Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!

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for Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!

Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan - 1 year ago
Mystery box now available! Will sell out. Get it at ❤️ love you guys. Doing a video with fans soon.
Daxtyn Cornelius
Daxtyn Cornelius - 1 year ago
Make a horn shirt!
Connor Kelley
Connor Kelley - 1 year ago
I ordered one, I’m ready for it to come in
Brooks Cargould
Brooks Cargould - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan is by far the best youtuber
Spencer Smith
Spencer Smith - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan come to NY
gt alex 589 115
gt alex 589 115 - 1 year ago
Please make more videos if this gets 100 likes
Liam Jones
Liam Jones - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan can I take your car to prom?
Chris chris
Chris chris - 1 year ago
Need to change the Gary glitter song your playing in the video or is Danny part of the me to gang did Gary glitter touch Gary Winthorpe?
mazdank - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan 7:43 I could’ve used that tv ☹️:(
Frankg Estrada
Frankg Estrada - 1 year ago
Fuck team 10. Bunch of PUTOS
JUJU sent me...... You been my
Saturday I've been watching you
Javier Moreno
Javier Moreno - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan can we see Mathew
Christian Black
Christian Black - 1 year ago
Will get it
Saltine Cracker
Saltine Cracker - 1 year ago
How many items r in the box?
Sean Bolis
Sean Bolis - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan I love the vibes brother and I am supper stoked that you let the kids know that being sober is a good thing. I’d love to have you as a guest at my skate club that I host at Santa Barbara Jr High School every Friday at lunch. You could get mad content here in Santa Barbara. We have 2 skate parks now. I’m all about supporting the Youth and the kids out here would be so stoked if you came out ✌️ Sean Bolis
BoaxBTW - 1 year ago
Love you bro❤️
Bryce Bangasser
Bryce Bangasser - 1 year ago
Best video
TTV Bongo cat
TTV Bongo cat - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan just get truck problem solved
chickensfloat_ on_dirtbikes
chickensfloat_ on_dirtbikes - 1 year ago
Pop up a temporary shed in the back yard thw kind you buy at home depot plot it in the back yard and put the honda fit in it. Simple solution. Leave it in there for a month then take it back out later
Justin Capps
Justin Capps - 1 year ago
To me it seems like the audio is low
T o k e s J_o_n_e_s
T o k e s J_o_n_e_s - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan I was your 100th like man and if I’m being honest I’m taking a shit rn
X4V2JOE - 1 year ago
Can we get an F for pewdiepie
dillon dicorpo
dillon dicorpo - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan will you but me AirPods bro plzzzzz mine got stolen and I sold candy to get them
Sean Lopez
Sean Lopez - 1 year ago
Hi Danny
WEP WEP - 1 year ago
Hey Mr Danny. Will you ever come to Europe? Od ever have a Europe tour?
Michael and Kyle
Michael and Kyle - 1 year ago
Cosmic Ash love u too no homo
Ryan Lewis
Ryan Lewis - 1 year ago
Carlos Osorio WTF
Cosmic Ash
Cosmic Ash - 1 year ago
I love u no homo
Michael and Kyle
Michael and Kyle - 1 year ago
DANNY IS THE BEST! I have taken all of Danny’s inspiration to be the best, jumping out of my comfort zone and now I’m on target to someday to make people laugh like he does to all of us. I’ve even created my own YouTube Channel with to make my dream come true. I have videos up right now. I would love some support/ feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out. peace
M & L
M & L - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan you are the absolute best YouTuber ever everyone subscribe and turn of post notifications on and like the videos
Isaac Gonzalez
Isaac Gonzalez - 1 year ago
Hi Danny
Kermit the frog kermit the frog
Kermit the frog kermit the frog - 1 year ago
Danny Ducan hi
kohen kindgren
kohen kindgren - 1 year ago
signature shorts
shane stewart
shane stewart - 1 year ago
Lit video Danny
Hector Heredia
Hector Heredia - 1 year ago
Ur gay
Tony Warren
Tony Warren - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan your the best youtuber
kohen kindgren
kohen kindgren - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan make youth clothes especially black shorts
Sh00ters - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan dannnny
Boss Hacker
Boss Hacker - 1 year ago
Sweat vid can i get a shoutout
big baller
big baller - 1 year ago
Neighbors are stupid
Jarell Decorah
Jarell Decorah - 1 year ago
K I will
Damian Bulla
Damian Bulla - 1 year ago
Oh yeah
Steven Bouse10
Steven Bouse10 - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan I love you vids they make my day
lambolii - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan I’m ordering rn Danny
Shafeeq Vashi
Shafeeq Vashi - 1 year ago
Carlos Osorio
Carlos Osorio - 1 year ago
I left pornhub for this
Snip3zz - 1 year ago
Shafeeq Vashi
Shafeeq Vashi - 1 year ago
Hell ua
Wiffle Ball 28
Wiffle Ball 28 - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan hi
Robert Prz
Robert Prz - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan oh yeah yeah
SkillFULLNOOB 8 - 1 year ago
What’s the song during the baseball montage???
Demonetisation Bot 1
Demonetisation Bot 1 - 1 year ago
I’m from Brazil and they call it a ss a e
WackyOwl - 1 year ago
Speaking Spanish:
David 2x
David 2x - 1 year ago
Please start uploading more!!!❤️
Jmoney :/
Jmoney :/ - 1 year ago
Dopesmoker666 - 1 year ago
Can’t wait till this dumbass burns down his house
beatlesfan 103
beatlesfan 103 - 1 year ago
I hate Frankie. He’s such a asshole
u m
u m - 1 year ago
You should give parts of the Honda fit to fans

10. comment for Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!

Hamzat Protex
Hamzat Protex - 1 year ago
the Mystery boxes are already soldout, dang it
over_rated - 1 year ago
3:40 he gonna get fined for ruining the road
NickS - 1 year ago
Dude straight drenches the tubby kid but then, oh no you cant spray me man.
Louie - 1 year ago
That black hoodie and the end is cleaannnn when is that dropping
da_man1154 - 1 year ago
Eve Storm
Eve Storm - 1 year ago
Do his neighbors have ANYthing better to do orrrrrrr ?
TheKeeper OfKeys
TheKeeper OfKeys - 1 year ago
Ice blue mink
Permanent ink
I do not smell
But your pussy stink
Cameron Askew
Cameron Askew - 1 year ago
You should like give everyone who votes for him a free Hoodie so he wins
Kaden Christiansen
Kaden Christiansen - 1 year ago
March 30, 2019, Florida man hangs wrecked car in tree
Garrett Outdoors
Garrett Outdoors - 1 year ago
Broooo I love your channel

20. comment for Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!

