Dick Dale - The King Of Surf Guitar

Music legend Dick Dale talks about the early days, his association with Leo Fender and the new Dick Dale Signature Acoustic Guitar from Fender.

Dick Dale - The King Of Surf Guitar sentiment_very_dissatisfied 130

Surf 13 years ago 746,258 views

Music legend Dick Dale talks about the early days, his association with Leo Fender and the new Dick Dale Signature Acoustic Guitar from Fender.

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Most popular comments
for Dick Dale - The King Of Surf Guitar

OldSkool 55F100
OldSkool 55F100 - 5 years ago
So happy he taught his son to play.....
W R - 5 years ago
Nick o malley like from arctic monkeys?
マクルベインチヤツク - 5 years ago
and pump it
Satan - 5 years ago
Im playing drums on the guitar... yeah ok old man
fatty crule
fatty crule - 5 years ago
Beat it to death
Mark Vargas
Mark Vargas - 5 years ago
Kill bill
Jaye Miller
Jaye Miller - 5 years ago
Low strings down low haha makes sence
PanikJoker - 5 years ago
I'm impressed, didn't know you could fit that much bragging into 8 minutes
MinnesotaBassist - 5 years ago
60 gauge, damn

10. comment for Dick Dale - The King Of Surf Guitar

Harris Rihan
Harris Rihan - 5 years ago
Dick Dale is what death metal sounds like on an acoustic
Bill Smith
Bill Smith - 5 years ago
I have never heard Dick Dale referred to as the father of heavy metal.
Adam Payne
Adam Payne - 5 years ago
I had no idea Dick Dale was a Boston townie. God bless him!
Joel Varela
Joel Varela - 5 years ago
Is this guy play it with the string on the right way but lefty
CaptainSilva - 5 years ago
Fucking legend
Stephen Landry
Stephen Landry - 5 years ago
A Legend!!!
W1F - 5 years ago
Jason Meinhart
Jason Meinhart - 5 years ago
R.I.P., we shall remember you through your recordings always and are certain your music made the world a much happier place...
origami katakana
origami katakana - 5 years ago
Mahogany mahogany mahogany.
aStrayforMyTime - 5 years ago
Haha Quincy I was waiting for it, the accent sounds like home.

20. comment for Dick Dale - The King Of Surf Guitar

oakdaddy - 5 years ago
Dick, you’re a god!
Car Guy
Car Guy - 5 years ago
But what does John Leguazamo have to do with the story?
Maclane BVHS2017 Keohane
Maclane BVHS2017 Keohane - 5 years ago
That’s one talented, intelligent surfer.
clarkewi - 5 years ago
Nosaracasalaplaya - 5 years ago
Lucky to have seen him a couple of times at the Birchmere in Va
The1alltime - 5 years ago
That's awesome!
MrPbip - 5 years ago
cool fucking story dude !
Captain Cookie
Captain Cookie - 5 years ago
So hes left handed
SuperJohnisawsome - 5 years ago
Great musician, I just can't stop noticing that he is using a right-handed guitar upside down.
dphotos - 5 years ago
Since the late 90’s I I have seen Dick Dale play live about 5 times now. I do believe what he says is mostly all true but I also believe he does over state things but Dick Dale has earned the right to do that. Dick Dale is a true promoter too. He is 81 one years old and he still plays and has the energy of an 18 year old kid even though he has issues with his health. You have to give him props for that. One word of advise if you go to a Dick Dale show bring your ear plugs because he could damage your hearing. He plays super loud. I play surf guitar just as a hobby, I was also lucky enough to see the original Ventures play many times too. It sure was a treat to see these talented guys play live.

30. comment for Dick Dale - The King Of Surf Guitar

EmptyChair - 5 years ago
Great man, hell of a player and hell of a story
Josh Foster
Josh Foster - 5 years ago
such a badass!
drew luna
drew luna - 5 years ago
He reminds me of Dave Grohl in the sense that he plays "drums on the guitar"
Mark Manwaring
Mark Manwaring - 5 years ago
a true legend ,no if's ,, no but 's
Whatclassymoose - 5 years ago
Just realized my head was tilted 4 mins after watching this video
Kai Peters
Kai Peters - 5 years ago
"Dustin from DHL shipping here, got some cabling from Guam on the dock here. We gotta get this resolved TONIGHT."
Jeremy Oliver
Jeremy Oliver - 5 years ago
hes a complete douche
Wilson The Coconut
Wilson The Coconut - 5 years ago
Jeremy Oliver explain
The Melnibonean
The Melnibonean - 5 years ago
Add some distortion and its black metal
Already Dead
Already Dead - 6 years ago
60 gauge string?
moonreaderman moonreaderman
moonreaderman moonreaderman - 6 years ago
Saw Dick in Atlanta on 4/17/2018 at The Earl. Awesome ........ Awesome show. See him if you can. I will never forget that show.
John Verhoef
John Verhoef - 6 years ago
I love his music, but I don't believe one single thing he is crapping about in this video.
NELSON X - 6 years ago
Man is that a cool guy!
Unusual scales on guitar
Unusual scales on guitar - 6 years ago
possibly on a par with hank marvin
Goat - 6 years ago
Fun fact, he mentions a Nick O'Malley in this video. The Arctic Monkeys's bass player has the same name.
Deal It
Deal It - 6 years ago
The Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame has to induct Dick Dale......This dude is legendary.
Dave Crehan
Dave Crehan - 6 years ago
Surf rock came from the mind of a guy from Quincy, of all places... hahaha
GetOverHere - 6 years ago
I could listen to this man all day! He literally was a pioneer.
johnny cardboard
johnny cardboard - 6 years ago
Ok dick, we get it, you're special.
Metayounis - 6 years ago
he kinda sucks.
Kimokeo Keahi
Kimokeo Keahi - 6 years ago
Dickie makes Mohammed Ali seem humble. A truly interesting way of playing. He strums up! A burns through picks! A true legend.

50. comment for Dick Dale - The King Of Surf Guitar

Ralph Johnston
Ralph Johnston - 6 years ago
Opened for Dick at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC, while I was in the Surfdusters!!! Cheers!!! Tyrone Powerchord...
Alan Hope
Alan Hope - 6 years ago
Certainly influenced Duane Eddy !
Ben Cokus
Ben Cokus - 6 years ago
What a cool guy
Brad Smith
Brad Smith - 6 years ago
This dude knows his shit.
ChacUayabXoc - 6 years ago
He might be good, but he'll always be a dick.
Mike Oxhertz
Mike Oxhertz - 6 years ago
Unfortunately the younger generation has no idea who this man is and how he revolutionized the amplifier. About 10Years ago I saw him perform in Northampton MA. I was in awe of this man to this day and his battle with cancer saddens me. Duck Dale you Fucking Rule.
Trevor Graham Welch
Trevor Graham Welch - 6 years ago
Great Man
XDB3astGam3rXX - 6 years ago
Dumb people will say he had a left handed guitar in the old times no he has an upside down guitar
CaptainChunders - 6 years ago
Robert Posey
Robert Posey - 6 years ago
Hell Bent
Hell Bent - 6 years ago
That 1941 flathead harley is to die for.
Jack's Film Orchard
Jack's Film Orchard - 6 years ago
Dick Dale is very important.
random memer
random memer - 6 years ago
Fábio Cabral
Fábio Cabral - 6 years ago
Surf Johnny Cash hahaha (he really looks like Johnny Cash)
GetOverHere - 6 years ago
That was just mesmerising. I could listen to him talk about his exploits all day.
Liquidmice9 - 6 years ago
Its funny seeing all the douchebag comments from a bunch of humps that never did shit.
Drummer J.L.H.
Drummer J.L.H. - 6 years ago
Great artist!  He contributes so much to the music world!  Fine post.  Thank you!
uonadtehrrocks - 6 years ago
16-60's... holy shit
Darth Jesus
Darth Jesus - 6 years ago
no idea he was a lefty. what a lad
TRIPLESEVENSIX - 6 years ago
What a guy.
Hazael Romero
Hazael Romero - 6 years ago
6:25 start making pepoles ears B L E E D
Raymond Garlick
Raymond Garlick - 6 years ago
Damn fine work on the strat
NUNO GRANJA - 6 years ago
We can be heroes...
Daniel Mancillas
Daniel Mancillas - 6 years ago
And we're up, and we're dancing?!
Gengar - 6 years ago
They filmed that interview of him in my town, too bad I had not a clue who such a damn legend was or else I would have seen him
Ree 3
Ree 3 - 6 years ago
He's not even playing a left-handed guitar.
It's a right-handed, but backwards!
Kevin Cozens
Kevin Cozens - 6 years ago
What an interesting guitar setup he has. It is a left-handed guitar based on the location of the cutaway but the strings are on it for right-handed play and he plays it left-handed.
Count Von D
Count Von D - 6 years ago
Half full of shit like Ed Van Halen but he brings the goods. What can ya say?
museack - 6 years ago
So who are you? The media icon of truth?
Don Vito
Don Vito - 6 years ago
my hero.
FallicIdol - 6 years ago
Dick Dale is a legend.
Damian Garza
Damian Garza - 6 years ago
I love learning new things especially when it's about music; more specifically, guitar.
Lana Dale
Lana Dale - 6 years ago
Creator and Pioneer of his own genre of music in 1955/Creator and Pioneer of Fender Equipment with then like second father Leo Fender as they both pioneered strat guitar/speakers/amps. Father of Loud, Father of Heavy Metal, Father of Loud!
Contact Info
Contact Info - 6 years ago
make a movie about him
JeevesReturns - 6 years ago
So many influences, so much innate talent and such a great sense of dedication filtered down into a musical oddity that the world will always revere him. I know I will. I mean, ... to become that iconic?! Holy crap.
Machinen Kanone
Machinen Kanone - 6 years ago
Too many Dale fankids here. Later
Machinen Kanone
Machinen Kanone - 6 years ago
A passable musician.
DiamondxSwagger4 - 6 years ago
What’s the name of the song at 2:18?
ZommBleed - 6 years ago
Layne Burke
Layne Burke - 6 years ago
I wish I could like this 500 times. So much music history in one video. Classic!
Happy Guy
Happy Guy - 6 years ago
I met him once in 1995 and talked to him for a good while. He's an impressive guy and really, really nice.
keri caye
keri caye - 6 years ago
Do you notice he knows A LOT about his guitars..he's also smart in other subjects. He's magnificent..
keri caye
keri caye - 6 years ago
when he used to play at Harmony Park..I went to see him and dance 4 days a week.
Then years later around 89 I did Back to the Beach with him.....
Louie Baltazar
Louie Baltazar - 6 years ago
As legendary as Dick is, he's really full of himself
FIN Drummer
FIN Drummer - 6 years ago
i learned so much about him thank you for the video!
EnergeticWaves - 6 years ago
Cool stuff. Back when America was great.
Sirchud68 - 6 years ago
Talked to him after a show years ago. The dude is way down to earth and was super cool to talk to.
Kenyatta Shaw
Kenyatta Shaw - 6 years ago
Add distortion to surf rock and you've got yourself some black metal
Jonathan Grissom
Jonathan Grissom - 6 years ago
Dick Dale had cancer but decided cancer had to go so he told it to leave.
T U R K - 1 8 2
T U R K - 1 8 2 - 6 years ago
What model guitar is he playing?
Koala Bear
Koala Bear - 6 years ago

