GoPro: Chasing AdVANture with Chris Benchetler in 4K

Chris Benchetler has influenced so many with his fluid style as a skier. Pack your bags for an epic journey around the west coast as Chris visits the many friends that he draws inspiration from. . . Surfers, Climbers, Artists, Skiers, and Snowboarders all provide sparks to the creative fire that is Chris' path, both as an athlete and an artist. Stay tuned in 2 weeks for our next HERO6 Launch story. To learn more, check out The Inside Line: To learn more of Chris' custom van build, visit: A very special thank you to all the talents featured in this film: Austin Smith Chris Benchetler Curtis Ciszek Dane Gudauskas Emily Harrington Eric Pollard Iikka Backstrom John Jackson Kimmy Fasani Matt Cook Nick McNutt Noah Cohen Pete Devries Rob Machado Sage Cattabriga-Alosa Scott Smith Sean Pettit Shannon Brown Skye Walker Torstein Horgmo Travis Rice Shot 100% on GoPro – Mounts used in this video – Comment below on your favorite part! Get stoked and subscribe: Music Magic Sword "Legend of the Keeper" Bonobo "Animals" Widower "Two Tombstones" "Jumper Cables" William Ryan Fritch "Violet" Jon and Roy "Cuban Bee" Vacationer "Go Anywhere" New Candys "Thrill or Trip" Waterstrider "New Sun" "Soundless Sea" "Calliope" For the full soundtrack, check out GoPro's Apple Music curator page: For more from GoPro, follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Pinterest: Inside Line: GoPro:

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Chris Benchetler has influenced so many with his fluid style as a skier. Pack your bags for an epic journey around the west coast as Chris visits the many friends that he draws inspiration from. . . Surfers, Climbers, Artists, Skiers, and Snowboarders all provide sparks to the creative fire that is Chris' path, both as an athlete and an artist. Stay tuned in 2 weeks for our next HERO6 Launch story. To learn more, check out The Inside Line: To learn more of Chris' custom van build, visit: A very special thank you to all the talents featured in this film: Austin Smith Chris Benchetler Curtis Ciszek Dane Gudauskas Emily Harrington Eric Pollard Iikka Backstrom John Jackson Kimmy Fasani Matt Cook Nick McNutt Noah Cohen Pete Devries Rob Machado Sage Cattabriga-Alosa Scott Smith Sean Pettit Shannon Brown Skye Walker Torstein Horgmo Travis Rice Shot 100% on GoPro – Mounts used in this video – Comment below on your favorite part! Get stoked and subscribe: Music Magic Sword "Legend of the Keeper" Bonobo "Animals" Widower "Two Tombstones" "Jumper Cables" William Ryan Fritch "Violet" Jon and Roy "Cuban Bee" Vacationer "Go Anywhere" New Candys "Thrill or Trip" Waterstrider "New Sun" "Soundless Sea" "Calliope" For the full soundtrack, check out GoPro's Apple Music curator page: For more from GoPro, follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Pinterest: Inside Line: GoPro:

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for GoPro: Chasing AdVANture with Chris Benchetler in 4K

GoPro - 4 years ago
Keep an eye out for your next HERO6 Launch story coming out in 2 weeks!
CoolCookies - 2 years ago
Nah im getting the GoPro Hero 7 Instead
mirror687 - 3 years ago
what drone did you guys use?
Claude Motard
Claude Motard - 3 years ago
GoPro what the rumors?
Sanjay Basumatary
Sanjay Basumatary - 3 years ago
music at 13:11 ?
Cameron Cohen
Cameron Cohen - 3 years ago
Where is this?
Dogman Lol
Dogman Lol - 3 years ago
This is the best GoPro video i've ever seen
prtzy - 4 years ago
Cort Muller
Cort Muller - 4 years ago
Stay tuned for an incredible paramotor piece in VR. Almost done!
Axl Arenas
Axl Arenas - 4 years ago
Work with athletes from México.!!
flaj - 4 years ago
Waiting for some day when this quality paragliding movie will come ;).
Westy - 2 years ago
That kickflip was so sick!
Westy - 2 years ago
Did they both sleep in the van? Bed looks kinda small....
christine jefferies
christine jefferies - 2 years ago
christine jefferies
christine jefferies - 2 years ago
Cool mountain tops it's brilliant thanks
Eric Lu
Eric Lu - 2 years ago
these guys are truly livin the life
Elias Engevik
Elias Engevik - 2 years ago
Great movie, with beautiful shots and amazing locations. But I did not feel that I got to know Chris and the other characters at all through this story.. Yes, you are following the adventure and the journey, and showing amazing visuals, but you are not close enough with the characters.
Athanasios Vlachos
Athanasios Vlachos - 2 years ago
Great video !!Really impressive regarding not only the content but also the music ,the quality , the whole procedure and most of the all the experience you guys have.WELL DONE Really enjoyed it
ZerlberuS - 2 years ago
11:30 does somebody know the name of this nice orange jacket he gots on?

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Genisis X5
Genisis X5 - 2 years ago
I saw that firetruck!!!
glennrobinson269 - 2 years ago
Sungho Yoon
Sungho Yoon - 2 years ago
Man this is my dream lifestyle lol
Finn Stoychevski
Finn Stoychevski - 2 years ago
This is too good!! I think I’ve watched this 400 times
Fabrice Pottier
Fabrice Pottier - 2 years ago
Kikevzock - 2 years ago
This is just the best Video i`ve ever seen !
Romaric Guillonneau
Romaric Guillonneau - 2 years ago
best clip forever
Darth Vaduuur
Darth Vaduuur - 2 years ago
these guys are living the dream damn
luke doman
luke doman - 2 years ago
Wow! This video was awesome!!
Daulter Claps
Daulter Claps - 2 years ago
10:41 why dont you let the fall ?

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Tunc Ozyurek
Tunc Ozyurek - 2 years ago
Amazing ...
Joel Fauskanger
Joel Fauskanger - 2 years ago
he couldve just bought a volkswagen van
ImKirious - 2 years ago
Oh man, where do I start? This was AMAZING. No not even amazing, not stunning, not... any of those words. There's really not a word for it at all. Something like this is beyond explainable words, and that's what makes it so perfect. Most of us these days spend our lives working, learning, gaming, stressing, and so on. But what we're not realizing is that there's so much more beyond what we can see day-to-day. This world has so much more to offer than what we think of, and that's the beauty that this video captures. The smooth blanket of snow over the mountains, the curl of the waves, the unique beauty of the vertical walls which you climbed- these are things most people hardly think of. And these are the things that this video has brought to our attention. We all become depressed at some point, thinking that life has nothing else for us. When, in truth, there's so, so much more. This beautiful world has so much more to see, so much more to experience, so much more to enjoy. You guys are living life to its fullest, and that's what should motivate others to do the same. Thank you for this video, it brought all of this to my attention and I feel so much better now. This was beautiful beyond words. -Kiri
Milla Sarkkinen
Milla Sarkkinen - 2 years ago
this is actually so inspiring ❤️!
San Snowboarding
San Snowboarding - 2 years ago
best video i'm ever seen! incredible!
Atefeh Jafari
Atefeh Jafari - 2 years ago
This video makes me feel calm in my heart and forget every trouble that I have! Thank you :))
RudRecciah - 2 years ago
chasing adrevenue
Randy Mennie
Randy Mennie - 2 years ago
Very creative and very well executed.
MATTS VLOGS - 2 years ago
great video really good
Aristomenis - 2 years ago
That job description for the needed camera man though

