RC Surfing - The Best of 2010

The Best of my footage of my Remote Control Surfer from 2010 (2 months worth). Enjoy RC Surfing!!

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The Best of my footage of my Remote Control Surfer from 2010 (2 months worth). Enjoy RC Surfing!!

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for RC Surfing - The Best of 2010

Porter R.
Porter R. - 3 years ago
Put this guy on the CT 1:46
Jamie Couanis
Jamie Couanis - 3 years ago
Someone please start a world mini tour wsl style
Jane-Marie Brooks
Jane-Marie Brooks - 3 years ago
Madness!!! one thing I was worried about when this idea poped into my head was knocking someone out.. But these look safe around other beach users cool
Vurton Creed
Vurton Creed - 3 years ago
damn bruh tf this airs complete
Dylan Cooper
Dylan Cooper - 3 years ago
whoever says money can't buy happiness is truly stupid
Robbie Irlam
Robbie Irlam - 4 years ago
Not much response from the poster of this clip... Skowowski ???
hans peder
hans peder - 4 years ago
this music is verry verry f***ing
Tom Emerson
Tom Emerson - 5 years ago
Now we can talk about the knarliest 8" shore breaks in the world.
rustleup 1000%
rustleup 1000% - 5 years ago
That thing doesn't wipeout, cool, I'm getting one!

10. comment for RC Surfing - The Best of 2010

The Modell Collector
The Modell Collector - 6 years ago
This movie is as cool as my movie´s!!
Jono Edwards
Jono Edwards - 6 years ago
Great post Skowo.
Marcelo Miranda
Marcelo Miranda - 6 years ago
Casey C. sabe de nada inocente
Casey Callahan
Casey Callahan - 6 years ago
Karl-Emil Storm
Karl-Emil Storm - 8 years ago
does they have a motor?
1ring2rule3pigs - 8 years ago
This NQD Lisa totally ROCKS!! Awesome air!
FLAWDAWADA727 - 8 years ago
Perfect for my Gulf Coast! as much as i sit on the beach watching the lil slappers break when its flat an envisioning what i would do on the wave if it was bigger, with one of these gimmicks i could Rip all summer long
Julie Olson
Julie Olson - 8 years ago
Its awesome! where do you get one? are they custom built? t?
Steve Robb
Steve Robb - 8 years ago
Hey skowowski, thanks for taking the time to share your video footage. Your RC Surfing has a good feel to it. I want to dust off my old original (now extinct, NOT HAPPY KYOSHO!) and go down the brushless path as you have also. PLEASE inform me on the motor KV specs. Cheers...and come to Australia and show off your skills, would make an even better video o;
Alfonz808 - 8 years ago
2 questions: How much is one, and where can I get one

20. comment for RC Surfing - The Best of 2010

IntheTubeDeep - 8 years ago
That is the COOLEST RC ever, and I'm an RC pilot!! Awesome!!!!
nmdking1 - 8 years ago
1:38 Mini backdoor?
Foxfried - 8 years ago
cobdensurfer555 - 8 years ago
were can i get one of these !!!!
Jackie Wolf
Jackie Wolf - 8 years ago
that flip was awsome
MisterTh13 - 8 years ago
thats a fake
availablelight1 - 8 years ago
The corkscrew at 1:59 is fucking mind blowing
ni ko
ni ko - 8 years ago
when the waves are good you go surfing, when they are small you go r/c surfing and the waves are HUGE
Micromecânica Falcão Helio
Micromecânica Falcão Helio - 8 years ago
kkkkkkkkkk, aqui não mano !!!! Fiz filmagem com a minha tambem kakakakka
viperhydra532 - 9 years ago
omg i thought he was realy and tehre was a giant guy in the water at 1 point ahahahah

30. comment for RC Surfing - The Best of 2010

WegrennerX - 9 years ago
If you look closely you can see that the surfer is not real... :)
MINH TRAN - 9 years ago
Great! This is one of the best video
Mick Ryan
Mick Ryan - 9 years ago
how can i get an RC surfer.?
Hunterdoestube - 9 years ago
Damn RC surfer snaked my wave.
waterworkss - 9 years ago
Cool vid champ, Just wondering how important it is to modify the rudder like I see in your vid?
waterworkss - 9 years ago
@skowowski 30mm, but yer, cars, planes, helis, boats are fun but for some reason the rc surfer is the most lasting fun I have found too :) Can i ask what you found the best to seal the hatch?
WhatRofl - 10 years ago
which rc surfer do you have?
skowowski - 10 years ago
@peaceloveskate6496 Dude, It's a remote control surfer..... not a human.
skowowski - 10 years ago
@juliendrix Disco Science by Mirwais. It's a cool song!
FunnyJohne - 10 years ago
Cool Video Seb, You Are A Huge Push In building This Hobby / Sport From Curly !!!
skowowski - 10 years ago
@DRAKARMADA The motor rotates between 650-700 times a second, so with a small propeller (30cm) it is able to travel very fast. Definitely the most fun remote control toy I can think of!
DRAKARMADA - 10 years ago
So... CUTE ! But how is it propulsed to jump so high ? CHEERS !
Jake Moore
Jake Moore - 10 years ago
haha!! amazing!

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