Famous jet ski incident - real footage as it happened

Raimana very close to being hit by a jet ski after a tow in. A near death experience? Cameraman: Tim Bonython - Raw footage Tahiti Teahupo'o - 2005 - Feel the action like it happened with Peter Joli ( Australian surf photographer) commentating. This session was documented in full in May Dayz surf film by Tim Bonython. Get your copy http://www.surfingvisions.com/surfmovie/blackwater/

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Raimana very close to being hit by a jet ski after a tow in. A near death experience? Cameraman: Tim Bonython - Raw footage Tahiti Teahupo'o - 2005 - Feel the action like it happened with Peter Joli ( Australian surf photographer) commentating. This session was documented in full in May Dayz surf film by Tim Bonython. Get your copy http://www.surfingvisions.com/surfmovie/blackwater/

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for Famous jet ski incident - real footage as it happened

M K - 5 years ago
Tom Tonev
Tom Tonev - 5 years ago
That didnt seem like a big deal
Yashar MJ
Yashar MJ - 5 years ago
how long would it take to learn to surf those waves! awsome!
Ruen - 5 years ago
well that was fucking lame
Frank The Rabbit
Frank The Rabbit - 5 years ago
Ray Smith
Ray Smith - 5 years ago
Well, that was a waste of 4 minutes.
Micah Johns
Micah Johns - 5 years ago
Douglas Murphy
Douglas Murphy - 5 years ago
Not an accident; not famous
wd1000 - 5 years ago
From the people who brought you "Lawnmower Racing from the Dog Park."

10. comment for Famous jet ski incident - real footage as it happened

Dave Pawson
Dave Pawson - 5 years ago
Famous? Clickbait much? It's a jetski. It's designed for that. What's the next video? Surfer screws his sex wax?
Charlie Rothwill
Charlie Rothwill - 5 years ago
Stupid video
use the spiritual eye ignore the physical
use the spiritual eye ignore the physical - 5 years ago
Brent Weaver
Brent Weaver - 5 years ago
I didn’t see any women surfing. So much for we can do it too huh
M R - 5 years ago
I been waiting 50 years for the big storm at bells beach
Blake Watson
Blake Watson - 5 years ago
Insane humans!
John Eckhart
John Eckhart - 5 years ago
pretty sure thats reef McIntosh driving the ski. ive met him a couple times on oahu all i can say is he's a very down to earth soft spoken guy very friendly and approachable. super humble to just a good guy. knows and shows everyone aloha
rory blake
rory blake - 5 years ago
Productions? Nice camera work and editing dude.
Arslaton80 - 5 years ago
That was a lame waste of my time. Thanks
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson - 5 years ago
People die

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JOHN C - 5 years ago
guacamole - 5 years ago
Those are some narly waves
herbert mcherbert
herbert mcherbert - 5 years ago
No countdowns, just start the video ffs
JSQ 769
JSQ 769 - 5 years ago
So why is this famous again?
Janick Skylarker
Janick Skylarker - 5 years ago
Dang you guys are crazy!
Mitch Ryder
Mitch Ryder - 5 years ago
that was worse than a barrel over Niagara
Mike Bockey
Mike Bockey - 5 years ago
“famous” ain’t all it used to be
Edison Beard
Edison Beard - 5 years ago
Why I don’t fw waves
Kalani Rama
Kalani Rama - 5 years ago
final words: YEET
Keith Davis
Keith Davis - 5 years ago
Just wanted to make a extremely late comment on video. Ooh big waves and crazy dudes

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conspiracies are just great stories
conspiracies are just great stories - 5 years ago
There's such a drastic difference between where one wave begins to crash and a larger wave begins to crash. I understand the physics and all that but it's absolutely nuts the massive distance really is.
vicpinto1970 - 5 years ago
5 4 3 2 1... nope, i stopped watching.
Bodhi Sawyer27
Bodhi Sawyer27 - 5 years ago
I could watch this all day
Shark Tooth
Shark Tooth - 5 years ago
The guy on the ski is named Reef... what you expect!
Viva Frei
Viva Frei - 5 years ago
Why on earth would they be 2000 thumbs down?
William Morse
William Morse - 5 years ago
Oh shit
Jim Carlile
Jim Carlile - 5 years ago
Keep on dreamin guy
Andrew k Adams
Andrew k Adams - 5 years ago
Awesome display of the power of water... those guys and girls are friggin nuts lol...
T McDonald
T McDonald - 5 years ago
Have fun getting that JetSki with those waves. I’ve been there lmfao
Realist - 5 years ago
Click bait bullshit! Nothing to see here!
canadaguy20081 - 5 years ago
Um yah. Famous , ok .
Saul Trane
Saul Trane - 5 years ago
did the guy died?
Andriy Horen
Andriy Horen - 5 years ago
Can anybody with good surfing experience tell me how dangerous is riding such big waves? And what do they once they caught in the tunnel / wave?
iain bredin
iain bredin - 5 years ago
Wwtf fucking pussies!!!!!!!!!
Michael G
Michael G - 5 years ago
How is it anything filmed over 2 years ago looks like it was shot through a sheet of toilet paper?
Martin Scierko
Martin Scierko - 5 years ago
unclesamtookmymoney Sam why do you seem to think everyone has the newest and latest cameras and shit. Not everyone buys the newest greatest thing that comes out and keep what they have while it works
2FAST4U2 - 5 years ago
Dumb head line. im still waiting for the FAMOUS ACCIDENT SCENE. WRFAAAAAAK DUUUUUUUDEEEEEE
Ron Lawrence
Ron Lawrence - 5 years ago
Dude.....that ain't no Hodag....
scott FREE
scott FREE - 5 years ago
I guess if you live on rocks; in the middle of the ocean, you do stupid stuff and call it famous?
John B
John B - 5 years ago
This was famous??
REALIST CENTRAL - 5 years ago
Those waves dont seem to pack much of a punch if those people bob up in 2 seconds at the same spot.

