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Lorax Live
Lorax Live - 6 years ago
GrumpyOldMan - 9 years ago
Kitesurfing is definitely more related to water-skiing/parasailing than to windsurfing/sailing
Lawrenceof Arabia
Lawrenceof Arabia - 9 years ago
i heard a kid was kite surfing and he got lifted of the ground and landed on a ROOF!!!!!!!!!
Lawrenceof Arabia
Lawrenceof Arabia - 9 years ago
will he just start kite surfing??!?!?!?!?!?!??
Matt Scott
Matt Scott - 9 years ago
make the video about kite surfing and not repeating word for a quarter of it. bailed at 3:00
Max Quirk
Max Quirk - 9 years ago
windsurfing is way beter
Rodrigo Javier GOMEZ
Rodrigo Javier GOMEZ - 9 years ago
WAKEPLkitesurf - 10 years ago
great spot! simillar like in Poland - HEL Penisula ;]
MegaMrBoomer - 10 years ago
the sun just cae ouyt i cant belive it

10. comment for Kite Surfing

pkerben123 - 10 years ago
SWIFTY made me check this out!
Glorious Banana
Glorious Banana - 10 years ago
The sun just came out and I still can't believe it!
Alex Boyum
Alex Boyum - 10 years ago
Is this New Zealand?
Jerome Cormier-Godin
Jerome Cormier-Godin - 10 years ago
is it a kitesurf video or just a fuc*ing long intro o_o
TheWilsonDougie - 10 years ago
Guys please check out the montage on my channel - 1st proper edit with some great slowmo too.
Marcus Bassett
Marcus Bassett - 10 years ago
Wuz just in st.lucia doing some
Danny Bush
Danny Bush - 10 years ago
2:35 for the start of the actual kite surfing.
Rodrigo Javier GOMEZ
Rodrigo Javier GOMEZ - 10 years ago
GREAT!!! I love 3:24 to 3:40! Awesome!!!!
Marco Pirazzini
Marco Pirazzini - 11 years ago
Sonja Gabriella
Sonja Gabriella - 11 years ago
@ba77ar90 amusing..........

20. comment for Kite Surfing

ba77ar90 - 11 years ago
@redmusic99 ye i know the song aint nice !! xD
Sonja Gabriella
Sonja Gabriella - 11 years ago
@ba77ar90 not nice dude
bellemers - 11 years ago
check out this video for some intense sailing!! /watch?v=xVxr4HJhsbA
ba77ar90 - 11 years ago
why the fuck woul u put the song u id when they were kitesurfing ? are u homosexual it fucking sux
dbinit - 11 years ago
That was our video from 5 years ago but we just did a new one... Much more up to date and on you tube. Search for "Across the water Kitesurfing"... A huge improvement on this one and really good tunes and kitesurfing.
iven husebø
iven husebø - 11 years ago
boring start...
Karl Puetz
Karl Puetz - 11 years ago
@velvetbc k lolz
velvetbc - 11 years ago
@darkdoom4091 ......2:33 to 2.43 all of them are starting on land, 3:27 is on land, after 7:04 is on land or very shallow water...ALL the scenes on this video ,land is a few yards away...Has God given these people guarantee that a sudden gust won't drag them over land ?!!...I am 175 lbs and 5'7...not fat at all...about boxing, do you know why Muhammad Ali has Parkinson's disease since he was middle aged ?!! ...I stop it and won't reply no more..arguing mostly won't change people
Karl Puetz
Karl Puetz - 11 years ago
@velvetbc lolz lemme guess ur a fat person who thinks that all sports are stupid and not only that its water!!!!! u land in the water not on land so it shouldnt hurt and u and there isnt normally a gust strong enough to pull u up 20ft in the air (unless u doin a kite loop or sumthin) so therefore once again ur stupid and im not and live a little if u think car racing is stupid and boxing is stupid then ur either a fat lazy bastard or u like telling ppl about how stupid some sports are..
velvetbc - 11 years ago
@darkdoom4091.... when a sudden gust can raise your elevation even like a one story high building, then what is the use of releasing leash , would you like to drop yourself from the roof of a one story building.?!..that means with or without releasing leash kitesurfing is stupidity and so you are stupid not me !!..not only that, any sport which considerably endangers your life is car racing, boxing, or something not sport like eating contests...some people are stupid !!

