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danilo carvalho
danilo carvalho - 4 years ago
That's my fear about kitesurf
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez - 4 years ago
I once had a ran on the died :(
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez - 4 years ago
I once had a baby snake bit me died
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez - 4 years ago
I once had a pet fish, didn't get to name them...I gave them bubble bath and they both died :(
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez - 4 years ago
I once had a pet turtle...his name was steve. Steve scraped a rock ad bleed to death
cool film!
have a nice day :o)
James Goines
James Goines - 4 years ago
I started out looking at tips for beginners, now watching all of the fails. Still not convinced not to learn kite boarding.
NICK SMITH - 4 years ago
3 second fall probably 80 ft. Shud have survived
Brooklyn Avenue
Brooklyn Avenue - 4 years ago
0:36 Oh Shit!

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ufeelimportant now
ufeelimportant now - 5 years ago
So how could he have done this correctly?
Igors Matvejevs
Igors Matvejevs - 5 years ago
lol I hope he died. :D
MarcMaccoy - 5 years ago
did he died?
dewfall56 - 5 years ago
Broken bones likely.
David Wayne
David Wayne - 5 years ago
did he survive
FLORIDA-BOY - 5 years ago
lmao these idiots shouldve had the engine already on.gonna fuck and drown before they get there
Rustam StfAir
Rustam StfAir - 5 years ago
funniest thing, the kite didnt even touch the water.
Nilz4FR - 5 years ago
Rule Nr. 1: If you loop. LOOP ALL THE WAY
zestydude87 - 6 years ago
damn good thing he was over water. and not land...
Joshua Leija
Joshua Leija - 6 years ago
What beach is this?

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John Arthur
John Arthur - 6 years ago
Never tie a kiter to a rope ! It looks like the rope released/broke under the load of kite looping, so he flung towards the kite like a slingshot., That caused him to lose the kites support, so he dropped like a rock. Stupid people tricks do make great videos.
Ray Whiteside
Ray Whiteside - 6 years ago
this is why u dont drink and fly
Peter Brown
Peter Brown - 6 years ago
test :35
Peter Brown
Peter Brown - 6 years ago
wow 0:34
Peter Brown
Peter Brown - 6 years ago
XcellJY - 6 years ago
Did the Ocean water die? i really hope its okay.
Mj - 6 years ago
Relax it's just water, it don't hurt yah.
Ike - 6 years ago
"Stone states that jumping from 150 feet (46 metres) or higher on land, and 250 feet (76 metres) or more on water, is 95% to 98% fatal."
It can be worse than hitting concrete, if you are high enough.
That's why people jump from the golden gate bridge to kill themselves.
The more you know!
Dudemar - 6 years ago
what's that second line going up to the sky?
Danimra Stablecon
Danimra Stablecon - 6 years ago
Fake as fuck.
BIOHAZARD-42 - 6 years ago
This made me laugh so fucking hard

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Alyssa Duncan
Alyssa Duncan - 6 years ago
He is so died
huldu - 6 years ago
So it was fun up until 0:36 judging by the laughing. That's all that counts right?
Skelld - 6 years ago
What are you talking about? The fun part is at 00:38. You need to watch the video again.
Reuters UGC
Reuters UGC - 6 years ago
Hi Recep, I work for Reuters news agency. We'd like to include this video on our server for non-exclusive use with credit. May I first ask if you filmed this video? If so, may I ask your permission to use it? Thank you very much!
Leonardo Simas
Leonardo Simas - 6 years ago
e morreu
HNR - - 6 years ago
this would be a realistic red bull advert, with a sugar crash at the end
C North
C North - 6 years ago
did he died? I think he dieded.
DutchGreen Gaming
DutchGreen Gaming - 4 years ago
Died he is. You think rite.
CatzRLyfe - 6 years ago
The joke

