Beach Boys Surfin`USA + Surf Bilder

Beach Boys - Surfin`USA , 1963

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Beach Boys - Surfin`USA , 1963

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Kilyén Balázs
Kilyén Balázs - 5 years ago
I cant wait the summer, to work in a dark room all day, till my colleges are pissing me of and go on vacation and i have to do there work as well. And when i go home, i have to sit down and study and design all day in another dark room. Fun times i tell ya
FARMER GIOVANNI - 8 years ago
I really love this song while I'm at the beach or pool hearing the song while dancing with others!!
wade8443 - 9 years ago
Google up a movie called Endless Summer by Bruce Brown.
Sebizzar - 9 years ago
We can't wait for June!
Vern Smith
Vern Smith - 9 years ago
They are all American!!!!
John Young
John Young - 9 years ago
Homemade extended version with some stuff added in the background. Not bad...but then again, I'm a purist, so...I'll take the standard mix. :)
BeachBoysJanDean1 - 10 years ago
Love the Chuck Berry guitar cover. GOOD TIMES USA!
Mr. Midshipman
Mr. Midshipman - 10 years ago
Tell everybody we're surfing, surfing USA. What's the best wax?
BeachBoysJanDean1 - 10 years ago
I think about this song whenever I "surf" the internet.

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steven johnson
steven johnson - 10 years ago
I like it
theizman1 - 10 years ago
Just surf where ever you are!
steve colledge
steve colledge - 10 years ago
my sentiments entirely.
Aldy Hong
Aldy Hong - 10 years ago
Why does there have to be hate everywhere? They didn't steal from Chuck or whoever the heck the guy's name is, probably suspiciously the same, but that doesn't prove anything, try thinking a bit deeper before thrusting those retarded hate comments
BLADIX - 10 years ago
Moroccan Pictures ;)
I BikeNYC - 10 years ago
Is it me, or is this longer than the usual version? LOVE it! Thanks!
salvatore mcartney
salvatore mcartney - 10 years ago
this is beautiful son
jeffthepoet7 - 10 years ago
All over La Jolla....
Major Buto
Major Buto - 10 years ago
Ventura county line
szqsk8 - 10 years ago
my city is in the song - Huntington Beach, CA (aka Surf City).

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Diana Guido
Diana Guido - 10 years ago
yeah it was good..great music and all!!
Jonny Moonbeam
Jonny Moonbeam - 10 years ago
Totally gay by modern standards --- but a great tune. Waxin' down our sufrboards!
jan wenk
jan wenk - 10 years ago
best song ever!!!
Fernando Bitencourt Soares
Fernando Bitencourt Soares - 10 years ago
não existe nada como a musica dos anos 60.... Beach Boys!!!!!Parabéns por postarem isso....
TheBF3zocker99 - 10 years ago
me too
issie brown
issie brown - 11 years ago
Payne Aminata
Payne Aminata - 11 years ago
La chanson d'une de mes danses de mon gala! <3
angie_m - 11 years ago
can u believe it was 50 years ago??!?!
Guy Del Vecchio
Guy Del Vecchio - 11 years ago
I bought this 45 NEW when the song first came out. I STILL get chills listening to it today.
Pp1998 - 11 years ago

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Inas Laghzaoui
Inas Laghzaoui - 11 years ago
Pigtigo Ria-chan XD
Pigtigo Ria-chan XD - 11 years ago
David Norman
David Norman - 11 years ago
That voice at 3:14 wtf??
BLADIX - 11 years ago
hei yes its agadir atlantic coast look the houses arabic style there the surf alot american and european people ;D Welcome !!!
BLADIX - 11 years ago
Marocco The Pictures !!!
BLADIX - 11 years ago
This in the video is marocco !!!
lauren taylor
lauren taylor - 11 years ago
I done zumba to this 
sauquoit13456 - 11 years ago
On this date in 1963 {Mar. 23rd} "Surfin' U.S.A." entered Billboard's Hot Top 100; eventually it would peaked at #3 and spent 17 weeks in the Top 100. Ranked 2nd on the Billboard's Year-End Hot Top 100 Singles of 1963 chart... {"Sugar Shack" by The Fireballs was ranked 1st} Lyrics by Brian Wilson and melody by Chuck Berry... The B-side of the record also charted; "Shut Down", reaching #23... Re-released in 1974, peaked at #36 and covered by Leif Garrett in 1977, reaching #20...
