GoPro HD HERO camera: The Surf Movie

Learn about the new GoPro HD HERO® camera at HD Surf HERO camera -- We went down to Oaxaca, Mexico with rippers Jamie Sterling, Gabriel Villaran, Ramon Navarro and friends to celebrate the launch of the HD Surf HERO camera. The result is a professional surf movie shot on the $269 HD Surf HERO from GoPro.

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Learn about the new GoPro HD HERO® camera at HD Surf HERO camera -- We went down to Oaxaca, Mexico with rippers Jamie Sterling, Gabriel Villaran, Ramon Navarro and friends to celebrate the launch of the HD Surf HERO camera. The result is a professional surf movie shot on the $269 HD Surf HERO from GoPro.

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for GoPro HD HERO camera: The Surf Movie

Reno Makani
Reno Makani - 5 years ago
Love it! GoPro OG crew @jamie Sterling
Wow! - 6 years ago
What a face lmao
Vaughn Sigal
Vaughn Sigal - 6 years ago
crazy how far these little camera have come
FatUselessTurdBehindPigetteIncestsFlab - 6 years ago
1:38 :O
Daniel Linhares
Daniel Linhares - 6 years ago
Rodrigo Carballeiro
Rodrigo Carballeiro - 7 years ago
Genial!! Genial!!  Genial!! 
Marco Salinas
Marco Salinas - 7 years ago
2:55 Ramon Navarro !! Campeón Chileno 
aldo rafael ferrufino catacora
aldo rafael ferrufino catacora - 7 years ago
What is from?
oscar quiroga
oscar quiroga - 7 years ago
hi im thinking about buying a gopro+3 black edition i just want it to know if any of you guys could tell me if i need any acsesory for taking it under water cause ill mainly use it for surfing movies 

10. comment for GoPro HD HERO camera: The Surf Movie

bokeflo - 7 years ago
Look Like Everyone is Having a Great Time in the Surf. Gotta Love GoPro.
MyDog Shat
MyDog Shat - 7 years ago
2:12 :O
martin loh
martin loh - 7 years ago
can someone please tell me what the best mount is to use for surfing? and snorkeling
Palm Tree Surf Videos
Palm Tree Surf Videos - 7 years ago
Check out the GoHat. It's a head mount that's designed not to fall off when you're surfing. I think it could work for snorkeling too. Search google for it
Tim Summers
Tim Summers - 7 years ago
+GoPro If it were possible at all I would love to see you guys attach a gopro underneath the surfboard somehow (similar to what you have on your skateboards). I'm not sure how the quality would turn out/whether the view would work but ideally it could be awesome
Rodrigo Oliveira
Rodrigo Oliveira - 7 years ago
bobbiesss!! xD 4:04
Starry Huang
Starry Huang - 7 years ago
the face on that guy is funny XD
EnertiaHD - 8 years ago
Guys I really want to learn how to surf but water rushes to my ear drums and it hurts. How can I prevent that?
Milly Marsh
Milly Marsh - 7 years ago
You can actually get a sort of gel type ones and they mould to your ears so they are really comfortable
Reed Wells
Reed Wells - 8 years ago
wear ear plugs for in the water, should stop the water from going into your ears
JHJH007 - 8 years ago
Alex Mason
Alex Mason - 8 years ago
the beach
Samuel Arias
Samuel Arias - 8 years ago

20. comment for GoPro HD HERO camera: The Surf Movie

cmhsurf - 8 years ago
what mounts are they using in the video?
MyDog Shat
MyDog Shat - 8 years ago
theoneandonlyEli - 8 years ago
TheFunnysmile123 - 8 years ago
What's it like being inside the tube? I hear it's awesome. I would love to learn how to surf ^^
Dr. M&M
Dr. M&M - 8 years ago
2:35 ;)
Max Lonsdale
Max Lonsdale - 8 years ago
His face when he catches a wave
Alex Bonfield
Alex Bonfield - 8 years ago
Where do you surf mate looks awesome
wildsmiley - 8 years ago
Southern California, Hawaii, Australia among other places.
xXeVoKiNgXx - 8 years ago
that wave :)
PaleJerseyShoreKad - 8 years ago
eh, not florida

30. comment for GoPro HD HERO camera: The Surf Movie

bonktripletoss - 8 years ago
hawaii california or florida are the best places
kalikou56 - 8 years ago
A regarder en pleine écran, c' est génial.
Jimmy Clemmons
Jimmy Clemmons - 8 years ago
me too
Jimmy Clemmons
Jimmy Clemmons - 8 years ago
the best places are too dangerous for a beginner, do you know where you could go on the coast
DoughboyD16 - 8 years ago
Looks cool
Georgia Tutty
Georgia Tutty - 8 years ago
I want to surf now.
Gan eden olay adamot
Gan eden olay adamot - 8 years ago
i always want to surf :D
Raph Audibert
Raph Audibert - 8 years ago
1st wave 10 ! :-P Joking... but a freaking nice one !
GunderMST - 8 years ago
They're not to expensive, just buy a slightly used one, you can get one for 40-50$.
Fred Johns
Fred Johns - 8 years ago
Wow amazing I wish I had a gopr but they cost so much
Liudmila Barbuskiene
Liudmila Barbuskiene - 8 years ago
love the facial expressions at 1:43 lol
thePeziie - 8 years ago
Such a great short movie !
Steven Helder
Steven Helder - 8 years ago
so cool!!
Paulo Z
Paulo Z - 8 years ago
man I want to learn how to surf : /
Mateo Caraffo
Mateo Caraffo - 8 years ago
I want a GoPro
MyDog Shat
MyDog Shat - 8 years ago
Jon Chambers
Jon Chambers - 8 years ago
Now I want one...
Krushurpants - 8 years ago
amazing ,its paradise
Jack Rice
Jack Rice - 8 years ago
Check out my gopro vids
Lolz - 8 years ago
Hey, I live in Minnesota too! I live in lakeville. How bout you?

