Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom Juvenile Great Whites in Huntington Beach California from a paddleboard on 6/26/2015 Filmed with a GOPRO. There were 5 or 6 Great Whites there that morning. At one point there were 3 sharks within a small distance of us in one area. Sunset Beach Ca. Surfing and Fishing Gear for people who LIVE! contact CURRENT CREW

GREAT WHITE SHARKS SURFING sentiment_very_dissatisfied 1066

Surf 8 years ago 4,869,472 views

Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom Juvenile Great Whites in Huntington Beach California from a paddleboard on 6/26/2015 Filmed with a GOPRO. There were 5 or 6 Great Whites there that morning. At one point there were 3 sharks within a small distance of us in one area. Sunset Beach Ca. Surfing and Fishing Gear for people who LIVE! contact CURRENT CREW

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Most popular comments

Daniel Lockaby
Daniel Lockaby - 6 years ago
Why would you not get out of the water as quickly as possible? Lol
Ka- Boom
Ka- Boom - 6 years ago
Doesn’t seem White shark to me
Max Elle
Max Elle - 6 years ago
Bloody brilliant crazy.
Karl Héðinn
Karl Héðinn - 6 years ago
You guys are fucking nuts! Damn
qwerty 13420
qwerty 13420 - 6 years ago
Fun fact- Sharks only kill 3 (THREE ) people in the u.s.
We kill 100+ million of them.
Verdict- Be afraid of people not sharks.
annakeye - 6 years ago
They don't look like great whites. Mako's or something like that. Not great white.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
annakeye I believe they are born about 5 feet long so they are pretty young still. I think most of them were close to 6 feet or so.
annakeye - 6 years ago
Thanks Courtney. On review and a little research, I agree so thanks for your well worded and thoughtful response. You guys look like you're having a great time out there. Do you have any idea what age they'd be?
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
annakeye These sharks we’re well documented. Pictures, tags, etc. They were Great Whites. There were five or six in that small area that morning, that’s where a juvenile great white shark would be in shallow water. Mako sharks rarely come in that shallow and to have five or six in one area like that would be a first
Jari Viitanen
Jari Viitanen - 6 years ago
Nice looking juvenile sharks.
MRBARBARYCOAST - 6 years ago
They are really close to the shore there. Makes me think how close they may have been to me in Ocean Beach here in San Francisco.
Some Kid
Some Kid - 6 years ago
Watching this makes my anxiety sky rocket to the moon


yA Boo
yA Boo - 6 years ago
Guitarded - 6 years ago
Legend says, theyre still chillin with that shark broooooo.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Rye S Ahahahahahaahhahahahaahahahahahaa
OldPlaces - 6 years ago
why does the camera sound like it's getting shoved up his ass??
BicycleRepairMan - 6 years ago
Disoriented shark in shallow waters; must have been a great experience nevertheless!
Harry Debenham
Harry Debenham - 6 years ago
Their baby's but still a dodgy sight
Alfredo Ochoa
Alfredo Ochoa - 6 years ago
this motherfucker just like nothing all it takes is for a wave to cruise by and u too fall off but cheers mate u didnt
kairi jefri
kairi jefri - 6 years ago
if that shark hit ur surf board so hard and try to eat will you still smiling ?? ehehe
Tom Stevens
Tom Stevens - 6 years ago
Dont know those boards managed to stay afloat with the massive sets of fucking balls on both those dudes.
CutiepieMadness - 6 years ago
They were being idiotz, I kinda wanted one of them to fall and be scared shitless
kj - 6 years ago
damn i was so confused why that beach looked exactly like sunset and then checked the description and that is sunset! scary!!!!
Zahkee Pollack
Zahkee Pollack - 6 years ago
kj ah I see
kj - 6 years ago
Zahkee Pollack sunset beach in Huntington Beach off of PCH and Warner
Zahkee Pollack
Zahkee Pollack - 6 years ago
kj sunset? Where's that?


woodx454 - 6 years ago
Mariajose' Reynolds
Mariajose' Reynolds - 6 years ago
That was juvenile white(s). Gorgeous Shark(s) but I would of just left her alone.
Cherry Rowden
Cherry Rowden - 6 years ago
hr was smiling but inside he was shitting tiny pebbles of shit
roflmows - 6 years ago
that could have gone bad REALLY fast...
K -.-
K -.- - 6 years ago
I'm more scared of seeing a shark then it biting my fucking body apart.
Diego P
Diego P - 6 years ago
It suits better "paddling and playing with fire"
Benjamín Bravo
Benjamín Bravo - 6 years ago
Nice. now search some alligators in a river and swim with them.
Thomas Tagler
Thomas Tagler - 6 years ago
jump in let see how brave you really are shark bate.
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham - 6 years ago
Oh a shark, wow how amazing, wow man, I didn't know they were real man, wow, oh my a great white man, wow it's a miracle man.
​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​
​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​ - 6 years ago
Looked so big under the water, but then looks smaller than the board above water.


Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion - 6 years ago
awww is just a baby great white, still crazy AF
rcmallory - 6 years ago
Great footage for sure! I would love to get some video like that from my kayak but it would probably be way too shaky
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
bomb squad Hahaha thanks
enoh abaz
enoh abaz - 6 years ago
Are you guys crazy or whats???
GregSolomon - 6 years ago
I'm not sure I understand what's so funny about seeing some sharks.

I've lived near the ocean for a good portion of my life and have occasionally seen sharks...most recently two years ago while swimming.
But I've never had the urge to giggle about it, or laugh, or say "oh my god dude" like an adolescent.
Ryan Silver
Ryan Silver - 6 years ago
Great wights are the wolves of he Sea (one who surpasses the storm Thavas)
Jari Viitanen
Jari Viitanen - 6 years ago
Lets make white shark great again!
Luke Knief
Luke Knief - 6 years ago
surfing... no this isnt surfing you fucking kooks. Stay away from lineups.
joao carlos varela
joao carlos varela - 6 years ago
This was most stupid thing u have done in your f...
Panic!AtTheCrybabys - 6 years ago
I would’ve touched it with that paddle then I would get eaten...
themadrapper101 - 6 years ago
They baby great whites
Kool-K - 6 years ago
Also i wish i was there!
Kool-K - 6 years ago
Sharks aren't typically agressive so i guess it was ok
LJ F - 6 years ago
If it was a large Bull shark, u both would be gone..
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
LJ F Probably
Mia Sims
Mia Sims - 6 years ago
Mia Sims
Mia Sims - 6 years ago
Katie delaBastide
Katie delaBastide - 6 years ago
I would fall off the boat as soon as I got on
Khalid Mayes
Khalid Mayes - 6 years ago
smh all fun until someone gets killed
Susy Adams
Susy Adams - 6 years ago
Wow that was cool


Ron - 6 years ago
Thats just dumb
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Ron Hahaha
Stijn Hoegaerts
Stijn Hoegaerts - 6 years ago
I - 6 years ago
i was hoping to see them falling in :(
roblox lizzy
roblox lizzy - 6 years ago
I like how their so calm about ot
bilbob7624 - 6 years ago
those fins are pointed down... he's not a happy shark
sang yoon lee
sang yoon lee - 6 years ago
It is wonderful Vid thank u for uploading
J Hearn
J Hearn - 6 years ago
Cat G
Cat G - 6 years ago
I Dont think i have seen 2 more stupid people! This is funny? You do realize this could have been the end for you right? They were just waiting for you to fall in the water. So lets try to reach out and touch them? WOW!
Claudia Casson
Claudia Casson - 6 years ago
i would have fell on them and been eaten
Dean Turner
Dean Turner - 6 years ago
Man you dogz are crazy y'all
N3koChan - 6 years ago
Nice they treat him calm and nicely, thoses aren't the monsters people think they are.
Ferooze Ali
Ferooze Ali - 6 years ago
few metres away from the beach and big sharks. Damn where the hell is this place..
