Garrett Mc Namara World record ! Surfing a 111 ft wave in Nazare - GoPro Hero

Garrett Mc Namara surfe la plus grosse vague du monde (34m) à Nazare au Portugal. Surf. 0:48 : 3491,08 cm = 34,91 m = 114.54 feets 01/28/2013 Subscribe :

Garrett Mc Namara World record ! Surfing a 111 ft wave in Nazare - GoPro Hero sentiment_very_dissatisfied 177

Surf 8 years ago 1,575,753 views

Garrett Mc Namara surfe la plus grosse vague du monde (34m) à Nazare au Portugal. Surf. 0:48 : 3491,08 cm = 34,91 m = 114.54 feets 01/28/2013 Subscribe :

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for Garrett Mc Namara World record ! Surfing a 111 ft wave in Nazare - GoPro Hero

Jyothir Javan
Jyothir Javan - 4 years ago
1000th like was mine! Wish I could click it a 1000 times!!
sgtmjm - 4 years ago
Good job Jyothir Javan . You are the one....
Marky Marco
Marky Marco - 3 years ago
Not confirmed, sorry.
KBC報道 - 3 years ago
Hi sgtmjm,
I am a local TV station in Fukuoka prefecture in Japan,
My name is muramatsu of KBC.
This video is very amazing,
Would you please let me introduce by program?
We look forward to your reply!
Boby W
Boby W - 3 years ago
Not world record anymore.
mosquitoMKT - 3 years ago
8th November, 2017: Rodrigo Koxa surfed the biggest wave in the world at Nazaré and beat the record of McNamara...
Brazilian surfer beat McNamara record by 61 centimeters...24.38 meters wave...
HaKaN - 3 years ago
Yohhhh amugaaaa :)
Beltfedshooters - 3 years ago
Clearanceman2 - 3 years ago
He really said "Americans are so fat and getting fatter and fatter. Why do they eat fast food? If they would put down the five dollar meal deals, maybe they could surf giant waves as well?"
kaneos official
kaneos official - 3 years ago
Shits loose surfers deserve so much more props then they get.

10. comment for Garrett Mc Namara World record ! Surfing a 111 ft wave in Nazare - GoPro Hero

Crash Hard
Crash Hard - 3 years ago
Father. Son. Husband. Idiot.
Spencer Kissack
Spencer Kissack - 3 years ago
SO annoying when you're trying to watch a goddamn video of something so incredible and poxy adverts are plastered all over the end of it.......ffs
sgtmjm - 3 years ago
Hey Spencer Kissack , we got you. We change it to please you and all surf fans. Enjoy !
Joseph Cordeiro
Joseph Cordeiro - 3 years ago
The waves in portugal are massive. Even the small ones are like 2 meters. Im from there and those waves can mess you up.
Glitch - 4 years ago
The first time he broke the record, it was an estimated 78ft wave (2011). Then in 2013 he broke it again with an estimated 100 ft ride (peak of the wave was roughly 16 times the height of McNamara) which is still the current world record. That's how they estimate the wave height. There's no other tool out there that does it despite the b.s measuring tool in the vid. I love how douche bags like the poster of this vid add more height (aka...lies) to it every year. Lol@111 ft wave. What a fuck nut. Not only is that a complete fabrication, but it's not even a coherent one. What the fuck measuring stick determines that extra 12" between a 110ft wave and a 111 ft wave? Jack ass. Next year it'll be a 133ft wave.
Dick Berry
Dick Berry - 4 years ago
G Mac is a kook.
S Lit
S Lit - 4 years ago
I think it was a 110.5' wave.. not 111'
Jeremiah Alphonsus
Jeremiah Alphonsus - 4 years ago
Heavy duty rock n roll.
Sheepy - 4 years ago
i was there
sgtmjm - 4 years ago
I am a surfboard
Ron Haas
Ron Haas - 4 years ago
anyone know what is the title of singer of this music
sgtmjm - 4 years ago
St Germain
the dreamcatcher
the dreamcatcher - 4 years ago
roses are red violets

the title is is English

so why aren't you?

