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CRIB SURFING sentiment_very_dissatisfied 1049

Surf 4 years ago 355,448 views

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britten whitlock
britten whitlock - 2 years ago
Bruno da Silva Brandão
Bruno da Silva Brandão - 3 years ago
inside job 9/11 reference
Mark Synth:RealityIzPainful
Mark Synth:RealityIzPainful - 3 years ago
Shame really, that the peak of this video's comedy... the baby hitting the wall!!!
Anthony Carlton
Anthony Carlton - 3 years ago
4:42 he wering glasses its baby peter parker being spider-man
Jacob Fritts
Jacob Fritts - 4 years ago
Elite Elijah
Elite Elijah - 4 years ago
Shut the hell up
Didi Verbeek
Didi Verbeek - 4 years ago
I know u said you thought the baby wasn't posessed but that baby is posessed.
xboxplaiz 1
xboxplaiz 1 - 4 years ago
When they did the possessed thing I almost peed my self
cesear123456 - 4 years ago
Anyone know if this show is coming back?

10. comment for CRIB SURFING

Sebastian Vazquez Guzman
Sebastian Vazquez Guzman - 4 years ago
Hey Carlos were are you from
Ashlee Flores
Ashlee Flores - 4 years ago
we can still BLAZE it though Main
Nkosi Maseti
Nkosi Maseti - 4 years ago
Carlos is really good. This new format deserves more views!
chevon13 - 4 years ago
I can't stop laughing at 0:36-0:50
Enveeke - 4 years ago
1:24 GameGrumps anyone?... SMB3?... no? ok.
Neelistic - 4 years ago
he fucked up some commas
Anik Prasad
Anik Prasad - 4 years ago
OMG Carlos nice Wipeout reference.
Festlich Krähe
Festlich Krähe - 4 years ago
Holy M Night Shumumumumumumumumumumumumalon
kimbothegame - 4 years ago
whats the "shammaamma" about?
Mentirosienta IDC
Mentirosienta IDC - 4 years ago
where's the side bar

20. comment for CRIB SURFING

Rafael Sandoval
Rafael Sandoval - 4 years ago
Guatepeor. LOL
ExplodingJellyfish - 4 years ago
3:19 this looks like it was ripped straight from Paranormal Activity 2
eGidukasGP - 4 years ago
05:35 :D
Nahuel Aguilar
Nahuel Aguilar - 4 years ago
Carlos, se está despegando una de las hojas de la pared cerca del rincón. Fix It!
IMAGINEBYSZP - 4 years ago
Don't click Read more

You are a rebel, i like you
IMAGINEBYSZP - 4 years ago
Jacob Sanders
Jacob Sanders - 4 years ago
+LifeStory kys
Diov - 4 years ago
Vivi Schnatze
Vivi Schnatze - 4 years ago
Do you speak Spanish?
friendly911 OS
friendly911 OS - 4 years ago
"my impression of my dad" killed me XD lmao, cant stop laughing XDXDXDXD
Holly Nelson
Holly Nelson - 4 years ago
Wait when did =3 actually become =3 again???
Shifa Cheema
Shifa Cheema - 4 years ago

30. comment for CRIB SURFING

FaZe Swipe
FaZe Swipe - 4 years ago
FaZe Swipe
FaZe Swipe - 4 years ago
Guatemala for guatepeor
flash kid
flash kid - 4 years ago
i know Spanish so i get the jock about Guatemala
Boris Baconstein
Boris Baconstein - 4 years ago
This is funnier than most comedy shows on TV
27trains - 4 years ago
S. A. D. Carlos
Kenneth Rosario
Kenneth Rosario - 4 years ago
Im tempted to make a gif of 2:27.....
Rad dimitrova
Rad dimitrova - 4 years ago
i like carlos more
MonzyGames - 4 years ago
that baby freaked me out!
retrobro13 - 4 years ago
Lmao anyone else notice the kids room looks almost exactly the same as the baby's room in paranormal activity xD
Your Highness
Your Highness - 4 years ago
Ray we want you back:(
Crusty Moist
Crusty Moist - 4 years ago
Carlos, you are going to regret making the faces you did when you "coughed up a hairball."
People have photoshop.
Yuo - 4 years ago
Marcos Garcia
Marcos Garcia - 4 years ago
Guatemala to Guatepeor... hahahaha.. you are the man Carlos!!!
stizan24 - 4 years ago
They need to lock that kid in a cage so he doesn't hurt himself.
Damian Sour
Damian Sour - 4 years ago
ots 4:20 ot 419
you are now educated
ALEX MERCER - 4 years ago
Nice shirt
Eli the GOAT
Eli the GOAT - 4 years ago
This is on my birthday lol
trDewy - 4 years ago
4/19 is bicycle day
William Inoue
William Inoue - 4 years ago
The radiuz perez
The radiuz perez - 4 years ago
not a damn thing

50. comment for CRIB SURFING

liviu cerneafschi
liviu cerneafschi - 4 years ago
3:00 - nose hair!
gtabro1337 - 4 years ago
this guy is making the show SO good
TheOneManMonkeyCrew - 4 years ago
LOL! "Guatemala a Guatepeor" Jajaja No puedo dejar de reír!
Humberto Cote
Humberto Cote - 4 years ago
not Guatemala Tho
mac ferris
mac ferris - 4 years ago
Is it just me or does that room of the baby clip look like the paranormal activity 3 baby room?
mac ferris
mac ferris - 4 years ago
*Paranormal activity 2
elyk0007 - 4 years ago
Omg the end of the video with the impression is the best
DragonArmy41 - 4 years ago
4/19 is actually bicycle day, the anniversary of the first human tripping balls on acid.

It's called bicycle day, after his famous bicycle ride home while on the drug.
juan leon
juan leon - 4 years ago
Guatemala to guata peor jajajaja
Jorge Duran
Jorge Duran - 4 years ago
GUATEPEOR HAHAHAHA..... Grandma hace ese chiste todo el tiempo XP...
ChicagoDeepHouseHead - 4 years ago
why is indoor lighting always bad in 3rd world countries? oh yeah because they're poor and they have shitty homes
ChicagoDeepHouseHead - 4 years ago
that's what you get for being religious. dumb asses
Something random
Something random - 4 years ago
Lol Hes smile looks just like Adam Sandlers at 1.08
Angeli Rodriguez
Angeli Rodriguez - 4 years ago
im starting to love u Carlos.... SERIOUSLY .... JK LOL ... but SERIOUSLY !!!! jajaja
jesus rodriguez
jesus rodriguez - 4 years ago
guatemala a guatapeor so puertorican thing to say XD
cristina echeverri
cristina echeverri - 4 years ago
+jesus rodriguez eso se dice en todas partes !
Richard Alrich
Richard Alrich - 4 years ago
Ehhhhhh Excuse me 419 is the Bicycle Day??!!!!