50. comment for GoPro HD HERO camera: The Surf Movie

Hiram Salinas
Hiram Salinas - 8 years ago
this music kinda kills it but the footage is still amazing
billy bob thorn
billy bob thorn - 8 years ago
I wanna go surfing so bad
imperius00 - 8 years ago
How do you keep your headstrap on while you're getting washed ?
Timothy Orr
Timothy Orr - 8 years ago
hey guys, check out my go pro hd hero black edition video i made of me surfing. and check my other videos. thanks!!
SCIWIFI - 8 years ago
Still my fav surfing gopro vid
Revo in his Revolution !
Revo in his Revolution ! - 8 years ago
What is the gopro's accesories at 0;20 mn ??????? please say me kick ;)
DexterVane - 8 years ago
The sea
rtrujillou - 8 years ago
James Swain
James Swain - 8 years ago
why the fuck was there horses in this?
Nicolas Pilorget
Nicolas Pilorget - 8 years ago
Hi Sir, what a great POV! hard to find some like yours! I'm looking for this kind of video for a project (first 16sec), do you have it in full hd? would it be possible to use it? Thx!!
Jackson Jeremiassen
Jackson Jeremiassen - 8 years ago
Perfect conditions
Francisco Mendonça
Francisco Mendonça - 8 years ago
sterling is so different here, one of the raddest surfers!
martin martinez
martin martinez - 8 years ago
where is the first spot?
Alejandro Loo
Alejandro Loo - 8 years ago
first- Gabriel Villaran (Peru)
Duarte Freire
Duarte Freire - 8 years ago
joe henery
joe henery - 8 years ago
Everyone asking what mount it's a head mount when he is surfing in the beginning
tommy shred
tommy shred - 8 years ago
penis island and vagina beach
Flawless Gaming
Flawless Gaming - 8 years ago
what mount did you use?
honesty norden
honesty norden - 8 years ago
that first tube looked like Escondido
Tyler Bruce
Tyler Bruce - 8 years ago
Boris Marion-Dorier
Boris Marion-Dorier - 8 years ago
this crazy the turbulence stabilisation is beautiful
hope roks
hope roks - 8 years ago
i have a surf board ..but i haver never ridin it i have no time to :( it sux!!
Juan Luis Mejido
Juan Luis Mejido - 8 years ago
a quien no le guste lo mato
Philip Bousquet
Philip Bousquet - 8 years ago
No, I see the trollface a at 1:41 :)
Will George
Will George - 8 years ago
What is the net thing in the water?
I hate the audio on a gopro. I would rather hear music.
Brett D'Alelio
Brett D'Alelio - 8 years ago
The first shot he definitely had it in his mouth. A lot of people do that now.
Gregory Bryant
Gregory Bryant - 8 years ago
1:45 wish my knees did that
Shred Show
Shred Show - 8 years ago
Floater at 3:58 looks so fun. Jamie sure knows how to make his face go hard core beast mode. Good vid.
Alex Elliott
Alex Elliott - 8 years ago
i would like this, but no one likes ruining that number of likes
makel12 - 8 years ago
on their helmet/ board
jon b
jon b - 8 years ago
how the hell do they paddle and hold the camera at the same time???? anyone?
Luke Albert
Luke Albert - 8 years ago
sick video!! it makes me wanna ride!!
Fhernando Walton
Fhernando Walton - 8 years ago
bien encebollados!! todos
Selby MC
Selby MC - 8 years ago
that first shot is the best in-tube footage ive ever seen!
Dylan Kaiser
Dylan Kaiser - 8 years ago
I actually thought there was a troll face
Daniel Montoya
Daniel Montoya - 8 years ago
The description says that it is in Oaxaca, México.
Bryson Rawn
Bryson Rawn - 8 years ago
Hey there, I sent you a message on your inbox but I'll put one here in case you don't see it. If you want to make a quick buck, I'd love to get your go pro :) cheers, Bryson
TheBaffometto - 8 years ago
HI GUYS!LOOK HERE: /watch?v=IT-pQN71Ivc&
Agustin pochh
Agustin pochh - 8 years ago
where is this place?
Jacky - 8 years ago
lol wtf happened at 4:05
ThatTylerKid27 - 9 years ago
I remember when I was nooby at serfing like this
נועם יחיא
נועם יחיא - 9 years ago
where was the first wave ??
Karenastar - 9 years ago
How is this HD if it's no 16:9?
itsWillHunt - 9 years ago
where are you surfing
Finn Smith
Finn Smith - 9 years ago
That is a nice tube
lozersayswhat - 9 years ago
hahah ong u made burst out laughing
jojobsmith - 9 years ago
the first wave in that vid got me fuckin horny
Sean Oakes
Sean Oakes - 9 years ago
awesome editing
thickerthanwater77 - 9 years ago
fuck, the music in these videos is brutal.