50. comment for Famous jet ski incident - real footage as it happened

Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker - 5 years ago
These lazy cunts should try paddling for a wave for a change
Chase Turknett
Chase Turknett - 5 years ago
Could of seriously injured if not killed had he not been 2 feet behind where he actually was when it flipped... crazy
T Star Media
T Star Media - 6 years ago
Breathing in all those 2 stroke fumes in the barrel, sort of puts a damper on Paradise, wouldn`t mind a mellow day here WITHOUT all the Contest circus and the accompaning hooting holloering clowns
Fishing With Dog
Fishing With Dog - 6 years ago
I own a boat and I would be nervous to be drifting in that shit
Toby 86
Toby 86 - 6 years ago
this is ballshit
Superjak21 - 6 years ago
I like how this vid have 3 mil views but only has 2k likes and 1 k dislikes lmao
E.A. Hawley
E.A. Hawley - 6 years ago
Define "famous"
Serina Bently
Serina Bently - 6 years ago
We are not going to have any ocean left if we don't do something about Trump, FEEL THE BERN 2020
R B - 6 years ago
Surfing at first is kind of cool but once you learn it and do it for a while you are literally nickle and diming yourself all day with ten seconds here, twelve seconds there. 99.5% of your day is swimming and floating. Boring yourself to death just to be "cool".
tiffsaver - 6 years ago
It was bound to happen. You risk you neck every time you paddle out in these kinds of waves.
Memphis Sommers
Memphis Sommers - 6 years ago
Too many gawkers in boats and too many inexperienced buffoons on jet skis. What was once a secluded paradise is now just another hell hole tourist trap. Pathetic.
pui pui
pui pui - 6 years ago
famous my ass what the fuck is this shit
J M - 6 years ago
Lloyd Stuart
Lloyd Stuart - 6 years ago
Holly Shit that was close epic surfing those guys are so brave I applaud your achievements. Must feel so good to get blasted out of that
Thomas McMichael
Thomas McMichael - 6 years ago
How long does a surf usually last for? Can ppl ride a wave for like 5 min or do most last like 5-10 sec like in the video? Obviously, I don't surf. Just a question.
Mike Oxard
Mike Oxard - 6 years ago
What a load of bollocks
perun kralj
perun kralj - 6 years ago
Holy crapomoly .
A bored person 420
A bored person 420 - 6 years ago
Those waves though
Phil Brenner
Phil Brenner - 6 years ago
Rustarkkar234 - 6 years ago
Why 1k dislikes?
Harry Debenham
Harry Debenham - 6 years ago
Tim bonython the guy filming is my next door neighbour
W365 TSM
W365 TSM - 6 years ago
Im boat owner, if you are not able to swim with a life vest you should no go to open water and full speed that jetsky. Rescue people its for real emergency. For accident etc.. you create the situation driving with no control. Thanks to God you are ok. I hope people saw this video learn and dont act like child when drive any vessel.
Smedley Butler
Smedley Butler - 6 years ago
one of the most dangerous waves in the world.
SUPER DUPERS - 6 years ago
That was no accident. The Seadoo dude was trying to score 100 points.
Zeppelin L
Zeppelin L - 6 years ago
What accident
Rhys Thompson
Rhys Thompson - 6 years ago
voice crack at 2:17
Libby Harrison
Libby Harrison - 6 years ago
If a surfer falls in a wave like that do they get seriously injured or what
Clayton Brown
Clayton Brown - 6 years ago
Feet strapped in = boogy boarding
Hussey - 6 years ago
acidents happen. you can see at the last minute he tried to hold on and steer it over the wave. he jumped at the very last second, so it wasnt that he just dumped it. the surfer did a good job a paying attention!
Tom Adams
Tom Adams - 6 years ago
You guys can have your big dangerous waves .   I'll keep riding 2-4 ft faces on the Gulf Coast and live !!!!!   Mainly because I'm still learning .....
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson - 6 years ago
There are more dramatic incidents on the lake at the cottage
TheRealHoltzy - 6 years ago
That was fuckin stupid
SheepOfVengeance - 6 years ago
Pfft... lame and stupid.
Matti Moquin
Matti Moquin - 6 years ago
Accident at 1:45
LuxeXx - 6 years ago
Dude, the guy ducked the jet ski and still made the wave. Who was that?
Dezrt - 6 years ago
Raimana Van Bastolaer, he's local to Teahupoo. That duck was fucking insane
Einstein satof
Einstein satof - 6 years ago
beautiful video
Jordan Amstein
Jordan Amstein - 6 years ago
What happend to the seadoo?
Jake Colburn
Jake Colburn - 6 years ago
if only he had a rope on, could've avoided the swim
Mikael DaLuz
Mikael DaLuz - 6 years ago
Jaquido - 6 years ago
Its carzy how much cameras improved
Francis Pujols
Francis Pujols - 6 years ago
I was eating my nails waiting for the famous incident : |
Miguel Marquina
Miguel Marquina - 6 years ago
LMAO Man this had me in tears man, the dude just kept on surfing with a jet ski right above him Nutttssss!
misaki kun
misaki kun - 6 years ago
Not very famous , it is only famous when 10 surfers become fish food
Sonny Pelzman
Sonny Pelzman - 6 years ago
u should have cut the other crap off
keller5973 - 6 years ago
Famous incident? Guess when watching surfers is so entertaining simple mistakes like falling off a jet ski seem like a big deal. 5 min of my time wasted!
Dallas - 6 years ago
Dumb video
Kim Jong Trump
Kim Jong Trump - 6 years ago
Is the water cold or warm?
Kim Jong Trump
Kim Jong Trump - 6 years ago
SHARK ODON - 6 years ago
nawzy202 - 6 years ago
i think itz ony famouse to surfers
green frogg
green frogg - 6 years ago
is the jet ski ok ?
naw nope
naw nope - 5 years ago
A.J. Deutsch
A.J. Deutsch - 6 years ago
Bruce Bessette, no
Bradius Maximus
Bradius Maximus - 6 years ago

