Nada Surf - Blankest Year

This is the new Nada Surf video "Blankest Year"! It only consists of real life projections not using any classic animation whatsoever creating a unique visual experience. A short making of film can be seen on youtube soon!

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This is the new Nada Surf video "Blankest Year"! It only consists of real life projections not using any classic animation whatsoever creating a unique visual experience. A short making of film can be seen on youtube soon!

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for Nada Surf - Blankest Year

Jason Haning
Jason Haning - 2 years ago
your the only person in the world I feel that way about
Jason C
Jason C - 2 years ago
Spent 3 years in a band that covered this song EVERY gig and it was a crowd favorite... ALWAYS got people singing FUCK IIIIIIIIIIIITTTTT by the time the song was over...
ZER0 - 3 years ago
Trump brought me here.......
Fuzzy 227
Fuzzy 227 - 3 years ago
This is one way to end 2016!
Botulizard - 3 years ago
I love when they end shows with this song. Sometimes they'll stretch it out and make it last 10 minutes!
Filip Eurozine
Filip Eurozine - 4 years ago
heard it on the radio today (FM4, Vienna) as they will play in the city next week. Sold out, of course.
ronauji-nyo80 - 4 years ago
UrbanBoatingLee - 5 years ago
misuniversal - 6 years ago
Oh fuck eeeet... I love this song.

10. comment for Nada Surf - Blankest Year

SvenskCurtain - 6 years ago
A few years ago this song was on a German TV commercial, I think even for Volkswagen, it was big brand - that I remember. And I recognized Nada Surf clearly (before I knew it was them) but I also clearly recognized the lyrics and thought "Oh man, someone there is not paying attention..." It ran for weeks until they changed it to "Oh hell yeah". Did they re-record it? I don't know. But that was amusing.
Octavio89 - 5 years ago
It was in 2005/2006.
John Pepe
John Pepe - 6 years ago
Astral project BABY!!!
nick puff
nick puff - 6 years ago
So, this was my partner's and my favorite song almost 7 years years ago when we met.  Over the years, it's become an anthem for all the fun we've had in our life.  So, it made it so much more special when he played it on his phone right before we got engaged last month.  Will never forget this song, ever!
Erotic Aleks
Erotic Aleks - 3 years ago
noone asked, But thanks for sharing.
jesserowlingsify - 6 years ago
i had listened to this song so many times without really understanding what it was about... haha. now that i understand i really feel it way more.
Richard Krauss
Richard Krauss - 7 years ago
If you haven't had a chance to experience live, do so. They always close with this song in recent years, only its a 4 minute + version.
Ingrid Alonso
Ingrid Alonso - 7 years ago
Jajaja yo tambien!
Monsieur Meursault
Monsieur Meursault - 7 years ago
3 days ago they played this song in my town(Madrid) and I missed it!! FML!
Rainette86 - 7 years ago
Ok, fuck my maths test, I'm gonna have a party.
Miranda Renaud
Miranda Renaud - 8 years ago
This song is so much fun live.
Dan OConnell
Dan OConnell - 8 years ago
Poignant and fun!! Aww, Matthew, you never fail to delight.

20. comment for Nada Surf - Blankest Year

いあ - 8 years ago
notyoursavior78 - 8 years ago
Fine, fuck it. I have the "Proximity Effect" cd but I can't find the song I want on youtube to add to my mix. I guess I'll just add this one.
alisoncircus - 8 years ago
It's 20-30 seconds too short - chops off too soon! Maybe add a verse?
Dan Ansett
Dan Ansett - 8 years ago
Fuck it for Chris!
top30music - 8 years ago
i still love you, i do..... i do
Jürgen Weiringer
Jürgen Weiringer - 8 years ago
just fucking awesome
Anonymous - 8 years ago
oh fuck it
Rainette86 - 9 years ago
Chris' song! :')
johnnynny94 - 9 years ago
I like "Oh, fuck it" better than "Oh, to hell with it".
felcha bloom
felcha bloom - 9 years ago
the censored one is completely hilarious... hell it? hell with it? haha

