Greatest Wipeouts: The Best of 2014

A year in review of Surfline's series Greatest Wipeouts. From big wave total carnage to near-death experiences. Watch every episode:

Greatest Wipeouts: The Best of 2014 sentiment_very_dissatisfied 151

Surf 9 years ago 1,201,388 views

A year in review of Surfline's series Greatest Wipeouts. From big wave total carnage to near-death experiences. Watch every episode:

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Most popular comments
for Greatest Wipeouts: The Best of 2014

Kyan O'Rourke
Kyan O'Rourke - 6 years ago
Where are the small wave ones
Kyan O'Rourke
Kyan O'Rourke - 6 years ago
300th comments
thekyledebacker - 6 years ago
3:20 wavelengths hat
conspiracies are just great stories
conspiracies are just great stories - 6 years ago
Why don't you have videos like this every year? I love this video and 2015-2017 deserves the same treatment
Piran Fehlbaum
Piran Fehlbaum - 6 years ago
Holy Fucking Shit
William Austin Smith
William Austin Smith - 6 years ago
8:02 best footage
Mitchie_the_bitchie - 6 years ago
I feel bad.
Chase Listorti
Chase Listorti - 6 years ago
4:58 how did I even get into this situation
tracy smith
tracy smith - 6 years ago
Alex Gray is a great story teller.

10. comment for Greatest Wipeouts: The Best of 2014

Kirstyn Hairston
Kirstyn Hairston - 6 years ago
When the one guy said 60 70 feet I was like boy why ever ride a wave that high you are weird because no one I know they would not do that
DannyTK0 - 6 years ago
My father once got his leash stuck on some reef on some big repetitive waves he wrote a book about the experience its an amazing story and he has had many other experiences so be sure to go check him out he does surf tours in Oahu really nice guy and great tour guide his name is Richard and goes by Rich stay safe out there guys
Fuse Fire
Fuse Fire - 6 years ago
Being pounded by one of these waves is like holding you breath the
Is whole vid
Fadila Kader
Fadila Kader - 6 years ago
entitle lead assumption cell formal hotel buck we bring defense tradition
MatthewShashy - 6 years ago
"And I was like AH SHIT Skip was one that wave too. I hope I didn't just create a GnARly accident" but for some reason accident is said kinda gayley
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - 6 years ago
that leg was cool
Etienna Bagley-Jones
Etienna Bagley-Jones - 6 years ago
pause at 6:23
Diego Salgado
Diego Salgado - 6 years ago
5:56 holly shit
Eibhlín Murphy
Eibhlín Murphy - 6 years ago
Rest In Peace jay moriarity. Always a legend
Maxwell Smart_086
Maxwell Smart_086 - 6 years ago
"Surfing USA" - the Beach - looks these pros have to put their lives/health at risk to make money - that´s not having fun surfin´ - that´s the end of fun, health and/or life. Anybody thinking of their wife, kids, parents, grandparents????????

20. comment for Greatest Wipeouts: The Best of 2014

Dennis Nedry
Dennis Nedry - 6 years ago
6:25 OMG that’s what starring at death looks like
Joe Spears
Joe Spears - 6 years ago
Damn…then here’s me when I stab my toe I’m crying for 30mins
Dis Count
Dis Count - 6 years ago
biggest wave I ever got was from my wife as she paddled out
Misty Forests
Misty Forests - 6 years ago
I can barely even handle getting tossed into the cauldron of a 7 foot wave. I don't know how these guys do it.
Helen Kennedy
Helen Kennedy - 6 years ago
Much respect.
Billy's Plushies
Billy's Plushies - 6 years ago
Dalton v
Dalton v - 6 years ago
Maverick's seems to have a lot of bad ones
sacha MARZIN
sacha MARZIN - 6 years ago
Flight Sim Joe
Flight Sim Joe - 6 years ago
I've seen a few people in the comments saying "these guys are pussies it's just water" and all I want, is for them to go stand at one of the spots mentioned in this video, and watch those 70ft waves come rolling in, and then I want you to ride that same wave and not wipe out, and not get pounded, and not get trapped under water without knowing which way is up. These are real men in the videos, and I don't know about you but I can't even begin to imagine 20ft wave at my local beach.
Eva Bergant
Eva Bergant - 6 years ago
These guys are INSANE. Man. I got wiped out once, by a wave about 3 metres high. I got rolled over like 5 times and landed on the beach (thank god it was sand) with my mouth full of sand, scratched all over and dizzy from all the spinning. Even such a small wave is so powerful, you can't imagine until you've experienced it.. It seems like a miracle to me what those guys survived..

