Joe Satriani-Satch Boogie

Satch Boogie from Surfing with the Alien

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Satch Boogie from Surfing with the Alien

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Jacobthejewela - 2 years ago
I can't help but picture April Big Cannons walking through a smoke-filled doorway to this song
Bryan Rabie
Bryan Rabie - 2 years ago
Listening to this reminds me of "Hot for Teacher" and makes me wonder if EVH would ever write compose some instrumentals,...Eruption may be hard to out do though. That's an aside though. Joe's got it down and it no accident,...this took a lot of commitment.
Warren Tso
Warren Tso - 2 years ago
Eric Wirsing
Eric Wirsing - 2 years ago
Just posted a cover of this song a few days ago. Please check it out if you're a JS fan and sub! Here's a link:
Chris Dodd
Chris Dodd - 2 years ago
I would have loved to see dime play this with his style it would have been epic
Toffer Harley
Toffer Harley - 2 years ago
I would sell my soul to play like this...
Hans Brammer
Hans Brammer - 2 years ago
Joe Satriani taught guitar to some not so famous axemen.
Diamond D
Diamond D - 3 years ago
Hot for teacher. Satch sryle
randall scott burress
randall scott burress - 3 years ago
" I failed everything"

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Kanna Kamui420
Kanna Kamui420 - 3 years ago
The guitar reminds me of home improvement
Simon Montardit
Simon Montardit - 3 years ago
ste guitar :V
Ravioli Ravioli Don't Lewd The Rat Loli
Ravioli Ravioli Don't Lewd The Rat Loli - 3 years ago
When you give God a guitar
Keith Chambers
Keith Chambers - 3 years ago
I keep seeing comments from years past. Here is a promise that this video is still being watched every day
Kachoo - 3 years ago
saw him in concert..............unbelievable NO diff in good as in a studio !
Rajat Brar
Rajat Brar - 3 years ago
This song has so many similarities with Juice of Steve Vai.
DJ JDB - 3 years ago
Totally EDDIE influenced! Nonetheless, kick ass tune!!!!
Kebab Kicker
Kebab Kicker - 3 years ago
Fun fact he was on drug while making this. He had a broken neck and the pills helped make this song.
Rilès Iddir
Rilès Iddir - 3 years ago
This music makes me wanna dance 'til my death
Haralabospap - 3 years ago
Yey, I can play the first 10sec of the song, I'm basically a guitar master now.

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Landon Cooper
Landon Cooper - 3 years ago
I'm a master at playing this song.

On bass...
CVL990 - 3 years ago
Does anyone else think this is a good song to get in a fight to?
Che Lugo
Che Lugo - 3 years ago
He wrote this song while being heavily medicated after a car crash.
Landon Cooper
Landon Cooper - 3 years ago
I'm a master at this song.

On bass...
ÁUß Code
ÁUß Code - 3 years ago
Cock magic
Gee Hunt
Gee Hunt - 3 years ago
Not bad then along came jason becker.... guitar has never been played so well before or since.
Austin Babcock
Austin Babcock - 3 years ago
satch boogie on 2x speed is crazy like dear god.... im going into the twilight zone
BatcaveComics83 - 3 years ago
I anticipate being able to play this song by my 187th Birthday.
Sonia Enriquez
Sonia Enriquez - 3 years ago
I have a les paul that cost 5,000
Sonia Enriquez
Sonia Enriquez - 3 years ago
When its at 1:50 i did that part it took a loooooooot a practice but i did it

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Christian Eggers
Christian Eggers - 3 years ago
how in the shit hell is the whole intro section counted, it’s nuts
Danger Doge
Danger Doge - 3 years ago
Guitar Hero World Tour: Beat It can't be FC'd
Joe Satriani: Let me add another!
Reid Guthrie
Reid Guthrie - 3 years ago
Still amazing. Satch is an animal.
Mike Foss
Mike Foss - 3 years ago
Apparently, the lyrics on this song are quite remarkable! Oh, and I quite like the guitar playing!
Mike Manza
Mike Manza - 3 years ago
1:50 to 2:35 I showed that to a girl in a relationship and now she's mine
Tom Cloke
Tom Cloke - 3 years ago
This shit never gets old!!!
C D J - 3 years ago
I don't understand the rhythm in the intro
Dbone 99
Dbone 99 - 3 years ago
I wonder how much people are here from Music is win
Eva's DDs
Eva's DDs - 3 years ago
Joe is a Guitar God
stoplyinn - 4 years ago
This is insane
Keith Sage
Keith Sage - 4 years ago
To bad this was not out in the 60's.
Colonel Angus
Colonel Angus - 4 years ago
cool lyrics! they dont write 'em like that anymore.
Panic Station
Panic Station - 4 years ago
I get cramps in my fingers just listening.
Mighty Joe1991
Mighty Joe1991 - 4 years ago
Twisted Metal 1 soundtrack. This sounds like one of the songs that should be in that
#Hesch tag
#Hesch tag - 4 years ago
Such a great song up to 1.47. The tapping part is really boring in my opinion.
Old Reaper Vegas Archive
Old Reaper Vegas Archive - 4 years ago
I'm going to make a guide for this song on expert in Guitar Hero: World Tour at some point. It really isn't that difficult except for that solo at the end.
Ye Boi Agus
Ye Boi Agus - 3 years ago
"that solo at the end"
Actually, if you go into practice, youll see the entire song (except the beggining and end) is just one big solo.
I Was A Legend Than Got Old!.
I Was A Legend Than Got Old!. - 4 years ago
Im only 30yrs old and im sayin its timeless forevermore lol. Dude how'd I not know of this growing up? It's ok im here to stay now lol.
Chromer Pimpson
Chromer Pimpson - 4 years ago
no robot voice, auto tune, "wubs", provocatively dancing half dressed teenagers, phone message intros, degrading women, or bragging about selling out and becoming rich, plus it doesn't even say "up in da club" or "crystal" even once. Too bad it's from before I was even born.
Marie - 4 years ago
Is this jazz?
Solanacia - 4 years ago
I dunno why I see a dog penis between his legs
Fucking e621