XxTheUlrichFxX - 11 years ago
@DushanMandikk : so is this comment from you originally, then?
That sonfabitch Ivan
That sonfabitch Ivan - 11 years ago
just ignore every comment i say. i now realized that my accounts been hacked.. whatever. :/
Klaas Vaak
Klaas Vaak - 11 years ago
@DushanMandikk And that the attitute why the whole world hates the usa!...because you think you are the best at all...there is more than war...and maybe win one first!:P
erickeletc - 11 years ago
chuck berry <3
raginroadrunner - 11 years ago
@DushanMandikk.....USA....the biggest...baddest ...mutherfuckers on this planet...
Jeremy Jenner
Jeremy Jenner - 11 years ago
God I wish I could live in the 50s. Then again I'm not white or straight so I suppose it's for the better :P
That sonfabitch Ivan
That sonfabitch Ivan - 11 years ago
Theres no place like USA. We are the best country in the world! Middle east better watch out from the bindling power of America.
ASH B - 11 years ago
i wan't to go surfing now
crazyformusic4ever05 - 11 years ago
My year level is doing this song for our end of year concert. ;) The boys are pretending to be surfing while the girls do these awesome dance moves.
Ethan James
Ethan James - 11 years ago
eatpop123 - 11 years ago
i miss the old days
diddles2204 - 11 years ago
@562ole dick?

50. comment for Beach Boys Surfin`USA + Surf Bilder

Tha Real Mccoy
Tha Real Mccoy - 11 years ago
@scanderbeu were u surfing in Cali ?
DerSchwurbel - 11 years ago
@shompy12 oh! tut mir wirklich leid .D
magikiito garcia
magikiito garcia - 11 years ago
ohh ya grey wolf 666 devil ass muda fucka iam 7 and i love dis ssong and the other songs
StrictlyBG - 11 years ago
dope shit
BBQManXD - 11 years ago
Ich auch wegen kaddi, find aba Get ready for this besser!
Thomas Eckart
Thomas Eckart - 11 years ago
@orlandolovescookies your also gay and love this song!
Darthvies - 11 years ago
@562ole I'm 18 and I couldn't agree more :P
kaylie c
kaylie c - 12 years ago
I was I was a teen in the "60s" :/
Warshadow4 - 12 years ago
wish i was in the 60s
simon wegner
simon wegner - 12 years ago
teen wolf
Jannes Kuhlmann
Jannes Kuhlmann - 12 years ago
@DerSchwurbel Verdammt, jetzt bekomm ich das nicht mehr ausm Kopf und hör das jedesmal! :D
gpunktbuhr - 12 years ago
@DerSchwurbel da muss man erst mal drauf kommen!
scanderbeu - 12 years ago
@punkvictim hihi
kaylie c
kaylie c - 12 years ago
Wish I grew up in this music time period! Lol I was born in the wrong decade!!
Alexrepdom - 12 years ago
24 don't like = Stupide :D ^^
Zoey Rae James
Zoey Rae James - 12 years ago
Woohoo! Beach Boys! :D I just not sure why many people find it weird why young kids, and people my age (21) like this music! Lol. XD
punkvictim - 12 years ago
@scanderbeu duh. lol xD
LHcountryboy1 - 12 years ago
WoooPeee---Surf's up ya'll...wax 'em up and let's all git Wet!!!! XD
scanderbeu - 12 years ago
sweet little sixteen - chuck berry
Sabrina Blubb
Sabrina Blubb - 12 years ago
Woohoo! I'm 12 and that rocks!!! ┌∩∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩∩┐
Greg Thorpe
Greg Thorpe - 12 years ago
@shelfrex1 Agreed :D
shelfrex1 - 12 years ago
@xraygreg1 you`re a cool guy, cause you don`t say: "fuck that, r`n`b is much better"... old music= good music!
