A musical tribute to the internet's golden age: the 1990s. Sources: Kids guide to the Internet Hackers Vibrations Don't Copy that Floppy Tomorrow's World - The Information Superhighway The Internet As It Was In 1996 News At Ten On The Information Superhighway Jumping over a chair like a gangster (Bill Gates) Discovering The World Wide Web AOL commercials Help us caption & translate this video! https://amara.org/v/fUXR/

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A musical tribute to the internet's golden age: the 1990s. Sources: Kids guide to the Internet Hackers Vibrations Don't Copy that Floppy Tomorrow's World - The Information Superhighway The Internet As It Was In 1996 News At Ten On The Information Superhighway Jumping over a chair like a gangster (Bill Gates) Discovering The World Wide Web AOL commercials Help us caption & translate this video! https://amara.org/v/fUXR/

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faenixfeather - 3 years ago
still need to know who that robot dj is
Minong Maniac
Minong Maniac - 3 years ago
The world would be a dud without American creativity.
Thomas Steele
Thomas Steele - 3 years ago
I am expert now
Basti - 3 years ago
Who also want Internet now? xD
oussassi - 4 years ago
Vraiment c'est formidable
Dr.Watermelon - 4 years ago
Nostalgia is the best word to describe this masterpiece
Adam Glavinic
Adam Glavinic - 4 years ago
HOLY SHIT Bro! I'm pretty sure this is the bestest thing I've ever seen!
dre 0924p
dre 0924p - 4 years ago
negrosplaining me about information technology, nice
ChuniaC - 4 years ago
Aww man, the best part is in the last like 10 seconds. I wish there was more of that

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bbsonjohn - 4 years ago
That's stupid. What's the use of the Internet? Sending "e-mail"? If I want to tell somebody far away something, I will just call him and her through the phone. And good luck sending pictures and photos through the phone line using the "e-mail".
Mr. Randomness321
Mr. Randomness321 - 4 years ago
how the hell did I get here?? and someone make this a don't cringe challenge!
inkspill - 4 years ago
Is that beeple's art when the woman talks bout fiber optics at 1:26?
Cesar Pantoja
Cesar Pantoja - 4 years ago
See you on the net indeed
WhatIFindInteresting - 4 years ago
bottom line here, it comes down to computers. communicating by fiber optic cables. bottom line. :)
Dead GamΞr
Dead GamΞr - 4 years ago
I'm surprised that this isn't vaporwave.
Jeremy Caylor
Jeremy Caylor - 4 years ago
I don't know why but I fucking love that drop at 0:44 and I strangely enjoy dancing like the robot dude near the end.
Edzi07 - 4 years ago
i heard it's from a movie
aMAX Animations
aMAX Animations - 4 years ago
Basically the anthem to my life.
cyancoyote - 5 years ago
1:01 Is that scene from "Hackers"?
virusboy07 - 5 years ago
this should be the commercial for Chromebooks.

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Schrödinger's Cat
Schrödinger's Cat - 5 years ago
0:56 Instructions unclear: I clicked, clicked, clicked -cli-cli-cli-cli-cli-cli-cli -click-click-clicked, but the internet didn't work.
Hanniffy Dinn
Hanniffy Dinn - 5 years ago
Somehow in the 90s it was more fun.
Sarah Louise Salas - Lewis Rojas
Sarah Louise Salas - Lewis Rojas - 5 years ago
como llegue aqui
eTingz - 5 years ago
Loved the clip of Bill Gates hopping over the chair you threw in
VideoMash - 5 years ago
OMG I love this, thank you. The surf sure is up.
DOJO - 5 years ago
you gave me goosebump
Lore Soong
Lore Soong - 5 years ago
for the real effect this shoulda been vaporwave. still gr8 tho
organicio_old - 5 years ago
That kid with the green shirt in the infomercial is about the same age I am. I wonder if he knows he's on this video :)
Tortee2 - 5 years ago
the internets golden age was 2009 and 2016 and 2012
Nachtblick - 5 years ago
Olive Pip
Olive Pip - 5 years ago

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fouutirassa - 5 years ago
Slush Guppy
Slush Guppy - 5 years ago
I just went back in fucking time.
She Dragon
She Dragon - 5 years ago
To think this was the start of something that rules are life's now.
IamTenzin - 5 years ago
+She Dragon read some of the earlier work on phone phreakers to see how far we've come. We're not quite in the world of Neuromancer, but give it 20-30 years.
Christian Murphy
Christian Murphy - 5 years ago
IamTenzin - 5 years ago
+Christian Murphy

"This is our world now. The world of the electron and the switch; the beauty of the baud. We exist without nationality, skin color, or religious bias. You wage wars, murder, cheat, lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals. Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto." Huh? Right? Manifesto? "You may stop me, but you can't stop us all."
carbonunit - 5 years ago
see you on the net
shanedeboss - 5 years ago
shanedeboss - 5 years ago
How do you make your tunes so catchy???
marktrade88 - 5 years ago
Tim McLain, Internet Writer/Surfer. Good job, Tim.
ECO dom
ECO dom - 5 years ago
Aw yea! Would have been incomplete without utilizing that old-school modem sound effect, emulating that modern-day electronic glitch buzz style bass noise. Genius!
Eren Er
Eren Er - 5 years ago
let me show you how to work just click click cliccc....
Caelan Seraph
Caelan Seraph - 5 years ago
Aw cool, I've always wanted to surf the net!
December Chill
December Chill - 5 years ago
Please do a Supernatural remix?!
Skyber21 - 5 years ago
Rest in peace, John.
Francis Binet
Francis Binet - 5 years ago
How is it possible that no extended vertion of this gem exist? ?
AndroïdPrïest - 5 years ago
that ending with the synths nearly killed me with how good it is. i would go hard to this in a club omg
AndroïdPrïest - 5 years ago
+Cameron Stark also, honestly very surprised you didn't use any johnny mnemonic clips for the visuals but pleasantly surprised to see hackers!
coax electrons
coax electrons - 6 years ago
over 100 trillion terabytes
Joanna Caldwell
Joanna Caldwell - 6 years ago
It's all right here at your fingertits.
Titus Pullo
Titus Pullo - 6 years ago
aint no party like an internet party cause an internet party dont stop
Ptit Praince
Ptit Praince - 6 years ago
i think this interweb thing will change the world
Rossy Mossy
Rossy Mossy - 5 years ago
sean - 5 years ago
+Ptit Praince where can I invest?
IronicSam - 6 years ago
Hack the planet!

