Great White Shark Surprises Solitary Surfer

Great White Shark Surprises Solitary Surfer at Trails. Surfing at the Bluffs Campground in San Onofre State Park San Clemente / Camp Pendleton in Southern California.

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Surf 7 years ago 4,030,203 views

Great White Shark Surprises Solitary Surfer at Trails. Surfing at the Bluffs Campground in San Onofre State Park San Clemente / Camp Pendleton in Southern California.

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Most popular comments
for Great White Shark Surprises Solitary Surfer

miki stallone
miki stallone - 6 years ago
Vete a cagar,una sombra de tiburón sin saber si es blanco o rosa....y saliste por patas...
Briony Palmer
Briony Palmer - 6 years ago
Chelsea Levasseur
Chelsea Levasseur - 6 years ago
Just no.
Eva Rodriguez
Eva Rodriguez - 6 years ago
een shark
Sam Warren
Sam Warren - 6 years ago
That wasn’t a great white
ollyworld - 6 years ago
I was wondering at what point (time) of the vid he realized a great white was in the water...and how could he know it was a great white?
Popcorn Chicken
Popcorn Chicken - 6 years ago
You look like a seal in that outfit. Hope I helped you feel better.
Евгений Ивайловский
Евгений Ивайловский - 6 years ago
старый дрищ
Emil Wharton
Emil Wharton - 6 years ago
It doesn't look white. It looks gray. Sharks are never white. You people are full of shit. Lmfao.

10. comment for Great White Shark Surprises Solitary Surfer

Julian P
Julian P - 6 years ago
Quite the adrenaline rush, I'm sure! Can anyone estimate how big it was?
xMissMilkyWayx - 6 years ago
you went out to far
dbranham123 - 6 years ago
I was cheering for the shark, it would be one less liberal to deal with.
renz ed
renz ed - 6 years ago
All those ppl who disliked got ate by the shark
1.3B • Views
1.3B • Views - 6 years ago
Thats why I dont go out any further than waste high. I panic if just some sea weed brushes my legs
Variety Gamer13
Variety Gamer13 - 6 years ago
Shark was just curious, wasn't sure what in the hell you were!
Thimon Thez
Thimon Thez - 6 years ago
Man - "That's the closest I've ever been to a shark in the water"
Shark - "That's what you think"
Patato Loic
Patato Loic - 6 years ago
A&W Root Beer
A&W Root Beer - 6 years ago
Like walking in a field full of stray pitbulls. No thanks mate.
rariix - 6 years ago
Holy sh

20. comment for Great White Shark Surprises Solitary Surfer

boombapboom - 6 years ago
I didn’t know the ocean had sharks.
Sam Sammy
Sam Sammy - 6 years ago
What an idiot
Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz - 6 years ago
He did the worst thing possible.. running away like that wpuld make the shark think he is a seal.. the best thing would had been to go under the water so that the shark knows he isn't a meal n leave him alone
Mark Fielding
Mark Fielding - 6 years ago
DINNAE go in the water then ya bunch o numptys.. Your asking for it
Christopher McClain
Christopher McClain - 6 years ago
I think this is photoshop
Kaede - 6 years ago
It felt like an eternity even in fast forward, it may be a hard feeling
Sean Reed
Sean Reed - 6 years ago
Fast swimmer
Jackie Rozza
Jackie Rozza - 6 years ago
Mátyás Kassay
Mátyás Kassay - 6 years ago
See y'all? If movies like Jaws would show the reality, the guy would be dead.

30. comment for Great White Shark Surprises Solitary Surfer

Simon Farrell
Simon Farrell - 6 years ago
If that was me you wouldn't have had to speed that last bit up!
TrypTrader - 6 years ago
You can see your face change like OH HELL NO IM OUT!!!!
Sa Era
Sa Era - 6 years ago
Where is shark ?
Brad Mitchell
Brad Mitchell - 6 years ago
Seriously why bother getting out of the water when you know there are sharks in the area but choose to go out anyway? The one you don't see is the one that'll get you! Where's the logic?
Ken Deininger
Ken Deininger - 6 years ago
I like your Video..I learned something..I will subscribe to your channel..Because you like fishing check out my Video. "Herring Running down river to spawn" If you like it..Please subscribe....Need to get to 1000 subscribers..Thanks.
PLO 8 - 6 years ago
Come on Dude, that wasnt a White Shark it was GOLDFISH.
tinylife - 6 years ago
That’s one shitty looking beach, even without the shark.
25BEDFORD - 6 years ago
Lol.."Surprises!!"Like, "Oh hello Mr. Shark, I didn't know you would be in here too."
NovaxFang - 6 years ago
Something bad would've happened
NovaxFang - 6 years ago
Glad your ok
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia - 6 years ago
Tony Carcamo
Tony Carcamo - 6 years ago
thats why i would never get in the water deeper than 4 feet in California and south Africa and Australia
magic cheeseball
magic cheeseball - 6 years ago
BTW all of this video is on standard playback speed
Eagle Gang
Eagle Gang - 6 years ago
'Wasn't concerned', looked like he was shitting himself!!!
Guy Olive
Guy Olive - 6 years ago
Meh, been way closer to a lot of sharks out surfing.
jed52 - 6 years ago
This is why I stay out of the ocean. The local pool is good enough for me lol
craig tomlinson
craig tomlinson - 6 years ago
Not sure it was a great white, but looked scary enough ok. Great video
Bella and Izzy
Bella and Izzy - 6 years ago
Yay land again!!!
Schalk Blackmiststeenberg
Schalk Blackmiststeenberg - 6 years ago
dont surf alone you old coot ...we all know that
climber bob
climber bob - 6 years ago
I'm confused on how he noticed the shark when it was behind him, unless he had a monitor on the front of his board with the gopro, which I'd doubt.   Also, from what we saw, are you SURE it was a Great White, or was that identified some other way than the video, such as they knew a white was hanging out.   They've been doing that at San Onofre for quite a few years now.

