Big Wave Surfing

WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Subscribe if you want to, more videos are on the way! Guy surfing down an unbelievable wave.

Big Wave Surfing sentiment_very_dissatisfied 407

Surf 18 years ago 8,181,413 views

WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Subscribe if you want to, more videos are on the way! Guy surfing down an unbelievable wave.

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Most popular comments
for Big Wave Surfing

Jane Dough
Jane Dough - 7 years ago
I wonder what kinda speed they pick up when riding waves that big
Will Ellis
Will Ellis - 7 years ago
The best new surf forecasting app.. and it's not SurfLIE or MagicSeaWeed...
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Bruce Franklin
Bruce Franklin - 8 years ago
The moment!
Suburban Conan
Suburban Conan - 8 years ago
Which surf vid is this the opening scene for??Used to own it but lost it in a move or stolen by mates...
These guys and active combat soldiers...the bravest of the brave.
Fallen613Angel - 8 years ago
+Michael Wakeling I think it was billabong odyssey, but I'm not 100% sure...
PuroMate - 8 years ago
2NFS7 - 8 years ago
Trollinragegamer - 8 years ago
MIG PILOT - 8 years ago
that's actually me surfing Frickin waves don't scare me, but the sharks scare me!
Naufragio - 8 years ago
Check out my latest video, the most impressive waves 10 in the world!

10. comment for Big Wave Surfing

LeCanadianGamer - 8 years ago
I'm surprised he actually floated instead of sinking with the size of those balls.
Marko Oshchipko
Marko Oshchipko - 8 years ago
Mada Mada
Mada Mada - 8 years ago
Men with balls of steel
Ricardo Borges
Ricardo Borges - 8 years ago
Primeiro vídeo que assisti no YouTube, hahahah, faz tempo!
Argiris Papadopoulos
Argiris Papadopoulos - 8 years ago
what place is this?
Ren - 8 years ago
my pants already wet
Bryan Salgado
Bryan Salgado - 8 years ago
Legend says he's still surfing the wave to this day...
Einar Kuusk
Einar Kuusk - 8 years ago
Holy fucking
Scyper - 8 years ago
I make bigger waves when I shit in the bathtub.
mark stanfield
mark stanfield - 8 years ago
Tubular. Kudos to the cameraman too!

20. comment for Big Wave Surfing

Dragon D.
Dragon D. - 8 years ago
Fck!!! I almost sh!t in my pants
Maheswara Mahendra
Maheswara Mahendra - 8 years ago
great moment .. fantastic !!
Danielle McAllister
Danielle McAllister - 9 years ago
Michael Chappina
Michael Chappina - 9 years ago
It's a shame that the white wash gets em everytime, great wave and photography! I'm feeling the rush that this guy is about to feel. Felt like it was me there for 30 seconds
Daniel Mcfarlane
Daniel Mcfarlane - 9 years ago
did he fall off?!
Thomas Bernhard
Thomas Bernhard - 9 years ago
he's alive and that was a 66-foot wave. World record is 100-foot.
Eduardo M
Eduardo M - 9 years ago
Rest in peace
SK 8 4 LIFE - 9 years ago
what a hek
lopchan07 - 9 years ago
laird hamilton????
Flamingo Phuck
Flamingo Phuck - 9 years ago
damn son where'd you find this wave

30. comment for Big Wave Surfing

Vaggelis South
Vaggelis South - 9 years ago
Is he alive?
Benz - 6 years ago
Tracy Huff
Tracy Huff - 9 years ago
Downhill skiers need to loose the poles! 
Sotirios Spanos
Sotirios Spanos - 10 years ago
wow, this guy's my hero
joemchang - 10 years ago
How can he see with all the white wash
Leonardo Medeiros
Leonardo Medeiros - 10 years ago
Youtube old school. 
Penny wise
Penny wise - 10 years ago
8 years ago?! jesus I remember when this came out. 
Caleb Mallory
Caleb Mallory - 10 years ago
Wow, this video is still fooling people? Smh, Laird Hamilton has the biggest tow- in and Dollars got it with the largest paddle in at Cortes Bank. Don't be fooled!
:Amadeus :Moisl.
:Amadeus :Moisl. - 10 years ago
youtube: donald marshall NWO
song from dido thank you to this vid fits well
JohnIn60Seconds - 10 years ago
This is much more impressive than the new world record wave rode by Carlos burle in November 2013
Antonio Ferreira
Antonio Ferreira - 10 years ago
Ivelina Dobreva
Ivelina Dobreva - 10 years ago
This wave is just enormous! I adore it!
Xhivago - 10 years ago
He is a legend
Brandon Abel
Brandon Abel - 10 years ago
This is an old clip. It's real, watch "Riding Giants" to see the documentary. Then search for "Laird Jaws" to see the first man to ride these waves like a king (rail slides and getting shacked) while all others watched in awe. (including the guy here who straightened out and got pwned!)
fear123wz - 10 years ago
pretty screwed if you fall
Harmaja87 - 10 years ago
This video needs "The Beach Boys - Catch a Wave" as background song
fabiodll - 10 years ago
Unbelievable inacreditavel
666MikeRochip - 10 years ago
And if this video is real..probably need 3 balls!
666MikeRochip - 10 years ago
If this video then this wave is the size of large building...if its not real its an amazing video..either way,awesome"
Walid Elouali
Walid Elouali - 10 years ago
TyStreet - 10 years ago
No matter how many times I watch this.. it's amazing!!