30. comment for Greatest Wipeouts: The Best of 2014

Harrison Kelly
Harrison Kelly - 6 years ago
Its just water, what a bunch of pussies
Flight Sim Joe
Flight Sim Joe - 6 years ago
Harrison Kelly Why don't you go try it out, I think it would be a great learning experience for all of us wimps to see how a real man would do surfing a 70ft wave.
EDD - 6 years ago
What's the best way to brace in a wipeout, curl up into a ball protecting your head?
atmosphere Adr
atmosphere Adr - 6 years ago
thats correct !
DavesPride - 6 years ago
I haven't seen anyone say sunset? And I've been going through the comments for a good 10 minutes
John Fraser
John Fraser - 6 years ago
These waves are no fucking joke.
Vasily Klyukin II
Vasily Klyukin II - 7 years ago
5:57 that is not a wave, that is a fucking demon
John Grove
John Grove - 7 years ago
miracle all of you survived, those were all nasty
Sun Gaming
Sun Gaming - 7 years ago
All these people are lucky they did not drown when they got nocked out.
Tom Kodatsky
Tom Kodatsky - 7 years ago
Would love some feedback on my Cinematic Vlogs before I begin creating again. Subscribing to all who comment below. We all know the grind, lets do it together.
Baba Bootay
Baba Bootay - 7 years ago
3:40 the Scotty Cranmer of surfing
pbaylis1 - 7 years ago
7:45 He came real close to making that.
Noah Fleischman
Noah Fleischman - 7 years ago
His leg at 7:26
Jalon Floyd
Jalon Floyd - 7 years ago
the guy at 3:40 looks just like Scotty cranked the bmx rider.
oliver jack
oliver jack - 7 years ago
Its just water... pussies
Shady - 7 years ago
5:01 fuck, what a wipeout
TheRedPanda - 7 years ago
777 days ago
Interioroutbreak69 - 7 years ago
I liked the reaction of the other guys at 6:18
Sleeping Lion
Sleeping Lion - 7 years ago
I got a question. How do surfers pop their head out the back of the wave when goin over the falls? Sometimes you'll see them with their head out of the water while goin over on a 20 foot lip. How do they do this? Do they swim to that point? Or does it just happen naturally?
Gman - 6 years ago
When u see their heads at the top of the wave their just about to be pounded because the wave brings you to the top then dumps you because you get stuck in the wave
Gman - 6 years ago
Sleeping Lion when u fall of before it breaks you get sucked up and stuck in the wave kind of like a tornado how it sucks things up, on a wave it sucks u up and then dumps you on your head. Not sure what ur asking though
Zane Kelvinator
Zane Kelvinator - 7 years ago
All courageous men. But I was held under at Bells Beach for six minutes last winter. Six. Fucking. Minutes. It was scary conditions - between 18-30 foot sets rolling through on a wicked ground swell from a 9.8 mag quake in Antarctica. I got smacked on a mid-sized set, head-first into the reef. Boom! Blood everywhere. I tried to come up for air, but I kept getting drilled by the next set, deeper and deeper under the surface. Eventually, I realized I had to swim along the seafloor to the shoreline, or I'd die. I reckon I swum underwater for 800 meters, easily. My Dad was there that day, and he estimated I was under for about six minutes. I broke my left foot pretty badly and lost both my knee-caps. I also twisted my hip and distorted my heart a bit. Peace surfing people.
Mattias Nelson
Mattias Nelson - 6 years ago
Maybe you made a mistake but there never been a 9.8 earth quake
Tomas Bensch
Tomas Bensch - 6 years ago
Zane Kelvinator Lol
phapnui - 7 years ago
177 meters is 2016 world record swim underwater, taking 3 minutes and 4 seconds. Your data suggests you swam over 5 mph in your distance/time. Michael Phelps swims 6 mph in a pool for limited distance. Do you wish to change your story or declare you are a tuna fish?
HyTz Vorkkz
HyTz Vorkkz - 7 years ago
That may be the biggest pile of utter bullshit i have ever heard
S1ngItBack - 7 years ago
Zane Kelvinator you didn't swim nearly a kilometer without breathing you fucking idiot...
Lucy Opunui
Lucy Opunui - 7 years ago
Zane Kelvinator
Andy Hay
Andy Hay - 7 years ago
Zane Kelvinator I'm sorry that happened to you
MIKI-WAWA - 7 years ago
JonDeBerg - 7 years ago
At the 1:09 mark- Is that Miley Cyrus with a beard?!