50. comment for Great White Shark Surprises Solitary Surfer

Annette Fawcett-Jones
Annette Fawcett-Jones - 6 years ago
Jesus Mary Joseph.
JVA Drag Racing Videos
JVA Drag Racing Videos - 6 years ago
Useless video -10
John Dexter Plangca
John Dexter Plangca - 6 years ago
Yo this is a crazy vid
Get over IT
Get over IT - 6 years ago
that is not the closest he has ever been. He has probably been around 100's of sharks and perhaps closer. It's the ones you don't see lurking beneath the murky depths on the cloudy days when surfers still go out to have some fun.
JAIR MX - 6 years ago
Wow how scary I’m glad you survived
atcred3 - 6 years ago
BLACK WET SUIT =...SEAL...=...SHARK'S FAVORITE FOOD................................idiot!!
Jerome Sanders
Jerome Sanders - 6 years ago
Erianor Araldur
Erianor Araldur - 6 years ago
Se cagó vivo. xD
MrKickYouNdaNuts - 6 years ago
He wouldnt have seen me because i would have clouded the water with my defensive Hershey squirts.
nicholas neri
nicholas neri - 6 years ago
Lol I seen the o fuck face
Brain Phelps
Brain Phelps - 6 years ago
i would have been screamin
MetalEngineer - 6 years ago
I'm just amazed. What goes through someone's mind when they get up and say to themselves "I've got an idea, lets go into the sea where I know there are man eating sharks, I'll dress in black and flap around doing my best to look like an injured seal, and just hope that I don't get eaten alive. After all, I get to paddle for about 50ft, so that's well worth risking my life for".... Jeez, some people treat their lives like they are two a penny. Plain crazy.
TJ Anderson
TJ Anderson - 6 years ago
Man, you can paddle FAST! Well done, bro.
runway heading
runway heading - 6 years ago
Glad you didn’t get tasted! Knowing Sharks as I do, I would never go out in those waters dressed like a seal! Especially sitting there, feet dangling in the water! You could easily e mistaken for a turtle. I pray for your safety!
KOOL BROTHA - 6 years ago
dude! What are you doing? I'm sure you've seen jaws.. Don't you realize great white sharks love to eat white people
Rick OBrien
Rick OBrien - 6 years ago
I would have been on that board till I was in ankle -deep water !
Belinda A
Belinda A - 6 years ago
Another shitty video
Lane - 6 years ago
And that's how you get bitten by a shark. You surf in a spot that you've seen them before. Real smart.
ohplezz - 6 years ago
A juvenile white shark is just as afraid of you as you are of them.
DrCalviny - 6 years ago
Well that must have been a huge shock! If he wanted to eat you, he'd already caught you.
J M - 6 years ago
No, that's the closest to being to a shark that you actually knew about. Surfing amongst Great Whites? I hope you end up shark food next time. Fu*king idiot.
Rosalie L
Rosalie L - 6 years ago
Glad youre alright. I would not go in them waters again.The chances of coming out unscaved are slim - Why Why risk it?
DoItHaileyStyle - 6 years ago
Omg, I would've passed out. Sharks really do scare me.
dead dread media
dead dread media - 6 years ago
how far out did he go
Lucas Style
Lucas Style - 6 years ago
Not everyone got the same kind of luck. Next time the shark wont be the loser. So be careful
BlayZynga - 6 years ago
That close to shore?
HAZUL SK2DG - 6 years ago
Only dumbasses do this shyt.its like oh shyt ppl shooting each other around the corner, I hear shots but let me go make sure they're shooting guns and not popping paper bags full of air.
707tgreen Norcal
707tgreen Norcal - 6 years ago
Must of been heart pounding but if the watch the video the shark swam away..... he didn’t kniw that though
jslfc S
jslfc S - 6 years ago
Maybe , it just wanted a piece of leg...??? Naah. Good thing , you got outta water without any bitemarks.
Kaysie Winings
Kaysie Winings - 6 years ago
tubbychubby1 - 6 years ago
wimp. I would have got off my board gave it a good kicking and came home with shark skin speedos
Otmane Mrabet
Otmane Mrabet - 6 years ago
Francis Quilicot Bajao
Francis Quilicot Bajao - 6 years ago
Was about to be a remake of the film Shallows
Michele Passionemare
Michele Passionemare - 6 years ago
Robert Hamilton
Robert Hamilton - 6 years ago
Logic Hammer
Logic Hammer - 6 years ago
that you know about ...
Rusty Climber
Rusty Climber - 6 years ago
yet another example of human stpidity. just like deer on a highway... shhh don’t blow your horn(!) be very very quiet. anything so they DONT associate noise with the road, road with danger... i know some red necks that would love to go out and shoot at, make noise, or just generally harass anything say up to 300’ out,,, but noooo thatd be “harassing wildlife” a fine, Imprisonment, forfeiture of all your toys and house, and never being able to register a boat again... americans; too dumb to learn to scare wildlife off at the cost of endangering a sport thats been around since christ. same with auto vs full-auto debates (they are the same inside but with a tab slotted in the right place..looks don’t mean shit bullets still bullet) and weed still being illigal because our own government won’t believe what people sell their houses and move to another state for.
mattysco - 6 years ago
Where is this?
Anthony C
Anthony C - 6 years ago
I applaud you guys that follow your dreams, but no way in hell I would go in that water!
JohnBillings - 6 years ago
I'd pick a new hobby.
Bee Kendricks
Bee Kendricks - 6 years ago
WHAT.......THE .......FUCK.......IS IT WITH WHITE PEOPLE?!?!?......
Its like, you are engineered to go directly into danger. "There is sharks out there"......white peoples response...."Wait, let me get my swimsuit and long board." Black peoples response..."shiiiit, I will be right here on land!!!!"...... "There's a masked man in the forest with a chainsaw" ...white peoples response..."well, does he have a jacket, its a bit nippy out there, better go have a look see if he's OK" peoples response..... "Wheres my damn gun, ....crazy ass people doin dumb shit"......Geezus white people take a hint......stay out of harms way, you will live longer....fuck!
Bee Kendricks
Bee Kendricks - 6 years ago
Ichtyornis Crétacé Lmao, source......source??? Are you fuckin kidding me??? OK you want a source, right here on YouTube look up "shark attack victim" they will all be guessed it.....white. Good nite to you too pal
Ichtyornis Crétacé
Ichtyornis Crétacé - 6 years ago
That stat is made up right? Anyway if you're joking who cares... good night
Bee Kendricks
Bee Kendricks - 6 years ago
Ichtyornis Crétacé ah, sure let's see.....almost 98% shark attacks are white people, mountain climbers have almost been all white.....the list is long. But honestly, my original statement was a instead of getting your panties ruffled just laugh and move on
Ichtyornis Crétacé
Ichtyornis Crétacé - 6 years ago
Let's think rationally here instead of getting emotional guys! Do you have any proof for your statement "white people look for ways to die" ? Any statistics?
Bee Kendricks
Bee Kendricks - 6 years ago
sumaehs king Right, I'm the dumb ass but its always without fail, a white person that is doing the dumb getting attacked by sharks, or shooting up a school or movie theater. Thing is, I speak with great diction and have an awesome vocabulary. So you will never here a statement as botched as "white people be crazy"....... #Idiot
sumaehs king
sumaehs king - 6 years ago
Bee Kendricks
You’re a dumbass. Nice job in making a cliche black statement like “WHITE PPL BE CRAAAzzyZYY!!!”
Bee Kendricks
Bee Kendricks - 6 years ago
Ichtyornis Crétacé Racial issue??? No its more like white people look for ways to die
Ichtyornis Crétacé
Ichtyornis Crétacé - 6 years ago
How do you make a racial issue of somebody surprised by a shark while swimming??
Vivian Torres
Vivian Torres - 6 years ago
michael watler
michael watler - 6 years ago
Why are these fool so surprised to see a great white where they are known to be
quentin dalton
quentin dalton - 6 years ago
White people are stupid
Jason - 6 years ago
Whats with the 200 dislikes??
flyingeagle357 - 6 years ago
An old fart like you shouldn't be surfing on his own.
Jeff Dempsey
Jeff Dempsey - 6 years ago
That face... when you suddenly realize you’re not at the top of the food chain anymore
TOMMYGUNS-NYC - 6 years ago
Lmfao homeboy was scared
T Slap
T Slap - 6 years ago
Sometimes I think these surfers wanna get bit/killed.
Jacob Kian Resposo
Jacob Kian Resposo - 6 years ago
It’s so big

100. comment for Great White Shark Surprises Solitary Surfer

Iailanee C.
Iailanee C. - 6 years ago
Booooooo we saw nothing
Goobye USA
Goobye USA - 6 years ago
It's scarey cause you SAW it. What about all the sharks that have nudged up to your board that you never saw?
Darren Leach
Darren Leach - 6 years ago
I saw the exact shadow behind me when I was in the bath tub
Bod Log
Bod Log - 6 years ago
U have been closer just did not know it
Chase Kaplan
Chase Kaplan - 6 years ago
It was most likely nothing serious but I'm glad that you didn't take the chance and got out of there. Always another day to go surfing ;) good luck man
Neiko san
Neiko san - 6 years ago
I have never been surfing I really want to learn but, I don't want to be anywhere near a shark. Is it possible to surf shark free somewhere?
Sergio Delgado
Sergio Delgado - 6 years ago
I didn't know George Clooney surfed.
Bernice the Bull boxer staffy
Bernice the Bull boxer staffy - 6 years ago
One thing not great white it was black tip reef shark
Counter Strike GO BROS!
Counter Strike GO BROS! - 6 years ago
Next time get off the board. Yall sit on top of the board makes the shark think ur food.
maharajahdann - 6 years ago
Some sound advice there
lil bibby
lil bibby - 6 years ago
Good job staying calm
Ray Brensike
Ray Brensike - 6 years ago
I've always heard that fish like to eat after a storm.
Gmonkey - 6 years ago
that moment when you realise you are dressed like a seal !!!
Justin OConnor
Justin OConnor - 6 years ago
like Sydney buddy
Joe Kozma
Joe Kozma - 6 years ago
Man stay out of that f.cking water
sirus312 - 6 years ago
must have been the longest swim back lol...
John  Yang
John Yang - 6 years ago
And yet u went back into the ocean.
Operation Agatha
Operation Agatha - 6 years ago
"That's the closest I've ever been to a shark in the water"

That you know of that is!