Greg Thorpe
Greg Thorpe - 12 years ago
@Ediyackelin1 Wooohoo High Five!
PhiVelorum - 12 years ago
@xraygreg1 And I'am 1 and I love this, too! Iam 13 years younger than Grey so thumb up my way!!!
Michaela Semper
Michaela Semper - 12 years ago
16 big like
Evan Ganard
Evan Ganard - 12 years ago
Awesome im 13, mixing it up
diejrlcrew - 12 years ago
@09maddi09 awesome im 12:)
19jebus87 - 12 years ago
this is a chuck berry song. the gay ass beach boys just added there gay lyrics to Mr. Berry's song.
Thunderbolt505T - 12 years ago
were playing this, fun fun fun, help me rhonda, and i get around for marching band!
09maddi09 - 12 years ago
@xraygreg1 Awesome I'm 14 too! :D
francesco cavagnino
francesco cavagnino - 12 years ago
everybody surfing usa!!!
r5stevo - 12 years ago
LittleRed - 12 years ago
we're surfin usa! ;)
Warshadow4 - 12 years ago
thumbs up
ArschlekkerTheOnly - 12 years ago
@DerSchwurbel tatsächlich xDDD
skaterkid9124 - 12 years ago
thumbs up if your still listening to this 2011
EPICDUCKMAN - 12 years ago
Love this song
Jean-Paul GUICHARD - 12 years ago
21 guys despie waves :))
Cayle Grey
Cayle Grey - 12 years ago
thumps up for perfect spellign!
ArtemisiaxAbsinthium - 12 years ago
@DerSchwurbel Tränen gelacht XD das is echt gut^^
james elajam
james elajam - 12 years ago
well idc how the hell it got here. copied, influenced, or thought up one night while toking on the bowl. i'm glad this song was made. PERIOD
DrPoon - 12 years ago
1961-1964 beach boys rocked. After that they got into the whole hippie faze and sucked dick. Long live surf music!!
silat13 - 12 years ago
@CPSJSMSUUMUGA influenced and a copy are 2 different things.
silat13 - 12 years ago
@CPSJSMSUUMUGA No not clear. Many feel that Wilson got ripped off. Wilsons father gave Berry the copyright as soon as Berry complained without even telling Brian. And it isnt a note for note copy as you stated. You can see that by looking at the tabs..
John Hocking
John Hocking - 12 years ago
@CPSJSMSUUMUGA The song where the Berry rifts can be most clearly heard is, "Fun, Fun, Fun." Listen to that and talk about how they were merely influenced.
John Hocking
John Hocking - 12 years ago
@minnesotajack There is a big difference between "influence" and plagerism. Chuck Berry put the guitar in rock & roll, so every rock band that has a guitar was influenced. Here, the Beach Boys played the very chords that Chuck Berry plays on Johnny B Goode, almost note for note, and they paid over a million dollars to Mr. Berry in his lawsuit for being a little too influenced. Clear?
tharsiskenobi2 - 12 years ago
I'm 20 and I still don't know when did being below 18 and making-it-clear-on-classic-ban­ds-videos-to-look-sharp became a rule for people who were born after 1994.
MultiTyrannosaurus - 12 years ago
@MultiTyrannosaurus Sorry, i meant "stolen from Chuck Berry" clear?
MultiTyrannosaurus - 12 years ago
Stolen by Chucvk Berry.
DerSchwurbel - 12 years ago
1:09 where uns're Fahrräder steh'n xD

100. comment for Beach Boys Surfin`USA + Surf Bilder

Greg Thorpe
Greg Thorpe - 12 years ago
@grey09wolf666 I'm 14 and love this XD
Alex Fincher
Alex Fincher - 12 years ago
go beatles! woops wrong place.
