Capitola surf

Santa cruz,surf during winter storms swells

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Surf 3 years ago 3,647 views

Santa cruz,surf during winter storms swells

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Michael Seifert
Michael Seifert - 2 years ago
The surfing was Tola, the bouy gives it away. But all the land shots look like the lame, I mean lane.
Damian Admin
Damian Admin - 3 years ago
1:12 of awesome
Chris Rad
Chris Rad - 3 years ago
Katielyn and Randy Ross,-Adams
Katielyn and Randy Ross,-Adams - 3 years ago
Not Capitola.
Fen - 3 years ago
Yeah but this is pretty clearly Steamer Lane. At least at the start.
MarkTheNBAGamer - 3 years ago
They meant The Hook which is in Capitola.

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