RC Surfing So. Cal.

RC Surfing San Clemente, Calif with friends

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Tim W
Tim W - 3 years ago
Battery life issues and heat up with all?
Wonderful movie!
have a nice day :)
Tim W
Tim W - 3 years ago
Nice bounce off foam ball! This is cool because unlike all other rc the wave is alot of it!
NTB AQUAHOLIC - 3 years ago
Talk about back door barrels, he was going out the sun roof!! Lol great video, hilarious!!
Brian - 3 years ago
Lol I love the slo mo on his epic cut backs and the olley
sport national
sport national - 3 years ago
damn sh*t...i watches all the 5:44 minutes!!!
Rice Man
Rice Man - 3 years ago
Best RC surf video yet!
Stretch is a little buttjacky though.
RCSparks Studio
RCSparks Studio - 3 years ago
THiS WAS AWESOME!! Nice show!!
Schem Simon
Schem Simon - 3 years ago
RCSparks Studio funny I was just watching your unboxing and moved straight to watching as many videos of this thing as I could.
Humphrey Smiggens
Humphrey Smiggens - 4 years ago
need to mount it with an fpv camera

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Srent Biegel
Srent Biegel - 4 years ago
absolutely charging! heavy shit :0
HellaFlyGames - 4 years ago
that last wave was sick
Jai Martin-hill
Jai Martin-hill - 4 years ago
Hello my name is Jai and I just bought the kyosho rc surfer 3 and it takes ten hours to charge and lasts for ten minutes. I see your rc surfers maybe last longer and go faster than mine I was wondering what batteries, charger and motor do you use thanks. This is a awesome video.
Benjamin Foulet
Benjamin Foulet - 4 years ago
Hi ! really cool video ! love it ! Is it a KYOSHO surfer as Damon Humphreys says ? or from another brand ? I'm in south west France Hossegor, really would like to put a RC surfer deep into LA GRAVIERE !!!! :-)
Can you please let me know what is the max time of running you can get ? I saw only 7mn after charging all night long on KYOSHO website...seems very short riding time...
Damon Humphreys
Damon Humphreys - 4 years ago
These are now available new from Kyosho.

I just bought two a few days ago.
Chris B
Chris B - 4 years ago
this is brilliant. Hahaha
Blue Lorikeet.
Blue Lorikeet. - 5 years ago
Richard H
Richard H - 5 years ago
So unfair that he always recovers.  It's like his feet are glued to the board.  He's a natural.
Pat Notneeded
Pat Notneeded - 5 years ago
Cool vid
Danny Huffman
Danny Huffman - 5 years ago
At first I thought rc was a real person and I was like "where is this!"

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Ethyo Dancehall songmaker
Ethyo Dancehall songmaker - 5 years ago
damn love it
Sleeping Lion
Sleeping Lion - 5 years ago
I got him. He's dead in my trunk. Where do I pick up my reward?
NorthOCkook - 5 years ago
Kid at 3:50 shoulda dropped in and ran that stupid toy over
NorthOCkook - 5 years ago
You spelled Trestles and Riviera wrong dumbass
OCDlove - 5 years ago
+MxWaRLoRd Proper spelling makes one look smart and educated. Grammar police aside...... Contribute to society by looking and doing things beyond RC racing and bad spelling? Golly..... Deaf ears? Most-likely.
Jackson Genis
Jackson Genis - 5 years ago
thats sick
DANIEL PADILLA - 5 years ago
Fun little dude fast and light, sandy's wedge and 10th st Laguna would be to bumpy but I think it has the speed up until weimeia shore break.
tubacity66 - 6 years ago
Super fun to watch
Julian igneri
Julian igneri - 6 years ago
Does that break easy???
Paulo Robert
Paulo Robert - 6 years ago
life is so good.
dosvcr - 6 years ago
where do i get one?  what is the solid brand?  thx!

