Kerbal Surf Program

Just back from Hawaii, I felt it was important to pay tribute to this island sport by building a flying surfboard.

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Just back from Hawaii, I felt it was important to pay tribute to this island sport by building a flying surfboard.

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DarCowNova - 3 years ago
Thats one heat resistant space suit
Pyrus Rex
Pyrus Rex - 4 years ago
"He's not, dead, he's just paralyzed from the neck down." (CUTS ABRUPTLY TO COMMERCIAL)
Enter Enter
Enter Enter - 4 years ago
Love your videos too
Enter Enter
Enter Enter - 4 years ago
You sound Scottish but I guess you are american
Scott Manley
Scott Manley - 4 years ago
I'm both!
Teo Ebratt
Teo Ebratt - 4 years ago
Skegs are correct!!
spoon x2
spoon x2 - 4 years ago
bring that to eve
Steve Manton
Steve Manton - 4 years ago
Anyone remember the name of the web surfer from the the old animated cartoon reboot!
Elijah Wells
Elijah Wells - 4 years ago
you go the space surfing from treasure planet
Sawyer - 4 years ago
Deam that was BADASS

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Roy K Ald
Roy K Ald - 4 years ago
Is this Eureka Seven mod?
CTR Gaming
CTR Gaming - 4 years ago
I feel like this is a valid first step for any space program.
Austin - 4 years ago
Starts at 7:35
JustusLM - 4 years ago
At 18:07 that wing is like: "I'm outta here!"
SpamMailGamer - 4 years ago
Download of this?
jjalphapack - 4 years ago
"the good thing is none of things have been deadly, they've just left him parilized from the neck down." LOL!!!!
Lord Claudius
Lord Claudius - 4 years ago
Now someone create some sort of tony hawk-like mini-game for this vehicle. Points for tricks & time limit.
miss misanthropist
miss misanthropist - 4 years ago
"he's not dead, he's just inanimate" scott 2015
Jarod W
Jarod W - 4 years ago
"No one's gonna jump on you if you call me an idiot" scott have you ever been on the internet, EVER?
Pandoras Angel
Pandoras Angel - 4 years ago
Silver Surfer here

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Kenneth Carson
Kenneth Carson - 4 years ago
I prefer the Kerbal Serf Program. You don't build stuff, you just harvest crops.
CommandoKing 223
CommandoKing 223 - 4 years ago
Can you make a link so I can download it? I tried to make it but it flipped out and pieces glitched together...
B B11121
B B11121 - 4 years ago
Skip through the building and go to 7:17!
Samira Peri
Samira Peri - 4 years ago
Silver(ish) Surfer.
HerrCrazi - 4 years ago
Surfin' KSP :)
JBcaptian - 4 years ago
"Back in control!"
Flips over in victory, thus losing control
OpenTronic - 4 years ago
Dark Star!
Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe - 4 years ago
it need a little bit of flux, I mean, wax
cadpig lucky
cadpig lucky - 4 years ago
Every time I skied Ahead in the vid the audio resets
Barry Bend
Barry Bend - 4 years ago
sky surfer just needs guns.

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Adriano Müller
Adriano Müller - 4 years ago
Volkan - 4 years ago
J. B.
J. B. - 4 years ago
Kerbal don't surf!
Jack of all motards
Jack of all motards - 5 years ago
Who else was thinking of power rangers in apace on their 'galaxy gliders' aha!
Alex Panciera
Alex Panciera - 5 years ago
During re-entry:

That Youtube Critic
That Youtube Critic - 5 years ago
radical dude, catch the surf brah
8bitmason - 5 years ago
Is this the origin story of the silver surfer?
Seal Lord
Seal Lord - 5 years ago
craft download?
Rebel Leader
Rebel Leader - 5 years ago
Does this remind anyone else of treasure planet?
NinjaSnail1080 - 5 years ago
What if you built one of these in real life? How well would it work? My guess is probably not well.
Tomos Halsey
Tomos Halsey - 5 years ago
13:28 barely lost all power at 0.01
Isaac L-L
Isaac L-L - 5 years ago
Do you use mouse controlled flight, and if so, what is the name of the mod and is it updated?
Philipp Lyanguzov
Philipp Lyanguzov - 5 years ago
this has now become a chanel staple
Jorge Arias Rossell
Jorge Arias Rossell - 5 years ago
18:13 that kerbal looks like he's seen some shit
iaag o
iaag o - 5 years ago
1:22 it looks like a sting ray lol jk
Sheev - 5 years ago
Ning3n - 5 years ago
Awesome experiment into the aerodynamics of KSP.
Erik Hendrych
Erik Hendrych - 5 years ago
You should rename this to "space cooking"
MidNight Slayer
MidNight Slayer - 5 years ago
You should use the kerbal cheats so you can do that on other planets like duna
thatcoolcat1 channel
thatcoolcat1 channel - 5 years ago
You da real MVP

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DuffelBag - 5 years ago
this reminds me of that airsurfer thing from Treasure Planet.
DuffelBag - 5 years ago
I feel sorry for your wife.... Her last name is Manley, that's a cool name for a male but... well....
Psykoh da1
Psykoh da1 - 5 years ago
Scott Manley - Says "fly safe"
(Tries to land a surf board, from space, with no protection, in a miniature lake smaller than an inflatable family pool)
Catdev - 5 years ago
No one noticed in the landing the side part went flying away
Catdev - 5 years ago
We will call this ssssuuuurrrrrrfffeerrrrrrrrrrr one.
White Satin
White Satin - 5 years ago
Lol paralyzed from the neck down is pretty fatal.
Clash Bluelight
Clash Bluelight - 5 years ago
i want to be the best surfer, like no one ever was. to build boards is my real test, to use them is my cause. i'll reenter the atmosphere, searching for a cliff. teach those noobs to understand the power of my ride! SPACE SURFING! (gotta catch that wind!) it's so windy, i know it's my destiny! SPACE SURFING! ohhh you're my best board, in a world we must transcend! SPACE SURFING! (gotta catch that wind!) my goal's so true, my courage will pull me through! you lift me and i'll surf you! SPACE SURFING! (gotta catch that wind!) gotta catch that wind! yeah. every challenge in my decent, with this board i will face! i will practice every day, to go under that place! i take my board the time is right, there's no better team! shoe and board, we'll earn the right, to surf through this ravine! SPACE SURFING! (gotta catch that wind!) it's so windy, i know it's my destiny! SPACE SURFING! ohhh you're my best board, in a world we must transcend! SPACE SURFING! (gotta catch that wind!) my goal's so true, my courage will pull me through! you lift me and i'll surf you! SPACE SURFING! (gotta catch that wind!) gotta catch that wind! gotta catch that wiiiinnnd. gotta catch that wind! YEAH! le epic guitar solo

