Surfing the Heaviest Wave in the World - Teahupoo

Get barreled May 13th, 2013 will go down as a memorable day in the Tahitian history books. Watch as Tahitian demi-god Raimana Van Bastolaer rode on some of the swell's best and biggest waves, along with professional surfers Maya Gabeira, Carlos Burle and others that were brave enough to take off on what's knows as the heaviest wave in the world. _____________________________________________________ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. Red Bull on Facebook: Red Bull on Twitter: Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: Subscribe to the Red Bulletin: Sign up for our Newsletter here:

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Get barreled May 13th, 2013 will go down as a memorable day in the Tahitian history books. Watch as Tahitian demi-god Raimana Van Bastolaer rode on some of the swell's best and biggest waves, along with professional surfers Maya Gabeira, Carlos Burle and others that were brave enough to take off on what's knows as the heaviest wave in the world. _____________________________________________________ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. Red Bull on Facebook: Red Bull on Twitter: Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: Subscribe to the Red Bulletin: Sign up for our Newsletter here:

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for Surfing the Heaviest Wave in the World - Teahupoo

권우현 - 2 years ago
FerrariRace Racernation
FerrariRace Racernation - 2 years ago
There has been waves waaaayyyyyy bigger than that
Serena Sacco
Serena Sacco - 2 years ago
Ma non hanno l'ansia di essere travolti?
mak hines
mak hines - 2 years ago
nothing beat sthe waves in western australia.....but then theyre not really surfable....
OCC MINECRAFT - 2 years ago
That happened to me once except it was a little shorter lol
A Khan
A Khan - 2 years ago
0:40 the sound of the wave crashing is so heavy...
odiamo tutti
odiamo tutti - 2 years ago
The most beautiful & scariest place on earth at the same time , i feel sorry for that guy 0:53 :O
Amit Rajbhar
Amit Rajbhar - 2 years ago
Who is P.O.V 2.0
Who is P.O.V 2.0 - 2 years ago
0:44 that helmet ain't gonna help you

10. comment for Surfing the Heaviest Wave in the World - Teahupoo

Black Blake
Black Blake - 2 years ago
That is not a wave its a...

What's up,
great film!
have a great evening :)
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle - 2 years ago
I feel like a rag doll after tripping on a six foot wave. How did these people not die.
Jungkook'un Ponçik Tavşanı ARMY
Jungkook'un Ponçik Tavşanı ARMY - 2 years ago
PhanefromBabylone - 2 years ago
ARMY everywhere =p
Jungkook'un Ponçik Tavşanı ARMY
Jungkook'un Ponçik Tavşanı ARMY - 2 years ago
Wild n the young
Wild n the young - 2 years ago
I never understood this game
kwon dohyeok
kwon dohyeok - 2 years ago
0:25 wallpaper
CJ Sports &Stuff
CJ Sports &Stuff - 2 years ago
Heaviest wave In the world? What happend to The Right in Australia
Pels fan before the boogie Trade
Pels fan before the boogie Trade - 2 years ago
I wanna learn how to surf so bad how long does it take to be a good surfer I live in Ireland btw
Harshe Cod
Harshe Cod - 2 years ago
Have this in my bucket list..

20. comment for Surfing the Heaviest Wave in the World - Teahupoo

The Holy Mackerel
The Holy Mackerel - 2 years ago
How can this not make anybody want to learn this sport? I was born landlocked and I hate it.
Shin sangwoo
Shin sangwoo - 2 years ago
와 ㅋㅋ 디지네
Sivan Bialik
Sivan Bialik - 2 years ago
WOW !!!!!!
The Mac
The Mac - 2 years ago
This maybe a dumb question but why do they attach themselves to the board with that cord?
Red Band Films
Red Band Films - 2 years ago
0:46 I fear for that mans life
Haripriya Ann
Haripriya Ann - 2 years ago
How can there's a wave that big? And there's people riding it!!
winterwolf993 - 2 years ago
EL M. - 2 years ago
slack93 hahahahahahahahahhhahahahaha
Mashrur Tasfi
Mashrur Tasfi - 2 years ago
are these surfers dead?
EL M. - 2 years ago
Mashrur Tasfi no. It happens sometimes though
Finn Conroy
Finn Conroy - 2 years ago
anybody ever think of how epic a battle on surfboards would be?
like with swords,
beshj - 2 years ago
holy shit..

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Gabriel - 2 years ago
Ron Thunders
Ron Thunders - 3 years ago
Thats devils work
Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz - 3 years ago
Richard Zadekian
Richard Zadekian - 3 years ago
1:37... Must be terrifying knowing that one of you is going down ._.
lucifer - 3 years ago
this is tsunami
Lasidu Lashan
Lasidu Lashan - 3 years ago
wow really challenging sport
Andriken sonwane
Andriken sonwane - 3 years ago
in india a 3 to 4 feet wave is treated as dangerous and people are just scared while looking and saying ' it's bharti ayi hai math jao ........
Divine Knights
Divine Knights - 3 years ago
i wonder if anyones tried to duck dive these waves, XD :D
George Costanza
George Costanza - 3 years ago
Red Bull has destroyed the careers of many promising athletes by stealing their equipment, bikes, spare parts and different pieces of essential clothing / padding which have cost many athletes millions of dollars - yet Red Bull is a billion $$ company now...
Jessica-Rose de Bruyn
Jessica-Rose de Bruyn - 3 years ago
holy shit
JLR72 - 3 years ago
Those guys have definitely big balls
Nutt Beggets
Nutt Beggets - 3 years ago
1:37 looks like that scene in Point Break
Nutt Beggets
Nutt Beggets - 3 years ago
Once you see the whitewash blasting out of the tube, you know the guy had a life changing day
Geeky Redhead
Geeky Redhead - 3 years ago
Those waves scared the HECK out of me, and I wasn't even surfing!!!
Brendan Ours
Brendan Ours - 3 years ago
Terrible etiquette at 1:38 that pisses me off
Mateo Membrila
Mateo Membrila - 3 years ago
Brendan Ours who ever is closer to where the wave hits the watef has priority
ThePeruvianDawg - 3 years ago
do you even know how to surf?
Future Gaming
Future Gaming - 3 years ago
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Matthi :D
Matthi :D - 2 years ago
Future Gaming sry 110,465
Erik Arnald
Erik Arnald - 2 years ago
Future Gaming stfu
Iron Tomato
Iron Tomato - 2 years ago
2750 the good ol' year
Nutt Beggets
Nutt Beggets - 3 years ago
Geometry Dash GOD Well no one liked cause you're a dipshit if you didn't copy and paste this
Shadow Clan
Shadow Clan - 3 years ago
Thats the biggest wave I ever seen
ThyChrysanthemum - 3 years ago
Raimana has the craziest luck. He caught the 2 best waves in this vid. The back was so thick, it couldn't even get into the video frame.
psycho bannana
psycho bannana - 3 years ago
as a swimmer I would love to take the challenge and swim their but surfing this high nope thank u this is too much it is very high
ahmtTyln - 3 years ago
to get caught by one of these monsters....going through the light.

50. comment for Surfing the Heaviest Wave in the World - Teahupoo

Josh Yap
Josh Yap - 3 years ago
Carrington Bond Mauro
Carrington Bond Mauro - 3 years ago
0:50 ouch look at the surfer who tries to go over the wave get flipped
Brendan Ours
Brendan Ours - 3 years ago
No he went through he would be fine
azze - 3 years ago
Watching this after I caught a 7ft wave in Bali, scared my self shitless after coming up after 6 or so seconds of being thrashed around, how they do this is beyond me
kiysumi - 3 years ago
This is wicked
Leila Hasanova
Leila Hasanova - 3 years ago
Woow!!! Surfing is one of the best!!!
Pacific NW Native
Pacific NW Native - 3 years ago
crazy fuckers
Vincent_g - 3 years ago
1:37 Someone's gonna be mad
Cosmercury - 3 years ago
Whoever is closer to where the wave touches down has priority
Aidan Aquino
Aidan Aquino - 3 years ago
lol youʻre dead wrong
surferjo - 3 years ago
+MatteWolf no, its who is deeper in the barrel, and the guy with the green board was definitely deeper in
MatteWolf - 3 years ago
no... priority works by whoever has front side... the guy who fell has priority on the wave because he was in front
surferjo - 3 years ago
no reason, it was the green board guys wave, and he didn't fall...
Vincent_g - 3 years ago
+Sub And I'll Give You Free Potato Juice cuz he took out the other guy? Maybe?
Ugh - 3 years ago
BloomingfieldHD - 3 years ago
Can someone actually explain to me how people survive these kind of waves when they wipeout? Like seriously how does the power of the water not knock you out or push you so far down that you cant get back to the surface?
Auke Brinkman
Auke Brinkman - 3 years ago
"we don`t have any floating material (only the surf board itself). You just take in as much air as you can before diving, then you let the turbulence of the water play with you without trying and resist because its just too powerful. When things start to feel better you need to understand what position is your body in underwater, so that you can start to make your way to the surface. The surf board will get back to surface before you and pull you by the leash with which the board is attached to your ankle, and you know that`s the direction you need to follow to get back up.
It`s like being washed in a super powerful washing machine. Many times you think that there is no way you can hold your breath any longer but somehow you do... Your limbs are stretched and pulled apart with violence and you really are absolutely helpless for very long seconds. Sometimes you get back to the surface just in time, or at list it feels so.
I hope I gave you an idea of how things work for a surfer."

