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Jim Ramirez
Jim Ramirez - 3 years ago
Great vibes
VitaminDan - 3 years ago
this is very beautiful!
Donald McLeod Keefer
Donald McLeod Keefer - 3 years ago
lovely little film
Rebel Surfcamps
Rebel Surfcamps - 3 years ago
WoW Impressed with this movie! I wanna be there right now ;) Thanks for sharing!
sky lan
sky lan - 3 years ago
Where is the first spot? I’m sure It’s not batukaras ...right?
Stopthegreed - 3 years ago
Terrible waves considering you are in Indonesia.
Bilder Gucken
Bilder Gucken - 3 years ago
Nice. One of the better surf videos on youtube. Thanks for your time and effort.
George Martin
George Martin - 3 years ago
beautiful images
ALY channel
ALY channel - 3 years ago
it'smyisland,best video, but come here much better thanthisvideo

10. comment for Jawa Surf Trip - 4 years ago
congrats. awesome
Fvkc-R-E_2_d_9th-PWR - 4 years ago
Some of the finest footage on YouTube period. That said, please shoot some other surfers beside your close friends, they are utterly painful to watch. Such sublime aerial footage of poorly ridden boards tracking and bogging on ill chosen lines.
zac- man
zac- man - 4 years ago
Fvkc-R-E_2_d_9th-PWR novelty waves
Rashid Omar
Rashid Omar - 4 years ago
Ryan Ellharen
Ryan Ellharen - 4 years ago
Believe me....all along coast line of south jawa so fascinating with its big waves....and no shar
Diogo Dias
Diogo Dias - 4 years ago
Great video man! I also make some videos too, if you want check it and subscribe too! ;)
javier francisco toledo aleman
javier francisco toledo aleman - 4 years ago
Top-em tudo
Top-em tudo - 4 years ago
Nice video!!
gredwa - 4 years ago
#yum superb vid, and loved the aerials, can get so much perspective from up in the sky, like the shark vid i have, drones are just the best new creation ;-)
Alf Bittner
Alf Bittner - 4 years ago
Bit like Nosa at tea tree
David Pharo
David Pharo - 4 years ago
Best vid ever. Jawa forever

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Vinicius Vianna Sugui
Vinicius Vianna Sugui - 4 years ago
Inspiring. Just made the tears rolling down on my face.
endros36 - 4 years ago
Wow! What a very amazing video.. thank you for sharing this.
aip kabayan
aip kabayan - 4 years ago
batukaras my vilage
Mario Bailote
Mario Bailote - 4 years ago
Well done!
Leonardo Lemos
Leonardo Lemos - 4 years ago
Ruedog16 - 4 years ago
Such a great vid!! Drone footage in the middle was so cool.
Luis Diego Aguilar
Luis Diego Aguilar - 4 years ago
this is beautiful! those aerial shots tho!
Barry Jones
Barry Jones - 4 years ago
sweet video. enjoyed watching this. thank you
22 A Day No Way
22 A Day No Way - 4 years ago
Watch. 22adaynoway
Waveor Company
Waveor Company - 4 years ago
If there's no swell, go surf endless waves virtually in our upcoming game...