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Ferooze Ali California the past several years
schro0711 - 6 years ago
He farted at 1:31.
Billy Banton
Billy Banton - 6 years ago
thats zero fear.. crazy
Bizarre 5
Bizarre 5 - 6 years ago
Shit why don't you just jump in with the mfers
Kool-K - 6 years ago
HaHa of course he "Loved" it!
Daniel - 6 years ago
That's a small one
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Richard Weed
Richard Weed - 6 years ago
Pretty amusing until it bites your board in half, dude.
Michael Müller
Michael Müller - 6 years ago
No White Shark
Celisar1 - 6 years ago
Juvenile white sharks eat solely FISH :)
These were babies.
Hugo von braunschweig
Hugo von braunschweig - 6 years ago
Sharks, definitely, but not Great White sharks.
Jon Takaki
Jon Takaki - 6 years ago
stand up paddle with friendly juvenile white sharks should be the title, not great whites.
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn - 6 years ago
There happens to be a great white nursery off the coast in Huntington Beach. These are the juveniles still hanging around. They love Dana Point and Oxnard, too. They head South for the winter. They eat lots of stingrays and aren't aggressive. Fantastic that these guys got to experience the nursery stragglers. Lucky!
True Smoker
True Smoker - 6 years ago
Again for the 100th time I’ve commented on these kinds of videos, the sharks only want a buddy I would jump in in a heart beat to pet it
True Smoker
True Smoker - 6 years ago
Great whites are some of the loneliest creatures on earth
Marie Ruben
Marie Ruben - 6 years ago
Kid sharks out playing in the surf just chilling then two paddle boards come along and do some unnecessary crap just for views, the one looked like he was trying to hit the poor thing while the other one is dangling his feet in the water, a shark could have easily snuck up from underneath and bite his foot off. SMH. Sharks are great but don't mess with them.
michele8196 - 6 years ago
its a boy? hes handsome!
negan lucille
negan lucille - 6 years ago
woah! look at you, That was bad ass!
Joel Arnold
Joel Arnold - 6 years ago
I wonder what species of shark these are.
Morgan Bathgate
Morgan Bathgate - 6 years ago
I wish I was there with you guys! It goes to show that sharks seem all bite and less bark instead of it being the other way around. Such curious little fish.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Morgan Bathgate totally. It was pretty amazing. They are beautiful
markaz08 - 6 years ago
I bow... you are fearless, I've been in a lot of fights and feared harm and stood firm, the outcome for mine would have been bruises and scrapes. you guys would not have got off so easy. respect.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
markaz08 Respect to you back! Thanks
Caitlin Irvine
Caitlin Irvine - 6 years ago
Look at his face at 4
DavidisDawei - 6 years ago
They do well on those boards. Not so easy to do in the open ocean...especially with a shark swimming under you
areeb1296 - 6 years ago
For the people who are ignorant enough to think Sharks are man eaters, there are an average of 6 shark attacks worldwide o humans every year.
You're more likely to get killed by a cow or an elephant than a shark.
William Whitlock
William Whitlock - 6 years ago
Ruby Torrens
Ruby Torrens - 6 years ago
I️ swear these guys have the BIGGEST balls to do stuff like this. Like what the hell?? This is insane! But so awesome.
iiEnder_Pearl_ Pawz
iiEnder_Pearl_ Pawz - 6 years ago
Peter Kinzio
Peter Kinzio - 6 years ago
It's a juvenile white shark very harmless you still can swim with it
AllenKV DSLR - 6 years ago
great white is coming to attack
MeRk zBoy
MeRk zBoy - 6 years ago
No movement or feet dangling your all good trust they were safe.
Brian - 6 years ago
Did you know that a shark is neither a bird nor a fish?
Marcos Mireles
Marcos Mireles - 6 years ago
And this is perfect example why every time an animal kills its usually a white male lmfao
Jerry Cornier
Jerry Cornier - 6 years ago
playing with fire
Collin Productions
Collin Productions - 6 years ago
Oh this is so dangerous Jesus!
Portugal Paranormal UFO
Portugal Paranormal UFO - 6 years ago
This people have huge balls
David Akins
David Akins - 6 years ago
Retards lol
ThePerch Kickers
ThePerch Kickers - 6 years ago
It’s not that scary
paul m
paul m - 6 years ago
they are nuts
terry menadue
terry menadue - 6 years ago
I think you guys judged the shark's temperament and size well. I don't think they would have done it with a much bigger or active sharks (I hope). For some reason paddleboards don't seem to trigger territorial attacks by sharks, which is awesome. This movie shows that these big dogs of the sea are just doing their thing, and they are amazing animals that are worthy of protection. Bros like this (and hopefully their families) know that if they fall off and trigger an attack, that's on them and not the shark.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
terry menadue Exactly. Pretty much all of what you said is true... Including the risks
John Spagnuolo
John Spagnuolo - 6 years ago
the fucking noise is soooo annoying
Comic Caiden
Comic Caiden - 6 years ago
i would fall then passed out becuase of how scared id be
Double Trouble
Double Trouble - 6 years ago
i would've filled the whole ocean with poop.


Kim jong Un
Kim jong Un - 6 years ago
Keen Cloud
Keen Cloud - 6 years ago
I dont think thats a great white shark it small
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Heather Davies We were a little
Stacks The Box Breaker Beat Boxer
Stacks The Box Breaker Beat Boxer - 6 years ago
Thats it, dangle ur feet in the water! And thats why it ended there lol. Naw great video. Would love to do that but no fucking way for me. I had my experience n thats why i havemt stepped in the ocean in 13 years
Unseen Pickle
Unseen Pickle - 6 years ago
Dang they are huge asf
Sajid Iftikhar
Sajid Iftikhar - 6 years ago
All i see is utter desperation of getting some attention. Low life pricks
Nico Hart
Nico Hart - 6 years ago
Awww she's just a baby. What a chill girl. Probably relaxing and letting the waves breath for her. She probably thought you were pretty cool too.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Nico Hart Exactly. There were quite a few of them there
Ashutosh Shrivastava
Ashutosh Shrivastava - 6 years ago
Great white didn't attack 2 Whites!? Lol , great white men vs great white sharks,
WebSolutions - 6 years ago
Oh crap!  Huntington Beach?  Or Sunset?  Huntington Beach is where I surfed growing up, near the cliffs.  I thought this would be in South Africa or something.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Joe John Johnston This was near Anderson street in Huntington Beach
WebSolutions - 6 years ago
You might want to tell the people swimming near shore.
Benjamin Anderson
Benjamin Anderson - 6 years ago
If I was the shark I wulda knocked ur dumb ass off that paddle board for being dumb af!
Benjamin Anderson
Benjamin Anderson - 6 years ago
Courtney Hemerick lol no thanku.. I've seen Jaws.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Benjamin Anderson Hahaha thanks ‘A’ Face. Come with me next time. I’ll show you how not to be a pussy
Dev1LsPvPYT - 6 years ago
Dont play with great whites dumb fucks OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
wtf smit
wtf smit - 6 years ago
Hoop dat je volgende keer in het water val
That is Hansel and Gretel. Two tamed not-so-great White sharks from Sea World just up the road. They don't even like fish, much less humans. They eat biscuits and gravy ONLY.
Lyn - 6 years ago
hold my beer , while i just be complete comfortable and shows no signs of fear around sharks.
Shilowfa - 6 years ago
Rick Baker
Rick Baker - 6 years ago
It's only funny until you have to meet them face to face on their terms. Crazy...
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Arii Playz MSP they were just babies and they weren’t harming anyone
FlatlandMando - 6 years ago
In the end, who would have the most effective efficient toothy grin, the surfer or the shark! My money's on....
John Doe
John Doe - 6 years ago
WTF is wrong with you?!
LeoLorcy - 6 years ago
how are you not scared
Diego Saputra
Diego Saputra - 6 years ago
Take it easy. Its just small shark
Michael Carter
Michael Carter - 6 years ago
So grown men in California really do say the word "dude"?