20. comment for Garrett Mc Namara World record ! Surfing a 111 ft wave in Nazare - GoPro Hero

Eric Rosenfeld
Eric Rosenfeld - 4 years ago
How do we know it wasn't 110 feet?
Bo De
Bo De - 4 years ago
this scares the shit out of me just watching. It actually turns my stomach.
therealgassypanda - 4 years ago
you knows whats cool? The ads that pop up and block the whole fucking video and can't be exited. Fuck you you garbage person.
Vicki Turner
Vicki Turner - 4 years ago
I'd do this!!!! Idc if I die or drown I'd to it
vespur - 4 years ago
Wasn't even paying attention to the video, I was just swooning over the French guy
Bob the Avenger
Bob the Avenger - 4 years ago
How do you swim out through woes like that? Or get towed out. Even the lulls must be big!
Mark Kendrick
Mark Kendrick - 4 years ago
34 meters ?.......Very big wave for Garrett though.......More like 68 plus foot......
Jeff H
Jeff H - 4 years ago
In fluid dynamics, the wave height of a surface wave is the difference between the elevations of a crest and a following trough
Skyler Mao
Skyler Mao - 4 years ago
Take a beach tent to your vocation on beach. ON SALE NOW
ezcondition - 4 years ago
there sure are a lot of videos with some guy surfing the worlds largest wave. i don't think understand that there can be only one biggest wave.

30. comment for Garrett Mc Namara World record ! Surfing a 111 ft wave in Nazare - GoPro Hero

MIKI-WAWA - 4 years ago
Jesus Christ!
TheHellRabbits - 5 years ago
CooManTunes - 5 years ago
Surfer? Unimpressed. Size of the wave? IMPRESSED.
AmericanBlacktop - 5 years ago
If you are a surfing fan you should watch this View, comment, like, SUBSCRIBE!
D Stevens
D Stevens - 4 years ago
Get out advertising loser, no one wants to watch your 240p clickbait videos where 30 seconds are telling people to "View, comment, like, SUBSCRIBE!"
AxumGear - 5 years ago
Thanks love the vid
sgtmjm - 5 years ago
My pleasure :)
AmericanBlacktop - 5 years ago
Great video! Check out American Blacktop: Biggest Surf Shop in The World in Kelly Slater's Cocoa Beach, Florida, link: Please SUBSCRIBE!
Tarot Daily
Tarot Daily - 5 years ago
What does it feel like when such a wave hits the surfer? How long does it take to "come out?"...Do they find their way back??
Alex Sach Bilich
Alex Sach Bilich - 6 years ago
it is actually a 90 footer, STILL BADASS
Clay Son
Clay Son - 6 years ago
Hawaii is for pussys ,THIS is the real shit .......XDXDXD
Novusod - 3 years ago
Hawaiians weren't the only surfers. Tahiti and other Polynesian island cultures all developed some form of surfing. The early British and French explorers were uninterested in learning how to surf like the natives. The Europeans looked down on surfing as some kind of primitive monkey behavior akin to climbing trees. Hawaii on the other hand became an America possession and unlike the stuffy Europeans the Americans embraced suffering and brought the surfing culture back to to California. Only after Americans made surfing "cool" through music and Hollywood movies did surfing go mainstream on a global scale.
dunnamang - 3 years ago
All solid points. I've seen Pipeline in person (lived in Hawaii for a year) and it's vicious. Reef breaks with deep caverns and a pretty heavy wave. Waimea Bay is pretty gnarly, too.
Jules canidoit
Jules canidoit - 3 years ago
dunnamang chances are pretty high. There are so many people who surf pipe. Yr bound to have fatalities. Every big wave has its risks. This statement is stupid and prob made by someone who dosnt surf or never surfed big waves. Nazare compliments the surfing world and its the tallest wave in the world. I think its great.
dunnamang - 3 years ago
Go surf Pipeline and let us know if you survive.
Some Dude
Some Dude - 4 years ago
Clay sucks huge hairy ones daily!
PipeLineGt - 4 years ago
Then surf there you cunt see how much "pussys" there are.
Maria Edwards
Maria Edwards - 4 years ago
Yeah for real Fug, nobody would have had the mindset to ever invent a surfboard.
Fug Babylon
Fug Babylon - 4 years ago
Without Hawaii there would be no Surfing
ZAEXTREME - 6 years ago
Great video

I uploaded some footage from my GoPro session in South Africa, take look and give me a shout:
NudaRider - 4 years ago
mrrn100 - 6 years ago
Vector Velocity Surfer+Wave = 154 (153. 9645881) Km/h. 

