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I wish I had a nutcracker ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ: ► AznStylez: https://youtube.com/AznStylezBeatbox/ ► SKYYLINEGAMING: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_nleGABmbBQ2XYARhI4zjQ ► JC The Caster: https://youtube.com/JCTheCaster/ ► McNasty: https://youtube.com/McNastyOfficial/ ► Soup: https://www.youtube.com/user/liquidmetall711/ ► iNoToRiOuS: https://youtube.com/iNoToRiOuSCA/ ʟɪɴᴋs: ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/RaccoonEggs/ ► Discord: https://discord.gg/Cu9WqcJ/ ► Twitch: https://twitch.tv/RaccLive/ ► Podcast: https://youtube.com/SolitaireyConfinement/ ► Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheRacc/ ► Snapchat: RaccoonEggs Intro Song | International SuperStar Soccer - International Cup Background Song #1 | outdoors - tired Background Song #2 | ameba - joc Outro Song | Com Truise - Miserere Mei

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RaccoonEggs - 4 years ago
This will probably be the last surf video I do for a while. Even though it's my favorite content to make, it's become increasingly harder to record without being recognized (like in the intro), which can devolve into a scream fest or cause people to act differently to get into a video. Keeping the comedy authentic is my top priority, so in the future I may lean more towards recording competitive games with friends rather than surf videos with strangers.

Regardless, hope you enjoy the video, promise the next one won't take a month.
Stratus _
Stratus _ - 4 years ago
Use alt account or even voice changer, me and others need your videos to give us good laughs that other creators can’t do
Podcast - 4 years ago
lovemusic - 4 years ago
Make moreeee plzz good luck
KTSOY ThatSweetKill
KTSOY ThatSweetKill - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs NOOT NOOT
aniq Rudy
aniq Rudy - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs are u a swagger souls copy
Unusual Fox
Unusual Fox - 4 years ago
Sucks that you gotta stop these, it’s actually the first video I see about you and it is the best I’ve seen in a while on this platform and why was the song actually fucking sad?
Noah Flowah
Noah Flowah - 4 years ago
just make a different account lol
Isabelle Anderson
Isabelle Anderson - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs i’m gonna cry
Brian Cruz
Brian Cruz - 4 years ago
Omg fucking god best vid of the year
Tiki Bat
Tiki Bat - 4 years ago
(change your profile pic and name)
SwathedMonkey 6
SwathedMonkey 6 - 4 years ago
4:48 to the end was the most i laughed in my life
stuff - 4 years ago
Try not going into the same servers all the time
Chris b. Bacon
Chris b. Bacon - 4 years ago
Racc, just use multiple cs accounts, it may cost some, but I doubt ppl will know it’s you
Jaziah Lebron
Jaziah Lebron - 4 years ago
+hammermeat oK
hammermeat - 4 years ago
+Jaziah Lebron prolly cuz there friends
Jaziah Lebron
Jaziah Lebron - 4 years ago
You sound a little like swagger souls
Frozen Mamba
Frozen Mamba - 4 years ago
hammermeat - 4 years ago
cooldude117 ksi
cooldude117 ksi - 4 years ago
That hit reall close to home best song ever
Luc Mongrain
Luc Mongrain - 4 years ago
So fucking glad to have you back dude. This one's a gem. Can't wait for the next.
FlashPSN - 4 years ago
Create another account for vids
_.Serentiddie ._
_.Serentiddie ._ - 4 years ago
honestly I dont care what content you make, you're funny as fuck either way
Rothman 82
Rothman 82 - 4 years ago
The content will still be great no matter what it is
WaffleGaming - 4 years ago
This is my favorite video you’ve made in a long time.
JayZ's 99th Problem
JayZ's 99th Problem - 4 years ago
Rust my dude
Dankmemer69 69
Dankmemer69 69 - 4 years ago
Make a different account
B1ohaZard /
B1ohaZard / - 4 years ago
Keith Jenner
Keith Jenner - 4 years ago
Glad to hear it
Nick Zaffiro
Nick Zaffiro - 4 years ago
no i want more surf
Tommy Richards
Tommy Richards - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs voice changer
Lorena Basabe
Lorena Basabe - 4 years ago
Luis Mendez
Luis Mendez - 4 years ago
Bout time puta
aRandomAvocado - 4 years ago
You better not be late on the 1 mil special because if you are im getting the belt
Jolted Jackal
Jolted Jackal - 4 years ago
I read that in racc's voice
Lps Bottles
Lps Bottles - 4 years ago
add me on snapchat @bleftrickkipp
LaFaMoNKeY - 4 years ago
Maybe you shouldn't be so popular
rj Sauve
rj Sauve - 4 years ago
Racc this was worth the wait it's so fucking funny and your the best and I'm so excited for the next video you make k bye
E E - 4 years ago
oh ouch
Ethan Cothron
Ethan Cothron - 4 years ago
Make alts
AllOutGamer _Boss
AllOutGamer _Boss - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs please do more vids pls
That Guy
That Guy - 4 years ago
No u
Ryu Ash
Ryu Ash - 4 years ago
Why not watermark crap even though that's pretty lame?
FloridaBoy Gaming
FloridaBoy Gaming - 4 years ago
Hey raccooneggs can I get that song from iTunes or the play store? LOL
Eli Plays
Eli Plays - 4 years ago
But on a real note. Make the song a real thing #wedonteatanymore
Bow tie Bricks
Bow tie Bricks - 4 years ago
Yo, can’t you just use a different account so people don’t catch on? Please bro. Much love
Hawk Boi
Hawk Boi - 4 years ago
Link to vinyl?
Success Storm
Success Storm - 4 years ago
Lol great video
Stars of Sorrow
Stars of Sorrow - 4 years ago
That’s okay dude, I don’t mind. Do whatever you need to to keep your channel up and have fun and enjoy it.
Boss KYS
Boss KYS - 4 years ago
Just go into a private match and invite you friends and make them change their names and voice and pretend to be strangers.
Team OP
Team OP - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs you could have eaten the horse
Aerilous - 4 years ago
You should play with Fitz more since they usually go into comp games in CS:GO
SUPERMAR10312 - 4 years ago
It'll take two
Skylar Haag
Skylar Haag - 4 years ago
But I love your content why do you have to do this!?!? I love hearing all those jokes you have and this one really made me bust put laughing I think I shit myself while going through it. Please continue your surf videos
Jake B
Jake B - 4 years ago
racc can you put “we don’t eat anymore” on itunes
Vogue Arts
Vogue Arts - 4 years ago
Join after changing your steam name
Boris The King
Boris The King - 4 years ago
Honestly if you roast people I think the fans will be happy
MrNoor114 - 4 years ago
Just get a voiceover and be a 9 year old
Christian Burkhart
Christian Burkhart - 4 years ago
Make another surf account and blur out your name in the videos?
SparklingChicken - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs it’s probably the last video you will do for a while
Don Valentino
Don Valentino - 4 years ago
“I just ate a cup of dirt” FUCKING KILLED ME LMFAO
timothy lee
timothy lee - 4 years ago
What about a horse with only it's 2 back legs?
C Tube Gaming
C Tube Gaming - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs but cs is my fav
xxxsome pigxxx
xxxsome pigxxx - 4 years ago
We appreciate your concern in quality keep up the good work
Trieangul - 4 years ago
thank fucking god the next one wont take a month.
Cal Singer
Cal Singer - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs siege
V3rtdict LION
V3rtdict LION - 4 years ago
Chill out you dumb fuck and make more videos of what YOU want to do
TigerProductions - 4 years ago
Yo man I think your type of videos would fit with rainbow six
Pieter-jan Van Gils
Pieter-jan Van Gils - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs good vid man like Fucking amazing song when will it be out on spotyi do?
VIRUS OUTBREAK - 4 years ago
best song on youtube
Pawel Habrajski
Pawel Habrajski - 4 years ago
I will go on a hunger strike then xD
MikeMatt423 - 4 years ago
Please upload more there is no good fucking content
Velveeta Gang
Velveeta Gang - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs “I piss in the toilet at an angle so that the toilet water creates a tornado motion and I hope that doing so it’ll actually force Nemo to make a new movie where he has to survive a tornado”
MASON FAIRCHILD - 4 years ago
That’s better if it works better for you Raccoon personally I eat your content up like an obese man at a food contest so if you can get more out this way it’ll make all of us more content knowing you’re doing what you want to do
Fishy 4lyfe
Fishy 4lyfe - 4 years ago
Take your time bro. Its cool that you know not to front and put some fake laughter you know what I mean. Keep this shit going tho
joseph harris
joseph harris - 4 years ago
At least keep making clips with azn.
Christian Carbajal
Christian Carbajal - 4 years ago
You do u racc
Vanix - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs try a voice changer
Xbox Freaks
Xbox Freaks - 4 years ago
Raccoon eggs I get sad when ur videos come close to an end. All ur vids always crack me up. Ur funny af. I love ur dark sense of humor.
Hanno 737
Hanno 737 - 4 years ago
Im literally a raccoon watching this at 4 am
A month was too long
Pls don't do it again
Iron Bars Jeb
Iron Bars Jeb - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs do ur into before you play the game
Travis McIntyre
Travis McIntyre - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs you Could’ve eaten the horse
DreamOn Gaming
DreamOn Gaming - 4 years ago
Senna Scherpenzeel
Senna Scherpenzeel - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs spotify?
nex k
nex k - 4 years ago
5:00 there you go
Nathaniel Garcia
Nathaniel Garcia - 4 years ago
We don't eat anymore
Jacubi Leeroy
Jacubi Leeroy - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs disguise your steam profile and just deny being racooneggs
Chipclip501 - 4 years ago
Make a burner account
sour meatball
sour meatball - 4 years ago
i fucking hate toxic fans
VideoGamer NoX
VideoGamer NoX - 4 years ago
Bro just change your name and maybe even a voice changer if it comes to that extreme because those surf vids are my favorite
Tootsie - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs why not just alias?
Tim Huisman
Tim Huisman - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs how do accually come with all these jokes? do you make them up yourself?
Jovel - 4 years ago
You have the people who are decent. Then the annoying people who are fucking dropped babies when they hear "Youtuber". Funny fucking video though
batu wienholts
batu wienholts - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs it wont take à month IT WILL TAKE 2 MONTHS
anthonyk - 4 years ago
Julius Hejgaard
Julius Hejgaard - 4 years ago
feel ya
Squid Spike
Squid Spike - 4 years ago
I kinda wish that instead of our dad is broke they said our dad is poor because it would’ve rhymed, but it was still hilarious
_ _
_ _ - 4 years ago
Racc i know you wont read this but i had depression and i found your channel you were the only person that made me laugh and made me feel like i wasn’t useless i just want to say that i love your channel
Patrick Green
Patrick Green - 4 years ago
This is what YouTube was made for
IBunny - 4 years ago
That singing almost sound like auto tune
YoloAbbo - 4 years ago
If you visualise ANY story racc tells into a cartoon or some shit you will get demonetised
rohit pal
rohit pal - 4 years ago
Voice_enable 0
Clynt - 4 years ago
so y’all just don’t know AZN was in a vid like 5 months ago?
Prankstar2310 - 4 years ago
Hey that’s crazy I used to smoke and jerk off at the same time until one time I took a hit of my dick and jerked the bong off