Fxsh Stick
Fxsh Stick - 1 year ago
Possibly illegal? Or possibly illegal? Watch as Donny Duncan battles with these chances to transform YouTube into real content again.
Jorge Fuentes
Jorge Fuentes - 1 year ago
Who the fuck doesn't love Danny Duncan like wtf
BYRDY_BOY _ - 1 year ago
He tried to push the car wtf
BYRDY_BOY _ - 1 year ago
Bro this guy is so funny
Josh Green
Josh Green - 1 year ago
Kodak song?
Young D
Young D - 1 year ago
What’s the intro song called ??
Oleg Lisanets
Oleg Lisanets - 1 year ago
Your are supposed to clog the muffler up silo U don’t flood your engine on your dirt bike
katelyn donais
katelyn donais - 1 year ago
whats the name of the opening song?!?!?
THE BIG NUT - 1 year ago
yuhhh i work at dicks in rosevile,CA
The chicken tender guy KFC
The chicken tender guy KFC - 1 year ago
Scooby got waves

30. comment for Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!

SearyMC - 1 year ago
Danny, I can’t buy a sweatshirt. I have 50 dollar amazon gift card but your hoodie cost 60 bucks with tax and shipping
vivid carson
vivid carson - 1 year ago
Kale Perron
Kale Perron - 1 year ago
Young funny smart Danny is always the best ❤️❤️❤️.
Iron Zach94
Iron Zach94 - 1 year ago
Is the dude with the truck related to Danny or just friends ?
Smelly Pelley
Smelly Pelley - 1 year ago
Embrace the pain
Official MoneyMills
Official MoneyMills - 1 year ago
The 257 people that dislike this probably had someones wrecked car on their property.
Ross’s Tutorials
Ross’s Tutorials - 1 year ago
Ffs the end had me laughing my ass off
cincospace - 1 year ago
Danny you should play softball for adults
Michael Lebert
Michael Lebert - 1 year ago
Danny lets do something epic with my car, preferably I wanna drive it through something or off something.
Jamesbravooo - 1 year ago
8:02 OOPS
Tyler James-Vaughn
Tyler James-Vaughn - 1 year ago
bruh i died when brian said "did you put it in neutral" oml lolol
Tyxko - 1 year ago
Danny I will be your Lawyer
Its Ya Boy Mad
Its Ya Boy Mad - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan: 7:35
hunter harris
hunter harris - 1 year ago
Would anyone be so generous enough to buy me a mystery box? I will be forever grateful
XhaunterX1 - 1 year ago
what's the song in the beginning?? Danny u better reply if u real
Pumpkin Y.
Pumpkin Y. - 1 year ago
do the donkey tour you fuck
Shayne Wilber
Shayne Wilber - 1 year ago
Eat my ass
Winter Zzzz
Winter Zzzz - 1 year ago
My friends friends sister lexi saw you at publixs
Matt Dorato
Matt Dorato - 1 year ago
What’s Frankie’s relation to Danny?
Dash Springer
Dash Springer - 1 year ago

50. comment for Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!

Dash Springer
Dash Springer - 1 year ago
I got got jarritos fam
Alex Subia
Alex Subia - 1 year ago
It's a fucking Honda fit! You don't just get rid of a Honda Fucking fit!!!
Alaina Sobo
Alaina Sobo - 1 year ago
make a video with Baylen Levine
Esteban Ramos
Esteban Ramos - 1 year ago
Frankie is a big wussy
Chewybacca The Great
Chewybacca The Great - 1 year ago
Cameron is dummy thicc
Giovanni Ramirez
Giovanni Ramirez - 1 year ago
loved the lauging bit
Meer Money
Meer Money - 1 year ago
Embrace the pain
Taxlys R6
Taxlys R6 - 1 year ago
“Florida man drags car down road”
Drake Anderson
Drake Anderson - 1 year ago
Florida man March 30, man surfs on wrecked car being towed by a truck
MakeItRain16LAX - 1 year ago
“Only students can vote, that’s why it’s gay” -future prom king
Sean Richard
Sean Richard - 1 year ago
Song in the beginning?
Chasper Fridan
Chasper Fridan - 1 year ago
can this comment get 69k likes for danny
nick simon
nick simon - 1 year ago
Yeo Danny, never been on a dirt bike but I love motorcycles, run a bet real quick, if I can jump it first try, I keep it, if I can't I'll let you choose what happens to me, Bet?
Collin Rodrigues
Collin Rodrigues - 1 year ago
I Have jake paul murch
Anthony Torres
Anthony Torres - 1 year ago
Love your videos
Greyson Burke
Greyson Burke - 1 year ago
song ?
Mike Fisher
Mike Fisher - 1 year ago
I miss Danny’s pranks
A Hoff-Elsing
A Hoff-Elsing - 1 year ago
Can you legally change your middle name to “daddy”
ColdChameleon - 1 year ago
whats the song at the beginning
Terra Taylor
Terra Taylor - 1 year ago
George Perez
George Perez - 1 year ago
There is sex doll
Kimber 10MM
Kimber 10MM - 1 year ago
10:26 If you pause it just at the right moment He looks like a Bitch... But if you pause it at 10:27 Still looks like a Bitch
James Pickering
James Pickering - 1 year ago
Gary Glitter - rock and roll song 2 at 9:17

No worries boys I got you
Valor - 1 year ago
James Pickering thank u, I was looking
Brutus Jr 99
Brutus Jr 99 - 1 year ago
This dude is a fucking legend
Mr.kitty man
Mr.kitty man - 1 year ago
You should make giant virginity rocks sky balloons
Megan - 1 year ago
Petty level : danny duncan
tryingFIREbird 61
tryingFIREbird 61 - 1 year ago
Isnt easier to just push the car
Filthy Frogging
Filthy Frogging - 1 year ago
El de la Cheyenne
El de la Cheyenne - 1 year ago
Remember you can get your Merch at Http/
vRagg - 1 year ago
new t-shirt slogan

you dont get rid of a honda fit

i would buy it
marcincus - 1 year ago
Cameron is THICC
Osqwid43 - 1 year ago
Danny you gotta go to siesta key it’s spring break and everybody’s down there
Crispy Cream
Crispy Cream - 1 year ago
What's that base ball song
Grant Bishop
Grant Bishop - 1 year ago
You think YouTube still pays this guy
Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan - 1 year ago
Nalyn - 1 year ago
Why does he look like Tom Cruise
Reece Cheatham
Reece Cheatham - 1 year ago
Mac Miller
Mac Miller - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan looks like Jim Morrison
skippy - 1 year ago
build a shed and put the honda fit in it
ben wood
ben wood - 1 year ago
my gf just broke up with me and sent me 8ball because she thought it was funny, could i get some likes to make me feel better :(
Jessica Peterson
Jessica Peterson - 1 year ago
I had a dream Danny Duncan was braiding my hair, cool but rando ❤
Its_Ecstasy - 1 year ago
Im glad we have a youtuber that actually puts money into making quality videos
Talha Malik
Talha Malik - 1 year ago
put horns on your mom.
Ricardo Benitez
Ricardo Benitez - 1 year ago
I laughed so hard when the girl said she used to pack orders for fouseytube
Maverick C
Maverick C - 1 year ago
I deadass baught though cleats at the beginning of my baseball season
Chillin with friends as the world burns
Chillin with friends as the world burns - 1 year ago
Its funny since Trials Rising added the horns onto any bike
Harold Longer
Harold Longer - 1 year ago
Fight Jake Paul
TheCamdoggy - 1 year ago
Your funny af! Liked how you snapped the clipboard at the end! You remind me of a kid from the 80's!!!
Phantom King
Phantom King - 1 year ago
You should make Danny Dunkin virginity rocks windbreakers
Fanilicious !
Fanilicious ! - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan’s the man
Geena Ragio
Geena Ragio - 1 year ago
I’m gonna marry Daniel.