30. comment for Nada Surf - Blankest Year

LRluisro - 9 years ago
@bubbelmo I already bought it. Except it says to hell with it in the first part and then fuck it like once in the last part
itsdile - 9 years ago
Bennyfromtheblock - 9 years ago
whens this party happening...?
LRluisro - 9 years ago
I downloaded this song and it is censored. :( the fuck it is the best part of the song
Nada B
Nada B - 9 years ago
love this song.... lol always gets me in a good mood
Rubin Guzman
Rubin Guzman - 9 years ago
haha ohman...this song came ona playlist and i was already singing my own "fuck it" tune,im shocked.
TheNayeliii - 9 years ago
schon in den ersten sekunden beim schlagzeugsolo verliebt man sich in diesen song einfach! :D yeeeeah, oouh fuck it - i'm gonna have a partyyy !!! ^^
idochucas - 9 years ago
Oh, fuck it... Why is this song so short!!?
Melanie Conelhero
Melanie Conelhero - 9 years ago
hooooooooooooooooooo fuck it (Y)
Google made me do it
Google made me do it - 9 years ago
some people just don't know how to fuck it
Bodacious Gabetacious
Bodacious Gabetacious - 9 years ago
I came
Mariah Johnson
Mariah Johnson - 9 years ago
31 people are not gonna have a party
S Litvin
S Litvin - 9 years ago
I listen to it when i need cheering up, like after a break up. the song is the only music I can listen to.
cooliscathy - 10 years ago
Ironic this was added on my birthday. hahaa
NashLovesNirvana - 10 years ago
Oh fuck it, I love this song!!!!
TheSpaitz - 10 years ago
Jaime Bardisa
Jaime Bardisa - 10 years ago
great great great song, its a pity itsn't longer... only 2 minutes of good stuff like this is very short time!!!
nodollarsign - 10 years ago
i just listened to this song 15 times in a row.
JohnnyNny23 - 10 years ago
Man, I remember listening to this song a lot. It's still awesome!!
echifix - 10 years ago
this comment from you is gay, dont start commenting about peoples taste of music.

50. comment for Nada Surf - Blankest Year

Pau Pau
Pau Pau - 10 years ago
Whhooo!!! top! but a trifle too short...
Luis Macia
Luis Macia - 10 years ago
puede que para ti, yo escucho música más fuerte, pero no por eso esto es musica gay, solo más relajada...a mi me gusta bastante nada surf, no hay mejor cancion para irte a la playa que esta : )
fernando marca
fernando marca - 10 years ago
Really do you think it? This music is gay.. uiiuuuuu
Luis Macia
Luis Macia - 11 years ago
has demostrado no tener gusto músical o por lo menos educación...(podrías poner "para mi es un asco de música")
Alberto Obispo Fuertes
Alberto Obispo Fuertes - 11 years ago
callate payaso
fernando marca
fernando marca - 11 years ago
que asco de música
MelliSchizophren - 11 years ago
best <3
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk - 11 years ago
wish i could hang out with him more but we don't really because since we're once removed we're not really very related
BikePark lovers
BikePark lovers - 11 years ago
cool song, his vioce is...
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk - 11 years ago
Strassenkicker - 11 years ago
You're my hero...
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk - 11 years ago
Mathew Caws is my cousin...once removed
Theofish - 11 years ago
the polite and unjunked version :-)))))
darkolove - 11 years ago
this song puts me in the greatest mood! yay for nada surf
grinsepilz - 11 years ago
yes, passenger with ego so I hope you get it love this f****g song since my girlfriend break up with me one day before new years' eve after 2 weeks, what a break down ... now we live together! :)) ... just love it and her of course :)
aagh oogh
aagh oogh - 11 years ago
that makes us two
Marijke V
Marijke V - 11 years ago
Ohhh fuck it, i'm gonna have a partyy! :D
Simone Pironi
Simone Pironi - 11 years ago
arcadecoma - 11 years ago
this is ace!
jenna white
jenna white - 11 years ago
I'm gonna have a party!!!!!!!!!
Gerald Zecker
Gerald Zecker - 11 years ago
Cristof, It has been 5 weeks since i first sent you an invoice for the work i have done for city slang. I have send you 4 emails since then and about 20 today. You have not answered one email regarding payment for the work i have done for you. What gives?
VanillaCracker - 11 years ago
I'm assuming you ment "need disney characters to make you a party song" because your english sucks so much but if so then nice come back. creative and funny.
VanillaCracker - 11 years ago
lol you don't give a reaosn why. your the dumb cunt. bet you haven't had a single one in your life either.
VanillaCracker - 11 years ago
that don't make it a good party song fuck face
VanillaCracker - 11 years ago
hahah yeah and i'm terrified to know how much of a faggot you probably are.
Nick Green
Nick Green - 11 years ago
Remind me to never go to one of your parties.
Salfuran - 11 years ago
if you consider this horrible, I'm terrified to hear what you think is great :| or even just better...
Elexis Kabakow
Elexis Kabakow - 11 years ago
I didn't say you can't like rap I was just simply voicing my opinion
VanillaCracker - 11 years ago
worst party song ever, period.
Mónica Su
Mónica Su - 11 years ago
oh fuck it! it's amazing!
Jonas268 - 11 years ago
Best party song ever(together with Remmidemmi(Deichkind)...
Elexis Kabakow
Elexis Kabakow - 11 years ago
yeah when people tell me that rap is good music I want to shoot them Nada Surf is amazing
zwaailicht - 11 years ago
Superb. x]
Acupofcake - 11 years ago
Totally agredd and played live they are even more amazing! this band should be a legend
Cookiedough - 11 years ago
with songs like this and 'always love' I jus can't understand why they're not bigger
5314005 - 11 years ago
nice song :D
grandtueur - 11 years ago
I saw them in Belgium on Rock Ternat they were F*CKING AWSOME I LOVE NADE SURF OOH F*CK IT
cupid Au
cupid Au - 11 years ago
ilove the white one!LOL
josefine sandfeldt
josefine sandfeldt - 11 years ago
Pouliou21 - 11 years ago
I was at their show yesterday in Dijon !! Completely awesome!! I love them! The finish song was this one! =D
utewbisgay - 11 years ago
this song is great live with everyone singin' along. oh fuck it SUCK IT i'm gonna have a party
KM FILM - 11 years ago
Grandios umgesetzte Idee!
melalah - 12 years ago
ohhhh eff it. i'm gonna have a party :p
Jessica Newell
Jessica Newell - 12 years ago
didn't think of it that way, you're right!
Lo-Fi Spotlight, underground Blog
Lo-Fi Spotlight, underground Blog - 12 years ago
nice 1
orangeman204 - 12 years ago
reminds me of the iggy pop song the passenger
thebubblesareout - 12 years ago
This band is amazing. Probably my new favourite band. :DD
Peretron - 12 years ago
Love this song! One of their bests :P
lastcoby - 12 years ago
fucking amazing!!!
Bakerman is Bakin Bread
Bakerman is Bakin Bread - 12 years ago
5/5 and favorited Enjoy your holidays

