La Union Surf Trip GONE WRONG (Philippines)

We leave the resort to end our vacation and continue the adventure and travels headed to the surf capital of the northern Philippines, La Union. We check in at the Flotsam Jetsam and travel with Locally to promote their new flavors and highlight the importance of traveling and local products! Vlog 467 #TravelWithLocally Locally introduced three new flavors this trip: ripe mango, guava, and green mango. For more information, check out their: Facebook: Instagram: Instagram: @wil_dasovich Twitter: @wil_dasovich Facebook Vlogs: Tsonggo Merchandise: MailTime :) 703 N Joya Tower, Rockwell Center, Makati, Philippines 1210 Music by: DJ Quads: Andrew Applepie:

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We leave the resort to end our vacation and continue the adventure and travels headed to the surf capital of the northern Philippines, La Union. We check in at the Flotsam Jetsam and travel with Locally to promote their new flavors and highlight the importance of traveling and local products! Vlog 467 #TravelWithLocally Locally introduced three new flavors this trip: ripe mango, guava, and green mango. For more information, check out their: Facebook: Instagram: Instagram: @wil_dasovich Twitter: @wil_dasovich Facebook Vlogs: Tsonggo Merchandise: MailTime :) 703 N Joya Tower, Rockwell Center, Makati, Philippines 1210 Music by: DJ Quads: Andrew Applepie:

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romelo hullon
romelo hullon - 3 years ago
I got confused when she said "You're my biggest fan" HAHAHA
Chris Stayton
Chris Stayton - 3 years ago
Dude I’m out here Pasig and saw a bunch of your shirts walking around! I’ve been telling everyone to checkout your Vlogs. Glad you’re back in Phil bro!
Dustin Swen
Dustin Swen - 3 years ago
cool video! I was just there, very nice place and nice people, here's my video if you want to see thanks!
Sam Jam
Sam Jam - 3 years ago
Travel vlogs. Eto yung nakaka miss na vlog.
Gian Ramos
Gian Ramos - 3 years ago
Lincoln Eyar
Lincoln Eyar - 3 years ago
Nakakamiss ang La Union. <3
lynn liggins
lynn liggins - 3 years ago
Siargao Island is the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” and is known in the international scene as one of the best places to surf. Located in Surigao del Norte, the island's most popular wave can be found in General Luna which is dubbed as “Cloud 9.”
lynn liggins
lynn liggins - 3 years ago
Yes, it is a common belief among Traditional Filipinos of old. I've seen it done many times when I was growing up. When someone got stung by jellyfish or urchins... :)
sheyen parenas
sheyen parenas - 3 years ago
will are u member of this

10. comment for La Union Surf Trip GONE WRONG (Philippines)

Znarf oal
Znarf oal - 3 years ago
Awesome vlog as always Thanks for sharing La Union ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
MJ Altre
MJ Altre - 3 years ago
So that was the picture of Bret and the girl.. do you know that someone from #SS almost died because of that picture?? She was so heart broken! Hahaha!! Nice one Wil. Love love love your vlogs as always!! God bless!!
Josias Niblack
Josias Niblack - 3 years ago
14:02 "you're my biggest fan" LOL
H. Wolfe
H. Wolfe - 3 years ago
Ooohhh...I'm a chick...the guy at 15:31...Hotness!!
Alejandro World
Alejandro World - 3 years ago
Hey Wil I will make videos soon i will shout out you up if you will watch my video because I'm your number one fan and I always watch your vlog kuya Wil
Duane Luy
Duane Luy - 3 years ago
Did you apply color grading? Orange & Teal look so good during the sunset.
Donina Moneza
Donina Moneza - 3 years ago
Hi kuya Wil, San po yan na beach?
Hujan Sent
Hujan Sent - 3 years ago
Will you be my number 1 fan too Wil? Lol
The Quinn
The Quinn - 3 years ago
Why don't you visit Guiuan, Eastern Samar? I think you'll like it there.
Alvin Mendoza
Alvin Mendoza - 3 years ago
Pit senyor hahahahahahahaha <3 <3 iloveyou wil

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Swaggy Brah
Swaggy Brah - 3 years ago
14:02 I cant stop laughing
Banipogs - 3 years ago
Dispose of your waste properly.
marbheen cebanes
marbheen cebanes - 3 years ago
that's not true. i recommend use vinegar. hehehe
MultiBelekoy - 3 years ago
hey Wil just noticed, you're not hangin out much with Marsh lately, r u guys having some issues? #chismoso lol
IsMu Ok
IsMu Ok - 3 years ago
Hey Wil create videos with a different music! And visit europe like sweden, paris, italy, london & ireland! Of course visit Australia!!!!
Jopeth Praise Gerongco
Jopeth Praise Gerongco - 3 years ago
hii wil can't wait to see your more video more more more hahaha! i hope i can see you soon wil
yapatooots - 3 years ago
I checked Laureen's IG, that was actually her signature pose. HAHA
Charm - 3 years ago
that pee thingy is true u can also do that when sea urchins bite u
Det DELA CRUZ - 3 years ago
life guards should always have aloe vera coz jelly fish stings so itchy and prickly
secret keeper
secret keeper - 3 years ago
I think its for sea orchins though

30. comment for La Union Surf Trip GONE WRONG (Philippines)

Lloyd Aparato
Lloyd Aparato - 3 years ago
Hahahaha when they say try it the first thing that comes to my head was like go get sting by jellyfish and pee on it
Popoy Sapwet
Popoy Sapwet - 3 years ago
Who's that jellyfish girl
Gorgy Porgy
Gorgy Porgy - 3 years ago
who's the girl in the thumbnail/the one that got stung by the jellyfish? We need it for umm..research coughs purposes cough
Lawrence Landas
Lawrence Landas - 3 years ago
Lawrence Royce Manapsal
Lawrence Royce Manapsal - 3 years ago
who is that girl in red top and black undie swimsuit? is she a model in the phil?
jezreel david ariz
jezreel david ariz - 3 years ago
No one told me that you went here at la union. Im so sad l, i did not see you in person Will...
Mundo Journey
Mundo Journey - 3 years ago
nice video, I'm stranded in Philippines broke, but having the time of my lifetime making youtube videos :) hello to all video creators!!!
Raymund Ravanera
Raymund Ravanera - 3 years ago
Luke is somehow a look-alike of Nico Bolzico :)
juan2205juan - 3 years ago
Who is the lovely lady that got stung by a jelly fish?
GB Ryan
GB Ryan - 3 years ago
Ang daming sexy. Love this vlog.
shermaine manoza
shermaine manoza - 3 years ago
Peeing is a myth. I got stung by a jellyfish and my cousin poured lots of fresh coconut juice :D
Gary Caesar
Gary Caesar - 3 years ago
What type of camera she used on the 5.05 minute guys?
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia - 3 years ago
wil when will you be in new york city?
Negro Anghel
Negro Anghel - 3 years ago
Wow I miss this kind of vlog of yours Wil♡☆
Pixelgamer 25
Pixelgamer 25 - 3 years ago
How can i do this type of vlog like it's an ordinary day, not like other vloggers that always speaks where they are or what they are doing yadayadayada
Rosario Francisco
Rosario Francisco - 3 years ago
Oh Bret is wasted....rough day! You look great running together! kisses
ryan fama
ryan fama - 3 years ago
I think its Sea Urchins...when you got stung by need to pee on it
Mikarla Jones
Mikarla Jones - 3 years ago
Ito yung klase ng vlog yung na mimiss ko kay wil, sana more of this
Mico Ramos
Mico Ramos - 3 years ago
Can you try to travel the windmills in pililla Rizal?
kaloy eug
kaloy eug - 3 years ago
haha!! wht a scream! so funy! (14:34)

