GoPro Surf: Inside the Legendary Barrels of Namibia

The term "we scored waves" in the surfing world gets thrown around quite a bit. Judging from this content of Koa and Alex Smith, Koa Rothman, Benji Brand and Anthony Walsh, they can say it with conviction. Sit back and enjoy the legendary barrels of Namibia and get tubed even if you're getting cubed. Shot 100% on the HERO4® cameras from ‪ Get stoked and subscribe: Music William Ryan Fritch: "Empty on Impact II" "A Slow Burn" "Cataclysm" "Chaparral" For more from GoPro, follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Pinterest: Inside Line: GoPro:

GoPro Surf: Inside the Legendary Barrels of Namibia sentiment_very_dissatisfied 187

Surf 4 years ago 773,267 views

The term "we scored waves" in the surfing world gets thrown around quite a bit. Judging from this content of Koa and Alex Smith, Koa Rothman, Benji Brand and Anthony Walsh, they can say it with conviction. Sit back and enjoy the legendary barrels of Namibia and get tubed even if you're getting cubed. Shot 100% on the HERO4® cameras from ‪ Get stoked and subscribe: Music William Ryan Fritch: "Empty on Impact II" "A Slow Burn" "Cataclysm" "Chaparral" For more from GoPro, follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Pinterest: Inside Line: GoPro:

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for GoPro Surf: Inside the Legendary Barrels of Namibia

Meji Buxy
Meji Buxy - 3 years ago
Q wapo el vídeo
Naffis Putri Cantik
Naffis Putri Cantik - 3 years ago
love bali to INDONESIA
Ripgothax - 3 years ago
So dope
issytunes - 3 years ago
This is the greatest
Balint Hambalko
Balint Hambalko - 3 years ago
Best gopro surf video,ever saw,POW is sickk
S Mac
S Mac - 3 years ago
That ride at 8:27 to 10:26 rocked.
S Mac
S Mac - 3 years ago
The thing swallows him, The end. Was it me or does the wave get a little bigger as he goes?
Carlos Diego Feijó de Mesquita
Carlos Diego Feijó de Mesquita - 3 years ago
tmb quero essas ondas no futuro pra nós tomos...irmãos
Anderson Cruzato
Anderson Cruzato - 3 years ago
Spaghetti Monster
Spaghetti Monster - 3 years ago
That was moving as fuck. I could watch this shit all day.

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Eric Clarke
Eric Clarke - 3 years ago
Yes I have lived in Namibia all my live
Afroz zehra Sk
Afroz zehra Sk - 3 years ago
Woow yrr superb
Karpple - 3 years ago
Very Nice!
Sevedgebrozzs 1
Sevedgebrozzs 1 - 3 years ago
karine andre
karine andre - 3 years ago
Merci mille fois j’adore la mer et j’aurai rêver faire du surf, grâce à vous je l’ai un peu fait et c’est beaucoup quand on ne peut plus, donc merci merci mercu
Ryan Verner
Ryan Verner - 3 years ago
Jbyrd - 3 years ago
Man this wave left tears in my eyes. Sick. thanks for the footage
phu cue
phu cue - 3 years ago
Those waves are Draining along that sandbar ! Epic wave !
Adhira Permana
Adhira Permana - 3 years ago
Aliveboysvlogs - 3 years ago
love nambia such an awesome country

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Aliveboysvlogs - 3 years ago
ypu arw so ggwwood
Bicentennial Nagger
Bicentennial Nagger - 3 years ago
Longest tube ever!!
Bicentennial Nagger
Bicentennial Nagger - 3 years ago
You just...drop in...(Wposh!)... and then just get pi-i-itted...
Gabriela Torres Decker
Gabriela Torres Decker - 3 years ago
Espresso - 3 years ago
Nd ya just drop in and smack the lips- hUAPAH- drop down.. sme-BAUGHAUGH...
vrandykortonvq - 3 years ago
What accessory do they use to hold the camera in their mouth?
Fernando Casado
Fernando Casado - 3 years ago
Dont fking scare the flamingos
Curlcurl Allstars
Curlcurl Allstars - 3 years ago
That last section with Anthony Walsh was the sickest thing I've seen this year.
It's a goofy footers dream wave. I'd like to see someone surf this backside.
Josh Williams
Josh Williams - 3 years ago
Why do white guys surf? Because they can't beat black guys at anything else! LOL
Raffael Rueckert
Raffael Rueckert - 3 years ago
Except building civilizations of course. Pretty shitty comment Josh.
cool film!
have a great day :D

