Jet surf extreme powerboard

Extreme center presents the new generation of motorised surfboarding. Jet Surf offers hi-tech parameters, which are second to none worldwide. Short full carbon concept of the board equipped with specially designed and patented racing engine with turbine, provides pure surfing sensation anytime, anywhere! Jet Surf offers gliding at 55 km/h speeds with the total weight of only 13 kilograms! Boards are sold worldwide now exclusivelly through

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Extreme center presents the new generation of motorised surfboarding. Jet Surf offers hi-tech parameters, which are second to none worldwide. Short full carbon concept of the board equipped with specially designed and patented racing engine with turbine, provides pure surfing sensation anytime, anywhere! Jet Surf offers gliding at 55 km/h speeds with the total weight of only 13 kilograms! Boards are sold worldwide now exclusivelly through

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Vandilson Ferreira
Vandilson Ferreira - 3 years ago
jason siig
jason siig - 5 years ago
Had mine for 1 summer I love it.  Well worth the money. Thanks Jetsurf
Pavle Pajic
Pavle Pajic - 5 years ago
1500 $
Tom Thompson
Tom Thompson - 5 years ago
Lates Loks
Lates Loks - 5 years ago
this been out since 1994 watch the movie camp nowhere forward it to 27min 35 seconds ....
eric maurer
eric maurer - 5 years ago
That price is just undo able.
JK JK - 5 years ago
A bit overpriced yes. But what a cool water toy
Rodolfo Llanes
Rodolfo Llanes - 5 years ago
Me encantaría probar ese deporte lla que aquí donde estoy no puedo usar la tabla vela
allornothing432 - 5 years ago
Fuck'n rip off! Its cool but certainly not worth 10,000 EURO!?!? WTF?!?
jason siig
jason siig - 5 years ago
If you had one under your feet you would think different. Its fuckin awesome.
mike freem
mike freem - 5 years ago
super cool but no way this cost the same as a jetski they are full of shit.  imagine paying 10k for this and in 5 years it's 4k...duh  the engine is only 1k so whats up with that markup?

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Juantor Tor
Juantor Tor - 5 years ago
para subirte tienes que estar en un lugar donde hagas pie de lo contrario no te puedes subir , no sirve es una KK
tsomoyog - 5 years ago
looks booooooring as can be.
The world sure does not need more of this crap in the waters.
xX panda 310 Xx
xX panda 310 Xx - 5 years ago
OlBlueshound - 6 years ago
Great little concept! Seemed to go much better from the middle of video till the end rather than in the beginning of the video. Also launch looks a little difficult due to small amount of thrust, but that said, what a great fun little toy!
Douglas Freitas
Douglas Freitas - 6 years ago
muito massa quem pode mim doar um desse para eu usar aqui no Brasil?
queria muito.
numero telefônico 03181985510240 Douglas garanto que iria ser muito legal para vender aqui
Douglas Freitas
Douglas Freitas - 6 years ago
muito massa quem pode mim doar um desse para eu usar aqui no Brasil?
queria muito.
numero telefônico 03181985510240 Douglas garanto que iria ser muito legal para vender aqui
Christopher Canada
Christopher Canada - 6 years ago
God that board is awesome! And DAMN this music sucks donkey ballz!
Quentin Raffensperger
Quentin Raffensperger - 6 years ago
Sorry Surf-Jet I think it was called.
Quentin Raffensperger
Quentin Raffensperger - 6 years ago
cheryl stoops
cheryl stoops - 6 years ago
+Quentin Raffensperger My husband owns one and it still runs!  He has had it since 1983 I think, it is called a Surf Jet but unsure the inventor.  Much larger then this board but I would think his larger board would be more user friendly :)
Quentin Raffensperger
Quentin Raffensperger - 6 years ago
Who invented the original Jet Board in 1980 I believe?
descargaelbano - 5 years ago
+luckyhound1 sorry but I believe that is incorrect. Bloomindales sold jet boards in 1960 and all the rest were just copycats. I'm 49 and my grandfather had Popular Mechanics magazines older than me showing jet boards AND jetskis!
luckyhound1 - 5 years ago
Bob Montgomery invented the original Surfjet. He now sells powerski Jetboards that can be purchased at Cascade Marine in portland Oregon for around 7K
Quentin Raffensperger
Quentin Raffensperger - 5 years ago way, had to be MacGruber!
descargaelbano - 5 years ago
+Quentin Raffensperger Macgyver
baby gyal
baby gyal - 6 years ago
Cool the surf

20. comment for Jet surf extreme powerboard

Вова Vova
Вова Vova - 6 years ago
Cool thing!
Sound too! Who is singing?!
madal55 - 6 years ago
forget the music, what does the engine sound like?
