Jack Johnson can surf

*Benji Weatherley's LIFE AS A MOVIE DVD BONUS* Musician Jack Johnson and his brothers surf the Mentawais with Benji Weatherley and crew. Jack shows why he could be pro.

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*Benji Weatherley's LIFE AS A MOVIE DVD BONUS* Musician Jack Johnson and his brothers surf the Mentawais with Benji Weatherley and crew. Jack shows why he could be pro.

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Elmo Blatch
Elmo Blatch - 3 years ago
Jack may well be the coolest human currently living on the planet. Eddie Vedder is #2.
ShitlaryClinton - 3 years ago
Jack Johnson is an example of a man with little to no ego
Renata Penido
Renata Penido - 3 years ago
Your boy looks a lot like you, I think.
Vicenzo Salvador
Vicenzo Salvador - 3 years ago
Renata Penido stfu bitch
Skwarrrk - 4 years ago
That ollie to floater at 1:52 was frothy
Jeff Picard
Jeff Picard - 5 years ago
jimbo stole yer chick and then got the most barrels
Kyle Thiermann
Kyle Thiermann - 6 years ago
That was radical
matheus s
matheus s - 6 years ago
its a motherfucking bat
Lost at Sea
Lost at Sea - 6 years ago
Mediocre surfing with mediocre music. Not saying it's bad, but it's not great either.
John Montes
John Montes - 3 years ago
Yeah dude your tripping there are waves there I wouldn’t even charge..
JR - 3 years ago
Don't see any videos of you getting barreled, selling out concerts or making millions....
Albert Leung
Albert Leung - 3 years ago
Lost at Sea All the pros who train up north here in Hawaii give Jack mad respect. You obviously have never surfed here, or you wouldn't make a dumb comment like that.
Reid Peebles
Reid Peebles - 4 years ago
fuck you
Ron Goitia
Ron Goitia - 5 years ago
+Lost at Sea who are you to say that anyways? just a dumbass on the internet whose life is so miserable that needs to point that kind of stupid-negative things like the ones you commented so you can feel superior or fill some kind of lame ego and make your life seem a little bit less disgusting and pathetic
Nick Nguyen
Nick Nguyen - 5 years ago
lol i live in socal and actually i agree everyone competent enough in my local lineup can do that. but on a SMALLER SCALE. 
Lost at Sea
Lost at Sea - 5 years ago
+Nick Nguyen you've obviously never surfed in Hawaii or SoCal... Pretty much everyone in my local lineup can pull the same shit he was doing in the video and more.
Nick Nguyen
Nick Nguyen - 5 years ago
+Lost at Sea he's getting barreled left and right and pulling off floaters and snaps im pretty sure thats better than the average surfer...
Riccardo Pelc-wesoly
Riccardo Pelc-wesoly - 5 years ago
+Lost at Sea Not about being great, it's about living it, feeling it and enjoying it : )
for me anyway
Nick Bryant
Nick Bryant - 6 years ago
Wasn't jack doing surf competitions and stuff when he was younger before he even started singing?
Elmo Blatch
Elmo Blatch - 3 years ago

10. comment for Jack Johnson can surf

mpfilgueiras - 6 years ago
that session proves that getting barrels at perfect spots is not easy as it seems... people think once you are out there it is easy because it is so perfect... but it is not... even if you have some experience...
Aidan Aquino
Aidan Aquino - 4 years ago
No way, riding over the foamball is way harder than taking the drop
Kyle Pulsifer
Kyle Pulsifer - 6 years ago
I agree. The drop ins are the hardest part
Lost at Sea
Lost at Sea - 6 years ago
+mpfilgueiras Yes it is
Angelo DiLisio
Angelo DiLisio - 6 years ago
Wow holy fuckin multi talented
Its Me
Its Me - 6 years ago
song is hope- jack johnson
Dacommenta - 7 years ago
the whole family can surf!
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez - 7 years ago
Great Tunes..Good Surfer
hanns merie'
hanns merie' - 7 years ago
haha is that kid feeding a bat! how is that possible w/o the rabies.
cutso92 - 7 years ago
Ummm, this makes me very depressive.
Roberto Tavares
Roberto Tavares - 8 years ago
dawn, jack does powerful surfing.
rosaline triana lakusa
rosaline triana lakusa - 8 years ago
but he still surf for fun right??
Eric Cardens
Eric Cardens - 8 years ago
Fuckin hate people who think surfing's all about rolling spillfs and chilling at the beach... we're not all jeff spicoli