if you somehow didn't get the joke, it's the pokemon theme. but about space surfing.
Clash Bluelight
Clash Bluelight - 5 years ago
"we want this thing to be stable" he says, about to surf through atmospheric reentry.
Michael Sedor
Michael Sedor - 5 years ago
Damn! This game is so deep! Creativity unchained.
Ashley Cooper
Ashley Cooper - 5 years ago
Ashley Cooper
Ashley Cooper - 5 years ago
Ashley Cooper
Ashley Cooper - 5 years ago
Ashley Cooper
Ashley Cooper - 5 years ago
Ashley Cooper
Ashley Cooper - 5 years ago
Scott Manley
Scott Manley - 5 years ago
False by every objective measure.
Jacob Chap
Jacob Chap - 5 years ago
"None of these have been fatal, just paralyzed him from the neck down" bloody brilliant. nothing says true kerbal success quite like paralysis.
WHITELAZER 68700 - 5 years ago
Scott its not a plane. Its a surf board. It lands on water
WHITELAZER 68700 - 5 years ago
oh..... I didn't see the ending when I typed that comment
Jori Schröer
Jori Schröer - 5 years ago
Immagine this happening at NASA.
Mason West TV
Mason West TV - 5 years ago
"It's starting to shake a little bit, I wonder if there's any physicsless parts..."
entire spine of surfboard is made of physicsless struts
Cristiano Mazzotti
Cristiano Mazzotti - 5 years ago
You should have called it surfing bird.
Catfish - 5 years ago
In rowing it's a skeg but I have no idea about surfing
your nightmare
your nightmare - 5 years ago
Shouldn't this be the correct definition of wind surfing
Stellar Labs
Stellar Labs - 5 years ago
17:33 looks like a hover board...
Thom g
Thom g - 5 years ago
i just got ksp today anb some how i got it to run on an hp notbook 2000
iaag o
iaag o - 5 years ago
1:23 ahhhh!!! "space sting ray"!!
buddyltd - 5 years ago
Wonder if there's a way to scale this up to some super big glider...
Matthew Shaw
Matthew Shaw - 5 years ago
flies a surfboard from space and halfway round the planet, only to crash it and almost completely destroy it in the ceo's swimming pool
German Pepe
German Pepe - 5 years ago
"Hes not dead - hes just inanimate"
Scott Manley, 2015
Play N Think
Play N Think - 5 years ago
10:42 Hargard is like Mimikyu
Gyras - 5 years ago
wait wait wait wait. that damn thing glided for 10 minutes?!
Max Hammerum
Max Hammerum - 5 years ago
Alpha Nerd welcome to kerbal space program
Shinny Orc
Shinny Orc - 5 years ago
> glides a surfboard from space "Fly safe"
A name
A name - 5 years ago
Silver surfer
Austrian Empire Ball
Austrian Empire Ball - 5 years ago
these videos are awesome.
Austrian Empire Ball
Austrian Empire Ball - 5 years ago
This video is awesome. i f-ed up the grammar.*
Max - 5 years ago
James Walls
James Walls - 5 years ago
Are you sure the shirt wasn't actually blue and black?
mccoy ‘interior designer’ tiner
mccoy ‘interior designer’ tiner - 5 years ago
"None of these have been fatal, they only left them paralyzed from the neck down." - Scott
William Kee
William Kee - 5 years ago
Seanorse - 5 years ago
I'm confused, did you install a mod to add the old models of the past into the game or what? Cause I see models that were replaced and models of those replaced parts.
Jake aka Remaggib
Jake aka Remaggib - 5 years ago
This was uploaded in April of 2015 so that could be why
Ninth Shade
Ninth Shade - 5 years ago
I like at the very end, the surviving wing separates and flies off on its own, gliding in to the air.
Thomas Zinser
Thomas Zinser - 5 years ago
if you were to try and recreate the Strato-gleiter project from Dr. Eugen Sänger, that would be glorious.
Persephone Smith
Persephone Smith - 5 years ago
I know that this Reply is over a year late but they are called Skegs and are much needed for control.I am glad that I ran across this one because I was born and raised in Hawaii. Love surfing! I am gonna try this one. especially since I am at 1.1.3 right now and got plenty of parts mods
Schizophrenic Enthusiast
Schizophrenic Enthusiast - 5 years ago
This was satisfying :)
Nachtu - 5 years ago
daniel wright
daniel wright - 5 years ago
The Magic Kerpet
Curno's Tech
Curno's Tech - 5 years ago
Clearly doesnt know much about surfing
Oscar Banlon
Oscar Banlon - 5 years ago
Jaw-dropping awesomeness! Bravo!
Turalcar - 6 years ago
No mention of silver surfer... interesting.
Ur senpai
Ur senpai - 6 years ago
"He's not dead, he's just... inanimate"
Nathanael Vetters
Nathanael Vetters - 6 years ago
it amazes me how well that flew.
KRBLUS - 6 years ago
Chistyakov Dmitry
Chistyakov Dmitry - 6 years ago
Best ever
thesnailybumingo - 6 years ago
"he's not dead... he's just... inanimate"
Krisztian Kovacs
Krisztian Kovacs - 6 years ago
6:45 So apperently kerbal saftey is our priority... 6:48 oh nevermind then.
ABeeinSpace - 6 years ago
8:45 Scott, that's called being dead
Alex Edwards
Alex Edwards - 6 years ago
"He's not dead. He's just inanimate."

100. comment for Kerbal Surf Program

met fourthousand
met fourthousand - 6 years ago
The 49 dislikes are probably all engineers...
RP1 - 5 years ago
met fourthousand Or physicists
IT-kone - 6 years ago
This made me think: does it matter which way the tail fin is, other than it's in the way while landing, and that there's an f-load of stuff in front of it. But the hull and the wings can be arranged so, that the tail fin has a steady airflow through it, right?
Noah Christensen
Noah Christensen - 6 years ago
He's not dead, just inanimate...
Данил Дорошин
Данил Дорошин - 6 years ago
That's easier. Just click on "Surf" button on flight engineer. That's all.
austin kane
austin kane - 6 years ago
More like a paper airplane
Arran Mounsey
Arran Mounsey - 6 years ago
truster is the name of that fin placement
Leader of the Hivemind
Leader of the Hivemind - 6 years ago
'what a hero surfing back from space I'm scott manley fly safe 'rewind ' using a surfboard skydiving or so would probably be highly dangerous'fastforward' FLY SAFE'
SigmaPlays - 6 years ago
You should do the Hijacked plane rescue, but with a surfboard as the rescue craft...
tyler robotnik
tyler robotnik - 6 years ago
note to self, bring surfboard to eve
Consumer of Consumables
Consumer of Consumables - 6 years ago
18:07 Watch the wing. o.e
Ace_Verco - 6 years ago
I must go, my people need me!
James Haywood
James Haywood - 6 years ago
.craft file please?
TARDISES - 6 years ago
11 months later, the comments section still makes no sense.

Seriously - what have you guys been referring to?
Sheepdog - 6 years ago
I don't understand how this works...
stephen allen
stephen allen - 6 years ago
Spencer Gibson
Spencer Gibson - 6 years ago
turns out sky surfing is a real thing
Daniel Hoover
Daniel Hoover - 6 years ago
Obi Wan Cannabi
Obi Wan Cannabi - 6 years ago
a wHeel you say, Scott please say cool whip...
Grim Dark End
Grim Dark End - 6 years ago
wow, that looks uncomfortably warm, like grandma's house.
Grim Dark End
Grim Dark End - 6 years ago
In hydrodynamics we have to work with incompressible fluids and very hard numbers that allow us to figure out flow rates because volume has to remain the same.

