live through it, they'll inherit a new, very different Earth. I explained this more in-depth in another thread if you can find it.
Cajon Groove Guide
Cajon Groove Guide - 10 years ago
awesome concept!
mgblue - 10 years ago
@keef70 lol funny and talented, deadly combination, gj :)
fool4surf - 10 years ago
This is great! Loved the fireball reflections in the water. @guardian978 was probably just trying to offer some constructive criticism, but really?!? I'm a post production supervisor, with over 15 years of broadcast experience, and I APPROVE this film. :D Plus, I think I like your sense of humor, @keef70!
Bwin - 10 years ago
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious - 10 years ago
@keef70 Hey, so was Southwest Airlines.
yamarati - 10 years ago
really good!
anton93drummer - 10 years ago
@Guardian978 Congratulations for trying to be all literal about a home edited short film. Just enjoy what this fine man has created.
MuRkN KaRmA - 10 years ago
I live really close to that beach, was the weather like that or did u add those effects in lighting or color correction?
tpaulg - 10 years ago
El Groggster & Luke sent me here. Pretty kool, keith
(Under DDW Control)
(Under DDW Control) - 10 years ago
who got here from daneboe?
Neverpaytomovedotcom - 10 years ago
Great Job. Wish I had skills like this. The vids I do suck compared to this lol.
TheRedHotSpot - 10 years ago
Daneboe got me here
Rob Perez
Rob Perez - 10 years ago
Are the ships in the background good or evil?
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@Henkilicious They're some of the most genuine people I've ever met. For LA, that is.
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@Guardian978 Well, the vid's only two minutes long. The meteors have crashed so far out that it would take longer than that to reach the shore. I did all the calculations on a cocktail napkin at a bar, so you know it's true.
Guardian978 - 10 years ago
Some nice effects ... it does seem to have a bit of a trouble with perspective, and yeah, the lack of sound effects doesn't make it seem any more 'real' ... plus look at the size of the things crashing into the ocean, those would be huge, unsurfable tsunamis, not decent waves.
Jordan yang
Jordan yang - 10 years ago
Sound effects should be there for more epic video
connectiontotheworld - 10 years ago
Fuckin awesome! And i don't surf
D A - 10 years ago
So awesome.
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@alexpj19 Maya fluids. I've heard good things about Fume FX, though. I'd like to try it out some day.
Weird Cheungs
Weird Cheungs - 10 years ago
dude that likes to surf:dude lets catch the BIG WAVES atlease when we have them
Alex Popov World
Alex Popov World - 10 years ago
Awesome man, looked like a tough tracking job :) was fire and smoke done in Fume FX?
neilk600 - 10 years ago
Wow, this is really cool for short film done on a Mac. I didn't even know you can do stuff like that.
LuLu09090 - 10 years ago
This is so surreal and amazing, more please!
Tonseren - 10 years ago
well done. the fire wasnt so though :(
Happa Kid
Happa Kid - 10 years ago
gahaha the best part is the surf isn't even that good
thesofakillers - 10 years ago
they're just like: "FUCK DAT SHIT"
leewardstyle - 10 years ago
mad skills.
yuud4i - 10 years ago
Niko - 10 years ago
ahh natural waves created by falling down spaceships...wonderful
epicsilas - 10 years ago
@manchester0united It is fake. Read the description.
epicsilas - 10 years ago
@mefeedia Really? I think this is legit.
anjabubnafets - 10 years ago
reminds me of infernals in warcraft 3
Lee Quizzlee
Lee Quizzlee - 10 years ago
Y r the waves so small for the giant explosions in the water...-__- I think fake
TheTimer1337 - 10 years ago
A lot of people would actually believe this is real if the tiny waves weren't such a dead give away.
straightup920 - 10 years ago
You should make another video called surf later, apocalypse now.
WOLFY - 10 years ago
awesome the human spirit shall prevail
Lepern - 10 years ago
I liked the beginning part where nothing was happening and you just got this great sense of danger and shock. The effects weren't great and a bit distracting, but the last shot of surfers riding the waves away from a blast was pretty cool. Nice work, love to see more!
richay1 - 10 years ago
@ZombieAssasian123 Made me lol so much xD
sweety3995OS - 10 years ago
everyone's incredibly chill considering they're under attack... well that's surfers i guess.