Your head
Fenix - 6 years ago
always have to be so careful when around kikes
SickAssApe - 6 years ago
He dead?
Sarthak mohanty
Sarthak mohanty - 6 years ago
are he ded??????
Sarthak mohanty
Sarthak mohanty - 6 years ago
+realeques I aren't think that though
realeques - 6 years ago
+sarthak mohanty no he lif
PHIL-yes-PLZ - 6 years ago
0:34 The point of no return
NumbCorns - 6 years ago
Press F to pay Respect
Reazon54ATX - 6 years ago
Did he died
Adam Dennerley
Adam Dennerley - 4 years ago
Reazon54ATX yes
What R The Kids Into?
What R The Kids Into? - 6 years ago
Good thing he was wearing the 'safety' rope.
realeques - 6 years ago
what is that gunshot sound?
Skelld - 6 years ago
Its was when he broke the sound barrier on the way down.
Jeff Dyal
Jeff Dyal - 6 years ago
it is the cable that is connecting him to the boat snapping. if you look closely, there is a line connected to his back which appears to be pulling him to give him lift, sort of like a parasail would have and the front if him is harnessed to the kite. looks like the main drag line snapped(the gun shot sound) and then he plummets
dirtywart - 6 years ago
Press eight for endless fun
Yohan Ham
Yohan Ham - 6 years ago
is he died?
Blinker_bot - 6 years ago
Le cancer army has arrived
Jayel Saffioti
Jayel Saffioti - 6 years ago
you can actually hear him scream as he falls lol
Zak Bagans
Zak Bagans - 6 years ago
As an avid Kite Surfer myself, I have encountered this issue before. If you need any money for medical, PM me.
Danimra Stablecon
Danimra Stablecon - 6 years ago
+Notch Fake as fuck.
Zak Bagans
Zak Bagans - 6 years ago
I AM the real Notch. Don't believe the liars!
Noah Watkins
Noah Watkins - 6 years ago
+Notch and a wild Notch appears!
Chris Young
Chris Young - 6 years ago
+Notch Hey Notch, iz me, ur brother.
rrgert4 - 6 years ago
+Notch savage
Epik - 6 years ago
+Notch haha that's very kind. Americans do appreciate healthcare.
Claire Bear
Claire Bear - 6 years ago
The Best Video Channel
The Best Video Channel - 6 years ago
I hope he is ok?

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JMJ - 6 years ago
For you who are concerned- Peter did survive this with merely a few bruises, but tragically passed away in an ice skating accident in Hobart, Tasmania a few months later. RIP.
CaptainPrice01 - 6 years ago
Was that at the Glenorchy Rink? I never heard of any accidents there.
TazTalksYouListen - 6 years ago
+JMJ If true, he should have stayed away from extreme sports. I mean, seriously, ice skating is way too dangerous. He should have stuck with fly-diving..
banana legion Df
banana legion Df - 6 years ago
Bull shit you are not the person who uploaded this
Kyle S
Kyle S - 6 years ago
+Tamahou Scott tru
Tamahou Scott
Tamahou Scott - 6 years ago
+WonderTracks bullshit
lilrikuownzz - 6 years ago
did he dieded
DutchGreen Gaming
DutchGreen Gaming - 4 years ago
No more alive he be
N8Dymond - 6 years ago
holy fuck dude he probably died
N8Dymond - 6 years ago
+Ike plus the whip of the kite. That was 100 ft+
Ike - 6 years ago
+Junkers69 The level of the water isn't the concern, it's the height he was at when he fell into the water.
250 feet or more is nearly always fatal. (95%-98% fatality rate at 250 ft)
Junkers69 - 6 years ago
+N8Dymond I think he landed into the deep part of that water so could have survived and probably did ;)
iiCUBE OiD - 6 years ago
Where is this?
Space Cadet
Space Cadet - 6 years ago
+iiCUBE OiD a beach
Bryan Castillo
Bryan Castillo - 6 years ago
at sea
akaram325 - 6 years ago
Do not be no. 6 bitch
Just a Youtuber
Just a Youtuber - 6 years ago
Is Keti okay?
Jubie210 - 6 years ago
He's fiiine
Ryan Sanchez
Ryan Sanchez - 6 years ago
You know shits serious when even the foreign excursion owners freak out
Guilherme C.
Guilherme C. - 6 years ago
That was a surprisingly steady ascent
infinite mushroom
infinite mushroom - 6 years ago
Redditor here, the woman attempting to surf the kite was clearly underweight.

