Best places to surf in Bali

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Fvkc-R-E_2_d_9th-PWR - 4 years ago
LOL, one hour west of Kuta Beach! You're purposely not mentioning the nightmarish Bali traffic that turns a once breezy 10 minute jaunt into a hellish hour long ordeal. Trust me, I used to make the drive almost every morning when I moved here 25 years ago.
Brian Rapp
Brian Rapp - 8 years ago
2003 September 11 th Brian Rapp Waterways team rider Longboarder state beach the last time I surfed kuta beach and uluwatus was One week before the Sari Club Boming 500 Assi surf kids killed in fire we love kuta beach Locals Tubes Surfers Bar canyonlocalfilmscom Sydney's surf kids chocolate Shop I canthelpfallinginlovewith you
Rakaloe - 8 years ago
is there any establishment nearby where you can rent surfboards?
Agata Gliniak
Agata Gliniak - 9 years ago
I really like the song what you used in the video. What is a tittle? 
gv54te4 - 9 years ago
im totally going to number 1
Massage Ubud
Massage Ubud - 9 years ago
Bali is really outstanding.. The beaches and the rich culture.. It's a place you need to visit
Jazpar Longy
Jazpar Longy - 9 years ago
No keramas??
Troller26z - 9 years ago
Hey, really interested in Canggu and the beaches there. Would you mind telling me the name of the villa mentioned in the video? Thanks mate:)
milanoo pipo
milanoo pipo - 9 years ago
and if you want try surf in river go to kampar and bono river :)

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milanoo pipo
milanoo pipo - 9 years ago
you should try in nias bro :)
agung susila
agung susila - 10 years ago
Yeah I am from bali, we move live in Uk now, we have villa in bali you might interesting please chek buddhahillbali our driver will show you all the best bali side. thanks agung
SurfOn Sara
SurfOn Sara - 10 years ago
really cool video :)
Guillermo Matos
Guillermo Matos - 10 years ago
Hello great spots here! I am planning on going to Bali, do you have any more tips/spots cool villas/rooms? Please let me know! Message me for an email if possible.

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