El Nino Jaws

The latest action from the lineup at Jaws - 1/27/16-1/28/16

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The latest action from the lineup at Jaws - 1/27/16-1/28/16

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Random Channel
Random Channel - 4 years ago
“Waaaa waaaa waaaa waaaaa”

Fuck this song
You ok Bruv
You ok Bruv - 4 years ago
Jamie’s wave looked nice
Daniel Goldin
Daniel Goldin - 4 years ago
respect to the 2 water photogs at 4:00... especially the one up front
Nathan Griffith
Nathan Griffith - 4 years ago
damnnnnn dingo
mikel roberts
mikel roberts - 4 years ago
amazing footage..watched it with the volume off
Amit Naamani
Amit Naamani - 5 years ago
amazing surf from these guys...wow incredible
the song was good ;)
Paul M.
Paul M. - 5 years ago
My God!!!!
Whitenacho - 5 years ago
The vid excellent. The song gave me a head ache. Would have been off the hook with natural sound.
mike powers
mike powers - 5 years ago
Goddamn song went on forever

10. comment for El Nino Jaws

brianbirc - 5 years ago
Looks like Newport Point 20 years ago. Fun as fuck. Beware and be alert for Dolphins, sharks and fuckin seals. Fun days so tell the tale after!!!!!
Chris B
Chris B - 6 years ago
good on them for paddling in. much more skill and balls
BOABRAB666 - 6 years ago
fkn tiny compared to parsons wave at jaws not even half his waves size
mzw meathook
mzw meathook - 6 years ago
pretty hard to ruin great footage like this.The song is trying its hardest.
Joey Bagofdonuts
Joey Bagofdonuts - 6 years ago
cool video
Levi Coffison
Levi Coffison - 6 years ago
Lewis Sheldrake
Lewis Sheldrake - 6 years ago
That wasted most the time talking
smileandpresson - 6 years ago
My husband and I were at the beach in Paia those 2 days, and the swell there was huge & coming in very fast. It was dark and furious. But these are just monsters!! Wow.
Sinjinbin 64
Sinjinbin 64 - 6 years ago
Corny song..
peter lansdale
peter lansdale - 6 years ago
Watching this clenches my everything.

20. comment for El Nino Jaws

scarypotter777 - 6 years ago
El nino is a gift from God
Carl Harverson
Carl Harverson - 6 years ago
excellent vid
Barney Coman
Barney Coman - 6 years ago
Nice little movie. Some glorious rides.
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke - 6 years ago
so fucking nice I wanna surf that
Wade H
Wade H - 6 years ago
Hard to even conceptualize the magnitude of some of these beatings... perhaps something akin to a 40mph car crash?
720069mf - 6 years ago
+Wade H Yes ,a 40 mph crash… underwater, then getting pounded for 30-60 seconds and hope you don't get a double hold down ;geeezes .
MrThunder - 6 years ago
Wow - some brutal wipes there...
fiddlestickz muzik
fiddlestickz muzik - 6 years ago
one of, if not the best compilation vid of the recent jaws swells..kudos guys..
ElectronHexagon - 6 years ago
Awesome vid, whack music.
Jnmvem Victory
Jnmvem Victory - 6 years ago
Maui got so much talent
Sammy's simple life! Fishing, Music, Friends, Food, Family
Sammy's simple life! Fishing, Music, Friends, Food, Family - 6 years ago
I have all the respect in the world for those Crazy Nuts that paddle out in that big shit! I sure do enjoy watching the videos! I guess I'll just have to hang out on the beach with all the bikinis and beer! Its a lot safer! Good job surfers!!!

30. comment for El Nino Jaws

Romain Leberre
Romain Leberre - 6 years ago
Where is the DJI inspiron 1 footage ?
Jimmy Buck
Jimmy Buck - 6 years ago
I think a pounding there would be life changing, if not ending. I hope one day I can earn enough respect to even take a beating there. But to make one wave... that would be mind altering.
jason13666 - 6 years ago
if i hear "wild fire" one more time my heads gonna explode
Kyan Rall
Kyan Rall - 4 years ago
Wild Fire
Wilton Felix
Wilton Felix - 4 years ago
Wild fire
guyfromBR - 6 years ago
A respectful and most grateful THANK YOU to all SURFER's crew who put together such a nice effort in this video. That was really well done in every aspect, and you all deserved a huge "congradulation" for it... ;)

It's my impression that this is the first time we get sort of a "Behind-the-Scenes Intro" short-doco style in a video this short... and THAT was superawesome. ;) Please, make it a permanent trait on all your future releases, as it'll surely help stir the scene and hopefully turn it into a trend. The colorful Surf crowd deserves it.

Because that day at Pe'ahi was really something special, those waves were breaking perfect as I've never seen there, before - and you got the video to prove it! Along with an inspired Edition (this recent trend & nice idea, when you combine varied angles from the same wave, to "show-it-all", is rather demanding on the Editor, but it's simply fabulous) plus an incendiary, well-picked song as the perfect Soundtrack to top it all in grand style.

This time you've surely done it all!

I'd just like to ask you to consider these two "observations":

1) with such a nice day, action & vibe, and having sent your own people to the spot to do all that coverage, don't you think the final video deserved to be lengthier? I mean, that was so unique, that I could easily watch 40 or 60 minutes of this stuff rather than the mere 6 you released... any chance for a second, full-coverage future release?

2) Where's the end of that huge and perfect JO'B wave at 3:02? I think that that moment was really special, when he took the ride on the biggest & most perfect wave of his life. Don't you think that at least THAT cut was way too early? I would really appreciate to watch the complete waves in your future releases.

Well, I don't know if I was able to put in words what I felt about this. I just want you all to have a nice one, 'cause you surely deserve!

Good on you ALL there!

Daniel Marcoulis
Daniel Marcoulis - 5 years ago
Hard to swallow any bit of seriousness when you just called them "cooks".
albatored - 5 years ago
I didn't see one good surfer in all the video, and not one good wave. Those poor american are just cooks. in the beginning we can see all those posers with their expensive gear but they just should have stayed home. Next big day in Pehai just phone me and I'll show you what surf is.
HK Slays Multimedia Fishing
HK Slays Multimedia Fishing - 6 years ago
Major progression happening in Maui.
Saddest surf channel of 2016
Saddest surf channel of 2016 - 6 years ago
I make surf videos, they are really bad
Iker Urdiroz Arroyo
Iker Urdiroz Arroyo - 6 years ago
GAVIES - 6 years ago
mielintxo - 6 years ago
Liam Jamieson
Liam Jamieson - 6 years ago

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