This is one of the comments i saw. Credits to +KSA Saami
Matheus Castro
Matheus Castro - 3 years ago
i didnt know about the life jackets, but that makes sense. also I once watched a docummentary with Carlos Burle which is a legend on giant wave surfing and it showed a little bit of the training they do to be prepared for moments like these. They breathed out of a bottle, they also trained a lot of apnea . Because once you are wiped out from a wave like this, you usually stay quite a bit under the water, so you must have a really good apnea training to not drown. There were other exercises, but I forgot. Either way I still wonder, this being a coral reef, how do they not get smashed into the rocks, in normal conditions people are get smashed and get major cuts, on conditions like these I dont know what could happen.
shakka4dabarrelkilla - 3 years ago
big waves like these the guys have life jackets
sure - 3 years ago
SmokingJoePot - 3 years ago
The best surfing I've seen is when the person is laying on the curve and surfs almost completely sideways.
Annys Yusciandika
Annys Yusciandika - 3 years ago
i think i need 5 years to practice only for riding one wave....
Aliexei - 3 years ago
This is fucking scary
Duc Luc
Duc Luc - 3 years ago
This is banana!
The Smooth Shop
The Smooth Shop - 3 years ago
This is a very dangerous surfing but I can see some surfers who made it. Even watching is scary with this big waves.
David K
David K - 3 years ago
I remember going to the beach with me and my sis.. we were playing in the water and went a little deep. The wave of the beach keeps pushing us further to the sea.. we were holding each other hand and thought we were going to drown... I would never want to die drowning.. That shit is no fun..
Boo Fujita
Boo Fujita - 3 years ago
actually it would be really helpful if u know how the 'pulling tide works'. its like olo and o being normal wave pushing in (it also pull out but not as much) and l being the part where it pull out the strongest. atlease thats how i was thought i might be wrong but remember. olo.
Brooke Michael
Brooke Michael - 3 years ago
Lol 1:45 pushing other people down
Lucky Iron
Lucky Iron - 4 years ago
if it's that deep, are there sharks??
Tawhai Richards
Tawhai Richards - 4 years ago
Sake Bobombs
Sake Bobombs - 4 years ago
One of the heaviest, Shipsterns and Cyclops and monsters too
BLTZ Pio - 4 years ago
1:41 No, b1tch. This is my wave.
Erana Rameka
Erana Rameka - 3 years ago
+BLTZ Pio Yeah what the fuck! That was some crazy shit man. I guess there's only one spot on that wave to ride and the other guy dropped in, nuts :O
Richard Desjardins
Richard Desjardins - 4 years ago
R E S P E C T S U F F E R ,,,,
oyon dey
oyon dey - 4 years ago
Laura Shadle
Laura Shadle - 4 years ago
holy. s.
julio stalin
julio stalin - 4 years ago
0:52-0:54 ----> It's amazing.
Daniel Bier
Daniel Bier - 4 years ago
i cant go to 6ft waves smh btw i dont surf
Thisstatementisfalse - 4 years ago
+Kzi240 XD me to.
KSA Saami
KSA Saami - 4 years ago
we don`t have any floating material (only the surf board itself). You just take in as much air as you can before diving, then you let the turbulence of the water play with you without trying and resist because its just too powerful. When things start to feel better you need to understand what position is your body in underwater, so that you can start to make your way to the surface. The surf board will get back to surface before you and pull you by the leash with which the board is attached to your ankle, and you know that`s the direction you need to follow to get back up.
It`s like being washed in a super powerful washing machine. Many times you think that there is no way you can hold your breath any longer but somehow you do... Your limbs are stretched and pulled apart with violence and you really are absolutely helpless for very long seconds. Sometimes you get back to the surface just in time, or at list it feels so.
I hope I gave you an idea of how things work for a surfer.
Joshua Nesdahl
Joshua Nesdahl - 2 years ago
And then you see the second lip break over you.
Fenderr - 2 years ago
don't they have those inflatable vests or is it to shallow
GreatFratsby - 3 years ago
Good description. Pretty accurate for when you're getting worked in just 8-10ft rather than 20+ chopes.
AftershoK - 4 years ago
I'm not a surfer, but you just described how I feel when a huge wave barrels down on me, except less violent.
hijakk101 - 4 years ago
That wave jumper at 0:47... seems like he disappeared. Or he escaped the wave at the last possible second.
Sam-er - 4 years ago
+Hijakk 101 Nice moment!
jctai100 - 4 years ago
Lucas hermans
Lucas hermans - 4 years ago
the guys who fell doe
noblerare - 4 years ago
Several times in this video, there are instances where other people have their left arm and hand outstretched. What does this mean?
EL M. - 2 years ago
noblerare it's to balance. Also can be used to slow yourself down and get deeper into the barrel. Also feels really cool
Alexandre Silva
Alexandre Silva - 4 years ago
+noblerare it means good bye
Anselmo - 4 years ago
how do these guys have the balls to do that?
leonardo cook
leonardo cook - 4 years ago
I've gotten in 7 foot waves and was scared shitless when I wiped out I can't imagine these guys
my dude
my dude - 4 years ago
nice meme
Gilson Silveira
Gilson Silveira - 4 years ago
Fantastic, insane. The waves and soundtrack.
Muried Lapar
Muried Lapar - 4 years ago
surfing is my hobby
Blake Frey
Blake Frey - 4 years ago
fuck that bro
Magic mirror
Magic mirror - 4 years ago
Extreme Waves season next week Portugal Nazare
DixieNormisss - 4 years ago
Justin Anderson
Justin Anderson - 4 years ago
hell yes charge
ARYA DHARMA - 4 years ago
I've never surfed before but love watching surfing documentaries. I'm amazed by the courage and strength of these guys.
Emilio Barrantes
Emilio Barrantes - 2 years ago
Start small bro, you won’t regret it
sirenaluna1 - 4 years ago
+AtmanIdentity yeah me too , me if i see a small wave from long i start to run. i cant even swim
herberth waves hunter
herberth waves hunter - 4 years ago
Chaoui Yassine
Chaoui Yassine - 4 years ago
So amazing but so dangerous !
publivery impresiones
publivery impresiones - 4 years ago
sin musica por favor
Marcin Gołda
Marcin Gołda - 4 years ago
I have always wondered, how surfers recover from falls? i mean, there is a lot of water and turbulence involved. Do their wetsuits float or do they keep some floating material with them? I'm really curious, if those are stupid questions, ignore them as I am totally green in those matters.
Jamie Williamson
Jamie Williamson - 4 years ago
+John Morax that sounds fucking terrifying. Thanks for your answer.
Marcin Gołda
Marcin Gołda - 4 years ago
Thank you for your answer. It is really all I wanted to know :)
John Morax
John Morax - 4 years ago
+Marcin Gołda we don`t have any floating material (only the surf board itself). You just take in as much air as you can before diving, then you let the turbulence of the water play with you without trying and resist because its just too powerful. When things start to feel better you need to understand what position is your body in underwater, so that you can start to make your way to the surface. The surf board will get back to surface before you and pull you by the leash with which the board is attached to your ankle, and you know that`s the direction you need to follow to get back up.
It`s like being washed in a super powerful washing machine. Many times you think that there is no way you can hold your breath any longer but somehow you do... Your limbs are stretched and pulled apart with violence and you really are absolutely helpless for very long seconds. Sometimes you get back to the surface just in time, or at list it feels so. 
I hope I gave you an idea of how things work for a surfer. 
Sorry but English is not my first language.
Bruno Gi
Bruno Gi - 4 years ago
TheKidFromNewYork - 4 years ago
Wouldn't the tide pull you in?
Sanket Chavan
Sanket Chavan - 4 years ago
how long does it take fr a person to surface after he falls under such a huge wave?
Anonumos20 - 2 years ago
With a month practice you can make it up to 2-3 minutes easily.
Brendan Ours
Brendan Ours - 3 years ago
Longest I've been under is like 12-15 seconds but when you're down there it feels like forever
Sanket Chavan
Sanket Chavan - 4 years ago
+Daniel Goldin thnx for the elaborate reply.
Daniel Goldin
Daniel Goldin - 4 years ago
+Sanket Chavan it depends on a number of factors but usually not that long here because much of the power dissipates on the initial impact. Places where the wave kind of keeps on rolling as white water after it breaks like Jaws are much worse for hold downs. Most of the drowinings at Teahupoo and similar waves like Pipeline will be secondary to concussion/head trauma.
Sanket Chavan
Sanket Chavan - 4 years ago
wow!!! surfers must be really good at controlling breathing.  thanks man 
Garry Iglesias
Garry Iglesias - 4 years ago
+Sanket Chavan half a second, but the next half second you're on the bottom, then up, then down... Unless you get stuck into the bottom rocks of course... This is called the "washing machine" :).
Jonny1716 Gaming
Jonny1716 Gaming - 4 years ago
The tahiti project.

