Baja Surf and Turf Adventure in the New Toyota Tacoma! - Dirt Every Day Ep. 59

When the guys from Surfer magazine want to go surfing, there isn’t much that can dissuade them—and when those waves were in Baja, they joined forces with Fred Williams for a Dirt Every Day Baja adventure. The crew threw their recovery gear, surfboards, and sunglasses in a new Toyota Tacoma and headed south of the border for some Mexican backroad exploring, great surfing, and excellent tacos. Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! Facebook - & Twitter - Google+ - Website -

Baja Surf and Turf Adventure in the New Toyota Tacoma! - Dirt Every Day Ep. 59 sentiment_very_dissatisfied 804

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When the guys from Surfer magazine want to go surfing, there isn’t much that can dissuade them—and when those waves were in Baja, they joined forces with Fred Williams for a Dirt Every Day Baja adventure. The crew threw their recovery gear, surfboards, and sunglasses in a new Toyota Tacoma and headed south of the border for some Mexican backroad exploring, great surfing, and excellent tacos. Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! Facebook - & Twitter - Google+ - Website -

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for Baja Surf and Turf Adventure in the New Toyota Tacoma! - Dirt Every Day Ep. 59

Brett Prior
Brett Prior - 4 years ago
Wait, that bit about Mexican auto insurance... Does our typical states policies not cover you internationally? Does one actually need insurance in every nation they drive? Not just one company and / or policy in which covers all of their assets? I'm not much of an international traveler, been to Mexico once, and didn't drive while there anyway... What happens in Canada? This is the most important thing I've taken from this video. And a curiosity I could probably just google, but instead will just forever wonder.
MaCK Witt Da Cheeze
MaCK Witt Da Cheeze - 4 years ago
I feel like fred is always rubing his hands lol its like his expression of his excitement lol
Speedy powers
Speedy powers - 4 years ago
Steve Sarkees
Steve Sarkees - 4 years ago
Again! I see the pink “Easter Egg!” At the end. Too funny
Carlos Vasquez
Carlos Vasquez - 4 years ago
You are biting that truck down man, you know it’s a good truck, but come on it’s not yours, someone will get that truck later man...!
BajaCalifornia_TRD - 4 years ago
jail for no mexican insurance? lol
Aria Pesurnay
Aria Pesurnay - 4 years ago
is your mum's Athena Wiliams?
The TacomaKid
The TacomaKid - 4 years ago
Do not take the stem out on the trail spent the extra 15 seconds. What a douche setting up many kids to fail hard
Leo G.
Leo G. - 4 years ago

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Bradley Myrick
Bradley Myrick - 4 years ago
You got tacos in your taco!
CharleyGFX - 4 years ago
22:46 so we're all gonna ignore what looks like big foot walking off camera?
timothy Alvarado
timothy Alvarado - 4 years ago
I just got a Toyota Tacoma Sport in Calvary blue long bed. It’s amazing. My first Tacoma. To God Be All The Glory.
Andy Perrett
Andy Perrett - 4 years ago
Cervesa is Beer
Alex Krayo
Alex Krayo - 4 years ago
Missing a right rear mud guard towards the end of the video. Must have been torn off.
Jack Watters
Jack Watters - 4 years ago
Gas guzzling in-line 6? Lol you must be doing something wrong
Arthur G
Arthur G - 5 years ago
Lift it, get rid of the running boards, nerf bars, side step bars, whatever you wanna call them and it will be good to go!
Zach Perez
Zach Perez - 5 years ago
Love Toyota’s reliability!!!!
M Blake Jr
M Blake Jr - 5 years ago
cant bring a gun I dont go
ROBIN TAMSANG - 5 years ago
@4:28 SHERPA! no surfer bro!

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todd mayta
todd mayta - 5 years ago
WTH was that pink monster at the end? lol 22:47
JustLetMeDrive - 5 years ago
its trashed lol
Cody G
Cody G - 5 years ago
4x4 kook. kawabunga dude, bro...
Kornholeeoo - 5 years ago
Seems like everyone is complaining about this being nothing but a Taco commercial. I get that. But they’ve had so many Jeep commercials on here, this was refreshing.
MrKillingspree1990 - 5 years ago
Sick truck. Love you guys
I KH - 5 years ago
make me want to get a Tacoma now
Adrian Jimbo
Adrian Jimbo - 5 years ago
I own toyota camry xse and the tacoma
tommy cuevas
tommy cuevas - 5 years ago
J G - 5 years ago
You will NOT go to jail without insurance in Mexico, but if you have an accident you DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH FEDERALES IF YOU DON'T HAVE INSURANCE... GET INSURANCE FOR MEXICO!!!
Kluberus - 5 years ago
The new Tacoma so ugly now tho.

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Katnatyjack Konda's
Katnatyjack Konda's - 5 years ago
That looks like fun!
Laurence GAMING
Laurence GAMING - 5 years ago
toyota is nice
ole matson
ole matson - 5 years ago
idc that it seemed a bit like an ad, you thrashed that Tacoma! Totally worth watching more than once!
Darius Whited
Darius Whited - 5 years ago
i'm he supposed to be extremely cringey..?
gary jonson
gary jonson - 5 years ago
what a waste of bandwidth
STEADYMOBBIN - 6 years ago
Driving to poor Taco through salt water.....
Will Exantus
Will Exantus - 6 years ago
Only Toyota Tacoma that can go off road. American trucks are all junk. Please do yourself a favor stop buying American junk. Get a Toyota that will last you for life.
Keith Freeman
Keith Freeman - 6 years ago
fucking surfers
Campy Camp
Campy Camp - 6 years ago
Would love a 2017 TRD Pro with the short bed. But so $$$EXPENSIVE$$$
I'm currently in an 07 FJ Cruiser with a rear locker, stock suspension, KO2's. The FJ is unstoppable! For the price and value you can't go wrong.
Steven Vanheel
Steven Vanheel - 6 years ago
Dammit, why does Mexico get M80's and we don't? This is bullshit, I'm moving to Mexico.
American patriot2
American patriot2 - 6 years ago
cars are getting way to smart
Maskface - 6 years ago
Dude just to remove the air from the tires and you really don't know how to do it? You already have a white hair.
Rene Zambrano
Rene Zambrano - 6 years ago
Dig the Moon Doggie hat. You didn't show the huge naked lady house!
harmonize209 - 6 years ago
Fred drove this tacoma harder than the mint 400 tacoma.
Aron Contreras
Aron Contreras - 6 years ago
WastedDragon - 6 years ago
Toyota - Going Places, With or Without You
jorge hdz
jorge hdz - 6 years ago
Baja looks cool and is awesome that Americans can enjoy Mexico in that place, in the border of the gulf of Mexico (brownsville/matamoros) is really different, we have also a beach, but is almost virgin barely any people most of the year, we don't have fire works and also almost non Americans go to that border city, so different the west and the east border of mexico. Also I'm glad that Baja is safe now because border of the gulf of Mexico is crazy dangerous.
Alex Russell
Alex Russell - 6 years ago
the land cruiser though! all the tacoma hype the landcruiser is right behind it!
chuck valdez
chuck valdez - 6 years ago
Nice toyota infomercial!
Hurricane Seven
Hurricane Seven - 6 years ago
Great video -- ignore the haters! I've driven all my 4x4s on the beach and in the water, washed them off, and accepted that in due course they'll rust: but by the time they'd clapped out, they all had in excess of 100k miles and 5 years, and by then I was willing to sell them for whatever they were worth or give them to kids to play with. Tell the cry-babies to go hug a tree.

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Derek Wilham
Derek Wilham - 6 years ago
At 22:26 it looks like there is a snake in the water.
PrestigeWorldWide - 6 years ago
Easy to get into Mexico difficult to get back to the US due to strict border inspections and traffic
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
It's not too bad if you go at the right time. We always like to schedule our tours to end on a Monday rather than Sunday for this reason. Our last trip we crossed at Tecate and it took 15 minutes
LordEzequiel - 6 years ago
Okay, i'll not talking about ad's. Who play the pink Sasquatch in every episode of Dirt Every Day ? Is it you Fred ? :)
Jim Newman
Jim Newman - 6 years ago
Love the Hi-Q on the other vehicle.Bet it would look better on the Tacoma
Ian McDonnell
Ian McDonnell - 6 years ago
Good stuff! Did a similar trip down there in December, scored some waves and saw a lot of trucks testing the course. We got a few waves too, and just like you guys, managed to put a hole in the skid plate off my 2015 taco. Btw how was the meth at Cuatras?
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
Yes you can but why would you. Richard runs a great place. It's cheap you can camp right there at the break and you can use the showers and heck he will even feed you.
Ian McDonnell
Ian McDonnell - 6 years ago
Really? Good to know. Haven't been there in years - we tend to stay around Colonet these days. Does that mean you can camp safely away from the hostel now?
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
Cuatro Casas is a quality place. No Meth.
Kevin Law
Kevin Law - 6 years ago
I want Toyota to sponsor me to fling one of their vehicles around.
Michael chapman
Michael chapman - 6 years ago
Well they couldn't put the stuff in the bed because it doesn't have one. LMAO
Henrythekool - 6 years ago
22:46 pink bigfoot
Javin Lubuw
Javin Lubuw - 6 years ago
let's go north, um let's go south, dirt, check, cruising, check, having fun, check, sounds like Fred to me,
Tony Martinez
Tony Martinez - 6 years ago
Nice red dirt Moab shirt!
Scott Sharon
Scott Sharon - 6 years ago
Remove the valve stem.... lmao! Any air gauge will have a little nub to release the air, but if you want to remove the valve stem... sure... hope you have an air pump! lmao!
Dan Thehomelessman
Dan Thehomelessman - 6 years ago
what's with the pink guy everywhere? hahahaha
Uriel Quintana
Uriel Quintana - 6 years ago
Rawdyrider - 6 years ago
Toyota 80 Series LC.THE BEST 4X4 EVER BUILT!!!!
Skyllr Takeri
Skyllr Takeri - 6 years ago
Tacoma driving footages = priceless
Fireshadow Viper
Fireshadow Viper - 6 years ago
I love dirt every day
cbass - 6 years ago
Fred must have kids cause that fireworks joke was the king of all "dad jokes"
Riley Wilson
Riley Wilson - 6 years ago
The 2017 Tacoma is a gigantic piece of shit. I bought a brand new fully loaded trd off road and was so disappoited with it, I returned it to the dealer and took the voluntary repo. Do not buy a new Tacoma
Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan - 6 years ago
Vital Tip : DO NOT GO TO MEXICO! Just because you see it on Youtube, doesn't make it a good idea.
Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan - 6 years ago
Make sure to check the travel warnings with the US State Department. Do it now folks; like I said, Do Not Go To Mexico! What a hell hole!
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
Been going since 1985. Never have had a problem
goldwing2000 - 6 years ago
No building at all and eleven minutes before they even made it off road. yawn
casey obrien
casey obrien - 6 years ago
not much dirt
Avril Phillips
Avril Phillips - 6 years ago
i love Toyota Jake bacon
Shoegum - 6 years ago
I bet my Subaru could do this just as good :)
frank filippone
frank filippone - 6 years ago
Nhien Hong
Nhien Hong - 6 years ago
Can I get the GPS of that beach with the sand dunes. That looks so fun.
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
Are you familiar with Baja?
JeremyJam - 6 years ago
the new f-150 get the same or better mileage than this does and toyotas are like a what, 4/5th size version?
Reuben Pearson
Reuben Pearson - 6 years ago
administrator receiver peel yhqsgga half slightly forgive delicate white.
Melissa K
Melissa K - 6 years ago
baligh hamdi
baligh hamdi - 6 years ago
Japanese cars are the best
Adventures with Gnomie
Adventures with Gnomie - 6 years ago
Toyota ad - cool but LAME
Ethan Bible
Ethan Bible - 6 years ago
ditch the Surfer Dudes
gullf1sk - 6 years ago
Is that one dude a watered down australian? I cant really pin the accent
gullf1sk - 6 years ago
Beer, explosives right next to a 50 foot drop, winning combination
Lars Ostreim
Lars Ostreim - 6 years ago
Looks like a ford..
Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez
Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez - 6 years ago
I have a 2016 Tacoma. The drive by wire is the worst of any vehicle I even driven.
Jay Trock
Jay Trock - 6 years ago
Mexico is not safe. A buddy and I drove down Baja from Ventura. We went to surf and snorkel. The police pull us over just south of Ensenada and took our boards, snorkel gear and cash. They also took my friends ID and told us not to report them because they knew who we were. Thankfully I hid some cash and spare card in fuse box.
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia - 6 years ago
its awesome when you drive someone else's vehicle.
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly - 6 years ago
I for one really liked the episode. This is what these trucks were meant for, not just some 25 year old to put a leveling kit and a custom grill on. Still managed to make a sponsored episode entertaining
Alta Luz
Alta Luz - 6 years ago
brave fred suffering with the hipsters and the promo gear. not watched. but good work
kaleb foster
kaleb foster - 6 years ago
kaleb foster
kaleb foster - 6 years ago
Mr Cow
Mr Cow - 6 years ago
just stop complaining about the ad how else do you except these guys to get bread on the table or pay the normal episodes
cadillacphxful - 6 years ago
now that I only watch videos on Motor Trend on demand a month before they hit YouTube I don't get a chance to comment anymore. Now looking for these comments on that I don't, you all are some negative mother fucking bitches. They're not advertising shit Fred is simply taking many different Brands of vehicles off-road get the fuck over it and don't watch the videos if you don't like it.
Chad Foust
Chad Foust - 6 years ago
with an awesome new front bumper, two lockers, and the diesel the new ZR2 seriously got a leg up on the industry standard. I have loved Toyota since my 84 4Runner but I really want a diesel in a small to midsize truck. #toyota give us a diesel #tacoma . #chevy #colorado #canyon , I'd love a manual transmission option!
Andrew Clemons
Andrew Clemons - 6 years ago
you guys are the most biggest yuppies douchebags out there you have no clue what it means to off-road you City dwelling c*********.
Trevor Puckett
Trevor Puckett - 6 years ago
cringe watching him drive in the ocean
BajaMedic - 6 years ago
How is old Richard at cuatro casas?
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
Pushing 55 I think
Travis Brass
Travis Brass - 6 years ago
It's time for a cerveza, for all you you kids watching that means chocolate milk. Eh this 12 year old knows a thing or two.
notsoaddictedtoxbox - 6 years ago
The only time an enthusiast has actually "gone to mexico".
Dylan Stevens
Dylan Stevens - 6 years ago
More like Dirt Whenever We Get Around To It.