100. comment for Famous jet ski incident - real footage as it happened

Storms and Saugeye
Storms and Saugeye - 7 years ago
I've known about Teahupo'o since 2002 and every time I watch footage of it I always find myself saying "Oh my god..." just because that kind of shit just ain't right man.
Mike Green
Mike Green - 7 years ago
remove this crap you filthy maggots
Lord Jock
Lord Jock - 7 years ago
Someone can whistle . Whoop de doo
FTR - 7 years ago
Adam M-S
Adam M-S - 7 years ago
"How the fuck did that happen?!" Um yeah, big wow, someone fell off a jet-ski in a fundamentally unstable situation. Very surprising how something so outlandish as that could happen. Surfers ≠ superhumans, believe it or not...
VancouverCanucksRock - 6 years ago
The person jumped off because it was going over the edge and he wouldda got fucked up if he held on
Harrison - 7 years ago
Kirby Everyman
Kirby Everyman - 7 years ago
Big wave pullers have the the second biggest balls. Only outdone by big wave riders.
gojewla - 7 years ago
I have always wondered if a jet ski ever got caught on one of those big waves.
ll Kasper ll
ll Kasper ll - 6 years ago
Quit lying.
You've wondered other things as well.
Gavin Crowley
Gavin Crowley - 7 years ago
Accident at 1:45
Rau SHAN - 5 years ago
Jim Laursen
Jim Laursen - 5 years ago
Corey Sanders
"I love people like you who tell everyone when the reason of us watching the video happens"

The only reason of us watching this it that we click-bait.
Дмитрий Козульски
Дмитрий Козульски - 6 years ago
Gavin Crowley w
JMConnors - 6 years ago
Gavin Crowley q
A Football Basis
A Football Basis - 6 years ago
Preston Garvey
Preston Garvey - 6 years ago
Gavin Crowley thxs
Those Pranksters
Those Pranksters - 6 years ago
Gavin Crowley
Serina Bently
Serina Bently - 6 years ago
Good looking out bro, THANKS!
NormieGasser - 6 years ago
Gavin Crowley ik
Internet Traveler
Internet Traveler - 6 years ago
Thank you
Kao Saechao
Kao Saechao - 6 years ago
My man! This video only needed to be about 10 seconds long.
Ethan Warman
Ethan Warman - 6 years ago
Gavin Crowley I
Corey Sanders
Corey Sanders - 6 years ago
I love people like you who tell everyone when the reason of us watching the video happens
Hayden Steed
Hayden Steed - 6 years ago
Winz Horton
Winz Horton - 6 years ago
Gavin Crowley thank you
Jeff Muzyka
Jeff Muzyka - 7 years ago
Shaggy Rogers
Marisa A.
Marisa A. - 7 years ago
look at 2:16 2:17 and 2:18 in the back there are two shark fins that go under water
Dee Jay
Dee Jay - 5 years ago
Nope that's a person. Only humans are dumb enough to intentionally ride waves like that.
Kristian Morrow
Kristian Morrow - 5 years ago
Caleb Bitzz yes no sharks don’t swim in big wave zones it dangerous for them and difficult for them to swim and they become very prone to injury in theses areas therefore you wrong
Caleb Bitzz
Caleb Bitzz - 5 years ago
Marisa I totally saw the two fins on the far left. One was chilling and one popped up and went back down. Fuck these people. I saw it
Austin Oldfield
Austin Oldfield - 5 years ago
Sharks don’t chill in the break zone like that in waves like this dude.... there not that stupid
Jeronimo - 6 years ago
no. and if, it must be a Megalodon
El Astronaute
El Astronaute - 6 years ago
pretty sure neither of those apparent protuberances are shark fins
chronicstories - 6 years ago
also.shark dont play in big surf
ll Kasper ll
ll Kasper ll - 6 years ago
If those are shark fins, they're gonna need a bigger ocean.
VancouverCanucksRock - 6 years ago
You need a better Monitor
meadowbrook farm and stables
meadowbrook farm and stables - 6 years ago
Marisa A. that is either a person or a sailboat lol hahaha
Steve Davis
Steve Davis - 7 years ago
That's a person lol
treborhi - 7 years ago
Who was driving the ski?
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee - 7 years ago
i think it was reef mcintosh
LuxeXx - 7 years ago
Is this at Teahupoo?
VaporheadATC - 7 years ago
Yes, it's in the description.
BlankButter - 7 years ago
How big are these waves
MAnzk nanc
MAnzk nanc - 7 years ago
Skip to 1:45.
Aniket Keluskar
Aniket Keluskar - 7 years ago
Which place is this??
Noelia - 7 years ago
TOE TAG SMITH - 7 years ago
Days With Darien
Days With Darien - 7 years ago
Damn those waves tho just damn
John Oneill
John Oneill - 7 years ago
Seen these Gus going higher on west coasts of guernsey recently,mad folk but enjoyable to WATCH, only.
Chester Copperpot
Chester Copperpot - 7 years ago
The real winners here are all of the dumb fucks not wearing life jackets in the boats.
ArizonaXR - 5 years ago
the beerhunter
the beerhunter - 5 years ago
Lol a dumn fuck rio tinto safety advisor worked out how to use the internet
Brad2Penske - 5 years ago
SharkBird life jackets are for pussies
Master - 5 years ago
lol are you retarded you cant swim over those big waves you need to go under have you ever been at the ocean before?
Lochlan Hughes
Lochlan Hughes - 5 years ago
Quic maff
Jabb Throne
Jabb Throne - 6 years ago
SharkBird You're af
Ripple Gaming
Ripple Gaming - 6 years ago
Tbh I would'nt want a life jacket near waves as it better to go under the wave as there Is little force but if you were on top you would hit alot.
El Astronaute
El Astronaute - 6 years ago
SharkBird obviously you've never been wiped out, a life jacket would only be a hindrance in these conditions, it would probably get you killed
nyyankees4296 - 6 years ago
You sound like a mom and clearly know nothing about surfing or swimming in the ocean
blitz -
blitz - - 6 years ago
And how in the hell did your stupid comment get 70 likes?
blitz -
blitz - - 6 years ago
Ryan Smithers you're supposed to go under them you fucking idiot.
blitz -
blitz - - 6 years ago
SharkBird are you fucking retarded? You're the type of people I hate. Probably never been to a beach in your life, and you act like you know everything. Arrogant stupid piece of shit
ACIDGREEN TECHNO - 6 years ago
Josh The Tall Dude
Josh The Tall Dude - 6 years ago
Even thought this was a year ago, just for your info incase you some day find yourself at the beach with big waves, if its a swell(like water just moving toward you) you can go over/under/through it no problem. Once it starts to break (when it starts to fold over itself, big waves in the bay and just before the beach) you go under it, I stress not through it at that point because you can easily get count and slammed into the ground. I don't know the science behind it so much as I've just been doing it my whole life and in my experience if you don"t want to know what its like to to sandpaper used on your skin just follow those simple rules.
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler - 6 years ago
SharkBird haha don't have anything else to say? Loooser
ljeonjko - 6 years ago
+Jeff Fadness why would i need to swim through? i become one with the sea. only thing i have to do is face away so i don't inhale so much of the spray.
Jeff Fadness
Jeff Fadness - 6 years ago
I'd love to see you swim through some waves with a life jacket. Would be very entertaining.
SassyAssasin - 6 years ago
Yeah you dumb fuck you have to go deep underwater to avoid getting pulled and held under.
RayRae 559
RayRae 559 - 6 years ago
+SharkBird yea. he did. Its actually VERY smart to do if youre swimming with tall waves.
Blake Mirabito
Blake Mirabito - 6 years ago
SharkBird look at the photographs, as long as ur not stuck I inside the brake zone ur good
Ryan Smithers
Ryan Smithers - 7 years ago
Guys I'm pretty sure most surfers couldn't go under these waves... They are too big
okdan goos
okdan goos - 7 years ago
RyanWalker677 - 7 years ago
+SharkBird why don't you just be a mature adult and say "oh i didn't know that. I learned something new today"?
Wankus Crankus
Wankus Crankus - 7 years ago
+SharkBird jeez, you really don't know when to just shut up, do you?
Rodion 8
Rodion 8 - 7 years ago
+RyanWalker677 I agree
RyanWalker677 - 7 years ago
I think it's safe to say you don't surf.
trevor philips
trevor philips - 7 years ago
+trevor philips cubic foot of water is roughly 62 pounds ...you can do the math yourself if you don't believe me
trevor philips
trevor philips - 7 years ago
+SharkBird last time I checked life jackets tend to have a rating of a couple hundred pounds at most ...add on top on top of that say a 15-20 foot wave...weight of just that water is anywhere from 900-1300 pounds. you also have to account that after those eaves break there is a large amount of air in the water with all the white (bubbles) which makes you less buoyant due to the water being less dense. so to correct your ignorant statement, no you don't just float on top
Chester Copperpot
Chester Copperpot - 7 years ago
Idk...last I checked, life jackets tend to keep people above the water line where they can breathe, which is somewhat important if you want to live.
trevor philips
trevor philips - 7 years ago
+SharkBird have you never been to a beach? going under waves so you don't get carried into then breaking is what you do...watch swimmers or surfer go under with their boards. your the fucking Darwin award winner if you want to just sit there and have thousands of pounds of water smash ontop of you
Chester Copperpot
Chester Copperpot - 7 years ago
Did you seriously just say that going under the water is the safest thing to do?