I guess in Aerodynamics, particularly kerbal aerodynamics.... you just have to wing it.
MagicWolfPlayz - 6 years ago
Why Is there No Download link?????
MagicWolfPlayz - 6 years ago
+NightPanda oh ok : ) 
Slash Le Pew
Slash Le Pew - 6 years ago
+Thomas Milner remember that the physics have changed in ksp since this video. So this design would probably not work anymore.
MagicWolfPlayz - 6 years ago
I tried to reproduce... failed horribly XD
Sashagamer614 - 6 years ago
+Thomas Milner because the design is quite simple to reproduce i guess
Maciej P.
Maciej P. - 6 years ago
Is this canon of Silver Surfer or just a spin-off?
CanadianBachelor - 6 years ago
gnarly dudeeeee
LilDogeDoge - 6 years ago
Why is he so good? I try to emulate him , and (exactly) 21 fails
jacksepticeye J.r
jacksepticeye J.r - 6 years ago
howd he get the rotation stuff
Ybot 765
Ybot 765 - 6 years ago
Can you do I tutorial on building cause I just got ksp and a lot of the features your using I don't know how to
Ybot 765
Ybot 765 - 6 years ago
Do you have engine mods and cockpit mods and wing
Sm0keyR0bin - 6 years ago
Pure amazing
Ralf Spukmann
Ralf Spukmann - 6 years ago
ecspecially vey good I like this cheaper version of this all very good !
Jan Bartáček
Jan Bartáček - 6 years ago
how you rotate the surfboard to up?
Akitacake - 6 years ago
I wish you could download things like these.
That would be EPIC
Fireheart318 - 6 years ago
Make a top 50 list of best/funniest ways to kill kerbals!
Victor Gigante
Victor Gigante - 6 years ago
"Physics? What's physics?"
Savage J
Savage J - 6 years ago
They wanted to surf the World Wide Web... they couldn’t find a spider's web big enough so they surfed the World instead.
hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue
hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue - 6 years ago
who came on this channel from xkcd writer randall munroe
Człowiek Wiking
Człowiek Wiking - 6 years ago
you should have tried surfing on the water
dusty48 - 6 years ago
Watching Scott maneuvering through KSP's clunky crafting system with such elegance while it takes me half an hour to construct a bloody rover there's nothing left for me to do but to envy
WurdBendur - 6 years ago
Obligatory Dark Star reference.
Jeremy G
Jeremy G - 6 years ago
9:32 That's Jeb taking his crown back
Jo Hack
Jo Hack - 6 years ago
How did u duplicate the peices
Skarmory Fly
Skarmory Fly - 5 years ago
Reproduce and multiply
Jo Hack
Jo Hack - 6 years ago
How did u duplicate the peices
greggv8 - 6 years ago
Should have been Doolittle Kerman
RoboMuse Productions
RoboMuse Productions - 6 years ago
Could you by any cance be related to the maney clan?
Tyler James
Tyler James - 6 years ago
did anyone see the piece of the board float off in to the distance at the end
BritanniaGamer - 6 years ago
scott, you aren't Danny. please stop acting like him, you're scaring me.
yuyu900726 - 6 years ago
you build this and I am still struggling building a plane that doesn't self-destruct everytime..
TheDiamondEagle - 6 years ago
not fly safe surf safe xD (soz lame joke .-.)
Firesquatter100 - 6 years ago
not dead just inanimate?
Paradox137 - 6 years ago
how do you do that rotation??? is it a mod?
Skarmory Fly
Skarmory Fly - 5 years ago
It's stock
Burger Jason
Burger Jason - 6 years ago
nice surf board
jack is gaming
jack is gaming - 6 years ago
re entry surfing is for real men
qdmc12 - 6 years ago
Very much in the style of Darkstar. :P
Hazerd - 6 years ago
The Kerbal's taxpayer dollars at work.
Ragdoll - 6 years ago
10:05 that guy working in his office looking out the window WTF is that :D
Karagianis - 6 years ago
Dark Star anyone?
Levi Constantin
Levi Constantin - 6 years ago
man use RCS thruster blocks they are very stable
TPGnation - 6 years ago
You should make a big cookie to feed the sun
A Duck
A Duck - 6 years ago
I remade this surfboard exactly. Thanks, Scott!
Jacques Nieuwoudt
Jacques Nieuwoudt - 6 years ago
nice design
HeartlessGorre - 6 years ago
when you coast to the space center at the end it looks just like a desert skiff from return of the jedi
Aleksa Manic
Aleksa Manic - 6 years ago
When I have some big mission and i have like 5 kerbals on the board...I crash.Then I say:"Kerbal Space Program where shit happens".
Galitwo - 6 years ago
CWrathall1994 - 6 years ago
Stick a parachute behind him.
Starry Port
Starry Port - 6 years ago
Bass - 6 years ago
You should totaly do this again with the Wii Balance Board!
TheIronbuster - 6 years ago
thats the best surfingvid i ever seeing XD
Hologrampizza - 6 years ago
How does one survive crashing into a building at 94m/s?!
Ashencloud - 6 years ago
+Ryan Adams thats why i put "if" in bold 
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams - 6 years ago
+Ashencloud It wouldnt break in the first place, Kerbal technology is decades ahead of our own.
Ashencloud - 6 years ago
+Ryan Adams lol its diamond encrusted titanium with nano-bot to repair anything IF it breaks
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams - 6 years ago
The kerbals helmets are made of diamonds, you can not destroy it.
Andy Luster
Andy Luster - 6 years ago
you know how elephants hide from hunters


they paint themselves pink and hide in trees


have you seen a pink elephant hiding in a tree


then its working
the key forger (keyblades100)
the key forger (keyblades100) - 6 years ago
Wow, he broke the game XD. Exsploits ftw
2stefan2000 - 6 years ago
I've got a question: Is it possible to launch an ISS to space and save the world? So you could build your entire system over time...?
Ben Beaver
Ben Beaver - 6 years ago
You should have still tried it on the water
Calbeck - 6 years ago
I am simply amazed at how survivable this little craft is!
Ryder Spearmann
Ryder Spearmann - 6 years ago
Too fun!  Thanks Scott!
africancheez - 6 years ago
He is the stupidest smart person to try this
africancheez - 6 years ago
+vaulthecreator haha yup
Vaul the Creator
Vaul the Creator - 6 years ago
+JCrewLabs It's the 'Manley' thing to do 8P
africancheez - 6 years ago
But then I though he's Scott Manley ha can do anything
SMJ - 6 years ago
It wasn't white and gold it was black and blue.
wizerd channel
wizerd channel - 6 years ago
build a jetpack
Karim Akors
Karim Akors - 6 years ago
remembers me on the classic movie "Dark Star"
AngelOfTheMad - 7 years ago
* insert eurekA Seven joke/reference here*
Brendon Cintas
Brendon Cintas - 7 years ago
TinchoX - 7 years ago
Woooaahhh... Silver Surfer?? HAH this guy beat the s*** out of it xP
US/Can Spotting
US/Can Spotting - 7 years ago
He's not dead, he's just.... inanimate.
Scott Manley-2015
TinchoX - 7 years ago
+Jurassick1546 "Fly Safe~" Hell yeah.
Dinky McQuog
Dinky McQuog - 7 years ago
666th comment
TJS - 7 years ago
Oskar Bech-Trueman
Oskar Bech-Trueman - 7 years ago
The shadow looks like a squid
Skipper1931 - 7 years ago
15:51 "Just like beagers canyon back home!" -Luke Kerman
The libertyzone
The libertyzone - 7 years ago
You couldn't just update it so it floats on water with air intakes
Kit Naylor
Kit Naylor - 7 years ago
Try R/C dynamic soaring! Closest you can get to surfing in air :D (and its faaaaaast!)
_ _
_ _ - 7 years ago
Alfredo Román Jordán
Alfredo Román Jordán - 7 years ago
Put a download
Jody Michels
Jody Michels - 7 years ago
When I saw this in the recommendations. Just, yes XD
jediyoshi64 - 7 years ago
So does Hargard Kerman herald the coming of Galactus?
Kerbalnaught - 7 years ago
i think you might like this, and please tell me if you have this figured out

BD armory
Collision FX
Destruction FX
Ace-ab - 7 years ago
Scott is there panicking .... but meanwhile he's racking up some serious style points XD ... i mean seriously imagine if this was a thing and you're watching this from space station or even the ground and you be like wut wuttt
Lei is the Fuzzion
Lei is the Fuzzion - 7 years ago
Whats up with your Hybrid of Scottish and American accent wish u had a 100% Scottish accent as im from the land of rain and misery and irn bru myself
HuNt Muffin
HuNt Muffin - 7 years ago
Cant wait to make my own
rlrsk8r1 - 7 years ago
That looked incredibly fun!
Simon Seal
Simon Seal - 7 years ago
We only need ability to rename Kerbals and BAM!