50. comment for La Union Surf Trip GONE WRONG (Philippines)

kaloy eug
kaloy eug - 3 years ago
haha!! da 1st tym saw ur face lyk ur pikon (5:34)
xOverGaming - 3 years ago
wow he's here.
Discount at the dollar store
Discount at the dollar store - 3 years ago
Wil, have you watched Peter McKinnon's vlogs? Check it out if you haven't.
Ayi del Rosario ღ
Ayi del Rosario ღ - 3 years ago
Hannah Beltran
Hannah Beltran - 3 years ago
San po sa La Union yn?
goldenbloodymare mare /Goldenthedoge
goldenbloodymare mare /Goldenthedoge - 3 years ago
Wil can you go to tagaytay and vlog here :)
Madeline Rose
Madeline Rose - 3 years ago
i'm from la union <3
kevin adefuin
kevin adefuin - 3 years ago
Brendan Mendoza
Brendan Mendoza - 3 years ago
Smooth operator Maverick was lit hahah!
Marlon Mendoza
Marlon Mendoza - 3 years ago
Hello Lodi Wil, Where can i buy tsonggo cap ? i need 1 for me and for my GF..thank you.. ")
wearedeadss - 3 years ago
San kami makakabili ng merch mo Wil?
intetize - 3 years ago
Super antok dito sa office pero thanks to ur vlogs, Nakakapag pa gising talaga ng inaantok kong diwa xD
Marlene Bautista
Marlene Bautista - 3 years ago
Hahahahahaha ang cute niyo po mudra
Tigs World
Tigs World - 3 years ago
Haha! I don' know about jelly fish but i stepped on a sea urchin and i felt like my foot became paralyzed, then the elders in the beach told us that someone should pee on my foot... so.. my friend peed on it, gross but i felt relieve from the paralysis. Dunno if it's just psychological or true. Haha!
IsMu Ok
IsMu Ok - 3 years ago
is your mom a relative of gary lising?
Dino Quintero
Dino Quintero - 3 years ago
EZ357 L.A.
EZ357 L.A. - 3 years ago
I’ve seen California lifeguards use regular vinegar to wash off the jelly fish sting as a first aid.
Pursuit of Excitement
Pursuit of Excitement - 3 years ago
Micro jellyfish stings are annoying - Langkawi in Malaysia is notorious for them!
Jo Vill
Jo Vill - 3 years ago
Nice vlogs and the guy said you are hero
WAWAY S - 3 years ago
What a horrible haircut haha! Kiddin
krisha - 3 years ago
FKAwesome93 - 3 years ago
love the shoutout "PIT SENOR!"
Jerson Espinola
Jerson Espinola - 3 years ago
nainlove ata ako dun sa girl na naanuhan ng starfish? ano name nya? haha ? :)
Jerson Espinola
Jerson Espinola - 3 years ago
nainlove ata ako dun sa girl na naanuhan ng starfish? ano name nya? haha ? :)
Jerson Espinola
Jerson Espinola - 3 years ago
natawa ko dun kay ate girl na gusto mag pa pic kay Wil at 14:00 .
Ate girl: thank you wil! yo uh ahm your my biggest FAN??!? hahahahahahahahaha
AngXlica RoquX
AngXlica RoquX - 3 years ago
you have tan in your fet
pinoymetalhead - 3 years ago
Archie Inoncillo
Archie Inoncillo - 3 years ago
This brings back memories! I did a video there last year!
Bianca Fayo
Bianca Fayo - 3 years ago
When Bret is domada-moves kay ate girl hahaha but that's like you at first with Alodia Almira Albubu Maria Clara Gosfhaiughasjdfh!!!
ViperTech - 3 years ago
looked like Danica was lactating.
Christian Rivera
Christian Rivera - 3 years ago
Turn on the cue: SMOOTH OPERATOR... HAHAHAHH.. epic tsong!
jan rei
jan rei - 3 years ago
Biniki are nice
Joel Jarina
Joel Jarina - 3 years ago
I really love your channel and you inspire me to do it!
Jacob Tan
Jacob Tan - 3 years ago
If you got stung by jellyfish you need to pee it its true
Darth Plaiguis the Wise
Darth Plaiguis the Wise - 3 years ago
Wil has so much energy in his vlogs, but not like how many vloggers go over the top and make viewers uncomfortable. Wil’s vlogs really energize me at a personal level. I will never regret subscribing
LogicaILy Insane
LogicaILy Insane - 3 years ago
This western halfbreeds always teach immoralities among filipinos.. so sad my country has bcome.. always worshipping whites, cant be proud of their own skin color.. realtalk sry
Kenn Ivan Chavez
Kenn Ivan Chavez - 3 years ago
Jeune Daquiaog
Jeune Daquiaog - 3 years ago
what we do whenever we got stung by a jelly is to pour vinegar on the affected part and that is proven and tested... but pee on it? noooooo its so disgusting haha.
Cayen Valbuena
Cayen Valbuena - 3 years ago
no not jellyfish bro its sea urchin that u pee on bruhhh facts hahaha
Solo GirL 1925
Solo GirL 1925 - 3 years ago
ang kesow ng first 2mins waaah dami q kilig :D :D :D <3
VinylNiPaeng - 3 years ago
who is the beautiful gal in black n red bikini?
John Kudler
John Kudler - 3 years ago
jackmiester69 - 3 years ago
Flotsom and jetsom are the names of Ursulas eels in The Little Mermaid.
Josh Antolin
Josh Antolin - 3 years ago
Laureen for the win!!! Hahahaha
Rachelle Potente
Rachelle Potente - 3 years ago
She was so happy she was choking LOL
Lala Tade
Lala Tade - 3 years ago
I can see that alodia is really a nice and good hearted person
Mitzi Candido
Mitzi Candido - 3 years ago
i think its sea urchins you pee not the sting of jelly fish....
bien marcelo
bien marcelo - 3 years ago
keep moving keep vlogging!

stay fit and healthy wil!
aubreymechanics ph
aubreymechanics ph - 3 years ago
Made me fan of the day bc Im ya biggest fan dude hoho
Charissa Acosta
Charissa Acosta - 3 years ago
Flotsam and Jetsam from the disney movie The Little Mermaid ☺

100. comment for La Union Surf Trip GONE WRONG (Philippines)