100. comment for Dick Dale - The King Of Surf Guitar

TriggerZ - 6 years ago
Yea Dick Dale sure...fking THIEF!
TriggerZ - 6 years ago
Look the full description of the link above, it says...
ΕΤΟΣ / 1927 / ΠΡΩΤΗ ΕΚΤΕΛΕΣΗ ....aka
You can call it folk, but for you to know is a Greek song, written and performed, in time, by legends of the Greek traditional music, like Markos Bambakaris, Basilis Tsitsanis, Manolis Xiotis (Jimmy Henrix was a HUGE fan of Manolis Xiotis + he had said those words "These is a guy that is faster and better than me and he is Manolis Xiotis" he was admired him so much, that he visited Greece many times, only to see and hear Xiotis to play his 4 string mpouzouki)...
Respect to all musicians and all kinds...is not bad to know the origins of any song... :p
Cheers ;)
Liquidmice9 - 6 years ago
That is an old folk song covered by many over the years. Show me where he claimed to write it. If you're going to make claims at least dont lie about it.
Jacob Geiger
Jacob Geiger - 6 years ago
Dick Dale is awesome
Mikke Durling
Mikke Durling - 6 years ago
Damn, 8 bucks???
jpavlvs - 6 years ago
TheRichie213 - 6 years ago
I saw Dick Dale play in the 80's at the California state fair. I'll always remember it.
The Clouds Have Eyes
The Clouds Have Eyes - 6 years ago
Dick Dale's tall tales....
Travis Forde
Travis Forde - 6 years ago
I saw him in Casselberry Fl. ,near Orlando in 1993...I was actually able to sit right next to the stage in the small bar he was playing in. His amp fell right on my lap when he went to get behind the drum kit. The reverb unit crashed like a thunder storm! ! Lol! I helped him put the amp head back on the speaker cabinet. He played a hell of a show, and he played all instruments. Thanks for info...I heard he was in bad shape a few years ago, and was wondering when this video was made.
Noah  King
Noah King - 6 years ago
Travis Forde he's also 80 years old. He's not going to be in the best of health. He's obviously well enough to fly airplanes over my house though lol. I think the reason he lives in a little shitty desert town like 29 palms is to get away from all that. We all treat him like just a regular old man for the most part and I think he likes that. He doesn't want attention.
Noah  King
Noah King - 6 years ago
Travis Forde He's been in poor health since I was a child. I'm 21 now and just moved to Arkansas in December. My entire family still lives there. And I'm probably gonna go back soon. But he has been sick as long as I can remember. He doesn't slow down though. My entire family is musicians, my uncle has played with him countless times as well as my dad. I can try and talk to Jimmy and see if he's doing okay, but Jimmy is not easy to get ahold of. A family member of mine had an issue with him awhile back so I don't think he will talk to me anymore. Last I knew, Dick was fine. Last time I saw him was a few months before I left at a grocery store. He looked okay.
Travis Forde
Travis Forde - 6 years ago
Noah King I hear he is not in good health is he well?
Armando Contreras
Armando Contreras - 6 years ago
Add some heavy distortion you get black metal
roger briggs
roger briggs - 6 years ago
A legend for sure.
The Great Gazoo
The Great Gazoo - 6 years ago
Oh yes...thats a nice!!
guywithanicename - 6 years ago
different molecule size? really man?
blitz wolf
blitz wolf - 6 years ago
The Earth is flat.
chris Rose
chris Rose - 6 years ago
Wow.. can't read music but can play every instrument there is ... amazing
Mark M
Mark M - 6 years ago
Leo never smiled unless Sick Dick Dale made him? What a load.
Mark M
Mark M - 6 years ago
DD is full of shit.
DT Hellland
DT Hellland - 6 years ago
never hear surf music again
Strange Brew
Strange Brew - 6 years ago
Hah, I got that reference!
Katashuggapeth Pant Factory
Katashuggapeth Pant Factory - 6 years ago
Is he left handed?

Whether’s he’s right or left handed, what’s the advantage of playing with the strings upside down?
Koley Turner
Koley Turner - 5 years ago
Terry Martin yeah I'm left handed too I just learned to play right handed, I started learning upside down and my brother asked me why I was playing it upside down, so I decided to learn right handed so I wouldn't have to switch the strings around for the rest of my life, but like you said to each his own, Duane Allman and Mark Knopfler are also lefties who play right handed
DOC Martin
DOC Martin - 5 years ago
so does doyle bramhall II,,( toured with stevie ray and eric clapton) and so do i ,, its just ever how you learn. as a kid i wanted to learn but my dad was right handed so when he wasn't home i would get his guitar out and a mel bay chord book and learned the dang chords upside down and backwards. nothing to it. i play banjo the same way,, mandolin,, bass (electric and upright) lap steel ,, you adapt and overcome.....
Koley Turner
Koley Turner - 5 years ago
Meshuggapeth there is no advantage he's just left handed, blues legend Albert King plays the same exact way
James Court
James Court - 6 years ago
Jr. Brown's no slouch either.
Angel Nazario
Angel Nazario - 6 years ago
Seriously cool guitar sound for a senile geezer.
Tool - 6 years ago
The guy in this video really likes Dick Dale, doesn't he?
Mister Moonlight
Mister Moonlight - 6 years ago
Tool he's near dead, let him have it.
Ron K
Ron K - 6 years ago
I cant believe this guy made money
what - 6 years ago
that guitar is so weird
so, its a lefty, but with a strat headstock, in reverse, with strings upside down....what?
Lilly the Service Chihuahua
Lilly the Service Chihuahua - 5 years ago
what it’s a left handed acoustic with an upside down head stock (I guess you could say righty but they make them stock like that on some models now days) and his guitar is strung upside down
DeadPistolsBrainGerms - 6 years ago
It's a left handed guitar, with the strings strung as if it were a right handed guitar. The cutaway is placed in the correct position for a lefty.

I'm very well-versed in this because I play upside-down guitar... but I'm right handed so I use left-handed guitars.
Michael Ian Ross
Michael Ian Ross - 6 years ago
Punk Player94 the cutaway and EQ stuff isn’t set up like a normal guitar though.
Rdd Sknk89
Rdd Sknk89 - 6 years ago
It's a right handed guitar with a strat headstock. He's just holding it upside down
neilsthepoet - 6 years ago

