Joe Satriani Plays "Surfing With The Alien" Live at Sweetwater

Joe Satriani held a free concert and workshop at Sweetwater's Performance Theatre on March 22, 2010. Here's a song from the concert. To check out Joe's signature gear from Ibanez, Vox, Planet Waves, Peavey, and DiMarzio click here:

Joe Satriani Plays "Surfing With The Alien" Live at Sweetwater sentiment_very_dissatisfied 205

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Joe Satriani held a free concert and workshop at Sweetwater's Performance Theatre on March 22, 2010. Here's a song from the concert. To check out Joe's signature gear from Ibanez, Vox, Planet Waves, Peavey, and DiMarzio click here:

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for Joe Satriani Plays "Surfing With The Alien" Live at Sweetwater

Ziggyzag Zi
Ziggyzag Zi - 3 years ago
I guess Kirk Hammett quit lessons before learning to use the Wah!
Dwight B
Dwight B - 3 years ago
One of the greatest and underrated
Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds - 3 years ago
Looks like a corporate gig.
Jess Philip Rodriquez
Jess Philip Rodriquez - 3 years ago
Crowd sucks!
Connor - 3 years ago
think this song gave me a heart attack hahaha i love it man ive never airguitard so hard in my life hahahaha
Sst Pilot
Sst Pilot - 3 years ago
Dazed and confused with awe mouth wide ajar with drool
Yassine ZAIDI
Yassine ZAIDI - 3 years ago
Incredible Joe,you are the best player guitare
Jesse J Shan
Jesse J Shan - 3 years ago
First Satriani tune i listened to 14 years ago o.O
DereMemo - 3 years ago
This guy and Steve Vai have the worst guitar tones I have ever heard.

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lovejago - 3 years ago
Sounds to much like Joe Siatchonie
Andy Campsall
Andy Campsall - 3 years ago
Best guitarist in the world my all time guitar hero and legend of the fret board what he doesn’t know about guitars ain’t worth knowing anyway what a dude
Marty Bishop
Marty Bishop - 3 years ago
what a terrible sound wtf
Marty Bishop
Marty Bishop - 3 years ago
I bet its those stupid marshall amps
ALperen Gökmen
ALperen Gökmen - 3 years ago Guitar Cover / Satriani - Surfing With The Alien
jos mas
jos mas - 4 years ago
Muito fera! o cara toca muito, muito bom mesmo.
Francesco De Luca
Francesco De Luca - 4 years ago
Che roba ragazzi!!
NFSINSANE - 4 years ago
The Master of sick nasty licks
Jim Hackett
Jim Hackett - 4 years ago
Bow down..
Drew Freeman
Drew Freeman - 4 years ago
I saw him open for David Bowie in 1990. Even from the back of old Foxboro Stadium he was great.
Frank Sayer
Frank Sayer - 4 years ago
He's in the top two I think Eddie is one I think Dave M is 3 they are just the cream of the crop I seen all 3 live just Awesome

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anass mouradi
anass mouradi - 4 years ago
i know by heart each note in my head
One Pound
One Pound - 4 years ago
Genius with Lynch and Hendrix
Scott Carlstrom
Scott Carlstrom - 4 years ago
Do you think of the 178 down votes Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen are included?!
John Mead
John Mead - 4 years ago
truly not of this earth...
Fontsman - 4 years ago
His hero was the great Allan Holdsworth who's playing was from another universe.
Martijn van der Lans
Martijn van der Lans - 4 years ago
played live in front of a death studio audience
Craig H
Craig H - 4 years ago
I first heard of Joe Satriani during Dessert Storm. I brought a tape player and a few tapes. One other had the cassette of Joe Satriani Surfing With the Alien. It was one of three tapes that got played 3-5 times a day. I'm glad I was introduced to his music.
Jan den Hartog
Jan den Hartog - 4 years ago
super great !!!
njw1383 - 4 years ago
That is possibly the worst croud ever. They've just witnessed an AMAZING guitarist and they're all just sat there like a bunch of cucumbers. One man at the back casually nodding his head in approval. The rest look like they're on day release from the morgue.
Niven A. Nolte
Niven A. Nolte - 4 years ago
Thank you.

30. comment for Joe Satriani Plays "Surfing With The Alien" Live at Sweetwater

Jeffrey Schmokdt
Jeffrey Schmokdt - 4 years ago
Joe you truly are a a gutair God, I use to think I was good till I watch you, and want to break my Jackson into pieces and burn like jimmi did. dam bro you make it look effortlessly fun
samsara - 4 years ago
t his guy is a legend! not only did he broaden the scope of guitar in music bt he also was a prolific teacher who gave us some great masters of guitar. he and hendrix have done.dude more for guitar than anybody could
Best guitarist in the world by far. Never seen better. Listened to this album about 1000 times when I was a kid. Awesome skills.
wonderland78 - 4 years ago
tight AF.
russell murray
russell murray - 4 years ago
i was gonna slag this off, but he's a baldy, so i'll go easy on him, i found the best volume on this was mute, i did try a few others, but settled on sound off. why don't you make an ibanez bonfire and i'll come over to light it up for you
Charlie E
Charlie E - 4 years ago
1:45 one the tastiest licks of all time
Connor - 4 years ago
SuperPasquale76 - 4 years ago
ridiculous, an amazing guitar player, with a Mac Laptop , where is the band ? sorry Joe but .....nothing to do with rock n roll
fjk1138 - 4 years ago
Joe is nothing short of amazing talent and brilliance. This album was my summer of 1988.
Eduardo Miotto
Eduardo Miotto - 4 years ago
bando de morto na platéia!
darrell staples
darrell staples - 4 years ago
He and Stuart hamm. Winnipeg concert hall.
Surfing with the alien ✌
Alex Hooi
Alex Hooi - 4 years ago
I'm gonna troll you
Read more
bunkerputt - 4 years ago
This song still rocks after all these years. I remember working through it in high school a long long time ago with my Ibanez 700 series. Rock on.
stevealaska73 - 4 years ago
Makes it look so easy, doesn't he?
Joe you are and have always been a true MASTER at your craft. Respect. Loved this song since I first heard it many years ago in the 90's. It was my anthem once upon a time.
christopher hansen
christopher hansen - 4 years ago
Joe , do you get hot fingers?
Danny Zuehlsdorf
Danny Zuehlsdorf - 4 years ago
I think the dude IS AN ALIEN. So F-ing good.
PFTome - 4 years ago
Surfing with himself is more like it.
Phil - 4 years ago
He almost looks mortal in tshirt and jeans
burgundyexpress - 4 years ago
I have been to many concerts but Joe Satriani is the only person I have ever seen walk on and introduce his support act at the beginning of the show! Fantastic guitar player and very nice guy.
Elite Skwad
Elite Skwad - 4 years ago
Steve vai and joe are the best guitar players, so is micheal Angelo batio

50. comment for Joe Satriani Plays "Surfing With The Alien" Live at Sweetwater

frazierg0325 - 4 years ago
Why kind of idiot gives Joe Satriani a thumbs down. Get off the internet.
Serop Pasha
Serop Pasha - 4 years ago
Looks like a room full of eggheads trying to study rock n roll
Joe Tanzi
Joe Tanzi - 4 years ago
coolest guy ive ever met so glad he signed one of my guitars
Damuse8191 - 4 years ago
Love those two guys at 2:49 haha
8urnside - 4 years ago
Worst camera work ever. Ruins a perfect performance of an amazing song.
Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka - 4 years ago
They should be throwing money. A master, surviving the years quite nicely. I'd have my hands insured if I was him.
MrSmokeydog - 4 years ago
It is definitely the combination of the riffs and the arpeggios and the scales in such a dynamic and tasty way that Joe plays it that makes him so unique. And obviously Steve Vai has a similiar method and technique and style. And the fact that they both were friends and studied music together from the same part of New York Carle Place I believe. Pretty amazing how two virtuosos grow up together and become legends. The same as Jimi Page and Jeff Beck grew up near each other and learned and studied the instrument at the same time together and both are legends amazing coincidence.
Cindy S
Cindy S - 4 years ago
Yeah !
Elite Skwad
Elite Skwad - 4 years ago
I know where this is at I live like thirty minutes from sweet water it's in Fort Wayne Indiana
Jimi Walbert
Jimi Walbert - 4 years ago
seriously lol
TakeDeadAim - 4 years ago
Head Explodes
Wayne Danberry
Wayne Danberry - 4 years ago
I Just KEEP Playin' this Over and Over!
RockinT - 4 years ago
He's no Tom Quayle \m/
Yvonne Van Doorn
Yvonne Van Doorn - 4 years ago
joe is godverdomme goed
Hubert Cumberdale
Hubert Cumberdale - 4 years ago
im terrible at coordinating between using a wah and playing guitar and i cant imagine playing this difficult of a song using wah
Guitar Overkill
Guitar Overkill - 4 years ago
After this showcase, everyone in the audience who played guitar took all their gear to a pawn shop and sold it.
Lucas Bona
Lucas Bona - 4 years ago
Nice cover, dude. Keep it up.
angelsean - 4 years ago
iTEM 2. if Joe was on stage with, Jimi, Carlos, Ritchie, Jimmy or Toni. if you donot know them google them. He would hav to rock even more outrageous. Hope he gets the chance.
angelsean - 4 years ago
Joe makes playing the guitar look ridiculously simple but us mere mortals watch & jus go wow.
DarkMatters - 4 years ago
Go Joe!!!
Akbar Satria
Akbar Satria - 4 years ago
i'm from indonesia..satriani is inspiration..
ben winwood
ben winwood - 4 years ago
The cheese is too strong with satriani
Juancho - Th3_L0rd_0f_Th3_S0f7w4r3
Juancho - Th3_L0rd_0f_Th3_S0f7w4r3 - 4 years ago
wow, que parecido tiene el indio solari a Joe satriani!!!
Deepen Wadhwa
Deepen Wadhwa - 4 years ago
But then why do people hate kirk Hammett for doing the same thing?
XERO DAV - 4 years ago
fan since 1986 my first tape cassete
john Barry
john Barry - 4 years ago
5 seconds in, and I'm like...People Please! A fan since the 80's....
KIT0 - 4 years ago
why is he wearing a fishing hat?
David - 4 years ago
these jack asses in the audience  -should have been on there feet giving him a standing ovation for gods sake!
skovol007 - 4 years ago
I was there, and we were a lot more responsive than this video would have you believe. This was a seminar/sales pitch, not a concert, per se. After he played a few tunes, he had a Q&A. One kid had a question, and Joe called him up to the stage and showed him the answer one-on-one. The applause after that was thunderous!
Cloutier Carlos
Cloutier Carlos - 4 years ago
top one in the world nobody can play like him a phonomen
Namrata Goswami
Namrata Goswami - 4 years ago
wow...blessed to hear this
Brandon Tucciarone
Brandon Tucciarone - 4 years ago
Moya Montgomery
Moya Montgomery - 4 years ago
I can't believe this gave me so much trouble to learn..haha There is about three thousand(slight exaggeration) different ways to play it. Finally got it.
Penelope Paige
Penelope Paige - 4 years ago
I just think of when I first bought Surfing with the Alien all those years ago and I looked at my guitar in disgust thinking "do I even bother continuing or pack it up" but I been playing with more passion ever since. Joe has been such a huge influence on me and I owe him so much for inspiring me when I wanted to give up.
Joey R.
Joey R. - 4 years ago
I am a pretty good guitarist but I think I can't even play after this preformance
jackylyn guiyab
jackylyn guiyab - 4 years ago
LUIS ROBLEDO - 4 years ago
me acuerdo de Nintendomania con esta rola Jajajaja
Muhammad Naim
Muhammad Naim - 4 years ago
ayu gusfanz from Bali Indonesia 9 years old , fans to joe striani, she want to have jo satriani guitar
Hector Salcido
Hector Salcido - 4 years ago
the best =D>
Evan Davidson
Evan Davidson - 4 years ago
Frankincensed - 4 years ago
Surfing With the Aliens was a great album. After that, not much. Problem with soloists is that their playing gets repetitive and its hard to maintain interest. He's a good guitarist, but many do what hes doing these days. Consider EVH's eruption sounded impossible, now ten year old girls can play it. It's not about fret gymnastics but about creating. And the only guitar player I know who can do both, innovator and technician is Jimmy Page. He's in a class all by himself. Sorry posers
Akira the Bull
Akira the Bull - 4 years ago
Hendrix the innovator is still the best speed is not everything technique neither be original be a pioneer an inventor!!! Jimi was all that!!!
SuperDiddzz - 4 years ago
Joe taught one of my favorite guitarists Steve Vai, says a huge amount for his talent, love this!!
Corrado G
Corrado G - 4 years ago
A true rockstar but I can't stop watching this performance like he's at a school talent show
Mensch Meier
Mensch Meier - 4 years ago
The frekness is, that the songs feels like the titels. this is a real alien-feel. For me the strongest emotion: Wolfsong
jim lennon
jim lennon - 4 years ago
It's like I really can't do that
Alan Jones
Alan Jones - 4 years ago
Master craftechnian wish I could play like that!!
ady satria
ady satria - 4 years ago
killer notes 3:04
blasbembi - 4 years ago
ahahaha cioè questo con la chitarra fa che cazzo vuole. Ma ti rendi conto? Assurdo.
CannibalShadow - 4 years ago
The guy is a god.
MrArarat - 4 years ago
Its a shame that guitar tone is so lame in this video's audio-
bikeracer6045 - 4 years ago