100. comment for Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!

Rezoku - Brawl Stars
Rezoku - Brawl Stars - 1 year ago
intro song?
joshua hughes
joshua hughes - 1 year ago
using the velvet underground song i see you
Tristan Crowley
Tristan Crowley - 1 year ago
Do gnarly in the intro every time ⛽️
Thejackhack927 My Dads Gone
Thejackhack927 My Dads Gone - 1 year ago
You’re the 2019 Bon scott
Parker Ramirez
Parker Ramirez - 1 year ago
Nizz is Nice
Nizz is Nice - 1 year ago
As a kid I never liked mystery boxes, but as I got older I realized I like mystery, I like boxes, and I love 69... so I’m like “hey mom can you get me a Danny Duncan $69 mystery box?”
Devin Jensen
Devin Jensen - 1 year ago
Embrace the pain
mrgaminggod - 1 year ago
You should stick the car between both properties then they can't decide what to do because technically it is on neither
TJ McMahon
TJ McMahon - 1 year ago
you gotta figure out a way to get the neighbors to give up and leave
Naomi !
Naomi ! - 1 year ago
1:26 micro dick energy
Andrew Humphreys II 777
Andrew Humphreys II 777 - 1 year ago
Ass raped prisoner weed smoker Daniel
Jaxen Ulrich
Jaxen Ulrich - 1 year ago
yo danny you are in my schools year book
Marchiafava Mafia
Marchiafava Mafia - 1 year ago
Intro song?
Andre Serra
Andre Serra - 1 year ago
Burn team 10!!!
LUCAS PAPA - 1 year ago
Wow I love America
Ivan Mateus
Ivan Mateus - 1 year ago
it's açaí, not açái
Daniel L
Daniel L - 1 year ago
Lol when Daniel was getting the straps on the car
Kasper Leinonen
Kasper Leinonen - 1 year ago
When skateboarding gets boring
cjs714 - 1 year ago
Florida > Los Angeles
TEG Uninstall
TEG Uninstall - 1 year ago
Danny protects his camera man more than anyone
Zoink 06
Zoink 06 - 1 year ago
that transition on 7:10 is clean asf
Mercy Wander
Mercy Wander - 1 year ago
Make stuff I can wear to school please
Alex Pawlik
Alex Pawlik - 1 year ago
Danny is probably the funniest guy on YouTube and does not give a fuk about what he does lol I love it
Pottifar 123
Pottifar 123 - 1 year ago
Intro song?
justin freedland
justin freedland - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan vs.Jake Paul boxing
walshproductions1 - 1 year ago
Cameron with his disposable camera was the cutest lol
Just Virdit
Just Virdit - 1 year ago
Why did y’all burn Matt ox
Blake Z
Blake Z - 1 year ago
the baseball field u were at englewood sports complex i was on the other big field we new u were over there but my coach was being an asshole and wouldnt let us go talk to u a take pictures add me on snap to talk me @cod1125
SpaceFlye - 1 year ago
This is why I love this guy. His no f*cks attitude and staying genuine. No people pleasing around here!
Idiot Nidiot
Idiot Nidiot - 1 year ago
Fuck yeah Gary Glitter, Danny
Cristian Estrada
Cristian Estrada - 1 year ago
alan Peralta
alan Peralta - 1 year ago
Love this sh*t
Dustin Manahan
Dustin Manahan - 1 year ago
Yang Gang 2020
Jacob Lawrence
Jacob Lawrence - 1 year ago
intro song???
JxckDK - 1 year ago
Danny I needed that tv wtf
drummersammy - 1 year ago
Melo Junior
Melo Junior - 1 year ago
“It’s a Honda Fit , you just don’t get rid of a Honda Fit wtf”
PaNiCxStealth - 1 year ago
Ohhhhhhhh my pussyyyyy
Riley Martin
Riley Martin - 1 year ago
Who thanks Danny should buy a ford and go mudding with Frankie
Aj Howell
Aj Howell - 1 year ago
You are the best YouTuber ever you make my day every time you post a video
Santa Hats
Santa Hats - 1 year ago
No one just gets rid of a Honda Fit
god - 1 year ago
fuck sarasota country
Joshua - 1 year ago
Anyone know what that baseball montage song was? 9:40
Maximillian mus
Maximillian mus - 1 year ago
Fin kille
J money
J money - 1 year ago
Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker - 1 year ago
What’s the drink from Starbucks that you always get? It looks so good
Spencer Smith
Spencer Smith - 1 year ago
Bro I love ur vids can u make a phone case for an apple iPhone X bc mine fits none of the cases love ur vids FETS LUCK
Vasko - 1 year ago
whats the track at 9:30 ? pls
Eric Willan
Eric Willan - 1 year ago
Why did it take so long for him to make a new vid?
Mason Hedges
Mason Hedges - 1 year ago
Fuck you jake Paul would beat you ass
Zarek Sanders
Zarek Sanders - 1 year ago
Play baseball with fans
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson - 1 year ago
Danny looks like the lead singer of the doors
Evan Baird
Evan Baird - 1 year ago
I’m ashamed that I share the last name with Baird
Mike Pfaff
Mike Pfaff - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan does not read comments
Static_mrgoalie301 - 1 year ago
1:05 she has no idea what he’s saying
Julio Moreno
Julio Moreno - 1 year ago
I’m buying a mystery box just because of the Spanish chick
Nin Tendo
Nin Tendo - 1 year ago
Promoted merch 3 times
Noah Woods-Bannan
Noah Woods-Bannan - 1 year ago
anyone know what those smoke bombs r called that he threw mid-early in the video?
Crazzeuuh - 1 year ago
What's the firework called?
1Adam12 - 1 year ago
The equations lol
Kristian Glavan
Kristian Glavan - 1 year ago
JS Outdoors
JS Outdoors - 1 year ago
sam gdhkm
sam gdhkm - 1 year ago
Anybody know the intro song name?
Brodieplays X5
Brodieplays X5 - 1 year ago
Fuck team 10
DM94JAK - 1 year ago
I hate ppl so much. Y the fuck does something in someone else's yard effect u. As long as my neighbors shit doesnt fuck shit up on my property n doesn't endanger my shit who gives a fuck. Fuck the old bitch who complained to the county about something sitting in someone else's yard
Anthony 301
Anthony 301 - 1 year ago
Too bad i just bought a whole bunch of nav merch now I can’t buy my Danny Duncan mystery box
FreshhJms - 1 year ago
Song at 7:13 ???
Lucas Rivest-Ricard
Lucas Rivest-Ricard - 1 year ago
what’s the name of the song
Giannis Goat
Giannis Goat - 1 year ago
u have got copyrited for using song in the first 10 secs
Jerry Cruz
Jerry Cruz - 1 year ago
Giannis Goat what’s the name of the song ?
fycking banger
Dejny - 1 year ago
Like, then watch the video!
Quang 69
Quang 69 - 1 year ago
I use your Merch every day at school and I am third teen
Quang 69
Quang 69 - 1 year ago
I use your merch everyday at School
Wassem Darwiche
Wassem Darwiche - 1 year ago
Lmao i love every small movie type clip danny puts in every video, he could honestly make a fucking movie
Arctic LigMa
Arctic LigMa - 1 year ago
Wish I was part of your crew it looks fun as
// c l o u d
// c l o u d - 1 year ago
u gonna get killed one day because of the bull horns on the motorbike danny. :-D
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus - 1 year ago
Don’t get old on us Daniel
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus - 1 year ago
Almost thought it was fucked up. But then I seen Daniel and Cameron. I like our small person but Daniel smokes weed haha
Aquatic03 - 1 year ago
Why can't you just claim the cars art?
Isaia Wright
Isaia Wright - 1 year ago
Fuck that gay team 10 bullshit
ISNLUI - 1 year ago
Team 10 beef
1000 subs and no videos
1000 subs and no videos - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan is the goat
biscuit - 1 year ago
What kind of fucking idiot buys fousey merch fousey prob Jack's off on them before sending them out
ASFALT21 - 1 year ago
It's not really 130$ value, you think they're selling every box with 60 dollar loss? Don't be an idiot lol
biscuit - 1 year ago
Sub to Danny's second channel or u a bum
BairddE - 1 year ago
You ever think about hosting a Danny Duncan fan meet up / softball or baseball game?? CONTENT
bob.Evans. - 1 year ago
I remeber you traded that hudy for a danny duncan one
中空分隊 - 1 year ago
what the actually fuck. You cant hang a car in your tree on your fucking property? is this right?
Tyler Downes
Tyler Downes - 1 year ago
Get money act like a pussy willow
Tyler Downes
Tyler Downes - 1 year ago
Stop being a fucking d hole danny
Gilles D'hondt
Gilles D'hondt - 1 year ago
This is funny af
Aaron lines
Aaron lines - 1 year ago
What's the song he played when they burned the t10 pos
joel alario
joel alario - 1 year ago
Why the fuck are u such are fucking legend?
Barrett Dorris
Barrett Dorris - 1 year ago
i’ve bought every mystery box just to support the doctor Winthrop himself
christopher rael
christopher rael - 1 year ago
Why does it say “ Car surfing with Danny Duncan”

