Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - Surf Beat

Surf guitar hero Dick Dale, And His Del-Tones, perform the driving "Surf Beat". Unbelievably, this was only issued as a B-side to "Mr Peppermint Man" in 1962.

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Surf guitar hero Dick Dale, And His Del-Tones, perform the driving "Surf Beat". Unbelievably, this was only issued as a B-side to "Mr Peppermint Man" in 1962.

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Most popular comments
for Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - Surf Beat

The Mother Flower
The Mother Flower - 6 years ago
How 'bout some "Tiki Trouble" too? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-29ovFo2r7U
Randy J
Randy J - 6 years ago
Locomo, yeah now mother, at the beginning of the song, is that surf code?
Harold Mackie
Harold Mackie - 6 years ago
this is good shit
Paul Desfosses
Paul Desfosses - 6 years ago
3;17pm 1/26/2018 telhase florida jnuary friday
Rex Truegood
Rex Truegood - 6 years ago
sucks compared to crecendo records dick dales best of lp
THAT surf beat was powerful
this one is weak tit
robert villarreal
robert villarreal - 6 years ago
Dreamtime no doubt. "Seems like a dream," my awesome All-American Mom said of the bluest water & waves of Central California in those years.....sad we didn't move there then.....I keep watching Beach Party & Muscle Beach back to back.........how time & progress can put real living out of perspective. Sounds like California was less expensive then & affordable.
Zombie Mosher
Zombie Mosher - 6 years ago
First heard this through The Lively Ones, great stuff. :)
SirBasildeBrush - 6 years ago
Nice, but Dick takes his stratocaster off into the stratosphere on this one.
Richard Creel
Richard Creel - 6 years ago
Oh Yeah! Harmony Park Ballroom; Anaheim, CA 1963/64
J Auerglass
J Auerglass - 6 years ago
its 12 in the morning what am i doing.

10. comment for Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - Surf Beat

Jethro Portillo
Jethro Portillo - 7 years ago
God Bless All Of You
Allow Jesus To Enter Your Heart
God and Jesus Loves You
Trail Blazing
Trail Blazing - 6 years ago
Rock n Roll is the only Religion and Lemmy is our Prophet...Lemmy is the Alpha and the Ωmega
cidshroom - 6 years ago
Jethro Portillo fuck off with that shit fundie
Marius VanDamme
Marius VanDamme - 7 years ago
Is surf music the reason behind the wet/dry terminology on effects?
slotrod - 6 years ago
Marius VanDamme: Yes. It all started with deep reverb described as wet.
Lana Dale
Lana Dale - 7 years ago
Guitar Legend Dick Dale is the Creator and Pioneer of surf/rock music in 1955 marking 62 years as well Fender equipment strat guitar/Fender Amps/JBL Lansing Speakers with then like second Father Leo Fender ...I am my husbands Manager and Agent as well as PR and creator over the years of all Dick Dale Merch. We love our Dick Dale music lovers all over the world so Please email lanadale@earthlink.net
Axl Martinez
Axl Martinez - 7 years ago
good song ¡¡
TheSmithChannel - 7 years ago
great song love this song awesome
SirBasildeBrush - 7 years ago
... a surf classic with that menacing guitar.
AxumGear - 7 years ago
Thanks excellent vid
SirBasildeBrush - 7 years ago
Thank you.
David Wadsworth
David Wadsworth - 7 years ago
michael smith, that's the problem , you went to U.S.C.Wasn't that O.J. Simpson's schoolalso?
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - 8 years ago
Yeah well JIM, I was 50 and 60 kid too and guess what, I went to USC in 1965 and majored in music (music theory and all that) and guess what I learned - that rock and roll and surfer music is by standards of composition and music theory AWFUL MUSIC.  No classical composer would shame himself and write this kind of music.  now listen carefully to the 1st 30 seconds of this music (got a piano around)? The music hits the scale #1 note (do), then the music jumps to the #4 note (fa), hits a few clunks, and then back to the #1 note(do) and clunk and then jumps to the #5 note(so) (this is do, re, mi, fa, so stuff), and THEN, hits FA #4 AND THEN BACK TO DO (#1). So as for musical theory this is VERBOTEN, a no-no and no trained musician would ever do this.  But WE, the wild-ass teenagers love our crazy music.  And we love the drums going dada da da, dada da da - all the surfer music is the same crazy monkeys on the drum dada da da, dada da da.   Ha ha!
The Dagons
The Dagons - 6 years ago
It's not true that no classical composer would "shame himself" by breaking the "standards" of composition. Innovative composers have been breaking the rules for centuries. D.D. is an innovator, not a paint-by-numbers follow the rules composer. He uses non-Western scales a lot, influenced by his Lebanese heritage. That, alone, makes the rule book null & void.
SpamTiger11 - 8 years ago
+Michael Smith I don't care about the science behind music... if I like it and can dance to it then thats all good for me!
Kaiser Franz
Kaiser Franz - 8 years ago
Right on !!!
SirBasildeBrush - 8 years ago
+Kaiser Franz ..spot on!!
Mauricio SoRo
Mauricio SoRo - 8 years ago
Very Nice! B-)