Sissy Dd
Sissy Dd - 3 years ago
Carbon copy si Haley ni mudra
Alec Bala
Alec Bala - 3 years ago
Another classic Wil Daso vlog. Loved the energy and entertaining antics of everyone. Loving all your recent travel vlogs. So glad you're back!
Julie Arnold
Julie Arnold - 3 years ago
That singit hehe
LS Gaming
LS Gaming - 3 years ago
Damn! Singit thumbnail hahaha
John Loyd Cruz
John Loyd Cruz - 3 years ago
TONI Ragadio
TONI Ragadio - 3 years ago
The LA UNION type of vlog. NaMiss ko toh tsong infairness! More vlog like this po. Funny, entertaining, meeting new people & Reuniting with fellow vloggers.
blade65dagger - 3 years ago
mom looks fine at language area
roygbiv - 3 years ago
explain CauseIdontGetIT
explain CauseIdontGetIT - 3 years ago
The sunsets, the buttcracks, the posing, the sweet girls flipping out over Wil near the end, good vlog, like always.
lah yessam
lah yessam - 3 years ago
urinating on a wound caused by a jelly fish sting will aggravate the wound healing..yes you will really be pissed off if that happens
Future Videonatic
Future Videonatic - 3 years ago
ohh i love this vlog.❤
Bernaldo Regala
Bernaldo Regala - 3 years ago ng saging fil am hehhe
Dennis Batchelor
Dennis Batchelor - 3 years ago
It's true about the urine antidote and Jelly fish (EMT/ATC/First Aide training). I can only imagine there were circumstances as a 5 year old. Yes I had seen the movie with the name of the motel you're staying at.
kemenikatzu - 3 years ago
At 4:25, was that jasmine curtis's boyfriend?
Sandra Fernandez
Sandra Fernandez - 3 years ago
Come on Will do your homework you should compare a local surfer to Eddie Aikau not Babe Ruth..wrong sport.
Sandra Fernandez
Sandra Fernandez - 3 years ago
Will, when she said you should work on your signature pose I immediately thought of you doing a handstand lol.
Words with Winos Travel Vlog
Words with Winos Travel Vlog - 3 years ago
Awesome video, Wil! Great Vlog!
Bret Maverick
Bret Maverick - 3 years ago
Wait... You yelled "PIT SENOR" @14:53 hahahahah Flotsamulog?! viva la pit senor!
eric fadriga
eric fadriga - 3 years ago
I was like wrong date and city :))
Klaine Arcangel
Klaine Arcangel - 3 years ago
Dami kong tawa dun sa lumunok na fan. Galing ng pagkakaedit dun. Hahaha!
Roddison Cruz
Roddison Cruz - 3 years ago
Payo lang ng nakakatanda ha...Kasal muna bago Loving loving ha!!! #WilodiaRoad2Forever !!!
RON CUPELLO - 3 years ago
Okay night life sa la union ah
J4KE - 3 years ago
So hes cancer free now?
Raldsoyy Minoza
Raldsoyy Minoza - 3 years ago
J4KE yup watch latest vlog
Chalton Kenneth Briones
Chalton Kenneth Briones - 3 years ago
butete12 - 3 years ago
The belief behind this remedy is that the acidic pH of urine helps break down the toxins and reduce pain. But vinegar works best
Jess Rey
Jess Rey - 3 years ago
evancortez2 - 3 years ago
where was Alodia while Wil and Bret were frolicking with the sexy bikini models?? Uy aaaahhh
angelsweetlil'17 dxb
angelsweetlil'17 dxb - 3 years ago
Ang kuleeeettt .... Mudra niloloko ka ni Wil hahahaha!
#wilodia #KT❤️#QS
#wilodia is real!! #wil's come back is real!!! Wishing and praying continuous healthiness for you Wil!
Ron Palacio
Ron Palacio - 3 years ago
Whos that gurl with the yellow cap?shes cute
mike h
mike h - 3 years ago
She’s gorgeous!. Awesome vlog Wil. I had to google where La Union is.
Belen Flores
Belen Flores - 3 years ago
I love your mom Wil so don't mess with ddcated and simple mommy hehehe. She is all around worker mind you!:). She put things organize first b4 her make up but still she is beautiful! That is why you exist and look how you've became hehehe. Enjoy your chikahn and everything:). Peace:)
Charlotte Antoniette Aboy
Charlotte Antoniette Aboy - 3 years ago
Diba sea urchin yung kailangan ihian?
Kiel Dingal
Kiel Dingal - 3 years ago
Wala nang mga oh shit moments, pero this video is like the og wil back then. And Boi, I just finished binge watching your video yesterday. I lost data connection when you uploaded this so I didn't watch this earlier.
Naddy N
Naddy N - 3 years ago
Your arms are looking pumped. You’re even running again and roasting your mum’s makeup! Brett’s lesbian haircut is out of this world... Love from the UK ;)
NILE JAMES - 3 years ago
Hahahhahaha kuya wil sorry but pit siñor is only for sinulog I think.
Vadidat - 3 years ago
Aww bret is such a good friend.
Its Kashi
Its Kashi - 3 years ago
I’ll copy your signature pose kuya Wil hahahaha, Love your vlogs po❣️ you’re one of my inspiration.
josefa angelica cabuang
josefa angelica cabuang - 3 years ago
hi wil! if i may say, best vid since you came back sa pinas..looking back, parang walang nangyari na health issues...made me feel good about life na there are brighter things ahead talaga... yadiyadiyada.. :)
drewjam eds
drewjam eds - 3 years ago
Nice one...
Jacob Shocklie
Jacob Shocklie - 3 years ago
My mother says yes you have to pee on it lol!!! idk but I really love you videos...
carloralen - 3 years ago
accidental nipslip at 12:45 mark✌✌✌
Hance abubo Mae
Hance abubo Mae - 3 years ago
Taga bacnotan,la union ako
Hance abubo Mae
Hance abubo Mae - 3 years ago
reginald56000 - 3 years ago
The Girl wearing a Cap is so Hot...
Ariel Tagala
Ariel Tagala - 3 years ago
Ano po name nung girl na nakagat isesearch ko lang kung ano pwede mangyari pag nakagat nun
Lynel Acosta
Lynel Acosta - 3 years ago
oh my gheeeeeee bakit hindi kita urghhhh kainis kasi nagkasakit ako. im your fun kuya wil taga la union po ako
DJ Narvaez
DJ Narvaez - 3 years ago
is it just me.. or the fonts changed? hahaha #reklamoday
Nightcore John
Nightcore John - 3 years ago
Subscribe me for background music!!!
Juvy Faye Lucero
Juvy Faye Lucero - 3 years ago
Gwapo mo Wil!
Kathleen Ojerio
Kathleen Ojerio - 3 years ago
Omg I got jellyfish stung in Hawaii in Oahu and 2 of my cousins which I barely met for the first time during this vacation and they peed on me and I found out after from locals it doesn’t work hahahah ahhahaha I just drank crown royal to forget the pain hhahah and scrub vinegar on it hahahahah
irish Fernandez
irish Fernandez - 3 years ago
I'm a pilipina. Please visit legazpi albay. Here in matnog also has beach it's called subic.
Eleodora Lacsi
Eleodora Lacsi - 3 years ago
If you stomp a sea urchin thats the time you pee on it...
Dan Ingaran
Dan Ingaran - 3 years ago
Can you visit Dagupan City on our Bangus Festival and vlog during street parade and street party
Edward Ibanez
Edward Ibanez - 3 years ago
Dafuq? Your my biggest fan? HAHAHAHA 14:00
Stephanie Anne Ramos
Stephanie Anne Ramos - 3 years ago
#vlogsquad hi! Im new here on youtube. Kindly watch my 1st vlog and subscribe to my channel. Thank you
Rocky Lumagas
Rocky Lumagas - 3 years ago
eeeyyy La Union my hometown!
Mark Sevilla
Mark Sevilla - 3 years ago
The #maverickmoves hahaha
Cartden Faulkerson
Cartden Faulkerson - 3 years ago
Magpakasal na kayo tsong. Prang mag asawa na kayo eh.
Sonia Cabreros
Sonia Cabreros - 3 years ago
Nice vedio wil, masaya ka..wil na mz q vedio kau n baninay, aura, ali, jerome, luiz..sana mag bonding kau..
Jerome Flores
Jerome Flores - 3 years ago
Ang ganda parin ni ms aluja kahit walang makeup
Jhay rara
Jhay rara - 3 years ago
Lodi dasovich na may werpa
Aldrin Paul Edquiba
Aldrin Paul Edquiba - 3 years ago
Vlog Nocopyright
Vlog Nocopyright - 3 years ago
Your my bigest fan hahahahahha
Daedalus -
Daedalus - - 3 years ago
Ganda ni Lexi Mendiola. Kahit boses. Lol
RandomGamer - 3 years ago
kulitmed - 3 years ago
Lexi Mendiola = "Girl stung by Jellyfish" aka "black bikini girl in thumbnail"
You're Welcome :) Please credit me in your science projects.
mickey the haters
mickey the haters - 3 years ago
kulitmed no just kidding ... I'll do again my research prof.
kulitmed - 3 years ago
Sige google mo yan, bagsak ka sa science project mo
James S.
James S. - 3 years ago
Thank you daw po sabi ng friend ko.
mickey the haters
mickey the haters - 3 years ago
Lexi mendoza dude
Mikerino Fisterino
Mikerino Fisterino - 3 years ago
kulitmed not all heroes wear capes...
Princess Bongay
Princess Bongay - 3 years ago
Kuya wil you made me happy because i was lately crying in my room thank you...
Elcid Dalangin
Elcid Dalangin - 3 years ago
RandomGamer - 3 years ago
If you got stung by jellyfish you need to put a vinegar
Ephraim Banda
Ephraim Banda - 3 years ago
Light me. Shiiing (13:06)
Sub Zero
Sub Zero - 3 years ago
Di ko nakilala si ate alodia nung nagmemake up #FANOFTHEDAY
steveosoft939 - 3 years ago
Hi Wil, Pinapanood ko yung mga Vlogs mo from sa umpisa, tapos nakita ko si Alodia pero parang di pa kayo magkakilala. eto...
Cheska Del Rosario
Cheska Del Rosario - 3 years ago
Drone shot is the best!! Makes me want to go here but it's too crowded na :(
Jovelyn T. Elnas
Jovelyn T. Elnas - 3 years ago
Ooh this funny fun lol
Peter C.
Peter C. - 3 years ago
Daniel Marsh calls Bret Droopy doo!
adrian inoc
adrian inoc - 3 years ago
#Tsonggo fan since 2015 you're lit bro
Bang Rioveros
Bang Rioveros - 3 years ago
collsky YUAN
collsky YUAN - 3 years ago
PHiLiPPiNE SCENES - 3 years ago
arif arc
arif arc - 3 years ago
now wil's vlog back to his standard..back to his best
renato gabriel
renato gabriel - 3 years ago
Maverick sleeping beauty lol...
RodAr Araña
RodAr Araña - 3 years ago
ha ha ha!! Wil, you made Bret the epitome of 80's pimp... and the sound though... SADE...
maff cia
maff cia - 3 years ago
Ay!!! Mapapasigaw ka nlng kahit di naman sayo yong camera.. :)))
I like this vlog. Nakaka good vibes. :)
#alwaysAFan #AlwaysWil
R R - 3 years ago
Is that jasmine's boyfriend?
brent craig
brent craig - 3 years ago
dami ng subscriber! noong ng subscribe ako mga 15k lng yong subscriber...ngayon 1.1M na!!!
G P - 3 years ago
@alodia WAHAHAHA
AkoSiJojo - 3 years ago
Maverick with his moves, that was hilarious.
Jhen Berroya
Jhen Berroya - 3 years ago
lalo ka nagwapo pag wala bigote
Hannah L
Hannah L - 3 years ago
I feel like Wil Edited this video. It is so his style. Anyways as alway love your vlog and how genuine you are to your supporter!
Bashers Go To Hell
Bashers Go To Hell - 3 years ago
No inserted clips though
Wil Dasovich
Wil Dasovich - 3 years ago
I did this one! Nakapansin pala hehe
ej Aromin
ej Aromin - 3 years ago
When you're too close to your idol HUHUHU why i didn't saw hou guysss
asa sa
asa sa - 3 years ago
This is the type of content that you used to do a lot;; You exploring and wandering got me hooked on your videos.
Recently your videos work around alodia, not that they're not good nor I'm staying you should stop it . Just missed the OG contents
Tom Taber I
Tom Taber I - 3 years ago
Nice to have you back wil
Joel Alba
Joel Alba - 3 years ago
I like the new vlog style with Alodia
dukesa - 3 years ago
The ammonia in the pee and the warmth of it works as a first aid,it is essentially the same as when you clean a wound with that brown soy sauce looking thingy
chuper mario
chuper mario - 3 years ago
“Trauma good for the vlog” haha
Alex Bambam
Alex Bambam - 3 years ago
What's the name of the girl who got stung by a jelly fish? Asking for a friend :)
koukla - 3 years ago
Damn bro props on not hittin up on those bikini honeys with you. #Wilodiatakescommitment lol
Ya sz
Ya sz - 3 years ago
We've been here, its a good place to relax and jam with other people!!!
PRO GAMER - 3 years ago
Serpentina Gaming
Serpentina Gaming - 3 years ago
I see BOOTY I hit LIKE
DBROS vlogs
DBROS vlogs - 3 years ago
Hey bro please give us a shout out....dbros fam