when this is his channel
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor - 1 year ago
Baaahahaha 9:41 epic wedgie. RIP to tha game. Killin' it.
Robert Paris209
Robert Paris209 - 1 year ago
Keep up the good work Danny
Jas0n35 - 1 year ago
Yo no homo but Cameron thicc af man...
Random - 1 year ago
Did danny get a i8?
güàpø - 1 year ago
james charles just kissed you

like to undo
JmH_ThaGreatest - 1 year ago
Why you diss on the cameron like that bruh 3:27
JAY3DAYGO-CITY 619 - 1 year ago
Fuck team 10
J Dollas
J Dollas - 1 year ago
It’s funny how Danny where the woman shoes bc he size of woman
Rick Eman ekaf
Rick Eman ekaf - 1 year ago
You're gay
JAY3DAYGO-CITY 619 - 1 year ago
Danny can i have the motor of that Honda Fit man
Morescore lol
Morescore lol - 1 year ago
i feel like the mystery box is a way for them to get rid of unwanted merch
Moses Ruiz
Moses Ruiz - 1 year ago
11 minutes went by fast
AlucarD DraculA
AlucarD DraculA - 1 year ago
All of Danny's crew own new cars and sleep on couches or floors
AlucarD DraculA
AlucarD DraculA - 1 year ago
Baseball bit comes on looks like a clip from Sandlot
AlucarD DraculA
AlucarD DraculA - 1 year ago
Surfin USA
AlucarD DraculA
AlucarD DraculA - 1 year ago
Car flips....I think it's fine. Just get it fokken done thanks
bray den
bray den - 1 year ago
I feel like Danny was definitely a shortstop back in his day
Bill Nolan
Bill Nolan - 1 year ago
I think it’s time to start making more videos per week. Your views are falling down.. plus I love watching you so more videos a week would be nice.. lol
Zac Morgan
Zac Morgan - 1 year ago
Cameron’s thic. No homo
car central
car central - 1 year ago
Who drives the Chevy what a pussy ohhh it burns lmao
Buer - 1 year ago
Name of the Song?
Burbuls - 1 year ago
danny is basically a crazy hillbilly. burning shit and destroying cars
Michael - 1 year ago
Thank you, Danny, for the great content. Your videos always make me laugh and encourage me to be myself every day.
scubawithatuba - 1 year ago
Danny is the kind of guy I wish was a trillionaire or the president.
Collin Fredrickson
Collin Fredrickson - 1 year ago
Intro song?
Payton Kahlstorf
Payton Kahlstorf - 1 year ago
Under armor clip is the funniest thing jvwr ever seen
ivedied - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan come on danny I was riding those when I was 10 years old...