big ed
big ed - 6 years ago
I want a dick dale shirt right now
R. A.
R. A. - 6 years ago
The inventor of surf rock is from Quincy! Ha too cool! Dunkin Donuts and Dick Dale... go figure
Matthew Lamb
Matthew Lamb - 6 years ago
When you refer to yourself in third person you're a douche
Liquidmice9 - 6 years ago
He was telling a story. Referring to yourself in 3rd person is entirely different you douchebag.
UnleashTheBlob - 6 years ago
This dude sucks ass
Caretheis67 - 6 years ago
2:21 so thats where megadeth got that riff from lol
old dog city pound
old dog city pound - 6 years ago
Don Kopp
Don Kopp - 6 years ago
Very interesting
Travis Lucore
Travis Lucore - 6 years ago
Full of shit
27duuude - 6 years ago
this guy is fuckin awesome
Omar Avila
Omar Avila - 6 years ago
He's a nice asshole
Diabolik771 - 6 years ago
What's insane with Dick Dale is his strings are backwards! He plays left handed but with the strings backwards.
bingochoice - 6 years ago
hey surprised, I doubt it, just listen to him.. dick dale is the worst guitar player i've ever heard that has got some recognition..mainly because when he came along there weren't many guitar gods, so anyone who could hold a guitar without dropping it got some play..but seriously.. listen to hendrix...then listen to dick dale...I mean i wish him well, but the guy can not play the guitar
nihl hinz
nihl hinz - 6 years ago
bingochoice Your a dumb ass. There isn't a wrong way to play the guitar. To if it was about technical playing.. You'd have one radio station that played classical and flamingo. That's it. Spare the world your ignorance and drown yourself in your mom's toilet.
David Padilla
David Padilla - 6 years ago
bingochoice Hendrix sucks
Jeremiah Juarez
Jeremiah Juarez - 6 years ago
bingochoice well he said he's not good but he's a great MUSICIAN
Malaquias Alfaro
Malaquias Alfaro - 6 years ago
bingochoice Fair Enough
bingochoice - 6 years ago
hey I understand your point, I'm not one who idolizes hendrix, I certainly don't think he's the greatest guitar player, by a long shot.your correct, its just an opinion, its just when I heard dick dale interviewed, I thought he was full of shit..He really is very limited as a guitar player..
Malaquias Alfaro
Malaquias Alfaro - 6 years ago
bingochoice Really it's just opinion. When I list to Hendrix I hear a bunch of noise and overly busy-ness, whereas I find a real tune with Dick Dale.
njuham - 6 years ago
This guy is full of shit.Fuck him.
neilsthepoet - 6 years ago
njuham shouldn't you be fucking a goat
WKML - 6 years ago
What a legend
JeskeyRC - 6 years ago
So this guy is kind of a big deal
Kyle Phelan
Kyle Phelan - 6 years ago
Lol what a douchebag
david olsen
david olsen - 6 years ago
At least he's not referring to himself in the third person as much. Still full of himself.
Histaric Lobster
Histaric Lobster - 6 years ago
Oh damn he's left handed
AndyTheGray - 6 years ago
I got to open for him once; his set was the loudest I've ever heard.
EElectric_M - 6 years ago
Shit look at young Dick, imagine all the puss Dick got.
Genreguru - 6 years ago
Hes really not that good. A genius of the art though. Dont have to have technical skill to make something that sounds amazing. Probably rips on the piano though.
geht euch n scheiss an
geht euch n scheiss an - 6 years ago
anthony hopkins
Gavin Tan-Torres
Gavin Tan-Torres - 6 years ago
He's playing the guitar the wrong way, it's a right hand guitar but he's left handed.
JiveDadson - 6 years ago
Everything has moleclear structure.
Knoxville Vintage
Knoxville Vintage - 6 years ago
Get this guy a trumpet Bc he's a master at blowing his own horn.
ChunkyT - 6 years ago
Boi was fine af when he was young tho
Joshua Peterson
Joshua Peterson - 6 years ago
Dick Dale sounds like a engineer/futurist. I don't hear black metal and megadeth, other than speed.
Papa Billydeth
Papa Billydeth - 6 years ago
The father of Black metal
brandon norwood
brandon norwood - 6 years ago
5 cents an hour. wow
bingochoice - 6 years ago
dick dale can't play for shit..he thinks he's a bad ass ,innovator, influenced hendrix etc.. which is complete bullshit..
I Am Surprised By Everything
I Am Surprised By Everything - 6 years ago
bingochoice Didn't Hendrix say he'd been influenced by Dale?
JEDI ̂ - 6 years ago
can we just talk about how handsome he looks when he was younger
YouzTube99 - 6 years ago
Wait, what? Dick uses Konokol?
Ian Snyder
Ian Snyder - 6 years ago
Dick, you are the man....met him back in Spring of '93 at Tower Records on Guadalupe in Austin after his show...wonderful,accesible man...he talked to us for around 20 minutes telling us so many great stories...a fearless visionary ! Thank you Dick and god bless.
Jon MacDonald
Jon MacDonald - 6 years ago
I Have got to Meet him Before!!!
Tennis Rich
Tennis Rich - 6 years ago
thirty six fools out there didn't like
Schlumbucket Returns
Schlumbucket Returns - 6 years ago
Dick was a BALLER back in the day, LOL.
hazor777 - 6 years ago
The modern era GUITAR GOD started w/Django Reinhardt , then Les Paul -> Dick Dale -> Jimi Hendrix -> Eddie Van Halen -> Yngwie Malmsteen . These were the pioneers/innovators ....and NO, there has NOT been another since Yngwie . Deal with it .
DOC Martin
DOC Martin - 5 years ago
i recall a guy named stevie ray that was purty good
phoque Drop you
phoque Drop you - 6 years ago
fucking legend.
alexomobude - 6 years ago
low key this shit is metal as fuck
YellowOnline - 6 years ago
Dick Dale's rendition of Misirlou was a great pick by Tarantino, but I don't understand how suddenly a generation stood up idiolising what is essentially a one-hit-wonder.
terrypussypower - 5 years ago
Liam Poole He’s technically talented enough! It’s NOT all about technique....just look at Yngwie Malmsteen for instance! There’s a gulf in technique between these two guys but Malmsteen is fucking UNLISTENABLE!
Gimme Dick Dale ANY DAY!
Liam Poole
Liam Poole - 5 years ago
Yea he’s really not that technically talented either
terrypussypower - 5 years ago
YellowOnline Well, then you don't understand what makes a legendary recording!
ben galvin
ben galvin - 6 years ago
WOW! i did not know how important dick dale was in the history of fender.
Joel R Montfort
Joel R Montfort - 6 years ago
I met him once! He's a really nice guy
Mustakrakish - 6 years ago
This makes me sad. I'm pretty sure that nothing he's saying is true. I just can't decide if he knows it or not.
Joe Vreeland
Joe Vreeland - 5 years ago
I watched him killing Fender amps at The Rendezvous for months on Newport Peninsula..... my old Class of '64 stomping grounds.

Dale did everything he said. I think he left out that he was the Mayor of Newport Beach once too.

His Greek heritage gave him most of his musical background so he knew how to beat all those notes outta one string at a time.