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Dylanmedia - 6 years ago
Glen Holzl
Glen Holzl - 6 years ago
That air at :48 is a glimpse into the future of surfing.
SUPER 6 - 6 years ago
Good stuff. A camera on that thing would be awesome.
YeshuaMusicHope - 6 years ago
Cool footage. V poor music.
gatta mon
gatta mon - 6 years ago
should take one of there to Teahupoo or to Mavericks that will be awesome.
Wil Sargisson
Wil Sargisson - 5 years ago
+Omer Gattmon Totally. Imagine that thing inside a 15 foot barrel.
Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer - 6 years ago
Kinda cool. Too bad about that music though.
Jono Edwards
Jono Edwards - 6 years ago
RC Dorian and Carroll,makes me want to shred,hot production!
Thanks Yanks and Aloha to you.
clarkewi - 6 years ago
That aireal flip was insane.
toreropalido - 7 years ago
I saw that dude out one day. He burned me! The little kook.
DM&JM - 7 years ago
spot at 3:50??????// please
Zane Tellez
Zane Tellez - 6 years ago
lower trestles in southern california
jariol - 7 years ago
Dude I laughed so hard. Next stop Pipe Masters
Theo Barber
Theo Barber - 7 years ago
how do you control in the air
Denis Henriques
Denis Henriques - 7 years ago
Hull bottom??? :D
Pat Notneeded
Pat Notneeded - 7 years ago
That is really cool.
BlueBallz - 7 years ago
whhere do you get this amazing surfer
Angie Neighbors
Angie Neighbors - 7 years ago
what the hell
STOCKIE - 7 years ago
i'd burn him.
Colin Brochard
Colin Brochard - 7 years ago
radical this is awesome
ditimely - 7 years ago
Kind of like you.
Kahone F Speed
Kahone F Speed - 7 years ago
sick rc's!!

50. comment for RC Surfing So. Cal.

jonesy94553 - 7 years ago
That wave in real size was Pasquales, near Tecoman Colima MEX I surfed there in 1977 for five months solo, and it was an experience for sure !
Leto BR
Leto BR - 7 years ago
where can i get one pleeeeease?
Ryan Bethmann
Ryan Bethmann - 7 years ago
imagine this thing pipeline
brianbirc - 7 years ago
LOL You got gladiator spenctor controll down a talent to admire. What part of my comment was the most offensive? You miss the MAGIC MOUNTAIN show and they refuse to play clubs? OR your strickly an rc surfer and feel like you are just as much a surfer and better than most of those kooks out in the line up. Nobody out there is pullng moves like you and size to wave size
TheGladi8er - 7 years ago
and your sharing that your an ignorant fuck with a stick up his ass why? maybe a real surfer wouldn't leave a steamy shit hood ornament on your car either
xonage2 - 7 years ago
I made my dad watch this believing the entire time it was a real guy on a jet board haha. BTW anyone who thinks this is gay is a total jealous faggot. Thumbs down.
brianbirc - 7 years ago
A REAL SURFER would never listen to this music from the 80's stripclub montage. I think this band played at magic mountain.
brianbirc - 7 years ago
Kelly Slater is advanced alien controled kinda like this.
snemmy10 - 7 years ago
Because you could remote controle surf them...
lauriehammy - 7 years ago
I honestly can not get over how clean that front flip land is haha so good.
soopa mann
soopa mann - 8 years ago
This has got to be the neatest thing that I've ever seen..!!!
Che Morales
Che Morales - 8 years ago
sick dude! where can i get one for my kids? that's including me...
Randyn Sugai
Randyn Sugai - 8 years ago
Where do you buy these?
JustRawFootage - 8 years ago
He should get biggest wave of the year award.
shane foley
shane foley - 8 years ago
Grayson Sanchez
Grayson Sanchez - 8 years ago
thanks for hoping me today with this stupid little thing. appreciate it.
MrNuggy420 - 8 years ago
What if a shark attacked it hahaha
airsoftingwithgod - 8 years ago
surfers *that little dude is takin our sets*
MrWalkercl1 - 8 years ago
why the fuck arent you surfing those awesome waves yourselves
Gorka Fraeters
Gorka Fraeters - 8 years ago
element509 - 8 years ago
That awkward moment when a RC toy surfs better than me...
JackSurdin - 8 years ago
You guys should strap a gopro on that thing. Epic.
Alex Hughes
Alex Hughes - 8 years ago
that is awesome can you buy these?!
Sara Novo
Sara Novo - 8 years ago
It took me a while to find out they were not real people ahaha
gabe walker
gabe walker - 8 years ago
how gay
Nathan Ramsey
Nathan Ramsey - 8 years ago
where did u get that from
Joe O
Joe O - 8 years ago
Great music. Great surfing. Yeah!!!
Alex Hughes
Alex Hughes - 8 years ago
wow hes better at surfing than ii am is it a kit
sparcofrank - 8 years ago
Rc ASP champion
James Biederman
James Biederman - 8 years ago
Finally a surfer that can surf Ontario summer slosh and still make them look ridable.
tinkerrbill - 8 years ago
Totally rad dude!
Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor - 8 years ago
Learn to spell.
Vicious CSGO
Vicious CSGO - 8 years ago
holy shit this guy rips through the flat
saintseiyaliveaction - 8 years ago
0:45 crazy aerial o_O and landed!!!! O_O
itsfishi - 9 years ago
yeah i l dont mind cutting up a few barneys either lol
mykeydrive - 9 years ago
Big Wednesday
Kris van dun
Kris van dun - 9 years ago
He make it look so easy!!
motox717 - 9 years ago
god this is EPIC
MrRyanmcmahon - 9 years ago
Great camera work!
MrRyanmcmahon - 9 years ago
MrRyanmcmahon - 9 years ago
SUPA SIC. nice camera work . legit!
Jamie Brady
Jamie Brady - 9 years ago
Ken Case
Ken Case - 9 years ago
Did John Woo make this video? So much slow mo I was waiting for the doves to start flying
DocLeperMessiah - 9 years ago
You are killing it mate!!!
hardcaki - 9 years ago
:O kiero uno de estos!!!
Ted Judah
Ted Judah - 9 years ago
I was watching this on my lunch break and nearly shot spaghetti from my nostrils when he landed it at 0:50!
bernie huigsloot
bernie huigsloot - 9 years ago
where the helll is this?
Kyle Inez
Kyle Inez - 9 years ago
that guys tiny
SD2OCsponger - 9 years ago
Put a gopro on that shit!
Dj Soule
Dj Soule - 9 years ago
Dude those look like fun waves, what are you doing with an RC surfer?? Go do work haha