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Alexandre Sanz
Alexandre Sanz - 4 years ago
where is the first spot?
muhamad hidayat
muhamad hidayat - 4 years ago
Alexandre Sanz batu karas beach, pangadaran west java indonesia
Benzer - 4 years ago
fuck my life
changosurfo - 4 years ago
what drone setup? phantom or inspire? nice vid, much respect...
Robert Rogers
Robert Rogers - 4 years ago
Hipster kooks. If I was cool I'd name the spots to show how cool I am but I guess I'm too old for that.
Travelvids - 4 years ago
love your production. even better drone skills. respect
Kolenekeo C. Darwin Kaeo
Kolenekeo C. Darwin Kaeo - 4 years ago
where is this place?
| Ride.the.Flow |
| Ride.the.Flow | - 4 years ago
sick clips
Shaun's Fish Tanks
Shaun's Fish Tanks - 4 years ago
Sick shots in there,,, awesome stuff man.
Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson - 4 years ago
Beautiful waterfall! Anyone know the name?
the name is tumpak sewu water fall in Lumajang, eastjava, indonesia...
tnz tnzi
tnz tnzi - 4 years ago
Kyle Johnson Madakaripura waterfall in Probolinggo. Around 45 mts-1 hour from Bromo volcano
Nik Hazell
Nik Hazell - 4 years ago
This is lovely. Just got back from both surf spots!
Jeremy Littlefield
Jeremy Littlefield - 4 years ago
LOL! Where are all the tourists riding banana boats? That really ruined the vibe for me when I visted Batu Karas a few years back.
Dave Westphal
Dave Westphal - 4 years ago
followingferg - 4 years ago
Shots and edit are incredible!! loved it man, song wasnt my jam but all good. waves look so badass from a drone
Niclas Crane
Niclas Crane - 4 years ago
This is one of the most crowded spots I have been to on this Island. In the water and on the beach ^^
Glenn Adendorff
Glenn Adendorff - 4 years ago
Brilliant Video!!
Free Jimmy
Free Jimmy - 4 years ago
That song with the video was freakin perfect. Good job on that y'all.
Free Jimmy
Free Jimmy - 4 years ago
unless that was just you that filmed everything and edited, in that case freakin good job to you
julian hobrough
julian hobrough - 4 years ago
Soft waves, shitty music. Zero out of ten.
Eric Lundberg
Eric Lundberg - 4 years ago
what drone are you using!? awesome vid!!
Mountain Man3
Mountain Man3 - 4 years ago
fascinating .
Teza McKenna
Teza McKenna - 4 years ago
Loved it! Very cool piece of art

50. comment for Jawa Surf Trip

shit waves, shit kooks, go fuck yourself
nuna yabznss
nuna yabznss - 4 years ago
wow incredibly well done
Zenagain - 4 years ago
Great vid. Well shot, edited and paired with a nice track.
Craig Gomberg
Craig Gomberg - 4 years ago
Yes!!! This is the most inspiring not to mention artistic surf video I have seen on youtube
in a long while, Great work it makes me want to surf - travel- edit - and fly my Ph4 more too!
Arya Pambudi
Arya Pambudi - 4 years ago
that waterfall was epic
Stefan Wrobel
Stefan Wrobel - 4 years ago
Arya Pambudi anyone know where that is?
Tony Hienz
Tony Hienz - 4 years ago
Great shots, and song! Thanks!
Yogawisa Darma
Yogawisa Darma - 4 years ago
great bromo point of view, nice framing
Vito Vito
Vito Vito - 4 years ago
Helen M
Helen M - 4 years ago
Saya suka Jawa!
Helen M
Helen M - 4 years ago
Cewe cantik dan ombak bagus sekali!! Jawa indah!!
Ahmad Young
Ahmad Young - 4 years ago
Helen M kenapa suka jawa
Winsome Losesome
Winsome Losesome - 4 years ago
worth a comment. medewi & bk?
jason kitching
jason kitching - 4 years ago
absolutely loved it <3
Dendik Production
Dendik Production - 4 years ago
mind blowing
m7Vic - 4 years ago
Great job video editing to music and longboard surfing. Beautiful!
James Lowe
James Lowe - 4 years ago
A couple of weeks of that would see me right!
tayronachan - 4 years ago
nice video. good job.
sr diego
sr diego - 4 years ago
perfect shots and song!
MrDeadsurfer - 4 years ago
Great wave. Fantastic photography. Ku surfing.
SMASHEDUP - 4 years ago
Василий Кордыш
Василий Кордыш - 4 years ago
Очень круто снято и смонтировано!!!!
Pebbles of sand
Pebbles of sand - 4 years ago
Ahh yes two very nice longboard spots in West Java and West Bali - regularly surfed both over the years before youtube made nearly every spot identifiable and crowded.
Ash Avery
Ash Avery - 4 years ago
sweet soundtrack
Шепелявая шака - Lonosurf - Сёрфинг для всех
Шепелявая шака - Lonosurf - Сёрфинг для всех - 4 years ago
Дропальщики )) Видео зачёт!
Jose Soto
Jose Soto - 4 years ago
Really good video
pascal luciani
pascal luciani - 4 years ago
really nice video and good music
Kas Kahea
Kas Kahea - 4 years ago
Stephen Thorne
Stephen Thorne - 4 years ago
That was great. Awesome break form work while I watched it. Where in Java was it?
Base Surf Camp
Base Surf Camp - 4 years ago
Nice drone footage! We should do something together
Alex Frai
Alex Frai - 4 years ago
ОЧень круто Братан))))
lifeofmarcus - 4 years ago
one of the best I've seen so far, great great shots!!
Louis Kennedy
Louis Kennedy - 4 years ago
This is a masterpiece! makes me well happy to now have surfing a part of my life.
luca byrne
luca byrne - 4 years ago
this is dope
James Cox
James Cox - 4 years ago
Itsss Mariam
Itsss Mariam - 4 years ago
Great content
GoGo Gordo
GoGo Gordo - 4 years ago
Pete Cosby
Pete Cosby - 4 years ago
Batukaras... you always in my heart, always in my heart (: what was the first spot? Someone mentioned Bali. Most likely yes as there are no long lefties in Java, are there?
Colin - 4 years ago
Well done nice drone footage!
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor - 4 years ago
Great video! Love it!
Jay gotvik-dobson
Jay gotvik-dobson - 4 years ago
this looks a lot like medewi
João Pinto Correia
João Pinto Correia - 4 years ago
Nice images.
Jack Britton
Jack Britton - 4 years ago
this video is bloody beautiful
jonas hendriks
jonas hendriks - 4 years ago
what drone did you use?
jonas hendriks
jonas hendriks - 4 years ago
amazing video!
Kelly Dunn
Kelly Dunn - 4 years ago
incredible vid!
Roberto Gomes
Roberto Gomes - 4 years ago
loved the images, the boards, the edition & music. Keep on keeping on, bros.
Xabier Merino
Xabier Merino - 4 years ago
Gabriel Villazan Impastato
Gabriel Villazan Impastato - 4 years ago
Really nice video! Great inspiration
ThroughKristiansEyes - 4 years ago
Really like the vid!!! I love to adventure and and hang with friends just like you so Follow me on Instagram @throughkristianseyes
clarkewi - 4 years ago
WZDY - 4 years ago
Song name is: Harlem River by Kevin Morby
kenz zame
kenz zame - 4 years ago
in this part ( 1:22 ) .. i loveed. this awsome guys..
wheres is you go guys? tell something.