Thomas Hagan
Thomas Hagan - 4 years ago
Lol shield
popolynn2 - 4 years ago
Im in Canada, no surfing for me :(
Arthur Bunsch
Arthur Bunsch - 4 years ago
Questioon for surfers,i am 38 years old and want to try surfing,is it too late for me?
Pontifecks - 4 years ago
+Arthur Bunsch You can never be too young to surf i know a 51 year old guy from the eighties who rips :)
Arthur Bunsch
Arthur Bunsch - 4 years ago
+Matthew Boyd Thanks for the answer.
Matthew Boyd
Matthew Boyd - 4 years ago
+Arthur Bunsch No
baymtl - 4 years ago
Just watching this video almost gives me a panic attack... These guys are absolute BEASTS.  I just can't even begin to imagine how thoroughly terrifying it must be to be out there.
+baymtl Bare in mind that where the wave starts its a deep ocean water but the actual waves crash onto a rocky shallow reef. Some places just 6-10ft so many get injuries here. The sudden force from the ocean and the surface create this type of wave

100. comment for Surfing the Heaviest Wave in the World - Teahupoo

Salemthedovah - 4 years ago
renduke - 4 years ago
these guys have a death wish
emma and mads
emma and mads - 4 years ago
This is incredible
Mama Bear
Mama Bear - 4 years ago
Awesome! Never had the guts but definitely wiped out many times in my day trying.
PC Tweaks
PC Tweaks - 4 years ago
I can do this.. hold my beer
Meqi Beradze
Meqi Beradze - 4 years ago
Sami Johnson
Sami Johnson - 4 years ago
Fuck i hate when everyone is packed in one spot and you cant freely surf the wave. It is like some game you need to push the other competitors and the winner get the orgasm of the wave.
EasternSamar Sarping
EasternSamar Sarping - 4 years ago
Hi Guys,
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Phlippen - 4 years ago
Maya Gabiera is a beast!!
Анастасия Сидорова
Анастасия Сидорова - 4 years ago
rose luckyin
rose luckyin - 4 years ago
Hey does anyone know what board to get I have been surfing for a while and want to get a professional board. What size should I get?
gashFC - 4 years ago
+rose luckyin Look at a number 3, long toe.
Justin Angove
Justin Angove - 4 years ago
This is my dream
Elide Basso
Elide Basso - 4 years ago
aparna bisht
aparna bisht - 5 years ago
Rah Beats
Rah Beats - 5 years ago
the title is very misleading
jasonchil - 5 years ago
I want to edit for Red Bull so bad.
Andrew Heffernan
Andrew Heffernan - 5 years ago
Sweaty enough palms watching this.
Angelo Lozada
Angelo Lozada - 5 years ago
I like it
Angelo Lozada
Angelo Lozada - 5 years ago
What kind of music is this
Sumi Limb
Sumi Limb - 5 years ago
my son kian thinks this is a tsunami
Spooks - 5 years ago
Seriously, Why do people watch this for entertainment? People might die if they went under water for too long.
Spooks - 4 years ago
xD. I realised I was on the wrong account.
Elias011203 TF2
Elias011203 TF2 - 4 years ago
Why do you watch Football?People could die?
See how dumb that shit sounds?
Dave Stephens
Dave Stephens - 4 years ago
What r u here for....
KenzieMaaate - 5 years ago
Raphael Menudier
Raphael Menudier - 5 years ago
I Have been swallowed, crushed and evrything by waves that were only 2/3 meters high, It's just horrifying when you're under the water and you can't go back to the surface during like 20/30 sec, I can't imagine the force of such waves, Ocean is the strongest and scariest thing in nature
Who is P.O.V 2.0
Who is P.O.V 2.0 - 2 years ago
If you ever stack it you aren't really under for over 10 seconds
Dev Null
Dev Null - 4 years ago
I am not getting into this discussion...
sirenaluna1 - 4 years ago
+Why Not? its not we. its created for us but not us . we are big and important and we are more valuable than all the earth and we r important because we were made with love. we can create because God gaved us that opportunity. thats why we must be grateful
Dev Null
Dev Null - 4 years ago
I didn't what? I am saying 'we' as our species. 
sirenaluna1 - 4 years ago
+Why Not? lol no u didnt
Dev Null
Dev Null - 4 years ago
+sirenaluna1 uhh? your question... hurts my brains. We did... We created this word, we specified certain things as "physics". I don't really get your question. Are you implying something?
sirenaluna1 - 4 years ago
+Why Not? and who created physics?:D
Dev Null
Dev Null - 4 years ago
+Mister Popo nope. strong force is (physics)
sirenaluna1 - 4 years ago
+lovingmontasoccer in prayers we submit the ocean.
sirenaluna1 - 4 years ago
+lovingmontasoccer 1 meter?? i feel my feet trembling. 1 meter is like first floor of building no?. nah ocean is not stronG. Ocean is created for us. I feel how liky we r to be submit the ocean even in his strong attitude. Our Lord created the beach for us and he walked on the ocean in order to submit it to us. there is big wave but its nothing. whenever u r on danger say in ur heart to God to save you. we r powerful, not the ocean. but am scared bcz i dont know how to swim but not bcz ocean is strong the proof is that I like the beauty of the ocean.
lovingmontasoccer - 4 years ago
+sirenaluna1 Sure i think you should wear a life jacket,
And knowing how to swim is recommended,
And stick with the 1 or 2 meter first, For that i dont think you really need the life jacket if you know how to swim
Else just wear it so you are sure about it.
I am no surfer but i jumped from 2 lessons of snowboarding to the 2nd and 3rd years experienced people,
And i have felt how strong water is even if i know how to swim its a tough fight against the waves.

And most of all have fun.
sirenaluna1 - 4 years ago
+Raphael Menudier can we ware a suit to not drown and go surf even if we dont know how to swim? i like to start learnin on small wave
sirenaluna1 - 4 years ago
+Raphael Menudier waw really??? am even scared of small wave but am scared to go far to a place where my feet dont touch the floor. i dont swim. but i like to surffff in dreams of course :D
TOSatan - 4 years ago
i once got pulled by the currents in france high tide day after full moon and it was scary life guard saved my life otherwise i was half dead and drowned 100 meters up stream elsewhere
SavannahBanana whoop
SavannahBanana whoop - 4 years ago
My biggest fear is the ocean but its also my favorite thing
Jonathan Nava
Jonathan Nava - 4 years ago
I agree.
Diane Di Leonardo
Diane Di Leonardo - 5 years ago
Hell yeah!
Landon Garrard
Landon Garrard - 5 years ago
0:54 he ate poo
weera warakul
weera warakul - 5 years ago
I'm too scare to be in open water, let alone open sea
Aaqilah Brown
Aaqilah Brown - 4 years ago
+weera warakul The ocean is a powerful goddess.. So much energy and the capacity to take a life, but she also gives life. She gives life to all the organisms that live inside her and like to play with her. It's all so beautiful..
Amir Zakeri
Amir Zakeri - 5 years ago
It like the whole ocean sucking in for a wave......
graczmisiek - 5 years ago
Cricii The Bunni
Cricii The Bunni - 5 years ago
Lel while watching that vid a random guy on a waterscooter thing with a red bull logo on it like rides away like: sup I am a random guy :D
RoNiNk - 5 years ago
0:48 wft! how somebody could possibly survive that ?
Jennifer Jansen
Jennifer Jansen - 5 years ago
woaa these waves :OD
1:39 so close
+hidde harms 
Gary Schipper
Gary Schipper - 5 years ago
Gez Tee
Gez Tee - 5 years ago
The Right is heavier - 5 years ago
Incredible. How fast do think these guys are going? 
Grace G
Grace G - 5 years ago
This gives me anxiety. Even though I love to surf everyday is never go this far
Siti Eliza
Siti Eliza - 5 years ago
Oh noo. Its so cool.
luka jugeli
luka jugeli - 5 years ago
•lil pump
•lil pump - 5 years ago
Magnus Dengsø
Magnus Dengsø - 5 years ago
This guy at 0:52 get wrecked so hard! xD i hope he survived! :P
TimeToMusicLyrics - 5 years ago

DaughterofaKing - 5 years ago
dude that's a monster
PIANOMANIC - 5 years ago
Awesome waves.
yallow rosa
yallow rosa - 5 years ago
why adding a so annoying music?
Esco2TheMax - 5 years ago
sagiv133 - 5 years ago
É Massa!
MaxWell PT
MaxWell PT - 5 years ago
man... those waves are killers !
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh - 5 years ago
the flying surfboard on 1:04
ItsKravex - 5 years ago
That is the knarliest thing on Earth.
Carmel mc govern
Carmel mc govern - 5 years ago
how do places like that get such bug waves and Lahinch gets nothing  :c
superwomeans - 5 years ago
its because of the sea floor around tahiti 
Mari Hampton
Mari Hampton - 5 years ago
I wish I could do that.
Infloresence - 5 years ago
gives the chills just watching ... 
Dieu - 5 years ago
Tahiti Island ua here au ia oe !
Lockey - 5 years ago
That was epic but to be fair I've seed a better wave surfer on YouTube. But any way I could it so that means it's brilliant.
Lockey - 5 years ago
Holly Simmering
Holly Simmering - 5 years ago
Its like a Tsunami out there. But it was awesome coz that wave is so huge! I wanna try that
MR柱 - 5 years ago
so cool
Sayyid Shillingford
Sayyid Shillingford - 5 years ago
How do you go there and not die? lol