BLACK .SWORDSMAN - 10 years ago
looks like project blue beam is about to be played DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!
JimmyLazers - 10 years ago
If this was how BATTLE: Los Angeles had begun, I think it would have had a much better response. In all honesty, I love the concept
g0ld3ney3 - 10 years ago
Charlie don't surf!
Santhon Milbier
Santhon Milbier - 10 years ago
this is better than most movies ive seen no joke!
mtan1321 - 10 years ago
nice job with the motion tracking
myytgryndyr - 10 years ago
Those drums sound beautiful.
OttoVonTastich - 10 years ago
very cool, not so sure about the physics though... planes fall too slow and the waves they generate are a little bit too fast
Kit Ray
Kit Ray - 10 years ago
Man ! This is really cool !
Highland Dave
Highland Dave - 10 years ago
Daily Mail
TriptalkGuy - 10 years ago
thumbs up if youre having a meal and watching the playlist
Dagmar Bressel
Dagmar Bressel - 10 years ago
really COOL!!!!
paudiemaguire1 - 10 years ago
so fake you can even see the strings
Joe Victor
Joe Victor - 10 years ago
Francis Cronin
Francis Cronin - 10 years ago
Megafuzzu - 10 years ago
Jordacar - 10 years ago
E.T. don't surf!
RyGuySA - 10 years ago
Why are the models not textured?
trock30000 - 10 years ago
This says I got ballz like you got your ufo's there's a lot of them
Brendan Kroeker
Brendan Kroeker - 10 years ago
mouth9001 - 10 years ago
@mrbeasthoboss maybe because the ash is highly concentrated in the water
airbag2006 - 10 years ago
looks like something out of Halo
Ben Stang
Ben Stang - 10 years ago
i was looking at the sky rather than the suffers. lol
Moundskillz - 10 years ago
It looked cool, till I started watching it..
derekocean168 - 10 years ago
i like how everyone in the city is dead but you guys are like "meh"
Keith Coulson
Keith Coulson - 10 years ago
John Grasse
John Grasse - 10 years ago
sunset blvd?????
hempev - 10 years ago
It's like the surfing scene from Apocalypse Now, but aliens and steampunk!
DANCELENDS - 10 years ago
Posted on The MailOnline
Jiho Jung
Jiho Jung - 10 years ago
Absolutely No Fuck was given that day by the surfers..
3DGNumberOneFan - 10 years ago
Are those Scarabs from Halo?
edlizard - 10 years ago
Most impressive. Great choice of soundtrack.
MindBendingStudio - 10 years ago
It could use some color correction but apart from that bravo!
alienhamster22 - 10 years ago
Jennifer Burnes
Jennifer Burnes - 10 years ago
Yea! The Whales Are Coming And They Are PISSED!!!!!!
nuka cola
nuka cola - 10 years ago
The Assassin
The Assassin - 10 years ago
I love the ash apocalypse comments above
OrkGold1 - 10 years ago
Yeah... fuck the world getting destroyed, lets catch some waves bro.
SweatshirtKenny - 10 years ago
ALIENS DON'T SURF... Please let me be the first one who commented this.
ZABOWSKY - 10 years ago
super super super
TheZarbodShow - 10 years ago
I think this might be fake!
louisaahh - 10 years ago
Surf later, After effects now
Nicholas Astafurov
Nicholas Astafurov - 10 years ago
Very Awesome. But the only thing that I have a complaint about is ur explosion and fire color. You used a very grey scale - color theme. I think the fire was just too red. But with that aside, nice job :)
TJ4kicks - 10 years ago
Whoever uploaded this is a genius. And I just looked at all his replies and he is fricking hilarious.
Jackson T
Jackson T - 10 years ago
Russian McGee
Russian McGee - 10 years ago
One day this will be the best stoner film ever.... but for now... it shall only be a dream
Chewiejds - 10 years ago
You could tell it was fake, but it was still very awesome, and much better than anything I could do! haha, well done! =D
Leadman1989 - 10 years ago
Jokes on you guys, the surfers are the ones that are CG.
goatsmilk234 - 10 years ago
wtf is this real? :o
TheGR147 - 10 years ago
gotta love the commentors sense of humor XD
EinThe DataDog
EinThe DataDog - 10 years ago
Welcome to the Apocalypse.