30. comment for GoPro Surf: Inside the Legendary Barrels of Namibia

Romy Kballero
Romy Kballero - 3 years ago
Mike Rozof
Mike Rozof - 3 years ago
very nice tubes
José Luiz Machado
José Luiz Machado - 3 years ago
Que onda a ultima,,,,,
Ec3 ZA
Ec3 ZA - 4 years ago
Beyond insane....
Tim Finnegan
Tim Finnegan - 4 years ago
Does this spot have a name or a lat/long
Kekoa Collective
Kekoa Collective - 4 years ago
Still a white belt, but got my second stripe on my surfing "belt". Hahah! Goals here, thanks for sharing, and aloha from Hawaii.
Will Fitz
Will Fitz - 4 years ago
Awesome vid!
HZ_7 Savage
HZ_7 Savage - 4 years ago
Am I the only one wondering that these people get lost cause they on for a long time..
Sean Dunn
Sean Dunn - 4 years ago
There are two Koa's in your group, that seems like a lot.
Stephen Michalski
Stephen Michalski - 4 years ago
Too cold...
Stephen Michalski
Stephen Michalski - 4 years ago
Skeleton bay
EPIX PEOGAMER FANZ - 4 years ago
2:43 are those sharks
dinofrancelli - 4 years ago
Hermoso,,unico,, antes de dejar este universo quisiera hacer algo asi por ultima vez!!
tankimarkgraaf - 4 years ago
Well now I got a goal in life
Zomballfish 07
Zomballfish 07 - 4 years ago
01:22 WOW that was cool
Rosyn Rosa
Rosyn Rosa - 4 years ago
Thank you, love it , soooo beautiful
Bno's world of Road&Track videos
Bno's world of Road&Track videos - 4 years ago
Love this, except the part with the birds, stressing a large flock (by frightening them into flight)of wild birds for entertainment or marketing is likely not a good idea, and as a gopro drone owner I can say this, not good karma. Not trying to be whiny. Just saying something to think about.
Alex Fernandez
Alex Fernandez - 4 years ago
I can't stop watching this. It's too amazing.
Mitch cook
Mitch cook - 4 years ago
what is life

50. comment for GoPro Surf: Inside the Legendary Barrels of Namibia

Mitch cook
Mitch cook - 4 years ago
that racecar barrel though :\
GGG GAMER - 4 years ago
It would be pretty hard to surf if you weren't goofy.
D E - 4 years ago
Yeah, if it were a right, damn!!!
[ ErenBa59 ]
[ ErenBa59 ] - 4 years ago
0:47 is that alex smith from kendama usa?
RosieGirlCat - 4 years ago
How did u do that
Kaike player
Kaike player - 4 years ago
meu sonho é aprender a surfa
Vijay Shanmugamany
Vijay Shanmugamany - 4 years ago
Wow, thanks for making that guys. it was amazing. You let me experience something I would never have experienced otherwise.
Matt Rousselle
Matt Rousselle - 4 years ago
9:30 ...such an ethereal moment
Travis Travis
Travis Travis - 4 years ago
MagicPandaGaming - 4 years ago
Arindam Ghosal
Arindam Ghosal - 4 years ago
The best surfing video ever seen..
Brohrbax Game
Brohrbax Game - 4 years ago
Which part of the coast is this at? Im a Namibian
Linkweb Star
Linkweb Star - 4 years ago
Brohrbax Game you have to go past the salt works at the end of the lagoon and then follow the beach towards Pelican Point lighthouse. Donkey Bay is about 4 or 5 kays from the lighthouse. Good luck
Linkweb Star
Linkweb Star - 4 years ago
Walvisbay dude. We call the spot Donkey Bay but seems the world has christened it Skeleton Bay.
Brohrbax Game
Brohrbax Game - 4 years ago
Which part of the coast is this at? Im a Namibian
Zebulon B
Zebulon B - 4 years ago
Dark green water = big animals below
Mandala Music Experiment
Mandala Music Experiment - 4 years ago
This is very captivating, this feels like being entirely free from your self for a few seconds.
sexgodthunder - 4 years ago
thats a really good wave not a dubble quadrupple barrle the wave has to completely stop and go behind you but it was the ultimute barrle averelle sarrle quadtupple it was sick and a shark bit off the balls and your still walking thats deditication for good surf videos someone would sponsor you repreation for balls the board wasnt supportive you sunk in water who controlled that surf anyways thats what i wanted to see
Scot Fennell
Scot Fennell - 4 years ago
And NOT one shot of the wave!!!! LAME!
Yann Hartel
Yann Hartel - 4 years ago
How To get there? Wnna go there n surf it
umchanmademedoit - 4 years ago
yes its a left cuz lord love a lefty
J.A.L - 4 years ago
D los mejores vídeos q he visto felicidades al editor
spacep0d - 4 years ago
Such perfect waves here.
Robert Glover
Robert Glover - 4 years ago
My town man. Walvis Bay.
Francis Poral
Francis Poral - 4 years ago
O Burd
O Burd - 4 years ago
Most beautiful surfing video i have ever watched
Gil Binyamin
Gil Binyamin - 4 years ago
Unreal. Hope to live to ride it. N the meen time, paying too many x wifes.
Tiger H. Lore
Tiger H. Lore - 4 years ago
Those waves literally don't end.
Manuel De La Cruz Celedon
Manuel De La Cruz Celedon - 4 years ago
The music is amazing, what are the tracks called?
Gangsta Loaded Eret lool yůr face
Gangsta Loaded Eret lool yůr face - 4 years ago
Hello There
Hello There - 4 years ago
Surfer: Ok time to go
Wave: Nope!
owentheking 5
owentheking 5 - 4 years ago
dude 11:34 was funny af
Daeva83B - 4 years ago
your scream at 10:25... loved it :)