50. comment for Greatest Wipeouts: The Best of 2014

Justin Brandt
Justin Brandt - 7 years ago
That is cool
Clempt90 - 7 years ago
So, why isn't there scars all over these people ? I smell bullshit
Sleeping Lion
Sleeping Lion - 7 years ago
Clempt90 there actually IS scars all over lots of them. I think laird Hamilton has something like a total of 250 stitches over his lifetime of surfing so far. I've seriously sliced my head a few times, broken a few noses, almost drowned, fucked up my tailbone to where I couldent walk for a month, and some more that I know I'm not remembering , oh yeah, been knocked out by my board hitting my head, seen great whites out there. And I've only maxed out at like 15 foot waves, so far. So......
Ben_ _Usher
Ben_ _Usher - 7 years ago
Clempt90 the water is going to scrape and cut them up?
Misty OjaiGirl
Misty OjaiGirl - 7 years ago
"all sweet..."
Boom Blue
Boom Blue - 7 years ago
Don - 7 years ago
This is the way i lost my goggles xD
MySpeed - 7 years ago
And I complain about the beach's waves being tiny...
Tiwers - 7 years ago
I'll stick to bodyboarding 3-5 foot waves
Don - 7 years ago
good idea
Gabriel Lutz
Gabriel Lutz - 7 years ago
Virginia has no waves over 6 ft, and still a wipeout on a 5ft wave scares the hell out of me. but big waves are fun though.
Flight Sim Joe
Flight Sim Joe - 6 years ago
Gabriel Lutz or if you use a long board/paddle board
Gabriel Lutz
Gabriel Lutz - 7 years ago
+David Woo you can surf any wave if you are good enough, so...
David Woo
David Woo - 7 years ago
I live in Virginia and there are no waves so
Gabriel Lutz
Gabriel Lutz - 7 years ago
David Woo only once a month type of waves, at the jetty.
David Woo
David Woo - 7 years ago
Gabriel Lutz where do you surf that has 5 foot waves
Brian Struck
Brian Struck - 7 years ago
I got wiped out hard today and I've gained much more respect for the power of the ocean haha
SAltY FIlms
SAltY FIlms - 7 years ago
+brady stewart AHAHAH
Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones - 7 years ago
"....arms and feet inside the vehicle at all times..." CLASSIC!!
J A M I 3
J A M I 3 - 6 years ago
Mr Grape Butter lmao bruh that's a fucking HEAD INJURY THIS IS DEATH
GAPLORD - 7 years ago
+Mr Grape Butter yeah but I was never a big surfer in the first place so... yeah
Mr Grape Butter
Mr Grape Butter - 7 years ago
Thats a dumb reason to give up. I saw a kid land in his head snowboarding 40 ft gap on the jump. He ended up upside down halfway down the landing. Ambulance came he had the worst concussion you could think of, neck damage everything. He was back 2 days later and we were hitting the jump. I don't know what it's like to see someone die but you really, if you love something, need to keep going.
Meltshotmasta420 - 8 years ago
That's insane. And I have never seen a wave form like it did on the last one! Some crazy shit lol
brady stewart
brady stewart - 8 years ago
I think I'll stick to bogie boarding 1 foot waves
Luca Santoro
Luca Santoro - 6 years ago
I reckon 4 feet at most for me
Micah Schaeffer
Micah Schaeffer - 6 years ago
I’ll do 3 ft
speed force
speed force - 7 years ago
DERF CLAN members iyfjfjv
Captain Chicken
Captain Chicken - 7 years ago
DERF CLAN - 7 years ago
RonnieBavs - 7 years ago
Good idea
Yash Patel
Yash Patel - 8 years ago
awsm vdeo salute to these surfers
LuckyLucy - 8 years ago
One time my friend Sal caught a board to the scrotilia from a big breaking wave and his voice changed up higher a few octaves.
Ben Goldberg
Ben Goldberg - 7 years ago
Rip sal
ScotSpeed - 8 years ago
wow. this video absolutely delivers 110% of what the title says. not just some cheesy compilation, but actual great hd footage with quick short interviews even! wtf?!?