100. comment for RC Surfing So. Cal.

MaKsOZ - 9 years ago
the 0:49 flip was so sick !! perfect landing !!
Nico Curuchet
Nico Curuchet - 9 years ago
como se maneja?
Vincent D'Angelo
Vincent D'Angelo - 9 years ago
2:34 Mini Puerto Escondid
ONIT Media
ONIT Media - 9 years ago
@ 4:16 Lets see Ke11y Do that!!!
matthew orourke
matthew orourke - 9 years ago
hell fuck do you guys do this
The Surfing Violinist
The Surfing Violinist - 9 years ago
0:49 - I totally expected it to go off the back! Amazing. This may be a must for gulf coasters. Now our knee-high days can be all-time!
Jack Bailey
Jack Bailey - 9 years ago
@TheLongboarderguy yeh
Aldo Thomas
Aldo Thomas - 9 years ago
That shizzzz is off da hook
Jacob Whitfield
Jacob Whitfield - 9 years ago
Can this guy get around a section, or what?
Byron - 9 years ago
did anyone else trip out when they saw the full sized surfer at 1:23
freakydonut99 - 9 years ago
i thought the barney was the one who does cut off people but if there is an idiot in the water whos on a longboard ya you should cut them off but if you just do it to anyone your one hell of a barny.
ToolsnFire - 9 years ago
Slow mo sucks !!!!!
beardedswine - 9 years ago
hahaha smoked by an rc surfer. you'd have to be dark on that
beardedswine - 9 years ago
@MrDonster2009 msg me before you do i'll come watch. hawaiian surfer as a whole are douchebags
Edward Coombs
Edward Coombs - 9 years ago
0:43 to 0:48 so cool
Edward Coombs
Edward Coombs - 9 years ago
this is so cool!
Macbruber - 9 years ago
@evdaddylad Clever
Guitar7Surf - 9 years ago
One of these thing ran over me after wiping out when i was a grom cut me all up. LAME thumbs down
Garrison Aasand
Garrison Aasand - 9 years ago
what the hell!!!
Scott Lenton
Scott Lenton - 9 years ago
why dont you surf on a real board. haha pretty lame
TheLastSupper - 9 years ago
that thing would be so fun on mini ripples in shore pound haha
Seth Kiefer
Seth Kiefer - 9 years ago
@MrDonster2009 fuckin hilarious
gugiek1 - 9 years ago
jarballo - 9 years ago
He might be the only one to beat Slater.
giant regrigerator
giant regrigerator - 9 years ago
try it at pipe
MattBerg689 - 9 years ago
does it have a small motor in it so that it can get a bit more momentam
BodEboarder808 - 9 years ago
hahaha this is funny shit, and its pretty sick
InFlames Juan
InFlames Juan - 9 years ago
go pro plz! and i want one now!
Schlin King
Schlin King - 9 years ago
if they had a go pro stuck 2 them it wud be sick
DON SURF - 9 years ago
AlexParker1981 - 9 years ago
haha you mushed the barneys barrel
Nicholas Veiga
Nicholas Veiga - 9 years ago
music name?
Nicolle Holland
Nicolle Holland - 9 years ago
take it to pipe
danielshawps6 - 9 years ago
how much are they ????
Phillip Koehnke
Phillip Koehnke - 9 years ago
how much are these things
resoloser - 9 years ago
Scott Olsen
Scott Olsen - 9 years ago
Hugh .Cook
Hugh .Cook - 9 years ago
wait i wnat one soo bad
Utopia Brands
Utopia Brands - 9 years ago
WestOzRaw - 9 years ago
I'd be out there surfing!
nos7rodney - 9 years ago