Gayle Carpenter
Gayle Carpenter - 12 years ago
@jsuprems No your still wrong
andromedarr - 12 years ago
@scugnizzo1000 Mom: No son, you're stayin ahome, cause that joke is lame, i'm gonna do that for you
Gayle Carpenter
Gayle Carpenter - 12 years ago
Stole it from Chuck Berry? I don't think so
Vinzbert - 12 years ago
2:18 for swastika :D
ChicanoxParkxJefe - 12 years ago
@SuperRunescapeReview actually this is not original at all the beach boys covered this song but changed the lyrics listen to sweet little16 chuck berry.
maxlose - 12 years ago
cool, the song is played in the A-team
Vaaaaad - 12 years ago
@Jezpeh Gone* :)
baskethilt - 12 years ago
One of my all time favourite guitar solos. Lets just face it, how many would come up with such a gem?
Ace8889 - 12 years ago
Sorry I'm an idiot here but does anyone know what type of music this is? Really confuzzed. >.<
juliadennehy - 12 years ago
Chatham, Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro. ;-)
Lisa B
Lisa B - 12 years ago
thumbs up for DEL MAR!!!!!!!!!!
snodvod - 12 years ago
@grey09wolf666 Same story, we should love this! ;D
Jose Mena
Jose Mena - 12 years ago
I love redondo beach:)
ducks - 12 years ago
road trip music!
suziQ27 - 12 years ago
this is still soooooo good~
Silvergordikuki - 12 years ago
I can't listen to this without thinking of Teen Wolf car surfing.
lren45 - 12 years ago
@sweet58441 I hope it does, it gets so annoying
lren45 - 12 years ago
@deathmetaliscool I know, it's so freaking annoying
lren45 - 12 years ago
@scugnizzo1000 Create your own joke, why would u even say this?
Isaac Ruffini
Isaac Ruffini - 12 years ago
@scugnizzo1000 Make up your own joke dude, that's soooooooooooooooooo gay..
RaisinBrando - 12 years ago
Update: -Mom, I'm going to fight 17 Surfin' USA haters -Alone -No, with 1296 other fans
JohnHardThomasMisterGame FourthEarlOfTheSandwich
JohnHardThomasMisterGame FourthEarlOfTheSandwich - 12 years ago
@scugnizzo1000 damn I havent seen a comment like this in months, i thought it died out
Garrett Means
Garrett Means - 12 years ago
I'm 12 and I love this song.
Meowicus Caticus
Meowicus Caticus - 12 years ago
@grey09wolf666 I'm older than time and i love this song
Rachel Barela
Rachel Barela - 12 years ago
Thumbs up if you remember this song on Teen Wolf.
BLACKIESBOY - 12 years ago
@scugnizzo1000 -Okay, but be home in time for dinner. I made your favorite!
BLACKIESBOY - 12 years ago
@grey09wolf666 Well... I'm 19
Marzob27 - 12 years ago
18 people are surfing in Mediterranean sea !
Javier Baman
Javier Baman - 12 years ago
@grey09wolf666 I haven't been born ._____. lol there's nothing strange about you listen to this
AJHG1000 - 12 years ago
@grey09wolf666 I'm 14 :)
Fred Maurer
Fred Maurer - 12 years ago
niiiice. the good old times. when no artist was bad
Saucekay3 - 12 years ago
i dont know how to surf.
Rum Stache
Rum Stache - 12 years ago
3:13 Darutzdemhnehmübelie?!?!?!?!?!?! XD That's what I'm hearing
Rum Stache
Rum Stache - 12 years ago
@grey09wolf666 just got 17 yesterday and love it xD
DJMAX64 - 12 years ago
liliyvt cuello
liliyvt cuello - 12 years ago
brings me back to when i was i play in the snow hmmm miss the ocean
92sanxez - 12 years ago
@grey09wolf666 no one gives a shit, enjoy and stop talking about yourself you retard
SuperSpeedy112 - 12 years ago
... and everybody gone surfin ... surf in usa ...
Mason Nelson
Mason Nelson - 12 years ago
1 people have different taste in music that just so happens to not include the beach boys/
campbell hill
campbell hill - 12 years ago
if u hate this song then i HATE YOU!!!!
srang12345 - 12 years ago
@2000austins fond du lac?the buttom of the sea?XD what a freaking name is that :P
EndofMusic - 12 years ago
@JoshyouwaMany lol, yeah sounds exactly the same, just different lyrics
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers - 12 years ago
Didn't one of them drowned .....
huudilammas - 12 years ago
- Mom, I'm going to fight with 17 surfin' USA haters. - Alone? - No, with 1182 other fans.