100. comment for GoPro HD HERO camera: The Surf Movie

Lea Donovan
Lea Donovan - 9 years ago
Andy Coop
Andy Coop - 9 years ago
4:05 booby wobble. 4:11 Ass ass ass
Ryan Groenewold
Ryan Groenewold - 9 years ago
@stxhsil yes i know he is the best. BETWEEN Its absolutely without spending any money i got a NFL jersery
StarVoyager9 - 9 years ago
Jeez, that camera works great!
tbrag123 - 9 years ago
well played sir, well played.
Luke Cory
Luke Cory - 9 years ago
Fuck you. lol
Brodie Tweedd
Brodie Tweedd - 9 years ago
I'm keen on purchasing a gopro for surfing, but just wanted to know how safe they are n the mounts? Do they fall off?
bombardierdude15 - 9 years ago
25 people are queers
Neil Pesticcio
Neil Pesticcio - 9 years ago
B B B B Badass video
Caleb Curtis
Caleb Curtis - 9 years ago
nice floter at 329 sick
olit arfeat
olit arfeat - 9 years ago
bowlocheerios97 - 9 years ago
Long Island is great yeah :)
yupsodapop - 9 years ago
Because its gross i used to live there I love it here on LONG ISLAND yeah buddy!!!!
yupsodapop - 9 years ago
UGH you got me!!!!!!!
Edris Delveccio
Edris Delveccio - 9 years ago
long story forget it lol
bowlocheerios97 - 9 years ago
really? huh. why?
Edris Delveccio
Edris Delveccio - 9 years ago
London is history Yeah it has its amazing things, I would agree that london is a nice place to visit, but to live theres a definite NO to it.
bowlocheerios97 - 9 years ago
wow i guess its all perspective, I live 10 minutes away from 5 different beaches I go all the time but im dying to go to england, london especially.
blackmaserca1 - 9 years ago
Waves, A surfers best friend.
Munro Hall
Munro Hall - 9 years ago
where have you mounted this gopro
Edris Delveccio
Edris Delveccio - 9 years ago
I wish I could surf and also be privileged to be in a place where people can surf, it would totally take my mind of this bullshit in our society (call of duty) Yeah I live in london theres no chance I could do things like that...
Diabolo King
Diabolo King - 9 years ago
Always wanted to ride a tube
Riddled Sleet
Riddled Sleet - 9 years ago
Cool man
Rick Scofield
Rick Scofield - 9 years ago
stylle man , very good !
Mark O'Meara
Mark O'Meara - 9 years ago
he looks similar to leonard hoffsteader
Justin Jacobson
Justin Jacobson - 9 years ago
i just got a gopro hero 2 and was wandering if you could use a head strap mount for surfing?
Agustin pochh
Agustin pochh - 9 years ago
what was that place? The waves were perfect
Mateus Gadelha
Mateus Gadelha - 9 years ago
3:00 a 3:09 q tuboooo
jacksonhardenmusic - 9 years ago
Your welcome!
MagnificantLights - 9 years ago
So cool!! I have always wanted to surf.... Sucky that I live in Canada :P
seijiro1 - 9 years ago
instead of fighting against the riptide, you swim parallel to the shore, eventually you'll be out of it
seijiro1 - 9 years ago
Good call
AndrewGrey - 9 years ago
If u let a little riptide bother you, you probably should not be surfing.
gilster345 - 9 years ago
what happens if there's a riptide what r u supposed to do?
Kaka Do
Kaka Do - 9 years ago
4:15 ~ 4:21 Skyrim ?!
DennisK - 9 years ago
Hell yeah now people can see what it looks like to be in the best place in the world, the tube of a wave.
Foster West
Foster West - 9 years ago
ohh alright thank you
No - 9 years ago
wrist mount, I think
novadirector - 9 years ago
I'm so jealous, I want to go surfing again!
Jim Stain
Jim Stain - 9 years ago
You should look into using the Woody Stick monopod! Nice video!
Foster West
Foster West - 9 years ago
what mount are you using? the head strap??
Fatima Talib
Fatima Talib - 9 years ago
adding this to my bucket list
Sophs - 9 years ago
i think i wanna take up surfing now..
michael gibson
michael gibson - 9 years ago
Nick O'teene
Nick O'teene - 9 years ago
where do you live ahha im movin there
Ford Morgan
Ford Morgan - 9 years ago
poolsideperi - 9 years ago
Congratulations on the launch.1:38-1:50 is a blast. Like sitting on a spray couch. Hot butt shots in the barrel. Killer tunes & what do you suggest for an amature to purchase a waterproof cam? $269 for anyone?
bedarda - 9 years ago
Wow love the water! My Hero2 (HumbleOutdoors $270 w/free SD card) has been outstanding. Tough little cam!
Makayla Bieber
Makayla Bieber - 9 years ago
thats amazing <#3
yewww yewwww yewwww slabbed bro hollow yeeewwwwwwww
nbomb947 - 9 years ago
4:05 boobies boncin
jaurence - 9 years ago
the first clip is fucking ridiculous !!!
KOTKOMOTKO - 9 years ago
4:05 boob shake
Bruno Clemente
Bruno Clemente - 9 years ago
God damnit I wanna go surf now :( I havent surfed in a long time, I miss them waves a lot xD