Kakav deda takav unuk
Kakav deda takav unuk - 6 years ago
Joe Barone
Joe Barone - 6 years ago
song is insane, wow 18hp!
Arjun Kumar
Arjun Kumar - 6 years ago
I want that I don't know how
marcus hammerlak
marcus hammerlak - 6 years ago
the board in this video never ever drive 55 km/h.. !!!
ugirl2 - 6 years ago
like the music, love the board want one
Eman Ora
Eman Ora - 6 years ago
alan karvel
alan karvel - 7 years ago
this looks like a lot of fun.!!
hasta la Vista
hasta la Vista - 7 years ago
Looks like something lifeguards could really use.
Ryan O'Sullivan
Ryan O'Sullivan - 5 years ago
to get out to people in the water faster.
Wilddog73 - 5 years ago
+Zooni2 What?

30. comment for Jet surf extreme powerboard

stfuliberal - 7 years ago
Kook. Keep that POS off my beach.
dan m
dan m - 7 years ago
Flughafen Hahn plane Spotting
Flughafen Hahn plane Spotting - 7 years ago
Nice bord 
Dee 1
Dee 1 - 7 years ago
how can i buy one?
Guided Hand
Guided Hand - 5 years ago
Pretty sure with money. Not 100% sure though.
Wilddog73 - 7 years ago
Where can I find one that looks like that?
miz12ful - 7 years ago
R. C. Powered intro. dual engine. last run time maybe 30 min or more.
Chris G
Chris G - 7 years ago
Nice toon to go along with your jetboard.
Beach Life
Beach Life - 7 years ago
did someone say this is $12,000? ou can buy two seadoo spark jetskis for that! 
ChiefJustice Middleton
ChiefJustice Middleton - 7 years ago
music is gay
descargaelbano - 5 years ago
sounds like some of that old leftover Jan Hammer music from Miami Vice in 1984
raywagman - 7 years ago
first thing on my mind
Sigiac ferreira leal
Sigiac ferreira leal - 7 years ago
Chris Stone
Chris Stone - 7 years ago
forever alone
Nick MANTRA - 7 years ago
cool after about 20min similar to a jet ski unless u can go find some waves to surf.
wiseguy1305 - 7 years ago
$12.000 - $19.000 NOOO Thanks!!!
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash - 4 years ago
just the the surfjet from the 1980's
mickton shrimpton
mickton shrimpton - 7 years ago
club music ,,and a barney on a lake,,whatever
Sam Crook
Sam Crook - 7 years ago
soo stupid u ddont even take it on a wavee??
Robert T Morse
Robert T Morse - 7 years ago
What is runtime? max range?  type of fuel? db level at cruising speed?  These are important factors!
Tyson Castaneda
Tyson Castaneda - 8 years ago
I played it to "Magic Carpet Ride" by Fatboy Slim, it made a lot more sense
Tyson Castaneda
Tyson Castaneda - 8 years ago
I want one!
Jakob Odell
Jakob Odell - 8 years ago
Looks cool
DaveESPI - 8 years ago
Aboveand Beyond is NOT "gayer music". This is AWESOME. Its a snowboard for water.

50. comment for Jet surf extreme powerboard

nathan goodman
nathan goodman - 8 years ago
the base model costs $10,000
wildwilllis1 - 8 years ago
wuttichai matkaow
wuttichai matkaow - 8 years ago
how much!?
Kingping - 8 years ago
the music track is called "Alone Tonight" and it made by Above & Beyond Please like so everyone dont have to ask.. Your welcome
Gr8Candid8 - 8 years ago
I wanted to watch the video but the music was so gay I had to stop watching it.
krap101 - 8 years ago
This doesn't look very fun...
Breizh DeNice
Breizh DeNice - 8 years ago
what is the point of surfing without waves ?
RedSkull HAX
RedSkull HAX - 8 years ago
It's just hard to get started, but when you get the hang of it your good to go ;') :D
colin gilb
colin gilb - 8 years ago
さとしか - 8 years ago
m - 8 years ago
trance lives!! Above & Beyond is epic!
TBD - 8 years ago
Dear Santa...
tinbanger66 - 8 years ago
The one's I found were Jetboards. 100 cc 2-stroke engines. No alternator, so they said about 4 hours on the battery (not including fuel). Couldn't find a price.
zeekthe hammer
zeekthe hammer - 8 years ago
il buy one of those right meow!
zeekthe hammer
zeekthe hammer - 8 years ago
u should watch the video by macklemore- same love
Diego De la Vega
Diego De la Vega - 8 years ago
Where can we buy it?