20. comment for Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - Surf Beat

Magi Mysticism
Magi Mysticism - 9 years ago
hey Dick hope all is well we used to open for you in san Bernardino,municpal auditorium. in the mid 60s also rendezvous ballroom in Newport. I was that great drummer you should of had! Jim Head and the Del Rays/////
Jack Demare
Jack Demare - 9 years ago
Markas Rowman
Markas Rowman - 9 years ago
Ya another the Venture's Hawaii Five O is from this music.
robert garcia
robert garcia - 9 years ago
dick is the king of the surf sound
Jim Geiger
Jim Geiger - 9 years ago
Those were the days, kids. I grew up in SoCal in the 50's and 60's, so this is very real. On Tuesday nites Gary Lewis and the Playboys played Frontier Land at Disneyland. It cost $1.75 to get in with no tickets for rides. Then on Wednesday or Thursday Dick Dale and the Deltones played a hall just north of Disneyland called Harmony Ballroom. This was every week, all summer long. I was a surfer and the girls were EVERYWHERE!!
FishMusic4U - 7 years ago
You're describing a Heaven on Earth. It's good to be a King at the Beach!
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass - 8 years ago
+Jim Geiger Whoa man, what a time to be alive!
Claudia Wilburne
Claudia Wilburne - 8 years ago
+Jim Geiger I was there, at Harmony Park.. it was amazing
mth77777 - 9 years ago
Harmony Park Ballroom --> watch?v=0jIajLhY7nQ
obcalif - 9 years ago
Yeah, that was pretty sweet if I must say so myself. 
SirBasildeBrush - 9 years ago
John Schick
John Schick - 9 years ago
Dick was a REAL surfer , not some BS pretender. He's a fine musician that can play many kinds of instruments. I've been a fan since my early teens in 1961. Man, he rocked and still knocks them dead! Dick, you KICK ASS!
Jon - 9 years ago
That is some VERY wet reverb.
My Name Changes A Lot
My Name Changes A Lot - 9 years ago
I may only be 14, but I feel like this is where I belong.
Grateful to my Dad for playin' tracks like this in the car. :3
Iduna Black
Iduna Black - 6 years ago
BananaGirl / Milk same! Even our age hahaha
Stephen Perry
Stephen Perry - 9 years ago
The true godfather of shred
rick cee
rick cee - 9 years ago
the king!