50. comment for Big Wave Surfing

ImNotClemens - 10 years ago
His balls are in the wave thats the reason why it is so big :D
Snegovikof - 10 years ago
минус за принудительную рекламу.А так круто.
Mário Damhur
Mário Damhur - 10 years ago
I can do this. Hold my beer.
martin ohara
martin ohara - 10 years ago
347 dislikes? I guessing jealous people who have no idea how to live
indah citradewi
indah citradewi - 10 years ago
MrRestiu - 10 years ago
how cn u do this shit
Doddle - 10 years ago
id like to see more of theses tow in's ..... in HD
jjujoe - 10 years ago
Bro, do you even surf?
Satanismisgood - 10 years ago
JoyofSatan . org
blmartin500 - 10 years ago
Henriquetur Piracicaba
Henriquetur Piracicaba - 10 years ago
Que loucura!
Lucky Harris
Lucky Harris - 10 years ago
No fear.
IntelectBeats - 10 years ago
Now some say that this man died a few days later because his heart couldn't pump enough blood to his gargantuan testicles.
Gary Powell
Gary Powell - 10 years ago
Hold my beer...............................
alex jaines
alex jaines - 10 years ago
I remember when I did that...
Pauline Vdm
Pauline Vdm - 10 years ago
Jesus fucking Christ
Dreamprince23 - 10 years ago
Carles Forné
Carles Forné - 10 years ago
old school youtube
Sebastian Steinwendtner
Sebastian Steinwendtner - 10 years ago
who the hell filmed that?
PIlotrcm - 10 years ago
I never really understood surfing. Unfortunately you can't really do it in America unless you're on the west coast
LegoShow1000 - 10 years ago
You know its a big wave when the audio starts to freak out
Julian G
Julian G - 10 years ago
Stop, it's getting old -.-
Nathaniel Barley
Nathaniel Barley - 10 years ago
How can you even surf with balls that big?
DirugazeXD - 10 years ago
the start of every tsunami movie
ernst zwinkle
ernst zwinkle - 10 years ago
wildefice1 - 10 years ago
lol the first 10 seconds ah that aint so bad 10 seconds later O.O i think imma stick to boogie boarding
Mikel Blaker
Mikel Blaker - 10 years ago
8D <-- My face. That's all I have to say. Bye.
Mohamed Seif
Mohamed Seif - 10 years ago
Magic_Bricks - 10 years ago
I have the same action scen on my movie in lego : lego surf session by magicalworldofbrickfilms : it's more cool !!! Have fun; respect for hero from your video, real.
MachinimaRealm - 10 years ago
Althea Freitas
Althea Freitas - 10 years ago
Absolutely Amazing! I read all da comments n fo all u negatives? get da fuck up on that n let's c how u do?!!!! Stupid Fucks !!!
giuseppe perilli
giuseppe perilli - 10 years ago
big coones!!!
Timothy Haverland
Timothy Haverland - 10 years ago
okokok! theres no need to have a hissy fit!
desirie bucs
desirie bucs - 10 years ago
grabe ka botbot.hahaha ayaw ko ninyo atika!
mirage2023 - 10 years ago
was that you surfing because you suck
Guacamolexx - 10 years ago
fishes must be so dizzy in the sea . huhuhuhu
Tate Kaczmarek
Tate Kaczmarek - 10 years ago
no not even close to getting hurt even. Popped right back up.
Tate Kaczmarek
Tate Kaczmarek - 10 years ago
Get your facts straight. It was at Jaws' first tow in surf contest. Also it was featured in the Billiabong Surf Odyssey movie which came out before youtube existed. Enough proof for ya? Mike Parsons surfed it.
Tate Kaczmarek
Tate Kaczmarek - 10 years ago
lol yes of course.
Tate Kaczmarek
Tate Kaczmarek - 10 years ago
Nope. Mike Parsons. He's still alive and well.
Tate Kaczmarek
Tate Kaczmarek - 10 years ago
jaws. In Hawaii. Dont even think about surfing it.
Tate Kaczmarek
Tate Kaczmarek - 10 years ago
he's still alive. Its Mike Parsons.
Tate Kaczmarek
Tate Kaczmarek - 10 years ago
Its Mike Parsons. He's still alive and well. he popped right back up from the water. Dont spread rumors.
Tate Kaczmarek
Tate Kaczmarek - 10 years ago
you wouldn't get it man.
Tate Kaczmarek
Tate Kaczmarek - 10 years ago
Its Mike Parsons
Tate Kaczmarek
Tate Kaczmarek - 10 years ago
Get your facts straight. This spot is named Jaws. Mike Parsons rode this wave. It was at Jaws' first tow in surf contest. Also it was featured in the Billiabong Surf Odyssey movie which came out before youtube existed. Enough proof for ya? What do you do that takes balls?
Tate Kaczmarek
Tate Kaczmarek - 10 years ago
no. Much more insane waves have been ridden. Check them out!
Tate Kaczmarek
Tate Kaczmarek - 10 years ago
Get your facts straight. This spot is named Jaws. Mike Parsons rode this wave. It was at Jaws' first tow in surf contest. Also it was featured in the Billiabong Surf Odyssey movie which came out before youtube existed. Enough proof for ya?
Tate Kaczmarek
Tate Kaczmarek - 10 years ago
nope. This is Mike Parsons at Jaws.
kondaresto - 10 years ago
duuude. nice.