The Enigmatic Index
The Enigmatic Index - 8 years ago
Thank the creators of youtube for the mute button.
iamLexky - 8 years ago
the pro redbull surfers made this seem cooler
John Sterling
John Sterling - 8 years ago
How about the equivalent for land travel. Coming soon (or whenever I feel like getting to it). I'm primed, but with limited resources it might take a while. This looks like the water-based equivalent of what I want to make.
GatoRockYou - 8 years ago
this is not surf TT__TT
WIllyGilly321 - 8 years ago
About 10 years ago I made a surf board designed to be pulled behind a boat like a water skier. It's contoured and about 2 feet by 5 feet made out of a piece of 3/4" plywood & oil based paint. It was made perfect for me at a weight of 180 lbs. I had more fun on that board than pretty much anything else in life. Having something like this would be great! No need for a toe boat. From what I found on the Net they are electric, go for about 40 min and cost about $4K I need more up-time then 40..
Mindweeper - 8 years ago
12.000 Euro in biggest Version
Kepler - 8 years ago
And again - not the actual sound. Such an idiot can ruin a day at the beach for hundrets of people.
Dominic Young
Dominic Young - 8 years ago
Check out my YouTube page for a 'smaller version' have a great product guys ! Inspiring !
Solomon Cobb
Solomon Cobb - 8 years ago
How much is this? I love it.
brianbirc - 8 years ago
at 19 grand and this music tells me it is a gay pornstar exclusive
Rick p
Rick p - 8 years ago
i have one of the first versions the engine has a hump cover at the rear of board & throttle is controlled by hydraulic oil pressure at the handle can't seem to find out where or who manufactured & what motor hp or make it is. any info would be cool to know. it's for sale!
eXozGaming - 8 years ago
@bebs espinosa I know right
Padede Boys
Padede Boys - 8 years ago
19,000 dollars is way to high, got to wait till price drops.....
pghdave420 - 8 years ago
for as much as yinz want .might as well buy a jet ski
pghdave420 - 8 years ago
if you could find way to make them cheaper they would sell like crazy anywhere i bet
Edward Buckley
Edward Buckley - 8 years ago
Would have been a nice vid without the SHITTY techno "Music"
Yarmox - 8 years ago
Can you explain how this song is ''gay''?
agathe Van gaver
agathe Van gaver - 8 years ago
Marko Karlovčan
Marko Karlovčan - 8 years ago
i have it
Christian McClellan
Christian McClellan - 8 years ago
take it into waves and i'll be impressed
Bard Buell
Bard Buell - 8 years ago
Could you please find some gayer music....?
Jesse none
Jesse none - 8 years ago
engine gonna go in my kayak asap
Jacob Sibley
Jacob Sibley - 8 years ago
wheer can you get this and how much do they cost?
RISA VIDEOSRISA - 8 years ago
que pasada, cuanto cuesta?
kaYboi8o8 - 8 years ago
well in the video he doesnt go in a straight line for maximum speed
Blake Gould
Blake Gould - 8 years ago
If there was one less zero on that price tag I would buy one. Looks fun.
manuel strobl
manuel strobl - 8 years ago
i take your Money, thx :))
manuel strobl
manuel strobl - 8 years ago
no more waves needed :) cool !
Nille Heidi
Nille Heidi - 8 years ago
cool thing, but no 55 kmh for sure
Alexander Aldredge
Alexander Aldredge - 8 years ago
Shut up and take my money!
Inst4F4v - 8 years ago
thats actually really awesome
Steve Wiseman
Steve Wiseman - 8 years ago
just learn to kitesurf?
lloyd anderson
lloyd anderson - 8 years ago
Where can I buy one?
Ironblade24 - 8 years ago
Price starts from 12.000 Euro..... The board has 1 year warranty which covers defective parts.

100. comment for Jet surf extreme powerboard

SemperFi 83
SemperFi 83 - 8 years ago
Thank you
SemperFi 83
SemperFi 83 - 8 years ago
Where can I buy one?
лилипут карликовичь
лилипут карликовичь - 8 years ago
охереннная штука ))
lethea philippou
lethea philippou - 8 years ago
ultimatefreedom1983 - 8 years ago
oh and future....the pretty side...
Prex 40
Prex 40 - 8 years ago
Where you bought it?
Der Typ
Der Typ - 8 years ago
haha fuck Jesus i want that thing :D
TCircuitry - 8 years ago
Yeah man don't give up. You could have the same product with a totally different design which could make yours special
Chucknorris - 8 years ago
this isnt a fail, its a great idea for when there is no surf
m j
m j - 8 years ago
I'm so depressed :( I had actually thought of this and was just about to build a prototype- even had a cnc mill guy waiting for some specs to start the hardware build. oh well- you did a great job with your board- best of luck with it! surprised can-am / brp hasn't picked up on this yet!