Pure Explosive
Pure Explosive - 6 years ago
+Simon Seal go in game files and you can name them
Zenek - 7 years ago
+Simon Seal we have it.
Darth MacLeod
Darth MacLeod - 7 years ago
Cue "Bensen, Arizona"...
Repairboy - 7 years ago
Reminded of Top Gun in this video
Wesley Jones
Wesley Jones - 7 years ago
surfboard surfboard surf board training on dat wood grainin grain in on dat woody surfing on dat swer surfing on dis good good
RossIsHere - 7 years ago
.craft file?
thatdearguy - 7 years ago
Fantastic video!
Jamathy - 7 years ago
the silver serfer
Slightly Baked
Slightly Baked - 7 years ago
like if this reminds you of that movie treasure planet
Zero Cool
Zero Cool - 7 years ago
I wonder if there's a way to redux this, since the atmosphere has changed since 1.0
Latrell Cronister
Latrell Cronister - 7 years ago
i saw a long time ago in KSP alpha, you would make so much INFO about how the rockets work and how they go bla bla etc, i got very very bored. Now i like your vids :)
NRM 88
NRM 88 - 7 years ago
I am a leaf on the wind -wash
DestroyerZ - 7 years ago
im in Hawaii!!
Lars Dragtstra
Lars Dragtstra - 7 years ago
try to make it able to land on watter
Lucas Kafataris
Lucas Kafataris - 7 years ago
Could you put this design up for downloading please?
MrTagnan - 7 years ago
RedXeno - 7 years ago
I'm reminded of Eureka 7 for some reason.
Not you
Not you - 7 years ago
You're an idiot

Just kidding, you're the man! Just said it cuz you said I can :D
Vizaru - 7 years ago
One of the coolest things I have ever seen in KSP! Keep up the good work.
personzorz - 7 years ago
"He's not dead he's just... inanimate..."
Sabin Astralis
Sabin Astralis - 7 years ago
A Beverage
A Beverage - 7 years ago
I added the flea rocket boosters. The acceleration was massive
MrManslayerX - 7 years ago
White and gold shirt..? I thought it was blue and black.
Thomas James
Thomas James - 7 years ago
Blu Wolf GamR
Blu Wolf GamR - 7 years ago
danny needs to have the craft file for this
Mark Roworth
Mark Roworth - 7 years ago
Scott Manley, you are wonderfully insane. :)
dragonface2002 - 7 years ago
Any chance for the file?
MrGrannyStylez - 7 years ago
One of your funniest and most honest video since a long time! 
thank you
Ferdy - 7 years ago
Amazing surf master scot :D
Literal Trash
Literal Trash - 7 years ago
I need this please post download plz
Sonic Brady
Sonic Brady - 7 years ago
Uh what do you mean
EpicProStaraptor - 7 years ago
Craft file pls
Th3uNn3rV3d - 7 years ago
The Kerbal Surfer. Protecting the world from Kraktulus.
Nicholas Hamilton
Nicholas Hamilton - 7 years ago
For some reason i think this shouldn't have worked
AvianAviator - 7 years ago
I NEED the file for that surfboard! WOW, that looks amazing!
WolfBoy061290 - 7 years ago
Please tell me i am not the only one that just now noticed the maintenance truck go Tokyo Drift around the bigger equipment hauler at 5:55
Jacob Abramson
Jacob Abramson - 7 years ago
Kataclysm113 - 7 years ago
I wouldn't call what happened at 13:00 losing control. No, see, that was "stunts".
Vib3s - 7 years ago
Everybody's suuuurfiiiin', surfin' Kerbal space. /beachboys
Dani Paunov
Dani Paunov - 7 years ago
Can you put this for download? I really wanna fly it... I made my own, but it's really unstable and wobbles a lot.
Carpet Hed
Carpet Hed - 7 years ago
You've earned a Subscriber. :)  (This is the first time i saw you) Any downloads for the Surfer??? (That's the name of you're Surfboard right???)
Dani Paunov
Dani Paunov - 7 years ago
How long will this fly?
Erik Johansson
Erik Johansson - 7 years ago
The kerbal looks so happy :D
stinkyfungus - 7 years ago
I surf... whaddyawannaknow?

We call the fins on the underside of the board... uhhhh. Fins! Some guys call em' skegs too.
The board shape you created is closest to a shape we call a "fish" due to the tail shape
And its not a therory- its a proven fact: if you put some body english into your board, you turn it.
David North
David North - 7 years ago
I'm sorry Scott
I doubted your skills.
That was glorious
gordy michie
gordy michie - 7 years ago
They're called fins not skegs!!!
hi54failyer - 7 years ago
An awesome video on a channel full of awesome videos. You are a true hero, sir.
Slideways Motion
Slideways Motion - 7 years ago
Reverse entry! (For the drifters)
The Dueling Potato
The Dueling Potato - 7 years ago
Try this is 1.0 now please :D
TheLocoHobo - 7 years ago
If I make a shoutout to Darkstar here will ANYBODY understand???
Peter Gunn
Peter Gunn - 7 years ago
Lt. Doolittle to Talby, "I think I've found a way"
Tuevon - 7 years ago
Sky tobogganing?
Maelstrom - 7 years ago
After watching this vid I felt inspired so I made my own surfboard, then I got crazy and stuck it to the side of a rocket. suprisingly it worked.
ProbeVoyages - 7 years ago
We do all the craft tend to flip backwards and get stuck there?
brad Ashton
brad Ashton - 7 years ago
Viktor Von fuling
Viktor Von fuling - 7 years ago
Are you australian?
Exarian - 7 years ago
Kerbal Dandy. He's a dandy guy... on Kerbin.
mcgameranthony - 7 years ago
How did he rotate the parts like that?
LachyBalboa1 - 7 years ago
I'm Scott Manley, surf safe
GaldirEonai - 7 years ago
Reminds me a lot of the opening scene from Treasure Planet.
InfinityEmpireServers - 7 years ago
That was badass
Railfanmatt4 - 7 years ago
By the way Did you like it in Hawaii?
WolfplaysSomething - 7 years ago
Dippity - 7 years ago
Scott, you've just inspired me to make the Surfer Reconaissance Drone.  :D
HaqqAttak - 7 years ago
This game is still broken. I really hope they add some working drag.
Shitty Anime Lover
Shitty Anime Lover - 7 years ago
what r physicz
Evert van Ingen
Evert van Ingen - 7 years ago
What was AWESOME!!!!
Magicmissile03 - 7 years ago
Great Video,Scott! You inspired me to create my own KSP surfboard! It actually "flies!"(glides)
Optional Zero
Optional Zero - 7 years ago
Thanks for building stuff like this! I have actually watched a lot of your interesting designs closely, as I'm ALWAYS afraid to overlap wing pieces and have parts clipping into each other because I assume it'll just make it explode. But like with the tail control surfaces you have overlapped here I see again that I can be much more liberal with constructing things than I allow myself to be.
Keep up the Science and Gaming, thanks for the vids!
Pilot - 7 years ago
"He's not dead, he's just...inanimate."