Ya know Hofman and Lsd and stuff??
James Liu
James Liu - 4 years ago
If you look real closely you will find out it was not Bob Marley all along
VapourMeme - 4 years ago
what happened to =3
Carlie Muñoz
Carlie Muñoz - 4 years ago
That's México!!
re lax
re lax - 4 years ago
Jajajajajajajajja XD XD XD

The cat was inside all along!! Se me apareció la virgen y yo con estos pelos XD XD

Very good job people!!
rsextreme477 - 4 years ago
m night smamamamama
Paul J. Morton
Paul J. Morton - 4 years ago
I'm always down for simple nice puns in various languages.
Ekpilot - 4 years ago
The 19th is my bday that's pretty dope
BellaJanae - 4 years ago
S3K3R CANNABEEZ - 4 years ago
and u throw baby like a maestro
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct - 4 years ago
who the hell is that guy that keeps on coming up on screen
Alex Konstantelos
Alex Konstantelos - 4 years ago
This show has gotten so stupid ever sence Ray left :(
Marius G
Marius G - 4 years ago
4/19 is Bicycle day.
Horatio Moonraker
Horatio Moonraker - 4 years ago
How stupid are they in Guatemala? Even the Romans knew you needed nails to prevent accidents like this.
Aamer Sikandar
Aamer Sikandar - 4 years ago
This is not Ray
Robin - 4 years ago
what do you call a hispanic man who lost his car??

-Car Los
ShadowVyrus - 4 years ago
3:25 Paranormal Activity?
sysMAXXX - 4 years ago
in =3 Rifle is Machine gun.
Nicholas Barone
Nicholas Barone - 4 years ago
Hey Carlos do you think you could do something like a new comment question of the day? You could put your own twist on it or something.
shrief maged
shrief maged - 4 years ago
Carlos you are just getting funnier
Rhys Wilson
Rhys Wilson - 4 years ago
when did we get carlos? i stopped watching when Carnga started.
The Iron Kai
The Iron Kai - 4 years ago
Still waiting for someone better to replace Carlos.............
Kay Pinto
Kay Pinto - 4 years ago
don't hold your breath...
deathkser - 4 years ago
english only ffs!
Dj Ozone
Dj Ozone - 4 years ago
dude how come you didnt speak no spanish at the end!!
Noble Tenshi
Noble Tenshi - 4 years ago
My history might be a little shakey since its been awhile, but arnt they suppose to nail him to the cross ? Then this wouldnt of happened.
morkroth - 4 years ago
I lost it in the Guatabad bit
Mr Hutt
Mr Hutt - 4 years ago
you should of made this video on 420
Scott Golden
Scott Golden - 4 years ago
that awkward moment you look for an obvious comment about the crucifixion and don't find it...
Ates Aksac
Ates Aksac - 4 years ago
I laughed my ass off
StarKill3r - 4 years ago
4/19 was the day the Oklahoma City Bombing happened...
cesar medina
cesar medina - 4 years ago
eso estuvo bueno
Jose Campos
Jose Campos - 4 years ago
Toxic_pineapple - 4 years ago
its 4:05
San2bo5 5
San2bo5 5 - 4 years ago
It was me birthday you assholes
Wheatley - 4 years ago
lol 4/19 is my birthday
too bad it wasn't 4/20
...cause 4/20 is Hitler's birthday, duh
Adam - 4 years ago
What the heck. Kaja was way better.
notreveh - 4 years ago
4:20? It probably mean the time where every day your parents wake up to go to work and give you a decent life, you prick!

100. comment for CRIB SURFING

martinrosschou - 4 years ago
Best baby throwing ever!
Majik Ace
Majik Ace - 4 years ago
can't believe i am saying this but go back to the once a week plz. your jokes were better. this episode i laughed at rays impression. lol
Cork Sorker
Cork Sorker - 4 years ago
I love the dad impression at the end
Anatol Tanase
Anatol Tanase - 4 years ago
4 19 my birthday day
First Last
First Last - 4 years ago
Link G.
Link G. - 4 years ago
This show went down a hole real fast
miraj0072004 - 4 years ago
don't mind me...I'm an insignificant spec in the universe trying to seek attention
Charles Simmons
Charles Simmons - 4 years ago
Scared me when they zoomed in on the baby :D
Aqua Rek
Aqua Rek - 4 years ago
Roxy Demaurex
Roxy Demaurex - 4 years ago
this dude is hilarious!
senor Bravo
senor Bravo - 4 years ago
just when you tough the show can't get any worse
Matthew Saunders
Matthew Saunders - 4 years ago
the hosts of equals 3 from best to worst: 1:ray, 2:robbie, 3:carlos, 4:kahja
Rawsteel - 4 years ago
Nice video Juan
bother don
bother don - 4 years ago
Yeeeeaaaaah... I was totallu fooled..
Gabriel Yourface
Gabriel Yourface - 4 years ago
4/19 does mean something, its the day LSD was discovered
mergitthefrog - 4 years ago
This one was entertaining.

Still, comment question, and get rid of Ray at the end. Yeah, I said it. Ray's bobble head annoys me. No more Ray.
Aleksander Hoff
Aleksander Hoff - 4 years ago
That has to be some of the best baby throwing I have seen... ever!
Nick Engert
Nick Engert - 4 years ago
Carlos is just getting better and better i think, keep it up man.
FATBOY4994 - 4 years ago
We want ray ):
kerajel - 4 years ago
this show is so dead
Mo Allam
Mo Allam - 4 years ago
oh yeah and niceshirt
Lizbeth Morales
Lizbeth Morales - 4 years ago
The impression of my dad... Leaves
S197 Beast
S197 Beast - 4 years ago
Carlos you did good
Zachary Obert
Zachary Obert - 4 years ago
I have to give it to Carlos, he is right there with Ray. Carlos' delivery is off at times, but all together he and Bobby are great replacements (Bobby was really good).
Sir Elegant
Sir Elegant - 4 years ago
Nice Shirt
Jacob Branchflower
Jacob Branchflower - 4 years ago
But Easter is supposed to be the celebration of fertility which eggs and rabbits are symbols for.
Robert Torres
Robert Torres - 4 years ago
Damn. I thought for sure that was an actual Rastafarian
Carlos Chafloque Siu
Carlos Chafloque Siu - 4 years ago
That happend in Mexico City, just to inform you :D
keyboard warrior
keyboard warrior - 4 years ago
Hey Carlos! Jesus man!
Noble Kohl
Noble Kohl - 4 years ago
I'm totally first
Emill Fricke
Emill Fricke - 4 years ago
WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!
Karla Esquerra
Karla Esquerra - 4 years ago
"A impression of my dad" LOL.
Jay Ruiz
Jay Ruiz - 4 years ago
nice shirt bro
Blkarrow - 4 years ago
Jesus man.

