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Bali has a great host of different surf spots. There's Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossibles, Dreamland, Balangan, Green Ball, Medewi and so many other accessible great waves. The people are amazing and locals rip. If you can get yourself there it's totally worth painful flight from the states. You'll come out with whole different perspective on life. You might even learn a few things too. Filmed by Jay Karpinski and Edited by Olliegrind. Music By Stiffed AKA Chuck Treece and Santogold. Support our Sponsor More Videos at: Santogold:

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Bali has a great host of different surf spots. There's Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossibles, Dreamland, Balangan, Green Ball, Medewi and so many other accessible great waves. The people are amazing and locals rip. If you can get yourself there it's totally worth painful flight from the states. You'll come out with whole different perspective on life. You might even learn a few things too. Filmed by Jay Karpinski and Edited by Olliegrind. Music By Stiffed AKA Chuck Treece and Santogold. Support our Sponsor More Videos at: Santogold:

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for Bali Surf

AxumGear - 7 years ago
Thanks great channel
ZAEXTREME - 8 years ago
Epic Clip

I uploaded some footage from my GoPro session in South Africa, take look and give me a shout:
Patrik Krivanek
Patrik Krivanek - 8 years ago
Friends, watch my YOU CAN CRY BUT ONLY WITH A SMILE video from the beautiful Indonesia. Please like it and share it if you like it.
YukStays Hotels in Bali, Indonesia.
YukStays Hotels in Bali, Indonesia. - 9 years ago
The waves are still good. Cheap rooms too :)
FeehzaoO - 10 years ago
My favorite one, since years ago.
al ice
al ice - 10 years ago
see you soon bali... i love this video! i want to go nooow
OccupationSurfer - 10 years ago
Great Video!
90sideways - 10 years ago
I think its called cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha "DING" cha cha cha cha cha cha cha "CHEEEEE YA YA YA YA CHA CHA"chachachachacha
Johar Arifin
Johar Arifin - 10 years ago
Amazing surf & culture.. Bali I'm Love

10. comment for Bali Surf

beachtravellers - 11 years ago
Barack Οbama
Barack Οbama - 11 years ago
Echo Beach FTW
Francis - 11 years ago
@widianapainter cool
widianapainter - 11 years ago
I'm Balinese and i can't surfing :)
Lord Marvin
Lord Marvin - 11 years ago
...I still have no nightmares about those waves..."shudders"
GRYProductions - 11 years ago
I wish
SanctumStudios - 12 years ago
Dood in the orange shorts @ 1:00 WICKED!
Mary Dolores
Mary Dolores - 12 years ago
great video love the chanting!
apepoopie53 - 13 years ago
Aria Damero
Aria Damero - 13 years ago
Mick jagger married Jerry Hall in Bali

20. comment for Bali Surf

Pablo Antonio Ramírez Cordova
Pablo Antonio Ramírez Cordova - 13 years ago
Espectacular la isla, nunca me imaginé que gracias a un trabajo en la pega iba a conocer esta isla y me enamorara de ella....
Reverseflush - 13 years ago
Surfing is a sport but also a lifestyle
Jerid Doering
Jerid Doering - 13 years ago
@yerfy no no bah....its called Utter Garbage in B flat...hear the end where it runs together like a good case of beer shits...thats how i knew it was Utter Garbage...
peter techman
peter techman - 13 years ago
top surf going off, Bali has it all..island of the gods..
Al Souljah
Al Souljah - 13 years ago
retardno002 - 13 years ago
@Naturenick1 No one is asking about the traditional song. There's a really cool song later in the video please don't comment without watching all of it...
yerfy - 13 years ago
I think it's called Dogshit in A minor.
Dustin Perez
Dustin Perez - 13 years ago
ever figure out the name of this song
Dennis Esterl
Dennis Esterl - 13 years ago
that song is the traditional kachacka dance, praticed by the locals in bali
Al Bundy
Al Bundy - 13 years ago
Word, i'm from HB too.