100. comment for Big Wave Surfing

briky7126 - 10 years ago
DanU TzzYu
DanU TzzYu - 10 years ago
Trevor Allen
Trevor Allen - 10 years ago
just fcking SICK!!
Lucky Luciano
Lucky Luciano - 10 years ago
thats legendary, so hard to ride that kind of wave jesus
Michael Gates
Michael Gates - 11 years ago
Pat Kend
Pat Kend - 11 years ago
That's mike p he's got another fame shot in Cortes bank all y'all saying its fake are a bunch Of hatin fools, let the man enjoy his helicopter filmed right in jaws
Pat Kend
Pat Kend - 11 years ago
@johnathan holey you're a dumb bitch water weighs 60 lbs a square foot , go play tennis or whatever gay shit you do cause you thinking you're sounding smart , you sound like a dumbass bitch
Matt Riser
Matt Riser - 11 years ago
Kudos to the camera man for capturing what it's like to ride a giants back.
Gerald de Guzman
Gerald de Guzman - 11 years ago
tellsitasitis - 11 years ago
Check out garret MacNamara ...he rode the biggest wave ever in Portugal. Not fake, there were witnesses. Bigger than this wave here.
VegetarianHippieSurfer - 11 years ago
That's how big the wave felt when it broke on top of me today in 3 metre swell
Jonathan Holey
Jonathan Holey - 11 years ago
my dick is so hard right now
Jonathan Holey
Jonathan Holey - 11 years ago
`not even a big wave. this surfer sucks. if he fell, wouldn't even hurt, it's just water.
biscuit mustard
biscuit mustard - 11 years ago
thats no big wave sufing thats man
fjfjfjfjfj5657 - 11 years ago
It real but I've seen bigger
Timothy Haverland
Timothy Haverland - 11 years ago
Saj33312 - 11 years ago
It's defiantly not fake
patty swayze
patty swayze - 11 years ago
Crazy awesome. .is it fake? I almost crapped my pants watching it
William Towle
William Towle - 11 years ago
Fake and gay
nicthehomey - 11 years ago
This Laird Hamilton..
joefreeman856 - 11 years ago
You must be fucking crazy for doing that
J Morgan
J Morgan - 11 years ago
omg that wave was so huge
William Moore
William Moore - 11 years ago
Wave goodbye.
Allan Baird
Allan Baird - 11 years ago
wow that is a huge wave!
Joel Vladimir Quiñonez Soto
Joel Vladimir Quiñonez Soto - 11 years ago
video edited
Chris Xiong
Chris Xiong - 11 years ago
Gah damn?! Go humans!
Henry Brooks
Henry Brooks - 11 years ago
AngelLouisiana - 11 years ago
Nope, fuck that. I can't even handle little waves.
ruel sarabia
ruel sarabia - 11 years ago
The heck
SeamasterSailingTV - 11 years ago
There's a higher quality version of this clip on our Extreme Playlist - check it out.
Imma Louise
Imma Louise - 11 years ago
R.I.P random surfer who's un-known fate has been put on you tube for the world to see him die. Some say he drowned, others he is still surfing the wave and some say he was washed away to Australia
Lee-Anne Lindsay
Lee-Anne Lindsay - 11 years ago
The creepiest part of this footage is the silence when the wave is building ... just awesome!
Jahfonchi - 11 years ago
A la mierdaaaaaaaaa
xuimod - 11 years ago
Great footage and camera work, too bad this vid is in such low res.
Jimmy Wales
Jimmy Wales - 11 years ago
Nicolas Palacios
Nicolas Palacios - 11 years ago
2 words: crazy motherfuker
Muse Ic
Muse Ic - 11 years ago
big huevos big huevos lol
yari2020 - 11 years ago
Claudia Sámano
Claudia Sámano - 11 years ago
Increíble, hermoso! <3
Bayardo Pinzon
Bayardo Pinzon - 11 years ago
Wow! This was one of the first videos I watched on Youtube when it was young 6 years ago.
Anthony Edsall
Anthony Edsall - 11 years ago
Galo Garzon
Galo Garzon - 11 years ago
Where is That, in what place
roberto lansa
roberto lansa - 11 years ago
so the surfer is dead now?
ben boujemaa yassine
ben boujemaa yassine - 11 years ago
m9awda moja
Matthias Ka
Matthias Ka - 11 years ago
pff would be just blue.. :DD
zar214587 - 11 years ago
o_O I got just one question... Is it possible to survive if he fall ?
Reggie Rosa
Reggie Rosa - 11 years ago
he owned that jugganaut wave
goldenuploader - 11 years ago
if this fake nothing is real then
ushakatravel - 11 years ago
Its GREAT!watch a new my video Surfing in Durban on ushakatravel.Enjoy!
22joao07 - 11 years ago
i thought that was the biggest wave ever surfed..
Alanaa Patterson
Alanaa Patterson - 11 years ago
Thats what you call a YOLO
EllieWildman - 11 years ago
woooohoooohoooooo this guys nuts! but he stuck it out to the end
ShooterXtreme360 - 11 years ago
His thoughts through the whole wave: Beginning: hmm, this isnt the right one but ill go on anyways *wave starting to break*: oh shit...this isnt going good Halfway through: fuck shit fuck shit, dont look back, dont look back... End: Holy hell...lets do it again!
TheDepressionSession - 11 years ago
Holy shit.... YOLO
marvin igot
marvin igot - 11 years ago
not true
MIGUEL PEDRO - 11 years ago
BEST SURF TRAILER EVER:­Kj8Dg&list=PLHmzzRecPFMV_-hoOa­BcAO0a-zPX7fWti&index=6
Louie Aguilar
Louie Aguilar - 11 years ago
His friends and family say they haven't seen him since. Legend has it hes still surfing the wave.
Ali Syed
Ali Syed - 11 years ago
its so magnificent. i love big waves
macopowa - 11 years ago
Its not that big
123 rqr
123 rqr - 11 years ago
broomsterm - 11 years ago
That is one crazy nigger...
swagfordaaays - 11 years ago
cool video
riccardo zigno
riccardo zigno - 11 years ago
achievement unlocked : dirty panties
dominicanreploca - 11 years ago
challenge accepted ...*sees how big the wave is and starts shiting bricks*
Black101Warri0r - 11 years ago
Makes u wanna talk like a surfer! FUCKIN RADICAL DUDE THAT SWELL WAS SOOOOOOO NECTAR!!!!
kratorz1 - 11 years ago
must be really hard surffing with those 2 giant balls
MsTerribad - 11 years ago
I can do this, hold my beer
marlena diroche
marlena diroche - 11 years ago
I would do it
Fred Carlo
Fred Carlo - 11 years ago
This is Awesome!
Jermaine Gutierrez
Jermaine Gutierrez - 11 years ago