50. comment for Joe Satriani-Satch Boogie

Juan Fiorovic
Juan Fiorovic - 4 years ago
Serorena viejo nomaaaaa
William Floyd
William Floyd - 4 years ago
The best ever
Jose Villarreal
Jose Villarreal - 4 years ago
First Satch song I ever heard about 12 years ago... Changed my life... Why on earth would anyone dislike this!!???
Kotonoha Katsura
Kotonoha Katsura - 4 years ago
guitar hero: on tour decades for DS
saiber 98
saiber 98 - 4 years ago
oh my god that solo is imposible to me
Bobby Monahan
Bobby Monahan - 4 years ago
Learning this rocksmith, wish me luck...
Fred - 4 years ago
What is the name of this rhythm? Forgive me ignorance.
Classic Rock? Boogie Rock?
Thanks for your help! :)
Old Man MVP
Old Man MVP - 4 years ago
This got 300% easier to play once i actually figured out how swing works.
itsnotthesamething - 4 years ago
I named my English Mastiff Satch. Partly short for Sasquatch, partly Satriani.
David Yaconis
David Yaconis - 4 years ago
The puking scene from Problem Child 2. Nice.
Owen Marcovitz
Owen Marcovitz - 4 years ago
Naw fam. For me, that alien is riding a unicycle with a pink seat.
Spudgun trooper
Spudgun trooper - 4 years ago
Sounds like the Wild Woody theme
Dan Godwin
Dan Godwin - 4 years ago
I think Joe took lessons from Jeff Beck- then tweeked them a hair. Funny about the lyrics guys took me a second- I was typing
Stink Fistula
Stink Fistula - 4 years ago
The Techy
The Techy - 4 years ago
My left hand seizes up when trying to play this on guitar... Either than that I can sort of play the beginning for a little bit (Few Seconds).
David Ferrara
David Ferrara - 4 years ago
The porn version of this song is called "Snatch Boogie"
Twsuf1 - 4 years ago
same ol shit!
silva santos
silva santos - 4 years ago
It's Jazz and Rock??? is true Satch Boogie
Literally Cancer
Literally Cancer - 4 years ago
I feel like at least 30% of the people who know this song played Guitar Hero 4 lol (not that it's a bad thing)
ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ
ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ - 4 years ago
Karsten Markovich didnt even know it was on gh4 tbh
Luis Armenta
Luis Armenta - 4 years ago
ive been playing 5 hours and still only play the first 50 secs
the first 25 at full speed lol
joki boy
joki boy - 4 years ago
0:23 always fucks me over. I can't get that lick right. Anybody with tabs?
WoestynKonyn - 4 years ago
have the tabs. can email them to you if you still need them
Hartschaum - 4 years ago
Joe Satriani has pretty much invented the racing game menu music
Elie Siegal
Elie Siegal - 5 years ago
"Psshh...I can play this." - Nobody
Dani - 2 years ago
It's a joke comment, but always so tempting for 15 year olds to make "yea I can play it since I was 8" replies. "Not to brag" adds a nice touch of fake humility, also.
randall scott burress
randall scott burress - 3 years ago
Joaopop 11
Joaopop 11 - 3 years ago
PSSSHH brown man named "acai" here on youtube did it on 210% speed on clone hero.
randall scott burress
randall scott burress - 3 years ago
Stop running in and out ? i just waxed the floor and you'll bust your as.sss.
6malice9 - 3 years ago
+randall scott burress no u
randall scott burress
randall scott burress - 3 years ago
Bet COW PALACE IT STINKS??????????????????????
6malice9 - 3 years ago
"bet" - TheDooo
randall scott burress
randall scott burress - 3 years ago
?Make a Damned mess
Clarence Alfonso
Clarence Alfonso - 3 years ago
- Michael Angelo Batio
Caleb Murray
Caleb Murray - 4 years ago
Just now saw this reply. I'll post a video of it, I have no idea how to record but people keep telling me I should post tutorials, but my camera on my Mac sucks and I don't have an interface with aux input so I can't post bass covers over songs, I don't know how to work microphones either so maybe one day I'll create a youtube channel
NuclearCaliber - 4 years ago
Caleb Murray Proof
Caleb Murray
Caleb Murray - 4 years ago
Not to brag, but.. I can play it with no problem on my bass lol
Azuma - 5 years ago
So pleasant to play on guitar =D
Thanks Master Satch for THIS !!
Periapsis Studios
Periapsis Studios - 5 years ago
This would be a great "heist movie 'casing the joint/viewing the security features/practicing the job' montage" music.
Xanthippus - 3 years ago
Alexander Eddy
Alexander Eddy - 4 years ago
Yeah. I think it may work for like, a comedy heist movie. Dunno why, but it just sounds like it belongs in a comedy heist.
Tiger Hynes
Tiger Hynes - 5 years ago
merkmusic anyone?
The J-Key
The J-Key - 5 years ago
I feel like somebody can and should mix this with "Hot for Teacher"
Liquid Tension2
Liquid Tension2 - 3 years ago
Go to Jared dines new majesty guitar video and listen to the music. It sounds just like how you'd think
SmokeDogNY420 - 3 years ago
Pete Thorn just did that the other day....Dirty Town
Lunitaproductions - 3 years ago
Ironic cuz both song are in Guitar Hero World Tour
Trent Stines
Trent Stines - 5 years ago
The J-Key Just replace the intro with the quick tapping solo and replace the actual solo with three solos from this song.
Pablo Akmhed
Pablo Akmhed - 5 years ago
groove that is fairly hard to fling so naturally in a groove of its own!
Casimir1100 - 5 years ago
You know if kids stopped playing video games we might still have good music being created!!!!
Noah Lovotti
Noah Lovotti - 4 years ago
Casimir1100 What does video games have to do with music? IF anything, it depends on the encouragement to be part of a specific trend to get noticed.
Dean Gullberry
Dean Gullberry - 5 years ago
if only all rock was like this.
aleaallee - 3 years ago
If music sounds as shitty as nowadays electronic, hip hop, house and pop music then music should be like it was in the 80's.
Juan Doria
Juan Doria - 4 years ago
pedritomelo people just don't understand. I like u
Sergio Alejandro G.R
Sergio Alejandro G.R - 4 years ago
see buckethead you motehfucker
pedritomelo - 4 years ago
Then it would be boring. Music needs to change
Anal Shipment
Anal Shipment - 5 years ago
Blues,newgrass, great tho.
boof studios
boof studios - 5 years ago
+Matt Woosley truth
Matt Woosley
Matt Woosley - 5 years ago
+Wilsh Likes Ramen this rocks
boof studios
boof studios - 5 years ago
this isn't rock
Jon Roberts
Jon Roberts - 5 years ago
SWIMMINGLY AWESOME....................................
bluestrapsify - 5 years ago
If youu taught   Steve  Vai     .    Who taught you  ..
Bailey Kislak
Bailey Kislak - 5 years ago
Leo B
Leo B - 5 years ago
Zach Richardson he dropped out of Berkley
Zach Richardson
Zach Richardson - 5 years ago
Berkeley college of music
Mike Itzenhuiser
Mike Itzenhuiser - 5 years ago
My brother and cousin have both mastered this song. I remember the day it was released. I was living in California and called my brother immediately and told him to go buy this album. It only took him a week and he was playing it
Richard Fisher
Richard Fisher - 3 years ago
They need to make a film of this
PandaGamer398 - 3 years ago
ya but compared to this crazy train is cake. In fact, crazy train is cake...
Colonel Angus
Colonel Angus - 3 years ago
I hate muh'fuckahz like that that can play anything on electric guitar, effortlessly. This dude i went to HS L.A. could play Crazy Train. It pissed me off.
Manuelito Cardenas
Manuelito Cardenas - 5 years ago
Ew you said mastered
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez - 5 years ago
came here from problem child 2
benden lastin
benden lastin - 5 years ago
I SEE BANDS LIKE THESE talented people like these. they were all very talented. but then in this new age rap shit these untalented fucking rapppers have the gall to say they are talented enough to be considered gods. man HAVE YOU HEARD ACDC? JOOE SATRIANI? VAN HALEN?like srsly. bon jovi<< i mean please PLEASE GOD BRING BACK GOOD MUSIC
THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI! - 5 years ago
When I realized that this song was on Rocksmith 2014, I shit my pants with excitement
Jon Craft
Jon Craft - 5 years ago
I feel like I'm playing a ninja turtles video game
Mike Limon
Mike Limon - 5 years ago
damn that was cool
Joe - 5 years ago
This song just gave me diabetes type 2....
Jacob Harris
Jacob Harris - 5 years ago
Yeah the song is pretty sweet :)
Drogs - 5 years ago
You sure that's not from all those donuts you ate?
Caleb Murray
Caleb Murray - 5 years ago
I feel like by saying I learned this on bass, I'm gonna get roasted, yet again, on how bass is the easiest instrument to play. ._.
Caleb Murray
Caleb Murray - 4 years ago
just got on YT and realized it's been a year since I learned this, so cool to see where you were in skill a year ago. This song is too easy for me to play so I had to go learn something a little harder lol
Ryan LeRoux
Ryan LeRoux - 4 years ago
+Caleb Murray Hey
Caleb Murray
Caleb Murray - 4 years ago
If I were cocky or jealous, I would bring other people down to make myself feel better, which is exactly what you're doing.
Ryan LeRoux
Ryan LeRoux - 4 years ago
+Caleb Murray Or you wanna prove you're a better bass player than most, for some reason
Caleb Murray
Caleb Murray - 4 years ago
Ryan LeRoux never said I don't push myself. Teen Town, every song Dirty Loops has ever made, classical music, currently working on Donna Lee, etc. So yeah.
Ryan LeRoux
Ryan LeRoux - 4 years ago
+Caleb Murray Music is about pushing yourself into pieces you aren't comfortable playing, and makes you struggle. It's not meant for you to sit back and think you're good because you can play quickly.
Ryan LeRoux
Ryan LeRoux - 4 years ago
+Caleb Murray Something that challenges you, don't settle for things that are easy, that's all.
Ryan LeRoux
Ryan LeRoux - 4 years ago
+Caleb Murray And no I'm not jealous, there are thousands of people better than me, but I at least know someone who doesn't appreciate music when I see it
Ryan LeRoux
Ryan LeRoux - 4 years ago
+Caleb Murray Clearly you aren't challenging yourself enough, no instrument is truly easy, you're just not competent enough to push yourself towards more difficult pieces of music
Caleb Murray
Caleb Murray - 4 years ago
Sanic 果てしないどきどき Flea is just.. Amazing if that's a way to explain him appropriately.
Caleb Murray
Caleb Murray - 4 years ago
juan perez Learned that :)
Caleb Murray
Caleb Murray - 4 years ago
Trent Stines I'll give it a shot! ☺️
Caleb Murray
Caleb Murray - 4 years ago
Ryan LeRoux and, what you just said makes you sound jealous. What, it's impossible for a bassist to learn this song? I think not.
Ryan LeRoux
Ryan LeRoux - 4 years ago
Caleb Murray Shitty bass players say that
juan perez
juan perez - 5 years ago
You should play Rush's YYZ in bass.
Trent Stines
Trent Stines - 5 years ago
Caleb Murray Want to prove you can play bass? Play the bass solo to "Metropolis" by Dream Theater. Or, if you can't play that, try "Domination" by Symphony X. Guitarists will envy you because those two songs have prominent bass parts.
Quinn Cassidy
Quinn Cassidy - 5 years ago
Maxwell Murder
Jesustr0n - 5 years ago
At least you're not like all of these self worshipping guitarists who state, "I've mastered this song!" That shit makes me cringe so hard.
HarvNut! - 5 years ago
John The Fisherman
Invisibilly - 5 years ago
jerry was a race car driver
no no no
no no no - 5 years ago
try learning some primus
Sanic Edgehog
Sanic Edgehog - 5 years ago
+Caleb Murray Try learning some chili peppers song and you'll probably eat those words
Cardinal Copia drinks coffee near Eiffel Tower
Cardinal Copia drinks coffee near Eiffel Tower - 5 years ago
This song lyrics are more intelligent than pop music lyrics
TheSty2000 - 2 years ago
that actually depends... ABBA had great lyrics, modern pop needs to be poured down the drain as it's below the gutter
party pizza
party pizza - 3 years ago
Most rock songs are
upplsuckimcool16 - 3 years ago
Your comment is more agreeable than one that would be less.
michał rosa
michał rosa - 3 years ago
Yuup you're right
PotericoAcousticMusic - 3 years ago
nope, it just mean "they think you are stupid, dont say anything or you will confirm that"
gaybutte - 3 years ago
It’s better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