Much respect to you people! 
Lorenzo Fabbri
Lorenzo Fabbri - 5 years ago
which one was the heaviest? 
King Snoopy
King Snoopy - 5 years ago
Them waves just eat the people that fall.
King Snoopy
King Snoopy - 5 years ago
Ben Counsell
Ben Counsell - 5 years ago
From exp
animeforeverjoho - 5 years ago
lol if u fall at the wrong moment u could seriously die by those waves.. i got a 2 meter wave on my head and it felt like someone was jumping from a high height and right on my head.. i was at the mercy of the wave it rolled me plenty of times at the bottom and i had this constant fear of another wave coming right after i put my head over the water.. the worst thing is that in front of the wave there is no water so u fall straight down at the sand..
Marc Vivion
Marc Vivion - 5 years ago
Guys leave him alone people don't lie about stuff like that
Harry Tanner
Harry Tanner - 5 years ago
it doesnt piss me off i was confused as to why you didnt use a w
animeforeverjoho - 5 years ago
+Brick Shit House Sakho yea i know what a w is, unfortunately my w key on my keyboard was broken at that time, and i got a new keyboard now. I don't know why everyone have been complaining, i mean it looks almost the same and every place someone was complaining about the w being wrong.. i don't understand does it piss you off that much? 
Harry Tanner
Harry Tanner - 5 years ago
ok 1. he means there is no sand at teahupoo
2. do u not know what a W is
animeforeverjoho - 5 years ago
+raindogred there is no sand in this vvorld? i think you are delusional.. you took too much vveed? haha
raindogred - 5 years ago
bullshit...there is no sand. your delusional and living in anime land..
TechLogic99 - 5 years ago
lool you crazy ass people
Harry Tanner
Harry Tanner - 5 years ago
the worst part about teahupoo is that its about 2 metres deep and just a sharp reef its insane
Itziar Garmendia
Itziar Garmendia - 5 years ago
OMG thats awesome.
patrick Loynds
patrick Loynds - 6 years ago
at 0:46 the dude who tries to duck dive gets rolled so hard 
footyfreak - 6 years ago
Great pictures. The video in minute 1:00 is amazing o.O
Gisela W. Channell
Gisela W. Channell - 6 years ago
So dangerous, better don't got into the bathtub any longer.......
markriobr - 6 years ago
Just insane.
Knolltop Farms
Knolltop Farms - 5 years ago
I will tell you one thing before I got to bed because I just got home and it was a looong day. The reason people don't like Brazilians? People hate what they are afraid of, or do not understand. They are scared and ignorant and so fear breeds anger. It is that simple.

Plus, many people have a tough time with change, and they are afraid that if Kelly doesn't win another title it will somehow ruin surfing? I'm not saying I understand how they think, but I just know why they are aggressive and ignorant, they fear change, they fear the unknown. I too think Gabby is a nice kid, and he will be the champ soon, if not this year!

It is a good time to be alive even with all of the fucker up shit with wars and greed, there are still many people like you and I who can bridge the space between two cultures and become like brothers only over the internet, I just think that we need to work harder on making the world better for everyone and then things will become so positive Earth will be amazing.

I will talk to you tomorrow Marcos...Aloha, Chuckie Boy!
markriobr - 5 years ago
Hey Brah .

We both have lots in common , mainly the ocean and the likes about it. You just like me are born by the sea ,.you in Hawai and I in Rio. Even work, you in commecial fishing and I in commercial cargo shipping. My job has been for many years working for a shipping line company owners based in German . Dealing with break bulk cargo for our heavy lifts ships. Lots of dealing  and B.S with it , like a war every fucking day. Had a power boat for many years while was married and had a house in Angra . Angra is one of the best place on earth and I say that with Knowledge since i been fortunatelly enough to travel almost our entire planet. It is a place that has 365 islands in a 50 miles coast .Check it out on the net and you will have a better ideia. The place is call Angra dos Reis....awsome. Anyway remenber that i told you that the kid is special , i was sure he would loose to Kelly in the final but he keeps digging out deeper than i thought. I see the comments on the ASP site and i really do not understand why so many people don`t like us Brazilians . Know one thing for sure . if they all would come here to visit our country they would change their minds in a single day . LOL They all have something bad to say about Gabe , that he can`t do whatever like Kelly does , or can`t take barrels like J.J and I say come on guys. He is just 20 and just start surfing these type of waves and doing pretty well by the way. You saw what he did in Tahiti right. He learns fast and learns very well, and you can be sure that he is going to make Pipe as if was his backyard LOL. I have an eye to see things my friend and when I say something with so much emphasis usually i am right. Anyway I am happy to see a Brazilian  , but not any brazilian .talking about Medina specially. He deserves all that because he is a really nice kid as a person and a hell of a surfer. 
Since you are learning to be a train conductor see if you also learn to if you can learn the TGV. That would be cool and the money is even better...

Knolltop Farms
Knolltop Farms - 5 years ago
Ahahaha, me neither, I was just laughing about his silly short sighted nature, and my juvenile humor got the better of me :)

Great contest finally! I was so happy to come home from work and see that the waves hadn't dropped again, and were in fact bigger!

Looks like Gabby may be the 1st Brazilian Champ, congrats man! He surfed really well, and I was glad he finally started taking the bombs, and even got one wipeout to feel the real power. I don't think it would have been as satisfying for him to win without ever getting to know the real Teahupoo, eh?

I love the fact you are getting a boat, I am a sailor too, and can run lines, tack upwind, haul a mainsail or run the jib whatever. Plus I know how to fix boats too, and worked in a shipyard for a few years, doing everything from fiber-glassing to welding stainless steel railings...even mechanical, electrical, and plumbing are no big deal to me, and I don't mind getting dirty! Even let me know if you want help inspecting any prospective boats for hidden damage or corrosion, I can scuba dive under the hull and inspect it and climb into the bilge and check that too, LOL!

In Hawaii you have to know about boats, it is like second nature to many of us. I worked on both snorkel tour boats and also commercial fishing boats, so even though I am now a farmer, it is something I will never forget, just like surfing.

I will see you around the web, and check out my videos, I am learning to become a machinist in my spare time and am making videos about it :)

Aloha my friend...out to the fields, Chuckie
markriobr - 5 years ago
Hello my friend,

Well as far liking white cocks I really don`t know...heheh LOL.  One think I learn in life is that you can never have a opinion of a person til you really meet that person .Misconception happens a lot . Two of my best friends i use to hate them, and the feeling was mutual . It ttook years for us really see each other and be friends. One died in L.A few years ago , some guy punch him in the head from behind and broke is neck . He was in a bar and a fight broke out and he was not part of it so he never saw it coming and that is why his neck broke . Anyway Strider in my view is just a bad and not impartial commentator as he should be . Is just funny that my brother told me he is an asshole and he had to hold back not to kick his ass.but still my brother opinion not my. Anyway remenber that I told you the kid would be worl champ this year and his path is getting clear with Parko , Fanning and the always got there Taj all out.LOL. JJ shred yesterday like Medina. Those two will rule surf for the next ten guess.  Cool that you are a handman as far sailing goes , that way I don`t have to do all the work. No wories the boat that I will be buying pretty much can sail buy itself. we just kick back have a beer and enjoy the view listening  Jimmi Hendrix.

Knolltop Farms
Knolltop Farms - 5 years ago
Weird how some people are prejudiced in every country, so silly in today's world were the internet should make everyone see how much we are all alike in the important ways...I will never understand that. I know what you mean about the Zen of knowing you can wreck someone and just hold back for your own beliefs. Guess Strider only likes white cock in his ass, LOL!!!

What a dummy, he is an OK announcer..just OK, but he is hard to look at, looks like he did drugs or something? His face is like a cabbage, no? I wish they would bring back Shane Dorian, he was the best announcer they ever had, but at least GT is gone, that guy was annoying!

I had to watch all on replay yesterday because it is when we have our farmer's market. It was pretty amazing stuff, Gabriel never fell even once, and "the Hog" said some really good things about the kid too, he has respect and lost with pride...I wish he had one more wave to make a better fight. It isooking good for GM's world champ race though, maybe Gabriel will keep the yellow all year?

I also love sailing bro, and know how to run a Mainsail or a Jib, and can fiberglass patch, repair hardwood, weld stainless steel railings, run electrical and plumbing bilge pumps...everything! I worked on tour boats and fishing boats for 8 years on Kauai. We really need to hook up for sure!!!

We will stay in touch and maybe I can come help you inspect and transport your sailboat when you buy it, that would be very cool. I fix everything and have a good eye how to stay away from hidden dangers.