30. comment for Bali Surf

tomsta29 - 14 years ago
pleaser guys tell us name of song, this vid is sick!
Scoutcat - 14 years ago
nice vid
rheza cordovez
rheza cordovez - 14 years ago
nice. i will be surfing bali after 2 years. got some co workers from indonesia hope we can go together
basskameel - 14 years ago
this summer im there :)
dimitri moises
dimitri moises - 14 years ago
nice try bro :)
SouthJerseyMatt - 14 years ago
Padang is sick, wasn't breaking when I was there spring '04. Had an incredible experience in Bali, Siligita Bawa.
66jayme - 14 years ago
cak cak cak could be a indo or bali word. i dont know
rosswindang - 14 years ago
anyone know the song?? after the balanise music
dimitri moises
dimitri moises - 14 years ago
and what it means? just wondering bro
Ivan Alonso
Ivan Alonso - 14 years ago
Tchat! Tchat! Tchat! Tchat! Tchat! Tchat! xD
kameano - 14 years ago
That show is at the Uluwatu temple. Everyday just before sunset.
tsferg - 14 years ago
Its were I learned to surf. Well, actually I learned on Nusa Lembongan, a 2 hour boatride south of bali. The playgrounds wave on Lembongan is perfect for beginners, and all the hotels line the beach, you can see the break from your hammock. Paradise.
Kalem Norris
Kalem Norris - 14 years ago
I so wanna go to bali
Wayde Lee
Wayde Lee - 14 years ago
ersurfer - 14 years ago
Sooooo Jealous
SingleFin1969 - 14 years ago
Not into "claiming," but after this I may have been... 1:40. Very nice.
DerSuperJerome - 14 years ago
yeah, i lived in bali for three years if you ever come there, check out greedys, awesomly long waves but harsh fire coral
Kelvin Barr
Kelvin Barr - 14 years ago
i used to live there
darkscorpionL0L - 14 years ago
Nobody now! =S I want to find it too, but it's impossible to find it. Sorry! PS: Some says the name is "what you wand do" <--- Something like that ( 1:29 ) PS2: For my English, I'm French, so...
Ando Hillier
Ando Hillier - 14 years ago
Wow, Bali has awesome waves.