(What does that mean? better say something fast or they’ll thing you’re stupid) “Takes one to know one!” (Swish)
MEME HELL - 3 years ago
John -Der Geist- Zensen
John -Der Geist- Zensen - 3 years ago
Agreed, but than again I could start spouting off random sentence fragments in Russian and sound more intelligent, I don't speak Russian, by the way, lol.
NiiNjAPanda - 3 years ago
I think you mean today's rap
miniyodadude - 3 years ago
that doesnt say much
Gee Hunt
Gee Hunt - 3 years ago
Mike Rutch They were not bad actually, reminiscent of queen i thought.
Eldritchkaiju - 3 years ago
PrinceCadance - 3 years ago
This is an instrumental..
zuri - 3 years ago
Sergio Alejandro G.R kinda not many people know buckethead
Shubham Dasgupta
Shubham Dasgupta - 3 years ago
That is too obvious.
zexeed - 3 years ago
pop music is literally popular music there is now specific style of pop
Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy - 3 years ago
In the Uk, The Darkness were the last Rock Band to be associated with Pop.
Bill Keaveney
Bill Keaveney - 3 years ago
I AM THE TABLE well said
Sergio Alejandro G.R
Sergio Alejandro G.R - 4 years ago
liek buckethead
pedritomelo - 4 years ago
Yeah but this assholes think pop and rock are two completley different things. That's why music sucks now
Noah Lovotti
Noah Lovotti - 4 years ago
Harambe Remember, when talking about older music and rock, pop means a kinda different thing.
James Tarrant
James Tarrant - 5 years ago
Well... You're not wrong.
Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy - 5 years ago
if you cross billy gibbons and eddie van halen
Riley - 5 years ago
████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!
Gonzalo Rosas
Gonzalo Rosas - 5 years ago
Anthony Killingsworth
Anthony Killingsworth - 5 years ago
Larry Bird
Larry Bird - 5 years ago
+Anthony Killingsworth STFU,..
Anthony Killingsworth
Anthony Killingsworth - 5 years ago
Cameron Palmer
Cameron Palmer - 5 years ago
THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI! - 5 years ago
Try playing on Rocksmith ( it's a game were you legit play the songs on a real guitar )
Alex Hooi
Alex Hooi - 5 years ago
Just.... A..... Few....... More........ Hours..... Of.................. Practice
randall scott burress
randall scott burress - 3 years ago
I was really pissed/ put red lipstick on me in yer pajamamas locked nme outside the dooor not bad joke ? got one for you?
brom_ elda
brom_ elda - 3 years ago
Alex Hooi I'm right there with ya, love the song but damn is it hard to play
Jac Patrick
Jac Patrick - 3 years ago
Alex Hooi years man years
Kudos - 4 years ago
sounds like your trying to be funny and failing judging from your username
Albert A
Albert A - 4 years ago
ahhhh what music and pop culture have come to...
Albert A
Albert A - 4 years ago
those girls at your school must be dumb af
Albert A
Albert A - 4 years ago
whaaaat????? howWW???!! does one not drown in pussy with this song!
Noah Lovotti
Noah Lovotti - 4 years ago
Why is this song one of the first in the rocksmith set list??
Miguel Quintanilla
Miguel Quintanilla - 5 years ago
im learning it right now just need more practice
SixtySilentSeconds - 5 years ago
finished the intro in 20 minutes xp
Mike Itzenhuiser
Mike Itzenhuiser - 5 years ago
My brother and cousin have both mastered this song. I remember the day it was released. I was living in California and called my brother immediately and told him to go buy this album.
MetallicaFan0503 - 5 years ago
just a few more lifetimes of practice for me....... and then i can play the first note
Alex Hooi
Alex Hooi - 5 years ago
SWIFTzTrigger - 5 years ago
+Alex Hooi Fair point
Alex Hooi
Alex Hooi - 5 years ago
+SWIFTzTrigger no, no i don't. If i did, It'd be up o my channel!
SWIFTzTrigger - 5 years ago
+Alex Hooi Do you have a vid?
Alex Hooi
Alex Hooi - 5 years ago
I performed it live at a high school concert with my band, unfortunately I didn't drown in pussy xD
SWIFTzTrigger - 5 years ago
+Alex Hooi Awesome!
Alex Hooi
Alex Hooi - 5 years ago
+SWIFTzTrigger slowly as well, glad to say i can play this song flawlessly now!
SWIFTzTrigger - 5 years ago
Practice smart. Master each lick separately
Alyunäe Onch
Alyunäe Onch - 5 years ago
+Alex Hooi Just a few mores Decades of practice , for me :p
licks n kicks
licks n kicks - 5 years ago
why no picture? Who really is playing?
VROTHER - 5 years ago
Merky Merky Music
Miguel Quintanilla
Miguel Quintanilla - 5 years ago
it sounded better in e flat tbh
Kaelan Scott Gardner
Kaelan Scott Gardner - 5 years ago
+felix ruffle You're right if someone covers a song it should be close to the original or expanded upon in some way by the artist. It's shouldn't be "a try". You can criticize someone for making a bad cover.
felix ruffle
felix ruffle - 5 years ago
Ok, I see.  Now I guess I have to be a 5 star chef to not like foods, be a professional player to be upset my team lost, and a total guitar maniac to criticize someone else's playing.  LOGIC
DizzyK1D - 5 years ago
+felix ruffle id like to see you try fuckface
fish - 5 years ago
+felix ruffle im no guitar wizard
but he did state he played it in E flat so thats maybe why it sounds like he played it wrong?
felix ruffle
felix ruffle - 5 years ago
No, just no. He messed up so many times during that cover.

100. comment for Joe Satriani-Satch Boogie

psycho & girly
psycho & girly - 5 years ago
I'm incapable of playing that on rocksmith
THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI! - 5 years ago
Damarcos29 - 5 years ago
+Assar Rönningen you know what now? cliffs of dover, enough said xD
Yesto - 5 years ago
30 difficulty and i get 80%. so many jumps man
MuS-DOS - 5 years ago
+Assar Rönningen im having a bit of truoble with spirit of the radio, however on the first attempt of this i just gave up
Damarcos29 - 5 years ago
+Assar Rönningen yep, joe satriani is on the guitar side lol
RandomSwede - 5 years ago
+Damarcos29 altough it's easy on a base guitar
Damarcos29 - 5 years ago
+Assar Rönningen just saw it, it is still a lot easier. Satch boogie is a terribly hard song that requires some good level of technical skill lol
Damarcos29 - 5 years ago
+Damarcos29 comparing bass to guitar aren't we? never seen the bass tabs because I don't play bass lol.
RandomSwede - 5 years ago
+Damarcos29 try playing on a base guitar.
RandomSwede - 5 years ago
+Damarcos29 try playing on a base guitar.
Damarcos29 - 5 years ago
+Assar Rönningen spirit of the radio is sooooo much easier than this song
RandomSwede - 5 years ago
then I think you haven't played "the spirit of radio"
MickeyD - 5 years ago
I feel like I'm being sent to Heaven or some other plane of existence when I hear the Solo.
Adi - 6 years ago
I came here because of Murk Fusic
Alan Bowers
Alan Bowers - 6 years ago
Holy crap, he is the mean motherfucker on guitar, damn straight.
Tom Cloke
Tom Cloke - 3 years ago
yeah but this was like 1987 like more than 30 years ago!!!
Bang Bang
Bang Bang - 6 years ago
There was 20 second rap song ad for febreeze prior to this video. I will never buy febreeze again.
GEWDFERYEW - 3 years ago
get adblock
Reese Iannacone
Reese Iannacone - 3 years ago
That’s nothing ... there is a rapper called lil windex .. and windex is his gimmick.. did I mention my faith in the universe is gone?
Anthony Seneca
Anthony Seneca - 5 years ago
+Patrick Maley I'm sorry about that experience lol
Damarcos29 - 5 years ago
SammehEatWorld - 6 years ago
I've figured it out.

This guy writes electric guitar etudes.

Like, with any other instrument an etude is a piece of music designed to test the skill of the player.