Kev Khoi
Kev Khoi - 10 years ago
with all of these things falling out of the sky and explosions happening left and right you would think the waves would be a little bigger
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@mrbeasthoboss It's sticky napalm ash. Geezzzz, you'd think this was your first apocalypse.
rainlion - 10 years ago
Nicely done
tlm19670 - 10 years ago
nice recreation of the battle of kashykk
NAFganistan - 10 years ago
Sebastian Look!
Scentrikz - 10 years ago
where did you get the raw footage of the special effect background
Stoogey - 10 years ago
@keef70 Oh yea, because ash has brand names on it
LPSwimmer2011 - 10 years ago
You can only imagine the waves made from dozens of meteors hitting the water at the same time. You can't pass that up!
Chevy Chase
Chevy Chase - 10 years ago
no 1080P, what the fuck
Keag Far
Keag Far - 10 years ago
@eabod no, they r just confident badasses
irokatcod4 - 10 years ago
this is actually scary and i can see something like this happening in the future
TheSwiftScout - 10 years ago
@eabod pretty sure those are fake
Gio Snow
Gio Snow - 10 years ago
Battle: LA
Mike Rowe
Mike Rowe - 10 years ago
pretty fucking cool
djmarcos702 - 10 years ago
if it was in 1080 1:45 would be an epic wallpapper
joaqdyl - 10 years ago
Still a better
soulpiper - 10 years ago
The army be here
Christian Schrader
Christian Schrader - 10 years ago
Excellent job my friend, excellent job.
Enrique Manuel Monterrubio Novoa
Enrique Manuel Monterrubio Novoa - 10 years ago
patilistan1 - 10 years ago
Nice video, great choice of music - very mysterious.
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@Adeel9 Those aren't wetsuits. They're covered in ash.
Adeel9 - 10 years ago
They are about to die, but they still shimmied into their wet suits to avoid getting cold.
baronmarcus - 10 years ago
Brilliant work! ~Baron Marcus, Vampire Beach Babes
dubmatic808 - 10 years ago
70 ppl cant swim
Ankur Nahar
Ankur Nahar - 10 years ago
@enzosupertramp lol yes, it is, aleins have evaded this world, 2012 has arrived... paranoid bastard
Noah Singer
Noah Singer - 10 years ago
Is this real?
Sylvain Dousset
Sylvain Dousset - 10 years ago
Amazing ! thank you for this video .
Pozpenguin - 10 years ago
FANTASTIC but the only unrealistic part is the fireballs are a bit too bright with that fog around which should make them darker.
Surfrider Foundation
Surfrider Foundation - 10 years ago
This is AWESOME!
cocobolo girl
cocobolo girl - 10 years ago
ooh, pretty!
wondervamp - 10 years ago
I agree with Sk3pTICz...This is the coolest and most badass video I've seen on youtube!!!!! How can there even be even ONE dislike.
Vicky Bird
Vicky Bird - 10 years ago
Very effective x I like ;)
madannedrakken - 10 years ago
nice choice of music--might not have worked as well with anything else :)
Ierapetra Moto Club
Ierapetra Moto Club - 10 years ago
Great vid!!!
battoosh - 10 years ago
@radix10 *** "you should have "...... FTFY
LizaVP - 10 years ago
Getting hired by ILM in 4, 3, 2....
Sojourner - 10 years ago
If you look very closely, you can see that the surfers are fake.
AngusAndBubba - 10 years ago
why are the advanced alien spaceships falling out of the sky????????
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@radix10 Next time I go surfing I'll take a few sticks of dynamite with me.
madinsomaniac - 10 years ago
@eabod sarcasm ftw !
Krapik - 10 years ago
Hey, where ARE those surfers?!?
Melvin Manangan
Melvin Manangan - 10 years ago
ashtoncruz - 10 years ago
Bro that was fucking delicious. Still drooling.
james t
james t - 10 years ago
I would watch this movie.