100. comment for Baja Surf and Turf Adventure in the New Toyota Tacoma! - Dirt Every Day Ep. 59

tbbsrr - 6 years ago
Fuckkkkkk, I want a Tacoma so bad!!! I watched many Tacoma videos, but this is one of the best yet!
Marcus Wilson
Marcus Wilson - 6 years ago
Gives a new meaning to "Let's go places"
Andrew Brantner
Andrew Brantner - 6 years ago
I'm sort of bummed about the direction DED took. I was excited when I first saw it come to MT. I was really hoping it was going to be my #2 favorite show on the channel. Though, all we seem to get is 20+ minute sponsored ads and slapping big tires on clapped out junk that doesn't have the power to turn them. This is the reason I'm glad I decided against MT on demand. Paying someone to watch advertisements is just plain stupid.
DrewT - 6 years ago
If Toyota didn't sponsor this, we wouldn't get to watch a 30 minute Toyota advertisement...that calls driving on a dirt road "rock crawling." The difference between sponsored content & commercials is this: Commercials last 30 seconds. Sponsored content lasts 23 minutes & 33 seconds. Sponsored content is WAY better because there is 47 times more of what you don't want. Now, do you see why it's sooo good? I thought that would make it all clear & better ;-)
Jack Craig
Jack Craig - 6 years ago
sure looks like a hoot to me! i'd love to try some wheeling in that truck, but not sand, death valley!!
softtaillover04 - 6 years ago
Will they continue with the free episodes or are they all going to motor trend on demand for money?
steeper than it looks
steeper than it looks - 6 years ago
toyota commercials are the most entertaining shows now days. love my 4runner and my quarter million mile 1st gen taco. they really do get it done without mechanical failure forever
Reply Here
Reply Here - 6 years ago
well this sucked i think
tbirdracefan - 6 years ago
I made it to 7:39
Cobb - 6 years ago
I like how MT has a teaser for episode 61 on ONDemand, but this is still the newest episode. Maybe release ep 60 before teasing 61.
Sergio Toledo
Sergio Toledo - 6 years ago
where is episode 60?
DEBOSS GARAGE - 6 years ago
Couldn't watch the entire episode. Sorry Fred and the production team. I know you have to make money but this was boring. Even if it was an ad you could have made it more entertaining. Now that I have that off my chest, I'll check out the Avalanche episode on MTOD.
DEBOSS GARAGE - 6 years ago
I'm back, the Avalanche episode did not disappoint. Dave is a terrible driver...
Tclans - 6 years ago
I recently flew halfway round the globe to Costa Rica and went 4x4-ing for the first time. It has been such a blast! It was a Toyota Hilux with a rooftop tent. So we could park it everywhere and surf any good wave we could find. Best holiday ever!
cbeejay - 6 years ago
"This week on dirt everyday" more like "this year on dirt everyday"
Steven Flores
Steven Flores - 6 years ago
Cervesa means beer not milk
Hunter T.
Hunter T. - 6 years ago
What is the plastic bin in the bed of the Tacoma? I think it's a pelican case but not quite sure.
Hunter T.
Hunter T. - 6 years ago
That's what I thought now just got to find one. Thanks!
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
I think it is a Pelican. Fred said he got it for a super good deal.
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
Fred brought a bunch of recovery gear in that. Super cool box
John P
John P - 6 years ago
That surfer guy is soooooooooooo annoying, had to switch off and watch something else.
Parker Janelle
Parker Janelle - 6 years ago
Anyone know when the next Dirt Every Day episode is coming? It seems like it's been a while since an upload.
RicDood211 - 6 years ago
would been sick if Toyota gave him a TRD pro for this vid.
tayb5oh4 - 6 years ago
Surfing is cool, but the surfers are not.
Leland Gryg
Leland Gryg - 6 years ago
where did fred go , did he sink the yota on the way home ? wheres the new episodeeee !?
Miles Reid
Miles Reid - 6 years ago
I don't care if this one episode wasn't the best I love Fred and I can't wait for the next where is it!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Sn Drd
Sn Drd - 6 years ago
Lucky you got there before the wall got up!
BSHAWofIT - 6 years ago
So where's the new episode? Been over a month
Miles Reid
Miles Reid - 6 years ago
I know where's episode 60 D E D typically comes out on the 2nd or 3rd I's now the 9th
ThePenatron - 6 years ago
would rather have the 80 series . oh yeah i already do
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
We use Dave and his 80 series on almost all of our runs. Good dependable rig
Michael Russo
Michael Russo - 6 years ago
dirt everyday sucks now
K Harris
K Harris - 6 years ago
Alright Fred you taught some surfer dudes how to air down tires! Hope you can get some better episodes in the near future. Sounds like many did not enjoy this Toyota commercial and I for one am losing interest and have not been looking forward to new episodes of DED like in the past.
Clayton Miller
Clayton Miller - 6 years ago
build something with tons of horsepower and huge tractor tires and find some real mud
Terry Bailey
Terry Bailey - 6 years ago
Just go back to doing builds. More interesting more fun. Try building an old Landrover or a suzuki with Landy gear. Keep the scratches out of ya dents. Good luck.
DaFek YuSey
DaFek YuSey - 6 years ago
My Mustang has done just as much beach "off-roading."
Kevin Gulbrandsen
Kevin Gulbrandsen - 6 years ago
social emotional therapist give emphasis genius scientist invisible.
Pedro Ibañez
Pedro Ibañez - 6 years ago
hey fred, i kinda notice you cut in half a range rover and i was wondering if you will make an episode with a land rover, right now the discovery 1 and 2 models and the p38 range rover are prety cheap do to the cylinder liners problem in that 4.6 engine, and i have never seen someone swaping the engine to lets say an ls, or a small block chevy, i'm sure someone have done it before but no one have documented it properly. After watching some of the camel trophy videos, those cars seems to be prety good off road rigs
Isaac Haynes
Isaac Haynes - 6 years ago
ooooh i want some cerveza right now!!!!!
kalio rocks
kalio rocks - 6 years ago
is it just me or does a pink guy keep poping up in these videos
sabgog - 6 years ago
Not sure why people complain about Toyota's involvement, If someone offered you a vehicle to take for free and abuse the hell out of on a surf trip and offroading I'm sure you would. I can't believe all they managed to wreck was a skid plate for how hard he was giving it to a stock height truck with stock suspension and tires lol
BeepBoppingCherries - 6 years ago
22:45 I am confused as to what I am even looking at...
matt george
matt george - 6 years ago
I think it would be awesome if fred had an Off-road version of overhaulin or garage squad. that would be a awesome show to watch.
Jonathon Sears
Jonathon Sears - 6 years ago
as much as I hate new vehicles, the Tacoma seems pretty awesome given that it survived Fred driving it. Also I love the whole "yeah salt water is terrible" as you're driving through it hahaha Yota will love that when you give it back to em.
Panda’s Garage
Panda’s Garage - 6 years ago
have yall ever thought about doing a z71 tahoe build.
BRAXTON TAYLOR - 6 years ago
why the music from the rancharo in roadkill
Joesph Warren
Joesph Warren - 6 years ago
I wish Fred would just adopt me.
Gerardo Sanchez
Gerardo Sanchez - 6 years ago
it beer
Kyle Scaggs
Kyle Scaggs - 6 years ago
nothing like driving something that isn't yours.
Super Dad
Super Dad - 6 years ago
Yota shoud let you keep it and chop it up into a monster
fania sari
fania sari - 6 years ago
where the next episode clip ?
Preston Lowery
Preston Lowery - 6 years ago
Taking out the valve stem just to lower the psi seems like bad advise
august kelly
august kelly - 6 years ago
I love the trd tocoma but I think they should have put more aggressive tires on it
aserta - 6 years ago
Diego Andres
Diego Andres - 6 years ago
you should make a proyect trophy truck and race in 2017 baja 1000
Jackson Lehmann
Jackson Lehmann - 6 years ago
Fred Williams is the name of the keyboard player from the Backstreet Boys. If I am right like this comment
Bryan M
Bryan M - 6 years ago
I feel like this COMMERCIAL should have been about the FORD RAPTOR!!!
Map Charm
Map Charm - 6 years ago
Running out of ideas ? Because the shit sucked ass
Charissa Sanchez
Charissa Sanchez - 6 years ago
Noel Jacobs
Noel Jacobs - 6 years ago
Love Tacos, both kinds. Looks like great fun!
ken444444 - 6 years ago
The episode was a bit lame but the music near the end made up for it.
Ruben Braekman
Ruben Braekman - 6 years ago
Baja or baha?
jason s
jason s - 6 years ago
tobad didnt show the rock that took out skid plate. personally im curious what impact it took. but looks like it was fun!
Victor Cervantes
Victor Cervantes - 6 years ago
very fun episode Fred keep Up the good job and thanks for being honest
Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart - 6 years ago
That's exactly how I treat rental cars.
bdreed85 - 6 years ago
I always wondered what cerveza meant
Tom Clarke
Tom Clarke - 6 years ago
Motor've gone, nice while it lasted. Loved DED and RK before you sold them out, this isn't worth my time.
Drake Kelch
Drake Kelch - 6 years ago
Tacomas are the best trucks ever made!
Gibbet Hoskins
Gibbet Hoskins - 6 years ago
Toyota Tacoma for sale, never been off road, on the beach or in salt water.
Alan Najera_22
Alan Najera_22 - 6 years ago
i can´t belivete fred you were in my city and i didnt knew about it after like week what a bad luck im from t.j.
SpencerDonahue - 6 years ago
Couldn't finish that garbage. If you wan't to make a sponsored episode at least make it entertaining. Back to the drawing board, guys.
ius - 6 years ago
22:46 what's that pink thing on te right? I didnt get it
Tony T
Tony T - 6 years ago
i had tacos in encasneta its good they have good churrios to
Alfonso Burgoin
Alfonso Burgoin - 6 years ago
i live in baja
Pedro Ibañez
Pedro Ibañez - 6 years ago
hey Fred, do a camel trophy episode
Shredxcam22 - 6 years ago
trip and driving, amazing. Truck, let down
abdul hameed
abdul hameed - 6 years ago
Takoz are nice
Pedro Joet
Pedro Joet - 6 years ago
22:47 lol
MrUncleSpicy - 6 years ago
vw buggy... strike one
surfing ... strike two
more crewford more diesel jeep
MrUncleSpicy - 6 years ago
ps i do like the tacoma.
Canyonmonster300 - 6 years ago
No offense but ur camera man sucks
Leighton Thigpen
Leighton Thigpen - 6 years ago
What's up with the pink thing at 22:47???
Lucas Galloway
Lucas Galloway - 6 years ago
anyone else notice the pink fluffy monster thing just before the end?
lemmonsinmyeyes - 6 years ago
But.... Land Rover has had Hill Decent Control for almost 2 decades now... (similar to toyotas neat robot trick)
apw75 - 6 years ago
Did I see right 265/70/16 tyres?
Hilux SR5 has 265/60/18 tyres
And the Tacoma is the TRD sport version.
Thermo - 6 years ago
What's the song between 0:35 to 1:40
ntme9 - 6 years ago
Where the hell is Dave?! He and Fred together make DED good
Mike Soda
Mike Soda - 6 years ago
Have I just not noticed it before but what's wrong with Fred's nose at 21:56? It looks like he broke it or something.
Fendo5k - 6 years ago
Nice episode, love the Taco!
Manny Drives
Manny Drives - 6 years ago
Finding Mexican tacos in a Taco. Great job guys.
The Adventurous Type
The Adventurous Type - 6 years ago
Fantastic video, I like the collaboration between MT/Surfer. I slipped into vacation mode for a few minutes.
TyRod859 Online
TyRod859 Online - 6 years ago
Is pink harambe the easter egg in Dirt Every Day?
Josh Hust
Josh Hust - 6 years ago
yeah he pops up in most of the videos they have. fred likes bigfoot
Samuel Foster
Samuel Foster - 6 years ago
Mmmmmm milk chocolate
Jake 4.7
Jake 4.7 - 6 years ago
This episode was really boring, Toyota tacomas are boring, and nothing happened. Please build something badass again like the offroadrunner or add to a project like the Alabama army truck.
Jake 4.7
Jake 4.7 - 6 years ago
Yep sure because 1 i dont own a TRX, nobody does and 2 They are boring ass trucks! Theres nothing going on thats intresting at all, i dont give a shit about reliablity because if it breaks it gives me an excuse to buy new parts and fix my truck, i love working on cars and trucks so if it breaks i get kinda excited, it rarely happens because I maintain and take care of all my vehicles but none the less i couldnt give a shit about reliablity because everything breaks but everything will last a long time if you take care of it
Oreo Cat
Oreo Cat - 6 years ago
Hotrod Hemi they are very special because of they're reliability. Your shitty Trx will probably won't even make it to 40,000 miles without something breaking, and with a Tacoma there is so many different ways you can go - sas, prerunner, overland.. and they all come out cheaper and much more reliable.
Jake 4.7
Jake 4.7 - 6 years ago
Ok fine? Who cares? Basicly anything will with proper matinence, and for how much a tacoma costs, you could build an old truck into a fantastic offroad rig if you were serious about offroading, the tacoma isnt what pops into my head when i think ultimate offroad truck, if you want to go serious offroading you build a truck, you dont buy one. But for what companies have to offer for factory offroad packages toyota comes in dead last compared to everything else, and why do you love tge tacoma so much theyre not special in any way shape or form, theyre s half size pick up with a 6 cylinder......please explain how that is in any way "special"
Oreo Cat
Oreo Cat - 6 years ago
Hotrod Hemi the Tacoma can easily make past 200k miles, and for the money a Tex would cost you could have a equally as good if not better Tacoma for the price
Jake 4.7
Jake 4.7 - 6 years ago
+Oreo Cat It is a concept sure but that means Ram cares enough about offroad trucks to build a 1 off custom offroad truck to get an opinion on it from the public to see if they should produce something similar, and the tacoma isnt that great of a truck, its really nothing special, just another toyota and nothing more
Oreo Cat
Oreo Cat - 6 years ago
Hotrod Hemi trx CONCEPT.. Keyword there. And the Tacoma is far from boring. It's good off-road and has a huge aftermarket
Jake 4.7
Jake 4.7 - 6 years ago
+enigmaPL I kept watching hoping it would get intresting, it didnt. And Toyota isnt the only one who cares about off road trucks, believe me when i say that the Raptor was updated for a reason, Ram has its TRX concept and the Rebel, and Nissan has the Pro 4X Titan, The Tacoma isnt anything special in my honest opinion, because theres better trucks out there for a bit more money or if you were serious about off roading you could build a much better truck for what the Tacoma costs
enigmaPL - 6 years ago
You're free to not watch this one, and watch something else instead. No one forced you to watch this one, no need to be a dick about it. I for one enjoyed seeing the Tacoma do what it did. It's nice to see at least Toyota still gives a damn about rugged trucks, even in the light truck class. Rarely do you see a modern truck/offroader be any good.
Jesus Guevara
Jesus Guevara - 6 years ago
Not chocolate milk
Jesus Guevara
Jesus Guevara - 6 years ago
Cerveza is beer
VetteRacin - 6 years ago
@Motortrend Fred You said the piece you press in to deflate the tires is the valvestem, that is incorrect, the part you are pressing in or removing is called the valve core. It's what the valve is called inside the stem.
elfranko81 - 6 years ago
should a tried an import surf
Oqsy - 6 years ago
I liked it.