10. comment for CS:GO SURF IN A NUTSHELL

Pitia - 4 years ago
when he said "we don't eat anymore, " I felt that
Shayne Cook
Shayne Cook - 4 years ago
"I play Fortnite Duos with your mum"
EnteryMini - 4 years ago
Does anyone know the song at 2:52?
Max Lithium
Max Lithium - 4 years ago
This guy is saving raccooneggs lol https://youtu.be/RctaWN5LXyY
PotatoAim - 4 years ago
whats this surfing server
Gatt - 4 years ago
Wait so you AREN'T swaggersouls
Nostalgic Kid
Nostalgic Kid - 4 years ago
Who else thinks 4:49 to 11:25 should be on Beat Saber?

Like if you agree!!
Nathaniel Harper
Nathaniel Harper - 4 years ago
I was waiting for Racc to say they ate the horse after the song was over tbh
Niko Askanoasquavitch
Niko Askanoasquavitch - 4 years ago
Why can’t Americans just fuckin call a bowl a fuckin cone, wtf is this gay shit “ bowl” fuck off plz
Nostalgic Kid
Nostalgic Kid - 4 years ago
4:49 to 11:25 needs to be made on Beat Saber NOW

20. comment for CS:GO SURF IN A NUTSHELL

iDR3KON - 4 years ago
i fucking laughed too hard when racc said that the guy popped a cap in the hourse lmaoo
Iqbal1 MLG
Iqbal1 MLG - 4 years ago
Rage intensifies...
Jrfix - 4 years ago
WTF?!!? youtube unsubscribed me from your channel. i was wondering why your vids where not popping up in my sub box. fck you youtube...
Alex Blainer
Alex Blainer - 4 years ago
Azn should be part of the group
Kabayo Ronaldo
Kabayo Ronaldo - 4 years ago
This kid can sing fucking well
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles - 4 years ago
A nutshell is not 11mins long lmao
Peacemaker31 - 4 years ago
I faked being retarded to do.less work.
harambe died as quick as his meme
harambe died as quick as his meme - 4 years ago
Your laugh gives my life meaning
Liam Childs
Liam Childs - 4 years ago
You should put all the songs you guys do on Spotify and iTunes or something, just the raw uncut version cuz this is fire
lee everett
lee everett - 4 years ago
Put the song up I'd fuckin listen

30. comment for CS:GO SURF IN A NUTSHELL

nihilo - 4 years ago
Lifetimegaming 885
Lifetimegaming 885 - 4 years ago
Nova Nation
Nova Nation - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs can you be my daddy
[808s] In-VEIN
[808s] In-VEIN - 4 years ago
Did you know that Racoons wet there paws to have more sense of touch to be able to search for food
Idk were I was going with this but i guess its just good to know.
Lifetimegaming 885
Lifetimegaming 885 - 4 years ago
Omg I can't stop laughing that song was funny ASF
Underfell Sans
Underfell Sans - 4 years ago
I found the song on soundcloud holy shit
F&Fs - 4 years ago
artillery only
Aj.adventures - 4 years ago
Funniest thing ever
Brayden - 4 years ago
I loved this! So fucking funny dude, love you Racc!
Gemini - 4 years ago
Where is my dad?
meteorr78 8
meteorr78 8 - 4 years ago
Just eat the fucking horse
Nick Pratt
Nick Pratt - 4 years ago
Can someone remix “we don’t eat anymore” please
Da_Asian178 - 4 years ago
Longest song I have ever heard and it's fucking AMAZING!!!!!
Kahli Way
Kahli Way - 4 years ago
Anyone else love his voice and his laugh??
[GD] Demios
[GD] Demios - 4 years ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue

I want to kill my self
Thank you
ChosenMosin - 4 years ago
My fucking sides rac
NV Gaming
NV Gaming - 4 years ago
I dont beat my meat anymore
Bouncybeatle0 - 4 years ago
We need this on spotify
Night Elf
Night Elf - 4 years ago
Once I was so broke I had to smoke a fucking flower
TROPICAL Blizzard - 4 years ago
A legend

50. comment for CS:GO SURF IN A NUTSHELL

Breezy - 4 years ago
I didn't now Azyn was Ethiopian
Ronald Williams III
Ronald Williams III - 4 years ago
Can’t fucking breathe
Nathan Zulaica
Nathan Zulaica - 4 years ago
Thx for playing Fortnite with me it’s me chulothelion78
Eli's games and stuff
Eli's games and stuff - 4 years ago
Do you know if the guy who was singing with you has a youtube?
Niddish - 4 years ago
raccoon if you wanna make it so that people don't know who you are you could try making another account or buying another copy of csgo and make it under a different name
Benjamin Mendell
Benjamin Mendell - 4 years ago
Azn is the best fuckin singer
Kaden B
Kaden B - 4 years ago
This is kinda like the edgy version of cringey tumblr threads
Mark Kroeker
Mark Kroeker - 4 years ago
Racc, im drunk af rn and this is exactly the content i need rn boi!!!! yee yee
Chicanoz - 4 years ago
being in that lobby was amazing
ray Chambers
ray Chambers - 4 years ago
took you long enough
Fire Storm27
Fire Storm27 - 4 years ago
Aight but real talk that guy has a heavenly voice
Luse - 4 years ago
Ya know the surf server you were on like an hour ago I was there. Your pee is small.
Smah Captain
Smah Captain - 4 years ago
Y u copy Swaggersouls
chiriac alin
chiriac alin - 4 years ago
Swagger ???
Taco Monkey King
Taco Monkey King - 4 years ago
That was actually the most amazing song ever
Ester M.D.N
Ester M.D.N - 4 years ago
Amazing video man. Made me laugh so fucking hard.
Jordan Kasokeo
Jordan Kasokeo - 4 years ago
Benjii Colmarez
Benjii Colmarez - 4 years ago
Awwwww fuck that was better than I thought
kiseter - 4 years ago
Yeet- oh shit wtf its 2 am ok bye
Gregory Harrington
Gregory Harrington - 4 years ago
This video is like a trip on acid. And I've never done acid..
Jonathan Beckius
Jonathan Beckius - 4 years ago
More songs with azn
Tyler Sehon
Tyler Sehon - 4 years ago
He sounds like tranium
Wesley Schwartz
Wesley Schwartz - 4 years ago
Post more frequently fuckwad
Troy Argier
Troy Argier - 4 years ago
It needs to be on Spotify
Daninpe - 4 years ago
Yes the horse race
WorldWarKing - 4 years ago
We don't eat anymore
WirelessAlmond - 4 years ago
Holy FUCK that was some fuckin QUALITY MY DUDE
Access Jxpsy
Access Jxpsy - 4 years ago
Sup, I've been a fan for quite a while and it would be nice if you could upload more. I know your videos would be not as well.
Samuel Nunley
Samuel Nunley - 4 years ago
Hearing the Ethiopian national anthem was nice
Zeno Gaming
Zeno Gaming - 4 years ago
Bro that song was the best song I ever heard in my entire life
Jacob Donovan
Jacob Donovan - 4 years ago
Been havin a rough time lately, really needed this laugh, brought the only true smile ive had today, keep up the fantastic vids
Mr. Asbestoss
Mr. Asbestoss - 4 years ago
We don’t eat anymore was a banger!
Tamara Borten
Tamara Borten - 4 years ago
The artistry.
Garrett Anthony
Garrett Anthony - 4 years ago
Just Satan
Just Satan - 4 years ago
I need to high five you
Jordiw00t - 4 years ago
Holy fuck that guy can sing!
Murdersaur69 - 4 years ago
u should be a writer on family guy or some shit. So funny
Only slightly insane
Only slightly insane - 4 years ago
I havdnt laughed this hard in years and thats not an exaggeration
Isabelle Anderson
Isabelle Anderson - 4 years ago
i think this is my favorite video of racc’s of all time
Thomas Mansfield
Thomas Mansfield - 4 years ago
This was one of the funniest videos I've seen in such a long time. That song at the end actually made me lmao. Fuckin Azn is the best
p l e b e i a n
p l e b e i a n - 4 years ago
petition for “we don’t eat anymore.” to be an actual raccoon and azn song.
StoryTime - 4 years ago
Check out y New story on my Channel: its the most fucked up shit you'll hear on youtube!!111!!1!1!!
DaltaniousPrime - 4 years ago
How to post 1 video a month in a nutshell
Corn Thrower
Corn Thrower - 4 years ago
Where can I download this song
Comrad Gamer
Comrad Gamer - 4 years ago
Toca Krofna
Toca Krofna - 4 years ago
release this shit on spotify
Nathan - 4 years ago
Never play leapfrog with a unicorn
Isabelle Anderson
Isabelle Anderson - 4 years ago
i wanna fucking marry him
Stauza AU
Stauza AU - 4 years ago
i couldn't breathe half the video
Hazmat inc.
Hazmat inc. - 4 years ago
I died 7:10