This is no exception.
mikeypowell - 6 years ago
The fact that its done over a bass drum shuffle is ridiculous
SickMetalAddict - 6 years ago
Is it just me or does that surfing alien have a pink penis?
Damarcos29 - 5 years ago
the background reflection over the rear part of his legs, now then, thanks for ruining it for me as I'll be picturing a penis from now on.
RandomSwede - 5 years ago
+SickMetalAddict hands off?!
Scott Hoffman
Scott Hoffman - 6 years ago
+SickMetalAddict its the light reflecting on the back of his foot
SickMetalAddict - 6 years ago
+Nicky DePallo FINE ='((((
SickMetalAddict - 6 years ago
+Nicky DePallo That's mine!! hands off -.-
SickMetalAddict - 6 years ago
+Nicky DePallo It's actually the background, took me a while before I noticed it but yeah... Still creative LOL
SickMetalAddict - 6 years ago
+Nicky DePallo But he's got a thing between his legs that I'm fond of, and its pink! O_O
Jeff Toth Music
Jeff Toth Music - 6 years ago
can someone please help me collect the pieces of my blown mind from the floor?
chase smith
chase smith - 3 years ago
Gonna need a miracle for that
Mop Head666
Mop Head666 - 4 years ago
Jeff Toth Music damn boy if it got as blown as mime you're gonna need a bucket and mop
Regional One Official
Regional One Official - 5 years ago
+Jeff Toth Music haha amazing :P
Rocky Tuck
Rocky Tuck - 6 years ago
Ha ha yes, mine too?
PupSoGameing - 6 years ago
I can beat it on medium
ThatGuyTim - 6 years ago
I know this song from a Yamaha demo midi, when I found out that it was an actual song I was like "HOLY SHIT" those were the days.
Jaceblue04 - 6 years ago
The hardest guitar track in Guitar Hero World Tour.
Sonia Enriquez
Sonia Enriquez - 2 years ago
Its easy
Barry Berry
Barry Berry - 3 years ago
+Tao Long lmao mr. Crowley?
saiber 98
saiber 98 - 4 years ago
Jaceblue04 nop is the second after hot for teacher
Patrick - 4 years ago
I can make it through all of those songs without much effort, this one still fucks me over at the low string tapping point every single time.
THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI! - 5 years ago
+Damarcos29 same
AUSTEN KONZ - 5 years ago
+Tao Long So can I
Damarcos29 - 5 years ago
And here I am, trying to play in rocksmith xD
big kev
big kev - 5 years ago
+mihroma and I'm sure you can play it on real guitar, right...
Agregát - 5 years ago
Guitar hero is for pussies
RandomSwede - 5 years ago
+Tao Long play the spirit of radio, if you now are as good as you're saying.
big kev
big kev - 5 years ago
+Tao Long Yeah, as if. I doubt you're an actual guitarist if you're saying this. Some self taught pro on the internet...
Deere55 - 5 years ago
+Jaceblue04 Whoopie fucking doo
Obama - 5 years ago
+Tao Long isn't music all about experimentation? I don't see how that would make his music more or less technical, I personally think joe has a solid understanding of jazz metal and rock and fuses it together in a coherent manner. I don't see pantera as a fair comparison to joe since they're different. I love both bands for their unique take on music!
Tao Long
Tao Long - 5 years ago
+Pedro Omar Soto mate, I'm not trolling, I'm speaking the truth
el que te hace berrear
el que te hace berrear - 5 years ago
+Tao Long Sure, now you said that, i know you are trolling
Tao Long
Tao Long - 5 years ago
+Pedro Omar Soto ermm, listen dumbass, yngwie and pantera are much more technical, most of satriani's solos sound like experiments
el que te hace berrear
el que te hace berrear - 5 years ago
+Tao Long LOL IM DYING, Pantera harder than joe satriani? LOOOOOOOL, try any shawn lane insane lick or any jason becker song (way much better than Malmsteen)
Tao Long
Tao Long - 5 years ago
+Pedro Omar Soto  usually songs by pantera and yngwie malmsteen
el que te hace berrear
el que te hace berrear - 5 years ago
+Tao Long what do you usually play?
Jackson Kellams
Jackson Kellams - 5 years ago
+Tao Long It's for sure Satch Boogie. B.Y.O.B, Mr. Crowley and Scream Aim Fire aren't quite close. Hot for Teacher is a very very close second.
Tao Long
Tao Long - 6 years ago
+Tom Hickson I taught myself how to play, and satch boogie is easier than what I usually play,
Tom Hickson
Tom Hickson - 6 years ago
+Hank Wolfman have you ever tried playing it on the guitar ... I'm doing it for grade 8 and its a lot more difficult than any guitar hero game
Cool Guys & Cal
Cool Guys & Cal - 6 years ago
+Hank Wolfman tru fuckin dat
Tao Long
Tao Long - 6 years ago
+FreshBagelz I've been playing for years, ,  hot for teacher, one, through the fire and flames are great examples of something being more complicated on guitar hero than on real guitar
MrHinkey - 6 years ago
+Tao Long Do you play guitar? Because I do, and I don't think it's harder on a game lol
Tao Long
Tao Long - 6 years ago
+FreshBagelz it is, trust me 
MrHinkey - 6 years ago
+Hank Wolfman I doubt it's actually easier on real guitar. 

It just seems so hard on guitar hero because it's a game. People (with lives) typically won't play guitar hero for hours a day everyday, where as actual passionate guitar players usually will play guitar that much.
Hank Wolfman
Hank Wolfman - 6 years ago
+FreshBagelz It may well be easier on an actual guitar. All I know is that my hand gets VERY cramped when I'm trying to mash the buttons for such a long period of time to the point that, if I make it through the solo, I actually have to pause the game for about five minutes just to get my hands to work again XD
Tao Long
Tao Long - 6 years ago
ik, I can play the entire song
MrHinkey - 6 years ago
+Hank Wolfman That's pretty funny because the "zigzagging" or tapping part is actually the easiest part on real guitar XD
Hank Wolfman
Hank Wolfman - 6 years ago
+Tao Long Satch Boogie is harder solely because of the zigzagging in the middle for a really long time. It causes cramp like no other song in the game!
Futurian B
Futurian B - 6 years ago
+IDropKickAsians Agreed, Satch Boogie is the hardest song in the game
TheDude - 6 years ago
+Tao Long Satch boogie is harder. In the game and real life.
Tao Long
Tao Long - 6 years ago
+Jaceblue04 no it's not........... B.Y.O.B, hot for teacher, scream aim fire and mr Crowley are the hardest
Willy Whitten
Willy Whitten - 6 years ago
Cleanquick  pickin'!! Nice tone, a masterful touch...Ole'!!
Mathwiz100 - 6 years ago
God Bless Joe. Nice music! Fun and funky song!!! Love it!
ChilledVenom - 6 years ago
Like if M3RKMU1C sent you
UNSC Helljumper
UNSC Helljumper - 6 years ago
M3rks cover is better
Φιλιππος - 6 years ago
So this man is the father of jazz metal?
Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams - 6 years ago
+basstaman79 nah
Exo 2025
Exo 2025 - 6 years ago
Merkmusic Anyone?
Nathan 2k3
Nathan 2k3 - 6 years ago
+Jose Ramirez no
Mykol - 6 years ago
jjojjorge - 6 years ago
It reminds me of 'I'm the one' by Van Halen.
Anton Lundstedt
Anton Lundstedt - 3 years ago
Imothep Eddie was definately not satriani’s student
Tom Cloke
Tom Cloke - 3 years ago
im the one is hardcore the guitarwork in that is insane
xcyzek - 4 years ago
van halen's first album had i'm the one and eruption on it and it was released before satriani's career even started-
Imothep - 4 years ago
That's because Eddie was Satrianis student ;)
Rocky Tuck
Rocky Tuck - 6 years ago
I know right! Both are great, and I MEAN GREAT songs!
protoskype - 6 years ago
great song
D Isaac Faddis
D Isaac Faddis - 6 years ago
Was Eddie Van Halen one of his inspirations? Cause I hear some Van Halen in there.
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez - 6 years ago
Joe satriani is silver surfers??? :-D
Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker - 6 years ago
this is how it should be done :)
Ghost4469 - 6 years ago
Ari Ochoa
Ari Ochoa - 6 years ago
This is boring.
armypopp - 6 years ago
Lol try playing it yourself ^-^
Shredlord - 6 years ago
What song is this?
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez - 6 years ago
Joe satriani is silver surfers??? :-D
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez - 6 years ago
Joe Satriani
SPONDNO8 - 6 years ago
God don't I miss players like this .. pushing it to the max!
DereMemo - 7 years ago
This is not a song, just a show..
Danny - 6 years ago
+Marcin Rutkowski that's the best way to settle it haha
Marcin Rutkowski
Marcin Rutkowski - 6 years ago
+David Chidsey its called a track, its a track
Egbrt Enoch
Egbrt Enoch - 6 years ago
+AJ Taylor A capella is vocals only, smartass. It literally means "in the manner of the chapel', ie: a choir. This piece is a guitar composition. A capella would be 'song' by 3rd definition, sound produced by animals. Calling this piece, Satch Boogie, a song isn't wrong it is merely inaccurate and vague. Composition would fit better. I consider guitars a family of harp or lute so it wouldn't be too much a stretch to call it a psalm.
Harley Riot
Harley Riot - 6 years ago
Songs do not have to have lyrics there are many types of genres which the songs don't have lyrics this type of song is classed as an instrumental song others like acapella don't have instruments but is still classed as a song it's all different genres of music
Danny - 6 years ago
Ah... Fair enough
Ian Boylan
Ian Boylan - 6 years ago
+Danny Pearce I was talking about nikilo or whatever his name was. He attacked you for no reason and was nitpicking everything you said :p
Danny - 6 years ago
+Ianthebassist i hope you are not reffering to me me... I wasnt being a snob. I was actually being the opposite. The original commenter was the snob. and what i said, has proved that point
Ian Boylan
Ian Boylan - 6 years ago
+OddTimeMan he is nitpicking though just to try put the guy down, which is ridiculous. He knew exactly what the other guy meant, he was just being a snob to piss him off.
OddTimeMan - 6 years ago
+Danny Pearce  A song doesn't necessarily have to have lyrics. It's still a song if you scat, yodel, hum, or whistle the melody. And another definition of song is:
~ a series of musical sounds that are produced by a bird or an animal (such as a whale)