Ss= 2 (Wh + Wd + Sh) / SQRT m+c^3 

Convert Feet to meters and convert Km/s into Km/h
Dave S
Dave S - 3 years ago
when you need to convert from imperial to metric you've already fucked up the maths.
Lliam Smith
Lliam Smith - 6 years ago
78 feet actually, as stated in Guinness world records ^_^
Anna Cornykova
Anna Cornykova - 6 years ago
OK, that's Bodie's death wave.
Rúben Nascimento
Rúben Nascimento - 6 years ago
Portugal :3
Created Wrestling Federation
Created Wrestling Federation - 6 years ago
Omelette Du Fromage 
Ray Hayward
Ray Hayward - 6 years ago
Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn!
jaynegs76 - 6 years ago
So true!
Kitty Purrs
Kitty Purrs - 6 years ago
All I see is the perspective of the tiny man who looks like an ant in contrast to the mother flipping enormously huge water beast's belly whose belly he is itching
Fug Babylon
Fug Babylon - 4 years ago
Grenge g
Grenge g - 6 years ago
0:36 did he say fucked?
Killian Victor
Killian Victor - 5 years ago
+Grenge g Hahahhaha noooo haha he just said "forte" which means "strong"
Grenge g
Grenge g - 6 years ago
Yes im  sure it does. But the way he said it sound liked fucked. Maybe not that funny hehe
Steven Borisade
Steven Borisade - 6 years ago
Forte meaning strong in French not "fucked"
sportsmc3 - 6 years ago
I wonder how much of the waves are the more recent riders not a surfer and no way could I ever do big wave surfing, but I see them riding like half of the waves when they are towed in...but I think Greg Noll and others like him had a real hard time having to paddle into the waves they were riding...maybe that wave no one filmed or photographed of greg noll was the best ride ever.
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez - 7 years ago
That is so awesome

50. comment for Garrett Mc Namara World record ! Surfing a 111 ft wave in Nazare - GoPro Hero