100. comment for CS:GO SURF IN A NUTSHELL

KyVG - 4 years ago
idc what anyone says AZNs the best singer ever xD
Grayscale - 4 years ago
It should have been "we don't eat anymore we got lucky cause we ate the horse
Camden Egginton
Camden Egginton - 4 years ago
Tonight I met the tea kettle guy and the guy who asked how flat Stanley masturbates. Evidently "suck toes or die trying" did a Minecraft rap and racc was gonna add it into the vid with "a noteblock beat"
Matthew B.
Matthew B. - 4 years ago
I actually love u raccoon like whenever I’m sad I watch u and I always end up crying from laughter. Love u bro
Christian Hebert
Christian Hebert - 4 years ago
Ahh this was fun see y’all next month
Ethan - 4 years ago
Tabs for the song when
Ethlaez - 4 years ago
Honestly I don’t really like the songs
I'm Elmo
I'm Elmo - 4 years ago
Holy heck the song wasnt just funny it was good
Suckles - 4 years ago
By fucking far the absolute funniest raccooneggs video I’ve ever fucking watched omg
G1aze - 4 years ago
ayyy I know skyline :D
Alex Dog
Alex Dog - 4 years ago
I don’t know what your on but I want some
Mattinte - 4 years ago
This is the best vid i have ever seen
Migle Germanaite
Migle Germanaite - 4 years ago
I'm making a petition for Racc and Azn to record a studio version of We Don't Eat Anymore, that shit was so lit
deadman 2.0
deadman 2.0 - 4 years ago
I allways skip the part when the guy sings
Møødycatt - 4 years ago
get yourself a man like Azn.
Dangerouly Cheesy
Dangerouly Cheesy - 4 years ago
Why is this fire
Free Vbucks
Free Vbucks - 4 years ago
Thus isint even funny lol
Kevs - 4 years ago
"The horse's name was Tripod!"
Stefan Costa
Stefan Costa - 4 years ago
What about eating the horse ?
Myzo 2k
Myzo 2k - 4 years ago
1:27 the kid in the background thinks he’s actually funny
Tiki Bat
Tiki Bat - 4 years ago
Azn is like my favorite omg.
Soobero Gaming
Soobero Gaming - 4 years ago
You channel is like a knock off swagger souls channel
kai wilkinson
kai wilkinson - 4 years ago
About fucking time racc god damn a month
Wyatt Rages
Wyatt Rages - 4 years ago
holy shot that was good
One Big Hecking Angry
One Big Hecking Angry - 4 years ago
Imagine showing this to an Ethiopian
Jack Graham
Jack Graham - 4 years ago
Racc and Azn need to release a fuckin album together, this shit's fire.
Blue_Bat 03
Blue_Bat 03 - 4 years ago
I started fucking crying at the end. Fuckin subscribed that shit was great
Alex L
Alex L - 4 years ago
I thought u ded of ligma
TheStupendousFerret - 4 years ago
honestly that dude can actually sing
Isaiah Golden
Isaiah Golden - 4 years ago
That dad thing hit close to home cause my dad lost his job recently lol
Kaleb the man
Kaleb the man - 4 years ago
I’m crying that was funny af
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown - 4 years ago
I’m so fukin ded
CaptinStorm - 4 years ago
That's a pretty good song
- ElectricEntity -
- ElectricEntity - - 4 years ago
return on azn
big_golden_ fishy
big_golden_ fishy - 4 years ago
Can we make a mincraft parody about this song
Tankertons - 4 years ago
it shouldve been we dont eat anymore bc my dad is poor instead of broke
Ryland - 4 years ago
I’ve been hear since 2k he has gotten so popular. It brings a tear to my eggs
Kempton Robinson Jr
Kempton Robinson Jr - 4 years ago
Ascot Robinson
Ascot Robinson - 4 years ago
You don't have anything to eat then a ball of aluminum topped with mud is a delicacy
wedum boise aka mike hunt
wedum boise aka mike hunt - 4 years ago
Bruh, when he said he acted retarded to do less work reminded me of when I was getting enrolled to another highschool that I moved to and went high af and they kept asking my dad if I needed to be in a special needs class. LMAO. He was fuckin pissed.
Dev Gaming
Dev Gaming - 4 years ago
Me and my friend where typing in there in one of the servers we had a mic but my friend didn’t use it
Noah Vallone
Noah Vallone - 4 years ago
Dude your outro is fuckin sick man i love it
BackstabStudios - 4 years ago
We don’t eat anymooooore
My dad is too fucking poor
Now I gotta do porn
Let men toot my hoooooorn
Payne Kaufmann
Payne Kaufmann - 4 years ago
the one kid actually good at singing
WookieMamaSpankz - 4 years ago
You should try Rainbow Six Siege since you said you wanted to do competitive games, that can be a halarious game with your friends.
Jonathan Restrepo
Jonathan Restrepo - 4 years ago
I just somehow stumbled onto this channel, and this was the first vid I saw and I laughed so hard. Genuinely fucking hilarious
Somebody Or something
Somebody Or something - 4 years ago
This is a banger
Laird Toland
Laird Toland - 4 years ago
That’s dudes voice is deadass good
Hi Hi
Hi Hi - 4 years ago
My boi almost at a mil
damiek - 4 years ago
6:51 best part
Bean Boi
Bean Boi - 4 years ago
What happened to the solitary confinement podcast?
Spongetron 3000
Spongetron 3000 - 4 years ago
Holy shit
Nicholas Mead
Nicholas Mead - 4 years ago
When is this gonna be on sound cloud
Not_a_g_at_pubg _
Not_a_g_at_pubg _ - 4 years ago
Your upload schedule makes me want to shove a lit sparkler in my dick but your videos make me feel like I'm Demi Lovato shooting up heroin
WeirdArtifact gameing
WeirdArtifact gameing - 4 years ago
we don't eat any more
KevBones - 4 years ago
man he must smoke weed and jerk off a lot because he rarely uploads
please stop
please stop - 4 years ago
I was gonna cut myself tonight but then I laughed my ass off to this. Thanks racc
Devious Verendus
Devious Verendus - 4 years ago
heckin' hell you guys this was amazing. Sick vocals, beautiful lyrics. Put it on itunes damnit
MAX - 4 years ago
Music: exists

Azn and raccoon: commits talent
Joshua Cronk
Joshua Cronk - 4 years ago
I work at dominos 50 % off and im still broke
Kale Gibbs
Kale Gibbs - 4 years ago
We dont eat anymore
Playboii. Daniel
Playboii. Daniel - 4 years ago
We dont get ads anymore
FireLies - 4 years ago
Not even a minute in and I was dying laughing
ForRealNobody - 4 years ago
Demonetization in a nutshell
Kam Str
Kam Str - 4 years ago
Can we iTunes this shit
Brabus 1Up
Brabus 1Up - 4 years ago
Jesus fcking christ...we don't eat anymore
Racc 9
Racc 9 - 4 years ago
That guy sings better than pop music.
hillary no not clinton
hillary no not clinton - 4 years ago
pls marry me and let me lay my raccoon eggs in your mouth
what server is this
JohnDuKoolKid - 4 years ago
Yes thank you.
Nerdman73 - 4 years ago
Put that song on an album and sell it
Kenti - 4 years ago
10:14 “the horse’s name is tripod” this deserves recognition
Ethan McDonald
Ethan McDonald - 4 years ago
That song better be on spotify by the end of the week.
Jacob Dalton
Jacob Dalton - 4 years ago
6:50 is the best part of the vid
Drunk matter Matter
Drunk matter Matter - 4 years ago
This shit is fucking legendary
No I will not
No I will not - 4 years ago
That song cured my fucking
Imagine Wagons
Imagine Wagons - 4 years ago
My friend got stabbed at school with a ruler. This made me happy
Nick Gora
Nick Gora - 4 years ago
Dickpics is still a classic but this was so damn good
EvanKennedyTV - 4 years ago
Why do you sound so much like swagger souls
Antisocial Kid
Antisocial Kid - 4 years ago
This is gold
greninja 987
greninja 987 - 4 years ago
The dudes voice is beautiful
Satisfyingpro official
Satisfyingpro official - 4 years ago
raccooneggs can u pls make a tutorial cuz my retarted fat ass can figure out how to get onto surf, i downloaded csgo and i dont know how to get on surf can u pls halp meh out?
Mr_TentacleDiks - 4 years ago
Song at 1:13 ???
Ghost - 4 years ago
Pop a nut in my dads horse while I’m munching dirt blended with ice.
noveltee time
noveltee time - 4 years ago
Rest in peace threeby the horse
its ya boi caleb
its ya boi caleb - 4 years ago
Better lyrical genius than lil pump
Aurorez - 4 years ago
Aidan Freeman
Aidan Freeman - 4 years ago
I was in this video lol xd at 2:02
Nathan Keech
Nathan Keech - 4 years ago
Man I Love this Shit, funny as hell
Dylkiller 69
Dylkiller 69 - 4 years ago
W0lf 702
W0lf 702 - 4 years ago
Is it possible to get we dont eat anymore on spotifly
Beee Boppp
Beee Boppp - 4 years ago
I. Can make the sounf from the beginning but better
last name first name
last name first name - 4 years ago
You should play rainbow six siege
BlitzInTheMorning - 4 years ago
that song was the most amazing and closest thing to home ever xD
Marvin Carrillo
Marvin Carrillo - 4 years ago
they literally laugh at every single thing you say. you’re not funny you just get these guys to laugh at unfunny shy
21castruitam Unknown
21castruitam Unknown - 4 years ago
Dambb, racc, ive only watched you since about 500-600k but your always at 1mil, and that is astonishing, so keep doing what ur doing, ily racc, no homo
Ryland Brenner
Ryland Brenner - 4 years ago
Funniest shit I’ve seen all week
who put you on the planet
who put you on the planet - 4 years ago
Is the dude gonna be in more videos??
XBLACKBULLETXX - 4 years ago
Not gonna lie I listened to this like 10 times
Prozilla 2000
Prozilla 2000 - 4 years ago
Why do you sound like swagger souls
KNOT ALL THERE - 4 years ago
Bro i've had a shitty day and this has made me feel less depressed i was fucking crying at the end of this it was so funny
Brandon Wharton
Brandon Wharton - 4 years ago
Raccooneggs the type nibba to pay ppl to laugh at his jokes
belrog 123
belrog 123 - 4 years ago
I mean if the ref killed the 3 legged horse that just means you're eating horse tonight
Leemartin Taveras
Leemartin Taveras - 4 years ago
"We dont eat anymore" WAKANDA FOREVER
worst channel
worst channel - 4 years ago
I mean, you could have eaten the horse.
Nella - 4 years ago
Jesus Christ my lungs
Tyler Russell
Tyler Russell - 4 years ago
Jesus this was the best video i have seen in a while!
Connor King
Connor King - 4 years ago
Why does your cs “home” look like that
Rothman 82
Rothman 82 - 4 years ago
This is probably one of the funniest videos I have seen
leemeister 3000
leemeister 3000 - 4 years ago
Am I the only that thinks Azn sounds like MJ?
DD Mayne
DD Mayne - 4 years ago
I would 100% buy we don't eat anymore on itunes
George F Lambesis
George F Lambesis - 4 years ago
One of my favorite videos now
Daniel Fertilizer
Daniel Fertilizer - 4 years ago
Just a fucking porn sever in the start of the video what fucking great content
Daniel Fertilizer
Daniel Fertilizer - 4 years ago
Sorry great
Dunamis - 4 years ago
It's sad that I just started watching your content, but what surf server do you play on for these videos? :D Also, you actually have to get a recording of "We Don't Eat Anymore" and throw it on soundcloud.
Monopoly13 Gaming
Monopoly13 Gaming - 4 years ago
Animal cruelty
DexTheDog - 4 years ago
Bookie - 4 years ago
Noooooo I was going on to go on that server but my friend wanted to play jailbreak