Fan of the day please
WhyAlwaysMe - 3 years ago
the girls' instagram accounts may science project lang mga tol.
kinis ng singit!
Bab bon
Bab bon - 3 years ago
Who's Babe Ruth
Frankk Ivann Gonzales
Frankk Ivann Gonzales - 3 years ago
#MaverickMoves hahahaha
Shan Jasper Brioso
Shan Jasper Brioso - 3 years ago
if you step on a sea urchin thats the time that you've got to pee on it so that it wont hurt
Neon Lights
Neon Lights - 3 years ago
gang gang
gang gang - 3 years ago
Ket - 3 years ago
For stings hot water the hotter the better.
Laura Pelingon
Laura Pelingon - 3 years ago
I missed watching your vlogs!!
Rey Munar
Rey Munar - 3 years ago
Pee is a big myth... use vinegar. Pour Vinegar on the infected area for 30 seconds. I took first aid and of course just Google it
zekken alfonso
zekken alfonso - 3 years ago
#wilodianatics please upload everyday we love watching your vlog..
Shay Alloc
Shay Alloc - 3 years ago
i drink that Locally too
Brian Lucero
Brian Lucero - 3 years ago
That's true according to bear grills haha
Thom Moynahan
Thom Moynahan - 3 years ago
I don’t understand the revealing women swimsuit styles. No Filipina I know would wear a revealing style in public. If a Filipina did buy a sexy swimsuit it would be worn only in private. If worn in public, the woman would be told to cover up. So why do I see so many sexy swimsuits styles in all your vlogs Will? It seems like Ph culture can be conservative in public but in media like on TV or on socialmedia “sex” sells just like everywhere in the U.S. Anyone care to explain this for me?
Wil Dasovich
Wil Dasovich - 3 years ago
Thom Moynahan You stumped me there haha
Its_Kylle GianQuert
Its_Kylle GianQuert - 3 years ago
Taga LAUNION here
John Dave Decano
John Dave Decano - 3 years ago
makatang hibang
makatang hibang - 3 years ago
Back at old type of vlog love this dude❤
Lian Morden
Lian Morden - 3 years ago
8:39 name ?
Kudoi - 3 years ago
#MaverickMoves @ 7:20 hahaha! No more #TsonggoMoves?????
Tin - 3 years ago
Lensupergirl - 3 years ago
WIL its true, well not for jellyfish stings but for the sea urchin, I hope i cleared it up for you! :) if anyone is reading this, have an amazing day/night
xnbn asy
xnbn asy - 3 years ago
Daming chikababes. Pero taken kana Wil. Haha. MavericksMove *wink
Arn Z
Arn Z - 3 years ago
I miss the o sh*t o sh*t from Kyle and Little Yatchty's iSpy when you meet and shake cute girls hands so instead how about playing uh oh, uh on, uh, oh oh no no no no from Beyonce's Crazy in Love song to show that you are taken lol?
Denmark Roque
Denmark Roque - 3 years ago
Great Vlog Wil :D

by the way what is the name of the girl who got bitten by a jellyfish? :)
for research purposes :D jk.
she`s lovely :)
Wilson M.
Wilson M. - 3 years ago
Bret 'Nick Carter' Maverick
Wil Dasovich
Wil Dasovich - 3 years ago
ey real talk tho what is actually the surf capital of the Philippines?! Baler, Union, siargao anuna!
Cringe Squad
Cringe Squad - 3 years ago
Siargao :)
TONI Ragadio
TONI Ragadio - 3 years ago
Surfing capital of central luzon BALER, surf capital of the North LA UNION
Jove Tag
Jove Tag - 3 years ago
Puraran, catanduanes
Nightcore John
Nightcore John - 3 years ago
The original is La Union
Marilyn Dxb
Marilyn Dxb - 3 years ago
BiehNieh Herrera
BiehNieh Herrera - 3 years ago
Siargao, Wil :)
R R - 3 years ago
Siargao po
Hue Chub
Hue Chub - 3 years ago
Wil Dasovich its like easy,normal,hard level in surfing
Belle Pernia
Belle Pernia - 3 years ago
more of this wiL❤
Mhike-L Lit
Mhike-L Lit - 3 years ago
Oi mate. You’re her biggest fan lol
bebebela's chanel its lit everydaybro
bebebela's chanel its lit everydaybro - 3 years ago
Shout out to elayza and me
Love your videos wil so much
#Notification squad
Russel Aquino
Russel Aquino - 3 years ago
This is OG Wil's World kinda vlog. More of this, dude! :) #FanOfTheDay
Crazy Nolram
Crazy Nolram - 3 years ago
Sorrounded by a beautifull people what an ideal life u all have guys. Keep smiling ❤️
Christopher Sotto
Christopher Sotto - 3 years ago
May pa touching hand c ate..hehe.., ,
Doggy YTB
Doggy YTB - 3 years ago
It is not true,but if you stepped a sea urchin you need to pee in it.( JELLYFISH ARE NOT SEA URCHIN )
Jether Paul
Jether Paul - 3 years ago
yay na miss ko yung nag start yung vlog ni will sa pag make ng coffee, long time subscriber here since vlog 20 :)
Merli Talplacido
Merli Talplacido - 3 years ago
puro tawa mula simula lol
kevin garcia
kevin garcia - 3 years ago
oh my san juan launion
Anthony Kraft
Anthony Kraft - 3 years ago
4x na beses na pinaulit ulit ulit ulit to TSONGO
Roy Coloma
Roy Coloma - 3 years ago
My first to catch a sariwang vlog. Recently subs. Hello Wil
claire rhynne
claire rhynne - 3 years ago
#kiligers ka paggaling kay Mommy Jing na pogi ka...remember ko din nung nagcomment xa sa fblive n pogi ka...❤❤❤
Charry Dasovich
Charry Dasovich - 3 years ago
yung fan of the day haha, number 1, yung makeup ko, mukha ko, ni-roast na naman! tse!
dustin lee
dustin lee - 3 years ago
kukuryo~! hahahah ung make up ng masa hahaha
CLEMENT LEO LOKO - 3 years ago
Charry Dasovich Ma'am, Kahit walang make up maganda parin.
Eeri sed
Eeri sed - 3 years ago
mommy char, nagtan ka kasi sa bohol kaya kelangan na new shade of foundation :) But you are still gorgeous no matter what! mwahhhh
PHiLiPPiNE SCENES - 3 years ago
Russ D
Russ D - 3 years ago
Just gonna say I'm a fan of the SFX I've been hearing on Alodia. It's so funny and cute.