Talk to you soon...Aloha, Chuckie
markriobr - 5 years ago
Hi`s going?
Are you on,,,,had lunch yesterday with my brother and mention Strider on a coversation. Guess what...hehehe. He told me that few years ago he had a problem with him surfing Pipe.You know my brother and he is a really nice and zen guy , it is really hard to take him out of his way, I mean to make him angry and willing to fight.. is hard . Specially when he knows that he can literally eat the guy ass . So I know that was Strider being a jerk ,he was lucky because he knows my brother and also that he goes to Hawaii every winter and he is a really good friend and always stay at João Mauricio´s house . João is Kiron dad , guess you know who they are.Anyway guess he has something against Brazilians, good that he backed up otherwise he would have is ass sore til today  HEHEHE,,,who cares right? Just mention that because my brother was laughing really hard during lunch.  Dude wait in a couple of years I`ll be going to Florida buy my 43 or bigger Benetau sailboat and will ring you up to meet me and go down surf Puerto Rico , Guatemala the whole central America. Did not mention to you that I am an american resident and plan to buy the boat and fix residence on the Virgin Islands...Will be my retirement. 

Knolltop Farms
Knolltop Farms - 5 years ago
That ugly fugger is Strider Wasilewski, a former pro who did the tour back in the mid 90's. He is actually a pretty nice guy in real life, and even let me ride one of his boards when I was traveling in France and the waves were epic and I was only back packing and had nothing to ride. I heard them talking in English and then saw Sunny who I used to ride dirtbikes with so I walked up to them and chatted for a little while. Sunny asked why I wasn't surfing and I told him I didn't have any boards and before Sunny could offer me one of his boards Strider just handed me his and told me to go surf as long as I wanted. It was perfect since Sunny's boards would be way too big for me and I got to surf Lacanau 3-4 ft Hawaiian size until my arms were like noodles. Later on I bought him a drink at dinner and it was nice to be with the boys for a night, they even let me sleep on their floor.

I think he is still nervous in his job, and he isn't the best commentator, but he is better than the guy who interviewed all of the surfer after heats that used to wear all of those funny hats and act like a dork. I'm glad he isn't around  anymore, I don't miss Dave Wassel either, even though he is my highschool friend, he was just too talkative and weird for my he F'ed up with the Tahiti boys on the jetski a couple of years ago, so they cut him loose, LOL!

Talk to you tomorrow, I hope the contest runs, I'm getting anxious!

markriobr - 5 years ago
Hey bro.
Another layday,,,,One question : Who is that guy Strider the square headed blonde that is totally against the Kid....hehe.  Never heard or saw him , just now as a commentator for ASP. You know the one sitting on the right.
Knolltop Farms
Knolltop Farms - 5 years ago
I will get onto Billabongs page and we can teach these chicken-heads how to relax and enjoy the world that God created for all of us! Yes I hope it cleans up soon too, I had a bad feeling about them being too confident about the waves being good for the whole contest at the beginning when they were talking about the forecast...ah ah ah, only the Man Above can be in charge of things like that, but I did hear Ross Williams say something about it this morning, so hopefully they have learned their lesson not to take things for granted when it comes to predicting the future, LOL!

See you online irmão grande...Aloha, Chuckie
markriobr - 5 years ago
+Knolltop Farms Hey irmão....Well got a subscription on the Billabong site we can throw garbage at each and most of all the ohers,,,,Is just unbelievable how people waist their time writing all sorts of garbage aand brazilians at americans and vice versa,,aussies hawaians is just hilarious...hehhe. They do it during all the transmission and actually don`t even watch the surf . hope will be on today so we can exchange some ideias and try to teach those guys how to behave,,,it will be a hard task....hehehe. later.
Knolltop Farms
Knolltop Farms - 5 years ago
I will have to watch Mick's heat that I missed at the Dr's, thanks for the heads-up. Even though I am a Hawaiian, for some reason I think he is my favorite pro for the last while. He just inspires me with how hard he works, after his terrible injury...just like a White Brazilian, hehe!

I too am very proud of the friendship we created from a disagreement, I think it shows that I am growing up a little and can take good advice when it is given to me. It was easy when it came from someone with a level head like yourself, and for that I thank you. You have helped me grow, and that is all anyone can ever hope to do in life, right?

We will certainly keep in touch, and if you ever plan a trip somewhere, maybe we can make arraignments to meet and go surfing, have a meal, and maybe a cool drink?

Too bad for the lull in Medina's heat, but he looked good also, he at least caught one of the two big waves, with the Tahitian getting tossed over the falls hard! I saw a black square in the air above the white-wash that looked like the end of his leash, check the replay of that wipeout, it was heavy!
markriobr - 5 years ago
Hi brow.

Is that insane or what? Maverick is a walk on the park compare to this. The kid did good but it was a little flat his heat. Always will stick for good people as yourself. Funny what start on a stupid razz turn out to find a new friend.  Let´s keep in touch and may the best surfer win. M.F is looking sharp.
Knolltop Farms
Knolltop Farms - 5 years ago
Whooo hoo braddah! It is ON!!! Here comes your boy on the next heat, I hope he does well and stays safe...I just got home in time to see Ace climb over the foamball and make that wave...Unbelievable!!! We never used to be able to do that huh? Good tube rides for sure at BD/Pipe, but I can't say I've ever come out of a tube from so far back, at least not knowing that it happened :)

Aloha my brother, and thank you again for sticking up for me, for calling me your friend, and also for being such a gentelman and saying I come from good blood, you are a great guy. Mahalo and see you in the mix during the there a comments section on the Billabong site? I would love a link to talk story with you during the event...we can razz each other, LOL!