100. comment for Joe Satriani Plays "Surfing With The Alien" Live at Sweetwater

Ahmad Sujai Saputra
Ahmad Sujai Saputra - 4 years ago
mangthaaaaabb !!!
liamardo007 - 4 years ago
the most inert audience for the most insane solo
Vichula Pichula
Vichula Pichula - 4 years ago
I admire too much Joe Satriani (even he's one of the best guitar players in the history) he has a lot of respect for the people, a thing that a lot of famous, rich and talented people doesn't have
JayLuv - 4 years ago
Is this at the Trump house!?
Michael Pfleider Amigo
Michael Pfleider Amigo - 5 years ago
mabuhay joe
Michael Pfleider Amigo
Michael Pfleider Amigo - 5 years ago
joe is the best i like his style
Mike Porro
Mike Porro - 5 years ago
Asrawi Awih
Asrawi Awih - 5 years ago
Master guitar. joe satriani
Fender Blues
Fender Blues - 5 years ago
Missed a note.
loomenate - 5 years ago
Whats wrong with that audience? Everyone on their phones looking so damn sad and dull.. Where is this world going? Back in 70s or 80s you would never see this on a rock concert.
Joseph Bridges
Joseph Bridges - 5 years ago
This is so much more lively than the old album cut. Joe plays best live.
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin - 5 years ago
A bunch of board looking, balding middle age men.
Roy Lay
Roy Lay - 5 years ago
Is that your strategy, buy a cool hat?
Dana W
Dana W - 5 years ago
Not all of us have talent of any kind, I tried. I cound't do it, i'd be thrilled to pieces to see this man play.
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin - 5 years ago
+Gary Wilson I seem to have shook loose a few baldies dragging through life. Just don't do anything rash about it. Just buy a cool hat or comb it over.
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin - 5 years ago
+Gary Wilson This isn't about Satch, it's about those poor saps watching him, looking bored and depressed.
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson - 5 years ago
Fred Garvin when you reach the level of success Satriani has, then you can comment
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin - 5 years ago
+jaimelive Getting off the road @40, retiring at 45 with a full head of hair, not needing to work at Sweetwater. For a start.
jaimelive - 5 years ago
How did they screw up? What is your vision of success?
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson - 5 years ago
Fred Garvin who are more talented than the poor excuse for so called musicians of today
Eduardo Cassiano
Eduardo Cassiano - 5 years ago
Just gonna say something in here: It's as cool to watch it as much as listen to it. So great. In so many ways he pushes the instrument in it's utmost possibilities, whammy, wah, drive, effects, music theory, same time detatching from all of this when it's time to. By definition: Genius. Just sayin'.
bloobsta - 5 years ago
Sounds like Highway Star
Andra Piers
Andra Piers - 5 years ago
always kills it he is definitely the one to fear ha ha for all the guitar players out there lol
Francie Mamino
Francie Mamino - 5 years ago
Just notes! Come back Jimi Hendrix , paco de Lucia , you were musicians....
Lowkey P0rn
Lowkey P0rn - 4 years ago
Francie Mamino Try "Always With Me, Always With You" by Joe Satriani
TheGrimReaper54321 - 5 years ago
Francie Mamino listen to his other great songs cause this song wasn't meant for feel, it was meant for technicality
Orange Fender
Orange Fender - 5 years ago
When he busts out that legato... you know shits done for anyone who challenges satch XD
jim trapp
jim trapp - 5 years ago
I'm guessing he had a guitar in his hands the day he was born!
Paul Freedman
Paul Freedman - 5 years ago
He was born with a guitar in his hands. I feel sorry for his mom.
Robin Lull
Robin Lull - 5 years ago
Brudda is a sick MASTER level. Just incredible. Still a favorite. BIG respect.
paul schilling
paul schilling - 5 years ago
u go Joe
Matthew Mccullers
Matthew Mccullers - 5 years ago
oh yeah he's killing it.. pretty good... never heard of him but I like him
yiğit sivas
yiğit sivas - 4 years ago
Matthew Mccullers Check his albums out,he is one of the best guitar players alive!
Majenrok - 5 years ago
He is -- without a doubt, a true guitar hero.
Scorpion2.4 Origami&Rubik
Scorpion2.4 Origami&Rubik - 4 years ago
Was it pun intended (the last song of Guitar Hero Arcade is this one)?
John - 4 years ago
I think I'm not a bad guitarist, until I listen to Joe - then I feel like a beginner:)
Joe is a prolific song writer, master composer and an astounding riff-maker. In my humble opinion he is a true genius. There are more technical players out there for sure, but few if any have the feel and the emotion and the vast catalog of Joe Satriani.
daywalkermike - 5 years ago
Indeed, he is one, just as well as the pope is catholic :-)
Jay Harden
Jay Harden - 5 years ago
Joe's up there kicking ass & the audience looks like there at a funeral ! Jeesh
Franco Mercanti
Franco Mercanti - 5 years ago
Sanfilippo Angelo
Sanfilippo Angelo - 5 years ago
Only say great!
Follow me on my channel, rock hard rock.
Uwe Tittmann
Uwe Tittmann - 5 years ago
What an artist! Amazing!
Uwe Tittmann
Uwe Tittmann - 5 years ago
I wonder which JS model he is playing, is it the JS 1000 Model or something else?
Bob Smith
Bob Smith - 5 years ago
The end sounds like when he kills the power ,,, 1 Ping only! sounds cool with the echo
unfraterned Jack Bow demolishing Club
unfraterned Jack Bow demolishing Club - 5 years ago
And that's beauties never be played in the radio. ;___;
Silke Juppenlatz
Silke Juppenlatz - 5 years ago
The track that got me hooked on his playing.
I'll never forget the faces of people in the record shop when I picked up the album (on Vinyl at the time)
"You know there's no singing, right?"
I was like "Yes."
The guy looked at me "Really? You're into Satriani? REALLY?"
"Hell yeah."
Johnnyblaze Allday
Johnnyblaze Allday - 4 years ago
CHECK ENGINE surfing with the alien
Johnnyblaze Allday
Johnnyblaze Allday - 4 years ago
Silke Juppenlatz had it on a cassette
BAP*BAP*BAP - 5 years ago
hmmm what should I do? ohhh I'm Joe satriani, I'll hold that note for a very long time lol awesome song comes with awesome character
Iago Viana
Iago Viana - 5 years ago
Esse é o timbre que todos falam??? Me decepcionei. :/
Thiago Felipe
Thiago Felipe - 5 years ago
ele deve ta usando outra pedaleira por isso o som não ta tão legal :/
Ommy - 5 years ago
Satriani is god.
Jeremy Freeman
Jeremy Freeman - 5 years ago
No one beats The Satch. :)
Jeremy Freeman
Jeremy Freeman - 4 years ago
Jeremy Freeman
Jeremy Freeman - 4 years ago
+Matthew Mcsherry He doesn't focus on LYRICS or playing in a FULL band with a singer. He does it ALL himself. Make sense? And he doesn't need a singer to write lyrics etc. And most of the other members he does have play what HE writes.
Ice Cream Cone Head Boi
Ice Cream Cone Head Boi - 4 years ago
I honestly don't know if you're trying to say he's the best or not. First you say no one beats the Satch. Now you're saying all he does is play guitar. I'm confused?
Jeremy Freeman
Jeremy Freeman - 4 years ago
+Matthew Mcsherry Satriani is ALL guitar, he doesn't write songs for a band. Except when he may have played for Chickenfoot. So all the guy does is play guitar. Much like Vai, though Vai doesn't have the creativity, and hum along songs that Joe does. Joe is the number one Instrument Guitarist in the world. Most popular as well. There are tons of people who could beat him with TECHNICAL playing. Six string sweeps, speed picking etc. But they don't do what he does anyway. They mainly play with full bands.
Ice Cream Cone Head Boi
Ice Cream Cone Head Boi - 4 years ago
Not even a doubt in my mind.
Ice Cream Cone Head Boi
Ice Cream Cone Head Boi - 4 years ago
Herman Li is awesome, but doesn't even come close to Satriani.
g davis
g davis - 5 years ago
lemme guess. he has alot of guitars. excellent dude
Guillermo Bermudez
Guillermo Bermudez - 5 years ago
2:48, are those people in a funeral or something like that? Gosh! Headbang people!
66MustangClay - 5 years ago
this is get up and dance music
emilio olivas
emilio olivas - 5 years ago
lol yup this isn't head banging music!! I'd be in awe just starting at them fingers moving across the fretboard
Colonel Burton
Colonel Burton - 5 years ago
This is not a concert. This is an art exhibit. They are in awe.
Gloria Dingianna
Gloria Dingianna - 5 years ago
Este hombre es una joya único Godó.
smoo thy
smoo thy - 5 years ago
he rates up there with the guitar GODs of all time ......(a life time dedication to his craft left poor old Joe with a Sesame st, Grover arms and body)
BFOI Limited
BFOI Limited - 5 years ago
Approve my video!
Sheila CAME
Sheila CAME - 5 years ago
Kick ass COOL MUSIC!!!!!
MrBc733 - 5 years ago
The mark of a pro, makin it look easy
AXIOMAXIOSA - 5 years ago
This is surfing with the alien
mohamed ali mechri
mohamed ali mechri - 4 years ago
he means that Satch is the alien.
ajax420336 - 4 years ago
*DEEP STAR*Jroc Good call
天使キュー - 5 years ago
I'm sure that most people who clicked on this video aren't deaf...
jonas brave
jonas brave - 5 years ago
It sure is.
jmichaelmasseur - 5 years ago
a lot of us "play" guitar...Satch fekkin' surfs across the universe on his.
Justin Corcoran
Justin Corcoran - 4 years ago
damn skippy bro.. i dreamt once of professore satchafunkilus as the silver surfer jammin his way across the cosmos.
eD 209
eD 209 - 5 years ago
one of the best guitar players on the planet ever
rob roy
rob roy - 5 years ago
Classic tune!....
I was 15 when this came out on the radio. I'm 43 now and I still love this song!
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis - 5 years ago
I remember this album coming out. I herd this song and got the "spine tingles" for the first time. This is what made me decide I wanted to play guitar. I actually get emotional when I hear it. Best guitar instrumental ever as far as I'm concerned!
semih oguzcan
semih oguzcan - 5 years ago
He said he doesn't know what to do after it fades :D Oh my... He is funny too :D
Brian Fleury
Brian Fleury - 5 years ago
This is a great song. NOT live though. Dubbed video.
Lone Wanderer
Lone Wanderer - 5 years ago
Not sure about anyone else, but i wanted to punch the audience. They looked bored and gave a golf clap at the end. A golf clap. For Satch. Light one up and pass it around. Might get them excited.
Goose McBruce
Goose McBruce - 4 years ago
They're classy people applauding an art piece
MrAmilo123 - 5 years ago
Can anybody tell me what is his axe...looks like an .S420?
Michel  Carvajal
Michel Carvajal - 5 years ago
e weko satriani jaja
Emmanuel Vargas Guajardo
Emmanuel Vargas Guajardo - 5 years ago
Joe Satriani = magical ecstasy
dtf - 5 years ago
best guitarist ever
Andrew Montgomery
Andrew Montgomery - 5 years ago
+dtf Stevie Ray any day.
Muhammad Abdillah
Muhammad Abdillah - 5 years ago
Vocal : JS Series
Guitar : Joe Satriani
scott sillen
scott sillen - 5 years ago
I wish I could have 1% of his talent...
eD 209
eD 209 - 5 years ago
J oE
eD 209
eD 209 - 5 years ago
Hector  Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez - 5 years ago
wow nice song
馬浩文 - 5 years ago
paw paw
paw paw - 5 years ago
Joe should get a life sentence for this violent rape.
Barry - 5 years ago
Who the hell would give this a thumbs down?
vjcharm - 5 years ago
pick tapping is bullshit
Wolk JS
Wolk JS - 5 years ago
Hi Andy K. I think He use the clean CH, with his VOX Satchulator DS. This concert is a show to test some gears. I use the same Amp. For This Song i use the Lead CH and his original JS VOX Wha. The Results are the same!!!
admsitio - 5 years ago
Some people from de audience looks like someone is forcing them to watch the concert with an AK-47 in their back.
GerGerHaHa - 5 years ago
+admsitio A friggin' bunch of old, sleepy, dying guys ... what a shame!
Don O
Don O - 5 years ago
I don't think I could sit still while watching this...
NEntv58 - 5 years ago
what's with wooden audience. Why did they even come?
Alexander Selvan
Alexander Selvan - 5 years ago
ok not really 100% satisfaction
Emerson Gutierrez
Emerson Gutierrez - 5 years ago
The 47min solo
cluxseltoot - 5 years ago
I saw one guy in the audience nodding off - I know how he feels - you may as well give up after all the evenings practicing.
strangedaysuk - 5 years ago
Hold my beer a second i can do that..
elvislives81677 - 5 years ago
Awsome and boring at the same time.  Weird.
jeremiah bell
jeremiah bell - 5 years ago
+James Morris agreed but meh it's stiil cool but it does make Joe look like a dude who carried his gear out of his parents basement to the show lol
elvislives81677 - 5 years ago
+Bob Saturday Sorry FanBoy Bob, I've been playing since I was 13.  I'm 48. He's a great talent of course, but this many notes can be monotonous.  You seem a little tense and defensive.  Dude, its just a Youboob video.  It don't pay your mortgage.  Take Care.
Bob Saturday
Bob Saturday - 5 years ago
+James Maitee yor off yor rocker dummy , feelings ? hahahaha dummy , there was more feeling in the first bar of this backin track demo than you'll ever know in yor life , dummy
Bob Saturday
Bob Saturday - 5 years ago
+elvislives81677 if you learn a little about playing guitar someday you won't ever say its boring , dummy
James Maitee
James Maitee - 5 years ago
+elvislives81677 he shows skills, but i cant detect any real feelin, maybe thats the awnserto ur ponder. Its also like the second song i hear from this artist, but like the first i left bored but though ya he can play guitar. Not trying to addvertise but if you seek skill plus feeling you can always try something like frusciante, i think your welcome.
Xavier Roberts
Xavier Roberts - 5 years ago
+elvislives81677 would have benefitted from having a full live band back him up instead of a .wav file
Andrew Watt
Andrew Watt - 5 years ago
Matthew Shatto
Matthew Shatto - 5 years ago
Never get tired of this tune!
Moya Montgomery
Moya Montgomery - 4 years ago
Still awesome isn't it. I listen to the album at least once a day.
MeLexdy - 5 years ago
Funny how the people bellow seem like they are in a lecture..
aleaallee - 5 years ago
i wish i were there watching satch but on that time i had 14 so on that time i had no idea that there were so many amazing guitarists, joe is an amazing guitarist and one day i wish i could play like him
mrz80 - 5 years ago
+Jordan Kelch I think it's the "but with music" part he's envious of :)
Jordan Kelch
Jordan Kelch - 5 years ago
+FusedPower Why is that? Sweetwaters basically a smaller version of Google. (but with music)
FusedPower - 5 years ago
+Jordan Kelch You lucky bastard. I'm an software engineer at Google and trust me, I'd rather trade jobs with you.
Jordan Kelch
Jordan Kelch - 5 years ago
That's because it basically is. I work at sweetwater. Everyone there is a musician. this is ecstacy for them.
Hao Yu
Hao Yu - 5 years ago
that tone....
BLAST ZONE 2015 - 5 years ago
exciting crowd, but I guess what was the most exciting was the take on the gate...
Aniruddh Dimri
Aniruddh Dimri - 5 years ago
Always a pleasure to watch Satch!
Vicki Humphreys
Vicki Humphreys - 5 years ago
bad ass
Jerry Outlaw
Jerry Outlaw - 5 years ago
D Zaragoza
D Zaragoza - 5 years ago
I would like to know the overdrive set up he has. It has a nice fuzz to it.
Riff Raff
Riff Raff - 5 years ago
+D Zaragoza Just type Joe Satriani rig rundown
Bender Rama
Bender Rama - 5 years ago
le meilleur depuis 30 ans,le seul qui joue sur 2 octaves en même temps.j ecoute depuis qu il a commencé son 1er album en payant avec sa carte bleue
Rod Lawless
Rod Lawless - 5 years ago
Makes me want to build a guitar. Not that I could ever do anything but scare cats with it.
Andras Csontos
Andras Csontos - 6 years ago
Raphael Lippi
Raphael Lippi - 6 years ago
What amplifier is that?
Tone5DP777 - 4 years ago
I know!! I often wonder is it an old one that has been modded??
Raphael Lippi
Raphael Lippi - 4 years ago
+Tone5DP777 All that tone from a DS-1 LOL
Tone5DP777 - 4 years ago
That is a Marshall 30th Anniversary 6100. Joe's signature 90's and early 2000's tone was a 6100 amp, using the clean channel and using a Boss DS-1 as his distortion tone into the amp. He would also use cabinets with either Greenbacks or G12T-75's. His JVM JS Signature modeled channel 1 after the 6100's clean channel
AJ Reynolds
AJ Reynolds - 5 years ago
Marshall JS signature. Not sure of the exact model.
psychicopus - 6 years ago
I have seen crowd more alive in C-SPAN talks than on this rock show!.. WTF*
Jérôme ROSSET - 6 years ago
prenez en de la graine les pseudo guitariste
bamaysd - 6 years ago
And that's how it's done kids!
Michael Pfleider Amigo
Michael Pfleider Amigo - 6 years ago
th best
Ludvík Filip
Ludvík Filip - 6 years ago
DuckY0u Sucker
DuckY0u Sucker - 6 years ago
I love Joe Satriani as a guitarist but the backing tracks he plays over are so off putting, they sound like they were made on garage band or something
Cindy Styles
Cindy Styles - 3 years ago
The exact tracks off the record " surfing with the alien" lol
mezlabor - 4 years ago
on his earlier records that was true but later on crystal planet and beyond i think they got A LOT better
czgibson - 5 years ago
+DuckY0u Sucker