mewho25 - 11 years ago
my bad sorry i wasnt paying attention a little surprised someone could be that RETARDED
Matheus Rosa
Matheus Rosa - 11 years ago
my fucking god
Brooke Bathory
Brooke Bathory - 11 years ago
Oscar Fenner
Oscar Fenner - 11 years ago
One word only, wow.
als354 - 11 years ago
balls of steel
DJ Shuffle
DJ Shuffle - 11 years ago
0:47 SHIT 1:10 HOLY SHIT!!
Shariff Johnson
Shariff Johnson - 11 years ago
I guess it's okay to piss yourself in this situation. Damn
DKsaNn - 11 years ago
Its too frighting, you dont know whats in the water. Its too dark and the bottom of the ocean is the place where mankind hasnt discovered yet, its scary whats in there O_O
DKsaNn - 11 years ago
O_O too scary for me. Water = my only weakness
Thinkbig96 - 11 years ago
At first I was like, "Yeah, that's easy." Then it kept getting bigger. And bigger. And bigger. And I was like, "Holy mother of God."
kittyface27 - 11 years ago
half way through, id be yelling "i dont wanna do this anymore!" and then id loose focus and die.
lewisboarder7 - 11 years ago
are u smoking somthing
LordOfYahoo - 11 years ago
Real and heterosexual
redbowman750 - 11 years ago
wish he had a gopro
X-Blade - 11 years ago
your life is fake
thpod2002 - 11 years ago
your fuckin face is fake
devoncreedy - 11 years ago
Don Quixote
Don Quixote - 11 years ago
That's what she said.
communistjesus - 11 years ago
I am a 100% sure that this surfer's name is NOT Charles.. Because Charlie don't surf..
Kidology - 11 years ago
Wish i could do that :( Dumps up if you feel like that.
GunnerToons - 11 years ago
I about loaded my shorts..
Tynesha Holbert
Tynesha Holbert - 11 years ago
totally big. gave me a heart attack. maybe we can give it an honorary "tsunami" title :P
LeahyProductionz - 11 years ago
I know... i was kidding. All i was saying is its a big ass wave.
Tynesha Holbert
Tynesha Holbert - 11 years ago
u can't surf a tsunami, there are lots of big wave places, Mavericks, Waimea, ect.
Tynesha Holbert
Tynesha Holbert - 11 years ago
omg, almost gave me a heart attack. we had 10 ft swells todays and that freaked me out enough. EMT's were just chillin on the cliffs...just in case, ya know? You've gota drop straight down that the hell did he not lean back. I'm thoughorly impressed.
stewart butler
stewart butler - 11 years ago
Loco kingfish
divereric - 11 years ago
Sick dude.
Jean Pierre Remy
Jean Pierre Remy - 11 years ago
holy shit
Camaron Stephens
Camaron Stephens - 11 years ago
This is at Jaws off the coast of Maui
HowNotTo - 11 years ago
Gustavo R. Dreyer
Gustavo R. Dreyer - 11 years ago
They have big balls! WOW!
rek3435 - 11 years ago
Where was this at
LeahyProductionz - 11 years ago
Tsunami? Wtf. Lol
DjD3vlyn - 11 years ago
hes not dead you idiot
analyzrr - 11 years ago
gotten hit at the end with much reduced force. Luckily escaped most of it
HowNotTo - 11 years ago
Dr Alucard
Dr Alucard - 11 years ago
Splendid Tea
Splendid Tea - 11 years ago
liev megaslag
liev megaslag - 11 years ago
omg! is it real if it is, than its sooo cooool I wish I could do it too! :)
theoriginalalias - 11 years ago
it's real fella's. I watched a documentary ages ago on the guys that go way out into the ocean to do this... Unbelievable!! Crazy blokes but what a ride!
Jared Garcia
Jared Garcia - 11 years ago
Its Johnny Utah!!
killedbythedocter - 11 years ago
how does he stand after being hit by the whitewash? it's like a ton of bricks hitting you.
Dylan Randall
Dylan Randall - 11 years ago
isnt this from step into liquid?
Withme Whostoned
Withme Whostoned - 11 years ago
Obvious there's a difference between white water and white water. lmao
Droolme - 11 years ago
wtf well since you dont have any proof i isnt real and this LOOKS REAL your wrong! :)
Droolme - 11 years ago
your alone
Victor Garcia Montoro
Victor Garcia Montoro - 11 years ago
maybe, buy you know it is not real
Droolme - 11 years ago
you dont have any proof
Victor Garcia Montoro
Victor Garcia Montoro - 11 years ago
hockeykid17171717 - 11 years ago
he lives to tell the tale!!!
Droolme - 11 years ago
gimme proof noob
Victor Garcia Montoro
Victor Garcia Montoro - 11 years ago
Droolme - 11 years ago
got any proof it isnt real?
mewho25 - 11 years ago
are you retarted?
ssggazCA - 11 years ago
aw i wish i could surf that wave:(
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - 11 years ago
Damn nature you scary
TheShiftyaussiebloke - 11 years ago
Yeah it is dickhead
Victor Garcia Montoro
Victor Garcia Montoro - 11 years ago
is not real
Badr Rhazaoui
Badr Rhazaoui - 11 years ago
I can do that ! Pcsssh Hold my beer
Scates - 11 years ago
I wish I could do that.
Shawny Smith
Shawny Smith - 11 years ago
boggie board for sale,45 dollers from reject shop,would suit some1 like stimulatedminds,or 6 year old,tar.
maribelru2011 - 11 years ago
I have anxiety attacks just watching! Surfers are super heroes straight up!
Shawny Smith
Shawny Smith - 11 years ago
if u keep this up i will take away your starwars action toys
Shawny Smith
Shawny Smith - 11 years ago
if u cant tell its fake your as dumb as your mate,we all know that the biggest wave was is garretts 1 in europe,i think the old boggie board riders are a little misguided,again.u prob believe in the wizard of oz too.
StimulatedMindz - 11 years ago
oh wow, and you call people fools in this one... in the same sentence where you mispell the word "you's" which isn't even a fkn word... you know what... disregard my earlier comment, there's no hope for you. gee whiz hey indeed.
StimulatedMindz - 11 years ago
Balls... i couldn't tell that it's fake. He asked how is it fake, and you answer is because you can tell it's fake? Obviously he couldn't tell it's fake if he's asking you, einstein, and neither can other people. so other than your bs fraternity comment that means absolutely nothing to anyone, can you actually answer the question? if you can't, then just don't.