They're around us all the time. We just don't see them.
Omar Sanchez
Omar Sanchez - 6 years ago
I understand your guys' love to surf, but will never understand why you guys do it, with that said I absolutely love sharks.
maharajahdann - 6 years ago
They would love you too
ناشونال جيوغرافيك ابو ظبي
ناشونال جيوغرافيك ابو ظبي - 6 years ago
myah salazar
myah salazar - 6 years ago
Mike Haggar
Mike Haggar - 6 years ago
Screw the damned ocean. Seriously.
Radiant Mind
Radiant Mind - 6 years ago
Glad you didn’t lose any appendages!!!
Ирина Бирюкова
Ирина Бирюкова - 6 years ago
Koyomi Araragi
Koyomi Araragi - 6 years ago
If pants are shat in the ocean and no one is around to smell it, did it actually happen?
Jorge B.
Jorge B. - 6 years ago
99% of sharks are tamed by goldfish you'll be fine.
Michel - 6 years ago
That "Oh fuck"
Big Baby Anna
Big Baby Anna - 6 years ago
Shark probably went and told his friends "Holy $h*t ....that's the closet I've ever been to a human!"
Renell Brown
Renell Brown - 6 years ago
Jeramy Grajiola
Jeramy Grajiola - 6 years ago
Damn scary
Mark Mark
Mark Mark - 6 years ago
Looks like it came out of nowhere.. Haha. Glad you were okay thoo.. Have a great time surfing..
Ted Williams
Ted Williams - 6 years ago
And ur wearing all black and if u we're any closer ur legs would have been ripped off.
U look just like a seal to them wearing a black wet suit and whoever came out with that idea is a idiot (black) why not orange or anything but black that's so dangerous
иван грозный
иван грозный - 6 years ago
Пересрал старый пердун нах
Mh R
Mh R - 6 years ago
It's a proven fact that surf boards appear as prey to sharks. For the life of me, I cannot understand the desire to do this as a hobby. You're playing with Fire. Eventually you will get burned. To each his own... it's just sad that when a shark attacks, authorities will quickly dispatch to go kill it. I'll never understood that. People enter their world and appear as prey. Duh!
Paranoia - 6 years ago
they are like dogs, give them a ball and they are happy ;)
Cobradriver99 - 6 years ago
Funny how us divers and surfers wear wet suits that match the color of a seal, the whites favorite dinner. They see color, so it might be smart if we wear something bright for them to know we arent.
Invader 71
Invader 71 - 6 years ago
I’ve been approximately 5ft away from a big hammerhead ocean swimming 150 yards out at ft lauderdale beach. It’s scary.
Mharnulf Ego
Mharnulf Ego - 6 years ago
Always bring combat knife with u
Midniter - 6 years ago
Solitary surfer does not learn a lesson.
Tom rizzo
Tom rizzo - 6 years ago
Your imitation of a seal really helps to
Tom rizzo
Tom rizzo - 6 years ago
Would have been much more entertaining if your surfboard was at least bitten in half
Cameron Angel
Cameron Angel - 6 years ago
Closest says you
Juju Broersen
Juju Broersen - 6 years ago
Well....surprise? Sharks live in water, people live on land....what do you expect, to meet a mermaid....The sea is for the creatures of water!
odinn62 - 6 years ago
well at least you were lucky ..
Cody Ridsdale
Cody Ridsdale - 6 years ago
Nice one dude. Swim away like a seal on your surf board. I like you as person. I'm just mad because I don't want anything to happen to you.
Pandadoesgaming 5342
Pandadoesgaming 5342 - 6 years ago
That's so scary
Pretzel Nose Productions
Pretzel Nose Productions - 6 years ago
Tasha Schneider
Tasha Schneider - 6 years ago
Very happy the surfer was unharmed! Sharks are cute, but can be dangerous!
Ronaldo Chanco
Ronaldo Chanco - 6 years ago
What so suprise about it, sharks live in the ocean. I will be suprise if they start flying up in the air.
Jul L
Jul L - 6 years ago
Sharks kill about 5 people a year, i wasn't scared at all
George Jackson
George Jackson - 6 years ago
That’s the closest that you’ve been, as far as you know!
Gabe Man
Gabe Man - 6 years ago
the rain brings them in, run off
Tommy Chileti
Tommy Chileti - 6 years ago
Savvas Soteriou
Savvas Soteriou - 6 years ago
Let's go surfing in a place where i've seen sharks before. Priceless logic
Andrei Cabal
Andrei Cabal - 6 years ago
So small
Kevin Neilly
Kevin Neilly - 6 years ago
ur basically fishing, with yourself as bait!!!!!!!!!!!
Kevin Neilly
Kevin Neilly - 6 years ago
lmao.... love that we wear black wet suits in the water..... hey dude, ur shadow from underneath, looks like a dam seal, or huge bait!!!
Brian Derek
Brian Derek - 6 years ago
So.....great whites love to eat seals. You're wearing a black wetsuit and splashing your arms and legs a seal. You're lucky you haven't been hit from below already.
David Williams
David Williams - 6 years ago
I hate the ocean, too many things in there that would like to eat people
Kareena Fahim
Kareena Fahim - 6 years ago
He said he was alone what is he smiling at .
ryan - 6 years ago
I don't know much about surfing or sharks but this seems like a once in a lifetime thing. Great capture.
TheOldManEric - 6 years ago
How did you know it was a white?
John Mason
John Mason - 6 years ago
That's the "closet you have ever been to a shark in the water"....that you know of.
John Mason
John Mason - 6 years ago
Damn it! I hit reply then read Joey Bikes's comment.
xevious2501 - 6 years ago
I just dont understand peoples logic concerning sharks, believing just because a shark is juvenile it wont be much of a threat. Its a fish, a predatory fish. if it can, it will, in the least test bite what it thinks is a possible meal. well over 100 people are attacked by sharks every year and the count is ever growing, mostly due to people being very arrogant and blissfully naive.
SirQL8 - 6 years ago
Now you know why you were the 'only one out'.
zachf - 6 years ago
A literal sea monster
xbitter sweetx
xbitter sweetx - 6 years ago
This is why I never go in the ocean. I've been traumatized too many times. I've bren stalled by a shark in the Bahamas, come face to face with a school of stingrays circling my feet, surrounded by jellyfish, stung by sea lice, preyed on by Skates, while sitting on a floaty -- bounced in the air by a dolphin (actually cool), and had skin contact with an unidentified slimy creature.
veronica robinson
veronica robinson - 6 years ago
how did you stay so calm i would’ve been freaking out lmao
Pat Kelly
Pat Kelly - 6 years ago
Is that a regular thing then?
Jo Je
Jo Je - 6 years ago
Nope. Affirming my content with staying on land. xD
MRBARBARYCOAST - 6 years ago
Great video!! Thanks for publishing this. That would be an encounter that I would never forget.
MRBARBARYCOAST - 6 years ago
Great video!! Thanks for publishing this. That would be an encounter that I would never forget.
mike nore
mike nore - 6 years ago
hh photoshop, but good one maan
Jonathon Kearney
Jonathon Kearney - 6 years ago
I see it wasn't a nice surprise!
zzzzzsleeping - 6 years ago
You must be stupid old man. By yourself?
You got spared... no more next time.
Scott Sayers
Scott Sayers - 6 years ago
And that wasn't fast forward lol
Rawlin Jernigan
Rawlin Jernigan - 6 years ago
Are you kidding I didn't even see the fish or shark even with you wearing your GoPro I still didn't see it
Jody Hunt
Jody Hunt - 6 years ago
you go out there and play around in the water like their food, if it did attack you, it is just too easy to not feel sorry for you...i will never understand the price of your life or quality of life is worth "surfing". i would assume your life and quality of life has a greater value. even if you do not consider your life is worth more, i am sure you have loved ones who do feel that way.
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor - 6 years ago
Jody Hunt sounds like you live in a bubble, go outside your comfort zone and enjoy life
Jess M
Jess M - 6 years ago
Jody Hunt surfing is a lifestyle. You’d never understand. Plus that’s like saying we “play around on land like their food” talking about all deadly land animals. We don’t have sharp claws or teeth to take on bears, mountain lions, wolves etc, so it’s not as if we’re soooo safe on land either. Neither is our domain. We don’t level up on land or in water. People die everyday driving their car, going for a walk, having a heart attack, at least if he’s surfing he’s doing what he loves and not living in some stupid nonsensical bubble which won’t save him anyway. “ It would be so easy not to feel sorry for u”, I’d feel the same way watching u get ripped to shreds by a land animal for being on their turf. Disrespectful pos.
BALLA - 6 years ago
Im glad you ok
Alexey Bedin
Alexey Bedin - 6 years ago
Дядя - корм .
dakidjahsiah - 6 years ago
maybe stop going in the ocean pretending to be a seal... that'll help
Stephanie Hannah
Stephanie Hannah - 6 years ago
Liz Guillen
Liz Guillen - 6 years ago
If I ever see a shark that close,I would most likely get off the board and let the ocean drown me, I give up easily in scary situations
Liz Guillen
Liz Guillen - 6 years ago
If I ever see a shark that close,I would most likely get off the board and let the ocean drown me, I give up easily in scary situations
Jennifet Niebla
Jennifet Niebla - 6 years ago
The sped-up paddling but was hilarious! If it weren't such a serious situation, some kind of silent movie, keystone cops kinda music, would've been apros pos
Allen Kemmett
Allen Kemmett - 6 years ago
Isn't this how surfers get "accidently" bitten & sharks get given a bad name because the surfer looked like a Seal/Lunch.
dreams of turtles
dreams of turtles - 6 years ago
That was scary just to watch from my cozy bed on land. So glad nothing bad happened to you. Yikes!
Incabus69 - 6 years ago
Thats a salmon.
The Fishy Life !
The Fishy Life ! - 6 years ago
There's nothing like a great white, to get your blood flowing....
Izzy Harrison
Izzy Harrison - 6 years ago
I was like when he was swimming away I was screaming RUN QUICK RUN PLZ DONT GET EATEN ALIVE RUN RUN
honey bunny
honey bunny - 6 years ago
Oh man oh man !!!
brewinginc. - 6 years ago
looks like a tiger shark to me
ROCK CLIMBER - 6 years ago
1:27 That would have been me from the get go...
Leo Victor Wahing
Leo Victor Wahing - 6 years ago
just like the movie 'THE SHALLOWS'
Iván Kollár
Iván Kollár - 6 years ago
If only one old-rich Americano would be eaten up by this shark, the world gained enough resources for 1000 Africans.
I am with the sharks!
oRaGaMi 1337
oRaGaMi 1337 - 6 years ago
Captain Jonathon Archer from Star Trek Enterprise. Is that you sir?
pidgelo - 6 years ago
Hahahahahahahahahah coglione
bu bu
bu bu - 6 years ago
ain't no shark, that's a Chinese dolphin, won't bite ;-)
Faisal Jamhala
Faisal Jamhala - 6 years ago
fake o whar if I was there I would a beaten da shark with my face
BicycleRepairMan - 6 years ago
Nice chance footage! Sharks are just like cats: they lovebite! It just hurts more...
The Silent Flute
The Silent Flute - 6 years ago
*Makes it to shore, starts walking away on the beach, shark suddenly bursts like a rocket out of the water, soars through the air, and lands mouth first on the guy, eats him at shore.
Dave Oz
Dave Oz - 6 years ago
We need many more surfer nets on the beach to stop pesky humans entering the water. Tuna Free Dolphin Meat
da cobra
da cobra - 6 years ago
Probably wanted to rip apart that garbage b.stewart board
SHARK BITE - 6 years ago
Don’t see the point sitting out there with no waves
Abby Cassidy
Abby Cassidy - 6 years ago
Lol I’m not that brave I would cry
ilovenewgirl and milfs
ilovenewgirl and milfs - 6 years ago
Why you get out???
Mrs.Meows A Lot
Mrs.Meows A Lot - 6 years ago
Why people do this?
LAX Traction
LAX Traction - 6 years ago
your new nickname is now Sharkbait
Mer Buhk
Mer Buhk - 6 years ago
That's why I don't want to surf...
George Kafiridis
George Kafiridis - 6 years ago
when you realise all that swimming footage wasn't fast-forwarded...
Sandy Legos Cali4nia
Sandy Legos Cali4nia - 6 years ago
Blacks beach?
Whoop Whoop
Whoop Whoop - 6 years ago
Another fake video! That was obviously a man in a shark costume!...
gabriels 5.0
gabriels 5.0 - 6 years ago
Im in my room and i shit my pants for you
From Canada
From Canada - 6 years ago
Who goes in LA oceans after rain... That's a bad idea without the sharks lol
Nicolai Thomassen
Nicolai Thomassen - 6 years ago
Construct favorite cash interrupt conduct response tightly born victim crew.
keegan773 - 6 years ago
Gabriel Cundari
Gabriel Cundari - 6 years ago
now that's what you call swimming for your life.
Barrain brothers Freediving spearos
Barrain brothers Freediving spearos - 6 years ago
Lol. So I wasn’t too concerned, looked pretty concerned to me!hahaha
evan kimball
evan kimball - 6 years ago
“It’s a juvenile great white shark”
IT’S A GREAT WHITE !! IT’S A SHARK !! yes ik there’s a better chance of dying from a coconut but you never know that shark could have gone crazy and went on a rampage and you would’ve been the 1st victim
Bill Fraser
Bill Fraser - 6 years ago
Screw that
golo5000 - 6 years ago
Your face changed so many times and you paddle like a sea turtle just born, that I lost the shark in the video the first time.
SinglePotato 221
SinglePotato 221 - 6 years ago
dat iz meh dad
Jeremy Montes
Jeremy Montes - 6 years ago
Anne Shaw
Anne Shaw - 6 years ago
Angelica Oliveira Jochen
Angelica Oliveira Jochen - 6 years ago
Tem um tubarão
Victor Zajkowski
Victor Zajkowski - 6 years ago
Olaf The Viking
Olaf The Viking - 6 years ago
What was the black thing behind him? 1:41
The Human Unit Never Killed
The Human Unit Never Killed - 6 years ago
his feet mate lol
Adam Noce
Adam Noce - 6 years ago
Yup. Good time to get out. haha
Sue C
Sue C - 6 years ago
not a great white!!!!
stratostear - 6 years ago
That's the closest you've ever been to a shark, that you know of.
GenesisnKaidence - 6 years ago
What’s the point of surfing ? To ride waves ? or wait for the day to lose your leg and no surf again.. I don’t get it
marvin O'Neale
marvin O'Neale - 6 years ago
Sharks are like spiders your never far from one in the water.
icimblind - 6 years ago
That's the closest he has
been to a shark that he knows of. lol
Alessandro Fabbro
Alessandro Fabbro - 6 years ago
sanyi vadasz
sanyi vadasz - 6 years ago
It's not a great white.
Diabeetus4Life #ToadSquad
Diabeetus4Life #ToadSquad - 6 years ago
If you surf in the ocean you deserve to die for being such a moron
Savannah Sweegin
Savannah Sweegin - 6 years ago
this gave me anxiety lmao
Chris Young
Chris Young - 6 years ago
It made me nervous for you
MattMzansi - 6 years ago
Oh look, a tadpole.
Pedro Gonzalez
Pedro Gonzalez - 6 years ago
Glad it all turned out fine.
LtRiot - 6 years ago
all these preteens from Kansas saying "that's not a white shark" and guys who have never surfed a day in their life tellin this guy why he shouldn't "dress like a seal." You wear a black wetsuit because its fckn cold and it retains heat. The men in grey suits are as local as we are. They are so commonplace that we call them that so kids don't get scared off when we bring em up. Surfed the break south of this one everyday for years, often times alone and at dusk. If they wanted to eat you, the water is deep enough that you would never see them coming. If you see one, you call it a day. You don't surf near seals. That's bout it. Only ever worried about em when I was in Hawaii. I would exterminate Jellys and Rays before sharks. fckn little assholes