That one was made in the 80s, when a lot of music was recorded that sounds really dated today. More so than any other period I can think of.
Michael North
Michael North - 6 years ago
Dancin with the alien !
Nevigo - 6 years ago
AmericanIsraeliJew - 6 years ago
I'm reading Joe's Story, 'Strange Beautiful Music' by Jake Brown. So far it is a real enjoyable read.   I discovered about two years ago that even though I'm Jewish my religion is music, and Judaism is my way of life.  So how does Joe's music fit into my musical religion?  Listening to him play helps me stay well, and not only him listening to all you folks that are musicians is a way to stay mentally happy.  Think about this; say we had to leave earth in a space-ship of some sort in suspended animation kind of like the Star Trek episode The Wrath of Kahn.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to listen to all the good music as you sleep in suspended animation?  May everyone who reads this post be blessed with well being, good health, happiness and much prosperity and that you are fortunate enough to have a mate that you can reproduce with I hope should you want children that all of your children are born perfect and healthy!
Maza Fx
Maza Fx - 6 years ago
josef löwe
josef löwe - 6 years ago
Peter Maffays opener von "Niemals war es besser" klingt anfangs ziemlich ähnlich.
Zig Zag Man
Zig Zag Man - 6 years ago
LOL....worlds most horribe audience!
Benjamin Rapp
Benjamin Rapp - 4 years ago
Andy Fadillah I agree! I love zoning into the music, appreciating and studying it. Every little flaw, nuance, emotion, the tone, the way their hands and fingers move, etc. This is especially troublesome for me since I am primarily a metalhead. I want to watch and listen to the bands. Instead I get shoved around by drunken and drugged assholes who have chugged far too many RedBulls. I firmly believe pitting should only be allowed in a quartered off area at the back of venues so people who actually want to watch can be up front where they can actually see (mosh pitters aren't watching, so view in unimportant) and not have to constantly watch over their shoulders for that random elbow or shove.
Zig Zag Man
Zig Zag Man - 4 years ago
+Raymond Upenieks yes, i think you are correct
Raymond Upenieks
Raymond Upenieks - 4 years ago
Andy Fadillah - I agree 100% since this isn't a concert number one and besides the fact that guitarists are studying sound and techniques of others, it also is respect. But if a person never has seen a guitarist on the level of Satriani or (?) in an environment such as this on the surface the crowd looks bored but in actuality are adsorbed.
Zig Zag Man
Zig Zag Man - 4 years ago
you're nuts pal
Andy Fadillah
Andy Fadillah - 4 years ago
Zig Zag Man what do u expect. headbang? its not metallica concert anyway. many people that really into guitar will watch him seriously to get some knowledge about the sound, technique and how he play the guitar in general.
Xavier Roberts
Xavier Roberts - 5 years ago
+Dave s its because it's at a company, which means co workers couldnt get drunk and high and go crazy or they would have been written up by upper management.
James Taylor
James Taylor - 6 years ago
Abso-F-N-lutely Masterful.!
univibe23 - 6 years ago
I'm embarrassed to tell anyone "I 'play' guitar" after this.
iodinesoul - 4 years ago
univibe23 I used to think that way years ago but, as long as I can write good songs, that's enough for me. I pretty much gave up being the virtuoso technician player that Joe is some years ago. Funny thing is, I took private lessons from John Petrucci back in the late 80's before DT got big, cause I'm from Long Island too. I just stopped playing for a while. Oh well..
Metalmax6209 - 4 years ago
Patrica HEH try learning the 10 words solo that just an A penatonic scale
Peter C
Peter C - 4 years ago
Don't feel so bad.....I'm selling my guitar and buying a recorder....At least I'll have a shot at sounding......competent....sort of......

