John John Florence Best Surf

J.J.Florence show de surf.......

John John Florence Best Surf sentiment_very_dissatisfied 33

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J.J.Florence show de surf.......

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Cristian Fernandez Ortega
Cristian Fernandez Ortega - 2 years ago
I love this video
Ed Smith
Ed Smith - 2 years ago
I know I can turn it off but fukin hell! Why Such a nauseating soundtrack? Who ever came up with that crap should be beaten with a sack full of dead kittens.
justin perri
justin perri - 3 years ago
fkn freeeeak... sick music
Joe Joe
Joe Joe - 3 years ago
Dude straight up rips
Noel Farias
Noel Farias - 3 years ago
Sean Kearney
Sean Kearney - 3 years ago
Holy fuck!!!!!!
-SpyGuy- - 3 years ago
Literally best waves from 12 with horrible music and occasional clips of his bro? Better to watch on mute with ur fav song playing on another device. Kills jjf's style!
Nono Gaming
Nono Gaming - 3 years ago
Tros for jhon jhon
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox - 4 years ago
whoever made this video is definitely a kook

10. comment for John John Florence Best Surf

ROY GUN - 4 years ago
Xtra.Film - 4 years ago
I could have just watched twelve. Where u stole this vid from. Better music than this anyway
Sleeping Lion
Sleeping Lion - 4 years ago
Show off.
AlcoholiC SurfeR
AlcoholiC SurfeR - 4 years ago
in 2:48 the girl makes a joint in the sand
lindz151074 - 4 years ago
Music made it :-)
Billy Miskimmin
Billy Miskimmin - 4 years ago
You serious. A video of the best surfer in the world doing what he does best in perfect waves......and it was the music that made it??
fiddlestickz muzik
fiddlestickz muzik - 4 years ago
sick vid didnt mind the music
60NaPipoca - 4 years ago
terrible music! omg
surfinmuso - 4 years ago
If ya can call that shit music.....more like audio-torture
S├ębastien Gillette
S├ębastien Gillette - 4 years ago
your shitty music ruins everything
Shaheen Arab
Shaheen Arab - 4 years ago
Terrible music

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