Edit: saw #maverickmoves on the IG story, hilarious!
Jovic Espanol
Jovic Espanol - 3 years ago
And Baler is the surf capital of the Central Philippines XD?
Ivantot Pogi
Ivantot Pogi - 3 years ago
Ivantot Pogi
Ivantot Pogi - 3 years ago
Ivantot Pogi
Ivantot Pogi - 3 years ago
Ivantot Pogi
Ivantot Pogi - 3 years ago
Ivantot Pogi
Ivantot Pogi - 3 years ago
Ivantot Pogi
Ivantot Pogi - 3 years ago
Sintot - 3 years ago
Kulet ng mga fans mo Wil pero ang cute nila. Made me fan of the day! hahaha joke. More power bro!
Charsy supermom
Charsy supermom - 3 years ago
Its not true. Use vinegar instead for at least 30 sec
Jasmine Sweet
Jasmine Sweet - 3 years ago
oh my wil.....i love you so much
Romrom Somar
Romrom Somar - 3 years ago
is this Le Boracay? jk!.. so many sexy bikinis around KT and to be honest i didnt notice the product, sorry my eyes were captivated with the cute girls haha!.. but in fairness you handle the situation carefully...dati-dati di kasi hindi mo pinapalampas na walang hug ang mga bikini girls, ngayon hanggang tingin nalang at bawal dumikit gudby tsongo moves...alam mona may shot gun si QS at mahal ang Sushi.. haha.. jkjk!..miss ur vlog like this...mor
hu emay
hu emay - 3 years ago
jimmypage032 - 3 years ago
Finally you went to Surf Town Elyu! :D I've been waiting for you to vlog being here! Hope you enjoyed your stay Wil!
Tin - 3 years ago
the good old Wil's vlogs are back!!! more of this!! pero bawal na mga "Oh SHit" moments i guess.. lol.. sana tuloy tuloy na ganitong vlogs!!! :D
Tin - 3 years ago
yes. ngayon na nga lang ako nanood since pag dating nya.. pero sabi nya nman e on recovering pa dn sya kaya hinay hinay lang sya pati may tnitrain sya na editor nya. :)
cyborg666 - 3 years ago
Tin tama, medyo nag iba nga nung pagbalik nya na honestly ndi ko trip.
akosi bimbim
akosi bimbim - 3 years ago
Gusto ko malaman #singitsecrets ni ateng.
Girlie Gimenez
Girlie Gimenez - 3 years ago
Hi will my idol
misscomment - 3 years ago
Ito yong gusto kong vlog mo ulit Wil! Not too bibibibibibi... Just chill and entertaining
Tin - 3 years ago
Bret Maverick aka THE SMOOTH OPERATOR! lmao :D
platelet - 3 years ago
I'm a simple man...
Ian Roie Edmilao
Ian Roie Edmilao - 3 years ago
Wil, you dont surf?
Tin - 3 years ago
DemiGodz - 3 years ago
Marcel Geronimo which 1 is lexi?
Bianca Hernandez
Bianca Hernandez - 3 years ago
Okayy I get the pillow joke hahahahha
ChaCha - 3 years ago
what's the title of the song at 7:39?
Ginumisan - 3 years ago
Daming scantily clad chickababes na naman pumapaligid kay wil. Kaya nag aalala si mayora alodia e. Hahaha. More scantily clad vlogs!
Victoria Micheal
Victoria Micheal - 3 years ago
i really like laureen kahit waley yung joke nya lol
Sails - 3 years ago
Wil, your mom is great...... I'm a fan!