A genuine, half freaked, super psyched being alive scream :)

Jealous! :)
Tyler Hunter
Tyler Hunter - 4 years ago
it takes 1 wrong move, then your on the road to drowning.
R DaFoe
R DaFoe - 4 years ago
Lefts for years
Gent Bar
Gent Bar - 4 years ago
editing mistake. thumbs down
Surftons official
Surftons official - 4 years ago
Hi guys, we are surftons, a band that inspired by the surf culture. Please have a visit to our channel and listen to our new song, Thank you very much. Have a good times everyone!
hr1100 - 4 years ago
Just about perfect clip. Admirations.
silversurfers7 - 4 years ago
...Perfect, all I can say is, .....perfect! Let me explain, there is no other way to live.
Gina Griffith
Gina Griffith - 4 years ago
this is one of the sickest edits
Prolific - 4 years ago
OMG.. I'm here again. Totally epic barells! Epic in more ways than one. Inspirational!
ManuelExtreme88 Clash
ManuelExtreme88 Clash - 4 years ago
i love this video
Jada Styles
Jada Styles - 4 years ago
I'd pay money for barrels like that
Spartangaming15 - 4 years ago
The music mixed very well with the vid comment if you agree
Andrew Novak
Andrew Novak - 3 years ago
Spartangaming15 Yes it did.
God is my judge
God is my judge - 4 years ago
those barrels were fuckin endless
TEAM6USA - 4 years ago
blehh853 - 4 years ago
this is so amazing! its mesmerizing !!
Dan - 4 years ago
sooo juicy
EastSideGamingTV - 4 years ago
Ever seen something so beautiful you just wanted to cry? Well I have this video is greatness!!❤️
Arthur Landon
Arthur Landon - 4 years ago
What an incredible video.
Jackie B.
Jackie B. - 4 years ago
I gotta go to the beach right now. I wanna learn how to surf so badly!!! but I don't know how to swim lol
Connie Chong
Connie Chong - 4 years ago
Jackie B. take lessons at your local pool.
Hurly Burly
Hurly Burly - 4 years ago
Jackie B. I've been feeling the same for a couple of months now.
Falk M
Falk M - 4 years ago
How many miles did you swim out for these waves?
Dude - 4 years ago
Doing this while having sex and eating a sandwich. The epitome of bliss

100. comment for GoPro Surf: Inside the Legendary Barrels of Namibia

Kekoa Kawakami
Kekoa Kawakami - 4 years ago
Gorgeous... I'm so jealous it hurts
Matthieu Pellissier
Matthieu Pellissier - 4 years ago
You Koa Alex Benji Anthony don(t give a shit of annoying birds with your drones, polluting with your giant 4 wheel drive because you have money or because you need to put on your tube selling pictures for Gopro or just because your are the owners of this planet ? Do you even have a brain t ask you the question ?
nagasako7 - 4 years ago
Dirty water = sharks

Not a great idea
RTWH - 4 years ago
WoW incredible
right wing conservative stunt bums 77
right wing conservative stunt bums 77 - 4 years ago
Anthony Walsh? related to pro snowboarder Devon walsh?
IcybØ :D
IcybØ :D - 4 years ago
I tough the persons were sharks from far away
mancalledclay - 4 years ago
it would take A GIRL to sit on her ass and laugh like a queen....oh shit so amazing.
Advanced Civilisation47
Advanced Civilisation47 - 4 years ago
This is what our lives can be if we ditch the monetary system, we live in a paradise that is controlled by money. Do you think aliens have money?
EarlyLove2014 - 4 years ago
Whoa ahhhh ..!
Johnny Jocks
Johnny Jocks - 4 years ago
Of coarse Bianca had the shortest rides. SHES A WOMEN
Andrew Novak
Andrew Novak - 3 years ago
Johnny Jocks WOMAN
Brian G
Brian G - 4 years ago
Why would anybody hit the not like button? This was one of the better vids I've seen in some time.
ZeneX-MasteR - 4 years ago
did not know that there is waves xD but Looks so smooth, there is so Many spots on cost line of Africa to surf that no one nows of
james baker
james baker - 4 years ago
Thanks man,made me feel like I was getting barreled again!!!
Tyler Dennis
Tyler Dennis - 4 years ago
my nut sack has seen more action then them surfers
john Aldrin's
john Aldrin's - 4 years ago
0:6 perfect spot for flatland skimboard....
D.Y Productions
D.Y Productions - 4 years ago
10:21 got me tho loool
boutineau louis
boutineau louis - 4 years ago
7:28 ! In the spit ...huge!
Umberto Cardona
Umberto Cardona - 4 years ago
One of the greatest vídeos I have ever seen
符佳良 - 4 years ago
the flying DJI drone haha
Freeman - 4 years ago
Barry Martasian
Barry Martasian - 4 years ago
Wow! And wow again! One thing I know for certain after reading these dumb comments is that this movie is not about white sharks, Namibia or even GoPro cameras. It is about the joy of surfing and the joy of being locked in the tube. Well done and I will watch over and over and feel the ocean wrap her arms around me. Listen to the joy of Alex Smith as he rides across that beautiful face. That is what surfing is all about.