30. comment for Kite Surfing

Karl Puetz
Karl Puetz - 11 years ago
@velvetbc yes exactly i kitesurf and alot of brands have that kinda thing a punch out so therefore maybe u shuld "look at kiteing safety features before u say something"....shut ur mouth on the quoted part...
Becky Christiansen
Becky Christiansen - 11 years ago
Fantastic video! I love watching kite surfing.
Ron10ful - 11 years ago
what kind of music in the beginning?:))
leadavo - 11 years ago
@velvetbc What do you think a chicken loop is for? Then there is the safety leash to fully release yourself from the kite.
hootsatan - 11 years ago
That video made it so unappealing to me. Bummer.
velvetbc - 11 years ago
"Kite-surfer, 28, dies after gale drags him 100mph across beach and drops him from 50ft" the quoted part....happened on last sunday 11-07-2010,south west france...they should equip the harness with a releasing tab that surfer can separate himself from the kite before it is too late
Colin MacKenzie
Colin MacKenzie - 11 years ago
No meat in the video. 2:30 before it even shows someone riding. zzzzzzzz
SoftyChicken - 11 years ago
brown water?
S Khoo
S Khoo - 11 years ago
so wanna play this geezz
GrahamTVdotNet - 11 years ago
Great Vid !!!! Go check out "Graham's BoardSports Adventure in China" I filmed this doco in 2006. Go to Youtube channel GrahamTVdotNet. You might like this, if not. No Worries !
WiggersART - 11 years ago
@colinwill78 i honestly dont know what you mean..
bomber3198 - 11 years ago
where the white woman at?
Kylie M
Kylie M - 11 years ago
what happens if the board comes off ur feet and u lose it? how do u get u and the kite back to shore? aah. :D
M A S H A V E L L I - 11 years ago
@Phoray, you create your own 'wind'
Phoray - 11 years ago
That looks so fun- what happens if you run out of wind in the middle of the lake/ocean?
Phill Schneider
Phill Schneider - 12 years ago
the sun just came out. the sun just came out. the sun just came out
manolito carnero
manolito carnero - 12 years ago
kite kite kite!
John087w - 12 years ago
@maksenDK I do understand you, if your poor and could only afford a 70$ skateboard comparing 1200$ kite then oh well, your poor... But, this is a gay form of kiteboarding - lame board-offs, gay danglers right there. This is what makes the sport look stupid and not extreme when you compare it to freestyle/wakestyle tricks others do with style. Check some vids with Len10, or Aaron Hadlow it'll change your view! and I just wasted 9 minutes watching this fucking gay video!
WiggersART - 12 years ago
kitesurfing looks stupid compared to almost every form of extreme sports.. a 5 second video of a well put heelflip is more wow than this intire video...
Will K
Will K - 12 years ago
@boozeye66 You looking ffor a new kite?