Joseph Simpson
Joseph Simpson - 8 years ago
01Prostyle - 8 years ago
Let''s see what happens when there is a 1-2 ft wave or swell!! F A I L. Don't waste the money.
Neo2906 - 8 years ago
wow this is one of the best fun things here in youtube. awesome idea !!!!
The Dubya
The Dubya - 8 years ago
KongKreet - 8 years ago
ATrueCanadianBeaver - 8 years ago
Thank you Jason Siig for your reply.
jason siig
jason siig - 8 years ago
35000 - 40000 canadian dollers
ATrueCanadianBeaver - 8 years ago
Where can I buy one of these and how much does it go for? Appreciate the lead to this product...
MrThatSuperCoolGuy - 8 years ago
Tanner Frey
Tanner Frey - 8 years ago
how long does it hold gas
GoUWCowboys - 8 years ago
Another great Czech Product!:)
FunDirtBikingMatt - 9 years ago
So awesome
mrdealio - 9 years ago
Looks pretty cool!
sam x
sam x - 9 years ago
how do u not fall of with the speed, n jolt
Frederico Rodrigues
Frederico Rodrigues - 9 years ago
KeybrdWarriorWINNING - 9 years ago
I saw a dude kneeling on that thing in the baltic sea, on the german Lübeck coast, three weeks ago. He raced up and down several miles. I waited for him to stand up but he didn't. I knew it is possible. This vid prooves it. PS: Totally calm sea that day.
i Lewis
i Lewis - 9 years ago
Mom....Dad.... =D
cpufukr - 9 years ago
Phil Stevenson
Phil Stevenson - 9 years ago
where do you buy them do they ship to canada how much are they
travis crow
travis crow - 9 years ago
ever take this thing behind a big ass ferry boat or in the surf at the beach... that would be bitchin... catch some major air
evan W
evan W - 9 years ago
but will it blend?
jooodsdssdd - 9 years ago
does it comes with a sound system?
MrAagent - 9 years ago
i want to be a factory test rider and would love to be on your marketing team . this is the coolest thing ive wanted to do in a long time. i ride and have had several gas skate boards with hand held control for gas / break ,and think handle bars are for sissies. where do i sign up?
nooloo3000 - 9 years ago
this rounds winner
timetofly08 - 9 years ago
how fast does it go?
TCircuitry - 9 years ago
Wow It has the emergency kill switch like a PWC would have and the throttle lever and cable in a single unit
youhaan kapadia
youhaan kapadia - 9 years ago
if the turbine gets goes underwater you'll loose $2000
montogeman - 9 years ago
i dont have a million dollars
trailman20 - 9 years ago
you guys are fucking stupid .. this thing is pretty darn cool if you ask me just the idea of it is worh a few million
caligti4 - 9 years ago
the string he's holding is the throttle i think
matt gault
matt gault - 9 years ago
Can not operate in waves exceeding 2 inches
kandydavins - 9 years ago
i want one, way less trouble paddling into the wave lol
rmcginnis616 - 9 years ago
adrimargo - 9 years ago
tri it on waves bro
teampullmyfinger - 9 years ago
a nd still hve money left over!! 11,000? what a joke!!!
Slarty Bartfast
Slarty Bartfast - 9 years ago
Overpriced? For who? You? LOL! These comments here are an absolute riot! I must get by here more often! Okay...let me compose myself a bit here...This is a machine that is produced in a very limited number. The precision machining required to produce the engine alone warrants the price. If it were mass produced through cheaper manufacturing processes in China for a mass market, it would be cheaper. This craft is obviously not for you or your ilk. Sorry.
Slarty Bartfast
Slarty Bartfast - 9 years ago
Yeah, since people like you can only afford one toy at a time (if at all) and have no concept of how one type of ride may differ from the other. Some enjoy much more of life than you could ever conceive of. Your comment is positively moot. What you would or would not buy in no way affects what someone with more wealth than yourself may or not buy. Just worry about what you know, like your single-wide, Craig's list jetski, and PBR drenched weekends.
ThreeFingerlynch - 9 years ago
Has someone actually Surfed with this
Wlf - 9 years ago
wow price???? from italy??? thanks
squito94 - 9 years ago
Someone get the glow sticks.
firefox7061 - 9 years ago
this would be awsome if it had a fake water pokemon in front of it.
The Divine Arts
The Divine Arts - 9 years ago
now go to a regular lake with waves u would fall in a instant
ball bass
ball bass - 9 years ago
สุดยอด มาก มาก
Luka Luksic
Luka Luksic - 9 years ago
you are terribly Right !!! ;)
Joseph Spicer
Joseph Spicer - 9 years ago
=mangled body need an inboard direct drive to wake surf safely...your right though,buy a boat.and a board...
