S U R F I N G - Your Touch

S U R F I N G - Deep Fantasy (2012) http://airlinestapes.bandcamp.com/album/deep-fantasy https://www.facebook.com/surfingband

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S U R F I N G - Deep Fantasy (2012) http://airlinestapes.bandcamp.com/album/deep-fantasy https://www.facebook.com/surfingband

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Hentai404 - 5 years ago
Fuck Will Smith
Alain Lopez
Alain Lopez - 6 years ago
straight FIRE!!!!!!
Louis Cooks
Louis Cooks - 6 years ago
I love Yarborough And Peoples original version, but this is dope. Can definitely appreciate this as a Screwhead too.
Robert Almeida
Robert Almeida - 6 years ago
Any lyrics? I'm curious as to what they are saying/singing in the track
ATL3xtra - 6 years ago
Guilty by Yarbrough & Peoples
Ezek - 6 years ago
Perritocaliente Cliff
Perritocaliente Cliff - 6 years ago
esta musica me hace recordar que mi vida vale mrda
Lucas Sobral
Lucas Sobral - 6 years ago
Roman Ward
Roman Ward - 6 years ago
sample:Yarbrough & Peoples - Guilty

you can thank me later
Louis Pierce
Louis Pierce - 6 years ago
S u i c i d a l t h o u g h t s.

10. comment for S U R F I N G - Your Touch

Roman Ward
Roman Ward - 6 years ago
if I get 0 likes ill tell you the sample
ethan ward
ethan ward - 6 years ago
Roman Ward well I guess you have to tell us the sample then
Young Tokes
Young Tokes - 6 years ago
i got my dick sucked to this
Robert Almeida
Robert Almeida - 6 years ago
Young Tokes n i c e
KIILWM - 6 years ago
J the Batchelor
J the Batchelor - 6 years ago
Rad dab music!
GeoAl09 - 6 years ago
I so love that release of "tension". I'm talking from a music theory pov. How that synth sounding part plays and it draaaggggssss and then BOOM snare hit and
SeanDaPaulSeh - 6 years ago
its like the song is on cough syrup, and it drags that one note into another dimension for a quarter second
Adi Seear
Adi Seear - 6 years ago
Shim - 7 years ago
It's a pretty rad song, yet oddly hypnotic...
Zesty Spices
Zesty Spices - 7 years ago
mister amazing brought me here
He sure fucking does. I love it!
Spectrosity - 7 years ago
MisterAmazing ftw <3

20. comment for S U R F I N G - Your Touch

Jong Ken
Jong Ken - 7 years ago
Grand_Wasabi - 7 years ago
Does anyone else think of Biggie Smalls' Big Poppa?
Dad Party
Dad Party - 7 years ago
I was listening to that a day ago in my whip. I totally agree with you.
Marioly - 7 years ago
Mister Amazing has a good taste in music
Victor Sica
Victor Sica - 7 years ago
Marioly this taste... Is the taste of a liar, giorno giovanna!!!
MasterBerry - 7 years ago
Even if he's self-righteous.
misteramazing - 7 years ago
Marioly - 7 years ago
Damn, you responded very quickly. I love your videos, keep up the good work. :)
misteramazing - 7 years ago
+Marioly Kitty Ofc
Marioly - 7 years ago
Oh my god, I didn't know you would actually respond! :O
misteramazing - 7 years ago
You know it :^)
【あなた親友】Belle M.
【あなた親友】Belle M. - 7 years ago
I love how repetitive this track is. And with the little switch-up that it brings at the end there too? I honestly can't get enough of it. This really is the only track off of this album that I was ever able to get fully enthralled with, to be honest. Except for Hit the Spot. That can be my jam sometimes.
Koztandsya - 5 years ago
were you not paying attention to Sky High? Moonlight?
MarathonInfinityHalo - 6 years ago
i just keep coming back to this,, i feel u
agthaog1986 - 7 years ago
this shyt is fire but why the quality of the original so bad
agthaog1986 - 7 years ago
+TheNarrator i guess it does go with the ambiance of the feel and all
Captain Rad
Captain Rad - 7 years ago
VHS Baby
Tim Galore
Tim Galore - 7 years ago
Dick Dousche
Dick Dousche - 7 years ago
its the same shit over and over again but its so good
Kévyn Le Moing
Kévyn Le Moing - 5 years ago
I don't want to sound like a hipster but it's actually quite a subtle piece of music. The voices in the background change during the song, bringing different vibes, lovely lovely vibes...
juanisabastard - 6 years ago
the essence of good v a p o r

barzdaskute - 7 years ago
mrzazzaable - 7 years ago
WTF is the sample?? maitro abstract romance has same sample but cant find any info!
Armaan Ayaaz Tsiyon
Armaan Ayaaz Tsiyon - 8 years ago
Will-e M
Will-e M - 8 years ago
This song had soo much potential and I guess if you don't mind endless short loops it's really good but man I wanted it to go somewhere.
jimmiewoodsjw - 7 years ago
+zypherax wow what a unique genre of music! crazy to think that this music creates such a specific feeling you could imagine through a commercial. This being my first time enjoying this genre makes me think of being in a movie almost and riding in a car as a theme for the movie plays and youre introduced to the main characters and setting. what a feeling this is.
juanisabastard - 7 years ago
+Will-e M Interesting