Chuck Lee
Chuck Lee - 11 years ago
that's probably jack kahuna laguna
Guillermo Avila
Guillermo Avila - 11 years ago
I can do that, hold my beer.
William Fraga Britto
William Fraga Britto - 11 years ago
Kun Slavov
Kun Slavov - 11 years ago
this is like snowboarding the water Mountain
UVITARANGER - 11 years ago
Shawny Smith
Shawny Smith - 11 years ago
u can tell its fake,and its well known in the surfing fraternity that clip is quite that.check out jaws and see the difference.
Green Power Farm
Green Power Farm - 11 years ago
is that Chuck Noris?
AlvinSpitoon - 11 years ago
Did he died?
Ethan 123
Ethan 123 - 11 years ago
how would it be fake
Ethan 123
Ethan 123 - 11 years ago
where's that at?
Charles Hart
Charles Hart - 11 years ago
the next day he body surfed that wave
Shawny Smith
Shawny Smith - 11 years ago
its fake fools,dont use know the difference,gee wiz hey
Gizellita - 11 years ago
is he still alive? If so, this guy can do anything!
iWakePro - 11 years ago
next day he fell off a bike...
Don Corleone
Don Corleone - 11 years ago
next day he fell off a bike...
Jeff Volkert
Jeff Volkert - 11 years ago
Jahzeiah Meyers
Jahzeiah Meyers - 11 years ago
Killarney one
Chris - 11 years ago
he has balls of steel..
Simon Visser
Simon Visser - 11 years ago
In June 2008, Immortal Technique partnered with Omeid International, a Non–Profit Human Rights Organization, to lend his support. He dubbed the work as "The Green Light Project". With the profits of The 3rd World album, Immortal Technique traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan to help Omeid build an orphanage without any corporate or external funding. The orphanage, having been successfully established, currently houses over 20 orphaned children from Kabul -Wikipedia
rapper kayden
rapper kayden - 11 years ago
that's cool
yefry Gut
yefry Gut - 11 years ago
no kid for esplot
Mingyo Lee
Mingyo Lee - 11 years ago
you're fucked
Raven A.
Raven A. - 11 years ago
He looked like he was surfing a tsunami.
Honey Howl
Honey Howl - 11 years ago
That looks like snowboarding on a mountain that has blue snow. Then collapses. Holy shit.
Fabian Beveridge
Fabian Beveridge - 11 years ago
what happens if you fall off
Simon Sutherland
Simon Sutherland - 11 years ago
Mike Parsons
JabeWee - 11 years ago
haha that's awesome :D
Luke Fender
Luke Fender - 11 years ago
not to far off shore with a wave like that its probably breaking on like 6 feet of water
Abdul Jalloh
Abdul Jalloh - 11 years ago
Oh Myyyyy Godd
Periwinky15 - 11 years ago
you, sir, r a genius.
jcox1 - 11 years ago
Y there 294 hates haters that was cool and real I'll probably do that and he didn't die he's pro if he wasn't then he would fall down really quickly thumbs up :)
Kleine Dame
Kleine Dame - 11 years ago
Thats so awesome!
Kiki Kikou
Kiki Kikou - 11 years ago
well thats a big ass wave
1:01 That's how i felt when i surfed my first 3 foot wave xD
fastwilly2001 - 11 years ago
Wow! Big fucking deal. What am I suppose to bye this Dick a beer now or something.
dasharkbaa - 11 years ago
this makes me smile :)
TheVintageCurls - 11 years ago
da vinci code lol
TheVintageCurls - 11 years ago
lol that was perfect
irateman - 11 years ago
prettygoodprettygood... LOL JKJKJKJK EXTREMELY GOOD!!!!!!!! HAHA jk it was bad. jk it was pretty good. jk it was amazing. jkjkjkjkjk. i confuze myself
almostrandom1 - 11 years ago
if i had a nickel for every pixel in this video then i would have a banner with a banjo on it with a ban-saw next to it cutting a apple LOL BANANA
Jesse Rockwell
Jesse Rockwell - 11 years ago
you sir are a gentkeman and scholar.
daks5122 - 11 years ago
where was this wave
Robby pablo
Robby pablo - 11 years ago
Thats scary
66graciezj - 11 years ago
Daniela Montes
Daniela Montes - 11 years ago
surfing at tsunami,chuck norris
Rahid Abbas
Rahid Abbas - 11 years ago
woulld u die if u failed this
kaleb bell
kaleb bell - 11 years ago
holy shit that cunt a ledge dodge muther fuker
Ford Morgan
Ford Morgan - 11 years ago
Hannah Fleming
Hannah Fleming - 11 years ago
wildefice1 - 11 years ago
one mistake and that guy is shark food O.O hes got to have brass balls to do that
Stacieberries - 11 years ago
wow that looked like a tsunami! o.o COOL!!!
Lojonto - 11 years ago
Better dodge that behemoth
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson - 11 years ago
That was great stuff man,the best wave too need more of this type of stuff wow that guy was great.
supergd1 - 11 years ago
i wish i had the stones/ability to do this.
Agustin pochh
Agustin pochh - 11 years ago
Big wave dude!!!!!!!!!The guy that surf this wave is a live?
darthporkius - 11 years ago
That man was surfing for his life.....out of his own wil. Draft this guy for the space program, we'll be in mars in 2 months lol
Gabriele B
Gabriele B - 11 years ago
Erlingsauto - 11 years ago
Nice gay
louise brodersen
louise brodersen - 11 years ago
louise brodersen
louise brodersen - 11 years ago
I'm amazed<3 Goosh i want a bf just like this fucking crazy guy!
Grom4eva - 11 years ago
someone give dis guy a medal
luis sanchez
luis sanchez - 11 years ago
The Japanese need lessons from this dude!
S Egan
S Egan - 11 years ago
Diwakar Kamle
Diwakar Kamle - 11 years ago
Really monster wave - this guy can survive even a Tsunami
gehtoff mee
gehtoff mee - 11 years ago
He was like this aint shiiieett
CaptBH2 - 11 years ago
That's Mike Parsons. No he didn' t die.
vaso vaso ivanova
vaso vaso ivanova - 11 years ago
dear lord...
btbrian24 - 11 years ago
Now paddle into it. Lol just kidding
guzman80niner - 11 years ago
that's ridiculous man
ewock74 - 11 years ago
thats a freakin tsunami......yeeeeeehawwww
RodrigoCravo1 - 11 years ago
o surfista morreu??? the surfer died??? El surfista murió???