CFBLover3 - 12 years ago
i used to hear this song all the time in california adventures
TurboRacing86 - 12 years ago
17 people don't like this video. Some tecktonikcians =)
xxx xxx
xxx xxx - 12 years ago
I'm 13 years old and I LOVE the beach boys :) this song is so funny ... SORRY I'm a french girl so I don't speak very well english c:
grey09wolf666 - 12 years ago
I'm 17 yrs old but i love this song! XD thumbs up if you're 17 and you're listening to this ! XD
sarah246awsome - 12 years ago
i like how theres more comments about the likes and dislikes then the actual song/singers btw, beach boys rule!
Cobra19915 - 12 years ago
2:25 "Wo unsere Fahrräder stehen"
fastworldsloweye - 12 years ago
@oskar18991 ^^
petros alani
petros alani - 12 years ago
16 people don't know anything about music
MultiMarmellata - 12 years ago
I think the best part is 0:05 - 3:43
Dave1120 - 12 years ago
They stole the melody from the best CHUCK BERRY!
fastworldsloweye - 12 years ago
@oskar18991 sag mal bin ich hier der translator xD
sparksflymiranda - 12 years ago
love it
Nathaniel Brown
Nathaniel Brown - 12 years ago
Too bad the Beach Boys had to rip of a African American Legend to make a name for themselves!
videoeingang - 12 years ago
@fastworldsloweye 14 :DD:D::D:D
Cockney Rebel
Cockney Rebel - 12 years ago
Rock 'n' Roll! :)
Moises D Martinez L
Moises D Martinez L - 12 years ago
esta cancion puso al mundo a bailar..sin duda alguna..!! si una cancion
Moises D Martinez L
Moises D Martinez L - 12 years ago
esta cancion puso al mundo a bailar..sin duda alguna..!! si una cancion pone al mundo unido..agamos la paz y bailemos todos como una vez lo hicimos sin destincion de raza,color,religio,lengua,solo bailemos jajajajajajaj
Hcutie1213 - 12 years ago
.......This is why i barely post things on facebook
Hcutie1213 - 12 years ago
@noahsoskha118 im just saying... that this song is kinda old and i like it even tho im young.....
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze - 12 years ago
13 persons forgot to turn the sound on xD
Pibbels - 12 years ago
13 people missed the "Like" Button while they were surfing ;)
Hop - 12 years ago
Like the way you 'subtly' extended the song. Good show.
sh9683 - 12 years ago
@ethenfrance i don't surf in the usa i haven't surfed at all actually, but i love thi song, and it is my dream to go to hawaii and surf
MrMaxclip - 12 years ago
But this one is even better than 'sweet little sixteen'
TransistorRevolt1999 - 12 years ago
the first time i heard this song i understood: "Everybody´s gone serving USA" lol
Hcutie1213 - 12 years ago
lol im 14 and ive liked this song since i was about 12 XD
BananaMedal - 12 years ago
malibu <3
Gayle Carpenter
Gayle Carpenter - 12 years ago
12 people don't have CLUE what good music is.
ysabelle h
ysabelle h - 12 years ago
mais c'est long à télécharger!!!
Micah Schut
Micah Schut - 12 years ago
902 people have a good taste in music
Rob Hier
Rob Hier - 12 years ago
MjrDario - 12 years ago
@infexion20 yep , but I hope I get a good start It looks hard.
TheNewRiflemanBob - 12 years ago
Ah, back in the day when the patriotism wasn't all but dead.
Ethen France
Ethen France - 12 years ago
@MjrDario lmao me neither!
MjrDario - 12 years ago
@ethenfrance I don't surf at all XD
Huub Kuiper
Huub Kuiper - 12 years ago
@CharlieDwarf you're welcome ! (:
Huub Kuiper
Huub Kuiper - 12 years ago
@CharlieDwarf this must be really hard for you, but chuck berry really wrote this melody, and both beach boys and beatles covered it.