Tom Adams
Tom Adams - 7 years ago
I'll stick with East coast American style 3-4 ft surf .  
Money Team
Money Team - 7 years ago
My poop surfed a 100 foot flush once, as well.
Dan - 7 years ago
100 plus size grabs my attention but it's not guys
djay doom
djay doom - 7 years ago
While watching I thought about how while snowboarding you are propelling down snow covered  upward upheavals; the mountain ranges.  These "BIG" waves are caused most of the time by having these same mountains, ridges, reefs, and underwater geography, etc. underneath the water causing 100 foot walls of waves traveling 45-55 mph that we propel down . A few off the top of my head Mavericks, Teahupoo, Dungeons, Pipeline, Shark Island, . I'm a Native NYC surfer/ bodyboarder, and Montauk Point Long Island NY has very interesting underwater geography, and the continental shelf at certain spots, and times of the year makes it perfect for bodyboarding; it's a point break-mostly lefts.,extremely shallow,seen the sandy, rock filled bottom riding on a 15 ft shore break once-rash is an understatement!! Largest ever in Montauk was 20-25 foot during a nor'easter. The fear factor keeps it relatively light on the crowds when its double overhead or more (mostly during the winter months except for  the occasional perfect storm-Hurricanes and Tropical Storms during the late summer months..
Rockaway is now filled with hipsters/ surfers , and allot of novices from Williamsburg Brooklyn and the City which kinda sucks for surfing in peace.!! However it gentrified a hood which was formerly crack and poverty filled slums into a mixture of local old school Irish Italians, Latino and Black, Jewish also-a melting pot for sure; and the 30 somethings like me-Gen X. Sandy however, damn it's damage on  epic proportions-and i'm not easily impressed. Sad, and close to home. However, Far Rockaway  90th Street, 83rd, Lincoln is a tight community, and are rebuilding. Spike Lee is an opponent to the economic effects of gentrification. I understand that many people rent, and rent goes up-but don't tell me that Spike from somewhere in Westchester or Connecticut, or a loft, and a duplex in Manhattan.  He doesn't like lower crime, an explosion of new businesses and stores that yes sell bubble tea, and korean BBQ=), House value increases,  and at the core, a safer and aesthetically pleasing environment. This makes the local schools better, bc the key to getting people to listen is SES and the access to knowledge. The alternative is people take the train; surfing for the day with an A-k, and leave. I am a born and raised brooklyn male"There never was a city kid through-er and through-er " B. Boys -MCA. 
Sarah Eck
Sarah Eck - 7 years ago
0:36 I swear he said fucked
Mario Silva
Mario Silva - 7 years ago
30 to 32 meters
Rodney Haltom
Rodney Haltom - 7 years ago
...the angle of the photo is causing it to look bigger than it is. that wave is only about 60 feet! Half of what is shown to be the wave is actually only the trough or flat ocean, that appears to be the wave, but isn't. ...take the same photo from ground or sea level, and you will see what I am talking about. It will have a totally different size than what is portrayed here.  it is a big wave for sure but no where near 100 feet…sorry. 
Misha Bejar
Misha Bejar - 4 years ago
Rodney Haltom word! totally agree
abeirabaixa - 5 years ago
+Rodney Haltom The "angle theory" at Nazaré is itself overestimated... Unfortunately, there are a lack of photos from sea level. But there's a good exemple...  Google "steudtner 2015 xxl" and watch the 2015 winner ride, both on vídeo and sea level photo. And tell me which one looks bigger.
Billy frye
Billy frye - 6 years ago
+Alex Harrison regardless, this can still kill you faster than you can blink .
Alex Harrison
Alex Harrison - 6 years ago
I think we need to stop obsessing about the precise height of a wave in feet. Waves are notoriously hard to measure because, as you said, they're not a vertical face but an upslope. Size is a poor predictor of the power of a wave, as evidenced by the freak of hydrodynamics that is Teahupoo. Tahiti might be half the size of these, but they're twice as powerful, five times more destructive and twenty times scarier. Massive props to McNamara though for taming this monster, regardless of exactly how big it is.
abeirabaixa - 6 years ago
Most of the times, the Nazare waves are extremelly thick, hill-like, and that makes the wave look smaller than it really is. If we could cut the wave vertically from top to bottom it would look much higher.
There are some measurements made by the portuguese navy using GPS tech (only for the last decade) and the record is for now assumed to be about 44m (132ft)... This record wave was not surfed... :/