So I don't think it's far-fetched to call it a song if the melody is played with an instrument.
David Chidsey
David Chidsey - 6 years ago
+Danny Pearce Danny is correct.  A "Song" is sung.  This piece is an instrumental on the level of a classical sonata
Danny - 6 years ago
+nicolhaidi by people who dont know what they are talking about.
nicolhaidi - 6 years ago
I get what you mean, I know that technically a song should have someone singing in it, but what I was trying to say is that the term "song" is often used to describe instrumentals. 
BloodPaladin88 - 6 years ago
+nicolhaidi No such thing. A "song" is "sung" by a "singer". A "song" needs to have "singing". This music has just instruments, so it can't be a "song".
Danny - 6 years ago
+nicolhaidi look it up if you dont believe me. Its not a song without a vocal part. It isnt rocket science.
nicolhaidi - 6 years ago
also called instrumental song.
Danny - 6 years ago
+nicolhaidi yes they do.... The clue is in the word song. Song..... Sing.... Sound similar to you? It is not classed as a song without lyrics on the track. It is instrumental music.
nicolhaidi - 6 years ago
Not all songs have lyrics
Danny - 6 years ago
+nicolhaidi and what about my statement would make you assume I'm "3 or something" it isn't untrue.
Danny - 6 years ago
Don't respond to a comment if you don't understand why i made it, cause clearly. You dont
nicolhaidi - 6 years ago
+Danny Pearce Songs have lyrics... are you like 3 or something?
Danny - 6 years ago
You are kind of missing the point. Songs have lyrics, This doesnt. It is a piece of virtuosic guitar music.
Chas Williams
Chas Williams - 6 years ago
and what a show !!!!!
Tom Cloke
Tom Cloke - 6 years ago
It was the 80s everything was a show
Fun House
Fun House - 6 years ago
A show off
michael johns
michael johns - 7 years ago
i know all the lyrics to this song :3
GT Rico
GT Rico - 3 years ago
michael johns there are no lyrics in this song.
redcat608 - 4 years ago
Invisibilly - 5 years ago
yup the lyrics are ba da bum ba dum
Damarcos29 - 5 years ago
I like the part where he sings
JC Rocks
JC Rocks - 6 years ago
+michael johns And I wrote them all xD
justbrandonll - 6 years ago
Oh man XD
TheKrysa112 - 6 years ago
The Green Punk
The Green Punk - 7 years ago
and Kirk Hammond
The Green Punk
The Green Punk - 7 years ago
guys you know Joe Satriani trained Van Halen right?
Obama - 5 years ago
Source? I couldn't find any info on that
Jackson Instah
Jackson Instah - 7 years ago
On rocksmith 2014 I'm sitting comfortably at 19.4%. I'm not complaining
Calvin DiBartolo
Calvin DiBartolo - 3 years ago
rockband 3 I hit 92% XD
Axelovskji - 3 years ago
100% :D (on bass *cough*)
MrDrSirJr - 4 years ago
Jackson Instah On GH World Tour I'm at 64% right now
felix ruffle
felix ruffle - 5 years ago
+Peter Stangl I found passing a lot of songs on rocksmith harder than actually playing. WAYYYYY easier to read tab.
Peter Stangl
Peter Stangl - 6 years ago
+Jackson Instah on rocksmith on 87 % :) but if i play over an amp it sounds terrible ;)
Quimerateck - 6 years ago
+Kareem M
agreed, too hard for btw xD
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick - 7 years ago
LOL I'm at like 4.2% xD
Joshua Lyle
Joshua Lyle - 7 years ago
Started learning this. No joke, had a dream THAT NIGHT that my B string broke practicing this
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 3 years ago
I had a dream where her g string fell off
Gary B
Gary B - 6 years ago
+Jon A I've had the same Ernie Ball Titanium strings on my electric for over three years with no breaks at all. I decided to try them one day after my 7th set of regular strings just because of the high E breaking constantly
Les Paul
Les Paul - 6 years ago
+Ben Kates I have that problem when I try and use 9's xD
TheWonderfulMisterNoob - 6 years ago
+Ben Kates ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
MAN - 6 years ago
I had a dream last night that my A string broke.
TheWonderfulMisterNoob - 6 years ago
I know that feel.
Gabbo 95
Gabbo 95 - 7 years ago
the first part reminds me Steve Vai's Juice xD
SargNickFury - 6 years ago
Satriani taught Vai...
doom3man666 - 7 years ago
silver surfer?
Kailo Ren
Kailo Ren - 7 years ago
Playing this gave me wanker's cramp...
Pekka Kämäri
Pekka Kämäri - 7 years ago
Horrorfreak106 - 7 years ago
Silver Surfer has a great taste in music! Reminds me of Eddie Van Halen!
James C
James C - 3 years ago
Yep and before it was Van Halen, it was ZZ Top. Van Halen learned for the best!
Dr. Sawcon M.D
Dr. Sawcon M.D - 3 years ago
SargNickFury Eddie could destroy Satriani, as for Vai, I feel it would be a tie
SargNickFury - 6 years ago
Certainly is....and I stand by it...
SargNickFury - 6 years ago
As if Eddie could ever keep up with Satriani....or Vai....:P
SabreMetalPanzer - 7 years ago
The intro reminds me of "Sinner's Swing!" quite a bit. What I'd say is that Joe's got inspirations from alllllll over.
iapor - 7 years ago
Eddie Van Halen 100%100
Jonor Nokturl
Jonor Nokturl - 7 years ago
my strings broke playing this
Jonor Nokturl
Jonor Nokturl - 5 years ago
Plus it was the last of the strings I was using so they got a lil too old
Jonor Nokturl
Jonor Nokturl - 5 years ago
My strings only broke cz I play really hard sometimes
Martin Roussev
Martin Roussev - 6 years ago
+Jeff Strout A broken string is a sign of somebody who doesn't replace/maintain his strings long enough! Also could be a dodgy brand!
Tom Cloke
Tom Cloke - 6 years ago
+Uncle Jo Music you were pulling off?? Gawd that's a bit dirty!!!
Uncle Jo Music
Uncle Jo Music - 7 years ago
Lol its the pull offs that got me
Messerschmitt - 7 years ago
All this game guitar player around the world. Joe start playing guitar with 15 or 16 i think. you can play this too on a real guitar and i think this is much better than in a game!!! its never to late to learn Guitar
TheKrepen - 7 years ago
Listen here youtube, there is NO such thing as the best guitarist. On another note this song is freakin timeless!
Anthony Aman
Anthony Aman - 7 years ago
I riff repeated myself too far... that doesnt generally happen to me in rocksmith because I have played guitar for years but this one is crazy! I would recommend rocksmith to beginners and even the best guitar players. Its the funnest way to build skill and will always have something to challenge your ability
Arixess - 7 years ago
Lol so far that hasn't even helped me with this!!!
Filippos Geragidis
Filippos Geragidis - 7 years ago
Such boogie, much enjoy...
Aprilion Orange
Aprilion Orange - 3 years ago
Satch boogie, match enjoy
Aerys II Targaryen
Aerys II Targaryen - 7 years ago
This does remind me of Van Halen... awesome :D
sopersoon - 7 years ago
Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush Threepwood - 7 years ago
There's a music university that i thought i would apply for. Then i found out that if you're a guitar player, this is the song you have to play at the ENTRANCE EXAMS. Yeah, not gonna happen.
Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush Threepwood - 7 years ago
+jim buchens Nah, it's a different system in Finland. No tuition fees for any higher education degrees. Only thing you have to pay for is your books and depending on your parents income, you can get them "free" as well in the form of student allowance. Studying here is practically free, at least when compared to the US. 
jim buchens
jim buchens - 7 years ago
they don't really care if you can play it.
what they really want to know is if you can afford it... the tuition, i mean.
Vinny Bologna
Vinny Bologna - 7 years ago
I just looked how crazy it was on Rocksmith. Yeah, not happening anytime soon. Lol
Calico MortyCash
Calico MortyCash - 7 years ago
If you're having a bad day you can just listen to this song and everything's ok again
gigas81 - 7 years ago
That Man Can Play. Pay Him His Money.
Rion Hepburn
Rion Hepburn - 7 years ago
absolute insanity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
President Of Wiz
President Of Wiz - 7 years ago
Lauren Brender
Lauren Brender - 7 years ago