50. comment for Kite Surfing

Nikolai Karzoff
Nikolai Karzoff - 12 years ago
what's the song at 3:39
Brian Slotema
Brian Slotema - 12 years ago
nice spot damn and good vidd!
TERMINAT0R150 - 12 years ago
@elsp1991 Get a bow kite. They are by far the easiest and safest way to experience kiting and you can still do awesome tricks with them
Dustin Beverly
Dustin Beverly - 12 years ago
That looks so cool! *Sigh* wish i lived near water and wind! Oh well skateboarding will passify me =]
tapin13 - 12 years ago
realy cool video, nice views, cameraman and editor work! make more! :)
Jazzel_y - 12 years ago
did you do this video??
Callum Dick
Callum Dick - 12 years ago
jespertjesurfer,, your a wanker hahahaha. Thanks for your contribution to society. f#%kwit if it sucks so hard.. why are you spending (what im sure is your precious time) watching vids of it?
Callum Dick
Callum Dick - 12 years ago
Hey thanks for your opinion number046 but really who gives a f*?k what u think aye? get something else to do you little loser. I jumped on here to check out some cool kite surfing vids and to be honest, I'm sick and tired of every little angry small minded fool having something critical to say off subject. Have something constructive to say.. tool
Matino Postolino
Matino Postolino - 12 years ago
Austin Yount
Austin Yount - 12 years ago
i guess that makes a little sense
Austin Yount
Austin Yount - 12 years ago
do u actually steer yourself or is it just wherever the wind takes you?
locojohnston - 12 years ago
you're in control of the kite so if you wipe out, the kite falls and you launch it again
Docentino - 12 years ago
another troll... one born every minute...
Docentino - 12 years ago
number046: I heard some good music there. Admittedly not the new-fuckin-agey-shite playing between 1:37 and 3:40 But other than that, I find the tunes quite ok. Femi Kuti (or his daddy) at the beggining - sweet! (If you''re into afro-beat... ) The rock'n'rolley tune: "where the white women at?"- awesome IMO.. BTW anyone know the artist who committed that one?
spunkflunk - 12 years ago
wat happens when u wipe out wouldnt it drag u
Will K
Will K - 12 years ago
I'd say about 11 m
Will K
Will K - 12 years ago
If you really want to konw. send me an inbox. Fast response Kites have adepower that basically detach it from your body and make them collapse. Therres also a depower setting where you pull the bar away from you and the kite jsut slows down.
Brian Slotema
Brian Slotema - 12 years ago
kite landboarding, im doing kitesurfing too. if its to cold i'l just go kitelandboarding:)
Rafael Bausone
Rafael Bausone - 12 years ago
they dont let you go surfing if the wind is going towards the open sea, and you stop by slowly going to the shore or bringing the kite down
Brian Holt
Brian Holt - 12 years ago
how do you stop? it seems you could stuck out in the ocean?
BloodWolf878 - 12 years ago
300th rating!!!!! this was a good vid too.
lucan kitesurf
lucan kitesurf - 12 years ago
land boarding. that's your search right there
Hank Sinn
Hank Sinn - 12 years ago
yeah i do and several other people do look up atb kiting on youtube for proof
Brian Slotema
Brian Slotema - 12 years ago
i wish i had a lake close to my home or just lived next to the beach.. nice vid man. pro boards? they look very smallxD i have a 136 how big is your board??
Joe Henderson
Joe Henderson - 12 years ago
The first 2 mins are pointless - 12 years ago
They're sure having FUN! Great sport Love it... So many more people getting into it! and Snowkiting too!
Héctor - 12 years ago
3 min of waiting to see gay riding
mistral2099 - 12 years ago
Nice vid mate. Where? Ireland?
Nick Figueras-Dotti
Nick Figueras-Dotti - 12 years ago
nice but i hate the fucking music
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson - 12 years ago
they can be some good stuff on ebay