Haters: How often do you see skidplates torn out of brand new trucks in commercials? Lighten up. This is a big part of what MT does. They are given a vehicle to test. They get an article to write (or YT video to film) and the manufacturer gets some press. Every episode isn't that way, but there has to be a way to pay the bills and put gas in the trucks. Sometimes the sponsor is a brake company or a tire company or maybe someone that sells shocks or crate engines. In those videos you may get less vehicle brand oriented content, but it's still funded by someone that has a logo and/or parts show up in the video. Go check out Cuban or Venezuelan YouTube to see what kind of free motorsports enthusiast content is provided without the influence of dirty capitalist sponsor money.
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
Ramon Serrano
Ramon Serrano - 6 years ago
Y'all need to get a jeep Comanche(mj) plz
A K - 6 years ago
They shoulda done this after a 6" lift
Bad Larry
Bad Larry - 6 years ago
Fred, clean out your PM box on Pirate please!
Midnight Chaser
Midnight Chaser - 6 years ago
what a badass place. makes me want to get up and go right now!!
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
Let us know when
JOSHaka OGER - 6 years ago
i thought the pro had bigger fox shocks? dont these have the rigid fogs too?
pirahna432 - 6 years ago
Awful episode.
VossenWheels - 6 years ago
Check out Vossen Wheels channel! Over 500+ Modified car videos.
VossenWheels - 6 years ago
stirling waite
stirling waite - 6 years ago
A YETI!!! Minute 22:46 in!
Joaquin Moreno
Joaquin Moreno - 6 years ago
Do a 3500 doge limmtted
Brian Randolph
Brian Randolph - 6 years ago
You guys should do another video with this truck but take it on some actual trails! Throw some sliders on it and give it a go wiith some harder stuff! Maybe even throw a jeep in the mix. Next episode idea? I think yes.
K - 6 years ago
Damn, the American audience is so sensitive. Every other DED: Features predominantly Jeeps - "Yeah, great episode Fred". This DED: Features a Toyota (with very little intrusive Toyota commentary/reviews) - "BLLARRRRGHHHHH WHAT ADVERT SCREW YOU FRED! MORE LIKE TOYOTA TREND CHANNEL BLARHAHAHAHAHAH!"
Masocisa7538 - 6 years ago
11:00 not even a scripted conversation
Alfredo molina
Alfredo molina - 6 years ago
Masocisa7538 - 6 years ago
oh well, still good episode
Faatih's best gaming and adventure
Faatih's best gaming and adventure - 6 years ago
Ill buy the pickup
Vegard Claussen
Vegard Claussen - 6 years ago
I don't get the firework joke...
Raouf cherouana
Raouf cherouana - 6 years ago
Vegard Claussen these guys are fucking boring
_Donjose - 6 years ago
i love toyota so this was a beautiful video lol
Tristan Newsome
Tristan Newsome - 6 years ago
Have you guys seen the new ad? Its like 30 minutes long and you can't skip it... :(
Piston Matters
Piston Matters - 6 years ago
que paso Fred antes eras chevere,
J Coll
J Coll - 6 years ago
really pretty dull toyota commercial, fred, that sucked
lambotama - 6 years ago
Acting like we haven't had tpms since 2003
Sam Wisniewski
Sam Wisniewski - 6 years ago
Lol at 18:42
Jake Charles
Jake Charles - 6 years ago
It would have been cool if this wasn't Toyota showing off their truck... I just watched 20 minutes of ads.
Nevetsreyd - 6 years ago
Should have been called how to flog the shit out of a standard Toyota, ruin any underbody protection that it had and then keep on flogging it. Also known as how to become stranded in a remote area. No sensible off-roader would put themselves or others at risk like this. And NOBODY parks over top of an old campfire!! But he did it twice in one vid. Wanker.
J- Bibble
J- Bibble - 6 years ago
Man Fred looked really uncomfortable in this midway through he came to the realization that he was a prostitute lol.
onlylikenerd - 6 years ago
One looooong commercial for toyota tacomas
greg martens
greg martens - 6 years ago
Yeah, this seems to be becoming more overt lately with these motor trend channels. I guess with the death of print media, it's what they gotta do to keep the lights on, but ironically it makes me far less likely to watch. A little subtlety would go a long way...
Christopher Almond
Christopher Almond - 6 years ago
I would really like to see campers for jeeps.
Jan fredrik Svensson
Jan fredrik Svensson - 6 years ago
Hit pause at 16:54. Damn that guy look like Paul Walker
EnriqueMenesesBalles - 6 years ago
I do not care if this is a long Toyota advertisement, I admire the crawl control, no other brand has one
sh b
sh b - 6 years ago
DanielDaniel1 - 6 years ago
The surfer magazine guys should've at least been car guys too.
DanielDaniel1 - 6 years ago
I dont have a problem with toyota advertising their trucks because they're extremely good vehicles.
Levi J Morrill
Levi J Morrill - 6 years ago
For us kids that speak Spanish, cerveza does not mean chocolate milk, it means beer.
Brett Sullivan
Brett Sullivan - 6 years ago
406 nova
406 nova - 6 years ago
Toyota + salt equals dead Toyota
PatriotPigeon - 6 years ago
I appreciate that you all made this episode and provided it to us for free. It was not a typical DED, but it was still 20+ minutes of good, free high quality entertainment. Don't let all of the babies in the comments that can't handle something outside of their norms let you think this wasn't worth watching.
Josh Hust
Josh Hust - 6 years ago
honestly i was pretty impressed with how the truck did. most modern trucks tend to be squishy pavement pounders, but that one handled the rocks and sand pretty well
Catch 22
Catch 22 - 6 years ago
The Tacoma is nice but that Land Cruiser is way cooler.
Janne Järvinen
Janne Järvinen - 6 years ago
5 mins was more than enough. I used to like this show.
L3p3r m3ssi4h
L3p3r m3ssi4h - 6 years ago
sooooo a 24 min commercial for the Tacoma?
Mario Velasquez
Mario Velasquez - 6 years ago
A Toyota and Baja, COOL!!!!
Makenly Ibarra
Makenly Ibarra - 6 years ago
I want some chocolate milk!
Just_The_Fax - 6 years ago
I like how they stopped mid way to give a "tutorial" about letting air out of tires.
Rude Dogg
Rude Dogg - 6 years ago
nice ad, fred
Tore Nyland
Tore Nyland - 6 years ago
you know as many points out is a long commercial for Toyota , but if fing great , this was a blast watching !
ExplorerMike99 - 6 years ago
That dude is a total hipster
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson - 6 years ago
Looks like a great trip! Never been to Mexico, live in Michigan..
Jim Bo
Jim Bo - 5 years ago
It's real safe there.
Kingofhoops - 6 years ago
What Fred without Sandals
xXBurntBaconXx - 6 years ago
Is it just me or does it look like the Toyota is sagging a bit in the rear due to all the payload?
Billy Bob
Billy Bob - 6 years ago
usually love you're videos but this SUCKS, please no more dumb ass surfers, go back to the good stuff "Dirt every day"
Bobilator Realitywall
Bobilator Realitywall - 6 years ago
Its realy fun u guys go film in mexico , just like almost all american business they switch in mexique .
coelho sports
coelho sports - 6 years ago
i can live vicariously through these guys and just be thankful that's not my truck they're driving like that.
K3NnY_G - 6 years ago
I'm 0:06 in and I already can tell this is gonna be a giant Toyota ad..