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Toby Ryberg
Toby Ryberg - 6 years ago
What's a web page, something ducks walk on?
siproductions hidden ajenda
siproductions hidden ajenda - 6 years ago
Romanda Rodle
Romanda Rodle - 6 years ago
i surfed the net to watch a song about surfing the net. hehe
Fishotic - 3 years ago
Dan Peal
Dan Peal - 6 years ago
+Romanda Rodle Same.
TyOrca 5
TyOrca 5 - 6 years ago
"You can go anywhere on the net!" ...hehehehehe
dfshjb44 - 6 years ago
this is incredible
Tjimi Cole
Tjimi Cole - 6 years ago
This is so ridiculously ‘90s that I can’t even believe it.
Manuel Montoya
Manuel Montoya - 6 years ago
Have you ever been on the internet? There's some pretty neat things on that there internet.
Trip - 6 years ago
calamityx2 - 6 years ago
How do I get on the line?
VirtualSpore - 6 years ago
You do like Kraftwerk, don't ya?
Jake McLain
Jake McLain - 6 years ago
Jumping over a chair like a gangster (Bill Gates)
Zephrem Paynter
Zephrem Paynter - 6 years ago
If only the part at 2:14 was extended a little.

That'd be awesome.

It still gives me goosebumps though
MGTOWica - 6 years ago
idk if I commented on this video already or not, I watch most of all of your creations. I love your work, god dammit you're awesome. Watching this video of the dial up days. Sure they were stressful days, a lot of waiting for my downloads off napster/Morpheus, maybe even limewire, however I think limewire was out around the time dsl or cable speeds were capable. it really takes me back dude. thanks again.

Back then I was so grateful just to be connected to the rest of the globe, even if the population was a bit scarce back then, it opened my horizons and eliminated most fears and doubts I would have about people due to stereotype or media propaganda. the only dissonance disrupting my gratitude for the internet is the fact that someday, it will be controlled and taxed just like everything else in this becoming god-forsaken world of ours. all information regulated, filtered, maybe even music like this, for the sake of preventing inspiration or thought of what the internet was meant to be in its prelude. cheers.
John - 6 years ago
Cool vid
Peter Clarke
Peter Clarke - 6 years ago
I needed this in my life.
Matthew Freedlander
Matthew Freedlander - 6 years ago
this is probably one of your best!
Charlie Matthews
Charlie Matthews - 6 years ago
I'd game on that PC!
Kyle Blake
Kyle Blake - 6 years ago
just surf the net the internet the world wide web
Kyle Blake
Kyle Blake - 6 years ago
this is bad ass
Kodismack - 6 years ago
It's all right here at your fingertits.
Riugi Lukem
Riugi Lukem - 6 years ago
Dude your so fucking good at making these music. So fascinating . ive been listenning to your songs for a while but never had i commented on one of your videos. Keep it going Man ! Your the best !
Krixig - 6 years ago
"Oh snap! I just got a free AOL disk in the mail!"

Said no one ever.

Also I kinda get the urge to gag every time I hear the dialup tone. No idea why.
Andrea Lyon
Andrea Lyon - 6 years ago
I love that this reminds me of Kraftwerk.  Well done, sir.
Horuto - 6 years ago
Needs about 500 million more views.
Briggsey96 - 6 years ago
Its all right here at your fingertits
Rafik Davletshin
Rafik Davletshin - 6 years ago
Ох ох. :) из Хакеров кадры даже запилили
Leshik r
Leshik r - 6 years ago
Ты прав четыре эпизода
Theophilus Epsilon
Theophilus Epsilon - 6 years ago
Those were the days when the internet was not  for porn only!
Sole Trek
Sole Trek - 6 years ago
Yahoo chat..
Alex Yu
Alex Yu - 6 years ago
Does someone know where the DJ robot is coming from ?
ThatOneCoffeeGrain '3'
ThatOneCoffeeGrain '3' - 6 years ago
melodysheep u just make the real opening of "Lain the serial experiment" :,D.
Microsoft WordTM
Microsoft WordTM - 6 years ago
you are amazing!
finkalo - 6 years ago
A/S/L got any pics?

how u got porn back in the day
Andrew Paul
Andrew Paul - 6 years ago
so good
Vinicius Torres
Vinicius Torres - 6 years ago
2:13 I died
Hungry4Revenge - 6 years ago
When nobody knew how to get on the web...
Nathan Bobbett
Nathan Bobbett - 6 years ago
I hope you all have been seeing the large amount of triangles contained within this video. Internet= Illuminati
OregonCoastGhost - 6 years ago
Melodysheep is the greatest!
zah fares
zah fares - 6 years ago
I love you get all those awesome old vids!!
Harut .Yeghshatov
Harut .Yeghshatov - 6 years ago
Nice usage of hackers scenes lol
ColetheAero - 6 years ago
well, i never thought i'd see The Family Guide To The Internet ever again. . . .but, i did and it's pretty awesome now !
sutekhseth - 6 years ago
Thank you so much for making this stuff. I love it so much.
Michael Weber
Michael Weber - 6 years ago
You should make one about spock
andrew devoe
andrew devoe - 6 years ago
Do you know anything about techno?
Hantoki Gaming
Hantoki Gaming - 6 years ago
This is so fucking amazing.
Jaegar Ultima
Jaegar Ultima - 6 years ago
Why haven't you done a leonard nimoy tribute?
Skahars - 6 years ago
Refrain is dope
GangZhao - 6 years ago
Melody sheep is such a cool channel. All these songs make me think bigger than my little world.
Allyson Timeo
Allyson Timeo - 6 years ago
Pig_Nation - 6 years ago
It's amazing that this wasn't that long ago that most people didn't know what the Internet was. Now we have robots that play soccer on there own and a gorilla that has feelings for humans an cats
kebin - 6 years ago
Surf the net, eh?
>goes online
>gets a sexual predator talking to me
>he offers me sex

100. comment for JUST SURF THE NET

DragonKoal - 6 years ago
AOL.. .god, the memories of when it first came out... It was SOO bad, I was always disconnecting.
Bobbi Price
Bobbi Price - 6 years ago
U guys r awesome plsss more content!!!