Liam Goehring
Liam Goehring - 9 years ago
Do a barrel roll!!!
unSTEVOED - 9 years ago
Thought the horse was gonna get barreled.
mykeydrive - 9 years ago
sick ass bouncing titties at 4:08
Rafael Amoedo
Rafael Amoedo - 9 years ago
looking for go pro surf videos? watch it in my chanel!! thank you
Rafael Amoedo
Rafael Amoedo - 9 years ago
watch this video!! go pro surf hawaii
JackDagnaIs - 9 years ago
I was waiting for the sharks...
CLod CLoD - 9 years ago
(((CooL Rec !!! GreaT Camera )))
Pat Cullen
Pat Cullen - 9 years ago
that is thee best way to start off a video... barelled twice on the first wave, then barreled Deep on the second
Will Lange
Will Lange - 9 years ago
took me 4 weeks to save up for my gopro.. first time i used it water got in and killed it. anything you guys can do?
Elisa Mariel Ortega
Elisa Mariel Ortega - 9 years ago
I soo totally liked this!!!!
LeroyRifkin - 9 years ago
17 people disliked this video.
MrManchild42 - 9 years ago
made me feel apart of the wave
dougie kingston
dougie kingston - 9 years ago
Omg some siik barrels there siik video :)
Jack Bailey
Jack Bailey - 9 years ago
0:36 lol
Bradley Lazer
Bradley Lazer - 9 years ago
there's no 5:07 ;(
giant regrigerator
giant regrigerator - 9 years ago
1:40 epic barrel
TheMCPK - 9 years ago
Hi, Click on my name and check out my Go Pro surf movies!
MutilateYOU - 9 years ago
What mounts were they using?
Thomas T
Thomas T - 9 years ago
watch this in 720p on a large display with all other lights of! u'r welcome!
jacksonhardenmusic - 9 years ago
Mute the video and listen to Swell Window by Zee Avi in the background. It's awesome...
Bradley Lazer
Bradley Lazer - 9 years ago
mute this video and play grafton primary-change
Max Turbo
Max Turbo - 9 years ago
love it!
SuperPKify - 9 years ago
what beach?
SuperPKify - 9 years ago
wish i lived in oaxaca
Jett Joh
Jett Joh - 9 years ago
@StrikerPrototype 17
Doughy1994 - 9 years ago
Long paddle back out for the first wave.. but worth it!
Oub2 - 9 years ago
@andthx4allthefish Thx for sharing this song, it's pretty nice
bobby swanston
bobby swanston - 9 years ago
god i could just imagine when he's in that pipe in the beginning just a big great white comin out of that and getting him
Dsexton12 - 9 years ago
Can u use a gopro naked for surfing instead of a gopro surf hero
CarolinaGroupers - 9 years ago
Oh villaran!!! u hot!
MatMan8888 - 9 years ago
i love repetitive techno music
SurfToHappiness - 9 years ago
1:06 thats one deep mother fucker
gregory turner
gregory turner - 9 years ago
epic face 2:15
nig nug
nig nug - 9 years ago
@andthx4allthefish nah play "the struggle" by ballyhoo for some irie vibes
ZzLegendaryzZ - 9 years ago
@AckBmx Oaxaca, Mexico
Lars Strudwick
Lars Strudwick - 9 years ago
Where is this??
Alex - 10 years ago
Wana surf like this? Put it in HD, full screen and away you go! Good video!
cameron peinado
cameron peinado - 10 years ago
With that face u can make anything intense
Martin R-M
Martin R-M - 10 years ago
i wanna surf get me out of uni plsssssssssss
nig nug
nig nug - 10 years ago
@andthx4allthefish i played slightly stoopid's mellow mood with this.
Hayden Clevenger
Hayden Clevenger - 10 years ago
That first shot, and all the other ones from that place, where is that wave???
Austin Baird
Austin Baird - 10 years ago
Press 8 repeatedly for boob jiggle!!!
BBGT88 - 10 years ago
Wool! Like!
thetrueB166ER - 10 years ago
@KKingstoneRR yes :)
skateismy - 10 years ago
@RinconSurfer1 he is probably using the helmet cam package, mounted onto a gath helmet
ColdSouth - 10 years ago
@RinconSurfer1 the basic go pro hd camera comes with a head strap, so I'm guessing he used that.
Surtsey_Hgnn - 10 years ago
What's the name of this song ? :)
Taha Nasser
Taha Nasser - 10 years ago
@KKingstoneRR yes you can
Tim Ust
Tim Ust - 10 years ago
@RinconSurfer1 helmet cam
funnygolf777 - 10 years ago
@Pro5niPeZHD you dont want to start on a shortboard
Yosh - 10 years ago
Awesome, I am interested in starting to surf. Any suggestions for a short board (preferably not very expensive) for beginners.
Tim Kalb
Tim Kalb - 10 years ago
@KKingstoneRR Yes you can. It's fully watterproof and shockproof. As long as you use the case what is pretty oubvious! I Use the GoPro HD cam when i go to Egypt fr some snorkeling
Gilgamesh - 10 years ago
beautiful :)
Reel Negative
Reel Negative - 10 years ago
@rhodney123 adobe premiere, Final Cut Pro For Mac
Lawson Beauchamp
Lawson Beauchamp - 10 years ago
germanou - 10 years ago
@rhodney123 sony vegas pro, but its expensive, u can download and crack.