also loving Mnightshamalamalamalamalamalamalan :D carlos epic catchphrase no.1
The Green devil
The Green devil - 4 years ago
Am I the only one who watches the ones with ray
Humayun Khan
Humayun Khan - 4 years ago
nose hair 3:01
Marcovinicio Maldonado
Marcovinicio Maldonado - 4 years ago
vos Carlos nosotros los guatemaltecos selebramos la pascua a la manera de nuestra tradición
FratinandMadrik - 4 years ago
Good episode! Had me giggling a few times.
absolited - 4 years ago
Jay - Official
Jay - Official - 4 years ago
hey carlos, nice shirt!
sidxus - 4 years ago
419 is slang for a scam
420 is slag for pot
FuriousG - 4 years ago
I love the Spanish, don't speak it but I've been developing an understanding for it and it just feels cool hearing it.
Adina Matei
Adina Matei - 4 years ago
Carlos, y you no apruebo este mensaje?
Anthony Papaioannou
Anthony Papaioannou - 4 years ago
imagine how creepy is your studios with all these baby dolls lying around...
Mickey Dangerez
Mickey Dangerez - 4 years ago
thanks for 9/11 reference
Pedro Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez - 4 years ago
I'm a simple man, I see Guatemala and I hit like.
Ro Rag
Ro Rag - 4 years ago
I want the girl back tbh
HolmeBrian - 4 years ago
well you know you are mainstream when you are in a commercial and i saw carlos in a tv comercial
slave to humanity
slave to humanity - 4 years ago
it was uploaded on the 19th not the 20th sorry carlos
Rottenwood - 4 years ago
+Sophie F I think it was on purpose
id - 4 years ago
MarioSumD - 4 years ago
That's a like for the spanish pun.
Definitely not Oli Johnson
Definitely not Oli Johnson - 4 years ago
Hey Carlos, nice shirt man!!!
Jesu Sode
Jesu Sode - 4 years ago
some filipino here in the Philippines also reenact the Crucifixion of christ every easter. never thought other countries also do that.
Thebigbuzzlightyear - 4 years ago
Charle Will
Charle Will - 4 years ago
The Squeakster
The Squeakster - 4 years ago
Dammit! These just keep getting better and better.
Tony Bueno
Tony Bueno - 4 years ago
Por fin!!! un digno sucesor!! Chingón Carlos.
abdalah saffar
abdalah saffar - 4 years ago
you are awful !!!! you should be ashamed... your jokes are bad
King West
King West - 4 years ago
good for yeeeeew
abdalah saffar
abdalah saffar - 4 years ago
+King West​ i dont watch anymore dont worry but "i pitty the foolS" that watch
King West
King West - 4 years ago
+abdalah saffar Well he's moved on so grow up and realise you don't have to watch it if you don't like it, you don't have to tell everyone hahaha
King West
King West - 4 years ago
+abdalah saffar "The blond guy." You don't even know his name hahaha
abdalah saffar
abdalah saffar - 4 years ago
+PaulOwnzU i am not watching any more for months now since the blond guy left lol at least he was really good as good as ray just passing by seeing how low it become lol
PaulOwnzU - 4 years ago
+abdalah saffar be grateful thats its not kaja if it wasnt for him we would still have her
abdalah saffar
abdalah saffar - 4 years ago
But it is the truth
Jake N.
Jake N. - 4 years ago
said no one ever
King West
King West - 4 years ago
Norman Kårstad
Norman Kårstad - 4 years ago
still want Ray the legend more then carlos:(
Raisa Feliciana
Raisa Feliciana - 4 years ago
i love carlos , im gonna start watching =3 again
rurounikengyrl - 4 years ago
when Carlos speaks Spanish..... SWOOON
robertantonnyc - 4 years ago
Carlos looks better with dreads. Amirite?
xVep [Jared]
xVep [Jared] - 4 years ago
+robertantonnyc 419 pr0 n0sc0ped
Alistair Harris
Alistair Harris - 4 years ago
+robertantonnyc Nope
MrRyuzako - 4 years ago
I bet we all bilingual people are having a great time with carlos and his spanish jokes... Saludos desde R.D. Carlos :D
Adam Moreno
Adam Moreno - 4 years ago
where tf are the parents.
Troll tube
Troll tube - 4 years ago
this is shite
Dream Charm
Dream Charm - 4 years ago
Sharon O
Sharon O - 4 years ago
Carlos has a beautiful voice LOL!
Rugir - 4 years ago
You are awesome Jose.
The King Hax
The King Hax - 4 years ago
watching this on 420 XD
Harijs Rozenšteins
Harijs Rozenšteins - 4 years ago
he got me with the Bob Marley
Aquanex2 - 4 years ago
Not even a chuckle.
Kay Pinto
Kay Pinto - 4 years ago
good to know.
Roberto Navarro
Roberto Navarro - 4 years ago
This show has certainly improved with Carlos.
R0ckstrmik3 - 4 years ago
Why ..
Tim Visuals
Tim Visuals - 4 years ago
Too much jokes today. Too much..
Rockroach - 4 years ago
that guatepeor joke made my day
Vamshi Mohan
Vamshi Mohan - 4 years ago
How to unsubscribe 101
honza kofiii
honza kofiii - 4 years ago
Dope one
Enkabard - 4 years ago
This was awesome episode. Keep up improving Carlos!
Frank Raymond
Frank Raymond - 4 years ago
Someone needs to send them a new baby to throw at the wall, a custom one that looks like Ray lmfao
Jason Roper
Jason Roper - 4 years ago
omg it was carlos all along !!!
Bori Moto
Bori Moto - 4 years ago
Te quedo bueno este video xD
Nandu - 4 years ago
you are hybrid of asian and american
Zane Fancourt
Zane Fancourt - 4 years ago
Funniest =3 episode with Carlos
Kai leng
Kai leng - 4 years ago
Carlos makes this show once again watchable
damf - 4 years ago
the show is BACK and better. Carlos spot on Jamacian accent there bredrin'
Fugazity - 4 years ago
This videos are to short... xD
Ace Asistin
Ace Asistin - 4 years ago
ray come back in yfm -_-
DeMox - 4 years ago
who's watching this on 420?
Stan - 4 years ago
4:11 I'm dying :D :D :D
Wizard Pantz
Wizard Pantz - 4 years ago
Did anyone notice that one of the comic squares peeled off
TheBushdoctor68 - 4 years ago
That redneck accent! LOL!
Rob Greene
Rob Greene - 4 years ago
Anyone notice that Carlos never appears in a single shot for longer than 5 seconds? He teleports around the screen far too often
Albert Moisan.
Albert Moisan. - 4 years ago
Oh, they changed hosts again.
Well be back in 2 months to see the next new guy !
RighteousNicky - 4 years ago
Meet the fockers xD
Sativa420Lord - 4 years ago
the 19th is my birthday :D
Kenny Chu
Kenny Chu - 4 years ago
I hope the bed is alright. #prayforbed
Luke Vestergaard
Luke Vestergaard - 4 years ago
i'm watching this on 20-4, you know what that means ?, 420 memes from america.
JakeNienNienEight - 4 years ago
Happy 420 Day!!!!!
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta - 4 years ago
Bring Ray Back!
S0Ke zzuzz
S0Ke zzuzz - 4 years ago
Yesterday was Bicycle day
Francisco Beas
Francisco Beas - 4 years ago
Carlos great work men
gran maldito trabajo!!
Aryan Pandey
Aryan Pandey - 4 years ago
What if Carlos takes off a mask and it was Ray the whole time.
HeadShotZombie - 4 years ago
wtf is happening to this show?
HeadShotZombie - 4 years ago
+Yo Cupid the April fools joke was cruel
MrHEPBO3AH - 4 years ago
OMG OMG! Is this the first time that the wall was damaged? After first baby toss?!?!
Daniel Hamdan
Daniel Hamdan - 4 years ago
What do you call a Mexican man who lost his car?