Jude Difante
Jude Difante - 5 years ago
Mustakrakish is there reason your saying that, does he have some sort of mental illness?
Steve C
Steve C - 6 years ago
No one ever called Dick Dale the "Father of Heavy Metal" .  He made that up himself....
BertyFromDK - 6 years ago
Nice bit of history there :)
Nathan Carr
Nathan Carr - 6 years ago
I bet people can't name one other song besides Misirlou
The Heavy Creepy Sound
The Heavy Creepy Sound - 5 years ago
Andrés Castro
Andrés Castro - 5 years ago
Esperanza, one of my favorites. The Victor is fabulous, too. And there's others. But the Point is the way his guitar sound and how he play it. Extraordinary.
Rodrigo Teresa
Rodrigo Teresa - 5 years ago
Me lol
Dead like Grunge Fast like Punk
Dead like Grunge Fast like Punk - 5 years ago
Nathan Carr bandito nitro
Gary Snow
Gary Snow - 5 years ago
Nathan Carr pipeline! Of course!
yyoiiçks - 5 years ago
Nathan Carr unknown territory
Happy Poop
Happy Poop - 5 years ago
Robert Henry
Robert Henry - 5 years ago
Lets go trippin
SantaDog81 - 6 years ago
Let's Go Trippin'
Darealdovahkiin - 6 years ago
Wipe out
The Boi
The Boi - 6 years ago
Hava nagila, Shake n Stomp, King of the surf guitar, Riders in the sky, ect. But yeah, a whole lot of people only like him for that one song
Gabriel Melendez
Gabriel Melendez - 6 years ago
fvcker gonna fvck
fvcker gonna fvck - 6 years ago
riders in the sky
DeadPistolsBrainGerms - 6 years ago
Terra Dicktyl.
Kip Casper
Kip Casper - 6 years ago
2:16...the main riff for Rattlehead by Megadeth???
Dino Buckhoy
Dino Buckhoy - 6 years ago
Leo Fender, and Dick Dale. Legends!
something - 6 years ago
There is not a man more cool than Dick Dale
Tym4Music - 6 years ago
Dick Dale in a Dick Dale shirt
Austin J. Trevathan
Austin J. Trevathan - 5 years ago
Tym4Music dick dale referring himself as dick dale
I'dRatherKillJohnLennon ThanToChangeMyAvatar
I'dRatherKillJohnLennon ThanToChangeMyAvatar - 6 years ago
With a Dick Dale guitar.
SM B - 6 years ago
What a great guy
mamachip - 6 years ago
It's the molecklier structure.....I get it!
Dick is a magic man.
John Mauer
John Mauer - 6 years ago
That was ba
Herb Ellis
Herb Ellis - 6 years ago
He refers to himself in the 1st person = that's a f'ing LEGEND!! Awesome!
Tom's Box
Tom's Box - 6 years ago
lol he's wearing a dick dale t shirt
Machinen Kanone
Machinen Kanone - 6 years ago
Tom's Box and women's panties
Tom's Box
Tom's Box - 6 years ago
and dick dale is written on the fretboard
Robertino El Niño Piazza
Robertino El Niño Piazza - 6 years ago
Fuck that !!!
Greg Dolecki
Greg Dolecki - 6 years ago
He's a pretty knowledgeable guy.
Bo Huggabee
Bo Huggabee - 6 years ago
did he say the father of heavy metal? is this guy for real? he is the father of a lot of things i have to wonder what he says is actually accurate.
Ian 66
Ian 66 - 5 years ago
Bo Huggabee It sounds like Black Metal most,it has the tremolo picking in Black Metal.
celph titled
celph titled - 5 years ago
Bo Huggabee metal slowed down is literally surf music dumbass but sabbath invented metal
GamesandCake - 6 years ago
I listen to a lot of guitarists, but I could probably use a little more Dick in my life. Oh, wait...
Jimmy Fischbeck
Jimmy Fischbeck - 6 years ago
I saw Dick Dale and the Deltones at the Golden Bear in 1974, ears rang for a week!
Gil C
Gil C - 6 years ago
Dick Dale truly is a legend. What would Leo have done without him.?
frank rizzo
frank rizzo - 6 years ago
This man is one of the most important musicians of our culture
bcask61 - 5 years ago
....just ask him.
frank rizzo
frank rizzo - 6 years ago
I lived in Grants Pass growing up I saw hook in that movie theater and Dances With Wolves it was cool old school movie theater with a balcony when I was a kid I wish I could have been there to see Dick Dale play though that would have been pretty awesome
Xcorgi - 6 years ago
Just give us that good old classic "Dick". Give us the "Dick" we love. Then we'll take it hard and deep like a big girl. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly - 6 years ago
onpsxmember - 6 years ago
I got the same problem with big dreadnoughts...That fraking huge body forcing me to raise my shoulders.
It just hurts after a while. Not so easy to finde that signature guitar in europe-.-
Mark Arandjus
Mark Arandjus - 6 years ago
That Harley though.
R Zu
R Zu - 6 years ago
Very informative!
The Phoenix
The Phoenix - 6 years ago
If you put distortion in that you get METAL
Crashbanksbuysilver - 6 years ago
Where would Black Metal be without him??
Taky - 6 years ago
Highly doubt he was the reason all those products were made
Iamhereblossom - 6 years ago
My favorite guitarist
Kenny Westone
Kenny Westone - 6 years ago
This old fucker knows a lot about technology.
Mike Muklus
Mike Muklus - 6 years ago
ur father used to play Oud and u picked this old Arabian melody !!!
Wino - 6 years ago
It don't get cooler than Dick Dale. All Hale Dick Dale!!!
Morrisman Smith
Morrisman Smith - 6 years ago
Brillant man
J Brown
J Brown - 6 years ago
60 gauge strings, jesus
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey - 6 years ago
Dick Dale doesn't get enough credit, how the fuck is he not in the rock and roll hall of fame but Green Day are ?
Yr. T.
Yr. T. - 6 years ago
Jim Lahey Never knew so many people hate green day lol
I thought they were a good band.?
John Verhoef
John Verhoef - 6 years ago
fuck green day.
Shit Poster Bryce
Shit Poster Bryce - 6 years ago
John Simcox Bein' gay ain't bad, making bad music is bad.
Liquidmice9 - 6 years ago
Mike Hunt(how original), Boy what you don't know could fill the Houston Astrodome. Are you ever tired of being wrong?
Rizzo Repulsive
Rizzo Repulsive - 6 years ago
wait what the FUCK? Dick Dale isn't in the rock and roll hall of fame? This is worst thing I've heard in a while.
mike hunt
mike hunt - 6 years ago
Because Green Day has made multiple hit songs and conceived a sound that defined a decade while dick dale was a one hit wonder. That’s why.
ImaCaMan - 6 years ago
Classy comment. You really think that's why he's not in the R&R HoF?
SidtheKid - 6 years ago
plus they're pretty rad, at least up to American idiot
SidtheKid - 6 years ago
and there was more chance for fame
SidtheKid - 6 years ago
green day got their timing right
imperialcerealLA - 6 years ago
Because he's a one hit Wonder that plays basic shit lol
Chico Esquela
Chico Esquela - 6 years ago
Their (Green Day) songs imitate humping walruses
Chico Esquela
Chico Esquela - 6 years ago
Green Day sucks
B-Money 666
B-Money 666 - 6 years ago
John Simcox, nice. Couldn't have said it better myself.
B-Money 666
B-Money 666 - 6 years ago
While I agree, and I'm in no way saying Dick Dale doesn't deserve more credit, but Green Day is in the R&R hall of fame because they're a successful band that has continually made great music (minus 3 albums)
Heisenbooger - 6 years ago
John Simcox Ooo, be careful. Might offend some softy.
The Real Mexican
The Real Mexican - 6 years ago
Andy Macks so fucking true
1humboldt101 - 6 years ago
Dick Dale. I bought all your albums in the 60's. Saw all the movies you were in. I had the great luck to see you in person when you performed in Eureka, CA. Peace be with you. You left a signed photograph at a small Cypriot restaurant in Arcata. I still go there to see that & have the lamb kufte + dolma's.
David S.
David S. - 6 years ago
this motherfucker is the definition of COOL
Girl L'amour
Girl L'amour - 6 years ago
TheGrimReaper54321 - 6 years ago
2:18 Rattlehead-Megadeth, Dick Dale the King of Thrash Metal \m/
Jesse Turner
Jesse Turner - 6 years ago
the song is called nitro. came out in the 50's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drCSirDedzI
Rich Hansen
Rich Hansen - 6 years ago
When I started to play thrash, speed metal in the 80'tees I thought of it as playing a drum like guitar.
Sean Mellert
Sean Mellert - 6 years ago
TheGrimReaper54321+ lmao I was thinking the same thing, that was awesome
Frank - 6 years ago
what the fuck does he play at 2:25 Sounds so familiar and I completely forgot
Dorijan Krajinovic
Dorijan Krajinovic - 6 years ago
2:17 is that Dick Dale playing Rattlehead by Megadeth?? lmfao
Isaac Gibson
Isaac Gibson - 6 years ago
2:20 in the vid. dick dale invented metal. youre welcome.
starlifeforce Juan Martinez
starlifeforce Juan Martinez - 6 years ago
Robert Noble Music
Robert Noble Music - 7 years ago
anyone dissing Dick doesn't have a clue
Ethan - 7 years ago
What a cool guy
Zorros Petardos Salvajes
Zorros Petardos Salvajes - 7 years ago
Spanish subs please.
EElectric_M - 6 years ago
I could do it and put it on another chanmel but Im afraid of copyright
nadoninja - 6 years ago
MrFuzzmen they won't listen.
John Makapuu
John Makapuu - 7 years ago
Mahalo Dale
Elle. D. Wetherbee
Elle. D. Wetherbee - 7 years ago
Thank you for posting. Dick Dale will rock and play in our hearts forever. Long live D.D.
OAM595 - 7 years ago
I like dick
Og tiller of the dankest Memes
Og tiller of the dankest Memes - 7 years ago
Rip niggaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Cubit041 - 7 years ago
One trick pony, cant even use a whammy bar. More like a "Prince Of Surf".
Paul Calugaru
Paul Calugaru - 7 years ago
IMO..Some of the things Dale says is kinda hard to believe. 50 amps blown? Fender Co had money to burn and kept dishing him amps to fry? Really? Wow if true.... Leo must have thought a lot of Dale.

One of the things is sure, Dale was one of the last if not very last musician Leo sought feedback from. Which says something. I know that Leo traveled up and down the west coast getting feedback on the Telecaster... which in my opinion is why it's damn near perfect.

Who does that these days? Who's done that since? Can you imagine the President of Marshall or Fender going around town visiting the bars and clubs with equipment saying "Here do a set with this..... tell me what you think"
m. saint
m. saint - 7 years ago
THE king!
Mad Man Productions
Mad Man Productions - 7 years ago
I've had the privilege of seeing him live at the Aggie Theater few times, he's a legend for sure!
Tim S
Tim S - 7 years ago
This guys is awesome!
STRANGER ANGEL - 7 years ago
Great left hand pick grip
Eric Petty
Eric Petty - 7 years ago
this guy has been a hero to me almost my whole life. Growing up in SoCal his music is everywhere. What a bad ass!
MrOlivo - 7 years ago
I adore surf, but... Too much "Misirlou".
Fed to the teeth. Dick, forget this melody, Please !
Owen - 7 years ago
i play like that too
Modestoney - 7 years ago
you gotta love dick dale, but man is he talking a load of bullshit
neilsthepoet - 6 years ago
Modestoney hmmmm so lunch is what you're thinking
When you say bull shit
Steve Ellis
Steve Ellis - 7 years ago
2:25 megadeth?
RICHARD HUMUNGUS - 7 years ago
Sound radiates from the top not back. Just sayin. DD is great.
Anon Anonymity
Anon Anonymity - 7 years ago
That's actually quite interesting how he was friends with Leo Fender, it's like back to the future or something.
RB Brown
RB Brown - 7 years ago
People, if you get a chance to see Dick Dale live, do it soon. The man is 80 and can still play the shit out of a guitar.
Giulio Luzzardi
Giulio Luzzardi - 7 years ago
Thanks Mr Dale, I was your numero uno fan and used the Surf sound in London in the 1980's . Best time of my life. Thanks again.
RastaSaiyaman - 7 years ago
Forever a bad ass.
RastaSaiyaman - 7 years ago
Baka Yarou!
Parker Styers
Parker Styers - 7 years ago
Dabe grohl also plays the guitar as if it is a drum set
Bold And Brash
Bold And Brash - 7 years ago
Parker Styers Dave Grohl more pictures the guitar as a drum set, but Dick Dale's style is influenced by the drums.
Nomad13 - 7 years ago
what a legend
Sam Lee
Sam Lee - 7 years ago
I love listening to people chatting about how they made great things; more often than not it's a big combination of happy accidents and situations that only happened cos the people involved were proactive..

that's the obvious secret!
Sean Wilkinson
Sean Wilkinson - 7 years ago
When this appeared in my Recommended list, I thought, "God, no, not Dick Dale!", figuring he'd succumbed to his many illnesses. Then I remembered listening to a "Misirlou" cover by some very talented teenagers earlier today, and relaxed.

He's tough as iron and inspirational for continuing to tour despite all his problems, but he said he'd rather be resting and off the road, can't perform a full set (or even a full "Misirlou"), and does only what he can physically handle, all to pull in some precious dollars. Again, while I admire his determination, it saddens and frustrates me that he has no assured income or healthcare coverage. (Being Canadian, having neither is alien to me.)
jacob grant
jacob grant - 7 years ago
What is the first song
MintyFresh - 7 years ago
dick dale - miserlou
Javier Figueroa
Javier Figueroa - 7 years ago
jacob grant miserlou
cypress dobro
cypress dobro - 7 years ago
jacob grant