Huub Kuiper
Huub Kuiper - 12 years ago
@CharlieDwarf chuck berry, not the beatles.
gundokidl11 - 12 years ago
Maxwell Rillera
Maxwell Rillera - 12 years ago
@Blizzard2031994 LOL
Felician Baumann
Felician Baumann - 12 years ago
such a classic
fastworldsloweye - 12 years ago
11 haben angst vor wasser
ThePrickler - 12 years ago
Did you make this with windows movie maker?
ThePrickler - 12 years ago
Did you make this with windows movie maker
jojofelina - 12 years ago
11 People were Bit by a Shark Surfin if the Usa.
legit waffle lord
legit waffle lord - 12 years ago
i liked the song but the rest sucked
XHanonXxHosho - 12 years ago
just like the song in my choir lol
Christopher Burtraw
Christopher Burtraw - 12 years ago
@mdossantos047 lol, no different than today really.
Elmware - 12 years ago
WTF is with the comment near the end of the song at 3:14? You just ruined a perfectly good tune with it.
John Blair
John Blair - 12 years ago
@Polenfreunde LOL we will remember this in the next world war and will refuse aid you AGAIN!
Melissa Schem
Melissa Schem - 12 years ago
1:23 <3
Polenfreunde - 12 years ago
@Blizzard2031994 canada-nice to look but useless
ShortFingeredShreder - 12 years ago
@mdossantos047 Yes I know, for example the riff is from Sweet Little Sixteen, The Beach Boys have said that themselves many times,
ShortFingeredShreder - 12 years ago
@mdossantos047 They're the highest-selling American band, whether they're the "best" or not is opinion. I personally don't care if their songs are all similar, cause I love them all.
Juventusismylife - 12 years ago
lucas_pbh - 12 years ago
Inside, outside Canada!:D
MrMrluc - 12 years ago
@YakamaruSVW nix überwachungsstaat,per zufall das gesehen. aber ist echt so,in n paar wochen kannste doch hin wo du willst.
Jakob Vincent Latzko
Jakob Vincent Latzko - 12 years ago
@MrMrluc uuu, überwachungsstaat, was'los!
Delicinha Deliciosa
Delicinha Deliciosa - 12 years ago
@Blizzard2031994 xDDDDDDD At least if they get hurt while skiing they have free healthcare ;D x3
MrMrluc - 12 years ago
@YakamaruSVW und es zwingt dich ja auch nur noch das abi die paar wochen noch hierzubleiben.danach wartet die welt auf dich! :D
MrMrluc - 12 years ago
@YakamaruSVW ach jakob heul doch nicht rum :)
Jakob Vincent Latzko
Jakob Vincent Latzko - 12 years ago
everybody's gone boriiing, boring germany...
Haydn Jarvis
Haydn Jarvis - 12 years ago
@mdossantos047 really? cus this sounds different to good vibrations, wouldent it be nice and just about every other beadch boys so next time u try to make a comment about songs sounding the same make sure its true
AngryKoala Insane
AngryKoala Insane - 12 years ago
Everybodys gone sanding, sanding Africa.
Feebas321 - 12 years ago
Everybody's gone climbin', climbin' U.S.A.
EsJuLe - 12 years ago
wo unsere fahrräder stehen... wie geil :D
linda12021 - 12 years ago
The greatest American band EVER... you know, besides the Jonas Brothers...just KIDDING! Only saying that 'cuz JOHN LLOYD TAYLOR sent all their little fan girls here!!!
randOmZ TV
randOmZ TV - 12 years ago
Fuck EMI and WMG for taking all "Surfin USA" vids off youtube. Enjoy this while you can.
Ethen France
Ethen France - 12 years ago
10 people dont surf in the USA
Grant Foti
Grant Foti - 12 years ago
10 bloaks got stung by a jellyfish while surfing
Phoebe - 12 years ago
I want to make a beach party, when I listen to this song :D lets dance ~ !