Future Darwin Award winner ~~~~~~> YOU.
trevor philips
trevor philips - 7 years ago
feel like a life jacket could be dangerous...going under water is safety from these huge waves..if your stuck on top you get destroyed by stories high of water...although if u get hit under and don't know what was is up..a life jacket could definitely help
ontheedge33371 - 7 years ago
Un freakin real he duct it 1:46-1:49 or his head was coming off ! way to to keep your head in crazy situation !!!
T Rex
T Rex - 7 years ago
Might have been more famous if the surfer was actually hit by the jet ski.
Andy Mac
Andy Mac - 7 years ago
that's crazy.That ski was so close to hitting that guy surfing. Amazing!
Ocean Summit Jewellery
Ocean Summit Jewellery - 7 years ago
That is absolutely crazy surf, and man is playing in it like a dolphin!
Paulo Cezar
Paulo Cezar - 7 years ago
The guy at 0:32 is a chicken. Far from the real deal...
Paulo Cezar
Paulo Cezar - 7 years ago
Says who?
jakke - 7 years ago
And you're the chicken for not coming out of your couch and just judge people on youtube. I'd like to see you fat ass surfing this wave and then come back talking about being the chicken.
Shark Tooth
Shark Tooth - 7 years ago
Is that Reef MacIntosh that almost got brained?
Shark Tooth
Shark Tooth - 5 years ago
No Reef was on da ski brah!
DeltaLou - 7 years ago
Daaaang... I was so scared, but not really.
Intense Payback
Intense Payback - 7 years ago
1:46 your welcome
m j
m j - 7 years ago
famous incident???
AlucarD - 7 years ago
PAUL HAMMERSLEY - 7 years ago
WTF,, lame,
Jd Texan
Jd Texan - 7 years ago
billabong boat was clean
stag3t-m uspsa
stag3t-m uspsa - 7 years ago
yup crazy...
Jon Nan
Jon Nan - 7 years ago
Duck duck duck wow
nuclearthreat545 - 7 years ago
very close
stfuliberal - 7 years ago
what a cluster fuck of a bunch of dumb asses.
Jabb Throne
Jabb Throne - 6 years ago
stfuliberal What are you so mad about?
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto - 7 years ago
I'm sorry how are they dumb asses?
John Risley
John Risley - 7 years ago
How do I get a job towing surfers into these waves? Man, that looks like so much fun!!
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
+John Risley They are surfers themselves... And surfing those waves requires years of practice and a lot of physical training, it's not just "standing on a board", it's about surviving in extreme underwater condition when you wipe out.
martony03 - 7 years ago
What incident,I suppose anything to attract people to watch an overrated sport.
martony03 - 7 years ago
AM remorse ! surfed since I
was 14 years old and still do … its overrated, sorry I upset your little paddle board
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
+martony03 You too thanks.
martony03 - 7 years ago
It's cool, have a great day
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
+martony03 Alright, giving explaination is better for the discussion and general understanding. On this point I can agree, on "beach cities" it can be overrated with a lot of posers, and I hate that. But "globally", it not the case, because you live in a "surf aware city" doesn't mean the whole world live with this situation.
I am too from a "surf city" in France, and yes, everybody want to say that "they surf" because it's supposed to looks "good". So for that I can agree, where I disagree again is on the generalization.
As you gave no clues in your first message and YT is "global", I disagree with what I could understand from your few words.
In the context you said in your last message I can agree.
(Sorry for my clumsy English I hope that you understand what I meant).
martony03 - 7 years ago
And again you judge with out knowing. I surf and can quite comfortably say its over rated.Living in Queensland thats all we do if you live next to the beach.its overrated
martony03 - 7 years ago
What ?
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
+martony03 "Talking to me?" :)
I never said that I knew you, I read what you wrote and, obviously, you judge without knowing. You have the right not to like any sport (I hate many sport myself) but I won't go on soccer videos to troll soccer fans that soccer is overrated (even if I think so, and, despite of you I can argue, as it's, at least in europe, a big cash machine, nearly a "national religion"...). On the contrary, few people really know surf, we don't see it on all TV channels, there are of course some "posers" and "surfer wannabee" who are boring, but "that's it".
So you talked "Like" people watching sports on tv, and giving advice and/or criticizing the one practicing. So it was a "behaviour" comparison, not a assertion that it was your life. Although there could have been some chances that the "picture" would fit.
But you didn't explain why you complains that it's overrated... I guess it was just trolling.
martony03 - 7 years ago
At least I have the 4 things you stated and I don't watch TV and don't own one.So you assumption of thinking you know me was wrong.
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
+martony03 Please explain the "overrated" case about surfing and sport ? You're just another "TV couch sportman"... You have no clue how much training and still risky doing this... It's harder than "just" jumping from a cliff with some chute... Here you need to have HARD physical training, exceptional condition, huge lungs, and monster balls.
Timothy Gillis
Timothy Gillis - 7 years ago
I was waiting for the famous incident as well, but the surfing was good. No bitching here.
mateus ras
mateus ras - 7 years ago
mateus ras
mateus ras - 7 years ago
kkkkkk, careca viado
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
Don't worry, one day you'll be a man...
mateus ras
mateus ras - 7 years ago
vai o chupa pinto
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
+mateus ras Je ne suis pas espagnol... Stupid racist.
mateus ras
mateus ras - 7 years ago
chupa minha rola gringo filho da puta
mateus ras
mateus ras - 7 years ago
bosta de video
mateus ras
mateus ras - 7 years ago
Troy - 7 years ago
gold jacket green jacket who gives a shit.
David Kramer
David Kramer - 7 years ago
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 7 years ago
After watching this I tried looking for videos called "What nearly happened" I couldn't find any, so I had to watch this piece of shit again.
BSODeception - 7 years ago
Gabsterical - 8 years ago
poor jet ski.
A.J. Deutsch
A.J. Deutsch - 6 years ago
Gabsterical, he later died that night, engulfed too much sand from his face plant, he was also heart broken when his ruder ditched him
Romano - 8 years ago
Hillbilly s
Romano - 7 years ago
+Ben Powell Was I talking to you?   No I wasn't.   So shut the fuck up you moron. Move on cockbreath
Ben Powell
Ben Powell - 7 years ago
No there not you fucking retard
DonziGT230 - 8 years ago
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
You're welcome.
DonziGT230 - 7 years ago
+Garry Iglesias Thank you for the acknowledgment.