                                     Scott Manley - 2015
tbreimer - 7 years ago
I think real air surfing would be more... fatal than this.
Godlyapple - 7 years ago
Aww you should of said "I'm Scott Manley, surf safe!"
XOrder345 - 7 years ago
Mod used to rotate the parts?
Legvan - 7 years ago
Riding my surfboard in space! I'm the... Silver surfer!
Никита Сергеев
Никита Сергеев - 7 years ago
Nice plane
Eihort - 7 years ago
It's the end of Dark Star!
Kyle And World
Kyle And World - 7 years ago
Truly a breath of fresh air to watch and listen to your commentary.
darkbeetlebot - 7 years ago
MinecraftPilot - 7 years ago
THAT WAS BRILLIANT XD. Love how u managed to get back to the space center hahaha
Alex Everest
Alex Everest - 7 years ago
I believe that you are right calling the
skeggs because that is what a windsurf board has however I might be wrong on a surfboard. Great video as well
abro amg
abro amg - 7 years ago
Hey scott, i think all you have to do when your kerbals are "paralized/dead in seat" is switch objects because it counts as out of the chair, and the control comes from the probe core, not the Kerbal. (a theory correct me if im wrong)
prograde - 7 years ago
9:46 Aloha Snackbar!
RedVelocistar - 7 years ago
+Muddy Fudger Only difference is that the pilot survived.
Mike Peabody
Mike Peabody - 7 years ago
Are you using mods? If so, please tell me the names. I really want the mod that when you mouse over a part in the dtaging it lights up through other parts, that one would be so useful.
Ramix09 - 6 years ago
+Aidan Wahib no problem :P
Aidan Wahib
Aidan Wahib - 6 years ago
+Ramix09 thanks
Ramix09 - 6 years ago
+Mike Peabody You have to activate the highlight option in settings
Mike Peabody
Mike Peabody - 7 years ago
Really? Not for me, even in stock. It just illuminates the parts green, not outlines them through parts. Are you sure?
Scott Manley
Scott Manley - 7 years ago
+Mike Peabody That's a stock feature in 0.90
BlurbMcHoy! - 7 years ago
How was your trip to Hawaii, Scott?
Hamartial - 7 years ago
It looks to function like the Kerbal equivalent of a wing-suit. Well discovered!
Joseph Holman
Joseph Holman - 7 years ago
Shadowkey392 - 7 years ago
techwiz24 - 7 years ago
"He's not dead, he's just inanimate". Only in KSP, only in KSP.
fighterbrony - 7 years ago
whats the mod you use to rotate the parts
TheGatecrasher53 - 7 years ago
Totally reminds me of the Treasure planet movie, where the kid surfs through the canyons on his solar sail surfboard thingy. So badass
The Raging Gamer
The Raging Gamer - 7 years ago
A song comes to mine while watching this:
Shelton Huang
Shelton Huang - 7 years ago
this is absolutely impressive
WellJamedToast - 7 years ago
3:28 xD
Pillowcase - 7 years ago
ahahaah this is awesome!
Tinkly Mage
Tinkly Mage - 7 years ago
Could you put a ship Download ? Looks fun
Balee Tong
Balee Tong - 7 years ago
Today, a new sport was invented.
Horatius - 7 years ago
this is possibly the oddest thing i've seen on youtube... and that's saying something.
Robertson Thirdly
Robertson Thirdly - 7 years ago
that was beautiful
megaman455 - 7 years ago
I really wish there was a download of this craft... I've never be able to make it properly.
ChobinoftheFunk - 7 years ago
So you made a REF board?
Mr. Mango
Mr. Mango - 7 years ago
"He's not dead, he's just... inanimate..." AHAHHAHAH
Duck Duck
Duck Duck - 7 years ago
...a lot of youtubers seem to sound like Scott Manley... :o Scott has tons of diffirent youtube accounts o3o
McBoots - 7 years ago
that was rad
Renato Gallo
Renato Gallo - 7 years ago
true genius !!!!!! can that become a mun/duna lander ?
Oblivion Guard
Oblivion Guard - 6 years ago
+Jurassick1546 Jool, lol
US/Can Spotting
US/Can Spotting - 6 years ago
It would work better on Eve or Laythe
Legiaseth - 7 years ago
Theres no atmosphere on mun, and duna's one is too thin, but it should work on eve with some landing gears
Daniel A Freeman
Daniel A Freeman - 7 years ago
are you sure it wasnt blue and black?
harrier331 - 7 years ago
scott you are an idiot.
Alluvian Est-Endrati
Alluvian Est-Endrati - 7 years ago
Great video! Surfing down from orbit reminded me of one of the final scenes from the 1974 movie Dark Star.
Professor Roche
Professor Roche - 7 years ago
Race the sun
dylon goodwin
dylon goodwin - 7 years ago
What mods u using
Coolbeans7279 - 7 years ago
Awseome video, loved this one!
Shakas bro!
zeke1220 - 7 years ago
10:32 That counts!
CommieFritzTheGreat - 7 years ago
I get the impression that Scott's running out of ideas... or just had a lot of coffee to get rid of the jetlag. Surf's up indeed.
Fireheart318 - 7 years ago
I love this. Make a mk2 or a 1 hour video of you just fooling around with this.
OneBigPlayLister - 7 years ago
This reminded me of the air surfing in Eureka 7.
Cpt.Fupa69 - 7 years ago
DexterousWings - 7 years ago
Eureka seveN eat your heart out.
Alexander Rubenstein
Alexander Rubenstein - 7 years ago
How do you name the Kerbals?
Ruben van miegroet
Ruben van miegroet - 7 years ago
How to space according to Scott Manley: SURF IT!
skunkboy60 - 7 years ago
Did anyone else see that crazy driver a 4:28?
Allegheny500 - 7 years ago
DUDE! That was awesome. As an aside I have seen video of people jumping out of a plane with something that looked like a cross between a surf board and a snow board, it was sized in between and had places to shoehorn your feet into so you stayed on the board, at some point they pulled the cord for the chute and the board drops off their feet to dangle from a cord.
Osimmac - 7 years ago
Press 2 to get the editor mode where you can drag the parts into each other... Its part clipping without part clipping!
yodogy8 - 7 years ago
No your shirt was probably black and blue
Nathan Varda
Nathan Varda - 7 years ago
"He's not dead, he's just inanimate" -Scott Manley 2015
Kopuz - 7 years ago
Scott, how do I stop your videos showing up on my youtube home page?
Ethan Seale
Ethan Seale - 7 years ago
But i still love KSP
Ethan Seale
Ethan Seale - 7 years ago
Remember Starmade? Please go back to Starmade!!!!!!
The Turtle
The Turtle - 7 years ago
this is pure awesomnes right there
Uncreative name
Uncreative name - 7 years ago
subbed and liked.
Mayor Ushanka
Mayor Ushanka - 7 years ago
download maybe?
Alex Sponeman
Alex Sponeman - 7 years ago
NASA needs to research ways to do this
Joshua Pitt
Joshua Pitt - 7 years ago
Hi Scott, Love your vids. Your my go to guy when I need to learn game play.
I AM CREEPY - 7 years ago
robotguy - 7 years ago
Skydiving with a snowboard: watch?v=9VV7K0eSbDo
ILOVEPIE - 7 years ago
They are called skegs.
Pendragon - 7 years ago
Had Treasure Planet flashbacks, and that's a good thing.
David K
David K - 7 years ago
Imagine... your a hiker on one of those mountains, and you look up and the Sur Fur 1 flies right over you... what would you do if you saw that?
Friðrik Jarisson
Friðrik Jarisson - 7 years ago
Reminds me of the song by Joe Satriani 'Surfing with the alien'
- 7 years ago
This seems like it would be useful as an actual re enty vehicle, you could add more seats and strap 2 or 3 on the side of a spscd station.
justintime506 - 7 years ago
This reminded me of the ref boards from the eureka 7 anime. If only jeb had a giant battle mech...
Hana_No_Shima - 7 years ago
It is like that episode of Space Dandy. :3
Chase Mellinger
Chase Mellinger - 7 years ago
That is possibly one of the coolest things I've ever seen in KSP
stuntkojima - 7 years ago
Isn't this game supposed to be realistic?
0xDBFB7 - 7 years ago
To be honest, I don't think that this thing flying is that unrealistic. People have flown more unusual things..
stuntkojima - 7 years ago
+TARDISES I was asking a question not making a statement. :(
TARDISES - 7 years ago