And... dam.... Philippina's are so beautiful!
half alive
half alive - 3 years ago
hayy nakakawala ng stress pag nanood ako ng vlog mo...pero mas prefer ko yung old vlogs mo
Jason Rey Araña
Jason Rey Araña - 3 years ago
14:00 Thank you Wil! I love you so much! YOU'RE MY BIGGEST FAN! Hahaha
Gian Alvarado
Gian Alvarado - 3 years ago
Smooth operator tsong!!!
Gerald Diego
Gerald Diego - 3 years ago
I want vacation..
Katy Torres
Katy Torres - 3 years ago
Omg @Bretmaverick’s buttbutt hasn’t seen the light of day...
angelo maro
angelo maro - 3 years ago
Maverick moves hahahaha
Carlyle Mañoza
Carlyle Mañoza - 3 years ago
when you got stung on a sea urchin then you pee on it not a jellyfish
Gerald Galvez
Gerald Galvez - 3 years ago
Waiting for alodia’s comment.
TRUE STAR - 3 years ago
Kit - 3 years ago
Bret Bunot.... hehehe... jk!
just make fun of yourself at times and life will be alright...
lavender blossoms
lavender blossoms - 3 years ago
Okay.. #singitgoals si ate.
Genalyn sevilla
Genalyn sevilla - 3 years ago
Kinikilig taja ako sa inyong dalawa as in bagay pogi at maganda luv u both wil ang alodia
Mon Senyor
Mon Senyor - 3 years ago
I’m sure that I will be Fan of the day for vlog 470. :)
Michelle tiamson
Michelle tiamson - 3 years ago
this kind of vlogs that i love watching from you.. can you please lessen the pabebe vlogs..
Jon David Caro
Jon David Caro - 3 years ago
This is near where I live.
Alona Arcallo
Alona Arcallo - 3 years ago
najyer aniram
najyer aniram - 3 years ago
I can sense tsonggos hokage moves ahahahaha
Felix Felicis
Felix Felicis - 3 years ago
Frederick Aro
Frederick Aro - 3 years ago
Di nag sisinugngaling ang EBIDENSYA MAVERICK. Gotcha!hehe...
ITSME GMZ24 - 3 years ago
Notice meeeeeeeee!
robin - 3 years ago
Saan kayo pumunta sa la union?
Frederick Luna
Frederick Luna - 3 years ago
Yes, urine is the last resort if you get stung by a jellyfish. If you have vinegar, that works too. Good to know survival skills.
justin duran
justin duran - 3 years ago
Your'e my biggest fan ? What ? How ? omg ? Hahahaha
ClarenceTVLOG - 3 years ago
I am Cool
I am Cool - 3 years ago
More babes good for the vlog :)
GURLA JRLE - 3 years ago
Very nice kuya wil
Beejay Sola
Beejay Sola - 3 years ago
Beejay Sola
Beejay Sola - 3 years ago
Astig ka talaga
Robniel Manalo
Robniel Manalo - 3 years ago
we need stocks of that camo cap please Wil!
Yheng Leoncio
Yheng Leoncio - 3 years ago
Ang cute ni maverick....wahahahahaha borlog pa momshie...
Nicole - 3 years ago
I got stung by a jellyfish when I was four on my ankle and still remember it so vividly. My fam and I tried pee and putting vinegar on it and it did not work :(
Regina Tiopengco
Regina Tiopengco - 3 years ago
love the shookt face of Alodia and Ashliii
Shewanism Tv
Shewanism Tv - 3 years ago
Fan ever since you just started vlogging. ♥️
James S.
James S. - 3 years ago
Name po nung girl na nakagat ng jelly fish? Asking for a friend.
Boyd Jenkins
Boyd Jenkins - 3 years ago
You inspire me to travel my very own country (Philippines) and now I am on a journey to visit as many places as I can for my 2 months vacation and also make a vlog about it. I hope we can StumbleUpon each other somewhere and I hope you see this comment lol, anyway thanks !
Michael Monte
Michael Monte - 3 years ago
Maverick moves lol
Gay Ibañez
Gay Ibañez - 3 years ago
I miss you and Daniel’s kulitan together... but Maverick is cool too :)
AndroxuzYT - 3 years ago
Lian Morden
Lian Morden - 3 years ago
laureen full name?
FilipinaWaterMonkey - 3 years ago
mickey the haters
mickey the haters - 3 years ago
The girl who stung by jellyfish her name is "lexi mendoza" thumbs up!! Mga kapamilya haha
_//Jrnn B.\\_
_//Jrnn B.\\_ - 3 years ago
Xander Alcantara
Xander Alcantara - 3 years ago
Hey guys i subscribe you can you subscribe me back please??
IVAN CANTONJOS - 3 years ago
nkaka tuwa yung dalawang fan mo wil. English pa more.
jesselyn valmonte
jesselyn valmonte - 3 years ago
love the guava flavor of locally❤️
kanejee nel sasutil
kanejee nel sasutil - 3 years ago
MaverickMoves is lit hahaha
ZeenxPositionxYT / Legend Gamer
ZeenxPositionxYT / Legend Gamer - 3 years ago
hi wil
Kashtine Glory
Kashtine Glory - 3 years ago
Don't worry zen i still love you sis hahahahaha
Katrina Zen
Katrina Zen - 3 years ago
Kim Ocasion
Kim Ocasion - 3 years ago
Katrina Zen so proud of you HAHAHAHAHA
Andrea Penuela
Andrea Penuela - 3 years ago
Katrina Zen gorg
claire rhynne
claire rhynne - 3 years ago
Katrina Zen ok lng girl....taranta mode expected na yan pagnakita c Wil...diba nasa vlog ka...congrats :)
Katrina Zen
Katrina Zen - 3 years ago
Glecel Pajarillo bes hirap kasi kumalma HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA
shinji - 3 years ago
Uvuvwevwevwe Ossas
Uvuvwevwevwe Ossas - 3 years ago
HAHAHAHAHA you're my biggest fan and CongTV HAHAHAHA
Dane Guinto
Dane Guinto - 3 years ago
Leo Curato
Leo Curato - 3 years ago
Waiting for you and Tonyo’s collab bro
Leo Curato
Leo Curato - 3 years ago
Waiting for you and Tonyo’s collab bro
SOANGE xD - 3 years ago
Wil Dasovich
Wil Dasovich - 3 years ago
i cried laughing haha
wpghi5 - 3 years ago
That was the most funniest vlog since I first started watching ya there Wil! Nakakatawa!
Richell Deiparine
Richell Deiparine - 3 years ago
That Maverick movessssssss brroooo
athena balbin
athena balbin - 3 years ago
If your still in la union.try to goo in TANGADAN FALLS in San Gabriel bro
Jan Ronald Agulto
Jan Ronald Agulto - 3 years ago
Oh that's Lexi Mendiola! leximendi on IG lol haha
bang vizarra
bang vizarra - 3 years ago
Nyahahaha "ur my biggest fan.." what?
Team Burgis
Team Burgis - 3 years ago
Lodi how much is their room rate?
Louie Playz Gaming
Louie Playz Gaming - 3 years ago
oh m g, my innocent
eyes hahaha
mickey the haters
mickey the haters - 3 years ago
The thumbnail "singit" of the girl got me here just kidding haha bikini is good for the vlog.. And died sa dlwang student. Who said "you are my fan" lol
Vlad Azura
Vlad Azura - 3 years ago
Savage @bretmaverick, hehehe
Papa Rappy
Papa Rappy - 3 years ago
Nasaan ang shotgun???!! - Alodia
Chef Rafi's Awesome World
Chef Rafi's Awesome World - 3 years ago
Peter Parking maratangtang in La Union.
Justin Tablizo
Justin Tablizo - 3 years ago
george diaz
george diaz - 3 years ago
That chik is so so hot..
Mid Yop
Mid Yop - 3 years ago
gura - 3 years ago
who's the girl with red and black two piece
Jasmine Albuflasa
Jasmine Albuflasa - 3 years ago
krazy dave
krazy dave - 3 years ago
love it
Gurrl Wooz
Gurrl Wooz - 3 years ago
14:03 “Wil you’re my bigest fan” hahaahaha just kept repeating it
Dave Graciadas
Dave Graciadas - 3 years ago
The sweetest❤❤❤ magpakasal na kayo wil!
Mark Marquez
Mark Marquez - 3 years ago
name of girl who got stung by a jellyfish?
Martin CasCab
Martin CasCab - 3 years ago
8:33 ano name nya wil? cute cya :)
Senye Bonyeng
Senye Bonyeng - 3 years ago
Di ka man lang nagpapalit ng damit. Buong araw pawisan yang damit mo. Kaya ka nagkakasakit e.
josaphat jaro
josaphat jaro - 3 years ago
Many pretty girls
ZOYA M. BINGHIT - 3 years ago
Hi wil
Heroic Face
Heroic Face - 3 years ago
Kuya will Gusto ko po mag vlogs pengeng jacket please
Boss Napln
Boss Napln - 3 years ago
Lexi ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ian Sollesta Paez
Ian Sollesta Paez - 3 years ago
You're my biggest fan to will! haha
Wil Dasovich
Wil Dasovich - 3 years ago
good question lol
paolo perez
paolo perez - 3 years ago
We all have our strengths and we all have areas that require constant improvement. Now here is the deal.
When you see greatness in other people, understand that there is no need to compete. Some times all you need is to collaborate. - Francis Kong #StartTheWeekRight #PassionPurposeProductivity
ChrisTheBrownGuy - 3 years ago
14:02 did she say "thank yoou Wil YOU'RE my biggest fan!" lmao
Tyler Cruz Ragojo
Tyler Cruz Ragojo - 3 years ago
ChrisTheBrownGuy - 3 years ago
hahahaha all good! it happens to me too! i just noticed it kase you were super pumped lol
Raldsoyy Minoza
Raldsoyy Minoza - 3 years ago
Wil Dasovich
Wil Dasovich - 3 years ago
she did LOL
Aristotle Lagitnay
Aristotle Lagitnay - 3 years ago
I think, when u got stung on a sea orchen thats what u need to pee on,
Dina Ga
Dina Ga - 3 years ago
Thats true will
Mario Morales
Mario Morales - 3 years ago
Mention me plss ahha
kojmas - 3 years ago
@14:02 did she say you're my biggest fan?
JohnEsperancilla Vlogs
JohnEsperancilla Vlogs - 3 years ago
House tour!
Iris Time
Iris Time - 3 years ago
Pee is for the sea urchin or the black one if matinik ka
arianne villanueva
arianne villanueva - 3 years ago
dozerd09 - 3 years ago
Your vlogs are always lit!
Francisco Sabate
Francisco Sabate - 3 years ago
It's true
Alexander Andy David
Alexander Andy David - 3 years ago
Was chuckling and then, I heard the distinct metallic click of a round entering a shotgun chamber.... (MUSIC: Theme from Jaws)
Luigi Octavio
Luigi Octavio - 3 years ago
when i watch your vlog its just motivates me to move and exercise, thank you for my morning boost will! merhaba! from jeddah, saudi arabia! ^_^
Christian Jon Rillera
Christian Jon Rillera - 3 years ago
Hey Wil, glad you visited La Union.
Flappy Jay
Flappy Jay - 3 years ago
You and Alodia are the best couple that I've ever seen online, man I like watching you guys just bond
rocknrm99 - 3 years ago
this vlog iz sooo HOT (ya kno wat i mean) ma boi wil is slowly getting too dat crazy boracay vlogs vibe. gotta love it.
James Moore
James Moore - 3 years ago
We were told in Australia not to pee on it, but use vinegar. That's why they had bottles of it on little stands along the beach. Nice to see Chelsea and Christian for a moment. She was my former student.
Page Maandig
Page Maandig - 3 years ago
I wanna go to la union someday. huhuhu. And bret is fluffy pala. hahahaaha
Warren Diggler
Warren Diggler - 3 years ago
Who's the girl in the bikini
Joshua Nailes
Joshua Nailes - 3 years ago
be a maverick LOL
Mark Punzal
Mark Punzal - 3 years ago
Cool video bro as always
Tusiii ii
Tusiii ii - 3 years ago
To summarize will's vlog it's either "Gone wrong" or "got roasted"
patrick john esplana
patrick john esplana - 3 years ago
suka ang pwede hindi ihi haha
Bing Ortiz
Bing Ortiz - 3 years ago
LA union is considered as the Surfing capital of the north-western part of the Philippines. The north-eastern part belongs to Baler.
Cy Cabs
Cy Cabs - 3 years ago
Bret needs to do a workshop on how to be a #SmoothOperator lol.
jivette Maribbay
jivette Maribbay - 3 years ago
Ang sarap panoorin ang asaran nyo ng mom ung "gago" hahaha
Shaira Angeli Dumayas
Shaira Angeli Dumayas - 3 years ago
andun pa ba sila? Proud San Juanenio here at La Union :)
Lordi De Commentado
Lordi De Commentado - 3 years ago
hmmmm damn
JamesGalileaOfficial - 3 years ago
ano kayang mga BARS yung binitawan ni Kuya Bret ?? HAHA
Jimmy Navarro
Jimmy Navarro - 3 years ago
Will luv that vlog your so awesome god bless you
GF Pilayan
GF Pilayan - 3 years ago
I'm just one ride away from youuu??? Huhuhuhu whhhyyy??? T_T
Jhomie Quisto
Jhomie Quisto - 3 years ago
if you don't have 1st aid kit or ammonia, pee could do, it has ammonia to ease the pain
DarZ Vidz
DarZ Vidz - 3 years ago
its for the urchins
xorbodude - 3 years ago
Who is the girl in the red bikini
xorbodude - 3 years ago
Lexi memdiola
Gixxer90 - 3 years ago
December is the best time to surf in La union. That's where my mom is from :)
macprime tech
macprime tech - 3 years ago
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ✿✿ ✿✿
♥ ♥ ✿✿
ʕಠಿᴥಠʔ つ ♥ HELLO ALODIA FROM ====> WIL (◕ᴥ◕)つ✿
Steven Paul O'Brien
Steven Paul O'Brien - 3 years ago
There's a lot of comedy to be had here... and some lessons in life for me "not to do"...