ProblmSolvd - 4 years ago
20/04/16 here
Fix your date format America.
kenonifty - 4 years ago
7/11 That's a shopping franchise in Australia. Maybe he owns that shonky chain too.
ProblmSolvd - 4 years ago
According to Trump it was 7/11 xD
kenonifty - 4 years ago
+ProblmSolvd And it was 11/9 not 9/11.
cobraglatiator - 4 years ago
+sKitZoBonKa absolutely not.
sKitZoBonKa - 4 years ago
+cobraglatiator yes
cobraglatiator - 4 years ago
+ProblmSolvd no.
Dawn Shelley
Dawn Shelley - 4 years ago
It might just be me but I have become exceedingly unimpressed with the videos posted. Is it that we have seen everything......Everythiiiiiiing?!?!?! Quick! someone do something epic! The best video ever seen
Tommaso Bardazzi
Tommaso Bardazzi - 4 years ago
is there a "meh" button?
Y-an Esquivel
Y-an Esquivel - 4 years ago
You make the joke Guataworst...
Giovanni kay CTTS Rojas
Giovanni kay CTTS Rojas - 4 years ago
GuateMala a GuatePeor XD I got it
Saludos de Tijuana!
Miguel Ramalho
Miguel Ramalho - 4 years ago
Carlos! Nice shirt man
Marchex Frost
Marchex Frost - 4 years ago
"Guatamala to guatapeor" Omfg carlos I'm dying Me muero que mierda jajaja XD
Eric Boss
Eric Boss - 4 years ago
Ey carlos. The show is getting better. Guatapeor hihihihi
smallpanzer - 4 years ago
FIRST!!..... on 4/20, ouh yea
N4j - 4 years ago
4:13, the sticker comes off the wall when he throws the baby!
River Haywood
River Haywood - 4 years ago
ElZX6R - 4 years ago
Haha happy 4/19 carlos
Eric Boss
Eric Boss - 4 years ago
Ey carlos. The show is getting better. Guatapeor hihihihi
Saphari Haney
Saphari Haney - 4 years ago
seriously: is the baby ok?
Helevatic - 4 years ago
i thought crusifiction means being nailed to the cross? how did he jump so fast..
DAPSTEP x - 4 years ago
UnsafestMeteor - 4 years ago
At the start he said it was 4:19, I'm watching this at 4:19 lololo
Supersquirl12 - 4 years ago
Where did the pit stains go?
JusticeSpud - 4 years ago
Retarded Rhino
Retarded Rhino - 4 years ago
lmaoo the ending tho
Brian M
Brian M - 4 years ago
Equals Tree...
tardistardis8 - 4 years ago
0:07 actually, it's my birthday!
Mohammed Marwan Al-Atassi
Mohammed Marwan Al-Atassi - 4 years ago
+tardistardis8 Happy birthday! random internet user!
tardistardis8 - 4 years ago
+Zsófia Kordován Thanks!
Zsófia Kordován
Zsófia Kordován - 4 years ago
Happy birthday!
HurtsWhenIP - 4 years ago
Man, this show sure not the same since ray left :(
whatupguys1 - 4 years ago
"ay jesu, dios me lo cuide!!" I just loved the way you said it. It sounded so genuine.
MinesAndDesigns - 4 years ago
hey carlos. nice shirt.
FerTuch - 4 years ago
Viva Guatemala!!!!
toofunnynottrue - 4 years ago
419 is for LSD
datMofoLequifa - 4 years ago
herman hermanheimer
herman hermanheimer - 4 years ago
actually 4/19 is the day we celebrate the discovery of LSD
Paola Medina
Paola Medina - 4 years ago
From Guatemala to Guatepeor hahahahah i died. Saludos Carlooooos.
George Meer
George Meer - 4 years ago
Deer Jesus!
jeff garner
jeff garner - 4 years ago
Hola Carlos... you need to teach more spanish... my spanish is very GuatePeor...
Edgard Vazquez
Edgard Vazquez - 4 years ago
Guatabad to Guataworst!!!!
Wagner027 - 4 years ago
damn Ray you are a savage.
isaac Dessert
isaac Dessert - 4 years ago
Carlos did =3
snakeboardwilsey - 4 years ago
im so happy that the show is returning to is good formula ! please do more caractor !!!
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor - 4 years ago
M. Night Shamalamadingdong
Anthony Castellano
Anthony Castellano - 4 years ago
No normal baby can balance like that...
Linkz - 4 years ago
I was balancing on water when I was a baby
Jorge Jimenez
Jorge Jimenez - 4 years ago
Hahahahahhahahahahaha broooooo 4/19 haha
FRISH - 4 years ago
Did not expect that plot twist at then end. Mind completely blown.
Damilex Rodriguez
Damilex Rodriguez - 4 years ago
Carlos! !
J Padsot
J Padsot - 4 years ago
hey Carlos a saw you in the commercial
Exiled Ones
Exiled Ones - 4 years ago
carlos was a good choice, felt good.
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly - 4 years ago
nice shirt man!
HoloAllTheThings! - 4 years ago
I screamed with the first video
Omw2maymaycasa - 4 years ago
That 9/11 reference though #bushdidit
dredank - 4 years ago
Where the hell is ray
Robert Salgado
Robert Salgado - 4 years ago
Noice! Good job guys. That's what you needed, more baby throwing and machine guns. I said it all along.
A - 4 years ago
Hello people. Just wanted to say that was NOT Guatemala. I am Guatemalan and we don't do that in any part of the country.
Alyssa Armstrong
Alyssa Armstrong - 4 years ago
3:28 everyone who watching SPN knows that ain't no human baby
Allen Juan
Allen Juan - 4 years ago
Dylan Theriault
Dylan Theriault - 4 years ago
I loved your Pepsi commercial carlos.
Meme - 4 years ago
1:32 wtf face
djab - 4 years ago
2:26 Internet. You know what to do.
Alpha1 - 4 years ago
this show its doing "GUATEWORSE"..jk
Hesham Chybli
Hesham Chybli - 4 years ago
gunna tell u a story, about a reggae shark there are hundreds different sharks living unda da sea...
Pink Cicada
Pink Cicada - 4 years ago
Hello Mr. Ray William "Carlos" Johnson, You have a very nice shirt!!!~
wideglide61 - 4 years ago
u keep getting better dude ~
what!? no Spanish at the end! cmooonn Carlos, do it for the Raza lmao
Abdul Qoyyuum Haji Abdul Kadir
Abdul Qoyyuum Haji Abdul Kadir - 4 years ago
April Fools was 18 days ago... Joke denied!
LEE-MAN 64 - 4 years ago
Oh no it's a cat burglar
LEE-MAN 64 - 4 years ago
Noooo Jesus
Vince Moscar
Vince Moscar - 4 years ago