I'm not saying surfing South Africa in winter isn't retarded but the ones in cali don't have that reputation or history of maneatin
trueromance79 - 6 years ago
I'm good right here ankle deep with my bucket and shovel ...
Gary Williams
Gary Williams - 6 years ago
Well 1st there was absolutely NO surf ( that’s why no one was in the water!) so hey let me go out anyway and float on my board looking like a seal, then be surprised a shark was so close!!!! OMG what a bone head decision to go surfing!
Shark Tooth
Shark Tooth - 6 years ago
Glad it worked out good for you bro. Now you gotta work on your paddle technique.
Shark Tooth
Shark Tooth - 6 years ago
David G Woodward after pondering your answer I could understand how you wouldn't want to "dig deep" with fear of having your arm snipped off like breadstick. Scary vid man.
David G Woodward
David G Woodward - 6 years ago
That's called the "I don't know what's underneath me technique"
Marko Zivak
Marko Zivak - 6 years ago
Hang on, you are in the ocean and are surprised by a shark being there? People's ignorance never seizes to amaze me. Please surf on.
David G Woodward
David G Woodward - 6 years ago
Pretty funny!!! That sentence is an instant classic: "People's ignorance never seizes to amaze me." (I'm assuming you intentionally spelled "ceases" that way.)
Jameson Cross
Jameson Cross - 6 years ago
That's a close to a shark that you know of. Juveniles are more dangerous. They are less fearful and will take more chances. Not to mention have to compete for food against bigger sharks, so they are most likely more hungry.
Kristopher Langi
Kristopher Langi - 6 years ago
Do you see what happens when your the only one out there? Wth where you thinking?
restituto rebucas
restituto rebucas - 6 years ago
looks like it must be a snake head or tilapia.
Corey M
Corey M - 6 years ago
Dam talk bout jaws shit even 10 lmao
Bullet-Catcher - 6 years ago
And he paddle up the beach, turned left onto the highway and stopped paddling outside his house 4 miles away LOL
Dave Calvo
Dave Calvo - 6 years ago
surfing is for dumbasses, I mean seriously. Why would you put yourself at risk for this? and how many people are attacked and killed every year who surf?
Houy The Great
Houy The Great - 6 years ago
Nah, you just think that's the closest you've been to a shark. Think about the ones you didn't see ;)
loyal American
loyal American - 6 years ago
get out there and go swimming with the great white sharks that's a good way to live...OR DIE!
Paul Ramirez
Paul Ramirez - 6 years ago
dude why not just wear a tuna head necklace????? tempting fate! no thanks
kaudogg - 6 years ago
No bro. Thats the closet you think you been by a shark. If you surf regularly, they probably swim under you a few times unknown
Gander Stein
Gander Stein - 6 years ago
A lot of people think that the video was sped up toward the end, but that was his real speed paddling in order to GTFO of there!
Daniel Kleinmeier
Daniel Kleinmeier - 6 years ago
U swim like these mental midgets and what’s a shark supposed to do!?!?
C’mon, get off u tube..
amelia caballero
amelia caballero - 6 years ago
Im glad you are ok!
Jonathan Abrahams
Jonathan Abrahams - 6 years ago
People play in the Sharks Yard get bit and its the
"killer sharks" fault.. You just look like lunch
michael minneci
michael minneci - 6 years ago
Scary thing is ...If the shark wanted to catch him, it could of easily..
RikkiTikkiTavi - 6 years ago
Hahaha, you went to Ludicrous Speed on your board to get out of there.
T G - 6 years ago
Surfing alone is very imprudent, esp. in the 'Red Triangle'. WTF is wrong with you?
T G - 6 years ago
Ahh, OK, understood. Thank you for clarifying.
David G Woodward
David G Woodward - 6 years ago
The Red Triangle is about 400 miles north of this spot.
m. rude
m. rude - 6 years ago
Why were you surprised?
David G Woodward
David G Woodward - 6 years ago
Because the juvenile great whites usually just swim on by.
Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy - 6 years ago
Im from australia and we have little great whites like him as pets in our pools.
G2 Phaze
G2 Phaze - 6 years ago
What is that behind him at 1:37
Tristanators - 6 years ago
i paused right at that moment its his legs
David Smith
David Smith - 6 years ago
That you know of.
Im watching this on the water now what should i do im 100 feet away from the watet SHITTTT!!!!
Oliver White
Oliver White - 6 years ago
thats tiny though
varanid9 - 6 years ago
At 01:00, "let's see how much like a seal I can make myself".
Hans Zarkov
Hans Zarkov - 6 years ago
wonder if mounting the camera UNDER your board might show some unexpected visitors
Gio Bumanglag
Gio Bumanglag - 6 years ago
I’d actually just die
crazyrebl - 6 years ago
Sharks are like sea cops ruining peoples fun lol
pghdave420 - 6 years ago
why do people wear black wet suits?makes us look just like seals
william dohn
william dohn - 6 years ago
Board needs a LARGE lithium battery and a POWERFUL motor with a pop out prop. You see this and grab the switch and the board hauls major ass to shore.