Vieze_ Vent
Vieze_ Vent - 4 years ago
U have to put the song on spotify
Vloggeer - 4 years ago
Shit someone remix that stuff
Vex _Shotkill
Vex _Shotkill - 4 years ago
Bro your videos are good but I'm gonna miss you playing cs:go. I haven't laughed this hard in my life when I heard the we don't eat anymore
Logan Joseph
Logan Joseph - 4 years ago
I still remember one time like 2 years ago listening to Azn singing in a surf surfer never expecting him to be in racc's videos. Crazy
NoPolo - 4 years ago
Winner winner no dinner
jeff jefferson
jeff jefferson - 4 years ago
I love the songs
T Wellbrook
T Wellbrook - 4 years ago
Official audio?
Casey Barry
Casey Barry - 4 years ago
I love every time you guys do the improved story song!
Entitrex - 4 years ago
Please put this on spotify
noah4mc - 4 years ago
CS surf the musical
destinee jade
destinee jade - 4 years ago
Azn and his voice cracks lmaooo
NightMare 137
NightMare 137 - 4 years ago
Put this on spotify
Snufulufuges - 4 years ago
Your character looks like thatcher from R6s
Archer S.
Archer S. - 4 years ago
This raccoon eatin eggs
LeDerp Zod
LeDerp Zod - 4 years ago
Your starting to get the zuthar effect
Sulman Zahid
Sulman Zahid - 4 years ago
you and guitar man need to go on america's got talent or something
Alex Apples
Alex Apples - 4 years ago
Make more vids fuck face
GOAT BUTT - 4 years ago
I’m sad that raccoon has so many subs it depresses me that everyone knows him but I’m just a selfish son of a bitch
MythicalSpoon67 - 4 years ago
Sharkboy1006 - 4 years ago
Can you and that guy make a full album please i would listen to that all day
DeadHotDog - 4 years ago
My mom came and beat me because I was laughing so loud.
Midnight_H4vic - 4 years ago
RacconEggs is Swagger
Daren Paan
Daren Paan - 4 years ago
Can’t wait to see all these clips in the features for Ifunny
Aidan Roberts
Aidan Roberts - 4 years ago
Can i get the song ill pay 200$
Kinky CJ
Kinky CJ - 4 years ago
Azn is godly
Sarah Snow
Sarah Snow - 4 years ago
Professional Water Reviewer
Professional Water Reviewer - 4 years ago
I love playing on this server
douchbagat - 4 years ago
fucking beautifull, god bless this man, this man is an atheist angel
Sean Doyle
Sean Doyle - 4 years ago
You should’ve eaten the three legged horses corpse smh
Javier Mendoza
Javier Mendoza - 4 years ago
Finally you posted you disabled horse
Jrpont - 4 years ago
this was the best thing my eyes have watched in the past century
Ts Jax
Ts Jax - 4 years ago
Who disliked this video ??
bryce peri
bryce peri - 4 years ago
The 3 legged horse was just a kid with a missing leg and a mask on.
Conor F
Conor F - 4 years ago
Get that song on Spotify
Graypigs29 - 4 years ago
Keep making more shit, no matter what it is. You'd eat ass in Rust
AwksDesigns - 4 years ago
i chocked on my food at the horse part
Logan Vanhoy
Logan Vanhoy - 4 years ago
woweee oh man this stuff really makes me laugh super hard oooohh wow dang keep making these good ol jokes partner yeahhh
Aaron Rios
Aaron Rios - 4 years ago
Make a video called Racooneggs Subscribers in a nutshell
l Asphyxia l
l Asphyxia l - 4 years ago
This is beautiful
Roku qp
Roku qp - 4 years ago
I can’t wait for you to him like 5 mill then I can say I’ve been here since 150k subs
Colson Lee
Colson Lee - 4 years ago
This shits the best y isn't this trending
Link the source
Link the source - 4 years ago
Mah dude got bronchitis
Tony Vasi
Tony Vasi - 4 years ago
Alex Stokes
Alex Stokes - 4 years ago
Hi swagger souls
Fluwe - 4 years ago
This was so funny, you should post more.
paradesyrup's shitpost
paradesyrup's shitpost - 4 years ago
artillery only
GamingWithGaige - 4 years ago
Press F to pay respect to the 3 legged horse
Gale Reaper
Gale Reaper - 4 years ago
Is it just me or was that song actually good and that azn guy was actually a really good song
Emerson Reed
Emerson Reed - 4 years ago
Racc get this guy on a session with the other dudes and see what he’s got he seems like an awesome dude
Tyler Licko
Tyler Licko - 4 years ago
He shoulda sang about how they brought the horse home after the race and ate it
Cade Harger
Cade Harger - 4 years ago
Eat the horse
Jason Bier
Jason Bier - 4 years ago
The best part about all of these are Azn hysterically laughing during racc’s verses
Juxnzy - 4 years ago
did anyone see the chat

“the horse’s name is tripod”
Awesomeacuz 13
Awesomeacuz 13 - 4 years ago
Man this shit was fucking gold and I really needed this, thanks man
Jake Mohr
Jake Mohr - 4 years ago
Song at 4:49
Alasable - 4 years ago
Jokxr YT
Jokxr YT - 4 years ago
I think I speak on behalf of most of your subs,youre fucking funny and I don't care what videos you make,that shit makes me think less about sticking my dick in a industrial fan and more about we don't eat anymore. Good shit Racc
jaje025 - 4 years ago
Is this on Spotify
NerfGunz35 - 4 years ago
So, when will it be on iTunes?
1,000,000 sub with no vids
1,000,000 sub with no vids - 4 years ago
Roses are red violets are blue