Randall Goodson
Randall Goodson - 11 years ago
Ricardo Domínguez
Ricardo Domínguez - 11 years ago
Hahahahaah they go together perfectly, man!
Dani & Lu
Dani & Lu - 11 years ago
wow that's totally crazy hahaha just makes me wanna surf more
TheGanjaGod13 - 11 years ago
that was dope, i want to learn how to surf!!
Peter Skotta
Peter Skotta - 12 years ago
dude the sound of the wave breaking let alone makes me shit my pants
NaishxPotatoes - 12 years ago
YOLO lol
nick grande
nick grande - 12 years ago
I wonder what it feels like to be pounded by one of those.
Noah Mason
Noah Mason - 12 years ago
He probably died. I would never ever ever ever ever ever ever do that in my life.
Diego :D
Diego :D - 12 years ago
He die...
Max Robbins
Max Robbins - 12 years ago
thats what she said
cuelloma - 12 years ago
wow gave me anxiety just looking at the size of that thing
N0N4M0 - 12 years ago
N0N4M0 - 12 years ago
1) mute this video 2) /watch?v=lOJqicM6x84 3) pause the /watch?v=lOJqicM6x84 at 0:20 4) play them 5) enjoy the epicness
crukz - 12 years ago
He is living his live to the fullest
malia sage
malia sage - 12 years ago
Nate Macdonald
Nate Macdonald - 12 years ago
awesome how in the world can toy surf that wave! if I was you I would be screaming for hell!!!
VeX_DeMoLiSh - 12 years ago
Teddy Brul
Teddy Brul - 12 years ago
That was real. Every year the great surfer around the world gather in Hawaii during December where their is a big wave about 15 meters high. One of the greatest dangers is the risk of being held underwater by two or more consecutive waves. These hazards have killed several big-wave surfers.
Thedarkdog95 - 12 years ago
No they won't quz he got balls of steel!
joecoollc101 - 12 years ago
ich will AUCH
michael82793 - 12 years ago
By the beard of Poseidon!
ClAmPsYChICkEnDuDe - 12 years ago
Jack Neff
Jack Neff - 12 years ago
@frenkchao ur gayyyy
moplikjh - 12 years ago
holy fuck
ZestyDonut - 12 years ago
@westcoastswellrox ill pray for you. he will be coming soon
Julia Grace
Julia Grace - 12 years ago
Muhammad Aiman Basri
Muhammad Aiman Basri - 12 years ago
where did the other guy go?
Katie B
Katie B - 12 years ago
RIP aha
knightrandom - 12 years ago
how do they video this
westcoastswellrox - 12 years ago
shutup about chuck norris. this guy owns chuck norris
HeleDinz - 12 years ago
that guy is totally insane.
Hank Is Dank
Hank Is Dank - 12 years ago
Feelingripper it's not chuck Noris... Chuck Noris wouldn't of fallen
Branden Kinnaird
Branden Kinnaird - 12 years ago
amazing how big these get
jcd1827 - 12 years ago
pfft i'd bookgie board that.
myusernameiszancan2 - 12 years ago
and he was never seen again...
Rui Macielle
Rui Macielle - 12 years ago
lacey schultz
lacey schultz - 12 years ago
omg id b soo scared
Kaoslord - 12 years ago
yes he's alive and his name is: Mike Parsons surfing Jaws In Maui. Check a documentary called: Billabong Odyssey 1. Enjoy :)
женя черт
женя черт - 12 years ago
he is alive?
DJ VALE 65 - 12 years ago
Dev'essere preoccupante ma divertente!!
Natethepain - 12 years ago
If you say Jesus backwards it sounds like sausage. :p
David Hampshire
David Hampshire - 12 years ago
he just got so pitted.
Billyray - 12 years ago
Man,That Scared the Crap Outta Me !!! Whew. I'll Stick to the Beach Area, With the Kiddie's.
laytonj519 - 12 years ago
Tis nothing but a ripple....
AKSBSU - 12 years ago
Most things I'd try at least once. This isn't one of those things.
Christopher Murillo
Christopher Murillo - 12 years ago
@gongxia649 no, it´s FAKE!
BorntoskateJr - 12 years ago
@2canetteman fag
Walter White
Walter White - 12 years ago
That wave = 1 drop of water to chuck norris.
2canetteman - 12 years ago
I used to surf like that ...but then I took an arrow to the knee ...
Titch927 - 12 years ago
All you people saying this is fake are fucking idiots! It's 100% real, the guys name is mike parsons and this clip was taken from the surfing doc 'billabong odyssey'
Jakson - 12 years ago
Hang loose bruda
Jeff Jackson
Jeff Jackson - 12 years ago
my god, what happens when you get rolled by a wave like that? How do you not get drowned?
Rory Feinberg
Rory Feinberg - 12 years ago
whats this guy doing in chuck norris's bathtub?
Max Robbins
Max Robbins - 12 years ago
if he falls huge balls will keep him afloat
Josh Chamberlain
Josh Chamberlain - 12 years ago
I can barely skimboard
gussyy12 - 12 years ago
@tohottohadle101 yes he is
Ignacio Mendez
Ignacio Mendez - 12 years ago
damn you 240 p
John Jiggle
John Jiggle - 12 years ago
High Guys
High Guys - 12 years ago
if that was me i would shit my pants and jump off behind the god damn wave
Alexis Brianna
Alexis Brianna - 12 years ago
That guy got some balls!
Chris Paulus
Chris Paulus - 12 years ago
This is so fake!
REDCHICKEN60 - 12 years ago
Balls of steel.
koukaku2501 - 12 years ago
@1126johny 本物です。 ジョーズっていう世界一有名なビックウェーブで世界中のサーファー達の憧れ。時速60km/h位あるからジェットスキーに引っ張ってもらわないと乗れない。 ベーリング海で死んだ台風によって作られた巨大な波が、ハワイまでの間遮蔽物が無いので弱まらずに到達。急にせり上がる海底の地形によって、この高さになると言います。 転んだら水深15m程まで一気に叩きつけられます。
gavin snyman
gavin snyman - 12 years ago
holly freakin smokes! i would shit in my pants! ;(
Caitlin O'Leary
Caitlin O'Leary - 12 years ago
this guy is like ther best surfer ever! i would be way to scared!!
Freddy Mnemonic
Freddy Mnemonic - 12 years ago
1126johny - 12 years ago
Andrea Spiota
Andrea Spiota - 12 years ago
big fake surfing
sk8mattie - 12 years ago
@austinscott73 dude this isn't fake ^^
WhatThe Maggie
WhatThe Maggie - 12 years ago
Is that a real wave?
1ofmeNlotsofU - 12 years ago
i hope he survived. In the worst case he didn't, what a great way to go.
Ralex Wushka
Ralex Wushka - 12 years ago
In other news, a surfer surfin a big ass wave was lost at see because his friends decided to post the video of him surfing to Youtube instead of calling the Coast Guard for help.......