Edit: I still loved whipping the 70 around when I was older tho not ganna lie
Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan - 1 year ago
And a 110 and a 50 .. don’t worry I can literally do anything
cig bhungus
cig bhungus - 1 year ago
pin this if your mom is your mom
al John
al John - 1 year ago
Anyone know what the song in the into is?????
G Johnsonn
G Johnsonn - 1 year ago
Can I get the cleats????
TTSA Mansfield
TTSA Mansfield - 1 year ago
Soooooooo hottttttttttt
MistRTibbles - 1 year ago
Danny: doesn't use straws. Also Danny: burns and entire plastic mannequin
ShiraYuki bunny
ShiraYuki bunny - 1 year ago
Daniel the stoner looks like that fat kid from "The OA"
Rat Snackerson
Rat Snackerson - 1 year ago
Velvet underground ! Who’s chooses the songs they’re the goat
A Gamer
A Gamer - 1 year ago
Donny Ducken vs jack pual
Nick Rojas
Nick Rojas - 1 year ago
Thought the frisbee was energy ammo at 0:14 smh
Jared Martin
Jared Martin - 1 year ago
Frankie is that Divorce dad who buys a bunch of nice shit and is really just broke
ResetYourCard - 1 year ago
Danny fucking Duncan
Sawyer Weinert
Sawyer Weinert - 1 year ago
I know you don’t do reacting videos but I think you should react to coach Kent Murphy he is funny as shit
Fruity Pepples89
Fruity Pepples89 - 1 year ago
Like if Danny is sexy af
James Bretz
James Bretz - 1 year ago
My friend wore the ass eatin seazon t to school and the office took it
Rawr 69
Rawr 69 - 1 year ago
Manny Lopez
Manny Lopez - 1 year ago
Why do his videos make the songs better
Disincentz - 1 year ago
that jumping throw to first base was niceeeee, Derek Jeter type shit
Karma Woeser
Karma Woeser - 1 year ago
1 like=one day without James Charles
Joey Rodriguez
Joey Rodriguez - 1 year ago
When he tried to push the car and Danny laughed that shit was funny asf
DarkPots - 1 year ago
Post more please the vids are so good
MrLostinlife2010 - 1 year ago
Blow up the fit
Clockwise Pigeon
Clockwise Pigeon - 1 year ago
Cameron is DUMMY thicc
Tyson Lemmar
Tyson Lemmar - 1 year ago
genuinely surprised you aren't in jail yet
elijah carpenter
elijah carpenter - 1 year ago
You have 90 degree weather where you are, its 34 where I'm at.
jake x
jake x - 1 year ago
daddy duncan
Gelid Penguin
Gelid Penguin - 1 year ago
Put a green screen a little bit on the bike and put an actual mule, bull, etc and then ride it ;)
TheLone Wolf
TheLone Wolf - 1 year ago
Surfing USA
Dolan - 1 year ago
anyone know the intro song ?
Young G35
Young G35 - 1 year ago
Dang how rich is this dude
cobalt-pogo - 1 year ago
Neegar Please
Neegar Please - 1 year ago
We want longer videos
Tessie Scharf
Tessie Scharf - 1 year ago
I love how Danny’s still fucking crazy but still has a little bit of normal that shows sometimes AHA
L.Pasteur - 1 year ago
Danny's content is way more authentic and entertaining than all the Kardashian's put together. And that includes Kanye.
Steel Nelson
Steel Nelson - 1 year ago
It's about time fucking you uploaded
Mr.Fresh Latino
Mr.Fresh Latino - 1 year ago
Blair Neighbors
Blair Neighbors - 1 year ago
Daniel is the best
JayLegend - 1 year ago
In Russia you don't surf the car, the
car surf you
TYG MoneyShot cam
TYG MoneyShot cam - 1 year ago
Come to chino Hills
THEAMINYASEEN 2016 - 1 year ago
9:15 what’s that song
Sup Bich
Sup Bich - 1 year ago
Hmmmm smell good

Just a normal day with Danny Duncan
Michael Cosentino
Michael Cosentino - 1 year ago
I think it’s fine
Oskee - 1 year ago
Nobody :

Chris chris
Chris chris - 1 year ago
3 Years
3 Years - 1 year ago
Intro song?
Wyatt Tyler
Wyatt Tyler - 1 year ago
Highpolarbear22 - 1 year ago
Cameron looking THICC
Osvaldo Esquivel
Osvaldo Esquivel - 1 year ago
The ending killed me. Effing Danny I love the guy for his genuinality
I Sperandeo
I Sperandeo - 1 year ago
anyone that dislikes this video is fucking gay
Matias Rodriguez
Matias Rodriguez - 1 year ago
Tbh, dannys videos are at theyre best when they go out and fuck with random people
D1splayHR - 1 year ago
Mom: your gonna have to go to fucking court and shit
Danny: stares at camera "more content"

Look what this man does to entertain his viewers. Amazing.
ii SLL ii YT
ii SLL ii YT - 1 year ago
Danny can you please start fucking around in PUBLIC again
Robotdude 100211
Robotdude 100211 - 1 year ago
Ya a new vid
WilsonVidz - 1 year ago
I want that butt shot of danny in baseball clothes on a t-shirt
Everydayanyday.edits - 1 year ago
Owen Wegman
Owen Wegman - 1 year ago
shrugs "more content' lmaoooo
JunkyardBoyz - 1 year ago
Is it just me or should danny invest in a tv commercial for the memes.
Jaii gogetit
Jaii gogetit - 1 year ago
I'm sure there are companies that would sponsor you!! stores that sell sex toys, pro safe sex campaigns... endless opportunities in the world of sexual desires.. no filter :*)
Jaii gogetit
Jaii gogetit - 1 year ago
100% authentic!! haha no other utuber throws shade at other fckers, especially not in a video.
Your Highness II
Your Highness II - 1 year ago
"Oh my pusssssssssssy!"
Marquis0123 - 1 year ago
You should drop a Gary winthorbe shirt
CoconutSu0 -
CoconutSu0 - - 1 year ago
PaPa Q
PaPa Q - 1 year ago
I’ll work for 2 bucks less than this guys to pack orders all day
Jaii gogetit
Jaii gogetit - 1 year ago
all that pot is making him think he has super powers
500 on me GWAPGANG
500 on me GWAPGANG - 1 year ago
When you’re so famous you put your own name in the title
MajicNinja - 1 year ago
500 on me GWAPGANG I didn’t even notice that
Jackson Fuller
Jackson Fuller - 1 year ago
Opening song
Jakob Holley
Jakob Holley - 1 year ago
What’s song at 9:15
Quiet corner Builds
Quiet corner Builds - 1 year ago
Challenge an entire little league team with 3guys like the bench warmers for more dope baseball content!!
evol - 1 year ago