andthx4allthefish - 10 years ago
I like to mute this vid and watch it with VS42 's "One Step At A Time" playing in the background. It fits so perfectly that it makes both better :)
zacsurf08 - 10 years ago
@rapperboythecoolest wouldnt it get wax all over it though hahah
zacsurf08 - 10 years ago
in the first video of the bloke who is sponsored by quiksilver, is that a chest or head mount? please respond
MyChocho123 - 10 years ago
can you use this while sailing?
CaneFan25 - 10 years ago
at 3:30, thats sweet
Greg James
Greg James - 10 years ago
do u hold the camera? or does it hook onto somewhere?
freeridezach - 10 years ago
looks like shit
Andrew Stehmeyer
Andrew Stehmeyer - 10 years ago
sweet man good tubes
Hayden Morgan
Hayden Morgan - 10 years ago
@MrHaydenThor 1:35 sorry
Hayden Morgan
Hayden Morgan - 10 years ago
Whats he have on at 1:38 ? Can you put the camera on that? How do they get the first person view? With a headstrap?
Hayden Morgan
Hayden Morgan - 10 years ago
@KKingstoneRR Yes. I have used it scuba diving at nearly 40 feet no problems Not quite as high quality as it is above water, but still nice
camjez - 10 years ago
someone should do gopro at jaws :D
krump noam
krump noam - 10 years ago
go pro on a vagiena
Nicky Jacus
Nicky Jacus - 10 years ago
@freshicedcoke you put it in a waterproof casing that also connects to mounts
krump noam
krump noam - 10 years ago
song name?
theblufintuna - 10 years ago
did he have the camera on the head strap mount or what?
KKingstoneRR - 10 years ago
Can you capture underwater videos? Like use it on freediving?
sorryibrokethetrees - 10 years ago
@KATRNALUV What do you what?? what da ya mean
Jaime González
Jaime González - 10 years ago
in the first sequence is the surfer carrying the camera on a helmet or strap of some sort? If so can someone give me a direct link to a webpage that sells it online. thankkyou
cody martin
cody martin - 10 years ago
why would u dislike this
Lana Jennings
Lana Jennings - 10 years ago
thumbs up if u wanna go surfing now
xGTAIVPROx - 10 years ago
for a second i thought the people on the horses were gonna be taken out by like a giant wave or something.... lmao!
MagiKBeanZzZ - 10 years ago
thumbs up if you were leaning on your left elbow!
David Hansen
David Hansen - 10 years ago
hey is blowing out your finbox sort of common? just curious because my mom is mad at me. i know it costs like 50-60 dollars too
xaustinkushx - 10 years ago
where the hell is the shore?????
adrianringstrom - 10 years ago
Haha his face at 2:16!
Nick Moloney
Nick Moloney - 10 years ago
Planning on going to Oaxaca for a surf trip somtime soon. What is the break at the start?
keverc - 10 years ago
i havent surfed since i was a teen but i just got have a lot of free time so i got a new long board and i have more free time than i know what to do with so i figured i would start surfing again. it is never to late to get back in the water. i hope to get some good video with my GoPro HD Hero
jake gerhardt
jake gerhardt - 10 years ago
4:05 makes this video that much better!!!
Raymond Seakan
Raymond Seakan - 10 years ago
i bodyboard. but any thick barrel is awesome
antharding - 10 years ago
I got so engrossed in this video I forgot i was at work!
TheGuyWhoyouDontLike - 10 years ago
what attachment the using at the beginning? is it helmet??
cachuma357 - 10 years ago
4:16 this makes the video even more awesome
Shomanwe Iskelpo
Shomanwe Iskelpo - 10 years ago
pause at 14 or 15 for rainbow on the right side :D
Nikola Savić
Nikola Savić - 10 years ago
its so great, omg :))
JJM - 10 years ago
JJM - 10 years ago
Surfing seems very dangerous what about when's and jellyfish and what if ilyou keep drifting farther and farther out?
Michael Zanderigo
Michael Zanderigo - 10 years ago
@twag0735 Shoots. but if u do get the chance go surf a peer in cali. Nutsss
Michael Zanderigo
Michael Zanderigo - 10 years ago
@twag0735 Aww shet! well find a place with waves, grab a longboard, AND RUSH IT!
Michael Zanderigo
Michael Zanderigo - 10 years ago
@twag0735 where u live?
Mabz - 10 years ago
I hope its waterproof xD
Zakaria T.
Zakaria T. - 10 years ago
@rosssurf94 Thanks for the tips :)
rosssurf94 - 10 years ago
@Weezyzack You can get a handle mount for the GoPro. It has a hand strap on also so you don't lose your GoPro. They're amazing. Apart from you cant zoom.
Hudson Smith
Hudson Smith - 10 years ago
@Weezyzack Check out the Bullet HD camera, I have the GoPro and the Bullet HD, they are both really good cameras. Check it out.