Odaly Medina
Odaly Medina - 6 years ago
Hey can u do a ghostbusters remix
ligitmuffin - 6 years ago
The internet, next big thing I hear.
Henry Castro
Henry Castro - 6 years ago
i am so sure that if this channel starts to have more activity ,it comes to be one of those giants channels of youtube
Weston Davis
Weston Davis - 6 years ago
We need an extended version...
J.R. Spingly
J.R. Spingly - 6 years ago
How was the internet/www announced to the world, or did it just appear one day?
EssexSpark - 6 years ago
I love Melody SHeep videos, would really like to see a James Gandolfini one though!
C00LX100 - 6 years ago
How was the 90s internet's golden age? Golden age is usually meant for peak not for a beginning... We are just starting to truly enter golden age of computers/internet.
Conor Rodgers
Conor Rodgers - 6 years ago
Please do a video for Mr. Nimoy
Zachary Culpepper
Zachary Culpepper - 6 years ago
This guy made the sound of a dial-up modem sound good!
Devilburk - 6 years ago
Make Leonard Nimoy tribute plz
mona anvari
mona anvari - 6 years ago
please do some videos on doctor who
PirateGamer GR
PirateGamer GR - 6 years ago
Branden Knab
Branden Knab - 6 years ago
Wonderful as always!
ShadowTech - 6 years ago
Aaron Wolcott
Aaron Wolcott - 6 years ago
I don't know, but I think you could have found more interesting clips with a more interesting natural musicality of speech.
Björn Friedrich
Björn Friedrich - 6 years ago
Great and admirable work. (y)
tengu190 - 6 years ago
I was hoping there would be some Cringley in there.
zelnidav - 6 years ago
Here in Czech Republic, few decades ago, some old lady in interview said: "I would ban all these computers and internets."
JedenZero - 6 years ago
0:28 Nina Hartley, for me a very important person in the Internet
SpeedStriker - 6 years ago
Cruisin' on that information superhighway.
Surfin' that net on waves of data.
Enterin' portals to the sites of the World Wide Web.
Rollerskatin' down that system of interconnected tubes.
Disconnectin' mom's phone cord to use that sweet 15kb(its)/s high speed dial-up modem.
Lettin' that flash video load for 15 minutes to watch it for 3.
Piratin' them sweet 8 bit versions of the newest hit songs.
Preferin' them Jpeg images because anything else will load for at least 5 minutes.

So glad I was born in 90.
Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey - 6 years ago
Chris P. Madden
Chris P. Madden - 6 years ago
Surf's up, dood, rock the house!
Chase Bodmer
Chase Bodmer - 6 years ago
I've been listening to you for a while now melody sheep and you're stuff juts keeps getting better and better I really respect your music man keep it up
Dennis James
Dennis James - 6 years ago
I wanna surf the net. What time does it get here?

Just send me a email.
bonbondesel - 6 years ago
Lol !! EPIC KITSH !!!
Dominate - 6 years ago
0:49 that drop goes hard af!
Push Back
Push Back - 6 years ago
The Internet is the most important invention in the history of the human race, moreso than the printing press. Lightning-fast access to information has transformed the word. I can't imagine what it would be like without it now. 
Dining OnDisability
Dining OnDisability - 6 years ago
I LOVE all your work.  This was fun. Thank you so much :)  
Pk4En9 - 6 years ago
I always liked your videos very much. But something I don't like about this videos is that stammering you also find in all remixed Songs from DJs. Why do you suddenly start with this. Please stop that. Your style before was far better than this.
Despite of that, I like your autotune. But for the first time I can't give a like to this video (which doesn't automatically mean I will dislike it).
Don Casparov
Don Casparov - 6 years ago
Haha the way that that DJ/robot is dancing..oldskool
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly - 6 years ago
Obsessed with this song. One of my favorites right now. :)
If you have a minute it would mean the world to me if you could check out my music too. Let me know what you think.:)
Thank you so much :) Thumbs up if you love this song too :)
Zinthus - 6 years ago
Whats that robot in the disco?
JesKO - 6 years ago
I love it xD
CrazyLoonyCheezypow - 6 years ago
Oh, wow... I remember watching these kind of videos at school, to demonstrate how to use the internet, and that it's "fun".
Glitch memes
Glitch memes - 6 years ago
And the next thing you know will be surfing the net. Surfing the net, no one says that anymore.
Tim McLain
Tim McLain - 6 years ago
Catchy! Was a blast to make The Internet Revealed videos back in 1994-1995 at Classroom Connect. Here's the source videos, reach out to say "Just click!" on Twitter to @tmclain or +Tim McLain on Google+.   https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwteF4Km0_GmxvSFUlcac4m8vfmw2NSEk
Pheel Wright
Pheel Wright - 6 years ago
Is the internet still cool? You'll find the answer at 1.37
Linearburn - 6 years ago
great stuff keep it up
BHuang92 - 6 years ago
Like most great tools and inventions, the large impact is not known until much latter.
Hugo Bedward
Hugo Bedward - 6 years ago
5olano - 6 years ago
Most Awesome Video Ive seen in a long time!
Hats off! Well done!
Its soo greatly done.
Such a great hommage!
This should be the official theme of the internet!
VartonX - 6 years ago
KWMANE WILSON - 6 years ago
my top 3
PUSSYSLAYER9000 - 6 years ago
I love it when at the end it say GOOD BYE
Gregg Blade
Gregg Blade - 6 years ago
Awesome, John.
adastras - 6 years ago
I enjoyed it. It's hard for me to be objective when I like everything you produce, however.
JJA15 - 6 years ago
U should do one with earnist Please
Daljit Chandi
Daljit Chandi - 6 years ago
I am convinced we were all high as fucking kites back in the 90s. The entire world. Every single person. This video is proof!
Herensuge - 6 years ago
Como pega el faso
Dank McMeme
Dank McMeme - 6 years ago
Your videos are inspiring nearly 100% of the time. But I'm not sure what to think about this... I think I was inspired... it sounded epic.... but I don't even know anymore... I might be traumatized, or entranced. I can't tell.
Fry Hole
Fry Hole - 6 years ago
Finally... I was getting scared man. MORE MORE MORE ..come on man, the Universe needs your music more than any other thing which could consume your doings.
solsucker - 6 years ago
and then porn...
Jayla Hollie
Jayla Hollie - 6 years ago
The World Wide Web? What's that supposed to mean? I bet this is just another fad. Wait a year or two and no one will remember it.
Tapper7 - 6 years ago
You've set bar so high MelodySheep that this one just doesn't quite measure up musically, the broll editing (and where the hell you found that b-roll) is cool as f--- though and the music you wrote is, as always outstanding...I would consider this a "Deep Track" for you.
Edi Beserman
Edi Beserman - 6 years ago
This is so inspiring, so beautiful!One of the few beautiful things history offers us!(Because most of history is crap).Never stop making this! It makes me very thankful to be alive!!
Car Fanatic
Car Fanatic - 6 years ago
Darude - Sandstorm
Mira Maráček
Mira Maráček - 6 years ago
more videos like this, pls =) the music is gr8 =)
hoho330 - 6 years ago
what fun would be life without mtv
Nick Carter
Nick Carter - 6 years ago
Well done!
Adrian Gee
Adrian Gee - 6 years ago
Wow. I was brought here by 'Popular On YouTube - Just released music videos' + I was not expecting this. Like seriously what is this, a joke? Or a legitimate song that you can crank up in parties and clubs? I mean can I buy this on iTunes so I can play this at my birthday party?
Manticore - RetroFX
Manticore - RetroFX - 6 years ago
Shady Deals
Shady Deals - 6 years ago
OH GAHD the dial-up tone is never melodic, NEVER!
Nick F
Nick F - 6 years ago
navnav161 - 6 years ago
Man, I've got the biggest 90's boner right now.
Snikkle Fritz
Snikkle Fritz - 6 years ago
Why on earth is Sid from slipknot in this video?
Kjell Olsson
Kjell Olsson - 6 years ago
They make it look so easy
Flavien Bedu
Flavien Bedu - 6 years ago
This vidéo is good
Davide Letizia
Davide Letizia - 6 years ago
just nurf the set
A. Eqabi
A. Eqabi - 6 years ago
The man behind this should be offered a scholarship to a music academy
Head Flat
Head Flat - 6 years ago
Goes so hard
1990's intro webs wow! love it
Tim Saunders
Tim Saunders - 6 years ago
Okay. So it's the late 90's and you finally get a computer and connect to the internet. After checking it out, how many of you actually said, "Why didn't we have this sooner? This is cool!"