How about a doll with a flexible belt with spring?
ChennyB0Y - 9 years ago
DuctapePenguin - 9 years ago
@zemiguelsantos out of the box Kyosho surfers go for $500 on ebay. The good ones with better electronics motors cost about $825
Austin Hayes
Austin Hayes - 9 years ago
he throws more spray then me
Steven Y.
Steven Y. - 9 years ago
itd be cool if you put a go pro on that thing
Random4021 - 9 years ago
Ricardo De Carli
Ricardo De Carli - 10 years ago
get a gopro and film/photograph that stuff closer!!
Henry Griffiths
Henry Griffiths - 10 years ago
Those little dudes make sections better than my quad
WhatRofl - 10 years ago
what rc surfer is this? i want to finda good one
Chris Clark
Chris Clark - 10 years ago
@MrDonster2009 fuckin meeean
MrDonster2009 - 10 years ago
When I get too old to surf anymore......I am going to rig a HOT manikin onto my 6-6" and remote her out to surf Pipeline until some Hawaiian comes over and tries to kick my 87yr old ass..............then I shank him.
maninhoagra - 10 years ago
apesar de cair de bodyboard achei muito maneiro o brinquedinho e o cara manda bem...o aéreo ficou irado!!
Mariana Santos
Mariana Santos - 10 years ago
my darkest days - porn star dancing :)
Mark Murilo
Mark Murilo - 10 years ago
vou botar minha sogra nela e mandar mar a dentro
Paulo Henrique Paiva
Paulo Henrique Paiva - 10 years ago
onde eu compro um desses?
Rafael Castro
Rafael Castro - 10 years ago
Soundtrack of this video please!!
raphmovies - 10 years ago
Mark De Menezes
Mark De Menezes - 10 years ago
Wonder if it would ever get eaten by sharks?
MrDonster2009 - 10 years ago
Did any locals kick his ass for catching so many waves?
kbbjedi - 10 years ago
I want one!
Palm Tree Surf Videos
Palm Tree Surf Videos - 10 years ago
Wow, groms are really tearing it up these days!
Steve Siz
Steve Siz - 10 years ago
@Sreybk You don't surf, so dont worry about it.. if you are surfing where these toys are, you are pretty much a kook anyways
Alexandre Vieira
Alexandre Vieira - 10 years ago
Que porra é essa ????
Keith Byers
Keith Byers - 10 years ago
Why is this more fun than surfing pretty decent waves? The second this shit shows up at Pipeline I will know the end of time is near. I know if I got cut off by these toys I would grab the damned thing and sink it.
Damien Geneix
Damien Geneix - 10 years ago
where can we buy this? is it home-made?
KR1SPY 57 - 10 years ago
that's the best boarder i've ever seen he can wipe out and get right back up lol
Andre'-Pierre Vorster
Andre'-Pierre Vorster - 10 years ago
check out 0:44 sec.... best ever...!
Edgar Rolla
Edgar Rolla - 10 years ago
Austin Baird
Austin Baird - 10 years ago
im the guy at 1:24 my friend saw this video and recognized me
Costa Rica TravelExperts
Costa Rica TravelExperts - 10 years ago
That is Bad Ass!! Where can one buy one of those?
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson - 10 years ago
wow thats amazing how can i get one
Mark YremogtnoM
Mark YremogtnoM - 10 years ago
That is so gangsta!!

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