Chuck from Knolltop Farms
quiksilver surfer
quiksilver surfer - 6 years ago
Ulisses Pereira
Ulisses Pereira - 6 years ago
Tomi Figueroa
Tomi Figueroa - 6 years ago
shit this is great! though my head can't think of a way to get out of those waves alive! how do they do it?
EhnaRivekan - 5 years ago
Most of them can hold their breath for several minutes often necessary to survive.
Tomi Figueroa
Tomi Figueroa - 5 years ago
Ya, they train to support all the pressure :p
Butterfly Poon
Butterfly Poon - 5 years ago
it's called holding your breath and a life jacket
楊錦雲 - 6 years ago
Lynne Perkins
Lynne Perkins - 6 years ago
Kim Alexander's right!  Most exciting and emotional!  But I still love the emotion of Surfing with Whales/Ride of the week.----------------->
hiso ksila
hiso ksila - 6 years ago
that is the BEST surfing video i have ever seen. very well done. thank you
!!!!!! show the followups on guys who get crashed upon. or attach camera to them. i want to see what happens to them. doesnt it hurt? or get close to death?
Stalker Walker
Stalker Walker - 6 years ago
god damn they look so slow againts that wave like concerede faling on your head
Monica Figueroa
Monica Figueroa - 6 years ago
This makes me nervous to watch
zakrak - 2 years ago
easy honey :>
Daniel Zapata
Daniel Zapata - 6 years ago
ohhhhhh raimana
wickedrebel512 - 6 years ago
I would never surf waves that big I'm too much of a pussy hahaha
Andini theGreat
Andini theGreat - 6 years ago
were the fuck is this
Idle_Villager _99
Idle_Villager _99 - 5 years ago
in darude- sandstorm
Andini theGreat
Andini theGreat - 6 years ago
omfg intstant boner, those waves have so much shape to them
Sean Ryan
Sean Ryan - 6 years ago
Amy Saldarriaga
Amy Saldarriaga - 6 years ago
El mejor video
Miriam Eulert
Miriam Eulert - 6 years ago
Well that's some heavy water...
Mihai Pruna
Mihai Pruna - 6 years ago
so, big waves and a ton of people around you...what can go wrong
Kyle Venter
Kyle Venter - 6 years ago
Hectic, now that is heavy man, gave me goosebumps. Freakin epic. Thumbs up to all those riders, and my sympathies to those who where trying to duck dive and got sucked back over the falls. But this must be some of the best footage of Teahupoo I have ever seen. Awesome, thank you, now I am pumped for another session.  
Edwin Ernesto Galindo Ramirez
Edwin Ernesto Galindo Ramirez - 6 years ago
amccallum - 6 years ago
holy shit
Rene Flores
Rene Flores - 6 years ago
John Brier
John Brier - 6 years ago
What about that inside guy at :47?
Brian Glass
Brian Glass - 6 years ago
Gotta get your balls outta your purse for these waves!!!!!!
Brian Glass
Brian Glass - 6 years ago
You gotta have balls bra!!!!!!
Peakayy - 6 years ago
Amazing ...
martin bubbels
martin bubbels - 6 years ago
now without the redbull adds
oppafromkorea - 6 years ago
Wow its Os x maverick guys haha
sophie derusha
sophie derusha - 6 years ago
André Romão
André Romão - 6 years ago
0:58 omg the guy in the inside.. damm!!!!!!
claudio brena da rosa
claudio brena da rosa - 6 years ago
ELmaggo10 - 6 years ago
Greatest video ever
ddelfao - 6 years ago
seriously, where did he come from
Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan - 6 years ago
You're right, and there have been quite a few deaths at Teahupoo..
Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan - 6 years ago
:21 sec that is the coolest shit I have ever seen
Thomas Deveney
Thomas Deveney - 6 years ago
That's a maverick
FidelusEternum - 6 years ago
great editing
Music1990Luver - 6 years ago
Yeah, I figured that but it seems like since it's so much water they can easily lose their breath when they go under.
James Waynasdee
James Waynasdee - 6 years ago
they will go underneath the water until the waves calm down
Dylan M
Dylan M - 6 years ago
Maya has the biggest balls.
The Squid Presidential Council
The Squid Presidential Council - 6 years ago
BlueMistFC - 6 years ago
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Felix Krause
Felix Krause - 6 years ago
pause at 1:15 . maybe one of the greatest moments ever! everythings so perfect.
John West
John West - 6 years ago
Wow! It would be great to see that LIVE on the new social network CatchMyWorld (wwwcatchmyworldcom - section Action Sport) I use my iPhone (with a protective case attached to my board) and their App 'catchmyworld' to share LIVE video of my rides directly to CatchMyWorld - Check it out!
Harry Paul Garcia
Harry Paul Garcia - 6 years ago
I bet the water ran red after several falls. That looked scary! WoW. I am not sure if the guys are brave or just plain crazy. maybe a little of both. I wish I was there, just to watch, and from a safe distance
C J - 6 years ago
I was clenching my body for 45 seconds lol
Music1990Luver - 6 years ago
When they get wiped out like that, it makes me wonder how they don't drown. Cause that is A LOT of water!!!
Ofir Fizitsky
Ofir Fizitsky - 6 years ago
hi didnt.
Taj O'Hayon
Taj O'Hayon - 6 years ago
I surf myself, but, Holy shit
sratlover - 6 years ago
Their nuts
Dieu Lui-Même
Dieu Lui-Même - 6 years ago
Paye ta paire de couilles quand même
WavelengthsTV - 6 years ago
I want to film this up close and personal!!!
Lyric Jackson
Lyric Jackson - 6 years ago
Surfing in waves like that is really dangrous
Edgardo Dela Cruz
Edgardo Dela Cruz - 6 years ago
MrVintzi - 6 years ago
check my version of this video.
ben - 6 years ago
Japanese 'Wadaiko'music
Lehel Hanko
Lehel Hanko - 6 years ago
How did the guy with the bout survive ?
Azhiaziam - 6 years ago
Awesome! I have a good Teahupoo vid on my page too!
ACID 8 - 6 years ago
The wave that bloats up at around :57 sent a shiver throughout my entire body...GNARLY.
Carlos A Cabrera B
Carlos A Cabrera B - 6 years ago
Que peligroso
hyunsik Jung
hyunsik Jung - 6 years ago
1d0ntc4r3 - 6 years ago
Gangsta_ CandyWrapper
Gangsta_ CandyWrapper - 6 years ago
marajlize legaljuana
marajlize legaljuana - 6 years ago
0:57 the dude on the left dunking and getting sucked back up into the biggest wave that day mother of god did he die?
Dyllan Pascua
Dyllan Pascua - 6 years ago
Dyllan Pascua
Dyllan Pascua - 6 years ago
Lol ROb
mike s
mike s - 6 years ago
It would be hard to vote who was the best surfer here.Cause you got Carlos Burle,Maya Gabeira,Raimana van Bastolter.All pro surfers.Nice video
Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan - 6 years ago
wonder how much hp that monster generates..
Whacked out Cookie
Whacked out Cookie - 6 years ago
Okay I gues they didn't need a bigger boat..
jose rodriguez
jose rodriguez - 6 years ago
Mellow Vtech
Mellow Vtech - 6 years ago
I get it but thats not really funny to make fun of :(
Diego vadrumsanchez
Diego vadrumsanchez - 6 years ago
So sick
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson - 6 years ago
raimana is a freken crazy mother fkr...that wave was perfection and he made it look easy..would have been sicker with gopro!
Loomer girls
Loomer girls - 6 years ago
Your right Dylan
nekecha - 6 years ago
1:23 Freak on a Leash
screm - 6 years ago
0:53 that guy was rolling
1977anthrax - 6 years ago
Wow monsters waves yeah!!!
Antagonistic Username
Antagonistic Username - 6 years ago
1:40 look son an asshole
Juanma Hispanova
Juanma Hispanova - 6 years ago
30 "people" have parkinson
Ziggy Higgins
Ziggy Higgins - 6 years ago
Haha someone lost there baord 1.00 big up tho to the crazy fuckers for even trying to surfing them monsters
f10072011 - 6 years ago
And the weight of the wave
f10072011 - 6 years ago
Falling on that would hurt heaps considering the shallow reef below
BehindDistrict12 - 6 years ago
What happens to you if you wipe out on a wave like this?
rob ankrah
rob ankrah - 6 years ago
I want to surf at some point in my life but im never gonna try and surf that wave I would definitely die
Paul Daniel
Paul Daniel - 6 years ago
Guys how does it feel when you get hit by that kind of wave? How long does it take to to come to the surface again?
LilGenieRaps - 6 years ago
at 0:21 a guy pointed at the subscribe annotation
Audrey Schulte
Audrey Schulte - 6 years ago
I want to learn how to surf so bad anyone know a good surf camp all summer long?
Jocke & Jonna
Jocke & Jonna - 6 years ago
Isaac Salinas
Isaac Salinas - 6 years ago
Being in that wave must be the greatest feeling ever
Emily Tourangeau
Emily Tourangeau - 6 years ago
I love surfing! Anyone who wants to try it should, you don't start on these waves obviously but you can work your way up! It's so thrilling and relaxing at the same time!
Trenasist - 6 years ago
You wouldn't want to get caught on the lip of that wave!
luftlinie811 - 6 years ago
easy. you die.
John Williamson
John Williamson - 6 years ago
Fuck I wonder how bad thay hurts when you fall
RGMD Surf - 6 years ago
Check out RGMD's New Surf Series! /watch?v=9xfKNoHIILA
yanuel robles
yanuel robles - 6 years ago
Wtf that's crazy!
DAVIDXDGH3 - 6 years ago
Thank you for your reply. :)
MrBhoughton - 6 years ago
Death. You could easily die from one of these waves, the water isn't too deep because the waves drains the reef leaving it extremely shallow. If you fall off the board it can be very life threatening. Even with smaller waves there are still slim chances of drowning.
DAVIDXDGH3 - 6 years ago
I don't know much about surfing, what sort of injuries to they risk facing in this sort of thing?