all im saying is damn you guitar hero on tour, this one was an absolute pig to play on any difficulty!
Hector Antias
Hector Antias - 3 years ago
Wow people must be stupid or something. Of course if you are Malmsteen and you have never tried Guitar Hero then it will be harder for you on the game. The guy here was saying that the game skills can be learned more easily.
crazydanielkl - 4 years ago
Lauren Brender play it on rocksmith that is hard
Goose McBruce
Goose McBruce - 4 years ago
The Zig Zag solo is a bitch, other then that its not too hard
Kotonoha Katsura
Kotonoha Katsura - 4 years ago
THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI! - 5 years ago
+Alex Lambi (Aouzy) it appears you've just been waiting for people to say something about their real accomplishments so you can try and put them down with you shit insults like, "lol nobody cares," and, "nobody cares faggot," because you feel bad about the fact that you've never done anything with your life.
THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI! - 5 years ago
Guitar hero is for pussies, I'm playing this shit on Rocksmith
Red Green
Red Green - 6 years ago
+Aouzy Schaf b8s baybee
Alex Lambi
Alex Lambi - 6 years ago
+Red Green lol nobody cares
Red Green
Red Green - 6 years ago
100% on real guitar nerds.
Mike Scanlan
Mike Scanlan - 7 years ago
+piano2825 Malmsteen is not difficult. It's just fast, theres really not much rythymn involved, you're only focusing on speed which really isn't that difficult.
Ron McKickass
Ron McKickass - 7 years ago
I agree completely, I played when I was a teen and when those games came out I just could not get the rhythm down in the game. I never knew when to pick, it was so obnoxious. So I would learn some of the songs on the game but on real wood, and outplay the guys when they played the game... Can you say, DUPED!
Kenny Gates
Kenny Gates - 7 years ago
+subversive775 show's that you know nothing about guitars. Truth is, for any experienced guitarist, the real thing is easier. For example, Metallica's Master of Puppets is easier on real guitar for me, even the solo.
piano2825 - 7 years ago
meh I learned it in two weeks real guitar. its not that difficult.
difficult = malmsteen that man is a god
wade P
wade P - 7 years ago
+subversive775 I'd have to somewhat side with stefan in the sense that its harder BECAUSE its not a real guitar, a real guitar feels more responsive wehn tapping and the action on guitar hero controllers is eww
subversive775 - 7 years ago
+Stefan Elbl lol wat? you're a tard. guitar hero harder than playing a real guitar. gtfo
Stefan Elbl
Stefan Elbl - 7 years ago
+Corncob Porkpie To be fair, the tapping is harder on GH than on real guitar
davidkubat1 - 7 years ago
+Liam Lilley I prefer six string because i love the sound but bass still very sexy instrument =D
Liam Lilley
Liam Lilley - 7 years ago
+davidkubat1 This is why I'm glad I'm a bassist not a Lead Guitarist :P
Jon Peterson
Jon Peterson - 7 years ago
+Khorne Berzerker Aw man you got me! 103.7 on Bass over here. I use it to regain my confidence after trying it on 6 string over and over 
davidkubat1 - 7 years ago
+Khorne Berzerker still you are a beast
Clownpiece - 7 years ago
+Jon Peterson 104%, but that's on bass.
Jon Peterson
Jon Peterson - 7 years ago
+Jordan Renaud Respect. Jordan, you have mine.
Jordan Renaud
Jordan Renaud - 7 years ago
+Jon Peterson
Jon Peterson
Jon Peterson - 7 years ago
I am sitting on a solid 20.3% on that song on Rocksmith 2014 and dang proud! 
Lauren Brender
Lauren Brender - 7 years ago
Im hoping to get Rocksmith, so I shall tell you then
davidkubat1 - 7 years ago
try it in rocksmith 2014 on any difficulty then you can say its hard. =D
Murdock fin
Murdock fin - 7 years ago
la mejor
SeivelN Twitch Highlights
SeivelN Twitch Highlights - 7 years ago
I'd just like to point out that surfing alien looks like he has a rigid pink erection coming from he knees :P
Lemmy K. Is God
Lemmy K. Is God - 2 years ago
Uh huh huh He said rigid Uh huh huh
Hridayan Phukan
Hridayan Phukan - 3 years ago
SeivelN Twitch Highlights youre a rigid pink erection
David - 3 years ago
damn! ahah
Very Christianboi
Very Christianboi - 3 years ago
Electrum 55
Electrum 55 - 4 years ago
That's Silver Surfer on the front
Derp Herpston
Derp Herpston - 7 years ago
FINALLY somebody else agrees
zombiiination - 7 years ago
Thanks guys, that all i can think about when i look at it now :P 
Liam Lilley
Liam Lilley - 7 years ago
I noticed that too! I thought I was just being dirty minded, damn
cromerholt - 7 years ago
I thought I was the only one.
DevastatingDave - 7 years ago
Haha dude Ive been learning this song for a couple weeks now and every time I load this vid up I always think the exact same thing!
Charlie Pounder
Charlie Pounder - 7 years ago
lol rocksmyth. all i gotta say is. GOOD FN LUCK
ImSoOld1997 - 8 years ago
I once got high while driving and this came on the radio, it was like playing crusin' USA
stpierreorama - 4 years ago
Freakin hilarious! I can relate
John Doe
John Doe - 7 years ago
awesome post
Joelyshreds89 - 8 years ago
needadonut - 8 years ago
Wicked Wonka
Wicked Wonka - 8 years ago
It's on guitar hero world tour and rocksmith 2014
Banond - 7 years ago
And Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades
nyxdarkness1 - 8 years ago
I believe that was on Rockband, not on Guitar Hero, unless it's on one of the very last ones to be released at this point. Either way, it was a very good addition in terms of being fun to play.
Ménif Maxence
Ménif Maxence - 8 years ago
Check to songsterrs ;)
kevin gosein
kevin gosein - 8 years ago
It's on rock smith 2014 >_>
Patrick Vincent Aquino
Patrick Vincent Aquino - 8 years ago
Imagine on rocksmith
Daniel Pelosi
Daniel Pelosi - 8 years ago
i remember this being soo hard on guitar hero
metalman20 - 8 years ago
oh my god this song is going to be so fucking hard to learn on rocksmith.................. I can't wait
tokk3n - 8 years ago
yeah, I believe that have it on piratebaydotsx
RunninUpOnYa - 8 years ago
Anyone have a tab for this?
McFro95 - 8 years ago
The only bits that I find really tricky is the harmonics and the random super-fast tapped trill section :L Cheers for the advice, Rainbow Dash lmao
Engie - 8 years ago
Eh, once you have your hands used to the shapes, it's alright. It's mostly just pentatonic licks, and the tapping solo is fairly repetetive and easy to get used to. Play it enough, and it won't seem too hard c:
Engie - 8 years ago
Reply button's there for a reason, friend.
McFro95 - 8 years ago
This is takes the complete steaming piss to play.
Celthann - 8 years ago
*On guitare hero expert..* Cool.. Easy... cool... medium.. cool .. 1:50 VVVVTTTTFFEIORGNURNRPOIGNRPIUGRNPEJ%UHJNUJNE
Caleb McEnroe
Caleb McEnroe - 8 years ago
Joe Satriani is an instrumental band he has no lyrics except for one of his albums, I forgot which one though.
RaRdEvA - 8 years ago
Burn those that disliked this song before they lay eggs! D:
SoulServerX - 8 years ago
Or maybe they're disliking the low quality of the upload, but it's not really like one should come to youtube expecting flac quality streams.
Asylum - 8 years ago
While on the subject of Guitar hero, a good song choice was Green grass and high tides. It was pretty extensive but a great choice.
Ethan Q.
Ethan Q. - 8 years ago
Scream aim fire actually wasnt hard for me...
Ethan Q.
Ethan Q. - 8 years ago
World tour hates me
UncleZipper - 8 years ago
Bah... theory isn't a rulebook. You go by what sounds good, not what looks right on paper.
Kenny G
Kenny G - 8 years ago
Post the lyrics?
A Rock
A Rock - 8 years ago
Well actually (And this completes the circle), in the movie Crossroads from 1986... This happens. It's similar to the Charlie Daniels tune where the protagonist has to beat the devil in a contest. The main differences are it IS guitar, and it's NOT the devil. Rather, it's the devil's guitarist. Who might that be? Steve Vai. Who taught Steve Vai? Joe Satriani.
Caleb McEnroe
Caleb McEnroe - 8 years ago