amazing! thanks for this. time to check out the other years' wipeouts!
Kevin King
Kevin King - 8 years ago
I appreciate the honesty of the wiped and the injured from their risk taking. I took a risk and seriously injured myself. These videos tell the story that most short clips don't
nv vam
nv vam - 8 years ago
Years ago I was body boarding at Sandy beach.  On that day there was a storm off the coast, maybe 20-30 miles out.  The waves were about twice as big as normal.  I am guessing around 15 feet or more. Anyways I misjudged the speed of the on coming wave and didn't dive under.  Instead I quickly turned around facing the sand hoping to catch it.  I got sucked up and went over the falls head first.  My body was twisting and contorting.  I was held under maybe 15 seconds and the second wave held me under.  I remember when I came to the surface I was very tired and a little shocked.  I headed to the sand to rest.  I didn't return to the ocean that day.
gangsterboogie - 8 years ago
so you were on molokai?
Tyler Locke
Tyler Locke - 8 years ago
These are true men.
David Walker
David Walker - 8 years ago
I ate shit on a two footer one time.
stoneygreek - 8 years ago
i live in michigan. the biggest wave i ever surfed was around 90 feet high. while doing a handstand. with a drink on my board. and a naked girl with big boobies. those were the days. groovy man.
Augustus Bromley
Augustus Bromley - 6 years ago
Mate nazare I caught a 100 footer while holding a dab the whole way
Ben Green
Ben Green - 6 years ago
I ate your chocolate while you were reading my name
I ate your chocolate while you were reading my name - 6 years ago
stoneygreek same i surfed a 1 mile high wave while i was fucking a girl with a fat ass and i was eating dinner while playing ps4 pro with my 100 inch tv, ahh the good old days
Eric Kelly
Eric Kelly - 7 years ago
One time I was in Antarctica on the yearly ice surfing trip, but this time when I went to grab the 100 footer, I got to the top and it FROZE SOLID! I was stuck there for a few days with my feet frozen in, but I dug out a frozen penguin and snacked on him to stay alive. I had to knaw off my own feet to get out and hike across the frozen ocean all the way back to Dubai. But I engineered my own robotic feet and the have hidden guns, rocket boosters etc.
Oliver GoPro Surf
Oliver GoPro Surf - 7 years ago
The biggest wave Iv ever court was 21ft I got crushed
Jonas Frandsen
Jonas Frandsen - 7 years ago
same bruh I've surfed 50 meters in the Amazon River while piranhas ate my right big toe
Gum Control
Gum Control - 8 years ago
what does it feel like to be hit by a 20+ footer?
Rose Smith
Rose Smith - 8 years ago
1 time I was so excited cause I was in the ocean and a big wave was coming and the curve hit my uper back and it was way to big for boogie board
OmgDogeInDahHood - 8 years ago
Wow that's insane!
Steve Carey
Steve Carey - 8 years ago
On that last wave it's amazing the guy came as close to making it as he did. First he overcame one freefall then came not too far from making the second freefall. That's some serious skill. And the wave at Belharra (6 minute mark) is one of the biggest paddle in waves I've ever seen. I don't know how these guys get the courage to paddle into something like that. We get 15 footer faces in the winter where I live and those beasts scare the hell out of me.
jprzcrprz - 8 years ago
Scary ass wipeouts..especially Shipsterns..That's one ugly wall of water
Jeff H
Jeff H - 8 years ago
+jprzcrprz Is that the last one, it looked vicious.
379buzz - 8 years ago
Awesome post! My biggest wipeout, was back in the late 70's. Imperial Beach, South of San Diego was breaking 20ft faces, twice as big as I'd ever seen it. I dropped in on a glassy left, made it to the bottom, (Riding a 10' 2" Con longboard no leash) I knew I was in trouble when I made the turn, and stalled. I looked up to see a barrel you could've driven a semi-truck through! I had that brief moment of, "This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" Then suddenly it got very dark, and I tried to bail. Diving into the wave, I got that last breath (thank God) got suck over the falls and felt a building crush me into a sandy bottom. I started to try and struggle towards the surface, immediately realizing that, that wasn't going to happen! I pulled in my arms and legs in, curled up like a potato bug, and conserved what oxygen I had left from that last breath. Weightlessly, I went over the falls a second time, hoping nothing would get snapped off my body at the bottom. I was locked in the washing machine. Then a third time, weightlessness, as I went up and over the falls yet again! I finally felt that wave decide to release me, and I pushed off the bottom to the surface! I inhaled hard, sweet air of life!!! I then turtled under a smaller second wave, taking another beating, not nearly as bad as the first. I finally stood up in waist deep water and made my way to the beach. I was completely out of gas, lucky to be alive. I went back out 30 minutes later.  :)
Mish Ham
Mish Ham - 6 years ago
379buzz nice memory to remember the 70s
Gui V
Gui V - 8 years ago
+379buzz That's pretty awesome, worst wipeout i ever had was here in Brazil in Jaguaruna, waves there go from 2 to 5 meters (it must have been 2 meters at the time) , and its almost always crowded. Me and another surfer accidentally hit eachother and my leg got stuck on his leash, i fell without catching a breath first, being dragged by his board until the end of the wave, and when i got to the surface my board hit my face, but i was fine after that. Not as awesome as yours, but it was pretty scary.
Michael Morrell
Michael Morrell - 8 years ago
white guys
Chris S
Chris S - 8 years ago
AND - what you dont' get from the video is that the water at Mavericks is cold as balls. Not just a little chilly, but ice cream headache cold. Makes it hard to hold your breath for very long.
Loleta Vonsturman
Loleta Vonsturman - 8 years ago
Why do the Ozzies bitches say "like" three times in one sentence? you may surf a big wave but you are still a bitch, if in articulate.
Stu McLellan
Stu McLellan - 7 years ago
Loleta Vonsturman Inarticulate is one word.
Howard Neely
Howard Neely - 8 years ago
I admire their courage, amazing stuff.
dondamon356 - 8 years ago
how the fuck do your survive this shit , even small waves completly destroy me
jvdv - 8 years ago
Was 6:25 not shipstern bluff?
twokgti - 8 years ago
I been surfing in Hawaii since i was 2 years old. Never want to surf waves as big has these guys. I like having my limbs where they are.
eclipseNF - 8 years ago
Xcalabre gaming
Xcalabre gaming - 8 years ago
Antonio Mesquita
Antonio Mesquita - 8 years ago
Big Waves but nothing compare to Nazaré Portugal
whydotheheathensrage - 8 years ago
+Antonio Mesquita well that wave when its breaking big, is for the top one percent of surfers. If a mid range surfer goes out on a 50 - 100 foot wave, he's asking for trouble
Amr Hassan
Amr Hassan - 8 years ago
Josue - 8 years ago
How do you handle a wipeout?
Lee Skuba
Lee Skuba - 8 years ago
Hold your breath and hope for the best my friend.... Nah usually when your wiped out your told to stay calm, which is hard to do. And just swim up and when you find your board gtfo of there lol, some surfers also have a tag they pull to rise to the surface faster I'm pretty sure.
Cuan K
Cuan K - 8 years ago
All the surfing in this vid rock! Big ups...
fnog9 - 8 years ago
3:43 it seems like the lips of mavericks waves get more hang time than any other wave in the world. is there truth to that? that water takes a long time to fall. i mean, the wave at 5:32 is bigger than mavericks, but to me it seems the mavericks crash like no other,
Cole - 8 years ago
The biggest wave I've ever been into (Walked into) was about 4 feet. It wasn't very strong. I'm about 4'9. My friend saw 11 foot waves at thr Outer Banks but there was a syorm coming or wuteva..
Hineskitt Velvett
Hineskitt Velvett - 8 years ago
I didn't know Elissa Steamer surfed
TheRiffraff1968 - 8 years ago
at 6.44 that is the heaviest thing ive ever seen hands down !
Peace, Justice & Love
Peace, Justice & Love - 8 years ago
Holy Jesús
Nicky D
Nicky D - 8 years ago
6:00 only people with balls could surf a wave that big
Yatesyyy - 8 years ago
+Reflex Point Belharra, France is the wave at 6:00 :)
Reflex - 8 years ago
Was that Mavericks?
Clint Ventriglia-Hill
Clint Ventriglia-Hill - 8 years ago
You gotta have a couple screws loose to surf theses waves... just WOW
Pedro - 8 years ago
How do they hold their breath for so long, like if it was me i was done for 10 sec
i wish i could be under water longer do you have any tips?
wtf old
wtf old - 8 years ago
Surfers who go through training are trained to hold their breaths for 3 minutes.
Pedro - 8 years ago
 like i can do it pretty well but only when my heart rate is normal when i`m surfing my heart is going very fast so i lose my oxigen fast as well
Gurucha - 8 years ago
+Ush Slime Just hold your breath for as long as you can. Do that a couple dozen times a day and you'll be sweet.