Come over to r/askwomen to look for tips on staying healthy size.
gg 123
gg 123 - 6 years ago
damit now im gonna spend the next hour searching for more kite surfing fails
lik3OMJ - 6 years ago
So fake
TankEpidemic - 6 years ago
+lik3OMJ fake and gay*

matter of fact, get off youtube you fucking noob. l2comment.
blitzv10 - 6 years ago
*Kite expert here The problem is he shouldn't of crashed
blitzv10 - 6 years ago
gg 123
gg 123 - 6 years ago
kite here, dont attach yourself to me. or you will meet my friend, crash. 
TEQTONYK - 6 years ago
+blitzv10 And I'm Felix Baumgartner. Nice to meet you.
blitzv10 - 6 years ago
+TEQTONYK Shalt not of crashed^ trust me i'm a doctor
TEQTONYK - 6 years ago
+blitzv10 Should not have crashed.
blitzv10 - 6 years ago
+TEQTONYK shoudn't not of crashed^
TEQTONYK - 6 years ago
Shouldn't have, you putz.
Dan Ruley
Dan Ruley - 6 years ago
Problem expert here, the crash is he shouldn't have kited
blitzv10 - 6 years ago
+Gurjas Grewal crashing into water at a high rate of speed while attached to a kite expert here! I concur
gg 123
gg 123 - 6 years ago
+blitzv10 crash expert here, he should not attach himself to kites
blitzv10 - 6 years ago
+jigglymabob Crashed he should not of
jigglymabob - 6 years ago
+blitzv10 should not of crashed? whats of crashed?
Big Booty Smasher
Big Booty Smasher - 6 years ago
SMH. White people....

-Big Booty Smasher
Khusnul Khotimah
Khusnul Khotimah - 6 years ago
luar biasa
111livetoride - 6 years ago
Zachary Pedersen
Zachary Pedersen - 6 years ago
0:35 it was at this moment that he knew..... He fucked up.
Ike - 6 years ago
+Zachary Pedersen He had a good 3-4 seconds to think about his life choices at least.
Kirk Meyers
Kirk Meyers - 6 years ago
And. . . keep camera on target while going to possibly unconscious friend :) What not to do folks.
Human Observer
Human Observer - 6 years ago
I'm not a pro or anything but I'm pretty sure your supposed to have a surf board.
bloggs24 - 6 years ago
+Human Observer
*wake board and a life vest.
Alek Salazar
Alek Salazar - 6 years ago
+Human Observer Lol... That's the least of his worries.
Grace Noonan
Grace Noonan - 7 years ago
he got the ouchys..
Bhavik Patel
Bhavik Patel - 7 years ago
Does anyone know if the guy was injured?
Mark Lehmann
Mark Lehmann - 7 years ago
I love how he goes from "There ya go, niiice, to" "What the fuck, oh my god" at 0:28
Amanda tompkins
Amanda tompkins - 7 years ago
Is he ok? Did he die?
Edlyn Masingale
Edlyn Masingale - 7 years ago
epic belly flop
Give A Hoot
Give A Hoot - 7 years ago
well the kite still up thats a plus hahaha
stoner4010 - 7 years ago
Nice job noob.

Back to respawn with you
Yaro Yaroshchuk
Yaro Yaroshchuk - 7 years ago
Did he died?
urgirlswidme - 7 years ago
That must've hurt! But I couldn't stop LOL! 
montmib - 7 years ago
So I would like to ask anybody who knows about kiteboarding what do you think are the reasons why this happened ? 
Peter Ondracek
Peter Ondracek - 7 years ago
+montmib The tether anchoring him to the boat broke.