Rodrigo Lauriello
Rodrigo Lauriello - 10 years ago
@keef70 Thanks for posting your thoughts, I apreciate that. Yes, I do remember the waves in Apocalipse Now and I know what you say. Talking about the ships, I suggested a swarm to give that global aspect to the video, thinking about many evacuation sites, located everywere. There's no problem with that route of evacuation but I think that could be more routes. If you plan a new video, I'd be happy to help with ideas or doing stuff (i have some modeling skills too).
apktntajd - 10 years ago
@Prinzomniac STRAIGHT lol
apktntajd - 10 years ago
Игорь Урминский
Игорь Урминский - 10 years ago
страшно!!!!!!!!!!! бррррр
scifi75 - 10 years ago
It's the apocalypse and an alien one at that. What would you do? Would you run in the streets like everyone else like frightened cattle? Pick up a gun and fight? It's all contrary. These guys instead chose to surf. As for myself, I'll be on my patio with a glass of Johnny Walker Scotch in hand, a Cuban Montecristo cigar in the other, and my Glock 21 on my lap.
Jadson Thomas
Jadson Thomas - 10 years ago
o mundo acabando e a galera surfando. LOL the world over and the guys surfing. LOL
IronMask75 - 10 years ago
I thought the GoPro was HD?
Edit ThatOut
Edit ThatOut - 10 years ago
What an awesome movie! Very nice effects, just beautiful..
Purple People Park
Purple People Park - 10 years ago
This is so amazing I'm lost for words, Look:
Bambooandlotus1 - 10 years ago
CRAZY.... SO fantastic..... incredible creativity, cool music & ocean.... what could be better... ♫♪ Լღvє ♫ ♪♪
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@F0RG0TmyS0CKS I think the guitarist for the MERMEN (I used one of their songs on this short) lives and surfs there. You've probably seen him in the line-up. Be sure to buy his cds.
Hector - 10 years ago
fucking suicidals
yos2481 - 10 years ago
It was hard to concentrate on the surfers hahahaa awesome though! Really enjoyed it.
tkinthesky1 - 10 years ago
Where are you guys surfing? I would hope the waves would be better what w/ the explosions and all
THErealAOS - 10 years ago
Egg-cellent work, great effort!! People who don't create, criticize people that do.
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@lickmetender Actually, I'm partial to shrooms.
Nomoreidsleft - 10 years ago
Very impressive!
seerxxx - 10 years ago
Sweet vid bro
zezima926 - 10 years ago
this is syfii cheeseyh
Blackle - 10 years ago
I think your flame effects are much to saturated, I think they should be slightly blurred and obscured by the fog
Zer0IsntNothing - 10 years ago
I can see this going viral any minute.
lickmetender - 10 years ago
the entire world is fighting for its survival and you're out surfing? omg get your priorities strait you pot heads
Xeto - 10 years ago
thumbs up if daneboe sent u here
humplefree - 10 years ago
wolfbyte3171 - 10 years ago
Well, if you're gonna go out, go out in style. Oh yeah, and 54 people either forgot their surfboard or went down with the ship at 1:18
hautepower - 10 years ago
firefirafiraga - 10 years ago
@Felzinator no thats real...i was there too...of course its fake duhhh
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@Ceneviva But then, have you seen the surfing scene in Apocalypse Now lately? My waves are about the same size. They didn't have meteors but they did have exploding shells. Just sayin'.
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@Ceneviva As for why the airships route took them directly over the surfers, that was just an aesthetic decision. And yes, my biggest regret about this is that the waves weren't huge. But I was severely limited in that I was just one guy with an iMac, no budget, and a day job to hold down. If I had the resources, believe me, I would have hit every surf spot from Mavericks to Blacks. ••••(Continued below)
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@Ceneviva In the evacuation scenario I was thinking of, I imagined that all the airships would be gathered in an open field for the population to be crammed into. And they'd all take off from that place and on the same course because they'd want to take refuge together either in the upper atmosphere or a remote mountain top somewhere. In scene 4, where the airships first show up, you can see the distant spit of land that I imagined them taking off from. ••••(Continued below)
itsjackkelly - 10 years ago
Posted to the Flomotion Surf Blog. Cool stuff man! theflomo . com/blog . aspx
Nathaniel Cruz
Nathaniel Cruz - 10 years ago
Excellent motion tracking.. awesome idea! :) very nice! tip: Fire looks too orange/yellow for the shot .. lower the saturation a bit!