30. comment for Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - Surf Beat

Dick guldstrand
Dick guldstrand - 9 years ago
I personally thought this was the best of all of the songs he ever did.  Loved this song back in the day and today. 
Negative Eclipse
Negative Eclipse - 10 years ago
henrique braga maia
henrique braga maia - 10 years ago
This is the real surf music very gooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mitcher Meandan
Mitcher Meandan - 10 years ago
Much better than Mr. Pepeprmint man, and a better version than was on his "Greatest Hits" album.
sparkymoo - 10 years ago
I had that greatest hits album, and have never found that version on youtube. People have argued to me that I'm crazy. Glad you commented, it is a much better version for sure.  o/
Pasquale Marongiu
Pasquale Marongiu - 10 years ago
Un altro dei grandi della Surf Music!!!!!
martyc246 - 10 years ago
there is Dick Dale....  then there are those that want to be Dick dale
Hector Senda
Hector Senda - 10 years ago
randolph martz
randolph martz - 10 years ago
I wins, It just wins
Muffett - 10 years ago
OH man...he still sounds great!!! Saw him in April of this year in Houston. He is awesome!! He just turned 75 in May. We are so lucky to have him...he had some really rough times ...his health. I videotaped all I could. Ran out of memory so I never took a pic. I had a blast. I was warned he would have his amps full blast. They were right. I didn't use earplugs. I survived!!!!! You gotta see him before it's too late. He's awesome!
Walt Fechter
Walt Fechter - 10 years ago
Yes, indeed, they are! Enjoy the upcoming Summer 2013. Best to ya - W
SirBasildeBrush - 10 years ago
Good to know they're good guys!
Walt Fechter
Walt Fechter - 10 years ago
Yes, they are. Eddie is a great guy too. During a live performance, The Straitjackets dedicated three of their tunes to a crippled friend of mine who was sitting front-row/center. Thanks for the righteous clicks by Dick Dale and His Del-Tones! He's still king tone, ya know! Little Steven (The Underground Garage) plays a lot of Dick's instrumentals in his show's musical beds. BEST from the ultimate ho-dad -- W
SirBasildeBrush - 10 years ago
Los Straitjackets and Eddie Angel are the biz these days.
Walt Fechter
Walt Fechter - 10 years ago
Great memories, Los Straitjackets, and Little Steven (The Underground Garage) sent me here. This is king tone!
Detc0n - 10 years ago
SirBasildeBrush - 10 years ago
that's what they say!
MacDisel1 - 10 years ago
Dick Dale and Hendrix, 2 best lefties I ever heard.
kenp3L - 11 years ago
Not too many people left who know what a hodad is.
Jaques DeMolay
Jaques DeMolay - 11 years ago
I just realized, he was LF handed !!
CydnotCharrise1 - 11 years ago
I was there in the mid to late 60s and enjoyed those cute surfer dudes at the Pier! And I snagged a tiny piece of the old pier after they tore it down. A prized possession. Some bitchen times. Though I remember body surfing at Seal Beach rather than at Huntington.