In reality, I think my first response was... "Damn modem thingy won't work for shit. Nobody told me anything about a required IP address. WTF is that?" - LOL

My second response was... "Holy Shit! A $250.00 phone bill ??? !!!" (clear sign of an early internet addiction there - LOL)

In fact, I never actually started saying, "This is cool!", until my ISP was upgraded from dialup to DSL back in 2002 (special thanks to my employer at the time).

And, no matter how fast our connections become, we still complain about how slow it is. Even if it gets fast enough to download a 2 hour movie before you release the mouse button on the download link, I think we'll STILL complain about how slow it is. - LOL - Perhaps we'll finally be satisfied when the download completes before we've finished thinking about download it. LOL Yeah, man... download by thought... that be cool, right?

Great track, by the way. I'm adding it to my library.
ransom slade
ransom slade - 6 years ago
You songs are really good and some are so deep i really went into multiple panic attacks but other then that they are really amazing
Skars - 6 years ago
Only 90s kids will remember.
drfarrin - 6 years ago
Half way through I was thinking "This needs a dial up solo" and what happened? I got a dial up solo.
FadedMemories94 - 6 years ago
What the fuck did I click on.
TheiLame - 6 years ago
WHat is a webpage? Something that ducks walk on?
Joe Byrd
Joe Byrd - 6 years ago
NEEDS MORE SCIENCE especially Sagan.  His estate needs to understand what kind of impact these videos have on the general population.
weirdactress - 6 years ago
The Internet is in the Garden of Your Mind.
nasma271 - 6 years ago
Man, wish my parents would bring Internet
concho sewing
concho sewing - 6 years ago
GeneralLotz - 6 years ago
Must be some sort of Wireless Telegraph System
Steven Knight-Arrowood
Steven Knight-Arrowood - 6 years ago
groovy music, funny 90's source videos, had me laughin' good at the roboman!
millicent1990 - 6 years ago
slap my ass! love this!!
Guard13007 - 6 years ago
I'm just cringing at the old attempts to make the net cool..
evgeniy abramchuk
evgeniy abramchuk - 6 years ago
You should make a Steve jobs Remus :)) please
Cosmic Rogue
Cosmic Rogue - 6 years ago
I never thought I would feel nostalgic for the sound of Dial-up internet. 
I was wrong. 
Tim Clark
Tim Clark - 6 years ago
Those were the days. Slow ass dial-up.
Dunes - 6 years ago
lolololol ikr 
ElectricCarFan - 6 years ago
So why exactly did Bill Gates jump over a chair? 
Zingo33 - 6 years ago
Internet sounds like the coolest thing ever. I got to get it!
Diko - 6 years ago
Patrik Bordovsky
Patrik Bordovsky - 6 years ago
I didn't know Macaulay Culkin and Tilda Swinton had a baby.  "It's all right here at your fingertiiips"
Cluck Snorris
Cluck Snorris - 6 years ago
Meta, so meta....
Skeletor Jopko
Skeletor Jopko - 6 years ago
This is fantastic. Kudos for including the clips from Hackers.
Anthony Hufford
Anthony Hufford - 6 years ago
This video just oozes 90's. I love it!
GeneticAlgorithm11111001000 - 6 years ago
I think they even imagine how far this internet thing was going.
Florian Pätzold
Florian Pätzold - 6 years ago
ZitrusPresse2010 - 6 years ago
Ein Atari Falcon 040 :)
Games5522 - 6 years ago
"It all comes down to computers communicating with fibre optic cables."

It only took about 20 years for the ISPs to consider letting most people use fibre for a reasonable price. Nice job.
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma - 6 years ago
never stop making videos>>>#melodysheep
Francisco Emiliano Pastrana
Francisco Emiliano Pastrana - 6 years ago
such a club banger!
Oswulf Osulphus
Oswulf Osulphus - 6 years ago
So glade your Back Melodysheep!!!
Nosey Nick
Nosey Nick - 6 years ago
Oh I miss Tomorrow's World   :-(
Thanks Melodysheep!
KonamiBadass - 6 years ago
Melodysheep, you make my life better from listening to your art! Thank You for making such AWESOME music!