This is no longer the Dirt Everyday I used to love.

Sadly you guys know what this show needs to be that; and just chose to ignore it, and move farther from it.

For sure the first ep of this show I won't watch all the way to the end.
Tamiya Fan
Tamiya Fan - 6 years ago
I feel like you conned us into watching a 23.33 min toyota ad......
84moneypit - 6 years ago
fred needs to beat the shit out of something he spent his money on for a change. also I don't think those surfer guys give a fuck about 4x4 they just wanted to surf.
Frank Boyce
Frank Boyce - 6 years ago
OMG, this is the most boring car commercial of all-time.
weegaz22 - 6 years ago
I'd like to see Fred do something with a suzuki jimny or sj.
Loomaanaatii - 6 years ago
1% content 98% toyota advertisement 1% stupidity
Daehawk - 6 years ago
Fred's old school surf slang was embarrassing :)
Ethan Dudley
Ethan Dudley - 6 years ago
i love this episode!
is shows that even if people have nothing in common they can still have a blast and an awesome time
its like they all enjoy doing stuff thats different but still enjoy each others hobbys
Mark William
Mark William - 6 years ago
Yeh I'm going to buy a 100,00 truck to take to the beach to trash. No I'll keep my 4 grand patrol cheers.
Amin Hostil
Amin Hostil - 6 years ago
Dudee! Next time holla at me ill give you a tour , im at Ensenada Baja
Jayson Carey
Jayson Carey - 6 years ago
sorry, guys, but this is not one of your better episodes. it just played as a long Toyota commercial while you played Uber for an awkward surfer.
whiskeyinthejar24 - 6 years ago
That surf bum really didn't like Fred driving a dirt road at the six minute mark....
How can you not fear sharks, but that is scary?
Ashish Patel
Ashish Patel - 6 years ago
Damn these comments. Lmfao
ramairgto72 - 6 years ago
Any time a grown man raises and lowers his voice like a 14 year old girl, well.. you just have to wonder how much sand he got in his Vagina. Viewers gave that "Guns & Trucks" episode so much Liberal back lash, and now we get this.... "Hippie Stoner & Loner Truck"...
s c
s c - 6 years ago
ok enough commercials how about turn out another hot muscle car into a 4-wheeling mun-STAR
Knolltop Farms
Knolltop Farms - 6 years ago
If there was an eight foot swell with offshores, there would be no way I'd keep hanging out with anyone who got in the way of a single wave...those guys must have been on the payroll, and were still getting tooled. The tutorial on driving in the sand must have been painful to a guy whose surfed in Baja forever, LOL! Dorky Everyday!
MazzifLOL - 6 years ago
Seems a little one sided. The wheeler took the surfers wheeling...but the surfers didnt take the wheeler surfing.
jae-co-bee Vang
jae-co-bee Vang - 6 years ago
best commercial so far..I love them tacos
homar787 - 6 years ago
Dudes at toyota be like: light use toyota tacoma, 2,000 highway miles only, $45,000
Käptn Johannes Brassmann
Käptn Johannes Brassmann - 6 years ago
Thanks for another episode! I keep watching them, because theres always a diffrent content, well explained and well produced. With exception of shouting, I really like it.
Michael Whitehead
Michael Whitehead - 6 years ago
23 minutes of Yota TuRD. I remember when DED was cool and had Jeeps...
ProductofNZ - 6 years ago
I thought that Toyota was a Ford Ranger for a second.
OffTheBeatenPath - 6 years ago
for sale: Lady driven Toyota. never seen dirt
Freedomquest08 - 6 years ago
An ISIS white® Toyota at that. It does have the TRD package in place of the Jihad package,(classified) but nothing a welder and an AA gun couldn't fix.
Fendernirvana - 6 years ago
or salt water..
TRS Offroad
TRS Offroad - 6 years ago
More like Advertisement Every Day...
T1 M4R
T1 M4R - 6 years ago
Nothing worse than american ppl saying spanish words with their stupid accent... now weeh djowseah...
Taylor Lund
Taylor Lund - 6 years ago
How Fred treats ever RENTAL CAR EVER!!! hahahaha
Craig Tripney
Craig Tripney - 6 years ago
People pay to watch this utter crap
llBurnsll - 6 years ago
Should've let them drive some
Derek Watson
Derek Watson - 6 years ago
Chris Rob
Chris Rob - 6 years ago
Could go there with my rsx
Connor McAfee
Connor McAfee - 6 years ago
Fred is a firm believer in "Don't be gentle, it's a rental"
Christopher Ovrebo
Christopher Ovrebo - 6 years ago
kinda makes you wonder what it takes to deploy the airbags on one of those trucks
sebastian saavedra
sebastian saavedra - 6 years ago
Just stop
VossenWheels - 6 years ago
lol. Check out Vossen Wheels Channel
sebastian saavedra
sebastian saavedra - 6 years ago
Ashton couldn't give 2 shits
streetstomper - 6 years ago
suddenly I feel the need to buy a Tacoma lol..all joking aside another great episode from Mr Fred Williams.
Shakerhood69 - 6 years ago
Looks like the skid plate did its job!
Paul Cheyne
Paul Cheyne - 6 years ago
Yeah its a Toyota commercial but who cares. Motor Trend has far and away the best youtube channel of any of the U.S. Car Magazines and Toyota makes legit trucks. Also as a San Diego native who heads to TJ and Baja a couple times a month its rad to see a baja vid!
Maccaroney - 6 years ago
Note to self. Never let Fred borrow a vehicle.
jalmonte91 - 6 years ago
This probably one of the best scenery I have seen in an auto video
FPVREVIEWS - 6 years ago
It's not a crime in Mexico to be without insurance.
It IS a crime to have, or use fireworks. you actually CAN go to jail for that here.
Just what we need, more americans lighting off small bombs at night because they can't do it in their country. nice going, Fred.
I watch your show regularly, and like you, but this was just disappointing, along with being just a Toyota commercial.
theomnipresent1 - 6 years ago
You live in California that's why you've never heard that. Everyone else calls it that; particularly Los Angeles, LA = la la land.
FPVREVIEWS - 6 years ago
I agree, maybe it's funny if you're drunk, but it was is bad taste, in my opinion.
AARON IBARRA - 6 years ago
FPVREVIEWS it was messed up when he made that firework joke
Lost of our veterans have lost fingers and limbs
Chuck - 6 years ago
+Josh Lum I don't know anyone in california, but I've heard non cali residents call it lala land
Josh Lum
Josh Lum - 6 years ago
Chuck I live in California, and have never once heard it called that.
Chuck - 6 years ago
We can light off fireworks in our country. California has mostly different rules than other states, which is why people call cali " lala land"
Robert lotstein
Robert lotstein - 6 years ago
This adventure brought to you by Toyota.
brianbirc - 6 years ago
San Miguel is a great surfing spot. If you want big surf you can by a not expensive boat ride to Todos Santos Island. It is always greater size and you get some fishing if you want on that trip. That Toyota has smaller tires and lacks desent wheel travel on its suspention for moderate off road speed on those roads with the casual bumps. For more speed and able to handle and have a smother controled ride it requires a long travel quality lift and the more expensive bigger resivoir shocks tuned desently. Like Fox. Sway Away, or the wonderfull King Shocks. His ford 1990 is either a equal length beam or a twin beam 4x4 that has quite a bit of specialty and race shops that build great kits to install for not crazy prices for amazing setups. I have a full size Bronco with twin beam and I plated and gusseted and clearenced it all and you can drive at 60 through 2-3 fot whoops in control without spilling your drink. I have owned a few Toys in the past 2 4x4 ones. The first was gimick and looked very capable but not. The 2nd had a TRD motor and great performance parts and did great but the suspention was not close to my Bronco.
christian san
christian san - 6 years ago
Whats the name of the song at 9:00 , its great
Random Videos
Random Videos - 6 years ago
Turn cap around to release air in stem simple trick
SalvationsHERE - 6 years ago
Toyocrap, no thanks. Go back to your original content Fred, no more of this.
Tyler Mohr Tymo1000
Tyler Mohr Tymo1000 - 6 years ago
where's Bigfoot at this episode
Tyler Mohr Tymo1000
Tyler Mohr Tymo1000 - 6 years ago
Sam Davis see him just got to that part in the episode
Sam Davis
Sam Davis - 6 years ago
Tyler Mohr Tymo1000 22:46
Dario Ortiz
Dario Ortiz - 6 years ago
Toyota Tacoma trd4x4 or nissan Frontier pro4x?
John - 6 years ago
Pro 4x is much cheaper and just as much truck.
Aaron Martin TV
Aaron Martin TV - 6 years ago
Tacoma TRD off rode.
idriwzrd - 6 years ago
Best Toyota commercial.
Bubbles Samsquanch
Bubbles Samsquanch - 6 years ago
anyone got a count on the "this is so rad"'s in this video???
Korvan1993 - 6 years ago
Im a yota fanboy but this is just a boring fucking commercial. Jesus.
fang check
fang check - 6 years ago
so is mexico auto insurance reasonable or a BIG BURN ?
fang check
fang check - 6 years ago
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
Super reasonable.
rojodogg - 6 years ago
cheeper than USA insurance. Baja is like California in that you need insurance and smog now.
FART NOISES - 6 years ago
wtf is that guys accent?
Herman Marais
Herman Marais - 6 years ago
You always pick it up immediately as a fellow South African
K - 6 years ago
South Africa bro. Totally radical, sahhhhh.
Dylan Salac
Dylan Salac - 6 years ago
artjohnson63 surfer
David Cross
David Cross - 6 years ago
was that carlos? i hate carlos
Sebastian Glenn
Sebastian Glenn - 6 years ago
Not that bad of an ad
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams - 6 years ago
man i love that truck i have a fj 40, but wish i could afford that tacoma same color package everything!
Rockdaground - 6 years ago
These guys where trying hard to break this truck. Tacoma held together very well.
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
That it did
John Anderson
John Anderson - 6 years ago
Fred Williams has a really cool job...... js
ken2go2 - 6 years ago
23:32 to skip ad
james h
james h - 6 years ago
I bet that truck was trashed when you gave it back
Dawson Lane
Dawson Lane - 6 years ago
For a stock pick up this thing is a monster off-road
das hasguns
das hasguns - 6 years ago
It's gets good at 23:33
Steve Newbanks
Steve Newbanks - 6 years ago
Fred... What the fuck???
G Thomas
G Thomas - 6 years ago
All those beautiful miles of surf and no fishing.. Not a fail, not by a long shot but man. I couldn't stop thinking about fishing the whole video.
pininfarina575 - 6 years ago
i own this truck and admittedly am a bit of a fanboy (doesn't mean I hate on other trucks - I would own all trucks if I had money), but this was so obviously a product plug with Toyota suggesting to the crew what to say for marketing purposes..
Irish Rebel
Irish Rebel - 6 years ago
should just rename this.." hipsters go surfing in 20 minute toyota commercial "
Edward Maldonadoisdope
Edward Maldonadoisdope - 6 years ago
ivan hernandez
ivan hernandez - 6 years ago
Can some one tell me what cervesas mean because my school lunch lady got really really mad when I ask for it
ivan hernandez
ivan hernandez - 6 years ago
The Phenom The Undertaker I'm actually Russian
greg martens
greg martens - 6 years ago
@The Phenom The Undertaker .What part of "Ivan" makes you think hispanic?
allen rowe
allen rowe - 6 years ago
It's beer
Bruce R.