All that arm flopping looks like lunch I would think to shark.
william dohn
william dohn - 6 years ago
On a side note I have always wondered what would happen if you had reallllllllllly bad ass hot sauce and poured it in the water. Would it make the shark go away or make you taste better to it...
juliaiglesias79 - 6 years ago
I’m impressed you could see it’s claspers from that distance.
rudy alonso
rudy alonso - 6 years ago
WOW i have never seen anybody paddle so fast ;)
Juan Luis Martinez
Juan Luis Martinez - 6 years ago
A juvenile shark take a moment a small shark will bite anyone and do major damage lucky you did not face a mako very fast and agresive they thonk you are a meal and thats the botton line kepp pushing with that dangerous hubby .
forever maliah
forever maliah - 6 years ago
How far out were u
chloe's life
chloe's life - 6 years ago
I live like 45 minutes away from there. Shit I hope they don’t come up the coast. We have great whites but they don’t really come to close to shore and come out at night.
The helping dolphin desserts to help me
The helping dolphin desserts to help me - 6 years ago
I'm nervous,,,,be careful,xxxxx
Montana Fishing
Montana Fishing - 6 years ago
Making a big splash & moving quickly is a good way to get bit. Your lucky. Next time, keep your cool & move slowly. Glad your safe!
Bridie Mc
Bridie Mc - 6 years ago
I’m just gonna believe that it was a mermaid :)
Nick Bryant
Nick Bryant - 6 years ago
hahaha I totally agree with that "half-catching-a-wave-anything-to-get-me-out-of-here" feeling
mikedehoogh black flag race photos
mikedehoogh black flag race photos - 6 years ago
Yep, that's how fast I'D be paddling as well. Of course... I'd never be out there in the 1st place! Dressing up as a giant seal and splashing about in known shark waters just doesn't seem like a productive idea to me. Just takes that one exploratory bite! But what do I know.
scrat 437
scrat 437 - 6 years ago
This surfer went out after a "winter rain"...never a good idea to go surfing immediately after rain especially if the water where you surf is muddy ...the runoff, particularly by rivers carries with it the scent of any dead or dying land animals into the bay or ocean....Sharks of course are the bloodhounds of the sea!
Tye Seeley
Tye Seeley - 6 years ago
Thankful you were not hurt. Constructively, paddling on boards gives the profile of a seal or sea lion to Sharks and even a test bite can be fatal. I don’t know what the answer is to reduce the risk to surfers is but hope something is in development.
Calvin smith
Calvin smith - 6 years ago
Was that fast forward, or was that the actual speed ? Lol , close call my friend
Mark Storhaug
Mark Storhaug - 6 years ago
Yeha man, they're out there but not always feeding. That being said, I'd probably had done the same thing!
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse - 6 years ago
In the water, how far does the sound carry of a person shitting themself?
Graham Bird
Graham Bird - 6 years ago
Gage Westerhouse I bet he pressed a putty or two into the croch of his suit ...
Jakob Timmerer
Jakob Timmerer - 6 years ago
i mean it is a fake viedeo because i you go to 1 minute and 38 seconds what can you ser behind the man a booz with people
Rent To Own Rent To Own
Rent To Own Rent To Own - 6 years ago
The shark did not want you.... Otherwise you'd be dead.
Pro fessional
Pro fessional - 6 years ago
Im glad you were able to save yourself from a savage attack. Now, you have a memory to tell your grand kids. The shark looked like 50 feet. omg ..... DISLIKE!
Pro fessional
Pro fessional - 6 years ago
Well. everyone has their own understanding and perception.... Cheers....
Fredrik Wahlgren
Fredrik Wahlgren - 6 years ago
Pro fessional not sure “sarcasm” means what you think it means. I would rather call what you did ‘hyperbole’.

Not offense meant, we all make mistakes and it’s always nice to learn new things.
Pro fessional
Pro fessional - 6 years ago
the title doesnt really fit the video well. Yes there is something there... is it a shark??? Maybe yes maybe no. The so called shark is not even coming towards him. No danger at all. He is just making fuss over nothing. Thats why....if the so called shark appeared right next to him or from a distance but coming towards him, that it d been a different story. By the way, NOT every shark is great white.... and how does he know it s a great white anyway????? lol
supreme shit
supreme shit - 6 years ago
Pro fessional wait but whyd you dislike
sumaehs king
sumaehs king - 6 years ago
Pro fessional
Did you actually dislike the video because of that? Lol? Did you actually give the uploader a thumbs down and make his video looks worse because you don’t like sharks? If you did, you’re a fucking idiot lol.
Pro fessional
Pro fessional - 6 years ago
it was sarcasm but not with bad meaning. if you did not get it, well, thats the way it is.
maharajahdann - 6 years ago
Why are you such a cretin?
Pro fessional
Pro fessional - 6 years ago
why what?
J Stinson
J Stinson - 6 years ago
Pro fessional why?
Pro fessional
Pro fessional - 6 years ago
and still u have to continue lol.... touched a nerve I guess:)
maharajahdann - 6 years ago
Ikr? So fill your mouth and be quiet
Pro fessional
Pro fessional - 6 years ago
keep talking for sake of talking????? :) sad!
maharajahdann - 6 years ago
not everyone does. But you need to, you know it, go pro
Pro fessional
Pro fessional - 6 years ago
u already did I guess. lol
Pro fessional
Pro fessional - 6 years ago
50 feet was sarcasm.... attacks can be rare but once it happens he d never forget.
Lord Smexy
Lord Smexy - 6 years ago
Pro fessional 50 feet is very unlikely. Also shark attacks are rare. It wouldn't have done anything
Pro fessional
Pro fessional - 6 years ago
pumpkin....If you dont care, why do u even bother writing back??? lol
RikkiTikkiTavi - 6 years ago
Try using English next time
RikkiTikkiTavi - 6 years ago
Lol yea we care what you think
Pro fessional
Pro fessional - 6 years ago
whats wrong pumpkin???? lol
Cam Buck
Cam Buck - 6 years ago
" Savage " lmao stfu
Justyn Kevlar
Justyn Kevlar - 6 years ago
Your a brave man bro.
Caleb White
Caleb White - 6 years ago
Why does everybody automatically assume it's a great white shark
mahdej - 6 years ago
hi! can i use this video in my compilation.? full credit in the description.. thanks
David G Woodward
David G Woodward - 6 years ago
I'm sorry, you can't. But thank you for asking.
Howard Rickert
Howard Rickert - 6 years ago
You think that's the closest you've been to a shark.
Felix Arthur
Felix Arthur - 6 years ago
Have you ever been surfing again?
Jacob Freiberger
Jacob Freiberger - 6 years ago
Stay on land. There's a reason we don't have gills. We weren't made for that shit.
PoeticallyMe - 6 years ago
Jacob Freiberger What he said makes perfect sense. It appears that you realized how foolish you sounded and are attempting to deflect real criticism of your fallacy by suggesting others are wrong you also seem offended.