Samantha Blanski
Samantha Blanski - 6 years ago
Dang it I thought I was about to see a shark on a surf board surfing
Serkan AKIN
Serkan AKIN - 6 years ago
It does not look like big whitey, but still congrats for the courage, you must have big cohones.
XOtreme lps
XOtreme lps - 6 years ago
it seems friendly its better to stay out of the water, the shark prob knew that we arent healthy for them to eat us, so he stayed friendly :)
XOtreme lps
XOtreme lps - 6 years ago
it problably is full too
Steve Sellers-Wilkinson
Steve Sellers-Wilkinson - 6 years ago
I cannot believe your surfboard isn't various shades of brown. I wouldn't have even gotten in the water knowing these were included in the local fauna. Living in the UK, we've only had one recorded instance recorded shark-related deaths. A basking shark (second largest species on the planet) surfaced under a small fishing boat overturning it. Sadly three (I think it was three?) occupants subsequently drowned. Occurred off the coast of Scotland (I believe) where these fish follow the annual plankton blooms up the west coast each year starting from Cornwall and heading north.
design8ionTERMN8R - 6 years ago
Phantom Reptiles
Phantom Reptiles - 6 years ago
That shark was just curious about them
Abraham Munoz
Abraham Munoz - 6 years ago
What is the fun part of that?
Erin Erin
Erin Erin - 6 years ago
I think that shark probably has a go pro on its tail so it can show its mates that it swam with real humans!!
wotever99ninynine Hamilton
wotever99ninynine Hamilton - 6 years ago
you guys kinda made that last a bit long... you were really asking for trouble hanging around them for that long, brave? sure, stupid? maybe... you handled yourselves well and im sure the sharks wouldnt attack unless provoked.. but they are famous for a reason... and i dont see how losing an arm and a leg, or your life.. can be worth it for some youtube footage.. all the sharks would have to do, is get curious and bump you, then you fall with a big loud splash, shark gets antsy, takes a bite.. game over.. sure it may be unlikely, but why take the risk, get 10 seconds of footage, then slowly cruise to sure, hell even 30 seconds or a couple of minutes, but i woulda kept my distance... im happy to do risky things.. but only if i know its my skill that could get me hurt, not luck.. and its gotta be fun.. like hooning through the forest on a dirt bike or something... but each to their own, and im sure you guys had a good time, and now you have this to talk about for a long time and footage to prove it... but i think you had allowed yourselves to forget how dangerous it was, just because it seemed to be working out so far, and you were above the water.. which literally would make no difference and may have even made it worse... but i know nothing of these matters and i dont know why i just rambled on like an idiot so ill shutup and im sorry, you guys really are brave, well done on the vid :)
wotever99ninynine Hamilton
wotever99ninynine Hamilton - 6 years ago
yeah, sorry again for my comments i was more talking to myself... even though its a public comment on youtube, lol. but it really was an amazing thing to do, and i admit i wish i could say i had done something similar... but i havnt really, well kinda, by once going kayaking in a bay just after seeing a smallish shark, from up on a boat.. not a great white though ;) and believe me, my eyes were peeled, i definitely would have hightailed it if i saw him again (especially at kayak level..), but he had swum off somewhere else.. or at least gone deeper.. and like you say, they are more curious of us than anything i guess
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
wotever99ninynine I love the words. I agree with most of what you said, I do believe it was less dangerous than it seems. These sharks want nothing to do with big animals like us, and more to do with small fish, etc. It was pretty incredible though
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez - 6 years ago
I would have shit my pants lol...or just get the fuck away from there.
joe b
joe b - 6 years ago
Hi Courtney, Back again. I come here whenever I want to shit my pants.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
joe b Oh, funny. I thought you were a buddy Named Joey B. Those sharks were harmless being little babies. They were more afraid of me then I was of them..... Maybe
joe b
joe b - 6 years ago
Bisant? Not sure what that means. I'm just a shark fanatic. I love shit like this. Like this 50/50 video. Dude, I swear your shot at being attacked was 50/50. Glad you didn't! Crazy stuff.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
joe b HAHAHA is this Bisant?
Theresa Hansen
Theresa Hansen - 6 years ago
wtf like how
Tiffany Layer
Tiffany Layer - 6 years ago
Terrifying please don't keep pressing you're luck God bless you
C and Z Brothers
C and Z Brothers - 6 years ago
Nice man!
klesk173a - 6 years ago
Not even a greatwhite if it was you guys would of been dead
Maciek Ćwik
Maciek Ćwik - 6 years ago
Balls of steal
Natasha Zarfan
Natasha Zarfan - 6 years ago
if shark attacks what they can do ......
Natasha Zarfan
Natasha Zarfan - 6 years ago
they r mad ...
Erlend Brenn
Erlend Brenn - 6 years ago
just keep laughing until you fall out or the sharks attack you bro <3
Julius - 6 years ago
Sorte que ele não estava com fome
ali bell
ali bell - 6 years ago
Awesome Redfox
Awesome Redfox - 6 years ago
You're so stupid
Susanna LaCroix
Susanna LaCroix - 6 years ago
Olivia’s Challenges and vlogs
Olivia’s Challenges and vlogs - 6 years ago
This is amazing the shots you got wowser i personally love the animals but be careful
Darren Green
Darren Green - 6 years ago
i must have swam over a juvenile megalodon
mirac kosedag
mirac kosedag - 6 years ago
Düşersen siker seni
Darren Green
Darren Green - 6 years ago
no great whites though , thats a mako . a great white is twice fatter than your board
Darren Green
Darren Green - 6 years ago
tell yourself what u like . i disagree . my honest opinion , good video
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Darren Green Those are juvenile great whites. And there were 5-7 different sharks
Darren Green
Darren Green - 6 years ago
yes , thats what i swam over at djerba / tunisia , about the same distance too . and the water was the same , not on ripple in the water , the water was warm like a bath
Basia Bossinas
Basia Bossinas - 6 years ago
I was waiting for one of them to fall in.
Ratnesh Reddy
Ratnesh Reddy - 6 years ago
Jon good very good one
winter soldier
winter soldier - 6 years ago
Would have been great if they both got eaten
J. DeWille
J. DeWille - 6 years ago
stop calling him "man with big balls" etc.... This is stupidity and nothing else. Those sharks are not sweet predicable kitties or even trained predators like lions. You can't be sure if sharks want to eat you atm or just swimming around
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
J. DeWille Sharks aren't mindless. They have a brain and know what they are doing. If they are big enough to feed on mammals, they will if they are hungry. If you look like a marine mammal, they might take a bite. You have to be smarter than what you are writing buddy
88' MikeTyson
88' MikeTyson - 6 years ago
It's Only a matter of time until one of these shitheads get eaten!
rapskallion - 6 years ago
Who here has heard of Charles Darwin?
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
rapskallion That's actually really fricken funny.
hair and knits
hair and knits - 6 years ago
Why are they after the shark, leave her alone.
Mika - 6 years ago
Stupid Guys ! 1/ Acting like Kids playin with Fire 2/ No Respect for Animals neither for Victims 3/ Inviting these Animals to stay too close
em1ownerify - 6 years ago
Holy shit at how fast that thing is
BlacKwoLF CoNsPiracY
BlacKwoLF CoNsPiracY - 6 years ago
.....shaking my head. Then you think your cool by putting your legs in the water? Wow what a douche
BlacKwoLF CoNsPiracY
BlacKwoLF CoNsPiracY - 6 years ago
....soooo making it a point to get yourself in the shot is because why?
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
BlacKwoLF CoNsPiracY To show size comparison, to show the distance away from us they were, to get a shark selfie..... all of those
onefrequencydown - 6 years ago
Sharks appeared very calm. If they became aggressive then it would be sharks - 2 geezer on paddleboard - 0. Game over.
Violent_Bebop - 6 years ago
damn that's so close to shore....geez!