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
+DonziGT230 And you know what you're talking about...
tim wilkinson
tim wilkinson - 8 years ago
Hold my beer ill ..........
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy - 7 years ago
Hold my plums, in your mouth.
OokTiaopi - 8 years ago
is the waverunner survive??? What a waste....
Anthony Nicol
Anthony Nicol - 8 years ago
WOW!!!! Sketch!! Good thing no one was hurt! Sweet video!
Matt G
Matt G - 8 years ago
Red Avis
Red Avis - 8 years ago
Michael Carton
Michael Carton - 8 years ago
famous event of water flooding the bilge of a jet ski in 2005.
notanarc666 - 8 years ago
"Ever been barreled by a Jet Ski?"
Shaun Kahler
Shaun Kahler - 8 years ago
"Famous" lol
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
+Shaun Kahler Famous within surf community...
Dr.FartiliciousManChild - 8 years ago
Couldn't he just have gone up the wave?
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
+Epicfartofdoom Try it yourself to experiment how it's "just" easy..
Ricky Ricardo
Ricky Ricardo - 8 years ago
Wrong place,wrong time.one little jet is nothing against the power of a wave,if your in the wrong place.check out your closes ocean and have fun man,it's a life style
sappysport215 - 8 years ago
Wow that was close!
Kool MaDa
Kool MaDa - 8 years ago
Tom R
Tom R - 8 years ago
Great crowd nobody even stops to help the guy salvage his 15,000 dollar wave runner.
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
+Tom R Do your homeworks instead of judging... If you have balls you can propose yourself as a lifeguard mister know nothing.
OBFD Fire Ground Films
OBFD Fire Ground Films - 8 years ago
Two things. 1. It's Teahupoo, 2. If any other watercraft went near that area, they could end up rolling over due to a wave, or having the same outcome as the waverunner.
uncle chaos
uncle chaos - 8 years ago
What's the big deal, guy fell off his jet ski?
A.J. Deutsch
A.J. Deutsch - 6 years ago
uncle chaos, his jet ski nearly beheaded him.
Susannah Fougere-Hardie
Susannah Fougere-Hardie - 8 years ago
sooooooo scary
DANIEL ALVARADO - 8 years ago
Starts at 1:43 but I would suggest watching the whole vid.
akowned1 - 8 years ago
Is this a joke?
iago simoes
iago simoes - 8 years ago
1:48 incident jetski
Dunnoahhha - 8 years ago
Did the jet ski survive?
9PK - 6 years ago
He did
colby silagy
colby silagy - 8 years ago
+Dunnoahhha  odds  are no
Adolf Kitler
Adolf Kitler - 8 years ago
I hope the jet ski is alright.
KrotowX - 8 years ago
Interesting, are they found that loose jetski or poor thing is on the bottom of ocean since then?
KrotowX - 7 years ago
+Garry Iglesias My apologies, never been in that place. I hope that they was able to get out that jetski in one piece.
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
+KrotowX The "bottom of ocean" is few inches below.
It would be better if you removed "Tim Bonython Productions" from the video. Can you imagine going to see a movie and throughout the entire film the studio who produced the movie had their name overplayed on the screen?
Hunter Honda
Hunter Honda - 8 years ago
1:49 for accident
Bjarne Beckers
Bjarne Beckers - 5 years ago
Hunter Honda ty
Jake Cassar
Jake Cassar - 5 years ago
Hunter Honda is
Burntwrench - 5 years ago
Hunter Honda thanks hunter Honda
I Am Sekou
I Am Sekou - 5 years ago
Hunter Honda f u
SweetandSour - 5 years ago
Thank you. I can’t waste four hours waiting for a half second
youmabuddi - 8 years ago
Oh XD and your welcome!
Hunter Honda
Hunter Honda - 8 years ago
Awesome!!! Hahaha thanks, and I have a wave runner so I like watching these vids hahaha
youmabuddi - 8 years ago
I thought you were a biker dude! XD why you in this part of youtube? BTW I love your videos!
The HardTruth
The HardTruth - 8 years ago
Gay. Very gay.
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
+vascone315 You might know what you're talking about.
Summer Young
Summer Young - 8 years ago
Sam Dilworth
Sam Dilworth - 8 years ago
At 1:50 you can see the jet ski rider in the middle of the wave going straight to the bottom, luckily he was wearing a life jacket otherwise he would have found him self as artificial reef
jeepxjdude2000 - 8 years ago
So what happened to the missing jet ski??
Boxhawk - 8 years ago
+jeepxjdude2000 At night, when the moon is full, people say you can hear the sound of sobbing, as the dork didn't have insurance on it and is still making his monthly payments.
Garrett Wainscott
Garrett Wainscott - 8 years ago
Some people say they are still looking for it
alyssa hail
alyssa hail - 8 years ago
Did they get the jetski bck?:"
Daniel Perrea
Daniel Perrea - 8 years ago
Looks like where they filmed Jurassic Park...
Nancy Shelley
Nancy Shelley - 8 years ago
check this out...i played it back in slow motion..if dude would've stayed on the jet ski the extra weight probably would have speeded up the fall and killed the surfer.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 7 years ago
+andiroidYT Actually there is no difference----apart from air resistance. I'm sure you know that. Just sayin'.
Gröder Hjörlein
Gröder Hjörlein - 8 years ago
Gravity accelerates all objects at the same rate regardless of mass idiot
andiroidYT - 8 years ago
+Robert Matthews 'Gravity pulls at the same strength no matter the mass.' - this is a commonly believed 'fact', but is in fact false. The force of gravity is DEFINED by the mass, so yes, a more massive object feels more gravitation 'pull' on it than one with lower mass. for example, a 10kg mass falls to earth with 10 times the gravitational force as a 1kg mass. So you ask 'Why doesn't it fall 10x faster then. hmm? - the answer to that is because it also has 10x the Inertia (resistance to acceleration, which is also a product of it's mass), which exactly matches and cancels out the additional force that the extra mass generates. So the mass generates 10x the force of gravity, and also 10x the resistance to that force, which exactly cancel each other out, resulting in no measurable difference.
Nancy Shelley
Nancy Shelley - 8 years ago
+Robert Matthews well either way the point is the surfer missed the jetski within seconds. he could've been killed.
Nancy Shelley
Nancy Shelley - 8 years ago
+Carlos Trenev huh? lol
Carlos Trenev
Carlos Trenev - 8 years ago
Yes ahah
Nancy Shelley
Nancy Shelley - 8 years ago
+Carlos Trenev ok just realized if anything, the fact that the ski operator jumped off means he pushed his feet on the jet ski, which actually would've made it fall a few seconds faster. Bottom line is he almost got fucking killed by a nanosecond.
Carlos Trenev
Carlos Trenev - 8 years ago
How fast something falls due to gravity is determined by a number known as the "acceleration of gravity", which is 9.81 m/s^2 at the surface of our Earth. Basically this means that in one second, any object's downward velocity will increase by 9.81 m/s because of gravity. This is just the way gravity works - it accelerates everything at exactly the same rate. 

