Kite Surfing Fail

A guy falls into the water from high up in the air after the Kite line he's sailing with breaks. The Kite wins.

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A guy falls into the water from high up in the air after the Kite line he's sailing with breaks. The Kite wins.

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Conor Doyle
Conor Doyle - 4 years ago
'Like when a superhero learns to flyyyyy-yyyyy-yyyy'
251/252/252/76 - 4 years ago
To everyone whos wondering: he good
Kevin - 5 years ago
Loop it he says . You never listen to people when it's your ass on the line. If you don't have experience it would be wise not to try it.
smlbstcbr - 5 years ago
Chief Inspector Clouseau!
diego souza
diego souza - 5 years ago
so glorious and ........ HOOOOOLY FUCKING SHIT ( Blush ) -not dead
Visceral - 5 years ago
He shouldn't have done the second loop at that height, no way!
idaho524 - 5 years ago
Geezthis would be terrifying!
Mercedes Riera
Mercedes Riera - 6 years ago
Que horror!! Esa no me paso!!

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Molo the little Rolo
Molo the little Rolo - 6 years ago
kitesurfing.. no thanks...
Tobiash87 - 5 years ago
I value my life, that's why I kitesurf as often as possible (it's the best addiction you can have in life!)! If you are retarded, even pushing a shopping cart can kill you.
Molo the little Rolo
Molo the little Rolo - 5 years ago
Tobiash87 maybe. or I just value my life.
Tobiash87 - 5 years ago
You are a pussy.
Wouter De jong
Wouter De jong - 6 years ago
Very pain full
Invisble Ninja5000
Invisble Ninja5000 - 6 years ago
I dominate the sport of tetherkitenoobing.
This guy sucks compared to me.
cedric de pousargues du parsat
cedric de pousargues du parsat - 6 years ago
man is dead?
Christian Kinzel
Christian Kinzel - 6 years ago
Mason Holmes
Mason Holmes - 7 years ago
What happened
Andrew Brice
Andrew Brice - 7 years ago
He lived with major internal injuries.
Tint Masters
Tint Masters - 7 years ago
Siddhant Pandit
Siddhant Pandit - 7 years ago
Epic belly flop.
manu garcia
manu garcia - 7 years ago
Jager Bombs
Jager Bombs - 7 years ago
There ya go! nice! Ohoho my god! hoho hoh hoho,

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2asdfdas - 7 years ago
did he died ?
Freddie Chambers
Freddie Chambers - 7 years ago
where is this?
Jah Fizz
Jah Fizz - 7 years ago
It would be nice to know if he lived, with all of his organs in tact.
Mr Apex
Mr Apex - 7 years ago
This is the funniest fucking thing ive ever seen
sam mathews
sam mathews - 7 years ago
I felt the same way. It was so funny how straight his body was as he went up, I could just imagine his dialogue as he went up....weeee...ohhhhh......woahhhhhh.......oh no no nooo.....shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!
k seaner
k seaner - 7 years ago
He ded.
Kyle Powell
Kyle Powell - 7 years ago
In that point in time, your mind is like OH Shit! 
nicky G
nicky G - 8 years ago
ALICE CAFARELLI - 8 years ago
NO guys i was there!! it s REAL! in the  Grenadines Caribbean.
He s attached to the mast of his sailing boat and the knot let go….

I had to pick him up after and bring him to emergency

XxBlueZ - 6 years ago
+paul we No dumbass
paul we
paul we - 6 years ago
really ?
Ezra cohen
Ezra cohen - 8 years ago
Robert Makarewicz
Robert Makarewicz - 8 years ago
really good,keep like that

30. comment for Kite Surfing Fail

Thaydrian - 8 years ago
If you look closely he has a cable attached to him, you can see it early in the video, he is being lifted out of the frame by it. This screams fake.
daimondhead98 - 8 years ago
now loop it  , bitch  !
Андрей Кряжев
Андрей Кряжев - 8 years ago
Живой пару ребер и сотряс....
EPz Peckerhead
EPz Peckerhead - 8 years ago
sushimamba7 - 8 years ago
did he survive?
Edmundo J. Cid
Edmundo J. Cid - 8 years ago
seems like Flamenco Beach at Culebra, Puerto Rico. 
One Eyed Jacks
One Eyed Jacks - 8 years ago
Chirinoboy - 8 years ago
where is the board?? 
robingread - 8 years ago
flgliderpilot - 8 years ago
Kitesurfer with bungee attached to harness. Loops, bungee stretches, loops again, bungee breaks free of harness and he free fails, kite does not recover from loop because there is no longer any tension on the lines.  Darwin award follows.  Neil Hutcheson was the first to almost die doing this stupid stunt years ago. Most kiteboarders know better.
oSgtSquirtso - 8 years ago
is he kill
leafninjas2012 - 8 years ago
Ridiculousness got me here :-)
Chris Rumbaugh
Chris Rumbaugh - 8 years ago
Where is the original video?
DoggyB22 - 8 years ago
Tosh.0 brought me here! LOL
Che Cho
Che Cho - 8 years ago
Да фейк же, видно
Michael Ivashchenko
Michael Ivashchenko - 8 years ago
Where was this filmed?
Прохожий - 8 years ago
Блеа во пиздец! Он живой?
Ron Paul
Ron Paul - 8 years ago
Wait, if you kept "looping it" could you fly with one of these things?
dbzuunior - 8 years ago
Ultra fake
Adam Garcia
Adam Garcia - 8 years ago
Did he dead?

50. comment for Kite Surfing Fail

Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams - 8 years ago
Not kitesurfing/kiteboarding.  That idiot was flying a kite while his harness was tethered.  Very dangerous....especially if you dont keep your cool.  His 2nd loop...he went into panic...and did not complete the loop.  Wow...major beat down...  His buddy goading him to "loop it" must have been very proud of himself.
SuperFifinou - 8 years ago
TheBigBosnian - 8 years ago
Is he alive?!
Nikhil Malhotra
Nikhil Malhotra - 8 years ago
Woh wow. Such a terrible kite surf ever
Pinap93 - 8 years ago
did he die?
Clogans Run
Clogans Run - 8 years ago
TheChampkind - 8 years ago
"But I'm not ready to fly!"
Ivan Delgado
Ivan Delgado - 8 years ago
I must go, my people nee...

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