DragonDoper - 6 years ago
I've seen sharks bullet through the air snatching sea lions out from beneath them!! What's stopping these sharks from doing the same!!
SickName Brah
SickName Brah - 6 years ago
hispanics would probably do this unless that shark was an undercover fed
scotch velo
scotch velo - 6 years ago
No thanks.
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes - 6 years ago
suck my dick gay shark..lul??
Bobby Cazaurang
Bobby Cazaurang - 6 years ago
How are you so calm
KMW - 6 years ago
These guys actually living life instead of being couch potatoes watching life from a screen
Roger Warrington
Roger Warrington - 6 years ago
You asking for it , stupid
Joselito Cabral
Joselito Cabral - 6 years ago
Both fools and show offs
Curesha Griffin
Curesha Griffin - 6 years ago
I would have shit my paints that guy is asking for a death wish lol
Fizzernix - 6 years ago
Ben Moor
Ben Moor - 6 years ago
True true,my bad. Apologies chaps! Man I'm terrified of sharks and insanely jealous of these chaps having the courage to be so near to them. Big up fellows!!
Ben Moor
Ben Moor - 6 years ago
I'm not talking about the shark!
Ben Moor
Ben Moor - 6 years ago
Spear gun,kill the cunt!!
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Ben Moor Not really cool man
The DUDE - 6 years ago
Jelly Donut
Jelly Donut - 6 years ago
Wow... I grew up going to Sunset, Bolsa, Seal, and Huntington and I've never seen any sharks let alone a great white
i2aymond - 6 years ago
shamrock2006 - 6 years ago
fucking insane
yoldaysam evdeyim
yoldaysam evdeyim - 6 years ago
wtf !!!
Charif Abdeslem
Charif Abdeslem - 6 years ago
i am wondering how the board didnt sink with such a heavy balls
george trompoukis
george trompoukis - 6 years ago
Are they still alive ... ??? ... :)
mathsDNB - 6 years ago
To us English, these men are known as 'crazy cunts'.
Yılmaz DALKIRAN - 6 years ago
It looks so cute.
SickName Brah
SickName Brah - 6 years ago
Black people are terrified of water lmao so pathetic
pipolino - 6 years ago
these balls would feed the sharks for a week
A.W comic publications
A.W comic publications - 6 years ago
You guys are so lucky this shark is in a good mood cuase if it wanted to it would eat your board from thinking it's a sea lion or something.
WIlmylife - 6 years ago
Hey it's actually not clickbait!
Drew Norton
Drew Norton - 6 years ago
those great white sharks will eat them and their surfboards for lunch and they think it is funny! geniuses!
bodhisattva99 - 6 years ago
Echo omni
Echo omni - 6 years ago
Frickin amazing
D PH - 6 years ago
Can we all just take a moment to realize the cameraman is SITTING on his board with his feet in the water!!!
lisa martin
lisa martin - 6 years ago
towards the end the stupid guy puts his feet in the water. SMH !!!
AlexF 21
AlexF 21 - 6 years ago
Guess who lives fifteen minutes away from where they filmed that... guess who???
Simply Erin
Simply Erin - 6 years ago
That is VERY close to the beach , WHERE PEOPLE SWIM . But I love sharks , they're sick
Phil King
Phil King - 6 years ago
Why don't you jump in and stroke it a little?
Patty Lanenga
Patty Lanenga - 6 years ago
Total click bait. I sure as hell are not gonna take these ding dongs word on what type of shark it is. Doesn't look like a great white to me. The body style and head are too flat, the caudal fin is way too long and the color is not right to be a great white. Great white sharks are a grayish-blue color not brown.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Patty Lanenga Nope. These are Great Whites and they are all over our coast even still. Look up a few articles written recently about them. It's normal now. And Great Whites aren't very 'blue' btw
redwoodbeaver - 6 years ago
Good dudes. Not scared. No need to be. Love the vid lads
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
redwoodbeaver thanks Man!
Coldbidz - 6 years ago
ok this is some retarded shit but you guys got huge balls
themadrapper101 - 6 years ago
I'd rather run down the train track blindfolded with earmuffs on
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
themadrapper101 that's some funny stuff
Douglas Hamner
Douglas Hamner - 6 years ago
Your going to need a bigger boat
Kevin Dean
Kevin Dean - 6 years ago
It's so great to witness the rare and mythical dumb ass up close, the shark is nice too.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
kevin dean hahaha you're not right!
MUonline 1080p
MUonline 1080p - 6 years ago
More like dick
Mih Med
Mih Med - 6 years ago
This very young white shark!
shellbell539 - 6 years ago
Don't great whites tend to attack from the bottom up? I would have been shitting myself, waiting to get knocked off the board then gobbled up like a piece of human sushi.
CaptainWafflez - 6 years ago
You should have blurred out the sharks face, obviously he doesn't want to be in the video. Now that shark is gonna copyright strike your channel...
cichlid - 6 years ago
hey there is a shark behind you
Binney Nathong
Binney Nathong - 6 years ago
Enough why not there hungry, be safe.Another failed comment but good video.Because sharks are cool to capture in the wild ocean.
SlarWolf - 6 years ago
Why are the so peacful?
SlarWolf - 6 years ago
Ally Martinez
Ally Martinez - 6 years ago
and they didnt tell the people on the shore about the shark?
Peyton Kahley
Peyton Kahley - 6 years ago
Peyton Kahley
Peyton Kahley - 6 years ago
I'm superised there not dead from the shsrk
Gary Miller
Gary Miller - 6 years ago
These guys look old enough to have kids at home. If so, I wonder how they would feel about their fathers irresponsibility.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Gary Miller Boooo. Be educated about these animals and you will understand that they aren't a major threat to humans especially as juveniles. We both have kids and are great fathers. Go enjoy life Gary, don't be such a stiff.
Korrin Adrianna
Korrin Adrianna - 6 years ago
Cool, but as soon as you lose your balance your ass is sushi.
Красная Армия - Вперёд!
Красная Армия - Вперёд! - 6 years ago
8/10 should've hit the shark with the paddle.
LaDolcevita - 6 years ago
This is why us women live longer than men, cause we're not STUPID!
neeko - 6 years ago
Your comment is extremely stupid which leads me to confidently believe you are as well
LaDolcevita - 6 years ago
Holy shit! This guys crazy! Haven't you seen jaws? You look like a big seal dinner right now!!
DANIEL SANDOVAL - 6 years ago
Can't understand why are they so happy??
paul gale
paul gale - 6 years ago
idiot off guy
Erzengel714 - 6 years ago
Damn... just off the shore at sunset beach in California. That's cool as hell. 15 mins from my house.
JustinSTeam2 - 6 years ago
Why I always bring the GoPro out just in case I catch something like this that's awesome but I would have got out of there so fast aha
Chasin' Aces
Chasin' Aces - 6 years ago
I didn't see it the first time. This guy is a fireman? Explains a lot. LOL Man Vs Nature they got balls for days GG
Leonardo Sessa
Leonardo Sessa - 6 years ago
que praia é essa? nunca vou hehe
Ty helie's channel
Ty helie's channel - 6 years ago
Those are not great whites the would of been way bigger and attacking you
neeko - 6 years ago
You're brainless not all great whites are huge especially when young LOL and they don't just attack for no reason anytime they see anything retard
Dan Underwood
Dan Underwood - 6 years ago
Beautiful and intelligent fish!  I hope one day to be in the water with GWs. You all were really chill and relaxed.  You two played that awesomely.   Thanks for sharing that experience.
crb129_ - 6 years ago
These dudes smoked some good shit before paddling out
jacob cook
jacob cook - 6 years ago
Can't spell shark.
Always 0blivious
Always 0blivious - 6 years ago
I wouldn't be that calm and be like 'look at the 2 sharks', I've got to film this. I'd be like get me the fuck out of here!!
Brian Cannon
Brian Cannon - 6 years ago
Apparently fear is irrelevant.
bibi green
bibi green - 6 years ago
white people man
Matt .Green
Matt .Green - 6 years ago
you guys are just so fucking stupid, it's incredible.