100. comment for Greatest Wipeouts: The Best of 2014

Nuck Chorris
Nuck Chorris - 8 years ago
They say "LIKE" so often xDD
"It was LIKE, you know, LIKE, the wave was LIKE, and i was LIKE, and the wave hit LIKE...

They may be good surfers, but their mind is know, like...:D
Who is P.O.V 2.0
Who is P.O.V 2.0 - 6 years ago
Yeah it pisses me off
Unless there Any good
Marcus De Villiers
Marcus De Villiers - 7 years ago
Nuck Chorris I just liked Liked your comment bro
jprzcrprz - 8 years ago
+Nuck Chorris ............My first thought EXACTLY....seems this generation picks it up and carries it through life, passing it along as they go. Take out all the "Likes" and the interview runs half as long.
Chris S
Chris S - 8 years ago
+Nuck Chorris well, they are athletes. Last time I checked football and basketball players weren't winning any awards for speech and debate either. Judge them by what they do in their field. And if you think it's easy, just go out on a double or triple overhead day.
Pedro Gordinho
Pedro Gordinho - 8 years ago
I don't know if these guys are crazy, courageous or crazy courageous to surf these waves.
Pedro Gordinho
Pedro Gordinho - 8 years ago
This may sound stupid but with such advanced technology that we have today, isn't there some kind of oxygen breading device, small enough to "attach" to the swimsuit ?. And Im not even talk about those suits that racing bikers are testing that when they fall, the suit inflates a protective "ballon" around the person. Probably waves like this would blow up the ballon but I think it could work.
Mihai Pruna
Mihai Pruna - 7 years ago
they tried the oxygen idea early on but abandoned it when self inflating vests became available.
Mr Grape Butter
Mr Grape Butter - 7 years ago
+Pedro Gordinho All of the guys on the video talk about getting rah-dolled. You can't move anything your just getting thrown around. Plus most wouldn't or in the state of mind to think of the "mouth piece". And I feel like having a big, bulky oxygen receptical in your back would make it way harder to surf. I don't know, it's a good idea though.
Pedro Gordinho
Pedro Gordinho - 8 years ago
+Erik Iida Imagine this....On your back you have a very small oxygen recipiente. From that recipiente, a thin hose would go from there trough your arm and it would end in your hand in a mouth piece.
Sure the wave is extremely powerful but having a last resort of oxygen is better than not having one and Im pretty sure one could reach his hand with his mouth / take the hand to the mouth.
If I had the courage to surf these waves, I wouldn't do it without some system like this one we are "dreaming" about.
Erik Iida
Erik Iida - 8 years ago
The wave spins you so so so hard that you kind of fell like you are being ripped apart. During that motion trying to find something simply wouldnt be possible.
Mihai Pruna
Mihai Pruna - 8 years ago
The hood only covers your chin and having a tube stuck to that would probably be uncomfortable . I'm an engineer and surfer and I will continue to think of a solution but so far I have not come up with anything practical :)
Pedro Gordinho
Pedro Gordinho - 8 years ago
+Mihai Pruna I never did scuba diving and because of that I not sure but I think if you get your mouth with water, when you put the mouth piece on and breath out, the water will get out. Again, Im not sure if its like this for real but it makes sense. Some surfers use a wetsuit hat and you could do a mouth piece in that hat next to your mouth. This is all wishful thinking but it could work.
Mihai Pruna
Mihai Pruna - 8 years ago
I'd like to see them try during a wipeout. Unless the surfer has the presence of mind to dive deeper during the wipeout and escape the washing machine, I don't think the task can be accomplished . I've only wiped out on small waves where I was not held down and I don't think I could find a grab a mouthpiece without my mouth filling with water first
Pedro Gordinho
Pedro Gordinho - 8 years ago
+Mihai Pruna Have you ever seen a person scuba dive?. They can take out the mouth piece and put it back again because you can make air come out and prevent water from coming in. Im pretty sure this is feasible.
Mihai Pruna
Mihai Pruna - 8 years ago
+Pedro Gordinho they wear self inflating suits, but I have been thinking about the oxygen idea and I don't think it's feasible, you can't just bite the mouthpiece and draw air ( and not water) during a wipeout
Sonmi Norimitsuu
Sonmi Norimitsuu - 8 years ago
Me and my son are just about to get into surfing in the UK he is 11 and I am 42 :-) can anyone give us some feed back with reference to us being safe and hints and tips, respect. mc=?
Sonmi Norimitsuu
Sonmi Norimitsuu - 8 years ago
Bryce, thank you so much you are a gentleman and I love the streamline "if in doubt, don't go out" ;-) 
Bryce Yoshida
Bryce Yoshida - 8 years ago
Ask experienced surfers about the beach and waves and for tips on getting out, undertow,rip currents, if its shallow or deep and if its sand of reef, etc.Watch the waves for a good 10 minutes to identify hazards.Also stay within your comfort zone and always wait your turn in the lineup.Anything above 5-6 ft be prepared to hold your breath.Remember this though, if in doubt don't go out.
blank blank
blank blank - 8 years ago
I cant believe people live though this kind of punishment.
Xvs - 7 years ago
blank blank because it's fun
JIMJAMSC - 8 years ago
I was a lifeguard in Myrtle Beach and saw my share of partial and full paralysis injuries. These were mostly body surfing/floats/boogies boards novices who went face first off of a 1-3 ft wave onto a dirt/shell bottom. We had so many broken legs,arms,collisions etc that eventually skim boards were banned and eventually frisbees and footballs. No alcohol,glass,loud music.. Not much left to do other than sweat off that hangover.Hell you do not even need 30 ft + waves to get injured at the beach.But I just assume get racked up riding a monster that snapping my neck on a 3ft sand break.
Cole - 8 years ago
I was at Myrtle Beach last week. Went in some 3-5 foot waves.
Giuliano Perrino
Giuliano Perrino - 8 years ago
+Nicky DeGirolamo Thank You AJ LEE I am a sasha banks namoi paige guy Search on youtube but it's a board that you throw on the beach were the waves end
JIMJAMSC - 8 years ago
A great way to get hurt. Small smooth board that you run at full speed,jump on it and go across the shallow surface or straight out into the chop. you know that thin layer of water that rushes over the sand when a wave rolls in. Or some use them on pools of water left behind at low tide.  Works best on shallow, sandy beaches.
Nicky D
Nicky D - 8 years ago
+JIMJAMSC whats a skim board
Ucanca Tawe
Ucanca Tawe - 8 years ago
Woow !!
rufuszero08 - 8 years ago
surfing is dangerous
Maxi Vargas
Maxi Vargas - 8 years ago
I guess in some way when they fell, and the forces of these waves come, they are the happiest people in the world.
Peter Charlesworth
Peter Charlesworth - 8 years ago
6:25 takes the prize - he had zero board speed when he came off then the ocean just unloaded. Looks like a Deep SW Vic bomb
Ricky P
Ricky P - 8 years ago
I'm surprised none of these guys exploded to bits and pieces...
matisyahup613 - 8 years ago
I live in NJ in my late teens and early 20's I would surf the jersey shore.  The biggest wave I ever caught was probably in the 5-7 foot range.  I was surprised just how much power is in a wave of even that size.  What these guys even attempt to do is just insane.  Yes they are elite surfers, but they are not afraid of death.  Gotta give them a lot of respect for the danger they put themselves in just to get some good footage.
jerseybass'n'surf - 6 years ago
i had a wipeout at metro in atlantic city on a 9ft day and blew out my eardrum
Benjamin Wilson
Benjamin Wilson - 6 years ago
matisyahup613 sandy hook gang
αηנ - 6 years ago
Im from jersey too and i surf in ocean, and deal. The waves on average are pretty small ranging from 1 - 5 feet though.