Bruce R. - 6 years ago
Jon Venden
Jon Venden - 6 years ago
according to google beer.
Diresword 504
Diresword 504 - 6 years ago
ivan hernandez your name sounds Hispanic so im sure you know.
WhiteWater - 6 years ago
James Beasley
James Beasley - 6 years ago
to deflate the tires turn the cap around and use the top of the cap to deflate the tire
tommy dommer
tommy dommer - 6 years ago
this episode was kinda boring but I watched the hole thing cuz I am a ded fan
RvnE39 - 6 years ago
Wouldn't mind the sponsored stuff if it was actually about off-roading and not surfing.
Pieter84 - 6 years ago
What's the model of the black Toyota to the left at the beginning?
o0bananaman0o - 6 years ago
tacoma looks way better than the hilux
Bruce R.
Bruce R. - 6 years ago
I agree!
ZepG - 6 years ago
I watched everything but the boring surfing parts, I like Toyota's so the advert was fine with me lol.
Keon R.
Keon R. - 6 years ago
ZepG - 6 years ago
+Keon R. 2.5" suspension lift with Fox Racing coilovers and Toytech rear, Blacked out all the silver and chrome, painted front grill and Toyota logo white, new 33" BFG KO2's. It looks a lot different than my old Avatar pic now.
Keon R.
Keon R. - 6 years ago
+ZepG The FJ cruiser is a very special car to me, I really love them. What mods have you done to it?
ZepG - 6 years ago
+Keon R. Yes it's mine and thank you!
Keon R.
Keon R. - 6 years ago
Is that your FJ? If so, I LOVE IT!!
Expectedlime _
Expectedlime _ - 6 years ago
ZepG same
Joe Blow
Joe Blow - 6 years ago
Nice episode Fred!
Was that real Jay L responding?
Sadfave if soooo!
Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson - 6 years ago
I love the show but man, yall always making me homesick.... central valley born and raised.
Trey Braun
Trey Braun - 6 years ago
23:34 of advertisements
Patrick Woodworth
Patrick Woodworth - 6 years ago
spectre2025 - 6 years ago
thanks Jan
Elite Crew
Elite Crew - 6 years ago
no worries fred toyotas rust without being driven on salt water
Murray P Cakes
Murray P Cakes - 6 years ago
Fred, your show is going down the rut. Get back to basics, forget thee stupid Roadkill builds and shameless promotions. Doing them to incrementally increase viewer clicks isn't worth it.
UberDubers22 - 6 years ago
Mexican music in a isolated location with fireworks. Where have I seen this before?
Genesis Maldonado
Genesis Maldonado - 6 years ago
shameless toyota advertisement
Battle Circuit
Battle Circuit - 6 years ago
Genesis Maldonado i liked it
Jsalrulz - 6 years ago
Super weird episode.
FAKE NAME - 6 years ago
has anyone ever seen fred respond to a question asked in the comments?
CAN Control
CAN Control - 6 years ago
Matt ra perv
Matt ra
Matt ra - 6 years ago
FAKE NAME I haven't and I seen all the episodes and read a lot of comments
BeavertonBoi - 6 years ago
@3:51, or how to tell a guy if he's into beating his meat...
cudak888 - 6 years ago
The problem with showing off sponsors' automobiles is that you can't make a really fun episode by bashing the living crap out of said sponsor's brand new vehicle doing really fun things. Roadkill sure came close though...
Elvis Regalado
Elvis Regalado - 6 years ago
was that private land or you can just cruise around in you willys??
Riding-In-The-Rado - 6 years ago
Wheres the episode of dirt everyday, only thing that keeps loading up is a toyota commercial
erictko85 - 6 years ago
D Chapa
D Chapa - 6 years ago
22:45 WTF? Haha
Tew Changs
Tew Changs - 6 years ago
Get rid of the fucking toyota ads and just get sponsored by Jeep already. Like just ask them, FCA has been giving everyone cash lately.
JIGA BACHI - 6 years ago
If you look closer beyond the surf there's a 2000lbs PREGNANT GREAT WHITE wearing a bib , knife in one fin and fork on the other waiting for "the dudes"
CAN Control
CAN Control - 6 years ago
JIGA BACHI you're almost as funny as a brick
EFormance Engineering
EFormance Engineering - 6 years ago
My truck has a skid plate too, it's called the front axle. ;-)
paradoxdesigns - 6 years ago
Surfs up Scooby!
judahinbabylon - 6 years ago
Another commercial...
Cactus Tweeter
Cactus Tweeter - 6 years ago
Alcohol and fireworks what a great combination for losing appendages. :-)
J Otto
J Otto - 6 years ago
youre fucking shows have become nothing but b roll bullshit and commercials fuck you fred
Gordon Goss
Gordon Goss - 6 years ago
sponsored content.... 23:33 of clampy footage and i would watch it ten times in a row
Daniel Medeiros
Daniel Medeiros - 6 years ago
I love how the guides have an 80 series for when the Tacoma breaks!
Daniel Medeiros
Daniel Medeiros - 6 years ago
About to head down to Baja for a month in my 80. Here is the link to my build thread
Matt Frick
Matt Frick - 6 years ago
Matt here with Camp4lo. Daves Land Cruiser is a beast.
Wyatt Morgan
Wyatt Morgan - 6 years ago
my dads in love with the new Tacoma. this just sold it for him even more
headcas620 - 6 years ago
Good video except for the tire pressure and crawl control skit. So scripted it's not even funny.
Nathan Dean
Nathan Dean - 6 years ago
gee another truck 4 the hackers too destroy......
dennis bryan
dennis bryan - 6 years ago
i've never seen Fred comment/reply on one of his videos
What an a hole
1423 171
1423 171 - 6 years ago
Sad thing is My brother has an 08 6 speed TRD and I had a 91 Chevy K1500 5 speed 350 and the chevy has better gas mileage
Mekhanic1 - 6 years ago
Exactly! The little Toyotas are great but I would never buy one because the full size trucks get the same MPG....what's the point of a smaller truck!?
Chase Ryan
Chase Ryan - 6 years ago
Do more just like this!
Knoble Carpenter
Knoble Carpenter - 6 years ago
Y'all aren't gonna say aunt high about the big pink guy at the end lol
indyjons321 - 6 years ago
They need to go to Australia and drive Toyota 79 series trucks....
Patrik Einarsson
Patrik Einarsson - 6 years ago
Is this a joke? I'll just go watch something else instead.
Seth The Amazing
Seth The Amazing - 6 years ago
i bet its nice having a truck for a week you dont have to give a shit about.
jjv panda
jjv panda - 6 years ago
I might have to say that cerveza means beer not chocolate milk
Sergeant Speed
Sergeant Speed - 6 years ago
jjv panda you missed the joke
Toby McVinn
Toby McVinn - 6 years ago
Nothing wrong with this reasonable Toyota sponsorship, the Tacoma is a nice truck.
James Flores
James Flores - 6 years ago
i know toyotas havnt rusted in a while but the toyota badge near salt water makes me cringe the 2nd gens reusted because dana made the frames so im not counting that against to toyota
James Flores
James Flores - 6 years ago
+The Phenom The Undertaker i live in texas... ive never seen any tacoma with rust aside from on the tailgate the pickups on the other hand i have seen lots more
Diresword 504
Diresword 504 - 6 years ago
Dieselman8v92 yeah I occasionally work at my buddies shop in Pa and when Toyota trucks come in they always seem to be more rusted out then any ford, dodge, or Chevy.
Dieselman8v92 - 6 years ago
I see lots of rusty late model ones here in Pa/NY.
Jake P
Jake P - 6 years ago
so where is all the old jeeps and wheeling at? I was looking for dirt everyday. Not ultimate adventure sponsored by Toyota.... No Good
indyjons321 - 6 years ago
"Pulled over" in Mexico, by a "police officer"
Noah Loving Life
Noah Loving Life - 6 years ago
Amazing car i love it
low rider
low rider - 6 years ago
who here is enjoying the grand tour?
joe - 6 years ago
the skid plates on those are shit i did the same to my tacoma
X V - 6 years ago
Nice truck. The only think missing in its name is a "U" between the "T" and the "R".
Osama Bin Fappin
Osama Bin Fappin - 6 years ago
This was definitely an advertisement for Toyota but he only mentioned them like 3 times. The cummins ad it was every 10 seconds with that annoying cummins guy. I don't think we should complain
Giani Gyorek
Giani Gyorek - 6 years ago
yooo roadkill boyz!!i wanna see u guys making another video of going to the junkyard,taking a solid car,getting it driveble and takin it to a road trip!!it would be so awsome to see another one of these ;) great job!!
ceounicom - 6 years ago
Everything has a commercial purpose you whining cunts. stop pretending that the Free Video Fairy is supposed to post HD content for your pleasure from some socialist utopia where money never changes hands, and cars run on unicorn farts.
evanrichterer - 6 years ago
40K+ truck, with cloth seats... cmon toyota
Jake1992 - 6 years ago
Could have sworn I had adblock turned on...
BrickSquad1017613 - 6 years ago
well they do need money to make the show dumbass... thats how it works...
Engineering Novice
Engineering Novice - 6 years ago
The surfer that's with him in the car looks like Eric koston
Ching Ching
Ching Ching - 6 years ago
in hawaii during winter time those are baby sets idk why they so excited. at best waves here can reach 40ft high
Matthew Doucette
Matthew Doucette - 6 years ago
For those complaining about the ads in the video, if you've ever worked in TV, this is how you make a show. Fred probably wouldn't be able to produce this episode if it weren't for his sponsors and partnerships. If you want to watch D.E.D. for free, you can't expect his team to make the show for free. That being said, there are definitely a few ways to make the incorporated ads more subtle than this.
Asunda Hasith
Asunda Hasith - 6 years ago
22:45 What was up with the man in the pink suit?
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez - 6 years ago
Asunda Hasith it's Bigfoot, a little easter egg that's in every episode
Anthony Mancuso
Anthony Mancuso - 6 years ago
Guys stop complaining. If it wasn't for Toyota sponsoring this episode there wouldn't be an episode. It's free entertainment deal with it or go play with yourself or something.
Maccaroney - 6 years ago
"Entertainment" You like watching commercials?
Anthony Mancuso
Anthony Mancuso - 6 years ago
Poe Tay Toe yes I do. That's why I said you're such a troll. Because you where being sarcastic!
Poe Tay Toe
Poe Tay Toe - 6 years ago
Do you don't know what sarcasm is?
Anthony Mancuso
Anthony Mancuso - 6 years ago
Poe Tay Toe they do need to make money from this content. You're such a troll
Poe Tay Toe
Poe Tay Toe - 6 years ago
NO! I want my free video! They don't need to make money from this content! I deserve my free video without any kind of ads!
Anthony Mancuso
Anthony Mancuso - 6 years ago
The Phenom The Undertaker my cousins name is alfredo he rides bikes with his friends in California??
Diresword 504
Diresword 504 - 6 years ago
Anthony Mancuso do you know Alfredo?
Richard Stark
Richard Stark - 6 years ago
Best Toyota commercial ever. I like
J King
J King - 6 years ago
Well, you are supposed to import your vehicle if you go further than 30 miles from the border, so that makes it a bit tricky.
ExA1 Riders
ExA1 Riders - 6 years ago
Sure that's what it means
random_ginger69 - 6 years ago
22:48 what the hell is that pink thing xD on the rocks
TurophilePublication - 6 years ago
What is the song during the surf sequence?
Kevin C
Kevin C - 6 years ago
First we get a Cummins advertisement, now we get a Toyota advertisement.
Beaudoin Motorsports
Beaudoin Motorsports - 6 years ago
People like you piss me off. I work on Toyota's for a living.
YES they can take one helluva beating,