Have you SEEN the sizes of the "planets"?
Nathan Varda
Nathan Varda - 7 years ago
Meh, kind of.
Nobady Whodoesn'texist
Nobady Whodoesn'texist - 7 years ago
now, do that with ferram.
rkt739 - 7 years ago
Surfing back from space? Should have been playing "Benson, Arizona". (Anyone remember Dark Star?)
Jack McGuire
Jack McGuire - 7 years ago
+Scott Manley I've been wondering, did you fly east or west to get to Hawaii
TheNagiri - 7 years ago
That surfboard flies better than any plane i have made
epion660 - 7 years ago
"he's not dead, he's just in-animate" well. don't think Mrs. Kerman will be happy either way...
Adrian Fieda
Adrian Fieda - 7 years ago
Nicely done! Way to take reentry the heat to the face. *hoverboard time
Toryu Naminosaki
Toryu Naminosaki - 7 years ago
You should get one of the mods that adds hovercraft parts and make a jet powered hoverboard :D
Bass - 7 years ago
Next time add more boosters. It will make it go faster. And more better power/
Gene Simonalle
Gene Simonalle - 7 years ago
+Scott Manley I don't know if you have seen Gav and Dan, the +The Slow Mo Guys but their latest slow motion video is about tiny rockets.
Leytra - 7 years ago
Now I have a cheaty way for my career mode visual surveys. Thanks Scott!
katateochi - 7 years ago
8:40 "he's not dead, he's just.....inanimate" XD
Apricity Rebound
Apricity Rebound - 7 years ago
Could you make an x-37b in KSP please? I've seen some attempts and most are awful, thanks Scott!
Panderrific - 7 years ago
Are you sure the shirt wasn't Blue and Black?
Jamaal O'Reilly
Jamaal O'Reilly - 7 years ago
Make a hoverboard using ions!
Canuckdude22 - 5 years ago
Scott Manley which livestream my dude
Scott Manley
Scott Manley - 7 years ago
Watch the livestream video.
BachNewton - 7 years ago
That was amazing! And so creative!
Dave Thoma
Dave Thoma - 7 years ago
Skaggs... You got it right Scott.
SickSixGamer - 7 years ago
One of your best experiments ever!
BrianAnim - 7 years ago
Hey Scott, how do you choose what videos to highlight at the end of the videos you make?
FreedomFighterEx - 7 years ago
I starting to feel like that Scott turning into less fatal Danny.
Ian - 7 years ago
On my VAB/SPH GUI, my parts are in a 7x3 pattern, while yours have a 12x3. How do I make mine have more slots per page?
My flight UI is smallish
My screen resolution is 1024x720 (I think)
Markus - 7 years ago
3:23 No, it wasn't. It was black and blue!
The Earl of Pudding
The Earl of Pudding - 7 years ago
Well that was...enlightening.
Who knew that surf boards were made of nitroglycerin.
Matthew Szubelak
Matthew Szubelak - 7 years ago
Your KSP prowess is ridiculous. Awesome, but ridiculous.
Combatsmithen - 7 years ago
dragons' pride
dragons' pride - 7 years ago
this would make a bad ass sport, forget american football.
DarthVaderReviews - 7 years ago
"He's not dead, just... Inanimate"

Scott Manley 2015
Murhaain - 7 years ago
My kerbal surfers are thrown off command seat at 1200-1500ms speeds, at low altitude. Just need enough control surfaces..
The Party
The Party - 7 years ago
White and gold Hawaiian shirt, eh? Cool.

I bet you were real disappointed when you found out it was actually blue and black.
Nathan Varda
Nathan Varda - 7 years ago
I saw white and brownish-black :) "why not both?" Is basically what my brain thought of the dress colors.
snakegamer - 7 years ago
No offense, but I hate that trend.
Piehthyte - 7 years ago
Being as serious as possible, with the new enhancements to ksp, would it be possible to make an Elite Dangerous Anaconda? That would be awesome! (;
Ernesto Ibarrola
Ernesto Ibarrola - 7 years ago
13:06 doing sick surf tricks all as planed
Ariel Lothlorien
Ariel Lothlorien - 7 years ago
Looks like someone really enjoyed their vacation here in Hawaii!! :D
Alwin Priven
Alwin Priven - 7 years ago
I wish he said in the end "surf safe" :(
Kaleb Williams
Kaleb Williams - 7 years ago
Hi Scott, I just wanted to know what mods you are currently using. Thanks
Micai Askauss
Micai Askauss - 7 years ago
Looking forward to the real solar system series
tubedude2735 - 7 years ago
Immediately reminded me of the last 30 seconds of Dark Star.
Poepkop - 7 years ago scott have you tried this? maybe something for you kids:)
Joseph Pentony
Joseph Pentony - 7 years ago
Its Jeb-proff!
Angel - 7 years ago
This has been added to my To-do list
ofoosy - 7 years ago
This is possibly the most survivable craft in KSP
Sartori - 7 years ago
I was going to suggest dropping it from a big aircraft rather than launching from the ground, like with the X-15... but then you dropped it out of orbit instead, which was awesome. I like how the pilot looks super calm while crash landing into the swimming pool. What a quintessentially Kerbal moment. XD
Starius2 - 7 years ago
you're an idiot.
AuraChanneler - 7 years ago
Fly safe? NOPE!
Science Zero
Science Zero - 7 years ago
how does this work in just normal Kerbal or is FAR used? Also great job with the board!
R3bel02 - 7 years ago
Try to just use chase cam and pivot camera up with middle mouse button.
Hayden Misenti
Hayden Misenti - 7 years ago
Mr. Chang
Mr. Chang - 7 years ago
hmm, could you make the boards from Treasure Planet in Ksp? Is that possible?
dregerclock - 7 years ago
not "beautiful!" Scott... "AWESOME! GNARLY DUDE" would have been proper surfer speak
hans - 7 years ago
Now we just need to mass produce these hoverboards and the Back to the Future Prophecy will be fulfilled.
Khuram Iqbal
Khuram Iqbal - 4 years ago
hans iI
Chris Emerson
Chris Emerson - 7 years ago
Ah, some ridge bashing in the mountains towards the end there! Great way to stay airborne if the wind is blowing against the ridge...
Fei Victas
Fei Victas - 7 years ago
I was regularly blowing kerbals off the external seats while building a dragster out of massless parts.  Mechanical linkage between the seat and the pilot started to be a limiting factor at around 1.7-1.8 km/s at sea level.
Zweistein001 - 7 years ago
"He's not dead, he's inanimate."

Laughed my pants off here.
Mattias Devlin
Mattias Devlin - 7 years ago
In skydiving terms it is called sky-surfing, yes it is as stupid as it sounds...
oreubens - 7 years ago
3:30 Are you sure about that...  It could be a black and blue shirt.
Literally Figurative
Literally Figurative - 7 years ago
What would it take to move minimus, perhaps into the Mun or in orbit around the Mun , and how to get stuff to minumus would a Mun Station be needed? Atleast you can get minumus to appear as a second Mun , in orbit closer to Kerbin or in orbit around the Mun I think.
Literally Figurative
Literally Figurative - 7 years ago
sad face
TARDISES - 7 years ago
+Joshua McLellan

It would take HyperEdit.

Not joking.
Caleb Park
Caleb Park - 7 years ago
3:27 was it really white and gold? Or blue and black?
Jakob Bran-flakes-N-ham
Jakob Bran-flakes-N-ham - 7 years ago
Radical, dude...
T.J. Cloer
T.J. Cloer - 7 years ago
I would have named it "Surfin' Bird"
Pappak - 7 years ago
+Scott Manley It would be pretty awesome if you made a list of different scenarios for us to play. And also an own modpack with different parts and so on. I would love some Manley Mods in my KPS!

If it wasn't for you i hadn't have continue playing this game! Thx! *grammar.
Foul Rabbit
Foul Rabbit - 7 years ago
you are crazy .. Scott "McScience" Manley   :D
Nicolino Will
Nicolino Will - 7 years ago
OBTW, Don't do a RSS series, do an OPM series.
Punished Chen
Punished Chen - 7 years ago
i'm getting a really dandy vibe from this
Frado - 7 years ago
I'd call it Surfin Bird
Kostas Ts
Kostas Ts - 7 years ago
18:07 the wing is like "nop im outta here"
Burrowmonster - 7 years ago
Jebadaiah is just shreddin'..... His board to pieces.
NomeFittizioQualunque - 7 years ago
Raikkappa23 - 7 years ago
Welcome back scott
Admiral Doge
Admiral Doge - 7 years ago
Scott you should make it surf on water! :D
warspite1995 - 7 years ago
this sruf board has a very high survival rating for all of kerbal engenering
TARDISES - 7 years ago
...I do not understand this comments section at all...
kasuha - 7 years ago
Cool idea :)
The reason why he turned backwards during reentry is because Kerbals have low drag coefficient (0.1) so the drag was putting the ship's lowest drag part (the Kerbal) ahead of center of mass. And the rest, including fair stability in that position was due to how aerodynamics of control surfaces is screwed up. A control surface flying backwards acts in the opposite direction than where it should.
I hope this all will go away with 1.0.
Markus - 7 years ago
+kasuha Haha.
kasuha - 7 years ago
+TheLeftLibertarianAtheist I never played with FAR but my guess is it would disintegrate.
Markus - 7 years ago
+kasuha How would FAR handle it?
kao chat
kao chat - 7 years ago
love those news escape pod, but 1 can then land on water? and does it work well other other planete? , like laythe, jool, eve and duna
ScottishPizza - 7 years ago
Scott: My wife bought me a hawaii shirt, i thought it was cool, a kinda white and gold
Me: You mean balck and blue....
Jose Aparicio
Jose Aparicio - 7 years ago
Jamster - 7 years ago
You got the shape pretty good but the the fins are "slightly" in the wrong place
pulsefrequency - 7 years ago
LuciferStarr - 7 years ago
SpaceSurfing? Did someone say DarkStar?