Aaron Felsenfeld
Aaron Felsenfeld - 10 years ago
J-Rod Musik
J-Rod Musik - 10 years ago
holy shit how'd you make those ships look like it was there?
sirgrundel - 10 years ago
@byakuya42 LOL
Danny Lamb
Danny Lamb - 10 years ago
haw did u make this
thodoris5321 - 10 years ago
@FlubbahProductions you comment it to believe it or to announce it?
Sweg - 10 years ago
if meteors and ships were hitting the ocean im pretty sure the waves would be much bigger.
GunnerArchie - 10 years ago
How long did this take to render?
ukloci - 10 years ago
I love the smell of alien thingies in the morning
Schizo Equinox
Schizo Equinox - 10 years ago
imagine what the aliens must be thinking...
killlingFreak - 10 years ago
Lol Battleships enough said
colby.savary - 10 years ago
@chill561 hehehe
Bullseye5477 - 10 years ago
This is way cool.
Churchill Ploeg
Churchill Ploeg - 10 years ago
@mrskull527 I was going to comment that but you have beaten me to the punch. DAMMIT!!!!
colby.savary - 10 years ago
There must be some pretty gnarly waves due to explosions
Talking Raccoon
Talking Raccoon - 10 years ago
So rad! HahahXD Very good special effects and incredible blend with the shot. And correct lighting, too. (:
Elielson Fonseca
Elielson Fonseca - 10 years ago
Se não cuidarmos deste mundo, a destruicão virá antes do apocalipse .
Rodrigo Lauriello
Rodrigo Lauriello - 10 years ago
Combine fire from volcano and giant metheors and I think it would be nice. Well it's just my idea.
Rodrigo Lauriello
Rodrigo Lauriello - 10 years ago
May I make a suggestion? ships appear to be concentrated into a single spot, always making a single tragetory. I think it would be better if there were lots of ships, like a swarm, with some smoke coming from their engines (and they left the polution behind philosofy). It would be awesome if a giant metheor crashed into the water, making a massive wave you guys surf on. That explosion you put on the right, if it was a volcano it would justify alot of black smoke and more fire coming from the sky
TheAvalon33333 - 10 years ago
@daneboe I got the first thumbs up :D
TheAvalon33333 - 10 years ago
Zanderz - 10 years ago
@jedicoco62 ...youre joking.
Zanderz - 10 years ago
pssh, FAAAKE. stop being stupid. EVERYONE knows an aliens weakness is water. duhh.
dewerbylhserf - 10 years ago
End Time News 1-16-2012 Largest Ever U.S.-Israel Military Drill Postponed Amid Rising Tensions with Iran. Saudi Arabia doubts Iran oil blockade claim. War Drums Beating in the Gulf. The Iranian Nuclear Threat to Israel: Options. Stopping Iran’s nukes. Bolton: Iran closer to bomb than world realizes? The Region: 2012- the year of living dangerously. 'No plans' for Western military action on Syria, Iran. Hizballah planned Mumbai-style attack on Habad Bangkok, Khao San restaurants.
blake alphin
blake alphin - 10 years ago
looks like flying whales :)
weeman728 - 10 years ago
Looks more like a war
mycrotchbiatch - 10 years ago
LMFAO, i bet all the lil kids that never saw apocalips now are gonna find this so original and bad ass
Hipponax - 10 years ago
who the hell would surf during the end of the world
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@djn809 To perfectly execute that backstory would take a much longer film. The purpose of this was just to provide snapshots of the Apocalypse and the backstory I created was to use as a design guide. I'm not bothered if people read something different into it.