ssurf30 - 10 years ago
@Weezyzack just get a strap and hold the go pro
Zakaria T.
Zakaria T. - 10 years ago
Big question here, I'm looking for a waterproof hd camera, but the only ones I've found are some Sanyo's (best one WH1 I think) and this one. I don't want to click it on a helmet or surfboard, but rather filming myself and zooming in. Is it possible to film with the GoPro in your hand, without losing it in the water xD? Wh1 can do - and other stuff - , but the quality of GoPro is way better. What should I do... ?
pritch1964 - 10 years ago
Douglas teixeira
Douglas teixeira - 10 years ago
goobygeeban - 10 years ago
my fave bit is 4:04 - 4:14 <3 <3 <3
nigel nige
nigel nige - 10 years ago
ahahah look at his face 1:39 to 1:47
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera - 10 years ago
1:04 sneak attack, yewwww
Sochiin - 10 years ago
@thatsurfkid Good luck on getting the camera back! lol
Manu Hernandez
Manu Hernandez - 10 years ago
nice FACE
Gwilym Hughes
Gwilym Hughes - 10 years ago
Dear GoPro could you give me one of your cameras, I would be very grateful. Thank you.
atlanticcorner - 10 years ago
see PLOC MONSTERS GOPRO in youtube. is a hilarious surf clip
xtimbo2525 - 10 years ago
How do you keep beads of water off the housing lens?
Davis B
Davis B - 10 years ago
and when it gets wet??
skateismy - 10 years ago
@SpongerSuperHero no, only the angle of what the camera records gets smaller.
Rich .RSA.
Rich .RSA. - 10 years ago
is there a big differance between the 920 and 1080?
Gabatronia - 10 years ago
4:05 bouncy booooobs!
Andrew Pullin
Andrew Pullin - 10 years ago
what camera is he using? i want one for body boarding
equanox100 - 10 years ago
i hope you dont mind me using a few of these shots in a short video im making. if not get back to me... thnx
lalakimmie19 - 10 years ago
this epic i get to see wot dey c wen dey surf lol i wished i knew how to surf
Lewis Carson
Lewis Carson - 10 years ago
lol look at his lipz at 1:40 - 1:47 + in the middle it lookz like he is having a poo!!!!
mistareggaeful - 10 years ago
Coordinates of this place por favor? Good distance, glassy and tubing holy balls! I need this in Florida!
nin10star - 10 years ago
damn dude last wave was a hollow cement mixer!
Kilkeen - 10 years ago
haha horse clip in the middle of the video?
t10parwani - 10 years ago
name of music pls, anyone?
SMEpic - 10 years ago
All this go pro videos are sick.
cocoro221 - 10 years ago
Thumbs up for the Craaazy faces!
Tiago Gigliarano
Tiago Gigliarano - 10 years ago
i realy want to know who music is that?! sorry for my bad english
Zenner Bear
Zenner Bear - 10 years ago
is the 3M tape mount water proof?
Jean-Pierre Bovin
Jean-Pierre Bovin - 10 years ago
Surfing looks damn cool! Think i'm gunna put LEARN TO SURF on my must do in life list!
G00N - 10 years ago
lol i never knew what surfing looked like from a surfer's view untill now
Julia van Rooij
Julia van Rooij - 10 years ago
Nice face at 1:40 Nice position at 1:44
CharlieFrky - 10 years ago
can anyone suggest a good editing program for the Gopro HD? i use vegas movie platinum and it doesn't work with the gets super glitchy and cant handle the HD resolution im guessing. any help would be great :)
28Kami - 10 years ago
Want this camera. Want to learn surfing.
LAMA? - 10 years ago
Bradley Pennington
Bradley Pennington - 10 years ago
what a sick spot!!
TheSurfersEye - 10 years ago
What kind of helmet is used at 1:37
SoulSkate808 - 10 years ago
i wanna see someone like bill bryan put a gopro on the nose of his skimboard
Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis - 10 years ago
where is this? reminds me of puerto rico
Nicolas Gonzalez
Nicolas Gonzalez - 10 years ago
nice transitions man
Air Alex
Air Alex - 10 years ago
I'm in love :(
Adam Arritola
Adam Arritola - 10 years ago
Dear GoPro, how can I remove my surf mount to switch it from one board to another?! (EVERYONE PLEASE THUMBS UP IF THIS INTERESTS YOU SO THEY RESPOND!!)
James Shead
James Shead - 10 years ago
where is this filmed?
Mack Avila
Mack Avila - 10 years ago
where was that first clip at that wave looks sooo good
ASTELECT - 10 years ago
would the normal helmet mount work or does it need to be the vented?
Tall Tee
Tall Tee - 10 years ago
Ian Myers
Ian Myers - 10 years ago
i honestly watch this video everyday before i surf
itay shalit
itay shalit - 10 years ago
what faces !! but man thats awssam:)
Spencer Haight
Spencer Haight - 10 years ago
Lol i couldnt stop moving my head
Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson - 10 years ago