Aw hell, who am I kidding?? After hearing this, there's nothing that I can do that would compare to it. .....dammit....
OmikronWeapon - 4 years ago
"I dabble a bit"
It's a shame really, few people actually expect you to play anywhere near this level. People should be proud of their own level, whatever it is.
Damon Duerr
Damon Duerr - 4 years ago
I just tell people I have a guitar. No more, no less.
VIKINGODIN - 4 years ago
Thomasgipsy Come on!
VIKINGODIN - 4 years ago
univibe23 I'm embarked to say I learned a fe1w chords years ago and have forgotten them now!
Victor Ramsey
Victor Ramsey - 4 years ago
When Joe's mom was giving birth the doctor said "oh wait! There's something else in there..." It was an Ibanez
Some Guy
Some Guy - 4 years ago
That's why I say I attempt to
Ben Duncan
Ben Duncan - 4 years ago
X Lightcameradeath
X Lightcameradeath - 5 years ago
Everyone who's playing on a guitar plays guitar. But not everyone is a musician.
Andrew Schiavo
Andrew Schiavo - 5 years ago
You'll get there bro!
DjinnGSXR - 5 years ago
he TAUGHT a lot of the greats.
eD 209
eD 209 - 5 years ago
aleaallee - 5 years ago
+glibbergloop he isn't near the great players. he is the god of the great players.
eD 209
eD 209 - 5 years ago
+univibe23 we got @ group going ;
SNAGGLETOOTH - 5 years ago
+James Morris
It is identical to "louie louie" by richard berry (1955)!
 ...But Joe is better! He's more modern, more evolved!
Vic Val
Vic Val - 5 years ago
+Thomasgipsy Joe is in the Moon dude, he got there ling time ago, where are you at now in guitar?
SNAGGLETOOTH - 5 years ago
Gustavo Herrera
Gustavo Herrera - 5 years ago
Dave Muller
Dave Muller - 5 years ago
+Schlafe I remember John Petrucci's "rock discipline". It was a very helpful DVD but damn was he unintentionally patronising.

jp finishes showing demo
Me: yeah I can do this!
jp: ... and now let's play it up to speed

Years later, still at 100bpm :p
Will vW
Will vW - 5 years ago
+the Freebooter it's easy until you get to the blazing lead bits...
Schlafe - 5 years ago
+univibe23 my fingers have never felt so clunky and awkward
Xavier Roberts
Xavier Roberts - 5 years ago
+univibe23 you got a john lennon avatar, you should know that the guitar should be used to serve the song, and not the other way around.
Londontennistube - 5 years ago
well now I know, hang you head in shame .
Paul Valentine
Paul Valentine - 5 years ago
+univibe23 me also
The Freebooter
The Freebooter - 5 years ago
+univibe23 learn ice 9. It's somewhat easy and sounds EPIC. And it's by Joe Satriani
Chris M
Chris M - 5 years ago
+univibe23 we've all been there :)
glibbergloop - 6 years ago
On the contrary good sir, I'd say he's pretty near 
Thomasgipsy - 6 years ago
+univibe23 And Joe isnt even near the great players....still good though
glibbergloop - 6 years ago
hahah well stated
SLAPSTICK2011 - 6 years ago
This guy's hands are huge, or else the guitar neck is too small and made for him. (Of course not.) His left hand covers half of the neck. Woo-ow!
superdog797 - 6 years ago
did anyone see the turd on the right side of the stage at 3:51 ? there is a little brown turd there. did he have to go to the bathroom? yes. he did.
eD 209
eD 209 - 6 years ago
i love your music joe ! you john fahey stevie ray alman bros the best ever
No Name
No Name - 6 years ago
What's to say here, That poor guitar is all I can say.
Craig Alden
Craig Alden - 6 years ago
The man is a genuine virtuoso. Pure genius on electric guitar.
Richard - 6 years ago
What's with all the catatonic, middle-aged men in the audience?
arabianmonkey - 6 years ago
Love joe because it's just another reason to keep playing guitar so one day I'll be better than him.if give my life to the guitar
Florrmat - 6 years ago
And if you make it your wife and make sweet sweet love to it as well.
Ira Sherman
Ira Sherman - 6 years ago
I saw Satriani live years ago.    He is good and has some nice fingers but I would like to see him play a clean guitar with NO effects, no distortion.   Different story then, the real story!!!    Check out my main man Ritchie Blackmore!!!
Ira Sherman
Ira Sherman - 6 years ago
+Pim Vd Steeg    Check out Eric Johnson!!      When I saw Satriani(about 8 years ago) he opened up for Eric Johnson.    Both good players but Johnson showed his skills playing not only distorted guitar but crisp and clean!!     Incredible player.
psteeg - 6 years ago
+Ira Sherman Playing music is not just about technically being the best guitar player - the actual sound of a song is what makes or brakes it. Many metal guitarists can shred and jam the hell out of a guitar but that does not make their music great. This man here is technically a very skilled guitar player but also has a feeling for making great music, which is what we love, and he makes music with the help of sound effects, which is fine
Steve G
Steve G - 6 years ago
gotta be the greatest living guitarist
John Menyhard
John Menyhard - 6 years ago
Boy the crowd is dead lol
Alex  Vignolo
Alex Vignolo - 5 years ago
+Chris Bolei I took my girlfriend to the wharf in orange beach to see Boston, same crowd.
metalman661001 - 5 years ago
+John Menyhard The theatre isn't very big.
bamaysd - 6 years ago
+Rhone Ranger I saw a few that looked in awe
bamaysd - 6 years ago
+Rhone Ranger I saw a few that looked in awe
Rhone Ranger
Rhone Ranger - 6 years ago
+John Menyhard They are in the midst of a guitar God, trained Kirk Hammet, Richie Sambora, and even Steve Vai.......... they know nothing John Menyhard.
Chris Bolei
Chris Bolei - 6 years ago
+glibbergloop ...they know who he is...they are rich fucks from Mill Valley, thinking about their stock portfolios
glibbergloop - 6 years ago
+John Menyhard
I bet 95+% of them had never heard of him
Podun kinouss
Podun kinouss - 6 years ago
I've got the same sound with my V-amp 2 from Behringer ! XD
Don Carroll
Don Carroll - 6 years ago
Probably not...
Rigo es Amor
Rigo es Amor - 6 years ago
Satch kinda looks like the Silver Surfer nowadays...
Just a Random Dude
Just a Random Dude - 5 years ago
+John Rodgers (iLA) He looks like Nux
Rigo es Amor
Rigo es Amor - 6 years ago
John Rodgers
John Rodgers - 6 years ago
+Rigo es Amor I think he looks like valdimort
Ko-wing wong
Ko-wing wong - 6 years ago
ive always wondered how to end it too
S738226 - 6 years ago
That audience is overwhelmingly white and middle aged. lol add me to the list.
Len S
Len S - 6 years ago
wes hayward
wes hayward - 6 years ago
if buckethead and joe Satriani did a colab every one would die from an overload of amazing
Christopher Hastings
Christopher Hastings - 6 years ago
Audience the most dull bunch I've ever seen. Go to an accounts conference you might be happier!!!
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Smith - 6 years ago
joe is a sweet kid this song reminds me of racing down the autobahn with my cat carlyle
oink ooink
oink ooink - 6 years ago
+The World of Mrs. Smith Was he shouting schnell schnell in your ear??
spacenut58 - 6 years ago
Who in the hell could thumbs down one of the most influential guitar tunes ever...Great stuff Joe!
Matías Muñoz
Matías Muñoz - 6 years ago
Genio geniioo
iloveshonenknife1 - 6 years ago
Thats how you do it kids. Satch makes it look easy.
Paul Baily
Paul Baily - 6 years ago
The god of ax
machia0705 - 6 years ago
Not the greatest composer, but certainly ranks in the top 25 of the best guitarists ever, even the top 20 and perhaps even in the top 15.
Top 10? Hmmmm, that's a very select few. Perhaps , Joe is extremely accomplished on the Axe. Extremely so.
Eduardo Sosa
Eduardo Sosa - 6 years ago
OVAHU1 - 6 years ago
jabba2000ad - 6 years ago
Wow what technique. Hardly any distortion.
Keylooh - 5 years ago
hes just good at keeping it clean and has like 1000 effects running over his macbook or hwatever.
Keylooh - 5 years ago
czgibson - 5 years ago