Georgiy Potulov
Georgiy Potulov - 6 years ago
Yea I totally agree.. its about 9 times his height.. At most this wave is 70 feet, but nothing above that.
Chika - 7 years ago
No matter the high of that wave is, I wouldnt never going there
Rodney Haltom
Rodney Haltom - 7 years ago
big wave for sure!  more than I would ever tackle. 
fearedlegend - 7 years ago
it's actually 78ft as the official record.i just came from nazare and toured the area myself including the lighthouse rooftop seen in the picture.i also took a pic by the surfboard which is on display.beautiful place!
Falling Figs
Falling Figs - 7 years ago
It's still a big wave, and wouldn't you want to ride it too. Fishermen and surfers have been known to exagerate. Thanks for the post
isaiah sajakowski
isaiah sajakowski - 7 years ago
pol1250 - 7 years ago
Was once in a water with 15 foot waves and already shit my pants!! I thought I would have to die and would never reach the shore!! This is really cool to watch but doing this regulary he won't get very old !!
pol1250 - 7 years ago
How is it possible to surf with such big balls ?????
navjot c
navjot c - 7 years ago
Garrett Mc Namara also holds the record for the biggest balls
Meike Peters
Meike Peters - 3 years ago
for sure!
Jeff Bell
Jeff Bell - 7 years ago
Taylor Thruelsen
Taylor Thruelsen - 7 years ago
I jumped stairs way higher on my roller blades...
Andy Pelayo
Andy Pelayo - 7 years ago
Wow these guys are crazy. - 7 years ago
So, so sick. Respect!
Wiliwilliamful - 7 years ago
faille de 170 km ? qu'est ce qu'ils sont cons....
123TauruZ321 - 7 years ago
What would you do if you crash in the middle of that wave? would you swim downwards, or just try to hold your breath? How would you get out, swim towards the shore? Would the weight of the water be so heavy that you would get beaten to death?
Brian Hackert
Brian Hackert - 4 years ago
"What would you do if you crash in the middle of that wave?" here is the answer: best case, break your L2 vertebrae.
Keith Patrick
Keith Patrick - 7 years ago
If you fell in the middle there would be no swimming downwards, I can almost guarantee it.  You would just be crushed with the most powerful thing one has ever felt, and all you can do is hold your breath (for a long time, mind you) and wait it out in hopes that you make it to the surface, and that there is a jet ski waiting for you when you get there.  This is truly terrifying to watch.
123TauruZ321 - 7 years ago
+panda44r Why can't everyone be as thorough and calculating in their writing as you are ^_^ Thanks for the perfect answer, i appreciate it.
panda44r - 7 years ago
+123TauruZ321 Water weighs 64 pounds per cubic foot.
How many cubic feet of water is in a 111 foot wave?
Now multiply that by 64, and you have the weight.
Even if it was "only" 1000 cubic feet of water (and it is MUCH more than that), multiplied by 64 pounds for each square foot of water (64,000 pounds), it would be like having 32 tons fall on you.
Now, i'd say, just from rough calculations, that there are about 400,000 cubic feet of water in the part of the wave that is breaking over the top, multiplied by 64 pounds per cubic foot, and you have about 26,000,000 pounds of water crashing over the top.
Yup,'re toast if you wipeout in the curl, or have the curl's weight break on top of you. But at least you'd know how it feels to be a sock in a washing machine.
123TauruZ321 - 7 years ago
Thanks for clarifying that, i thought that it could be a way out but i guess not.
Scott Ryan
Scott Ryan - 7 years ago
You wouldnt survive that, you would be crushed instatntly. No breath. No swimming. Dead. This is why its so dangerous
mmojorissen - 7 years ago
This  man  is  obviously  on  a  first-name-basis  with  Mother  Nature!!!   There  can  be  no  criticism  of  a  man  who  owns  a  pair  of  Jupiter-Sized  Balls!!!!!  A  man  who  surfs  waves  of  such  magnitude  can  have  all the  skill  and  talent  in  the  world… but  without  GALAXY-SIZED  BALLS  AND  COMPLETE  FEARLESSNESS,  he's  doomed!!!!   
Luis Vidigal
Luis Vidigal - 7 years ago
Nazaré 2 fev 2014 - amazing video !!!
Nazare surf session 02 02 2014
MrCWillar - 7 years ago
Parabéns pelas montagens de imagem... Para quem não é daqui da Nazaré e não conhece a Nazaré, até Parece imagem Real... lol lol lol
Esta Montagem também está muito boa: Aranhas gigantes em Lisboa!  E esta Montagem também está um espectáculo: Brooming WTF: Insane chicken pottering
abeirabaixa - 6 years ago