One Question I have is, why is Bianca Buitenda not mentioned anywhere in the credits or the YouTube discription? She surfs in the movie and her name appears before her ride. This omission just supports the notion that surfing is a male sport which is so far from the truth.
Kyle Rusk
Kyle Rusk - 4 years ago
Best footage in awhile I've seen. I like when he crashes and keeps rolling
22 A Day No Way
22 A Day No Way - 4 years ago
Watch. 22adaynoway
Gonçalo Gomes
Gonçalo Gomes - 4 years ago
Vesion - 4 years ago
Namibian reping here cuz
Ethan - 4 years ago
From far the best surf video i've ever seen, it just gives me envy to stop everything and to surf all my life..
Robert Walters
Robert Walters - 4 years ago
was in Angola in '82, just north of Namibia, you just gotta watch out for sharks !!!
albatored - 4 years ago
la vague de Walsh elle est bien gueudin...
Chris Brunskill
Chris Brunskill - 4 years ago
world record sit-down tube ride?
julian mesias gutierrez
julian mesias gutierrez - 4 years ago
wow lo que daria por esto ;)
Jerry Whaanga
Jerry Whaanga - 4 years ago
farrrkken wunkers.hahaha
Jeffrey De La Cruz
Jeffrey De La Cruz - 4 years ago
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson - 4 years ago
Dang man that's amazing you can feel the thrill and excitement these surfers go through great video!
BTC ProTrader
BTC ProTrader - 4 years ago
unending barrels. definitely a number on my bucket list :D
chat bass
chat bass - 4 years ago
That. Was. Epic.
P V - 4 years ago
omg the last selfie stick shot was sooooo nice done
Ben Hoffman
Ben Hoffman - 4 years ago
Just beautiful.
Eric Chen
Eric Chen - 4 years ago
8:40 or so is the "unable to view" default photo in Capture
Fausto Leto
Fausto Leto - 4 years ago
For those that are wondering that is just south of Walvis Bay I believe
Fausto Leto
Fausto Leto - 4 years ago
Namibians Unite
Prolific - 4 years ago
Epic. I might just venture to Namibia and lock into these naturally wondrous barrels!
Ashley Korona
Ashley Korona - 4 years ago
This is probably one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen
The California Natives
The California Natives - 4 years ago
Cele fuser
Cele fuser - 4 years ago
As someone who is riding goofy, this is soooo satisfying to watch!!! Great music choice aswell! Love it!
Jacques Blaauw
Jacques Blaauw - 4 years ago
where in NAM is this??
Smeedge - 4 years ago
These have to be some of the longest barrels in the world!
Anon TV
Anon TV - 4 years ago
Ахуенная камера
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith - 4 years ago
cool vid but super corny philosophy, sheesh, lighten up, just show us the videos and quite trying to attach your stink to us
AT Balakay
AT Balakay - 4 years ago
There was once a human who was the first person to ride a barrel like this. He must have really felt alive.
Nephila Edulis
Nephila Edulis - 4 years ago
I would totally do that