misurlou or somthing.
kaitlyn zuniga
kaitlyn zuniga - 7 years ago
He's sooo inspiring
William Campbell Pepper
William Campbell Pepper - 7 years ago
Is he a lefty or is the image flipped? Anyway I'm lefty and I hav ebeen playing guitar and bass since .. 16 and 21 respecitvely i'm now almost 28.. anyone have an opinion on whether it makes sense at this point to switch to left handed? I feel it's good to have strength more in the fretting hand but it does screw up my rhythm on bass for one thing.. hence I have to use my thumb and come down from the top with it if i want a really consistent beat.. or be stoned.
DOC Martin
DOC Martin - 5 years ago
yeah thats it LOL
Matt Cooks
Matt Cooks - 7 years ago
William Campbell Pepper he isn't left handed but when he bought the guitar he thought it was played that way and it became how he played it
NIKSDEL - - 7 years ago
dick face is a legend!
Kim Ohio Fuzz
Kim Ohio Fuzz - 7 years ago
Généreux et inventeur. Il ne vieillit jamais.
Ronnie Boucher
Ronnie Boucher - 7 years ago
wow what a great man and sounds like he is a pioneer in the music industry great story about leo fender who was a super cool ol dude .
mike stratocaster
mike stratocaster - 7 years ago
He always refers to himself in the Third Person..... crackpot and an egomaniac. There are no serious guitarists who give a shit about DD.
Liquidmice9 - 6 years ago
I've been to roughly 1,000 shows. Dick Dale is one of my favorites. I've seen him 20 times or more. His music is much better live. He's not what he used to be but he is still better than half the humps playing half his age.
Liquidmice9 - 6 years ago
Mike Suckocaster, You're so wrong it hurts. I guess this was nothing. You need to read up some more on him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56SAxtf-RTg
neilsthepoet - 6 years ago
mike stratocaster Mike Mike your test tickles are shrinking!! Look Out!!!!!
Ron Morrow
Ron Morrow - 6 years ago
Excuse my spelling !
Ron Morrow
Ron Morrow - 6 years ago
cut the crap, we are talking about what he can do with a giitar, not if you can come out and play with him, what is happening in this World, so he's an ass hole so what !
MadMetalManiac74 - 6 years ago
To me it kinda sounded like he stumbled into the guitar ass backwards and got lucky at the right time. I mean common. There's amy Schumer and Richard pryer. There's this guy and jimmy Hendrix. Im sure Jimmy might have had his opinion but it doesn't take much talent to double pick one string runs because you don't know how to actually play the guitar. I mean for some people like jimmy it works. Kinda like how Amy attracts fans with bad vagina jokes. Doesn't make her a great comedian. I don't even know any hits but one this guy did but jimmy is far more recognizable. Imo.
RastaSaiyaman - 7 years ago
There aren't you say?

Then why did Jimi Hendrix cite him as an influence and included the line "We shall never hear surf music again" in his song "third rock from the sun"

That was because when Hendrix was recording that song DD had his first of many bouts with cancer and wasn't expected to live through that. Hendrix did a direct tribute to DD in that song.
WaddUp - 7 years ago
Дик ебанный
AGraffitifan - 7 years ago
Just saw him last week in Annapolis, MD.  79 years old!!!!  Hasn't lost a step!!!!
Hearing Colours
Hearing Colours - 7 years ago
Wow, he played with some fucking thick strings.
SirAlexOfTheGuitar - 5 years ago
I can see the advantage of thick strings for certain techniques and styles, but do remember that everyone is different and tone isn't completely defined by string gauge. For example, Jimi Hendrix used a .38 set, and he had one of the fattest tones I've ever heard. And never forget Tony Iommi ;)
Sigismund - 6 years ago
i'm a bass player primarily, when i play guitar, i feel like i need thicker strings to actually play
Darrel Lance Evangelista
Darrel Lance Evangelista - 6 years ago
or maybe the strings are backwards so the lowest E string is on the bottom
Jesse Turner
Jesse Turner - 6 years ago
the fatter the strings the fatter the tone. take Dick Dales volume then a tuning like Tommy Iommi had and metal was born. you can argue "but what about led zeppelin?" But they would never have taken that path with out a few guitarists doing what Dale and Iommi did.
edgewater's best guitarist
edgewater's best guitarist - 6 years ago
big ones are alot easier to tremolo on
EpicJoe P
EpicJoe P - 6 years ago
Hearing Colours I play in low tunings so thick strings are a must. Can't shred in Drop B in light gauge strings.
Max Johnson
Max Johnson - 6 years ago
Move over SRV.. :D
tim ovel
tim ovel - 6 years ago
If he only could have man-handled a telephone pole, imagine the size of his strings!
Hearing Colours
Hearing Colours - 7 years ago
Trust Me, I'm Black! Hahahaha!!!!
Trust Me, I'm Black!
Trust Me, I'm Black! - 7 years ago
What he does with them in private is his own business!
billyclub56 - 7 years ago
Hearing Colours
Still looks healthy! Big influence on Hendrix's volume
Corvid - 7 years ago
It's something a lot of guitarists are missing out on... I always found normal strings too light and delicate when I started playing, so I kept upping the thickness, even in standard tuning. I love the tone of 14s, but bending becomes too difficult at anything below drop C! I now use 60 as the 6th string, and a standard set of 10s on the 1st to 3rd strings, leaving them fairly bendable.

My bandmate was playing a lot of Dick Dale when I introduced him to really heavy strings, he went nuts over them, doesn't play anything else now. He's a FAR better player than I am, and you can really hear the difference when someone skilled uses something that works with how they play. They're brilliant for tremolo picking, he commented that you can really "dig in" to the string aggressively. Not just for surf either, they almost work better with buckets of distortion (eg playing certain songs by Ministry). Tremolo picking palm muted 16th notes at 210bpm feels so natural it's unreal. The guitar blends perfectly with the kick drum if you get the tone right.
GAS Man - 7 years ago
I saw him a few years ago at a small club. Indeed, it was the closest I ever came to having my ears bleed. The next morning I woke up with my ears ringing like I'd just discharged a .44 mag - not kidding. But it was great to see him, just could have back off the volume a hair ;^)
Ice Wallow Come
Ice Wallow Come - 7 years ago
5 cents an hour then is not even equivalent to a dollar an hour now
jedi jerry
jedi jerry - 7 years ago
i play upsidedown to
Billy'd to the Hilt
Billy'd to the Hilt - 7 years ago
hey dick did you get those cables from Guam yet? lol hahahaha
Keith TPC
Keith TPC - 7 years ago
They don't make em like Dick Dale anymore. Legends are born from guys like this.
George Detective
George Detective - 6 years ago
why buck?
Jeff Curran
Jeff Curran - 7 years ago
Pinch loaf
Pinch loaf - 7 years ago
Oh my.Rock on Dick Dale!
Chris A
Chris A - 7 years ago
You don't need to read music to be able to call yourself a musician. Such a humble man. Music lives in the soul and it's gonna come out if it needs to come out, theory or not.
Dave Martin
Dave Martin - 7 years ago
man....what a legend
cluxseltoot - 8 years ago
Dick Dale is the real deal. Hats off to you.
Alabaster Smidge
Alabaster Smidge - 6 years ago
buck ewer Why Buck,Why?
NFL1968 - 8 years ago
A real American legend..keep on rockin' Dale!
Haydn Po
Haydn Po - 8 years ago
Dick Dale is the undisputed King of Surf Guitar...
profd65 - 6 years ago
I like Dick Dale, but Dick Dale has "Misirlou" while the Ventures have dozens of cool songs.
Alabaster Smidge
Alabaster Smidge - 6 years ago
buck ewer Is this true?
DeadPistolsBrainGerms - 6 years ago
+buck ewer His stories are posted on the Fender website.
Dan Adams
Dan Adams - 7 years ago
There's no bullshit. Dick Dale's role in the early days of Fender is well documented by everyone in the business. Show some respect, jerkwad!
Be Limitless
Be Limitless - 8 years ago
"Like Deliverence" ha ha! 1:24 He's the man. No one else, that i know of is rocking as hard as he is at his age and still touring.
Nigey pigey Stjide
Nigey pigey Stjide - 8 years ago
hi what's legend feeling down woman left me took all my money
started laughing amazing when you see this
GO on ol papa
love to all
Nigey pigey Stjide
Nigey pigey Stjide - 8 years ago
hi what's legend feeling down woman left me took all my money
started laughing amazing when you see this
GO on ol papa
love to all
Pat - 7 years ago
you need translator...
Ben Dalrymple
Ben Dalrymple - 8 years ago
I had no idea Dick Dale had such an instrumental role in the formation of fender.. pun intended
Mister Moonlight
Mister Moonlight - 6 years ago
Ralph Lindsen he has a wife
Mel K. Saito
Mel K. Saito - 6 years ago
buck ewer
Ralph Lindsen
Ralph Lindsen - 6 years ago
I remember when i saw him live he was creepingly flirting with the girls in the crowd. He was probably 72 or something back then. But a hell of a show, but i'm not surprised he got in trouble with underaged girls
Clark Griswold
Clark Griswold - 7 years ago
Yep, a self promoter and bullshitter, always exaggerating stories and putting himself at the center of everything. My band opened for him at a club in HB about 1987. He drove up in an older Rolls Royce all dented up. He was a dismissive prick to everyone. This was when he was in trouble with underage girls. But no kidding he can play, he was great; a showman for sure. There were like 15 Fender amps all over the stage and he would play each instrument in his band. If I remember right he was playing a gold strat.
Gareth Brown
Gareth Brown - 7 years ago
buck ewer I've been told exactly the same thing by a friend who once played on the same bill as Dick Dale. The internet is full of similar stories about him. By contrast you won't ever read anything but happy recollections of Link Wray.
billey winn
billey winn - 8 years ago
What i met to say as I wished I could play like him hes ausum
Dog Biscuit
Dog Biscuit - 8 years ago
God he's cool. Poor man must be in agony and feeling like shit but he troops on. All I can do is buy some of his music and after reading the comments, its blatantly obvious that we all love Dick. Awesome sound.
Malik Sucks Ass
Malik Sucks Ass - 8 years ago
This nigga look like Terry Funk when he rocks da headband.
James Butterson
James Butterson - 8 years ago
Awesome history from dick Dale.
M Mckissack
M Mckissack - 8 years ago
i beat the shit outa my guitars to. other guitarist hate me for that....
keri caye
keri caye - 7 years ago
but you won.........and that's what Dick did.
craig4fsu - 8 years ago
The legend.