100. comment for Nada Surf - Blankest Year

helemundo - 12 years ago
I think Nada Surf is gonna turn into one of my favorite bands :D
Tim Prhmbt
Tim Prhmbt - 12 years ago
je suis tellement fan de Nada Surf ! =D
heynewshoes - 12 years ago
i def danced on stage to this song with them last night! it was amazing.
ebcthatsme - 12 years ago
i listened to this right after my last final exam yesterda. the perfect song to start summer!
IEmilyI - 12 years ago
damn, I LOVE this song... *oooooh fuck it - I'm gonna have a party...* :) great, really...
Gaultier - 12 years ago
Oh fuck it (fuck it) I'm going to have a party never forget google is your friend ;-)
Annika Danielsson
Annika Danielsson - 12 years ago
So great song !!! :-D I love it :-) Video was great to.
Youtubax - 12 years ago
I love this fuuuckin' band!
Gaultier - 12 years ago
yeah baby trop bon !!
sneakyfuckingrussian - 12 years ago
veronicahabit - 12 years ago
DrKritter - 12 years ago
yeah I agree. Love the song...way too short
aceprecision - 12 years ago
its on "the weight is a gift"..great album
Forsythie - 12 years ago
I wanna see them here in New York but when they're here I have to leave... ):
linnaaachen - 12 years ago
love it sooooo much...nada surf rocks:D
Kyrie - 12 years ago
This is my theme song for 2007. Says it all perfectly.
Fifel Smith
Fifel Smith - 12 years ago
<333333 looooooove this song !
Maciej Rynarzewski
Maciej Rynarzewski - 12 years ago
Mega energetic party song, but too short for me :) It was used in Suzuki Swift commercial in Poland but with changed lyrics , heheheh of course
xcolouritinxx - 12 years ago
verfdoos - 12 years ago
does anyone know why the version where they sing (at the start) oh fuck it is not available?'to hell with it' sounds lame imo
Liz McLean
Liz McLean - 12 years ago
This is a really great song
luisaqa - 12 years ago
love it
Arno Vinghen
Arno Vinghen - 12 years ago
Oooh fuck it, it'sooo cool :)))
698402a - 12 years ago
attlantice mavadalchiul!
attlantice - 12 years ago
as george carlin says: "there's no such thing as bad words, only bad context" its a pity this day in age some simpletons cant get over the use of a 'fucking' word.
Lysimachus78 - 12 years ago
Why would it even be allows to have the "F*" word in a song like this? This should be removed from YouTube. The "F" word is considered the most vulgar of all words. It's even worse than the "F" word.
champion of idiots
champion of idiots - 13 years ago
great song!
Goodywagon - 13 years ago
ahh fuck it I have no comment.
Jan Piels
Jan Piels - 13 years ago
cool (H)
Jordi Poll
Jordi Poll - 13 years ago
amo00talpa - 13 years ago
Schell Scivally
Schell Scivally - 13 years ago
thank god for popular being on the radio or i may never have found these guys all those years ago. i'd be missing out.
blairco - 13 years ago
This video is totally kickin'. Nada Surf has such a talent for putting out songs that are so addictive and uplifting, even if their lyrics aren't tremendous! They know how to craft really slick music. One of the few bands that's stuck with me for the last six years.
Kathryn Simon
Kathryn Simon - 13 years ago
i love it mucho
Alejandro Lizama
Alejandro Lizama - 13 years ago
good music
iamkim - 14 years ago
best nada surf song ever
Mary OpenEnded
Mary OpenEnded - 14 years ago
great band great song great video =) they made the video kinda freaky but i like it veeeerrrryyy much
enya bb
enya bb - 14 years ago
I loike this song, but there are menus after it stops playing!? What are they?
WeezerMIJ - 14 years ago
best single of the year...
benz0rs - 14 years ago
BernardMarx - 14 years ago
Nada Surf it probably the most underrated band I know. Let Go is such an amazing album.

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