HappyMolly1 - 12 years ago
@Ten0chA das freut mich :D
Ten0chA - 12 years ago
@HappyMolly1 du hast mir grade den verdammten tag geretten, und er ist nichteinmal 50 minuten lang
Daniel Lavigne
Daniel Lavigne - 12 years ago
@taffy666able me too!
Tha Real Mccoy
Tha Real Mccoy - 12 years ago
@XDmanga1 it depends of the surfing spots, there are a lot beachs full of sharks
Paul S
Paul S - 12 years ago
surfin' USA to be eat by a shark xD
Gatzi - 12 years ago
JoakoRC - 12 years ago
Que buena cancion... me fascina.
christine aston
christine aston - 12 years ago
@march23s its not all that hard
ltdragon93 - 12 years ago
Ich spreche nicht Deutsches.
Lady_Avocado - 12 years ago
Where unsere Fahrräder stay
HappyMolly1 - 12 years ago
@Chris51191 ja find ich auch :D
Chris51191 - 12 years ago
@HappyMolly1 xDDDDDDDDDDD geil xD
jules bules
jules bules - 12 years ago
boah.....iwi hasse ich des lied......des is zu alt füa mich.....ICH BIN KEIN HATER! <3
Santi DFC
Santi DFC - 12 years ago
amazing song :D
purplecoathanger - 12 years ago
das ist toll ;)
HappyMolly1 - 12 years ago
@SuperDrugZZZ hehe jaa :D
Rock'n'Fucking-Roll Pictures
Rock'n'Fucking-Roll Pictures - 12 years ago
@HappyMolly1 Jaa maaan ;DDD
monstertrucker1 - 12 years ago
@rico305305 tell that to the north/east of the usa this week again =D... ^^
Tha Real Mccoy
Tha Real Mccoy - 12 years ago
@XDmanga1 your so lucky, iv always wanted to surf
rico305305 - 12 years ago
shit! im in Canada where the only thing that exists in winter is snow snow and more fucking snow!
Brad Williams
Brad Williams - 12 years ago
They added a new keyboard/organ part??
christine aston
christine aston - 12 years ago
i love these spots im always out here and im always listening to the beach boys
wwwrebeltv - 12 years ago
best surf song ever
kenavo2103 - 12 years ago
@youknowtoomuch2much And you are right! They were the best, their sound was unique and The Beatles never gave me the same pleasure... an old French lady missing the Beath Boys!
HappyMolly1 - 12 years ago
@TheWahr da versteht man "wo unsere fahrräder stehn" :D
ShotHot12 - 12 years ago
to you 2 haters Roses are red violets are blue i have 5 fingers and the middle one is for you
sohotbaby90 - 12 years ago
danke fürs video hat einer bock bisschen zu quatschen ihr werdets warscheinlich nicht bereuen
Boris Kuzmanovic
Boris Kuzmanovic - 12 years ago
@dobby240 U are right there..... but still they took like millions of $ on something thats not theres! And after like 20 years they gave some of that money to the person who wrote the song! Thats ridicules! ..... nvm..... enjoy the good music, u have good taste!!!
Olli Brettmann
Olli Brettmann - 12 years ago
sogar beim cover von blind guardian, wo unsre fahrräder stehn :D
dobby240 - 12 years ago
@Boris86NS who cares its better than the utter garbage generated by the media today...
raamkonijn - 12 years ago
srang12345 - 12 years ago
@kleo4224 first try fail ^^:P ;)
Boris Kuzmanovic
Boris Kuzmanovic - 12 years ago
@GeorgeVreelandHill Not there song!!!!!
Andreas Deichmann
Andreas Deichmann - 12 years ago
geile alte zeit ! ich liebe dieses gute laune lied <3
RulesVT - 12 years ago
i'd like to be american ;(
opium25 - 12 years ago
@bbbomberjk The best swells are in austria
NatiUndOli - 12 years ago
1:22 Hahaha Das süße hammer Steak! xD
sandx123 - 12 years ago
ahaahaha "wo unsre Fahrräder stehn" at 1:10
Tall Tee
Tall Tee - 12 years ago
@007Danikiller007 surfing is really fun,u sould try it:)
Tall Tee
Tall Tee - 12 years ago
@bbbomberjk yes we are:P
Olli Brettmann
Olli Brettmann - 12 years ago
@MsAsianguy Auf sone Schule wo man sowas geiles singt würd ich auch gern gehen.