And You'd bring it in directly after Mudding, Crawling etc, without even the thought of "Should we clean this?"

Tech's do worse work on Crapped out Vehicle. Keep your car nice, and we do a better job. Just a fact
Marauder252 - 5 years ago
So you are blaming the customer for your poor work if the car in not clean.
AintPC - 6 years ago
The Taco is almost as good as the 1000 CID Caddy...
jay west
jay west - 6 years ago
"Cowabunga dude bro's".
Fred showing he's not a surfer 2017
Old Gregg
Old Gregg - 6 years ago
this toyota commercial confirms it: i just dont fucking get surfers.
Ian McDonnell
Ian McDonnell - 6 years ago
Yeah, surfing sucks. You guys definitely shouldn't ever do it.
B Hew
B Hew - 6 years ago
Hey! I'm British, live by the sea and 'get' surfing...
kinnerman1 - 6 years ago
now I get it
kinnerman1 - 6 years ago
PatriotPigeon oooh he's British...
PatriotPigeon - 6 years ago
No. I just don't understand the mentality that makes you want to talk shit about someone for having fun, when what they are doing does not affect you at all. Get over the fact that different people have different ways of having fun.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg - 6 years ago
let me guess, the pic below is you and you only address women by "m'lady"
PatriotPigeon - 6 years ago
I'll be glad when all of the old men of the previous generation that try so hard to put other people down just for doing what they enjoy die off. The world will be a better place when that day comes.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg - 6 years ago
ramairgto72 you know he's guzzling on something else...
ramairgto72 - 6 years ago
kinnerman1 Guy was talking like a teen girl.. that dragging out of the last word in a sentence. Guy came off as a stoner , liberal, he even used "Gas Guzzler". You wanna see surfing crap, go to a surfing channel.
kinnerman1 - 6 years ago
Old Gregg you will never understand until you know the feeling of dropping in on a wave. it's really an indescribable feeling. I think that is really what makes us surfers seem weird
audioh0lic - 6 years ago
Do something with Dakar, talking about dirt everyday those guys eat dirt for 2 weeks straight in the best off roaders on the planet
George Morales
George Morales - 6 years ago
Ep 59 already out for free? nice
rojodogg - 6 years ago
I am amazed it took you 59 episodes to get to the mecca of off-road, "Baja". Fred that truck you where in was probably built and assembled in Baja on the road from Tijuana to Tecate, you should have stopped by the plant to check it out, maybe next time.
TheBrouhaha - 6 years ago
Everyone hating on this video for being more of a commercial: Calm down, I think his main goal is to have fun, be entertaining, and know what he's talking about.

He does all that in this video, and it was entertaining to watch, it was just different than other videos. Either way, different isn't always bad.
Patrick Rich
Patrick Rich - 6 years ago
Something I've noticed with the TRD plates? they kinda suck. I've pulled one off after being mangled on something pretty wimpy, if you need good skid protection, get aftermarktet steel.
Patrick Rich
Patrick Rich - 6 years ago
Crawl control is a nice tool, but its not a panacea for all scenarios...I know Toyota made you show it, but you should have showed in the sand, where its a little bit magic at getting you unstuck. A feature the lard-ass fzj80 with its mighty 130+ hp at the wheels could have used.
Mark Garry
Mark Garry - 6 years ago
Stricklinator - 6 years ago
Great, another ad, but I've learned that Fred can ruin new trucks as well as old ones!
Stephane Daury
Stephane Daury - 6 years ago
You just married two of my lifelong passions, right there. :)
What an awesome trip.
Matt Frick
Matt Frick - 6 years ago
Matt here with Camp4lo. We can take you there
TheCamaro5 - 6 years ago
these dirt every day episodes are getting a hint of EPIC dives in them and that is a good thing.
Gabe Hunt
Gabe Hunt - 6 years ago
This is the first episode that I stopped watching before it was over, it's free so beggars can't be choosers but I hope this stuff doesn't continue.
Patrick Rich
Patrick Rich - 6 years ago
mmm FZJ80 in baja...soon
Nurburg Flip
Nurburg Flip - 6 years ago
Ahhhh, I miss it already. Every man needs to experience Baja and the 1000 at least once. You'll forever be changed.
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
My first time was 1985 been hooked ever since. Hell I spend 3/4 of my time there now
John Stevens
John Stevens - 6 years ago
where's the TRD pro
Timstheman - 6 years ago
This was one big Toyota Taco ad. Thank god Fred is here to make the episode still watchable
BeanBot - 6 years ago
Poor brand new truck putting it through SALT WATER THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD FOR A TRUCK SALT=RUST but its a Toyota it doesn't matter
Jaden piper
Jaden piper - 6 years ago
Gas guzzling 300 inline 6? Try a 91 351 Windsor 4x4
Matt ra
Matt ra - 6 years ago
Jaden piper try a 2015 Chevy Silverado 8mpg on highway and 4 mpg while towing
wicked650s - 6 years ago
Fred, Ashton is a douche, please do not ever have him on again.
Jordan Cameli
Jordan Cameli - 6 years ago
wicked650s - 6 years ago
Wait, I thought it was Dirt Every Month?!?! (Or six weeks) Two in two weeks!?!?! What is this Motor Trend?
JacobG130 Productions
JacobG130 Productions - 6 years ago
i could taste the salt water in my mouth when they were driving on the beach
Alex LoVecchio
Alex LoVecchio - 6 years ago
Pretty rad, not a bad mid size. Now let's see a 2k17 Raptor, that's a real desert truck!
Daniel Rhodes
Daniel Rhodes - 6 years ago
The only problem with the new Tacoma is the price of the windshield. I work in a glass shop and all together, the windshield costs $900.
Yishai Dyman
Yishai Dyman - 6 years ago
what happened to epic drives?
Ian Oliver
Ian Oliver - 6 years ago
I can't wait so see the Americans say "Any American shit is the best and Japanese shit is the worst!" I'm saying this because there driving a Toyota Tacoma.. I know the Tacoma is built in America
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson - 6 years ago
I'm american... Love my Toyota T100... Also a Chevy guy
Ian Oliver
Ian Oliver - 6 years ago
Brenden Mathew there is the Hilux and the land cruiser but if your talking about the assembly of the Tacoma or the Tundra then yes it's mostly made in America
Brenden Mathew
Brenden Mathew - 6 years ago
Ian Carranza that's what I said Toyota trucks
Ian Oliver
Ian Oliver - 6 years ago
Brenden Mathew only the Tundra and the Tacoma are made in the US
Brenden Mathew
Brenden Mathew - 6 years ago
Ian Carranza most of Toyota truck are made in America
rojodogg - 6 years ago
Sorry but over 100k Tacomas are built and assembled in Tijuana. For export only to the USA.
Ian Oliver
Ian Oliver - 6 years ago
gunrack4 I know very little people say that but I've been seeing it once or twice in a few videos
gunrack4 - 6 years ago
Ian Carranza sorry to ruin your fun, but not many people say that anymore. For example; My dad 10 years ago? Fords are the best! Foreign shit! - Now he drives a Highlander, mom has an Avalon, and I have his old corolla.
Landon Hoover
Landon Hoover - 6 years ago
I Really like the Toyotas...but I can't buy one. I don't care if they are made here...The profits go overseas.
Dahlmasen - 6 years ago
You should try out the VW Amarok V6
Josh Lum
Josh Lum - 6 years ago
Ivan Matz The Hilux and Tacoma are similar chassis, the Hilux had a stiffer rear suspension so it can carry more in the bed. The Taco is more comfortable and comes with more standard equipment
Ivan Matz
Ivan Matz - 6 years ago
+My beautiful and amazing mistress So do we in my country!! We only get the RAM 1500 in Laramie trim level in Argentina out of the full-size trucks - it's one hell of a vehicle.
Ivan Matz
Ivan Matz - 6 years ago
I don't know, but if I was an American I'd be sad not to have the Ranger and the Hilux way more than the Amarok.
Ivan Matz
Ivan Matz - 6 years ago
It's not sold in America.
Expectedlime _
Expectedlime _ - 6 years ago
KingOfTheRoad we don't have Amaroks in America :(
C M - 6 years ago
it pains me to see people offroading with the windows down. all that dirt and sand in the interior
Bama Vol
Bama Vol - 5 years ago
Beany2007FTW I don't think anybody got the star wars reference. Lol
Miguel Andrade
Miguel Andrade - 6 years ago
Bad Drivers Of Bartow County Georgia vzgshshshshshsjsnz
whiskeyinthejar24 - 6 years ago
Isn't a pain in the arse if it's someone else's car....
C M - 6 years ago
i agree. i had a 1988 toyota pickup and mud and dirt in the interior was perfectly fine. i just mean in a new vehicle, it's a pain in the ass to clean.
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 6 years ago
Bad Drivers Of Bartow County Georgia maybe not in a new vehicle, my brother in laws wheeler has mud on the dash from 3 years ago. It's just good fun.
Ross Boss
Ross Boss - 6 years ago
Beany2007FTW yeah it's a shame its not smart to drive a 40 plus thousand dollar truck into salt water and sand that's how u break stuff
Beany2007FTW - 6 years ago
I hate sand. It's so coarse and irritating, and it gets everywhere.