Nice shirt man
arvin bhattacharya
arvin bhattacharya - 4 years ago
well for all those who care and know who they are today is apinks 5th anniversary so thats what im celebrating today
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim - 4 years ago
Hey Carlos, nice shirt!
Sayad Mobarak
Sayad Mobarak - 4 years ago
I like your high impression.
Eliseo Say
Eliseo Say - 4 years ago
viva Guatemala |m|
Aileen Corcoran
Aileen Corcoran - 4 years ago
CasaLandego - 4 years ago
Ba ha ha The baby was awesome.  My two boys are little trouble makers too!
Extra Mental
Extra Mental - 4 years ago
It's actually 20/4 in other parts of the world...
Juckle - 4 years ago
I have to admit, Carlos isn't as bad as I thought he was. Especially in this episode.
Roger J. Perez Abreu
Roger J. Perez Abreu - 4 years ago
Hehehe epic!
Valentina Agelli
Valentina Agelli - 4 years ago
Great episode!
ded - 4 years ago
Good episode
relworP - 4 years ago
varun - 4 years ago
Good job Carlos, you saved equals 3. I once again I enjoy the show!
Rosa Montano
Rosa Montano - 4 years ago
so la primera vez que veo =3 en dias y me topo con este video xD my God if it's not the most amazing video evah xD
Jackson Mundie
Jackson Mundie - 4 years ago
Holy M Night Shmumumumumumumumu
Purplepoint - 4 years ago
I wonder if anyone here was born in 19/4.
JEKYLL2020 - 4 years ago
JEKYLL2020 - 4 years ago
I bet you're waiting for that comment that states there's only 12 months in a year. Because America is the only country that puts the day first.
Mr.Dankface - 4 years ago
Why do smoke on 420 that's Hitlers birthday?lol
EbrybodyLuvTony - 4 years ago
lmao best episode yet.
Darkdragontc - 4 years ago
Seems like one of the comic were about to come off the wall 4:14 - 4:20.
LXIX Vipr - 4 years ago
Wow! Nice Shirt!
Zehl - 4 years ago
Hey carlos, Nice Shirt man!!! #NiceShirt
HOMBRERAYA - 4 years ago
Damn, this guys doesn´t have any grace! It woul´d be better to have Kelly here!
Shea Besco
Shea Besco - 4 years ago
bella2theend - 4 years ago
OMG. I know her. I need to show her this.
Nicholas Resendes
Nicholas Resendes - 4 years ago
Really 4.19 jokes
Blank - 4 years ago
WTF is this were is rwj what happened
Daniel - 4 years ago
Nice shirt man!
sergio  mendez
sergio mendez - 4 years ago
Good thing im latino and quickly understood it and i swear i was disappointed with that joke but it still got me ahaha Guatemala to Guatepeor xD
sour joe
sour joe - 4 years ago
That reveal at the end though . . . I was so surprised to see it was Carlos the whole time
135Jaeger531 - 4 years ago
one of Carlos's best episodes
Victor Manuel
Victor Manuel - 4 years ago
Hola como estas....
Kittykatchayoo4 - 4 years ago
dude the baby was creepy
JP 160
JP 160 - 4 years ago
I love the way this show is now a joke seriously
Apache Attack-helicopter
Apache Attack-helicopter - 4 years ago
3:00 whats living inside ur nostril bro
Aaron Castro
Aaron Castro - 4 years ago
Really not sure if he was trying to be Bush at the ending there lmao
Mr. Meems
Mr. Meems - 4 years ago
This is actually the anniversary of the start of the American Revolution.
Eliud Fernandez
Eliud Fernandez - 4 years ago
this dude is awesome!
comedymister15 - 4 years ago
lol he said meet the fuckers not fockers
Michael Chan
Michael Chan - 4 years ago
What happened to Derek in the podcast?
AlQuaholic - 4 years ago
lol i remember those days
Olive Ione
Olive Ione - 4 years ago
Oooooooh what would be cool is if Carlo re-introduced the tee shirt girl !! And borrowed Rays thumb to approve the video. Who agrees with me??
Guðmundur Karl Ólafsson
Guðmundur Karl Ólafsson - 4 years ago
actually 419 is the international lsd day
Jacob Barocio
Jacob Barocio - 4 years ago
this episode was shittyer then usual
john ceena
john ceena - 4 years ago
Just a tip so you can get better carlos : talk and commentate after you show the viral video
Swager Haunan
Swager Haunan - 4 years ago
Check out cyberman 471
XwXCatwomanXwX - 4 years ago
lol! i will never look at m night the same way again
OLLIE.Awndroe - 4 years ago
Yo soy de Puerto Rico, NOTICE ME!
Healthx_x - 4 years ago
Hey Carlos, nice shirt man! #niceshirt
Pavle Mackic
Pavle Mackic - 4 years ago
just end the show..... its pure pain know
Tasos z
Tasos z - 4 years ago
hahaha how stoned are you in this one?? 4.20 ey? <3
BajoChon - 4 years ago
In Mexico nobody says "Día de los muertos" its "Día de muertos", please say it properly
Juan Pablo Salazar
Juan Pablo Salazar - 4 years ago
Hey Carlos, lo que pasó en el video de Guatemala es una celebración qué se hace antes de semana santa, se llama viernes de dolores. La gente se disfraza de las cosas más random.
livelyFlame - 4 years ago
my b day is in April 20th
livelyFlame - 4 years ago
+André Mendes 17
André Mendes
André Mendes - 4 years ago
+Beastly Gamer just turned 23. you?
livelyFlame - 4 years ago
+André Mendes cool happy birthday man
livelyFlame - 4 years ago
+Maya Haight thanks
livelyFlame - 4 years ago
my b day is in April 20th
Dennis Orozco
Dennis Orozco - 4 years ago
no puedo creer que guatemala llego a equals 3
la explicacion del.chiste es gracioso si entiendes ambos idiomas.....
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb - 4 years ago
this show was about ray William Johnson and since u took him out......this show is dead
TheBehemothGod - 4 years ago
So bad.
frankgalue93 - 4 years ago
I swear Carlos keeps getting better and better at this! Keep up the good work!
Mada ASB
Mada ASB - 4 years ago
I thought you were bob marly lol
Carlos Vera
Carlos Vera - 4 years ago
I hoped you cleared that M16A2.