It was only criticism, don't ride it so hard.
Jacob Freiberger
Jacob Freiberger - 6 years ago
Valentin S it's a joke, not a dick, don't take it so hard. And what you said makes no sense.
Valentin S
Valentin S - 6 years ago
So, don't drive cars, because our reflexes aren't made for those speeds? :D
NeoTheChosenOne - 6 years ago
What stupid logic
Dr. Doom Loyalist. Screw false leaders of the world
Dr. Doom Loyalist. Screw false leaders of the world - 6 years ago
Dont tell me how to live my life.
Gillygerbil Chillman
Gillygerbil Chillman - 6 years ago
I can't see a bloody shark
David G Woodward
David G Woodward - 6 years ago
Did you watch til the end? The still shot shows it pretty well.
Kaimana Kai
Kaimana Kai - 6 years ago
what a bitch
lakingya johnson
lakingya johnson - 6 years ago
Robert Frias
Robert Frias - 6 years ago
In the water... in the water with sharks,,, Not a mystery....
bob miller
bob miller - 6 years ago
So you know there are white sharks there...youve seen them before...and yet you still go out. Just goes to show growing older doesnt necessarily mean one becomes wiser or smarter. I suggest to watch some videos on shark bite victims.
Freeway Godzilla
Freeway Godzilla - 6 years ago
He shouldn't have paddled away so fast they are our ocean brother's lol. Not
aboomination - 6 years ago
If that was a shark...(if)...then it probably stayed close and had a look, but it clearly wasn't hunting you (you'd know).
Also, you were probably that close to sharks hundreds of times.
Barbara Bolton
Barbara Bolton - 6 years ago
That's why I don't go in the ocean
Fishing Florida
Fishing Florida - 6 years ago
I surf there all the time, except more near the point
Max Nickel
Max Nickel - 6 years ago
Annnnnd that's enough surfing for the day!
olympicstylebonghits - 6 years ago
you know they sense instinctual fear? dont react so abruptly.
Nijah Rajazel
Nijah Rajazel - 6 years ago
The degree of "nope" that was in his face, priceless.
Mark Sheehan
Mark Sheehan - 6 years ago
I'd be paddling that fast too
Lana Strickland
Lana Strickland - 6 years ago
You shouldnt be that far out like if you agree
Dougal McRae
Dougal McRae - 6 years ago
"That's the closest I've ever been to a shark in the water"... that you KNOW about - plenty of ones you will not have seen.
Diabeetus4Life #ToadSquad
Diabeetus4Life #ToadSquad - 6 years ago
Anyone who swims in the ocean deserve to be eaten or attacked by shark
Bob Gardner
Bob Gardner - 6 years ago
OBAMA HATER Lots of people live life rather than be huddled like a scared little sheep like you. Nice all caps typing too loser. You must have learned that from your two single digit IQ parents that hatched you. LOL
Heath Patat
Heath Patat - 6 years ago
Mannnn y'all never surfed then it's just like anything else there is risks involved no-one deserves to die for having fun but everybody I ever surfed with knew there's sharks in the water and took that risk no surfer blames the shark for being a shark
William Henning
William Henning - 6 years ago
OBAMA HATER Plenty of things are dangerous ( risking being attacked by a shark by swimming at a beach being far less dangerous then most activities ). Doesn't mean you should live your life in fear of ever doing those things. Regardless, of how you live your life, why would you actively WANT people to be killed or injured for simply doing what they love? Only a psychopath thinks that way.
OBAMA HATER - 6 years ago
William Henning
William Henning - 6 years ago
Diabeetus4Life #ToadSquad Yeah, people really deserve to die because they enjoy swimming at the beach. Oh wait... That's actually completely moronic.
Tanya Renee
Tanya Renee - 6 years ago
Diabeetus4Life #ToadSquad Exactly! Know your place GOD rules NOT MAN!
OBAMA HATER - 6 years ago
Diabeetus4Life #ToadSquad
Diabeetus4Life #ToadSquad - 6 years ago
Ryan Armstrong I live in a nice log cabin on a lake...what does a Hurricane have to do with imitating shark food from a surf board dip shit
Mermaid - 6 years ago
may your weed dealer dies from overdose...
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse - 6 years ago
I wouldn't say that. But they certainly shouldn't be surprised if they do get attacked.
Ryan Armstrong
Ryan Armstrong - 6 years ago
and you deserve to die in your trailer as a hurricane rips through your redneck town
o e
o e - 6 years ago
Wenn man seine beine so ins wasser lässt,das man von unten wie eine Robbe aussieht,dann braucht man sich nicht zu wundern wenn mann von einen weissen hai attackiert wird, viele denken nicht aran.
San Clemente railfan Productions 2
San Clemente railfan Productions 2 - 6 years ago
my god that was at calafia
David G Woodward
David G Woodward - 6 years ago
It was a few miles south of Calafia.
Cmon DevOn H
Cmon DevOn H - 6 years ago
I've pet a shark at a aquariam so ha I've been closer to a shark
4LPH4 - 6 years ago
james84 -
james84 - - 6 years ago
the sped up footage is the exact speed I'd be paddling at after seeing that shark
unbelievabubble - 6 years ago
"That's the closest you've ever been to a shark, in the water"... That you know of!
Scott  Carr
Scott Carr - 6 years ago
Hey, sharks gotta eat too.
Just Kylie
Just Kylie - 6 years ago
Wow... I bet that was a really long swim back! God, the ocean gives me the creeps.
Miguel Marquina
Miguel Marquina - 6 years ago
wow glad you're ok if it was me I wouldn't stopped paddling !!!!!!!!
Awesome Catz
Awesome Catz - 6 years ago
1:28 isn't sped up. That's just how fast he swam when he realized there was a shark lol
José Alves Silva
José Alves Silva - 6 years ago
Nasceu de novo, que Deus te abençoe.
Michael Towle
Michael Towle - 6 years ago
Dude, Been there, felt that.

I saw what had to be a Great White back in the 1980s in Ormond Beach, Florida. Before people start to howl, it was in late December when the Right whales were migrating off the coast (within sight of shore). The sharks followed to consume the newborns. OCEARCH tracked a Great White in Jax Beach within the surf line (the GPS put it in the parking lot) in the last 10 years, so big Whites do lurk along the surfline in the Florida winter.

The shark surfaced 100' from me, just like in the Jaws movie, head 3' out of the water, big black eyes, I am guessing a 14 footer. I did not poop my wetsuit, but shallow-paddled in until I was in 6" of water. Nobody on shore saw a thing.

Everybody smirks at my tale, so I don't like to tell it.

I had two physical encounters with sharks while surfing in Ormond Beach in the 80s. I never reported them, mostly because they did not draw blood. One of them bit through my leash. I still have it.

Anytime you are in the water at the beach, there is a shark within 500' of you. Don't sweat it, they are small and have no interest in humans. The crabs and jellyfish are more of a problem :)
Boo Ya
Boo Ya - 6 years ago
why do you all keep surfing knowing there's sharks out there
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse - 6 years ago
Boo Ya don't knock them for their choice. The only people they are endangering are themselves. You can't live your life planning around dangerous situations. That is no life.
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse - 6 years ago
Boo Ya because they want to surf. The risk is worth the reward to them.
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse - 6 years ago
Ryan Armstrong for the record, a majority of Great White attack victims don't see the shark until they get hit. Sure, most surfers never even see a shark, but that hardly means a shark has never seen them.
Boo Ya
Boo Ya - 6 years ago
Ryan Armstrong
Ryan Armstrong - 6 years ago
being surfing for 30 years in California and never once seen a shark.
Ross M. Brown, R
Ross M. Brown, R - 6 years ago
That you know of....
C - 6 years ago
Very VERY cool!
steelcity9778 - 6 years ago
Take my word for it Charlie swim
Mackenzie Ziegler
Mackenzie Ziegler - 6 years ago
this is fake stuff if real than only a bull shark
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse - 6 years ago
Everyone, it's a marine biologist!!
Sir Tristen
Sir Tristen - 6 years ago
Eh, that wouldn’t have been enough to make me get out. I suppose everyone has their own threshold of fear.
Catweasle - 6 years ago
I've often heard it said, you shouldn't wear black wetsuits. They can resemble a seal in the water splashing about. I don't swim so I don't know, but it's just what I have heard many times.
eversolt22 - 6 years ago
That's a nice Stewart!! Where in so cal?
El Lapiz
El Lapiz - 6 years ago
Once I was out with a buddy of mine. The water was pretty calm so we were just chilling on our boards for a bit when all of a sudden a shark appears from under about 6-7 feet away from me. The circles us and each time he inches ever so closer. We got out of there like you did. Quite exhilarating to say the least.
ElfHighMage - 6 years ago
I guess White people DO have some speed after all.
Average/Terrible - 6 years ago
Not a great white just a basic reef shark possibly a black tip but still a great vid
SaVaGe 100
SaVaGe 100 - 6 years ago
That was close
Chris Breezy
Chris Breezy - 6 years ago
And this is why the only swimming I do is in da pool...
Chris Breezy
Chris Breezy - 6 years ago
Be thankful you saw it before it found you.
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse - 6 years ago
Chris Breezy oh it saw him long before he saw it. He is lucky.
Gabe Cooper
Gabe Cooper - 6 years ago
I hate videos with a huge preamble just show us what happened we’ll figure it out
Damian_got_no._.clout ._.
Damian_got_no._.clout ._. - 6 years ago
I would’ve shit my self
cainster - 6 years ago
what most people don't realize about this video is that 1:28 is NOT sped up footage.
Blaze- Agario
Blaze- Agario - 6 years ago
I go surfing in oceanside and the only thing I've ever seen closest to a great white is a thresher shark
Edward McLaughlin
Edward McLaughlin - 6 years ago
If that board were mine it would be straight up on ebay soon as I got home.
terje furulund
terje furulund - 6 years ago
A would whoop the shark
runningkirk walk
runningkirk walk - 6 years ago
This guy really pussed out. Swam in like little girl.
PortalSniper420 - 6 years ago
Wow this video was posted on my birthday about how a great white scared a guy
| Ride.the.Flow |
| Ride.the.Flow | - 6 years ago
Glad I didnt go San Clemente to surf
avery's life
avery's life - 6 years ago
if you look close enough the guy looks like a old version of KJ Apa.
skywraiths gt
skywraiths gt - 6 years ago
Great white shark won't attack but... if you run he will attack you... just like dog
12Burton24 - 6 years ago
one question is the name of this shark not white shark and great is just there because some of them are great or is great white shark the real name of this species?
Carolyn Davis
Carolyn Davis - 6 years ago
GlAd u made it woohhhh
Brent Taylor
Brent Taylor - 6 years ago
I saw plenty Tiger sharks surfing in Hawaii. Beautiful but so scary I couldn't process it, they never seemed real.
ProtagonistNonTheist - 6 years ago
Handsome daddy surfer. Me like.
John M
John M - 6 years ago
Oh F###! :)
JK Vose
JK Vose - 6 years ago
its jAQA
Lillymill - 6 years ago
Make sure to watch "The Shallows" (2016) if you already haven't. It's a great movie! :D
Veren Marcelina
Veren Marcelina - 6 years ago
omg you’re so brave
R Brooks
R Brooks - 6 years ago
Guess he woll be returning his board now
Mickael Cohen
Mickael Cohen - 6 years ago
Thomas Ingram
Thomas Ingram - 6 years ago
goog le
goog le - 6 years ago
they certainly can suck the fun right out of swimming in the surf.
Alex. w
Alex. w - 6 years ago
How do I know it was a grewt white most likely it was a small shark bc that was not big at all
Paul Ess
Paul Ess - 6 years ago
I didn't see Greg Norman anywher
Lily The unicorn
Lily The unicorn - 6 years ago
OMG I would FREAK OUT he is just calm
MT T - 6 years ago
Too many people filming themselves instead of paying attention to their surroundings, such a damn shame. Yep, if the shark wanted to get you, it would've done so, the end, bruh.
robert newsham
robert newsham - 6 years ago
Jesus Christ is that all????
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez - 6 years ago
Great editing. Keep ur big nuts pal! Go back out !
I ain't tellin U my name
I ain't tellin U my name - 6 years ago
I love it how every shark sighting is a great white lol there are many different species of shark incase y'all didn't know, not every sighting is a great white.
schro0711 - 6 years ago
That is exactly what not to do if a shark is near beside you.
Pusheen The Cat
Pusheen The Cat - 6 years ago
Where is he in the middle of no where????
D French
D French - 6 years ago
Yep. That shark was definitely sizing you up for a quick lunchtime amuse-bouche Mr surfer guy.
sarah turney
sarah turney - 6 years ago
he was paddling back to shore for wat felt like forever.
hrburrell - 6 years ago
So glad we dont have to deal with large sharks in the Fl surf....we dont have large surf either. Ive seen small ones swimming around while out on my board but nothing that can bite your leg off.
Ramie Egan
Ramie Egan - 6 years ago
enkadu007 - 6 years ago
Id shit my pants
Despiser Despised
Despiser Despised - 6 years ago
The great white's primary source of food is Seals and Sea Lions who all rest on land objects. Let's go sit in the ocean with a giant "Tender Vittle" sign attached to your back... Ill bet you have been "eyeballed" a lot more often than you could possibly imagine.