What you may be getting confused by is the fact that theforce of gravity is stronger on heavier objects than lighter ones. Another way of thinking of this is to say that gravity has to pull harder on a heavy object than a light one in order to speed them both up by the same amount. 

However, in the real world, we have things like air resistance, which is why sometimes heavy things do fall faster. For example, if you drop a feather and you drop a rock, the rock will land first since the feather is slowed down more by the air. If you did the same thing somewhere where there is no air, the feather and the rock would land at exactly the same time. 
LordPalbert - 8 years ago
+Carlos Trenev No, things fall the same whether they are heavy or light. Galileo proved this by dropping balls from the leaning tower of Pesa in the 1500's. Google "Galileo Pesa" if you don't believe me.
Gravity works the same in space as on earth, it's just much weaker the further you go out into space.
Carlos Trenev
Carlos Trenev - 8 years ago
+LordPalbert yeah in space they don't, on earth they do
LordPalbert - 8 years ago
+Nancy Shelley Heavy objects don't fall faster than light objects.
swashim - 8 years ago
bs title
Misty OjaiGirl
Misty OjaiGirl - 8 years ago
I didn't realize this place was so overcrowded.
EVZebra - 8 years ago
Teahupo translates into English as " the place of skulls"
07 mendoza
07 mendoza - 8 years ago
Cjw615 - 8 years ago
if he didn't duck he would have been fucked
BaRooNz - 8 years ago
1:44 Skip to the good part...
RetiredAtenPilot - 8 years ago
Why was this famous?
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 7 years ago
+RetiredAtenPilot It's famous in the surf community... Don't try this at home...
But you should try to think, even at home.
cplcabs - 8 years ago
+RetiredAtenPilot Its not.
jeff johston
jeff johston - 8 years ago
What happened to the ski?
david beckenbaugh
david beckenbaugh - 8 years ago
That's what I kept watching for.....  Looking how broken up the water was below the break, It must have been a fun recovery (if it was not broken again the bottom and spread out for a mile or two).
Nina Rose
Nina Rose - 8 years ago
Oh my Goooooood!
Brant Schenk
Brant Schenk - 8 years ago
I bet the lip hits harder than the jet ski.
Swamp Yankee
Swamp Yankee - 6 years ago
Give it a try. If you survive the ski falling on your head, then please post it.
Cole M
Cole M - 8 years ago
LOLL barelled by the jet ski
babsfocker - 9 years ago
I'm sure the jet ski operator wrecked on purpose, trying to kill a surfer ( sarcasim
rory blake
rory blake - 5 years ago
Sarcasm notice. Oh dear.
ONi M On KTM - 5 years ago
Patrick Frank
Patrick Frank - 8 years ago
oh good one!
ViralTuber - 9 years ago
1:46 If you rather not watch four minutes to try to catch a 5-second clip.
timber_beast - 9 years ago
Mocking the ocean is stupid.
womackke - 9 years ago
Angus Cooky
Angus Cooky - 9 years ago
shiit thas heavy!
gog3d - 9 years ago
"how the fuck did that happen?" says the guy in the boat, when most people would wonder how it doesn't happen more often. They have to tow em in and then try to get in and out to pick them up if they crash, but these guys are all probably pro's so it's prolly just the cost of admission to one of the sponsors everytime a ski gets washed away.
Jeff W
Jeff W - 9 years ago
Looks like where they filmed LOST
TheFunkhouser - 8 years ago
+MichiganFann well thats shitty over priced hollywood for you, and the ceo's there moan when the likes of Pete Jackson want to film in New Zealand... LOWER YOUR FKN OVER PRICED COSTS then Hollywood. You fat cats need to go on the diet.
MichiganFann - 9 years ago
But LOST was in Hawaii
Itchy Boto
Itchy Boto - 9 years ago
No no no.this is in tahiti
Ben Mader
Ben Mader - 9 years ago
+Jeff W LOST was the best show until the ending, oh dear god...
Jeff W
Jeff W - 9 years ago
I didn't know it was Hawaii!  Love the show but never really looked into the filming location.  Been to Hawaii once and loved it, has to be the freshest air I breathed.  Went back to the city and got out of the airport and stunk like pollution so bad.  Took like a day to get used to it again.
MichiganFann - 9 years ago
(LOST - TV series) It was all filmed with Panavision 35 mm cameras almost entirely on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The original island scenes for the pilot were filmed at Mokulē'ia Beach. And it wasn't cheap to film here either, it cost $250,000 just to ship the wrecked plane pieces to Hawaii. And it was the most expensive pilot episode up to that time, costing between $10 and $14 million. 
Jeff W
Jeff W - 9 years ago
MichiganFann - 9 years ago
what.. Hawaii? 
Dexter Brandalise
Dexter Brandalise - 9 years ago
1:44 for incident 
Manual Hands
Manual Hands - 9 years ago
Those waves looked incredibly intense and dangerous.
Sophia Murphy
Sophia Murphy - 9 years ago
Woah smart dude jumping off ... what if he didn't O.0
Niki Fine
Niki Fine - 9 years ago
Niki Fine
Niki Fine - 9 years ago
Alexander McClean
Alexander McClean - 9 years ago
were is the insedent
AGTC AGUC - 9 years ago
Cool footage
MaxMercZ - 9 years ago
Dudes smart lol He leaps off that thing as Soon as he gets lift of it haha was like fck this I actually missed him first time I saw it I was like holy sht" untill I realized no one was on the net ski lol when it was about to smash
SURFINGVISIONS [swell chasers]
SURFINGVISIONS [swell chasers] - 9 years ago