If I could surf that is...
the truth behold dead.
the truth behold dead. - 4 years ago
Lovro Komesar
Lovro Komesar - 4 years ago
Just wow.
ph0kused - 4 years ago
h e a v e n
Ho Stevie!
Ho Stevie! - 4 years ago
Jayesh Relwani
Jayesh Relwani - 4 years ago
you should take a look to my channel for some awesome gopro vídeos.You won't regret it!
Laurenz T.
Laurenz T. - 4 years ago
Like, if you was in Namibia!
Francois Olwage
Francois Olwage - 4 years ago
1st I need to learn to surf
2nd I need to go back to Namibia
3rd Please subscribe to my channel
Life is not just about the journey, it's about making the journey an adventure.
Medved - 4 years ago
Nice :)
Distinguished Master Bike
Distinguished Master Bike - 4 years ago
good good good
Surf Mediterráneo
Surf Mediterráneo - 4 years ago
increible, olas perfectas pd
FartInYourFace234 - 4 years ago
water look nasty
Chief Keef
Chief Keef - 4 years ago
FartInYourFace234 there's this thing called sand
alba - 4 years ago
riding the barrel of a namibia i classify you guys as bullets of the sea <3
FOXT nuTss
FOXT nuTss - 4 years ago
holy shit. im from Namibia wtf XD
KatzWitch - 4 years ago
I love these vids but the only thing i dislike is that it makes you feel like you're living a shitty life compared to them
Trevor - 4 years ago
Then hire a fuckin bomb ass adventure travel agent such as myself to send you somewhere cheap or just help you move there.
Mish Jelly
Mish Jelly - 4 years ago
+Darth Vader same. i'm running out of time
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 4 years ago
KatzWitch this is the exact same thing i feel. when i watch this i come to myself and think that i should enjoy life more and that i want to see more of this beatifull planet
Tina - 4 years ago
I've been there, its so amazing!!!! Can't wait to go back
San Diego POV
San Diego POV - 4 years ago
Ethan - 4 years ago
This video is a masterpiece
Linkophere - 4 years ago
Ive never felt so nervous and nauseated from a video before. Used to think i wanted learn surfing but now im never picking it up
MaeLsTRom - 4 years ago
ikr :/
Sithichok9 - 4 years ago
Very Nice Job!
max morgan
max morgan - 4 years ago
wow what a beautiful place to surf i learning to surf my self can to get better and use a gopro to recond me hitting the waves what a spot what a beautiful country
wordupmag - 4 years ago
Артем Толмачев
Артем Толмачев - 4 years ago
тачила космос
sai srikar
sai srikar - 4 years ago
@william Ryan Fritch great fan of yours, your BGM made this video extra special
Liam Hardman
Liam Hardman - 4 years ago
Amazing video!
Anthony Ward
Anthony Ward - 4 years ago
proper awkward high 5 attempt at 1:10
Pj Loughlin
Pj Loughlin - 4 years ago
#1 Backside bucket list.
James Ferrell
James Ferrell - 4 years ago
So sick
Romain SHIKAMARU - 4 years ago
DiapazonRAY Gaming
DiapazonRAY Gaming - 4 years ago
Guys! First soundtrack please.
Ballet girl
Ballet girl - 4 years ago
Koa Rothman is hot.... just sayin
Freecoder Mixs
Freecoder Mixs - 4 years ago
Gopro hero 5 black use in this video ?
Peekmeister - 4 years ago
Just fascinating
XVII Production
XVII Production - 4 years ago
Recorded video with the Nokia 3310

sound track composed Music2000, the playstation 1 game

Special thanks


This comment does not make sense, like your life, shame on you.

Get away from the yellow line
Dunno, I went crazy
Sreekumar Achary
Sreekumar Achary - 4 years ago
Math GoPro
Math GoPro - 4 years ago
This was amazing
J B - 4 years ago
re model the karma and make it more steady censors don't let it have a mind of its own and make it have a follow me modes so just try to make it better than the mavic and phantom 4 pro
Сын Младчый
Сын Младчый - 4 years ago
слава Україні
ModsTuber !
ModsTuber ! - 4 years ago
this wave is just like 1 mile long tho !
Bakerman is Bakin Bread
Bakerman is Bakin Bread - 4 years ago
Tubular, dude