BigBootyJudy - 9 years ago
Gavin Draculia
Gavin Draculia - 9 years ago
i would get the water jetpack thing for 6400 rather than this ...
Doug bonifacio
Doug bonifacio - 9 years ago
What's name this music??
elijah stewart
elijah stewart - 9 years ago
surf board+outboard=success
Руслан Кокшетау
Руслан Кокшетау - 9 years ago
куда техника дошла супер !
goop2526 - 9 years ago
shut up and take my money!
justmerichie - 9 years ago
11 grand lol...The thing problubly only runs for about 10 minutes.How many batteries will 11 grand give
OlBlueshound - 9 years ago
That is excellent, expensive, but excellent!
Mitchell Stuart
Mitchell Stuart - 9 years ago
No thanks. I'd rather snowboard. Or longboard. Or surf. Or you know... buy a car.
MrHowToDoIt - 9 years ago
For $11,000 I hope it's waterproof.
haighie1997 - 9 years ago
11,000 :O no thanks id rather get a yamaha superjet (Y) or stick with the seedoo (Y)
corey smithwicks
corey smithwicks - 9 years ago
how about another video where you take on teaphuo, your dreaming maybe just some 6ft waves
anri4u - 9 years ago
where did u buy it?
HeadShot360 - 9 years ago
Bahaha gay piece of shit
HeadShot360 - 9 years ago
fucking A+ you rock!
Machine Gun Nest
Machine Gun Nest - 9 years ago
Machine Gun Nest
Machine Gun Nest - 9 years ago
Beach Boys Music
Mr. Hoopla
Mr. Hoopla - 9 years ago
for 11 grand i want to be screaming ill stick to snowboarding
sea2sky - 9 years ago
i wanna see kelly slater ride it on some waves ,not this eurogrom on a lake
Oscar Ferne
Oscar Ferne - 9 years ago
Surfing is the cost of the board.. plus waves unlike fuel is free
tobagotb10 - 9 years ago
There's a new thing coming to a parking lot near you, once the wheels are mounted.
Florian Axt
Florian Axt - 9 years ago
eleven grand? Quite cheap isn't it compared to the price of a Skinautic, a rope and a nice wakeboard. And don't get me started how much it takes to find a buddy who drives the boat.
Pippi Langsam
Pippi Langsam - 9 years ago
will ich! brauch ich!
bojanv1 - 9 years ago
SaruJerry - 9 years ago
looks fucking amazing
chris7jakarta - 9 years ago
at 1:36 was a failed launch. at 1:50 was a good launch with a better push off with his feet. how about getting on top of that thing after you fall in deep water?? doesn't have enough power I think
iLOVEadamANDaj - 9 years ago
11 grand...??? u will go out of them in china and sell them for 2 grand then you will make it...
Azraël - 9 years ago
now we want to see a test with at less 6 meters high waves ^^
ZaphodsPlanet - 9 years ago
Looks fun but ouch on the price. Would love to see someone dating one into 6-8ft waves.....LOL
kailuaboy89 - 9 years ago
heck we picked up an original "surf ski" from a garage sale for $800 and it ran!
zpolowka - 9 years ago
cotoyo16 - 9 years ago
and the wake
lichmind274 - 9 years ago
like wake boarding without a boat
tamoussat - 9 years ago
how much is the tablet. ??????? the real preis
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - 9 years ago
Yeah, For $11,000 Ill just buy a new jetski....
Benjamin Hingst
Benjamin Hingst - 9 years ago
ich würde mal sagen da schlaufen rauf und ab in die welle
fu th sy Flow
fu th sy Flow - 9 years ago
perfekter Mix aus boarden im Schnee und Wasserski....hätt ich die Kohle würde ich Eines kaufen....wie geil is daas?^^
GETvisibleTV - 9 years ago
9149.55 € !! NO Way
jhonh Hincapie
jhonh Hincapie - 9 years ago
you don't even need waves, imagine catching downward on waves :)
iakona Type-R
iakona Type-R - 9 years ago
If this video didn't remind me of that scene in Back to the Future pt.2, then I would say this is the gayest thing ever.
spunkflunk - 9 years ago
how much gas can the little thing hold?, cuz there has to be an engine and such taking up lots of the room.
co - 9 years ago
Forever Alone wake boarding
Shaun Brender
Shaun Brender - 9 years ago
You would think. for something that costs over 10,000 they would have a better promo video!
clay mac
clay mac - 9 years ago
fuck off idiot
sandy ray
sandy ray - 9 years ago
asianthor - 9 years ago
Fuck, for many months now I did not want to see this video cause in 1999 I drew-up this invention exactly as it is shown here with propulsion and water intake but did not have the money and contact's and a "inventor" from Taiwan in 2005 of this powered surfboard patented before I could. I could have been rich by now, dam it!