He is still LOUD AS HELL.
Frank Steen
Frank Steen - 8 years ago
Kenpo black belt.
Rod Boone
Rod Boone - 8 years ago
Very Cool.
Ron Roberts
Ron Roberts - 8 years ago
keri caye
keri caye - 7 years ago
and 63, 64, I used to dance to his tunes 4 times a week at Harmony Park..google it and look at that magnificent barn.......I miss it ...life was fun then
Rich Gleason
Rich Gleason - 8 years ago
Surfbum Dan
Surfbum Dan - 8 years ago
tsunami wave
Michael Simpsonelli
Michael Simpsonelli - 8 years ago
Zach B
Zach B - 8 years ago
The original djent
Satan - 5 years ago
Brandon Howell
Brandon Howell - 5 years ago
Zach B surf djent
Gigerian - 5 years ago
I see people still don't know what 'djent' is. Don't ask me either, just let it die.
The Chad Pad
The Chad Pad - 5 years ago
I bet rock has just as many and house has even more
cullen cavanaugh
cullen cavanaugh - 6 years ago
Djent is a joke
Jesse Turner
Jesse Turner - 6 years ago
@caretheis67 no, megadeth played nitro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drCSirDedzI
Benito Faggotini
Benito Faggotini - 6 years ago
SmellsLikeNothing finally someone who knows djent elsewhere from memes and Jared Dines
SmellsLikeNothing - 6 years ago
Zach B djent is a style of chugging. It's a blanket term like edm
Some other Alt account
Some other Alt account - 6 years ago
Zach B surf guitar was fast and different for its time. Djent is fast and different for its time
Benito Faggotini
Benito Faggotini - 6 years ago
Zach B more like thrash
Caretheis67 - 6 years ago
he was playin rattlehaed by megadeth at 2:21 hahaha
STƎƎZY HAZƎ - 7 years ago
Jeff Curran edm does
Jeff Curran
Jeff Curran - 7 years ago
Now that I think about it, it's more like "Dooga, dooga, dooga, dooga, dooga, dooga dooga dooga, nyer, nya nyer, nya nyera nya, nyer, nya. Not so much djent, djent, djent, djent.

But it does surf!!!
Jeff Curran
Jeff Curran - 7 years ago
Why is it that metal has a bazillion sub-genres? No other popular musical form has so many. That said, Surf could easily be considered the original djent.

Djent, djent, djent!!!! Or is it Djang, djang, djang?
Zach B
Zach B - 7 years ago
+keri caye lol, no. Djent is a sub-genre of metal.
keri caye
keri caye - 7 years ago
"it"....................do you mean Dick? yes he did.
Jeff Curran
Jeff Curran - 7 years ago
You bet it does!!
Zuaoum Schabeiro
Zuaoum Schabeiro - 7 years ago
but does it surf?
sqweezel - 8 years ago
Good stories. Love that 41 flathead.
Billey Winn
Billey Winn - 8 years ago
Hye cd surf music is great huh and I agree hes difenetly the king of surf guitar
PIlotrcm - 8 years ago
I wish I could play like a Dick
Harry Williams
Harry Williams - 6 years ago
buck ewer spastic
Steel Fury
Steel Fury - 8 years ago
Practice all day everyday, influence is one thing, but you have to strive to learn how to play like yourself!
Billey Winn
Billey Winn - 8 years ago
Me to I play surf music but ill never sound like him
13 steps 2the gallows
13 steps 2the gallows - 8 years ago
i play like dick, but am right handed
dphotos - 8 years ago
I have seen him play twice and he will be paying in Burbank CA in October at Joes Bar and Grill. Should be a good show. Just have to remember to bring my ear plugs if I want to hear the next day. I like it when he just plays his gold strat.
Danny Roqs
Danny Roqs - 6 years ago
dphotos bro I'm from Burbank myself haha that's amazing!
Ansley Woods
Ansley Woods - 8 years ago
you forgot your cables from guam
flesh cork
flesh cork - 8 years ago
I didnt know dick had a close relationshio with leo fender
gary h
gary h - 8 years ago
Great interview!He had the same relationship With Leo that Pete Townsend had with Jim Marshall!
Mikey Hall
Mikey Hall - 8 years ago
A very modest and humble man .
MichaelD8393 - 8 years ago
+Mikey Hall Yeah Dick is an old fashioned guy. My grandpa was the same.
Honest Signalz
Honest Signalz - 8 years ago
"At 78, Dick Dale suffers from renal failure, diabetes, damaged vertebrae, rectal cancer, but keeps touring to afford medical treatment"
Trevor Graham Welch
Trevor Graham Welch - 5 years ago
Honest Signalz He is also Anal Retentive
Ken Coleman
Ken Coleman - 5 years ago
At 81, he's still going strong. Dick's coming to Cambridge, MA later this month.
Sebastian Dragonheart
Sebastian Dragonheart - 5 years ago
That's America for you :(
Colonel Forbin
Colonel Forbin - 5 years ago
CabinDoor yeah the nation that brought us Fender, electric guitars, Dick Dake, surf rock.. YouTube.. iPhone. Suuure buddy. Keep on bitching
Matt - 5 years ago
Serves him right for not saving or making plans for retirement. Fuck people who think the world owes them something for doing nothing. Get a job, deadbeats.
terrypussypower - 5 years ago
Vomitus Americus If the US is a "disgusting nation" what does that say about the rest of the world! What does that make Turkey, or Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia, or almost all of Africa, and China, the Phillipines, North Korea? If the US is "disgusting" then those shitholes are foul beyond imagining!
terrypussypower - 5 years ago
Injurylawyer What's with all this " 'murica" shite? It's moronic.
Luko Hevia
Luko Hevia - 5 years ago
Thanks to that fucking disgusting broken system of yours, americans
Michael Mullen
Michael Mullen - 5 years ago
please take your horse shit-peddling elsewhere
Ya Boi Enzo
Ya Boi Enzo - 5 years ago
Honest Signalz this is actually sad af
justinjex1 - 5 years ago
That makes me sad.
213213yoyo - 6 years ago
If it was the greatest nation to ever exist, people wouldn't have to die because they're not making enough.
213213yoyo - 6 years ago
That's great!
213213yoyo - 6 years ago
Poor guy. :(
gabriel celaya
gabriel celaya - 6 years ago
Pushpa Maturi today apirl 6 hes in arizona
Pushpa Maturi
Pushpa Maturi - 6 years ago
80 years
MasterSpin77 - 6 years ago
I cant blame him for refusing dialysis, I haul people 6 days a week to treatments. I wouldn't do it either..
Here'smytake - 6 years ago
chip chip cheereo and all that sort of thing
zivkovicable - 6 years ago
Here'smytake . No one from UK , Europe or Canada dies trying to get to the USA. In my life i've had cancer treatment, three broken limbs,  & an appendix removed. Excellent, successful  treatment in every case which cost me nothing.
British people live longer than Americans.  Two reasons -
 A. Our health care  
B. We don't sell guns to deranged children.
Here'smytake - 6 years ago
And that's why so many die trying to get in America...er, wait
Kuku Kev
Kuku Kev - 6 years ago
Mr. Peppermint Man has had to battle cancer for decades. Hendrix wrote 3rd. Stone From the Sun for him about it. "...and you'll never hear surf music again."
Tronci - 6 years ago
Honest Signalz thats sad
David Smith
David Smith - 6 years ago
CAP RICOSM - Absolutely hilarious that you can say that; Leo Fender felt poorly and was told by his doctor that he was dying - this is why he sold his company to CBS in 1966. CBS "efficiency experts" had the company do away with some steps in the making of the electric model - that caused problems, which they were quick to correct, but which started the whole argument about "Pre-CBS" and "after or whatever" collectors call it. But Leo Fender lived long after he sold his company - starting Music Man and later G & L.
Blue Phoenix
Blue Phoenix - 6 years ago
Thanks Obama
Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser - 6 years ago
This got political quickly. Knock it off.
theothertroll - 6 years ago
Another musical dumb--ass - yea, musicians could never save worth a shit - fuck 'em ~
gothsk8r - 6 years ago
Honest Signalz the beauties of capitalism, muahhh
Belis Breckenridge
Belis Breckenridge - 6 years ago
guinness4life shut the fuck up. Donate money if u wanna help him out instead of blaming politicians. Their job is not to provide healthcare.
thetruemaxgoof - 6 years ago
Goose McBruce you're an idiot
Dozer1642 - 6 years ago
CabinDoor go die somewhere.
CAP RICOSM - 6 years ago
Molto Vomito . You are wrong. Its the greatest nation ever to exist. Fender and Dick Dale are proof of this.
CabinDoor - 6 years ago
What a disgusting society USA is. How can you accept it, I don't understand.
Rotisserie Chiggen
Rotisserie Chiggen - 6 years ago
Molto Vomito he wouldn't be treated in the UK and Canada in a reasonable he's too old that medical care sucks ass there the doctors are under qualified and under paid
The King
The King - 6 years ago
Fried Bullet then he could face a death panel, who decide somebody else needs treatment more and let him die
The King
The King - 6 years ago
Tony Cyphert you can't take insurance away from people who never had it you fuckhead
Daniel Trickey
Daniel Trickey - 6 years ago
Michael R. - So what did I say that isn't true?
Michael R.
Michael R. - 6 years ago
Fried Bullet - I know man. We are so lucky to have our health care in Canada. Sure, it takes a while to get something like an elective surgery. But if you have cancer, you are taken care of very well. I know all about it. My mother was treated for cancer for 8 years and my father was on dialysis for 12 years before they both passed away. They both received excellent treatment. I can't imagine goign to the hospital because I broke my arms...and was then given a bill. It seems so foreign to me.
Michael R.
Michael R. - 6 years ago
Daniel Trickey - Keep on dreaming. You are nuts.
Mark Schumaker
Mark Schumaker - 6 years ago
Molto Vomito, no person or country is perfect, not even you.
Dozer1642 - 6 years ago
Molto Vomito. Stay away then.
bman3020 - 6 years ago
Since he is over 65 he should be using Medicare and a supplement. He will owe nothing on medical bills.
E Pluribus Nihil
E Pluribus Nihil - 6 years ago
The US is a disgusting nation
Daniel Trickey
Daniel Trickey - 6 years ago
What a shame he's going through this medical nightmare. Diabetes and cancer are reversable. He should go on youtube and look at all the ways to heal these conditions. For example: Moringa tree for diabetes. Health care that we're fighting to keep is killing him. Doctors are only good for cut and sew. They only spend 2 weeks out of 8 years of school on nutrition.
Christopher Giaimo
Christopher Giaimo - 6 years ago
Mark Schumaker exactly
Tony Cyphert
Tony Cyphert - 6 years ago
You mean what Trumpcare wants to take away
mistahhbean gaming
mistahhbean gaming - 6 years ago
Goose McBruce yet he prob older now though
Goose McBruce
Goose McBruce - 6 years ago
+Honest Signalz and this is what obamacare wants to take away from us
guinness4life - 6 years ago
Thanks GOP
465marko - 7 years ago
That's disgusting.
keri caye
keri caye - 7 years ago
He also tours because its his life....stopping would mean he doesn't live....and he's a great fighter and magnificent. I used to see him 3 times a week playing at Harmony Park in Anaheim and then worked with him on "Back to the Beach".......when he dies I am going to be heartbroken.
The Scabby Man
The Scabby Man - 7 years ago
Injurylawyer - 7 years ago
John Palomino
John Palomino - 8 years ago
+Honest Signalz He uses a colostomy bag, too. He refuses to go on dialysis... the Grim Reaper still can't take him from us. He's very fucking strong, and he's 78. That's very inspiring.
lastdaysguitar - 8 years ago
+Honest Signalz I just read that and I am sending him a check and encourage other guitarists to do the same.  http://www.pghcitypaper.com/pittsburgh/at-78-and-with-a-myriad-of-health-issues-surf-rock-legend-dick-dale-plays-through-the-pain/Content?oid=1843341
Spud - 8 years ago
I have never heard somone so cockey about themselves in my life. He spoke alot of bullshit and didnt have the skill to back it up
T.E. Witt
T.E. Witt - 6 years ago
How many hit records you have? Ill wait.
neilsthepoet - 6 years ago
buck ewer Ewer as in Sewer.....and over flowin
neilsthepoet - 6 years ago
keri caye tell' baby!!!
neilsthepoet - 6 years ago
Spud Spud the Dud brags about his BIG 3 inch.... Hahaa
Tom - 6 years ago
Spud eat my shorts
Pyscho Clown
Pyscho Clown - 6 years ago
Spud innovation dude. That's why he is famous...for that classic surfer miserlou song. It was even featured in pulp fiction. While he may not be the greatest guitar player, he produced an original, recognizable and his own unique sound. That's what put him on the map. He was the first to articulate that surf sound. Hats off to him.
Brenan Kean
Brenan Kean - 6 years ago
MadMetalManiac74 a lot of metal is based of what dick dale did. he took everything a different direction
Diane McClure
Diane McClure - 7 years ago
buck ewer you are a zero Buck
Mike Lakefloor
Mike Lakefloor - 7 years ago
Diane McClure Beautiful story, Diane. Thank you for sharing that with us.
Diane McClure
Diane McClure - 7 years ago
Dick Dale
A great man
Great talent and kind soul.
Enjoyedvtalkingbto him at the Vogue in Indianapolis years ago.
Autographed my guitar, gave me his guitar pick which was melted on one side from playing that night.
I corresponded with him on e mail and he said the kindest things to me when I told him my brother was terminal with cancer and his music helped heal my sadness in my soul.
Most people would not have given me the time of day.
He was a legend I'm more ways than just a musician.
He was a legend as a kindred spirit.
Mike Lakefloor
Mike Lakefloor - 7 years ago
The man has earned the right to boast a little. You would had to have been around back then to understand the appreciation that people had for him. Just like the Beatles, everything that appears simple today was very new and original back then. How many lead guitar solos today are played on the low register keys? The man took us in new directions that hadn't been discovered before.
keri caye
keri caye - 7 years ago
it doesn't matter...Spud is a f--- a total a--
trefrog - 8 years ago
Dick is the edgelord of classic rock/n/roll. an hero
Spud - 8 years ago
+Diane McClure best guitar player bar none... right...
Diane McClure
Diane McClure - 8 years ago
+Simon Cox (Simo) Met this man in person in the 1990's. Great man, best guitar player ever bar none. He even e mailed me personally and helped me get through my brother's struggle with cancer. You don't know him
, that us obvious.
Spud - 8 years ago
+Paul Czajkowski if it wasnt for for mr.marshall we wouldnt have anything to listen to, not dick dale.
Paul Czajkowski
Paul Czajkowski - 8 years ago
+Simon Cox Oh..... Hipster
Spud - 8 years ago
+Nick PickleFick im not questioning his sickness but I dont like him as a person or musician
Nick Carlson
Nick Carlson - 8 years ago
This man has cancer and renal failure is hanging over his head and yet he is still touring to cover his medical expenses. Have some respect, he went through chemo and cancer treatment in 08' twice I think. At least have some respect.
Spud - 8 years ago
+Nick Sikoryak k
Nick Sikoryak
Nick Sikoryak - 8 years ago
You didn't spell cocky right.
Spud - 8 years ago
+Nick PickleFick not really a guitar legend, all he does is single line runs, I find it extremely boring. He talks as if he is responsible for the success of all of fenders endeavors.
Nick Carlson
Nick Carlson - 8 years ago
How? He seemed pretty humble, it's good to know that you seem so insecure that you are insulting guitar legends to make yourself feel better. To be honest he has every right to be honest. He's fucking dick dale.
Dave Burns
Dave Burns - 8 years ago
Great story
blabladedumdum - 8 years ago
hetfield of metallica says he uses his guitar as a "drum" too...interesting...
ano1nymus1 - 5 years ago
Dave Grohl said something along those lines in an interview too.
N.i.B. - 5 years ago
must be because lars cant play for shit.
Rich Hansen
Rich Hansen - 6 years ago
I agree
Andrew Teller
Andrew Teller - 6 years ago
blabladedumdum well a lot of rhythm guitarists say that. I only find it to be accurate with acoustic guitarists though, or with foo fighters. Most of them say that when all they're doing is playing constant 8ths or 16ths
seamanjive - 8 years ago
he is full of shit
onemexican1 - 8 years ago
Dick.....for the record you play surf guitar.....nearly the same tune all the time....ok...ok but it's great....the tune you always play.
Zycho - 9 years ago
Man... Dick IS good.
Holy Hand Grenades
Holy Hand Grenades - 5 years ago
Zycho You love the dick, don't ya?
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 5 years ago
Gayest sentence I've ever heard.
Jacob McEntire
Jacob McEntire - 6 years ago
The good Dick
Og tiller of the dankest Memes
Og tiller of the dankest Memes - 7 years ago
Zycho you would know
Stephen Plante
Stephen Plante - 7 years ago
+Kill Communists
g unit
Sound Author
Sound Author - 8 years ago
+jimmy rustle I must like this comment "just because".
Comrade Thoth
Comrade Thoth - 8 years ago
+jimmy rustle