50. comment for Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - Surf Beat

Gydinglight12 - 11 years ago
You mean there are Eight hodads who do not love this music? Goofyfooter hodads!
Carol Friske
Carol Friske - 11 years ago
My husband (deceased 1999) was an accomplished guitar and keyboardist and he loooved Dick Dale. We saw the band in Santa Cruz quite a few years ago. We were the "oldies but goodies" in the crowd. We danced and had an absolute ball. I'll never forget that. Thanks Dick Dale.
SirBasildeBrush - 12 years ago
@MikeBruceSullivan Many thanks for the kind words on the video, and your vivid words on the music. Always loved this one, lets Dick do some great things with the guitar. Spent many an hour trying to play along to this in my youth.
fred murphy
fred murphy - 12 years ago
This is a great composition of Dick Dale's life. SirBasilde Brush: the photos come closer and closer to the screen as gradually & almost set to match the electrifying guitar riffs which rise in a crescendo. You, my good man, have made what Dick Dale probably would like as his official Music video for Surf Beat. Awesome song/music played live--I like the woman screaming in the background. Arguably, even Dick Dale couldn't outdo this live version of Surf Beat.
heydanbud - 12 years ago
sounds a little bit like "watermelon man"
massoterapia belo horizonte
massoterapia belo horizonte - 12 years ago
take all and go to skate park, the best
Doring - 12 years ago
@alans5king Dale tried to capture the sound he experienced in his head while surfing, the heavy reverb does have a kind of watery feel to it. This in combination with the emerging surf culture from which the music originated probably attributed to the name. I also don't think rock music sounds like rocks at all.
Walt Fechter
Walt Fechter - 12 years ago
Listening to this is one of the best ways to spend the last official day of Summer 2011. Adios -- Summer 2011! Laird Hamilton -- this one's for you!
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - 12 years ago
What a ride. Back in 62 at the Rendezvous Ballroom Newport Beach. So many memories of that era. It's unfortunate kids today cannot have those same experiences we had then. Just listen to the surf music, it will tell the story of a those years that have gone by bye.....
Ron Cromer
Ron Cromer - 12 years ago
@pataphysician66 ~ The strangest performance I ever saw at the Golden Bear was in the Spring of '73 with my girlfriend/later/wife. It was Hoyt Axton and the guy got so drunk drinking wine, he actually attempted to pour wine (from the bottle!) into the microphone! It was a 10pm start and about 2am, with Axton stone drunk and falling off the bar stool he was sitting on, we got up and left.
Debra Girard
Debra Girard - 12 years ago
@MrRonnieG I saw Arlo Guthrie in '68 at the GB. During his ALice's Restaurant days. Very good, but very silly humor. That was Arlo- we even chatted with him afterwards. So homespun and groovy at the same time.
Rodolfo Alcatraz
Rodolfo Alcatraz - 12 years ago
@bharfarar that last sentence sounds kinda homosexual
Dusty Beers
Dusty Beers - 12 years ago
@bharfarar You folks are sooooo lucky. I've been landlocked my whole life. What a drag:( You don't tell your friends "hey let's go over to the next mountain and see if we can pick up some chicks." See what I'm sayin?? lol
megamanthehitman - 12 years ago
take me to the beach dick
rockola63 - 12 years ago
@surfstomp Rendezvous Ballroom.
Ron Cromer
Ron Cromer - 12 years ago
Hey bharfarar ~ Just after getting home from Vietnam (November 1970) I started hanging out at the Golden Bear (right near the H.B. Pier as I recall). For a period of about 4 years I saw Linda Ronstadt, Hoyt Axton, Mason Williams, John Mayall, Glen Yarborough, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and other acts I cannot now remember. It was such a little hole-in-the-wall with sawdust on the floor. I lived in H.B. up near the intersection of Beach Blvd. & Warner Avenue.
SirBasildeBrush - 12 years ago
@MrKodyska I'm impressed!
Flyingcatfly - 12 years ago
what does he say at the beginning
SirBasildeBrush - 12 years ago
@gary32080 Cool. wish I could have been there,
gary32080 - 12 years ago
I just saw his show in St. Augustine Fl an hour ago . It was Awesome
alienbigfoot15698 - 12 years ago
damn ur cool
Da Beav
Da Beav - 12 years ago
@bharfarar I do what you talk about now in Jersey (local 609)
JLWing77 - 12 years ago
The Cramps stole this beginning for "Let's Get F*cked up". But I'm going to let them slide. I assume it was more of an homage than outright theft.
SirBasildeBrush - 12 years ago
@LeftyHangsLower A great performance from one of the great performers
LeftyHangsLower - 12 years ago
You can feel the raw energy created by the live performance here. Thanks for the upload!
SirBasildeBrush - 12 years ago
@mrlucky777 So it is - 74 today!
wade8443 - 13 years ago