There's not as much gain on there as you might think.
jabba2000ad - 6 years ago
+Keylooh Come again?
Keylooh - 6 years ago
+jabba2000ad deaf?
IntoTheHeartOfMusic - 6 years ago
You can say what you want about this guy but it takes a lot of skill and talent to entertain an audience with your guitar playing alone.
Klaus Slippens
Klaus Slippens - 6 years ago
einfach genial \m/ <3 \m/
bob gerali
bob gerali - 6 years ago
I want to see you in concert when you comeing back
bob gerali
bob gerali - 6 years ago
As a voice
bob gerali
bob gerali - 6 years ago
Think about it it could be a good thing
bob gerali
bob gerali - 6 years ago
You should make a record with Adam Lambert
bob gerali
bob gerali - 6 years ago
Dennis Healy
Dennis Healy - 6 years ago
*Joe Satriani Plays "Surfing With The Alien" Live at Sweetwater
christopher perry
christopher perry - 6 years ago
the best
TheBoondoggler - 6 years ago
LOL green jacket @ 2:49
MistahLightningBolt - 6 years ago
What is that guitar effect at 1:10?
MistahLightningBolt - 6 years ago
+Nicolas Gervais Nevermind, discovered it now. (Pick Trilling)
Nicolas Gervais
Nicolas Gervais - 6 years ago
+MistahLightningBolt I'd say no particular effect. Just very fast tapping.
Wesley Hann
Wesley Hann - 6 years ago
I found myself screaming "WE LOVE YOU JOE!" and there's just me..and a video..Nice work, man. ;)
Oswald Montoya
Oswald Montoya - 6 years ago
a big Master, surfing with the galactic federation of light :)
Connie Nulley
Connie Nulley - 6 years ago
Theo Nego
Theo Nego - 6 years ago
Why everybody is watching their mobile phones ? I mean this is ming-blowing and the audience is sleeping...
Xcorgi - 6 years ago
+Theo Nego Because it's a once in a lifetime chance to see Joe in a private concert like that and they had to recorded for bragging rights with their friends when they got home. Hell, who WOULDN"T want to record something this amazing? Actual guitar players that idolize Joe know this is a dream come true. I would have totally geeked out too!So they didn't record this on their cell phones to be rude, they did it out of respect and because they knew what an absolute rare priviledge it was to have a private concert with Joe Satriani. I would have paid double to see this workshop before seeing any modern day bullshit no talent rock band of today.
Haeral - 6 years ago
+Mike Arnold video taping sounds so outdated!
Mike Arnold
Mike Arnold - 6 years ago
+Theo Nego Because they are video taping the song. duuhhhh
Haeral - 6 years ago
+martin winther I don't think they're rude, they're just retarded.
Jeffrey Rader
Jeffrey Rader - 6 years ago
+Theo Nego I didn't notice anyone on their phones
martin winther
martin winther - 6 years ago
+Theo Nego they are a bunch of rude assholes that's why.
Lisa Hughes
Lisa Hughes - 6 years ago
BADASS!!! YEAH!!!  :)
Greg Boardman Band
Greg Boardman Band - 6 years ago
Nice jam... the Black Knight
Kenny Ken
Kenny Ken - 6 years ago
What's up with the fading transitions? The guy who did the video editing is a total noob!
NEntv58 - 6 years ago
holy crap.
rambo666 - 6 years ago
The sound is tinny.
jmgu l
jmgu l - 6 years ago
i can't understand yet how people "praise" joe satriani as the best guitarist ever when there is buckethead, gilmour, May, hendrix, which not only play the hell out of their guitar but also are really great composers, something joe sincerly is not...
Jonathan Wholohan
Jonathan Wholohan - 4 years ago
Jeff Beck +1
meedily - 4 years ago
Buckethead, sure, but disagree on everything else.
Danny Berry
Danny Berry - 4 years ago
You forgot the actual best that no one can really even come close to imitating his tone and sound...Jeff Beck
Justin Corcoran
Justin Corcoran - 4 years ago
joe is more concerned with melody and small changes making each part unique. he doesnt need to be a shred toaster to be good. also gilbert buckehead? paul gilbert is an ABSOLUTE MONSTER but he has no command of melody when compared to satch.. buckethead is just a shredface like rustey cooley.
JJ - 4 years ago
jmgu l I think there's a limit to how technically skilled a guitarist can be, and from there it's how creative and unique their playing is. Not to diminish virtuoso guitarists, they're musical gods, but I tend to gravitate to the unique/original type of solos like ones by Dave Gilmour, John Frusciante, hell even Josh Homme. When guitarists just play scales over and over at fast tempo, it does start to sound monotonous. I do love the awesome pedals and effects people like Satriani use.
Luc Be
Luc Be - 4 years ago
Happy there are here some intelligent people too.
Diggnuts - 6 years ago
+Thievable I don't think you can call soloing random riffs over generic elevator music "composing". Opinion of not.
Thievable - 6 years ago
+jmgu l Joe's a pretty great composer in my opinion, but then again we're all different.
Ron Timmons
Ron Timmons - 6 years ago
AMAZING. One of my all time favs for sure. 
Cyberfips - 6 years ago
just... awesome .....
lecocq patrice
lecocq patrice - 6 years ago
impressionnant !  quel talent ! ...
Mottahead - 6 years ago
I'm a 44 yo guy and if I were there I would be banging my head off my neck. 
(Guess what I'm doing right now watching this video - actually writing these very lines). 
Ray Pullen
Ray Pullen - 6 years ago
Joe you are the Greatest, Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PauloG - 6 years ago
Great song for a great guitarist.
Baron Mobius
Baron Mobius - 6 years ago
just, smoking....bitches......
Norry Tube
Norry Tube - 6 years ago
I love his low and dry tone!!!!!
Ronald Brandt
Ronald Brandt - 6 years ago
well, Joe is the best. he needs some competition. the full package though. not just some jarhead guitarist. someone that has ALL the facets of playing including a personality with brains to speak to laymen.
Ice Cream Cone Head Boi
Ice Cream Cone Head Boi - 6 years ago
Steve Vai or Buckethead would be a good competition. 
Ronald Brandt
Ronald Brandt - 6 years ago
Friends, pleasant evening, liking.
John Hall
John Hall - 6 years ago
Jeebus he makes it sound and look so damn easy. 
GARRY HIXON - 6 years ago
EMILIO ESTEVEZ..breakfast club..wouldnt that be funny smokin that bender joint listening to this song running thru library..........1984)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Görkem Akı
Görkem Akı - 6 years ago
voldemort rulez.
Katrina Widmier
Katrina Widmier - 6 years ago
One of the best guitar songs EVER!!
azza wagon
azza wagon - 6 years ago
God wore his hat tonight
theaceofspadesjl - 7 years ago
What amp is he playing on? That's clearly not his marshall jvm signature.
Kirby Spencer
Kirby Spencer - 7 years ago
I don't think I could sit and listen to this, I would certainly be standing/jumping around. I certainly wouldn't look like I was asleep -_-
No Name
No Name - 7 years ago
Why would you do that to a guitar? I'm sure there is a law against that shit.
TheThetruthcanhurt - 7 years ago
2:51 best crowd ever. 
THE BOSS - 4 years ago
TheThetruthcanhurt lmfao I think one guy is asleep
mastersduhgree - 7 years ago
Not many women fans of satriani.
Narasimhan Iyer
Narasimhan Iyer - 7 years ago
since i understand more about the guitar now than in the past i must say joe satriani blows my mind even more now!!!what a genius!!:D
chumpy - 7 years ago
so much soul and boogie crammed into one song!
TheFly212 - 7 years ago
It's like his hands are barely moving..... It's effortless for him. Pure talent and skillset, really that's all it is. Not many dudes can pull it like Joe. 
videobenji - 7 years ago
did someone give the audience sleeping pills or what? 2:51 lol
Ralf Prog
Ralf Prog - 7 years ago
because they are employees
thomas red
thomas red - 7 years ago
It's located in Ft Wayne, Indiana.  Need I say more?  haha
Roderick Antony
Roderick Antony - 7 years ago
Is Sweetwater a Old Folks home? 
Fernando - 7 years ago
a true master
sexy350Zowner - 7 years ago
He makes it seem so effortless...
Shred Sixsixsix
Shred Sixsixsix - 7 years ago
Totally sick tone!!
Ken Strikesdown
Ken Strikesdown - 7 years ago
He sucked
Cotramjoxxx - 7 years ago
0:22 Bad to the Bone
Greg Lynn
Greg Lynn - 7 years ago
What Marshall amp is that??
Josh Sonon
Josh Sonon - 6 years ago
Some Marshall half stack.
cast390 - 7 years ago
What a great player Joe is,so melodic and articulate,a true world class pro
Ian Edmonds
Ian Edmonds - 7 years ago
Such a good guy.
Jose luis
Jose luis - 7 years ago
Alvaro andreu.Pero que bestia .............
Jose luis
Jose luis - 7 years ago
ver en you tube poniendo "alvaro andreu" la version de esta cancion.Un joven de 17 años.Y decirme.O mejor dicho decirle.
jbestuk - 7 years ago
great composition though. Hairy forearm is putting me off though..and sunglasses. Come on Joe. You don't need sunglasses when your spanking your plank indoors.
slim439 - 7 years ago
Bunch of high pitched note's. Like all American tossers.
oynamalan - 7 years ago
I'm pretty sure you don't even have half of the imagination that Satriani has.So go away please.
Paul Cox
Paul Cox - 7 years ago
are you really as stupid as you're making us believe you are?
luca foschi
luca foschi - 7 years ago
mememe - 7 years ago
ummmm, how could that audience look so bored??? 
Paul Cox
Paul Cox - 7 years ago
why don't you learn to play guitar, it would make you realize the skill level required to play what he did.  Playing alone to a backing track to a large audience is no easy task either, it requires knowledge, skill and confidence, 3 things you lack.
Chris W
Chris W - 7 years ago
malfollado . . .
slim439 - 7 years ago
because he's just fucking booooooring. And no, I do not play. This is like Crossroads. Do all the high speed finger shit, but no real talent. Like most of America it seems.
Ivon Celaya
Ivon Celaya - 7 years ago
Esta cancion un buen carro y......???? velocidad fiiiijo....
ArmaAceChannel - 7 years ago
Omfg he uses a Mac laptop. just lost all respect for him
Brad Riggs Vlogs
Brad Riggs Vlogs - 6 years ago
+ArmaAceChannel Many musicians use Apple, if you're going to get THAT butt hurt over someone's choice of computer system, I recommend you stop listening to music altogether.
PoltergeistWorks - 7 years ago
+ArmaAceChannel So in Your mind Satriani has to be a computer geek too ;) Maybe he doesn't know computers. If You're not a gamer Apple is the obvious choice. Have You seen all the shit that comes preinstalled on all laptops? No ordinary person wants to deal with that crap.
Chainheart Machine
Chainheart Machine - 7 years ago
+ArmaAceChannel I used Sonic 8 when it came out, but once I started to mess with Logic Pro 9, I was sold. So easy to use, plus (at the time) Sonar couldn't support mid song meter changes like Logic does.
ArmaAceChannel - 7 years ago
+Chainheart Machine you can get a 600 dollar PC with protools. i hate mac software its like software for people who dont know anything about computers
Chainheart Machine
Chainheart Machine - 7 years ago
+ImHeadshotSniper I can tell you didn't ready any of the previous comments, or you are just thick skulled. I got a used Macbook Pro with Logic Pro + Protools plugins installed and for $1k and bought all new recording equipment I would need for another $500. I wanted to build another PC but I couldn't beat the price and it wouldn't be portable so I was sold. You're not convincing anyone.
ImHeadshotSniper - 7 years ago
+Chainheart Machine lmfao buddy get real my pc is 1700 dollars. most mac LAPTOPS are over that price. it was probably way back.
Chainheart Machine
Chainheart Machine - 7 years ago
+ImHeadshotSniper Like previously stated.. a used Macbook pro w/ Logic Pro a Protools plugin and Fast Track M-Audio that was good to go, I was gonna build a PC similar to yours but it was gonna be more expensive. I came from only PC's I've seen both sides of the spectrum, if you haven't then you are still stuck in the box.
ImHeadshotSniper - 7 years ago
+ArmaAceChannel yeah fuck macs! pc master race xD
ArmaAceChannel - 7 years ago
+ImHeadshotSniper hellya that 980 was expensive but your good to go for many years.
ImHeadshotSniper - 7 years ago
+Chainheart Machine my pc can run any pro tool shit. got a brand new gtx 980 4770k and its cheaper than a mac
Chainheart Machine
Chainheart Machine - 7 years ago
+ArmaAceChannel If you read our previous conversations, you'd know I already had one..
ArmaAceChannel - 7 years ago
+Chainheart Machine get a pc with protools
Chainheart Machine
Chainheart Machine - 7 years ago
+Stacey Bright I do agree, new Apple products do come with a price, but as you said the packaging and durability, in my experience, is superb. Other than the exorbitant pricing it would be too far to say they are 'taking advantage' of the musical production crowd, but as for the rest of their line, they know how to sell a product, which means good advertising. I was definitely looking out for a used Macbook pro because of the new price, but mainly for Protools and Logic. Apple only apps like iCloud file sharing and iMessages were just the icing on top. Those reasons alone were enough for me to buy another Apple, but also because anything PC had wasn't equivalent or compatible with works in progress I had archived.
Stacey Bright
Stacey Bright - 7 years ago
+Chainheart Machine While I personally do prefer PC's, I have worked in and supported dual platform environments for many years now. Its not a matter of bias that Macs are made up of the same core components available from any other computer manufacturer or parts reseller. They are just shoehorned into a smaller prettier box at price premium for the logo. What ever you had an idea of building/buying, a comparable new Mac would have been more costly. Further illustrated by you having to get a used Macbook Pro, as opposed to a new one. While I wasn't specifically talking about the mobile space (mostly due mainly pre-built options), some company likely made the exact PC equivalent to your Macbook that didn't cost as much new.

Apple Computers, designed in California, built by Foxconn in China (like nearly every computer  company at some point in time), made with components someone else makes (Intel, Nvidia, AMD, Micron,Samsung,Western Digital) that every computer company uses, for price that only Apple would ask. Apple succeeds through ignorance, and by taking advantage of those comfortable with remaining ignorant.

Apple probably was paying a lot of attention to the potential Logic had to offer, which is why they bought it and stopped development on Windows. 
Chainheart Machine
Chainheart Machine - 7 years ago
+Stacey Bright Good initial points, but I think your idea of PC is cheaper for the same performance is a bit biased. I personally went from a PC desktop running Sonar 8 years ago, but once I started adding more arrangements my soundcard, memory, etc couldn't hang so it was time to upgrade. After doing all the homework a new PC built to handle what I wanted was gonna be a pretty penny. My brother who had done music production suggested a used Macbook pro, which could handle my preferred sound setup and was still affordable. After trying Logic Pro 9, I was instantly hooked for user interface and the tweekability (like meter changes mid song, which PC programs didn't support at the time). Not only that, but the Apple programs themselves lend to a much easier learning curve when new interfaces/plugins becoming integrated into the Logic platform. Looking at both sides of the spectrum, I can tell Apple has done their homework for the musical crowd. Keep in mind, I don't really use my computer for much else. For gaming etc the PC is the preferred platform.
Stacey Bright
Stacey Bright - 7 years ago
+Chainheart Machine The real reason they use Apple is because they don't actually know anything (or very little) about computers or technology. Apple simply marketed their computers heavily toward the content creation crowd. So when they ask what to use for their digital content creation tasks, Apple comes to mind cause its really the only company that has ever really ever said "Hey choose us for this". The only other factor that helped back in the PPC era was the standard inclusion of the 1394 interface that offered lower overhead than USB that the CPUs of the time couldn't handle. The GUI is the only thing that really separates most any DAW, as at the lowest level they are doing the same thing in the exact same way. Anyone who was specing out PC with this task in mind could have the same performance as the Mac but cheaper, or way more performance at the same price. The reality is that old habits die hard. Apple being the choice for CC, is not much different than the Windows PC being the business platform of choice.
Chainheart Machine
Chainheart Machine - 7 years ago
+ArmaAceChannel Most PC's will crash trying to run ProTools. The only program close to Logic Pro is Sonar but it's interface is not as user friendly. Cubase is for kids starting off, not a real studio setup. There is a reason all the top producers use Apple.
ArmaAceChannel - 7 years ago
+Chainheart Machine i knwo that mac sucks and cubase for pc is only way to go
Chainheart Machine
Chainheart Machine - 7 years ago
If you knew anything about music recording software, you wouldn't have made such a stupid statement.
Paul Cox
Paul Cox - 7 years ago
lol ikr
Shanna Zwaard
Shanna Zwaard - 7 years ago
Thomas Stadler
Thomas Stadler - 7 years ago
This sound is just the definition of 'fun'. It looks fun to play and its fun to listen too.
There is also no way to explain this song other than "AWESOME!!!".
John Prescott
John Prescott - 7 years ago
love this guy, 100x better than Eddie....
matt2eadgbe - 6 years ago
+JerodimusPrime Very well said
Nathan Shen
Nathan Shen - 6 years ago
Nothing against macs :D thx for the info and i stand corrected.
Nikolai Lyazkov
Nikolai Lyazkov - 6 years ago
+Nathan Shen
As a matter of fact Edward's father was a professional musician (clarinet player?). So there was an influence on Ed.
The musicians that had an influence on Joe were the Giants of Jazz.
Jimmy Page was before Ed and Joe and they "followed" his path. Edward more so being the rock star (alcoholism drugs etc) the band Van Halen were the next step after Led Zeppelin though the lyrical content of Van Halen was not on the level of Led Zep.
Joe Satriani is a true virtuoso renaissance man (no b.s. stories about him) and he is a well respected family man.
If more people in music were like Joe in character there would be great music everywhere.
Macintosh Apple computers are the best that is also a fact to whom it may concern...if it works for you use it
the majority of graphic designers publishers and recording studios as well as most musicians use Apple.
Tosser Gaming
Tosser Gaming - 6 years ago
+Nathan Shen actually for the most part Satriani is self taught and he has been noted as being the best guitarist at making soulful sounds and music with his guitar he does not just pour out the highest number of notes in his solo but yeah Eddie is great too
mrgreeneye656 - 7 years ago
+Nathan Shen  I agree I highly respect Eddie's talent and writing skill without a doubt.  Much respect to both giants.
Nathan Shen
Nathan Shen - 7 years ago
Okay, Joe Satriani probably has more technical skill than eddie, (as of now), but eddie knows how to make the guitar sing and not just pour out the highest number of notes in a solo. Also would like to point out that Eddie taught himself to play the guitar and joe studied with professionals, which could be argued either way for eddie having innovation and intuition, or joe having being taught by professionals making him better. two way street.
mrgreeneye656 - 7 years ago
+TheAgentAssassin  I second JerodimusPrime's comment, you really don't know much about Joe Satriani, do you? I was ans am a fan of Eddie but it was Joe's music that forced me to expand my horizons.
redhead5150 - 7 years ago
Exactly !!!! Joe has so much dedication to his guitar. EVH brought a new sound & technique but Satch has took it to a whole higher level. Of course, Joe stays the course instead of booze & drugs which was EVH's downfall !!!
JerodimusPrime - 7 years ago
+TheAgentAssassin "Satch has no equal to this in his repertoire IMO" Hmmm something tells me you really don't know Satriani's music that much.
TheAgentAssassin - 7 years ago
APPLES oranges really