ToolsnFire - 9 years ago
Nice gay music
youngmillionaire42 - 9 years ago
Cole Hawkins
Cole Hawkins - 9 years ago
@Sk8flip234 agreed on that but it be fun as shit to take this out on a cruise in a lake, pond or stream.. not to mention jumping other boats wakes.. gotta be more fun than a shitty standup jet shit with the up down and side to side steerin.. its not a replacement just something to add to it
ShadowBow - 9 years ago
dear santa....
joshua castro
joshua castro - 9 years ago
^^ dream is crushed cant buy one yet.
HondaTom - 9 years ago
we had one of these (exact the same yellow colow) BUT THE KWALLITY WAS NOTHING IT IS A VERY BAD 2 STROKE ENGINE !!!!!!! dont buy sorry for my bad english im dutch
Brian Hamilton
Brian Hamilton - 9 years ago
Waves? Fuck waves.
LACHY EL MULATIKO - 9 years ago
how much is this thing
stumptown79 - 9 years ago
We made it go 35. You dont really need all your teeth.
Marios D.
Marios D. - 9 years ago
looks like you'll get bored after 5 mins...
SuperRar22 - 9 years ago
i own one of these they are too much fun im so happy to be rich
bioletsmakeiteasy - 9 years ago
this would be great for large cities with a lot of traffic, "yeah i got to work on my extreme powerboard today", winning!!!!
sengirpt - 9 years ago
and does it work on waves or what?
a belhoul
a belhoul - 9 years ago
@ansarami123456789 thank you for the comment , i was about to look for the price , now i wouldnt bother,.
David Stjour
David Stjour - 9 years ago
this look fun
tVKrippen - 9 years ago
how do you go slower or faster? da fawwwk
Moffe Snus
Moffe Snus - 9 years ago
Shut up and take my money!!!
josh goot
josh goot - 9 years ago
Instant memory of mario on the back of the green turtle.. That poor green turtle never EVER got his shell back.. and if i ever fucked up and lost the shell, I'd just restart the level.. Best fucking memory ever! I WANT ONE BUT IN GREEN
Dima86dndz - 9 years ago
Coll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Supper
Dylan Thompson
Dylan Thompson - 9 years ago
Where the waves at?!?!
Chris Brittain
Chris Brittain - 9 years ago
Im glad to see im not the only one who thought this would be cool.
robby gui
robby gui - 9 years ago
im asuming tht powerd by electricity
Jean - 9 years ago
Shut up and take my money !!!
ugirl2 - 9 years ago
damn, i was almost on the money, the minute i saw the video i said that thing is probably 10 grand.
OtakuGuitar2000 - 9 years ago
dear santa..
vivitar45 - 9 years ago
@hansomhughm2 ya my be for the size is cool but to easy for some one to steel it on you or out of your car
jordanlease1 - 9 years ago
whats with the gay music, ied like to hear the engine...
Paul V
Paul V - 9 years ago
@jessenurse Well, no they're not. The energy-density of a battery is not even close too that of conventional fuels.
Blaine Trever
Blaine Trever - 9 years ago
where did u get that
mehi kari
mehi kari - 9 years ago
good dis me chung may
briggsizon - 9 years ago
perfect for life guards!! maybe lengthen the board enough to put on some kind of response equipment or a self inflating raft ??
ansarami123456789 - 9 years ago
@zacrl1230 11,000 american dollars. Yeah. My dream is crushed too. (The weiner wind one.)
Deathmaxter - 9 years ago
@sethzky77 *Wiener*
TheNykademos - 9 years ago
is this the solution for tow-in big wave? hows about a retractable hydrofoil for swell riding and conserving power?
secarman18 - 9 years ago
or you can learn to surf
Ryan Beattie
Ryan Beattie - 9 years ago
john schultz
john schultz - 9 years ago
really extreme and this is fun. Maybe you can also try this using power steps direct powerboards.
Kolon999 - 9 years ago
Ditch the music sound track and let us hear what the device sounds like. Worse than a jet ski? Not as bad?
warriorcycles - 9 years ago
great invention!
mike williams
mike williams - 9 years ago
how much r thoughs where u get em
Komplicated_Drew - 9 years ago
that looks so fun
Dee'sNutz - 9 years ago
How much and where can I pick one up?
Rhys Mollart
Rhys Mollart - 9 years ago
i see that you are using the new and upgraded potato cam
ZomgieBec - 9 years ago
Don't try to walk on water, unless you've got powa!!