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@djn809 it is a good option for humans who want to escape and survive at high altitudes for an indefinite amount of time and occasionally land in very remote areas with no landing strips. Also, notice the ships aren't shooting at each other. They and the oil rigs are getting pummeled by meteors coming from above. If this were an invading force I would have designed everything much differently. ••••••••••••••••(Continued below)
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@djn809 The purpose of the backstory wasn't to guide anyone's interpretation in any specific direction. I thought it up to inform the design/direction decisions that I made so it would have a certain logic to it. The oil rigs were to be tick-like parasites with floatation tanks on the ends of their legs so they could travel to and rape any spot in the ocean like locusts descending on a cornfield. The airship is not a good design for outer space aliens but ••••••••••••••••(Continued below)
Dane Boe
Dane Boe - 10 years ago
This is great!
GeezerGamez - 10 years ago
It is true... to an extent. I see it as an amplified metaphor of what we do everyday. This morning, as always, I woke up, watched BBC, ABC,CBS,CNN to catch up on the news. Murders, wars, pirates, Iran nuclear stand off, Saints fan shoot 2 Packers fans, child missing, people starving, etc. And then... somehow, I snap back to my little reality and find myself cussing because I ran low on coffee creamer and that is the worst thing to happen all day! While the world crashes down around us.......
djn809 - 10 years ago
Nice! Following your storyline, can I suggest having some airships rising up... maybe a meteor crashing thru a tube on an oil rig and igniting the tube and then the whole thing. I know you want it open to interpretation, but since you noted many people seeing it differently from your vision, some additional suggestive guidance seems in order. I also didn't see the airships as people leaving, so for me it wasn't a matter of interpretation, but that your vision wasn't projecting into it. V cool.
Jesús González Sánchez
Jesús González Sánchez - 10 years ago
me encanta!!!!
Pr1nzV4lium - 10 years ago
The Frame on 1:11 would be a very good Wallpaper.
farnaboy - 10 years ago
Very well done, looks fantastic! Not sure about the song though. Ænima by Tool might have been better.
Timon Saal
Timon Saal - 10 years ago
Fucking amazing! :D Mann, wie scheißegeil ist das denn?!
Andrea Matteini
Andrea Matteini - 10 years ago
DIdirectors - 10 years ago
this is awsome what program did you use 3ds max
Dylan Mattes
Dylan Mattes - 10 years ago
This is incredible! Good job!!!!
Danny Caramia
Danny Caramia - 10 years ago
awesome job!!
dumprun01 - 10 years ago
nicely done.
Samantha Meyer
Samantha Meyer - 10 years ago
Cool, But freaky (: lol
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@greymatterfan Thanks, man, 'preciate it.
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@SpareHand2010 The surfers decided to stay behind and if this is their last day alive, they're going to die doing what they love. If they live through it, they'll be the custodians of a new earth. I purposely left it in a grey area (no pun intended) so people could interpret it their own way. But the original storyline had more of a "we brought this on ourselves" idea rather than an invasion from an external enemy.
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@SpareHand2010 I hear ya. I think the message is more doing what you love during your last days. The original storyline that was in my head is vastly different than the way people have interpreted it. The machines in the distance are oil rigs, their cylindrical legs allow them to walk/float anywhere in the ocean and have sucked the Earth dry like locusts. The airships aren't an invading force, but a massive evacuation by other humans trying in vain to escape the meteor hellstorm raining down.
Semageek - 10 years ago
Why don't make the music in background of "surfing with the alien" from Satriani ?
SpareHand2010 - 10 years ago
What a waste of talent. Don't get me wrong, the video is well produced, technically very good but is the message "let the world collapse around me, all I wanna do is surf"? Surfing, for me, is about having a soul, not being without one. Indifference is not Punk. This video is a visual contradiction in terms. Do something... , more!
99andrez99 - 10 years ago
i honestly just looked at the things in the sky the whole time..
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@286cel You talking about Dogpatch down in SanO? Love that place. I had some footage from Lowers but couldn't use it because it was too sunny and happy looking. Not apocalyptic at all.
286cel - 10 years ago
this is awesome. I was particularly amused because my family loves to surf...and we live right next to a nuclear power plant! lol. my brother said it well, "it's good way to go"
eastereggg - 10 years ago
Well done! Any making-of footage?