bad music
dontdareforget123 - 10 years ago
@kdengs its called switching to 720p on the video...
Kellen Dengler
Kellen Dengler - 10 years ago
How are you going to market a HD camera when the majority of the video is in standard definition? #FAIL
TheStrayHotdog - 10 years ago
Hey, es México xD, saludos desde Michoacán
Depression Cherry
Depression Cherry - 11 years ago
dam he was in the tube!
Kaimana Takayama
Kaimana Takayama - 11 years ago
wow looks fun
teto191919 - 11 years ago
@bmxdood11 i used a head strap that i tied to my wet suit. it worked but i am going to mount it to a helmet.
Amour Dix Mille
Amour Dix Mille - 11 years ago
Bonne vue ;)
okboy100 - 11 years ago
@kirchhoff1814 LOL
Jessie crauss
Jessie crauss - 11 years ago
1:18 was scary as shit!
Sebastian Jones
Sebastian Jones - 11 years ago
were were you m8 that was nice was it like a 4-5 footer
2002TouringMOE - 11 years ago
I recently purchased a motorsports GoPro HD but I also want to use it for surfing and for fliming from my sailboat. I know you recommend Gath but the black helmet at 4:15 seems like a standard skateboard helmet, what would you recommend to attach it to that?
Random4021 - 11 years ago
4:04 your welcome
bmxdood11 - 11 years ago
@GoProCamera if your only going to use the headstrap in 1-3 or 4 ft surf, not hollow?
nyazzie - 11 years ago
killer editing!
Bruno G
Bruno G - 11 years ago
@GoProCamera what do I need to use in the water with a helmet?
bmxdood11 - 11 years ago
0:01 - 0:34 is he using the head strap mount? if not, can that be used for surfing?
jake marker
jake marker - 11 years ago
thats so badass,
Philip Perdue
Philip Perdue - 11 years ago
dude where is this??
XxMrPerfectPRxX - 11 years ago
@xxcerberusx they are doing that on purpose.. they are taking deep breaths just in case if they fall, they have air to stay under water...
Jake Bauerfeld
Jake Bauerfeld - 11 years ago
whats that song called
Cerberus - 11 years ago
i loled so hard at that guys facial expressions xDDD example? >>> 1:44 1:46 3:12 4:30 jeez theres too much xD
Arvak777 - 11 years ago
the beach-to-pool transition turned my brain into a hot mess.
Mike Amey
Mike Amey - 11 years ago
where is this?
Skyler Lydic
Skyler Lydic - 11 years ago
im so jealous of all these waves
Arvak777 - 11 years ago
Wish i could learn how to surf. Oh and that's a really nice beach.
Andre Corrosivo
Andre Corrosivo - 11 years ago
bmxdood11 - 11 years ago
Was the first shot of this video the head strap?
Dean Garrido
Dean Garrido - 11 years ago
Where is that guy surfing
theyellowk123 - 11 years ago
@GoProCamera does an HD SD card make a differnce?
Indioma - 11 years ago
1:44 badass
devonkapler1 - 11 years ago
@GoProCamera Thanks man! All these guys are amazing! I want to pick myself up a gopro cam...
afaf sffa
afaf sffa - 11 years ago
cool :)
intheshitter - 11 years ago
@GoProCamera A slow SDcard can also contribute to a "lagging" video.
Jon Jensen
Jon Jensen - 11 years ago
@GoProCamera yeah man i just got mine in the mail ill put up some quick test vids some time here! i though i got the HD but only got the wide np tho il just get the HD some other time haha.
Michiel Rijnkels
Michiel Rijnkels - 11 years ago
million times respect for the guys!
kc_kirchh - 11 years ago
4:04 dooood. nice beach housee. :O
mac davis
mac davis - 11 years ago
awesome! i just bought a gopro hero hd and can't wait to start uploading videos from it!
Un tal Andreé
Un tal Andreé - 11 years ago
min 2:29 genial!!!
Jon Jensen
Jon Jensen - 11 years ago
do the surf HERO cams have the same mounts as the Helmet HERO Wides do bucause i want a water proof cam but need to mount it to a helmet
OCRAMcontonho1 - 11 years ago
SHOW!! the best..the best!!
Rodolfo Ribas
Rodolfo Ribas - 11 years ago
Yeah, 2:33 carry me! :)
lambielennox - 11 years ago
bubblerings - 11 years ago
Can you guys offer a flat lens for an additional charge... to make these things a great underwater vid cam, too??? Some people are posting repairs, that greatly improve focus underwater. I will soon get one or two of these to shoot whale footage, but would rather get the right lens from you. Thanks, -Scott (Maui, now planning Tonga whale trip)
imthe619er - 11 years ago
on the first wave, was the camera on a head mount?
kush8978 - 11 years ago
Wow, just wow, I love the first person perspectives
joedvs1 - 11 years ago
the facial expressions are the best!
jake gerhardt
jake gerhardt - 11 years ago
anybody know why my brand new go pro is lagging?
devonkapler1 - 11 years ago
Who's the surfer at 1:30 into this?
Doggieman1111 - 11 years ago