But first... the most magical time in any day (at least for this guy) is that time in the morning when the sun is just cresting the horizon, the birds are singing their finest songs, and the air is cool and crisp. The opening montage of morning shots hit the spot. I can recall this past summer in Siargao (up north in Pacifico) when Jennifer and I were the first guests up and we sat and quietly sipped coffee and just looked out over the morning waves. Not many words needed to be exchanged. Sometimes even talking interferes with perfect moments you spend with your partner.

I love your mom... She's perfect... because if I would have said something about "ghost makeup" to Jennifer, she would have summoned up superhuman strength, grabbed and bodyslammed me, stomped me repeatedly, battered me with brass knuckles, and left my mangled corpse for for the vultures. That's one of those cautionary notes for me... But, in the end... it was pretty funny with Mudra. She's such a good sport and has fun with everything!

One of the other things that makes this vlog utterly universal, at least to me, is the nonchalant act of the "hat drop and cool exit" ending up in tripping or knocking something over. Yes, I remember a time in high school when a bus with a girl's basketball team drove by, they all waved at me, and I started strutting...being Mr. Cool... and ended up walking into a stop sign. I relate to you...because I was you...

I'm just starting to watch Bret's vlog. The man makes me laugh... a whole lot! The haircut and the pink bandana were absolutely classic. He's a great addition to your "squad" and between Daniel's cinematography, Haley's "Haleyness", Bret's off beat sense of humor, and your energy... you guys will take it to the next level.