50. comment for Bali Surf

openGlexe - 14 years ago
lol the musik sux xD
tomsta29 - 14 years ago
U'll get creamed, Hawaii is pro waters :) good luck!
Chris Kemple
Chris Kemple - 14 years ago
Lucky I really want to go surfing again! enjoy it =]
Luciana Barone
Luciana Barone - 14 years ago
Nooo, que buenas olas! quisiera saber hacer eso! por ahora me limito a surfear olas chicas jajaj recien estoy aprendiendo a doblar!
zacu - 14 years ago
padang padange is my shit i'll be back there as soon as i see a hint of a swell this summer!
Ando Hillier
Ando Hillier - 14 years ago
Yes, and no. If you mean pro surfing, yes, if you mean standing up catching a wave to shore, no.
Fraser James
Fraser James - 14 years ago
it's no wonder that the number one junior surfer is from Bali with waves like this
ncsurfnut - 14 years ago
nice. sweet honeys too!
jjjt29 - 14 years ago
What's the title of the song playing at 1.30? Thanks
Juraj Gbelský
Juraj Gbelský - 14 years ago
yes it could be , but also could Be Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembogan
rochelimit's hangout
rochelimit's hangout - 14 years ago
hell yeah !!!! millions of cultures, only thousands are known
aldino tayeb
aldino tayeb - 14 years ago
Bali Great beaches, great people, great culture, great food, great surf, just an awesome place!
W15DY - 14 years ago
so i think Indonesia was better than Malaysia! is it right?
Paul Bruinsma
Paul Bruinsma - 14 years ago
i went to bali last summer! such good waves and such a different and interesting culture
Tzahal Tavor
Tzahal Tavor - 14 years ago
I get to go to bali in March....can't wait:)
bang jo
bang jo - 14 years ago
The name is Lombok... a nice place, but for sure if you go to Raja Ampat around West Papua (indonesia part)... you'll find a real aqua-paradise. Find it in google
Raphael Teixeira
Raphael Teixeira - 14 years ago
pico muito louko!!!
darkscorpionL0L - 14 years ago
Hello, bonjour, What the name of this song please? Quel est le nom du son svp? I LOVE BALI!!!
SPOOKSTR - 14 years ago
FUCK BALI.............terrorist central
Muhammad Fauzan
Muhammad Fauzan - 14 years ago
it was tari kecak sounds
00rwilson - 14 years ago
Bali is paradise
L3lla - 14 years ago
Awesome! I will be going to Bali in December! Can't wait. Can somebody tell the name of the song? Thanks
Calvin Theyer
Calvin Theyer - 14 years ago
carril54 - 14 years ago
awsome compilation loved it thx a lot!
Wyatt Krapf
Wyatt Krapf - 15 years ago
holy s*** that was amazing
Andrews Dariva dos Santos
Andrews Dariva dos Santos - 15 years ago
WagnerSk8 - 15 years ago
que banda é esta???? band name???? good song, want to download
REBELLIOUS for GOD - 15 years ago
≈♥≈...Speechless...Its F***ing beautiful...LOVE IT! SURRRFFFFF!!! ≈♥≈
saad LA
saad LA - 15 years ago
fucking beautifull
Loanny Picado
Loanny Picado - 15 years ago
is amazing,. good surfing...
kristinakis63 - 15 years ago
get lost
John Hanusek
John Hanusek - 15 years ago
mkinla917 - 15 years ago
When you fly into Bali for a surfing vacation, which airport do you fly into?
greekjimmy69 - 15 years ago
dude i just got back from bali and i surfed uluwatu padang padang dreamland kuta jasuri and some other beach and i gotta say the surf is just amazing!!! everyone the trip over there is worth it and if you can get over there you have to surf uluwatu dreamland and padang padang and also if you can try surf airport right and left (right has right hander waves left...) balis surf is great and worth the trip! great vid!
Julius Berlin
Julius Berlin - 15 years ago
listen to goodbye sober day with mr. bungle and you will find the exact same chanting (chuck chuck) in the middle of the song somewhere!
Sebastien castel
Sebastien castel - 15 years ago
la "kaychac dance"!! direct from bali
cenote venus
cenote venus - 15 years ago
Fantastic Thankyou*****
PekDraine - 15 years ago
I have been in bali once this year from mars to june, i love it i defently going back it's so cheap so its worth the travel ! kuta beach AP IN i see you next year !
Sebastien castel
Sebastien castel - 15 years ago
super vidéos, ca rappel des souvenirs...
FeehzaoO - 15 years ago
tem como me mandar esse som brother? Can you send me this song?
FeehzaoO - 15 years ago
Sem erros, um dos melhores vídeos de surf que já vi, e com uma ótima trilha sonora! PARABÉNS! No Doubt, a great surf video, one of the best videos, with a good soundtrack. GRATZ!
Andhika Heru
Andhika Heru - 15 years ago
Though I ain't a Balinese, but 2 years of experience living there, had make me feel more Bali than Balinese people. BALI is the coolest island on the planet
hardrockerjkt69 - 15 years ago
i always go there all the time, great island,great culture. i miss you Bali !!
enthusia86 - 15 years ago
Stiffed-what you gonna do
enthusia86 - 15 years ago
what is the name of the song?^^
o ev
o ev - 15 years ago
balis shit mate
tissones barrel
tissones barrel - 15 years ago
who sings this song????thanks...
Earl Bryant
Earl Bryant - 15 years ago
Its been a while since Ive surfed.I once road a 30ft wave
Jessica Collins
Jessica Collins - 15 years ago
That surf is savage!
exxssmate - 15 years ago
dud r u indonesian