Whenever I see anybody surfin' - I hear Dick Dale - How could you not!
Capt. Kirk
Capt. Kirk - 13 years ago
@MikeBruceSullivan Wasn't he born in the U.S.???
fred murphy
fred murphy - 13 years ago
@666narutomanfan (Part 2) ....port town where Lennon could explore the challenging fast riffs of surf rock. He had "Just Like Starting Over" which was in a way kind of like surf rock. Just interesting to think about.
fred murphy
fred murphy - 13 years ago
@bobo007xx thanks. i have to look for that in the near future. Mr. Fender, guitar guru, used to test his guitar's strength & capacity by letting Dick play them. I always felt that surf music and surf rock required extensive skill. In fact, as an aside, John Lennon moved to NY because it was a port town and it reminded him of Liverpool, but if he moved to San Diego, it would have been another...
SirBasildeBrush - 13 years ago
@MikeBruceSullivan I know, I've tried...
fred murphy
fred murphy - 13 years ago
it's not humanly possible to play those ultra-fast guitar riffs!!! Lol. Dick Dale was one cool, gifted half middle eastern dude! Awesome beginning!
Cunning Chaos
Cunning Chaos - 13 years ago
Its cool because my grandpa and i have similar tastes, he used to listen to this music so much, always a surfer, he said. still does, once in a while.
Roland Lenz
Roland Lenz - 13 years ago
combination von Saxophon und Guitarr ist good, und das aus den1960er
cabowabbo cobo
cabowabbo cobo - 13 years ago
@bharfarar I had Nitty Gritty Dirt Band tickets for the Golden Bear I won from KNAC but did not have a way to get to the concert back in the late 60's from Lakewood. Class of 73.My Bad..........
SirBasildeBrush - 13 years ago
@OldDelTone Thanks for the comment, honoured to have you drop by. Good to hear Dick's one of the good guys. Oh, the hours I spent (trying to) playing this as a teenager...
OldDelTone - 13 years ago
Just FYI: In 1973 or 1974 we played in Bakersfield (I believe it was called at Mason Joso's), in South Bakersfield. Across the street from little diner that made the best cream pies I've ever tasted. Working for Dick was without doubt a great honor.
Adamhosek - 13 years ago
@bharfarar yeah sounds nice...but the russians scared the shit ouf of you us people that time. but otherwise i agree with u ;D
Rockospoogie - 13 years ago
@gmkell59 There was a time in Bakersfield that there was a vibrant sound coming from radio and the local talent. Right on to you for the mention of KAFY.
fixturebum1 - 13 years ago
@bharfarar golden bear .. ahhhh remember it well, eagles, morrison, thourogood, bikinis bongs and booz.. what ever happen to those days.. thanx for the memories.. timothy leary we miss you
flexotanil123 - 13 years ago
de verdad q el tipo era un duro jeje q bueno...
KiNgSpAdE00420 - 13 years ago
@bharfarar if only i could have lived in those times.. always looked back at the 50's n 60's n wished i could have been that generation. so suttle and simple times. straight forward and economy was as effed up at ours.. not mention clean beaches
bharfarar - 13 years ago
@NAP0LE0NDYNAM1TE ...it was a magical moment in time - the mid 60's to mid 70's. And God have mercy, it will likely not ever return to those wonderful times. Back then no one would ever dream of sending millions of jobs overseas, or opening up the border. Back then Muslims were Mohammedans, and fought among themselves. Everything came together in the 60's -it was America's best decade - we were confident, happy, carefree, reverent, even dignified. But take heart,goodness will prevail in the end.
surfrider1962 - 13 years ago
Great song ! Btw, B-side to Peppermint Man (DELTONE Records 45-5020-A, 07/62.)
FairDealDan - 13 years ago
Very heavy...works great as background music and headphone music
SirBasildeBrush - 14 years ago
@bharfarar Sounds too good to be true!!
bharfarar - 14 years ago
us guys would listen to Dick Dale in our car on the way to Huntington Beach in the late 60's, then we'd catch the outside break body surfing on a good day. Later we'd go across the street from the pier and look at the upcoming stars at the Golden Bear. We'd get sodas, look at cute girls in bikinis, and wonder when the next set of waves would come in. When they did, we'd grab our fins and run into the surf laughing as the spray came up to our faces.
couchfort - 14 years ago
1. Your guitar needs some snappy bright single coil pickups (the thin one with "exposed" peg magnets seen on most Fender guitars). 2. A tube amp with a wicked built-in reverb. Sure you do it on a regular amp, or with digital reverb. But for the TRUE surf sound, it's gotta be an all-tube amp, no crappy digital effects. Spring reverb or bust, my friend.
surfstomp - 14 years ago
This song was either recorded live at the Rendezvous Ballroom (Balboa) or Harmony Park (Anaheim)---anybody know?
SirBasildeBrush - 14 years ago
Good to hear this one got good coverage, at least in central CA.