RedSteele1 - 10 years ago
The guy must have been like: "FUCK I have a hole lot of useless surf footage! I know I'll put a-lot of special effects in the background" Which turned out to be a good idea
jessejoeyjames - 10 years ago
really nice man, but those projectiles smashing in the water would create some sicker waves I guess =P We'll try it out at the real Apocalypse!
George - 10 years ago
thats trippy. but its sick
Justin Chaisson
Justin Chaisson - 10 years ago
great idea
PearlofRocketland - 10 years ago
wow, well done.
Cookie's Citchen
Cookie's Citchen - 10 years ago
I'd watch that movie.
Dev9172 - 10 years ago
Just a great video . Good work . I love it .
thedeerish - 10 years ago
This all just matches in every thinkable way - Great Work!
joe smith
joe smith - 10 years ago
did it rely hapen ?? loks wel scary!1!
mack1time - 10 years ago
should be apocalypse now wade later
Hoag - 10 years ago
Looks like some douche wading around in the ocean getting in the way of other surfers. Smoke another bowl.
André Jorge
André Jorge - 10 years ago
torlil - 10 years ago
Fantastic work! Amazing you can do this with a regular computer today. Only a couple of years ago, this shit would have been cutting edge a put a big dent in the budget of a block buster disaster movie...
Cal Smith
Cal Smith - 10 years ago
This is amazing, a fantastic trailer for more to come??
nihonn0125 - 10 years ago
i say WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rogelio L.T. (Roy)
Rogelio L.T. (Roy) - 10 years ago
if da fire was real, they would've boiled their asses lol
Mr. E
Mr. E - 10 years ago
Needs 1080p!! Awesome work.
lanceward540 - 10 years ago
haha dang that was badass
IIOllieFTWII - 10 years ago
Holy shit man..
dakuwanga - 10 years ago
Very cool - great video
fprintf - 10 years ago
Nice video! Honestly, I am getting a little seasick just watching the jiggling camera while I sit in my nice stationary chair!
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@BrocashMcMogulson Yeah, most of the footage was from Sunset Point on PCH. Other spots were C Street and Pitas Point in Ventura.
Earl Guill
Earl Guill - 10 years ago
was the footage taken at sunset on the pch by any chance?
John Howard
John Howard - 10 years ago
This is the coolest thing I've seen in a while...great work!!!!
Pindoc - 10 years ago
@KeirRitchie join! it's great job!
sarquala - 10 years ago
hehe, wtf?
hernaniexchange - 10 years ago
shizzz! this is crazy! amazing stuff dude!
Dylan Dahl
Dylan Dahl - 10 years ago
haha thats awesome good job
Nossy13 - 10 years ago
love the video man! very original! let's see another one!!!! :D
Outerisland Surfboards
Outerisland Surfboards - 10 years ago
super cool...love it
Kieran Trollope
Kieran Trollope - 10 years ago
:O <--- thumbs up if you watched it like that.
TheTomEGunn - 10 years ago
Very very impressive. My constructive criticism to you, sir, is the colour correction on the effects / fire needed a little more work. The effects looked like that of a clear day, not of a foggy day; on a foggy day the fire effects would have more of a blur as well as a glow about them. Still, amazing work! And is there a CG surfer? I'm pretty sure I saw one or two in there ;)
jmyler - 10 years ago
@javacofe too heavy on the dumb.
jmyler - 10 years ago
wow that is bad ass.
javacofe - 10 years ago
too heavy on the effects
takeziorama - 10 years ago
wicked!!!! 10!!
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@wojecire HEADCLEANER, baby!! One of my favorite videos all time!! Metachaos is incredible as well. Alessandro Bavari is the David Lynch of surreal animation!
Ali Al-Sheib
Ali Al-Sheib - 10 years ago
So this was done purely on After Effects? No plug-ins? Amazing.
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@UnitedIGITV Yeah, the tracking was tricky. There were times I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to complete the project at all. In most of the scenes the incoming wave will give a nice hard horizon line that I can latch onto and do some 2d tracking. Then I'd paste that info onto a null created in AE, turn off everything but position and rotation, and parent that null to whatever I want to match to the camera's motion. Most of the time it was an imperfect track so I'd have to do some fine-tuning.