edit - quick story though ahah, the other day i was out at the beach and a way bigger set rolled in with like 8 foot waves which suprised me soo much and i got a total pounding lol!
pbaylis1 - 7 years ago
I hear you man. We think we're gonna die when a 7-footer hits us. These guys are just something else. When they are verbally describing the thrashing they get, you just think words can't do it justice.
Smart Pranks
Smart Pranks - 7 years ago
Boston Leier hey bro I'm almost 12 and I'm getting a surf board soon do u have any tip I'm also a long and stake boarder so I can balance
Boston Leier
Boston Leier - 8 years ago
yeah im 12 the wipe out when i was 11 it happened on a heavy 9 footer i just slipped skipped once and the white wash kept me under for a while you come out with that big breath hoping another waves isn't coming after that I came in a thought at how much power the ocean holds im just getting better at surfing and im hoping for a 10ft wipe out this year just because there thrilling
matisyahup613 - 8 years ago
Manasquan inlet,  and Long Beach Island.  But you can only get surf during storms.  In its natural state the NJ surf is like a lake
scarface12347 - 8 years ago
Are there many surf spots round NJ? I never really pinned our state as a surf state.
Aint1S - 8 years ago
my worse was a solid swell at 15' when we check the report in the early AM, but when we were out in the water it had gone up to about 20's...
looked like Billy Kemper's perdido wave and the same gut wrenching sand bodyslam... never could get off the bottom in that heavy wetsuit and took 5 on the had trying to breach the surface and the foam.
I was giving up and then it lulled out long enough for me to surface without my board, it tore the leash!
an hour later, I got tossed over and with the board on the flats and went head first into it. Still have that board with profile of my head and forearm indentions on the bottom... then I left ASAP!

