Jumping Shark - surfers

Spinner shark jumping in New Smyrna Beach, right next to two surfers. www.blogtiburones.blogspot.com

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Spinner shark jumping in New Smyrna Beach, right next to two surfers. www.blogtiburones.blogspot.com

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mark c
mark c - 8 years ago
Jaws was a good film, still worth a watch today. Unlike E.T.
whynottalklikeapirat - 8 years ago
had to check huh
Savanna Thiess
Savanna Thiess - 9 years ago
I live in Daytona and go jetskiing at new symrna all the time. New symrna is a swim at your own risk beach. They have closed it before because of sharks. Also this isn't fake we have had spinner sharks jump next to us several times. And had a lemon shark swim next to us. But I think all the hype of people Being bitten is.bull shit. I have rarely every heard anything.
Hooptie Hamburger
Hooptie Hamburger - 9 years ago
If you look at a list of the shark attacks on record, it is insane how much Smyrna Beach, Florida shows up. It is crazy enough how much Florida shows up.
killbill13ful - 9 years ago
0:38 you can see that is a male !!!!
Neanderthal 23
Neanderthal 23 - 9 years ago
@snakerecon9 Spinner sharks have black tips also.
showtyme29 - 9 years ago
I just came back from there and I am glade I did not get in that water
Axelv07 - 9 years ago
That's fake, there are no sharks in the ocean.
tbteam11 - 9 years ago

10. comment for Jumping Shark - surfers

ftolmsteen - 10 years ago
OMG! THERE ARE SHARKS IN THE SURF!!?? NO WAY! They're always out there. Deal with it. 99.9% of the time they don't even bother people.
rootjie - 10 years ago
spinner shark! awesome
FindingMiracles - 10 years ago
@DolphinTrainer2B Or at least somewhere like that :O
FindingMiracles - 10 years ago
Schmitty_griffin - 10 years ago
black tip reef shark you can see the black tips on the fins
elohcin13 - 10 years ago
@zyclonb6 seriously? your going to make a comment about americans? ok people like you need to stfu were not that bad as some people say ok its just fucking stupid not everyone in the us was amazed with this.
Zyklon Bsix
Zyklon Bsix - 10 years ago
A fish caught jumping! WOW! Want to see a photo of the last bass I caught jumping? Fucking Americans....It's a tiny harmless shark, wasn't chasing the surfer at all.
Drew Cavanaugh
Drew Cavanaugh - 10 years ago
Welcome to central Florida's waters!
Choumi Max
Choumi Max - 10 years ago
The shark was surfing too
IceWarrior101 - 10 years ago
@moogman5 um.. this is youtube.. not a spelling bee.

20. comment for Jumping Shark - surfers

Song4Alex - 10 years ago
ain't hard to believe but with today's special effects ... i dunno
Marco Steve
Marco Steve - 10 years ago
Holy shit. gg
Floflyz - 10 years ago
That shark was a poser !
Pascal Hiltbrand
Pascal Hiltbrand - 10 years ago
"it was three frames *click*click*click*click*"
MsBellaRosa1 - 10 years ago
Photobomb done by shark :))
Ta Jo
Ta Jo - 10 years ago
@moogman5 surfers are pretty stupid =/
steven hernandez
steven hernandez - 10 years ago
that shark is going to be and Olympic champion one day
Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson - 10 years ago
From what people say...it happens a lot off the Austrailian coast.
MsCruiseguy - 10 years ago
In Sovjet Russia sharks jump you!
Hemant Giri
Hemant Giri - 10 years ago
No its a ufo lol

30. comment for Jumping Shark - surfers

Ettoredipugnar - 10 years ago
? do sharks play ?
TheSughibughi - 10 years ago
that Shark is just a troll!
JOE LAWRENCE - 10 years ago
l know that shark, he was my roommate 3 yrs ago.
Under Construction
Under Construction - 10 years ago
Why are ya'all so shocked? After all, we're part time surfers and they are full time sharks!!! Hello... MacFly....
toyolla86 - 10 years ago
where the hell is this place so i dont EVER go there.
Joel McCoy
Joel McCoy - 10 years ago
hahahaha the shark was photo bombing!
Mydlas - 10 years ago
@InfidelAntichristian since sharks are diseapearing I think the concrete scare me most
Mydlas - 10 years ago
it is so cute
Henry92RLC - 10 years ago
I was at that same beach today.
TheMVaustralia - 10 years ago
epic photo bomb by shark
Sebastian R.
Sebastian R. - 10 years ago
Awww the Sharky wanted some attention :)
VICTORIA777NESS - 10 years ago
I don't feel like getting bit today...no thanks. It looks like fun though. It seems like all the sharks, and sea monster giants are getting closer and closer to shore. Surfers BEWARE.
Colie V
Colie V - 10 years ago
shark photobomb!!
MrSubstance18 - 10 years ago
@50x100aleman I thought it was a "spinner" shark, or is that just a nickname?
Greg Miller
Greg Miller - 10 years ago
I actually agree w jerksteve see a bunch of spinners and blacktips doin da same thing nearly everyday down here in southeast florida ecspecially this time of year! Nice shot of em tho great picture! check out shark attacks impact lure to see what happens when they get fired up and are frenzyn!
Russell Coight
Russell Coight - 10 years ago
Spinners won't hurt. Yanks jump up and down like crazy over sharks. Here in Australia sitting out past the breaks you'll see all sorts of sharks but nothing too bad. A bronze whalers we get can be dangerous but no sharks are crazy bitting machines, chances are there has been one around you and you haven't noticed. The biggest worry here in aussie is a bull shark or tiger. Great whites aren't around often but actually have a low encounter to attack ratio so are (apparently) safer to swim with!
veerleke - 10 years ago
Photo Bomb Shark does it again >^(([(((c<
Pablo Kemp
Pablo Kemp - 10 years ago
it seems to be a tiger shark most agressive sharks!!!
GabeAndReagan - 10 years ago
what lens was he using exactly?
SteveO SS
SteveO SS - 11 years ago
I surfed with spinner sharks at ft peirce Fla . seen 20 in one day . No big deal if you ask me.