who can POSSIBLY dislike this i mean seriously satch is probably the best guitarist of all time and i am not saying that is an opinion is is pretty much the best guitar player of all time.
Jonathan Estrada
Jonathan Estrada - 8 years ago
giggityguy - 8 years ago
yeah totally; ive played guitar for about 4 years now and its always funny how guitar hero can be so much harder sometimes
Adam Žaludko
Adam Žaludko - 8 years ago
in real life ... that part is easier than you think
McFro95 - 8 years ago
I chose this for my A2 level music performance at college Nice knowing you all
ChrisPC11 - 8 years ago
If the Silver Surfer can ride to this, I'd hate to see how much of a face-melter Galactus music is.
Filippo Mazzoni
Filippo Mazzoni - 8 years ago
mattmartin1299 - 8 years ago
Greatest. Guitarist. Ever.
giggityguy - 8 years ago
in fact it is. i can speak from experience, in that i play real guitar as well, that a song like this is actually harder on guitar hero than on guitar, since nearly all of the super fast shredding parts in this song are two handed techniques on the guitar, but in guitar hero you're stuck using just five buttons with your left hand
TheCanadianToker1 - 8 years ago
yes, because guitar hero is sooooo hard right? lmfao
Braden - 8 years ago
Or "Scream Aim Fire".
Bryan Natusch
Bryan Natusch - 8 years ago
Sorry for my delayed response and also apologize that you are unfamiliar with hypothetical speaking.
giggityguy - 8 years ago
1:50 - dear god how many times did this section cause me to fail this song on expert. it was the very last one and it took me forever to beat it
John Salata
John Salata - 8 years ago
Speed of dark, I'm not sure I learned you shook me all night long and then I learned this 4 years later haha it was unfathomable at the time for me so it really depends on how mentally fit you are haha
lulubelle26 - 8 years ago
Great player......but Eddie Van Halen is better..... I respect Satriani,but when he goes off saying he is a better player than he said a few years back,then he needs to reevaluate his words.....his hammer on s are copying the master.....guess who??lol,lol..his scale playing?? guess who?? boogie fret board playing?? guess who?.......accept your master dude....
Rocktecho - 8 years ago
..... Is that pink thing between the alien's legs it's dick?
MaLaKaThIsS - 8 years ago
Watch G3 Live in Tokyo and you'll get your answer :P
peniosasdasd - 8 years ago
Goes from rockabilly riffs to full on tantric shredding seamlessly.
jacobwalters85 - 8 years ago
Yeah, but can he play Smoke on the Water?
Tacuruu - 8 years ago
I play rock band and my wrists hurt after just LISTENING to this song.
Sigh Co. Bassist
Sigh Co. Bassist - 8 years ago
I can click on my CD player with my feet too! :)
Sigh Co. Bassist
Sigh Co. Bassist - 8 years ago
Yes, on the very easy setting, where one botton click equals 20 seconds of the music haha
TheEpicRandomNinjar - 8 years ago
This song is easy...provided you have 26 arms
Dan F.
Dan F. - 8 years ago
Learned this song, feels so good
Chaldean4life91 - 8 years ago
Brandon Adams
Brandon Adams - 8 years ago
Acquire 2 Marshall 1960b 412 cabs and a JVM410H or plexi for power section. Run computer to power section then to cabs. turn to "11" Enjoy :D
TeamFlamingStones - 8 years ago
Well...I think broly's point was that both Kirk Hammett and Steve Vai were taught by Joe Satriani :)
theravens drummer
theravens drummer - 8 years ago
you wish you were fortunate enough to be either of them to be taught by satch? did you forget that they are also amazing guitarists? you'd be more than fortunate, you'd have a fortune :P
heliX!!! - 8 years ago
love this song recently learnt it on my guitar
Crawford Oberson
Crawford Oberson - 8 years ago
I can do this... please give me 3 more guitars
Jamie Lewis
Jamie Lewis - 8 years ago
cum drunk, i'm sure
Corey Ipsen
Corey Ipsen - 8 years ago
good stuff no doubt
MEGALOMANIACON - 8 years ago
This whole album is kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Margaux177 - 8 years ago
Sounds similar to Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" -- kind of an extended instrumental version. Good stuff!
Jasper - 8 years ago
i think not lol
Thibault dup
Thibault dup - 8 years ago
This song is very easy... at guitar hero
0CaiusVirusia0 - 8 years ago
haha I see what you did there XD wait . . . no I didn't . . . could you . . . could you slow your rockin down for a sec? No? No, ok that's ok, I'll just air guitar then ._.
IceColdKoopa - 9 years ago
you i like
Will Fly
Will Fly - 9 years ago
Apparently you've never heard "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" or "Tribute".
Nickenator8 - 9 years ago
Pfft, I can play this with my feet >.>
donaldgosling - 9 years ago
Satch and ZZ Top jamming this.. heaven!!!
Craig McMurray
Craig McMurray - 9 years ago
Left one anyway.
TheTobiGuy - 9 years ago
I learned it, not one of his most complex songs but still a great composition
Håkon Dekkerhus
Håkon Dekkerhus - 9 years ago
That Riff o.o
TheTobiGuy - 9 years ago
Honestly its not that hard to learn but if you look at it from a musical perspective its a great composition very inspiring
Bryan Natusch
Bryan Natusch - 9 years ago
Whoever disliked this couldn't play a lick to save their lives.
bwu1796 - 9 years ago
HeavyMeiTal88 - 9 years ago
hey guys! i'm using this awesome song for joe's 'master satriani' contest. i put my video in these comments and i could sure use your help to win! just a subscription counts as a vote. many thanks!
95MagnusArias - 9 years ago
longview3000 - 9 years ago
Joe and Drummer is intense
Ozan Guney
Ozan Guney - 9 years ago
co za asy.
uppertaka - 9 years ago
HAHA fuck yea 8D
adrian doar
adrian doar - 9 years ago
i like turtles
Remy Heeringa
Remy Heeringa - 9 years ago
Remy Heeringa
Remy Heeringa - 9 years ago
Metaclock - 9 years ago
Guitar Hero = Dead
Umbri Lagswitch
Umbri Lagswitch - 9 years ago
Haha, I had to buy new ones.
JDrockerDUDE - 9 years ago
hahahaha good one.
Chowbizful - 9 years ago
My dick is so strong listening to this song ! ( it rhymes ! )
Krieglocke - 9 years ago
Krieglocke - 9 years ago
I learned that with ouhhh... Guitar.....swallow all your
Dasptheraccoon - 9 years ago
God bless the Turtle Beaches :3
PunchingTr33s - 9 years ago
5 out of the 637 who rated this song had down syndrome
Louis van Loon
Louis van Loon - 9 years ago
some one fucking teach me how to do this
DangerousPOSSE - 9 years ago
0:52 fucking ridiculous
LaxFanatic28 - 9 years ago
Your likes definitely went to 11 though.
jimmypageclone - 9 years ago
Now I see where Mr. Vai got his inspiration for "Juice"
Noah - 9 years ago
Pfft, I can play this song easily on air guitar :)
cephestus - 9 years ago
try on the real guitar!
Ashiido54310 - 9 years ago
mikedonn71 - 9 years ago
Steve Vai is a student of Satriani, so this makes sense. You don't take lessons from someone beneath your level of expertise.
mikedonn71 - 9 years ago
I can see how Steve Vai picked up a thing or two from his teacher, Joe Satriani. I believe he also mentored Kirk Hammett and Larry Lalonde (of Possessed and Primus). A Satriani guitar lesson must cost close to a hundred grand per hour.
FrankyTown - 9 years ago
Best song of the cd
Nenad Milosavljevic
Nenad Milosavljevic - 9 years ago
@lovemyhd1960too Joe taught many guitar players in his long and prosperous career.He rules
Mike B
Mike B - 9 years ago
just watched Satriani live in Montreux! he blows Steve Vai out of the water. Plays with so much more conviction and musicality. Absolutely the best in his class!
Lyle Bernstein
Lyle Bernstein - 9 years ago
@dbzdrag0n Its called a joke, you should try them sometime
gdh1984 - 9 years ago
@gdh1984 That was years ago though...ive changed since then. Back in those days i REALLY truly didnt care if i or anybody else lived or died, death didnt seem like to big a deal to me back then. That crash was a big wake up call so its kind of a good thing it happened.
gdh1984 - 9 years ago
