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Echo Trip
Echo Trip - 4 years ago
I surfed it for the first time yesterday! Was almost like in this video. Just a little smaller.
Tim W
Tim W - 4 years ago
Justa drop soo sad!
Michael McBurney
Michael McBurney - 5 years ago
Inna Dance Hall Style
PBGSURFER65 - 6 years ago
I wonder if there are other better breaks in china. Looks like junk.
Sanjak Pitakrat
Sanjak Pitakrat - 5 years ago
Lmao it's in oahu
Twed j8
Twed j8 - 5 years ago
I hope you realise this isnt actually china
Christian Huerta
Christian Huerta - 6 years ago
feel like these dudes should be wearing a helmet
Bobb Lawrence
Bobb Lawrence - 5 years ago
Yes and bringing their brains with them since they seem to need them. Nah, if ya gotta do it YOU DO. aloha from da hook. Prez. of the Big Island Body Surfing Club.
Ray Gun
Ray Gun - 6 years ago
this place can get heavy, not a beginners break.
Bonnie Ruth
Bonnie Ruth - 7 years ago
Nice how you've used a barrington levy dub. :)
James D
James D - 7 years ago
James D
James D - 7 years ago
You can keep it
stillwandering59 - 7 years ago
the only thing that makes this vid are the chicks on the rocks the wave is fat and shit
magorkel - 6 years ago
+stillwandering59 no poontang

10. comment for China Walls Surf

808BAMFasian - 9 years ago
Those are some nuts lefts
lethgowerboy - 9 years ago
Checkout Madlib - Blunted in the Bombshelter - it's track 29.
HapaOhio - 9 years ago
Good music. Is that old school crackles from a record player I hear? Good vibe to it.
cara della
cara della - 9 years ago
Zac White
Zac White - 9 years ago
So much speed
SmileSurferStyle - 9 years ago
That looks fun!!
Sanjak Pitakrat
Sanjak Pitakrat - 9 years ago
oh god, look at the line you can draw!
geremdu85 - 9 years ago
super lieu, mais vague pourrie!!!!
Garry Davies
Garry Davies - 9 years ago
what a hoax wave
JLiRD808 - 9 years ago
I dont think Ive ever heard of a China Walls by DH, and I grew up in town. Ala Moana and DH were our home breaks for YEARS. DH sucks pretty much anyways except for Lighthouses and specific spots when its cranking/tide is right/wind is right. Also, u can see DH in the background, so technically ur right.....this IS by Diamond Head lol.

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JLiRD808 - 9 years ago
Oh there's a small lagoon that's further in, but its kinda a paddle and small kine shallow IIRC.
JLiRD808 - 9 years ago
Lol...u paddle further out to where the wave's still just a swell and GRAB DA ROCKS!!
MrGrimlaw - 9 years ago
What a burger! ;p
marciodossantos garcia
marciodossantos garcia - 9 years ago
que pico alucinante
Tiaan Smith
Tiaan Smith - 9 years ago
So fuckin sketchy
Bloomin Tokyo
Bloomin Tokyo - 9 years ago
in Portlock dipshit. I live near there
iSurfTooMuch RideWaves
iSurfTooMuch RideWaves - 9 years ago
blown46pwr - 9 years ago
The swell has to be bigger for China Walls to break. The next break in is Pillars and the next break is 2nds. I had so much fun growing up surfing those places. :-)
blown46pwr - 9 years ago
a little further down there is a small bay and then a little finger of rock juts out. there is a small window between waves or between sets when you have to get in. if you get hit by a wave the freaking rocks are super sharp, LOL. Or you could be lucky enough to get a wave and just paddle to Pillars, which is the next break down, but it is a bit of a walk to get back. I grew up in the area and used to surf this break. Actually, this vid is just portlock point, china walls is about 100 yards out.
haolefakaz808 - 9 years ago
idk maybe you PADDLE!

30. comment for China Walls Surf

shootzbra - 10 years ago
Portlocks wave and china walls wave are not even close to being the same type of wave.Both are lefts,other than that, there is a Big difference ,with China Walls ,on a good day,having big solid walls,that seem to never end,with a long ass paddle back out to the line-up.I think you mis-understood brocanic comment,or you are the kook...
Dinky-Di - 10 years ago
man those dudes are nuts
Leo Cunha
Leo Cunha - 10 years ago
almost "Arpoador" (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
Stewart heather
Stewart heather - 10 years ago
what a shit house wave no wall and fat as hell!
Original-Gaming Network
Original-Gaming Network - 10 years ago
Wow, thats an awesome wave.
spacemandriver - 10 years ago
@MrBr8y Not much risk? Have you even surfed chinas before?
MrBr8y - 10 years ago
Not really much risk... it's just hard to catch when it's good because only one person can get on it.
hoodedphantom99 - 10 years ago
A shit wave with so much risk......... why would u bother
dopzy doodles
dopzy doodles - 10 years ago
@mf2230 you must be dead and angry
dopzy doodles
dopzy doodles - 10 years ago
if someone falls midway, i think they're dead.
jean carlos alves dos santos
jean carlos alves dos santos - 10 years ago
qual o nome deste pico?
Kei Hondz
Kei Hondz - 11 years ago
@brocanic1 China Walls is in Portlock you dumbtruck. Watta Kook...
rawdney88 - 11 years ago
<3 goofy footers

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