50. comment for Jumping Shark - surfers

Josh Rushing
Josh Rushing - 11 years ago
The shark just wanted to be on tv!
BoNeRLeGsFilms - 11 years ago
@lilHippo no your a hippo
Bones McGee
Bones McGee - 11 years ago
It would of been better if the surfer was on a wave bigger than a foot..
bigholmes95 - 11 years ago
Spinners are not super agressive. Apparently they are acrobatic and not at all camera shy. Goofy thing! LOL!
Vagabund00 - 11 years ago
Hey Hey esto esta mal, donde esta el típico idiota ignorante que tiene que decir "Esto es Fake" por favor que aparezca.
juxier - 11 years ago
was surfin at muizenburg, south africa about a year ago , and saw a shark jump out of the water and land awkwardly on its side like they do , so i paddled out of the water with another bru that saw it, but no one else did or paddled out, and the shark spotters were tryin to tell me that it was a dolphin, BULLSHIT , i know the diff between the way a shark and a dolphin jump out of the water given dolphins are way more graceful than sharks, spotters probably wanted my American ass to get eaten
CheerBoyX1 - 11 years ago
aww its so cute!
aaronredcat - 11 years ago
not sure about that shark per every 100 yards comment. i would think the population is pretty hard to analyze in those terms. as far as the hawaii attack...that was a tiger shark. and actually there are three sharks that have been known to attck/injure and several cases kill humans. the three are Bull Sharks (mostly in the Atlantic/Indian Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico) Great Whites (Several hotspots worldwide) and Tiger Sharks (Mostly in the Pacific Ocean.)
My Arnberg
My Arnberg - 12 years ago
lol, the shark made me think of someone making funny faces behind you in a photo "weeey look at me, and they don't even notice, wohuuu"
InfidelAntichristian - 12 years ago
Surfing vs Skateboarding pros: Surfing when I wipe out it doesn't hurt as much as the concrete. cons:Sharks bite harder than the concrete.
aldfjak - 12 years ago
who is they? sharks are everywhere there is water. and bull sharks will move into rivers as well. the movie Jaws was based on a bull shark, not a great white.
Black Magic
Black Magic - 12 years ago
now i'm scared of lightning! lol not really... oh and btw, do you know everything? cuz i wouldn't know any of these you told me. ;P
Black Magic
Black Magic - 12 years ago
ok. but i'm still scared of getting attacked by shark... lol
Black Magic
Black Magic - 12 years ago
what shark is it? Great white?
Black Magic
Black Magic - 12 years ago
FlamingFoxes1 - 12 years ago
lol yea DONT LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLE about teh SHALLOW WATER blah blah blah....i casted a fishing like like 15 ft back there and caught a baby shark about the size of a cucumber
aaronredcat - 12 years ago
wow sharks are there even if you don't see them? thanks for the warning! pfffffttt.
Brooke Uzzell
Brooke Uzzell - 12 years ago
And they say sharks live in teh far part of the water. Psh,,,
IPWNxYOURxKILLZ - 12 years ago
hahaha yea a great white will not protect you
Mike Cannon
Mike Cannon - 12 years ago
How does your information pertain to this particular video? You are reiterating useless information to those who want to see a video or picture with a shark caught in it. It's like when I read your comment, all I can think about is Seinfeld and "..yada yada yada...". At least give some props to the guy who was fortunate to capture this shot on camera. Total stokage, you know! And another thing, when you post debating opinions like yours above...make it more legible to understand.
arturo - 12 years ago
listen they live in the ocean,we know where they are,so if your dumb enought to go in the water were they are then,,,,,you get what you get,,,dont say they were never there,cause they always were,the ocean is big and they are all conected so they can go where they want,its rare they will be in some areas but put it this way,there was a shark found in montreal lac st louis,ya a ocean shark in a fresh water lack thousands of km,s from any ocean,
Jo Hnnes
Jo Hnnes - 12 years ago
That's a shark you dipshit. Look at all 3 frames and dare say it's a dolphin you stupid fuck.
Trevor Ripley
Trevor Ripley - 12 years ago
spinners are actually black tips.
WarBeer - 12 years ago
Stupid people still surfing where sharks bite? I guess we're all stupid for leaving our front doors...cause people have been hit by lightning before... and I suppose we are REALLY stupid for driving cars...when there are SO many accidents....right on YOUR street:)
TWISTEDRIFTER - 12 years ago
I was joking :)
biochemical9 - 12 years ago
theres a bloody movie of one you. so dont say its held up by strings you idiot
TWISTEDRIFTER - 12 years ago
If you look closely you can see the strings pulling it along.Thats so fake!
Gorkin Cormican
Gorkin Cormican - 13 years ago
its not fake , and we get footage of that shit all the time. the mcnair guy is a squid trying to hype himself up to sell shit.str8 koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook

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