How many scuba divers get attacked?
Doris James
Doris James - 6 years ago
O how thoroughly satisfying !!
The Beast
The Beast - 6 years ago
I don’t know much about it, so hopefully someone can educate me. Would paddling attract the attention of the shark? Compared to say, just floating on your board not moving.
susan brown
susan brown - 6 years ago
Late comment...but why would you even consider going out there with them things around.
Not worth the risk.
Thomas gunns
Thomas gunns - 6 years ago
I don't understand what you people think you know you got sharks in these water's yet like Meatheads you go in the water I don't get it you must feel suicidal or just stupid it don't make sense to me your lucky he didn't grab your legs and take you under keep going in the water as your recording one day your going to record yourself getting killed
Rod Champ
Rod Champ - 6 years ago
Ghost shark?
Heidi K.
Heidi K. - 6 years ago
My goodness I hope you are a born again Christian! If not, please accept JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Savior who paid on the cross for your sins and cam back to life on the 3rd day!!! We have to come to the cross as broken sinners.
Celisar1 - 6 years ago
Juvenile white sharks eat solely fish.
Still a tad scary :)
Get.Grounded - 6 years ago
the thing is, the shark if he truly was interested, he,already knows youre there. the power they have to go for you, is faster than the Worlds fastest human swimmer....that close to you, it can already feel your vibrations from far off, Im sure he checked you out, hence why the shark came so close.
Markus Schnurr
Markus Schnurr - 6 years ago
this men is to hot for a shark
adam vesely
adam vesely - 6 years ago
1:15 Your brain: Gogogogogogogogo   Took A Long Damn Time.....
End Of Dayz
End Of Dayz - 6 years ago
should've killed the cracka
Jake Collins
Jake Collins - 6 years ago
That would suck so much ass....
jimrbsn - 6 years ago
(All footage played back at actual speed.)
mai elazzamy
mai elazzamy - 6 years ago
Omg I see it
DimmmIs Back
DimmmIs Back - 6 years ago
1:28 is that the sound of shit squirting out of your ass due to fear?
Shaun mcinnis
Shaun mcinnis - 6 years ago
Wow, a shark, Inthink I'll swim like a seal and make all kinds of splashing sounds
E. Raven
E. Raven - 6 years ago
He was just trying to surf! He watched you do it and thought “what a perfect day, no one else out here”.
David G Woodward
David G Woodward - 6 years ago
I've shared plenty of waves with dolphins over the years, so why not a shark? Also had a seal surf in a couple waves with me once (which I wasn't too happy about because of the company they attract). Turned out he was a recently released rescue seal.
Vincent Su
Vincent Su - 6 years ago
If there are waves hitting you that means your safe or I'm stupid
betatron tentetk
betatron tentetk - 6 years ago
Ahí no se ve na', tío!
Michael Perez
Michael Perez - 6 years ago
That’s why I️ have a pretty unhealthy fear of the ocean. You’ll find me in the mountains
Ryan Meads
Ryan Meads - 6 years ago
I've been bitten by a shark
1st Comment Guy
1st Comment Guy - 6 years ago
Liquid Knives
Liquid Knives - 6 years ago
Ur lucky he didn't try to eat you. Great Whites can out swim a fast swimming seal and also jump out of the water.
Lord Glaz
Lord Glaz - 6 years ago
The shark is like:I just wanna make some friends. D:
Scott Rock
Scott Rock - 6 years ago
Your fifth Great white in two years. Dude Stop going out by your fucking self. Just stop it! I know your a California guy that thinks "Ahhh! Great Whites don't bother you unless their hungry" Right?? Well let me ask you this, How the fuck do you know if it hungry or not and that your not next on his dinner plate. Just stop surfing by yourself. Jesus Christ.
Just Swell - A Surf Channel
Just Swell - A Surf Channel - 6 years ago
You handled that nicely. Calm and got out of there.
guido dee
guido dee - 6 years ago
It would of been so cool to watch this guy get mangled a ripped to shreds while being filmed on the gopro
Ardent Fan
Ardent Fan - 6 years ago
The 6 million dollar question is why would you want to swim in the sea with the sharks? And if it got you by its jaws it would surely be a case of "you asked for it ".
MER DO - 6 years ago
U know what, bring some fish there and if u see some shark,throw them into the water lol
Dude it looks like , someone ask u to give him ur arm or leg Lol
It’s hard to deal with those predators.
KattyKlu - 6 years ago
That’s super scary cuz he’s alone on that beach
Salzburg Snow
Salzburg Snow - 6 years ago
Glad you're still here with us!
Beetle juice
Beetle juice - 6 years ago
Zangetzu33 - 6 years ago
This Shark is known as John Wick of the sea..."Lo Spectro"
The Human Unit Never Killed
The Human Unit Never Killed - 6 years ago
the best comment i've seen here
SonoftheWay35 - 6 years ago
0:56 "oh, fuck"
You're Right But
You're Right But - 6 years ago
Why did you not go over and pet him?
Kristian Mendoza
Kristian Mendoza - 6 years ago
Why would you stay though after the first encounter...
RushEm2TheDirt - 6 years ago
I'm not looking at the shark
Say What
Say What - 6 years ago
If that was me, the video wouldn't be speeded up because I'd actually be paddling that fast.
Dusek Levay
Dusek Levay - 6 years ago
Hahha :D it was close
Greasy nPoor
Greasy nPoor - 6 years ago
no worries, bruce is on the wagon again!
Michael Song
Michael Song - 6 years ago
I'm not sure if that was a shark (it probably was), but even if it was, it didn't seem like a GW.
paul m
paul m - 6 years ago
what a fanny what did he expect he was in there domain . he is the guest there
John Burgess
John Burgess - 6 years ago
Damn pops you can swim fast!
Comic Caiden
Comic Caiden - 6 years ago
Shark:how man whats chill why you leaving so fast lets talk DAVID: IM GOOD RUUUNNNN
BoSsKVNGChains MT - 6 years ago
Poor man
hb.xg1 0
hb.xg1 0 - 6 years ago
Liquid bend
Liquid bend - 6 years ago
One of my friends had his calf removed by a shark as he sat next to me in Newport Beach ...
Chris Carrera
Chris Carrera - 6 years ago
Liquid bend Newport in Oregon ?
18francesco18 - 6 years ago
Beach sharks are the worst.
Albert - 6 years ago
it's dangerous
Gorrión Alejandro
Gorrión Alejandro - 6 years ago
That you know of.
gatorsinthebayou - 6 years ago
I know people have the right to surf but there are some locations in the world where it's just really not safe guys.