30. comment for GoPro: Chasing AdVANture with Chris Benchetler in 4K

Verified-Dream - 2 years ago
I love EVERYTHING about this!.
JUJU& AMÉ - 2 years ago
Sooo inspired by you I live in the south of France ❤️ my instagram @amelia_1642
Scott Noll
Scott Noll - 2 years ago
I love watching videos of skiing and snowboarders together. People always make it out like there is some rivalry between the two. I do both (though neither anywhere close to this level), and I appreciate the beautiful aspects of both, both riding and watching both
Joshua Hudlet
Joshua Hudlet - 2 years ago
DAMN BRO! they are great at skiing but you need to be seriously good at skiing to film that good too
Marcin Gajewski
Marcin Gajewski - 2 years ago
I was in Autria last week and had some AWESOME POWDER, im crying while watching this :((((((
Ayla Shea
Ayla Shea - 2 years ago
This video went by so fast. All of it was absolutely amazing!
OkeyDokey92 - 2 years ago
Just beautiful
Mike Dupry
Mike Dupry - 2 years ago
Guys who knows what song is playing on 15:33?
Mike Dupry
Mike Dupry - 2 years ago
Thanks a lot.
Christoffer Kloster
Christoffer Kloster - 2 years ago
Jumper Cables - Widower
유뱀YuBaam - 2 years ago
Thank You Guys.
Harvey Hill
Harvey Hill - 2 years ago
Despite this being the best video I’ve ever possibly watched, we need some behind the scenes, where does this guy shower, and go the toilet?
Nicolas Graser
Nicolas Graser - 2 years ago
Where can I buy these skis ?
HLJLO1 - 2 years ago
2019 anyone?
Shayde Liger
Shayde Liger - 2 years ago
I have watched this movie over 10 times now. I need more from you guys!
thelittleone22 - 2 years ago
Isn’t it beautifully see what the world could look like if man kind didn’t ruin it
rag3geCKo - 2 years ago
"... a filmer..." lol
Rick Andal
Rick Andal - 2 years ago
Legend. Outstanding.
Carlo Vingerling
Carlo Vingerling - 2 years ago
Such a great video. High quality footage!
FUTC - 2 years ago
this video is the perfection of storytelling in film
Carlos Beckerone
Carlos Beckerone - 2 years ago
Forget white powder downhill skiing, go brown-hill skiing.

Watch out for our new video
Evan O'Shea
Evan O'Shea - 2 years ago
This is my dream. VanLife, friends, traveling, snowboarding, film making, all in one video. I’m gonna make it possible over the next two years. Let’s go

50. comment for GoPro: Chasing AdVANture with Chris Benchetler in 4K

Tyson May
Tyson May - 2 years ago
Great Video
Ben Atkinson
Ben Atkinson - 2 years ago
18:00 that little boat and all the logs are so cool and I don't know why
qwerty - 2 years ago
what a incredible piece
ibanez sa160
ibanez sa160 - 2 years ago
пью пиво за компом в россии и завидую((((
Zak Stone
Zak Stone - 2 years ago
beautiful video
yeee e
yeee e - 2 years ago
this is no doubt the best ski video ever
perfect amount of skiing, talking and showing the landscape
Starr Kinto
Starr Kinto - 2 years ago
I wanna be a back country snowboarder I don’t care what anyone says
John Sack
John Sack - 2 years ago
The best part is when Sean showed up in my opinion
John Coldiron
John Coldiron - 2 years ago
You're a Good Friend to make these guys look good and really work instead of turn...Nice Work...Thanks!
Teo Ouellette-Borza
Teo Ouellette-Borza - 2 years ago
tofino isn't the only canadian surf town.
Vasil Garnev
Vasil Garnev - 2 years ago
This is one amazing video! A great story combined with perfect filming and narration!
fury N S K
fury N S K - 2 years ago
I enjoy evry sec in this video thanks
ITASTHK - 2 years ago
No helmet no respect
Jesper Lfc8
Jesper Lfc8 - 2 years ago
This video was sick good
Lars Panneels
Lars Panneels - 2 years ago
life goals <3
Benjamin Solbakk
Benjamin Solbakk - 2 years ago
This is the best video i’ve ever seen! Me and my friends watched it together and we wanna live like you guys do!!
It’s 100% inspiring!
Donald duck
Donald duck - 2 years ago
Absolutely love it!!
crouton a l oignon
crouton a l oignon - 2 years ago
Trop cool la video mème si j ai rien compris
Marcus Skov Nielsen
Marcus Skov Nielsen - 2 years ago
Where Can i get the skiis he is Holding in 06.27
Whaleshrimp - 2 years ago
Excellent use of GoPro equipment! Big Wow for the ski guy!
Travis k
Travis k - 2 years ago
Why give that old guy a set of testicles for a chin? Just wrong.
wavvey - 2 years ago
my hands get sweaty just watching people climb
Kong Truong
Kong Truong - 2 years ago
Rethink that foam insulation, its might get moldy through time.
Thiem Summers
Thiem Summers - 2 years ago
I wish the heaven looks like this:
Faris Shammari
Faris Shammari - 2 years ago
I SAW a shark like the comment if u think that’s pretty cool
Gino Vagino
Gino Vagino - 2 years ago
10:12 what's that stuff on their knees?
Fury - 2 years ago
Josiah B
Josiah B - 2 years ago
Duberstien Niemann
Duberstien Niemann - 2 years ago
This film is so incredibly touching and meaningful it’s unbelievable.
Tory Friedman
Tory Friedman - 2 years ago
I like to ski
Sem De Lijster
Sem De Lijster - 2 years ago
this. is. perfect.
Throck Morton
Throck Morton - 2 years ago
Where are his bindings at 16:59
House League Sports And Other Things
House League Sports And Other Things - 2 years ago
Kudos to the camera guy. He had to ski down all of that and hold a stick behind him in a straight line the whole time
Alex Krebs
Alex Krebs - 2 years ago
Those horses went into panic from that drone. Sweet freaking video though! Just watch in some places you can get into real trouble with drones and animals.
xyungx - 2 years ago
8:00 What an absolute legendary shot!
なかなか始まらない - 2 years ago
I love this move.
Martin Gutsch
Martin Gutsch - 2 years ago
Oh man, that banana hammock got me!
Dennis Surbek
Dennis Surbek - 2 years ago
At 22:34 you see the letters JP. Is that for JP AUCLAIR??????
YMG Video
YMG Video - 2 years ago
Great video! awesome story perspective. ! :D
Felix Zu Weser
Felix Zu Weser - 2 years ago
gave me goosebumps
Markus K
Markus K - 2 years ago
25:01 instant goosegumps
t r a v i s g h e t m
t r a v i s g h e t m - 2 years ago
im ten years old and have a pair of his skis and ther so nice
Ruben Rakow
Ruben Rakow - 2 years ago
Who is the speaker?
Gottesgabe `
Gottesgabe ` - 2 years ago
I‘ve watched this like 5times already
spiddyman007 - 2 years ago
Wow. Chris left that pow in mammoth to get some booty in Oregon
Dan Stef
Dan Stef - 2 years ago
What font did you use on the thumbnail? I love it. I love the video
B4BU - 2 years ago
Stay on high ground !!!!
Olivia - 2 years ago
This is what I call a upscale wook life
Michael Novack
Michael Novack - 2 years ago
this is everything I ever wanted from a video. aspirational. fluid. human. beautiful. It keeps me going, keep it up ya'll
Nicole Trueman
Nicole Trueman - 2 years ago
What was the song at 8:50?