Kelly Slater Jr.
Kelly Slater Jr. - 6 years ago
wish i could be there
stealthmonkeygamerUK - 6 years ago
I wonder what happened to the boats when the wave hit em
Brendan Hope
Brendan Hope - 6 years ago
Carlos Burle owes that dude a beer!
Adam Heckenberg
Adam Heckenberg - 6 years ago
The biggest wave I've surfed is 6 foot and that was easy. But i don't have the money to travel all over the globe to big surf spots. But I'm for a teahapoo wave.
Truth - 6 years ago
Mad respects to these surfers.
Absolute Cortex
Absolute Cortex - 6 years ago
Man, I wanna surf so bad. I've seen people surf and it looks so pure...Really, really want to try it.
Strawbaerie - 6 years ago
The music makes it 10x scarier. D;
ronaldo cesar
ronaldo cesar - 6 years ago
the best he 10
Julian G
Julian G - 6 years ago
What the fuck is that guy at 0:52 doing? it looks like he is literally rolling down the wave after he fell down
ZphykTESHD - 6 years ago
really? what do you expect
John M. Kuchta
John M. Kuchta - 6 years ago
Hipster kitten on a surfboard, right here.
Maxyly937 - 6 years ago
1:38 to 1:45.. F*ck you get out of my way man! Every man for himself! ahaha
MrBiosh0ck - 6 years ago
jet skis are a necessity for massive waves dumbass
Alessandra Munoz
Alessandra Munoz - 6 years ago
That's crazy!! I still wanna learn how to surf
Jake Kimpton
Jake Kimpton - 6 years ago
The waves are super localised to one tiny poiny.. kind of like Newport I guess...
shane Echuveria
shane Echuveria - 6 years ago
lmfaooooooo look at the empty surf board at 1:02
shane Echuveria
shane Echuveria - 6 years ago
how in the fuck did polynesians survive going to tahiti in rafts???!?!?!?!??!?! with waves like that!? O_______________o ay dios mio
AZ - 6 years ago
Why? He had the preference in the wave! That´s the other guy who shouldn´t have got into the wave. Critical situation there...
what what
what what - 6 years ago
Dang . Big waves .
David T McCann
David T McCann - 6 years ago
Crazy thick
Gobinath Mounissamy
Gobinath Mounissamy - 6 years ago
best surf
Lars M.
Lars M. - 6 years ago
this is funny, I never watched this video, and thus never posted a comment. Still some virus posted this. Like always: dont go to the link. (how did it get 6 thumps up on that)
107DEAM - 6 years ago
1:47 Keep Calm and Surf
alexis kim
alexis kim - 6 years ago
i love to surf
majourada - 6 years ago
the guy on the background at 1.03
TAGO - 6 years ago
0:18 NICE
ƝĚpƚUƝξ Ψ - 6 years ago
Tony Adams
Tony Adams - 6 years ago
Go watch Code Red, the full movie is on youtube!
Andrew Corliss
Andrew Corliss - 6 years ago
Carlos Burle is a dick!!!!!
benitheg - 6 years ago
Raimana is the king of TEAHUPOO.
MegaEnterprice - 6 years ago
1:40 wooooooo
Ed Duke
Ed Duke - 6 years ago
Absolutely insane, I wanna learn to surf now! But I live in jersey and who the fuck wants to surf here.
OfficialIMVUMusicVid - 6 years ago
wow. 1:13. how do you not die after getting under that wave?
Blake griffin
Blake griffin - 6 years ago
At 1:26 unreal
leeciexetc - 6 years ago
Fucking sick
MAORI MAN - 6 years ago
I surfed this spot in 1985. At this time, there were not many people. With my uncles and some friends, we do not surfed over 4 meters! To dangerous. Today, surfing towed, we see the potential of Teahupoo. GREAT!!!!
Boards Online
Boards Online - 6 years ago
Best video I've seen all week. Insane.
aleksandar salevski
aleksandar salevski - 6 years ago
are they alive?
Tri Tebs
Tri Tebs - 6 years ago
I can't wait to attempt to conquer those monsters :D
milkmandan77 - 6 years ago
1:40 LOVE the justice dealt to the drop in guy
Julia Aguiar
Julia Aguiar - 6 years ago
0:48 Pedro Manga Ídolo!
Matt Valentine
Matt Valentine - 6 years ago
Thats crazy!!!
Damir Dzakula
Damir Dzakula - 6 years ago
Marco Cerruti
Marco Cerruti - 6 years ago
Raimana RULEZ!!!
Marco Cerruti
Marco Cerruti - 6 years ago
He had priority.
cedric ducasse
cedric ducasse - 6 years ago
juste fou…
SurfTheMind.Switch - 6 years ago
True however priority isn't determined solely by depth in the lineup but also seniority at the spot... he said pedantically. Any case, there aren't enough lines out of the pit for two guys at that size I'd think; survival of the deepest ftw!
RobDeys - 6 years ago
This just makes me realize how awesome humans are
Alexandre - 6 years ago
u saw the crowd there? two in one wave?
AndreCoelhoMatos - 6 years ago
0:57 I certainly wouldn't like to be the surfer in the very left of the screen who's about to get pounded by Teahupoo in the HEAD! Is this guy alive?
pablitoautran - 6 years ago
Pedro Scooby in 1:27? Sick!
pablitoautran - 6 years ago
Ricardo dos Santos, 2 times Billabong Tahiti Pro Qualifying winner...
Ivan Castilla
Ivan Castilla - 6 years ago
Like if you saw the board in 1:04
Mason King
Mason King - 6 years ago
Holy shit
mikefrommontreal - 6 years ago
What's gross is how every good surf spot is now littered with multiple film crews, helicopters, boats, jet skis and hundreds of surfers trying to ride the same wave.
5gwwwwwyh4 - 6 years ago
0:10 and that's how little billy broke his neck...
Александр Федотов
Александр Федотов - 6 years ago
Alastair John Sellick
Alastair John Sellick - 6 years ago
Steel City Constrictors
Steel City Constrictors - 6 years ago
That's insane!!!
Hugo Davey
Hugo Davey - 6 years ago
imagen being the guy @ 0:58 ditching his board there and would be nothing you could do but know for 15seconds while you see that set know ur going to get abouslty pummped
thaslabdriver84 - 6 years ago
That's gotta be a scary moment when u know your goin down wow!
asianlobster - 6 years ago
Why is there no footage of the guy riding the wave at 1:33 D:
bluntactioncop - 6 years ago
Tow in is stupid!
Alex Quigley
Alex Quigley - 6 years ago
Name of the tribal background music?
Miguel Rodrigues
Miguel Rodrigues - 6 years ago
The mans with the STEEL balls. Is the only explanation.
Salvador Santillan
Salvador Santillan - 6 years ago
Impresionantes Tomas!
Chris Williams
Chris Williams - 6 years ago
I really want to learn how to surf!
Misha Arnault
Misha Arnault - 6 years ago
awesome vid with great sound. In regards to who had the wave, something went wrong and they both ended up riding it, it happens and in most cases the race is off and both surfers try to get out safe. Once you drop you drop at chopes, there is simply no bailing out except face down on the reef.
Jesurfvideo - 6 years ago
Estos si que tienen las b... puestas.
Agustin Saavedra
Agustin Saavedra - 6 years ago
Pobre sorfistas
1PartyBoy4Life1 - 6 years ago
gregwasilciw - 6 years ago
BIG COJONIES!! Scarey stuff!
ImKrazyFrench - 6 years ago
0:50 I don't know much about surfing but that guy is probably dead, look how is body is like a baby doll into the waves
Jack Swinhoe
Jack Swinhoe - 6 years ago
gk292 - 6 years ago
Awesome and Scary!
Hector Cano Parizot
Hector Cano Parizot - 6 years ago
dude, that quality
beelake17 - 6 years ago
How do they sit down with balls that BIG..
Sammy Blunts
Sammy Blunts - 6 years ago
TheLauryno - 6 years ago
Did they started delivering viruses in parcels?
Sergio Anleu
Sergio Anleu - 6 years ago
Lars M.
Lars M. - 6 years ago
sure is right. that was a ipad3 in the parcel which i got from Apple-YT questionnaire content last week. but i can tell you one thing, make sure you tell the address and email properly to send the giftbox. i found it here :
Messi76323 - 6 years ago
Gangsterxk12 - 6 years ago
my youtube channel: leblanc matthias. look it!
soronefabrik1 - 6 years ago
he survived, no one died that day. dont worry
O - 6 years ago
BIGA LACOSTA - 6 years ago
Louis Löffler
Louis Löffler - 6 years ago
are you dead when you are under a wave?...
mohammed alharbi
mohammed alharbi - 6 years ago
WwwwwwwoooooowwwwwwwIt's a great prompt
Laurent COONTAK - 6 years ago
Kevin Doyle
Kevin Doyle - 6 years ago
For being dropped in on!?
iceberg stu
iceberg stu - 6 years ago
Natural footers just cant ride Teahupoo when its huge...Proven!
CyraxTahiti - 6 years ago
Yeaaaaaaaaah Tahiti !!!
Electric Way
Electric Way - 6 years ago
Raymana le Boss !!
Wobba Jay
Wobba Jay - 6 years ago
how da fuck can someone dislike this?
Ben Moy
Ben Moy - 6 years ago
Koa rothman is a legend imagine being on the foam ball on that wave
Keenan Fleming
Keenan Fleming - 6 years ago
he's trying to stay alive give him a break
hksupersi - 6 years ago
best part of the video @ 0:34
danruo - 6 years ago
gnary shit
Erik Aerts
Erik Aerts - 6 years ago
Alex Stoll
Alex Stoll - 6 years ago
well the guy he knocked over "dropped in" on him which is one of the first things you learn not to do. i think most surfers would say he had the right of way and i doubt clipping his board like that was intentional.
Davetheboss - 6 years ago
mika0026 - 6 years ago
What ?? Carlos Burle is the one that had priority. The other guy shouldn't had dropped after him. Even in Teahupoo, those basic rules remain.
Steven Devlin
Steven Devlin - 6 years ago
Rober - 6 years ago
llevaba la preferencia! ;)
Eric F
Eric F - 6 years ago
i couldnt imagine being eaten by one of these waves
conra005 - 6 years ago
Hypostria - 6 years ago
They are.
SPEEDY MAN - 6 years ago
mohamed almarar
mohamed almarar - 6 years ago
PurplePieps - 6 years ago
great surfing video
Mark Brand