I hate my self and so do you
There’s my suicide note
XBLACKBULLETXX - 4 years ago
Will this song be available on Spotify iTunes and the google play store. I’m not even joking I’d pay for it
Awaken GHOST
Awaken GHOST - 4 years ago
Well next #1 song in my playlist
Gibbiey - 4 years ago
that was LITerally sicc
Ke Be
Ke Be - 4 years ago
10:20 amazing voice
Audrey - 4 years ago
okay but racc can you deadass like make music and shit lol thx
PUBG DEV PUBG - 4 years ago
38 seconds I am dead
Broziibeans - 4 years ago
I'm just coming to this video to listen to that song as I study.
Miguel M
Miguel M - 4 years ago
Are we just gonna ignore how fucking good he sang?
aidan browning
aidan browning - 4 years ago
I heard tomppabeats, am happy
WBAgames - 4 years ago
Racoon racoon its me b0ink the wheese kid
vipernate99 - 4 years ago
So when’s “We Don’t Eat Anymore” droppin on Spotify?
Joe Freedman
Joe Freedman - 4 years ago
Best YouTube vid I've ever watched
AnItaian Potato
AnItaian Potato - 4 years ago
9:04 personal note
DragonAcorn - 4 years ago
this video was well worth the wait
i haven't laughed this hard at a video in a while
The Yumblat
The Yumblat - 4 years ago
The Yumblat
The Yumblat - 4 years ago
He actually has a damn good good voice!
RaginBama - 4 years ago
What the hell i met him in casual and he called me a trap reeeeeeee
Prime Ray1999
Prime Ray1999 - 4 years ago
All the other horses really beat the dead horse
the biggest big Mac ever
the biggest big Mac ever - 4 years ago
Great video, worth the wait.
Mister Blister
Mister Blister - 4 years ago
That dude can fuckin sing
Jackson L
Jackson L - 4 years ago
Song starts at 5:10
Ana Rojo
Ana Rojo - 4 years ago
wait your name is Ezra? nicee.
DizzySmith - 4 years ago
Can u get this stuff like on Spotify or something omfg
Elra Ramirez
Elra Ramirez - 4 years ago
Keep up the good content, so close to 1 million
gillesspiegel - 4 years ago
If I could fuck a voice, oh damn....
Kate Sheets
Kate Sheets - 4 years ago
He needs to be on the voice
ya boi Aniki no animefanfikku
ya boi Aniki no animefanfikku - 4 years ago
i would eat the horse
Cosmic Blast
Cosmic Blast - 4 years ago
I feel like the opportunity to name the video “CSGO Surf In A Seashell” was missed..
N o l v a
N o l v a - 4 years ago
is everyone in africa anorexic?
MrToxicSoap - 4 years ago
honestly it should be "we don't eat anymore, cause my dad is poor". Just rhymes better if you ask me.
Funny Fortnite
Funny Fortnite - 4 years ago
This video is the funniest thing ive seen in a while
CrushableDread - 4 years ago
I bet the horse his father bet on was named “Tripod”
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 4 years ago
The sad part is that I kinda like that song
Epik Killer
Epik Killer - 4 years ago
Raccoon eggs be masterblazing, or would it be high jacking? Weed whacking?
TiptoBark9 - 4 years ago
Do this more often its ficking hilarious and I'm not even sure what happened
Kohreean - 4 years ago
What happens of broke doesnt have a dad
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 4 years ago
Fuck all you guys that yell when he joins a server your fault this series is done
Ashleigh Martin
Ashleigh Martin - 4 years ago
this is my most favorite video from you LOL
Avrin Hap
Avrin Hap - 4 years ago
The commentary in this vid is oddly close to fitz’s vid
CrimsonR - 4 years ago
Racc + Azn = a different Bo Burnham
icanflyboss _
icanflyboss _ - 4 years ago
sugma - 4 years ago
Cut my balls into pieces this is my last circumcision humiliation suffication don't give a fuck if she's Mexican or asian
PirateBADASS - 4 years ago
Fucking Raccoon, love you’re content
DoroZ015 - 4 years ago
the horse part is fucking gold i fucking love it never heard about you unless your like the seconde channel of like swagger or some shit and i dont know yet but bro keep up the work i love it NEW SUB BTW <3
Andrew Andaya
Andrew Andaya - 4 years ago
This is the besy fucking vid ever just dying
Yandere - 4 years ago
Max Warner
Max Warner - 4 years ago
We dont eat anymore, added to my music playlist.
Jack Webster
Jack Webster - 4 years ago
201 Africans disliked this video
Gunshot - 4 years ago
LMAO I’m laughing my ass off right now because it’s so fucked is OMG
Gaming Gods
Gaming Gods - 4 years ago
couldn’t you eat the horse
DatPotatoSac_35 - 4 years ago
That fucking song needs to be on spotify
oreo - 4 years ago
This video is actually funny
Narwhal Pilot
Narwhal Pilot - 4 years ago
BigBoiGaming Yt
BigBoiGaming Yt - 4 years ago
Racc: that’s the hardest I’ve ever laughed on Cs Inna long time

Random guy: that’s the hardest my dick has been inna long time
Kawaii Gurl04
Kawaii Gurl04 - 4 years ago
This has to be one of my fav RacoonEggs video
David Connelly
David Connelly - 4 years ago
Hardest I’ve laughed In a long while lol, thanks Rac.
Gods Plan
Gods Plan - 4 years ago
Matthew Keith
Matthew Keith - 4 years ago
Dude I was crying laughing listening to that song and I wish I could like the video a million times because that’s what it deserves
_ karastee
_ karastee - 4 years ago
Pidima - 4 years ago
Love the vid
Fashy Gainz
Fashy Gainz - 4 years ago
Inspyr Ghost
Inspyr Ghost - 4 years ago
Hold up I just realized raccoon doesn’t have 1 mill HE DESERVES MORE
Bwr03 - 4 years ago
Racc you should upload more bro I really enjoy ur vids
Onyx468 - 4 years ago
Damn I was here......