that's what the snapping sound is right before the "oh my gahd"
brian he
brian he - 7 years ago
Ok something is up, There is a second line going from him to away from the kite.  I live in Michigan and have seen kite surfing live many times and never seen that. Second, when you kite surf you have a surf board,  he doesn't.  But that black line sure makes you think this is fake. 
Brice Carpentier
Brice Carpentier - 7 years ago
Nope, the line is actually attached to the mast of a boat. This allows doing that kind of stuff with very light wind. In this very case though, that line seem to have broken, causing the accident.
antonio Romano
antonio Romano - 7 years ago
where is that beach
Calamari Chris
Calamari Chris - 8 years ago
Red Bull gives you wings! (Briefly.)
The Martin and Luis Show
The Martin and Luis Show - 8 years ago
What a way to go. Death by belly flop
gingrasj - 8 years ago
Good man - he didn't let the kite hit the water
yellowfolder - 8 years ago
Did they re-edit the sound to get rid of the delay which would have occured from the distance they were filming? Fake
Mellow Mike
Mellow Mike - 8 years ago
It's like fucking 25 metres dick head
Psionyx1665 - 8 years ago
Note to self: Don't "loop it"
Brice Carpentier
Brice Carpentier - 7 years ago
He was actually supposed to loop it. What happened is the line attaching him to the boat's mast (boat not shown on screen) broke, leaving him hanging while he obviously does not know how to handle that kind of height.
Ryan Cho
Ryan Cho - 8 years ago
Then Nathen realized, he fucked up
laffen eikeland
laffen eikeland - 8 years ago
is this in kemer, turkey?
?everything - 8 years ago
It looks like he was shot out of the sky.
Recep Coşkun
Recep Coşkun - 8 years ago
Thank you for your interest in video or defense of the :) :)
Majestic Douchebag
Majestic Douchebag - 5 years ago
that was actually true.
BIOHAZARD-42 - 6 years ago
+Danimra Stablecon thats actually believable
Danimra Stablecon
Danimra Stablecon - 6 years ago
+CranioUomo Yeah sure, people can fly. There was also a news report that a boy was trapped in a balloon 2km in the air in 2009. Do you believe everything you see on TV?
BIOHAZARD-42 - 6 years ago
+Danimra Stablecon they did a flashback to his recovery
BIOHAZARD-42 - 6 years ago
+Danimra Stablecon it was all over the news in 2015
BIOHAZARD-42 - 6 years ago
+Danimra Stablecon its real
Danimra Stablecon
Danimra Stablecon - 6 years ago
+Saymon Fernandes Fake as fuck.
BIOHAZARD-42 - 6 years ago
+Saymon Fernandes yes but he was knocked unconscious
Saymon Fernandes
Saymon Fernandes - 6 years ago
+Recep Coşkun it is he alive ?
Zed Lyons
Zed Lyons - 8 years ago
What's the sound right as he falls? It sounds like someone added a gunshot sound affect in post.
Leo May
Leo May - 8 years ago
he is flying on a tether, you can see it at the start of the video, thats how he stays up, then it snaps (the noise) and he falls.
Zed Lyons
Zed Lyons - 8 years ago
He did a belly flop before he hit the water? What is this wizardry? 
Robert Putyra
Robert Putyra - 8 years ago
A belly flop.
Jason M
Jason M - 8 years ago
did I just watch somebody die?
Stephen Bailey
Stephen Bailey - 8 years ago
Boy oh boy did he hit the water hard :c
Recep Coşkun
Recep Coşkun - 8 years ago
ilginizden dolayı hepinize teşekkür ederim......     I would like to thank you for your interest......
kay834 - 6 years ago
+Recep Coşkun sus lan
whybanksy - 8 years ago
The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.
Calamari Chris
Calamari Chris - 8 years ago
raidmax21 - 8 years ago
It's fake.

Just watch the guys legs. At 25 sec the legs and body no longer move.
Alexander Osburn
Alexander Osburn - 4 years ago
you probably think the earth is flat, don't you?
Harry Harkins
Harry Harkins - 4 years ago
no its not
macal2oni - 8 years ago
So fake.
Damien John
Damien John - 8 years ago
Actually no, it's not. It's a person trying to perform a trick called a "kite loop", holding your body rigid like that is a part of the technique. Source: my friend that kite surfs and is sitting besides me right now. 
Berengier817 - 8 years ago
Well I wanted to go kite surfing for a while. Now I do not.
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones - 8 years ago
Did he dead?
markcamp1 - 8 years ago
Spaceman258258 - 8 years ago
Is the parachute okay? I hate when people care too much about human and forget object's emotions.
Mark Lehmann
Mark Lehmann - 7 years ago
+Spaceman258258 It looks a little bent in the end but other than that I'd assume it's fine

100. comment for Kite Surfing Gone Wrong

Rizzu - 8 years ago
This man was rushed to the hospital from sustaining severe internal bleeding and was pronounced dead on arrival. 
Jonathan Rich
Jonathan Rich - 8 years ago
+en1gmatica tl;dr
EDS2314 - 8 years ago
Hes died.
kev0944 - 8 years ago
Did I just watch someone die?
SoftShellTrees - 8 years ago
He okay? That was a mean belly flop.
koZmo .seVen
koZmo .seVen - 8 years ago
was he okay??

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