(edit) Looking at the comments... Yes, many people said DarkStar. :)
Alexander Schied
Alexander Schied - 7 years ago
Are you sure your shirt isn't black and blue?
daskraut - 7 years ago
reminds me of the ending of 'dark star'
Christiån Kirkenes
Christiån Kirkenes - 7 years ago
That.....was awesome !
Weird Wizard Dave
Weird Wizard Dave - 7 years ago
Welcome back Scott, Missed ya! ;)
Enrico Micheli
Enrico Micheli - 7 years ago
Reminds me of Treasure Planet
Maelstrom - 7 years ago
When you said the shirt was White and Gold I was half expecting you to say that when you were at the pool you realized it was actually Blue and Black, it would have been quite humorous.
centaur1a - 7 years ago
Surfs up, dude!
Gunner R.A.
Gunner R.A. - 7 years ago
VSeven Nial
VSeven Nial - 7 years ago
Eureka 7!
Tanson family
Tanson family - 7 years ago
u just invented a new kerbal sport
Im just readying my team for the air surfing championchips
cookiezillaevan - 7 years ago
Thorsummoner0 - 7 years ago
brilliant, Would love to se another take with the aerodynamics mod ;3
wakjagner - 7 years ago
Scott, you just made every Eureka 7 fan's dream come true.
Wicc3R1 - 7 years ago
YEE! Spaceboard!!!
mrinsom - 7 years ago
Eureka 7
k98killer - 7 years ago
By far the most awesome thing I've seen this month. Bravo, good sir.
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez - 7 years ago
That was pretty cool actually :)
Dinosaur Juice
Dinosaur Juice - 7 years ago
just like the film dark star 
Sunny Hill
Sunny Hill - 7 years ago
It's turtles all the way down in Kerbal space program... Hang 10 little kerbals!
Nordic Gamer
Nordic Gamer - 7 years ago
Can you publish the surfboard anywhere? It's amazing
Nordic Gamer
Nordic Gamer - 7 years ago
How come sometimes I can't control the kernels? I wanted to get him into something but I couldn't move him
Jw O'Dell
Jw O'Dell - 7 years ago
i really want to see a part 2 cant get enough of this surfboard
theminer3746 - 7 years ago
At the last second of touchdown that wing go like "No not touchdown I like to flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
Matt Malenda
Matt Malenda - 7 years ago
Scott,Kissing a wall is unsanitary
CLAVDIVS CAESAR - 7 years ago

Now do it with Ferram Aerospace and Deadly Reentry. :D
Burntbreadbits - 7 years ago

Scott you're an idiot.
Liam Evans
Liam Evans - 7 years ago
Hello, Scott Manley here. Today we're fucking physics.
Jordan Ray
Jordan Ray - 5 years ago
Wei Zhao soooooooooo he it was ok he said lol?
Liam Evans
Liam Evans - 7 years ago
+Wei Zhao exactly :D
Wei Zhao
Wei Zhao - 7 years ago
+Tal Kornfeld If you do not find your own joke funny, why tell it?
inferno - 7 years ago
I want him to say this in a video XD
Liam Evans
Liam Evans - 7 years ago
+Tal Kornfeld no, I meant to add it to the end.
Tal Kornfeld
Tal Kornfeld - 7 years ago
Did you just... lol your own joke..?
Liam Evans
Liam Evans - 7 years ago
+Liam Evans lol
offroadguy56 - 7 years ago
Anyone else cant help but think of Eureka 7?
Dave Smith
Dave Smith - 7 years ago
Silver Surfer
EpicSOB sunabich
EpicSOB sunabich - 7 years ago
Please don't hate me for this but am I the only one who was thinking "Eureka Seven"
Santastic86 - 7 years ago
Welcome back, Scott!
mrchew1982 - 7 years ago
I think that Norrin Radd would be a far more geek worthy name... ;-)
Willy Shpilly
Willy Shpilly - 7 years ago
Hello Scott. Can you remind a video where you teaching how to use pitch yaw and roll. Thanks.
Ben Sawyer
Ben Sawyer - 7 years ago
You should try surfing down from space over the mountain across the terrain and through both KSC bridges/tunnels before landing in the pool.
Nassault - 7 years ago
Nassault - 7 years ago
+agent_920 Thank you Agent, have a great day
agent_920 - 7 years ago
Love your videos Nassault :3
ForeverChanging Lazarus
ForeverChanging Lazarus - 7 years ago
+Lithium No you're not.
Lithium - 7 years ago

I'm sorry.
DistracticusPrime - 7 years ago
+Major Missile
Hang six!
Major Missile
Major Missile - 7 years ago
Dude, Scoot was so radical man, did you see how awesome his board was.
Daniel - 7 years ago
You don't even surf
Lee Stidham
Lee Stidham - 7 years ago
Wish I could get the .craft file for that, hasn't seen that good a glider since firespitter was up to date
Ergo Mu
Ergo Mu - 7 years ago
amazing creation from the manliest if men, Scott Manley! keep up the fun videos!
Kyle Berry
Kyle Berry - 7 years ago
Are you sure the shirt wasn't blue and black?
notaseagull - 7 years ago
Dr mcninja beat you on the surfing in from space thing, although he surfed back from the moon riding a robo dracula.
Hydra707 - 7 years ago
How come you don't use "CAPS LOCK" option for more precise steering? 
The Addiction 2
The Addiction 2 - 7 years ago
I imagine some group of engineers at NASA have done this in their off time. There's no way no one thought of a flying surfboard before KSP. 
Mike Carswell
Mike Carswell - 7 years ago
are you sure the shirt isn't black and blue?
John Bediah
John Bediah - 7 years ago
Scott, what do you do for a living? You said you have to go for work, so I was just wondering.
eashman1018 - 7 years ago
how do you break kerbal's necks?
skyhawk551 - 7 years ago
this flew surprisingly well
Scither Frenick
Scither Frenick - 7 years ago
Next step - cruisin'' on atmosphere waves of Jool.
Jimmy Timmy
Jimmy Timmy - 7 years ago
Is there any way you can make this available for download
Thor Odinnsson
Thor Odinnsson - 7 years ago
Oh my god, KSP is Eureka 7 now.
Oogalook - 7 years ago
Totally amazing.
nabagaca - 7 years ago
Scott makes a flying surfboard that flies better than most of my ships and spaceplanes
aljo - 7 years ago
That is quite literally my favorite thing I've ever seen in KSP. Particularly that first launch, and how much it behaved like a surfboard.
hjc135 - 7 years ago
You are an idiot -(I have been given permission and this can never be said otherwise)
Light Yagami
Light Yagami - 7 years ago
This game is just fucking amazing.
Zac Roebuck
Zac Roebuck - 7 years ago
This is the directors cut version ending of gravity
Markus Glanzer
Markus Glanzer - 7 years ago
Awesome. Someone still has to land a corvette from orbit tho.
Markus Glanzer
Markus Glanzer - 7 years ago
that's just not the same, but I'm currently sitting (realizing that no one else will do it) in front of a '59 corvette 3D model which I hope to port to KSP the next time life surprises me with some spare time.
cookiezillaevan - 7 years ago
Robbaz did it with a Volvo.
noble00006 - 7 years ago
+Markus Glanzer Underrated comment.
David Messer
David Messer - 7 years ago
You, sir, are a mad-man!