CaramelCreme Camel
CaramelCreme Camel - 12 years ago
happy-macher lied ; ) das mussten wir mal in der schule singen....
Juliiii1208 - 12 years ago
haha die version von FLOW is besser :) is eher mein geschmack :)
SuperGogito3000 - 12 years ago
@dubravajecentar LOL..........well said man.
HappyMolly1 - 13 years ago
1:11 "wo unsere fahrräder stehn" :DD
raginroadrunner - 13 years ago
compared to the Beach Boys..the Beatles ..."Suck"
MsMissSunday - 13 years ago
how can you not like this song??
ANJA WOLF - 13 years ago
qwinsi80 - 13 years ago
lucky bitches
PanjwaniDeepak1 - 13 years ago
I like i
Stephanie Te
Stephanie Te - 13 years ago
always when i hear this song i want dance and smile and i do it and feel good. :)
rublaj - 13 years ago
Hey, you guys are invited to surf in BRAZIL too! :)
youknowtoomuch2much - 13 years ago
proud of my nation. Surf with the best of the best!
MultiKing41 - 13 years ago
@yNETSTARRR1337 nur in kölsch :D
yNETSTARRR1337 - 13 years ago
1:12 :-D wo unsre fahräder stehn xD
Rustie - 13 years ago
beste wo gibt ^^
sheng287 - 13 years ago
hehe! nice song n funny music too!! this vdo..:-) lolz the beach..
fireflame1980 - 13 years ago
yep, i just love livin' in usa, mostly...
Zemmaful - 13 years ago
back then they had amazing music!! .....We=Ke$ha..... Back then=Beetles, Beach Boys and more. Love this song! i had to to a dance to this at camp!:)
bandof1291 - 13 years ago
der ohrenwurm schlecht hin^^
Nico müller
Nico müller - 13 years ago
oh yes eh very great song ilove this music
Strong Kobayashi
Strong Kobayashi - 13 years ago
amazing song :D
helena espada
helena espada - 13 years ago
so cool! yee i've never listened to the beach boys, until in my class of english my teacher make us listen to it and it's so cool! Yee.! Greetings from spain, boyz 'n girls!
Mark Fit&Adventures
Mark Fit&Adventures - 13 years ago
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.........yeah,yeah,yeah.
Icke - 13 years ago
ein genialer sommer song...very nice..greetz from Hannover Germany
sh4rpeXtreme - 13 years ago
@CoverTheWorld :D was ein trottel xD
M EASTMAN - 13 years ago
killer pics dude!
hambone9119 - 13 years ago
Chuck Berry Sweet Little 16 rip off note for note only lyrics changes
valeska4ever - 13 years ago
Surfin USAaaaayyyy....This is FUN!bushy bushy blonde hair dew....LOL ROFL!!!
eSKAone - 13 years ago
there should be more pics of girls on the beach
Marisa Cecilia
Marisa Cecilia - 13 years ago
das erinnert mich an Italien, immer wenn ich am strand war und den anderen beim surfen zugesehen habe, hat meine cousines handy geklingelt und das war oihr klingelton =D Bei dem lied denke ich sofort an Sommer,Sonne und Ferieen =D
HumanPudding - 13 years ago
He surfed the wolf mobile.
John Tanner
John Tanner - 13 years ago
teen wolf i mean
John Tanner
John Tanner - 13 years ago
i knew it from the movie tenn wolf and it still amazes me.
Egon Euter
Egon Euter - 13 years ago
sehr schön
MrsFlowerStar - 14 years ago
Rémi C
Rémi C - 14 years ago
their best song... I love...
xtremerockomaniac - 14 years ago
coool song!!
Olivia Alimanestiano
Olivia Alimanestiano - 14 years ago
i love this song!!!!

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