100. comment for GoPro: Chasing AdVANture with Chris Benchetler in 4K

James Mastroianni
James Mastroianni - 2 years ago
The narrating is just amazing, brings the whole video alive. For example "Oh yeah, and I ate shit here"
John Karolzak
John Karolzak - 2 years ago
Uh where do they shower?
Abigael Provost
Abigael Provost - 2 years ago
Samuel Hliboký
Samuel Hliboký - 2 years ago
I gotta say this was one of the best videos I´ve ever seen. Thumbs up for the production also! (y)
Daniel McIntyre
Daniel McIntyre - 2 years ago
Henk jan Kootjes
Henk jan Kootjes - 2 years ago
10:06 that is some big fking bananas
Trudel René-Martin
Trudel René-Martin - 2 years ago
LOVE the intro. Kudos to Chris, love your style. It shows that have surrended yourself with other talented people. The filmmaker Matt Cooke makes this movie out of norm. I don't know if he only film with Gopros, but if it's the case, wow. You found a equal match in talent
Joe Pen
Joe Pen - 2 years ago
This is hands down the greatest video on the internet, and the best half an hour I will ever spend in my life.
Nathan Zhao
Nathan Zhao - 2 years ago
DeejayNaikotv - 2 years ago
Shot 100% on GoPro WHAT????
Diego Weidemann
Diego Weidemann - 2 years ago
Ohhh ! This video is the definition of my dream ; living in a van and skiing pow.
It‘s probably the best video I‘v ever seen !
Ciaran Donnelly
Ciaran Donnelly - 2 years ago
where is the best place to ski relatively close to Philadelphia
Lil Dubs
Lil Dubs - 2 years ago
Cool video but I don’t know why I’m here I don’t even ski
Shane Albertson
Shane Albertson - 2 years ago
Epic! every-time I watch it i get the good Vibe CHILLS! SERIOUSLY YOU NAILED THIS ONE!
ADam gr
ADam gr - 2 years ago
Carlos Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez - 2 years ago
Sick ass video

Like that flow transition from snow mobile to snowboard cut
godless_faith - 2 years ago
i ❤️ skiing
mistirion - 2 years ago
this was the best video i have ever seen, absolutly amazing job
RJ Dubs
RJ Dubs - 2 years ago
I’m confused as to why people would dislike this
Cheese and Candy
Cheese and Candy - 2 years ago
amazing video!!
Owen Jackson
Owen Jackson - 2 years ago
such a buttery edit
Ethan Sean
Ethan Sean - 2 years ago
Hey everyone! Check out Noel Peterson (channel) cutting down some reeds (video) it’s pretty funny and cool!!
Matthew Olson
Matthew Olson - 2 years ago
anyone else here in 2018? this video is fricken awesome. I would love to do an adventure like this very soon.
Nomad Trails
Nomad Trails - 2 years ago
Not surprised to learn that John Jackson had a big influence on Benchetler, makes all the sense in the world. Beautiful turns thoroughly enjoyed!
Devin B
Devin B - 2 years ago
Is anyone else thinking about how in 15-20 years from now there will be tons of custom "retro" Sprinter vans for sale like the one produced in this video made during the 2016-2019 #Vanlife craze and that all of the artistic styles seen on the van will be terribly out of date and cool but only in a retro way? Also vans like this one will be rusty and quite beat up and sell for cheap on Craigslist, but be terribly inefficient and unreliable compared to the modern vans of the day. Also the gimbles and cameras used in this video will be outdated and produce very sub-par image quality compared to the current offerings.
Zachary Starling
Zachary Starling - 2 years ago
this way of living looks so fun
The Good Goon B-Lee
The Good Goon B-Lee - 2 years ago
Wanna see some snowboard/vlog content!???
Subscribe to my channel!
Zachary Starling
Zachary Starling - 2 years ago
God damn America is beautiful
2341hans - 2 years ago
thanks for this amazing video
Cody J
Cody J - 3 years ago
Who else in washington state wants to cry when they go to mammoth.. only mountain that compared to snowfall is Stevens and Stevens is such a garbage mountain:(?
Jason McNichols
Jason McNichols - 3 years ago
The struggle is real here huh guys?
Mariusz Pierog
Mariusz Pierog - 3 years ago
Andrzej Bargiel b like. Are u sure u got the right mountain?
jax TGN
jax TGN - 3 years ago
I didnt see the rope in the rock climbing part and i thought he was dead
Hingle McCringleberry
Hingle McCringleberry - 3 years ago
let's build a custom Mercedes van and travel across the country doing cool shit.
yes please
biv Slegers
biv Slegers - 3 years ago
What you guys did here in this video is a perfect example of my biggest dream in life. Cruising around the world with your home right behind you. Riding the snow, climbing mountains and killing some waves. Thank you for inspiring me even more to chase my dreams. Now I hope I will get the chance to chase them. But eventually I will have to make them come true my self.
Ben Hahn
Ben Hahn - 3 years ago
This definitely the best skiing film I've ever seen. Amazingly well done, in every aspect. I keep finding myself coming back to it.
Explore NB
Explore NB - 3 years ago
anyone know where these guys mount their bindings from true center?
Colin Carver
Colin Carver - 3 years ago
Siiiiiick van build. Come shred.
Gang of Eagles
Gang of Eagles - 3 years ago
Fantastic camera work! Good music! Thx alot.
Ryan B
Ryan B - 3 years ago
Which camera was used for this filming?
Tevin Beckford
Tevin Beckford - 3 years ago
one of the best vids ive seen
Jim MacIntosh
Jim MacIntosh - 3 years ago
Not Nothing for Nothing, But this is some Incredible Shooting! I am envious ! Right on! Id like to learn more about getting a van built!
ava dall
ava dall - 3 years ago
this is the best thing i have ever seen
Jon Jr
Jon Jr - 3 years ago
Very beautiful GOPRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys do a great job in having the most passionate people share their experience!!!!
White pass adventures
White pass adventures - 3 years ago
this is the tenth time i have watched this know and it never gets less inspiring can't wait for this season
Flex Ehrlich
Flex Ehrlich - 3 years ago
Where does the money for something like that come from? How can it be financed?
Pascal Heinle
Pascal Heinle - 3 years ago
nomadofass - 3 years ago
let it snow, great images great scenes, great video.. thumbs up
Chetan Satao
Chetan Satao - 3 years ago
loved the video. the efforts these guys took are truly amazing.
Vladimir Frolov
Vladimir Frolov - 3 years ago
Просто кайф))
Louis Gohlke
Louis Gohlke - 3 years ago
The best skiing/Sport video I’ve ever seeen in my life
Jo Hughes
Jo Hughes - 3 years ago
What jacket is Chris wearing at 16:56? Absolutely awesome video btw, favorite thing I've ever watched
Antoon Desmet
Antoon Desmet - 3 years ago
Wear a helmet, when you smash your head in to a tree you're dead
Matt Smith
Matt Smith - 3 years ago
One of the best quality ski videos I’ve seen in a very long time. Nicely done.
Ryan Kremer
Ryan Kremer - 3 years ago
Great, Great, Great work guys! Living vicariously through you! Wow! I am INSPIRED! Thank You!!!
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson - 3 years ago
This is living lyf
Pablo - 3 years ago
Max Nicefield
Max Nicefield - 3 years ago
Wow! This is is unreal. The editing is on point and most of all the story is more than perfect. Gave me chills some many times..