Glam Geek
Glam Geek - 6 years ago
omg I would fall off and die
Sean J
Sean J - 6 years ago
stupid is as stupid does
White Blue Man
White Blue Man - 6 years ago
Calm water man
Dav Vez
Dav Vez - 6 years ago
look at all the people scared shitless of that animal! yet this kind of encounters is quite common in those areas and the sharks attacks rating worldwide are extremely low........ the most common attacks comes from tiger and bull sharks anyway.... and even then, if your heartbeat is calm underwater, they wont come take a bite at you
Sokrey - 6 years ago
you have to be fucking retarded to do this
WATCH IT ONCe. - 6 years ago
Keep fkng with em. Be on discovery Channel soon.
Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street
Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street - 6 years ago
"You go inside the cage, cage goes in the water, shark's in the water... Our Shark..."
Paola Cortes
Paola Cortes - 6 years ago
A ver si para la próxima la cuentan...que valor
Liz Guillen
Liz Guillen - 6 years ago
I would probably have a heart attack and die right there
Jesus will fix it all
Jesus will fix it all - 6 years ago
My question is why..
Darren Green
Darren Green - 6 years ago
great white ? lol ?? you should be rich for being a comedian . ive swam over tiger sharks in djerba 8 times bigger than that . tuna would eat those
Auto Gaming
Auto Gaming - 6 years ago
If you continue to pursue it, it will attack eventually m8
John Caprai
John Caprai - 6 years ago
Those are just little Guys... Just Pups... Barely off mamma's Teet
JoeTheStreetz - 6 years ago
White people
leon Zhong
leon Zhong - 6 years ago
ken hanson
ken hanson - 6 years ago
those are just baby's . we always see them swimming around when I'm surfing. that's nothing
jerzey165 - 6 years ago
how do u stay calm at so far away from land like 20 meters from land where sharks are how do u stay calm tell me how? or u were scared but didin't show it
Esther Fotu
Esther Fotu - 6 years ago
Who cares about the shark, look at how calm the water is.
Matthew Cragg
Matthew Cragg - 6 years ago
Herd them into shore and see if they'll take one of the swimmers.
yah gurll
yah gurll - 6 years ago
the camera is giving me anxiety
James Bissey
James Bissey - 6 years ago
where is the location
Respawner13 - 6 years ago
Jon a1
Jon a1 - 6 years ago
Star Gazer
Star Gazer - 6 years ago
If the sharks bumped your board, it would wipe that stupid smile off your face ... pendejo!
Gabriela Chang
Gabriela Chang - 6 years ago
Honestly people can keep saying sharks don't do anything but I bet if they were there not all would have reacted like these two guys, thumbs up for them, I wish I could be brave enough to do that
RLN1972 - 6 years ago
Mistress Molly Goldshark
Mistress Molly Goldshark - 6 years ago
He was more scared of you
tom senick
tom senick - 6 years ago
Dude keeps sticking his ugly face in the camera. "Look at me!!! I'm an idiot!!"
George Lynch
George Lynch - 6 years ago
those 2 deserve to be bitten.
Tyler D.
Tyler D. - 6 years ago
would be a  better video if the boarders were complete amateurs
Maverikk68 - 6 years ago
Lot of stupid people in the world...
Frank79811 - 6 years ago
You guys are seriously calm with this big shark so close.
2lostangels - 6 years ago
some of them great whites are big n mean old bastards! that attack anything and everything you guys are crazy! thanks for the video it was cool to watch..
FRANK V. - 6 years ago
Not smart. One bump and ur lunch. Ding dongs.
maskofsanitycob - 6 years ago
hes likes you guys lol and people call them killers pfff
Lil WakVEVO - 6 years ago
U suicidal bro?
Yodie Yuh
Yodie Yuh - 6 years ago
lots of comments about their ball size. Every one of you sits in a metal deathtrap everyday and hurls it down roads at dangerous speeds. Is that balls? How many people do you know who have died or been seriously injured in vehicle accidents? How many people do you know who have been bitten by a shark?
personM4N - 6 years ago
Karess.sarai - 6 years ago
That was not a great white shark the was a sea shark..I'm know all the sharks so I know
Harry Hall
Harry Hall - 6 years ago
not that smart
tony666 - 6 years ago
If that were me I would've honestly magically appeared wings on my back and flown out of there so fucking fast. I'm Mexican not white so this isn't just a walk in the park like these whities are treating it...crazy wonder if their dicks are as big as their balls
amartolosgr - 6 years ago
would love to see the surfers jumping on the shark's back for a quick ride.
SickName Brah
SickName Brah - 6 years ago
This confuses darkies because they're afraid of water and animals.
277imperator - 6 years ago
I wanna see one of you jump on the shark and piggyback ride it
Jacob Yonbo
Jacob Yonbo - 6 years ago
Not a white shark.
Davis Pow
Davis Pow - 6 years ago
I would be freaked the eff out that I would slip.
nismo365 - 6 years ago
If you're wondering why the Great White didn't attack them; the paddle boards are a lot bigger in length than the juvenile great white, sharks won't attack anything bigger than themselves if it's more than two in a group, such as two paddleboarders
FroTheBro - 6 years ago
I've never seen anyone so happy about death
Adzy_Playz - 6 years ago
Swipender Swiper
Swipender Swiper - 6 years ago
Stupid guys...
Yodie Yuh
Yodie Yuh - 6 years ago
Swipender Swiper Do you ride in a metal deathtrap at dangerous speeds every day?
Gnarkill - 6 years ago
This video made my butthole pucker up so tight my poop is gonna look like spaghetti noodles. I hate people that can make me feel like such a pussy.
Chicken Of the Cave
Chicken Of the Cave - 6 years ago
I was paddle boarding in OBX the other day and saw probably an 8ft black tip shark (I think that's what it was) swim underneath my board. I freaked out and became a master of balance and speed. Seeing a shark in the wild is so ducking scary
The mexican Fonz
The mexican Fonz - 6 years ago
they were young sharks.
Hibbard1986 - 6 years ago
so does the fear only strike if you are laying down on the paddle board? or is it totally not sketchy standing up.
Proxo20 - 6 years ago
i see biggest retards in world,what if mama had showed up u dumb fucks,omgggg
Jose Tuset
Jose Tuset - 6 years ago
Balls of iron!
Soniti1324 - 6 years ago
I should post a comment here about how these dudes have big balls. I bet no one has done that yet...
Michael Zimmerer
Michael Zimmerer - 6 years ago
all i see is sup'ers, no surfing
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Tuff Gong hahahaha good one
ThePalace1905 - 6 years ago
How is your board still floating with balls that big
Coconut springs
Coconut springs - 6 years ago
I don't think I could of been that chill.. I had a anxiety at the end.
Dem MusicVideo
Dem MusicVideo - 6 years ago
You followed it... on a paddle board. Wow.
hotwheel - 6 years ago
tus damn scallops
tus damn scallops - 6 years ago
nope. nope. nope.
Wilmer Ausin
Wilmer Ausin - 6 years ago
Wish they were bitten
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Wilmer Ausin ummmm, that's kinda messed up buddy.
Chill ass turtle
Chill ass turtle - 6 years ago
this guy has the face of the ultimate generic douche.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 6 years ago
Chill ass turtle Thanks Bro. Haha Internet Troll
Yaros Yari
Yaros Yari - 6 years ago
looks a little one. but it's not safety or so funny anyway
Nolan Gleason
Nolan Gleason - 6 years ago
one day I hope someone falls in i'd love to see them get eaten. Not you guys but somebody.
Dsnidess - 6 years ago
Your insane !!! Awesome video
LovelyLovableBeautifulLina - 6 years ago
They are brave!
StudSupreme - 6 years ago
Very young white. Looks like it's pretty relaxed.