I love your videos.
Caleb Merkel
Caleb Merkel - 7 years ago
"He's not dead, He's just inanimate..." -Scott Manley 2015
Tianar Truegard
Tianar Truegard - 7 years ago
Too fun "Silver Surfer Kerman".  Adding some batteries aft might help w/ center of mass vs center of lift, and also provide power for control when the solar panels aren't facing the sun.
Headrock - 7 years ago
I was watching the video, and then this happened:
3:23 Scott: "My wife actually bought me a Hawaiian shirt, and I just thought it was cool-looking, it was kind of white and gold, and I thought 'oh, that's a pretty nice-looking shirt'. Only once I was sitting at the side of the pool did I notice that it actually was --"
Me: "-- BLACK AND BLUE!!!"

(Also, this was one of your most awesome videos ever, Scott.)
GeorgeMonet - 7 years ago
Scott invents the next Olympic sport, Space Surfing!
Eyerleth - 7 years ago
So, after watching this, I went back through your archive of KSP videos to check, and, it's confirmed.  This is definitely the silliest thing you've ever done in the game.
Joe Bloe
Joe Bloe - 7 years ago
Could be totally wrong but I thought water was totally uncompressible. Save for those hypothesized planets that are purely liquid and have cores of solid hot ice from the density of the water above it
Thom g
Thom g - 5 years ago
Jon Deal all things can be compress the reason we say liquid is not is because it is out side of human capabilty
Tlaloc_Temporal - 6 years ago
If I remember correctly, water was found to follow the ideal gas law as if it started around 20,000 atmospheres.
Quinten Messemaker
Quinten Messemaker - 6 years ago
+Artur Pelicho you should read the discussion we had earlier in this comment clusterfuck then :)
Artur Pelicho
Artur Pelicho - 6 years ago
We'll just stay out of singularities here ^^
Physwe - 6 years ago
+Artur Pelicho
Is less dense than a black hole :p
Artur Pelicho
Artur Pelicho - 6 years ago
+Physwe Except for a neutron star,..
Hunter Sawyer
Hunter Sawyer - 6 years ago
+Benny Kolesnikov lol
Слава ленина
Слава ленина - 6 years ago
Water is compressible, but it's pretty negligible
Joe Bloe
Joe Bloe - 7 years ago
Only on Scott Manley channel do we call people dicks after discussing fluid dynamics and compressibility of atmospheric gases
Invisifly2 - 7 years ago
Quinten Messemaker
Quinten Messemaker - 7 years ago
+Tobias L. 1. yes we don't know, 2. a theory doesn't mean what you think it does and 3.  not being able to observe does not mean we cannot know, take mathematical models of black holes as an example. there. besides, earlier you claimed to know what was beyond the event horizon, your faulty reasoning surely applies to that as well? singularities are a well established theory (a hypothesis stacked with evidence) and black holes are generally considered to have some form of singularity at their core, a sizeless object with infinite density.
Tobias L.
Tobias L. - 7 years ago
+Quinten Messemaker But we don't know exactly if that is true. Everything about what's inside black holes are just theorys. Light can't excape them, so we can't really get any data from the inside. So we can't know what really happen there.
Tobias L.
Tobias L. - 7 years ago
+Quinten Messemaker I don't think black holes don't have a size. That would mean they are massless.I think the core of them is like normal plnets or stars. Just much more dense.
Quinten Messemaker
Quinten Messemaker - 7 years ago
+Benny Kolesnikov that's the point, good luck compressing something that does not have a size anymore.
Bass - 7 years ago
+Quinten Messemaker It kinda does it for you?
Markus - 7 years ago
+Quinten Messemaker Well, apart from that.
Quinten Messemaker
Quinten Messemaker - 7 years ago
+TheLeftLibertarianAtheist good luck compressing a black hole :P
Markus - 7 years ago
+Jon Deal You can compress everything. Some things are more compressible than others though.

In the depths of the Mariana Trench the highest measured pressure was 1,086,000 Pascals making the density of water (at 277 K) 1048 kg/m³. Compare this with the density of water at 1 atm which is ~999.98 kg/m³.
Physwe - 7 years ago
Everything is compressible. Compress water sufficiently and you get funny kinds of ice that are far denser than Ice I (the ice we all know and hate)
Braves man
Braves man - 7 years ago
I am soooo confused
Joe Bloe
Joe Bloe - 7 years ago
+Scott Manley love ya scot!

Platonically of course
Scott Manley
Scott Manley - 7 years ago
+Jon Deal you can compress it, but not by much, increasing the pressure by 1 atmosphere decreases the volume of water by about 0.0046%
Fierce0Deity0Link - 7 years ago
This is just like Treasure Planet!
Jrezky - 7 years ago
Hey man, hope you liked Hawai'i!
Guy Shafir
Guy Shafir - 7 years ago
You should play some more Besiege, Scott!
harrison Dwyer
harrison Dwyer - 7 years ago
riding the air waves like a boss
Portalboy - 7 years ago
Scott are you sure the shirt you bought wasn't white and gold?
SquaredSpekz - 7 years ago
Wait wait wait... was that 1.0? Your Quicksave loaded without loading screen.
SquaredSpekz - 7 years ago
Doesnt matter... silly question... you were infinigliding
Edgewalker001 - 7 years ago
Most people actually seem to think that water is totally incompressible. Which is why they still cling to that old and tired myth that it has the consistency of concrete when struck with sufficient force.
This is obviously wrong, and while you can certainly die horribly by hitting water from high enough up, water never actually becomes as hard as concrete.
Also, while it's less compressible than air, it still compresses in a very similar way.
Floyd Looney
Floyd Looney - 7 years ago
It needs maneuvering thrusters
Floyd Looney
Floyd Looney - 7 years ago
Launch it into a sub-orbit and see how it re-enters
David Campos
David Campos - 7 years ago
Why didn't you try for the nearby bay or sea? Finish off with actual surfing.
911WASanINSIDEjob420 - 7 years ago
the bridge was EPIC!!!!
PC Gamer Pro
PC Gamer Pro - 7 years ago
Surf N turf!!!
Nicolas Mora
Nicolas Mora - 7 years ago
photo of the hawaiian shirt now!!!! 
i have one with american planes of the vietnam war
Dirg The orc
Dirg The orc - 7 years ago
who cares about logic let's surf in space
ya boi henry
ya boi henry - 7 years ago

TheRealColBosch - 7 years ago
Clearly he was utilizing wing-in-ground-effect on his way back from the mountains.
MD - 7 years ago
Again an awesome ksp video :D
May we have the. Craft from scottindustry ? ^^
Purplegreen45 - 7 years ago
Make one with an LFO on top.
303otto - 7 years ago Dolittle from "Darkstar" :D
Kenetic Kups
Kenetic Kups - 7 years ago
>flying surfboards
kindof reminded me of tresure planet
PTNLemay - 7 years ago
Not really related to the vid, but I'm sure you've heard of the new Thunderbirds that came out this weekend.  You should totally try and do a KSP version of them!  Or at least of Thunderbird 1, that might be do-able.    Like... a rocket that can land on it's tail or on it's side.  With wings that can pop out using insane robotics or the attachment system.

Thunderbird 2 would also be really cool, bu it would probably require cheats.  Being able to land something that big with just 4 dinky little ventral thrusters might be too much of a stretch.
Chronocat - 7 years ago
Conclusion: air surfing is the future
Chester Snapdragon McPhisticuff
Chester Snapdragon McPhisticuff - 7 years ago
I realized that KSP has the same part rotation/translation scheme as Solidworks (a 3D modeling program) when you are doing exploded views and motion studies and things like that.
Harrison Adler
Harrison Adler - 7 years ago
Hope you had a good time in Hawaii! 
Ed ash
Ed ash - 7 years ago
Slowed re-entry?

Wonder, if possible to use atmosphere heat to power our vehicles..would be interesting..
ereboros - 7 years ago
Somehow, I feel like this is the ultimate crossover between KSP, Eureka 7, and Dr. Strangelove...
Purplegreen45 - 7 years ago
+erebus08 E7!
miha110111992 - 7 years ago
Every kerbal's gone suuuuurfing... Surfing KSP
The Nuker
The Nuker - 7 years ago
Should hyper edit it to eve and check out them sick waves
sebastian svensson
sebastian svensson - 7 years ago
Danny!!! danny!!! I see many sweet stunts with this and maybe kerb surfing

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