I wouldn't trust anyone named Carlos with a gun.
john is king
john is king - 4 years ago
Hey Carlos (insert last name), nice shirt man!
Maxwell Rice
Maxwell Rice - 4 years ago
started watching this at 4:19 lol
Tro jan
Tro jan - 4 years ago
or as how Tarantino says holy M. Night Shamamading-dong
Timothy Bradshaw
Timothy Bradshaw - 4 years ago
This dude cracks me up.
Sarina Ramirez
Sarina Ramirez - 4 years ago
lol by the time the video ended it was four twenty
Clyde Donovan
Clyde Donovan - 4 years ago
Bonita camisa!
vbarreiro - 4 years ago
If it helps, 419 is a very sentimentally important number to me.4:19 is also what I call "my minute"
white kid with memes instead of glocks
white kid with memes instead of glocks - 4 years ago
wow,10 milion subrscibers,can get even 1m vieves on video WTF ?
Savage Ram
Savage Ram - 4 years ago
Alec Silva
Alec Silva - 4 years ago
4:13 I think you need to re-apply that wallpaper
Uni Ga
Uni Ga - 4 years ago
damn i just realised carlos has got really small ears
I am CruzGang
I am CruzGang - 4 years ago
Ray if you read this please could you please go back to music part time your songs are awesome fav:Invicible wit destorm and Chester see.
BlackPCGamer - 4 years ago
Bro the ending was a shocker!!!!
Mexican_merrlmaid _
Mexican_merrlmaid _ - 4 years ago
LMAO ' te vas a ir de GuateMALA a GuatePEOR' was my mom always yelled when she catched me doing anything ridiculous xD
Andres Sanche
Andres Sanche - 4 years ago
Este canal va de Guatemala a Guatepeor
Cameron §
Cameron § - 4 years ago
this video was prob. the best video carlos has had yet.
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman - 4 years ago
Hola Carlos, como estas?
AHatchettG - 4 years ago
Guatemala to Guatapeor HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
brian ortega
brian ortega - 4 years ago
Hey bro nice shirt
CAPT,Derp6401 - 4 years ago
Sukki Blue
Sukki Blue - 4 years ago
0:55 Jesus take the wheel! Ah! crack
mattracc1 - 4 years ago
"And now... My impression of my dad!" xD
djdiego86 - 4 years ago
You don't have a clue, how cruel is that Joke about Guatemala and Guatepeor Carlos! Exigo te disculpes públicamente con el pueblo de Guatemala. Es totalmente inaceptable esa broma, tu como latino deberías de dar el ejemplo y no burlarte. Que bajeza.
imperial Customs
imperial Customs - 4 years ago
man those puns weren't very puny
mrmongo673 - 4 years ago
Eduardo Barco
Eduardo Barco - 4 years ago
From Guatebad to Guateworst... we could make this a thing!!!
potoresemst - 4 years ago
Hi Carlos, nice shirt dude!!
I am CruzGang
I am CruzGang - 4 years ago
I take back my insult on a another video
freakingMrPomez - 4 years ago
wuuu I'm from Guatemala :3 holi Carlos!
EDM Toten
EDM Toten - 4 years ago
Last one was terrifying and creepy
I am CruzGang
I am CruzGang - 4 years ago
Today's my brothers birthday
Mike Allan
Mike Allan - 4 years ago
man ...
that dad impression tho
Kacper C
Kacper C - 4 years ago
its actually 19 04 .....................
amadeothesin - 4 years ago
nope, in america it is 4 19, too bad you wont get to joke about it
Chris Romero
Chris Romero - 4 years ago
Marcos Escobar
Marcos Escobar - 4 years ago
please don't insult Guatemala. >:/
Giovanny Nino
Giovanny Nino - 4 years ago
Hey Mr.Carlos, Nice Shirt!!!
DakeIndefinido - 4 years ago
hey carlos you have a nice shirt man!
Autumn Bird
Autumn Bird - 4 years ago
alina demerji
alina demerji - 4 years ago
this is the best episooode ever
Rodolfo Ruiz
Rodolfo Ruiz - 4 years ago
who's that jamaican dude?
Carlos Pr
Carlos Pr - 4 years ago
the first video is not in Guatemala that just happened in Mexico
Adrian - 4 years ago
You didn't fool me! Silly mexican...
Gunnar Jóhann Birgisson
Gunnar Jóhann Birgisson - 4 years ago
after rob eaquals 3 became unpopular
Freek Mol
Freek Mol - 4 years ago
All these kids don't even know what 420 means XD
Joshua Baguya
Joshua Baguya - 4 years ago
What happened to this show ??????
Julie and Jeff Schaffer
Julie and Jeff Schaffer - 4 years ago
Ray was so much better and funnier !!
oooo - 4 years ago
Carlos, mucho burrito taquito quesadilla agua cinco de mayo taco como esta empanada, senor.
oooo - 4 years ago
+The Tasty Fish as you can see, my vocabulary is very limited.
Amir Amini
Amir Amini - 4 years ago
Saying that out loud would make me think you were actually speaking Spanish. I don't know much about Spanish or Mexican.
Alex Hawkins
Alex Hawkins - 4 years ago
Is it okay if I smoke marijuana while watching this?
Donchingonn N
Donchingonn N - 4 years ago
Becca Taylor
Becca Taylor - 4 years ago
tomorrow is my moms birthday
Becca Taylor
Becca Taylor - 4 years ago
+quatros1000 no, but nice history joke
quatros1000 - 4 years ago
+Becca Taylor Is her last name Hitler?
Keeponguessingyadada - 4 years ago
Carlos brought back =3 I hated the last 2 hosts...
LolaEve - 4 years ago
I love you Carlos! Marry me and I'll be laughing for all my life until I dieeee
matic brzin
matic brzin - 4 years ago
happy 4 20
Stefanie Michelsen
Stefanie Michelsen - 4 years ago
This has to be the most hilarious episode yet totally loved it
BTfroese - 4 years ago
Nice shirt
BO VINE TV - 4 years ago
A great videos
CreeperSlayer - 4 years ago
2:24...what kind of cat videos you watching
juantibi - 4 years ago
Este episodio estuvo de lujo!!! Me reí desde el comienzo hasta el it was me!!!
Genial amigo!!!
CMB Chris
CMB Chris - 4 years ago
Dude you can see inside Carlos nose man near the end. Gross.
AngelusKnight - 4 years ago
jajaja guatemala a guatepeor
Stephen Racknell
Stephen Racknell - 4 years ago
Nice shirt!
enthousiazein - 4 years ago
Bring Carlos back!
Jeebz Cooke
Jeebz Cooke - 4 years ago
wow, he was playing the Rasta all along..... got me!
SuperSilver759 - 4 years ago
HEY, you stole that "ticket pays for the whole seat but you'll only need the edge" from Game Grumps
frosty4289 - 4 years ago
Game grumps didn't make that up
DerUnbekannte - 4 years ago
for some reason this episode was so much funnier than the previous ones
guatepeor takes the cake ;)
TheRealAlpha2 - 4 years ago
Hey, Carlos, want a Pepsi? oh wait, you probably got all you'll ever need. Nice commercial gig, dude.
Rozjan98 - 4 years ago
yes it dose... it's my birthday ;-;
Rodrigo Sanhueza
Rodrigo Sanhueza - 4 years ago
hahaha guatapeor: good one!
Theo Zuffante
Theo Zuffante - 4 years ago
Great episode!
arnas784 - 4 years ago
Ray William Johnson was mentioned on family guy season 14 episode 17
Zainzy - 4 years ago
He knows he posted it on Instagram
skatoonydude - 4 years ago
Well done, you were the millionth person to point that out
Pocket Olemartin
Pocket Olemartin - 4 years ago
4th of 19th means rachet and clank will be out at midnight WHOOO!! :D :D :D
(at least in my country)
John Reis
John Reis - 4 years ago
Who else has been watching =3 since the beginning. Just curious
grimnorkidds channel
grimnorkidds channel - 4 years ago
John Reis me mother fucker
Bad Karma
Bad Karma - 4 years ago
Ive been watching it since Ray left, watched this to see what it's like, disapointed
Marc0 Rum
Marc0 Rum - 4 years ago
Me I was a fan...Like since he was in his shitty room
Zahid Rangel
Zahid Rangel - 4 years ago
+sp0dermen sav3d meh lyfe lmao yes!!!!
vinativery - 4 years ago
I have but I wonder if anyone saw the VERY beginning.
Raimis Kiriks
Raimis Kiriks - 4 years ago
me I don't like watching this without rwj
acrescool - 4 years ago
Since 2009 for me.
SpikeBoss1 - 4 years ago
Matthew Thaxton
Matthew Thaxton - 4 years ago
+sp0dermen sav3d meh lyfe here's the insert purple dildo
Grammar Police
Grammar Police - 4 years ago
does anyone remember, here's the deal do
Zeeemster - 4 years ago
+Matthew Thaxton If ray came back id start watchin and resub
Matthew Thaxton
Matthew Thaxton - 4 years ago
+John Reis yeah i was there when it was good
Alex Boucher
Alex Boucher - 4 years ago
+John Reis Since 2011, first video I saw was Dance Dance Dance
Zeeemster - 4 years ago
+John Reis only here cus it came on my recommendation and it seems to have died
Vladimir Samsonov
Vladimir Samsonov - 4 years ago
+John Reis me, since 2009
Nick Chernuha
Nick Chernuha - 4 years ago
me from 2009
Alexa B
Alexa B - 4 years ago
+John Reis Me yet i skipped the Kaja ones :D
abdalah saffar
abdalah saffar - 4 years ago
me but after ray gone it has beeen really really awful
TheBushdoctor68 - 4 years ago
+John Reis 2010, back when the wall corner was the actual corner of Ray's room. :)
Beverley Richardson
Beverley Richardson - 4 years ago
+John Reis 2008
DT - 4 years ago