Ed was an innovator though and Ed's Rhythm accomplishments  is way and above Satriani's style of playing to mostly standard jams or 'backing track' style band accompaniment .

Satriani is a great teacher and good soloist (in the style of EVH)

BUT Satrini has no 'intro to mean street' or 'cathedrals' or the solo to ice cream man or all the rhythm parts in Ed's songs.

Ed's use of a slide (possibly beer bottle) on DiRTY Movies intro with Mike playing bass harmonics, Satch has no equal to this in his repertoire IMO .

I could bring up many more but it's exhausting.
Nathan Shen
thomas red
thomas red - 7 years ago
+Nathan Shen I'll have to check and see when the pic I saw was taken, but he really looked rough.  Not as bad as in your pic.
Nathan Shen
Nathan Shen - 7 years ago
Probably around 2012, I went to a van halen concert in may 2012 and he looked like that
thomas red
thomas red - 7 years ago
+Nathan Shen Yeah, doesn't look as bad in that pic.  Do you know when it was taken?  
Nathan Shen
Nathan Shen - 7 years ago
Aw he doesnt look that bad. Seriously, it's a perfectly acceptable countenance of a 60 year old.
thomas red
thomas red - 7 years ago
+Thomas Neil Agreed.  Saw a recent video of EVH and he really looked awful.  Gaunt, grey skin and lots of teeth missing.  His playing has suffered as well.  Years of drinking and drugs sure took it's toll.  
Tony Marinelli
Tony Marinelli - 7 years ago
I hate to admit this, but I know this is true.
JerodimusPrime - 7 years ago
+Thomas Neil Sad but true, too much cocaine and booze will do that to you.
Tony Marinelli
Tony Marinelli - 7 years ago
I haven't seen eddie in a while, however, at one time he was unmatched. There is no doubt that Joe is the guru, however, that doesn't always transelate to great feel.
Thomas Neil
Thomas Neil - 7 years ago
+Tony Marinelli I think you meant Eddie "had" tone and feel. He is a shadow of his former self. Put those two on stage and Joe will blow him away.
Tony Marinelli
Tony Marinelli - 7 years ago
What a ridiculous comment. Although Joe is an unreal player and has a mastery of theory and technique, EVH has feel and tone that CAN NOT BE TAUGHT. He is the envy of all guitarists out there, he is unmatched in his pioneerring guitar technique as well as sound.
jorge cabrera
jorge cabrera - 7 years ago
AMAZING player, god wish play like that ,maybe took me 99 years lol
qwer ris
qwer ris - 7 years ago
satriani and vai play guitar like piano..!!
Nathan Shen
Nathan Shen - 7 years ago
Point conceded. I personally think Eddie is better.
JerodimusPrime - 7 years ago
+Nathan Shen
EVH made it popular to tap in modern rock music, I will give him that, however jazz guitarist where using the technique way before EVH was even born.

EVH did learn piano and drums when he was young, and could still play both today, however Randy was teaching classical guitar and didn't just know modes, he understood them at a fundamental level and could apply them in all his music, Randy also had better technique than EVH, if you study Eddie's style you will understand that the way he performs certain techniques- like picking and tapping- is unorthodox, Randy's technique is much cleaner. EVH did have an amazing tone though, Eddie's "brown sound" is legendary even today.

My point isn't that Randy is better than Eddie, that's a matter of taste. My point is that in Eddie's hay day there where still guitarist that could rival him and some- like Randy- where technically better than him.
Nathan Shen
Nathan Shen - 7 years ago
Yes I know EVH didn't invent tapping. He might as well have, though, he because he inspired legions of fans to take up the guitar and teach themselves the technique. Without him, it would have taken a very long time to be popularized today. IMO, playing fast is not the key to playing guitar well. It's just about how it sounds. Eddie Van Halen also had a full understanding of music theory, modes and scales. He was born into a family that stressed education and music. He was playing piano when he was 5 and then drums and then guitar. Randy Rhodes is fantastic, but EVH has just the right combo of skill, technique, and style.
JerodimusPrime - 7 years ago
+Nathan Shen
Actually lots of Jazz and classical guitarist knew about tapping, just rock and blues guitarist where ignorant of the technique. EVH pioneered the technique in modern rock music, he didn't invent it.

There's no doubt that after Jimi Hendrix no other guitarist has influenced rock guitar as much as EVH he's a true legend and rock god, but even in his time he did have rivals.