American flag! runs in fire to grab it

meanwhile theres a propane torch right beside it LOL
Harambe - 1 year ago
confront your neighbors about being a snitch for a vid
500 on me GWAPGANG
500 on me GWAPGANG - 1 year ago
“Hey man I’m not sorry but I feel bad a little bit”
Erik Mileski
Erik Mileski - 1 year ago
Danny doesn’t use straws but burns entire plastic mannequin
Pillsinmyshoes - 1 year ago
Did Barrett's mom drop him on purpose, twice?
Pillsinmyshoes - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan ohhhh tea.
Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan - 1 year ago
She passed away actually. Chill
Nkkilla 1235
Nkkilla 1235 - 1 year ago
Intro song?
BIG T - 1 year ago
What song is that I’m drawing a blank
Taylor - 1 year ago
Oh my god 5:00 killed me
King Peebs
King Peebs - 1 year ago
Wish I could afford a freaking mystery box
Kileigh Brooks
Kileigh Brooks - 1 year ago
in black and white danny is instantly 1000 times more attractive.
caleb lamon
caleb lamon - 1 year ago
Frankie got that angry Lil Man syndrome
Real XDFB - 1 year ago
Why do they care it’s your house, your property lmao
Tyler Hunter
Tyler Hunter - 1 year ago
My school took my legalize eating ass jacket
Uriel Esparza
Uriel Esparza - 1 year ago
Cory King I’ll buy one if he does
RICH 00 GAMING - 1 year ago
bruh my last name is Akai
No Lies
Jealous-E-Gaming - 1 year ago
I like your friends fuel assaults, too bad their on a Chevy :(
Arlo - 1 year ago
Wtf why can’t you have a smashed on car on property that is privately owned that’s bullshit someone seriously explain
Dequaves the 3rd
Dequaves the 3rd - 1 year ago
Danny looks thicccc as fuck in that baseball outfit no homo
Muhnson - 1 year ago
Still dont know why you only have 2.3 mil
Liam Clark
Liam Clark - 1 year ago
Danny I wanna box Cameron make it happen
Megan G
Megan G - 1 year ago
Danny the shit
hi there
hi there - 1 year ago
this man is an advertising genius
bad boys productions
bad boys productions - 1 year ago
I like how the little person walking
Faqz L
Faqz L - 1 year ago
5:49 he look like ohgeesy
It's dizzan
It's dizzan - 1 year ago
Could you imagine if the horns fell off and stabbed your leg
Ploppy Gretzky
Ploppy Gretzky - 1 year ago
You should fill a u haul truck with water and ride in the city in it
Michael Salvatore
Michael Salvatore - 1 year ago
Set up manikins across catherins fence line just to fuck with her
Liam McAlexander
Liam McAlexander - 1 year ago
Yo Danny you should get story fire you can say anything you want and do anything you want
Andrew Bush
Andrew Bush - 1 year ago
if i were you id move back and forth between the propertys to piss people off and have the make and close the cases
nothing nothkng
nothing nothkng - 1 year ago
You should get a truck for Gary and put a big cowboy hat and a ton of horns on the front
So Bothered
So Bothered - 1 year ago
Oh I thought the title said “with Dan Duncan” but then I realized
Wilkie-2002 - 1 year ago
Daddy Duncan
Hey_Its _Caison
Hey_Its _Caison - 1 year ago
Why is cameron so fuCKING THICCC
User 10903
User 10903 - 1 year ago
7:00 When a girl gets checked out by a dude.
Austin B
Austin B - 1 year ago
Danny trashes way to hard on that bear kid. I had someone calling me stupid non stop like that and eventually you start believing it and it digs at your confidence. I love Danny but he takes it to far sometimes with his friends
Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan - 1 year ago
That’s because you’re a pussy. Bayard also calls people stupid. We’re not just bullying him or whatever you think. We’re friends.
Colbs Gaming
Colbs Gaming - 1 year ago
Danny said “dude it been 2 fucking hours” , before I heard anything else, yt paused and reminded me that I’ve been watching for two hours. Crazy
ching chong
ching chong - 1 year ago
Florida man puts car in a tree
Frankg Estrada
Frankg Estrada - 1 year ago
JUJU sent me .........
Carl - 1 year ago
You got to make a baseball jersey and the jersey number should be 69
CamoCow - 1 year ago
you are immune to the "JAmeS cHArLES JuST KISSed YOu Like TO UNdo" or any other James Charles comments no like needed but they are appreciated so i can feed my cow babies
Mike Zhao
Mike Zhao - 1 year ago
what’s the song in the beginning ???
Kevin Gonzalez
Kevin Gonzalez - 1 year ago
What baseball glove are you using
Frankg Estrada
Frankg Estrada - 1 year ago
You sir. Are an.
E. P. I. C. MAN. I salute you
Hunter Gibson
Hunter Gibson - 1 year ago
Do shit w moltov
Noble Lady Killer
Noble Lady Killer - 1 year ago
More baseball clips !!!
Tavia Marie
Tavia Marie - 1 year ago