I love it man. Nothing like prostate orgasms.
jimmy rustle
jimmy rustle - 8 years ago
I just want dick in my ass
petemclinc - 8 years ago
+zimonslot I must admit, I am a bit of a Dick Head...
jc - 8 years ago
Yea dick goes hard
Brutalgruve - 8 years ago
+zimonslot I "wood" have worded that differently but yes, old school badass
Jesse Lynn
Jesse Lynn - 8 years ago
+AgentJayZ I concur.
AgentJayZ - 8 years ago
+zimonslot I think he actually invented cool... can I get confirmation on that?
Zycho - 9 years ago
is he still alive?? His site hasnt been updated since 2005
steve morrison
steve morrison - 8 years ago
+zimonslot He played Friday June 19, 2015 in LA to a sold out crowd at the Whiskey A Go Go. And yes he still shreds.
MichaelD8393 - 8 years ago
+zimonslot Yup Dick is still going strong at 78. God bless!
John Blough
John Blough - 8 years ago
And still kicking ASS!!!
Patrick McIntyre
Patrick McIntyre - 9 years ago
+zimonslot he is still alive and still performing
greatvanzinni - 9 years ago
Got to finally see him a few years back. He is well worth the watch. In the middle of it all he did some jazz/ Miles thing that was fascinating.
Νοῦς - 9 years ago
This guy shreds I can tell
fyrcrack1 - 9 years ago
What a humble guy..........
terrypussypower - 5 years ago
DeadPistolsBrainGerms Dick Dale doesn’t need to “appear grandiose” ....HE IS GRANDIOSE! And if anything, he UNDERSELLS himself!
He’s a giant in the formation of rock n roll!
Vladimir Poutine
Vladimir Poutine - 5 years ago
Whether true or not he pioneered an entire genre, kind of like a veteran that fought in a war - You've got to give them the respect they've earned and just smile and nod. The guy is legendary. Without him great bands today like Guantanamo Baywatch, La Luz and the Allah-Las probably wouldn't exist.
DeadPistolsBrainGerms - 6 years ago
+buck ewer Even as a fan I think he's kind of full of himself. I have some doubts about how much influence he had in Fender and etc. No doubt he's a good guitarist and pioneered an entire genre, but some claims he makes are very bold and also don't line up completely. I think most of the stories he tells are only partially true. On top of that, he tells it from his point of view which will naturally have more to do with him than anyone else. So you get his perspective piled on top of a story that's meant to make himself appear grandiose and you get Dick Dale. A mostly true story, but with plenty of fluff.
Harry Williams
Harry Williams - 6 years ago
buck ewer spastic
GracieEsMe Herro
GracieEsMe Herro - 6 years ago
buck ewer nah dick dale has fame for talent trump has fame for being trump
Loyd - 9 years ago
That's why Dick Dale said, when they can take him, they can take him!!
Loyd - 9 years ago
He played Jimi Hendrix before Hendrix knew what was what!
ur local vibe dealer
ur local vibe dealer - 5 years ago
but why yall gotta say someone is better in a disrespecting way? comparing is disrespectful in the first place
E Pluribus Nihil
E Pluribus Nihil - 6 years ago
Loyd no
MadMetalManiac74 - 6 years ago
Michael McCann and for the record I can play better than dale. I know many people who also can play better. He was in a scene and got lucky is what it sounds like. He doesnt even know how to properly play for crying out loud. Its all one string runners with the one or two chords he actuslly figured out while playing the instrument Completely wrong.
MadMetalManiac74 - 6 years ago
Michael McCann not the point. When it comes to actusl skill he's beginner level at best. You know Amy Schumer has mad alot of money telling bad vagina jokes and stealing others. Doesn't mean she's any sort of a good comedian.
MadMetalManiac74 - 6 years ago
buck ewer no shit i mean I give a guy credit where credit is due but to me it's no wonder why this guy only had one hit that anyone ever remembers.
Harry Williams
Harry Williams - 6 years ago
buck ewer I didn't know you where complimenting yourself spastic you live a pathetic life full of jealousy & hate please go die because no one would give a shit when you're gone
Alabaster Smidge
Alabaster Smidge - 6 years ago
buck ewer Why do you dislike Dick Dale so?
Michael Talley
Michael Talley - 7 years ago
Jimi could do both, play a right handed guitar upside down or restring it in the normal way.
Matt Fuller
Matt Fuller - 7 years ago
+Coco yeah so what albert King was doing that before both of them
Coco - 8 years ago
+Loyd Mitchell And Jimi has his strings set "normally" for a lefty. Dick Dale just uses a regular right-handed guitar, which is badass and way cooler
keri caye
keri caye - 9 years ago
Thank you
Marc Burroughs
Marc Burroughs - 9 years ago
I'm not questioning the man's place in rock history but half of what he says is utter BS, especially the historical statements regarding Fender. He talks like he was in the shop doing R&D with Freddy Taveras and George Fullerton. And yes, he is unashamedly full of himself.
Jordan Seaben
Jordan Seaben - 5 years ago
Jealous overweight cut rate guitar player. Dude is cooler than you'll ever be
YouCanCallMeReTro - 5 years ago
Marc Burroughs It never ceases to amaze me how people who don't even know what they're talking about can act like they know what happened before they were even born.
Point Sand
Point Sand - 5 years ago
Marc Burroughs unhappy people always have to try shut down others in some way. The dude is part history and you aren't! Too bad! Focus on creating instead of writing useless comments, kind of ironic that you become full of yourself to say that someone iconic in music is full of himself.. Idiot, indeed!
DeadPistolsBrainGerms - 6 years ago
I do think he exaggerates some of the things he says, and I'm a fan of Dick Dale, but a lot of the things he said are also on the official Fender website. There's some credit in what he says, otherwise I feel as though the Fender company wouldn't be plastering it all over their website.