@unkleskratch funny thing about that comment is, i had an 86 trans am and one night (ill tell you now i know i was stupid for what i did so dont tell me i already know) but anyway i drank a 5th and a half of whiskey by myself and decided i would see what kinda balls it really had...dont know why i remember but i was listening to crushing day full blast and crashed into a fence and then into a tree. I was running 90 and they said the only reason i lived through it was because i was drunk
Gregg731 - 9 years ago
Damn, I Love the Double Bass Shuffle!
ADC Yasuo Main
ADC Yasuo Main - 9 years ago
1:46 is where it starts mmhm =]
ADC Yasuo Main
ADC Yasuo Main - 9 years ago
wow, WOW, **** who would dislike this for cryin out loud D;
DMCnoob21 - 9 years ago
@LiamLind /watch?v=5FrI5lNvCnQ Boom.
HarrisonIsDaBomb - 9 years ago
The main riff makes me wanna go blow up a building and then run.
Joshua Padilla
Joshua Padilla - 9 years ago
@Petal0oza would you like a bearclaw with that?
flor de la vega
flor de la vega - 9 years ago
@cybertron300 No sugar please... :) Yeah
Joshua Padilla
Joshua Padilla - 9 years ago
Anyone want a cup of Joe satriani? This is EPIC!
Liam Lind
Liam Lind - 9 years ago
4 people are bass guitarists
Vanquiza - 9 years ago
definitely not your average joe...
TheCowOfInfiniteWisdom - 9 years ago
@b4bani i like both of them
Ghulam Rabbani
Ghulam Rabbani - 9 years ago
I like Joe but like the Buckethead more :) Recommend you guys to check out Soothslayer, Jordan, Seige Engine or Nottingham Lace for a start. Whosoever you may like as your favorite at this time .. the KFC bucket will make you change idols !!
Enzo Secco
Enzo Secco - 9 years ago
i'd play like this, but i've took an arrow on the knee .
TheCowOfInfiniteWisdom - 9 years ago
i used to play guitar like this then i took an arrow to the knee
TheForeman847 - 9 years ago
Joe doesn't need lyrics. His guitar does all the singing!
Austin Yeager
Austin Yeager - 9 years ago
Yes yes
TheCowOfInfiniteWisdom - 9 years ago
no wonder he has no lyrics the guitar is it all
Bart van der Vaart
Bart van der Vaart - 10 years ago
I sense a great disturbance in the rock'n'roll...
BAHMonkeyman - 10 years ago
gold, this album.
joedalton155 - 10 years ago
@silvano751 Ill check it out, thx ya
Joel Easton
Joel Easton - 10 years ago
@joedalton155 hmm well then try Albert Lee. Little different than joe and steve because he's more country but he really shreds it.
joedalton155 - 10 years ago
@silvano751 I already do ;)
Joel Easton
Joel Easton - 10 years ago
@joedalton155 Listen to Steve Vai then too
404MULTIFAIL - 10 years ago
@MegaJohnjohn23 I like both!
MegaJohnjohn23 - 10 years ago
3 people perfered funk instead of Satch Boogie.
Alex Dusfraine
Alex Dusfraine - 10 years ago
Djidde - 10 years ago
Alex Dusfraine
Alex Dusfraine - 10 years ago
@shiftymeister I'M NOT YO BUDDEH, GAH.
Hierarchic - 10 years ago
He is my hero (No pun intended)
Frankincensed - 10 years ago
After buying this I don't how many times I drove to this tape. Man! them's was some good drives. Yeah!
The Happy Nihilist
The Happy Nihilist - 10 years ago
This song has created millions of guitarists !!!!!!
joedalton155 - 10 years ago
OMG the whole song is a crazy badass solo ! Why the hell didn't know that awesome guitarist before ?
Henrique Furtado
Henrique Furtado - 10 years ago
M4TCH - 10 years ago
Joe actually said that when writing this song he pictured his drummer falling down the stairs while still keeping the groove going. BEST CONCEPT EVER!
Dule Naumov
Dule Naumov - 10 years ago
/watch?v=bKMJ8XswRkA This is a video from my friend playing this song on imaginary guitar. It's funny. Check it out.
Epic501 - 10 years ago
@jevimetal13 I think he means the reflection from his left calf and heel lol
Iván Torres
Iván Torres - 10 years ago
@jevimetal13 yeah, but look at his pink dick xD
Eric Plourde
Eric Plourde - 10 years ago
this song make me reminding that i'm noob at guitar..... :(
Isotec1 - 10 years ago
S-m-o-k-i-n-g HOT.
Viewed Frederic
Viewed Frederic - 10 years ago
0:00 <---- awesome replay button for awesome song =D
Iván Torres
Iván Torres - 10 years ago
what's that on the video??? a pink dick??? excellent song btw, satriani the master
Brutalvexen - 10 years ago
@Iamtheenemy17 Wow... Halen, Come, Back And. I told you, face was melted...
Brutalvexen - 10 years ago
open up another Youtube Tab, play Eddie Van Helen's Eruption. Coem backa dn Start Satch Boogie, wait 5 seconds, then start Eruption. Mind=blown, Face=melted.
PowerMetalEuphonist - 10 years ago
@xxGNR12xx Why guitar? Why not drums or bass?
fabiotocchi - 10 years ago
your reaction? wtf?
fabiotocchi - 10 years ago
unkleskratch - 10 years ago
satriani is why I never bought a motorcycle... I'd put on a tune like this one, crank it, and they'd be picking up the pieces for miles... =0)
lmucci1097 - 10 years ago
My dad grew up with Joe and i met him at one of his concerts last year and he was such a soft spoken badass dude.
Google+ suck my cock
Google+ suck my cock - 10 years ago
just love this whammy screech at 2:35
Harrison Armstrong
Harrison Armstrong - 10 years ago
@xxGNR12xx Chill dude. Music is meant to be expressed in whatever way one likes. If that's guitar hero so be it. If it's actual guitar so be it.
Nick Zivkovic Music
Nick Zivkovic Music - 10 years ago
@TheRampageable dude for real brining guitar hero into this? go try it on real guitar then come back and we'll have a chat.
Alex Forbes
Alex Forbes - 10 years ago
Joe is such a humble guy who really knows how to make real music
Benjamin Crookston
Benjamin Crookston - 10 years ago
Like Louis Armstrong or sasquach?
Benjamin Crookston
Benjamin Crookston - 10 years ago
That's a nice guitar solo.
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall - 10 years ago
holy_cannolii - 10 years ago
@xxxWolfieXGalxxx this song isnt hard on there r u kidding i get like 98% on it :D
MrMontyBurnsDog - 10 years ago
Anthony Carver
Anthony Carver - 10 years ago
@shiftymeister agreed 100
Victoire Destombes
Victoire Destombes - 10 years ago
Yeah an horrible song on guitar hero :P SO HARD !!
Sean Z
Sean Z - 10 years ago
3 people weren't surfing with the alien
cephestus - 10 years ago
@DrMarioII when the sound waves kill you then ill think that will be loud enough
DeadFetusOnYourHead - 10 years ago
asrkujgt,mnb warso8ilkgfx,mbn jm vz rsxfikm Oh.. Sorry about that.. I had to wipe the jizz of my keyboard
PDX Guitar Freak
PDX Guitar Freak - 10 years ago
@Tosh1907 actually, Joe did not teach Yngwie Malmsteen (if that is who you were referring to)... he gave lessons at one time or another to Kirk Hammett, Steve Vai, Alex Skolnick, Larry LaLonde - those guys probably being the best known. Anyway, I remember when this album first came out... it just blew all of guitar players away... very inspiring! I hope to record a version of this song this year on my channel :)
BioReaper0 - 10 years ago
@shiftymeister wrong again good sir!! the best part is the replay button
vadelssing - 10 years ago
@shiftymeister yeah ! This song rocks
Maximum Carnage
Maximum Carnage - 10 years ago
i just recently found out that joe taught kirk hammet, and malmstein or w/e his name is most of his techniques... no wonder those 2 are really good, they learned from da best =)
Imafisherman - 10 years ago
@TurquioseVampire Okay. Ready? JUMP!
TurquioseVampire - 10 years ago
lets all jump the person who disliked this song
Elektrickguitar - 10 years ago
1 dislike is Justin Bieber's exboyfriend
Danny Carvanha
Danny Carvanha - 10 years ago
what a legend
Roberto Rumbos
Roberto Rumbos - 10 years ago
is this the real volume of the cd?
Florin Dumitrescu
Florin Dumitrescu - 10 years ago
Instead of the surfing board should be a fret board that wud' rock!! xD
shiftymeister - 10 years ago
wrong buddy! best part is 0:00 - 3:14
Corina N
Corina N - 10 years ago
@probrojeffro wtf=))
MetalManJads99 - 11 years ago
Dimitris Filippas
Dimitris Filippas - 11 years ago
As a good pal said in another Joe Satriani video.. THIS NEEDS A "GOD LIKE" BUTTON
Rachel Halpin
Rachel Halpin - 12 years ago
1:51 - 2:33 best part

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