Also the girl's name is Buitendag which means "day outside" in Dutch. Talk about living up to your name.
Chief Keef
Chief Keef - 4 years ago
Bakerman is Bakin Bread outside day
Василий Беляев
Василий Беляев - 4 years ago
Wurfles - 4 years ago
My fave surfing vid by far!!
ThinkLikeMo - 4 years ago
Thinklikemo . The one and only
Ikaika Solomon
Ikaika Solomon - 4 years ago
watched this on the shitter and now my leg and mind is numb... bravo go pro
Abaid Ullah
Abaid Ullah - 4 years ago
charleschannel - 4 years ago
the gamer
the gamer - 4 years ago
Mds eu tenho q parar de assistir esses vídeos, eles me dão cada vez mais vontade de surfar, mas nada ajuda jkkkk moro a 1:30 do litoral e Nn tenho prancha
MLB Films
MLB Films - 4 years ago
HEY EVERYONE! I make action based mini movies filmed with GoPro and I recently got a Karma! Check out the sir if you'd like :) Have a good day! :D
Mehdi Mirian
Mehdi Mirian - 4 years ago
MLB Films If you can please check out my channel and let me know what you think!
Mikayla Malchione
Mikayla Malchione - 4 years ago
Arturo Quiroz
Arturo Quiroz - 4 years ago
SUP richie
SUP richie - 4 years ago
it's like going Queens Left in Waikiki.
Alex - 4 years ago
Very cool
Hudotn 7 vlogs
Hudotn 7 vlogs - 4 years ago
Davi Motta
Davi Motta - 4 years ago
Scott Bauer
Scott Bauer - 4 years ago
excellent question I was wondering the same thing....I didn't realize gimbals were water proof!
Laurin Keul
Laurin Keul - 4 years ago
Those are some serious surfer bois
Tarek Abuaita
Tarek Abuaita - 4 years ago
awesome dudes
Redview - 4 years ago
Nice editing should've added some talking in by the surfers about how they feel and stuff.
David TMB
David TMB - 4 years ago
Silverlit Studios
Silverlit Studios - 4 years ago
TheLegend27 yep, well, not quite!!
Michael Kerr
Michael Kerr - 4 years ago
some dank pipage! shaka brah`s!
FlmxFilms - 4 years ago
YouTubers check out my weekly GoPro videos and subscribe I'll subscribe back :)
Devon - 4 years ago
I need to go back! and this time hit the water!
Joseph Carter
Joseph Carter - 4 years ago
the sit down barrel shot was mind blowing
Capt. Shane
Capt. Shane - 4 years ago
That was just amazing!
Irfan Nabil
Irfan Nabil - 4 years ago
One of the best leg roast from GoPro
Benji Brookes
Benji Brookes - 4 years ago
one of the best surfing videos I've ever seen on the gopro channel
Chase Vendley
Chase Vendley - 4 years ago
Santi Maz
Santi Maz - 4 years ago
Better than the kelly slater wavess
Seth Le Breton
Seth Le Breton - 3 years ago
The only difference is that Kelly's are more smoother
SebaSenpai •
SebaSenpai • - 4 years ago
Its overhead so yea
Zek Gonzalez
Zek Gonzalez - 4 years ago
Unai Imatz
Unai Imatz - 4 years ago
I'm surprised to see that many people in the water
Julian Nel
Julian Nel - 4 years ago
Unai Imatz Its normal after our wave became famous....people wanted to surf the wave because it breaks for 2km
Sly - 4 years ago
Wow ain't there a ton of sharks in Namibia ? Wouldn't even dare going in the water.
Kenny T
Kenny T - 4 years ago
What editing software do you use
Mateusz Borkowski
Mateusz Borkowski - 4 years ago
ryvuhl - 4 years ago
yeeee brah
Roam Free
Roam Free - 4 years ago
Master piece film GoPro.
Stunning footage
Roam Free
Roam Free - 4 years ago
Master piece film GoPro.
Stunning footage
Attaphon - 4 years ago
ClockworkFPV - 4 years ago
that water looks nasty
Travel&Shoot [Ранее BessTV - GoPro]
Travel&Shoot [Ранее BessTV - GoPro] - 4 years ago
Martijn Baudoin
Martijn Baudoin - 4 years ago
@gopro, you think those birds like it too? Another spot on Your repotation......
pedrokz - 4 years ago
This guys are crazy, this area is great white shark infested!
Theron Nelson
Theron Nelson - 4 years ago
pedrokz yes indeed
Sharky MPE
Sharky MPE - 4 years ago
Robo Junkii, I've heard that falling coconuts kill even more people than sharks. COCONUTS!
Anina Brand
Anina Brand - 4 years ago
no great whites..only bronze whalers
Robo Junkii
Robo Junkii - 4 years ago
It's not infested. They live there. In fact, cows kill more people than sharks. It's just a small precaution surfers have to take.
Gregg Smith
Gregg Smith - 4 years ago
Keagan, if i were you, i would promote that the place is infested, keep people away
Fausto Leto
Fausto Leto - 4 years ago
@pedrokz @Keagan Roubain Its not infested they are hardly any yes it's apparently on a "great white shark breading highway" but they are never seen by anyone I don't think all the fishermen I've talked to have seen maybe 1 total and pretty godamn far out.
pedrokz - 4 years ago
you're wrong pal.
Keagan Roubain
Keagan Roubain - 4 years ago
i live in namibia,,,,no great probably talking bout south africa..
pedrokz - 4 years ago
yeah endless barrels hahaha
J Smith
J Smith - 4 years ago
pedrokz yeah but the waves though lol
OMGodfrey - 4 years ago
Damn so dope
Noah Lyons
Noah Lyons - 4 years ago
If I wear my GoPro on my chest harness when I go surfing, is it likely to come off if I get wiped out or something?
MrFlyersfan28 - 4 years ago
Those waters have an eerie feeling that they house some dangerous animals
Chris Gruno
Chris Gruno - 4 years ago
The ocean is their world, not ours and we all have to accept that or go to your local pool. Besides, sharks suffer thousands of attacks by humans every day, mostly fatal.
Luka Amechi
Luka Amechi - 4 years ago
OG K - 4 years ago