Is he exaggerating? Yes. Is he lying? Not really. There's probably a lot of truth in what he says, but obviously it's from his perspective and so he probably makes himself the centre of the story even when he may have not played as big of a role. Some of the stuff he does say sounds a bit off and obviously, as someone pointed out, his claim of being able to play every instrument is a huge exaggeration and I'm sure he even knows that. He probably meant something more along the lines of "I can play anything with enough time despite my lack of musical technicalities." He's, hopefully, just saying he picks up instruments quickly without any formal training. In which case, "I can play anything" starts to make more sense if used in that context.
neilsthepoet - 6 years ago
keri caye 100 more rock n roll points for keri
greatvanzinni - 9 years ago
I agree to a point. Les Paul was that way too. But then again as I used to say, "But he is Les Paul." Dick Dale is the same for my generation. He is a bit full of himself but then again, He is Dick Dale!
Marc Burroughs
Marc Burroughs - 9 years ago
He caught his speakers on fire, well, I've seen voice coils lock and smoke...fire...well maybe?...and having the same top wood as the back wood makes a guitar sound better? I can play every instrument that there is (!?) A thinner guitar
body innovative?
I'll take a back a little of what I said about his influence on Fender designs in that I have a friend who was there and does confirn that he did help with the keyboard designs though two other people claim that he overstates his infuence. All three of these gentlemen have great familiarity with Fender during the Dale time frame and beyond. They shall remain nameless.
There is no question of his talent and that he was a driving force for Leo developing more powerful guitar amps.
In the 80s I was in a band that opened for him twice and I the saw he and his son perform twice, my choice, my ticket purchase ('06 or '07 I think). My brief meetings with him were always pleasant and I was respectful due to his high pl ce in the development of the music I love. But if the statements about his new signature acoustic (I'm sure it's a fine guitar) are any indicater of his design innovations it leaves me a bit skeptical as to the wieght of his claims.
I also have friends who have played in Dick's bands and I'll leave those names and stories untold out of deference to them.
No one is above a critique of attitude and claims, not even Dick Dale (see Brian Williams).
The beard stays.
keri caye
keri caye - 9 years ago
WELL WELL MARC........Dick (and even I) were IN FENDER SHOP (in Anaheim on Euclid) and Dick DOES KNOW WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT...
I ALMOST bought a fender (yes 1963) for $125.00 (should have)
Matt Clark
Matt Clark - 9 years ago
Honestly, I think he's kind of earned being "full of himself." Dale has been literally inventing guitar sounds, most likely, longer than most people in these comments have been alive.
tim jones
tim jones - 9 years ago
A legend in his own time.
nadoninja - 6 years ago
Harry Williams fail
Harry Williams
Harry Williams - 6 years ago
LegendarySuper SaiyanJonathanMarcus he's an inbred piece of shit jealous keyboard warrior
Adam Hans
Adam Hans - 9 years ago
reported for nudity. 
Chris Jenkins
Chris Jenkins - 6 years ago
I don’t get it where is the nudity
Machinen Kanone
Machinen Kanone - 6 years ago
keri caye you have Stockholm syndrome
keri caye
keri caye - 9 years ago
WHO CARES ADAM...did you read it all? it's all BS...
I've seen him MANY MANY TIMES since 1963, plus on Back to the Beach (89) imdb. com has the info and Dick isn't a molester, etc..he's cool.
the butter wolf
the butter wolf - 9 years ago
Can i see dick
keri caye
keri caye - 9 years ago
sure..look up at the video! hahahahah
Philip Beaton
Philip Beaton - 9 years ago
Wait wait wait, he plays upside down? Jesus m. Christ. 
keri caye
keri caye - 9 years ago
Dick played upside down before Jimmy had his first guitar!
Michael Greco
Michael Greco - 9 years ago
Machinen Kanone
Machinen Kanone - 6 years ago
Michael Greco in his own mind.
Carl Rudd
Carl Rudd - 9 years ago
Can't stand Harry James. But DickDale is ok.
Gerber Bernstein
Gerber Bernstein - 9 years ago
I'm sure glad Dick invented the guitar for Leo Fender.
terrypussypower - 5 years ago
Moxie Music A flat brainier eh? Hahaha! That explains a lot.
terrypussypower - 5 years ago
anonymusum God god, another pig ignoramus shouting their mouth off about shit they obviously know nothing about.
Way to embarrass yourself buddy.
You’re the kind of ignoramus that would think Link Wray or Les Paul’s technique “stinks”!
Moxie Music
Moxie Music - 6 years ago
Fun fact: buck ewer is also a flat earther
hurkamur1 - 6 years ago
Gerber Bernstein I know, he's wearing his own fkn T-shirt for chrissakes. I still love him though.
Travis Forde
Travis Forde - 6 years ago
In 1993 I saw Dick Dale play at the junkyard... in Casselberry Fl. near Orlando, that showman amp head fell on my lap when he went to move behind the drum kit. The stage was small, and the amp got knocked over. The reverb unit made a huge clanging sound! I actually helped him put the amp head back on the speaker cabinet. He played a hell of a show, and yes... he played all instruments.
anonymusum - 6 years ago
Oh c´mon - everyone with a brain can see that this man has a big mouth. And by the way his guitar technique is just lousy.
Deathalizer - 6 years ago
buck ewer You're all over the comment section saying the same shit about how it's made up just to compensate for the fact you will never do something great like that in your life because you sit on your ass all day and do nothing. grow up.
Harry Williams
Harry Williams - 6 years ago
buck ewer spastic
Oliver William Quinn
Oliver William Quinn - 9 years ago
2:07 did he say Nick O'Malley?
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan - 7 years ago
+Oliver William Quinn that's cool, i love him, now i love him even more.
Oliver William Quinn
Oliver William Quinn - 7 years ago
Yes. I met him before one of his concert in the Czech Rep. He signed my guitar and even gave me a ticket for his concert as a gift. He has the biggest heart in the world
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan - 7 years ago
Oliver William Quinn is that you with Glenn hansard?
hachewie - 9 years ago
What a dick!
keri caye
keri caye - 9 years ago
yeah..the hottest Dick with a pick!                           forever
buckzx12r - 9 years ago
If your good,it aint braggin.
Bryan Lettow
Bryan Lettow - 5 years ago
If you're good you shouldn't need to tell anyone really.
Ben Valentine
Ben Valentine - 6 years ago
buckzx12r yeah its just called bragging rights
Fingers MaGillicuddy
Fingers MaGillicuddy - 9 years ago
King of surf guitar.......and modesty
Harry Williams
Harry Williams - 6 years ago
buck ewer spastic
Todd Bronnert
Todd Bronnert - 9 years ago
wow learned something id love to buy him a beer and a shot if i ever meet him
bud prepper
bud prepper - 10 years ago
an amazing person
Ernest  Tuttle
Ernest Tuttle - 10 years ago
Rumpel Foreskin
Rumpel Foreskin - 6 years ago
Ernest Tuttle might be true but there are better players
nicky bareau
nicky bareau - 10 years ago
fuck me this guy really loves himself
Pasquale Marongiu
Pasquale Marongiu - 10 years ago
Grande mitico Dick!
6909Scrappy - 11 years ago
The Man The Legend
jeruman - 11 years ago
doesnt he looks like anthony hopkins?
Evan Waller
Evan Waller - 13 years ago
Dick you are the Man!, thanks for a lifetime of your art!
SIRONEDRAGON - 13 years ago
great info : )
Nick Malfara
Nick Malfara - 13 years ago

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