xIris1994 - 12 years ago
Nice.. =D
jay racz
jay racz - 12 years ago
All things a instructor could teach you. The bonus too would be that there is a chance that your teacher could hook you up with all the gear your lacking on the cheap. Plus you will have a in in the kiting comunity. I have noticed that instructors tend to help their students well after their lesson is done. That is if you kite on the same beach. $150 in gear is not a good investment if you don't know what your buying. Cheers
jay racz
jay racz - 12 years ago
I say spend the $150 on the lesson. It.s a good investment. What you will find is kiters have a quiver of kites in all different sizes. Your 16m kite (depending on how old it is) would be a light wind kite. What you want to get is a high wind kite for your first kite a 6m-8m. But this all depends on your weight and conditions of your area.
Paul Jones
Paul Jones - 12 years ago
ive a wipika 9.5mtr. and a liquid force 55 comies with 10mtr lines......loooveeellyyy!!!!!
Ryan Fuller
Ryan Fuller - 13 years ago
Ok yeah I understand that a lesson is a good idea and kind of necassary but where I live all the lessons are at least $150 for only 2 hours, which is a bit out of my budget, I mean I would rather spend that money on buying gear. But I will consider it.. I was just curious to no if the gear I own would be suitable to learn with if I got a lesson or not?
jay racz
jay racz - 13 years ago
Well it's been a week since you posted this are you still alive? Lets start on the positives a large board is good as well as the fact that you have some boarding experiance. 16m kite will hurt or kill you the first time out. Save yourself time and money. TAKE A LESSON. I taught myself and have a massive learning curve and more gear than i need. I wish I had invested in a lesson before I started. Trust me a lesson will get you up and riding in no time.
atmac0 - 13 years ago
lol this sounds like some sort of hypnosis... other than that im gonna try this, while vacating to cali and snowboarding in new england. lol, bug open field, kite surfin kite, snowboarder... lol.
Ryan Fuller
Ryan Fuller - 13 years ago
Hey everyone, I was just looking for someones opinion as to whether my gear would be ok to learn to kitesurf with. I've got a 16 meter kite and a directional board, so it isnt ideal i no but is it possible to learn to kitesurf with this gear? I live in an area were lots of people go kitesurfing and the wind range is usually around 10-20 knots, I am also a confident snowboarder, skateboarder and longboarder (if that healps...) any replys would be great. Thanks
niki05021996 - 13 years ago
Ruud - 13 years ago
lijkt zo makkelijk, maar kan nog altijd de waterstart niet =/
videostouutubecy - 13 years ago
great dude
Triduza Studio
Triduza Studio - 13 years ago
Remko Groen
Remko Groen - 13 years ago
I suspect you do not own a car... cause I also kite at brouwersdam and i live and work 50 km away.. i drive there after work.. no probs.. living closer to B'dam is almost inpossible..if you already live in dirksland...
Remko Groen
Remko Groen - 13 years ago
ehm.. Ruben Lenten?.. is toch echt NLer.. en staat redelijk in de top op de wereldranglijst
GuldurKhand - 13 years ago
noem dan een goeie kite surfer in nederland...
laurens meijer
laurens meijer - 13 years ago
Huh holland slechte plaats? Ech nie
nikoturbo - 13 years ago
ik 300km van de noord zee, schitterend plaats om te kitesurfen... geen slecht plaats, helemaal ni !
creation1920 - 13 years ago
respect :) ik moe nen dag reizen om der te gerake :)
Jean Beelaerts
Jean Beelaerts - 13 years ago
pfff, noem jij dat een slechte plaats? Ik woon 150 km van de zee :-((((
GuldurKhand - 13 years ago
I live in a very bad place... I live in holland >.> the only place where I can go is brouwersdam but that is 12 miles from my home >.> (I live in Dirksland)