Danny setting a mannequin on fire in his yard:
Dorian Drives
Dorian Drives - 1 year ago
Danny take it to a body shop to get fixed lol
Noah Jim
Noah Jim - 1 year ago
Isaac Ashfield
Isaac Ashfield - 1 year ago
Camron wasn’t pushing
YourBoy KDog
YourBoy KDog - 1 year ago
Why is dat dude saying fuck a lot so funny
GREENHECKLER , - 1 year ago
MVXII - 1 year ago
Camron is thicc
Peter  Dulissi
Peter Dulissi - 1 year ago
Wow, really in all seriousness it doesn’t get much more American than Danny Duncan. What a stud
Diz Dizx
Diz Dizx - 1 year ago
Why is that chevy truck bastard cunt always moody - ly danny
DJ Wishon Pranks
DJ Wishon Pranks - 1 year ago
Your my inspiration to my channel I’m uploading my own pranks like u but idk what equipment to use can anyone help
DubleSwat - 1 year ago
what is that intro song i wanna now i like that song but dont remember what its called????
Gavin Bernstein
Gavin Bernstein - 1 year ago
Who bmw i8 is that
Mr Buckets992
Mr Buckets992 - 1 year ago
Danny needs to make a video playing softball
Ryan - 1 year ago
bro did i jus hear a velvet underground song in a danny duncan video
Martin Gregor
Martin Gregor - 1 year ago
I thought Danny was just gonna stand on top of a car while it's driving and call it car surfing. But I should've known that he was literally gonna use a car as a surf board lmaooo
Dalton Scruggs
Dalton Scruggs - 1 year ago
Embrace the pain
carter., - 1 year ago
my nigga Danny's videos always make my day bruh lmfao
Noah Modrzejewski
Noah Modrzejewski - 1 year ago
My girlfriend just dumped me, atleast I got Danny
Jared Bayles
Jared Bayles - 1 year ago
Nick Frechette
Nick Frechette - 1 year ago
Make the money Danny.. you dah boss
VORTEXELITE85 - 1 year ago
Hi Danny Duncan of Englewood, Fl
Colin Day
Colin Day - 1 year ago
Leave a like if DANNY DUNACN is your SPIRIT- ANIMAL
The Upscale
The Upscale - 1 year ago
0:50 nice envoy! :D what year?
KNG Fresh
KNG Fresh - 1 year ago
Pls hang out with Baylen Levine that would be legendary
Nate Cryer
Nate Cryer - 1 year ago
Embrace the pain
Hidden Sun
Hidden Sun - 1 year ago
Stop using F word infront of your mom...
C G - 1 year ago
Why not just be nice to your neighbors?
Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan - 1 year ago
Because they call the county and the cops on me over bullshit
Kermit Suicide
Kermit Suicide - 1 year ago
I bought your shirt
charlie - 1 year ago
my bro saw you at UTC today. i wanted to go but i was working smh :(
Kermit Suicide
Kermit Suicide - 1 year ago
Put the Honda fitt on top of the roof of the person who made the complaint
Beau - 1 year ago
Dillon Szerszen
Dillon Szerszen - 1 year ago
new wave make the adds entertaining
Tobin Pearson
Tobin Pearson - 1 year ago
I bought the mystery box, I can’t wait to see what I get!!
Suffer-boss B
Suffer-boss B - 1 year ago
Lets go Florida state education push that car
zenzy ll
zenzy ll - 1 year ago
Imagine if danny and joogsqaud did a colab
Jacob Henry
Jacob Henry - 1 year ago
He saved the amiracn flag true American rite ther thank you danny
CJ Vaughn
CJ Vaughn - 1 year ago
At 3:04 you can see license plate AGUZ51
Elliott Lee
Elliott Lee - 1 year ago
Dope Pope // StevenShotMe
Dope Pope // StevenShotMe - 1 year ago
Fuck Fousey!
mustard - 1 year ago
don’t you ever think he could be a national sports player other than youtube
Curran Judge
Curran Judge - 1 year ago
Can you make sweatpants
Jacob Henry
Jacob Henry - 1 year ago
R.i.p manican
Patrick Ray
Patrick Ray - 1 year ago
EricTehRedneck - 1 year ago
ive got to say if i was in his position i would be doing the same shit lol
bailey paden
bailey paden - 1 year ago
honda is still running
Twitch_ Peso_
Twitch_ Peso_ - 1 year ago
Can I get a fuck yea Danny in the chat???
Miguel Diaz
Miguel Diaz - 1 year ago
Never See Him Wearing Legalize Eating Ass
Rylan Hurley
Rylan Hurley - 1 year ago
Next video title: riding dildos with Danny Duncan
Angus Lunch
Angus Lunch - 1 year ago
Epic fortnite Gamer
Epic fortnite Gamer - 1 year ago
I got dress coded for wearing a virginity rocks hoodie
Tony Reyes
Tony Reyes - 1 year ago
Hahahahaha She used to work for fouseytube
Whinie Thenit
Whinie Thenit - 1 year ago
Ur rich
Kings skate crew
Kings skate crew - 1 year ago
watch the no jumper interview with Fouseytube
Zachary Douglas
Zachary Douglas - 1 year ago
Please post more
Hide Afro
Hide Afro - 1 year ago
What’s the opening song
Jacob Burka
Jacob Burka - 1 year ago
Danny use story fire and you can cuss as much as you want and still get ads and everyone download it
Your uncle
Your uncle - 1 year ago
Lmaooo 3:29
Demonic_Playz YT
Demonic_Playz YT - 1 year ago
Dude your channel has grown so much used to watch before 500,000
ThreeFourCatch - 1 year ago
Sick plays lol
Jingo - 1 year ago
Please make baseball jerseys
Rylie Bryant
Rylie Bryant - 1 year ago
long live the fit
Purity 710
Purity 710 - 1 year ago
Cameron get the fuck out of the way or you're gonna get hit,
"are you taking pictures with a disposable camera".. died
Josh Swift
Josh Swift - 1 year ago
B3ASTHD - 1 year ago
I'll take the boy to prom I'm a senior In high school lol so glad he won't see this comment
Burger bear
Burger bear - 1 year ago
How can I get a catnip shirt
Big Iron
Big Iron - 1 year ago
7:11 at first I thought that sound was Michael from GTA5 burning.
Owen Green
Owen Green - 1 year ago
Don’t try this at home kids... if ur a pussy
Ben Kampman
Ben Kampman - 1 year ago
Cameron is dummy thicc for a size challenged nibba
Lenny_face MLG
Lenny_face MLG - 1 year ago
The Honda’s a MANS car he can’t throw it out
Jonathon Chandnoit
Jonathon Chandnoit - 1 year ago
Fuck Catherine
prod elaine
prod elaine - 1 year ago
one like 1 R.I.P to fouseyTube
Monkey D. Joey
Monkey D. Joey - 1 year ago
FMJ - 1 year ago
I still gonna ask when the next Grocery Shopping vid
Nikku Batth
Nikku Batth - 1 year ago
Team 10 merch RIP
ADHDavid - 1 year ago
Danny said fuck that Honda Fit
Gennifer Holtzhauer
Gennifer Holtzhauer - 1 year ago
I wore my legalize eating ass hoodie to school. Got sent to the principles office and all he did was laugh his ass off
James Hickman
James Hickman - 1 year ago
3:39 - I just want to know why a loaf of bread came out your demolished Honda Fit?
Alexandre Gonsolin
Alexandre Gonsolin - 1 year ago
european: -only 69$ oh sith let's get it
shpping charges 50$
total 119$
Devon Bonney
Devon Bonney - 1 year ago
The fastest 11:08 ever
Ward Lock
Ward Lock - 1 year ago
Get a junk car that runs and leave in the yard.
ImCasper - 1 year ago
I always forgot the guys name with truck but he looks like a spot on baseball dad with the glasses with the wire in the back and evoshield hat lmao
coldbabydom - 1 year ago
Knock knock
William Balbuena
William Balbuena - 1 year ago
Fuck team 10
Kid Savage
Kid Savage - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan Just Kissed Your Peen