I can respect these wipeouts... got the shakes thinking of mine! Prior, I'd usually spend my days in had high +/- or lower aerial type surf.... the date stuff.
Sko Bird
Sko Bird - 8 years ago
+aznerd999 Yeah the highest run-up ive serfed was about 12-14 feet. I look at some of the waves in this video, and i would be shitting my pants if i even saw this big of a wave coming towards me. I'd prolly shit my pants if i was on the beach and saw a wave that big lmao.
aznerd999 - 8 years ago
+matisyahup613 Yeah its insane. I tried surfing an 8 footer the other day and the impact destroyed me. I had water in my ears for a few days after
ELPaso1990TX - 8 years ago
Great video
Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown - 8 years ago
I Love To SURF but one thing is for sure i dont like getting vana in my feet
chanctonbury63 - 8 years ago
FAAAAAAACK !!!! Forget the guy about to get dumped on. Look at the guy paddling out (or up!). Sheeeet!
babiesmakinbabies - 8 years ago
7:15 ugh...his right leg.
Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage - 8 years ago
+babiesmakinbabies yeah, thats what i was lookin at too
kid gloves
kid gloves - 9 years ago
I Love Pizza
I Love Pizza - 9 years ago
What happened to the cool and manly surfers? Half of these guys seem like midgets and druggie fags who don't know what the fuck they're doing.
atmosphere Adr
atmosphere Adr - 6 years ago
You are are so wrong about these guy's, certainly about jamie mitchell , he didn't get towed in at 5:56 . He won the Nazare challenge last year , all paddle
John Sullivan
John Sullivan - 8 years ago
+I Love Pizza No one was surfing Shipsterns in 50's or 60' or 70's or much of the 80's and only became a 'thing' in late 90's. I doubt early surfers thought it would ever be possible (to ride the big big days).
Liam Jamieson
Liam Jamieson - 8 years ago
+FM tru
FM - 8 years ago
+Liam Jamieson Just ignore this guy, he is a pathetic internet troll who tries to make his fat ass feel better by bringing others down. Which doesn't happen. 
I Love Pizza
I Love Pizza - 8 years ago
+Liam Jamieson Because most of them are short. Volleyball players are taking over and getting the women.
I Love Pizza
I Love Pizza - 8 years ago
+FM Calm down tranny
Liam Jamieson
Liam Jamieson - 8 years ago
Just curious, what makes you say that they are midgets?
FM - 8 years ago
You have a special kind of autism
I Love Pizza
I Love Pizza - 9 years ago
+Liam Jamieson Semi true but a lot of people can hold their breath a long time and I don't think these guys are anything special in and out of the water other than being slightly crazy. They're still midgets and weak to bigger/taller people and I think this is the only way that they can feel big is by being towed into a wave. I don't see them doing 360s off of normal waves like I do down in socal. These guys have all of the latest technology and they're getting towed in. The real legends of this stuff are the short haired guys from the 50s and early 60s that were doing this stuff on inferior boards. Now anyone can be towed around. I agree it takes balls but some of these guys are just crazy in their heads thinking that they're better than the average wave surfer who has more skills then them. I can respect Kelly Slater and a few others but these other guys are just trying to make up for their suckiness in normal surfing by doing this, trying to get a name for themselves.
Liam Jamieson
Liam Jamieson - 9 years ago
+I Love Pizza These men are professional big wave surfers who train immensely to take on gnarly conditions like these. They can hold their breath for minutes at a time, and are incredibly strong and fit. Go look up some of these guys/big wave surfers in general before saying something ignorant like "they don't know what the fuck they're doing"
Gabriel Traveler
Gabriel Traveler - 9 years ago
Woulda been nice though if there were subtitles with the guy's names.
Gabriel Traveler
Gabriel Traveler - 9 years ago
Wow, that was gripping, thanks.
illusion887 - 9 years ago
so gnar
Roan Dillon
Roan Dillon - 9 years ago
This takes balls
toxichorse - 9 years ago
I get hit by a 5 foot wave and get worked lol , all these guys are insane
LVBrother's - 7 years ago
toxichorse Is sarcasm no?
Victor Graphique
Victor Graphique - 9 years ago
Winstan - 9 years ago
5:56 strikes me as the biggest motherfucking wall of water!
T Rizz
T Rizz - 9 years ago
Big Balls to even try any of those waves
Donald Shuemake
Donald Shuemake - 9 years ago
Luv it
ricardo alberto
ricardo alberto - 9 years ago
muitos tubarões no mar, depois de entrenta las..Dificil saída do mar sem machucar nada.
ricardo alberto
ricardo alberto - 9 years ago
As maiores ondas a serem surfadas, pelos surfistas
Grahame Lamblamb
Grahame Lamblamb - 9 years ago
yeah being churned and twisted inside a wave for a minute before you get to breath air again takes  a certain type of surfer and ive been in a few big ones and one big wave with a shark that hit me on my board ,respect nature
Grahame Lamblamb
Grahame Lamblamb - 9 years ago
ok no problemo
Navada Miles
Navada Miles - 9 years ago
Uhm. Hahaha, my toddler got a hold of my phone earlier! Clearly she digs your vid!
Grahame Lamblamb
Grahame Lamblamb - 9 years ago
sorry I don't know text lingo but yes it hurt like hell
Navada Miles
Navada Miles - 9 years ago
jonnebanan - 9 years ago
And it was just like...
Robby Wilski
Robby Wilski - 9 years ago
Some basic rules is to have a surf buddy such that you surf with at least one other person. That way a shark might eat him instead of you. Tow in surfing or taking a boat out helps to challenge big waves that would otherwise not be surfed. That way people can take a bigger bite than they can handle. The huge secret is that 8-9 foot faces is ideal by far, no constant survival surf, ability to still do off the lips and floaters and thus it takes the pros right to the maximum enough to clearly show the differences between their styles. 
Luke Melby
Luke Melby - 9 years ago
alex gray's wasnt that bad at all to be honest. dont know how he didnt penetrate and make it out the back when he landed. his wave was maybe a 3/4 the size of half of these too
Diana A
Diana A - 9 years ago
salute surfers
bjaminbjamin - 9 years ago
Scary shit. Specially shipstern
magorkel - 9 years ago
+james shepherd discretion is the better part of valor. I've stood on the shore and watched 15' Newport cuz that's where my skill level put me.
james shepherd
james shepherd - 9 years ago
Been to shippers neve had the balls to actually get off the boat an surf it
magorkel - 9 years ago
shippies is mutant
juan fo
juan fo - 9 years ago
So gnarly man.
Ian Fletcher
Ian Fletcher - 9 years ago
alex gray was hilarious. "All the sudden I'm Air Jordan" haha
gbean - 9 years ago
These were the lucky ones.
My friend Kirk passmore wasn't.
May he RIP.
FB21Beast - 6 years ago
Chase Coquet
Chase Coquet - 6 years ago
gbean harsh
hopokins - 6 years ago
sorry to hear.
Jake Oliak
Jake Oliak - 6 years ago
Thanks for sharing
Perfect Bros
Perfect Bros - 6 years ago
gbean lol
BRDY. - 6 years ago
6:43 the blood in the wave
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith - 6 years ago
Dominic Lusardi
Dominic Lusardi - 6 years ago
gbean sorry for your loss
Hummus - 6 years ago
Sorry about that
AndrewoidX - 6 years ago
gbean I feel bad for him :,(
LukeL40 - 7 years ago
Same as my dad
Kayla Thomas
Kayla Thomas - 7 years ago
gbean God bless
DontAsk - 7 years ago
gbean hang in there bro
Tony - 7 years ago
So sorry ❤️
Smart Pranks
Smart Pranks - 7 years ago
gbean RIP seems to formal let's say rest in peace kirk
AcidCracker - 7 years ago
Wow, well, again I am truely sorry. Kirk seemed like a good guy.