C M - 6 years ago
TheCamaro5 no kidding. sand is a nightmare
TheCamaro5 - 6 years ago
it sucks getting sand out of the carpet. Hope they had good floor matts
C M - 6 years ago
Delano LV I'm an auto detailer so this video is horrible for me.
DIAMLER - 6 years ago
Bad Drivers Of Bartow County Georgia same
John Hart
John Hart - 6 years ago
What the heck is that other guy's accent supposed to be?? Not Fred and Ashton but the quiet guy.
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
South African
MrLalasd - 6 years ago
Dabby DeVito
Dabby DeVito - 6 years ago
Those guys need wet suits for surfing in the warm mexican water? How would they ever cope with surfing somewhere like Canada or the UK?
Matt Frick
Matt Frick - 6 years ago
Matt here with Camp4lo. This was in late November the water in that area was in the low 60's
Uno Felix
Uno Felix - 6 years ago
is that the TRD pro ???
ธรรมะ - 6 years ago
Happy new year every one.2017 .Wish good thing come to me and every one.
Phil Rossetti
Phil Rossetti - 6 years ago
So glad there wasn't an ad before this video

The whole fucking video is an advertisement
Rene Zambrano
Rene Zambrano - 6 years ago
From one MTB fanatic to another, So what! It was fun to watch.
Andrew Badcock
Andrew Badcock - 6 years ago
Phil.R. K
laura geffre
laura geffre - 6 years ago
Phil.R. hjlgnb h h b jg n bj NJ jj jjb jj j jj j
K Harris
K Harris - 6 years ago
CENTENON or they know that there are options out there that are often better than DED. Nothing wrong with letting them know what the people we want. Don't be a sheep! baaaaa baaaaa,
Vax Buster
Vax Buster - 6 years ago
I like these 23 minute adverts ;)
Knolltop Farms
Knolltop Farms - 6 years ago
Wait, I just got the joke, LOL...Duhhhh
Knolltop Farms
Knolltop Farms - 6 years ago
Never heard of AdBlock Plus?
turbolq4 - 6 years ago
Ross Boss except it makes less power than the GM twins do.
Ross Boss
Ross Boss - 6 years ago
Aidan red my friend has a 2016 Tacoma and it is by far the best mid size truck ever made in history this thing is so powerful for its size
Aidan red
Aidan red - 6 years ago
I mean its a good one. I want a Tacoma now.
GeorgiaBoy Boomer
GeorgiaBoy Boomer - 6 years ago
Call me strange but I would have preferred chick surfers (:
Francisco Velasquez
Francisco Velasquez - 6 years ago
Fred is just doing his job, i'm sure this isn't his call...but yeah this is an ad.
Hiluxtaco - 6 years ago
I like how they used a tried 'n true Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 (SOLID FRONT AXLE GOODNESS) as a backup vehicle...
Rhino Willy's
Rhino Willy's - 6 years ago
Hiluxtaco yeah I love my Jeep but I also have much respect for toyota Landcruisers, tacos, and four runners. had a 90 runner it never let me down great trucks.
Hiluxtaco - 6 years ago
Camp4lo It makes total sense having that FJ80 in your group. Things get hairy off-road, or if you have mechanical trouble with the Taco, it's Land Cruiser to the rescue..
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
That's Daves rig he is one of our guides
BrothersFreedive - 6 years ago
how to drive it like a rental
ermooree5 - 6 years ago
I literally just ordered this exact truck in manual transmission.
Grant Normand
Grant Normand - 4 years ago
How do you like it with the manual? I am looking to do the same in a few months.
cody k1500
cody k1500 - 6 years ago
this is just a 23 min long toyota commercial .
Andy Ham
Andy Ham - 4 years ago
cody k1500 the only reason I watched the entire video.
Elitetrooper 0
Elitetrooper 0 - 5 years ago
Something wrong with that?
Daniel Laing
Daniel Laing - 5 years ago
Yep. And there's nothing wrong with that. The world needs MORE Toyota commercials.
RockaMoros - 5 years ago
must be a Ford guy
Skyllr Takeri
Skyllr Takeri - 6 years ago
Driving footages of the Tacoma = priceless :)
Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan - 6 years ago
And it was great. Stop complaining
TheQuietRebel - 6 years ago
cody morneault - I'm not biased or anything (I am) or because I have one just like it (I do) but it's because they're great trucks!
Mike Morrison
Mike Morrison - 6 years ago
cody morneault So then get off of youtube, go wheeling yourself and stop bitching...
Adnan Gilic
Adnan Gilic - 6 years ago
Nobody watches this show
Josh Gonzalez
Josh Gonzalez - 6 years ago
the fuck is this
Tavyx - 6 years ago
how much that toyota costs?
As Asd
As Asd - 6 years ago
I dont think they got a scratch on that truck!
JUKEBOXX1990 - 6 years ago
So the Tacoma held up to all that abuse. Im impressed.

Most people wont be able to tell but Fred was really thrashing that stock setup which is why the skid got so bent out of shape.
jvepps - 6 years ago
typical surfer driving a clapped out POS
Joel Borden
Joel Borden - 6 years ago
This looked like fun and is a pretty fair representation of how I use my Tacoma for hiking/biking/camping/etc.  Thanks!
Matt Frick
Matt Frick - 6 years ago
Matt here with Camp4lo. We really had a great time running around with Fred. Let us know if we can design a trip for you
MW-15 - 6 years ago
Yet another show from MT that took a nose dive to shit town!
cptobvious64 - 6 years ago
i remember when i was a young jewish lad in tel aviv i would shred my 4x4 mitsubishi on the beach like that it was the most fun you could have off road. Then i got busy subverting the united states with cultural marxism and degeneracy so i had to stop
TennesseeCheeZe - 6 years ago
Another commercial ,yay...

This is starting to suck , it's getting worse.