Tesz- Vesz
Tesz- Vesz - 6 years ago
its not great
SickName Brah
SickName Brah - 6 years ago
This guys got balls the size of grapefruits
Ryan Jeong
Ryan Jeong - 6 years ago
the sharks are scared
Cassius Clay
Cassius Clay - 6 years ago
Guy looks like a young bill oreily
actual trash
actual trash - 6 years ago
don't fall in
Nolan Gleason
Nolan Gleason - 6 years ago
I would cry
Meriem Sqalli
Meriem Sqalli - 6 years ago
Why aren't they being eaten?
ɅƝȺЯĊԢƔ ƵΣƊ - 6 years ago
Dude... where's the wave?
LaDale Moss
LaDale Moss - 7 years ago
How/why is this shark so close to the beach, scary
Diego Molina
Diego Molina - 7 years ago
these niggas really out here bullying white sharks
Sarah Gallagher
Sarah Gallagher - 7 years ago
Those are juvenile white sharks. They aren't dangerous.
Eowyn Watson
Eowyn Watson - 7 years ago
those sharks don't look like great whites
Jennie Garcia
Jennie Garcia - 7 years ago
Ok now both of you are stupid!
Tony Montana
Tony Montana - 7 years ago
I wish I could see a great white
John Spagnuolo
John Spagnuolo - 7 years ago
2:35 ....ok I hate you
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов - 7 years ago
не нормальные...это ваше счастье, что она не голодная была!
อินเดีย หน้าโจร
อินเดีย หน้าโจร - 7 years ago
its fake shark. hihaaaa
Casandra Galindo
Casandra Galindo - 7 years ago
Why are they smiling about this
Ruk Kay
Ruk Kay - 7 years ago
See some comments here about these guys having big balls... There is a difference between being brave and just plain dumb. If those sharks decided to attack those surfboards which sharks have been know to do these guys would be in the water at the mercy of these sharks who could eat them big balls and all and there is fuck all they could do about it. IDIOTS.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 7 years ago
Ruk Kay thanks. Hahaha calculated risk, and it paid off in shark hugs
mort low
mort low - 7 years ago
if you know they body language ... against humans and potential to kill - super chilled species... i hate all humans - in case of the ocean - asian (japan) first...
Life Is Gay
Life Is Gay - 7 years ago
I'm so mad cause I seen penguins surfing off the movie surf up, and the title said great white shark surfing and I really get my hopes up I click on it to see for myself and I don't see any surfing at all. this is 100% fase appetising.

oh well either way they have bigger balls then anyone I know. I mean either they are stupid as hell, or they just got more balls then anyone. I wish them luck cause there might not be a next time. sharks don't eat people, but they might mistaken the bord next time for a seal and that will be it. like a said good luck out there and I'll prey for y'all!!!
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 7 years ago
Life Is Gay hahahaha sorry about that.
Hayley xo
Hayley xo - 7 years ago
that ain't a great white for sure its not its like a baskin shark bc if it was a great white it would've ate ya
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 7 years ago
Gamer Girl hahaha a bunch of Great Whites actually
Ashleigh - 7 years ago
you guys are f'in nuts!! I would get my ass out of there lol
stan nattydisaster
stan nattydisaster - 7 years ago
Mandy Sosnoski
Mandy Sosnoski - 7 years ago
At any point those sharks could have knocked you off your boards. You'd stop laughing at that point. Dumb.
Chris Walls
Chris Walls - 7 years ago
Just chillin with the boys he he he
Dan S
Dan S - 7 years ago
Amazing animals
Narxfang - 7 years ago
Most sharks, even great whites, don't really want to eat humans. Their are so many cases of sharks biting a human and then letting go after they don't recognize the taste. We are foreign creatures in general and so they are unsure about us, of course if thye are hungry enough they'll go for us, they aren't THAT strict like Orcas.
fack utubenoseyjerks
fack utubenoseyjerks - 7 years ago
Will someone answer the BLOODY PHONE @1:23!(PHONES4U)LOL))
JOEY GERRITY - 7 years ago
i think they were prey but the shark decided 2 against one wasnt an option
Ken Roesner
Ken Roesner - 7 years ago
This seems to be getting more common in So Cal every year. There was a article in the O.C. Register years ago about some "juvenile " 5'-6' Great Whites entertaining surfers between sets at San Onofre State Beach. The surfers were unfazed even lifting up their feet when the sharks rubbed under the surf board. Too wild for me but I appreciate the video!!
TheGreatBlumpkin - 7 years ago
When confronted with a life or death scenario you have two choices: panic and possibly die, or laugh and possibly die. These guys chose the latter.
Vinícius de Andrade
Vinícius de Andrade - 7 years ago
it has a nice fin
Al Play
Al Play - 7 years ago
I would be scared.... I mean the shark can just give them a little bump and... They're off swimming with the shark
hairi hadi
hairi hadi - 7 years ago
i wonder these guys got how many balls...its just a tiny surfing board wtf
NELSON X - 7 years ago
We need a bigger surf board.
felleice - 7 years ago
juveniles, try it with a 17 foot
Diorne W
Diorne W - 7 years ago
All I'm thinking is Don't lose your balance.
Nicola Douglas
Nicola Douglas - 7 years ago
still Hell No!
T和也 - 7 years ago
I like water sound
Mr.Bombastic - 7 years ago
How arent these guys sinking by the size of them balls?
Gary Lyons
Gary Lyons - 7 years ago
they do realize when you see a shark your suppoaed to leave?
Penguin Dude
Penguin Dude - 7 years ago
That shark is just chillin with them
Alex VI
Alex VI - 7 years ago
Click bait. The sharks were not surfing...
get wet
get wet - 7 years ago
These ass clowns have stupid grins on their faces, when the sharks could easily flip them off their surfboards and eat their stupid asses.
Rokitbarrel - 7 years ago
Damn I was waiting for one of them to lose their balance and fall in the water,,, crazy faking dudes
matt robinson
matt robinson - 7 years ago
OMG SHARKS!! in the water.... in the ocean....!!!!OMG like WTF OMG this was totally amazing you dipped your toes in the water with SHARKS what heroes you are, real SHARKS that were smaller than you and your so close to shore.. wait im bored now im even depressed the fact i bothered to reply. zzzzzzzz
Carlos Carlos
Carlos Carlos - 7 years ago
no me queda claro lo que hacen estos payasos
darkoak40 - 7 years ago
I like it at the end of the video, where he is dangling his feet in the water. It's like saying to the shark's, hey dude's look at what you could have had for lunch! :)
Tsuki Hoshi
Tsuki Hoshi - 7 years ago
Was That the assholes Showing of caught on news
Lucas Cruz
Lucas Cruz - 7 years ago
Damn I wish these punk ass whiteboys got eaten. The only big balls these dumb fucks have is on their chin. Imagine that a great white eating a pathetic white.
James Ferrell
James Ferrell - 7 years ago
smacky lee
smacky lee - 7 years ago
dumb and dumber go paddleboarding
David Smith
David Smith - 7 years ago
Does anybody else love the sound of the camera going in and out of the water?
Robert Elmo
Robert Elmo - 7 years ago
All laughs and fun until that 22 foot Deep Blue shows up lol..
Kaveh Maguire
Kaveh Maguire - 7 years ago
I hope their mama's smacked the shit out of them when they saw this video.
M_Faraday - 7 years ago
these dudes are remarkably chill
overdbus - 7 years ago
I will bet you they go in and out of the inlets between HB an NP
Gina Gabriella MUA
Gina Gabriella MUA - 7 years ago
It wasn't a big big shark ........
Susan Weisheit
Susan Weisheit - 7 years ago
Pretty confident they won't fall in I guess
Susan Weisheit
Susan Weisheit - 7 years ago
They are so close to short, I'd been on the sand in no time. They are just straight chillin!
James Daniels
James Daniels - 7 years ago
I'm waiting for that shark to mistake them for seals
Wakipenda - 7 years ago
Its all fun and games until the human eats the shark
John Call
John Call - 7 years ago
These guys are confusing bravery with stupidity.