Okay... you've got a bit of time left here in the desert. Hoping to see some great stuff from the remainder of your time here. Keep on keepin' on!
RodAr Araña
RodAr Araña - 3 years ago
oh, holy cow! it's Steven!!! nice seeing your comment again. it is like poem in every word you say.. how is the not so old nice guy today?
Steven Paul O'Brien
Steven Paul O'Brien - 3 years ago
My pleasure... keep on putting out the good stuff. It's fun to create off of your creations!
Wil Dasovich
Wil Dasovich - 3 years ago
haha always goes wrong when u r trying to be mr cool! Thank u always for your vlog summary novels :)
Charry Dasovich
Charry Dasovich - 3 years ago
haha that was funny how you will be left for the vultures!
The Melon Life
The Melon Life - 3 years ago
Blue Wizard121
Blue Wizard121 - 3 years ago
kenace785 - 3 years ago
Lexi Mendiola
mickey the haters
mickey the haters - 3 years ago
Lexi mendoza
Papa Rappy
Papa Rappy - 3 years ago
For thesis po ba yan?
Bryan Gregorio
Bryan Gregorio - 3 years ago
Am I watching Laboracay 2018? OOhhhhh... Yeaaaaahh,,, hahaha
king bob
king bob - 3 years ago
i dont know about jellyfish, but when you steps on a sea urchin you need to pee on the scar
Cancelled - 3 years ago
If you cant hang, drink tang!!!
jose temblor
jose temblor - 3 years ago
Nice Wil
Mohrz Tb
Mohrz Tb - 3 years ago
Gregg Onday
Gregg Onday - 3 years ago
Thumbnail on point ahahaha
Delo Carpio VLOG
Delo Carpio VLOG - 3 years ago
Na fufuture ako ni cong videos kalafati nya. Mara will daw ako sabe ng buong angkan nila.. mis ur vlog sir
rocky honrado
rocky honrado - 3 years ago
Bading po ako
Golem Max
Golem Max - 3 years ago
How is it gone wrong? You stupid trying hard will basobitch!!!
Golem Max
Golem Max - 3 years ago
Ok sorry Wil Basobitch!
Wil Dasovich
Wil Dasovich - 3 years ago
you spelled my name wrong. There is only one L
Jade Q.
Jade Q. - 3 years ago
Galawang Bret! hahaha. Gwapings!
Sheanner Navarro
Sheanner Navarro - 3 years ago
Wil and cong collab pleaseeee !!!
JOHN NG - 3 years ago
that wil dasovich pose pfft hahahahhaha
Sara Kae Vibar
Sara Kae Vibar - 3 years ago
I am looking for Alodia's comment. #Forbidden and #shotgunAlodia hahahaha you know coz the girls XD XD
Titser Enzyme TV
Titser Enzyme TV - 3 years ago
LA UNION = THe onion? hehehe #TeachersNeedVacationLikeThis :(
Packo_ Hubu
Packo_ Hubu - 3 years ago
Love the under wear ...
J O C C O - 3 years ago
kala ko life guard ung nakagat ng jelly fish hehe
Walter Avila
Walter Avila - 3 years ago
dat singit tho
Maui Benedicto
Maui Benedicto - 3 years ago
omg. kakagaling lang namin diyan huhu. what a wrong timing :-(
ShagaBigDawg - 3 years ago
Pee works on sea orchins
kratos god-of-war
kratos god-of-war - 3 years ago
whats the name of the girl in black bikini and red top? shes beautiful
Dae Seong Jong
Dae Seong Jong - 3 years ago
Mahalaga yung content hindi yung click bait :)
jozellemae07 - 3 years ago
im so amaze at how Will remember the people in each vlog He made! super sharp ng memory mo tsong!
luz1018 - 3 years ago
jozellemae07 true and his patience in finding them in his old vlogs.
Warren Vigo
Warren Vigo - 3 years ago
The Maverick moves. hahahahaha
coolermaster - 3 years ago
MaverickMoves :P
Jason Parreno
Jason Parreno - 3 years ago
Charlotte Dioquino
Charlotte Dioquino - 3 years ago
Saw that Flotsam movie and it feels so good!!! Labyu Wil
Jeo Enriquez
Jeo Enriquez - 3 years ago
If it was your pee Will, I think the myth would come true. May bertud yan lol.
Alex Flora
Alex Flora - 3 years ago
I love your vlogs they are amazing
lj cadano
lj cadano - 3 years ago
Im from la union❤
Alexander Christian Ching
Alexander Christian Ching - 3 years ago
OMG I love Lexi!
Kim Seokgene
Kim Seokgene - 3 years ago
Smooth Operator HAHAHAH
Lilibeth Rapal
Lilibeth Rapal - 3 years ago
Heavenly Schythe
Heavenly Schythe - 3 years ago
Paro Nueva
Paro Nueva - 3 years ago
Ma Ttrauma talaga tong si KT pang na shotgun moves ka ni QS! HAHAHAHA :D
aldrian ventures
aldrian ventures - 3 years ago
Galawang Bret. HAHA
No Btful Travels
No Btful Travels - 3 years ago
Galing na kami dyan Wil... we enjoyed surfing with di rin marunong magsurfing friends hahaha... 2 nights in Flotsam and jetsam ???
Mharlon L
Mharlon L - 3 years ago
No Btful Travels pasubscribe ako tapos subscribe back kita..
Nino Caesar Navarro
Nino Caesar Navarro - 3 years ago
Hi mga ka Tsonggo, Try nyu pumunta sa Moalboal Wil this Coming May 19 meron Summer madness, a yearly event around the island of CEBU... check it out!
Jeys Medina
Jeys Medina - 3 years ago
Jeys Medina
Jeys Medina - 3 years ago
congtv plugged Hahahaha
Dirk Balasbas
Dirk Balasbas - 3 years ago
Pinakain ng saging
rosel caren bader
rosel caren bader - 3 years ago
hindi man lang kita naabutan
Aaron Centeno
Aaron Centeno - 3 years ago
My Business
My Business - 3 years ago
So far, that looks like one of the better places I've seen about the Philippines. Looks like a cool place...and the babes in bikinis...ooh la la
Hanggao's NawngLLC
Hanggao's NawngLLC - 3 years ago
flotsam jetsam.. metallica
Just Sebastian
Just Sebastian - 3 years ago
Walang comment si ms. ALUJA!HAHAHAHA
gon magno
gon magno - 3 years ago
this is the Classic Wil Dasovich type of vlog. na miss ko to look energetic.
Luke's HomeTube
Luke's HomeTube - 3 years ago
Vinegar helps with the trama. Worked for me in Spain when I was stung by a jellyfish.
Rowell Relosa
Rowell Relosa - 3 years ago
I think the VLOGSQUAD needs to show more of that #maverickmoves .. ang benta kse hahahaha!
Severiano Ballesca
Severiano Ballesca - 3 years ago
I just copied you post on facebook. Hahaha. And I got a lot of reactions. Haha
Mysterious Mori
Mysterious Mori - 3 years ago
Where is that? I know that, maybe? Because i might have been there. Is it San Juan, La Union?
Myt Novera
Myt Novera - 3 years ago
Mudra Idol! :-D
Samantha Tanseco
Samantha Tanseco - 3 years ago
I also got stung by a jellyfish but on the legs
White Negro
White Negro - 3 years ago
" You're my biggest fan" lmao
Samantha Tanseco
Samantha Tanseco - 3 years ago
I also got stung by a jellyfish but on the legs
Sebby’s World
Sebby’s World - 3 years ago
Ayeeeee! Were the same birthday kuya wil!
Florante Antonio Alfonso
Florante Antonio Alfonso - 3 years ago
hahahahahaha,,, wtf~
Martin Anthony Garzon
Martin Anthony Garzon - 3 years ago
But those moves failed in Siargao movie LOL
Tin - 3 years ago
have u learned ur moves from the Mr. Marsh? lmao XD
Naiko Chua
Naiko Chua - 3 years ago
Bret Maverick HAHAHAHAHA
Rob Ctrc
Rob Ctrc - 3 years ago
Bret Maverick
Bret Maverick - 3 years ago
Im doing just great thanks :) how are you?
White Negro
White Negro - 3 years ago
Bret Maverick Hi Bret how you doin?
DiegoGamer23 - 3 years ago
Every video you post is soooo enjoyable to watch
Kevin Navia
Kevin Navia - 3 years ago
Ram Boy
Ram Boy - 3 years ago
Lagot ka kuya Wil sa pag uwi mo Kay ate Alodia
Janice Maputi
Janice Maputi - 3 years ago
Gigi Peregrin
Gigi Peregrin - 3 years ago
Haha that poor fan almost drowned on her own words! That’s a lotta love for ya!
gon magno
gon magno - 3 years ago
ops sorry, i think its OK that your comment is highlighted and i think no one's here had a negative personalities.
Gigi Peregrin
Gigi Peregrin - 3 years ago
gon magno I’m sorry, but I’m only fluent with American English.
gon magno
gon magno - 3 years ago
ok lng wala nmn ata negative peps d2 sa channel ni wil.
Gigi Peregrin
Gigi Peregrin - 3 years ago
I don’t understand why my comment is “highlighted.” Does anyone know how to turn off “highlighted comments?”
Gigi Peregrin
Gigi Peregrin - 3 years ago
Katrina Zen I’d be very excited too!
gon magno
gon magno - 3 years ago
yeah yeah i don't know hu's the fan and idol. but you got to love her she's energetic i need to check her channel, looks like shes vlogging
Mharlon L
Mharlon L - 3 years ago
Marian Hope Ziga-So pasubscribe ako tapos subscribe back kita..
Genesis Neil Tabing
Genesis Neil Tabing - 3 years ago
trauma is good for the vlog HAHAHA WTF idol
Arman James Buenavente
Arman James Buenavente - 3 years ago
Totoo yun! Pag nakagat bf jelly fish need to pour urine ginawa ng bear gryls yan
Victor Gatchalian
Victor Gatchalian - 3 years ago
What's the name of the girl who got stung by a jelly fish?
Victor Gatchalian
Victor Gatchalian - 3 years ago
Thanks Bro
Angelo Alfafara
Angelo Alfafara - 3 years ago
mickey the haters
mickey the haters - 3 years ago
Lexi mendoza
Lian Morden
Lian Morden - 3 years ago
im also curious hihihi
kween Phoebe
kween Phoebe - 3 years ago
YOU ARE WITH MY KING!!!! King Tongoooolll omy
DAFFY DUCK - 3 years ago
Whats the . name f that first song wil?
Jhayr_dot_Us - 3 years ago
Like, comment and subscribe first before you watch the vlog. ya'll already know!!!
elmar jason Eniola
elmar jason Eniola - 3 years ago
Kevin Navia
Kevin Navia - 3 years ago
5:41 Good one, @Bret :D
Alliah Angel
Alliah Angel - 3 years ago
Love youuuuuu tsong Wil!!!❤
Reyna Elacion
Reyna Elacion - 3 years ago
archie zulueta
archie zulueta - 3 years ago
QS,,, dami cute girls
:) :) :)
Mike Ditan Arellano
Mike Ditan Arellano - 3 years ago
Wala na yung backround music kapag nakikipagkamay ka sa mga chicks tsong?bawal na?hehehehe
Lebron James
Lebron James - 3 years ago
Hala nagburyat namo ha wala pamo kasli tsk2
robert mochary
robert mochary - 3 years ago
Mr wil where is Daniel Marsh ? we did not watch his vlg since long time!!
Rojeanne Anonuevo
Rojeanne Anonuevo - 3 years ago
this looks so fun!!!
Jay Janubas
Jay Janubas - 3 years ago
Sa buong buhay ko never pa akong naging fan of the day!!! Sana ako na ang susunod.
Mharlon L
Mharlon L - 3 years ago
Jay Janubas pasubscribe ako tapos subscribe back kita..
Rhylle Torres
Rhylle Torres - 3 years ago
You pee on it if it's a SEA URCHIN!
Aran Leynes
Aran Leynes - 3 years ago
Dimple Barrios
Dimple Barrios - 3 years ago
Wil I think you should buy sushi for alodia almira albubu again.... Hahahahahah
Allan Kawakami
Allan Kawakami - 3 years ago
What’s the brand of your Camo bag. Thank you.
Kevin Navia
Kevin Navia - 3 years ago
2:14 Ashley trauma face. #Traumasgoodforthevlog
Mharlon L
Mharlon L - 3 years ago
Kevin Navia pasubscribe ako tapos subscribe back kita..
Brylle Angelo Dungca
Brylle Angelo Dungca - 3 years ago
8:32 to 9:17 thank me later boys
HeyThere ItsAira
HeyThere ItsAira - 3 years ago
Pa-puso kuya wil! As always ang ganda ng vlogs mo
Jay Janubas
Jay Janubas - 3 years ago
Sinong content creator din dito? Mag go-grow din tayo! Tiwala lang!
SOANGE xD - 3 years ago
sub sub
Jay Janubas
Jay Janubas - 3 years ago
Nheya Barquilla
Nheya Barquilla - 3 years ago
Done :)
Nheya Barquilla
Nheya Barquilla - 3 years ago
JamesGalileaOfficial sure sure. Ano gamit mo pang edit?
JamesGalileaOfficial - 3 years ago
8 :)
JamesGalileaOfficial - 3 years ago
support support Mam :)
JamesGalileaOfficial - 3 years ago
43 ;)
JamesGalileaOfficial - 3 years ago
Jay Janubas
Jay Janubas - 3 years ago
Haha. Kaya mo na yan!
Nheya Barquilla
Nheya Barquilla - 3 years ago
Same here hahahaha... patulong mag edit. Hahahaha
Jay Janubas
Jay Janubas - 3 years ago
Hahaha. Oo. Dami ko pang hindi na edit!
Johnpaul Pandan
Johnpaul Pandan - 3 years ago
Hello Wil! Come here in iligan city,Mindanao
The city of majestic Waterfalls..
Pallen Gaming
Pallen Gaming - 3 years ago
EdCaps - 3 years ago
Nice vlog!!!
Margarette Corpuz
Margarette Corpuz - 3 years ago
I was in La Union
Alejandro Bandong
Alejandro Bandong - 3 years ago
Sexy girl in the clickbait
JRay - 3 years ago
Kuya Wil anung name nung naka red na girl yung na sting ng jellyfish pra sa thesis lang po hehe
Jom Hernandez
Jom Hernandez - 3 years ago
I think the greatest gift for my birthday is to be featured as a fan of the day on your vloooooog! #DGAF
clark85 - 3 years ago
bikini vloggers are good for the blog too haha
summer j Vlog
summer j Vlog - 3 years ago
Wow kuya mga sexy. Cofe like. Haaahah saging pa more kuya hahahaha
Mharlon L
Mharlon L - 3 years ago
summer j Vlog pasubscribe ako tapos subscribe back kita..
Iron Man (Mark 23)
Iron Man (Mark 23) - 3 years ago
parang ang half nito napanood ko na kay bret delay video post! :P
Genesis Deinla
Genesis Deinla - 3 years ago
What kind of drone do you use for this vlog? haha just asking lng po. :-)
CantYou GT
CantYou GT - 3 years ago
Nice Vlog Wil! :D
Mysterious Guy
Mysterious Guy - 3 years ago
Gimme heart ❤️
Earl Francis
Earl Francis - 3 years ago
Joy 2dWorld
Joy 2dWorld - 3 years ago
Did you say “blimey” at 13:06? hahaha
Patrick Jhon Garciano
Patrick Jhon Garciano - 3 years ago
It's not the jellyfish it's the sea urchin bro.And i don't think that it's true

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