You are correct, Florida has had 748 shark attacks since 1882, but the shark attacks in Florida are usually minor & by small sharks. But South Africa, NSW, Hawaii & Cali have shark attacks by Great Whites, Tigers & Bulls, and there's rarely a minor attack when it comes to those 3. I've surfed in Florida, Hawaii & live in SoCal & I'll surf Florida any day of the year over the rest. Cali has an estimated 3000 Great Whites off the coast, that's a lot of man eaters!
Luka Amechi
Luka Amechi - 4 years ago
florida is the sharkiest but that comes close
Surfer Boy
Surfer Boy - 4 years ago
MrFlyersfan28 Namibia is full of sharks sharkyest place on earth
Grey Kahoku
Grey Kahoku - 4 years ago
Robert Olin
Robert Olin - 4 years ago
The land was very dangerous in the days of sail. With the heavy surf it was possible for rowboats to land but impossible to leave, leaving sailors with no choice but to trek through the sand to their demise.
Luka Amechi
Luka Amechi - 4 years ago
try surf in ghana
OG K - 4 years ago
It's more dangerous to surf in Cali
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 4 years ago
Fausto Leto
Fausto Leto - 4 years ago
FOR FUCKS SAKE It's called the skeleton coast, if you're gonna say something then make sure you know what you're talking about also its called that because of all the ship wrecks littered along it, so the ships skeletons not human ones. They are also a large number of seal (fun fact: namibia has more seals than people) and whale bones all along it but trust me its called the skeleton coast because of the ship wrecks. sorry for shitty punctuation but you're acting like you know something when you have no clue.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 4 years ago
wow i never knew that!
Fausto Leto
Fausto Leto - 4 years ago
My point is they lurk around the far out at sea in front of major seal colonies. Even infant of the colonies its quite safe I have been kayaking there for some time now (they are even tours there).
Nephila Edulis
Nephila Edulis - 4 years ago
Fausto Leto but if the shark mistakes you for a seal it's gonna bite
Fausto Leto
Fausto Leto - 4 years ago
As a Namibian I'll tell you the sharks are more interested in the seal, they are more seals in Namibia than people.
Nephila Edulis
Nephila Edulis - 4 years ago
ph0kused but I think that the sharks are more interested in breeding than eating in those waters if they're e a breeding highway
ph0kused - 4 years ago
there are totally whites in namibia... the more people that surf it, someone will get hit one day - youll see... do some research ... namibia is on the great whites breeding highway
ph0kused - 4 years ago
just great biggie to most surfers, just a part of the game..some times you get taxed by the men in grey suits
Your Highness
Your Highness - 4 years ago
MrFlyersfan28 yellow colour looks like helgan
Cameron orban
Cameron orban - 4 years ago
+Mj Dus beast actually no sharks at all except for bronze whalers which dont even attack so there are actually no dangerous sharks
Mj Dus beast
Mj Dus beast - 4 years ago
MrFlyersfan28 full of sharks
Kaipo Fitisemanu
Kaipo Fitisemanu - 4 years ago
MrFlyersfan28 well it's called skeleton bay so probably haha
Andy Haumersen
Andy Haumersen - 4 years ago
This would be SUPER rad as a VR experience...
Айдар Искандаров
Айдар Искандаров - 4 years ago
Mark Twain
Mark Twain - 4 years ago
Михаил - 4 years ago
А-ху-еть , ахуеть
AAA GAMES - 4 years ago
I want to try the taste of like
Jukes Of Hazard
Jukes Of Hazard - 4 years ago
Just dropped a GoPro hockey video!! Let me know what you think :)))
Triple Threat
Triple Threat - 4 years ago
Jukes of Hazard LOVED IT!! Awesome video man
AlexBoyScout - 4 years ago
Well done guys, well done indeed.
James Hennessy
James Hennessy - 4 years ago
Untouched continent for surfing. Check my latest surf trip to Morocco on my channel. Just as amazing
Alan Xu
Alan Xu - 4 years ago
breath taking
ivi extreme
ivi extreme - 4 years ago
Ким Киселёв
Ким Киселёв - 4 years ago
very nice !!!
Fragmast - 4 years ago
this has to be the most satisfying thing ive seen this far... the waves are just so relaxing and the music choice is amazing...
Luke Brennan
Luke Brennan - 4 years ago
Holy shit they can set up camp in the barrel
Bass Boost Channel
Bass Boost Channel - 4 years ago
TheTravelingClatt - 4 years ago
Love Namibia such an awesome country.
Georgie Kittscha
Georgie Kittscha - 3 years ago
TheTravelingClatt I
Tony Allen
Tony Allen - 3 years ago
+Notapenguin skeleton bay
Fausto Leto
Fausto Leto - 4 years ago
The thing is I'm pretty sure I know where exactly in Namibia that is
Fausto Leto
Fausto Leto - 4 years ago
Flavio Martinetto
Flavio Martinetto - 4 years ago
the best place i've ever saw... ok maybe Yellowstone is better but Namibia is right back
Interspect - 4 years ago
TheTravelingClatt Ye I was just there
Pablo Blogs
Pablo Blogs - 4 years ago
TheTravelingClatt i was there last year.... it was friggin awesome man
Stephen Jandrell
Stephen Jandrell - 4 years ago
TheTravelingClatt it's an amazing place to live in
Gearhead Mcfly
Gearhead Mcfly - 4 years ago
dam straight
Alex gg
Alex gg - 4 years ago
go proooooo !! i love go pro
Odie709 - 4 years ago
Just wow!
Jay Parfitt2
Jay Parfitt2 - 4 years ago
this is really cool. I'm really enjoying gopro' s uploads
PAPPIN - 4 years ago
CeachY - 4 years ago
Go Pro Life
Go Pro Life - 4 years ago
Sub for go pro videos
HampeGames - 4 years ago
HampeGames - 4 years ago
21 comment
Fred792r - 4 years ago
love gopro
Vanny Vids
Vanny Vids - 4 years ago
ChickenHead Man
ChickenHead Man - 4 years ago
1. Saturated market. 2. Price undercutting by a whole lot of competitors. 3. Snags with Karma.