Like To Undo
coleton pugh
coleton pugh - 1 year ago
That baseball part was quite nice
Ayden Broom
Ayden Broom - 1 year ago
Frankie’s a little bit of a dick lmao
John Abbott
John Abbott - 1 year ago
tell those shitty neighbors to mind their fucking business pussies!!
apetheape9 - 1 year ago
Danny's hypothetical scenarios always kill me
Kam Ballin
Kam Ballin - 1 year ago
You should make a softball league
hyper - 1 year ago
wait, is that Danny Duncan?
Colby Beavers
Colby Beavers - 1 year ago
Danny needs to release a baseball Jersey with 69 on the back
k.a.d .s k i d z
k.a.d .s k i d z - 1 year ago
I love you but post more asswipe
you the hairy arse ted
you the hairy arse ted - 1 year ago
Awwwwwwhhhhhh myyyyyy pussssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Pual - 1 year ago
I think Danny is my daddy?
carl danielsbacka
carl danielsbacka - 1 year ago
1:24 made my day!
Leo Jefferson
Leo Jefferson - 1 year ago
Daniel J Duncan????
Luke Gebhardt
Luke Gebhardt - 1 year ago
In his video he made a while ago called teaching a jetski how to swim he told his little sister that the Honda was gonna be her first car and now it’s been smashed and put it in a tree now being dragged back and forth between two yards. If Danny knows what I’m talking about he will like this comment
ty campeau
ty campeau - 1 year ago
Thanks danny
Doozy_01 - 1 year ago
DankHotPocket - 1 year ago
Already got a mystery box
00101101 10110
00101101 10110 - 1 year ago
Danny you gotta do more pranks or skits in your videos bc u can be funny as hell
KJ Mahoney
KJ Mahoney - 1 year ago
you have to go to a pro baseball tryout, and fuck around, but act like ur really good and just piss everyone off, especially the people that actually care
CrazyGrenade - 1 year ago
danny duncan softball cleats
tommy gutierrez
tommy gutierrez - 1 year ago
Danny I saw u at utc mall today
gt alex 589 115
gt alex 589 115 - 1 year ago
Make more videos please
Bucks and Ducks
Bucks and Ducks - 1 year ago
You should text back that kid that kid on insta who asked you to be on his dodgeball team
RMKT - 1 year ago
9:15 a song that was in a golf movie in a baseball montage
Lucas Zambrano
Lucas Zambrano - 1 year ago
"youre wack bitch fuck you" I died laughing
Burkes - 1 year ago
you got 'açaí' right
oilers hockeyfan1
oilers hockeyfan1 - 1 year ago
Danny you need cows so fuckin bad
Finleytreu Vids
Finleytreu Vids - 1 year ago
Lol embrace the pain
Christian Black
Christian Black - 1 year ago
#DannyDuncan for are the best YouTuber ever.
Amanda R
Amanda R - 1 year ago
i think this is one of the best vlogs yet
Max Cope
Max Cope - 1 year ago
Good vid danny
renizzle t
renizzle t - 1 year ago
Funny one yet!!
Jeziel Pagan
Jeziel Pagan - 1 year ago
I wish i could have that tv that u broke
traycc - 1 year ago
Brad Stephen Pollard
Brad Stephen Pollard - 1 year ago
What’s the song at 7:14?
Neil E.Anlin
Neil E.Anlin - 1 year ago
You need to stop it with all the fuckin name wears on people that already have confidence problems.
Finn Sullivan
Finn Sullivan - 1 year ago
Sup danny
The Chino
The Chino - 1 year ago
Go surf with JOB
Joe Swanson
Joe Swanson - 1 year ago
The guy with the Chevy truck is an asshole. Why do you hang out with him Danny ?
Beach Boy 3000
Beach Boy 3000 - 1 year ago
Do what ever the fuck you want
Liban Valladares
Liban Valladares - 1 year ago
I didn’t know this fucker had two properties on the same street....
Beach Boy 3000
Beach Boy 3000 - 1 year ago
So what ever the fuck you want
luke Thompson
luke Thompson - 1 year ago
Is it totaled?
Ezequiel Hernandez
Ezequiel Hernandez - 1 year ago
Perfect timing

Just sat down to take a shit ..
Westin Rink
Westin Rink - 1 year ago
Cameron is funny AF
Cancerous Sloth
Cancerous Sloth - 1 year ago
I'm in this clip for racial diversity hahahaha
Brady ganshorn
Brady ganshorn - 1 year ago
Your to worried about shit you need to chill and do stupid shit like you used to. YOUR TURNING INTO NINJA
BriaForPres - 1 year ago
Nothings Better than coming home after a long ass day at work to a Danny Duncan vid
Stormy Beats
Stormy Beats - 1 year ago
Who else lowkey feels bad for barret
Conversations With Pepe
Conversations With Pepe - 1 year ago
man fuck you danny dumbcum
jason bousman
jason bousman - 1 year ago
You should buy your mom a new car
Fernando Imports
Fernando Imports - 1 year ago
I love açaí ! #Brasil kkkkkkk n sabia que tinha açaí nos estados unidos
Fernando Imports
Fernando Imports - 1 year ago
8:26 hahahahhahaha WTF
Nacs - 1 year ago
TBH liked this vlog a lot more than you just being a douche to your homies
Austin Fish
Austin Fish - 1 year ago
i want a phone case but i have the iphone xr
Ryan xeo
Ryan xeo - 1 year ago
you should bury it
Enrique Espino
Enrique Espino - 1 year ago
How did you make it pop what was it lmaooo just for stupid purposes
Steffan Jones
Steffan Jones - 1 year ago
Daym! What a great guy!!
Littlemugger5 - 1 year ago
9:21 Damn Cameron THICCCC
SoggySardineSlapper69 69
SoggySardineSlapper69 69 - 1 year ago
If I’m that kid, I’m ditching these douchebags for sure
Mathew Marostega
Mathew Marostega - 1 year ago
Intro song by Kodak?
DopeForkliftOperator - 1 year ago
Skad - 1 year ago
Gerald Robinson
Gerald Robinson - 1 year ago
Just bought a mystery box love you danny
Yabba Dabba
Yabba Dabba - 1 year ago
Was hoping it was Danny Duncan (the drummer from We The Kings) instead of him talking in 3rd person.
Jonathan Miralrio
Jonathan Miralrio - 1 year ago
What was that drake song
Nicholas Spencer
Nicholas Spencer - 1 year ago
The ending skits are my favorite. How does Danny not have 20 mill subs? Oh that's right, he didnt sell out like Fouseys gay ass.
OaklandX Mando
OaklandX Mando - 1 year ago
Danny: This shit is hilarious
Dosent laugh all video
VoiD GTR - 1 year ago
hey danny can you make a big ass wall sticker thing i want to put it on my wall
VoiD GTR - 1 year ago
id pay for it
Hunter Edmonds
Hunter Edmonds - 1 year ago
If Catherine had some genuine Danny Duncan merch you may win the battle lol
Standards In life
Standards In life - 1 year ago
You should box jake Paul so u get more clout by winning
King Francis
King Francis - 1 year ago
Keep making the videos man
•Grayson •
•Grayson • - 1 year ago
Gg brother
Dina !
Dina ! - 1 year ago
Danny ima buy you a new Honda Fit
slvmmered - 1 year ago
Daniel Ivan
Daniel Ivan - 1 year ago
Danny gets impaled by horns on bike
Solid idea
Collin Rodrigues
Collin Rodrigues - 1 year ago
My friend padro saw you at a shop with juju
yargaming !
yargaming ! - 1 year ago
i wore the Fets Luck and got yelled at and told to take it off I said listen you are just illiterate and then got yelled at for the virginity rocks i said it means purity and they didn't have it lol rip me
Ultra Frosty
Ultra Frosty - 1 year ago
Can’t u just put it back in the other property because putting a case on you would be double jeopardy
Shad0w_ Reaper
Shad0w_ Reaper - 1 year ago
Hey Danny is Donald out of jail yet if so you gotta find him
Kujivs - 1 year ago
Danny Duncan Baseball League DDBL
Ginga Ninja Gaming
Ginga Ninja Gaming - 1 year ago
Cameron is thick btw this video was fucking amazing
Lamp Productions
Lamp Productions - 1 year ago
Damn that i8 doe

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