If you want to see more of action at the place, check out our film library. We made a few doco on Tahiti, and the latest one is ENCODED the movie  visit encodedthemovie.com // thanks for watching and supporting independent surf film making
ACIDGREEN TECHNO - 6 years ago
Watts199 Me
Watts199 Me - 9 years ago
Where is this?
QuakA Oats
QuakA Oats - 9 years ago
Fucking sexy
QuakA Oats
QuakA Oats - 9 years ago
@mr. Ben watch the movie chasing mavericks. It's on hbo
Mr. Ben
Mr. Ben - 9 years ago
I'm not a surfer but am curious about something, how long on average would you say you'd have to hold your breath underwater to survive falling in one of these huge waves?
OBFD Fire Ground Films
OBFD Fire Ground Films - 8 years ago
20-30 seconds
douglas mccullough
douglas mccullough - 9 years ago
I was hoping to see someone die on a jet ski. Gypped!
Rocky B
Rocky B - 9 years ago
I'd passed by this video for the last couple of weeks assuring myself that clicking would be a mistake. So against my better judgement, I clicked. Not to say I told myself so but, I told myself so.
nickcage633 - 9 years ago
Dude!! I was sore for like a week!!
George Clarke
George Clarke - 9 years ago
Eman Sol
Eman Sol - 5 years ago
This is 4 years late, but there's not a single boring thing about this video.
Santhosh Kumar
Santhosh Kumar - 9 years ago
hey, how to learn surfing ??  i want to do it, am from india .....
Jimi Jones
Jimi Jones - 9 years ago
I heard about this famous incident all over the news from across the globe; didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. Wow.
seanspiering - 9 years ago
its @ 1:47 your welcome
Chrome is F4TAL
Chrome is F4TAL - 9 years ago
1:45 for the good stuff
FU3Z - 9 years ago
Best comment: how the fuck did that happen
nergenslander - 9 years ago
tow in surfing has messed up what was a sport where being one with nature was the thing. it seems it's all about who git the biggest now. surfing was great untill the late 90s...
patman0250 - 9 years ago
famous lol I don't think so 
Drew Mazza
Drew Mazza - 9 years ago
jaws in maui hawaii 
Chengez Khan
Chengez Khan - 9 years ago
dont mess with nature u bitch
Edmundo J. Cid
Edmundo J. Cid - 9 years ago
how easy it is to loose control in this place.. fuck I'd die out there for fucking sure :/
Nick White
Nick White - 9 years ago
SO what actually happened? The video shows nothing informative!
悲しい Ahzi 男の子
悲しい Ahzi 男の子 - 9 years ago
2:18 that voice crack tho
Cameron Bourne
Cameron Bourne - 9 years ago
Don't those waves scare the SHIT out of you? Like seriously it must be incredibly painful to get hit by one of those, how have they not drowned? 
bill sheehy
bill sheehy - 9 years ago
Seriously dude, loose the ponytail. You are old and its not hip. Just looks stupid. Shave your head and tattoo a dart board on it.
Ro Tyler
Ro Tyler - 9 years ago
Edward Elliot
Edward Elliot - 9 years ago
Remind me of when I jet skied off Niagra Falls. What a ride!
Will Hammond
Will Hammond - 5 years ago
You little lying bastard!!
Deaf And Destruction
Deaf And Destruction - 5 years ago
Kick ass I laughed
Sean McGovern
Sean McGovern - 5 years ago
BlueFireJack no shit Sherlock
BlueFireJack - 5 years ago
You're lying obviously :)
Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson - 5 years ago
Such a fuck up ain’t even funny
Adam Walker
Adam Walker - 6 years ago
That's such a shit joke
Mark Nope
Mark Nope - 6 years ago
One idiot did it and he is dead. You have not done it but please try it and join Robert Overacker at the bottom of the gorge . I live 5 mins away I'll meet you there with cookies.
Dennis G
Dennis G - 6 years ago
Edward Elliot Niagara
Edward Elliot
Edward Elliot - 9 years ago
+Nicola Figini But looks aren't everything!
Nicola Figini
Nicola Figini - 9 years ago
+Edward Elliot  You funny!
Edward Elliot
Edward Elliot - 9 years ago
+Nathan Abolade You didn't finish your sentence - just use your bong it's safer.
Edward Elliot
Edward Elliot - 9 years ago
+Nathan Abolade Rolling papers?
Edward Elliot
Edward Elliot - 9 years ago
+Nathan Abolade Are you calling me a liar? I'll take your bong away.
Michael Hoff
Michael Hoff - 9 years ago
Those are insane waves. 
josh phillips
josh phillips - 9 years ago
even though he nearly did get hit he is obviously very luck he ducked 
Michael Gutierrez
Michael Gutierrez - 9 years ago
4 minutes I'll never get back
Yashar MJ
Yashar MJ - 5 years ago
this was awesome dude wtf is wrong with u
Anthony Turner
Anthony Turner - 5 years ago
two minutes then....
Bryan Bradford
Bryan Bradford - 6 years ago
I'm with you on that...too many people on the water, not enough common sense...
TitaniumSurf - 6 years ago
It's an infamous surfing mishap, Michael. Worth watching. And maybe a valuable lesson for some surfers/watermen.
jdmsled - 6 years ago
Ummmm.... you didn't even have to go half way in to see the wreck...that's on you.
HALRU2 - 9 years ago
1:47 I don't belong in this video moment begins here
jenn faire
jenn faire - 9 years ago
 One space cadet on ski
Brian Broski
Brian Broski - 9 years ago
So where did the jet ski go? just sink?
Jim P.
Jim P. - 6 years ago
Totally wrong. "Jet-Ski" is a Kawasaki trademark. Only applies to a Kawasaki.
Ignacio Amezcua
Ignacio Amezcua - 6 years ago
Red Robot
Red Robot - 9 years ago
+Clay Louongo a seadoo is a jet ski just a like a KTM is a motorcycle
Paul Escamilla
Paul Escamilla - 9 years ago
+Clay Louongo
Clayton Wiebe
Clayton Wiebe - 9 years ago
Not a jet ski it's a seadoo
fUjiMaNia - 9 years ago
I didn't notice it. what minute / second ? lol 