What am I doing out here...
shawn Cheney
shawn Cheney - 3 years ago
surfers and skiers seem to have the best lives.
DefaultDan - 3 years ago
planked at 24:46
GEORG134 GEORG134 - 3 years ago
живут же люди.вот бы мне хоть раз побывать там,где эти парни катали.эх.facking россия!!!))нет денег на такие поездки.парни просто боги!
Dewayne M
Dewayne M - 3 years ago
what a van! nice
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson - 3 years ago
Enjoyed this film.
Edward Benson
Edward Benson - 3 years ago
pbfeuille - 3 years ago
I love that Van.
Andy Flynn
Andy Flynn - 3 years ago
great vid great music :)
Jonathan Lara
Jonathan Lara - 3 years ago
Tarek Ibrahim
Tarek Ibrahim - 3 years ago
ادي صلاح الدين وادي قلب الاسد تفضل تعيش مع مين?
Tarek Ibrahim
Tarek Ibrahim - 3 years ago
المدرسة الجيدة, المهم ميش ناظر ملعون يبقى التعليم جيد جدا.
شفتوا مدربين منتخب مصر لكرة القدم? جاي منين وبيشتغل عند مين?
Whitey87 - 3 years ago
widower - jumper cables / google the song, it’s in the film but not mentioned in the description.. You can thank me in advance..
Kris Nordberg
Kris Nordberg - 3 years ago
You know back in the old days, if you landed backwards off a jump something had gone terribly wrong. Amazing skill level shown here. Wish I'd had those fat skis to shred powder with.
MrSunshinePlay - 3 years ago
What are they wearing at 10:12 ? It looks like a knee-orthosis. I had an ACL last winter and im afraid of getting back on skis. Is this Maybe something to prevent knee injuries whilst skiing which normal people like me can afford?
If someone knows something about it, please let me know.
MrSunshinePlay - 3 years ago
Thanks alot, i have done some research myself and you really need to spend some serious money on those Things.
beachthony housetano
beachthony housetano - 3 years ago
Yea I know someone who had one of those. They are to take away the strain on your ACL. They are very expensive though. Definitely in the thousands.
jonas - 3 years ago
Can we just talk about this guys' pancakes for a sec ~15:00?
Hedman Axel
Hedman Axel - 3 years ago
the best video i’ve ever seen
Dmitriy Kauts
Dmitriy Kauts - 3 years ago
Amazing movie, pushes to the mountains...
Jonas Bekaert
Jonas Bekaert - 3 years ago
This is an amazing movie my favorite ever love the story, passing and overall beauty of the shots keep it op guys!!!
hector 13
hector 13 - 3 years ago
Best video I’ve seen
Woody B-G Yolo
Woody B-G Yolo - 3 years ago
30 mins of pure happiness, this is what the world needs
Sajid Hasan
Sajid Hasan - 3 years ago
Incredible! Feels good to see someone living my dreams!
Stefan Meier
Stefan Meier - 3 years ago
I’m impressed and mesmerized by your great work...! A lot of good vibes !!
podill1 - 3 years ago
podill1 - 3 years ago
Alex Severson
Alex Severson - 3 years ago
That van is no joke 140k just on it's own, with all the stuff added it's like 170
Sophia and PJ
Sophia and PJ - 3 years ago
Such a beautiful film. Brilliant story. Inspiring athlete.
ItsBree - 3 years ago
Amazing. Wow. Watched whole thing, beautiful story
ziggy matuszewski
ziggy matuszewski - 3 years ago
Hmm... beauty and the style, I like that :)))
ET Schu
ET Schu - 3 years ago
Anyone know the song between Cuban bee and go anywhere? At around 15:30?
Aaron Hawley
Aaron Hawley - 3 years ago
litterally i watched this video 3 times today i LOVE IT i want to DO THAT
Alex - 3 years ago
What did you guys do with the Van?! I really like what Scott Smith did. Does he have an information on other work? Legit video!
Z Tay
Z Tay - 3 years ago
What's the camera used?
Олег Скаредов
Олег Скаредов - 3 years ago
Где такие горы и столько снега
Face your fear. Get free.
Face your fear. Get free. - 3 years ago
Absolutely outstanding vid....
Ethan Kingery
Ethan Kingery - 3 years ago
Such a sick video! Love it!!
Emma Olivia
Emma Olivia - 3 years ago
The best video I saw till now and sure one of the best I will ever see
Edgr - 3 years ago
I truly lost track of time in this amazing video. I wish it had gone on for longer. It portrays the beauty in every sport, and shows why athletes strive to better themselves in said sports. This portrays a beautiful work of art and makes me excited to hit the slopes this winter.
anders andersoon
anders andersoon - 3 years ago
good fking job guys!!!
Darren Brown
Darren Brown - 3 years ago
Why the hell can't my life be like this? Where every day I go out and do some wild ass shit in my tricked out adventure van without a care in the world
Travel Rush
Travel Rush - 3 years ago
Amazing.... really breathtaking
Casey Winkler
Casey Winkler - 3 years ago
what gopro was he using
Steven Hunter
Steven Hunter - 3 years ago
You guys know how to live!
Elena Treusch
Elena Treusch - 3 years ago
one of the most inspiring videos I've ever seen
Manuel Jeannine
Manuel Jeannine - 3 years ago
Lena N.Gullett
Lena N.Gullett - 3 years ago
Eric Hickman
Eric Hickman - 3 years ago
Amazing video!
Eru Magus
Eru Magus - 3 years ago
AV1 a 1080p30
CS- IsKu
CS- IsKu - 3 years ago
16:40 that was one of the most beautiful backflips ive seen
I have Compassion
I have Compassion - 3 years ago
Man San elijo (Cardiff) is my favorite spot to surf in SoCal really fun waves like this
Jeston Jump
Jeston Jump - 3 years ago
Secured_ - 3 years ago
I live on vancouver island 20 mins away from Tofino :D
Reich Leopold - Eugen
Reich Leopold - Eugen - 3 years ago
Amsterdam bike trafic
Love Sjöberg
Love Sjöberg - 3 years ago
This is, what? My sixth time I watch this video... Beautiful!
Rollyone - 3 years ago
This video is perfect..
Oceanic Dangernoodle
Oceanic Dangernoodle - 3 years ago
its almost winter 2018.....time to start watching all my favorite ski videos again
matthias patrizio
matthias patrizio - 3 years ago
why did you guys skip mount hood
Ski tell the day is done
Ski tell the day is done - 3 years ago
I ski and rock climb thought this was the coolest thing keep up the great work
Ollie Spencer
Ollie Spencer - 3 years ago
This is my second time watching this and It’s sooo good plz make another one
Rafael B.
Rafael B. - 3 years ago
I ate a bowl of cereal today.
Co - 3 years ago
SK Bookz
SK Bookz - 3 years ago
Living the dream
Channa G
Channa G - 3 years ago
Need to earn skill + money to be this good... mannnnn! so inspirational....
Eric Waldron
Eric Waldron - 3 years ago
Do they both sleep in the same bed in the van? Who is the little spoon?
King - 3 years ago
Does Chris ever talk?
Cody King
Cody King - 3 years ago
Getting me sooooo pumped for this season!
Luca Newman
Luca Newman - 3 years ago
whats the name of the song at 15:31-17:51??
Chris Schuff
Chris Schuff - 3 years ago
holy shit this is my literal dream
Owen Brunty
Owen Brunty - 3 years ago
Such a good video, it’s getting me hyped for the upcoming season
жанара сериковна
жанара сериковна - 3 years ago
This camera is really good>>>    If you want good quality images and a good quality product then buy this. Ive waited for image stabilization and it's here and WOW this camera does it so well not only that picture quality is really good. I use mine for outdoor activities and family pictures and anything else I want to capture in my life.
matthelevi - 3 years ago
Toper Harley
Toper Harley - 3 years ago
Amazing story!!!thank you.
Moonlight Drive
Moonlight Drive - 3 years ago
That's it I'm building a van!
Travis Williamson
Travis Williamson - 3 years ago
What're they wearing on their knees at 10:10?
Todd Deskins
Todd Deskins - 3 years ago
Made me fall in love with skiing all over again, keep up the good work.
Reef Murray
Reef Murray - 3 years ago
JMB - 3 years ago
Fukin awesome. I want to be this guy
super ilya
super ilya - 3 years ago
Michael Krizman
Michael Krizman - 3 years ago
that backcountry butter was ridiculous
peanut monkey
peanut monkey - 3 years ago
Guys, what fps did you shoot?
Aurel Philippe
Aurel Philippe - 3 years ago
60fps I think so they had the abbality to slow down at 50% in post production
HeroGames - 3 years ago
I cant stop watching it
Assanali Nurmukhambetov
Assanali Nurmukhambetov - 3 years ago
Awesome, absolutely gorgeous video.
i'm from Kazakhstan you don't even know where it is. but this video was sent to me by my cousin.
and i wanna see it again on big screen and discuss every cool moment with him.
really impress me.
p/s here we have mountains too and we are snowboard riders.
Kamil Glabik
Kamil Glabik - 3 years ago
This video makes me wanna drop everything and go snowboarding.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden - 3 years ago
Check it out my new video. Envision. From Miami to Hawaii
Dustin.P - 3 years ago
Well that was epic.
Shardoom - 3 years ago
My dream is to do something like this some day. I'm just not ready, just stuck here in front of the computer dreaming .. _