Everyone thinks it will never be them & the only way you're guaranteed to be right is to stay away from areas with big sharks!
Ektor - 6 years ago
Wow lord is great, I bet someone out there was praying for all the surfers and God answered those prayers. Hallelujah!!
marklvrd - 6 years ago
Can you at least try to not look like a seal in distress....
Gel Phaze
Gel Phaze - 6 years ago
Man what a rush.
JM AF - 6 years ago
Bloody lucky that you were able to paddle in fast forward - it probably saved you.
dayofhappiness - 6 years ago
Sir , sharks go up to the surface and surf line after storms !!! They do this because they find food there after storms .
BestBathTub Finish
BestBathTub Finish - 6 years ago
This is the closest I've never been to a stupid video.
Daniel Rice
Daniel Rice - 6 years ago
Ya I got bit by a shark on my right hand couldn't write for a weeks lucky I didnt lose a finger
potato potato
potato potato - 6 years ago
This is the 5th time? You are actually insane.
Sirzechs Gr
Sirzechs Gr - 6 years ago
Its because of shit like this that I stay away from beach water, also those little transparent octopus that leave a rash on your body .
Shanananananan Dlan'E
Shanananananan Dlan'E - 6 years ago
Splashing frantically is only going to bring its attention to u
ChangeForTheBetter2! - 6 years ago
He acts like he lives out there, but he's out there with sharks!
Jeffrey Burrington
Jeffrey Burrington - 6 years ago
Guess it's time for breakfast !
Mike Sprigg Technicology
Mike Sprigg Technicology - 6 years ago
I've had several much closer encounters than that. One of the instances made me very aware of just how dangerous and unpredictable the ocean can be. Never underestimate it.
Paul Mccafffery
Paul Mccafffery - 6 years ago
Looked like a whale turd to me.
Ashutosh Shrivastava
Ashutosh Shrivastava - 6 years ago
Why can't you goras swim in the pool or a lake which is safe? Why are all of you obsessed with jeapordizing your lives just for a bit of thrill!?
Scrubb a Lubbs
Scrubb a Lubbs - 6 years ago
I go to that beach pretty often and saw one breach once. Scared the heck outa me, even though it was far away.
Todd Toure
Todd Toure - 6 years ago
Catholic Defender
Catholic Defender - 6 years ago
Yeah, my dad used to tell me about how when he lived in California and would go surfing there was a super social Great White that would always swim beside and brush up against people. Only ever attacked one guy's board. The board was toast, the surfer was completely unharmed, and my dad was gone lol
Emily Nolin
Emily Nolin - 6 years ago
i love this story lol
sumaehs king
sumaehs king - 6 years ago
Catholic Defender
Yea..your friendly neighborhood great white shark...your dads an idiot.
Chuuuya - 6 years ago
Catholic Defender condolence brotha
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse - 6 years ago
Catholic Defender a shark looking for something to eat does not constitute a "social" shark. It constitutes a dangerous shark.
1_ Fishin'_ Magician
1_ Fishin'_ Magician - 6 years ago
lol when you fast forwarded the vid.....I would have been paddling like that from the get go...hahaha
Jackson W
Jackson W - 6 years ago
It turns out a longboard makes a fantastic selfie stick
Ultra_Vex - 6 years ago
0:56 is when he shits his diver suit.
AnthonyYouTubeFan - 6 years ago
I thought the rule of thumb is, you don't go in the water alone. I saw a re-release of a movie in 1979 that taught and cured me of that tendency.
RobloxGamer User- youtuberdevildog
RobloxGamer User- youtuberdevildog - 6 years ago
Your pretty brave wow, but jeez that's scary
r m
r m - 6 years ago
I've been surfing, fishing swimming in socal waters for 40 years. Only recently have there been shark sittings. I attribute it to global warming
RS GAMING - 6 years ago
At 1:28 that's the fastest swimming I've ever seen. Adrenaline is amazing
Nobel Victo
Nobel Victo - 6 years ago
sucks i was expecting more :-)
Laurent C
Laurent C - 6 years ago
One of the rules of surfing in sharky area is:  Avoid surfing after it rains because this causes the water to be murky.  The low visibility will make it more difficult for sharks to determine whether you're fish or human.
kamik 09
kamik 09 - 6 years ago
1:09 rekin!
Nameless - 6 years ago
Saw the shark at the right time and that was a smooth get away. Very lucky
Amelia Reagan Wright
Amelia Reagan Wright - 6 years ago
I saw nothing.
Liam O'Neill
Liam O'Neill - 6 years ago
Me and my mate where sessions a small spot in south Australia and we saw a sting ray and we thought it was a shark and that was the quickest I have every paddled to shore in my life but we went strait back out after someone told us they saw it to and it was only a sting ray all I saw was this big black mass in the side of the wave out the corner of my eye was so funny and scary never seen a shark thank god
Julius - 6 years ago
Se e maluco
dangerouswater - 6 years ago
When you have to paddle in those situations, the beach feels always further away than you thought....the tip of your toes curl up like they are trying to touch your buttocks...
Kevins Knives
Kevins Knives - 6 years ago
Jumped off a bit premature for me. I wouldn't have stopped paddling 'til I hit parking lot asphalt.
Ken McDougall
Ken McDougall - 6 years ago
Very well put together video, from the initial sound effects behind the captions, to the speed changes in the film, built a real sense of menace - was really atmospheric.
kelly young
kelly young - 6 years ago
Hahaha wow people are sooks, come to Australia and we have sharks in the rivers and even in our golf course water hazards!! Don't go swimming if ya don't like it, people don't have to put others down though just for enjoying an activity a lot of people enjoy.
Terry Foster
Terry Foster - 6 years ago
"That's the closest I've ever been to a shark in the water." THAT YOU KNOW OF!!! What a maroon!
Darren Green
Darren Green - 6 years ago
similar to me at tunisia , but i wasnt on a board . i swam right over him . i had to do a diarohhea in the sea from food poison camel-cat buffet , it will have been like chumming . never been in the sea since
Наталка - 6 years ago
You coulda ended up like that one chick in The Shallows.
rapskallion - 6 years ago
"That''s the closest I've been to a shark in the water."
That you know of, dude.
You look like a sea lion to me.
Mark Marsh
Mark Marsh - 6 years ago
...seems like an incredibly stupid way to risk your life to me.
Caesar Cruz From sullivans in yokosuka japan
Caesar Cruz From sullivans in yokosuka japan - 6 years ago
That could have been a dolphin
karina garza
karina garza - 6 years ago
Wuaau. :o ( viste eso )
Joe Weber
Joe Weber - 6 years ago
To bad it didn't bite your ass now that would have been a good video
Austin Smith
Austin Smith - 6 years ago
Squeeky bum ole time
klesk173a - 6 years ago
oh boy......
Strong Rock
Strong Rock - 6 years ago
Why take the risk of being eaten alive?
Bonnie - 6 years ago
How scary that would be!!
Maria Luisa
Maria Luisa - 6 years ago
Sorry my friend, but as one of my favorite surfing spots in the world, I've been there many times. Never saw any "juvenile great whites" but saw tons of dolphins riding the waves and they do look very similar in the water. Do you happen to have any close ups or teeth marks by chance. :)
Sean Flipflop
Sean Flipflop - 6 years ago
Yeah, creepy....
Justin Neihouse
Justin Neihouse - 6 years ago
That's crazy
Ggkkng Ffhjkhe
Ggkkng Ffhjkhe - 6 years ago
That was a baby shark... it won't bite it will probably nibble
Lukepa - 6 years ago
Ooo wee I love Trails, but ooo wee that's spooky.
Adam Persson
Adam Persson - 6 years ago
Isnt this captain archer of the uss enterprise
Steven James Hadeed
Steven James Hadeed - 6 years ago
you missed your wave man paddle faster
ZelmerKAF - 6 years ago
- very cool footage - ..... you could very easily have been devoured out there , all alone , on a quiet sunny California  ,morning  . The Go-Pro footage would have been especially horrifying upon being found (& uploaded) , washed ashore with the board. ... - Good Work , Mr Woodward !~ Give - 'er !
Yakini Taylor
Yakini Taylor - 6 years ago
niggas do this shit fuckin gringos
Bruno Gomes
Bruno Gomes - 6 years ago
Is it weid i just got a bonner watching the shark??
Cantante Brovo
Cantante Brovo - 6 years ago
Yeah errrr...not great footage.... is it??
Ben Sims
Ben Sims - 6 years ago
Get on with it then
Matthew Ryan
Matthew Ryan - 6 years ago
No that's the closest shark you have seen in the water.
AGATH0R - 6 years ago
Do people still surf trails since all the sightings in sc? PS i have also seen her down there and surfed with her name is fluffy, nice shot
Biggils - 6 years ago
If you're going to dress like a seal you should at least bark like one.
Support For Sammy
Support For Sammy - 6 years ago
Hahaha he swims better then Michael phelps
kylllllllll - 6 years ago
Dave Ross
Dave Ross - 6 years ago
I've seen many sharks and great whites swim past or come close for a look at ya. it's fine, they aren't after humans if they were we would be losing a surfer every day.
Jones - 6 years ago
I've been there; the feeling is unnerving to say the least. I actually accidentally kicked one, when pushing up to get back on my board, at the end of a ride. Had I not kicked it, who knows what would of happened. It circled me erratically 3 times, then swam off, just as abruptly as it appeared. It was the last time I surfed in California.

I grew up surfing in FL, so the whole cold water, wet suits, kelp beds, deep dark water, seals/sea lions, rocks, and mammal eating sharks were all so foreign to me. I've seen my fair share of sharks in FL, but that was something different entirely.

I was on a short board (much less floatation) and was also alone, but had friends on the beach. At first, I thought it was just a seal, but when I saw it was a white shark, I did all I could to get my hands and feed out of the water, which only made my board sink lower. Needless to say, it ruined my surf trip.
Benjamin Lelouis
Benjamin Lelouis - 6 years ago
he wouldn't have followed me.. i woulda left a massive shit streak the likes this world has yet to see..., and it woulda scared the shark off.
p1t - 6 years ago
idc how unlikely it is for a shark to attack me, i'm simply not going to take any chances. i also know humans are not on their diet but shark curiosity of what we are and if we may be pray is usually answered by them having a nip and that can turn out really bad
Ben Aussem
Ben Aussem - 6 years ago
Doing crazy shit for fun is what separates just having a pluse from truly being alive.
C L - 6 years ago
Iddiot by himself out there.
flashy5150 - 6 years ago
How do you know it was a Great White ? It almost looked like a Tiger Shark, which are the most popular for attacking surfers.
David G Woodward
David G Woodward - 6 years ago
flashy5150: This shark had no vertical stripes. Also juvenile Great Whites are fairly common (recently) around here, haven't heard of any Tiger Shark sightings at all in this area.
natetorious09 - 6 years ago
1:29 is me if I ever see a shark anywhere near me..
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown - 6 years ago
and he got back in the water 5min later

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