Didn't even watch the whole episode ,after Toyota fact number 37 Ide had enough.
states1996 - 6 years ago
Can't believe I had to watch an ad before watching this ad.
Skitzer - 6 years ago
who else saw that pink dude at the end of the fid
Skitzer - 6 years ago
Matt ra oh okay
Matt ra
Matt ra - 6 years ago
LegoLogan- Gaming it in most vids if not all
It's because Fred thinks there's a Bigfoot
Cole Whitley
Cole Whitley - 6 years ago
I love your truck vids
Gjarllarhorn - 6 years ago
Pink Yeti!
sandy sam
sandy sam - 6 years ago
I watched about 2 mins of this video the content of DED is getting weaker and weaker. why would I be entertained by what Fred does with a 60 thousand dollar truck driving to the beach. Nice product placement. I miss Fred doing a DED going out and find a barn find 4x4 getting it going and drive it somewhere or something. How about doing this with a viewer who would like to find a 4x4 and could benefit from Freds knowledge and MT resources. Im tired the weld two cars back to back crap.
หวยดีดี - 6 years ago
good trip
Kcducttaper1 - 6 years ago
Half of the episodes of DED are great, but I'm getting tempted to stop watching DED because the other half of the episodes are either garbage (I.E. intentionally wrecking budget builds on the very first obstacle) or just an ad.
Sergeant Speed
Sergeant Speed - 6 years ago
Kcducttaper1 I'm still mad about what they did to the quad cab long box f350. that poor cab didnt need to be bashed in.
TheTEXASryder - 6 years ago
fred would be such a better host if he DIDN'T think he was SO funny.
Jim Bo
Jim Bo - 5 years ago
Fuck off
True Functions
True Functions - 6 years ago
Suh Dude
Joseph Alvarez
Joseph Alvarez - 6 years ago
cerveza is chocolate milk for you kids watching at home - fred 2017
michael stelljes
michael stelljes - 6 years ago
Mommy can I have a cerveza?
Joseph Alvarez
Joseph Alvarez - 6 years ago
Ty Osman it showing watch he says that's all
Ty Osman
Ty Osman - 6 years ago
Joseph Alvarez and
agentgfh - 6 years ago
That's the joke
Luke Garrett
Luke Garrett - 6 years ago
allen rowe I know it's beer there's a reason I left the key word wasted
allen rowe
allen rowe - 6 years ago
It ain't chocolate milk, it's beer y'all your finna get wasted
Luke Garrett
Luke Garrett - 6 years ago
Joseph Alvarez yeah I get wasted every time I drink chocolate milk
Vince Rivera
Vince Rivera - 6 years ago
Joseph Alvarez choccy milk
jeefcake - 6 years ago
Motor Trend, the channel that turned into a bigger sellout than ROBLOX.
Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan - 6 years ago
Nonsense said my JeefCake!
fordrac1ng81 - 6 years ago
Jayson Carey How do they manage to do it for EVERY OTHER EPISODE? They have craft services and extended multi day shoots, Matt Farah talks about it on his podcasts. It's their own fault if they don't know how to produce videos on a decent budget. My family has been in television media for a few generations so I'm well aware of how much it costs.
Jayson Carey
Jayson Carey - 6 years ago
fordrac1ng81 you have absolutely no clue how much a video like this costs. there's at least two camera operators, a sound person, and possibly a producer for the crew. there's also the guide, and the talent (Fred, surfers). that's 7-10 people that have to get paid ($400/day is a LOW rate in production), fed, and housed. Then there's also preproduction, editing, and additional production costs. If each episode costs $10,000, I would say that's on the low end. YouTube money doesn't pay for that. while this was an pretty obvious sponsor spot, it helps pay for he rest of the episodes we enjoy. (source: I work in television production on traveling crews similar to this crew.)
fordrac1ng81 - 6 years ago
TheCamaro5 No, MTOD money and youtube ad revenue pays for it
ceounicom - 6 years ago
Do you also whine at commercials on TV? How fucking retarded are you to not accept that PRODUCTION COSTS MONEY
TheCamaro5 - 6 years ago
this keeps it free for us smart ass.
GloomGaiGar - 6 years ago
Find me a company that doesn't want money.
DIAMLER - 6 years ago
JeefCake sponsorships isn't selling out, it's called business
Alaska Skidood
Alaska Skidood - 6 years ago
The more people that pay for the content (MTOD, buy a magazing, etc.) the less they will have to depend on sponsorships and will be able to create more original, relevant content.
LollinBallin - 6 years ago
How the fuck do you think they have always made money? SPONSORSHIPS! They didn't turn into anything, its always been that way. Get your head out of your ass and maybe you'd begin to see how much of an idiot you are.
marcos coss
marcos coss - 6 years ago
make more videos like these one
sherrie Moon
sherrie Moon - 6 years ago
Next time on D.E.D. I'm going to sell used cars.
man bearpig
man bearpig - 6 years ago
so what is it like to hang out with two gay surfers
AlecChrz - 6 years ago
dirt every month
Matt France
Matt France - 6 years ago
This isn't blind Toyota hate. I actually have a 2013 Taacoma... but damn, some surfboards and camping supplies and the truck is sitting level, even a little low in the rear compared to the front? Those springs are pathetic. Mine has now settled and sits dead-level now. With any weight in the rear it's on the bumpstops. Awesome little truck... but hardly capable for this video, and certainly not capable of a 600lb+ payload while camping
Zach - 6 years ago
Also, I'm not complaining about you driving a tacoma. Who gives a crap if it's an ad, he went offroading in mexico
Zach - 6 years ago
This video was super rad, makes me want to go to Mexico.
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
Let us know
Jeff K
Jeff K - 6 years ago
Hey, a place where you actually need an offroad vehicle. Can't help but think driving in salt water is bad for the truck.
dorkmagus - 6 years ago
Jeff K I guess it's a good thing Toyota has a nice track record of having rock solid frames.
Pilot Owl
Pilot Owl - 6 years ago
the rav 4 would had been a better choice for driving in sand due to being more lightweight, but the Tacoma does pretty well I guess
Eric Knapp
Eric Knapp - 6 years ago
i am always really curious about if Fred would ever get a toyota truck after all the sponsorships from them
Waka Vevo
Waka Vevo - 6 years ago
they need to do this with some Baja motorcycle racers
Thru the Galaxy
Thru the Galaxy - 6 years ago
That truck is a little truck? Try the european market to see what a little truck is
Ekd - 6 years ago
Ayeee someone else who drives a 90 f150 straight six
Kevin Allred
Kevin Allred - 6 years ago
Dirt Every Day is becoming one big advertisement. That was probably the worst episode yet and I feel like they have been heading that direction for a few episodes now. Lame!
黒川釣りチャンネルZ - 6 years ago
Nice car!
Sean McDonnell
Sean McDonnell - 6 years ago
Everyone in the comments is complaining about this being a Toyota commercial but the 2 big take aways for me about the truck were that it has a stupid computer rock crawl mode that Fred doesn't like and the clearance is too low so the skid plates will tear up easily. Not a very effective commercial. I still want one #fanboy
HawaiianKong - 6 years ago
The title of this show should be "Ads Every Day, Dirt Every 6 Months (maybe)"
Prodriver33 - 6 years ago
why would someone get mad that your driving better than them?
OMAutomotive - 6 years ago
great truck and great off road even tho sponsored highly still great video.
s50201 - 6 years ago
Throw fireworks trash into the ocean. Yeah that's cool.
Prodriver33 - 6 years ago
they told me that they were going to bring me to jail for no insurance, I told them I have the right in america to drive unhindered and that forced insurance is a violation of my rights as an american, they said "you're not in america" I said it doesn't fucking matter I'm not a mexican citizen and don't give a fuck about their stupid rules and they can't force that shit on me and if they did my lawyer would have fun with Extraordinary rendition charges against their government, they didn't want to deal with a smart person so they let me go.
Prodriver33 - 6 years ago
+Evil Pie I never give up my rights as a human no matter where I go.
Prodriver33 - 6 years ago
+Evil Pie that would have been illegal, thusly making them bad people, who wants to be a bad person??
Oso Cinco
Oso Cinco - 6 years ago
Why are so many subscribers crying, don't watch the Adpisode if it not your thing.

Lady's and Gents , be Warriors. Not worriers.
Dingus McGee
Dingus McGee - 6 years ago
Put a rotary in a Miata and then put 30'' maxxis tires on it. Then jump it
Earl Bright
Earl Bright - 6 years ago
The did not make a J2000 in 1956!!!!
B Hew
B Hew - 6 years ago
Any build... Then jump it, furthest one wins!
Probably Hitler
Probably Hitler - 6 years ago
CLIPPING POINT MEDIA 12 valve cummins in a 1956 jeep j2000
Or 4BT Cummins like the one Miata in my local scene. Another guy has a Powerstroke Nissan Skyline,sub for the vids of those on my channel.
Scout Master DongBag
Scout Master DongBag - 6 years ago
"Lets get cerveza wasted!"
Hakanthebeast - 6 years ago
When Toyota tried to copy ford ranger
Free Mar
Free Mar - 6 years ago
I love how everyone is but hurt about him driving in the ocen one time live in Michigan and we drive in salt all winter long
Dingus McGee
Dingus McGee - 6 years ago
Chocolate caliente is hot chocolate in Spanish you sheep
Alejandro Castro
Alejandro Castro - 6 years ago
where was pink bigfoot at
Evan Speer
Evan Speer - 6 years ago
Actually cervesa is Spanish for beer
Count Olaf
Count Olaf - 6 years ago
Thanks for not making this seem like a giant Tacoma ad....
Joshua Godsey
Joshua Godsey - 6 years ago
this adventure looked so fun
TheDutyPaid - 6 years ago
Remember you can watch the next advert right now on Motor Trend On Demand
Duc Hieu Nguyen
Duc Hieu Nguyen - 5 years ago
mudemmeonick - 6 years ago
Nice Toyota advert!
Lukas Doumanlis
Lukas Doumanlis - 6 years ago
he got the mini shaka wrong lol
k. okada
k. okada - 6 years ago
Nice place.
Perry van der Steen
Perry van der Steen - 6 years ago
Please all get the sand out of your vagina, its a good episode, there is advertisement but at-least there is a episode. They could get ride of the ads but then there would not be a Motor trend Channel anymore.
Streamak - 6 years ago
Sweet Video Fred!. Love it.

How is the Hilux Compared to the Tacoma?
Sandeep Nair
Sandeep Nair - 6 years ago
Bring back epic drives
Text Missing
Text Missing - 6 years ago
Alex K.
Alex K. - 6 years ago
Still enjoed it. Great mix.
Who said that ?
Who said that ? - 6 years ago
Oh Fred we need a real DED . Best part of the video is watching the surfer almost crap his pants when hauling ass down the dirt road
Who said that ?
Who said that ? - 6 years ago
I do like the yotas
l S
l S - 6 years ago
These surfer guys are kind of annoying.
Inferno_Spud - 6 years ago
I hear you like tacos, so we gave you a taco to drive to Mexico to get tacos
James Gullatt
James Gullatt - 6 years ago
Well that was pretty boring.
Hughesy Lad
Hughesy Lad - 6 years ago
can someone educate me as to if the Tacoma has a Cummins , or am I thinking of a different truck?
That Limited Tundra
That Limited Tundra - 6 years ago
No problem and just to clarify that a little more it is only available in nissan's titan xd, a little more heavy duty than the regular titan
Hughesy Lad
Hughesy Lad - 6 years ago
02to06TUNDRAFAN ah OK , so I was thinking of the Nissan titan , thanks
That Limited Tundra
That Limited Tundra - 6 years ago
1/32 scale model farms thinking of a different truck. titans and rams have cummins, Colorado and silverados have duramax, and ford super duties have powerstrokes
Jose Lozano
Jose Lozano - 6 years ago
I'm surprised you didn't get shot well in mexico, especially with the cartels still running around the border.
Camp4lo - 6 years ago
I have been going to Baja since 1985 and I've never been shot at
That guy who cannot abide
That guy who cannot abide - 6 years ago
Apparently the word among adventurers is to stay away from the border, and instead go into the heartland.
Larry Queen
Larry Queen - 6 years ago
This is one of the best episodes you've ever done. Great job. How did the Cruiser fare in the sand and on those rutted roads, considering its solid front axle? The waves looked great, too. It was pretty small, but there was zero crowd in the water. They were stoked.
TheLostVegas - 6 years ago
Tacos in a new Taco.... perfect
Neil Davda
Neil Davda - 6 years ago
9 min still no dirt
StayFoul - 6 years ago
Dirt Almost Every Day*
StayFoul - 6 years ago
Where was the crying?
BrickSquad1017613 - 6 years ago
cry some more why dont cha'
fugazy stugazy
fugazy stugazy - 6 years ago
StayFoul dirt once or twice a month
l S
l S - 6 years ago
Anyone else call these Toyota TuRDs? Don't get me wrong I love Toyota but the child in me can't help it.
Aytakta - 6 years ago
nothing to do with the show but i need to ask.
isn't the Mexican coast full of great whites?
Bossgamer69 69
Bossgamer69 69 - 6 years ago
fred your name means peace in Norwegian
TheTechnatron - 6 years ago
What are the name of the songs in this ep?
Alex Orr
Alex Orr - 6 years ago
Thanks for Posting for my Birthday Today!!
oal32 - 6 years ago
8:00 viva la ranchero
Steven Sanders
Steven Sanders - 6 years ago
10:19 You idiot turn the valve stem cap around backwards and press it into the valve stem to let the air out.
Viewing - 6 years ago
Toyota Hilux Moose test check it out. Dangerous 4x4's.
eezy_ Life_
eezy_ Life_ - 6 years ago
Toyota commercial?
The Bear E36
The Bear E36 - 6 years ago
that moment there's more salt in this comment section than there is on the undercarriage of that new Toyota. good video guys, whether it was a sponsored one or nah it was still better content than most are putting out.
Sivert Stousland
Sivert Stousland - 6 years ago
Love that car bro
Luis Angel Banuelos
Luis Angel Banuelos - 6 years ago
hahaha I'm Mexican kid so I know what cerveza means but I'm not going to spoil it for other kids
redtrum96 - 6 years ago
it means beer

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