edit: nevermind its at 1:46 
Aaron Marcus
Aaron Marcus - 9 years ago
Either that or it got washed up on shore.  Usually they can be repaired.
Forrest Deardorff
Forrest Deardorff - 9 years ago
It's at 1:44
DREPICMANIA - 5 years ago
Forrest Deardorff thx
ImSonek - 6 years ago
Forrest Deardorff i
Rompa Stompa
Rompa Stompa - 9 years ago
NIce bail off the ski that could of gone alot worse.
Ádamo Vieira Cardoso
Ádamo Vieira Cardoso - 9 years ago
Andy irons scape... rip
redstagwith243 - 9 years ago
May Dayz :D
C4xR3AL - 9 years ago
Oh I so want to go there
Antipodean33 - 9 years ago
I'd like to see the jet ski after that
GrumpyOldMan - 9 years ago
Rig a sail on your surfboard, and obviate that preposterous jetski contraption
Deaf And Destruction
Deaf And Destruction - 5 years ago
Shy Diarrhea Are you implying that you are better than people who create fun physical activities? Is that what you are implying?
Levi Clothier
Levi Clothier - 9 years ago
+Harley Hemara Yay vocabulary
My Youtube Comments Are Now Shadow Banned
My Youtube Comments Are Now Shadow Banned - 9 years ago
Obviate... I thought for a moment that was made up, but nice one, I've learnt a new word! (means: remove (a need or difficulty))
Nolan Houghton
Nolan Houghton - 9 years ago
+Victis Honor well you could do that... but how could you on a wave like this? It been done on jaws and mavericks but this wave is far too heavy
Levi Clothier
Levi Clothier - 9 years ago
its arrogant people like you that create sports.
YAllDnt HearMe
YAllDnt HearMe - 9 years ago
0:49 yo thats playing with the devil haha smart move by that dude
christian ferrene
christian ferrene - 9 years ago
How do the boats never get hit
ian - 9 years ago
the channel to the right
Xx Anything Boy Xx
Xx Anything Boy Xx - 9 years ago
eastcoastfuckyou - 9 years ago
hahaha id never let reef tow me in
Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans - 9 years ago
I don't get why Raimana let Reef drive? Raimana is meant to be all about safety and wont let anyone surf Teahupoo who hasn't proved themselves. But he let a guy who has never towed guys into a wave to drive him? Reef told him he didn't know what he was doing and both them almost got badly hurt or worse.
joe relleno
joe relleno - 9 years ago
@ 1:45
rhestephens - 9 years ago
Fuck that
David Natal
David Natal - 9 years ago
Hi Tim. Long time! Great to see you are staying wet. Nasty video.
SeiNj - 9 years ago
Achievement unlocked: Jet ski evasion while surfing monster barrel
islandlifestylephoto - 10 years ago
good job by the rescue crews too
Sam Amar
Sam Amar - 10 years ago
1:45 is the part where the jetski almost hits the guy
Kamakanani71 - 10 years ago
pretty heavy stuff.
Charlie Bennett
Charlie Bennett - 10 years ago
Wow! Great footage. That was a close call...

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