Mark Brand - 6 years ago
that is amazing!!!!!!!! those guys should get paid for being awsome!
sainter7 - 6 years ago
i wouldn't go anywhere near those waves lol. holy fuck, how do you survive all that water landing on you?
Юрий Федорин
Юрий Федорин - 6 years ago
Jose Fck
Jose Fck - 6 years ago
do someone die there?
EightEqualsD - 6 years ago
LOL, the other guy is the douche. Carlos was deeper >.>
Mr. Marvel
Mr. Marvel - 6 years ago
1:48 like a boss.
Sometimes I think these guys are running away from the wave rather than riding. Even so, I still have mad respect.
Oliver Craig
Oliver Craig - 6 years ago
Obviously you dont surf...He had the inside line, it was his wave.
parkourman0114 - 6 years ago
if anything, the other guy got in his way...
Alex Kowalski
Alex Kowalski - 6 years ago
what do you think actually happened to that guy?
Mike Turner
Mike Turner - 6 years ago
That was legit! SICK AS FUCK. Crazy guys haha
Eirikur Ingi
Eirikur Ingi - 6 years ago
well that looks dangerous
inSpihr - 6 years ago
Seriously what must have that been like, you can just see him getting risen up to the top of the wave and then slammed back down.
Morgan Robinson
Morgan Robinson - 6 years ago
Why, he had the inside line, it was his wave and the other guy was in his way
Alex Breitenbach
Alex Breitenbach - 6 years ago
infleunced pickle
infleunced pickle - 6 years ago
Is it possible to flag this video for being to fucking awesome
james deanxx
james deanxx - 6 years ago
austinbotter001 - 6 years ago
umm no he is deeper thats his wave the front guy shouldn't have been on that wave simple as that
BFinFlavin - 6 years ago
LOL hes totally gone, 1 last hand grasping for help, and then loose surf board.
Luke Beaumont
Luke Beaumont - 6 years ago
Bianca Smith
Bianca Smith - 6 years ago
Just watching this video makes me think of death by drowning. Mad respect for the guys/gals that get out there and actually attempt riding these forces of nature.
André Voß Erdbau und Transport GmbH
André Voß Erdbau und Transport GmbH - 6 years ago
Spanky711891 - 6 years ago
my thoughts exactly
Alexander Korolko
Alexander Korolko - 6 years ago
And I've never seen the sea :(
Sam Wood
Sam Wood - 6 years ago
Carlos snaked that guy hard but the guy kinda deserved it lol
Henriette K.
Henriette K. - 6 years ago
Geil :D
KingsOfKronic420 - 6 years ago
we all know your part of his spam fuck off
VB2095 - 6 years ago
Carlos Burle is a real douchebag ! @ 1:39
Cristian F Rios
Cristian F Rios - 6 years ago
no fear ;)
soronefabrik1 - 6 years ago
0:58 RIP guy on the left LOL
TeamPKFlow - 6 years ago
just had a look at your channel and i've got to say. your pretty good!!! :D and im subbed xD
thu yaing
thu yaing - 6 years ago
I love it
Icesul - 6 years ago
Is fantastic!! thanks for the video
WeAreFarmerz387 - 6 years ago
At 1:00
WeAreFarmerz387 - 6 years ago
Holy shit is like a fuckin tsunami
santo kennedy
santo kennedy - 6 years ago
staskertube - 6 years ago
HarmfulChip - 6 years ago
Ok, everyone pause the start of this video, type in on a new tab. 'A$AP Rocky - wild for the night. go to 1:45 and play. then watch this video with no volume :) enjoy.
István Nyitrai
István Nyitrai - 6 years ago
badass waves
Bruh - 6 years ago
surfing looks like amazing and easy fun thing to do, but in reality i would have drowned with the first wave lol
Freeski Swizzy
Freeski Swizzy - 6 years ago
every time oneone's in the tube ppl hold their arm up. is that a sign to someone, or does that just mean 'you're killing it'?
juandavid pinto
juandavid pinto - 6 years ago
they should find him and interview him .... REDBULL has a new chalange
Fréderic Louis
Fréderic Louis - 6 years ago
And people here forget that there is a super sharp reef almost directly underneath the surface.
Tyrone Lannister
Tyrone Lannister - 6 years ago
I'd love to surf but I'd be too paranoid that a sharks going to get me hahah
Teh MuffiiN
Teh MuffiiN - 6 years ago
dafug oO
generalaxel - 6 years ago
skydiverzvideos - 6 years ago
1:35 I wouldn't be proud of showing that
KYRM09 - 6 years ago
Carlos Burle wins dick of the year
Bluestar - 6 years ago
What a beautiful water !
Paul Knight
Paul Knight - 6 years ago
I don't think it matters who you are or what you do... That is so awesome.
My Virgin Kitchen
My Virgin Kitchen - 6 years ago
Mrfilmorblunts1 - 6 years ago
Fuckin awsum
Scott Tuohy
Scott Tuohy - 6 years ago
That was epic, great vid!
SuperHaribo100 - 6 years ago
The best surfing video i ever saw!!
trac6 - 6 years ago
This video is bad ass. That location is awesome and that water looks great!
Charles Tang
Charles Tang - 6 years ago
biro24 - 6 years ago
Slow motion is soo Cool... Wow
Jonathan Navarro
Jonathan Navarro - 6 years ago
Niko8O4 - 6 years ago
ZackGoPro - 6 years ago
oh a why isnt there a gopro on one of them!?
ZackGoPro - 6 years ago
I panic when a 6ft cali wave throws me literally have a heart attack there!
Byron - 6 years ago
Serves that guy right for dropping in at 1:38
headone - 6 years ago
the first wave...? oufff
motormad888 - 6 years ago
That guys got big balls.. big big balls
SHADOWARRIOR65 - 6 years ago
S!Q...96756 we b watchin'
William Richards
William Richards - 6 years ago
plz check out my channel
Vjamun G
Vjamun G - 6 years ago
Romana Always killing it! ALOHA ROMANA!
Gaston Lafon
Gaston Lafon - 6 years ago
where the Koa s big wave ??....
Adolfo Collazo
Adolfo Collazo - 6 years ago
Who disliked this?
TheMachomaniac - 6 years ago
take a deep breath, curl up in a ball, then ride that shit out until you can swim to the surface
MarkyChelle99 - 6 years ago
This sums up why I love this sport. Naaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrlllyyy!
Justin Chaisson
Justin Chaisson - 6 years ago
sooo heavy
Telvince Way
Telvince Way - 6 years ago
the 1 dislike is from the guy @1:41 who got cut off haha
OfficialWolftek - 6 years ago
mojoejoejoe777 - 6 years ago
where is this at
FiveStingray - 6 years ago got me there. U sure made a fool of me. Im not as cool as u.
Ben - 6 years ago
/watch?v=yBUlLQ8XB8g after you wipeout
Ben - 6 years ago
Ok we will take you here and you can drop in
jake the dog
jake the dog - 6 years ago
berniedmj1 - 6 years ago
Hot DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!
jack radovan
jack radovan - 6 years ago
Can't wait for this swell to hit home it's coming this weekend
Benswargle - 6 years ago
im a surfer and this makes me want to hide under my bed
phoenixbb770 - 6 years ago
My mouth is open in awe
Cesar O. de Souza
Cesar O. de Souza - 6 years ago
muito da hora mais muito mesmo.
Rodrigo Rossetto
Rodrigo Rossetto - 6 years ago
TheDarknezz13 - 6 years ago
Some times i wonder, what the fuck I am doing with my life.
Mike Spectre
Mike Spectre - 6 years ago
This is the kind of audio that should be on surf videos.
Jesse Padilla
Jesse Padilla - 6 years ago
no you land on pillows
thejuicyhamburger - 6 years ago
except that when you fall you are screwed
FiveStingray - 6 years ago
what happens when people when wreck in these waves? does it hurt?
James Porter
James Porter - 6 years ago
1:45 ahahaha SWIPED!
StalkersPicnic - 6 years ago
Not here. Scares the shit out of me just watching these guys. Incredibru.
SHERLOCKSKY - 6 years ago
911madza - 6 years ago
OMG this is why i love RED BULL
ShawnGameTV - 6 years ago
Where's koa rothmans wave?? That was massive!
Beavis - 6 years ago
if you fell in the middle of that wave would you die? or would the vest be strong enough to send you to the top. no way in hell would i ever do this
diego velazquez
diego velazquez - 6 years ago
holy fuckin shit!!!!
jeblan amaru
jeblan amaru - 6 years ago
make me wish if i live in a country with waves :"( UAE wish if you got waves
Ben.S - 6 years ago
ADDrific - 6 years ago
Those kids paddling those beasts have bigger balls then I will ever have.
francisco aguirre
francisco aguirre - 6 years ago
Darkvine - 6 years ago
It would probably kill me, but i think i would enjoy this more than the rain we're having :/
Nani - 6 years ago
I would be the whole day watching them, big balls surfing
STAPAN1983 - 6 years ago
and death smiled and said booo !
Andy Hu
Andy Hu - 6 years ago
i can't wait!
Jamie Orme
Jamie Orme - 6 years ago
This is insane!!
hugone83 - 6 years ago
this wave that' the paradise AND the hell
sinimo7 - 6 years ago
Holy fuck
WJ Cooke
WJ Cooke - 6 years ago
TESLAac130 - 6 years ago
I'm jealous.
1998lover - 6 years ago
lol the guys in the jet ski's
Iannisnotajoke - 6 years ago
Awesome ! Those waves looks terrible !
PAPIZ0 - 6 years ago
did anyone die o.o?
GU3SSwho1 - 6 years ago
ᛒåᚱᛏ טייַך
ᛒåᚱᛏ טייַך - 6 years ago
This video is insane.... good editing too
Daniel L.
Daniel L. - 6 years ago
Agustin Pollolo
Agustin Pollolo - 6 years ago
Que bestia!
MRxxnikx - 6 years ago
wow that was sick
Justin Grimm
Justin Grimm - 6 years ago
Pinto Chirro
Pinto Chirro - 6 years ago
mmm espertos en sorfear en especial en olas grandes :D
iiFlaMa - 6 years ago
no youre 4th sorry bitch
korvaE1456 - 6 years ago
fail is what you are
Andrew Fuchs
Andrew Fuchs - 6 years ago
1st fuck you bitches Im first
Dallas Fletcher
Dallas Fletcher - 6 years ago
Big waves = fun video to watch :)
Relectro - 6 years ago
One day.
Relectro - 6 years ago
I will surf
Relectro - 6 years ago

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