20. comment for Jack Johnson can surf

Eric Cardens
Eric Cardens - 8 years ago
He definitely is a great person and musician, he could have been one of the best surfer ever. he mentored kelly slater for fuck's sake, but after his accident he quit seriously. He's not even near the top 100, but he still damn good,
Johan Maud
Johan Maud - 3 years ago
Eric Cardens a little bit late but true :)
tasfa10 - 8 years ago
Surf and don't smoke! Surfing = one of the best sensations in life!! Cancer = not so cool..
Amine Belaid
Amine Belaid - 8 years ago
so smooth!
Teresa Baker
Teresa Baker - 8 years ago
Great vid. Never surfed a day in my life but I would love to try after laying in the hot sun while smoking a fat one :-) \m/
Luis Olivera
Luis Olivera - 8 years ago
P E R F E C T <3
calihapa - 8 years ago
edit: Jack Johnson can surf better than you
Anthony Guzman
Anthony Guzman - 8 years ago
Jack Johnson-Hope; from 2007's Sleep Though The Static album
Quinny19K - 8 years ago
whats the song
gnawy113 - 9 years ago
Actually Jack Johnson is one of the top 100 best surfers in the world :D And one amazing Artist and person !
Jack Harrison
Jack Harrison - 9 years ago
ya, he almost went pro, but chose music instead. he's also good friends with kelly slater

30. comment for Jack Johnson can surf

dakine400 - 9 years ago
i remember that i would love to find the picture of his face but been unsucsessful so far. i know it was ran in surfer mag.
ak47law - 9 years ago
I remember back in the day,long before he started his music career,Jack got a broken nose and about 140 stitches to the face after a wipeout in pipeline, I think he lost some teeth too, it was a very serious situation.
Max f
Max f - 9 years ago
i heard he got injured at pipeline and thats when he stopped surfing seriously and became a musician. smart guy
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth S - 9 years ago
not only is he from hawaii... he grew up on the north shore... so yeah. surfing's kind of mandatory.
Raul Martinez
Raul Martinez - 9 years ago
How to get girls. Become a pro surfer/rockstar.
memymusicloveables - 9 years ago
Love his life! Sing, Tour, and Surf! Great lifestyle this guy has.
antoine moussard
antoine moussard - 9 years ago
antoine moussard
antoine moussard - 9 years ago
antoine moussard
antoine moussard - 9 years ago
what it the song's name please?
zachariahm10 - 9 years ago
jack johnson is a phenomenal surfer, but better at music, and I think the world is a better place because of it.
Bullet Nose Productions
Bullet Nose Productions - 9 years ago
@boxfullofsharp copy paste wikipedia
Bullet Nose Productions
Bullet Nose Productions - 9 years ago
1:15 so glassy. windex is unnecessary
Islandhoppers - 9 years ago
NOT bad! Jack!
Ryan Hofer
Ryan Hofer - 9 years ago
what can't this guy do?
ALI S - 9 years ago
jack doesnt just surf he shreds
Evan NewMMA
Evan NewMMA - 9 years ago
@boxfullofsharp Why are you telling me this?
Evan NewMMA
Evan NewMMA - 9 years ago
He was a pro surfer since he was in highschool and broke his leg during a competition and got more serious about his guitar and got famous for doing that.
SimpleHobson - 10 years ago
@martinsmiths And your a douche, leave him alone brah, just the way he speaks is all
Michael Amsler
Michael Amsler - 10 years ago
makes me wish i knew how to surf...or even lived anywhere where i could
Connor Cody
Connor Cody - 10 years ago
haha ya'll know he was a pro surfer like his dad before right? he got into a major reef accident surfing and didn't go back pro again. His whole family can rip just like him!