Randy Rhodes was arguably a better technical player than EVH. He played just as fast, but was less sloppy and he had a full technical understanding of music theory and modes and scales. Randy pioneered model neo-calssical shred and IMHO was a better guitarist than EVH, but EVH was more a legend and more influential to rock guitar.
Nathan Shen
Nathan Shen - 7 years ago
+JerodimusPrime This is partially due to the fact that in the 80s, when Van Halen was in its prime, drugs and alcohol flowed freely to those in high-caliber rock bands. Eddie Van Halen might as well have invented tapping because A) He taught himself B) No one knew about it before he popularized it. Before the Hagar era, Eddie Van Halen was unrivaled by any guitarist. His innovation combined with skill makes him a better guitarist.
JerodimusPrime - 7 years ago
+Nathan Shen
EVH is a guitar god and true innovator, but Satriani is a much better guitarist than him, times have moved on since Van Halen, players like Satriani, Vai Guthrie Govan can run circles around Eddie in guitar playing, Eddie could be quite sloppy sometimes.
qwer ris
qwer ris - 7 years ago
Nathan Shen
Nathan Shen - 7 years ago
Stephane Heranney
Stephane Heranney - 7 years ago
La référence en matière de guitare instrumentale rock
KanGa BanGaz
KanGa BanGaz - 7 years ago
What a gun!
Mete Unal
Mete Unal - 7 years ago
Thats my man!
regina f.
regina f. - 7 years ago
Great Guitarist
Chuck U. Farley
Chuck U. Farley - 7 years ago
Soul Glo
Soul Glo - 7 years ago
Joe the man!!!!!!!!!
Delta Tango
Delta Tango - 7 years ago
I'm not a guitar player or a huge fan, and there are a some I do like, such as Brian May and Jimmy Page, but this song just gives me chills every time I listen to it. He sounds almost superhuman.
Paul Cox
Paul Cox - 7 years ago
Brian May was amazing in his day, not so much now although still better than most.  He sure could write a solo though, huge talent there.
mredd2nd - 7 years ago
you have good taste
Judith KAYSER - 7 years ago
Surfing    sur le son de cette musique c est tout simplement extra  !!!
Dawn Harvey
Dawn Harvey - 7 years ago
Alright -- he's got my apple, my friend marshall, a PV, he noodles, hammers, and what is the big plug-in up there?  Anyway ... who doesn't love this.  JOE'S SO HERO HE'S SO COMIC STRIP YEAH,
NVH1984 - 7 years ago
mikinori yamanouchi
mikinori yamanouchi - 7 years ago
Sooooo awesome and amazing!!!
Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams - 7 years ago
You dislikes are the ones who can't play. Sour grapes, you all be.
The 1101 Experiment
The 1101 Experiment - 7 years ago
He's so good but If i were bass player behind him I'd blow my brains out of boredom. hope he's well paid.  ; )
Uma Devi
Uma Devi - 7 years ago
he is freakishly amazing!
DJ Garrett Burke
DJ Garrett Burke - 7 years ago
Nate Skelly
Nate Skelly - 7 years ago
awesome guitar playing!
Nate Skelly
Nate Skelly - 7 years ago
horrible crowd
Daniel Alejandro
Daniel Alejandro - 7 years ago
wtf is wrong with this audience?!.. seriously?? How can you just.. stay sitted??!?!..  good for those 2 guys at 02:51..
the rest of!!
Awesome performance!
Aleksandar Ivkovic
Aleksandar Ivkovic - 7 years ago
This is looking nice but I think it will better sound with Jackson guitar, Ibanez is sucks.
DrDizzleFrizzle - 7 years ago
It's just odd to see someone with a completely shaved head...and samsquanch arms...
krono terria
krono terria - 7 years ago
satch is the best.
V-Dub Bub Aircooled
V-Dub Bub Aircooled - 7 years ago
ever wonder about Joe's fingering? check it out 
shane p
shane p - 7 years ago
Hand's down, single greatest  guitar riff ever!  Sounds as good when I heard it 20 year's ago. I love this shit!
rock6561 - 7 years ago
41 people likes justin bieber 
PowerOf One
PowerOf One - 7 years ago
His fingers must have calluses on calluses! Best guitarist I've heard to date.
Df Jansen
Df Jansen - 7 years ago
Commando CQC
Commando CQC - 7 years ago
I still remember this from NASCAR '98 on my N64. And then rediscovering it while learning to play guitar some 7 years later.
Victor Brotto
Victor Brotto - 7 years ago
1:12 OH JOE!!
Spike Last
Spike Last - 7 years ago
WoW... did he play Satch Boogie?
Piero castro
Piero castro - 7 years ago
diria que ha sido el mejor solo que he escuchado _
Alberto P.A.
Alberto P.A. - 7 years ago
Que temaco!
henri champi
henri champi - 7 years ago
What the top 10 of best guitar hero of legend ?
Frank Foot
Frank Foot - 7 years ago
That was the most pathetic crowd I've ever seen...
Michal Baláž
Michal Baláž - 7 years ago
Well, it's a workshop... they're not there to cheer and chant, they're there to learn. But yeah, usually there is SOME response even at workshops lol
777zippy777 - 7 years ago
2:51... Nice to see the crowd's into it...
Lucas Garza
Lucas Garza - 4 years ago
You can see one of the older guys bopping his head to it lol
Jamesneil Hogg
Jamesneil Hogg - 4 years ago
777zippy777 that one guy is
Connor - 4 years ago
it was a free concert most of those people would not even know who he is lol if i was there i would have been bouncing all over all walls !!!!
UnyieldingDefiance - 4 years ago
They are in complete awe.
John Rowland
John Rowland - 4 years ago
They look like they are giving an audition... "Thank you for coming in Joe... don't call us, we'll call you". LOL
Fattyfatty2X - 4 years ago
Of course we were into it! It's the Satch :)
nothanksimgood - 8 years ago
grandpappy of virtuoso rock guitar instruction.  can you imagine teaching as many future-famous students as this guy has?  nuts.
Özgür Özcan
Özgür Özcan - 8 years ago
I think we should establish one thing: people get respect for different reasons. It's not always because they are the best out there. Clapton actually earned his status due to his earlier work in Cream and Bluesbreakers. You might add the surge in popularity due to his guest spot for lead work on a couple Beatles songs. He was one of the people who formed the blues rock sound thus contributing to something new and original..
toecutter - 8 years ago
39 thumbs down...WTF
Lucas Don Velour
Lucas Don Velour - 7 years ago
I'm a massive Angus Young fan...but an even bigger Satriani fan
Troy Young
Troy Young - 8 years ago
Those people are angry that they can't play like Joe.
CEOofthetubes - 8 years ago
Angus Young fans
Daniel Son
Daniel Son - 8 years ago
Couldn't have said it better myself. His music needs no lyrics. His music sings the title that he gives them. You can appreciate his talent 100x more because there are no lyrics. He is in a league of his own and most musicians fall waaaay beneath him. Been learning the guitar for the last year or so and most of what I have learnt has 10 second solos and 3-5 minutes of basic chord strumming and a bit of random picking. This guy is like 5 minutes of solo and it's fkn genius.
Daniel Son
Daniel Son - 8 years ago
At 4:00 his fingers get a hit of speed or something fucking mental.
Uniplanar - 8 years ago
un maestro...
TruthSurge - 8 years ago
Thanks on the playing, also. I'm learning Flying in a Blue Dream. I'm sure it's outdated and all. :) I didn't play at all from 2000 to about 2010 due to fingertip injuries. Only recently started tinkering again and I was using fingernails to fret the strings for a while. Now I'm able to press normally but still not tough enough to bend the strings like I want. That guitar was detuned 3 frets I think and .008. yeah, I'm a wimp.
TruthSurge - 8 years ago
right. If you say "Clapton is the best guitarist" you really aren't saying much because no one knows what "best" is trying to say. Best? Like, he can outplay anyone in any genre? Or maybe he WAS the best rock/blues guitarist in 1965? You can't really talk about art in such vague terms and get anywhere. BUT you can say that Mr. X has a more advanced technique than Mr. Y. That's pretty clear. Guthrie Govan has more skill than Clapton, eg. That should be beyond debate.
PenileAugmentation - 8 years ago
haha ad populum arguments! Nice playing by the way- that cover sounded quite professional compared to most stuff on Youtube. But yeah, due to the juxtaposition of musical taste vs. technique you definitely have the more demonstrable position here. However, I would argue that music is more of a cultural phenomenon than a science; different aspects of it mean more/less to different people, so "good" is purely subjective as a whole. I like the really fast, intense guitar stuff personally.
Tuff Mustang
Tuff Mustang - 8 years ago
I'm not a good guitar player. a beginner. But for me, your playing and sound is very outdated. It's 80's hair rock style. Yeah u are good and way, way better than me. U dont need to play all those notes. I love for eg what Robert Smith does with just a few beautifully chosen notes. That for me tells a very emotive story. There is a great lyricism in his playing that u dont have despite all your obvious skill.
citadel - 8 years ago
It's Satch maaaan!!
UltimateRockLegend - 8 years ago
watched it, I could do that and I'm not claiming I am better than Clapton, first of all you haven't written any songs that anyone's ever heard of... You have influenced nobody, and lastly, when it comes to the style you play in that video and the Satriani plays, it ALL comes through (one way or another) Clapton's playing and colossal influence on how people play guitar
UltimateRockLegend - 8 years ago
I said earlier that it is opinion, lots of people liking Clapton isn't wrong, it is their opinion, and if they have even heard of Joe Satriani that isn't wrong either
TruthSurge - 8 years ago
1.5 BILLION Muslims think Jesus was just a prophet of Allah. 2 BILLION Christians believe he was actually god in flesh. Both camps cannot be right. SURELY, billions of people can't be wrong?
UltimateRockLegend - 8 years ago
I have a grasp of both of those things, quite a lot actually. But in the end it comes down to one thing: opinions. I prefer Clapton and you prefer Joe Satriani, I do not "suck ass" at playing guitar and I am most certainly not jealous, but to be honest this guy doesn't even compare to Clapton, people spray paint "Clapton is God" on walls, the number of people that like Clapton is probably higher than the number of people that have even heard of this guy, and there must be a reason for that
TruthSurge - 8 years ago
Wow, you really do know nothing about the actual music or playing guitar. I've heard a lot of Satriani and I'd say only about 5-10% is pure flashy show. The rest is about feel and melody and music theory and groove and rockin out. Satch owes a lot to Jimi Hendrix and I'm sure you'd agree that Hendrix was a great guitarist all around. You just sound as if you don't play guitar (or you totally suck ass and are jealous) and you don't understand music theory at all.
TruthSurge - 8 years ago
"what makes you think you can be better than him?" Because time marches on, my friend. watch?v=NNMVdvziqPQ
UltimateRockLegend - 8 years ago
also every song Joe Satriani does is a self-indulgent ego trip that he does because he likes to show off
UltimateRockLegend - 8 years ago
So you're better than Eric Clapton, I think that is the most ignorant thing I've ever heard, Eric Clapton has been playing since the early 60's, what makes you think you can be better than him? He was good, he still is, he doesn't play this kind of stuff not because he can't, but because he doesn't want to. (cause its no better than Justin Bieber)
TruthSurge - 8 years ago
If you don't know, then I suppose the readers can decide on who knows more just based on your past comments. Me, I've been playing guitar since 1974. Bands, studios, albums, etc. Clapton was good back in the 60s. But he is technically and musically outmatched by Satch, Vai, Govan, Greg Howe, and thousands of other guitarists people don't even know about. Even I can outplay the guy and that's not hubris but just a fact. Time marches on or haven't you heard?
UltimateRockLegend - 8 years ago
how do you propose I do that?
Austin - 8 years ago
What a gay crowd, I would be jumping, running, playing air guitar, etc; having a good time!
TruthSurge - 8 years ago
Care to test that little theory of yours here in the comment section?
UltimateRockLegend - 8 years ago
I may know fuck all about nothing but its a fuckload more than you
TruthSurge - 8 years ago
"Eric Clapton is one of the most technically proficient players on the planet," The most ignorant comment I've seen in a very long time. Clapton is so far below Satch it's embarrassing. Clapton is HUGELY overrated. You know fuck all about nothing.
UltimateRockLegend - 8 years ago
Eric Clapton is one of the most technically proficient players on the planet, he COULD play whatever he wants; including super metal with shredding solos. He could write a song like this without difficulty. But Joe Satriani just sits there with a computer and an amp and you say he's better than Clapton who started with the most basic equipment and has written hundreds of songs? that actually mean something, also he is pretty good, he just prefers the blues which is more classy than this anyway
UltimateRockLegend - 8 years ago
Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton and countless others are better
zappaman87 - 8 years ago
Whoa, lookout! That's gonna leave a mark!
maxcohen13 - 8 years ago
Is he in the Witness Protection Program?
ISMET ZHARKU - 8 years ago
i shkelqyshume
Chrisye Rose
Chrisye Rose - 8 years ago
good,& best performance,,,
fragment7 - 8 years ago
his own custom artwork..
cuninglinguist - 8 years ago
Shawn Burgard
Shawn Burgard - 8 years ago
He taught Kirk Hammett how to play the guitar. Fact. Nuff said.
Zabba5 - 8 years ago
Yep, hair like a man will tend to have. Women are generally hairless except for the Sasquatch like michele obama
silence17761 - 8 years ago
aku suka joe dia gitaris dunia yang baik , joe mau memberikan skill nya dengan gratis di internet aku kagum sama permainanya,,apa lagi saat mendengarkan lagu crushing day itu membuatku semangat terima kasih joe,,from indonesia
Steven Aagenes
Steven Aagenes - 8 years ago
the sales rep thats jamin...i want him for my sales rep!!!
Tiago A
Tiago A - 8 years ago
what ibanez is this?
Bake Bakes
Bake Bakes - 8 years ago
Το καλύτερο τραγουδι.
skovol007 - 8 years ago
This was a workshop/product pitch/Q&A, so standard concert behavior wouldn't have really been appropriate. That said,there was much more enthusiasm, and the cheers and applause after very song were MUCH louder than these videos would have you believe.
Dallton Santos
Dallton Santos - 8 years ago
he´s a genious
Ethanolus - 8 years ago
Agree with you, but how about Sammy on vocals? Best combo i ever heard :). Only man i think is better is Joe Bonamassa.
danan darmawan
danan darmawan - 8 years ago
True Grit
True Grit - 8 years ago
I agree with you, but FUCK the 'Industry'!
True Grit
True Grit - 8 years ago
For me, his melody lines are the shit.His style resonates with me.
xBlade13710x - 8 years ago
no. he really isn't. he loves playing so that's what he does. he has his own style, but he is no better than most other lead guitarists in successful bands who are known to have great guitar leads. man, logic is hard to understand...
Julio Chëka Ceja
Julio Chëka Ceja - 8 years ago
no, he's GOD.
Bri Ti
Bri Ti - 8 years ago
Why did he steal Paddington's hat? It isn't very very nice
xBlade13710x - 8 years ago
he good. not god lol.
DanzSlash - 8 years ago
satch is the man, what a shit crowd though!
Alexis Zaragoza
Alexis Zaragoza - 8 years ago