milton123 - 12 years ago
Im not a surfer but i have a question, is it considered less "legit" to surf with your feet strapped in within the surfer community or is it pretty much impossible to surf big waves without being attached?
TheUnP0ssible - 12 years ago
Johnny Tsunami comes to mind
pittsblitz7 - 12 years ago
I do this in the bath
rusinrockt - 12 years ago
@dannie20feb This is Mike Parsons in 2003 at Jaws. The wave was measured at 64 feet. It was filmed from a helicopter and is the first shot in a movie about big wave surfing call' Billabong Odyssey.
let1trip1 - 12 years ago
i love the annotations hahaha
musicaddicted777 - 12 years ago
not even half of what macnamara surfed a couple days ago
Rudy Sanchez
Rudy Sanchez - 12 years ago
chuck norris would have to body surf that wave cuz Bruce Lee broke his legs.
John Cameron
John Cameron - 12 years ago
I learned to surf in the late 1950s on France’s Atlantic coast in the large swells and reef breaks of Brittany but spent my best years on the pure glass surf of Malibu in California. Across the years I heard persistent rumours of giant waves off the west coast of Portugaland and now Hawaiian Garrett McNamara used the recent storms at Nazaré to ride a 90-foot Praia do Norte deep-water canyon monster to break Mike Parsons' 2001 world record of 77-foot at California’s Cortes Bank.
Davide Molina
Davide Molina - 12 years ago
In sovied russia, waves surf on you.
Blusdw - 12 years ago
f that hahaha
Jens McOwigan
Jens McOwigan - 12 years ago
showed this video to a friend: Him: Holy **** it's big! Me: Yeah, that's what she said! :D
Machado - 12 years ago
Miguel Batista
Miguel Batista - 12 years ago
Nazaré wave is the biggest in world
Cimok Kafka
Cimok Kafka - 12 years ago
It was ocurred in Portugal, Nazaré These waves are appering every year and its name was "canhão de nazaré". there's a guy, Macnamara who surf these waves. This year he surf one with 30 meters of high.
sean waters
sean waters - 12 years ago
remindes me of the tsar bomba video look it up hahaha
4marc2r_0 - 12 years ago
i would've shit my pants
isalexa33 - 12 years ago
Matthew Lopez
Matthew Lopez - 12 years ago
awesome vid best surf vid so far pumps me to ride the big ones but, i live on east coast soo waves are tiny here in jax beach florida i hate it. still manage t o tear up our surf
Ian Diner
Ian Diner - 12 years ago
this is not fake...its the opening scene from some surf movie (forget which one..maybe Riding Giants??)
Jordan Bryan.
Jordan Bryan. - 12 years ago
has anyone here actually ever heard of big wave surfing before? Its not fake
MrJfrank76 - 12 years ago
Valar Morghulis
Valar Morghulis - 12 years ago
@itsfrank781 That's fucking old and is not funny
awel69 - 12 years ago
i would shit my self so bad just saying
Laura Døssing
Laura Døssing - 12 years ago
Explicit Tech
Explicit Tech - 12 years ago
wow what a pro
Laura Døssing
Laura Døssing - 12 years ago
Claire Wagner
Claire Wagner - 12 years ago
thats a tswuime
Capp - 12 years ago
Holy Shit...
Anthony Adams
Anthony Adams - 12 years ago
2 big!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Jose Ocampos
Jose Ocampos - 12 years ago
Blake Harris
Blake Harris - 12 years ago
hmm oh fck no.... lmao if u fall ur dead
SarahRachel RachelSarah
SarahRachel RachelSarah - 12 years ago
im 9 and i have a surf boeard (foam) wen i grow up i wanna be a pro. surfer ps:start surfing at a young age :)
Eetu Lehtiö
Eetu Lehtiö - 12 years ago
@zoolanderhansel u gay?
zoolanderhansel - 12 years ago
You chuck Norris fags are so annoying. Check out the bigass wave. Have some respect for nature and its power.
dolphindanny98 - 12 years ago
god, that was just intense!
bakedinspiration - 12 years ago
I have seen a lot of people call this clip fake on youtube its from some billabong video im pretty sure there on the tip of africa somewhere. awesome video part only people who get gnar on the daily really understand the importance of this kind of behavior.
RTYEEYE - 12 years ago
mon dieux!!!
Yosh - 12 years ago
Awesome, I am interested in starting to surf. Any suggestions for a short board (preferably not very expensive) for beginners.
Question everything
Question everything - 12 years ago
U537nam3 - 12 years ago
wave: " ooh! surfer! om nom nom"
Pablo García
Pablo García - 12 years ago
Kill it with fire! Oh... wait.
AtTheDriveBy - 12 years ago
is mr JetSki dead?
Jake Ratka
Jake Ratka - 12 years ago
Was this during Katrina?
topherhotshot96 - 12 years ago
chuck norris can roundhouse kick that wave in the face
SynicManicPanic - 12 years ago
Chuck Norris jumped in the ocean and made that wave !!!!!
itsfrank781 - 12 years ago
chuck norris bodysurfs waves this big
Lalopop - 12 years ago
is this real? and yes, if I see any comments about fucking chuck norris you're all dead.
drdvs69 - 12 years ago
Holy Shit!! I didn't expect to see him come out of that tube. Totally Tubular Dude!!
TheMrNanners - 12 years ago
duck dive that
Alex Tanner
Alex Tanner - 12 years ago
thats liike riding hurricane irene or the japanese tsunami
Dan Bruffell
Dan Bruffell - 12 years ago
this is actually a little bit sickening, hats off to this nutter
Tyler Irvin
Tyler Irvin - 12 years ago
hey i dont worship chuck norris and this wave is huge im going to learn how to surf this summer hopefully never done it before the first time i tried it was a rush and im going back for more
Matthew Leightman
Matthew Leightman - 12 years ago
soooo cgi... a little ridiculous
aaramon1 - 12 years ago
@EEEAGLEE hahah Kickass, dude.. That was AWESOME..
Yanick Li
Yanick Li - 12 years ago
Oke mute and pause this video at the start, open a new tab, search up: Inception theme on youtube, play the theme and start this video. Bricks shall be shat!
jake - 12 years ago
wow incredeble i have been surfing but not this big waves