​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​
​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ - 6 years ago
This video doesn't properly explain how to surf the net. How the fuck do I get on the Internet?
Shortcom Talks
Shortcom Talks - 6 years ago
How does one use this 'internet' device.  Sounds like a fad...
theTdawgYo - 6 years ago
Not as good as your previous work, too messy for my taste. But more please more! 
John Doe
John Doe - 6 years ago
dat bass.
Gonzalo Silva
Gonzalo Silva - 6 years ago
1:37 might be the raddest thing I've seen in my life.
pipolumpyvaudoo - 6 years ago
Yo, c'est quoi la musique utilisée vers 0:18 style funk ??! Elle est vraiment excellente.
If anyone know, please tell me. Nice vid btw
opalgoblin - 6 years ago
The time when downloading porn took forever.
Jesse Mason
Jesse Mason - 6 years ago
I LOVE your musical projects. Keep up the great work!
Sascha Howe
Sascha Howe - 6 years ago
Und diese unschuldigen Kinder von damals .... ;)
Zerras - 6 years ago
What Has Science Wrought?!?!?!?!?
..imagine how boring and small our world would be without our lovely internet...
Stephen Sims
Stephen Sims - 6 years ago
NASA Tribute!
Patrick Schouten
Patrick Schouten - 6 years ago
great song again!
Trippy Rodent
Trippy Rodent - 6 years ago
This is amazing, thank you for uploading it!
Woolookologie - 6 years ago
you are better than ever!!!! so awesome!! :D
Cthon98 - 6 years ago
Reminds me of a time before the internet got raided by corporites like myspace and youtube, What the fuck are we doing on youtube?? We're all conformists!
Coleman Snell
Coleman Snell - 6 years ago
masterxak - 6 years ago
Vierotchka - 6 years ago
Brings back a lot of memories... YouTube didn't exist, Google only appeared in 1998, there were not so many websites on the net, World Wide Web was a brand new invention, connections were very slow compared to today as they were established via land phone lines and there were comparatively very few providers available. Email was the main feature used by customers.
Vierotchka - 6 years ago
+bendeezer Neither do I, believe me... I am so glad to have optic cable. :)
Krit - 6 years ago
Likes: 2002

I'm liking this.
UniQuE TV - 6 years ago
i like the trappy sound
loneIyboy15 - 6 years ago
I don't know how these savages lived without The Net. I don't care to, either.
Barakudaa - 6 years ago
Do you think, you can maka a hobbit remix? :D
Joe Sneddon
Joe Sneddon - 6 years ago
This. Is. Legit. 
Odinox - 6 years ago
+John Quealy hahahaha
John Quealy
John Quealy - 6 years ago
This should be the startup chime for Chrome OS.
Vinnie Sims
Vinnie Sims - 6 years ago
You know, you can just surf the Net, right? ;-)
spacedoubt15 - 6 years ago
2:16 Illuminati confirmed
andrew moore
andrew moore - 6 years ago
Damn it you stole my idea lol
Chris Pirillo
Chris Pirillo - 6 years ago
You can go anywhere on the Net. 
A 10
A 10 - 6 years ago
Even to your ex wife that you have a restraining order without breaking it! xD
JPavilion2 - 6 years ago
oh shit you actually watch these videos? sweet.
Vikash Baichoo
Vikash Baichoo - 6 years ago
+AR Grover uj
Ikon X
Ikon X - 6 years ago
2:12 whats the dj robot dude from?
Kvarin Sunermidst
Kvarin Sunermidst - 6 years ago
The 90's were awesome..
ThreeDigitIQ - 6 years ago
Hacking the gibson
Travis Goodwin
Travis Goodwin - 6 years ago
Needs more Speak-N-Spell!!
MrJWFJWF - 6 years ago
Too many triangles: Illuminati definitely confirmed.
Sidewinder Fang
Sidewinder Fang - 6 years ago
Hehe, ahh the good old days, when you could go all day without seeing a popup or catching some horrible viruses... and pages took two minutes each to load, yea, maybe the modern day is kinda nice.
Sidewinder Fang
Sidewinder Fang - 6 years ago
because I'm an evil old fart who just uses ads and popups interchangeably to piss off the techies.
torako - 6 years ago
+Sidewinder Fang then why were you complaining about popups in your original comment?
Sidewinder Fang
Sidewinder Fang - 6 years ago
Pretty much all the sites I turn it off on don't have popups.
torako - 6 years ago
+Sidewinder Fang you shouldn't be wanting to support sites with pop-ups. youtube doesn't have those.
Sidewinder Fang
Sidewinder Fang - 6 years ago
Hehe, I do use ad block but I have a policy of turning it off on sites that I like and want to support, like youtube, not so much for youtube as much as the channel on it.
Fritha71 - 6 years ago
Popup, what's that?
Oh right, I use Adblock and prevent those pesky things on my Mac... Maybe you should too!