8xngc - 9 years ago
Do A Barrel Roll!
Simon Rosberg
Simon Rosberg - 9 years ago
@sethzky77 getting a little pissed are we?
sethzky77 - 9 years ago
@thealltedrygt Keep sucking your mom's cock dickhead.
Simon Rosberg
Simon Rosberg - 9 years ago
@sethzky77 ye that's what your mom suggested but i said no. she has some weird fetishes...
sethzky77 - 9 years ago
anthony martin
anthony martin - 9 years ago
@sethzky77 hahaha this guy^
sethzky77 - 9 years ago
@thealltedrygt hardy har har! Is that all you got? How about I fart in your mouth?
Simon Rosberg
Simon Rosberg - 9 years ago
@sethzky77 that's what i said about your mom
setstunapiitown - 9 years ago
@ttrebilco haha Omg!
cybermarsactual - 9 years ago
Kinda cool, but the euro-tech is crap.
Morgan Boughey
Morgan Boughey - 9 years ago
may as well buy a skateboard for like a millionth of the price.
Jack Tambo
Jack Tambo - 9 years ago
I have checked their website. The price for this thing is 229 000,00 Kč ;-)
Trace trebilco
Trace trebilco - 9 years ago
1.2 million dollars later...
Trace trebilco
Trace trebilco - 9 years ago
@setstunapiitown try 1.2 million hahahaha this is ridic. It is cool, but not 1.2 million dollar cool
Bambi Dalton
Bambi Dalton - 9 years ago
Only a matter of time before people are doing flips with this.
TheMarUlberg - 9 years ago
Ultimate high tech! A motorized water vehicle.
Lex_Ka - 10 years ago
as soon as we can make ones that go really really fast this could turn into a new extreme sport
TheAdolphhipster - 10 years ago
looks like it needs to go faster :/
bahamasroy - 10 years ago
so, where's the exercise? Should I bring a Big Mac to munch when riding these kookjets?
Jonel Burke
Jonel Burke - 10 years ago
yeah how much
winter sky
winter sky - 10 years ago
Will it get onto the plane from a deep water start,or do you need to be towed to shallow water like some motorised shark bait.
polishdrummer94 - 10 years ago
it's jesus riding a longboard
sethzky77 - 10 years ago
I want to ride that thing butt naked with my weiner flapping in the cool sea breeze.
setstunapiitown - 10 years ago
If I did the conversion correctly, this costs about 11,000 + us dollars.
Birger Skrede
Birger Skrede - 10 years ago
where can you buy this awsome board???
American Jedi
American Jedi - 10 years ago
Doesn't look like it supports the wieght of a person unless it's moving. Like water skis or wake board except it has it's own power.
gffgkl1 - 10 years ago
i got one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jake - 10 years ago
looks about $700 but noo....
MrScottishBeaver - 10 years ago
1.2 million dollars? fuck no
Tight brown cave
Tight brown cave - 10 years ago
@TBKxRouriQc actually the ignition is attached to his hand so when you fall of the engine stops
Ghislain Roy
Ghislain Roy - 10 years ago
1248177.00 Canadian dolls???? for a board??? (229 000,00 Kč)
MTH KITEBOARDS - 10 years ago
Dear Grandma...
Poisonspeed305 - 10 years ago
@MrShazaamable cord comes off causing it to stop. (just like a jet ski) ... cmon now!
TheWilddrive - 10 years ago
i want one gime gime gime
Justin Scott Ferreira
Justin Scott Ferreira - 10 years ago
good one! are you looking for agents in south africa???? those look like so much fun !!
freedomsoldier187 - 10 years ago
fucking awsome I never need to paddle out and miss a wave again, cause I suck.
Cates323 - 10 years ago
Perry Fulcher
Perry Fulcher - 10 years ago
The question is. how do you stop it if you fall off
PKSELLERS - 10 years ago
@Beema66 $12,000 USD
Destined Swede
Destined Swede - 10 years ago
thats cool
dizzle123456 - 10 years ago
whats with the gay music..
Rafael Garcia
Rafael Garcia - 10 years ago
oh my god its nice :D
Bogan-on-a-Bike - 10 years ago
@famos10 lay on it and paddle?
guitargreg72 - 10 years ago
famos10 - 10 years ago
hahha, what you do when you run out of gas in the middle of the lake/sea :D
Supermanx264 - 10 years ago
I just saw an American Restoration on a 60 or 70's version of one of those. With a 2 stroke motor in it lol.
sailor blaufuss
sailor blaufuss - 10 years ago
thats one way to surf without ways
Lewis Martin
Lewis Martin - 10 years ago
Dear santa...