100. comment for Jawa Surf Trip

Surfer Dude Garage
Surfer Dude Garage - 4 years ago
Sick images man, very very well filmed and nice edit and music!
Мария Кузнецова
Мария Кузнецова - 4 years ago
очень красиво. А что за трек?
ifCalCan - 4 years ago
love it bro. just subd. sub me back if you like my videos.
Anton Chalov
Anton Chalov - 4 years ago
Очень круто!
Dmitry Ufaev
Dmitry Ufaev - 4 years ago
Очень красиво!!!
Javier Adam
Javier Adam - 4 years ago
Batukaras !
Free Jimmy
Free Jimmy - 4 years ago
Thanks Muhamad. I'm familiar with those spots too, and they have been "found out" a while ago as well, but u can get waves depending on when you go. There aren't nearly as many secrets anymore these days with the internet ;)
Javier Adam
Javier Adam - 4 years ago
Krui mah sepi bgt loh bro hahaha
muhamad hidayat
muhamad hidayat - 4 years ago
Free Jimmy still secret is panaitan island close to west java and lampung also krui in sumatera
Free Jimmy
Free Jimmy - 4 years ago
That wave was super crowded 5 years ago, think the secret is already out ;)
Javier Adam
Javier Adam - 4 years ago
woops, lol
James Westhart
James Westhart - 4 years ago
Batu Karas, beautiful place near Green River. Nice little village. Laid back place not too far from Pangandaran. One of my favorite places in Java.
Romain Guéry
Romain Guéry - 4 years ago
Soeren Liebs
Soeren Liebs - 4 years ago
most of the surfing went down in bali, this is not Jawa!
Jenya Ivkov
Jenya Ivkov - 4 years ago
Un bekannt Medewi in begin and then only jawa
Jenya Ivkov
Jenya Ivkov - 4 years ago
Un bekannt Medewi in begin and then only jawa
Taniwha Matarangi
Taniwha Matarangi - 4 years ago
Hi what were some of the surf spots you went to?

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