100. comment for Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - Surf Beat

Greg Kelley
Greg Kelley - 14 years ago
Always my Favorute Song by Dick Dale was a great number with rippin sax. The flip side was Mr Peppermint man and both recevied equal play in Central California on KAFY 550 Bakersfield, CA..Cheers!
Skeets K
Skeets K - 14 years ago
Damn I remember when this came out,, still kick ass music, not like this crap they call music today!!!!! Damn good rocknroll
gtgene - 14 years ago
The story Dick Dale gave was that he asked Leo Fender to come up with a way to make his voice sound like Elvis Presley's. Fender came up with reverb and somewhere he plugged in his guitar instead.
SirBasildeBrush - 14 years ago
Thanks for the interesting comment. I've still got the same Les Paul (copy) guitar after 30+ years, though I let my Fender bass go many years ago.
theredreceivers - 14 years ago
As important as the right guitar is getting a good reverb pedal or a amp with built-in reverb. Fender Deluxe Reverb is a good amp.
A.C. Acquafondata
A.C. Acquafondata - 14 years ago
ahh that reverb is like water to my soul i could swim in it forever haha
Sue K
Sue K - 14 years ago
Try listening to Duane Eddy, He came out around the same time.
SirBasildeBrush - 14 years ago
@Cupa42 I read somwhere Dick used to play with extra-thick strings to get that richness.
Cupa42 - 14 years ago
ok, i have no idea what are those... :)
Cupa42 - 14 years ago
i want to play, but does every guitar have this surf sound?
SirBasildeBrush - 14 years ago
Know what you mean, leaves me exhausted!
Skybrush - 14 years ago
I love that you can do so much with just an ordinary Twelve-bar blues! Great beat indeed =)
SirBasildeBrush - 14 years ago
Some good choices in there!
Greg Kelley
Greg Kelley - 14 years ago
Surf Beat is my Favorite song By Dick always liked it better than miserlou , Tall Cool one, by the Wailers, orginal version is my favorite, they also did the best Version of Louie Louie, using one of the ir singers Rockin' Robin roberts! if you can fidn that you will really like it Cheers!
SirBasildeBrush - 14 years ago
Great, my first 85!
Walt Lessun
Walt Lessun - 14 years ago
Good beat, you can dance to it. I give it an 85.
beegeelovessurf - 14 years ago
The KING of surf guitar!! Still rocks today.
Paul Dickinson
Paul Dickinson - 14 years ago
check out , Link wray's the shadow knows! Tal cool one is a classic , love the wailers !
ne0nsurf - 14 years ago
fuck yeah
Gatakumo Johnson
Gatakumo Johnson - 14 years ago
any one know any GOOD tabs of this, GOOD TABS.
SirBasildeBrush - 14 years ago
Well, I don't think I'm ever going to be a guitar legend.
Eilicec - 14 years ago
SirBasildeBrush - 14 years ago
I have a tune by the Wailers called 'On The Rocks', which is pretty much the same as 'Tall Cool One', albeit with more gusto. I'll post it later today and see what you think.
SirBasildeBrush - 15 years ago
I just took a listen to 'Tall Cool One'. Nice.
Greg Kelley
Greg Kelley - 15 years ago
Another GReat Instrumental of the Early 60's Was Tall cool one by the Wailers, the Orginal version is The best I think. They also did the Best Version of Louie, Louie, under the name of Rockin Robin Roberts, ( it was still the Wailers backing him)who was singing lead for them from time to time, Cheers!!
SirBasildeBrush - 15 years ago
Me too. The tune I spent countless hours trying to play in my teens.
Greg Kelley
Greg Kelley - 15 years ago
My favorite song by Dick Dale and the Del tones, Peppermint man was really different for Dick dale and I liked it, but Surf beat was king, to me , better than Miserlou.Cheers!
SirBasildeBrush - 15 years ago
Pleased to help out.
Furball2k - 15 years ago
Thanks Man!!! I've been looking for this ^_^
ou812bass - 15 years ago
sounds familiar

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