Michiel Rijnkels
Michiel Rijnkels - 11 years ago
Who are those guys and were do they film this,amazing waves???
Bruno Clarke
Bruno Clarke - 11 years ago
How is the guy at the very start attaching it to his head? Is he wearing a surf helemet and using a GoPro fixture on it?
Casey C
Casey C - 11 years ago
@johnwaring1995 it's the helmet cam. He's using a helmet mount. GoPro did an interview with the surfer in that portion. His name is Gabriel Villaran
Sigma Octantis
Sigma Octantis - 11 years ago
4:04 bouncy bouncy
Al Souljah
Al Souljah - 11 years ago
Awesome !!
Doug DeSimone
Doug DeSimone - 11 years ago
i like the guys face from 2:12 to 2:20
musiKBeing - 11 years ago
isn't surfing at sunshine priceless? omg
Tory Knoepfel
Tory Knoepfel - 11 years ago
Wow, great vid! Love it.
SouthJerseyMatt - 11 years ago
Hey Guys, check out my GOPRO HD Bike and Boxer Dog Vid
john waring
john waring - 11 years ago
hey what are they using for that first shot, is it a helmet camera or chest or what?
Meikel Neit
Meikel Neit - 11 years ago
Thats so cool...if the time comes I will bye one
iambeccafran - 11 years ago
awesome-ness.... best surf footage like EVER... im so sold LOL! i want one LOL!
pencilbooktv - 11 years ago
shauen das pferd!
The Truth Beyond
The Truth Beyond - 11 years ago
I think I'm addicted to HD. It's taken over my life lol
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez - 11 years ago
i love this video
Justin Crespo
Justin Crespo - 11 years ago
can it mount on my bodyboard?
Eddie Nolan
Eddie Nolan - 11 years ago
4.00 minutes look at them go
surfcompilot - 11 years ago
sweet vid!!!!
toyomore - 11 years ago
just like in the video!
jose castellanos
jose castellanos - 11 years ago
no sirbe porque note puedes gravar ati mismo
Ben Stagg
Ben Stagg - 11 years ago
agreed the floater does look mad
galwaybooger - 11 years ago
some seriously intense facials in there!
Poyito - 11 years ago
milkmandan77 - 11 years ago
at 4:04 .. boing! boing! boing! YES!!!
TWISTEDRIFTER - 11 years ago
whos that first surfer and where is it? looks like kirra bt im guessing its in US
Justintime77 - 11 years ago
Sick VID!
Samuel Gomes
Samuel Gomes - 11 years ago
best surf video ever!
ILikeTurtles - 11 years ago
these HD cameras are sick everyone should have one
luis chial
luis chial - 11 years ago
Awesome waves...
sclogse1 - 11 years ago
This needs some good music.. Paula Morelenbaum, for instance.
Oran Donohue
Oran Donohue - 11 years ago
Is this software, or something, or are they advertising the camera?
Tincholimonada - 11 years ago
estoy deacuerdo, y de muchos deportes mas!!!
Andrés del Campo IV
Andrés del Campo IV - 11 years ago
4:15 wtf xD
Adam Maddox
Adam Maddox - 11 years ago
why cant i have those waves?
Mrdonkeycock - 11 years ago
The first wave is so sick.
GarethMuggins - 11 years ago
How the fuck does he get out at 1:08. amazing!
canadasb1 - 11 years ago
amazing... i wish i can get barrled all day and mess with that camera..
River Randle
River Randle - 11 years ago
what board is he riding in the beginning?
J Poich
J Poich - 11 years ago
Where is this wave? Please
ketawa08 - 11 years ago
1:26 awesome!
chamoruz - 11 years ago
..nice idea but my housing leaked first time i used it and it wasn't deep! No luck trying to get a real person at their phone number Hope it still works after i dry it out. Anyone know it they have replacement seal kits for this thing?
DivineBetrayal - 11 years ago
Kaula P
Kaula P - 11 years ago
hows his expression
William Begin
William Begin - 11 years ago
A song please
Thalia Patxot
Thalia Patxot - 11 years ago
kouznetsov - 11 years ago
awesome!! takes you right there!!
Zane Mountcastle
Zane Mountcastle - 12 years ago
what type of mount is this...helmet???
offshore911 - 12 years ago
this vid is amazing!!! im gonna buy this cam next month...i cant wait anymore ;)
Evan Archer
Evan Archer - 12 years ago
is the camera mount for a surfboard permanent once you put it on??
Joe Kuta
Joe Kuta - 12 years ago
video is great, . . . , wish teh cam were compact like CountourHD
curlcurllocal - 12 years ago
Ok so your viral advertising is working, I just bought one! I hope my footage comes up as good as this.
Alex Maldonado
Alex Maldonado - 12 years ago
dude with long hair looks like a skinny jack black
8cuttlefish8 - 12 years ago
Lol! U always manage to surprise me :D. I think im gonna get one of these go pro HD cameras too :D.
808yewtube - 12 years ago
heheh..look who's here!
8cuttlefish8 - 12 years ago
Now that was cool!

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