Frank Pierce
Frank Pierce - 7 years ago
dumbass fucktards
Jon Jones
Jon Jones - 7 years ago
there babies and you guy's are so cavalier about it you deserve to be bit. leave them alone, if they come to you fine but dont initiate contact with them. dont try to follow them, or stick your paddle in the water when they come by. stick your legs in the water and give that a shot.
Sam Farnsworth
Sam Farnsworth - 7 years ago
"The likelihood of a person to be attacked by a shark is 1 in 3,748,067. You are more likely to be killed by lightning than to be killed by a shark. Sharks only seem scary, but they should not be as much as they are feared now."  What is the basis of this statistic? Ya, if you took all the people in the world and considered the small percentage of them who are actually anywhere near shark-infested waters, never mind actually IN shark-infested waters . . . you might have a point. But I would wager that your chance of an attack goes up if you are floating on a piece of fibreglass and the shark is just beneath you. Make no mistake, anything a shark thinks it can it, it will try to eat.
SNKeSport - 7 years ago
and then suddenly attacks and no one's laugh anymore
Victor Uribe
Victor Uribe - 7 years ago
Fuck that, this video just ruined my summer!! I live in North San Diego County and I am not getting near the water this year!!
Pandacat 666
Pandacat 666 - 7 years ago
nice! stay calm is the right way to handle this beauty.
SAVAGE308SNIPER - 7 years ago
WTF! I thought I was gonna see sharks on a surfboard taking on some waves! Thumbs down. The title is misleading.
Brian Ruiz
Brian Ruiz - 7 years ago
Simple, just flip the shark upside down lol
Faye Legaspi
Faye Legaspi - 7 years ago
Im hoping he falls off
Izzy - 7 years ago
What a beauty, and so gentle with the paddle boarders :)
I hate seeing people in the comments saying the shark wanted to eat them. Trust me, they would've been dead in two seconds if he wanted them to be. Shark attacks are more rare than death by falling coconut so maybe check your facts before spreading mean spirited rumors about these gorgeous creatures.
Christian Leblanc
Christian Leblanc - 7 years ago
everyone go to gary jeters you tube channel an call him a bitch he stole 5 grand from me and is a rapist fuck that guy
CraZayTube - 7 years ago
the set of nuts on these caucasians
Lou S.
Lou S. - 7 years ago
Well, that's one way to go.
Hammer Gut
Hammer Gut - 7 years ago
lucky shark that 2 humans didn't look aggressive
Never Mind
Never Mind - 7 years ago
Clickbait video of nitwits illegally fucking with endangered species. I can guarantee that the shark is much more beneficial to the planet than either of these wankers.
Lucas-Enzo Lagadec Fenollar
Lucas-Enzo Lagadec Fenollar - 7 years ago
r u guys actually retarded, lucky to still have ur limbs
Jayyo Kk
Jayyo Kk - 7 years ago
why they dont atack you ? O.o
benji Army
benji Army - 7 years ago
this white ass peoples xd
o3BYKo - 7 years ago
White people smh
MarlonMax - 7 years ago
Matt Adams
Matt Adams - 7 years ago
All I could hear was the turtle from Finding Nemo saying "You got serious thrill issues dude"
Simcoast - 7 years ago
Fake bullshit
Paul Compagno
Paul Compagno - 7 years ago
Wouldve loved to see the shark bump them both in
Zsyko - 7 years ago
so i got an idea! lets play with a great white!

~not a single person in the world 12:3
Don Vette
Don Vette - 7 years ago
all the shark had to do is bump they ass for following him
Mobtized - 7 years ago
shit i would do this for 4 million views too... thats like 500k$
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha - 7 years ago
Hes asking to get killed
newyork newyork
newyork newyork - 7 years ago
wish that shark would have bit ONE OF THEM DUMB WHITE FUCKS
Cory Jones
Cory Jones - 7 years ago
The interesting part is how close to shore it is
kess kessler
kess kessler - 7 years ago
I would have zero sympathy if both of those water heads were attacked....
StudSupreme - 7 years ago
Makes me glad I never surfed at Huntington....
Jazzy Mac
Jazzy Mac - 7 years ago
omg isn't so scary
pa226pable - 7 years ago
Ummm nope
Lynn Macks
Lynn Macks - 7 years ago
Part of me wants them to fall off. Let's see how brave you are while actually in the water with them. The nerve of some humans astounds me sometimes.
Влад М
Влад М - 7 years ago
the darwin reward passed by. this time..
Alaina Huesman
Alaina Huesman - 7 years ago
all fun and games until someone loses a leg
Poppa Crowe
Poppa Crowe - 7 years ago
Yeap that's where they live at.
Anonymous - 7 years ago
I like the sound of the camera dipping into the water
Chewbecca101 - 7 years ago
That shark was a baby. Loving how everyone thinks you are so bad ass. <eyeroll>
The Wu-Tang Batman
The Wu-Tang Batman - 7 years ago
Sitting there smiling, pointing and laughing and shit...fuck that.
My Road Tours
My Road Tours - 7 years ago
White people do shit like this but yet their afraid of clowns.
Brexit Monger
Brexit Monger - 7 years ago
Total, total , total morons. You are playing with worse than fire dudes. One slip and you are gone.
Paul Jason
Paul Jason - 7 years ago
why are those sharks so near from shore..damn!
Matt Shaw
Matt Shaw - 7 years ago
Great rush I bet
A Voice In The Wilderness Angela van Es
A Voice In The Wilderness Angela van Es - 7 years ago
Aren't you testing fate a bit?
Gigsand Busking
Gigsand Busking - 7 years ago
Man you have No Fear! I would have shat myself :)
Louis Cosnotti
Louis Cosnotti - 7 years ago
Monster Mousse
Monster Mousse - 7 years ago
Great footage! Those are little Great Whites, nonetheless ruin your day or life. But seriously, no matter how brave you are, I wouldn't attempt that with a grown adult Great White.
kanipeoples - 7 years ago
seeing this shark on a paddle board would have released my ink defences.....
Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman - 7 years ago
if that was me...there would be a big trail of poo following me
Ahmed Sufi
Ahmed Sufi - 7 years ago
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 7 years ago
Ahmed Sufi Hahahaha
Ivan Castillo
Ivan Castillo - 7 years ago
No wonder white people die quicker lol
tek buddy
tek buddy - 7 years ago
gotta love white people
thexophguy - 7 years ago
just keep in mind that u got huge balls for hanging in the water with the great whites till they bit them off .....
ErikGTR - 7 years ago
So basically if you fall off the paddle board you die. Definitely worth the risk.
Aeryx - 7 years ago
Lmao this was at Sunset? Doesn't seem like a good place to paddleboard when it's overcast. There can be some pretty big sets in the winter
นิรุน ทนสวน
นิรุน ทนสวน - 7 years ago
basseraday - 7 years ago
Oh Fuck get the gaff
Seb - 7 years ago
lol you're so happy. I would've lost my balance if I saw one of those.
j ross
j ross - 7 years ago
The sharks didn't attack them :(
BloodOfYeshuaMessiah - 7 years ago
Big balls or just stupidity ?
leon voulgaris
leon voulgaris - 7 years ago
That was a hell of a way to turn the movie ''Jaws" into a complete parody....
Joseph Saeteurn
Joseph Saeteurn - 7 years ago
you guys are harassing the shark. wait until he gets bigger..
Matt Louv
Matt Louv - 7 years ago
I swear to god with this shit
Rudy Sullivan
Rudy Sullivan - 7 years ago
Hello :3
Hello :3 - 7 years ago
1. I don't see any sharks surfing :'(
2. it's not a great white, it's a black tip Reef shark ^•^
3. still loved the video
MightyFrostDragon - 7 years ago
certified idiots
Tarkus - 7 years ago
came here to see great white sharks surfing.. not dudes surfing while filming great whites :<
Stephen Peel
Stephen Peel - 7 years ago
Don't know about smiling, I would have changed the color of the water if I had seen these monsters!