+John Reis Started watching between 5th-10th video
wolfpackwarriors - 4 years ago
mohamad malkawi
mohamad malkawi - 4 years ago
+John Reis just the tiiiip
Outdoorology - 4 years ago
+sp0dermen sav3d meh lyfe aye lemo
Grammar Police
Grammar Police - 4 years ago
2010 but I think it's time for me to unsubscribe
Prokotaco - 4 years ago
+John Reis +1
Shut the fuck up
Shut the fuck up - 4 years ago
raul cardenas arriagada
raul cardenas arriagada - 4 years ago
+John Reis Since 2009
mnifool mnifool
mnifool mnifool - 4 years ago
tortoise - 4 years ago
Shanti CB
Shanti CB - 4 years ago
Thomas Westman
Thomas Westman - 4 years ago
Me x 3
Harleen Toya
Harleen Toya - 4 years ago
2011 c:
Dallas Price
Dallas Price - 4 years ago
here I am! seen every video even the shitty ones
cckillbilliy - 4 years ago
Late 09
elnath bonifacio
elnath bonifacio - 4 years ago
since 2010 here
Mr_Annihilator - 4 years ago
+John Reis Since 2010
seebl1 - 4 years ago
since 2012
quatros1000 - 4 years ago
+John Reis Bi-curious?
Mihai Alex
Mihai Alex - 4 years ago
well almost the beginning
Saul Rodriguez
Saul Rodriguez - 4 years ago
"kinda seemed more than a sip" lol
Mathias Vig
Mathias Vig - 4 years ago
That baby-video looks like it taken strofer out of Paranormal Activity!
Lucid - 4 years ago
Is it just me that watches the 3rd clip thinking there's more then he does the outro then you completely forget what the first 2 clips were ?
Mel O'Sullivan
Mel O'Sullivan - 4 years ago
5:14 that's why I have trust issues Carlos
Konrad Rojda
Konrad Rojda - 4 years ago
Carlos satisfied me completely this time.
MarkMe Productions
MarkMe Productions - 4 years ago
high on the 420 right now.........^^^
Osvaldo Negron
Osvaldo Negron - 4 years ago
Guatanala a guatapeor kuahahahaha PR Cataño. Exito hermito Carlos
lilnumbnuts - 4 years ago
Keeping the show alive Carlos. Great job!
justin chung
justin chung - 4 years ago
GrifoStelle - 4 years ago
i watched this at 4:19... that was a fun coincidence!!
Blue waffle man
Blue waffle man - 4 years ago
Dude this guy is actually Great !
Stepan Gorelenkov
Stepan Gorelenkov - 4 years ago
hey nice shirt
LRM12o8 - 4 years ago
So many people writing spanish/mexican to carlos
Does he even speak that language (or does he only know a few words)?
Because if I recall correctly, two or three videos ago, everyone was pointing out that he couldn't tell spanish and portuguese apart and thus confused these two languages
just wondering...
Dexter Hyde
Dexter Hyde - 4 years ago
did anyone else noticed the wallpaper falling after Carlos throws the baby at 4:14?? Guess the wallpaper doesn't want to STICK around anymore!
Chris Jones
Chris Jones - 4 years ago
carlos can sing! He's the next Carlos Santana ( I swear. I'm not a racist and clearly not associating him to someone who is or close to his/her/ or [insert gender preference here, Tumblr]'s ethnic background who happens to have the same 1st name).
bob58bois - 4 years ago
by far the best episode so far!!!!
Selena Alma Nikolas
Selena Alma Nikolas - 4 years ago
It's Carlos from that TV commercial.
AlexSokov - 4 years ago
thumb for falling ZombiJesus
Sucitash - 4 years ago
4/19 is bicycle day. The day LSD was invented!
Jelena Colić
Jelena Colić - 4 years ago
One of the best episodes of =3, 'cuz it contains: a totally unusual event with inexplicably strange people, possessed baby who balances better than me on high heels and cats ofc.
Bid Hod
Bid Hod - 4 years ago
Nice shirt!
LRM12o8 - 4 years ago
most important goal in my live: watch videos of parents not taking care of their children while I should be taking care of my children
final goal in my life: get crucified bc I'm such a good human, then falling of the cross and running away like "haha, you'll never get me alive, suckers!", then never being seen again. XD
Gareth Alford
Gareth Alford - 4 years ago
paranormal Activity
TrashPot - 4 years ago
Nice shirt bro!
Razberry monstah
Razberry monstah - 4 years ago
My birthday means nothing ..........
Athena SuperHeldin
Athena SuperHeldin - 4 years ago
Smarty Guy
Smarty Guy - 4 years ago
do u even lift carlos?
Bob Marly
Bob Marly - 4 years ago
Anastasia Beaverhausen
Anastasia Beaverhausen - 4 years ago
It was the funniest video with Carlos yet! Hilarious :D
Logan Ingham
Logan Ingham - 4 years ago
I'm surprised that in the last video he didn't question why there was a drill on the floor!! Weird!!!
Adam Mišo
Adam Mišo - 4 years ago
Carlos dude, this show is at its best with you. Seriously great job, absolutely hilarious :D
zattion1 - 4 years ago
Dam i laughed so hard at this episode
No One
No One - 4 years ago
Please support cancer research
Elliotte Rodriguez
Elliotte Rodriguez - 4 years ago
that baby growl though ;) lol nice kid
Andrick Figueroa
Andrick Figueroa - 4 years ago
Tomorrows the 17 anniversary of Colombine
Rafael Barahona
Rafael Barahona - 4 years ago
HAHAHA Guatemala a Guatepeor XD
Cabdono - 4 years ago
That Guatemala pun made me spit my snack. Carlos you owe me an ice cream empanada.
Richard Brocklesby
Richard Brocklesby - 4 years ago
perhaps Kelly could present this show too?
Iruzzz 7
Iruzzz 7 - 4 years ago
holy mknhightshamamamla XD ahaha
Matt Lhee
Matt Lhee - 4 years ago
Carlos, you are the only reason I am still subscribed. Love you!
Joanna Georges
Joanna Georges - 4 years ago
My birthday is 4/20
Eduardo Rodriguez
Eduardo Rodriguez - 4 years ago
Hey Carlos, gran trabajo como siempre, saludos desde México!!
Nuno Viegas
Nuno Viegas - 4 years ago
First joke best joke love ya Carlos
Diva Protocol
Diva Protocol - 4 years ago
jajajajaja one of the best video so far
Angryweasel XLII
Angryweasel XLII - 4 years ago
Carlos you are killing it! :D
bootsmanaa - 4 years ago
we he's talking spanish. its like dude we know you vape...
Seeker KC
Seeker KC - 4 years ago
Keeping babies (especially when they're that mobile) alone in a dark room for hours is just unnecessary!
Teymur - 4 years ago
Kevin R.
Kevin R. - 4 years ago
today's my bday :(
Stephen Haskins
Stephen Haskins - 4 years ago
This was a good video !
shxneowen - 4 years ago
the subscriber are not going up or down because people have that tiny bit of hope that ray will be back but I'm slowly losing that tiny bit
Organic Faith
Organic Faith - 4 years ago
You're awesome Carlos!!
Gangxxter - 4 years ago
I like Carlos.
Benjamin Fisher
Benjamin Fisher - 4 years ago
Nice shirt bro!!
Jeff Dixon
Jeff Dixon - 4 years ago
4/19 is my BIRTHDAY!!
DRIAX - 4 years ago
In the phillipines they re-enact the cruxifiction to far to the point they really get cruxified
Johann Paolo
Johann Paolo - 4 years ago
For those who don't get it, some Filipinos actually nail their hands to the cross. Welcome to the Philippines.
zesto juice
zesto juice - 4 years ago
+PumKidd haha your not alone to :-)
Adam Moreno
Adam Moreno - 4 years ago
thats truu
Ria Astillero
Ria Astillero - 4 years ago
+PumKidd you are not alone, bro
PumKidd - 4 years ago
i'm a Filipino :3
hope i'm not the only Filipino that watches =3
Kane's Cauldron
Kane's Cauldron - 4 years ago
+jose foronda No, it's crucifixed, because they're getting their "Jezuz dyed 4 muh sinz" fix for the day. Not sarcasm, it's truly OTT what they do. :I
DRIAX - 4 years ago
Anatoli Purchel
Anatoli Purchel - 4 years ago
it's a bicycle day! 4/19
FreshMeet - Gaming videos
FreshMeet - Gaming videos - 4 years ago
That episode was sick! Great job, Carlos!
Csongor Griff
Csongor Griff - 4 years ago
happy 420 everyone
TheUltimateRiku - 4 years ago
I'm still mad about April Fools Day.
Ionut Variu
Ionut Variu - 4 years ago
nice :)
Suraj Kant Sahu
Suraj Kant Sahu - 4 years ago
Holy M Night SmellyMelon
Alexander Rincon
Alexander Rincon - 4 years ago
hahaha your vids just get better and better :)
Zyro of da east
Zyro of da east - 4 years ago
Jesus nearly died again
OpTic Jimmy
OpTic Jimmy - 4 years ago
this is cancer bring ray back
abdalla mustafa
abdalla mustafa - 4 years ago
nice shirt
DRIAX - 4 years ago
In the phillipines they really crucifie people
mr.nameless - 4 years ago
nice shirt
NicIsCopyRight - 4 years ago
Adrian Scott
Adrian Scott - 4 years ago
Nothing makes sense in english
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo - 4 years ago
Guate-mala got GUATE-PEOR! lol
EVO1148 - 4 years ago
Cracking up so much at Guatamale to Guatapeor XD
TaintedTerror - 4 years ago
Heading over to the Baby video to check the comments. Who's with me?
This should be good. grabs popcorn
Bruno Coria
Bruno Coria - 4 years ago
JAJAJAJA no me esperaba eso de guatemala guatapeor Mori de risa. Genial trabajo Carlos