In the chat
Askandier - 4 years ago
some guys make my dick hard, but raccoon makes my dick wet
Alireza Amiri
Alireza Amiri - 4 years ago
This video cured my ligma
the cuztv
the cuztv - 4 years ago
Finnaly upload
Mr meme Killer
Mr meme Killer - 4 years ago
I died at the tripod part
The Futures Now
The Futures Now - 4 years ago
When Azn mentioned the pumpkins i was eating dinner and spit out my fucking drink all over the table
Jackko Tv
Jackko Tv - 4 years ago
You should try a voice changer for surf videos to get recognized less
Robbie Fielding-Lennon
Robbie Fielding-Lennon - 4 years ago
5:19 OMG the dude can actually sing like dudeeeeeee
Kinetix - 4 years ago
He gave me a green caption at the end!!!!
Biggity Boi Makes Noise
Biggity Boi Makes Noise - 4 years ago
when racc laughs he sounds like scout from tf2
Jolted Jackal
Jolted Jackal - 4 years ago
Racc's videos make my pants get tighter
Marvel With Ace
Marvel With Ace - 4 years ago
I cried of both laughter, and because Azn’s voice is goddamn beautiful
Griffin Favre
Griffin Favre - 4 years ago
Will this future #1 hit song ever be on spotify or something?
reidthedirections - 4 years ago
really hate when that fuck shows up in your videos. Thanks for reading my opinion. Sincerely Footlocker.
Kyla Winchester
Kyla Winchester - 4 years ago
that one guy had a really nice voice even though its a joke for a song lmao
Jackslayer 06
Jackslayer 06 - 4 years ago
Post more often plz
Adam Tice
Adam Tice - 4 years ago
This is why black people r black, because their dads leave them so they have to suck mud
Nick Eldredge
Nick Eldredge - 4 years ago
please tell me someone records the song and puts it on soundcloud
brooklyn jumper
brooklyn jumper - 4 years ago
So what I heard was that somewhere there’s tumblr fan fiction about Racc.
U/MocaCocaFrappéCrappé - 4 years ago
Whats the map he is playing
Kinetix - 4 years ago
I'm PerspectivE by the way...mom I made it into a raccooneggs video!
Brock Lewis
Brock Lewis - 4 years ago
good stuff rac
Garett Braasch
Garett Braasch - 4 years ago
He should post more
BeYonce 671
BeYonce 671 - 4 years ago
“send me your dick pics”
SincerePain 8603
SincerePain 8603 - 4 years ago
I legitimately fucking yelled "Allahu Akbar" in the main hall of my highschool right next to the east office and I ended up yelling it a lot louder than I thought I would...
Slim Thin
Slim Thin - 4 years ago
When will this be available on iTunes?
Eli Waitkus II
Eli Waitkus II - 4 years ago
Omfg I'm in fucking tears
ChillaystiKz - 4 years ago
Those Vocals tho.
ligiuni - 4 years ago
Azn has way too much fucking talent and he spends it on "my dad is fucking broke and i eat dirt"
BeserkSnail - 4 years ago
Got me dying...
Lejon - 4 years ago
I heard the people of Africa singing along
bel410la - 4 years ago
Damn, I love you guys, I'm subbed to Azn Too.
Florian Bartolomeu
Florian Bartolomeu - 4 years ago
Eat anymore - AZN ft. Racc'd
suicidal Stanley
suicidal Stanley - 4 years ago
Im gay for azn
Snow Anims
Snow Anims - 4 years ago
someone make a surf server deficated specially to raccoon so he can get noticed and can make more of this
Logan Garren
Logan Garren - 4 years ago
Got sad when the video ended tbh
Oof Man
Oof Man - 4 years ago
Alex - 4 years ago
if you count how many voice cracks there actually are i'll give you $2
Novannon - 4 years ago
I choked on my cinnamon toast crunch while listening to this song then proceeded to do a back flip with my dick in my ass while spewing out milk and called it Yin&Yang
KITHBEAR - 4 years ago
20 seconds in and i'm already choking on my fish sticks
Rachael Lutz
Rachael Lutz - 4 years ago
Sometimes my version of laughing at these videos is me just sitting there with absolutely no facial expression and then stopping breathing when it gets funny. It's a good method. A good head high, a good body high. Now that I think about ti, I'm just high
Oliver Wylie
Oliver Wylie - 4 years ago
instead of doing cs videos just do vids with azn cos I love that cunt
Mason Br0
Mason Br0 - 4 years ago
probably_lucky edgy 100
Sonny Roberts
Sonny Roberts - 4 years ago
Put we don’t eat anymore on Spotify
Aidan Rudden
Aidan Rudden - 4 years ago
Can someone download this to Spotify
Gym Class Idiot
Gym Class Idiot - 4 years ago
Azn take it away!
Jäger 181
Jäger 181 - 4 years ago
Ok I'm not fucking lying here. You two need to get together and record that song! That shit is amazing! I actually cried laughing from it. Not going to lie you'd probably make money off that shit!
Mr. PACK - 4 years ago
3:43-3:46 That's the most amount of plot I've ever seen
Izzy G
Izzy G - 4 years ago
Omg that voice
Noel Crist
Noel Crist - 4 years ago
You should have eaten the 3 legged horse
Pragmatic - 4 years ago
"The horse's name is Tripod"
Rylan Ohare
Rylan Ohare - 4 years ago
They sung for so long
Nathan Hong
Nathan Hong - 4 years ago
I always think that when he says broke he’s ganna say gay
Ootman - 4 years ago
Put that song on iTunes or SoundCloud or some shit
Julen Lian Trehe
Julen Lian Trehe - 4 years ago
Artillery only when?
PatheticPigeon ,
PatheticPigeon , - 4 years ago
The best is when Azn loses his shit and laughs his ass off but still manages to play his guitar
Shock - 4 years ago
We don’t eat anymore.
The horse was dead on the floor.
Diego Pizarro
Diego Pizarro - 4 years ago
Racc I'm actually sitting on my fucking toilet trying to pop this shit out and all I hear is my dying from laughter cause we can eat anymore and also if you read this I use to tie my cat to a noose on a basketball hoop and if I missed it died sad to say that it had 12 kids
Baked Beans
Baked Beans - 4 years ago
Bruh was straining so hard on the toilet I think I may have burst my ear drum
BATLLE09_ - 4 years ago
He sings like a nock off Michael Jackson
FelixFTW - 4 years ago
Thanks for temporarily relieving me of depression
GB Best
GB Best - 4 years ago
”We dont eat anymore”
”Horses all on the floor”
Geo TheWickedMan
Geo TheWickedMan - 4 years ago
Welcome back Racc, love ya mate!
Yeetledoodle - 4 years ago
isis uprising
eurofox - 4 years ago
Can I get that song on iTunes
ColinIsHere S
ColinIsHere S - 4 years ago
Poems Into a Suicide Note?
Anyone Get It?
Conner Hillanbrand
Conner Hillanbrand - 4 years ago
Woah, racc uploaded for once
OMGitsNatet - 4 years ago
This shit is dope
Zlabs Films
Zlabs Films - 4 years ago
hat was the hardest i have ever laughed in my life. thanks raccoon eggs. thank you.
jack hewitt
jack hewitt - 4 years ago
I think my laugh box was broken
P Green
P Green - 4 years ago
That music section was fucking amazing i love you
Clownfish - 4 years ago
The guitarist sounds like fucking Michael Jackson.
Chase Brushe
Chase Brushe - 4 years ago
Bro I’ve met the skyline guy woke
none ya
none ya - 4 years ago
That was my grandfather struggling after I turned off his oxygen
DADO - 4 years ago
Pleeeeease try to make a video with song. Atleast try! :DDDDD
Clausey - 4 years ago
I was on the dad's part gg
Stefano Garau
Stefano Garau - 4 years ago
1 minute of pray for disabled horse tripod
xd xP xO xV
xd xP xO xV - 4 years ago
Now this is content
JohnV - 4 years ago
Artillery only
TheKronaGuy - 4 years ago
Rip surf vids
Press F to pay respecc
JackoTheTaco - 4 years ago