Haven't seen a virus for the past ten years either...
Vitoria Cristina
Vitoria Cristina - 6 years ago
My new jam o/
Camarão Voador
Camarão Voador - 6 years ago
Epic as always... =)
LoPhatKao - 6 years ago
1:07 - goatse'd =D
Sir Amic Varze
Sir Amic Varze - 6 years ago
This makes me nostalgic.
Brutalis - 6 years ago
Your work has really gone down hill.
Robert Townsend
Robert Townsend - 4 years ago
the Internet wasn't created for its own tribute to be demolished
cooljunkproductions - 4 years ago
Nodudeinparticular - 6 years ago
+Brutalis your joking, this was great
causmosis - 6 years ago
+Brutalis You just don't get it.
giorgos taskik
giorgos taskik - 6 years ago
+Brutalis No,what is that?
Brutalis - 6 years ago
Are you guys talking about GreyFaec?
Odinox - 6 years ago
+giorgos taskik lmao
giorgos taskik
giorgos taskik - 6 years ago
+PennaOutdoors what's Kappa?Keepo
Odinox - 6 years ago
+giorgos taskik Kappa
Michael Carpenter
Michael Carpenter - 6 years ago
+djblackcoat So was he... lol
djblackcoat - 6 years ago
I was defending the song not bashing it. I was telling the guy above me if he can do better let him make one
giorgos taskik
giorgos taskik - 6 years ago
This is actually good,not one of the best songs but is brings back memories.Just because you didnt like it,it doesnt mean its bad,son.
djblackcoat - 6 years ago
Well when you make a better song of the 90's let us know so we can bash yours too.
Michael Carpenter
Michael Carpenter - 6 years ago
Are you kidding? Nostalgia. Bass drops and nerds dancing... LOL So Legit. You must not have grown up the 90's. 
Daniel Gibson
Daniel Gibson - 6 years ago
GrifMoNeY - 6 years ago
One of their weaker songs to be sure, but I still like things that I can show my parents and other prudes.
Oli - 6 years ago
I think that should be the startup sound to Windows 10.
MajorKoenig156 - 6 years ago
i can relate to that
PixelsMil - 6 years ago
So many styles in the same song. I really love it.
Flexxible - 6 years ago
Whoooo! Release from melodysheep! Yay!
Mike Keenan
Mike Keenan - 6 years ago
I had to stop at 49 seconds, rewind, full screen and pump up the volume.
Olya Yakovets
Olya Yakovets - 6 years ago
You are amazing!!
Patrick Wilson
Patrick Wilson - 6 years ago
Great one!
IkoGrande - 6 years ago
Instructions unclear, I clicked 500+ times on the desktop but I never ended up surfin' the 'net
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson - 6 years ago
Al Gore approves this...
gtb sbe
gtb sbe - 6 years ago
KyLife - 6 years ago
logicalempiricist - 6 years ago
Gee, I remember those baggy clothes in impossible colors. Kind of impossible now to leave the house like that.
Zane Wuffy
Zane Wuffy - 6 years ago
my god. my childhood in a song. i can die now.
Toko josé
Toko josé - 6 years ago
I really need a symphony of pseudo-science, it would be funny
Mitchell Davis
Mitchell Davis - 6 years ago
Love this!
Spawck - 6 years ago
Amazing video and music production. 2015 is gonna be a great year, I suspect! :)
Chris Babaganoosh
Chris Babaganoosh - 6 years ago
Be sure to check my GeoCities DBZ fansite for the latest power level rankings
b0utch - 6 years ago
Good one MS
EtharionTurambar - 6 years ago
Yaay another vid! :P keep it up! Waiting for another gem like the Irwin or Chaplin vid ^^
fiestarumba - 6 years ago
I'd love it more if it was more in the style of your "symphony of science" melodies and less like a dubstep/electropop song
MegaRad37 - 6 years ago
the 1990s, best decade ever