100. comment for Bali Surf

Jeroen Kruysse
Jeroen Kruysse - 15 years ago
I went there as well, it's so beautiful! For everyone : pls dont stay just in the South ! the island has so much more to offer ! But , hell yeah i learned to longboard (a bit) there, great experience!
Fraser James
Fraser James - 15 years ago
bali fucking pumps!
gt pat
gt pat - 15 years ago
gotta Love bali! :)
gt pat
gt pat - 15 years ago
Bali is so much better IMO. plus you've never even been there so don't assume..
Maycon Alves
Maycon Alves - 15 years ago
qye nusica é essa di vídeo ????
John Hanusek
John Hanusek - 15 years ago
Impossibles? yes some of it
Sarah Gonzalez
Sarah Gonzalez - 15 years ago
what is typical surfing music?
rick stimpson
rick stimpson - 15 years ago
awesome waves... and guys come on the song and aritst are Stiffed: What you gon' do
John Hanusek
John Hanusek - 15 years ago
Whatcha going to do by Stiffed which is no longer together but you can check out the singer Santi White.
liennto - 15 years ago
bali isnt muslim like the rest of indonesia. its mainly hindu but is very multi religious. hindus have a mellow, almost buddhist like way. good people.
aledro - 15 years ago
man, i check out your vid... do you do skate for 2 years? goddam u suck really hard... and have you EVER tried surfing? i bet you dont, thats why u say shit about it, little pussy ass
Dan C
Dan C - 15 years ago
Heh, he's just a kid. Leave him be.
powderstash - 15 years ago did you get what you came here for? just shut up and appreciate a great vid
powderstash - 15 years ago
cmon man. you are just a minion of the world obviously just trying to annoy everyone here. most people wont be phased but those who do will surely add to your over inflated sense of self worth. good for you. its pretty indisputable that surfing is one of the most humbling sport in the world--far more than skateing, although I love that too. There just arent any elements to endure. to call it lame is narrow and retarded, but mostly just an apparent sign of weakness.
smokingninja - 15 years ago
sick video spent three months surfing in indo 06' gonna go back this spring oh the stories i have take it easy
bigmak1234 - 15 years ago
i wanna surf so bad
Niall Smith
Niall Smith - 15 years ago
fuk u sk8erpol, your obviously retarded, skating actually evolved from surfing, so skaters are the wanna bes if any1 is, surfing is a completey different sport to skating, better in my opinion, try and pull some barrels in a half pipe you dick head
sanford198 - 15 years ago
"What You Gon' Do" by Stiffed, who are not together anymore. You can find their old page on Myspace Music. The lead singer, Santi White, is in a new band.
boekzoek - 15 years ago
miss my home town a lot!!!!!
eggosusername - 15 years ago
oh god, how i miss this place!
chyichung yen
chyichung yen - 15 years ago
MY GOD ..........
powderstash - 15 years ago
the song title...NOW!!! ...please? :)
iiYaMa72 - 15 years ago
surfing looks so cool ive never done it myself but i will omne day
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez - 15 years ago
kien estubiese ay¡¡ estaria wapisimoo¡¡¡aee
deepsapphyr - 16 years ago
nice vid.. with the kecak dance music... have you checked out the waves in rote already
Carolina Lopes
Carolina Lopes - 16 years ago
those waves are awesome
Roy Stuart
Roy Stuart - 16 years ago
Cool sound track is that the monkey dance?
lightoffshore - 16 years ago
great footage. It seems you think there's nowhere else in the world except the states as per usual. Typically sad.
TWISTEDRIFTER - 16 years ago
no i wont. I want everyone except me to be dead.
Joey Attana
Joey Attana - 16 years ago
Bali is the sickest surf spot ever.
José Rafael Bertorelli
José Rafael Bertorelli - 16 years ago
buen video excelente estilo y talento
samlubis - 16 years ago
Wow...where else can u find these perfect combinations? On top of the cliff u can watch one of the most dramatic dance w dramatic setting, down below u found one of the world's most perfect wave to surf! Beautiful!
SuusxLoves - 16 years ago
nice video! i wanna surf so good too :)
John Hanusek
John Hanusek - 16 years ago
search "stiffed the band" on Google. they are from philly. I can't post web address in youtube. sorry.
sipka2 - 16 years ago
You can choose - Balangan or Bingin, Bilangin doesnt exist..
shwebell - 16 years ago
this is making me really surf horny. i'm sick of So Cal ankle slappers!
decha wi
decha wi - 16 years ago
it's bali traditional music guys.. just surf on internet, you'll find them , i got some of them
AR 1FF - 16 years ago
vay amina kodumun bebesi nasıl yaparsın sen oonu
John Hanusek
John Hanusek - 16 years ago
Whatcha gonna do by stiffed
taiwan09 - 16 years ago
I love BALI!!!!!!!
Grespano - 16 years ago
O O Tcha Tcha O Tcha Tcha Tcha Hope it helps ! :D
ben croft
ben croft - 16 years ago
i love this wave. bali is the most inviting place ive ever been to.
ben croft
ben croft - 16 years ago
bilangin & uluwatu south bali, aprox 3/4 hour from kuta by moped.
makaio999 - 16 years ago
kick ass video
kv72 - 17 years ago
what beaches are those?
John Hanusek
John Hanusek - 17 years ago
August 2004, may go this summer again.

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