Would love to find some friends to hang out with, they are just not there ..
amit lupo
amit lupo - 3 years ago
Space Researcher
Space Researcher - 3 years ago
What hasn’t inspired Chris to ski
Henry Fox-Goljanin
Henry Fox-Goljanin - 3 years ago
who would honestly dislike this?
Riley Patterson
Riley Patterson - 3 years ago
For true respect you gotta earn those turns mates. Tossing pow in front country and being dropped of with a snowmobile side country is great for videos but you get a lot less props. Skiing fresh pow on fresh legs is cake sauce. The true beauty of the mountain is already there long before anyone sets foot on it. To truly take that beauty in can only be achieved on the skin up. The daunting task of the skin up proves you are worthy of the powder. Its the sacrifice to the lords of powder to show you are worthy of the send.
Erik Giedem
Erik Giedem - 3 years ago
A masterpiece
Connor Ludwin
Connor Ludwin - 3 years ago
Watching Chris ski gives me literal chills. It's so beautiful. I must have watched this movie 10 times now. It never gets old.
gammkrab - 3 years ago
Snowboarders and Skiiers working together.
This may be a lesson
michael streed
michael streed - 3 years ago
Video of the year
Kinan Rabbat
Kinan Rabbat - 3 years ago
b est video on youtube no joke
Z u K a Z
Z u K a Z - 3 years ago
have watched this video so many times and still love it <3 such an relaxing and awsome video!
Mountain Man
Mountain Man - 3 years ago
Yiu guys are livin' right!
Love it!✌
Ganzviel Spaß
Ganzviel Spaß - 3 years ago
So Amaizing relly :)
cshan159 - 3 years ago
God dam this is cinema worthy
KazSamoht - 3 years ago
Love it, Bent Chetler is to skiing what Kyrie Irving is to Basketball. So much flow...
Flynn Woosnam
Flynn Woosnam - 3 years ago
Absolutely amazing!
Alex Deeley
Alex Deeley - 3 years ago
Such an inspiring and captivating story. Loved every second!
Gabriel Davis
Gabriel Davis - 3 years ago
holy crap im that car behind you in the beginning of the video
fernando g. aguirre
fernando g. aguirre - 3 years ago
Amazing editing, great tunes....the footage is amazing! what a breath of life! Aloha from Maui!!!!!!
ImaMonaKnight - 3 years ago
Your Wreaking The Snow;) Love Ya..Thanks Soo Much*
ImaMonaKnight - 3 years ago
I Fell In Love..are u guys at my cain?? I know I ski that at 27:00 mins ?? 4 days out of 7 all Season;) Thanks Foreverything*
7ua! - 3 years ago
Magnificent I hope I’ll one day be doing the same thing !
chawn2112 - 3 years ago
That van design is sick
Jim Rodgers
Jim Rodgers - 3 years ago
A real stand-out as far as skiing Y-tube videos. Beautifully shot and an awesome sound track to match.
Nicely broken up with some surfing and climbing too.
Loved it and can't wait for your next movie.
javier biot
javier biot - 3 years ago
Joris Kok
Joris Kok - 3 years ago
Man!!! Soo cool I always want to get good shots of my life but can never get the right shit or camera as it's all too expensive @gopro
Lukas Werner
Lukas Werner - 3 years ago
Kohen Tacilauskas
Kohen Tacilauskas - 3 years ago
What go pro settings do you use?
Brendan Haddon
Brendan Haddon - 3 years ago
Wow, this is a super EPIC adventure series!
Kikevzock - 3 years ago
The skiing parts are the best
LJDAG - 3 years ago
The most amazing video i have ever seen on youtube, it was emotional to me. The scenery in Canada so incredibly beautiful, unreal such places exist. You can see the height and depth captured in the video. Simply amazing... give us more please.
Alex Button
Alex Button - 3 years ago
i don't think i blinked once while watching this
TM Russ
TM Russ - 3 years ago
Just watched a second time. One of the best ski movies ever made. A filmmaker that understands narrative and character and is peerless on the technical side of camera work and editing—though maybe his friends at GoPro did much of the latter?
Take A Ride
Take A Ride - 3 years ago
Just seeing this! I appreciate the kind words, I screened the movie regularly with peers at GoPro, but the editing was all done by me
龙photo - 3 years ago
vovech - 3 years ago
Rigel Cox
Rigel Cox - 3 years ago
This is one of the best films I have ever seen between the videography, the soundtrack, and the commentary. It is put together very well, and it is very inspiring! Love it!
EuTravel - 3 years ago
For this video they need cool music, not some copyrightless shit
Captain Gene
Captain Gene - 3 years ago
dope soundtrack btw!!!
Joyful Yan
Joyful Yan - 3 years ago
20:10 i'm sorry the whole video is incredible but that atmosphere right there °_°
Captain Gene
Captain Gene - 3 years ago
saw awesome
Ivan Gromakov
Ivan Gromakov - 3 years ago
you are crazyyyyyyyy
Ivan Gromakov
Ivan Gromakov - 3 years ago
one of my favorite videos ever produced by you guys
bro you are the best
Isle Naap
Isle Naap - 3 years ago
Awesome awesome awesome!!!!
Ty - 3 years ago
Lukas 123456
Lukas 123456 - 3 years ago
Unbelivable video
ThroughGloryAndGears - 3 years ago
Good ass video bro!
Zyxon1 - 3 years ago
Hashinshin thats yu?
hyphen point
hyphen point - 3 years ago
Nice editing
SungHeum Baek
SungHeum Baek - 3 years ago
멋집니다. 잘 봤습니다.
Guido Lindenau
Guido Lindenau - 3 years ago
DO NOT BUY the EVO SS gimbal if you have Hero 6 or the Hero 5 Black! It does not work with EVO SS and EVO knows that!!! Check the video:
lacrosse8011 - 3 years ago
What is the name of that knee brace and where and i get one 10:11
Luke Adams
Luke Adams - 3 years ago
@10:13 Are they using knee braces on both knees, wondering what kind of knee braces they have!? (coming from a college athlete with some bad knees looking for some added protection on the slopes!- much thanks!)
Zilly - 3 years ago
30 minutes just flew by...
Tscanlin2 - 3 years ago
Jan Kowalski
Jan Kowalski - 3 years ago
tht sht is AWSOME!
remmers beats
remmers beats - 3 years ago
lmao where do they jerk off
Adam Morgan
Adam Morgan - 3 years ago
I want those skis so bad but I don’t have the money I love skiing
TM Russ
TM Russ - 3 years ago
Brilliant vid. Just firing on all 16 cylinders. I put this up there with Jeremy Jones’ and Travis Rice’s movies as the best ski/snowboard films. The open bowl skiing and tree skiing is beautiful , and the cameraman is doing sick lines through the woods to capture the athletes doing even sicker stunts. The brief surfing and climbing sections add some variety. Wouldn’t have minded a little more rock climbing actually. But no, it’s perfect as is.