I would love another 90s tribute
antpop1 - 6 years ago
Ahhh the internet of the nineties...the days when it took 10 minutes to download a picture.
frollard - 6 years ago
Love the footage from my favourite bad movie, "Hackers"...
JannisAlteVideos - 6 years ago
Nice ^^
IronicSam - 6 years ago
Hack the planet!
brod2man - 6 years ago
0:29 That kid is a pioneer. Put his face on a coin
Félix - 6 years ago
That countdown... Made me think of Kraftwerk.
Mr. Fahrenheit
Mr. Fahrenheit - 6 years ago
Lol, those infamous infomercial videos with horrible actors... yeah. Nice song, as usual, though. Now, where is my 56k modem?
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers - 6 years ago
This is the third fun little 90's throwback video I've seen this week.
Michael Kaminski
Michael Kaminski - 6 years ago
Has a drop filthier than the sites I visit when I have nothing to do :^)
Rubin Pelecanidae
Rubin Pelecanidae - 6 years ago
Amazing dial up solo!
Pyrobug0 - 6 years ago
Oh yea, that's the good stuff.
Meowology - 6 years ago
I'm just happy to have lived the 90's.
Bryan Brady
Bryan Brady - 6 years ago
Excellent as always! Made me wish for a Tron remix ;)
Gerardo Valencia
Gerardo Valencia - 6 years ago
A good vídeo and song Melodysheep. I'm your fan. This video I remieded my carreer.
Spintown7 - 6 years ago
Excellent song. Brings back memories.
Neueregel - 6 years ago
Trusseck - 6 years ago
The Internet is still young; the Golden Age has yet to come.
Jorge Tinoco
Jorge Tinoco - 6 years ago
92bagder - 6 years ago
listen to a song about the internet while on the internet, how alpha numeric 
Their Savior
Their Savior - 6 years ago
sounds like the structure to "turn down for what" in some areas
Aaron Gray
Aaron Gray - 6 years ago
A bit retro !
Sysex|Studio - 6 years ago
Yes I see a Korg 01/W at 0:48! I owned one of those in the mid-90s!
TheSlothmuffins - 6 years ago
amihart - 6 years ago
I can't figure out what video that robot rave came from.
TanRu Nomad
TanRu Nomad - 6 years ago
Sounds like a fad, I'll stick to BBSes.
Cesar Bisterbosch
Cesar Bisterbosch - 6 years ago
Melodysheep is back? Let it be real.
Sliick1081 - 6 years ago
You guys have done it again.  I'm on my 9th playthrough.
fartzinwind - 6 years ago
Did you make this one on a dare? I've seen this video in it's normal form... I would never ever attempt to make it entertaining.
Sigurd Hendseth Øyan
Sigurd Hendseth Øyan - 6 years ago
Was waiting for the "not bad" kid
Sigurd Hendseth Øyan
Sigurd Hendseth Øyan - 6 years ago
"thumbs up computer kid"
Sigurd Hendseth Øyan
Sigurd Hendseth Øyan - 6 years ago
This became pretty trippy in 2x. I'm liking it
FatesOfDestiny - 6 years ago
SEIZE THE DAY, oh wait bit late...
FatesOfDestiny - 6 years ago
+Silver Sen I'm really good! ^-^ 
Silver Sen
Silver Sen - 6 years ago
+Amelia Hartman Pls dont
amihart - 6 years ago
Go back to practicing your violin, Kotomi.
More Human Than Human
More Human Than Human - 6 years ago
This just shows how amazing the internet is. This doesn't make one lazy, nor does it make them apathetic and not social... it shows that our brain is a sponge, and we have the tools to soak up the knowledge we desire.
TheMiniMan - 6 years ago
This song is amazing and I love the sounds from the decade you threw in and made it all feel like I was back in the 90's. Now, a new challenge: Go back to another decade that was also a fantastic time for music and technology. The 80's. ;)
squirreljester2 - 6 years ago
How the hell do you come up with those beats and hooks man! Amazing.
Necroglobule - 6 years ago
Anybody want to go to a lemon party? You're all invited.
Supercritical Fluids
Supercritical Fluids - 6 years ago
Greg Robson
Greg Robson - 6 years ago
Love it! It features clips from the UK TV Series "Tomorrow's World" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8cnP-RtRHU
Tim Darby
Tim Darby - 6 years ago
This takes me back to the days when the internet was new and revolutionary.
Kevin Rustles
Kevin Rustles - 6 years ago
fucking bill gates and his chair jumping skills
Wilsonniano Pop
Wilsonniano Pop - 3 years ago
He's a master
Sandwich Delta
Sandwich Delta - 6 years ago
CooCooforCohetes - 6 years ago
Symphony of Science NEXT!!!
SolidCopy1 - 6 years ago
Holy shit you guys are amazing!
MooMachine90 - 6 years ago
This is a 100% accurate representation of what the Internet was like in the early 90s.
EddyVitkauskasXband - 6 years ago
ha ha ha clips from cyberstorm
HybridFault - 6 years ago
where can I get this internet?
melodysheep - 6 years ago
Presenting JUST SURF THE NET:  A tribute to the internet of the 1990s! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rEuie5lpGA
oussassi - 4 years ago
Always a beautiful work
Lyn Murillo
Lyn Murillo - 6 years ago
+Maxime Girard Search "Vibrations: CyberStorm" n_n hehe
glytchd - 6 years ago
+Maxime Girard At 1st, I thought it was KRYTIN! KryTV anyone? ...Red Dwarf, you kno..no? ..Well dont mind me, Im probably a Smeg-head.
Maxime Girard
Maxime Girard - 6 years ago
+melodysheep The robot dj scene , where is that from ??? I'm extremely intrigued now !
tengu190 - 6 years ago
+melodysheep No clip from Cringley's PBS shows?
ShadowTech - 6 years ago
Slizarus - 6 years ago
This one was far out, have you ever been to a rave? I feel you have a good grasp on the music there hehe.
Anders Elsøe
Anders Elsøe - 6 years ago
great work. u should make an extended version with harder kikcs in the first half part and more i.n.t.e.r.n.e.t bib bob passages.. lov it
ladyalgo - 6 years ago
This is good. I admire your work. : )
Antonius Martinius
Antonius Martinius - 6 years ago
+Vierotchka Yup, at the time they were the bomb. My grand kids will be saying the same about our Internet & PC's lol
Vierotchka - 6 years ago
+Antonio Martin
Yet at the time they felt like the cat's meow!
Antonius Martinius
Antonius Martinius - 6 years ago
Oh boy the horrible Internet & PC's from the 90's lol sweet.
Vierotchka - 6 years ago
+Bryan Brady
Tron is a fabulous film, it was made in 1982. Amazing!
Josh Letten
Josh Letten - 6 years ago
I was wondering why this had so low views and i realized it was new :D
MadnerKami - 6 years ago
Heh, I really like how you switch the music style in between to reflect certain influential groups. Love all of your works (o.-)b
Bryan Brady
Bryan Brady - 6 years ago
Excellent as always! Made me wish for a Tron remix ;)
MonadnockValley - 6 years ago
I love you! :D
EmmaInCandyland - 6 years ago
Thank you :')
Mr. Doggo
Mr. Doggo - 6 years ago
Looks like a 2002 horrormovie
FPS America
FPS America - 6 years ago
Man great song! One of your best.
james jackson
james jackson - 6 years ago
Nice job adding in clips from the movie hackers
EmmaInCandyland - 6 years ago
I do miss the 90's haha
DVincentW - 6 years ago
Your shit is so fuckin boss!!
A Ginger Heathen
A Ginger Heathen - 6 years ago
Ladderthief1 - 6 years ago
Melodysheep. Making techno cool.
Music non stop
Music non stop - 6 years ago
Best helo of Russia
Rattler - 6 years ago
Awesome video thanks for sharing!!
Dominic Adamson
Dominic Adamson - 6 years ago
This is awesome!
Tyjerr - 6 years ago
Mitz Zigota
Mitz Zigota - 6 years ago
зыс из вондерфул
Train the Dragon
Train the Dragon - 6 years ago
I honestly think that's one of your weaker songs, but that's not saying I hate it.  I just think it could have been a lot better. 
davethemurse - 6 years ago
That was awesome! Glad to see a new video!
Toaster Strudel
Toaster Strudel - 6 years ago
Wow, I have the power to search ANYTHING I want on the net.....How the universe was made, what it is made of...Different eras of time, important people....Dinosaurs....and all I use it is for the Youtube, and porn..... 0-0
Steam Junky
Steam Junky - 6 years ago
+Madara Uchiha all the informative stuff is wrong anyway, go to the library. (actually don't, no porn anywhere)
Murderless Crow
Murderless Crow - 6 years ago
Is that what you did when you were plugged into a tree for all those years?
DemonicSquid - 6 years ago
+emikochan13 And in porn. ;)
Rule 34 in action.
emikochan13 - 6 years ago
to be fair all that other stuff is on youtube too :)
MellowMadnessRMX - 6 years ago
ah fuck.. you did add the breakdown to the song. 
MellowMadnessRMX - 6 years ago
ah man i was hoping for the infamous dial up connection to be the breakdown of the song.. 
Fabricio Fercher
Fabricio Fercher - 6 years ago
Hope to see one for The Venus Project!!!
A T - 6 years ago
Best things I've seen in a while, included some favourite clips. Nicely done!
Federico Dall'Olio
Federico Dall'Olio - 6 years ago
Imagine living in the 90s without brazzers.
John Doe
John Doe - 3 years ago
ElveeKaye - 6 years ago
Just click click click
David Deussen
David Deussen - 6 years ago
could you make a video about star wars or lord of the rings/ the hobbit?
PolyM - 6 years ago
lol retro computer ads are so funny. Imagine if apple and windows advertised like that
juissius - 6 years ago
Munawwar - 6 years ago
Lily Alpaca
Lily Alpaca - 6 years ago