There's a song called "Good M O M E N T S" by Kodak that I really dig where it starts with a loop, and then goes somewhere, but for that particular song I really would've loved the first part of the track looped again and again

I enjoy the slow progression in this song--trance-like, especially with the vocals at the end, but i hear you

zypherax - 8 years ago
It's still vaporwave, it's just the style and aesthetic that makes it enjoyable in the hands of higher skilled artists. It's design is not to be meaningless, the repetitiveness of samples is two sided, on one hand, it's due to the exploitation of a niche not done very well, on the other, it's to emphasize and recreate nostalgia and warmth by mimicking the desired effect of 80s advertisements which are emulating good times and memories. That's why you see visuals that accompany the music, or vice versa also are stuck in a loop, not only in memory, but in feeling/atmosphere. Like you're stuck in a pepsi commercial that makes for an ersatz replacement of a pleasant childhood memory.  Some songs are just slowed down, slightly looped, or distorted to be deeper, with almost the entire song comprising the sample. It's a relatively new genre, only like 5 years or so, so artists are still innovating and getting better. The lesser ones get left behind, just try to find the good stuff and know the difference.
That all sounded super pretentious, but whatevs 
Will-e M
Will-e M - 8 years ago
Alright.  I get frustrated because when I hear this kind of sound, I don't imagine adding a few variations that give it more a purpose suddenly turns it into another genre, but if by the real definition it does that means it's a genre designed to be meaningless and I'd like to know what it's "evolved" form is called.
zypherax - 8 years ago
I totally get your argument, but the problem with your comparison of my comment to your example about rap is that rap is a very broad genre, whereas vaporwave is very specific and niche. Native tongue hip hop is an obvious example of rap at it's highest level of artistry. Vaporwave in and of itself is predicated upon that very style of repetitive short loops, or just taking old campy R&B/easy listening and repackaging it with layering, distortion, etc. The genre from its inception was deliberately more about style, appearance and "A E S T H E T IC", than actual substance. (music to go along with jazz cups, anime and reebok pumps). Some critics attribute this to the genre being a commentary or satire on consumerism, i.e. media products being hastily thrown together/mailed in bullshit to make a quick buck. There are few examples of artists doing otherwise, and they've sounded awesome, as they are pushing the genre forward to being more than novelty, and actually having artistic merit. Garage rock of the 60s and basically all of punk is/was very much the same, a few good artists with tons of amateurish copy cats who stick to formulas. Sadly, not everyone can be the Beatles, CVLTVRE, or Minor Threat. 
Will-e M
Will-e M - 8 years ago
+zypherax That's not an excuse even if most of them are like that.  
"Why does this song just rhyme itself with the N word so much?"
"Welcome to Rap."
Hahahaha, funny statement. But no seriously, a stereotypical thing doesn't need to be the case in an entire category. It's pointless to even say that or bring it up because you're providing an excuse and by doing so (even as a joke) removing the valid criticism from existence.  
Now my comment is just the beginning of a joke and I'll be looked at as a rage-ball for recognizing how frustrating comments like yours are for ruining things for a dad joke/meme. Take a moment before you show off that you connect a couple meaningless dots.
zypherax - 8 years ago
+Willy M Welcome to Vaporwave

30. comment for S U R F I N G - Your Touch

Lynn Phillips
Lynn Phillips - 8 years ago
So sexy.
ey oi
ey oi - 8 years ago
My parents are divorced
Koztandsya - 5 years ago
woah it's mr Victor! Hello there
Robert Almeida
Robert Almeida - 6 years ago
ey oi d o y o u w a n t a h u g?
Victor Sica
Victor Sica - 7 years ago
ey oi stay safe bro
Gorty - 8 years ago
i want to kill myself
Robert Almeida
Robert Almeida - 6 years ago
p l e a s e d o n ' t
Citron Blaster
Citron Blaster - 6 years ago
Charlotte Ercoli
Charlotte Ercoli - 8 years ago
do you guys have any vinyls?
mr skeltal
mr skeltal - 6 years ago
I actually own a copy of Deep Fantasy on vinyl
Robby Baber
Robby Baber - 8 years ago
Artzie Music
Artzie Music - 8 years ago
holy shit
Hentai404 - 5 years ago
Thanks for live streaming these guys
TOAST - 7 years ago
i wub wub you artzie <3
Artzie Music
Artzie Music - 8 years ago
+Tanner Sorensen ayy
Tanner Sorensen
Tanner Sorensen - 8 years ago
+Artzie Music hi artzie!
janwijngaard - 8 years ago
Love this! :)

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