May he RIP
gbean - 7 years ago
AcidCracker I had met & hung out with him a couple weeks prior to his accident.
AcidCracker - 7 years ago
Oh, you knew him? I read about him, I'm truly sorry for you loss RIP
whydotheheathensrage - 8 years ago
+gbean I used to knee board Brenneckes Beach on the south sure of Kauai. Got hung up a wave one day and it complete destroyed my hip I ended up getting a total hip replacement. Waves are powerful, and the injuries happen in an instant. Try to wipe out feet first and not head first, and I know at times this is easier said than done.
Koby Wood
Koby Wood - 8 years ago
+21 RB I live in Carlsbad!
Reed Schmitt
Reed Schmitt - 8 years ago
+Jordy Burt allegator rock. Surfer didn't appear to have an inflatable wetsuit. Terrible tragedy. RIP
Jordy Burt
Jordy Burt - 8 years ago
Where was he surfing?
nikko baron
nikko baron - 9 years ago
+gbean my uncle went to his high school in carlsbad and played pop warner football on his team
Luis Esteves
Luis Esteves - 9 years ago
Try to see nazaré (portugal) wipeout...
tiffsaver - 9 years ago
Every man who endured these wipeouts should be immediately be given a Purple Heart.  Period.
magorkel - 8 years ago
+tiffsaver dumbass of the year right here.
tiffsaver - 8 years ago
PRETTY stupid?? Any trailer trash GI Joe who ships out for a Middle Eastern war deserves what they're going to get. These aren't "heroes," they're brain dead military robots.
magorkel - 9 years ago
dont drink the koolaid!
TheBitcoinArmy - 9 years ago
lol bitcoin is more a cult
magorkel - 9 years ago
+TheBitcoinArmy ironic much?
TheBitcoinArmy - 9 years ago
joining the army is pretty stupid
Maverick Manning
Maverick Manning - 9 years ago
+hurbt quit acting like a faggot talking all educated.
Mono Tone
Mono Tone - 9 years ago
tiffsaver - 9 years ago
This is sarcasm, you stupid shit.
tumtum821 - 9 years ago
An Evolving Ape
An Evolving Ape - 9 years ago
sushimamba7 - 9 years ago
JHC's wipeout was the gnarliest, heaviest wipeout on the gnarliest, heaviest wave. Amazing that he actually survived. Unbelievable.
Julio Gomez
Julio Gomez - 9 years ago
 Not only skilled but brave. This people risk their lives doing what they love. They got my respect.
misterfunnybones - 9 years ago
5:16 flying
Will Alexander
Will Alexander - 9 years ago
Fucking hell! Look at the broken bone on JHC's leg at 7:19
311i0t - 9 years ago
+DrSpectAcula Im quite certain it is a ripped wetsuit. he wouldn't be as concerned about his ear if his god damn leg was snapped like that.
DrSpectAcula - 9 years ago
Is that seriously his femur? Wouldn't he be more worried about his leg than his ears? Im surprised its still fucking attached to be honest.
Convisis - 9 years ago
That JHC wipeout is the worst, so heavy.
FORWE AREKINGS - 9 years ago
Worst ever, that thing was a monster.
Kommandant Franz
Kommandant Franz - 9 years ago
thekiko2209 - 9 years ago

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