Андрейчег ааа
Андрейчег ааа - 3 years ago
Живут же люди...
Javier Cuspinera
Javier Cuspinera - 3 years ago
I'm your fan Chris!! Great video, it's inspiring!!!
D Schneid
D Schneid - 3 years ago
Chris is epic, but I’m sorry the hero of this vid is you camera guy. Your living the dream. “I ate shit right here...” Hell yeah you did. But you dropped it and I bet it felt awesome. Mad kudos brotha.
Take A Ride
Take A Ride - 3 years ago
I appreciate it ;)
Miller Nickel Resor
Miller Nickel Resor - 3 years ago
Great vid! love the fluid flow
Kooper With a K
Kooper With a K - 3 years ago
I was at bachelor when they were there
Magnus Garrett
Magnus Garrett - 3 years ago
29:42 I see you almost falling there ;)
Иван Фаянов
Иван Фаянов - 3 years ago
Просто сказочные места и классные ребята! It is very beautiful. It is a pity that these sports are not so developed in Russia. Sorry for my English.
Steffen Wiedemann
Steffen Wiedemann - 3 years ago
Got It!?FPV
Got It!?FPV - 3 years ago
Very well filmed, pieced together and narrated!
Jan Jaap Milhous
Jan Jaap Milhous - 3 years ago
Jqhn L
Jqhn L - 3 years ago
Even if hes really good he should wear a helmet xd
XeNoN - 3 years ago
just amazing!
Николай Растаргуев
Николай Растаргуев - 3 years ago
FAKE !!!!
Scott Hinrichs
Scott Hinrichs - 3 years ago
Really enjoyed the show!
Peter Preis Dinslaken
Peter Preis Dinslaken - 3 years ago
Fantastisch gedreht LG.Pidi
Lasha Japharidze
Lasha Japharidze - 3 years ago
People are awesome.
Markus W
Markus W - 3 years ago
what a life! <3
Zachary Schnur
Zachary Schnur - 3 years ago
With this production level, how does this not have more views?
Fatal Capsaicin
Fatal Capsaicin - 3 years ago
FireX - 3 years ago
Whats the name of song in 9-24
Ginevra Daria
Ginevra Daria - 3 years ago
Whom I have to sell my soul to do a journey like this?
Bryson Norman
Bryson Norman - 3 years ago
Stunning. There's not much else to say.
Siena Malixe
Siena Malixe - 3 years ago
crelama - 3 years ago
10:11 - is it some kind of protection on the knee ? or bandage due to some injuries of knee from the past ? Who knows?
10dalpet - 3 years ago
love the work you did here .
and i want your van . :P
Noah Molin
Noah Molin - 3 years ago
The production value of this must be a small loan of a million dollars
LIL BO PEEP - 3 years ago
13:01 OMG I was so scared.
math6 - 3 years ago
Lord V99D
Lord V99D - 3 years ago
Anyone knows what boards are they using in 16:59
Leo - 3 years ago
Biyong Cyril
Biyong Cyril - 3 years ago
OMG thks guys this video makes me drool definetly
Simon Narbonn
Simon Narbonn - 3 years ago
nice one i want to get tere two
Matthew_m 16_
Matthew_m 16_ - 3 years ago
I’ve watched this video twice a month now and it’s still amazing
Austin Beachy
Austin Beachy - 3 years ago
The snowboarding looks fun as shit! I want to learn to snowboard and ski but the $ :(
Danielle Mayer
Danielle Mayer - 3 years ago
man, those last five minutes gave me chills.. Amazing!!
nate bolt
nate bolt - 3 years ago
John Wolf
John Wolf - 3 years ago
Fantastic sad I didn't have a go pro when I skied as a kid...
Uésley Oliveira
Uésley Oliveira - 3 years ago
What is the name of this place?
Daniel Gavrilas
Daniel Gavrilas - 3 years ago
Emotional Cinematic Piano Music
Vanighte - 3 years ago
Lorenzo Catalano
Lorenzo Catalano - 3 years ago
Dragonfly 1834
Dragonfly 1834 - 3 years ago
wooow! i'm so fixed to boarding or surfing right now. amazing video!
Mason Keown
Mason Keown - 3 years ago
Amazing video
Joe Goldman
Joe Goldman - 3 years ago
4:50 Old guy looks like he’s got a pair of balls hanging from his chin. Once you see it... otherwise great artistic job! ;)
WillieBLens - 3 years ago
The best video ever from Gopro! I love it! Gopro Hero 6 is a monster. The Filmmaker is a monster! Fantastic, Epic. Really!
Nielson - 3 years ago
Sooooo good!
Sammablam - 3 years ago
Elias Knutsen
Elias Knutsen - 3 years ago
This is soo sick i love Chris!
Aquatically Inclined TV
Aquatically Inclined TV - 3 years ago
That was awesome!!
Atze8000 - 3 years ago
You have a crush on chris or something? 'Omg your lines are so amazing, he's like a surfer' blah blah blah
LYNEX - 3 years ago
One if not the best Sport Movies ive ever Seen thx for this Video!
Chris OBannon
Chris OBannon - 3 years ago
Nice barrel!! Snagged the feelin it was so nice..#couchBarreled
Dominic Ruiz
Dominic Ruiz - 3 years ago
What a great video! Loved the filming and angles, epic scenes and places, great story! You guys are living the dream!
P V - 3 years ago
Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing it with all of us
Mikhail Mutskyi
Mikhail Mutskyi - 3 years ago
Это было потрясающе!
Garrett Stewart
Garrett Stewart - 3 years ago
Stefan Stanescu
Stefan Stanescu - 3 years ago
does anyone know what they were putting on their legs at 10:11
Eitan Minyan
Eitan Minyan - 3 years ago
Smith rock is lit, been there twice
Mykolas Stankevicius
Mykolas Stankevicius - 3 years ago
Delaney Paullus
Delaney Paullus - 3 years ago
Hey GoPro, wanna help me do this but to my Subaru Outback? It's hard to be a free skiier/climber when you're stuck paying rent on a house to live in. :(
Joel Westin
Joel Westin - 3 years ago
Евгений Светомузыки Гений
Евгений Светомузыки Гений - 3 years ago
So fresh, juicy ......You are cool man!
SWITCHFliP - 3 years ago
props very good video!
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins - 3 years ago
I'm 17 this is my dream.
Dragan Dimoski
Dragan Dimoski - 3 years ago
What type of skis is Sean Pettit using in this video? And great video!
Maverick Harris
Maverick Harris - 3 years ago
These guys are insane! My trip is nothing like that but y'all should check it out! lmk what you think
bemixx - 3 years ago
11:56 haha :D
Zack Schnepf
Zack Schnepf - 3 years ago
Fantastic film! Well done!
birch boy
birch boy - 3 years ago
man i have watched it like 4 times already. love it!!
TheScrubDesigns - 3 years ago
Long story short it’s fun as fuck being rich as shit
ethan campbell