GoPro hasn't expanded their market beyond the hardcore athletes. Just look @GoPro's stock price and research whether GP is a "buy" or a "sell".

P.S. I live in San Mateo, California and I really want to support GP (I own a GP4 Black), but there are just too many action camera makers out there now.
Vanny Vids
Vanny Vids - 4 years ago
KidPersepolis yeah they work fine now, was a problem with the battery latch I think, but they've fixed it now
KidPersepolis - 4 years ago
Can you please tell me more? I figured with the new products and relaunch they are fine.
Vanny Vids
Vanny Vids - 4 years ago
ChickenHead Man I have a Phantom 3 but I also have a hero 5 black, the karma grip makes better than the mavic for me. Like and osmo and mavic in one.
ChickenHead Man
ChickenHead Man - 4 years ago
Sorry but I just bought the MAViC.
Go and buy the Karma but GoPro as a company is in dire straits. It may go under.
ClockworkFPV - 4 years ago
+taiiyla subbed to you
taiiyla - 4 years ago
Ultimatevapor918 Just subbed to you mate
ClockworkFPV - 4 years ago
+taiiyla yeah I just thought I would let everybody know that's all people like him get a lot of subscribers well people like me are struggling to pass 200
taiiyla - 4 years ago
Ultimatevapor918 Thats not cool! Ill unsub too
taiiyla - 4 years ago
Jeff Pratt subbed!
ClockworkFPV - 4 years ago
JerryFilms - 4 years ago
Jeff Pratt OMG YOUR VIDEOS ARE SO GOOD! I just spend the last 30 mins watching...teach me
Delta Collective
Delta Collective - 4 years ago
Jake Smith sweet I'll check out your stuff!
Delta Collective
Delta Collective - 4 years ago
JerryFilms awesome I did the same for you!
Jake Smith
Jake Smith - 4 years ago
Jeff Pratt yeah I do
JerryFilms - 4 years ago
Jeff Pratt I'll check out your channel and sub
JerryFilms - 4 years ago
Jeff Pratt MEEEEE
Delta Collective
Delta Collective - 4 years ago
Delta Collective
Delta Collective - 4 years ago
Delta Collective
Delta Collective - 4 years ago
Nein - 4 years ago
Jakob Garrecht ach wie toll dür dich
Simon Mikes
Simon Mikes - 4 years ago
Nice ! Like if u want more videos like this one !
Igor lel
Igor lel - 4 years ago
Blei Bohne
Blei Bohne - 4 years ago
Stevenage Monkeys21
Stevenage Monkeys21 - 4 years ago
CRAFTY ty - 4 years ago
Ben Julien
Ben Julien - 4 years ago
you made it brother
Mehdi Mirian
Mehdi Mirian - 4 years ago
BB IMPACT If you can please check out my channel and let me know what you think!
Aurelio Colombo
Aurelio Colombo - 4 years ago
KamBurger - 4 years ago
fk you
Tenente Oliveira Militar
Tenente Oliveira Militar - 4 years ago
BB IMPACT gugigi hoop baie dankie aan almal wat die meeste van die jaar die
Chase Tyson
Chase Tyson - 4 years ago
Maciejox PL
Maciejox PL - 4 years ago

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