Adela Piskor
Adela Piskor - 7 years ago
I'm suprised that the shark didn't get very aggressive due to their unreasonable/irresponsible actions.
thebarrochannel - 7 years ago
Sick fucks. I know they're babies but they can still bite your balls off. I'd have been looking for a pistol to kill those pups.
Lily Jordan
Lily Jordan - 7 years ago
Are u guys that stupid
beebee - 7 years ago
Fuck all that shit, all it takes is some dumb ass like them to fall off and get eaten. Then people on boards will become food on the regular.
Blooming Accents Blooming Accents
Blooming Accents Blooming Accents - 7 years ago
not very bright
Dutch Flats
Dutch Flats - 7 years ago
Stupid is as stupid does - Forrest Gump
Lord Master
Lord Master - 7 years ago
I must of missed the part when he caught the wave! lol
Billy Bob
Billy Bob - 7 years ago
Its not big balls. Its lack of brains
Billy Bob
Billy Bob - 7 years ago
I'm just a truth sayer. Don't you realize how stupid it is what they are doing? I'm not impressed at all, but I understand that is their intention.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 7 years ago
Billy Bob come on BILLY BOB, that's not very nice.
La Vonne Vega
La Vonne Vega - 7 years ago
Those white boys are savages! That man put his feet in the water yo
RUNdone DIDit
RUNdone DIDit - 7 years ago
anyone else fuckin HATE the noise gopros make when going in and out of the water. God damn
Alex Eclavea
Alex Eclavea - 7 years ago
i love how they're just fearlessly following it
Dreama40 - 7 years ago
If a big 5 meter White showed up i doubt they would but as stable on those boards lol
hommy holly
hommy holly - 7 years ago
There's a fine line between bravery and ignorance
GamingGuyMatic2000 - 7 years ago
That shark is way too close to the shore
cullen Irishman
cullen Irishman - 7 years ago
Flirting with disaster. That shark is big enough to tear your ass up
Tassie Freedivers
Tassie Freedivers - 7 years ago
Are they even great whites?
Tassie Freedivers
Tassie Freedivers - 7 years ago
To me they look like a seven gill shark which are harmless
Martin Stangeland
Martin Stangeland - 7 years ago
fuck that shit
DrunkMouse2030 - 7 years ago
this is why im bringing a big knife with me when i swim
Cody Brophy
Cody Brophy - 7 years ago
play stupid games...
Abhishek Dalal
Abhishek Dalal - 7 years ago
is this real? lol i was excited about paddle boarding in the ocean. ve been going to lakes only till now.
Bella Maria
Bella Maria - 7 years ago
I hope next time the shark bits your dumbass!
omyrobloxs Plays
omyrobloxs Plays - 7 years ago
the great white isint surfing
Inflatable Boats
Inflatable Boats - 7 years ago
It is juvenile shark, smaller than paddle board, and most likely not even great white.
Lauren Kelly
Lauren Kelly - 7 years ago
Where is this?
bradspicks - 7 years ago
Testing fate are we gentlemen ?
#Mutiny - 7 years ago
Let's drift our feet in the water. SMH. LOL/
Matt Clark
Matt Clark - 7 years ago
Dumb crackers
METHOD ONE - 7 years ago
Two top comments.......One copying bastard.
Jason Downs
Jason Downs - 7 years ago
Scary shit either way, but do other sharks have white bottoms? I ask because I saw a great white in Montereg bay and it was super thick and stocky, not lean like these guys.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 7 years ago
Jason Downs these are babies. There are 4 large shark species that are always are in California. They all are pretty different and can be ruled out. A lot of these sharks were tagged just recently before I shot this video and were had been filmed by lifeguards from their boat to identify them as juvenile White Sharks
HarryDaHuman - 7 years ago
I would rather kill myslef
Anthony Raskin
Anthony Raskin - 7 years ago
fucking white people are crazy
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 7 years ago
Anthony Raskin hahaha thanks Anthony
mariotc21 - 7 years ago
fucken awesome bro
41 point
41 point - 7 years ago
These guys are very calm for being stocked by 2 Whites. Then again their pants are wet so .... who knows lol
ge0rge76 - 7 years ago
Я бы веслом уебал по хребту.
Mathieu P
Mathieu P - 7 years ago
GREAT WHITE SHARKS SURFING ?? this is clickbait coz i see only human surfing in this video...
Mathieu P
Mathieu P - 7 years ago
Hehe have a good day ;) Nice to see videos like that
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 7 years ago
Mathieu P exactly
은솔 - 7 years ago
바다가 뿌연거보니 비가 온거 같군요
Jodie Banks
Jodie Banks - 7 years ago
Were you trying to use you feet as bait? Seriously that was awesome.
Nolan Gleason
Nolan Gleason - 7 years ago
that's a biggun
Randothol H
Randothol H - 7 years ago
You are so blessed to have this awe inspiring raw natural predator on your door step. Seeing a great white is on my bucket list.
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 7 years ago
Randothol H agreed. Pretty amazing stuff
Lady Grinning Soul
Lady Grinning Soul - 7 years ago
Yeah that's it fuck with a dangerous shark. Idiots. It was minding its own business you should have left it alone.
Keith - 7 years ago
try smoking some weed and do that
0m4c84 - 7 years ago
chargers9221 - 7 years ago
Holy hell Courtney. You have 4 mil views man! Wow!
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 7 years ago
chargers9221 haha what's up Crocker?!? Pretty crazy almost 4 mil! Was on Shark Week last summer too. Stoked
chargers9221 - 7 years ago
owenator - 7 years ago
Great camera work man. It might be that the camera was just wet, but wow.
Jill M
Jill M - 7 years ago
No no no no... No no no... No..... That's all I can muster. Lucky they were juvenile, and didn't do the thing where they like torpedo up to surface and Jump out of water..... Or wait does it matter if their young or not in order to do that move?
Michigan Wheels
Michigan Wheels - 7 years ago
Couple of morons.
Jack Edir
Jack Edir - 7 years ago
Fucking nutjobs
Zac Deen
Zac Deen - 7 years ago
Was this video taken using a paddle mount!?
sirus312 - 7 years ago
Sharks are actually doges of the ocean you can literally pet a great white once it realizes what you are...Bull shorkes on the other hand will attack not matter what
Courtney Hemerick
Courtney Hemerick - 7 years ago
sirus312 none of that is actually true
mywaymn - 7 years ago
I can't believe how calm the water is.
Mara Szasz
Mara Szasz - 7 years ago
Luis Silva
Luis Silva - 7 years ago
What so funny being around an animal that can kill you?
MrScotia - 7 years ago
I'm glad that shark was in a good mood. ;-) Great vid
perez munoz
perez munoz - 7 years ago
Way better to see you white asses gobbled up....
Muzzie0323 - 7 years ago
It never ceases to amaze me the depths of human stupidity. Even a little shark has a whole lot of sharp teeth.. LOL!!
NoCTRL - 7 years ago
lucky the shark wasn't an adult, I would do that if someone offered me a mill.
Braden Arnold
Braden Arnold - 7 years ago
I know that when a shark is circling around u that u aren't thinking about the camera, but that's terrible camera work
Rob Simpson
Rob Simpson - 7 years ago
Hostess says" shark party of two , your table is ready".
Never24Summer - 7 years ago
Seem like two teenagers trying to act cool for some chick or something. Lol dipshits
Damian Thomas
Damian Thomas - 7 years ago
that's called stupid!!! I don't wish you bad, however, you are fu+*&^in with Something that can easily eat you!!!!
mpg869 - 7 years ago
who paddle boards w a cap on ?
sensesfailg - 7 years ago
You kidding me i fall from those things every 5 minutes haha
Ana Nimity
Ana Nimity - 7 years ago
Ok at first I thought "these men are crazy" but after seeing that guy put his feet in the water I knew they were total nutters

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