he should implant all that arm hair onto his head lol
Seth Dominick
Seth Dominick - 8 years ago
Yeah OK, so I guess he's a rock star, but wearing sunglasses indoors still makes anyone look silly. And don't get me started on that hat.
vaughn rogers
vaughn rogers - 8 years ago
Gota luv joe
Viper GTS
Viper GTS - 8 years ago
The man is pure genius...
Chris Grooms
Chris Grooms - 8 years ago
Playing like that won't really get you "somewhere" other than barely being known, usually by guitarists rather than people that enjoy music. There just isn't really a place for his style of playing in the industry outside of a specialized group of people (while there's a lot of those people out there). Depends on what you personally want as a guitarist, but don't expect to be in the mainstream playing solos through 99% of your music.
rydeentokio - 8 years ago
I love the arm up tone with sharp wah which makes ring-modulation-esque sound.
tfsongwritingco - 8 years ago
check my music out!
D Ve
D Ve - 8 years ago
I had the honour of meeting him after the concert in Groningen... Genuinely nice guy.
razorgem555to666 - 8 years ago
2:49 and crowd is going wild
Levi Partridge
Levi Partridge - 8 years ago
Epic song. I love it i want to learn to play it
thecunninghamclan - 8 years ago
David Weaver
David Weaver - 8 years ago
I agree, James is good, but he is no Satriani and Satriani is no James. You can't compare the two. Me personally, I would go see Satriani before James any day of the week.
jdefabs2112 - 8 years ago
The audience has no clue how good he is :p
cheve60 - 8 years ago
@2:51 I can see at least 12 ppl sitting there off in day dreamland not wanting to be there, Id say that they had no choice or eather a friend brought them along or its part of there job and had to be there, personaly I thought the clip was great Joe *Rocks* :)
Andy Engle
Andy Engle - 8 years ago
They look bored! LOL!
michael martin
michael martin - 8 years ago
up 2 160 MPH now!!, z"d Out!
guitar time
guitar time - 8 years ago
big jam with extra sauce
Mark Edo Escario
Mark Edo Escario - 8 years ago
At 1:10 , I wanna go to Mars and Surf with the Alien
Crazy 8s Drums
Crazy 8s Drums - 8 years ago
Satchmo iz da bomb!
Jaymes Barnard
Jaymes Barnard - 8 years ago
How the fuck does it look fake you idiot?
Isaias Lima de Souza
Isaias Lima de Souza - 8 years ago
rayri23 - 8 years ago
I was there, and I wasn't asleep !! Joe ROCKS and is totally unbelievable as an artist. LOVE THIS SHIT !
Kaleigh DeCasere
Kaleigh DeCasere - 8 years ago
Kinda looks fake but u know... I'll half belive it.
Βασίλης Τουλάκης
Βασίλης Τουλάκης - 8 years ago
2:35 fucking grea!!
Caleb Rosazza
Caleb Rosazza - 8 years ago
this is arcade racing game music
Eleane Van Houdenhove
Eleane Van Houdenhove - 8 years ago
je moet het maar kunnen -mooi !
blasbembi - 8 years ago
4:02 WTF
Hoy Q
Hoy Q - 8 years ago
Yeah... how can the croud sit still hearing THIS live in front of em? O.O
Tron's Travels
Tron's Travels - 8 years ago
You know so little about punctuation and grammar its kind of cracking me up if you want to sound like a fool then keep creating run-on sentences.
Bransen52 - 8 years ago
No wonder this kid thinks that way, look at his channel its a bunch of guitar hero games hahaha, another little brat who thinks music is about who is the best, let me give you some advice kiddo, smoke some weed and maybe you might learn to appreciate music, not everyone needs drugs to appreciate music but based on your comment it looks like you certainly do
Bransen52 - 8 years ago
You know so little about guitar playing and live music its kind of cracking me up if you want to sound like a fool keep that kind of attitude
Isaac McLeish
Isaac McLeish - 8 years ago
Pretty sure it's just his trademark.
Adam Crane Guilford
Adam Crane Guilford - 8 years ago
Oh great little prince under arm stink, I suppose you are going to tell a virtuoso like Satch how to play properly, I suppose we just haven't heard of you because you are sooo awwesoome that we would be burned to a crisp if we heard you play? What the fuck is the point of ever playing a song twice if you are going to do it exactly the same way every time?
BigFatCock - 8 years ago
Obviously I didn't think it was stupid. Answer my question please.
beano1eye - 8 years ago
Why do you write these stupid comments?
Mistah Fuzion
Mistah Fuzion - 8 years ago
He improvises parts of some solos even on the record. So there are passages that he never plays quite the same way twice live.
Hans Landa
Hans Landa - 8 years ago
aprende a hablar ingles antes de tirar chistes de mierda
jose ramon
jose ramon - 8 years ago
jhonny sins? are you? D:
Thomas Daniels
Thomas Daniels - 8 years ago
Am I the only one in the crowd who would be jumping out of my seat in awe at this guy? Satriani is no doubt one of the best guitarists out there and he is and always will be an inspiration in my eyes. :)
BigFatCock - 8 years ago
Why does he wear those stupid hats??
Rob Davies
Rob Davies - 8 years ago
Rob Davies
Rob Davies - 8 years ago
satch for you president
Flametopology - 8 years ago
Yeah...a couple guys are diggin it...but most of them are corporate squares.who probably couldn't even spell guitar, let alone play one.
Flametopology - 8 years ago
The guy can play though man...check out the lick at 1:30 to 1:33 !
Dino Bartosak
Dino Bartosak - 8 years ago
I really stopped believing that this kinds of comments were people's real thoughts. No one can be dumb as that. It is just a nice causal trolling so thumbs up ;)
Draven Alexander
Draven Alexander - 8 years ago
Well there were times Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin played his guitar with a violin bow. So, why not a banana? If someone can play a guitar with a banana, successfully, I would like to see that.
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez - 8 years ago
LOL doosh
Bransen52 - 8 years ago
Kids like you who think music is about a perfect matching performance crack me up, you probably just play guitar hero right? have no concept of improvisation or even what a live performance is like, what an idiot
Tron's Travels
Tron's Travels - 8 years ago
So you'd go to see a concert where the artist intentionally fucked up parts of his songs or even entire songs and then be satisfied when he says "DURR I WROTE THEM I PLAY THEM HOW I LIKE." Next time he can just play his guitar with a banana and fret random strings and idiots like you will just fall down and worship him.
Andrew Sabol
Andrew Sabol - 8 years ago
Why the hell would anybody want to play their own solo the exact same way as their studio recording? That would get so boring, and if they are talented enough to improvise and play it differently every time (and Joe most certainly is, in case you weren't aware), then why not? The fact remains that Joe Satriani is one of the most talented players alive today, and you are just a complete dumbass. Unless you were just trying to be funny, in which case you would still be a complete dumbass.
eagle0468 - 8 years ago
Osel Somar
Osel Somar - 8 years ago
Dime a dozen. No longer extraordinary.
WhoDidYouSay - 8 years ago
Them guys at about 2:49 made me laugh
GroovyMonster - 8 years ago
It's a guitar workshop so the audience would be a bit different than you usual concert goer. If I was there I'd just sit still and just concentrate on watching him play. Of course I'd make some noise after the performance.
CarlettoPuglia - 8 years ago
This album just totally blew me away in 1988. First time I had ever heard of Satriani and went to see him at a local opera house. It was the best show I had ever seen and my friend who was an Allan Holdsworth fan admitted that Satriani was great. It was rare for him to state any guitarist was better than Holdsworth.
jarenague - 8 years ago
989guitar - 8 years ago
which technique is at 1:10?
Lanie last child of six children
Lanie last child of six children - 8 years ago
wow from indonesa
Sam Parish
Sam Parish - 8 years ago
His skill has left them speechless.
Matthew Shatto
Matthew Shatto - 8 years ago
who are the d bags watching?
tbirdpunk - 8 years ago
I liked his JSX tone more than what he's pulling out of the Marshall.
666RicardoDeath - 8 years ago
Anyone can play the song exactly the way they want, there isnt any stupid law saying how exactly we should play music
Purple Haze
Purple Haze - 8 years ago
amazing .
Fernando Lopes Figueira
Fernando Lopes Figueira - 8 years ago
matthijs oudkerk
matthijs oudkerk - 8 years ago
Professor Satchafunkilus giving college at the institute of nuclear physics
David Kinder
David Kinder - 8 years ago
Hes a brilliant guitarist but i have seen him rock that song so much better with his live band behind him.
planetmerc - 8 years ago
Most of them looked like drummers...
Raul Rodriguez
Raul Rodriguez - 8 years ago
I have my own version of this fantastic song , playing with dimarzio crunch lab and liquid fire, it´s sound very good, i think..
Shinobi3213 - 8 years ago
Many artist don't play their solo's the same. Doesn't mean he fucked up.
BloodsplaterAirsoft - 8 years ago
put steve vai in there too, now that would be a show, with steve vai being Joe's old student
Kingbooger94 - 8 years ago
it's not that he doesn't play his solo exactly like the recorded studio version has it, it matters that he can still play like a god in my book...
LuminousGuy - 8 years ago
They weren`t Joe fans as such, this was a free concert, for a lot of these people this may be the first time they have heard his music... Give them a chance to listen...
Vincent Alleman
Vincent Alleman - 8 years ago
nickleback sucks
Vincent Alleman
Vincent Alleman - 8 years ago
challenge eddie and joe to duel it out!
Vincent Alleman
Vincent Alleman - 8 years ago
yeah ,,,doosh Bag!
Charles Stone
Charles Stone - 8 years ago
He is incredible!
Charles Stone
Charles Stone - 8 years ago
Never been disappointed by his perfomance. Always loved. Still I give the edge to Eddie. Even over Hendrix.
Rick Rousseau
Rick Rousseau - 8 years ago
watching an artist of this caliber from any discipline is one of the highlights of life. Any person who criticizes or diminishes this is a smug, self absorbed, wannabe whiney bitch ....just saying
Eliasguitarred - 8 years ago
2:50, left side, guy with green jacket: Like I Give A Fuck.
kingstumble - 8 years ago
I'm not a great fan of shred,metal or whatever the latest hip name is, but Mr.S. is one of a kind.What he has over the others of a similar ilk is a supreme sense of melody.
andreanvee - 8 years ago
always the best... bravo
WhatchaGunnaDooo - 8 years ago
is he wearing a lamp shade?
James Horner
James Horner - 8 years ago
Just amazing! Nothing else to say.
motivationink - 8 years ago
What the hell Does NickleBack have anything to do with this?
Malach211 - 8 years ago
His chrome boy sounded better!
Andy Birger
Andy Birger - 8 years ago
I know. But I believe what he meant was false. Does he have a proof Slash actually did it? I suck, but I don't dive into videos of great guitarist, such as Satch, Vai, Gilber, Page or Hendrix, to give them thumbs down. Why would Slash do so? By the way, Slash doesn't ''suck''. He's just not as technical as some others.
RicktheMilk - 8 years ago
Great Point! Satriani only gets laid by men... #SARCASM
Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson - 8 years ago
What the hell does Vietnam have anything to do with this?
Jiri Marsicek
Jiri Marsicek - 8 years ago
Dont you just hate the crowd? Jesus, youre watching Satriani rip a solo and all you do is record it on your fucking phone with a bored face....jeeez
birdman351 - 8 years ago
joe satriani tort kirk hammett as well legend
TheWalrusIsI - 8 years ago
This guy trained Steve vai but even while they are both awesome I don't really see any similarities in style. Do you?
forzalupialealeale - 8 years ago
he's incredible!!!
Llama Of Vinter
Llama Of Vinter - 8 years ago
Speak not his name on this video, this is only a page for guitar pros (ie Joe Satriani)
David Chase
David Chase - 8 years ago
dude I was just saying not many women like playing that guitar style, go to an alan holdsworth concert you'll see the same thing, just men there seeing how the man does it. How did you get sexual deviant out of that?
Thinkitthrough - 8 years ago
hairy arms
NG4PUH1 - 8 years ago
how can he f&%k up his own solo you doosh bag, he created it and as such can play it however he likes to... go back and play your fake guitar you doosh bag
Gawron339 - 8 years ago
Hahahahahahaha,and Guitar Hero avatar.On playstation any one can be Satriani.In real life-NO ONE!!!
TheOv3rlordK1ng - 8 years ago
Omfg i came here to watch sach play this properly and even he fucks the solo up. I give up
Jacko Barcia
Jacko Barcia - 8 years ago
Nice Pedals |===|
Markus F
Markus F - 8 years ago
he is one of the best guitarrists worldwide ... he is my inspiration to play my Guitar better and better :) ... I love Joe Satriani for his nice music ... my wife, too!!!! :)
David Chase
David Chase - 8 years ago
strange there was not many women in the seats? Really fun to watch him play, and it was cool to see him finish the song where as on the album it fades out and you don't get to hear all of the licks he send on there way.. nice video and cinematography.
TheBonfish - 8 years ago
me too man. i think it's for the fungi spores
Johnny Elsewhere
Johnny Elsewhere - 8 years ago
Lmfao. He used a track that faded out?
DKStudiosful - 8 years ago
satch is the wah pedal master....amazing
Martin Hughes
Martin Hughes - 8 years ago
Ok this guy is sick. He rules the guitar - fact.
Kenny - 8 years ago
What an audience. they look like they're have dead!! Hey guys, you're watching SATCH!!!!WAKE UP!!!!!
Mietzerotze - 8 years ago
paulo8duke - 8 years ago
The man is incredible! What can we say ....
Matt Holley
Matt Holley - 8 years ago
For some reason this made me laugh really hard
shafta99 - 8 years ago
not a single fuck was given. lol.
afwurch - 8 years ago
Love the audience shot; they're mesmerized!
afwurch - 8 years ago
What a talent!
stitcha123 - 8 years ago
id be fucking rockin out!
kaliope apalendocas
kaliope apalendocas - 8 years ago
omg, the audience is an insult and a slap in the face to the awesome talents of Satriani! They are sitting there like dead people at a software convention or like comatose Monday morning college students at a science lecture on fungi spores!
Daniel sinsapaugh
Daniel sinsapaugh - 8 years ago
I love watching this,hes good.
AudanKarrek - 8 years ago
El puto amo !!!!!!!!!!!!
Ted Wikström
Ted Wikström - 8 years ago
Not a dmn thing at all!!
Milchdealer - 8 years ago
1:35 looks like he has 5 fingers (plus thumb)
RJC C - 8 years ago
Incredible. That just made my day. Thanks.
malcolmX213 - 8 years ago
So, that's what it looks like when he does that?! HOLY SHIT!
TavitoNP - 8 years ago
que guitarra es??? ibanez que???
p4rac0 - 8 years ago
quiero aprenderme este lick 4:00
jimmymac63 - 8 years ago
2:51 These folks sitting in the audience are acting like they are bored! Really? Genius is in their presence entertaining them and they are bored? They were probably waiting for Justin Bieber!
axlrosea675 - 8 years ago
stunning as usual but i like him better with band
jimmymac63 - 8 years ago
Awe stop it....We can keep this going forever lol!
franko puffs
franko puffs - 8 years ago
i would do sick and disgusting things to get the guitar at the end...
bead66 - 8 years ago
Mohammad AlFaraj
Mohammad AlFaraj - 8 years ago
Satch is awesome and so is Slash!

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