Racc thanks for your outstanding comment. Keep the laughs coming. I have 2 Hurrakills so far I hope you're fucking proud.
Flamederman Albhis
Flamederman Albhis - 4 years ago
4:55 best song
TotalEclipse - 4 years ago
Racc you are a god, I was in tears in my office at work. Thanks for the laughs.
ElijahaBlue - 4 years ago
Rose's are red
Violets are blue
I am depressed
Randy Bailey
Randy Bailey - 4 years ago
Azn is a god
Lill L0cker2179
Lill L0cker2179 - 4 years ago
Ok..that part at 0:52 - 1:10 is actually very annoying, now i understand your fucking pain on making CSGO surf videos.
Silky_Smooth_Sylveon - 4 years ago
Ripping off jameskiis "vrchat in a nutshell" uwu
Ryder Cosgrove
Ryder Cosgrove - 4 years ago
That was Amazing!
McLovin - 4 years ago
Ok now this is epic
Brady Barefoot
Brady Barefoot - 4 years ago
Where is this song on Spotify?
Damaged Sponge
Damaged Sponge - 4 years ago
change ur name and censor what it is in ur vids. if u have to leave the country, i have a friend down in Mexico. hes my mother's grandma's cousin named maurice. he'll help u with ur new life as pablo notapiccasso. he'll teach you spanish, and show you the ways of the mexican accent so that way, u live your new life as CholoRaccoonEggs. i believe in you brother. CS Surf shouldnt need to stahp cuz fangirls, who are mostly bois???, cant contain their estrogen, nor stop their pussies from getting wet, when they see ur name.
Marieke - 4 years ago
this is a bop
DefinitelyNotLogic - 4 years ago
Ily racc u my boy
Caleb Cook
Caleb Cook - 4 years ago
What was the other video with those to singing can anyone help me out I’ve been trying to find it
BDB Cyan
BDB Cyan - 4 years ago
lil Stewart
Nubeto - 4 years ago
Racc is the epitome of quality over quantity. Definitely one of my favorite content creators and definitely deserves the subscribers he's getting.
noah zamora
noah zamora - 4 years ago
wow racc actually uploads for once
BoostedHD - 4 years ago
I still can’t get over the fact that rac sounds like Swagger if he hit puberty
Ya boi Luca
Ya boi Luca - 4 years ago
Put that song in iTunes
that guy zekk
that guy zekk - 4 years ago
Please please do fallout mods or skyrim mods
Sqwiggs - 4 years ago
This was the funniest cs vid I’ve seen in a long time
Ansel Zeng
Ansel Zeng - 4 years ago
what are all these server's names
kittycat 93
kittycat 93 - 4 years ago
I need racc Merch
who put you on the planet
who put you on the planet - 4 years ago
Two months later im pissing myself watching these again
vaikae s
vaikae s - 4 years ago
That song was some real shit
ZeroFiveSeven - 4 years ago
Fucking bravo indeed.
Fraps Office
Fraps Office - 4 years ago
He can sing holy shit
ThePSNinjas - 4 years ago
the fact that kid didnt want to use Em's Tim Westwood Freestyle beat MIXED BY ALCHEMIST hurts my soul.
milk - 4 years ago
We're now eating the horse.We're now eating the horse.Were now eating the horse, Finally fucking food...We're now eating the horse.Why didn't we do this before?We're now eating he horse and my dad paid too...
Jean Playz Games
Jean Playz Games - 4 years ago
Did rainbow copy csgo
ThisBitch Zoe
ThisBitch Zoe - 4 years ago
So, when are y’all gonna be releasing “We Don’t Eat Anymore” as an official song??
xzuhn - 4 years ago
the real mvp Azn
darkrios - 4 years ago
Awp_hentai_d look Amazing
HeyLookItsAKooK - 4 years ago
LPG - 4 years ago
Deux Vult!
Ripoff :(
jackson smith is the goat
jackson smith is the goat - 4 years ago
Not funny anymore tbh
Dr.Yeetio Mcswagger
Dr.Yeetio Mcswagger - 4 years ago
Im looking for the music code for “We dont eat anymore” on roblox
Turbo Twinky
Turbo Twinky - 4 years ago
Of course it's AznStylez, like, who else in CS sings on Surfs and does that shit
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 4 years ago
Just eat the horse.
Stacks_TV - 4 years ago
I died of laughter at this
Sharkyboi Gaming
Sharkyboi Gaming - 4 years ago
Can we get that song on I-Tunes
Shy - 4 years ago
0:13 Whats the map?
WierdTech Gaming
WierdTech Gaming - 4 years ago
Ona - 4 years ago
Racc, you and Azn should start doing fucking music. That shit is flawless comedy and music.
Mr.Kyles Films 1 Productions
Mr.Kyles Films 1 Productions - 4 years ago
Finally, the Racc is Bacc.
ShutterTV - 4 years ago
So, when is this song gonna be on iTunes?
Leo Dean
Leo Dean - 4 years ago
I hope by some miracle maroon 5 sees this
Nico Garofalo
Nico Garofalo - 4 years ago
Caramelized Bleach
Caramelized Bleach - 4 years ago
So epic
Luigifan260 - 4 years ago
Ref - 4 years ago
Azn sounds like MJ
Shotty Kale
Shotty Kale - 4 years ago
oi cunt want fuk?
Sion - 4 years ago
Raccs greatest hit's 2018 ft. AznStylez - We don't eat anymore! 4:49 - 11:25
Brooks Blanton
Brooks Blanton - 4 years ago
we went from eating dirt to popping fucking caps in 3 legged horses
Abomaboi - 4 years ago
Can i get a Spotify download of "we don't eat anymore" please? I don't think i can go on living without it.
Ultimate Shadows
Ultimate Shadows - 4 years ago
Azn And Racc Were Fckn Hilarious At that Singing Part
Major Tom
Major Tom - 4 years ago
Last surf video hell do for a while and like half of he video is just aznstylez. Fucking end my life
Alan F
Alan F - 4 years ago
i broke my penis while watching this
Hawk Boi
Hawk Boi - 4 years ago
I like tatoos they stay with unlike my dad
Smokkel - 4 years ago
Where is the podcast my dude
Faroq Noxchi
Faroq Noxchi - 4 years ago
RaccoonEggs + RaccoonEggs + swaggersouls
Timypim - 4 years ago
Me neither
Mother Of the mango
Mother Of the mango - 4 years ago
Raccoon do u read your comments
Sckupz - 4 years ago
fuck you i am suppose to be doing school now my dad is beating me
ElseEye - 4 years ago
This better not be the only video we get this month
Rage Banana
Rage Banana - 4 years ago
If you don’t wanna stop laughing check out this vid, https://youtu.be/sjsd7_5B0aU
freedom eagle
freedom eagle - 4 years ago
Holy fuck!
cube stand
cube stand - 4 years ago
Can someone give me chords for "we don't eat anymore" song?
SoulShardGames - 4 years ago
You have earned my sub
2s2bs - 4 years ago
"He went from dads to horses"

Is this Shadbase?
Jack Balistreri
Jack Balistreri - 4 years ago
Racc does both at the same time
IdkAGoodUsername - 4 years ago
c'mon racc make a official we don't eat anymore music track
Stars of Sorrow
Stars of Sorrow - 4 years ago
I heard from the Misfits podcast #4 that you got great footage BUT I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS THIS GOOD AND THIS FAST JESUS RACC
xd Pratt
xd Pratt - 4 years ago
Vincent - 4 years ago
i would seriously pay money for this that was fucking sick
Ryan Matthews
Ryan Matthews - 4 years ago
Racc your doing great bro whatever you upload is gunna make people laugh. Honestly love your videos keep up the good work.
Lucky - 4 years ago
holy fuck hes talanted. get him on a talent show the fuck
KyuubiZz - 4 years ago
Not even the first minute into the video and I’m fucking wheezing
Bahni - 4 years ago
Racc > Fitz
Joseph Ellis
Joseph Ellis - 4 years ago
Damn he isn’t actually pretty good
Pedro Delgado
Pedro Delgado - 4 years ago
Whenever I see a YouTube in a surf lobby I don't freak out cause then it ruins the vibe
loneliness/records - 4 years ago
oh my god that guy sounded like michael jackson someone get him a gig

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