ethan campbell - 3 years ago
9:03 does anyone know what color lens this is?(the blue ones) thanks
Shmaxy - 3 years ago
Jon Hacker
Jon Hacker - 3 years ago
thesleeper90 - 3 years ago
it got me crying
Emar Walstra
Emar Walstra - 3 years ago
Those shots are amazing!
Jayden Schofield
Jayden Schofield - 3 years ago
Owen Ludwig
Owen Ludwig - 3 years ago
Amazing film! You guys have great talent putting together a film like this. My love for skiing has grown to it's peak. At 13, I find the quotes spoken in this film like Shakespeare and the scenery like a painting. I would by good money to see this in theaters. GREAT JOB!!!!
Goldjüngchen - 3 years ago
Amazing Video, but without helmets... why :/
Kevin Kristensen
Kevin Kristensen - 3 years ago
Really awesome storytelling
Niklas Prescher
Niklas Prescher - 3 years ago
Whats that for a stick the Karma Grip is mounted on?
Ginevra Daria
Ginevra Daria - 3 years ago
Enchanting. The beautiful landscapes, the skills of the sports that I love, the narration, the passion and all the feelings are always making me feel like I’m living in a dream.. everytime.
Abhijith Nair
Abhijith Nair - 3 years ago
One of the most well done story telling i have ever seen!
savagery - 3 years ago
so fkin awesome
Simson-Downhill Style
Simson-Downhill Style - 3 years ago
In this video you can feel the love and passion these guys have for their sports...just a beautiful film !
joaquin caceres
joaquin caceres - 3 years ago
grat movie congratuleations for that adventure
Cornellxd - 3 years ago
Your best work of art, no questions asked
Tóthmátyás Bálint
Tóthmátyás Bálint - 3 years ago
Awesome edit. Extremely well made video. Wish i had enough money to ski through the whole winter :DD
kryštof píša
kryštof píša - 3 years ago
Tim - 3 years ago
24:45 "fuck it, swan dive"
Martin Kettaneh
Martin Kettaneh - 3 years ago
all i can say is that im in love..
FlippenS - 3 years ago
best video i ever have seen (:
Mart Kregar
Mart Kregar - 3 years ago
Hey guys. I've a question. Are the fishtail snowboards without bindings(like a surf i suppose) at 16:57 sold like that or is that rubber or whatever something one adds as an aftermarket accessory? Thanks in advance, keep shredding
Thomas Madigan
Thomas Madigan - 3 years ago
Those kids had to shit when he hucked that 360 right up near them on the lift
Dan Hobin
Dan Hobin - 3 years ago
I ski at bacholor
the swag potato
the swag potato - 3 years ago
Hey I’ve been to smith rock I when I lived in Oregon I’ve been to the very top 2 times
Ogi Docic
Ogi Docic - 3 years ago
Alal veraa!!
Marc Bächtold
Marc Bächtold - 3 years ago
A true masterpiece! Such a good movie guys! Well done!
Kalle Tramp
Kalle Tramp - 3 years ago
Just me that want that van
Robert Sheerin
Robert Sheerin - 3 years ago
ZORO.E - 3 years ago
SweetMJ - 3 years ago
Watching this video puts me into pure relaxation....... Keep up the great work Chris, Matt, and the Go Pro Team!!
Eric Schirmer
Eric Schirmer - 3 years ago
9:57 "He treats the whole run as one continuous string of movement" Just like this doc did using narration to tie all the different locations, people and experiences in 30 mins. What a way to show skiing as an art form and Chris as a mind blowing athlete and artist.
Asleep Acorn
Asleep Acorn - 3 years ago
I want to go to whistler for MTBing
Caribou - 3 years ago
How can they afford to do all of this ? Its fucking awesome
cole shinnick
cole shinnick - 3 years ago
Can anyone tell me some of the brands they use? Thanks!
Mark Kinnard
Mark Kinnard - 3 years ago
Anoni.mouse same
Anoni.mouse same - 3 years ago
Am I weird that the Van conversion at the beginning of this film was the most impressive part for me? That guy is a Craftsman and Artist.
joshua anderson
joshua anderson - 3 years ago
I love this 2nd time to watch Chris your awesome and you live the dream all dirtbags wish they could live. Your hard work and skill have paid for them selves. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful film to all of us.
Enclave - 3 years ago
Wow that van is insane! Crazy amount of work put into it.
Inside Ukraine من داخل اوكرانيا
Inside Ukraine من داخل اوكرانيا - 3 years ago
Oscar Sawyer
Oscar Sawyer - 3 years ago
the editor/ filter is a man of wisdom ! what a video
Brandon Conceicao
Brandon Conceicao - 3 years ago
Beautifully done!
Intro Template
Intro Template - 3 years ago
Henry Oja
Henry Oja - 3 years ago
Go to Svanstein ski in Sweden!!! Love the vids!
Jenne EditsOCE
Jenne EditsOCE - 3 years ago
It's not about what you ride, but how you ride it.
-Fucking love this
STORROR - 3 years ago
A Helpful Place
A Helpful Place - 3 years ago
Michal Knapp
Michal Knapp - 3 years ago
love it :)
Cake - 3 years ago
I wanted so badly to make fun of this video, despite a little exaggeration and pretentiousness though, this video was amazing, and I'm not even a skiing fan. Well done, the cameras were exceptional as well.
Chretien li
Chretien li - 3 years ago
They make it look so easy...
Mitchell Casey
Mitchell Casey - 3 years ago
Absolutely inspiring! Keep it up and I hope one day to be on such a level.
Luke Golden
Luke Golden - 3 years ago
that's living!
grasscutter1919 - 3 years ago
Love this video so much. Totally juiced for snow
Nasty P
Nasty P - 3 years ago
LoreZyra . TV
LoreZyra . TV - 3 years ago
@10:12, what are those knee braces they are wearing? Where can I get some?
Are those knee-braces from motocross?
LoreZyra . TV
LoreZyra . TV - 2 years ago
These motocross knee braces look awesome. Wonder if they work well on the slopes.
LoreZyra . TV
LoreZyra . TV - 3 years ago
Looks like the best Knee protection is offered by: Asterics, Donjoy and CTI knee braces.
LoreZyra . TV
LoreZyra . TV - 3 years ago
j Hoz
j Hoz - 3 years ago
What is song is that at 15:30?
Toby Crook
Toby Crook - 3 years ago
pretty sure 11-16 ft of snow is illegal
JT Hunt
JT Hunt - 3 years ago
Sanjay Basumatary
Sanjay Basumatary - 3 years ago
music at 13:11 ?
RMF - 3 years ago
I am just fascinated by the film making more than the sports or the gopro. Some of these shots are just unbelievable. Especially the close action shots. I wonder how many retakes were required to get some of them.
Felix Hennen
Felix Hennen - 3 years ago