Carlos Mercado
Carlos Mercado - 10 years ago
that is the most cool's thing i have seen yet. can u say bad ass
Billy Anderson
Billy Anderson - 10 years ago
Imagine going up to someone who's actually water-boarding and has no clue to what's happening and he goes,"Dude, where's your boat?"
maxjtj31 - 10 years ago
o my god. awesome. T-O-T-A-L-Y wicked. i want one so bad. seems slower than 35.
ThatsYKnow - 10 years ago
I want one! Can you do it without the rope?
Angelo Dabao
Angelo Dabao - 10 years ago
Dear Santa....
Wolferam - 10 years ago
How many monies?! I will give you all of mine.
Ian Munroe
Ian Munroe - 10 years ago
This... is.... fucking..... amazing.
khaosman1234 - 10 years ago
i want one!
ezekeil33 - 10 years ago
@Akatsuk23 it has a killswitch...he shows you at around 1:40ish. If you fall off the motor stops.
Step Razor Production
Step Razor Production - 10 years ago
muslimbrotha11 - 10 years ago
the 5 dislikes those are the ppl that cant summ
worldcitizenreporter - 10 years ago
@tuviejo5 power connected to your wrist
BrainBucket Gaming
BrainBucket Gaming - 10 years ago
shogunemperor - 10 years ago
How much gas does it hold?? Its gas powered right?
SmellvinoStitch - 10 years ago
@Extremecentrum: how does it handle salt water?
sorich - 10 years ago
You lost me as soon as the gay porn music kicked in!
DaBurntToaster - 10 years ago
not joking, but i got from future weapons, to this, i swear to god the featured videos are NEVER relevant to the video its self
Kite_Sunday - 10 years ago
Take my money!
percyz - 10 years ago
No more paddling!!!
Beema66 - 10 years ago
Zero Fighter
Zero Fighter - 10 years ago
Dear santa......
muffinmanfly1 - 10 years ago
Ok, Now lets see you do it with waves.
TheAquines - 10 years ago
Gami KiraXLL
Gami KiraXLL - 10 years ago
ok its cool but where are the wave and the tonnels etc. thats the point of surfing...
MrBurntcracker - 10 years ago
OMG HOW MUCH???!!!!!
Dirk P
Dirk P - 10 years ago
deart santa i ... XD
Devidens - 10 years ago
yeah this is $12,000 canadian.
danthesurfer95 - 10 years ago
the 3 people who dislike this envy you
OttoNL - 10 years ago
I've always wanted to surf, but not enough sea and wind around here :P This might be a solution.
TheFredson87 - 10 years ago
hmmm wonder how that board works on waves ... wind y sea 4 example
Deus - 10 years ago
Damn i want this may you please release this in the USA!
dannytothed - 10 years ago
@Majition exactly what I was thinking.
adrian schofield
adrian schofield - 10 years ago
Can someone provide me with engine details
Majition - 10 years ago
dear Santa...
ChrisPCrunchy - 10 years ago
Excuse me you forgot the ski boat!
gabe3366 - 10 years ago
how many of you dumb fucks don't understand the concept of reading, it says the website in the description
cody arnett
cody arnett - 10 years ago
that thing is badass
Ben Gibson
Ben Gibson - 10 years ago
You can order one from pearl watercrafts we have all the info about the Jet-Surf on the web site.
Keith Hill
Keith Hill - 10 years ago
fuckin sick
MsPokey1234 - 10 years ago
I see the most fun will be In 3<4' Surf @ Ocean! Use "Motor" to pull yorself out to surf and later to catch a wave! Dean
bloodlinegate7 - 10 years ago
lol come on its cool and all but 6000 euros?
TheSuicideCow - 10 years ago
on what site can i order one? pls tell me
zero00tolerance - 10 years ago
@MrSurfer0007 Hey could you please take pics of the inside like how big is the engine what kind of engine and what kind of jetdrive system how big etc etc thankssssss
zero00tolerance - 10 years ago
@horses4petra could u take some pictures of the craft please like the inside of it. I want to try to make my own board..i know that is impossible but hey its worth a try..
SilentNinja230 - 10 years ago
I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Petra Sobotova
Petra Sobotova - 10 years ago
in the US they are llike 6000$... we just got one we havent figured out how to work it yet, but its really cool.
Eddy Sarmiento
Eddy Sarmiento - 10 years ago
I wonder how much this awesome board cost here in the states?
1BustedMyth - 10 years ago
Seriously clever stuff, at a distance it looks almost like magic
Husse Sin
Husse Sin - 10 years ago
I saw one of this two months ago in Tenerife, not in the water just on the beach, but from what i heard,(and from what i see here) it can be used to surf waves. Someone told me price around 6.000 Euro. (?)

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