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@KeirRitchie Thanks. I looked at Boujou for tracking because that guy from South America who did Panic Attack used it. But I couldn't afford it and Mocha comes packaged with AE, so the decision was made.
Tyler Karaszewski
Tyler Karaszewski - 10 years ago
This is why I surf far away from L.A. county.
Perforator - 10 years ago
Damn nice!! At first I was like WTF Oo but I liked it :D
wojecire - 10 years ago
@keef70 vimeo(dot)com/25633458
zach garrison
zach garrison - 10 years ago
very nice!
Christophe Morre
Christophe Morre - 10 years ago
You're crazy man.. I love it!
John Willett
John Willett - 10 years ago
Awesome Vid man.
Carpythesharky - 10 years ago
I love the explosions and lights being synch'd with the music. Great job!
oceanborn05 - 10 years ago
dumle35 - 10 years ago
I tend to do similar vids, but then i took an to the knee...
Rodrigo Rost
Rodrigo Rost - 10 years ago
Great job, man!
GNDxero - 10 years ago
This is awesome. I love the gopro camera, and love what you did with this.
Marcus W
Marcus W - 10 years ago
That was extremely impressive! Awesome!!!
David Kupferberg
David Kupferberg - 10 years ago
reminds me of Panic Attack, and that guy is directing the new Evil Dead movie, great concept, and excellent execution.
Jaime Burbano C.
Jaime Burbano C. - 10 years ago
@keef70 RESPECT!!!!!! :D
Phill21994 - 10 years ago
wow... really impressive work.
Jethro Bohannon
Jethro Bohannon - 10 years ago
UnitedIGITV - 10 years ago
You deserve all the hits. This is magnificent. How did you track? There's almost nothing in the footage that would suggest any stationary objects?
badgerfeatures - 10 years ago
Beautiful work - amazing video !!
Monty Dinham
Monty Dinham - 10 years ago
amazing, looks so real
Bo Condon
Bo Condon - 10 years ago
inspirational. beautiful. apocalyptical. tubular.
Rodrigo Funes Gez
Rodrigo Funes Gez - 10 years ago
Like an Apocalypse Now! AWesome
iczerone2000 - 10 years ago
Damn! That's some AWESOME WORK!!
Cip Nervozaur
Cip Nervozaur - 10 years ago
This is obviously fake! Otherwise it would be all over the news...
Kinger124's Car Channel
Kinger124's Car Channel - 10 years ago
Impressive work!
James McKay
James McKay - 10 years ago
Jesus man this is mega
matahiarii - 10 years ago
Keith Turner
Keith Turner - 10 years ago
@Kizzwizzz Took me about a year because I was learning all the software (Maya, Mocha, After Effects) while doing it.
Alexandre Ale
Alexandre Ale - 10 years ago
you turned a crapy home made surfing video footage and turned into something unique! congratulations
Alistair Currah
Alistair Currah - 10 years ago
Brilliant, love stuff that`s a bit weird and unsettling. Brings to mind another crazy film, Street Of Crocodiles by the Brothers Quay.
SlushBlush - 10 years ago
I Love the background !
visibleonline - 10 years ago
great atmosphere! great work!
Cusiano X- Team
Cusiano X- Team - 10 years ago
It's a fake!!!
Connor Aldridge
Connor Aldridge - 10 years ago
that's some really impressive editing! How long did that take you?
syahireduan - 10 years ago
Surfing - 2/10 Editing 10/10
Alvaro Elena Navarro
Alvaro Elena Navarro - 10 years ago
craig gibson
craig gibson - 10 years ago
take that @freddiewong!!!
mshartz5 - 10 years ago
Effects? This isn't Jersey?
First Creek Films
First Creek Films - 10 years ago
Whats the music? Good for surfing!
Fieldey TV: Art & Tutorials
Fieldey TV: Art & Tutorials - 10 years ago
This is awesome! Great concept!
Chad Youngquist
Chad Youngquist - 10 years ago
Incredible! I haven't seen waves and water done in CG quite like that! How did you take raw footage from an alien apocalypse and create your own surfing in the foreground? Beautiful work!

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