shaurz - 6 years ago
Nice touch adding in the Bill Gates chair jumping in ;-)
PraetorShinzon - 6 years ago
I can taste the Caprisun.
shaurz - 6 years ago
I miss the 90s... NOT! It totally sucked!
DJ Vinylove
DJ Vinylove - 6 years ago
haha so cool ! i already see that old video haha lol
ziffulmyer - 6 years ago
Those endless supply of AOL CDs in the mail. 
ABitOfTheUniverse - 6 years ago
I've missed you so much.
Super Akman
Super Akman - 6 years ago
I thought this was a montage parody for a second.
battlemasterSlavyan - 6 years ago
The beat is awesome..
Anti Parasite
Anti Parasite - 6 years ago
All these songs have the same repetitive sound
Santiago Manuel Pellejero
Santiago Manuel Pellejero - 6 years ago
fk yu man
Slavesforsale1 - 6 years ago
Science, Technology and Melody sheep gets my dick hard as
Sam Rees
Sam Rees - 6 years ago
ahhh.. you must be Welsh
Michael Carpenter
Michael Carpenter - 6 years ago
LOL, so extreme. 
jfreezer - 6 years ago
Sir you have made my day with that comment thank for that
lars putman
lars putman - 6 years ago
fucking stange fetish
Jeffry Willis
Jeffry Willis - 6 years ago
it's pretty meta that we're seeing this video on... the net.
MrNoblemanoflove - 6 years ago
You can go anywhere.......but 1st you're going through the NSA
Commander Awesome
Commander Awesome - 6 years ago
Gee, I wonder if this 'internet' thing will catch on? :P
PeterSiNeh - 6 years ago
Ha ha ha, good make up video, I had fun to see you actually included the ILLUMINATI pyramide (almost at the end)

Check out http://lovingenergies.net/pt/-Illuminati-TV-Commercial---Official--An-introduction/blog.htm
Jeredin13 - 6 years ago
Great video. Brings back memories of making my first website for Dragon Ball Z back in the mid 90s.
Leon612 - 6 years ago
This is really a good one. Fucking hilarious!
Durakken - 6 years ago
Looking at those video clips it makes one realize that the 90s were quite quaint. And I realize that is a strange sounding thing to be saying, but it's true!
loung3act - 6 years ago
Can I get porn on the internet ?
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson - 6 years ago
I bet most people don't even know who created the Internet....
Chris Pugh Photo
Chris Pugh Photo - 6 years ago
I beat the internet years ago.
David Homsher
David Homsher - 6 years ago
dang kids with their new interwebby thing (in old grandpa voice)
Verbing - 6 years ago
"just click click click and before you know" you watching porn and don't know why
Verbing - 6 years ago
"Let's start with the basics" seems crazy now but not so long ago we had to teach people how to use the internet. 
Dee - 6 years ago
Where do i download the internet?
ShiftyMoses - 6 years ago
What a blast from the past :D loved it man, well done!
Cláudio Brito
Cláudio Brito - 6 years ago
Rakadis - 6 years ago
Cool! Now I feel old...
mooxim - 6 years ago
This internet thing sounds pretty cool. Can someone send me a link?
The Gargantuar
The Gargantuar - 6 years ago
+mooxim nvm
TheHopporto - 6 years ago
ugelproductions - 6 years ago
Chowbizful - 6 years ago
Pandonaut Productions
Pandonaut Productions - 6 years ago
+Raptor0348 Holy cow how fast did that guy get the domain???
The Gargantuar
The Gargantuar - 6 years ago
+mooxim i forgot the signification of kappa please can you tell me sir m8 or y0u w1ll D1e
mooxim - 6 years ago
+Telecorpse! oooh http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Kappa TIL.
Still, being called a fucktard is no fun even if you were joking. Fucktard!!!1

Telecorpse! - 6 years ago
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you clicked "Read more" button? :)
mooxim - 6 years ago
+Telecorpse! lol and I thought my comment was stupid. Congrats
Telecorpse! - 6 years ago
You wrote the comment using the Internet, fucktard!!!1

steven albrito
steven albrito - 6 years ago
+shaurz what did you do? =))
The Gargantuar
The Gargantuar - 6 years ago
shaurz - 6 years ago
I deleted the link. I didn't think anyone would actually click it. Sorry ;-)
shaurz - 6 years ago
+Freak80MC Who hasn't seen goatse before? It's and internet legend.
Freak80MC - 6 years ago
+shaurz I really shouldn't have clicked on that. I am too trusting of people on the internet it seems.... ;n; 
GrimspySlayer - 6 years ago
shaurz - 6 years ago
(link deleted)
GUTSY - 6 years ago
Rapitor - 6 years ago
x9x9x9x9x9 - 6 years ago
NO WAY! A new song!!!! SWEET!
SavageSmithy - 6 years ago
I actually used to think that the internet looked like those fileservers on hackers when i was younger
Moises Mantilla
Moises Mantilla - 6 years ago
Toru Kiyotaka
Toru Kiyotaka - 6 years ago
Damn it melody, you nailed it once again!
The Jaxson Video Blog
The Jaxson Video Blog - 6 years ago
Under 300 club. This song is amazing and funny! Still glad I subscribed years later!
Tardsmat - 6 years ago
You're alive!
Dan Thornton
Dan Thornton - 6 years ago
You make even the worse videos awesome :P
Drakotar - 6 years ago
Peter G
Peter G - 6 years ago
Tune !
Tice Roose
Tice Roose - 6 years ago
Jaymes Derick
Jaymes Derick - 6 years ago
That trap tho
YourNewBFF - 6 years ago
Epic video! Good job!
Alfred Sterphone, III
Alfred Sterphone, III - 6 years ago
Thank you for this.
Joshua Sales
Joshua Sales - 6 years ago
Fantastic. ALL RIGHT HERE AT YOUR FINGER TIPS! Good work as always, man.
Huthaifah Saleh
Huthaifah Saleh - 6 years ago
Melodysheep for the Tunes, la la la...
Katy Lawson
Katy Lawson - 6 years ago
Damnit Melodysheep, you're too good at music. You can make people talking about computers like you're 5 sound good :P
markman090 - 6 years ago
first! no hate pls i love u melodysheep

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