tylerhethh - 3 years ago
What a wonderful accident wandering onto this video was.
Otto Toto
Otto Toto - 3 years ago
Carl Reynolds
Carl Reynolds - 3 years ago
I want this VAN!!!!!!!!!! amazing
brian bodine
brian bodine - 3 years ago
This is beautiful
AKASH PATEL - 3 years ago
20:13 That shot is absolutly breathtaking! Great video guys.
Davide Gallo Bamford
Davide Gallo Bamford - 3 years ago
How do people dislike this video.
Waffles are pancakes with abbs
Waffles are pancakes with abbs - 3 years ago
So smooth so enchanting
Thi 164
Thi 164 - 3 years ago
this is my dream
Paul Pearce
Paul Pearce - 3 years ago
Love that Skye Walker art work!!!!
TheRedMenace 1199R
TheRedMenace 1199R - 3 years ago
totally worth eating shit there
Caleb Huffman
Caleb Huffman - 3 years ago
High budget traveling circus...?
Brett Bonstell
Brett Bonstell - 3 years ago
Work of art I love this video
marcom3mk - 3 years ago
this Video is so freaking amazing dam!!!!!! LOVE ITTTTTT !! look at the snow omg and the Location<3
Easy rider
Easy rider - 3 years ago
Изи мечта ✌
Costas Savignano
Costas Savignano - 3 years ago
This is gas
Jordan Luis
Jordan Luis - 3 years ago
I may like this short just as much as The Art of Flight and The Fourth Phase to be honest
Serpolinidate - 3 years ago
The perfect video for me! Surfing + skying + climbing! Amazing video guys! Keep up with the good work! You inspire us all! :)
The Outlier
The Outlier - 3 years ago
i cant wait until they implement life like quality to videos
The Outlier
The Outlier - 3 years ago
this video in 4k is so sexy
jmelzer - 3 years ago
This is one of the most beautiful and thought videos I've seen. You can feel the passion in every cut. Thanks for the inspiration!
Aqlize - 3 years ago
Beautiful! <3
Greg Polyakov
Greg Polyakov - 3 years ago
how do you dislike this
dallin kenyon
dallin kenyon - 3 years ago
Really debating quitting my job and buying a van. One of the best productions I have ever seen.
Evgenii Rabostev
Evgenii Rabostev - 3 years ago
всё круто как я вам завидую блин по чёрному завидую
brew4ik - 3 years ago
просто ахуенная жизнь! чуваку респект
Brendan Andersen
Brendan Andersen - 3 years ago
Anyone else watching this on a snow day?
Cool Dad
Cool Dad - 3 years ago
Bahji Nelson
Bahji Nelson - 3 years ago
Van build video!
Миша Максименко
Миша Максименко - 3 years ago
Это великолепно, жить такой жизнью это....
Слов нет
Мне бы так ,только я боюсь не найти таких людей с которыми можно было поехать хоть куда неважно главное это эмоции и люди
Jack England
Jack England - 3 years ago
I want a BTS of this sooooo bad
Jon Fletcher
Jon Fletcher - 3 years ago
You guys went right threw my town that ferry i cross everday pretty much
Tyler Wildman
Tyler Wildman - 3 years ago
song at 10:30 please?
SkiAz4Free - 3 years ago
that... was an amazing way to kill the last 30 min!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
jiahui xu
jiahui xu - 3 years ago
nice video
Woxo - 3 years ago
so good
Stephen Janssen
Stephen Janssen - 3 years ago
Best ski video. Hands down.
Anna MacHale
Anna MacHale - 3 years ago
This video is amazing
Jethro Martin
Jethro Martin - 3 years ago
Cheesy AF narration
Nico Reichlin
Nico Reichlin - 3 years ago
the van itself is a true piece of art... loving how they mention the matter of style in the turns instead of going crazy in the air
Clive King
Clive King - 3 years ago
Beautiful, just beautiful. Totally chilled.
jeppe krogh
jeppe krogh - 3 years ago
What is the song on 15:31?
Caolan Henry
Caolan Henry - 3 years ago
I watched that guys van build
tea and life tips with uncle iroh
tea and life tips with uncle iroh - 3 years ago
Despite being pretentious as fuck, this was still very entertaining
BenSky - 3 years ago
This is just amazing !!
Marcello Fea
Marcello Fea - 3 years ago
That's fantastic! So Beautiful!
articledon - 3 years ago
Just love this
BlackMécanikaGhost - 3 years ago
svenmega10022 - 3 years ago
One of the best videos I have ever seen on a combination of sports. Look out Warren Miller! The next generation can make great ski films too!
Mazza - 3 years ago
haha. ''And I ate shit here''
Jazmin Deans
Jazmin Deans - 3 years ago
Hi! Watching this I wanted to cry (in a good way) I went snowboarding for a school trip and I felt it's just I can't explain it when I went down the hill I felt at home I felt like I could do this for ever the time went past so fast I miss it watching ur video kinda made me feel that again so thanks
zozon ozon
zozon ozon - 3 years ago
I wanna do same thing as you guys
Fakto Vlog
Fakto Vlog - 3 years ago
Started watching, couldn't even tell that it was 30 minutes long and at the end I wanted more. Superb video.
mykle - 3 years ago
Great movie, but knee pads and no helmet??
Mike Metzger
Mike Metzger - 3 years ago
One of the best videos Ive EVER seen!
EGL Moto
EGL Moto - 3 years ago
Cri Boratenski
Cri Boratenski - 3 years ago
Wow, that was beautiful.
bebop bleebloo
bebop bleebloo - 3 years ago
WOW. Now this was fucking beautiful.
chiz 1611
chiz 1611 - 3 years ago
This is fuckin' incredible!
Alex Bujold
Alex Bujold - 3 years ago
can someone please tell me the song at 15:30
Tony Collora
Tony Collora - 3 years ago
8:28 incredible shot
Liam Ducrocq
Liam Ducrocq - 3 years ago
what are those snow boards that they can kickflip?! never heard of them
BlackCloud NoYx
BlackCloud NoYx - 3 years ago
My dreamlife
andras mersich
andras mersich - 3 years ago
Best GoPro video I've ever seen in my life. Keep it up, its amazing.
Antonin  Ferrand
Antonin Ferrand - 4 years ago
Hi what’s thé name of this snowskate?
Dombomb - 4 years ago
Why were they pushing all the logs into the water?
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith - 3 years ago
They are bundled off the log truck and slid into the lake to be rafted to the sawmill and made into lumber for your new house. Kootnay Lake by Nelson B.C..
Benjamin sch
Benjamin sch - 4 years ago
What skies does he have?
Jacob Walls
Jacob Walls - 4 years ago
Buck Ferton
xd max s. ツ
xd max s. ツ - 4 years ago
And someone says money can’t buy happiness...
Matteo Canini
Matteo Canini - 4 years ago
Best GoPro's video ever

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