lloyde32 - 12 years ago
@koreanknight100 Tsunamis dont break dumbass.
The Bee Keeper
The Bee Keeper - 12 years ago
Laird Hamilton is a badass
zeper2009 - 12 years ago
@koreanknight100 this is not tsunami
zeper2009 - 12 years ago
this is not tsunami -.-
Twinmadness523 - 12 years ago
@deepfriedplaydo so did u know him personally?
carlos gm
carlos gm - 12 years ago
wow he just surfed a tsunami XD
snowboard 801
snowboard 801 - 12 years ago
@omgisthatabird no dude we went to rent boogie boards since we don't live there and the lady looked it up and said they were 4-6 feeet. and i would go to hawaii but not everyone has rich parents like you
KaLaMiiTyHDMedia - 12 years ago
Finley Stewart
Finley Stewart - 12 years ago
It's not fake!
snowboard 801
snowboard 801 - 12 years ago
and i thought the 6 foot waves i boogie boarded on in cali were strong
Elle96Swe - 12 years ago
the wave loks fake to me
aidan archer
aidan archer - 12 years ago
Fuck chuck norris. This guy would kick the shit out of him.
mrpuppyman - 12 years ago
did he died?
DareToBlink - 12 years ago
This is faker than Chinese double d's
Inoler - 12 years ago
this is not the wave sweeps over a surfer Chuck Norris goes to the bank
KevinDrakeFitness - 12 years ago
damn i didnt know they had waves this big that can b surfed
maijd14 - 12 years ago
is this fAKE? it looks re\al
Z M - 12 years ago
if he fell i think he would have died
DareToBlink - 12 years ago
daydreams4rock - 12 years ago
yeh .. hey i subbed n left video in respnse if you want it up . your video is insane and makes me wonder hy 6 ft is scary to me.
ミジンコさん - 12 years ago
Sumire elf
Sumire elf - 12 years ago
ごっっっ ごーーわーーいーーー( ; ; )
Harry van Halen
Harry van Halen - 12 years ago
its scary just watchin it
Michael Stacy
Michael Stacy - 12 years ago
its 2012 all over again
Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand - 12 years ago
@14bycicle obviously
Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand - 12 years ago
poor guy driving the jetski
Carlos A Perdomo
Carlos A Perdomo - 12 years ago
Did the guy ever make it??
Kye Drageset
Kye Drageset - 12 years ago
@taintofsaidin Laird has Blonde hair, this is Mike Parsons. If it was Laird Hamilton, then it wouldn't be at Cortez Banks in the first place because he didn't go. And this was shot from a helicopter, can't get a helicopter 100 miles off the coast of California with the size of the boat that they used to get out there with.
Kye Drageset
Kye Drageset - 12 years ago
@markeesey Please take a trip out to the north shore of Maui during the winter to see for yourself, instead of living somewhere where there's no ocean and you haven't seen a wave bigger than 3 feet in your entire life.
Kye Drageset
Kye Drageset - 12 years ago
@el1seo lolno
Kye Drageset
Kye Drageset - 12 years ago
@ErlendRagnaMusic LOL
Deep Patel
Deep Patel - 12 years ago
now to dude something scary like tht u have to be a beast like him.
DirtySpittoon - 12 years ago
lol hes tiny the wave isnt big lD
derviche baatz
derviche baatz - 12 years ago
go fuck! if i be that gay, i just be famus!
twatringer - 12 years ago
@edwardkirkley Yea it is its the opening clip on a bilabong video on big wave surfing.
Maja Yttergren
Maja Yttergren - 12 years ago
Maja Yttergren
Maja Yttergren - 12 years ago
that looked like a
thedragonmusic88 - 12 years ago
iride - 12 years ago
zoo wee MAMA dooogacha sti
iride - 12 years ago
stinky is online tiday
Robert Travis
Robert Travis - 12 years ago
@8kennyboy yea maybe hes a white smurf
Gage McMullin
Gage McMullin - 12 years ago
did he die?!!?!?
alfredo og
alfredo og - 12 years ago
did he die?
Mike Kramer
Mike Kramer - 12 years ago
dude tht wave is almost as big as my dick!!!!!!
NS Gaming
NS Gaming - 12 years ago
271 people have never even seen a wave!!
Luciaa Valero
Luciaa Valero - 12 years ago
esto es verdad?
Xerothe0th - 12 years ago
@sosickshou watch what chuck will do to you if you keep making gay chuck norris jokes
Roland Cadiz
Roland Cadiz - 12 years ago
holy hell
MaskedMusican - 12 years ago
chuck norris jokes aren't funny.
womackchase - 12 years ago
@RRingo123 its a joke haha learn to take one
NorseWarriorFromNorway - 12 years ago
i would get in panic if i falled there and got underwater
womackchase - 12 years ago
thats a freaking tsunami!!
synchronicity676 - 12 years ago
oh God this is one of the most awe inspiring clips i hav ever seen n i cant believe he came out from the first wave so well balanced .. who IS he - chuck norris?? Whoever he is, hope hes still ALIVE !
xpez - 12 years ago
this is chuck norris being a little bitch
Lily Hegel
Lily Hegel - 12 years ago
And I'm scared of those little waves at beach
Maya Drechsler
Maya Drechsler - 12 years ago
@sosickshou No if it was a fart the ocean would explode...this is the result of when chuck norris pees in the ocean :)
bmarcheck - 12 years ago
chuck norris jokes are so 2009
bmarcheck - 12 years ago
chuck norris jokes are so 2009 -.-
Samantha Wescott
Samantha Wescott - 12 years ago
lorraine amaral
lorraine amaral - 12 years ago
The guy probably died from doing that
jrjr143 - 12 years ago
chuck norris can piss bigger then that
Jeff LeGrue
Jeff LeGrue - 12 years ago
What the hell does this have to do with Chuck Norris?
Blain Skinner
Blain Skinner - 12 years ago
Whats the deal with Chuck Norris?
Michael Taraschi
Michael Taraschi - 12 years ago
people shit to go out on the water with waves like these, but then theres people that SURF these things.... jeez man. I know i'd have to change my underware 3 times after those
Korto Chamallow
Korto Chamallow - 12 years ago
That's what Chuck Norris does just after wakes up .
Murray McHeffey
Murray McHeffey - 12 years ago
i hate when the top 2 comments are the same

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