50. comment for Jack Johnson can surf

giant regrigerator
giant regrigerator - 10 years ago
@Graphyt good job. i still have no idea who the fuck this guy is...
Marc Droz
Marc Droz - 10 years ago
@MegaGreendayfan101 ...hmm there's a thin line between sarcasm and reality
giant regrigerator
giant regrigerator - 10 years ago
who the fuck is jack johnson?
Ali Hijazi
Ali Hijazi - 10 years ago
he was supposed to be a professional surfer but when he had his first pro comp he had a bad injury and decided to start focusing more on music instead of it being a hobby. now were all happy people.
surfnsantacruz - 10 years ago
@josufergysk8s lol probably because it's some sort of bay. as in, the shore is behind them also.
egnilk66 - 10 years ago
Pretty sure he surfed pro and made movies before he was a well known musician.
KingBoshua - 10 years ago
whats this song called??!!!!
Mero Meru
Mero Meru - 10 years ago
not only can he surf but he used to be on the pro circuit
henrybobhopkins - 10 years ago
@anorexicseamonkey Yeah meaningful things like bannana pancakes.
beachbum4396 - 10 years ago
"are you kidding me...jack rips bro" LOVE IT
Ducky99408 - 10 years ago
wow he is really good never seen such thing
Joseph Ferguson
Joseph Ferguson - 10 years ago
@ValleyViewAirsoft but usually waves are facing towards the shore? they are filming in front of the wave not behind it like at 0:37
Joseph Ferguson
Joseph Ferguson - 10 years ago
@ValleyViewAirsoft how can that be the shore if they are filming pretty much from the shore?
rpalmar cr
rpalmar cr - 10 years ago
The mellow man lol
PequenoTebas - 10 years ago
Jack Johnson and Donavon ARE THE BEST !
Joseph Ferguson
Joseph Ferguson - 10 years ago
how come there are trees behind them? it looks weird haha
Mikey McDonald
Mikey McDonald - 10 years ago
what do you mean "Jack shows why he could be pro." he signed a PRO contract with Quicksilver before he was out of highschool
Sanity Included
Sanity Included - 10 years ago
Hes regular footed! :D
fabiomarine - 10 years ago
Jack leads on the shape with the guitar & at the microphone
DianaandherGuitar - 10 years ago
I'm afraid of waves that big o.o but then again, Long Island waves are for wooses.
nig nug
nig nug - 10 years ago
@markojev kook
ABBY NASH - 10 years ago
Well DUH, he was born in Hawai'i :)
Max Ward
Max Ward - 10 years ago
@hahayeahman just saying what happened according to a reputable source and recommending a great book to a fellow fan, if that upsets you so much i apologise.
Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson - 10 years ago
@breadandjam1 shutup mate.. your not killing it with your academic speech.. noone respects what your on about and you dont need to correct the bloke on his opinion
KevinJALax - 10 years ago
Jack Johnson was a up and coming surfing. Then he smashed his face at pipe.
Max Ward
Max Ward - 10 years ago
@Zephyr2810 Not correct. If you read the biography of Jack Johnson by Marc Shapiro (great read by the way) it gives detail about the accident that led to the end of Johnson's career in the surf circuit before it even began. It was more of a realisation that the competitive side of the competition was destroying his personal love for surfing that led him to stop. You are correct in saying that he found music 'proper' whilst recovering from an accident where he smashed his knee and face however!
Bradsta94 - 10 years ago
never knew he had so many brothers hahah ahh jack is amazing :D
Daniel Leigh
Daniel Leigh - 10 years ago
dude i surfed with him... he fricken shreds man... he is so chill to, we were totally just cruising and talking like normal people it was awesome!
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez - 10 years ago
For those of you ignorant people, including the guy that made the video, saying that Jack Johnson can surf or can be a pro, he was one himself. He lived for surfing. Until he fucked up one of his knees in a competition and that was it. He couldn't recover fully and his knee got battered. He lost many competitions due to the lack of absence and he lost sponsorships. Then he went into music and voilah.. Lucky Jack.
nig nug
nig nug - 10 years ago
is that hanale?
Brown Bear
Brown Bear - 10 years ago
I want that much surf time but i also need a job and i'm not good enuf to be a pro surfer... What shud i do? No i cant sing like jack...
TheTrent199 - 11 years ago
how is this gay this is awsome wish i was there, pwn3dpwn stop playing world of warcraft all day.
fsrugbydude96 - 11 years ago
swear he almost came pro?
Vlad Belogub
Vlad Belogub - 11 years ago
@pwn3dpwn3dpwn3dpwn3d bro your gay with your comments on a peaceful video!!!!!
nig nug
nig nug - 11 years ago
@xBananaSurferx kook
hurlburt808 - 11 years ago
I know all the brothers from when they where growing up. There dads house is right on the beach between pipe and rocky point on the North shore of Oahu so of course they ripe would you if you had sonme of the best surf in the world as your back yard.Look at Jamie Obrian same story!
Fleezyy - 11 years ago
@atranos you, sir, are ignorant.
Nick Mikesell
Nick Mikesell - 11 years ago
the way I read it, he was pro but didn't like the vibe. Everybody was super competitive, and he just liked to surf mellow, so he left it.
Ryan Gore
Ryan Gore - 11 years ago
0:06 sounds like he says jack rapes. he does though
John Romanchak
John Romanchak - 12 years ago
dude jack can rip!!!
IchFeierBisZumUnfall - 12 years ago
savestheday88 - 12 years ago
he was pro actually

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