+MrCWillar Não será bem assim... Segundo o "Instituto Hidrográfico" da Marinha portuguesa, após mais de 10 anos de recolha de dados no mar da Nazaré, as ondas da Praia do Norte podem ultrapassar os 30 metros. Aliás, já registaram uma ondulação de 22 metros num local ao largo da Nazaré onde as ondas têm apenas metade da altura das da Praia da Norte.
MrCWillar - 6 years ago
+tó mané Tótó ma né, sou da Nazaré, mas ondas de 30 metros na Nazaré só exisrtem em ficção... lol lol lol
Tómané Durães
Tómané Durães - 6 years ago
tens que ser mesmo basico pra dizer isso vai la entao a nazare e surf uma metade desta aahhahah es mesmo o k se chama em surf um paperuco 
Nuar Kaos
Nuar Kaos - 7 years ago
wave got balls
Thomas Magnum
Thomas Magnum - 7 years ago
This guy here doesn't understand anything about geometry. He is measuring a distance, not the wave height.
Thomas Magnum
Thomas Magnum - 7 years ago
Can anybody send me a photogram of where he surfes that 100 ft wave please? I can only see 60 feet max waves here.
Steve L
Steve L - 7 years ago
These big wave dudes must have nerves of steel and balls of brass.
Blake J
Blake J - 3 years ago
panda44r - 7 years ago
Cajones de titanium.
maria utkina
maria utkina - 7 years ago
Isaac Revuelta
Isaac Revuelta - 7 years ago
That was crazy. I would never
do this
Georgiy Potulov
Georgiy Potulov - 6 years ago
+panda44r more like a 60-70 foot wave. Definitely no where close to being 110 feet I can tell ya that.
panda44r - 7 years ago
You & i both.
I'm not THAT crazy.
See you at the next Wimps' meeting,..or is that "people smart enough to not surf a 110 foot wave" meeting?
IrishEyes1989 - 7 years ago
Anyone who does what that guy did has to be just a bit crazy. One wrong move on a wave that size and his life would be over. No thrill is worth risking your life. That's just stupidity.
cactus fullmoon
cactus fullmoon - 3 years ago
IrishEyes1989 its just bravery...
George Bozinovski
George Bozinovski - 3 years ago
IrishEyes1989 yeah, ur a bitch
Blake J
Blake J - 3 years ago
IrishEyes1989 eat cock
Abilio Manuel Da Silva Gomes
Abilio Manuel Da Silva Gomes - 6 years ago
ele que tente com tempestade que eles ficao com 50 ,60 metros
geoffray cagnion
geoffray cagnion - 7 years ago
it s crazy man 
more like 90 ft...
GiGiRoxer hubert
GiGiRoxer hubert - 7 years ago
Vaughn Cunningham
Vaughn Cunningham - 8 years ago
French sounds so effing stupid.
emerckx53 - 4 years ago
Vaughn Cunningham not as bad as how a troll sounds...
Running Down a Dream
Running Down a Dream - 4 years ago
Vaughn Cunningham says a guy named Vaughn? Who the fuck names anyone Vaughn?
Le Tigidou
Le Tigidou - 4 years ago
And your name is stupid af. Voggin smartporc.
Vicki Turner
Vicki Turner - 4 years ago
Vaughn Cunningham that's rude to ppl in Paris or who speaks French
Georgiy Potulov
Georgiy Potulov - 6 years ago
Daniel Grozier must be from France. Oh and Sinotte? Definitely 100% pussy, err I mean French. :-D
Daniel Grozier
Daniel Grozier - 8 years ago
cuntingham sound so cunting stupid
7deceit7 - 8 years ago
@VisionCaribe: 34 metres equals 111 feet approximately .  Optimism has nothing to do with math and numeracy.
Crashburn 32
Crashburn 32 - 8 years ago
Hey "visionCaribe."  60 feet?  Wrong.  Go to :40.  See that little dot in the middle of the wave?  That guy is 6 feet tall.  If you stacked ten of him on top of each other, it might reach the top of the wave. Right?  THAT is 60 feet, and that's only half of that wave.  That wave is easily over 100 feet high.
marco imortal feijo
marco imortal feijo - 8 years ago
bye bye record
Jose Carlos Teixeira Gonçalves
Jose Carlos Teixeira Gonçalves - 8 years ago
S.Pedro de Moelas-Nazaré.
R3DuX - 8 years ago
Where is the movie to prove that BIGGER ? ;)
tdatreefrog - 8 years ago
SpandanGarg96 - 8 years ago
contrary to popular belief that wave wasn't created by gravity or wind, but is actually the ocean trying to reclaim the void left by the size of that surfer's balls
gabiletechdu94 - 8 years ago
no meu lindo pais , sa donne sa.
yannnikable - 8 years ago
tommy hoiland
tommy hoiland - 8 years ago
Me and Trent from Punchy had it bigger the day before
SalaFR - 8 years ago
Tp fort le mec en plus il bas le record du monde qui était le sien en2011
briaclà - 8 years ago
mes bande de bolloss ses environ il on pas mesurer avec un metre on en ses rien si elle faisais 30 ou 34
Jalanne Trautmann
Jalanne Trautmann - 8 years ago
Oh Ptin
Mohcine Jabairi
Mohcine Jabairi - 8 years ago
34 mettre ! alors la c'est bcp trop !
Kisame Hoshigaki
Kisame Hoshigaki - 8 years ago
Respect !!
DRAKARMADA - 8 years ago
SI Cette vague fait 100 PIEDS (30,54 mètres et pas 34 mètres !!!!) je me les coupe !

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There is not nature and people. We are all one.

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