I didn't expect that. Lmao. Good job Carlos
Krav&Laz - 4 years ago
Only one thing to say (or write) : hilarious
nessmalone - 4 years ago
Carlitos RULES!!!
Cruze - 4 years ago
he said enough with the 420 jokes and i look at the time... ITS 4:20
Chibbily - 4 years ago
what does 4/20 mean?
Zach - 4 years ago
Its 420.
Nicolas Rulli
Nicolas Rulli - 4 years ago
Tommy_the_4th_of_july_king 1
Tommy_the_4th_of_july_king 1 - 4 years ago
Yea 4-19 doesn't me nothing. BUT BY BIRTHDAY
Dylan Andrews
Dylan Andrews - 4 years ago
Maria Larsson
Maria Larsson - 4 years ago
+Alex A Why are you so mean to him? You´re cute but please stop being a douche.. ._.
Frustrerad Man
Frustrerad Man - 4 years ago
Hey, you have a nice shirt!
Dylan Andrews
Dylan Andrews - 4 years ago
+Alex A Love you hunny buns
Dylan Andrews
Dylan Andrews - 4 years ago
+Alex A oh thanks that means a lot love the support love you bae see you later in bed love you anal or oral take some time to think about it
Pr3miumKiller - 4 years ago
Aryan Patel
Aryan Patel - 4 years ago
I started watching this video at 4:16 and when he said 4:19 I was like "ehh close enough"
ninjawarrior3417 - 4 years ago
Hola carlos
Skylethal - 4 years ago
Isaiah Barrientos
Isaiah Barrientos - 4 years ago
Us Guatemalans took an L today... Thanks Carlos
Roberto Macias
Roberto Macias - 4 years ago
That jesus thing happened in iztapalapa Mexico
Chris Buell
Chris Buell - 4 years ago
That moment your video is featured on =3...
lucksify - 4 years ago
dad issues
Juan P Conde
Juan P Conde - 4 years ago
Sólo latinos entienden lo de guatapeor jajajja like si lo entendiste!!
Medichistes - 4 years ago
Carlos, soy de los pocos que entienden el chiste de Guatemala y Guatepeor...y ni así es gracioso. Igual te amo en secreto.
Salzadore - 4 years ago
3:02 , Carlos booger shot... WHY CARLOS WHY??? YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE...
WildWiley - 4 years ago
That plot twist at the end though......
Mr raccoon Esquivel
Mr raccoon Esquivel - 4 years ago
The baby said he is batman but reality hit him
zaircool - 4 years ago
Omg when he said Guatemala to Guatepeor I literally died and then saw my friends who don't speak Spanish just looking at me weird o(^_-)O LOL (^◯^)
Carlos Santos
Carlos Santos - 4 years ago
Holy Shamamamamalan. Happy 19th mon.
Gameel II
Gameel II - 4 years ago
Am I the only Arabian here
Volee Guy
Volee Guy - 4 years ago
What do you mean by " it doesn't mean a damn thing "? it's my birthday... :'(
Bob Ross
Bob Ross - 4 years ago
Airblader - 4 years ago
2:28 … come on, man.
Cubosoide - 4 years ago

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