100. comment for Kite Surfing

Javier - 13 years ago
can u do that but using a wakeboard instead?
Demosthenes Locke
Demosthenes Locke - 13 years ago
7:05 tell me that's not a sewage outflow?!
jsnowbrien - 13 years ago
I have that same monkey tribe kite and a the same naish tt pro board from this video what do you think I could get on ebay for them now.
G@nd@lf - 13 years ago
first song: Shakalaode Wganda Kenya
sebastian salcedo
sebastian salcedo - 13 years ago
u should post all the songs of this vid,
sebastian salcedo
sebastian salcedo - 13 years ago
whats the first song????
capailldubh - 13 years ago
West coast of Ireland
capailldubh - 13 years ago
Achill Island. Lake and sea.
hooskerdu1 - 13 years ago
Holy moly......haven't heard the Stranglers in ages. Good stuff.
surfgatinho - 13 years ago
Why do these muppets wear shorts over their wetties?! Lame sport
Anni Lalu
Anni Lalu - 13 years ago
must be the red sea, man !
chrisalops - 14 years ago
i just started learning this yesterday, but on land, just gettin the feel for the kite, n how to control it, cant wait to get better
squarli - 14 years ago
u lot need to learn how to kitesurf gay lords
Frazertech - 14 years ago
The sharks just ate.....
GypseyGuy - 14 years ago
Freakin hell...trim of that rediculous start to the movie...let me know, and I'll try watch it again...
neogeoo1 - 14 years ago
tutti contentazzi
dbinit - 14 years ago
water is a touch funny colour in the lagoon , but the beaches have some crystal clear water
Rogue Frames
Rogue Frames - 14 years ago
yeah whatever ... it was some dick called 'charlie' that gave me the music -hahah. (i bet this is you you muva fecker!)
Josh Hahn
Josh Hahn - 14 years ago
That would be the UK man, and nice with the Toadies guys are from my hometown, Dallas, TX.
BaglowClan - 14 years ago
water looks filthy..where is this ??
magdaemily - 14 years ago
Daniel Lim
Daniel Lim - 14 years ago
dudes stop spamming those linkz!
Stephanie Welch
Stephanie Welch - 15 years ago
the surfing is awesome, but that guy keeps saying the same thing, i guess its the song. its soo annoying!!
cupboardy - 15 years ago
I've been told (today) that is should be 'not so hard that it's totally solid, but if you flick it with your finger, you should get a good bounce back'.
charl565 - 15 years ago
Where is that laggoon place, sucha mint spot!!
konfolut - 15 years ago
can anybody tell me how much should i inflate the main tube?is there any way to check it?ive been in kitesurfing since august 2006 and i am still not sure how much should i pump it
Rogue Frames
Rogue Frames - 15 years ago
..and by the way it's made from an hour's footage at the lagoon and 20 mins from the beach -i was told to make it 'as long as i could' so, -thats why the first 3/4 mins are so gay.
Rogue Frames
Rogue Frames - 15 years ago
it's moby.
squeeba - 15 years ago
we do use surfboards, and yes it will be bigger... but your just a narrow minded prick so suit yourself....
squeeba - 15 years ago
you just havent tried it yet.... give it 10 years or less... it will be way bigger than surfing ever was... wave stealling? get a life dude; are the kitesurfers taking the poor surfers waves? go crying to your mummy!
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson - 15 years ago
video starts at 2:38...just people walking around/prepping kites up until then, gets good if you make it the first 2 1/2 minutes
Andy Troy
Andy Troy - 15 years ago
location looks great, nice flat water :)
DrKlunkDoo - 15 years ago
dude three is nothing wrong with the Toadies, their good.
konfolut - 15 years ago
Ja też. kitegirl
Sam Light
Sam Light - 15 years ago
nice edit
Brian Wynne
Brian Wynne - 15 years ago
pure class lads. I boarded in keel 2 yrs ago at the first ever irish Kiteboarding comp there
ollycopter - 15 years ago
Rubbish.. Hours before the surfing starts and then its pretty un hardcore.. Nice location though..
1234Margaret1234 - 15 years ago
Looks like fun. The audio in a lot of this video is almost unbearable though. How many times did we need to hear that "The sun just came out," bit? Shit! Shut up and just show the surfing.
i8MS - 15 years ago
very goog music and nice show!!
onotadaki - 15 years ago
Did you miss the part where it zoomed into a GIANT MAP that showed the name of the beach and its exact location?
Kareem Naamani
Kareem Naamani - 15 years ago
thats awesome!! where is this ??? i love how the grass and the water meet

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